You Have to Love my Wife
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Author's Note: Wife knows about the past Mistress session and wants involved. My old Mistress is sadistic and now she has both my wife and me

My recently new wife "Samantha" of six months she knew of my kinks with past Mistresses without the details. We have played back and forth and as time goes by she's starting to get into it more and more and even though I enjoy using her and having her tied at my deposal. Sam is ten years younger than me with mid length auburn hair and a great body. Sam doesn't have to work so she hits the gym three times a week. She has great legs, a nice ass and a firm C chest I am a lucky guy. But I still enjoy being dominated past her means she tries but she would prefer the submissive side best and as I said she is really starting to get into it. I'm not sure how she would really act if she knew all that I have had done to me. About a month ago she started asking more questions about my past Mistresses and what we did during the session. I just told her some of what we did only way more intense I guess you had to be there. When is the last time you seen a Mistress? A while ago I said. After we have been married? No I said. Besides over the past year prior I only seen one and I have not seen her after our marriage. Do you miss her? What do you mean? Nothing I just know you like more than I can give you in that department and I enjoy receiving I just wondered what else there was.

Where are you going with this Sam why all the questions? Let's call her call up your Mistress and set something up. What the hell are you talking about Sam? You said I had to be there so set it up. I want to see what it's really like with you being taken what she would do to me. I don't think that's a good idea she's a real Sadist and she really enjoys what she does. She does what ever she wants to, do you understand that. Call her and let's get together let's try it and see and if we both like it, if so It will only make things more exciting. Sam you don't understand if we do this she does as she pleases no matter what. Sam reached over and grabbed my cock you might lie but your cock can't. Your cock is rock hard so set it up. Call her now she said. I'll call tomorrow I said ok. No call now, she grabbed my cock squeezing it saying call now and I'll suck your cock. What is it you want to do? What ever baby I'll be hers and I can see what she will do to you. Are you sure there's no turning back. Yes do it.

Do you want her to come here if she could or would you prefer going to a hotel. No have her here in our room. Sam was rubbing my cock getting me more excited it came somewhat of shock because we have a great sex life. Sam has always been very open as you can tell. I called her saying hello Suzanne this is Stan. Mistress answered how are you slut? Fine I answered. Married life is very good but I have a request. My wife knows some what of our relationship and Sam that's my wife requested a session with the three of us. She said but of course but you will now again refer to me as Mistress. I know. Now say it slut. Yes Mistress. Sam giggled as she squeezed my balls. Mistress asked me where my wife was now and I told her lying on lap. She asked when and I replied would Saturday evening work. Yes she said now what does your wife know? Not much I said, then she said well that will change you know that right? Yes Mistress. Again a giggle came from Sam. Mistress then said now let me talk to that slut wife of your. Mistress wants to talk to you and I handed her the phone. Sam said hello as I could hear Mistress ask her if this is what she wanted and if she knew what to expect? Yes and No not really but I'm willing to try. Mistress said there will be no trying once we start I will do as I want to both you and that slut of a husband. Understand? Yes. Yes Mistress Do you understand now let me hear it. Yes Mistress. I giggled this time reaching into her panties her very wet panties. I heard Mistress tell her to find the tightest dress she could find with at least five inch heels and if she didn't have any buy them. I want you in black thigh high stockings along with the sexist bra and panties. Understand? Yes. Yes what? Yes Mistress Sam said. Now Sam I also want you to get that husband of yours a pair of stockings as well. Sam just paused.

Mistress said are you listening? Yes Mistress. Good now you also get him a very pink pair of panties and a matching bra he will know the size. Does that shock you as Sam replied yes I never knew? I was totally shocked she told her but I should have known. Mistress said you will also get him a black slip and a camisole. Sam giggled and said what about shoes? Nice touch Mistress replied get him at least ankle boots so he can't kick them of and five inch will work as well. I will be there at eight sharp tell Stan to expect three hours for this he'll know and one other thing you two will not have sex of any kind until then. Is that understood? Nothing Sam said. Nothing Mistress said its only two nights I want you two ready and dressed at least by seven that way you two can watch each other until eight and get all horny and stuff. Sam said thank you Mistress we will see you then.

Sam never finished me and by Saturday I or should I say we both were going crazy. Sam bought every thing as instructed telling me she couldn't wait to see me dressed. We showered and Sam asked me to wait and get dressed after her so she could watch. She told me to wait in the living room until she called. Sam walked out dressed in very short and tight fitting black leather like dress with matching heels she was shocking. Her hair lies on her shoulders with bright red lip stick on she was so sexy I wanted her right now but I had to wait. Grab that chair and bring it in here. I walked in as she sat and crossed her legs I was ready to explode as she told me to get dressed. Stand here in front of me I want to see you get dressed. As I finished I stood in front of her looking me over she told me to lift my slip as she took her long red nails over my panty covered cock. I thought it was over I asked her if she wouldn't mind getting me off that there was time. Oh no she said that would be wrong now go and get me a glass of wine please.

Sam was ending her second glass when the bell rang, I walked over and opened it and let Mistress in she looked great it's been almost eight months. Mistress said well look at you slut trying to walk in those heels. Mistress this is Sam as Sam stood up Mistress told her how well she looked as she went close to her saying al most dominate looking as she grabbed her hair pulling her head back but that's not correct is it Sam? No Mistress. Good she said. Now she looks at me telling me to take her bags into the master bedroom and get back in here. I did as I was told and returned to the living room. Mistress then told us to get on our knees facing each other with Sam about a foot from me we were told to cross our hands behind us and stay there looking at each other until she returns. Mistress walked away saying don't move and no touching understood? We both said yes Mistress.

About ten minutes or so Mistress walked out standing next to us wearing thigh high black leather boots with five inch heels with stockings above them she also wore a black leather zip around panties, short black zip up skirt and a matching corset. Mistress was very well built and loved what she did. Mistress then stepped between us sticking her leather clad panty in Sam's face with her ass in mine. She asked Sam do you like pussy. I'm not sure she said. Never been with a girl she asked as Sam said not really.

Well that will all change but you been with that slut behind me it's the same you know he's back there smelling my ass don't you. Now get up both of you and get into my room quickly. We walked into the bedroom Mistress had things laying out and ropes tied to the bed. There were vibrators, a large strap on and a larger one. Things I'm sure Sam has only seen in an adult store. There were gags, whips and all the things that go bump in the night. The lights were dim but you could still see pretty plain. Mistress took a pair of hand cuffs and told Sam to put her hands behind her she then cuffed her telling her to sit in the chair sliding her arms up over the arms in the chair Mistress secured them tight against the chair. Mistress then secured her knees out causing her skirt to slide up as she tied her knees out, doing the same at her ankles. Mistress stood behind her asking her if she was all comfy as I was told to stand in front of her with your knees to the chair.

Mistress was reaching down rubbing Sam's breast telling me how nice they were. Yes Mistress they are. Well slut we'll see as she grabbed Sam's hair as I was told to slap her face. Slap her face slut do it now I will not ask again now slap her. I did a little slap but wasn't good enough last chance slut now slap her or I'll put that big black ass plug in her tight little ass. It's your call I knew she would so I slapped her fairly hard. Sam cried out loud as Mistress said quiet bitch. Stan kneels next to her facing her side was then cuffed kneeling down about a foot away. A gag was put on my mouth shutting me down. Mistress then straddled Sam facing her as I watched, Mistress grabbed Sam's hair pulling her lips to hers as her tongue went deep into her mouth over and over she was rapping her mouth while gripping her stretched out breast.

Sam was getting turned on as well not knowing what Mistress was capable of, Mistress loves breaking the sprit of her slaves. Mistress stood up looking down at Sam as she reached down inside her tight dress grabbing her tits and pinching them as Sam cried out she was slapped again being told to shut up. That's it slut I've had enough Mistress reached over grabbing a large chin and ball gag strapping it on her pulling it tight. This you can't get out as Mistress slapped her again this time not much sound came out. Perfect Mistress said as she pulled my hair raising me to my feet pushing me around to the other side of the bed she spread my legs tying them to the corners of the bed causing me to face Sam's chair. Mistress took a rope and pulled it up around my shoulders holding me down to the bed. Mistress gave me a big slap on the ass telling me don't go anywhere as she walked over grabbing a few things and went into the bath area. A few minutes later she walked out with her skirt off wearing her large black strap on carrying a riding crop about three feet long. Shit was going to hit the fan but where would she start as she came up behind Sam she saddled her again laying a big wet kiss on her, then started telling her how she was going to take her cock and fuck her slut husband in the ass.

Sam's eyes went wide open as Mistress stood up and walked behind her again saying but first we need to make you a little more comfortable. Grabbing her tits from behind she said you look so nice in this dress it's a shame it has to go but you see I can't get it off of you being all tied. Sam started shaking her head no as Mistress reached over with scissors in hand and started cutting her dress right between her tits as she cut below them her bright red satin bra flashed out I knew it was pissing Sam off she just bought that dress but there was nothing she could do. Mistress went on to cut the dress so it opened all the way showing off Sam's matching red satin panties and the top of her stockings, she then cut off her sleeves pulling the dress completely off. Mistress was playing with her tits looking me straight in the eyes as she winked and pinched both nipples pretty hard Sam was trying to scream but couldn't. Mistress reached down picking up her crop saying poor baby as she took the crop smacking the inside of her thighs and then the other. Sam was jerking trying to get away from the crop without success and with out missing a beat Mistress smacked each breast.

Feel the pain bitch were just getting started remember you're the one that asked me here and you're the one who gave me the ok to do as I wish to both of you. Remember? I said do you remember hitting her again with the crop right in the middle of Sam's pussy. Sam quickly shook her head yes. That's better my little bitch. Now I'm going over and fuck that ass do you want to watch or should I blindfold you. You'll watch you will love it he takes this big cock up his ass bet you didn't know that did you. No she shook. Oh he loves it the bigger the better she's such a slut. Did you suck his cock the night you called or did you do as you were told. Did you suck that cock? No. Good slut I bet your both horny as hell right? Yes. That's good because later I'm going to have that ass of yours as well. No Sam shook. It's all fair if I fuck his ass I have to fuck yours it will be fun raping your ass with this big cock. Stay tune be right back as Mistress Heads towards me coming up behind me she starts with the crop I get ten or twelve hard smacks. I feel my panties being pulled to the side as she starts putting the head into me she holds my head so I have eye contact with Sam. It slides in a little and then she rams it home as I scream out Mistress Gets more excited and like she is Cumming she pounds away. Take it my whore take this big black cock look Sam your husbands a whore all dressed up taking more cock than he can give you. Would you like to fuck him in the ass like this? With no answer Mistress just kept fucking me and the she stopped and pulled out.

Walking back to Sam she took off her gag and stood on the chair tell Sam to suck the cock and make it clean. Seeing Mistress standing over Sam looking at her ass and boots with Sam's red bra and panties showing it was driving me crazy. Sam tried to say something before the cock raped her face but couldn't. Sam can give a great blow job but that cock was eight or nine inches long and thick. Mistress climbed down when Sam begged to be released but all that got her was slapped. Mistress reached down rubbing her pussy well your all wet as his cock tells the truth so does that pussy. Now do you need gagged again? No Mistress. Good now I'm going to untie your knees and ankles you will stand up and don't move. Sam stood up she looked great as Mistress guided her behind me telling her to get to her knees and suck that ass and balls, clean them good as Mistress pulled my panties to the side I could feel Sam going to work it felt great. Mistress pulled her away taking her the other side of the bed putting her to her knees her back towards me Mistress pulled the chair up taking off her leather panties she sat down using Sam's dress under her then putting her legs on the bed towards me grabbing Sam's hair and pulling Sam's head into her crotch telling her to lick her pussy and she better do a good job as she smacked her on the back with the crop.

Mistress was looking directly at me while Sam was licking her pussy, after a couple minutes Mistress started Cumming pulling her head deeper as Mistress started squirting her fluids into Sam mouth and face. I know about her fluids but I bet Sam was shocked being the first time going down on a female. Mistress shook and I seen her eye's roll as she grabbed Sam's hair and pushed her away. Like that pussy juice did you slut? Yes Mistress thank you. Stand up now and let's take a look as Mistress pulled Sam's stockings up, adjusting her bra and telling Sam look at these panties all wet you like that pussy don't you. Sam just stood there looking down. From my view Sam was standing there in her heels, red lingerie and stockings she looks hot and with Mistress in her thigh high boots and leather top running the show made it extremely hot.

Mistress then untied my shoulders telling me to stand up she then released my ankles. Also still cuffed I was lead to the other side of the bed next to Sam and pushed inches from each other I would have kissed her if not for the gag. On your knees Sam I want to see how good you are at sucking cock I might want to turn you out I have four or five big black bulls that would love that mouth and ass of yours. Tie old Stan up in the corner make him watch them take you filling you with cum then maybe we should have Stan there clean you up sucking out the cum from your ass and that community pussy but we'll see as Mistress pulled my panties below my balls the telling her to suck that cock and if he cum's well you just have to wait and see but it will piss me off so I suggest that cock sucking mouth of yours will know when to stop. Seconds in I was ready but Sam stopped she knew but I still tried. Up bitch you're a good little cock sucker you like cock don't you. The gag was put back in her and she was pushed onto the bed.

Mistress reached for a roll of duck tape winding around her ankles and then through them. Roll over my little whore, she took off her cuffs told her to stretch her arms she then took the tape and did the same to her wrist. Mistress then told her to lay on the bed she could pick face up or down she choose face up but I knew from before it didn't matter the way she's tied she can be flipped or rolled over that's why Mistress does it this way. Mistress then took a rope between her wrist pulling them to the center of the bed pulling them tight and the same at the ankles. She looked great all stretched out but I knew she wasn't going to like what Mistress had planned. Mistress pulled up the chair next to the bed as Mistress reached over taking a large butt plug pulling my panties over she stuffed it in my ass. I was told to sit my arms behind me, legs spread as Sam's were and tied at the ankles and knees and with the heels raising my legs up it was different for me but I knew I wasn't going any where.

Mistress sat on the side of the bed rubbing Sam's right breast. Think she's ready for part two and are you ready. Your in charge Mistress does it matter unless your getting soft. Mistress about jerked Sam's tit off and said soft we'll see soft. She then put a leather blind fold on Sam pulling it nice and snug. Mistress then took about a five inch butt plug and stuffed it in Sam's ass I knew it hurt her it wasn't her favorite play but she had no choice. She then took a large vibrator turning in on and stuffed in deep in her using her panties to hold it in. Mistress then came over and straddled me with another leather blindfold telling me you wife is a slut and she was going to tear her up. You will set up another session with the both of you I have a lot more ideas but first we have a lot to do here tonight. Mistress was putting on my blindfold whispering in my ear she had to change and she would be right back she had a surprise me. She left me as I was listening to Sam moaning from her torment.

About fifteen minutes pass I felt Mistress straddle me she started taking off my blindfold whispering in my ear you'll think I'm your wife. She stood up and Mistress had on Sam's purple corset, matching satin panties and black stockings with her five inch ankle boots. So what do you think? I shook my head in approval it was one of my favorite and she looked as sexy as Sam. I'm not sure how Sam will react but I'm sure Mistress did it to humiliate her. Mistress went and kneeled over Sam taking off her blind fold and then standing up over her. Well Sam how do you like my new clothes Stan said I could have them is that ok. No she shook no. Well isn't that too bad it seems the cups are a little small but we will work on that I'm pretty good with scissors as you know. Mistress started giggling kneeling back down over her grinding her pussy over her face.

Mistress then told Sam she was going to remover her gag and if there was bad mouthing that she would replace that small ass plug with an ass fucking with her strap on. Understood? Mistress took off the gag and lay next to her and started molesting her, kissing her rubbing her breast and moving that vibrator around under her panties. Sam started Cumming and grinding against Mistress when she pulled away saying what a slut you are. Mistress pulled out the vibrator and mounted her face pulling aside her panties looking at me as Sam was licking her to orgasm filling those pretty panties and Sam's face with her fluids. Mistress went and cut the tape off her ankles and spread Sam's legs out tying them to each bed post. Mistress then untied me and blindfolded us again having me kneeling betweens Sam's legs telling me to go down on her and don't stop until told to. I licked her into yet another orgasm. I was asked are you ready to cum Stanly? Yes Mistress. Get ready to mount your whore but do not enter. When I was in place Mistress removed my blindfold and then hers. Mistress was dressed telling us she had a great time and to call her soon now Stan enjoy. Mistress left and I entered Sam's very wet hole and I don't think I lasted a few seconds filling her with one of my biggest loads. What a night.

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