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Author's Note: A very possible scenario, one which the author would love to be the subject of. This story is developing as it is being written.

Chapter 1

It was after my divorce, I was alone, I could do exactly as I wished.

I had long, during my marriage, been visiting BDSM sites on the internet, I had even visited Mistresses in realtime, I had even visited transvestite Mistresses. I enjoyed nothing more then getting my ass raped, by a strap-on, or a real cock. I had never had anything really big up there but I was training it up with dildos etc..

Now I was free to look at websites all night and all day. I had also joined in several chat rooms, but always had to be very careful, my wife didn't find out. Now all that had changed.

As I said, I was alone, and on one of my favourite chatrooms, which devoted it self to Dominants and submissives of all sexes, and orientations.

I was in conversations with several people at the time, when a special Mistress, who I was extremely interested in ask for a private conversation, with webcams switched on. This "Lady", for she was a transvestite Mistress, came up on screen, looking very foxy indeed. She was dressed from head to toe in black leather, very tight and slinky. As expected, she ordered me to strip for her, which I did, and told me to parade in front of the webcam. I heard laughter coming from the webcam, which told me she had company at her end. I was giving a strip show for her friends, well what the hell, I was at home safe and sound, no problems.

"Very nice, little Nancy, I can call you namcy?" she asked. To which I replied, "of course, Mistress".

"My friends and I would love a little toy to play with tonight, would you like to be our sex slave for the night?" of course, I thought she meant on cam, so I said I would love to be their sex slave for the night.

"Good, we know where you live, stay just as you are, we will be round to collect you." She then cut the conversation.

I didn't know what to do, I didn't really want to be taken from the house as I was, but I grew more and more excited. What would I do if they really turned up, and demanded I went with them, I got hard just thinking of it. Still, I didn't need to open the door, even if they did come.

I got dressed, and continued back in the chat room.

About an hour later, there was a knock on the door. I nearly shit myself. They couldn't possibly really know where I lived, it couldn't be them, could it?

Well of course it was. I looked through the security spyhole, and saw three men dressed in various forms of leather bondage gear, and whilst it was dark, my neighbours would be sure to see them if they looked out. "Sex slave, open the door we've come to collect you". "Shhh.., my neighbours will hear". "Well open the door and let us in". So I did, just like that, my first stupid mistake.

They came through the door, and roughly pushed me to the floor. "You're supposed to be still naked, strip at once." "Hey lads its only a game, take it easy, no need for all that". "Mistress has ordered us to take you to her, she said you were to be naked, now strip, or we will do it for you. "

I nervously stripped off my clothes, leaving only my panties, which were unfortunately definitely of a feminine nature. "Everything, come hurry up".

So off came the panties. "We have a van at the top of your drive." "I can't walk out like this, the neighbours will see me." "Doesn't matter, you won't have to confront any of them, Mistress is not going to be happy that we had this trouble with you, not naked, and argueing, you will definitely be punished." I grew excited at the prospect of being put over Mistresses knee, and given a spanking.

They roughly grabbed my wrists, and bound my hands behind my back.

We walked slowly up the drive, much too slowly for my liking. "Your next door neighbour's a very nosey woman," one of the men said. "she's watching your every move." One of my captives gripped my cock and waved it, presumably at my neighbour. "oh, she's clapping you" he said, he gave my cock another wave. I would have to remember my neighbour for the future, she sounded promising.

I heard the back doors of the van open, and I was lifted in.

The van floor was covered in carpet, and there was a heavy wooden chair fastened to the floor. I was sat in the chair, and straps were fastened around my ankles securing them to the chair, my wrists were untied and then secured to the arms of the chair. A heavy strap was then fastened around my chest, and one around my forehead, making sure I couldn't move a muscle. "Are we nice and comfortable now, missy?" one of my captives said. I opened my mouth to answer, and a ball gag was thrust into my mouth, and strapped behind my head. One of my captives remained in the back of the van, whilst the other two went into the cab. The van set off on the journey.

The guy in the back with me said nothing, but was staring at my naked body, bound to the chair, for the whole journey, it was quite embarrassing. He even started feeling himself, and I could see his cock raging against his leather pants, it was enormous, god knows what it would be like set free. "Get it out for me," I said, "it seems a shame I'm the only one naked". "I daren't," he said, " Mistress will punish me just for playing with myself, she would kill me if I got my cock out." "How can she know you've been playing with yourself, I won't tell her". "She will know" he said, "there is plenty of time, later, to excerise my cock, I can wait. Once you are Mistresses slave, we will all be able to play together, we will have loads of fun after Mistress has finished with you."

The journey finally came to an end, and the van doors were flung open. The guy who opened the doors, looked at me, and then at the other guy, and laughed at the sight of his raging cock. "Mistress is going to whip you good if you've been playing with yourself, I hope you haven't been talking to our friend here?" "No, Sir" said my companian, "sorry Sir." "What you sorry for, if you've done nothing, have you been playing with yourself? Answer me, or we'll beat it out of you." "Yes Sir, sorry Sir, I have been rubbing myself, he looks so delicious bound to the chair." "True," replied the other guy, "but you know the rules, I shall have to report it to the Mistress." "Yes Sir, thank you, Sir" mumbled my companion.

I was unfastened from the chair, and led out of the van, not sure what I'd got myself into. Too late now, I thought, though this may be a bit of fun, or stage play for my benefit, to keep in keeping with the BDSM play.

I was led across a courtyard, and through a large wooden door. I looked at my surroundings, and we appeared to be in some sort of castle, although I couldn't think of any castles close to where I lived.

Our journey took us through several long corridors, until eventually we arrived at a large metal studded wooden door. The leader of our group, I assumed he was the leader from the way he had talked to the other guy, knocked on the door.

"Enter" came a distant voice, and we went through the door. Inside it was like a scene from a medieaval drama, large iron chandeliers light the room, there were shields and swords, and other armaments festooned around the walls, and in the centre was a throne, seated upon which was Mistress Lucinda.

"Bring him to Me," she Commanded, "Kneel at my feet slave."

I was pushed forward, and forced to kneel before the throne.

"Report" she commanded.

"We found him dressed, Mistress, in male attire"

"Didn't I order you to remain naked, slave nancy?"

"Yes, Mistress, but I thought that was only part of the game, and as you'd gone off line, I thought you no longer wanted to continue," I replied.

"When I give an order, slave nancy, I expect it to be obeyed, whether I am on line or not," she shouted, "am I understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," I stammered.

"Good, anything else to report?" I could see my fellow passenger starting to squirm.

"Yes, Mistress, during the journey, slave six was playing with himself, in front of the prisoner"

"WHAT! Is this true slave six?" she shouted.

"Yes, Mistress, sorry Mistress, I couldn't help myself" he whispered.

"Well, we shall have to teach you some self control. won't we?"

"Yes, please Mistress, as you wish Mistress"

"Master John, take him away, I'll deal with him later"

"Yes, Mistress," the leader replied. They left the room, leaving me alone with Mistress Lucinda.

"Well, slave nancy, how are you enjoying it so far?"

I looked up at her, and said " It's been very interesting so far, but it was a bit embarrassing being made to walk naked from my house, with the neighbours watching."

"Only look at me when you have had permission, I will let it go this time, but in future, you keep your eyes to the floor"

"Yes, Mistress, sorry Mistress" (Funny, how quickly I'd fallen under her spell).

"You needn't have worried about your neighbour seeing you, she's known about you for sometime, she's an old friend of mine, she knew you were coming, you'll meet her properly later".

She rang a small bell, and a maid ran in through a side door, and knelt next to me, "You called, Mistress?"

"Bring the paperwork, and be quick about it"

"Yes, Mistress, at once" She ran out, and returned almost immediately with a small lecturn, with papers on it, and placed it front of me.

"Slave nancy, you have agreed to become my slave, over the internet, in our private chat, witnessed by three of my friends, and two of my slaves, did you not?"

"Yes, Mistress" I replied.

"Good, and do you still wish to be my slave?"

"Yes, Mistress" (Second big mistake)

"Then we shall go through with the formalities. Before you you will find a standard slave contract, to enter my service as a female slave, inkeeping with the slut you are. Is this the type of contract you wish to enter?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"You understand you will be feminised, and used as a woman, by myself and anyone I wish to do so?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"You also understand that if you disobey me, or annoy me in any way, you will be punished?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"And that the severity of that punishment is at my discretion?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Good, then please sign the contract"

"Shouldn't I read the contract first, Mistress?"

"You should, if you don't trust your Mistress" (The question hung in the air, if I read the contract, before signing, I was saying I didn't trust her, if I didn't read the contract, I was going in blind, still as this was only a bit of BDSM play, however realistic, I decided to sign. That's the hat-trick, third stupid mistake).

I picked up the pen, and signed the contract, against my name, slave nancy.

"I'm sorry," said Mistress, "you can't really use the name slave nancy, until you've signed the contract, just part of our little game, rules are rules".

I signed with my proper name, crossing out the slave nancy.

"That's better," Mistress smiled, now to get some witnesses", she clapped her hands, and in walked two women, (or I assumed they were women), and stood either side of me.

"Ladies, please witness the signing of slave nancy's letter of servitude."

Both women signed the paper, and the last one handed it to Mistress Lucinda.

"Good, excellent, welcome to your new life slave nancy, you will now begin your journey into becoming a true sex slave, worshiping your mistresses, and being their cock sucking slut, you will be feminised, and taught all the ways of a cock slut, and pain slave. You will obey all orders, from anyone, because at the moment, you are the lowest of the low, you may progress, you may not, that is up to you."

"I didn't agree to being a pain slave" I protested

"SILENCE! I didn't give you permission to speak" she stormed. "You are mine to do with as I see fit, if I wish you to be a pain slave, you will be a pain slave, the contract you signed, which is legally binding, on both parties, duly witnessed, by your two next door neighbours here, (I looked up into my neighbours eyes, shit), states quite clearly that you have given yourself, willingly to be my indentured slave, and like the slaves in the West Indies, you are now my property, to do with as I see fit, your body, your mind, your life are all mine to do with as I see fit, until I have finished with you. Then I may sell you to the highest bidder, or dispose of you, just like any piece of my property. You should really have read the contract, that was very foolish of you to trust anyone, where contracts are concerned, always read the small print."

I went to pick up the contract.

"No need to read it now, slave nancy, it's too late for that," She smirked, "File that away," she said to the servant, and ushered her out of the room along with my former life.

"Now, slave nancy, we must start your training, but first, I think we should deal with the little matter of your disobedience. You will find, little nancy that I am a fair Mistress, and can be very kind and considerate at times, but unfortunately, I can also be very cruel. This is I'm happy to say my most redeeming feature, I'm a very sadistic Mistress, who does not like disobedience, so your behaviour earlier this evening must be punished, musn't it, little nancy?"

"Yes, Mistress", I replied (What could it be, bending over her knee for a smacked bottom, a couple of strokes of the cane, I was up for that).

"Bring her with me" she ordered the two women, I was roughly lifted off my knees, and marched out of the room, following behind Mistress Lucinda.

We went down various corridors, and down a lot of stone steps, then through a door, into what was quite clearly a dungeon. Around the wall were cages of various kinds, and shackles fastened into the wall. There were rings in the ceiling, and benches, what looked like a medieaval rack, a treadwheel, a giant cross, and several other devices, the uses of which I had no wish to find out.

"Put her in the stocks, Spread her legs, and fasten her securely, I don't want her sqirming". My head was pushed onto the stock, and the upper piece was locked down on my kneck and wrists, my feet were roughly pulled apart, and fastened to the lower part of the stocks, so my legs were spread about 3 foot apart, (this made my cock and balls very vulnerable). "Put on the humbler, bring those pretty balls to the back." Mistress ordered. I felt the humbler fastened around my balls, and drawn through my legs, so my balls were exposed behind me.

"Well, slave nancy, I am going to teach you several lessons tonight. One, I will be obeyed at all times, you were told to be naked, you disobeyed, two, you will have no more use for your balls, they are only there for decoration and punishment, and three, you have no further say in what happens to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress, I understand." What more could I say, three stupid mistakes, and now I was living out my fantasy, only, now it wasn't a fantasy, it was real, it only goes to show the old adage, "be careful what you wish for", I was screwed.

"As this is your first punishment, I shall be gentle, although as a pain slave, I shall expect you to be able to accept much more, gratefully, even begging for more, once you are trained. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Now slave nancy, what do you want me to do?"

"Punish me, please Mistress"

"Good, and how severe should that punishment be, slave nancy?"

"Punish me, as I deserve Mistress"

"Do you deserve a lot of punishment, slave nancy?"

"Yes, please Mistress"

"Good then I shall begin"

Next to the Stocks, there was a board fastened to the wall of the dungeon, which held an array of canes, whips, floggers and all manner of punishment implements. She pondered which one she should use. She picked up a cane, and swished it throught the air, my legs went to jelly, lucky I was held tight in the stocks. She put the cane back. "Later, maybe", she murmered, to her self. She picked up a single tail whip, which looked particulalry wicked. "This I think, for starters, you did say a lot of punishment, didn't you slave nancy?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Good, I like a slave who knows what they want, and you do want this don't you nancy?"

"YEs, please Mistress" I pleaded. (Pleaded, what was I doing?)

She moved round behind me, and I noticed I could see her in the mirror in front of me, (she looked magnificent, dressed in black shiny leather from head to toe, knee high black stiletto healed boots, a black leather mask over her eyes. I could also see the bulge of her cock pushing out the leather.

She raised her hand, and drew back the whip, "you're sure about this slave nancy, once we start, there is no going back?"

"YEs, please Mistress, punish me, whip me, as I deserve," I begged, the sooner it started, the sooner it would be finished.

The first stoke was like someone had slashed my back with a knife, I screamed at the top of my voice.

"I love a slave who sings along, we're going to be such friends" she laughed.

The second stroke landed almost parallel to the first, and cut as deep.

She landed a third, and a fourth, finally stopping at six. I was in tears, I imagined my back was cut to pieces.

"Now I think we are both warmed up now, aren't we slave nancy, I think we can get to the punishment proper. What do you think?"

"Yes, Mistress, please, let the punishment begin"

"It's nice to have a slave who understands, and appreciates me, you do appreciate me, don't you slave nancy?"

"Yes, Mistress, I do"

She approached the board on the wall again, and selected a wicked looking cat of nine tails.

"How many should I give you with this, little nancy, ten, twenty, or more? What do you think?"

I said nothing, I was appalled at the severity of the first whipping, I didn't think I could take any more.

"Cat got your tongue, little nancy? You must answer me, you know, you want to answer me, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Well, little nancy, how many strokes do you deserve?"

"As many as Mistress wishes to give me, if you please"

"A very good answer, little nancy, but I want you to decide, as it's your first punishment".

I realised that I had to make the decision, but how many, too few, and I could displease my Mistress, too many, and my back would be in shreads.

"Twenty, please Mistress"

"An excellent number to start with, we'll be nicely warmed up after that. Twenty it is then."

She administered the first ten, one after another, in quick succession, my back was burning hot, and I was sure I could feel blood running down.

"Such pretty patterns this cat makes on a slaves back, and such a rosy glow"

She started on the second ten in exactly the same way, by fifteen, I was screaming in one long loud scream.

As she was delivering the last five strokes, She said "much as I like your singing little nancy, if you continue like this I will have to gag you to keep the noise down"

The last stoke delivered, she sighed, and said, "nice and warm now little nancy, aren't we?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, "Thank you Mistress"

"Such a good little nancy, I knew you would be a good slave"

"Now what shall we do now, little nancy, a little attention to that bottom I think, don't you?"

"Yes, PLease Mistress" --- I was really getting into this now, god I was enjoying it, how did she know?

"Quite getting into this now, aren't you little nancy, I knew you would be a natural"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress"

"Shall we use the cane now nancy, only your pretty bottom, make it nice and red, before we start to deflower it?"

"Oh, yes please Mistress"

"Good, such enthuiasm, how many this time?"

"As many as you Wish Mistress, please"

"Very well I shall decide this time, but I'm not telling you how many, let's keep it as a surprise, shall we?"

"As you wish Mistress"

She started to thrash my bottom, with a long swishy cane, the blows came thick fast and very hard, I was soon screaming away, in agony, but somehow, loving every minute of it, my mind in a different place. I didn't even realise when the beating stopped.

"There I think I have given you enough of those, did you enjoy that, my little nancy?"

"Yes, thank you, Mistress."

"I knew you'd like it, I'm going to have fun training you"

"Now, there is just one last thing to do to make you my slave, you will need to wear my brand, are you ready for that my little nancy?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, I would be proud to wear your brand"

"How is the brand to be applied, Mistress?" I asked.

"Anyway I damn well feel, slave, how dare you question me."

"Sorry, Mistress, I was only curious, I've never had a brand before."

"All this speaking without permission is very annoying Slave nancy, and will not be tolerated in future, as you are new, and unsure, I will be lind and not administer further punishment."

"It will be very painful, it's put on with a red hot branding iron, only a true pain slut can manage being branded"

"Yes, please Mistress, brand me with your iron, please mistress"

"I thought you would be the one, I have the branding iron ready for the ceremony. It will be done in front of the whole of my household."

She rang a bell, and people came from all sides, and stood around. Mistress Lucinda walked over to a brazier, I had not noticed before, and pulled out a red hot iron. She walked over to me, and showed me the head, I could see the heat rising. the brand was an "M" and "L" intertwined, with "property of" in an arc above.

"This brand will be applied to your shoulder, for 5 seconds to ensure a good brand, you may pass out, but you will come to no harm, Do you understand, slave nancy?"

"Yes, Mistress, I understand"


"Ready, Mistress"

She applied the searing heat of the Branding iron to my left shoulder, I screamed, and smelled burning flesh, my burning flesh, and slipped screaming into a large black hole.

Chapter 2

I awoke, there was a searing pain in my left shoulder, what the hell had I done. I tried to move it, but couldn't, had I had an accident, and broken my shoulder, I didn't have a clue. Where was I? I was on a bed, of sorts, a bit rough for a hospital, and it certainly wasn't my bed. It was dark. How long had I been here? Then the light went on, and I heard a voice.

"Hello, little nancy." The memories came flooding back, of the chat room, and my agreeing to be Mistress Lucindas sex slave, and the men coming for me, and my punishment, the pain rushed back into my back and ass, and shit, my shoulder, then I remembered the branding, and the pain.

"How's my little pain slut, today?"

"Awake Mistress, and in a lot of pain"

"Just as you like it, little pain slut nancy, am I not correct?"

"Yes, Mistress, thank you"

"Thank you for what, little nancy?"

"Thank you for punishing me Mistress"

"And for the pain you so crave?"

"Yes, Mistress, thank you for the pain I so crave."


"How's that brand comming along? Did you enjoy that delicious pain climax?"

"No Mistress, it was very painful."

"No? Well your cock certainly did, I've never seen such a massive eruption as we had last night, everyone who was witness, enjoyed it and many applauded, you were quite the star." "I think you are still a little in denial, about being a pain slut." "Never mind, you'll soon find your true self, I'm happy to provide as much training as you need." She laughed, "It would be cruel to deny you your true self"

"Well, I'm glad you're rested, we must begin the other aspects of your training as my sex slave, you've had sufficient pain for the moment, we must let your brand heal. Follow me to the dungeon, we will continue your training."

I didn't move, I didn't think I could.

"I hope this isn't deffiance again, punishment can still be delivered."

I carefully got up off the bed, and stretched my back, I could feel the scabs on the welts crack as I stretched.

"Quickly, follow me, I haven't got all day"

I followed Mistress Lucinda through the door, into the dungeon.

She motioned me over to the whipping block, and ordered me to neal over it, with my bum in the air, and my legs spread.

She clicked her fingers, and a male slave fastened my wrists and ankles to the legs of the block, a large strap was fastened over my back.

"Now Slave nancy, what does a good sex slave do for her Mistress?"

"Anything she is told to do, Mistress"

"Once again, good answer, but me more specific, especially if your Mistress is a superb She-Male Mistress, as I am"

"Suck your cock, Mistress?" I asked enquiringly.

"Only if you beg, I love slaves who beg"

"Please Mistress, may this slave suck your magnificent cock?"

"As you ask so nicely, nancy, you may."

She stepped out of her leather trousers, to reveal one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen, a good ten inches long, and very thick.

"Are you sure you want to suck Misatresses cock, slave nancy?"

"Oh! yes please Mistress Lucinda, please may I suck your cock?"

"Seeing as you asked so nicely, you may."

She brought her cock close to my mouth, but not close enough, no matter how hard I strained against my bindings I could reach her cock.

"Well, if you don't want to suck my cock"

"No, please, Mistress, I would love to suck your cock, I beg you, let me suck your cock."

She placed her cock against my lips, and I opened my mouth, and licked the tip of her glans, god the taste was exquisite, I could taste a small drop of pre-cum. I greedily licked it up, and sucked her cock as deep into my mouth as I possibly could.

"Oh come on nancy, you can do better than that.", and she thrust her cock deep into my mouth and down my throat, I didn't even have time to gag.

I couldn't breathe, "Breathe through your nose, silly girl"

Slowly she withdrew her cock, but not completely out, and then roughly thrust it back in to the hilt, then she slowly started to fuck my mouth.

"Is my little sex slave enjoying this?" As I had a great big cock in my mouth, and was tightly strapped down to the block, answering her was out of the question, I tried to nod.

"I thought so." She then bent over me, and started to explore my ass with her fingers. She slipped two fingers in gently, and moved them round in a circle. "Lovely tight arse we have here, are you a virgin, little nancy?" I tried to shake my head.

"No matter, you won't be for long." She rang a small bell, and the male slave appeared. "Get me Master John, at once, this slave has a vacant hole."

The slave sniggered, and went off, returning with the leader from the other night.

"Master John, take over fucking this slaves mouth, while I attend to the other end, we'll have him spitroasted in a second."

Mistress pulled her cock out of my mouth, I tasted her pre-cum as it passed my lips.

"Did you enjoy that my little sex slave?"

"Yes, tahnk you Mistress"

"And is little nancy an anal virgin?"

"No Mistress"

"Been playing with didlos have you my dirty little cock slave?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Nothing like the real thing nancy, I assure you"

"Does my little cock slut want her Mistress to rape her ass. now?"

"Yes, please Mistress, please rape my ass with your gorgeous cock."

She then covered her cock with loads of lube, and gently pushed a lubed finger into my rosebud. I then felt the tip of her cock nudging at my ass-hole.

She gently pushed, until my hole opened to allow her cock entry, the glans of her cock seemed to lcok into my ass, then she pushed hard, and the whole of her cock was thrust deep inside me. After the initial pain had subsided, she gently started to stoke her cock int and out of my ass.

"God, I love a nice tight arse, shame they don't stay that way, or at least yours won't," she giggled.

"Master John, fuck that mouth" she ordered

No sooner had I opened my mouth, than it was full off cock, right down my throat.

"This is what we call being spitroasted, slave nancy, are you enjoying it?" Obviously I couldn't answer.

They then got in rythmn, first one pushing and the other pulling, then both pushing at the same time.

"No cumming, untill you have my peermission, Master John."

"No Mistress."

My cock was getting harder and harder, and building up to a climax, due to their misistrations.

"You, my dear slave nancy, must not come without permission, if you do you will be punished most severely"

"No, Mistress, I will try not to cum."

"Trying is not good enough, you must succeed, or it will be worse for you"

The pummelling of my body continued for nearly 30 minutes, it was driving me crazy, I was so close to comming, but terrified to do so.

"I am about to cum, Master John, you may cum, on my count of three"




The flood of cum sprayed into my arse, closely followed by a flood of cum down my throat, god I thought I was going to drown in cum.

Despite every attempt to control myself, I errupted in a fountain of cum.

"What did I tell you, slave nancy?"

"Yes, Mistress"

Chapter 3

Well I had been warned, and I did try not to cum, but with Master Tom fucking my mouth, and cumming down my throat, and Mistress Lucinda cumming up my arse, I found it impossible to stop my torrent of cum. Now I had to face the consequenses. Mistress was sure to punish me, most severely.

"Leave us Master Tom" she commanded sternly. Master Tom pulled his quickly deflating cock out of my mouth, giving me a quick tatse of cum, in the process.

Mistress was already out of my arse, and round the front of the whipping block, her flacid cock inches from my face.

"Lick me clean, you disgusting slut". I took her cock into my mouth, and cleaned off the mixture of her cum, and my shit.

"I did say, because of your current wounds, I wouldn't be punishing you today, but what do you do? You throw my kindness back in my face."

"Well I will not tolerate it, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress, I'm very sorry, Mistress"

"Sorry doesn't cut it, slave, you were told not to cum, weren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"And what did you do?"

"Cum, Mistress"

"And what should I do, now, slave?"

"Punish me, Mistress."

"You must beg me to punish you, so we can become friends again."

"Please Mistress, please punish me, so that I may learn a lesson."

"Oh! you'll learn a lesson alright." She approched the board on the wall that held all the punishment tools, whips etc.. She came back towards me, swooshing a cane through the air and looked down on my predicament, bound to the whipping block. "Mmm, we don't even need to move you, you can take your punishment there"

"Cumming without permission is a very serious offence, and should be dealt with most severely, isn't that right slave?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"How many strokes of this lovely cane do think would be a severe punishment?"

"As many as you wish Mistress, please"

"Correct as many as I wish, slave, and that could be a very lot, couldn't it, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"We have to be careful of your new brand, therefore, we will concentrate a little lower down."

The first stroke thwacked across my backside,. "There I think, for starters"

She then proceeded to land a further 9 strokes, with sadistic relish, across my bare buttocks, by the time she had finshed, I was screaming at the top of my voice.

"I'd forgotten what a lovely singer you were, I think we'll have another chorus." She then proceeded to thrash my arse another 10 strokes.

I was writhing against my bonds trying to get away from this vicious torment of my behind, but of course I was firmly strapped to the block, and couldn't move.

Suddenly, she moved behind me, and thrust her newly swollen cock, deep into my already well lubricated arse, and savagely raped my hole, until she came in a flood of cumm again. Needless to say I didn't cum this time.

"It's much looser now, little nancy, amazing what a little action will do." She walked over to the table, and picked up a pair of rubber surgical gloves. "Lets see how wide it will really go". She covered her gloved hand in lubricant, and inserted two fingers into my pussy hole, and moved them round, cooing in my ear, "I like a nice tight pussy, that's ready to be opened up like a present." "You want to give Mistress your present, don't you little nancy?"

"Yes, please Mistress, please take my present".

She then move a third finger into my hole, pushing and working it round. Soon this was followed by a fourth. She was pushing hard against my pussy, forcing the four fingers till the scrunched up palm of her hand was inside the entrance of my pussy. The pain was excriciating, as she pushed and twisted her hand. "MMmmm, I think we're nearly there." She started the move the hand in and out of my pussy, pouring on extra lub, until I felt her thumb join the other fingers. "Arrrrrgh" I let out a scream.

"Ooh! Slave likes to sing along to a fisting as well, such a delightful slave."

She worked the hand against my pussy, and I could gradually feel it going in futher and further, forcing the opening of my pussy hole even wider, wider than it had ever been before. Suddenly, with a plop, and a scream from me, the hand went in past any resistence, up to the wrist. Hell, I had a hand in my arse. I screamed, as she clenched her hand into a fist, and then she pushed it even deeper into my insides. God the feeling of being full, and the fist moving inside me, it was both excruciatingly painful, and erotic at the same time. Unbeknown to me, my cock was loving all the attention my arse was getting, and was rampant again. She started to move the fist in and out inside me, causing me to sqirm and scream in equal measure. Then Mistress Lucinda started to pull her fist out of my pussy, but she left it in a fist, and of course it wouldn't come out. "Seems we have a problem, little nancy, I can't get my fist out."

"You could unclench your fist Mistress, I'm sure it would come out then"

"Where's the fun in that," She said, and promptly pulled even harder, at which, I screamed even louder.

"Lets go for the high note, little nancy," and she gave one huge pull, and with a plop and a scream, her fist came out of my arse. A cold draught blew straight up the open passage of my arse, I gave a sudden intake of breath, and a massive ejactulation of cum.

"Oh! nancy, what a disappointment you are, cuming again", she almost giggled.

"You know waht that means, don't you slave?"

"YEs Mistress, more punishment"

"More punishment, indeed, I'm begining to think you're enjoying these punishments, and doing it deliberately, aren't you?"

"No, Mistress"

"No, you're not enjoying your punishments, or no, you're not doing deliberately?"

"No, I'm not doing it deliberately, Mistress"

"Oh! so you enjoy the punishments, do you?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"I thought so, I knew you had the makings of a true pain slut"

"If you enjoy it, it's not a punishment, and you've defide me again, I think we will have to make ssure you don't enjoy your next punishment."

"No, Mistress, I mean, Yes Mistress"

"Which is it slave?"

"I mean I should not enjoy my next punishment, Mistress".

"Oh! don't worry, you won't, you're not that much of a pain slut yet."

The previous punishments had been horrific, I had barely stayed conscious, through the pain, what the hell did she have in mind.

She grabbed hold of my cock and balls, squeezing them very tightly, causing me to squeel and hold my breath. Shequickly place the humbler arond the base of my cock, and twisted it so my cock and balls were drawn behind my legs, leaving my cock and balls exposed.

She walked over to the board again, and came back with a single tail whip, only short, but very thin and vicious looking.

"You're not going to enjoy this punishment, little nancy, I'm going to whip your cock and balls, unitl they're red raw. Have you seen lidneys in a butcher's window?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"That's how your balls will look, when I've finished with them. Now how many strokes do you think it will take to get them to look like that? Be very careful how many you say, because if you say too few, I will treble the number you say, even if you're only one short, is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress." I didn't know if I could take one stroke of that whip to my balls, and I was sure it would rip them to shreads straight away, was ten too few, I didn't want thirty, but surely ten would be enough. But thirty, I couldn't take thirty.

"Fifteen strokes, Mistress, if you please"

"Oh dear, you were one short, experience says it takes sixteen strokes to leave your balls a red raw mess, still you heard the rules, how many strokes are you going to get?"

"Fffforty-five, Mistress, no please Mistress, I can't take forty- five, Mistress, please no."

"As i have said before, rules are rules, fifteen you said, you were short, then I must deliver 45 strokes to you cock and balls, mustn't I?"

"Yes, Mistress" I said resignedly.


"Ready, Mistress"

The first stroke whistled through the air and cracked as it made the impact with my balls, the pain was monumental, I had never fely aything like it before in my life, it felt worse than being branded. My screams went up an octave, I was singing soprano now.

The next two strokes came quickly, one after the other, cutting into my balls. The fourth caught the end of my cock. I passed out.

I smelt the salts under my nose, quickly bringing me round.

"It's no good if you can't feel the strokes, now is it?"

"No, Mistress, thank you for waking me up)

"My pleasure, slave, are you enjoying this punishment, slave?"

"No Mistress"

"I thought not, still musn't cry over spilt blood, hee hee"

She then delivered three strokes in rapid succcession, I was on the smelling salts again.

Then another three, I was now screaming falsetto, if it carried on like this, I would be screaming castrato.

The next three all caught my cock, I was sure it was bleeding.

The next three all landed on my balls, leaving me writhing in agony, Mistress was right, I wasn't enjoying this punishment.

"There, I was right, it always takes sixteen strokes to leave balls looking like kidneys on a butchers slab."

"I wonder what yous are going to look like after another 30 strokes?"

"Isn't it only another 29 strokes, Mistress?"

"Is it, I'm confused, I'll have to start again at one, silly me, or was it silly you?"

She adminstered another 10 strokes, alternating between the whip and the smelling bottle.

"You really must stay awake slave, you're missing all the fun"

"Yes. Mistress," I whimpered.

"You're balls really are a mess, now, I think we should stop, we can always save the other twenty five for another time."

"I must take my punishment, I must take my punishemnt, please Mistress, I beg you."

"You really are a dirty little pain slut, aren't you, nancy?"

"YEs, Mistress, I want to be your pain slut, please mistress, make me your pain slut, please Mistress."

"Very well, but if I give you all the remaining 25 strokes, your cock and balls, particularly your balls will no longer be of any use to you, you may never have sex again."

"I must become your pain slut, Mistress, it is my only aim in life, you have shown me my true calling."

"And do you love your Mistress above everything, little nancy?"

"YEs, mistress, above everything."

"And are you willing to give up your very manhood to me, become my eunoch, castrated before all, to take extreme torture and pain for the rest of your life, as long as that may be?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then I accept your offering, and shall cherish it, and keep you in the pain you crave for the rest of your life, and I will brand you with my special brand, that only one other slave has ever been given, and you take a special place in my court."

"Prepare the Royal brand" she commanded.

The brazier was lit, and a fierce blaze was stoked up., and a large branding iron was placed in the coals.

"Let it be known, that on acceptance of this royal brand, slave nancy will enter the higher court of my realm, and become the royal slave."

"Bring her forward, and tie her down on the bench"

I lay on the bench, not really knowing where I was, or what I was doing, delerious with the pain in my groin, wishing and hoping that my torment would end, feeling them strap me down, wondering what they were going to do, begging them to end my torment, I wanted to go home, I wanted to be branded, I wanted to be the royal slave, I wanted to be a eunoch, I didn't know what I wanted.

The red hot brand was brought near my face, oh my god, they were going to burn my face off, I screamed, "Nooooooooo....."

The Brand was apllied to my chest, and pushed in hard, burning through my flesh, almost to my bones, once again I screamed my way down into a black hole.

Chapter 3 (added: 01/17/2012)

I awoke, and all I could feel was the pain in my chest and groin. I started to moan, continuously.

"Ah! you're awake my little Royal Pain Slut, would you like a drink?:"

"Yes please, Mistress," I responded.

"I've been saving this up for you specially"' she said, and promptly put the cup to my lips. As soon as the glass came under my nose, I realised it wasn't water, but my Mistresses piss, at least I thought it was Mistresses piss.

"Drink it down, my little slut, Isn't Mistress kind and generous, to have saved her nectar for you?"

" Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress", I drank down the evil smelling brew, as I was sure that refusing would offend Mistress, and that would only lead to more punishment.

" Are you in a great deal on pain my little slut?"

" Yes, Mistress, terrible pain"

"Then you should thank your Mistress for giving you all that delicious pain, shouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress thank you for giving me all this delicious pain."

"Well done my little slut, you will be rewarded"

She clapped her hands, and two male slaves appeared.? "Take this slut down to the dungeon, she needs to be rewarded." I was dragged off the bed, and carried down the stairs, into the dungeon. " Strap her to the flogging bench, ?I wish to reward her."

"What shall your reward be my little slut nancy? Shall I fuck your tender ass, or flog you till you scream? I did not know which to answer, if I elected to be fucked, it would be less painful then being flogged, but my ass was still very sore from the last rape, and further rape would probably do even more damage.

"flog me till I scream Mistress, please", (I was really asking someone to flog me until I screamed, how had I got to this state, or is this what I was all along, a pain slut.)

"I thought that would be what you would choose, you have not disappointed me. I shall select my most vicious whip, a bull whip I think." She selected a particularly nasty looking bull whip from the rack of implements, and gave it a test crack.

" Are you ready slut?"

"Yes Mistress, I'm ready"

The first stroke of the whip was across my back, I was sure it had cut right through my skin.

" This is fun, isn't it Slut?

" If you say so , Mistress"

" Oh! but I do, little slut", and she laid three strokes across my back in quick succession, I started to moan.

" Moaning in pleasure, all ready, my little pain slut, I knew you would like it."

She then continued, one stroke after another, alternating between my back and my ass, I lost count of how many strokes I took, the pain was blazing through my back, I was in sub space, not really feeling the individual strokes, just revelling in the warmth of the pain, and wishing for more.

The level of pain gradually increased, as the strokes landed, across my back, my ass, and my legs, both thighs and calves. ?Eventually I could stand it no longer, and started to scream, and beg for mercy from my beautiful Mistress.

The beating continued, until I was screaming, and begging for all I was worth.

She stopped, red and sweating from the exertion. "That was an excellent session my little slut, that has made me feel as horny as hell."

I felt her fingers exploring my ass, she thrust her cock deep into me, one hard thrust, no lube, or any preparation. the pain was excrutiating. She pummelled my ass, hard and fast, until she came in a torrent right into my guts. She collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

When she had rested, she stood up, and there was blood all over the front of her leather corset, and breasts. " look what you've done to my clothes, you disgusting slut. I shall have to punish you again, for making such a mess."

She selected a cane from the rack, and thrashed me with twenty strokes, all on my already bleeding ass.

" do you want anymore punishment, slut nancy, or have you had enough?"

" I think I have had enough, Mistress." I replied.

"Oh! you do, do you, well I'm not so sure. I think I will leave you strapped on the whipping bench, in case anyone else needs some excerise, or they may just want to fuck that lovely tight ass, what do you think of that, slut?"

"As you wish Mistress."

"as I wish, indeed, it is always as I wish, don't forget that, slut?"

" No Mistress"

"I have some clients visiting today, they may wish to try you out, they may even wish to purchase you, for their own slave. One is male, and the other is female, both like painsluts, especially the Mistress, she can be very nasty, she goes through slaves very quickly, then they are no use to anyone. You will like her."

She left the room, leaving me to my thoughts, my humiliation, and my pain. I had reached the bottom now, I was a piece of property to be bought sold and discarded.

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