Unexpected Addition
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Author's Note: This story is largely real. It is compressed and addended with a few of my GF/BFF/Mistress/Slave's (flavor of the week? Love of my life. You choose the acronym based on who is licking the boot.) latest fantasy/plans. Enjoy, and do email me if you've got something you'd think we should try.

Her eyes wide with a mix of sarcastic humor, surprise and perhaps a little disgust "...just know this, there is no fucking way that thing is going inside me." Call it famous first words? A year later, her comment on my PA is a funny memory. Mel, my Mistress and switch, is getting me read for our little party. But really brief background is in order.

We live over 100 miles apart, but it works. We'd both been in several relationships prior to this, and in none of them did we find our partner nearly as intelligent, funny, and generally fuckable. Our first date, an impulsive bar-crawl through the worst neighborhoods, capped by a 4-star hotel and the comment above, was telling and provided insight into where we would be today.

Mel is built like a brick shithouse. At 5'8", she is nearly my height. Mel is actually Mildred, and if you want your balls crushed you'll dare to call her that. She works out daily, and it shows. I can (and have) taken her in a fair fight, but I need to have cuffs on hand 'cause she gets real mean when she isn't bottoming. Don't get me wrong, I like fucking girly-girls who I can flip into whatever position I fancy at the moment...but a partner needs to be able to fuck me back. She wasn't a switch until I turned her, now there is no retreat for either of us. I'm locked 24/7 unless she wants to use me or be used...and I'm slowing coming to terms that this pretty much means I'm a full-time bottom. Which brings us to this evening....

"Stand up straight." Mel barks at me.

Normally by now, she'd still be in her work clothes and I'd be on my knees giving her a second or third orgasm, waiting for her to say "I don't think I can cum anymore..." just so I can once again prove her wrong. Tonight, undefined dinner plans. So instead, upon my arrival at her home I am sent to "dress".

I arrive back in the hallway, dressed as commanded. Naked but for a black leather collar, wrist and ankle restraints, a handful of small padlocks and, of course, my discreet steel chastity device keeping my PA locked firmly to the steel ring encircling my balls. The cialis Mel had me take 15 minutes ago ensures that I will soon be in a not-insignificant amount of pain. My plain posts through my nipples have been exchanged for stirrups. A breather gag and eye-mask hang loose around my neck. Other than that, I'm vulnerable. The thick plug in my freshly shaven and enema'd ass doesn't show.

Mel is dressed for the occasion. She is in a pinstripe charcoal, knee-length Italian dinner jacket, unbuttoned. A matching crotch-length skirt (read "wide belt") completes the outerwear. Beneath is a black leather bustier, the straps running down beneath her skirt to her black stockings. The quarter cup bustier shows off her modest, yet quite excited bust, her nipples already hard for me. She is wearing the new boots I bought for her last week....knee high black leather Sadie's from Pierre Silber, complete with holster for her crop. Lastly I can tell she is wearing her crotchless leather panties, squeezing her lips together and out. I can already see the moisture of excitement glistening on her carefully shaven sex.

Her face is classic Mel, ready to fuck. Her short, dark frosted hair is slicked back with gel...this is definitely a night in. Her lips have the darkest red polish. For a shit-kicking woman, they are dramatic and full, and I love the feeling of them on my cock. Her naturally high cheekbones are outlined with dark blush. Lightly applied metallic, dark green eye shadow completes the face of the woman who will take me tonight.

And the key, a specially made cross which has the key at the tip that will, once in awhile, undo the shaft through my Prince Albert piercing, releasing me from my prison. It hangs from the thick silver chain around her neck, the cross-bar of the crucifix just touching the tops of her breasts.

Standing as straight as I can, I am once again in awe. She doesn't need to dress like this to thrill me. I am deeply taken with her already. Dressed like this, however, I might start licking her boot without her having to even ask.

"It looks...." she considers me, then reaches behind me and pushes my plug deeper, "adequate. Stand by the door. Our guest will be here soon. Make me proud tonight." She takes the locks from me and clicks them home on all of the cuffs around my neck, ankles and wrists. "I'll be back."

I hear a bottle of wine open, and the clink of a couple of glasses, as I stand motionless by the door. The scratch of a chair alerts my peripheral vision. The snap of a lighter, and I can almost see, out of the corner of my eye, Mel light a cigarette. I know she is watching and I don't dare look over. I hear the occasional clink of her glass, the flare from her cigarette as she drags on it, but otherwise I am alone in the lit hallway.

The doorbell rings.

Mel strides over and looks at me. One word. Cold. "Behave."

She opens a door and a woman walks in. Black court shoes, black raincoat, blond hair, petite. I can't see more with my eyes down. "You look lovely," our guest says with a peck up to Mel's cheek. I recognize the voice but can't place it yet.

"As do you dear, and I can't wait to see what you have on under that coat..."

"Only what I'll need for tonight."

They stand facing me. Dressed to kill against my undressed to submit. "Eyes up," Mel commands.

It is Amy, Mel's dear old friend who has been in the "scene" a decade longer than Mel. She is as lovely as usual. Her delicate features a stark contrast to Mel's strong profile. Amy is a full time sub. She loves to get fucked, hard. She luckily found a dom guy in the City and it was love at first sight. I'm intrigued, as Mel and I had toyed with this idea months ago, but had dismissed it out of hand as potentially too weird. Now here she is. And I'm looking in her face, gorgeous, she's smiling at me, not as a bottom, but with wry appraisal.

"Tell me what you think." She smiles broadly then, slowly opens her coat. First her belt, un-knotting it with her black-nailed fingers. Then buttons, one by one, keeping her coat closed. In one motion she opens it and shrugs it off her shoulders, and it slips to the ground like liquid black, pooling at her feet.

She is completely naked, except for adornments. Her breasts are equal to Mel's, but look larger on her slight frame. They are white to alabaster, smooth, crowned with silver shields that spiral to the tips. A padlock goes through each nipple, one a heart, one a death's head, trapping them within the shields, keeping them high and proud. I can see that there is an additional rise, from excitement I assume.

Her belly is flat, curving down to her mons. A jewel hangs down from her navel on a surprisingly large post, perhaps as large as 4g, the top a platinum ball, the bottom a large princess-cut diamond...a gift from her boyfriend that I had only heard about. Further down a thin triangular strip leads to her lips, the only hair left from her permanent laser removal.

The triangle points to her moistening lips, adorned with two solid rings. The padlock that I had heard of is missing. The story Mel told is that Amy is not permitted to wear underwear, and almost always is locked closed. The missing lock means that her boyfriend must have given her a night out...and I wonder how much he knows about their plans...probably more than I. A drop of moisture shines on one of the rings, alerting me to her readiness. I wonder if Mel will let me taste it; my mouth waters in hope.

I hear the swish of air just as I feel the crack on my ass. "She asked you a question." Crack, as it hits again.

My mind is a blank, from Amy's nakedness more than the crack, then it comes back to me. "Uh, beautiful! You're stunning!"

A couple of taps on my cock, bringing me back to attention and reminding me that it is stiffening by the second, pulling on the post that keeps it trapped. "Not too eager, big guy." My eyes immediately go down, knowing that jealousy could easily make this go wrong.

Mel reaches down and caresses my trapped cock. "Amy, go upstairs and change. I've left clothes for you on the bed in the playroom," Mel instructs as she hands Amy a glass of wine. "We'll be waiting."

As Amy goes upstairs, Mel gets on her knees and licks at my swollen, desperate sex. Her tongue licks at my balls, my tip, the shaft. "I bet you want this key." Her hungry mouth all over me, her hands on my ass pulling me towards her. "Say the word, and maybe you can cum right now."

I'm so desperate. Almost ready to beg, both driven by desire and the increasing pain in the end of my cock. "Only for you, Mel." Begging can only have two results...a yes, or a "not now, so I guess you can ask me tomorrow." Tomorrow is not the result I want tonight.

Her mouth comes away and she looks up at me. "Good boy! But you'll beg. Trust me."

The click of heels on the stairs behind me announces Amy's return, as Mel stands up. "You look disarming, Amy." A smile shines through Mel's voice. "Turn and meet our guest for the evening, Karl."

Amy is still several steps up, and it is clear why she was able to dress so quickly...there was little to add. A black leather open crotch body harness, and a leather dildo harness, holding in place a black double-ended dildo that my ass knows all too well. She was dressed to fuck, her glistening, ringed lips swelling on either side of shaft entering her, the thick rubber cock jutting proudly from her. "I've never fucked a boy before. I guess that sort of means I'm a virgin." She smiles at Mel. "Maybe tonight I get to change all that? You know my ass has been fucked raw more times than I care to count. I could use a bitch to get a little payback."

"Oh, you'll get some. Karl, upstairs to the playroom. Stand at the end of the bed, facing it, and wait." I walk up to the "playroom". It was her guest bedroom, and is now seldom used for anything but crazed sexual aggression on a level beyond either of our prior fantasies. She delights in not changing the sheets, making me sleep in them after a rough sexual encounter, especially when she has squirted, something that has only ever happened with me, when I have forced her to cum just a little too hard.

It's been several minutes. They must be enjoying the wine, a cigarette, a plot? Topping is a new role for Amy, and with Mel calling the shots or not, she'll have some topping to do with that nine inches of thick black rubber protruding from her crotch for what may be the first time in her life. My pause in thought is interrupted by what may be the sexiest sound in the world. Heels clicking on wood.

"Amy is happy to fuck you, but she wants to know if it will turn you on. Will it turn you on?"

"Yes Mel. Yes."

"How long has it been for him?" Amy asks.

"It's been locked for two weeks. I permitted him to try to cum last weekend while locked. He did, but said it hurt. Did it hurt, Karl?"

"Yes Mel, I came, but it was just pain and dribble."

"Maybe he'll cum when I'm in him. Do you think he'll cum?"

"If he does cum for you, I'll beat that cock so hard that he won't cum for a month....but let's try! Are you game, honey-bunny? Well, whether you are or not, we'll find out! Amy tries to make you have your squirties while she fucks your ass...and if you do, I'll beat your cock until the skin turns black. Ok?"

"Your cock, love. Please do with it as you see fit." She's never quite gone that far, not even threatened it...but I trust her.

"Correct answer. Sit on the bed, spread your legs and lie back."

She gets on her knees and lifts the key. "Amy, would you like to do the honors?"

Amy hesitates briefly, then kneels by Mel. "Show me how."

"Take the key. There is a hole beneath his cock. Feel it?" Amy reaches with her finger, explores the underside of my cage, then nods. Mel gives her the key from around her neck. "Take it, push it in until it clicks." Amy fiddles with it, then nods again. "Now turn it towards yourself, slowly, good....good. Ok, now pull it down, and that's the screw! Now don't lose it. Push here, this is the locking bar, and pull it out the other side....good. Now push the PA bar, here. That's what locks him in." I can feel the post slide through me. "Good, I'll hold those. Now push the head back through that small ring. Now I thread this little stocking through the big ring, Push his head into the stocking end, and pull on the other end to drag his cock through." I feel myself stiffening quickly. "Quick now, don't be gentle, you won't break it, just yank it through!" She does, a little too hard for my liking. "Great, now pull the ballsack out through the big ring, and his balls will follow. Perfect. You can play with it while I put this away."

Mel steps away to put my chastity aside, while Amy examines my shaven, slightly stubbly, quickly hardening cock. I feel her finger go into the PA hole, testing it. "Does this hurt?"

I try to talk, gasp with painful pleasure, then talk again. "No, no...it feels wonderful."

"Ok, Amy, maybe later. Making him cum like that is cheating." Oh, shit. The bet...totally better not cum. Not if I don't want to pee blood for a week...which I don't.

"Karl, on the chair." A simple wooden chair awaits me.

I sit, and Mel locks my wrist cuffs to the back of the chair. She then uses thigh straps to spread my legs wide. A rope goes from my collar back to my wrists, forcing me to arch my body, increasing my exposure. Finally, my ankles are strapped up toward the back of the chair, leaving the soles of my feet vulnerable.

"OK, Hunnie. We're about to start. Any last words, like 'please lock me back up, I don't want to cum today.'? No? Well good, I'm glad you're game. But, I need you to beg Amy convincingly to take you. When I say beg, I mean it. With all your heart. OK?"

"Please, Amy, please take me. Please fuck my ass!"

Laughing out loud, "Did you hear that, Amy? Bad stagecraft at best. Not even a single tear." Mel grabs the breather gag that is hanging around my neck and starts to shove it in my mouth to my protests that I really, really want Amy's dildo inside me. Amy helps out by pinching the tip of my cock very firmly, and I yelp and let the gag in.

Mel then holds up a large, shiny nail. "Amy, do you have my hammer?" Amy produces a worn, well used claw hammer. "Nice, now would you like to do the honors?" I start shaking my head and making the best "Uh Uh" no sounds I can. What the fuck are they doing?

Amy takes the proffered nail. "So, how do I go about it?"

"First," instructs Mel, "we get this little straw through his PA from the bottom." Mel gives Amy a red coffee stirrer, and helps Amy guide it up through my PA and out the tip. "Now, simply open his tip with two fingers, lubricate the nail with your spit, put the sharp end of the nail in the straw, and slowly push it back through."

As Amy follows these instructions, the manipulation of my shaft and tip has me harder than ever.

"Amy, wonderful. Now Karl, scoot forward as far as you can, that's a good boy, and Amy, keep him nice and hard, good. Now just push the nail down against the seat of the chair. Great! Now take the hammer, and drive it home....just don't miss!" They're nailing my cock to the chair? What the fuck!

Amy takes the hammer and starts tapping at the nail, the fear of being crushed getting offset by the thrill of her fingers and the vibration of the nail. Slowly she builds up confidence and is whacking away at the nail. It doesn't take long before the nail is tightly lodged in the chair, and if I were not trapped before...I am now. My cock tries to contract, but the nail painfully holds it outstretched.

"Good boy. Happy? Now, if you cum before I release you, you get to fuck us both! Isn't that fun? You've got your nice friendly nail there to rub against. But, if you'd rather Amy just fuck you, let us know."

"AAA-EEEE, eeeh uuuh eee!" Over and over I try to beg, but it is incoherent through the gag.

"No, not yet?" Mel pulls out a crop. "You'll beg. For real." Her words a threat, like ice. She puts the eyeshades up to blind me, and soon I feel the first blow...on the bottom of my foot. Hard and incredibly painful.

"Beg for it. Beg for Amy!" They kiss, and Mel grabs the rubber dildo and moves it against Amy's clit. "You do want him, don't you? Using his ass to get you off. Amy squirms and mouths Mel's nipples, until "Enough." And the crop comes down again, this time on the top of my shaft.

"Come on boy, you can get off. I know you can. Just pump it!"

I try to rub my cock against the nail and the chair...it stimulates a little, but not nearly enough. The Cialis is doing its work; I'm still hard, or there would be no hope. As it is, my efforts only keep me hard. Any orgasm is a distant prayer.

More taunts, broken by Mel and Amy kissing, fondling. Amy takes a few turns with the crop, and joins in the taunting, telling me to beg, telling me that I'm a slut, and then bringing the crop down again. Sometimes just an arm, a thigh, my chest...more often a nipple, the inside of my thigh, my feet.

The blows pile up, and I can feel the crop striking welts already raised. The pain is magnified dramatically. My body starts to shiver uncontrollably. I grunt and plead as best I can as no mercy is shown. Amy and Mel pause momentarily for more passion, and Amy takes the opportunity to pinch the tip of my cock again, viciously, then rubs some of the stiffness back into the shaft.

"Ok, let's see." Mel pulls out the gag. "Beg."

The words tumble out of my mouth, begging, but I know in my heart I'll get the fucking I'm begging for. Mel is standing to one side. Amy is looking down at me, arms crossed, holding the crop, eyes with a look that borders on hate. I beg for her to take my ass, knowing that my ordeal is over, dreading the idea of shifting that anger from the crop to the dildo.

But I'm wrong: "No tears. Keep going," Mel states deadpan.

I shriek and beg more loudly, panicked now. The blindfold goes on. I feel two pairs of hands work together to shove the gag home. I squeal, writhe as best I can with my cock nailed to the chair.


The blows start raining down, even harder. My body shakes uncontrollably now. I feel the two of them moving around me, striking at me predatorially. The taunting words sound more vicious now. Amy has a voice like I've never heard her use. She's not a dom, but all the pain she's suffered in passion over the years is coming out in a flood of calculated violence. "Slut!" "Bitch"...those were the lighter abuses flung at me in and among the blows.

They pause. I'm sobbing now. Really sobbing. "eeeh, eeeh uuuh eee!" I beg to be fucked. If Amy asks me to eat her shit to get out of this, I will, gladly, and ask for seconds.

The gag comes out. "Beg." Mel's emotionless voice commands.

"Pppppuhleh, please, ppuh puh puh..." More sobbing, I can't even beg. I'm actually feeling fear at this point, making it difficult to look into Amy's eyes, wide with adrenaline.

"Amy, he seems to want something, but I can't make out what it is. Maybe you can help him focus on asking for what he wants." A command.

"Let me out, pleasepleasepleaseplease..." On I go, until I feel the pressure. A shoe on my balls, crushing them slowly as Amy puts her weight into it.

"NONONONONO please ohplease nununuh....pluh...." I choke on the words from the pain. My balls...she is going to ruin them!

"I don't think NO is what you want, slut....that is what you DON'T want. Tell us what you DO want, or Amy is going to castrate you. A little more weight and your balls might pop. Don't make us turn you into a eunuch whore...speak, slut!"

The pressure grows and I'm seeing red. Amy in all her black-strapped leather glory forcing her jet black court shoe deep into my crotch, the dildo an inch from my face, my balls trapped from escaping by the metal band that permanently constricts the base, my body helpless to pull away by the nail fixing me to the chair. "WHAT?" Amy, not Mel, screams.

Again, it dawns on me that I've got instructions to follow..."My ass, please fuck my ass, oh please fuck fuck me, Please Amy Mistress please. Fuck my ass!"

I'm sobbing like a child as the words tumble out. I'm weeping now...real tears. I'm convinced that the look in Amy's eyes, angry, severe, portend doom, for all the pain, for my balls about to burst.

Then, a hand reaches across her face, caresses the far cheek and turns it. Through my tears I can see Mel pull Amy away from her fury. "He's ready, lover girl."

My wrists are unlocked, the hammer placed in my shaking hands, forcing me to be the one to free my cock from the nail. "Get ready for the ride of your life, bitch. Amy's gonna make you squirt."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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