Happy Birthday
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Author's Note: Note: This is a work of fiction. Please use the utmost care and planning when embarking on any bondage adventure.

Entering through a side door, Eric found myself blinded by a set of powerful lights that illuminated everything within its beam. For a few moments, he forgot how much trouble he was having teetering around on 7-inch platform sandals. The lights did reflect nicely on his freshly painted, bright red pedicured toes. A not so subtle push in the back moved him forward. It reminded him how hard it is for a guy to walk in platform heels. Especially when your hands are secured at the waist by coils of rope. His arms were totally useless in helping him maintain his balance.

As his eyes adjusted somewhat to the bright lights, he could begin to make out silhouetted shapes of people. Lots of people. All standing below him. Eric found himself on a stage wearing platform sandals, fishnet stockings and a black leotard. With his breathing labored, it took a while to realize that a corset that started just under his chest and was constricting his waist by a good 4 inches, was the culprit. His immediate embarrassment was hidden behind a leather mask that covered his entire head. Only this eyes and mouth were open.

Trying to make sense of what was happening, Eric didn't realize where he was being maneuvered to until a set of hands firmly took his shoulders and began lay him down a leather padded bench. Once fully reclined, he felt hands lifting his legs up by the ankle and attaching them to an object. When his ankles were secured, the anonymous hands left, but his feet stayed in the air. Eric surmised that they were attached to some type of bar. It was a little difficult to visually confirm that because of the stiff posture collar he wore that restricted his neck and face movement.

Still trying to make sense of what was happening and why, a familiar face suddenly loomed large in his restricted view. As his eyes focused on the features, Eric realized it was his girlfriend Cheryl. Her normally long flowing raven-haired was pulled back into a severe ponytail. Eric started to stammer through the flood of questions that raced through my head, but a single finger from her on his lips stopped any sounds from escaping.

"I know you have thousands of questions to ask. I'll get to them all afterwards."

Before he could process the word "afterwards", he felt an object being placed in his mouth. Without hesitation, he opened wide to accommodate Cheryl as she fitted a ring behind his teeth and quickly buckled it tightly behind his head. With a slight smirk, her face disappeared from his view.

Suddenly, Eric felt movement on his lower extremities. His legs felt like they were being pulled upwards. Lifting his head as much as possible, he could indeed see his legs, attached to a metal spreader bar, slowly moving upward. Eric could also see that he was bare-assed to the world, save for his cock being imprisoned in a CB3000 chastity device. Despite his vulnerable condition, he could feel his member enlarging as much as the device would allow. His imprisoned cock bounced up and down to it's own beat as his body was drawn upward.

The upward movement continued until his hips, then his shoulders, and finally his head were lifted off the bench. Once his head cleared the bench, he swung uncontrollably through the air in a circular arc. Darken shapes and people with indistinguishable features merged together into a mass of shadows and noise.

When the swaying finally slowed, Eric figured his head must have been about 3 feet off the ground. He could feel pressure on his ankles, but there was no painful discomfort.

Out of the corner of my eye he could see Cheryl standing off to one side. Now he could see she was wearing a tightly laced half-cup corset that made her breasts look twice as large atop her own constricted waistline. Black stockings and black stiletto thigh high boots and shoulder length opera gloves, also black, completed the picture. In her gloved hands she held a leather belt.

She strolled slowly towards him, and then around to his rear to where I lost sight of her. It didn't take long to figure out where she went. He felt the belt quickly looped around his elbows and pulled as tightly together as his body would allow. Eric grunted loudly in protest, as that's all the sound the ring gag would allow. Even inverted, his chest pushed out as the strap was buckled.

Out the corner of my eye, he saw Cheryl again. The smirk was now a devilish grin.

"Happy birthday." She whispered and nodded off to the side. Looking in that direction, he could see a line of people, male and female beginning to form a line to come to the stage. "Be careful what you ask for." And with that, she disappeared from view.

And then he remembered a quiet Saturday night at home a couple of months back where they were polishing off a couple of bottles of a good red wine. The subject of his birthday came up and what kind of present did he want. Totally smashed and way too relaxed, the events of that night were long forgotten by him, but not to Cheryl.

As the first person, a guy with a huge erection was approaching and positioning himself in front of his ring-gagged opened mouth, Eric sensed this will be a birthday to remember indeed.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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