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Author's Note: All is not what Erica imagines. After a night of blissful sex, she is betrayed and forced into an unimaginable life of bondage and torture

Part 1

Erica stirs and reaches out for the warm body next to her. Ed is still sleeping soundly after their night of wild abandoned sex. They had met at a birthday party the night before and he had charmed her the entire night. He was handsome and had a great body to go with it and she eventually gave into his charms and had followed him home for the night.

Gently easing herself from his embrace she steps out of bed admiring her lovely figure in the full length mirror as she looks out of the bedroom window to towards the rolling hills and the sound of the sea beyond it. Ed had told her that he was a successful investment advisor and had the trappings to show for it. Opening his cupboard she picks out one of his shirts and puts it on leaving the top buttons undone so that her pert breasts are partly visible. She starts to explore the house. It is magnificent and very well furnished as she would expect of someone in his position.

A few minutes later he emerges from the bedroom dressed in a pair of trousers talking into his mobile telling whoever it is on the other end to come one over. He pulls her over and plants a kiss on her lips. She quivers kising him back. This is going to be a great relationship , she thinks to herself and smiles at him. That was Mike and Alan he tells her. They are on their way over. He walks her to the balcony and as they admire the view he massages her breasts gently. She moans softly and does not see the evil gleam in his eye. Hearing a car pull up, she buttons up the top of the shirt and pulls on her G string which was lying on the sofa. He thinks to himself "silly slut you won't be needing any of those any more" as they walk to the door to let his guests in.

The guys walk in greeting each other in the usual manly fashion and head to the kitchen to get some beer. She follows them walking demurely and sexily in what little she has on. Ed then asks them to retire to his "den". He ushers them through and she steps into the dark room as Ed goes for the lights. When the lights come on, it illuminates the room and it is furnished with odd looking furniture, racks and metal frames will hooks and pulleys in add places on the ceiling with nothing particular hanging from the

Erica feels hands grabbing her arms pulling them behind her tying them together at the wrists. In one quick movement the shirt is stripped off her leaving her naked expect for the skimpy G string. She struggles unable to move her wrists and soon is relieved of her last remaining piece of clothing. What are you doing she asks but is soon silenced with a bright red rubber ball gag tied belted in place tightly behind her head. Dragging her to an empty frame they attach more rope from her tied wrists behind her back and pull them up forcing her to bend over. She screams into the ball gag...mmmuurrpppff.

They go to work on her feet slipping one foot at the time into a pair of impossibly high heels and pulling the laces tight. He hobbles on the heels trying to stand as they spread her legs and tie them to the bottom of the upright frame. With her legs spread wide apart and bent over and her breast dangling she is a delectable sight for the men. Anger showing through her eyes she tries to speak but can only manage a muffled "mmuurrfppppf"

Spanking her ass cheeks Alan spreads them and it is clear what he intends to do when she feels a cock resting at the entrance of her rear. She struggles shaking her body to no avail. He grabs hold of her waist and shoves hard and impales his hardened cock into her rear channel. The pain is excruciating and she yells out in pain through her ball gag. "MMUUUUURRPPPPFFFF" Her eyes are wide open in pain as she if forced to accommodate his tool drilling into her. "She is tight isn't she" Ed announces.

Mike stands in front of her forward bent form and unbuckles her ball gag and grabbing a fistful of hair raises her head. As she opens her mouth to cry out in pain she find his cock slide in past her protesting lips and gags on it "gnuuurrrggghh". Hands are grabbing her breasts squeezing and twisting them mercilessly. Alan and Mike pound in and out of her with abandon. She is shaken like a doll with her legs spread and arms pulled up behind her back unable to protest or resist. Taken against her they shoot their loads into her trapped mouth and ass filling her with their hot sticky semen. Taking their time they withdraw leaving a stream of cum down her chin and thighs. She tries to speak but is silenced by a ball gag and head harness bound tightly behind her head.

They leave her trembling and in fear and pour themselves some beers. Groaning she contemplates the mess she has gotten herself into. Ed lifts her head by the chin telling her that he promised to show her his property and pressing a remote control one of the walls open revealing a stable with several horses. She feels her ass cheeks being parted and something being placed at the entrance of her anus and with then feels it slip easily into her well lubricated rear channel. She moans trying to adjust to the new invasion of her anus. But even as she does she feels it start to grow and expand in her. Alan is working away inflating the invader inside her ....she realises that it is an inflatable butt plug and is beginning to feel it fill her ass tightly. She tries to make a futile shake of her ass as if to try to dislodge it and hears the laughter of the men.

Her ass is well filled and sealed when Alan finishes. All of a sudden she feels relief in her arms as her arms are let down. Arms grab her to prevent her from falling to the ground. The same arms which held her from behind slip under her arm pits and start to mash her breasts and twist her nipples. Oooww she cries. Ed places a collar around her neck buckling it in place and leads her towards the stables with by the leash. When the reach one of the horses he pats it on the rump and it stirs. She looks up at the beast as Mike throws a saddle on it and her eyes open wide in terror when she sees a big fat dildo sticking out from the middle of the saddle and realises what they intend to to. She tries to struggle but makes not impact. Ed is already on top of the horse and she is handed over to him. Pulling her up he places her over the dildo. She struggles frantically as the two other men hold on to one leg on either side of the horse and hold her while Ed steadies her pussy over the waiting dildo. He lets her go and she impales herself onto the waiting artificial cock as it slides into her. Her pussy swallows all but the remaining 2 inches of her. She is screaming in pain through the ball gag as the men strap her high heeled feet to the stirrups. She stands as best she can to prevent the remaining 2 inches from tearing into her and succeeds for the moment.

Alan grabs hold of one of her breasts and wraps a thin leather belt around its base and tightens it forcing her breast into a balloon. She is not sure which is worse, the tortured breast or the invaded pussy. Her other breasts is soon bound tightly in the same manner. The men mount their horses and admire their handiwork. Sweat is pouring down her face as she strains to keep out the remaining 2 inches of the dildo, her arms bound in the leather sheath behind her thrusting her swollen ballooned breasts obscenely forward. Ed reaches for her nipples and then places a set of evil looking nipple clamps tightening and locking them in place. She moans as the clamps bite. She makes a futile gesture shaking her breasts to try to shake them off but knows that they are crafted to be stay fast on her poor nipples. Then Alan threads the leads from the horses harness to each of the nipple clamps and she then sees what is in store for her. Tears of humiliation stream down her cheeks as she prays that they are not not going to do what she thinks they are.

Using the remote, Ed opens the door and they start to ride out. Any hope she held of not impaling herself on the remainder of the dildo disappear with the first steps that her horse takes as she bounces onto the dildo crafted saddle - MMUUURFFPPPPPFFF she screams just as the pain explodes in her nipples as the slack from the leads are lost and the nipple clamps bit hard as the tension of the leads pulls her nipples and breasts forward

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