The Savage
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Author's Note: This is a translation to English of the longest story I ever written.

Please be aware that the English version is abridged from the original. When translating I tried to edit out any inconsistencies. I hope I got it right.

It is also a very dark story. When one vanilla person lives out his most twisted fantasies I guess we might end up with one story of domination and submission where the kink feels good and nice.

I am however active in BDSM in reality, so when writing my fantasy tend to go even further, and unusually take one rather twisted slant that is a bit beyond what most consider sane and safe - and its certainly not consensual either. (SSC). Now you been warned, reading further might cause a squick reaction from one or several ideas presented here. The ending which have a rather remarkable twist to the tail, will be posted on a later time. The ending were in fact the whole purpose of writing this.

When Roleplaying Goes Wrong

The mistress stepped into the basement cell where the slavegirl was held.

She have been brought down there and chained by neck and legs after one weeklong ordeal of piercing and tattooing that have left her completely shocked and bewildered. Barely conscious and blindfolded she had been strapped into a chair and gagged. She had no idea where she had been or who had done this assault on her body. The shock had not abated when she found herself in a chained in what looked like a medieval torture chamber.

Fettered to the middle of the floor by a short chain locked to irons round her ankles, and with her arms bound together by a leather contraption holding her arms bound wrist to elbow behind her back she had been unable to raise herself up into a sitting position. Ending up lying on her side on the painted concrete floor.

A pool of saliva have formed under her chin, the massive gag in her mouth came with a rather large hole that had left her drooling on the floor while she had been unconscious.

Wondering about her whereabouts and what actually have happened to her aching body she tossed her entangled hair out of her face and attempted to inspect what had been down to her.

The movement made her realise that her neck were covered by what she thought was a very high posture collar, yet one that was strangely unyielding.

She were distraught in finding that she had been completely covered by tattoos all the way down to the feet. Not able to see her own head she could not know what her face looked like, but she feared the worst since the sensitive skin of her face that still ached from the work done by the needle.

Some were graphic patterns, but on the chest, stomach and thighs there were also symbols of magical beasts from a mythology she were unable to identify.

In addition she also have also received a number of piercings, trough the lips but also the labret, multiple tragus piercings with bars, plus rings trough the areola of her breasts.

The rings of the breasts had gotten further embellished by odd jewellery that looked like long ornamented bars made from a brass-like metal with a set of faintly chiming pendants hanging by the end.

But the one she considered to be the worst were the large golden ring in her septum making her think she must look like a savage. And even though she this were in fact the exact purpose.

She hear the rattling of locks on the heavy door. And in steps her female lover that she had a fabulous weekend affair with the previous month.

She were dressed in a long white gown, as if she had just arrived from a formal reception. But she immediately removed it and revealed what she had beneath. A piece of leather gear that barely covered her breasts and the sides of her torso, it were only held together by two wide leather straps leaving the stomach open and uniting to cover her crotch region. In one hand a cane suddenly appeared, swinging back and forth as she continued to speak.

'Now see here, you have finally awakened and you really look like a fantastic piece of art don't you?' She said with a her head cocked to the side, with the slow slurry speech of someone who were somewhat tipsy.

'I have been partying all night to celebrate your return to me, you did fine in our domination games some weeks back. But now the time has come to play a very different game.'

She bent down and inspected the body, poking her with the cane, grinning when the poor captive twitched and whimpered in fear.

'I guess you wonder about all the modifications I let my kinky tattoo and piercing studio do to you.

The purpose is simple, to set the stage for the roleplaying game we're going to play together down here for a long time. Now that I am a lesbian, did not stop me from this idea that that you are a savage woman of a tribe that have killed both my husband and my children.'

With the tone of a lecturer she continued to speak while walking around the dungeon. As she would touch the various instruments of torture, racks, whips and a very small looking cage with her free hand.

'I could not come up with one good idea what kind of savage you were supposed to be, but I guess you're some kind of dangerous cannibal.

In the end I came up with the great idea of combining the most delightful elements from several cultures. So you got the tattooed face of a Maori, combined with a ringed neck collar fashioned in the same way as the Karen longnecks in South-east Asia. Though yours comes with some interesting additions. First there are rings front and back so you can be chained, and secondly there's a lever to the side that acts as one garrotte so that I can strangle you if you ever would try to resist.'

She continued while a leer or malicious intent spread on her face.

"And I will do anything in my power to exacting my revenge on you for that horrible murder of my family. There will never be a tender moment, only one endless stretch of suffering for you, day by day, night after night!"

'No more silly games'

Ending her long harangue, the woman span on her heel and walked out closed the door and a key could be heard clicking as the light went out. Thus leaving Pilar, as were the name of the victim on the floor wondering what actually had happened.

After some time the light went on again. At first she expected someone to enter the dungeon again, and she held a faint hope for release. But after some time the light went out again, for no reason that she could comprehend.

She were no stranger to the woman who had abducted her, they had been seeing each other over the course of the last months. Playing various games of domination and submission. The idea of being kidnapped were one idea that Pilar had fantasized about. But this assault on her body and mind were far beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

Likewise she could very well have found the way she had been trussed up arousing, though it were also quite uncomfortable.

She tried to shift her body, only to feel her newly tattooed so sensitive skin scraping against the floor and so Pilar gave up on the effort and remained as she were.

After a long time spent in darkness, her senses blurred and her desperation increased, but eventually Moira returned. She had now put on one dark evening dress, but added one over-the-bust corset on top.

As if no time had passed Moira stated: 'I will start on your true suffering here and now, by letting you taste the whip.' said Moira and walked over to a rack of torture instruments hanging from a nearby wall while she continued her monologue.

'I guess you tell yourself how horrible all this is, that have been done to you. But you have no idea on how far I intend to take this. I have roleplayed the mistress and slave scenario many times. Also with you Pilar, I know you enjoyed them! But I cannot promise there will be any enjoyment at all for you this time around.'

She picked up a rather short and thick whip and started to stroke it over Pilarīs body with slow moves. Then suddenly she pulled her hand back with a fluid movement making the end snap that left a welt running over Pilarīs thigh, she then repeated the slow movements for a moment, then to suddenly make the whip snap again, this time over the buttocks.

Moira gloated for a while looking down at the hapless girl who obviously still were in a bit of chock only whining quietly and making faint movement down by her feet.

'But I have played the games of make believe so many times it nearly made me sick, and I have built up quite some pressure to let go of all considerations for my partner and make it real. And so I decided to go for a live event as full metal Sadist!'

She giggled at her own pun and continued: 'It has been said that ultimate truth is a very personal thing. And the ultimate truth will be to act out this scenario for as long as it gives me the pleasure of inflicting the most intricate and painful tortures on someone who deserved to be treated in the worst possible way! For you Pilar, the rules will be simple: There will be absolutely no talking back, all you will be allowed to say is 'Thank you mistress' and 'I am so sorry, I deserve your rightful punishment.' Oh any slight variation thereof could be tolerated, remember that you were part in the murder of the roleplayed family of mine. There will be a few more rules for you but I will get to those later just before we launch this and go live.'

'Any breach of those rules will result in a most severe punishment. So yes, lets try some of the other equipment I have brought here for you. You get a taste of what one punishment could be like, and I will consider this a try our session when I learn how to use these tools properly.'

For Pilar the following hours were a long horrendous nightmare that were like a red fog over all her senses, though one item stood out in her memory for a long time afterwards. It were a contraption that fit over her head, in front it had a metal ringgag keeping her mouth open, and with multiple thin chains ending with hooks and clamps where three hooks were inserted in her nose, and another 2 in the sides of her mouth whereas the clamps were used on her eyebrows, ears and lips. Tears were running down her face trough this ordeal, from the pain and the shame of being so utterly helpless.

In the end Moira went back to using the whip and she did not stop until Pilarīs body were crisscrossed by whippings, and she declared that it might be enough of a start for breaking her for the scenario they soon would start on acting out.

"Well now it is soon morning," she said. "So I will catch a nap and so put you in your first real predicament while I am away for the day," said Moira and brought a head harness and strapped it around the head of the hapless girl. This went on top of the contraption with hooks and clamps already on her head, then adding padlocks to three strategic points making it completely unremovable.

Moira completed her preparations by unlocking the chain holding her ankles, she then wheeled in a contraption marked my a mechanic shop sticker from a corner of the room "Now lets pull your legs up here," said Moira and started to pull a lever up and down.

"This is actually one Engine hoist that I got for a bargain, but I see already how it will come to good use for you. Now lets release a bit of the tension on that leg for a moment."

She released the chain going to the left leg and immediately stepped up and pressed down with both hands folding the leg by the knee then to lock it by a shorter length of the chain to the armbinder.

After repeating the set of actions with the right leg she then pulled a wide belt around the slavegirls waist. "This is needed so that you will not try to roll around to get into a more comfortable position." In the end she pulled one piece of the loose end of chain to the top of the head-harness and locked it to a d-ring at the crown of the head with another padlock.

She stood back and admired her handywork, then turned around and as she went out the door she said. "Good night to you now, even though I doubt you will sleep, you will at least have one interesting night." And with a small wave of her hand the door closed and the light went out leaving Pilar in darkness, to suffer alone, her body on fire from the severe torture it had been subjected to.

Never a tender moment.

When Pilar first met Moira at the Catacomb club, her first thought were that she resembled the actor that had played the role of "Seven of Nine". Cold, distant and not showing much emotion.

The latex gear, resembling an uniform more than anything else she had worn that night had only reinforced that impression.

They made instant friends, and for weeks and months afterwards they dated, and sometimes spent entire weekends together, exchanging identities in the roleplay scenarios they both enjoyed. Though she always had ended up the captive, slave girl or a damsel in distress.

Since both were lesbians, she never had considered the risk of her erotic play partner might be one predator and kidnapper. For some reason Pilar have thought that were a mental disorder that only affected men, how wrong she had been!

She now realised that Moira were a person that had kept herself under stern control, not to reveal the twisted personality beneath. A control that now quickly evaporated revealing the senseless sadist that had been hiding beneath the surface.

Yet now it were too late, she had disappeared from the world, and found herself in a basement dungeon filled with torture racks, and various pieces of furniture that she were certain would be put to use in adding to her predicament.

When Moira returned, her appearance were quite different from the outfit she had worn the previous evening. Now dressed causally, she moved briskly, now obviously all sober again. Though when she dared look up briefly Pilar noted that she had the same stern expression on her face.

'I hope your night have been uncomfortable, so it will be a good introduction to the nights ahead which I promise will be even more of a challenge to you! But we need to have you set for the day now.' she said and released the padlocks holding her legs and pulled her up to a sitting position by pulling with one hand on her leash and the other by her hair.

'Toilet time!' she blurted and brought a bucket. 'Sit!' she commanded once again pulling on Pilarīs hair and leash.

Pilar were trembling and nearly unable to stand on her legs, and she only managed to stand in a hunched position from the night-long ordeal of being hogtied on the floor. But after a few unsteady steps on weak legs she nearly fell backwards when sitting down to finally relieve herself. 'Up again you savage and stand still with your legs spread!' Moira continued to use the commanding voice that made it obvious that she meant serious business and accepted no delay.

She brought a water-hose that had been rolled up on a wheel mounted on the wall and used it to rinse Pilarīs bottom and then brought a rough brush scraping the girl between the legs until she were satisfied her savage slave girl were clean enough.

'Now get down on that chair and I will strap you in for the day.'

Pilar were again in a slight chock from the treatment of the cold water and rough brush, so she hesitated momentarily only to receive a series of blows from the rear side of the brush that Moira now used as a paddle. So she duckwalked over to the chair and sat down with a thump. When she sat down she noted that the seating were split in two halves, but she had no time to wonder about the implication of that detail because she were constantly pushed to obey in various ways.

'Up again!' Moira commandeered, and when Pilar got halfway up she felt Moira release the buckle on her armsleeve then pulling it up and back so her bound arms ended up on the back side of the chair. Wide straps were pulled over Pilar's chest, tights and calves, then locked in place with mechanisms built in on the side of the back and seating on the chair. She were ordered to pull in her belly as much as she could before the final strap running over the stomach were locked in place. Additional straps were found on the armrests, but bound as she were with the arms in the back they served no purpose this time.

Her helplessness were absolute, a feeling that she usually would enjoy, also that of being pushed around, and even a bit of fear. But she had been molested and assaulted in so many ways that all she felt were confusion and resentment over how she were being treated.

'So we gotten to the time to give you your first breakfast, and it'll be a liquid one, luck has it that you already wear a ring gag.' she said and brought the smaller bucket.

After removing the lid she pulled up a pump and handle that had stood in a slush that filled the lower third of the bucket. Moira brought up a tube and inserted it into a hollowed out rubber-socket that she pushed into the wide open mouth, then taking a firm grip of Pilarīs hair with one hand she started to pump with the other.

With the pressure building up, Pilar had no choice than to start swallowing, but with the rings around her throat she were unable to swallow fast enough so some of the slush poured down in a flow at the side of her mouth.

'See there what a pig you are!' Moira blurted and slapped Pilarīs chin so the slush flew in droplets over the room. 'Pig food for a pig, suits you perfectly! Its made from my watered leftovers and will be the only thing you eat from now on.' Her voice softened momentarily while adding. 'This a good inauguration showing you how very low your status will be isn't it?' Moira smiled and briefly stroked her breast, then straightened up and the stern face snapped in place again.

Pilar recalled that many of the roleplayed games they acted out together have had quite some elements of humiliation. As a dominant, Moira had been leading her along, yet back then she had played happily along, since it were part of her profile and submissive nature.

'I know what you're thinking there.' Moira said. 'Quite horrible to become one involuntary wastebasket, but it is something you have to stomach! Get the pun do you, you savage?' Moira punched her hard in the stomach and giggled, while tears flowed up in Pilarīs eyes while she thought. "She's nuts, she really must be bent beyond the bend!"

Moira quickly recovered from her mirth, she removed the tube while letting the rubber-socket remain in place. "It will be used to get your water and dinner in the afternoon anyhow, so I save time knowing where it is this way. And that's the idea behind this quick force-feeding, giving me more time to spend on your training. Yes, I know you are quite far from prepared yet for this scenario, your body might be nearly there, but your mind isn't so I will have to work some more on that this afternoon.'

Moira brought the now empty bucket to the door and went over a table that had diverse collection of sinister looking instruments and tools, but when she returned she simply brought a number of bells.

'These are Burmese bells.' Moira explained, while she added one bell each to Pilarīs earrings and one each to her pierced nipples. 'They are quite heavy, and when you move they will chime. I think it will be a quite nice sonic demonstration for you to have today.'

And with those words she walked out of the dungeon door picking up the buckets as she passed them by. The door closed and the lock were heard, and Pilar faintly heard a rolling sound. 'There's something more beyond the door, is it also covered or camouflaged some way.' She told herself, realising that if something would happen to Moira, there would hardly be a chance that anyone would find the dungeon where she were held captive.

The weight of the bells were already getting uncomfortable, she tried to adjust her position which were to no avail as tightly strapped in place as she were, which made the bells chime. After some time her nose started to itch, she tried to move her head around searching for something to rub it against, the back of the chair were the only thing near, but her ringed neck held her head in a solid grasp making it impossible to bow the head down. The movement caused more chiming, the sound already starting to grate on her nerves.

It became a very long day for Pilar, her legs fell asleep from her attempts to move as little as possible. Perhaps she slept for some short hour, as she were in somewhat more comfortable position than the one she had spent on the floor.

Escape never the option.

Eventually Moira returned to the dungeon widely grinning, she had brought the two buckets again, and placed the toilet bucket below the chair and ordered her to relieve herself, the same routine of cleaning up were then used, including the rough brush. And after she were given water and food by having it pumped down. To her amazement she even had her teeth brushed, only then were the face harness removed and she moved her jaw slowly, after nearly having it dislocated by wearing the gag for so long.

'So how did you enjoy you first day with the bells then?' She asked with a merry voice.

Pilar felt the question were incongruous considering the ordeal she had been trough but replied. 'It felt quite bad, but but...' she stammered now she were allowed to talk for the first time since she arrived. 'What have you done to me, what have you done to my face!' Her voice trembling when she finally managed to ask the question.

'Ahh yes,' she said in a more quiet voice. 'You have yet to see yourself in a mirror. I can promise you it will be quite a shock to you when you get to see, meanwhile I can tell you that you look truly horrible and that is quite with a purpose. Since it serves to dehumanize you, and so I will have even less consideration for your well-being and feelings.'

But I might at time show a softer side, like now. And she bent forward starting to remove the bells from Pilarīs ears and nipples.

'Well we can also remove the armbinder for now, it have served their purpose for today.'

Her right arm were released first, and Pilar told herself 'It have to be done now or never.' she sat still waiting for the moment when also her left arm were released. Where she could try to fight back and perhaps even release herself from the chair. But she felt that Moira were trying to do something to the right arm, so she decided to try to bring it to the font anyhow, even though her left arm were partially bound by the armsleeve.

Moira yelped in surprise over the unexpected movement, and stepped up to the side of the chair grasping Pilarīs arms with both hands.

Pilar tried to gather all her strength from her desperation, but she did only get her arm halfway up before it were pushed down to the armrest and strapped in place. Pilar felt her morale plummet. Am I really that weak, even when it really mattered? thought Pilar.

'That were a very bad move on your part.' Moira said with a sinister voice. But she said nothing further right then, only to move over to the rear of the chair to bring Pilarīs left arm over to the other armrest to strap it in loosely before she removed the rest of the armbinder, and so preventing any second attempt of freeing the other arm.

Moira picked up the buckets and simply left the cell without saying a word, while Pilar sat there wondering if she would be left there for the night. Without the bells she now attempted to rock the chair, but soon realised it would not move the slightest. Now the light had been left on, she tried to inspect herself and her situation. She bent her head down slightly, which were all that were possible with her ringed neck, and peeked down below the armrest where she could see that the chair were bolted securely to the floor. 'So much for that idea.' she told herself.

Some hour later Moira returned, and now she were dressed in a leotard with only one garment added, a very wide cincher belt of leather. In her hand she had brought a small tool case which she put on a small wheeled table that she rolled over to the side of the wooden chair.

'I had not thought that you would be all smart from the beginning and realise that any attempt of resistance would result in a most severe retaliation. Even so I can not take this lightly, so I have decided to push on with your transformation to avoid a repetition of what happened some moments ago.'

Moira brought a ballgag and head-harness combination and started to put it on Pilarīs head, but she refused to open her mouth at first. Yet Moira quickly picked up a pair of flat nose pliers from the toolcase and put the jaws against Pilarīs breasts pressing them together and then turning it a quarter around.

'Do I really need to....?' Moira started to ask.

At that moment Pilar capitulated and snapped her mouth open and the gag-harness were quickly strapped in place.

Moira opened a wrapped package from the toolbox and brought out a large set of golden coloured rings, albeit of a smaller diameter than the set Pilar had around the neck.

She bent down and starting to try one set of the rings on Pilarīs right arm.

'Now lets see. It's quite close but not really exactly the oval shape needed.' She said. 'Well that can easily be fixed.' Moira walked over to a work table that had one large set of tools, even one anvil.

She put the rings one after one in one workbench mount and made some small adjustment with various tools and then returned..

'Oh yes, now they will fit your arm snugly. I really had thought of doing this later, but here we are, rushing ahead. As if there is any rush for anything, we really have all the time in the world for this.'

She picked up a flask of oil and used her hands spreading the liquid over Pilarīs arms and legs rubbing it in, then she began to put on the individual rings one by one. She began by working on the wrists where she used a tool similar to a lock ring plier to get the snap lock ends to reach and grapple in place creating a continues ring loop around the wrist. After finishing the work the unyielding metal compressed the wrists and lower arms to a considerable and uncomfortable degree. She then moved up to add the second set for the upper arm.

These second set rings were just barely large enough to go around the arm near the elbow. But Moira put one on and closed the gap until the snap lock connected the ends in place, making the ring continuous. She then pushed the ring upward, adding a dash of oil and pushing and massaging the area around the ring until it did reach the middle of the arm compressing the biceps and triceps muscles so Pilarīs arms narrowed to nearly the same diameter as her wrists, needless to say, this were uncomfortable in the extreme.

'These rings will serve several purposes, beside the obvious one of making you look even more like a savage, they will serve as cuffs to bind you with chains and wires. Last but not the least important,

these rings will prevent your arm muscles to flex and expand so the rings will weaken your arms, so that you will not be able to resist me again. The same will be true for those on your legs, they will impair your movement and so make you more controllable!'

And after she had done the second arm, more straps were added to the legs keeping them utterly unmovable before the leg irons were removed. And Moira continued to add rings to the tights near the knee, and with plenty of oil and of by compressing part of the thigh with a leather strap she then were able to move the ring up to its final position on the middle of the thigh.

By the time when Moira were finished with the ankles, Pilar were trembling and sweating in fear, pain and trepidation. 'I have saved two rings to use elsewhere, do you dare to guess where?' Moira said with a tone of finality in her voice. Though I have more, these can only be added one pair at a time with a good result.' Once more she picked up a leather strap, this one somewhat more narrow, then she bent down and put both hands around Pilarīs right breast and then used the thumb and index finger of both hands to buckle the strap around the base of the breast. Again she added a liberal amount of oil and the lock ring plier to cinch the ring so that the snap lock together.

'Now there's only one additional thing, which will make these even more useful.'

She put her down into the tool box and unwrapped another package. It contained 8 wide flat compressor clamps made of the same golden metal, with a swivel ring mounted on the center.

Moira put one on the side of each set of rings and used a hex tool to tighten them so that each set of rings were held together firmly.

She stepped back to admire her handwork. 'Oh this is just beautiful, in a very weird way thats it. But you certainly look your part, the savage woman perfectly now.'

She rolled the table back to the wall and started to put the tools back while she continued her commentary of the extensive set of tools found in the dungeon.

'I have brought the tools here so that I will be able to make repairs and changed on the fly, things will break over time and you are in this for the very long duration anyhow. So these will certainly be needed now and then'

Moira brought a long handled thong back from the tool-set, she pulled up a chair from a corner of the dungeon and sat down telling her how she had decided on the plan for abducting Pilar for this 'advanced roleplay' as she did call it.

'When we met at the club, I did study you from afar for more than one hour before I approached you.

And I could see that you had the inner strength to go trough this, at the same time you provide that more of a challenge, and more extreme means. But I really wanted someone who I could be certain would succumb to me. Now that might sound like a contradiction. But even when I get you down there, completely broken, you got the will and that strength to carry on, despite the gruesome conditions I will have you subjected to,' said Moira with a smirk.

She really had all this planned from the start? Pilar were astonished from this revelation.

In short, I am certain that you will not go stark raving mad. And that is necessary for this scenario, I do want you to be aware of what a wretched shadow of your former self you have become, what a freak I have made of you! Over time you might become so repulsive that I won't even touch you with my bare hands, and so I might only touch you with various tools and whips.'

She said while stroking Pilar over the belly, thighs and face with the thong, occasionally pinching her by pulling and pinching her skin obviously happy to see her distress.

Pilar were again agitated by having her body furthermore molested would have nothing to do with her being touched this way, squirming and attempting to move pull her head away, not that it were possible, with her extremely confining set of rings holding her neck rigid.

'Well that's what might happen eventually, I am going to try something else for you to enjoy your night now.'

Moira stepped up and walked up to another table where she picked up a wooden box and then returned.

'This one will go over your head any time I bring you to sit there. It'll keep you focused on what happens to your body, and my benefit will be that your screams and whimpers will be muted. And I might not want to see the anguish in your face when I start to break down your individuality and getting the behavioural pattern that suits.'

Pilar felt despair as the box were opened in front of her face to reveal that the rear and top were filled with metal spikes. The only opening were a rounded hole for her neck. Now while wearing it she would not only be completely isolated, but she would have to hold her head straight or risk stinging her scalp on the many nails inside.

'Itīs a rather sinister device isn't it? Said Moira. 'As you can see I have the means of making your days interesting while I am off to work. I know you will not like this, but in time I hope to hear you tell me your appreciation for all these preparations I done for you here!'

Never, I never will you bastard! thought Pilar, and felt apprehensive over Moira's enjoyment for such gruesome devices.

The box were shut around her head, and she were once again left alone, weeping and whimpering trough the night-long ordeal.

In the morning her head were released, after the harness with the ringgag and chains had been attached to her nose, ear and eyebrows she were once again cleaned and fed. Moira stepped up and released the straps holding her arms. 'Bend forward!' Moira commanded, and weakened from sitting in the chair for so long Pilar simply obeyed, to have her arms chained together in her back.

Moira then also chained the legs by somewhat longer chains running between the thighs and ankled before she proceeded to unstrap the legs.

Pilar were walked over the room to a cage where she were kicked inside to sit on the floor, more chains rattled as Moira locked one chain to the ring of her neck, another to her ringed wrists at her back, and finally one that were locked to the middle of part of the chain running between her ankles.

Moira locked the cage and as a final touch Moira walked up to a wall and inspected a flatscreen, choosing a file.

'I have your instruction set on flac-files to play here, the speakers mounted on the walls are going to tell you all you need to know about your role in the scenario I have envisioned.'

She started the file and walked out, the light went out and Pilar sat in the darkness listening to Moira's voice telling how she were to assume the role of a member of a savage tribe, who had ruthlessly assaulted and killed Moiraīs family and that she would be the only member of the tribe that Moira had been able to find, and so become the object on which Moira took her revenge. Pilar already found the idea repugnant, but sitting in the darkness with nothing else to do, she could not stop herself from listening to every word.

The day went slowly, while the message repeated, Pilar felt an even stronger need to relieve herself. And eventually she could not contain it but soiled herself while sitting in the cage.

When Moira returned late in the evening she expressed her severe disappointment that the cage had been soiled while she rolled out the water hose and rinsed Pilar clean with the cold water while she remained chained in the cage. Pilar cooperated somewhat by moving around and then spreading her legs, one action that made Moira smile. 'Good giiiirl' she said, with a tone of voice as if talking to one obedient dog.

She then unlocked the cage and removed the chains holding the wet and shivering girl and pulled her by a leash she snapped into a ringed dangling on the front of her severely restrained neck.

Pilar were brought to the middle of the floor, and a dogbowl were placed in front of her. 'Now eat!' said Moira. Pilar tried to bend forward, with the legs under her though the rings on the thighs made in difficult to fold the legs under her. Even worse, as soon as she bent forward the cinching rings around her breasts became very painful when the breasts pushed down against the knees.

She pulled herself up again, but Moira immediately moved over and picked up one sjambok from the rack of whips and slapped Pilar repeatedly over her bottom. 'When I tell you to eat, you eat you ignorant slut!' bellowed Moira. And she put one hand around the long jewellery that were hanging from Pilarīs breast and pulled downward while she did land additional blows on Pilarīs back. Pilar could do nothing but following with the downward pull, too fast even since she lost her balance and folded face first into the bowl. She started to pull up somewhat, but stopped dead as she received a series of blows from the sjambok and so she started to eat smearing her face down even further.

When she had finished Moira removed the dog-bowl and brought the waterhose and commanded her to raise her head. Their eyes met very briefly. 'You are quite the pig are you not!' she sneered. And proceeded by hosing her down again.

After cleaning her up she pulled Pilar into a standing position by pulling on the long bars of jewellery that were hanging from the rings that had been pierced trough the areolas of Pilarīs breasts. Moira then brought her to a table that were filled with rolling leather straps in several odd locations.

Taking careful precautions of the struggle that she anticipated would be forthcoming. Moira strapped Pilar down on the table while she never let any limb be free for even the shortest moment.

She then brought out a water scraper and cleaned the floor and cage scraping down the water and feces into the drain in the middle of the floor while she told what she intended for this evening.

'We will not be able to jump straight into the scenario, there still some days left before you have been brought into the proper state of mind for this. So lets try something now that we will not be able to do when the scenario have started.'

Moira walked over to the table where Pilar were bound and added more straps around her head making her look straight up, unable to move it at all in any direction. She started to flog Pilar on the thighs and then worked up over the belly and breasts, not even her face were spared from the assault! 'I will continue to whip you until you agree to serve me, it might be another step for you in obedience, you did after all show a first good step in obedience when I cleaned you in the cage a moment ago.' said Moira. She then removed her legwear and panties and picked up a pair of gloves that she put on her hands, starting to massage Pilarīs body. She immediately jerked up in pain against the straps holding her bound to the table. The inside of each glove were full of short nails, but that were only part of the reason for her discomfort. She felt electrical shocks flowing trough her body. 'Aha, I can see you don't quite like my hands, dare you guess why? said Moira. 'Well these are something nifty I found on one website, they're electrical!' She grinned broadly and removed one glove to show the 9 volt battery that had been concealed in the lining. Moira put the glove aside and picked up a flogger in the free hand and climbed up on the table, standing on her knees over Pilar she continued moving one hand over her body chocking her further while she continued to flog her body with the other. 'Just tell me when you feel ready to lick my pussy!' said Moira obviously agitated and slightly trembling by arousal. 'No don't speak!, she commanded with ice in her voice. 'Only hum twice when you're ready to do me. You know how, you licked me very good before!' Pilar who already were on the brink of a total collapse would at this stage had succumbed to any wild suggestion, hummed immediately in compliance.

'No, no, that will not do that's way too easy on you,' Moira said with mock disappointment in her voice. And gripped Pilar's right breast with the electrified glove pressing hard with the fingers while she started to flog her between the legs. This left Pilar screeching uncontrollable while Moira continued this torture for a couple of more minutes. She then opened a drawer on the side of the table and brought out a chain of what looked like balls. But with the strict collar and the straps circling her head Pilar were unable to get a clear look on what they might be.

'Special model Chinese balls,' said Moira and started to push them up into Pilar's pussy. She jerked again against her bindings, the pain of having the balls inserted before she had dilated would have been harrowing enough. But she could feel intense pain in her vagina, realising that the balls were provided with spikes.

The pain of the spikes brought Pilarīs eyes wide open and they darted around in one escape reflex, but there were nowhere to hide, she could not move the slightest to protect herself.

'These will be your new friends to wear, I hope you're a quite more of a pain-loving slut than you have shown me when we played together earlier,' said Moira and continued with a glee in her voice. 'Or are you ready to serve me now!' Pilar hummed twice, she felt she simply had to make this assault to stop no matter what it took.

Moira reached over and rummaged around in the drawer until she found a pair of metal bars connected by a hinge. 'Now stick out your licker,' she ordered. And Pilar complied. Moira opened the instrument slightly and then pressed the two bars together over the tongue causing further pain to Pilar while it were holding her tongue out of her mouth. But she were so battered she were beyond caring, she only tried to keep her composure so that the assault eventually would stop.

Moira lowered her crotch over Pilarīs face and ordered her to start licking, she first presented her anus having Pilar clean it, and then she were forced to lick the vagina and finally the clitoris itself. 'Going to learn to suck on this you little savage, you are going to perform like as if your life depends on it.' said Moira while panting heavily and steadied herself by pressing down the gloved hand into Pilarīs belly sending more vicious electric shocks trough her body while the other hand resumed the flogging of her thighs and venus mound. Moira eventually sat down squat on Pilarīs face and not only had one orgasm, but also emptied her bladder in her mouth.

'Ahh that was quite a relief,' she said and stepped up, and began to remove the restraints and hooks that had been encircling Pilarīs head and upper torso.

'I guess you understand the use for this head-harness now donīt you.' said Moira grinning holding it up in front of Pilar's face. She did not want to look at the horrible contraption at all, but dared not refuse. 'You see the hooks keep your nostrils up and widen them so you can get air, else the ring in your nose would make it too difficult to breathe and impair your performance when you lick my pussy.'

'Now sit up!' she ordered, but Pilar were too battered and torn to comply. Moira put her hands around the barred jewels Pilar's breasts and pulled up until her breasts extended to the point she thought her flesh would tear before she found the strength raise up in a sitting position.

Moira brought the leather armbinder and quickly strapped Pilarīs arms together in place in her back.

'Just imagine how time flies when we have fun, it cannot be night already,' said Moira and yawned theatrically. 'Yet after this ordeal I think the lesson you have received will be best remembered if you don't get to sleep to fast.' She unstrapped Pilarīs legs and got her up standing on the floor. Moira pulled down a chain from pulley block in the ceiling and first pulled the chain trough the ring hanging from the neck of Pilarīs collar, and then locking the end to a d-ring on the arm-binder with one padlock. She then pulled at the chain until Pilar had to stand perfectly straight. 'That will do for now,' Moira said and quickly put the tools back that had been used during the evening.

'Oh yes, there's a conditioning program for you to listen to also,' Moira consulted the flatscreen monitor and hit a few keys.

She walked out with a broad smile on her face, 'Nasty night night-long for you! I will have a most wonderful one with a vibrator between my legs thinking of you down here!' said Moira as the door closed and the light went out again, leaving Pilar standing trembling in the darkness.

There were not the slightest chance she would be able to sleep after this ordeal, but her body demanded rest. So time after another she started sink into unconsciousness slewing sideways, swinging around on her chain that run up her back which set the barred jewellery dangling from her pierced breasts pull in the opposite direction. Which made her loose her balance in the darkness.

Her feet moved automatically and having to stand stretched out this movement grinding her legs together sending waves of pain from the spiked balls inside her vagina that brought her back to full consciousness again, only so she would hear Moira's recorded voice telling her what a wretched person she were. How she had to yield to Moira's will and play along in the scenario that she were being prepared for.

Pilar wanted to protest how wrong this all were, to make the voice stop, but all she did were to whisper No, no!' repeatedly.

Model work

Pilar were standing in darkness, dazed from the lack of sleep and the ordeal she had been subjected to the previous evening, when the light came back on and Moiraīs face appeared in front of her, grinning. 'Good morning, rise and shine!' said Moira with one gaiety that only served to make Pilarīs resolution to plummet but she wanted to protest this enthusiasm and so once more whispered 'No!' by her dry throat.

'No what?' Moira asked, it cannot be that you decline my offer for water do you?

Pilar looked down to see that she held the bucket ready, 'Now you don't have the gag in place I expect you to be helpful and bite down on the plug yourself, now will you?' Moira asked.

Pilar had nothing else to do than to obey, she needed to drink so badly!

So she drank eagerly, and then Moira put the bucket back by the door and returned with a digital camera.

'Well it have become time to put my shutterbug skill to the test, I do in fact intend to do so regularity making a portfolio on how this develops over time,' said Moira and snapped images of Pilar from all sides.

'Lift your leg so that I get some pictures of your no-longer private parts as well, Pilar tried to comply but the spiked balls in her vagina made their presence known and she immediately put her leg down again.

'Now what's the matter,' asked Moira. 'No wait, I know, I left the cactus balls inside you last night did I not?' she said and pushed her hand up between Pilarīs legs grinding at her pussy.

Pilar groaned, then whelped in pain at the renewed pain. 'Oh well if you been so good as not ejecting them I could as well let them remain in there today then?' said Moira with a wink of her eye.

She unlocked the chain that had forced Pilar to stand for so long, and she immediately slumped down the the floor. 'No no and no!' blurted Moira. She stepped back and attached the chain again to Pilarīs armbinder and hoisted her up. 'Now you get over to the comfy chair, yes that's the name I given to it, you said you used to be a Monthy Python fan did you not?' Moira interluded and continued. 'And make that snappy. I have to be off to work in ten minutes!'

With tears flowing down her cheeks Pilar stumbled over to the wooden chair and slumped down.

She were once again strapped in place with her arms behind the back of the chair. And now the head harness with the ring gag and thin chains were brought back, hooks pulling at her face in various uncomfortable ways.

Moira proceeded by adding the bells to Pilarīs earrings and breasts. 'And finally, the nice box for your head,' said Moira when she put it on Pilar's head locking it together with a padlock.

As she sat with her legs together she could not avoid the spiked 'cactus balls' inside her as her loins pressed her pussy together. She tried to move, perhaps to spread the legs enough that she could use her abdominal muscles enough to eject them, movement that only had the bells hanging by her earlobes ringing, a sound that were amplified considerably inside the box. The noise grating on her so horribly that she soon gave up on any effort and simply tried to relax.

Having been kept awake for so long Pilar actually did fall asleep during the day, only to be awakened by a sharp pain from her scalp when her head had tilted backward and gotten in contact with the numerous spikes inside the box.

She sat straightened trying to avoid doing anything at all for hours, until she did hear a faint sound again. The box on her head were removed, and even though her vision were blurred by exhaustion from the ordeal, she could see Moiraīs smiling at her predicament.

The engine hoist had been brought up in front of her, and Moira briskly attached her left leg to the hook of the hoist before she released the straps holding that leg to the chair. She then pumped on the lever to bring Pilarīs leg up in the air.

'Time to remove the your balls' said Moira when she were putting on medical examination gloves and started to push her fingers inside Pilarīs pussy. The procedure brought a sharp pain to her innards, and she started to sob. Though that only seemed to stimulate Moiraīs efforts in making it as painful as possible.

'You can feel that thereīs no part of your body that is off limit to me now!' said Moira and picked up the flat nose pliers and brought it to Pilarīs clitoris, pressing it hard then twisting it clockwise.

At this point Pilar could not hold back, but yelled uncontrollable at the top of her voice.

'Hear, hear!' said Moira with one surprisingly level voice after the loud outburst. 'Perhaps I better neuter you already, cutting it of?' asked Moira.

Pilar shook her head slowly crying and slobbering with one open mouth, with the only result that the bells hanging from her ears chimed.

'I thought you wouldn't like that to happen, that means that you still have hope that this will end, or that your situation will get better.' said Moira with one ominous tone. 'It will not, I better start to work on removing that hope from you, so that you will adapt and resign to the fact that you only have the option of learning to obey and endure!'

Lets get you up on the standing rack over there, its one side of the room you have not visited yet.

She lowered Pilarīs leg and chained the thighs and ankles together and then removed the bells that had been pulling on her ears and breasts.

'Time to giddy up now,' said Moira and led Pilar over to a standing rack where she were quickly and efficiently bound spread eagled on the frame.

'You can see the rack of whips I have purchased for you over there,' Moira indicated by pointing over her shoulder by her thumb.

'Now I really would love to use the bullwhip on you already, but it would cut your skin most horribly if I would try,' added Moira with a bit of thoughtfulness in her voice.

'So I will have to work up by regular whipping and in the process you will develop a tougher skin so that you can take the level of whippings I intend to subject you to.' She smiled and twisted on the rings that were pierced trough the areolas of Pilarīs breasts enjoying the squirming from the pain and mental torture of her words.

Moira walked over and brought one of the smaller single tail whips back and started to work on Pilarīs back.

Pilarīs neck snapped backwards from the pain, but the high ringed collar kept her neck from moving far and rebounded her head back in the erect position.

'You're quite a toy.' giggled Moira. 'Your head moves like its on a spring, and in a way it is!And now for your legs and thighs'.

When Moira were finished Pilar were left hanging and whining softly half conscious in the darkness again. Once more the recorded message left on, now telling how she were to accept the punishments with a 'Thank you, I deserve to be punished.' for the distress and pain her tribe had caused and that she should willingly accept the revenge she were subjected to.

When Pilar awakened again she were uncertain if it were morning or evening, she stood there in the darkness with her arms and legs spread, uncertain and dizzy what had awakened her, when a claxon sound blared and then the recording started again.

But it did not take long before Moira reappeared once more. 'Time for the force-feeding,' said Moira her glee unabated, and again she did appear somewhat tipsy speaking with a slight slur when she said. 'And you should rather be tankful to me that I do this for you. The piercings in your mouth would still make regular eating quite painful.' she added.

After having being fed Moira brought back the whip, but also a leather mask.

'During this whipping I thin it'll be best that I be spared from seeing your face,' said Moira and continued. 'In ancient and medieval times the torturers put a mask on the face of their victim, so that they would not view him as a person and so could continue their gruesome work.'

"So she gives me historical lectures now as well does she." thought Pilar while whining softly in her gag.

"And for the same reason I have now put you in a leather helmet. Even though you are a savage to be punished for your evil acts, savage quite the pejorative term here isn't it? "She said and grinned evilly. "Still I need not see any other facial expression of yours that might make me hesitate for what I intend to do to you today."

The helmet covered her head entirely, with the exception of her eyes, and one oval hole at the bottom where her nose-ring poked out. But Moyra having to breathe trough the nostrils that already were partially filled by the ends of the thick ring.

"Oh no, breath control on top of it all." Pilar thought.

After the whipping Moira brought a spray bottle and explained that it were filled with strong Vinegar, 'It is somewhat antibacterial, but more importantly, this is going to hurt a lot on your abraded skin,' said Moira as her voice went from manic mirth to a sinister growl as she concluded.

'So now you better brace yourself!'

Pilar rocked and twisted from renewed pain, and Moira stepped up to inspect Pilarīs red cried eyes closely, that looked up and into the face of her Mistress.

'I really like the look in your eyes, so endlessly sad.' Moira said and left Mora alone to her suffering again. "Not only does she all these horrible things to me, and I am all so helpless. But she have to gloat about it as well," she thought and tried to think of anything but the pain and the uncomfortable impression that her skin were being stretched somehow by the vinegar. Her tears flowed in silence, she were too battered to cry aloud.

The Box

The next time Moira entered the dungeon, she brought one entire trolley with items down into the dungeon. On the bottom were a rather large wooden box, Pilarīs eyes followed as Moira busied herself arranging the new brought items, and that with considerable trepidation of what would happen next.

Moira walked over and removed the mouthpiece of the leather helmet and then went on to feed Pilar and then to let her relieve herself as she stood spread-eagled on the rack. After a quick washing by the hose, Moira released her slave, only to see Pilar fall down in a heap on the floor.

'Oh dear me,' said Moira. 'And I did trust you have had a good sleep and restful night.'

'Well you will be sitting down today, so you better crawl over to the box I brought downstairs.'

By a superhuman effort on Pilarīs part, and a liberal use of the whip as Moira followed her gleefully over the floor. She was forced over to the box where Moira opened the door and with one inviting gesture she said. 'You may examine it now and see what is store for you, a life of hell and suffering. Pilar could see the box had a large number of leather straps and cuffs mounted to the all sides. The outside of the box had black metal ornaments on every corner, whereas the door were so reinforced it were nearly covered by decorative metal accents including a metal slide lock that could be locked with a key.

'Now get inside and I prepare you for the day.' said Moira.

Pilar did not have enough space to actually sit in the box but ended sitting with her legs outside. Moira left her like that for the moment and started to use the leather straps that were anchored by bolts to the inner corners of the box, as soon as those held Pilarīs torso firmly, she then moved on to bind Pilarīs arms and wrists to the sides.

'Now raise your arm,' said Moira. Pilar did as she had been ordered, but only briefly, in the last moment she started to panic for what she had coming for her. But the rings recently added to her arms made her even more powerless.

Moira did not even comment on the faint attempt of resistance and simply continued strap Pilar in even more firmly in place. All she could do now were wiggling the lower part of her body slightly while all she felt were one inconsolable sadness for her destiny and the fact that Moira seemed to get such satisfaction from treating her so horribly.

'The guy who made this box must have thought it was for improved comfort when I asked for these broad straps. Now pull you legs up,' Moira ordered and used additional straps to anchor Pilarīs thighs to the sides. Finally her lower legs were brought inside when the ankles were locked into the cuffs at each side near the door of the box. 'And so this for your head,' explained Moira when she pulled out one still unused strap that had been hanging from the top of the box until this moment.

'Lift your head a bit now. 'Yes it padded and really made for comfort, and that was not my intention at all,' Moira chuckled. 'My sole intention were to have so broad leather straps and cuffs to let you feel the absolute incapability of your situation. Now that they are padded will not prevent me from pulling them in another notch or?' Moira clapped her hands together, and then took a new grip on the strap pulling in the remaining slack of the straps.

Pilar groaned quietly, but kept her eyes closed trying not to trigger any further cruelty.

'Well that's it, I am off for the day, enjoy yourself with the conditioning program I have prepared. Yes you will be able to hear the speakers trough the ventilation holes, I will merely crank up the volume while you're in there!' said Moira and closed the door.

It did not take long before Pilar could feel her hands go numb from the straps and cuffs that held them firmly to the sides of the box. But soon another problem made itself knows, he started to get warm as she were in the very small space inside the box.

After a few hours she were sweating profusely, and even though she could feel a bit of air coming in trough a whole near the lower part of her back, it was not enough. And that she was strapped in by that many restrictive leather straps around her torso made her breathing even more laboured. She tried to move, to let more air in trough the ventilation holes but all her limited movement did were to set the ornamental jewellery in her breasts swinging.

After several hours of gasping for air, the door were finally opened, and Pilar did take a breath of relief from fresh air entering her box.

'This is quite a sight!' said Moira as she inspected Pilar's body that were glistening by moisture. 'You have been sweating quite a lot in there, imagine that, you even get a sauna in my little spa down here!' She started to unstrap Pilar from the box. And Moira obviously did remember the fall Pilar had taken the same morning she stood in front and held one hand against Pilarīs shoulder letting her steady herself before she ordered her to come out crawling on all fours.

'You have two pet bowls on the floor, now eat and drink without using your hands.' ordered Moira and stepped back to oversee the progress.

When Pilar had finished Moira brought back the head harness with the many fine chains and started to put it on Pilarīs head. Trembling and weak from the ordeal in the box as she were she did nothing to resist while Moira continued her commentary of the tools of torture she used..

'I have come to think that this gag harness you wear do make you look quite similar to one Indian bride, they do also have a ring pierced in the nose and chains running over the cheek just as you do. Quite a delightful item!'

Moira then ordered her to move her arms to the back, and the leather armbinder were once again used to bind her arms on the back.

'Now lets move over to my throne and you will sit on your heels while I give you your final instructions.' Moira made a quick dash over the floor to pick up a whip while Pilar slowly skidded on her hunches toward the elevated chair at the short end of the dungeon.

Moira sat down and declared that they now were ready to start the scenario.

'My part will be that of a very prudent woman, perhaps even one missionary. And I will be the actual victim here. And you one who were part in the death of my family. And the reason I punish you is that I am nearly crazy by grief for the loss of my family. There will be no sex whatsoever, except your genital torture. I will get my satisfaction upstairs when I watch you on webcam when you are suspended trembling and whimpering and I lie down in my bed watching your suffering with a vibrator between my legs.' Moira grinned broadly and continued. 'Yes there's not only one but two cameras in the ceiling here and I can zoom in on your face and body to see how bad you are coping with your situation.'

At this point Pilar started to withdraw from listening, the words were even worse than any of the whippings or humiliations she had suffered so far. But Moira noted she were not paying attention so she lashed out with the whip sending a painful blow to Pilarīs thigh and when Moira could see that she had the full attention again she continued.

'I don't know how far your masochism actually can go, over time you will perhaps adopt to this and start to wish for more. As isolated as you will be down here I am certain that you will start to wish for my attention, regardless how bad it will be to you.'

'Now your instructions are simple. Any time I offer you something, if it be water, food or put on clamps on your pussy you will say thank you and tell me how much you appreciate it.'

Now when I give you a punishment, you will tell me that. 'I am so sorry for what we done, I deserve your rightful punishment.'

So now I intend to give you a whipping, lets hear how you reply to my offer.

Remembering how violent Moira have been so far, Pilar dared not to disobey and replied, 'Thank you mistress, I deserve....' she stopped herself, her voice cut off by a cough.

Though Moira were happy so far and said 'That's good for a start,' she grinned and carried on. 'Remember our roleplay at all time and I will not beat about the bush that any deviation from the script will result in a most severe punishment.' 'There will be one more detail to this to make it more believable,' added Moira and continued. 'You will always make the answers to me in broken english like this: I am soo soorvy, I dererv dus bunishment.'

Despite have being told to keep her eyes down, Pilar looked up in utter disbelief at this point.

Moira jumped up from her chair and yelled. 'And it was just a moment ago I told you to keep your face and down at all times!' The whip impacted with full force on Pilarīs back and sides as Moira brutally walloped the sprawled body on the floor. 'You, will obey at all times!' Moira hissed trough clenched teeth as she slowly moved around landing blow after blow with full force, not even Pilarīs face were spared, getting one lash over the forehead and another over her chin. The pain burned terribly and she were now screaming her lungs out, yet she did not dare to move away the slightest from the assault in fear it might result in one even more forceful retaliation.

Eventually Moira declared that she had enough of punishment for this time around. And went over to the table that were stacked with plenty of bondage paraphernalia, she brought back a short corset, one that could also be said to be a broad waist cincher, and started to strap it around Pilarīs waist.

When Moira felt more tightening were needed she simply put one foot on Pilarīs body and pulled with both hands until the poor woman gasped nearly breathless.

'So it got hot and sweaty in the box,' asked Moira. 'Well I prepare you better for your ordeal today then.' And she filled one bucket with water and brought the pump and started to fill Pilar's belly with water. She tried to drink as well as she could, but as the belly distended against the harshly restricting corset she ended up yelling in pain at the top of her lungs sending water spraying over the room.

'Ahh I guess that's the gauge that tells me you had enough,' said Moira. Now over to the box, I am going away for two days so I need to have you setup quickly now so no delay.

So once again Pilar found herself bound in the box with arms and legs bound rigidly taut to the sides. 'One last detail here,' said Moira. And she brought a small glass jar of tiger balm, after adding a medial examination glove she covered Pilarīs pussy with the gel like substance and then closed and locked the door.

Inside Pilar could feel a burning sensation growing between the legs, after one half hour the effect had built up to the maximum and she screamed at the top of her voice until she had consumed the fresh air inside and ended up panting and sweating.

The two day ordeal became a true nightmare for Pilar, when Moira finally reappeared two days later she had taken on a smart and businesslike look.

'So how have you been doing in there,' she asked.

The only sound that Pilar could make was one long groan in dismay.

'What?' asked Moira, 'you been in here this long and you still dare to growl at me?'

'I better see that this behaviour is not repeated, the correct answer should have been: Thank you Mistress, I deserve this'!'

Moira brought a flogger, and said. 'Most consider the flogger to be a rather benign tool,' and started to flog Pilar with remarkably hard blows as she walked around her sparing no part of her body. 'But that's because they don't know how to use the flogger properly!' After a short while tears were running down Pilarīs face and she simply could not stand this any more, so she safeworded.

Moira stopped dead, and then folded over giggling in mirth.

'So you think you can stop me?' asked Moira. 'Think again, because you are not a sub not even a slave. You are nothing but a piece of meat that have no other right than to breathe and scream, and that's it,' she said while hitting Pilar with the flogger between each word.

'But now that I havn't seen you for a little while, you are going to entertain me.'

Moira walked over to the chair on the short end of the room pulling Pilar with her on the leash.

'I want to see the savage dance! Dance widelegged in front of me!' Moira cracked the whip as she sat on her throne. Exhausted as she were Pilar stumbled and almost fell when she tried to move with her legs spread as ordered.

Qualification by electricity

As the days passed, Pilar tried to cope with being restrained in the box and the various tortures that she were subjected to when she were brought out.

Though she noted that a pillory had been brought to the dungeon and she did not like the implication it might held for her.

And some day later Moira brought her over and locked her in place on the pillory without the slightest attempt of resisting, she had become a completely meek being, only nodding and walking where her mistress told her to go. And that regardless of what torture she might be facing.

'The time have come for some serious training, and you're fully allowed to scream trough this ordeal so I am going to let you be left without any gag. Though to prevent you from biting to hard on your teeth I will be a bit helpful and let you wear gumshields on your teeth so open wide now!' Moira said, and made a gesture with her hand.

After the teeth protectors were in place she went on to restrain Pilar's legs so that she ended up sitting with her legs folded and immovable. Moira then added electrodes to Pilar's belly and pussy and after bringing a double dildo arrangement that had been mounted to a flat pad and pulling Pilar up and then seating her down with the dildos up her pussy and anus. Pilar sat squat and impaled with the objects up her holes holding her in place as she were completely unable to raise herself up with her bound and folded legs.

Moira walked over to the storage corner and put on a fancy white uniform reminiscent of the kind of parade uniforms sometimes seen on military parades in some countries in South-America.

'Today I will be the Captain of the terminal here' Moira said with ill hidden glee as she connected the cables to a pulpit controlboard and placed herself behind it.

'The exercise for today is both demanding and one easy one, you are to be subjected to a long session of electrical jolts. That's the hard part, the easy part is that you only need to remain conscious. If you manage to pull trough without fainting, you will truly have shown to me that you have qualified as a true pain-loving slave!'

Pilar shook her head slowly in dismay.

At first the chocks were almost pleasurable with a buzzing sensation. At first they were only felt on her upper body, then also on her pussy lips and then lastly from the two dildos that encroached her.

But it did not take long before Moira turned up a dial and it all become pain without the slightest pleasure. Yet Pilar could feel that her skin went numb in several places, that short respite did only last a few minutes before Moira made another adjustment to the controlboard.

'How is it going', Moira blurted with unrestrained glee. 'Do you think you will be able to take this level for the rest of the day.'

Pilar's body were twisting and jerking by the electrical stimulation, but somehow she managed to shake her head so that Moira got the message.

'No, no you will not fail already, you will try very hard to manage trough this. It is the only way that you can graduate!'

Pilar's mind went into overdrive trying to find something to say that could stop this madness, or should she attempt to plead now that she had her mouth free for the first time. But her vocal cords seized so all she managed were a set of whimpering sounds that repeated the rhythm of the currents that shocked her body in various combinations.

Moira left and closed the door, and Pilar lost track of time, all that existed were her body surrounded by a pink fog of pain. Eventually she fainted.

Pilar awoke by having a bucket of ice cold water poured over her, icecubes that had been used to chill the water rattling away of the floor on each side of her limp body.

'I am disappointed, you failed me.' Moira said. She released Pilar from the cables but left the legs and stocks remain in place while she fed Pilar with a large spoon smearing her face until it was time to drink. Well Moira's cruel ways it was not as much of drinking as the water rather were poured over Pilar and she had to drink as well as she could from the cascade of water.

Only when this humiliation were finished were she released and allowed to crawl over to the floor to a Devil's chair replica that previously had been left unused.

She were quickly strapped in place and Moira started her interrogation of how the electrical session have felt and questioning Pilar's willingness to endure.

Standing in front of Pilar as she sat on the torture chair, Moira concluded: 'You know what they say, no pain no gain!'

Moira stroked her hair looking down, and then hear hand slapped Pilarīs face hard.

Moira looked sidewise at her waiting a moment, and so Pilar realised what was expected of her, she said 'thank you'

Moria hummed questioningly, and Pilar quickly added. 'I deserve to be treated like this.'

'Good you finally are beginning to get it!' Moira digged in her fingernails in Pilar's breast and turned her hand until Pilar yelped in pain.

By containing slapping with the free hand Pilarīs face were soon red and swollen.

Eventually Moira released her grip of Pilar's breast and brought one wooden clamp that she bolted into holes that had been drilled in the rear of the chair and clamped Pilar's head so it was unmovable. 'This is only so that I can slap you harder.'

But then Moira did something unexpected, she bent forward and and started to stroke her head once again and bends forward with her mouth near Pilar's face, remembering when there were lovers Pilar opens her mouth slightly and moved her tongue between her lips.

Moira tossed her head backward laughing, 'You really thought I would ever kiss you?'

'I thought you loved me!' Pilar sniffled heart brokenly.

'The only thing I love is to see your humiliated and broken body!' Moria retorted and walked around to the back of the chair.

Crying horribly inwardly, Pilar dared not show her fear openly. 'Else the bitch will get her kicks from that as well and turn things to the worse.'

Pilar looked up and could see that Moira had brought up a another bucket, though this one were fitted with tie down anchors on all sides and soon she had fitted the bucket over Pilar's head.

'This device is quite wonderful in its simplicity. No high tech, nothing but metal sides that reflect your yells so they will reverberate in your own ears. In short, you will add to the torture yourself!'

'And I hope you scream a lot now, so you're the one that will be worse off from the bedlam.' After adding a breast clamp to Pilar's breasts and closed it painfully, Moira brought a hammer and started to pound on the bucket.

The sound were ear shattering in Pilar's ears, she tried to be quiet and endure as best as she could.

Not that being quiet was doing Pilar any good, and eventually she broke from the clanging sounds and impacts that had her head rock back and forth despite it being held in place by the bracket.

'You cannot do this to me' Pilar screamed in desperation.

"What? There is no 'me' sitting there. I own this body, it is not yours at all." Moria replied with one surprisingly calm voice. 'What a preposterous thought, yes your mind is in there, like a squatter unrighfully trespassing on my property. All the more reason to punish you harder!'

'And you better remember this lesson. Everything you need is provided by me, also the need for my attention. Waiting for the next time I will come down, even if it means more pain and suffering for you.'

Moira had anticipated this reaction from Pilar at one point and in fact hoped she would react this way. Because the control was what gave her the best kicks. Any kind of cruel control. Even when she were debasing her victim verbally.

Pilar were brought to the box again and strapped in even more rigorously than before.

Sleep were hardly one option that night contorted as she were, though she managed some resting and half sleep.

She suffered like in hell from the rough torture of the previous evening. She cried in silence for being so helpless, and for the thought of people up there somewhere that went about their daily business. And nobody she ever had known that would ever see her again.

The next morning Moira were back and set Pilar up for another 'qualifying session' as she called it. After Pilar had been set up in the same stocks with her legs folded she were soon subjected to another day long session of electrical shocks. Moira checked that the camera were aimed on the floor where Pilar were located and set them to record the session of the day.

When Moira returned in the afternoon she did rewind the recording and found that even though Pilar were barely conscious for a large part of the session, she had not fainted even though she had stopped jerking and merely been leaning sidewise with a limp body in her stocks and bondage trough the later part.

Moria stepped up and laughed of the sight of Pilar's appearance, as she drenched in sweat were sitting with her eyes crossed. 'You're close to the finish line now, just hold out for a bit more than one hour now while I have a nice dinner and you will have passed.'

Pilar brain rushed with thought of hate and desperation and that might have managed her to pull trough.

When Moira returned she turned off the electrical device and spoke calmly like a schoolmarm.

'This is good, we have now defined your pain threshold so this will be the level I will use for your continued reeducation.'


Pilar had been locked into the box again for the night, 'So much for a graduation party' she thought sarcastically. She managed to rest, half asleep, what if something happened to Moira, would she be left strapped inside until she eventually died in a horrible manner.

Eventually Moira returned and Pilar felt her straps loosened and she were brought out again and fed, yet Pilar could not get that thought out of her mind and hummed repeatedly looking to get Moira's attention.

'You seem to have had something on your mind, so I will ungag you now and allow you to ask one question only.' Moira only fell silent so that she could bend forward to slap Pilar hard before she added. 'So you understand it only will be one!'

Pilar nodded and started to think hard since there were actually more than this one that felt as important. Eventually she ended up with this the most drastic one.

'What would happen to me if you had one accident? Would I starve to death down here without anyone knowing?'

'Aha, I have given that a bit of thought. There's a male sadist friend of mine who already have the key to my house. In the event of my death or disappearance, he are allowed to enter. And so he might find you, or again, he might not. If he does I am certain he will continue my good work, and you might actually wish that you had died instead.' Moira shrugged, 'If anything such happens I will be dead anyhow, so I could not care less.'

After being washed by the hose Pilar were fettered in the box again, but the door were not immediately shut this time, it seemed Moria had some time to spare this morning as she stood gloating at her prisoner.

'I am after all a very prudent woman, whereas you are one uncivilised savage that's constantly in a rot. So I have made some research and found this cream that is sprayed on. It's intended for sportsmen injuries, I tried it and when applied it makes the limb go immediately numb. It can be extremely efficient to keep the player getting up and into the match again, whereas for you, I guess I will use it for getting more than that effect."

While talking she put on one examination glove, and first applied the spray over Pilar's pussy, then spreading the gonads to the sides spraying inside the folds.

Pilar pulled up, her limbs stiffening from the initial burning sensation, but soon a cold spread between her legs as her genitalia started to go numb.

'Now for the final part, I seen how you sweat inside the box so I think I will be nice with you today providing a bit of cooling for you. Moira put one hand into the bucket and brought up what Pilar first though were one icicle, until she looked closer and did see how it was formed.

'I made a cast of your favourite dildo that we used to play with, and then filled the cast with water and left it overnight in the freezer.' Moira giggled and rammed the ice dildo up into Pilarīs vagina. She winked at Pilar who turned her head down, the metal edge of the collar of rings cutting into the bottom of her jaw. A tear rolled down her cheek, in part from the humiliation but mostly from the

horrible joviality her former friend of lover displayed for her suffering.

Even though the spray had rendered the external part of Pilar's pussy insensitive, the inner parts had retained all responsiveness so she jerked in pain and chock at the icy intruder.

The door slammed shut and again left Pilar to suffer in darkness again.

Scars Incomplete

The previous night Pilar had been spared the box for once, not that she had been able to find any advantage with the predicament she ended up with.

Lying spread and itching she were lying immobilized on the torturing rack with bandages in places of her torso and arms, she were suffering badly.

The morning routine the previous day had been the usual exercise in humiliation and submission. For the day she had been placed in the cage for once, chained in a sitting position so she had been unable to lie down and unable to rest. On top of it Moria had placed strong lights on all sides of the cage shining with a glaringly blue light, leaving Pilar in suspense knowing she were being prepared for one unusual session.

When Moira returned in the afternoon she were wearing lab coat, a protective round cap on the head and a face mask, though she also added an apron to the neck that she picked down from a hook in the corner where she stored her other torture instruments.

When Pilar had been released from the cage and chains she had been securely strapped down on the rack.

'In time I guess you will become compliant and meek. Moira had said. 'Though I hope that will take a very long time indeed.' Moira had said while she strapped Pilar's thighs in a bent position which as it did turn out later allowed Moria to reach on all sides of Pilar's thighs.

When she were all strapped down Moira gave Pilar one enema as she were lying down, and let the feces spray out into one oval bucket on the floor that had been placed on the floor just below.

Moria then had described the idea behind the session which turned out to involve the use of a knife and several scalpels. 'Tribal peoples often mark the skin by scarification as a sign of tribal unity. And I think it be a nice addition to you.'

Left ungagged, Pilar had screamed and cried for mercy trough the ordeal. When Moria finally were satisfied with her work she added bandages to the locations where she had drawn blood.

'Now when it is healing you better to scratch it, so I will keep you immobilized for the duration. It will itch somewhat when it does, to avoid that your muscles get slack we have to make you fight your bonds don't we?' Moira had bent down to study the expression of sheer horror on Pilar's face. 'Hmm, you don't say anything so I guess I proceed finishing you up for the night then.'

Moria went over to the racks of equipment and busied herself filling one small vessel from a package and then eventually returned to her sobbing victim.

'Now your wounds will heal faster with a a bit of this.' She held one ordinary powderer in her hand, though the content of healing powder had been mixed with a itching agent and Moira used it lasciviously on the Pilar's pussy and torso.

Left for the night Pilar had felt the itch reaching unbearable levels, struggling to to move in one attempt to grind her tights together but they were safely spread by the straps running over the middle as well as the second set of straps just below the knees, that in addition to the locks fastening the rings on the permanent cuffs she were wearing around her ankles and legs.

The following day Moira were in a very jovial mood when she returned downstairs.

'Seem to be healing nicely already, that's wonderful! Just imagine if we can add this to your daily pain, and with all the skin surface we got available, this could be a project I can go on for a year or more. And who knows, when that time is up I might just start over doing another set at right angle.'

Moira smiled broadly for the idea that had come to her mind.

'Or why not going for deeper scars in between the ones you already have then!'

Not quite the loony bin

There just so much mental and physical abuse that a person can take, before the mind as a precaution will decide to shut down all input to get a recess. That eventually happened to Pilar, she crashed out completely.

And so the scarification program were brought to a halt one afternoon when Moria found that Pilar simply would not react in any way when she brought her out of the box.

The morning had been uneventful and very ordinary as Pilar had been fed porridge trough the ring gag and then given the regular morning whipping before she were boxed for the day.

Moira's intent for giving Pilar regular whippings had been explained some time earlier when she told about her philosophy and the sources she had found on the Internet on various ways of training a slave.

'I had read about a slave girl who were on a program to have her skin toughened up by regular flogging. So I will start each morning by giving you a severe trashing and then give you a second one when I return in the afternoon.' Moira said and smiled malevolently when she added. 'You know what they say, no pain no gain!'

So for a time thorough whipping had been part of the regular routine, though only faint whines had been heard from the slave the last time which made Moira first suspected that Pilar were malingering the condition.

But after trying slapping her face and then also providing electrical stimulation she found that Pilar started to show the whites of her eyes. Moira had to concluded that it was not just one attempt to fake it in the hope of getting one easy afternoon off.

Moria decided that she first had to make Pilar receptive for the rather twisted treatment she intended to subject her to. And that meant that Pilar first had to be brought out of the catatonic state she were in.

Moira assumed, perhaps correctly, that Pilar would remain longer in this state if she were kept in the dark and quiet box. So she started to arrange things for a quite brighter and more noisy environment. The set of lights were brought out from one of the drawers in the storage area in the corner and Moira then brought chains that she locked to each corner of the cage.

She smiled a malevolent smile when she connected the cables to the lamps and went over to the flatscreen and made a selection of very fast death metal files to be played on repetition during the day when she were off to work.

The lights pointing inwards yet at a distance where they certainly not could be reached by a kicking foot. Not that Moira had let Pilar have any limb free. She were securely chained in a half raised position which not would give any possible rest of comfort. Before she locked the cage Moria went inside and took Pilar's head on the sides with each hand shaking it while she said. 'Pilar my dear little slave, I hope you can hear me now, you better snap out of this before things get really cruel. So we can start to build a new slave personality on top of your old one.'

Moira left and a barrage of loud sounds filled the dungeon. It took several repetitions before the lyrics started to reach into Pilar's semi conscious mind.

"Crawl to your corner. Bow down on your knees. Devour me and feel my hate! Blood on my hands, with a knife I penetrate. Your tongue is swollen by desperate screams......" From a small corner in Pilar's mind a voice said. 'Yes that is exactly how it is for me .'

The next day were a Saturday, and this gave Moira plenty of time for preparations to start treating her "patient". Despite the fact that Pilar were in one obvious psychological condition she decided to make it a roleplayed scene that were in context, so Moira dressed up in a nurse uniform before she walked down to the basement.

Inside the cage Pilar were sitting with chains attached to her wide high collar and legs, her arms which were already securely fettered to her back had not needed any further restraints.

'I expected that you would develop something like this sooner or later.' Moira said after she had unlocked the cage and chains and pulled Pilar outside.

She strapped Pilar into one straitjacket made from white canvas and wide lockable leather straps that fit snugly around her upper torso while she let the flaps for the breasts remain open.

Moira then added a piece of leather string at the base of each breast and pulled until the breasts were pulled together. She then added a clamp to each areolae pressing it nearly flat and then threaded a tiny bolt trough the handle of each clamp and screwed them together.

Pilar had kept her head leaned backward trough the evil administrations, but now she raised it further looking straight into the light of the ceiling blinded with her eyes glazed over in pain.

As Pilar's arms were wrapped tightly around her body they did for a short moment provide a bit of relief as they became a support for her mangled mammaries.

Yet this were only a short bliss since Moria as a final measure used two wide leather straps crisscrossing Pilar's breasts in the front and over her upper arms in the rear making her arms completely immobilized.

Now her breasts were pulled aside again despite the breast bondage and Pilar could feel the clamps tearing violently on her nipples. She could not hold back any longer but started to scream in pain and desperation.

'Ahh the subject start to respond to the treatment already." said Moira with one snicker. 'I almost though it would be impossible to pull the straitjacket that taut.'

'It is eeep!' Pilar squeals with a miserable voice as Moira pulls the strap one final notch.

Moira did not bother with the leash but instead manhandled Pilar to stumble over the floor with hobbled legs.

She were brought to a boxlike compartment in the fourth corner of the room that Pilar had not seen the inside of before, but when Moira opened a door she got to learn that it was a small padded cell only slightly larger than a telephone booth.

Pilar were quickly pushed inside and left alone in the padded cell, she found that the rear wall had a narrow seat. But the space were to small to lie down outstretched, after a while she tried to fold down on the floor but she found that the padding provided no relief when she tried to lie down. The pressure from her arms that were wrapped around her body pulled on the canvas of the straitjacket and added to the pain from her already mangled breasts.

In the end she had to give up any attempt of lying down or even leaning sidewise on the small seat and so remained standing on the small patch of floor without sleep or rest.

One eternity of suffering later Moira reappeared. 'Oh you stand waiting for me to come back, how sweet of you!" Moira said when she eventually returned.

"I have borrowed some ideas from old textbook of the treatment of mad patients, so today we will try the one of dunking you in a pool of water holding you underwater until you get completely short of breath. I will rather enjoy the close contact we will have, since the professional medic should not have any erotic involvement with the patient. That means there will be no chance of any pleasure for you of course. But I wonder if you will not start to like the dildos, that when your pussy and anus eventually get stretched enough to accommodate them inside you. Well I always have the option to replace them with one even larger size don't I?"

Moira produced a leash with a rather large handle. 'This is one special item for the handling of really dangerous prisoners and mental patients. The handle of this leash got one electrical unit inside, if the line get taut it sends a shock down the cord. And I can also decide to pull with my fingers to send a chock if you do not follow my orders. So you better be very compliant and follow me closely else things will get extremely painful on your neck.'

When Pilar were brought out of this minuscule padded cell, she would alternatively be hanged upside down from a winch over one small pool that Moira had brought down to the dungeon and filled during the early hours.

Before Moria started her session of treating her madhouse inmate she would also bring two buckets of ice.

Pilar or rather "Savage" as Moria had started to call her, would feel her mood sink since she knew what would happen. Moira never left any opportunity for putting a cruel slip on things and so she emptied the buckets into the pool creating really icechilling water.

Any time Pilar would be near of loosing consciousness she would be rapidly lowered head down into the barrel by the winch that she were hoisted up with.

On alternative days Moria would place her on the torture chair, which now had been modified with two electrical dildos in the center. Despite the use of the electrical leash Pilar could not stop herself from a panic and wild struggling as she were brought down sitting on the two evil devices that would shock her for hours while she were left for the day.

This became a routine over the following days, with Pilar standing waiting to be let out and absurd as it might sound, to get a bit of rest by being allowed to sit down without any pain from the chest or breasts when Moira went trough the paces of treating her roleplayed 'patient'.

To her own chock Pilar had noted that she had started to look forward to each of Moira's appearances. She were not aware of it, but this reaction is not unheard of, that despite the horrible ordeals the torture victim were subjected to. They eventually can develop a connection to their torturer. Yet Pilar rather felt anger at herself and shame, that her masochism would leave her with such a reaction. Even so, it were something that grew in her over time. And eventually she would watch Moira when she prepared the tools for the next torture session with love and pure hatred juxtaposed side by side.

Le Interrogatoire (added: 2012/02/11)

Pilar began to really take on the look of a savage after a while. She sure got washed each morning, but never combed or freshened up in any way. And when she were attended to it were always in the most humiliating way Moira could come up with. At times she would have to roll around on the floor while Moira, wearing a uniform, would be scrubbing her with a brush on a long stick.

In that way Moira always were emphasising their roles as owner and lowest slave by keeping her distance. With uncombed hair and cracked fingernails adding to the generally untended appearance she would have been a turn off for anyone: But to Moira, who only grew more enthusiastic and juxtaposed Pilar's sorry state by revelling and appearing in even more fanciful dresses and costumes.

And this morning she had again managed to come up with something completely unexpected.

Pilar's eyes opened wide in astonishment and fear when she did see the new appearance of the Mistress.

This day Moira appeared as a policewoman, though Pilar were first unable to identify the country of origin at first. Pilar were efficiently chained standing in the middle of the floor without her restraining corset and left ungagged for once.

Moria walked around inspecting her body while she were hitting her police baton into the palm of her free hand she explained the roleplay they were to carry out this day.

'Today we will try something new, but we will stay in context of your appearance.' Said Moria.

'You are to take the role of one native of the pacific who have been protesting against the French colonial rule of your polynesian kingdom. Whereas I am one policewoman of the French SWAT team sécurité and have gotten you as a subject for interrogation of your co-conspirators and instigators of the riots that put the streets of Paris on fire.'

Moria who were a head taller than Pilar leaned forward toward Pilar's face to make certain she had her full attention for the instructions for her part of the scene.

'I will demand names, and as part of this roleplay I leave it to you how you participate in it.'

Moira started to hit her baton on Pilar's thighs and buttocks, as she continued to explain what she expected from Pilar. 'You are free to refuse revealing any name, or you can make up as many names as you want.'

As Pilar got battered she soon enough attempted to play along, she tried to think and used the first French name that came to her mind, with cracked dry lips she whispered "....Pierre"

'Speak up!' Moria bellowed.

Pilar spoke again with a cracked voice: Pierre Fabré.

'You liar! He's a friend of mine. He cannot be part of this conspiracy.' Moira roleplayed her reply so that she could continue the assault.

After a while Mora declared 'I think you are going numb from this battering, so I will try something else to coerce a confession from you.'

Pilar were released from her standing position, and fell almost limbless to the floor.

Moira spared no time however, this time she released Pilar's hands from the back and by locking her cuffs together in a crossed position in front of Pilar's knees and with chain to the ankle cuffs.

A bar were inserted under the knees but over Pilar's arms so she were made inflexible since the arms went round each knee but under the restraining metal bar.

Each end of the bar had a ring knob, and Moria split the chains that had been used to keep Pilar standing, connecting two chain to each end of the metal bar and then heaving her up swinging.

Moria added a rope with a weight to the chain connecting Pilar's wrist and ankle cuffs and added a weight to the end. Pilar groaned in dismay as she now were hanging even more heavily on the joint of her legs.

Once again Moira walked around her as she were hanging slapping and whipping her until her skin started to get one almost uniformly reddish hue. With a rough voice Pilar tried any combination of names she could think possible 'Lars Garza, Manuel Durand, Jimenez....'

Using the garotte that were built into Pilar's collar, Moira made Pilar stop. 'You are trying to mislead my investigation by making up false names?' With the air cut off her face soon turned red and when Moira released her grip on her neck Pilar went into a paroxysm of coughing.

In her desperation to get the violence to stop Pilar eventually came up with two names that satisfied Moira. 'Oh yes those are PCF members, I will have those taken in for interrogation.'

She lowered Pilar to the floor and released her from the bar. Before Moira had time to chain her hands on her back again Pilar made one attempt to move away crawling over the floor.

Moira jumped to her feet and while still half running she picked up a can from a pocket and sprayed Pilar's face with pepperspray. Now deprived of her vision Pilar stopped all attempts of getting way and let herself be fettered again. She were brought her back to the box where she were once again strapped in to wait for the next time when Moira would appear.


After some time Pilar come up with the idea that she would refuse to give Moira any satisfaction from whining or yelling or reacting in any way.

This decision came after a session where Moira had treated Pilar as a baby, that included bottle feeding and then placing her in the box again after she had been given one enema to make sure

she would soil herself down.

Pilar hoped this could make her bored or loose interest in continuing the assaults on her body and mind by not providing Moira with any stimulus, perhaps she might even find a way to change her situation, or simply be left alone. Even that would be a blessing!

Her plan were only a last resort of the hopelessly overpowered, and it did ultimately fail on the simple fact that Moira always managed to keep a step ahead.

The hope of escape were now so remote that Pilar not even would give the idea conscious thought.

Over the weeks her helplessness had worsened to a point that the idea of fleeing no longer were a consideration.

She knew she looked so weird and twisted that she did not want to be seen by people in the outside world anyhow. The weird jewels and bangles that had been added to her early on hanging from the earlobes and tips of her breasts, were now comparably normal to what had been added later. Pilar suspected this were very much part of Moira's plan for her subjugation.

From time to time Moira had brought more tools of torture and intricate bondage equipment that added to Pilarīs incapacity. The first ones had been a pair of metal sheaths that she bolted onto Pilar's hands keeping the fingers straight.

'Even when you wear the leather mask, I can see your fingers twitch,' she had said and added. 'That's something that might hold me back, so from now on there be no free fingers for you.'

One thing led to another and as Moira cinched Pilarīs breasts with additional rings they had started to slant down, and to avoid the added discomfort Pilar had began to hold her sheathed hands under the breasts at any time they were allowed to be free.

Moira would not accept that Pilar found any means for more comfort and so locked Pilarīs hands nearly permanently to the back, that with the exception for the hosed down washing she received on the floor. But except for that they remained firmly locked in place at all times.

They were first held in place by a chain that first locked them together and then to the rear of her ringed collar.

After months of being assaulted and bound in the most intricate ways, Pilarīs masochism had started to adapt to this situation, and Moira had been disappointed finding a pool of lovejuice in Pilarīs box and cage after she had been taken out. So Moira had found the means to avoid self stimulation by locking on a broad metal chastitybelt.

Even so, her poor pussy were not left alone. The belt had a small lockable lid. It were unlocked at regular intervals for inspection and washing, after finishing that chore Moira would either rub her lips with tiger balm and then insert ice cubes into her vagina. On alternate days she might replace the ice cubes and instead use Fishermans friend lozenges instead. All that would be inserted trough the lockable sheath on the belt.

The worst addition however were the lip extenders, at first Moira had added one plastic disc of the same kind as urban savages sometime did insert in a pierced lip. Then she had added one also to the upper lip as well. As time had passed and the lip got more extended Moira had replaced the plastic discs with extenders of a type similar to what some African tribeswomen used to wear, Moira had taken great pleasure of showing images of what the final outcome would be.

Pilar did not only suffer from the embarrassment, but also directly when Moira created one ballgag with two grooves.

By removing the wooden lip extenders she would then pull the extended lips over the ball so that she could gag Pilar by using her own flesh making the gag irremovable.

In addition her breasts had been further stretched when Moira had added more cincher rings until they eventually started to sag down. Eventually she had added a wire cage at the end holding the top of each discoloured breast in a firm grip from all sides making it look like a peeled orange.

As more rings were added and the breasts started to slant down, Pilar had started to hold her hands under the breasts at any time she had her hands free to avoid the added discomfort.

Moira would accept no attempt to be more comfortable and so had locked Pilarīs hands permanently to the back. Then she also bolted the sheathed hands permanently together using locktight for each screw and then having the heads of the bolts drilled out with a power tool.

The day when Pilar had decided to go on strike by remaining silent Moira had brought the two buckets, one large and the other rather small that she placed near the door, before she walked up to Pilar to inspect her body and how she had coped with the night.

Then Moira had brought one laptop and spoke.

'You remember the images I have taken of you? I put them to good use, creating one profile on a website with your name. The mails I have gotten have been interesting reading, most telling how revolting you are,' said Moira. While Pilarīs esteem sank to one even lower level.

'In the ensuing exchange I have gotten quite some interesting messages from various guys, and you should know what imagination they have!'

Pilar could feel a chill running down her spine, she had started to get an idea what this would be leading to.

Moira poked the hogtied body lying squat on the floor with a wooden pole and hummed in appreciation when Pilar's resolution to remain silent began to slip and she whined in humiliation, perhaps as much from pain from her sore body and the beating she had endured only some hours earlier.

'Let me read some of the comments they have made to your images.' said Moria.

"Your sub really are quite a piece of work. All tattooed and pierced. I always have thought that those urban savages were into humiliation and submission, and this one were really must be into a level of things I previously could not even have imagined."

Moria laughed. 'Sub, you are quite less than that, since you have no right to choose. What a foolish man. Others are somewhat more insightful though.' And Moira read a number of other comments that had been made to the images of her that had been posted.

Even as bound as she were, Moira could see the effect these words had on Pilar. And she leaned forward to whisper into Pilar's ear as she were talking to herself. 'Finally I get this toy to react again. Bringing in a man seem to be one ultimate nightmare to this sluttish lesbian.'

Moira stood back and looked her up and down. 'They have given some great suggestions on how I will add to your predicament, I will use some of those on you and we'll see how you will turn out.'


Moira looked at Pilar the same way as a mannequin with a dress she did not like the cut of. Or perhaps a bush to be pruned, looking after the bad twigs to cut off.

A cincher had been pulled tight around Pilar's that were compressing her waist to almost impossible proportions. On top of the cincher a metal band were locked around her waist, it had replaced the chastity belt she had been wearing earlier, this new device had been made for sheer torture.

From the front of the band a slim metal tongue were pointing down ending in one appendage that looked like a large fork. Each end held a wire running down between her legs and half way down the wires started to sprout small metal fangs. They provided a considerable distraught to the hapless girl. Though the middle one were the worst since it did run straight over her clitoris.

Also this day Moira had found a novel way for humiliation, the gag that she had used on Pilar were yellow, one that came with a smiley printed on the front. A sharp contrast to the quite violent session she had been put trough.

Moira held up one new device, it were basically one thick anal hook where the end were not just a simple ball but it also had one inflatable section attached, something Pilar knew would be used to the worst to further her discomfort. Moira held the device up, and Pilar looked at it transfixed, knowing that she only would make the insertion less uncomfortable by cooperation.

So she bent forward and let some saliva drip down onto the device to add a bit of lubrication.

With her rubber gloved hand Moria spread the saliva and turned it over while Pilar tried her best to follow the motion to add more.

'I like the scent of your fear.' Said Moria looking up.

Suddenly Moira's face were distorted and the room were drawn out in to impossible proportions.

And then it all went dark. Pilar waited, and she treated it as one very serious session of sensory deprivation, and from her perspective it were exactly that.

Then suddenly there were a flash, followed by a text glowing in Pilar's eyes: "ICN ultraband connection lost."

Pilar said the safeword, the electronic circuits recognized the command as one emergency cutoff and the simulation ended. Her head nearly spinning from the temporary disorientation of coming back to the real world again.

The ICN network that she had been using were one addition to a communication system of artificial wormholes that originally had been built to give instantaneous communication between the human colonies that were spread among the stars.

As the technology matured it became possible for politicians, scientists and the ultra rich to use robot avatars as stand-ins to visit conferences and museums in other planetary systems trough virtual reality links. In the early days it had become a wonderful tool to use VR to visit museums, desolate places, and controlled environment where instant reaction times were not needed.

Yet it did come with a prize of a small delay of a few seconds, the tremendous gravity forces surrounding the portal meant that they had to be placed in space, so any action would always come with the delay of a few seconds for any signal to travel the full path.

As the technology were refined and reached maturity it also incorporated smell and tactile sense, making it possible to create a simulation that were indistinguishable from reality.

So in this age, there were descendants from Earth living on various planets who shared experiences and constructed worlds together. What either looked like in the real world did not matter the slightest for any of them, and with the speeded up sense of time, they could live and experience a larger part of their lives in simulations than in the actual world.

The wormhole serving Pilar's homeworld had by necessity been placed in a co-orbital Lagrangian 1 orbit. Yet the limitation were slight with a delay of about 3 seconds for information to travel back and forth between two planets. The creators could not possibly have imagined that it also would be very well suited for BDSM practices were the submissive were almost always passive trough the session, so that the latency did not affect the experience.

She moved her hand automatically to a touchpad and made a command to find out what was wrong, noting that a low density carrier had become available, so she sent a message. 'Our simulation were cut off.'

'Oh yes I just noted your avatar were unresponsive so I stopped it. Is the problem in my end?' came the reply.

'No it is here' replied Pilar. 'Our Primary is having one unusually powerful flare.'

'Too bad, is it still possible to use voice?'

'I think so' Pilar replied.

It took a moment before she could hear Moira's voice over the ICN. 'Wow simply wow, I really thought you would cut out earlier that this.'

'What a heavy trip, I loved every second of it! I am quite a masochist am I not,' Pilar said with bubbly happiness and giggled.

'This was just wonderful, my most twisted ideas were made real!' said Moira.

'But why did have to add those men and their ideas to the storyline? I liked the perspective of being so helpless all the time. But I feel rather lucky we got cut off before you had entered a male to the simulation, it would have been thoroughly squicky to be manhandled by a smelly male body!'

It took a moment before Moria replied with a thoughtful tone. 'I was quite certain that you would be very mentally battered from my assault, so it were in the script that you would meet someone else also. I had created a quite believable avatar for that chapter. Making a point of you experience things from a radically different perspective. And I hoped you also would be disgusted. Don't you have a disgust fetish also?'

'Er yes, but not quite in that way.' Pilar hesitated somewhat before she said. 'I am almost inclined to tell you never to try anything such again. But I see your point and what you tried to accomplish with that sequence so I guess I have to thank you for it anyhow.'

'We really got far this weekend, it were the longest time perspective we ever been trough.' said Moria.

Trough ICN, the interstellar network, they could communicate and exchange experiences almost in real time. At this time and age there were usually no need for slow typing or mouse movement, they made sentences, actions and reactions faster than the blink of one eye. Electronic implants supporting their minds made sure vast amounts of information were processed much faster then if they had experienced it trough their ordinary senses.

The users could therefore experience a vast number of events in a compressed time-frame. So that minutes become days, and a day would seem like several months.

'I really wondered about the time that elapsed,' replied Pilar. 'We do get a very compressed time perspective in these simulations, but this time we experienced many months!'

Pilar could hear that there were quite some pride in Moira's voice as she replied. 'Oh I did some artistic programming. By feeding one side channel of information directly to the parts of the brain that handles memory, and another channel that accessed the parts that make you dream I could feed you a much longer elapsed time experience.

'So you got the first part of the simulation as things that already were in your past.' Moira made a short impasse. 'I knew that your main interest is for the more far out things so I left those early parts in your memory and we did the later weeks as live-action where we interacted.'

'A wonderful idea.' said Pilar somewhat lamely, still somewhat stunned from their amazing session. And still somewhat dizzy from the change of perspective of coming back to her ordinary world.

'Goodbye for this time, I really need a rest now so that I can work tomorrow.'

'Thank you for your reluctant participation, it made it even better than what I imagined.' Said Moira and her connection went out.

Pilar pulled the cable out of the socket, removed her brain stimulation cap and took a deep breath and started to write.

She wrote a thank you message for a great session to Moira and asked if they could continue the storyline next weekend. But added that she might have to cut down on the mix of historical epochs.

Adding a number of notes that the spiked headbox might be medieval, the idea of Moira's family eaten by cannibals could be anything in the ancient 17'th or 18'th century at the latest and that the computer in the dungeon were early 21 century.

Moira received the message and sent a reply she were happy for the creative input and would be delighted to do some minor changed to make the setting have less anachronisms next time, adding she had a clear idea on what would happen next. And so also she disconnected the link of the ICN network.


Once again Pilar were bound and totally dominated in their mutual fantasy. They now had progressed even further into total dominance and obedience.

As soon as Mistress entered, the Pilar person faded away and she became "it" a thing.

This were partly a defence to cope with the horrible onslaught that she were subjected to. But also part of the conditioning enforced on her, since Moira often demanded she be docile and unresisting. Pilar's resentment for being humiliated and modified had been overcome by her need for attention and human contact. She were now an absolute human anomaly that could endure even severe torture in silence with only occasional tears and quiet choked-back sobs.

At times she would try to pull away from the whip or the instruments of torture. Her attempts of resistance were always very shortlived, especially since her Mistress had added a dog training device to the collar. When Pilar got difficult to handle, it only were a matter of pressing a button on a remote control and she would freeze from the electrical chocks running trough her neck.

She had received long series of such chocks when she had tried to prevent Moira from once more locking her into the box, but after the current had been turned up Pilar had capitulated and allowed herself to be strapped in.

Moira gloated as she sat hunched right outside the box. 'This slave body belong to me.' she said as she poked the long fingernails of her hand into Pilar's extended breast. 'Remember that from now on, that your tiny brain is in there and follow this is more or less one accident. I hope you hate every moment of it!'

I am after all a very prudent woman, whereas you are one uncivilised savage that's constantly in a rot. So I have made some research and found this cream that is sprayed on. It's intended for sportsmen injuries, I tried it and when applied it makes the limb go immediately numb.

So it is extremely efficient to keep the player getting up and into the match again, whereas for you, I guess I will use it for getting the opposite effect.

As she talked she put on one examination glove, and first applied the spray over Pilar's pussy, then spreading the gonads to the sides spraying inside the folds.

Pilar pulled up, her limbs stiffening from the initial burning sensation, but soon a cold spread between her legs as her genitalia started to go numb.

Snot were pouring out of Pilar's nose and her vision were dim from tears. She were slobbering in pain and fright, beaten and bruised, while at the same time feeling fulfilled when she were so completely miserable and controlled.

One alarm started to flash with sound and a blinking light at the corner of her vision, their time in simulation had to end again. It were just a week since their last session, but the primary star had not quieted down from the flare season it were experiencing so Pilar had added one alarm to show before their connection would be cut off.

Pilar pulled the cable out of the socket, removed her brain stimulation cap and took a deep breath.

This session had been truly gruesome, but also extremely stimulating. She were horny in the extreme, even though the vulva had been getting a massage by the vibrator machinery she have had buzzing all trough this simulation session. It was unusual to meet someone so sadistic, but it were also wonderful!

She knew she would never meet Moira face to face, she were after all from a world in a solar system hundreds of light years away in space.

Using the basic voice connection she said: 'Thank you for another wonderful time.'

The reply from Moira came over a somewhat noisy connection. 'Too bad we couldn't continue. But thank you too for this time. It were very stimulating.'

Pilar never had learned the true identity of Moira, she had never presented any image, told anything about her work or homeworld. Without knowing any basic facts Pilar's curiosity could not be held back any more, she had to ask.

'Now we are limited to voice online. Would you mind telling me who you are, in reality I mean. You have never shared any information about yourself. And I am not at all certain if you are a human female at all. Even though your knowledge of ancient human history appear to be quite good. Judging from the setting that you bring us too, it feel very realistic. So I am quite certain that you are human.' Pilar laughed nervously. 'But please I need to know.'

'I am flattered, but that were many questions at once.' There were one obvious hesitation in Moira's voice.

'Please don't avoid my question. We have spent so much time together, are you actually a man?`

'Oh don't worry about that, I were actually born female. And I am still female in a biochemical sense.'

'Ah, good. So why not tell me or even better show me. I am certain a single frame could be sent trough despite the stellar storm.'

'To tell you the truth, I am very old and radically different nowadays, compared to the human woman I once were.'

'I will be very old also, micro machines in my body will keep me healthy for hundred of years, that is no issue.' Said Pilar, and then the realisation from Moira's reply struck her and she added. 'Oh I heard something about such, that humans in some other systems have radically different bodies.'

'Yes I am one of those.' replied Moira

'Can you tell me?' Pilar tried to strengthen herself for learning something truly revolting.

Her expectations appeared to be right when Moria replied.

'I guess I can, but you must promise me that you will not be shocked. I am after all human with the interests and fascination for this even though I am completely unable to participate in any of these no more.'

'I almost had a hunch about this so.... Please do tell me.' replied Pilar.

There were blackout as the connection were cut off from another powerful flare. And Pilar only heard whistling sounds for some moment and she got the connection back when Moira were in a description on how her home system had turned out to be a nightmare.

'...So after we spent some decade without being able to land on the planet we came for. Our leaders concluded that we would not be able to maintain a technological society on the terrestrial planet here. The meteors bombarding the planet would set us back repeatedly, and with a young planet we had no chance to hide underground. And this on top of a poisonous alien biochemistry. So we looked for a young world to be able to settle for a long time, but we got the worst deal imaginable.

After considering options, such as a millennia long flight to another system we decided to settle the gas giant planet.

'But that's impossible.' Said Pilar in astonishment.

'You have not guessed how radically we changed us then.'

Moria sent one image of something that looked like a jellyfish swimming over a coral reef in the ocean. Then Pilar's perspective shifted and realised that what she first thought of as corals were in fact clouds. 'This is me' said Moira.

'But how do you chat with me then? '

I use a biocomputer that is wrapped around its own bubble of warm hydrogen gas. We maintain the satellite network with robots that mine the moons, some of them are Van Neumann machines so they create new copies when needed. They were also programmed to create the worm hole generator we speak trough.'

Pilar were awed. 'So that place is safe then?'

'Yes, said Moria, no meteors survive this deep. Except the largest ones. So experience a shockwave now and then, but nothing major have happened so far. At most I have gotten a bit of a headache. Moira giggled softly, not that I have any head any longer.

So what do you do there then?

Well I have the most common job here, trying to create one ecology. Not that I need to eat much, most of my energy comes from the dark radiosynthesis spots you can see on my body.

Radio? You mean photosynthesis?

'No radio is correct term, but it is basically the same thing, we here use the longer radio wavelengths since this planet sends out an extreme amount of radio emission. It is many times stronger than the weak sunlight that reach down to this depth.'

Pilar were still amazed. 'I am happy to have met you, and even though I am amazed of what you really turned out to be.' Pilar noted that came out as a possible insult and quickly added. 'I mean physically.'

'Well now you know why I were very careful never to tell any personal details during the time we spent together in the virtual reality world.'

'But how can you be that obsessed with BDSM when you're in that body' Pilar asked.

Using her synthetic voice, Moira replied. 'Oh I have plenty of time to think and chat in this slow existence here. I guess they screwed up my mind making my latent SM interest go totally twisted when it were downloaded into this body. So believe me, my mind is very human and kinky too match.'

'Yes I know' said Pilar and smiled. Realising they no longer had any visual contact she added one old time symbol to indicate a smile.

'Now that we talk about ourselves for the first time, what is your name?'

'I don't have any name as such.'

'You don't have a name?' replied Pilar surprised.

'In a way I do, let me think.' Moira fell silent for a moment. 'It would be Spiral, three dots, and something that look like a hook. That is the way I present myself with the phosphoresce on my body.'

Pilar had to quickly look up the unfamiliar term and found it

'So you talk with light, and don't have any ears then?'

'No we do not have any hearing, just the roar of the atmosphere would make us all but deaf, and the sound bangs from the meteor bombardment would take care of the rest. So we communicate with light symbols here.'

'So different and you still view yourself as human. Well I guess...' Pilar's voice trailed of in uncertainty.

'Of course I am, in my mind it is only a form of sign language. And one day, perhaps millions of years from now when this planetary system have calmed down, we will upload ourselves and walk in ordinary human bodies again.'

'Your descendants you mean, or do you suggest that you could live forever in that body?'

'No you're right, if I am lucky and no accident happen I might live for hundreds of years. But even though we created these bodies for longevity it is one hazardous environment where we have no place to hide from any danger. But perhaps my offspring will be able to become what we once were.'

Burning the candle at both ends

Several weeks had passed and Pilar had been hesitant to connect to the ICE network after "Moira" revealed what she really were. Not that she felt that "Moira" were too disgusting or strange. She were not as repulsive as some other genetically changed she had seen the images of, repulsive because they looked like deformed humans. Whereas she were only a jellyfish, nothing that made her react in any way at all.

No, the reason she had hesitated to contact Moira were that she felt sorry for her, and that were not the best feeling she felt she should have toward a dominatrix Mistress.

Yet eventually she sat down in her session chair and using eye movements she once again established a connection with Moira's world.

She waited about one half hour before Moira logged on. 'I am pleased to hear from you again.'

'Thank you, I am glad to find you again.' Said Pilar.

'I almost thought I had scared you off.' Moria's voice trailed off a momentarily before she continued.

'But just in case you would come back I have done some research and prepared a new scenario in a 15th century Byzantine harem, it will provide us both with many female encounters that I have made avatars for.'

'Please lets go back to the story about Moira and Pilar instead.' replied Pilar.

'You like that far out kinky one a lot, don't you?' Moira asked with a cheerful tone.

'Yes I did, even though I had to think about things a bit. But your actual physical form does matter less, and it is the one soulmate I meet in the simulation that I experience which is the real you!'

'I am pleased you came to that conclusion, it is good for me to have a real body also in these simulations. You should know how much I miss eating and even breathing, and that's what I do when you're down there in the dungeon. It is in fact very regular and ordinary things I pleasure myself with.'

'And I who thought you were masturbating all the time.' Said Pilar teasingly.

'Oh I wish I could, but as you noted in the early part of the simulation, I keep away from any sexual activity.'

'Yes I wondered a bit about that actually, you always felt a bit distant.' said Pilar 'So would you not like to have a body again?'

'It would be wonderful to have a human body again and to try finding someone who liked to be dominated. But it is of course completely impossible.'

'Actually...' said Pilar. ' might be.'

Pilar already had her proposal ready and checked when she logged on, the transfer of the enormous amount of information to send and download a complete mind had turned out to be costly yet affordable, the expenses to download Moira's personality into a ready made clone would however stretch her financial situation to the limit.

So she explained how it could be done, that the implants they utilized in their simulations could be reverse engineered to read the contents of the mind instead of feeding it with impressions and said she would offer herself as slave if Moira would accept the offer.

'I am flattered, and amazed. And you say it could be done in a safe way? Your sun is not the most stable one I noted. There might be interruptions to the transmission!'

'We can do this safely since you would let your consciousness remain behind there until the very last moment and we have double checked the upload. Yet there is a bit of an aleatory outcome in how your mind will settle in the new body. So I agree we will have to do many tests and checks to make certain we will have everything work out correctly.'

'And then I will euthanatise this body!'

'Are you certain?' Pilar were a bit shocked by Moira's sudden and determined reply.

'Yes, I would hate to know that a copy of me remained here pining over the fact of being left behind. So I am convinced I will have to terminate my existence here.'

'Another sacrifice for me.' tears started to roll down Pilar's cheeks with emotion.

'Oh there there, I love your tears and if we do this I will see more of them.'

'I will', Pilar stuttered. 'I will be so miserable and happy.'


Moria felt light-headed. So were in a bed, and felt the amazement of being in a human body again. She rolled over slowly and her eyes fell upon Pilar who stood smiling greeting her with outstretched arms. Chains were hanging from Pilar's cuffed wrists, around her neck she could see a gleaming collar made of rings holding her head rigidly straight. Pilar were smiling broadly as she spoke:

'Welcome Mistress Moira.'

Moira started to grin as she slowly sat up on the edge of the bed......

Da capo

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