Molly's Design
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Author's Note: This story starts slowly. It's for those of us who have time to savor bondage ideas and predicaments. The discriptions in the story are fictional, please don't try them.

Chapter 1 - Molly's Plan

Molly was a twenty six year old professional living in the Lincoln, Nebraska when we met last September. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in mechanical engineering a several years before and was now working for tool and die firm catering toward manufactures in the food service industry. I (Jack) work for the same firm as a machinist, fabricating parts from engineered designs, some of which she has supplied over time. She's tall and slender for the average girl, standing five foot ten inches with slightly curly long red hair, sky blue eyes with a pretty face. I suspected her real beauty was hidden beneath the loose fitting clothing she always wore. The culmination of her drab outfits and the black horned rim glasses she wore always put guys off that might have otherwise sought her out.

We had over time struck up a good working relationship since she hired in, so I wasn't surprised when she stopped by one afternoon asking me to look over a partial design for feedback before actually making it. She said the project wasn't for the company but personal use this time. With time to do the favor I reviewed the CAD drawings she supplied. There were several drawings to the set including one for a round movable metal shaft on a bar using pneumatic cylinder as the drive. It had a cantilever arm attached with a flat base on the opposite end, traveling roughly eight inches outward, mounted on a metal bracket assembly. Looking over the prints we talked about the device including its range of motion. I noticed that she flushed a little during the quick explanation but I thought nothing about it. The framework for the unit was made from sections of square tubular steel that pinned together, making it modular. It reminded me of an animal cage, roughly two foot by two and four foot long with square openings in front and back. All appeared in order so I started fabrication work late in the week. Most of the assembly parts were made from standard metal stock with little milling needed except for the cantilevered arm she asked for. She stopped on the following Friday afternoon and visited while picking up some other fabricated pieces.

A week later she stopped by with questions related to pneumatics; a subject which had been my specialty in college as she'd learned through our conversation. I tried to answer her series of technical questions but began to feel a vital piece was missing from the equation with each question posed. When I asked for more detail she avoided doing so, saying it wasn't needed to be accurate with an answer. That afternoon she left the shop cubicle in a huff, looking rather irritated (unsure at whom) only to return several days later. This time Molly confided that she really needed my help with the design but didn't want to tie up company time talking about it. Being single again, after a year divorce and somewhat older than her I wondered if she might be fishing for a date, so I asked if she'd like to discuss it over supper one evening. The question broke the ice and we set a date for the following weekend on a Friday evening.

On the evening of our first date we went to Braeda café and sat by the window, watching the traffic and pedestrian go by as we talked. Molly appeared shy at first, but once we started talking about engineering quickly warmed up. She still wore the loose fitting outfit from work but finally let down her long red hair down and relaxed. We talked about her college days and current projects from work. Her blue eyes would shimmer with intensity as we talked on subjects she really liked. We covered a range of topics during supper including that she had been engaged. Her ex-boyfriend was a drunkard and lout, spending much of their accumulated money as soon as it was available. He'd taken advantage of her during their time together but when he eventually became physically abusive she broken the engagement. She sworn off men in general afterward, letting time heal the wounds and moved to a different town to be rid of the trouble. I sensed more to story but didn't want to pry. She went on to tell me that she was an only child, raised by her mother and that her father had been out of the picture for most of her life. Her mother distained men in general and was very strict, always insistent on detail in homework and jobs done around the house. As a child if things were done wrong or she misbehaved her mother would spank her. Later, as a young adult her mother would ground her from going out with her girlfriends, staying held up in her bedroom. On those evenings in her bedroom she'd occasionally fantasize of being tightly bound, awaiting her fate from the evil witch and occasionally looking for a knight to rescue her.

Her uncle Frank had been the saving grace from her mother. As a teenager she would bicycle over to his workshop after school and on weekends spend hours helping him tinker on projects in his machine shop. He was a service engineer for the dairy industry but also a part-time inventor on the side, always having some type of project in the works. She loved tinkering in his shop, taking apart the discarded items to see how they worked inside, which is possibly why she became a design engineer.

Molly finally got around to talking about her original question involving timing of several pneumatic and vacuum devices activated at differing times. After she gave some additional project detail I thought on it for a while. Her concept of controlling a number of devices by analog method would work but mulling it over I concluded it would be much easier if done by electrical control circuits and a computer. So she described the needed functions and added some information about hardware manipulation. Being somewhat dense I couldn't envision what she'd be building but willing to help by build the systems logic control circuit and dust off an old computer program to operate it. Later, thinking on the concept she posed reminded me of a milk machine at an automated dairy I once visited.

Over the course of the evening I formed an impression Molly wasn't as interested my male companionship, but rather someone to devise a fix for her problems. Admittedly I was probably close to six years her senior and not the young handsome guy to take home to mother. Then there was also something bugging me about her project. She was intently focused when we talked about it but unwilling to share the inner working detail. Molly asked few questions of me which was fine as I'm not a great conversationalist anyway. When she did ask, I had told a few selected pieces of my life including a short summary of my marriage and divorce to Judith and her very straight laces ways. At the end of the evening as we parted ways she gave me a small peck on the cheek and said "Thank you for being such a gentleman Jack, I enjoy your friendship." As we left the building I watched her start down the block then headed back to the car in the parking lot. To say I was disappointed with the evening's conclusion was an understatement but I still felt happy to be helping her. The thought later occurred that I must reminder her in some ways of her uncle.

Almost a full week had gone by before Molly stopped by my cubical in the shop again to visit. This time she had startled me as I was excitedly pouring over the latest copy of DDI magazine recently purchased at the adult emporium. It was quickly shoved beneath other drawings on the desk as she entered; very thankful she had at least made some noise in rounding the corner. As the work day ended the other guys in the shop had gone home. We sat and talked for a while again before I showed her the small control box I'd whipped up from parts mothballed over the years and an old laptop. These items were pulled from storage and assembled at my apartment. I used some simulated the loads to show the logic, to which she smiled. She played with the parameters on the laptop till sure that it worked to her specifications then gave me a short kiss on the lips and smile which I interpreted as good sign.

Molly asked: "How can I ever repay your fine work Jack?"

"Well...Let me have another date with you." I bantered; still secretly hoping to find what was hidden beneath those clothes.

She was hesitant at first but relented saying: "Ok, when?"

Our second date, if you could really call it that was scheduled for the following Friday evening. It was to be very different from the first. I'd gone to pick her up at a converted warehouse loft apartment in the down town area, not far from where we had supper at the café for dinner and a movie. Arriving at the converted warehouse building promptly at six I entered the lobby and looked up her apartment. Her apartment number indicated a loft on the second floor. There was no official doorway into the loft area but instead the old cargo elevator opened to a short hallway ending with a left turn into a large living room in the forefront, with an office area tucked further back and to one side. The walls were painted rustic red and decorated with selected art work sketches of scantily clad women in poses that would definitely arouse any male coming to call. The living room area held two black smooth skin leather sofas set in a diagonal. A large black padded coffee table laced with steel ringlets along the outer edges was centered between the sofas with other chairs off to the side. A large flat screen LCD TV hung from the wall not far from the furniture. Against one wall to the side sat a dark oak, table height buffet. On it were pictures of several pretty women including Molly.

Parts of the large living room area were entirely bare and looked to need definition, as though an artist had yet to paint that portion of the canvas. Looking over the expanse it must have been at one time foundry storage some years before, it was well lit with large hewn wooden beams scattered throughout that tied the main structure together. On some beams black metal loops were hanging where items had been held at different levels. In areas there was exposed brick on some walls and several pieces of old milling equipment now cleaned and shined to use décor in the room. The old oak floor had been sanded, sealed and polished. I walk only a few steps forward when a door bell chimed apparently signaling the threshold to the loft entrance. After several moments a woman rounded the corner of a wall partition. She was a well endowed brunette with a medium build, several inches shorter than Molly. She viewed me suspiciously for several seconds before saying: "Hello?!" in a dead pan voice.

I queried: "Hi, I'm looking for Molly; is this right place?"

The woman seemed to be forming a mental assessment of my next intentions before asking: "Who's asking and how did you get past the lobby entrance?"

I answered again: "I'm Jack, a friend of Molly's from work; we're supposed to be going out this evening. The secondary door was open and she invited me."

There were several thoughts running through my mind in no particular order. Why didn't Molly answer when I called up at the lobby? When did Molly get a roommate, she had never mentioned one to me? Why was this woman dressed in black leather attire used by dominant females on bondage websites I occasionally visited? And last, what did she have planned for the red riding crop held in her hand?

These questions were put on hold as I heard Molly voice saying from around the corner "She shouldn't be here till 7:30, that's what we talked about..." She rounded the corner of the wall partition almost naked; wearing only a black leather strap bra that trapped her breasts within and a chastity belt below. The bra itself was constructed with silver metal rings; one at the base of each breast and smaller ring that encircled each areola. Her erect nipples were clearly showing and pierced with a small barbell post hanging from each. Looking below I saw a silver metal chastity belt that included several padlocks. On her wrists and ankles were black leather cuffs, along with a black two inch leather collar that I'd often seen her wear at work (this I'd assume was a fashion statement) all with locks. This sight almost floored me as I had only seen Molly in loose fitting clothes that covered what I now discovered was a very trim and shapely female body that any man would drool over.

I swallowed hard, trying to think of what to do next, temporally mesmerized by the sight. Molly let out a small squeal at seeing me standing in her living room and then tried to disappear behind the partition but her friend reached out and grabbed at her by the her arm, stopping her. She was pulled her back into the room. In the exchange Molly personnel disposition changed, becoming a true submissive in the act. With her head lowered she tried to cover her exposed breasts with the one arm while returning to the area with a shuffle of bare feet.

Apparently understanding I wasn't a potential threat at the moment the other woman turned on Molly angrily and said: "Are you dating now? I thought we had an agreement for living here together? No men"

Before Molly had the chance to respond I said: "Maybe I should go to let you two work things out?"

The Mistress, as I now began to think of her put up her hand palm out in a stop gesture causing me to freeze in my tracks; not that I was in a real hurry, now becoming more curious about their relationship. Her facial features originally pleasant to look at changed into the hard look of command. She said: "Explain yourself slave!"

Molly looked down for a long moment then back at the Mistress before answering in a quiet voice: "Mistress Sarah, this is my friend Jack from work. He's the one that helped build the structure and control box for the project that you requested. When asked how I could repay him for the help he suggested going out for supper." Looking toward me she added: "We were to go out next Friday as a gesture of thanks, as friends."

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed again. Had I somehow misunderstood the timing of the date we had agreed upon? I blushed both from the error and the beautifully erotic sights in front of me.

Over those moments several things became clearer to me. Molly was clearly the slave of Mistress Sarah in whatever relationship they had; she wore loose fitting clothes at work for more than one reason. The design and hardware I contributed to her project were for something that was very kinky in nature. And lastly, I'd stumbled into something that might play out favorably since I was looking for a Mistress to control me on occasion.

Mistress Sarah was thoughtful for several moments before turning back to me. She said: "Jack, I think you'll need a better explanation of how you got up here!"

Thinking quickly I tried to recall the events related to entering the building, talking as I went. "When I parked outside there was a Lowe's service truck parked ahead of me, its rear cargo bay door was open but the cargo box was empty. The lobby door was open, as was the secondary door going to the elevator. I used the callbox to Molly's apartment but got no answer, so looking on the mailbox tags I saw her name and apartment number "201". Since there's only one apartment and a business on the first floor I figured hers must be on the second floor, so took the elevator up."

Sarah listened quietly, and then smiled while saying: "Oh... Amanda got her new washer for the laundry room today. The ding-a-ling must have left the doors open and her keys in the elevator again. She'll need to pay for that mistake when she arrives." Then Sarah stopped and turning to Molly asked: "Did you hear the callbox earlier?"

Molly answered quietly with her head down: "Yes Mistress, it was the Lowe's service man trying to get a hold of Amanda. I heard it again afterward but ignored it."

Mistress Sarah made an exasperated sigh and thought for several moments. Then turning to me she made a mental decision by half invited and half ordered me into her home with a wave of the riding crop, pointing toward a wooden chair setting off to the side of one couch. The wood chair was a tall ladder back style type without arms, ornately designed with same silver ringlet on the sides, like the coffee table and solidly built of oak with a wood seat. The patina on the seat indicated it had been well used but looked uncomfortable. I sat down as requested while Mistress Sarah with Molly in tow walked over to the leather bound couch and sat as well. Molly never raised her head or spoke but continued to look down as she moved.

Once properly seated Sarah looked over to me and said causally: "Well looks like we have a dilemma on our hands. I think you can understand that I can't have you leave the building and start telling everyone about our particular lifestyle. Nor can Molly continue to work with you without concern of seeing you as a threat. So...what should we do with you? You've apparently shown up uninvited into our home to cause some type of mischief. Should I call the cops and have you arrested now for breaking and entering as an intruder, or use a few calls to close friends and the right propaganda to get you fired from your job? Maybe... I should just do both!"

Looking over at her not really believing what I heard. I was dumbfounded, she couldn't do that!

She continued: "And if you really knew Molly at all you'd know she isn't interested in men. To her they're just a means to an end, to be used, abused and discarded. So why would you continue to pursue her?"

Answering this barrage of questions I said rather loudly: "I didn't know Molly was a lesbian, she told me she had been engaged to a guy before coming to town."

Molly shot a dirty look at me, but said nothing. Mistress Sarah appeared very amused by the comment.

Continuing my voice rose: "and it's not my fault that the building was left wide open! Anybody could have just walked in here. You're just trying to intimidate me."

Mistress Sarah looked at me back at me and answered in a quiet but very firm voice said: "Then what possible assurance can you make that would protect my interests? Otherwise...I will follow through on my threats."

Looking at Molly sitting there almost naked, dressed as a true submissive with Mistress Sarah and the riding crop still running back and forth through her hand I wondered what to say next. While thinking of an answer my cock had become rock hard and tented visibly under the fabric of my dress pants. From Sarah's vantage point she saw this as well and now seemed fixated on it. I was yearning for something different, but was this it? I'd been shopping for mistress in DDI magazine that would take control but hadn't found one suitable in the local area. Would they accept my offer if asked? The wooden chair seat suddenly had become hard and uncomfortable to sit on. Finally with a voice that felt somewhat disembodied from my own I said: "Would you like to add a male slave to your stable, to control as you see fit?"

Mistress Sarah's features remained solemn, staring at me or more accurately down at my crotch without saying a word. I waited long for her response; becoming increasingly embarrassed and frustrated in the process. When finally I decided no answer was forthcoming I rose to leave, only to have her point at me with her crop indicating to sit down again. Then she stood up slowly and walked over to my position, stopping only when she towered above my position so that I had to bend my head back to look beyond her leather clad breasts to the stern face and blue eyes above. It was truly an intimidating move on her part

Looking down at me she said: "That's what Molly told me to do as well! She said it would be the best way to protect my interest and gain a craftsman for my new business venture in the process."

At this point we had only spent maybe ten minutes together altogether but Mistress Sarah had both scared the shit out of me and thoroughly excited me at the same time, it was an intoxicating feeling. On seeing my expression she gave a wicked smile. After several moments she finally backed up allowing room between us again. When I finally looked past Sarah to Molly still sitting on the couch she looked up now smiling as well. Molly had played her part quite well. I knew there was more to this meeting but eventually understood Molly had set me up to meet her mistress.

Chapter 2 - Sarah's Offers

While standing Sarah said: "Jack, before I add you to my stable as you have asked, I'd need to know if you're a real bull or a just a pathetic steer in disguise. So strip off those cloths! I want to know why Molly really wanted me to meet you!"

Looking at her, somewhat taken aback I said: "Right here?"

I heard the loud "WHACK" of the riding crop across the top of a large buffet sitting beside me.

"DO IT NOW SLAVE! Do you always question someone you serve?" she responded indignantly

Without response I stood up, now wondering what I'd really gotten into. My mouth and cock always seem to run well ahead of my brain. I removed the dress cloths and laid them beside the chair, eventually standing naked before the mistress and her beautiful slave. To understand, I'm not as buff as muscle builders but haven't let myself go either. As a mental picture I stand five foot nine and weigh 160 pounds soaking wet, with deep blue eyes and dark brown hair.

As a kid I'd always been into self bondage, something that was continued on into adulthood, a fact originally hidden from my ex-wife Judith. When the topic of bondage and servitude were brought up while dating she told me it was dirty, disgusting thing and would have no part in it. Later, after we had been married a short time Judith found me in self bondage predicament and became very upset. Releasing me she told me to get rid of the bondage toys. I didn't, so at one point she decided to teach a lesson. When it happened again she had just arrived home from a business trip to find me lying hogtied on the bedroom floor. She quickly knew what was going on and decided to add more rope to my predicament till I was truly unable to escape the tight hogtie position created then left the room. Some time much later when I was very stiff, sore, and hurting badly from struggle for release she returned. Bending down she laid a sharp kitchen knife on the floor close by my right hand then left again. When I finally was able to release myself from the tied position Judith was long since gone, possibly visiting her sister for the night. She may not have known it at the time but I enjoyed the inescapable feeling, only wishing she would have added herself into the dominant role to punish her arrant husband for his misdeeds. Being held in the tight bondage position had made me much hornier if that's possible.

Months later while Judith away on business in St Louis during an entire week I took several opportunities to play again. This time however she decided to come back on a Thursday evening to surprise me. Instead she found me tied tightly to the coffee table in the living room, blindfolded, ball gagged and with multiple vibrating toys whining away in my ass and crotch and nipples while trying desperately to hump the air. She responded to the scene by shutting everything off and destroying many items with a knife and cutting off all the ropes. When we finally talked later that evening she told me if it ever happened again everybody that we knew socially would know the true pervert I am, as advertisement pictures and the internet would be involved. There were many reasons we divorced but this was surely one of them. This infatuation with bondage and self bondage still infects me today. So...single again it might explain why I stood before these two lovely ladies with my cock and balls area clean shaven as a baby's bottom ready for play.

Sarah said: "Step forward slave, let's have a good look at you!"

She then examined me from top to bottom, looking me over as one would look at meat at the grocery store before finally making a purchase of the best cut. Having me turn around, I complete circle then she stepped forward she reached in cupped my balls in her hand, grabbing them securely between her fingers and palm then squeezed hard while looking into my eyes. She said: "Jack, you may live to regret your decision but I'll accept your offer."

She stood there with me several for several more moments with my balls crushed within her hand; the pressure was slowly becoming intense. Her facial features didn't change, showing that she meant business so I stood motionless waiting for her next command while suffering quietly. She finally released my balls and backed up allowing me to relax momentarily. Stepping off to one side she spoke quietly with Molly for several moments before returning back to me.

Sarah said: "Walk with me slave." as she crossed the room to a large oak desk, laden with stack of paperwork on top.

I did so without comment but noticed Molly disappeared from the couch and was now over at the buffet, opening one of several doors beneath.

After we walked over to the desk and Sarah sat down behind it as I stood close by. Opening a drawer she pulled out a group of papers stapled together from a file. Setting them in front of her and said: "Read these forms over and fill in the information requested, slave. Once done we will see where things go from there."

I started to move around to a chair setting off to the side but Mistress Sarah stopped me saying: "Oh No... slave. You'll stand in front of my desk and complete the work and without a chair. I want your legs spread wide apart to enjoy the view."

This request caught me by surprise but I did as told. The papers she handed me were a contractual agreement setup between Master and slave that covers most aspects of the BDSM scenes. I'd seen something similar once on a website some time back. There were several pages to the document including space for safe words and phrases and one page listing individual preferences including the "All" category (I wondered what that was). I started to complete the paperwork, needing to bend my body at the waist to write on the desk. Eventually I rested one hand on the desk for balance while writing with the other. Later I learned that while this was an important step in the formal process for me becoming her slave, it was also a setup for later events as well.

While my attention was focused on the paperwork before me Molly eventually returned with a gray duffle bag and quietly set behind. My cock had become somewhat flaccid during filling out the initial information on the front sheet. Mistress Sarah appeared momentarily distracted by filtering through the mound of paperwork spread across her desk, starting to deal with some of it. With a subtly of movement Molly reached in from behind and slipped a silver metal ring of a small cock cage on my package. The ring unit is hinged ring so that it closed tightly around the base, followed by a short metal cock cage that that slips over and attaches to ear tabs on the base, locking the pieces together with a padlock. The lubricated device was installed and locked in seconds but quickly became uncomfortable as an erection tried growing again. I momentarily stopped while she did this work which caught Sarah's attention immediately.

Sarah said: "Slave...should any blanks be left on the form it's left to my discretion to fill them out for you. Do you understand?!" catching my full attention.

Continuing on with my paperwork I noticed Molly continued adding on other items from the duffle including ankle and wrist cuffs, a waist belt with many D rings and finally three inch posture collar with chin cut out, locking each in place with a lock. By the time she had put the collar on I had finished page two. Starting with page three Molly had headed back to the buffet, removing a second duffle. With the duffle she had what I thought was a climbing rope with many knots distributed evenly throughout. Looking back I saw that Mistress Sarah was staring at me, which caught my attention.

She said: "Are you done slave?! If so, set down the pen and I'll take care of the rest."

Embarrassed, I continued to concentrate on filling the information, feeling much like a young school kid that just got caught cheating on a quiz by his teacher. I finally got to the preferences page finding it was very detailed. The "all category" I originally saw at was actually covering section blocks. Reading some of the section blocks headers again made me wonder if I committed to something for which I was totally unprepared. It included: Anal Penetration, Chastity, Extreme Bondage, Electrical Stimulation, Foot Worship, Restricted Breathing, Golden Showers, Mummification and on. While reading some of the individual line descriptions I found my trapped cock throbbing much harder, making it very difficult to concentrate. I began going through and answering each preference option until Mistress Sarah stopped me.

She was looking up at the clock and said: "Well slave boy; it seems you've run out of time. The form need to be turned in now! I'll take care of the rest." as she stood up.

While upset that I couldn't complete the sheet I was thankfully I had already answered preferences in the category regarding "Golden Showers" quickly marked "NO" on several items. I continued on till Sarah was standing beside me.

Three things happened: First, I felt something on my forehead that slipped down, quickly realizing it was a blindfold covering my sight. As I was already bent over using the desk for balance my hand were unavailable to stop this. Second, there was pressure applied at my anus as I felt something large starting to invade; it must have been a lubricated butt plug as it expanded out wide then tapered in, feeling only slightly better after becoming fully seated. Third, my left hand was pulled behind my back as I to stand, followed quickly by the right and hooked together behind. The door bell chimed as they finished so I now realizing Molly and Sarah had company besides me.

I asked: "What's happening, and why can't I finish the paperwork?!"

Mistress Sarah answered from close by: "You already know the answer slave. I want to know if you're a real bull or a just a pathetic steer in disguise. So we're going to find out!"

I felt something being attached around my balls, trapping them together and away from the metal cock cage. With that I was ushered across the room, once stopped the wrist were unclipped from behind me and left loose for a moment. When told to I sat down on a hard wooden seat, pushing the invading butt plug deeper within. My wrists were then clipped off to the sides followed with several other straps and clips added both above and below my waist. Then my nose was pinched, when I finally took a breath a large ball gag with chin strap was added to my mouth and buckled in place. Afterward, several pieces of tape were added both above and below sealing my mouth closed. Reached up by my neck someone fastened the collar on both sides. When I could no longer move or wiggle the blindfold covering was finally removed.

Looking off to the side Mistress Sarah was smiling at me with the knotted climbing rope held in her hand. She let me soak in my current predicament for several moments before proceeding. Molly was apparently gone along with the other guest and the second duffle. I saw a short wooden stand with large flat base had been placed several steps forward of my location. The upright arm of the stand was a roughly three foot high with a pulley attached on top. Directly behind it was a wide one step stool. Looking further off was a wooden support beam with a metal ring positioned at about the same height. I now realized I was seated back in the ladder back chair from earlier, just facing in a different direction. The ornate nature of the chair had originally fooled me. The decorative silver ringlets on the chairs sides were really solid mounts for fastening the straps that held me firmly at the chest, thighs and ankles. My knees were pulled out wide to the sides by belts was fastened to rings on each side. The upper belts held my torso and arms with the wrist fastened to the rings by padlocks. I couldn't see what held my upper body but knew my neck was held firm. My cock was still throbbing badly within its prison and my balls now had a black leather parachute device encircling them with the ring attachment pointing forward. Sarah completed the final task of attaching my forehead to the chair as well. Now I was unable to move or shift in the seated position and could only see straight ahead.

Since I couldn't quite figure what would happen next Mistress Sarah was obliged to explain: "Before you showed up this evening unannounced slave we had intended to take care of a discipline issue with Amanda. She is another of my acquired slaves. Molly was the first, I acquired her after a breakup with her fiancée and we quickly become fast friends again. She's become my obedient servant in our new venture. Amanda was the second one acquired and is my business secretary, a job for which she is well qualified and compensated to do. Of recent she's been lax on completing of the paperwork related to our new business "Mean Screws Incorporated. I believe you saw the mess lying on my desk this evening. Amanda has been invited down to discuss the paperwork issue in much finer detail. Secondly when you walked into this room this evening there was a breach of our internal security on several different levels. It may not look it but the building has many built in safeguards added. Several failed due to Amanda's oops forgetting to relocking the doors and removing the key from the elevator to reactivating the security devices. Another was with Molly, she is supposed to monitor silent sensors tripped within the building. So we intended to discipline Amanda, in the mean time you showed up so... I've decided to combine the disciplining together. While Amanda is being disciplined we'll also see if you're a bull or steer. Molly may also see the whip later for her inactions, but I digress. "

Now looking a bit more amused she continued: " you wonder how? Well have you ever seen a tug of war were two groups of men pulling on the rope at the same time to gain the advantage of the knot pulled across their line? Well it's kind of like that except in this case the wooden beam is the anchor for the other team. You're balls are the anchor for your team and Amanda is going to be doing the pulling. I really wonder who will win!".

I was becoming increasingly scared and uncomfortable as she explained this. While barely able to struggle, it was only enough to drive the butt plug further up my ass causing me to squeal into the gag.

With the basic information given she walked up and clipped the climbing rope to the attachment point on my balls then draped the rope over the pulley on the stand, walked over to the wooden beam with the black ring she ran the rope through it and pulled it almost taunt before tying it off. My balls were now pulled up and away from my body. I was truly scared to death, the butt plug was buried deep in my ass, my cock was throbbing badly and my balls were being yanked on by the sheer weight of the knotted rope.

When complete she walked back to my location giving an evil smile and said: "Amanda and Molly should be along any minute. I do so I hate to waste time."

While waiting she went back to the duffle bag and produced Clovis clamps with a chain and another piece of quarter inch nylon rope. Walking over to me she ran the rope through D rings on the sides of my waist belt then slipped the ends though a centered ring loop on the belt then attached the ends to the main climbing rope at one knot not far away.

She said: "This should take the brunt of the pulls, but I left some slack." Then she attached the Clovis clamps to my left nipple under the nylon center rope and around to the right nipple ensuring plenty of skin got caught on both, humming a tune as she went. Then added: "and those will help to level the pain field."

Standing up to admire her work for a moment she said: "Slave, do you think it's getting warm in here?" not really expecting an answer from me. I was struggling against the bonds, sweating and trying to control my breathing, things were beginning to hurt all over, but I didn't know the half of yet. Turning toward me, she removed her leather vest to reveal a half cup corset hidden beneath. Her cupped breasts were large with large dark oblong areolas and the nipples that hardening with the change in tempeture. Around her neck were a set of keys, presumably for the devices that Molly and I wore. Returning to the buffet she set the vest down and opened a drawer, removing an item within. She turned and revealed a digital camera as she approached smiling. She took several pictures of my bound form held by the stout wooden chair including a close up of my face, the trapped purple cock and balls and one of the entire setup.

When she completed taking the pictures Sarah looked down at me rather playfully and said: "Well Jack, It seems like you have a couple options tonight, but none are really good. You can watch the show before you or on the monitor as we discipline Amanda and concentrating on keeping those precious balls from being ripped off... OR if you want to be released right now I can send these pictures and the accompanying video on to your ex-wife Judith via the internet. I'm sure she'd enjoy showing them off to your closest friends and family." As Sarah said this she brought up the remote and turned on the LCD TV now off to one side; the image that appeared was of this room, showing Mistress Sarah off to one side with me seated and bound in the shot.

Sarah was definitely playing with my mind. I thought only my wife knew about the bondage aspects of my life. I hadn't told anyone else so how did Mistress Sarah know this stuff? Unable to reply Sarah smiled widened and said: "I'll take that as a "yes" that you want to stay."

Molly and Amanda came into the room while the Mistress was talking. It took me several seconds but I recognized Amanda from somewhere else, then it came back in a flash. She was the bubbly blond receptionist with the big tits at my doctor's office. I enjoyed viewing her ample cleavage while looking over the receptionist desk as she typed in my personnel information several weeks before. I also remembered her from a mid-summer pool party at our house; she was the daughter of a close girlfriend to my ex-wife Judith. Oh my gosh!... what had I committed to? My only solace was Amanda as my tormentor was being tormented as well. Both of her breasts had both been tied off individually by several tight wraps of red nylon rope and now looking like bulbous masses on an otherwise flat chest. The orbs of her areolas were the size of silver dollars with a button nub in the center of each. Her arms were tied behind her in a wrist to elbow lock with red rope. She wore a posture collar that kept her face pointed forward with a red ball gag laced into it. The gag was cinched tightly, pulling the ball well behind her white teeth and she was drooling slightly. Looking down to her pussy, one could tell she was a true blond from the very small triangle of pubic hair pointed to her glistening mound below with the nub of her sex peeking out from between the folds. Down below her black ankle cuffs were hobble together with a short silver chain and she wore very high black stilettos which pointed her toes like that of a ballerina.

Molly said: "Sarah you were right, Amanda didn't realize what was going on; she walked right into the trap. She really thought she was here to help us whip up some male ass."

Sarah responded: "Amanda's always been a horny little bitch. Isn't that so..." shooting a look at the very helpless creature that was slowly making its way over to the others. "Her view of the world consists of how to get fucked with a big cock in any position, isn't that right Amanda?"

Unable to fully answer Amanda seemed to be truly unhappy with the situation.

Sarah and Molly talked together for several moments out of earshot, apparently completing the formulation of their plan while Amanda slowly made her way around my position to where the ladies stood. At one point in the process Amanda stopped her hobbled walk, just long enough to look down at me. She also showed recognition on her face. This was followed by a glance down of how I was tied to the chair. Her eyes widened as she saw the connection between the knotted rope tied to my trapped cock and balls and the clamps on my nipples. The view lasted the briefest of seconds but she looked more upset if that was possible. She continued on till she rounded the corner of the chair and stopped several feet from the mistress and slave servant.

Sarah smiled at us once their conversation stopped. She then spoke to Amanda: "Amanda, you know I love you like a sister although you've truly disappointed me this week by not completing the paperwork I assigned. You're compensated for doing our business correspondence, which will still need to be done. Further, you forgot to keep the building secured at all times thus why we have our unexpected guest. Your penitence for this will be to walk the length of the rope over to Jack and back here. Jack is Molly's friend and coworker, you remember him right? He has volunteered to suffer with you so... so he will experience some pain as I discipline you. If you haven't noticed his balls, waist and nipples are anchored to your crotch rope. So...should you forget his situation while completing your current task he will become a badly hurting steer rather that a bull he currently is now. Do you understand slave?"

Amanda looked both scared and defiant at the same time if that's possible, with a thin line of drool running down from the gag. She slowly acknowledged the information with a small nod.

At Sarah's nod Molly walked over and unhooked the hobble chain while Mistress Sarah looked on. Stepping forward Sarah stuck her fingers into Amanda's little box to find she was already well lubricated; Sarah rubbed and pinched her clit head nub which caused Amanda to squeal in pain. Then both gals helped steady Amanda as she was made to step up on a stool, lift her leg and eventually straddle the knotted rope on the opposite end by the post. Taking a step back off the stool Amanda settled onto the knotty rope itself, she appeared somewhat relieved as it barely touched her crotch; that was till Molly kneeled down and removed Amanda's black stilettos, causing her to stand on tip toe in order to prevent the rope from entirely burying itself deep inside her nether regions. Amanda pulled down on it several times while gaining a balanced position to which my balls and nipples got a hard yank before the secondary rope kicked in. In response I tried to push out toward the edge of the seat to gain slack but there was no give in the strapping. My balls were now on fire along with my nipples and ass. I moaned loudly as this happened but to no avail. The mistress and her slave were otherwise preoccupied by Amanda situation and didn't seem to care. I looked over to see the monitor on the wall as it was happening; it was like viewing us both from a spectator's seat on the center row.

Amanda tried to speak several times through the ball gag shoved tightly in her mouth although I couldn't fully understand what she was trying to say. I suspect she was telling Sarah to fuck off or suck off but couldn't be sure.

Mistress Sarah continued: "Slave Amanda, you'd do well to curb your tongue now or receive a much worst punishment. You will do one full circuit of the rope from end to end. To ensure that you do Molly and I will provide our own forms of encouragement. Oh...and I almost forgot, since slave Jack is wearing nipple clamps I really think you should too."

Molly produced a set of magnetic weighted alligator clamps from the bag and taking a step forward applied them to what little nipple was left on each of Amanda's bulbous tied breasts. Amanda howled and tried to stomped her feet which rippled down the rope into my balls and also cut into her snatch. Stepping back Mistress Sarah took aim at Amanda's cute little rear with a red riding crop and provided the first welt of many covering her body, with Molly chiming in on the other side as Amanda took to small tentative steps forward. The climbing rope cut through her exposed pussy flesh and rubbed her clit head with each step. For each time a knot of the rope pulled through her pussy lips I felt the pull in sync and in true misery! The torture to both her body and mine continued for some time with screams from both of us for different reasons.

In time Amanda completed the first half of the circuit to the stool on my end and thus relieved pressure to her nether region and my balls. With the girls help she completed the turn on the opposite stool then the torture continued. The yanks on my balls became much worse as she ventured forward. I saw the welts they had induced thus far on Amanda's behind and expected she wouldn't be able to sit for some time. By the end I doubted either of us would be capable of having sex for a while. We were both covered in a layer of sweat, and the smell of female musk was heavy in the air.

When they finally finished abusing Amanda Molly united the rope tied to the post. This allowed Amanda to walk away, very bowlegged and with a bright red rump. Molly also removed the alligator clamps on Amanda's breasts and then slowly sucked on them to bring back circulation which created muffled howls from her that resonated within the room. Eventually Molly removed the rope that had trapped her breast away from her body, allowing the color to return to what had become bulbous purple masses. Sarah unhooked the opposite end of the rope attached to my balls, the parachute and rope harness. This was I thought was a gift of compassion but was instead a cruel joke. Molly moved the rope, stool and stand out of the way while Sarah slowly ushered Amanda over to my location.

Sarah said: "Amanda you still have a chore to do in compensation for leaving the building open! I want you to suck on slave Jack's trapped cock but don't cause him to come, do you understand slave? Should he cum from your work I will add many more welts on your cute red ass!"

Amanda nodded her comprehension to the task and looked resigned to completing it.

With Sarah and Molly help Amanda was lowered to her knees in from of me and removed her strap holding her ball gag. My cock was still very much trapped and now a dark shade of purple within its metal cage. With only the slightest touch of her mouth it would peg my Richter scale, but without much hesitation Amanda made tentative licks around the caged head and base of my balls. I almost became unhinged as she slowly and very deliberately continued to lick and circle it like a vulture circling in tightly on its prey till eventually lightly sucking on the trapped shaft. Amanda stopped at Sarah's command and my ragged breathing, and then started the whole process again, driving me close to but not over the edge. This intentional teasing torment by Amanda went on for quite a while Molly played with the chain attached to my nipples, distracting me in a painful way.

When finally Sarah ordered Amanda to stop my body was held rigid like a compound bow pulled back for shooting an arrow, a combination of extreme pains and anticipation waiting for the final flick of release by the hunter. The stop in stimulation left me hung there in extreme distress, like a Champaign bottle well shaken but the cork left stuck in place.

Mistress Sarah pulled Amanda off to a side, and then ordered Molly into Amanda's position, reminding her that she had missed the security detail as well. When Molly was slow to comply with the instruction Sarah whacked the riding crop across her exposed rump several times till Molly finally positioned herself, mouth open in front of my trapped cock.

Sarah said: "Molly in compensation for leaving the building unsecured you will suck slave Jack's trapped cock, and cause him to cum... in your mouth, understand? You wanted this man here so bad, it's fitting that he's driven over the edge by you."

Molly looked at the Mistress then tentatively at me, and then with a sigh of resignation she too began the task. Molly didn't take long to build me to the point of an explosion even while trapped within my metal prison. She opened her mouth and took in the shorten penis shaft and sucked without stopping, taking in the whole load in and continued to suck me dry for several more moments, rapping her tongue around all of the sensitive areas. Sarah for her part did nothing else but instead walked over to the couch, removed her leather clad panties and sat with legs wide apart, fingering her moist pussy. I tried to enjoy the view of Molly as she did her job but was otherwise preoccupied. Amanda, still bound and now gagged again was ordered to watch the ordeal from the side.

When Molly had finished her task with me Sarah beckoned her. Molly backed up and proceeded to crawl over to Sarah, and then eagerly lick the proffered clit and pussy, slowly building Sarah up to a powerful orgasm. In Sarah's hand was held a ball gag dildo from the duffle. I suspected Molly would still have another job afterwards. Amanda, apparently not one to waste a wide open opportunity crawled back to my trapped position and proceeded to lick me clean and slowly suck and nibble on my trapped cock and balls again. When she had thoroughly frustrated me once more she slowly stood, using the chair and I for leverage then offering one of her breast to nibble on against my gagged and tape mouth antagonizing me to become rock hard and throbbing again. In the mean time Mistress Sarah was eventually satisfied after another noisy orgasm. Molly was eventually allowed to stand and remove the ball gag dildo from her mouth. From her look I'm sure Molly had plenty of built up frustrations but couldn't relieve herself as she still wore the metal chastity belt firmly locked in place.

Chapter 3 - Molly's Revelations

When Sarah had sufficiently recovered from her orgasms enough to stand, she gathered Amanda with a leather leash, snapped it on her collar and they heading toward the wall partition and space beyond. I truly enjoyed watching the Mistress and her shackled naked slave leaving the room. I also had to admire Molly as well. I again soaked in the stunning beauty that was hidden beneath those loose fitting cloths. She slowly helped to remove my trappings of the evening except for the metal cock cage for which she didn't have a key. She removed the tape and ball gag last, then put the items away after cleaning. With that done she ushered me over to a large bathroom with open shower area and left, allowing me to get cleaned up and dress. Locating my cloths and the bathroom I took a quick shower then redressed.

While there I noticed the bathroom area was far from conventional. It had ring attachment points scattered throughout on the floor, ceiling and walls. Along one side was a large clear water tank, I had no idea what it was used for but suspected a kinky nature. When fully dressed the cock cage I had on made a small tent under the fabric of my slacks but wasn't too noticeable while sitting, although standing caused it to bulge a little. After dressing I learned that the space the behind the living room wasn't really an apartment at all but instead a large storage area with many pieces of bondage equipment. There was also a stairwell leading to the other floors below and above. This helped to explain why the large room was furnished so minimally. Molly reappeared as I was snooping around, again wearing a loose fitting black top with no bra, red skirt and black pump high heels on looking cute and ready to go out for a night on the town. At her request we went over to one of the couches to talk before going out about the evening's activities. I noticed it was a little before nine when we sat down.

Molly said: "Jack, just so you're aware, I'm not a lesbian, but do enjoy both women and men." Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear "Although there's still something to be said about a thick warm cock deep buried inside that makes me feel good."

I smiled at that thought.

She continued: "Like you I got caught in Mistress Sarah's trap, at first she used blackmail to ensure that I stay faithful but over time the situation has changed. Although she still has some control over me I now do most things willingly. In return she's given me a loft apartment with plenty of room and almost rent free. This gives me time and space for my pet projects and the opportunity to live out a lifestyle that includes many bondage fantasies. Someday I may want a place of my own but I'll enjoy this situation for a little while. I hadn't told anyone beyond our current little family about my twisted little mind... till I met you. It seems after a lot of conversation within the group that you have become our male genie pig. We decided to take a risk on you for several reasons which I'll explain later but here's a general outline. There are currently three of us females living in this building today along with Mistresses Sarah and Anne. Amanda you met, Georgia and I are the others loft mates. We're all employed full time otherwise but live and serve the Mistresses willingly in our off time.

Trying to understand I asked: "You said that you moved here after your breakup with your boyfriend to get away. How did she trap you?"

She answered slowly and with a measured response: "I swore off men after I broke of my engagement to Scott; he's a city patrolman in another state. We met in college and moved in together while dating. Eventually after college we moved back to his hometown. He had landed a job as a policeman because of his dad. Once moved I found a job with a local manufacture as well, so we got a small apartment and settled in for a few months. On moving back to his hometown, Scott's personality slowly began to change, coming home late and drink heavily on occasion. This might have been because of stressful situations or possibly just from hanging with his old buddies again, I'm not sure. After one particular evening incident he promised me he'd stop the drinking when confronted about it. We had a hard time making ends meet because he was spent money as fast as it was made. Then one Friday evening shortly after becoming engaged he came home very drunk again. This time he decided to use me as his punching bag and began to sexually assault me. At that point I had had enough with the situation and told him to get out, throwing his ring back at him. An ugly argument ensued until he eventually did pack a bag and left the apartment that evening but swore he didn't intend to let me go."

I stayed quiet so she continued.

"Afterwards I had enough wits that evening to get pictures of the damage to the apartment and my body taken by a female coworker that came over, then on to the hospital for treatment. The nurse and doctor wanted to file a report with the police but held off after I told them who was involved. I kept a copy of their written report and was given options of what could be done. The next morning my next door neighbors both made statements of what they saw and heard that evening in front of a notary. All these things were sent to a powerful attorney my uncle knows should something happen to me in the future. Scott's father had become the newly elected police chief so I chose not to report the abuse locally. I didn't trust anyone in that police department, leaving me with little in the way of options.

Scott even went to the point of pulling me over on Sunday afternoon and threaded me if anything was said. After Sunday evening he started stalking me everywhere I went or sending his patrolman buddies to do it several weeks. When Monday came around folks at my work saw I was battered black and blue and ask what had happened, so I told the truth. As word got out Scott quickly began to realize he'd gone too far and things had really changed. It was hell for a while just living there for a while."

"One evening about a month afterward I heard via the police scanner there was a major accident several miles outside of town. It shut down the main highway route through the town. The local police were called to the scene including Scott, so I stole away leaving my old identity behind. My mother died in an auto accident several months earlier and Uncle Frank couldn't help me from where he was so ... I ran, leaving everything but a few precious possessions and the cloths on my back. The old car I had used in college was eventually left down south in Texas with a family friend then I caught a bus coming up to Lincoln, Nebraska. Sarah had offered me a place to stay. Being very concerned about using my previous identity or credit cards I went to using cash for purchases and eventually changed my name legally. Many weeks later once safe, I sent a small package including a letter of explanation and a few copied photos to the cretin's father with a warning that all would be sent to the state prosecutor office should his son continue to pursue me. He hasn't that I know of yet. Uncle Frank knows all the details of what happened and that I'm safe but didn't tell him exactly where I was. When I got here last summer I applied to many jobs and eventually landed one with our firm."

I said: "That seems like a very harrowing ordeal, so how did wind up here and how has Mistress Sarah kept you trapped in her lair?"

Molly continued, now relaxing a little in the process: "Sarah was an older childhood girlfriend. She and her parents lived next door when we were younger. They moved away when I was just starting my junior year in high school. Sarah graduated and was heading off to college in Texas but we kept in touch. We spent a lot of time together growing up and had discovered a mutual interest...guess what that was? Mistress Sarah as she now wants to be called was the evil little witch in our role playing games. In fact, I had my first major orgasm when tightly bound and helpless by her hand, possibly helping shape who I am today. Her father eventually established a business based in Lincoln out of this building upon moving to the area. The business was later closed after he and his wife were killed in a commuter jet crash three years ago. The airline company eventually paid Sarah a handsome settlement to prevent a law suit. She eventually sold off her parents' home in the suburbs, the machinery and hardware in this building, but kept the building itself. I believe she kept the building because of its location and the availability of fresh female coeds' close by. The building was then converted to loft apartments on the third and fourth floors with a large play room here on second."

She continued: "When I needed a more permanent place to stay Sarah offered a loft apartment but with several conditions attached. One was a promise that no men would be allowed in the apartments without her consent. She had been mistreated by her father. He'd apparently had sodomized her over a long period while growing up and made her hate men in general. Certain parts of her story I can collaborate from things said when we were together. Secondly, if I accept her proposal that we start playing our bondage games again and I wear additional restraints. You've seen the collar and chastity belt; it was part of our initial agreement but I wear it now because I want to. She still holds my keys and it somehow makes me feel safer."

I said: "So, you do still have an out. You could move out and make a new life for away from here."

Molly looked at me solemnly and said: "It's not that easy Jack, Mistress Sarah retains pictures and video of our activities from the game room here, to which you are now a part. Some of her money from the settlement was spent on multiple video cameras, audio and security within the building. The video and audio feeds from these rooms are stored in a controlled area and could be used against anyone that would become a nuisance. The first floor holds her apartment and a medical supplies business she manages, if you've noticed. The basement will eventually become her new dungeon area and another apartment. She's told us of plans to become a dominatrix in the area and use her dislike of men for a practical purpose. Apparently those plans have been brewing for some time to get back at memory of her father although she still intends to deal with submissive women as well. Since she is already independently wealthy she's decided to have a hobby for her free time. Sarah supplies her slave servants a safe home except when we screw up. When that happens things can become interesting."

"So I'm a part of her overall plans now too?" I asked, wondering just exactly how I would fit in.

Molly smiled again, letting her features relax a bit more before answering: "Jack... you've been part of our plans for a little while. Her meeting you was intentional if not fully planned out for tonight. And so you know, blackmail is not beyond Sarah but it's normally not the line of first resort. Since you willingly signed the Master Slave agreement, you're already partially committed. The agreement could be considered binding and acceptable in a court of law as I witnessed it. But before you signed we all had done a considerable amount of research on you.

"Oh really?" I said. Now more curious of what I had committed to.

Molly continued: "After I got the job and met you I told the others you'd be a good candidate for several reasons, including that you were very handy in building items we will eventually need for the dungeon area and knowledgeable with pneumatics. Amanda also knew you from the doctor's office... I believe you got a good look at her attributes during the last visit, she mentioned it. She's did some checking on your health, marital status and soon found out that you have a very kinky side. We also know about a particular novelty store you frequent as Georgia works there. I believe she helped you with several bondage items purchases recently? That made our group more interested. So Anne checked on your financials, you might know her from you're bank. Then the clincher came last week when I found the DDI magazine in your cube with a dog-eared page pointing at a competing Mistress in KC. And...If you don't know, you've already helped create one specific project for the dungeon. Sarah may let you try it out later and give feedback after you've officially signed on."

Looking at Molly, I was again truly dumbfounded by the inability to keep my kinky side secret and my ex-wife's big mouth. Had I inadvertently set myself up to be used...and they were just willing to let me dig myself in deep? So now for better or worse I had now committed to helping a Mistress who had it in for men in general. Thinking about my blunder for a few seconds I eventually came to the realization that they couldn't all possibly share Sarah's same view. My cock began to harden again within its prison at this thought so I asked: "Can I get this cock cage off now? It's really beginning to hurt again."

Molly dropped the next bomb shell, saying: "Jack, I guess you didn't read the Master/Slave agreement very well, did you? If you had you'd have realized the chastity devise you're wearing is now controlled by Mistress Sarah. It's left to her discretion when or if it's removed. Oh and by the way... she told me to mention that should it become removed accidently during this weekend the pictures will be sent to your ex-wife along with a video of Amanda taking a ride on the knotty rope while yanking on your balls. But she also said you'd already know that."

This was another OMG moment, if there really is one. I was stunned by the series of revelations and now becoming very worried. Was there was no way to remove the device without compromising my future. Then taking a deep and calming breath and the time to think more clearly I knew once back at work on Monday it would be a matter of moments till I was free. Responding slowly I said: "I read the Mistress has the ability to control her slave's while on site, but I assumed that would end upon leaving the building tonight."

Smiling more broadly now, Molly knew she had the fish on the hook and had let it run itself out. Now was time to reel it in and put it in the cooler.

Molly said: "Mistress Sarah and the family decided that if you accept her proposal to become her willing slave that you should take up residence at the warehouse with us. We already know your financials and have seen the monetary drain caused by supporting the ex-wife with alimony payments, house payments, paying for the apartment, utilities and legal bills. Anne told us that you'll be broke in less than a year if nothing changes. Further, Sarah decided that if you signed the agreement and still had a set of balls after Amanda (formally known as Grace) walked the rope, she wanted you to be part of her family as soon as possible as she has additional projects to do. Sarah will give you the weekend to decide, otherwise on Monday she may decide the matter for you. Till then the metal cock cage stays locked on!"

They all had set me up to become caught in Mistress Sarah's Lair! I guessed that Molly had made a point. Mistress Sarah had me literally by the balls earlier, now they had me figuratively by the balls as well. I was both happy and upset at the same time. I said out loud: "What had I gotten myself into!"

Molly grinned then said: "Now we both have something in common, Mistress Sarah controls our chastity." Leaning in close she whispered: "And by the way, I've known about your horny desire for me for some time, so maybe later we can do something about that too..." Then smiling broadly she said out loud "So Jack...where are you taking me to dinner tonight?"

Chapter 4 - Chastity Becomes You Jack

We left the warehouse and went to dinner that night both horny and desperate for release. I could only guess how Molly felt as I had never worn a male chastity device before. It continued to hurt as Molly became the vixen to ensure my torture. Subtle movement done with her hands kept me aroused intentional or not for the entire evening. My mind continually played back the introduction scene followed by several others including her sucking me off in an explosion that was extremes of both pleasure and pain.

She had brought along her large purse during our excursion to Buzzard Billy's and disappeared to the ladies room once inside. I tried to relax by ordered a beer and watching the folks around for a bit, desperately trying to find something to distract my mind from the pain inflicted by the chastity device. When Molly did reappear many minutes later it was with a cool look of satisfaction. We eventually ordered the Fried Catfish dinners from the menu while sitting side by side. As we were sitting I found she had slipped her hand into mine for a moment. It was then that I realized she had passed me a key, without a word she went on to order her drink. I wondered if this was yet another test, so when alone again I asked: "Are you giving me a reprieve from Sarah's sentence?"

Molly responded quietly: "It's up to you what is done with it. Our conversation from earlier was recorded for Sarah's benefit as she wants me to stay faithful to her alone."

I suspected trickery might be involved in the statement but let it pass. If she had an intended plan it hadn't been fully reveled, so I pocketed the key and looked at her intently trying to figure out the next move but she continued with small talk, avoiding any additional discussion till dinner arrived and we ate. I was famished from the day's activities and finished quickly while she ate slowly, savored it. While finishing my mixed drink she finally finished so I paid the bill we left and walked to the car. It was well after eleven so many normal date activities except drinking and dancing were done so I suggested going back to my apartment. Molly was very agreeable so I made a beeline for it before she changed her mind.

During our ride to the apartment we talked more about her life with the Mistresses since coming to Lincoln, including an interesting sexual bondage story with one of the other girls. I was really in pain by the time we entered the apartment. Once inside she made a request of me. She said: "Jack... I'd like to see your bondage equipment, would you mind? I want to see what level you're currently at."

I was both happy and apprehensive that Molly had quickly taken the upper hand in our newly formed relationship. She knew I wanted to get into her pants and desperately wanted to get that metal cock cage off.

I asked: "Would you like to come to the bedroom with me?"

Molly responded: "No, bring it out here please. I'd like to see your collection in the living room.

So I disappeared into the bedroom and grabbed the bondage case, similar to the type some EMTs use from the closet and brought it back living room and opened it up on the coffee table. While Molly looked through the collection I decided to use the bathroom and found that the key she gave didn't work the lock of the cock cage, so sitting down on the stool I emptied myself and returned to the living room. She was examined the ropes, butt plugs, vibrating eggs, dildos, several types of gags and nipple clamps, leather cuffs and hardware then spotted the new strap on dildo still in its box. It had been an impulse purchase on my part although Molly couldn't have known that. Georgia, the sales gal at the emporium gave a wink and smile at me during completion of the purchase possibly knowing something I didn't.

With pleasantly sweet voice Molly said: "Would you strip for me Jack, I'd like to play for a while."

I looked at her for only a moment before willingly complying again, still wondering about the key. My clothes were quickly lying in a pool on the floor, looking down we could see my cock was deep purple in color and trying hard to expand out beyond the edges of its metal prison. She smiled, looking at my imprisoned cock and gave it several strokes as I stood naked before her. The cloths were tossed to the couch with the key still inside the pants pocket. Molly retrieved some of the nylon rope from the case and quickly tied my wrist behind my back with several loops before sitting me on a living room chair. She cleared off the coffee table of the case and other items then brought me over and asked me to lie on my back on top of it. I felt sure she want sexual release and would do the same for me given an opportunity but I was wrong.

Lying on my back only my torso and head fit on the sturdy coffee table top so she quickly tied my legs into a frog tie then anchored my body to the table at the waist and upper chest. With rope attached at the knees my legs were pulled back and anchored to the table along at the upper chest rope, leaving my rear, trapped cock and balls all very exposed. She followed up by anchoring the rest of my torso to the table as well and then added a set of Clovis clamps to my nipples ensuring they were well secured. After completion of the work she stepped back to admire her work while retrieving her purse. Taking a moment to locate it she pulled out her red cell phone/camera and took several shots of my bound form lying on the table and sent a message to someone, I assumed it was Sarah.

I asked: "What can you do if you're chastity belt is still on?"

She responded: "Oh I'll get to that, don't worry. Sarah said we should enjoy ourselves at your expense tonight."

Thinking momentarily I said: "You said we... are you expecting someone else?"

She answered: "Well now that you mention it, yes. You were right with your thought about control by Mistress Sarah. She told me to give you some room to run and see what happens. If you're the submissive little boy toy that she wants you'd leave the cock cage on even when given a chance to remove it."

I said: "I tried the key but it didn't work! Who else is coming over?"

Molly gave a smirk and answered: "I know... it was my key, Sarah gave it to me for the evening. If you would have taken charge of the situation when we first got here I'd have let you open the chastity belt and have some fun, but since you didn't...guess I'll just have to open it myself.

This wasn't fair at all, it was a misunderstanding... but that thought was short lived as Molly removed the ball gag dildo that she put her purse. This she waved in front of me playfully before pinching my nose shut for several seconds, when I finally took a breath she stuck the gag home and buckled it tightly behind sealing my mouth shut with its leather flap and the pumping up the ball attached. It was then that I heard the doorbell, wondered who would show up. This was quickly followed by thinking of my current predicament being tightly strapped to the coffee table. Thoughts of my ex-wife Judith walking through the door with a camcorder filled my brain. Molly left me struggling fitfully on the coffee table as she answered the door. Looking through the peephole first, she smiled and opened the door to Georgia, the gal who worked at the adult emporium.

Georgia and I had talked at length on several occasions while at the store. I was drawn in by her beauty and would have loved to discover what she'd look like naked. She was a dark skinned beauty in her late twenties from the Deep South, with the large breasts under a tight blouse and skin tight blue jeans that fit her hips like they were painted on, the ample view always left me horny! She was conspiratorial when we last talked, asking if I had a partner. At the time I hadn't given her conversation much thought as she bantered with all the male customers who were looking at the bondage toys. She was very knowledgeable and always seemed to guide toward the best products. One of the latest purchases was something I hadn't really considered until Georgia mentioned it while at the checkout counter. When she saw my other bondage items lying on the counter she pointed at the big thick purple strap-on cock hanging a few steps off to the side of the checkout counter marked "On Sale". Georgia said I think your gal would be really happy to be getting one of those. On impulse I purchased it thinking of the future female bondage mate or maybe just fanaticizing about Georgia at the time, I'm not sure which.

Apparently she had just gotten off work and drove over using instructions supplied by Molly. Molly sent the second text with the picture while Georgia was in route. So when she walked in the apartment and saw my current predicament she said: "Now see Jack... I told you that strap-on cock would come in handy, now didn't I."

Georgia came over to my tied position and proceeded to rake her finger over several parts of my body again causing me to struggle (unsure if it was for or against the pleasure offered). She reached in yanked on my nipples clamps, slapped my tortured cock and squeezed my balls, using her fingernails to dig in before Molly distracted her. Once Molly had gained Georgia full attention they talked together in conspiratorial whispers for several moments before walking away. Georgia disappeared into the bathroom for several moments before returning with a black hair brush I had stuck in a sink drawer. She waved it around my face to gain my attention and then used it over my body like a rake over bare ground, working around my pinched nipples and steadily toward my rear and trapped cock. When she finally got to my rear she proceeded to swat my ass, cock and balls with it, multiple times as Molly sat on the couch and watched grinning. I struggled hard and screamed into the gag as the onslaught continued for several minutes. Georgia used language which was appropriate to both arouse and degrade me as she properly worked me over.

She said: "I was wondering how that little prick of yours would be able to service any woman, now I know it can't!"

By the time Georgia had stopped I was in pain both from the brush pricks to my body and the struggles against my tied position. Hurting I'd hope they'd release me to have some fun, but this torture adventure was far from over.

At Molly's request they went over by the kitchen table and talked for a while I rested from the ordeal, occasionally looking over the items in the case and pointing my way, but I couldn't hear their conversation. It lasted for several minutes before Molly leaned in and French kissed Georgia. This was followed by some mutual groping and the removal of Georgia's top and bra, leaving the items on the table Molly swooped down on her breasts, squeezing, pinching and caressing before she began to suckle on one while rubbing the other. Molly was very aggressive as Georgia's remaining cloths were quickly removed as well. Georgia for her part absorbed the pleasure while slowly working on Molly cloths. When Molly's fingers eventually disappeared into Georgia's little tight box you heard the sounds of deep moaning and movements of her hips to meet the timing of the finger thrust. Georgia was becoming increasingly turned on and as was I, watching at an odd angle. Molly brought her to the brink of an orgasm and then over the edge. My cock was throbbing in time to her moaning; looking down the length of my torso the cock was deep purple straining for release from its continued confinement along with multiple red dimpled welt marks all over. For umpteenth time today I was horny as hell and full of pain at the same time, unaware it was going to get worse.

Georgia for her part eventually got Molly's top off, but hadn't quite made it to the rest before needing to find a kitchen chair before her legs buckled under her. While Georgia rested Molly reached over and found another piece of nylon rope from the pile now lying on the table. Stepping to the side of the chair she grabbing one wrist in the process and within seconds had both of Georgia's arms behind her back, tied at the wrist with many loops. I was surprised that Georgia didn't struggle in response; was it possibly because she knew what was going to happen. As she recovered enough to stand Molly added to her bondage. Pulling her elbows back more she tied them with loops and wrapped around so that they were only a few inched away from touching. This had the effect of pushing Georgia's breasts outward and making them the more predominant feature. Molly then addressed her breasts with additional rope tying each breast individually as she had done with Amanda earlier in the evening eventually making a tight rope bra. Georgia's tits became engorged masses pulled away from her body by many loops of rope pulled taunt during each cycle. Her areolas became the size of baseballs with the nipples protruding and begging for much needed attention. Georgia endured the torment without much complaint until the ball gag from my supplies was produced. It was a large red gag was one I had bought for myself, made of a slightly spongy material and larger than Georgia's mouth, but Molly was intent on using it.

Georgia said: "That thing won't fit me Molly."

Molly just clamped her nose shut and proceeded to wait till Georgia took a breath to say something else then stuffed it in. Her mouth became fully filled and she was unable to clamp down at all.

Molly answered: "Girl your mouth is always running so it really needs to be filled, plus it will make the next steps much more enjoyable."

With that Molly grabbed several things off the table and marched Georgia over to where I was secured on the coffee table. Once things were set down and she applied a condom to the dildo gag I now wore. Walking over to my bookshelf Molly grabbed several hardbacks additions from the shelf and stacked them on each side of my face, bringing up the side level until all that was left showing of my face was the upper portion. Georgia was walked around to the figurative head of the table; Molly turned Georgia facing away then lowered her soaking wet pussy onto my protruding dildo gag. As Georgia began to sit down her palms rested on my flat chest allowing enough flex to move but unable to rise off the device. Georgia was now impaled with her pussy covering my mouth and her engorged nub only centimeters from my nose. Molly made sure to add to my misery by tying my nipple clamps to Georgia's elbow tie. Georgia was incapacitated but still able to move up and down on the dildo using her hands to ride it, rubbing her clit nub against my nose trying to get off again, and pulling on the chain for my nipples each time in the process.

Molly proceeded to add alligator style clamps to what little was left of Georgia's trapped tits buds, ensuring that they were pointed outward in the process. Georgia whined loudly in her gag as each was applied. A small nylon rope was attached to the chain between them and disappeared under the coffee table. Last I saw a blindfold move past my vision which I assumed Georgia would be wearing. Molly then whispered something to Georgia and I quickly noticed Georgia began leaning forward and pushing nub of her clit against base of my nose more often. This apparently made her happy as she started to moan and struggle forward to make firm contact against it but also cutting off some of my airflow and pulled hard on my nipple clamps.

After fully staging the event Molly wasn't planning to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy some additional stimulation herself. She located and removed my key from the pants pocket, unlocking the chastity belt and removed it. Retrieving a smaller vibrating butterfly device also stored in her purse, she inserted it over her clit head and added the new acquired strap on dildo from its box. Its wide straps were enough to securely hold the butterfly device in place. She took several more pictures before disappearing behind me with the purple dong swinging side to side as she walked.

I was still able to breathe although each breath was taken with cum sweetened aroma of Georgia pussy mounted on my face. Her massive bound tits blocked the most of the view of her face although I could see the nipple clamps occasional straining downward as she moved. Molly finished preparations to Georgia's predicament by adding ankle shackles, and then tied both legs back towards the rear of the coffee table. This caused Georgia to lean forward in order to stay balanced. The same movement also blocked more of my air supply unless Georgia decided I needed some. This left both of us very miserable for various reasons but Molly had one last surprise waiting.

Turning on the butterfly device Molly turned up the speed enough to stimulate herself as she kneeled down behind me. Then I felt the lubricated strap-on invader slipping into my asshole in measured amounts till after several strokes it pushed all the way in, causing me to gasp for air but unable to obtain it because Georgia was covering my nose. I later learned that the rope tied to Georgia's tit nubs were also being pulled on by Molly causing her pain. Thus I about died while made into a pleasure machine for Molly and torture device for Georgia. Georgia found it easier to lean forward to reduce the pain on her nipples and enjoy her clit being rubbed while riding. The result also pulls on my nipples and cut off the air supply while Molly proceeded to bang me from behind. I was being tortured from all sided but unable to use my trapped cock, it was throbbing very hard as they rode the pleasure machine Molly designed.

Molly said loud enough for all of us to hear: "Chastity really becomes you Jack, see... you're able to service both of us ladies without using that wimpy little cock of your. Mistress Sarah will love it when she hears about that!"

Time seemed to have no meaning as the torture continued till both girls went off in one thunderous noisy moaning orgasm while I remained tightly tortured below. The liquid of Georgia's orgasm covered my whole face; Molly grabbed my balls and squeezed them tightly as she went off from behind. When Molly finally let go of Georgia's tit clamp rope I finally was able to breathe again in measured amounts till freed from my position beneath in what seemed like an eternity. Later Molly and Georgia took time to change positions riding me again although Georgia wasn't freed of her bonds. Molly sat on my face for a while as Georgia when properly fitted made use of the strap-on, ramming it in hard multiple times before finally leaving it buried deep inside when Molly finally let her loose of the position. Molly ensured another group of pictures were taken of us before Georgia was finally released. When they eventually became board of that activity they played together while recovering from the ride. I was unable to see what happened afterward but heard many grunts, groans, and squeals of pleasure as the evening wore on.

Every portion of my body now hurt from the abuse of the day when Georgia finally released me from the coffee table sometime well after midnight. My arms were numb and useless for a while afterward. Georgia helped me off the coffee table, untied me and lead me into the bathroom shower, ensuring we both were well cleaned in the process. Molly was no longer at the apartment when we came out of the bathroom but left a note on the table to enjoy ourselves and would see me sometime tomorrow. I expected that Georgia would leave as well but she instead followed me into the bedroom and onto the bed, curling up beside me and she fell fast asleep within minutes. I fell asleep smiling.

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