The Kidnapper
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Chapter One

This one looked too good to be true. Short blonde hair, long shapely legs, a derriere barely covered by the tiniest of cut-off jean shorts, and breasts pouring out of a low cut halter top. And then there was the most perfect thing of all about this one. She sat cross-legged next to a broken-down BMW on the Ocean View Road ten miles out of the city and two miles away from anyplace USA. Lisa had seen some open invitations before, and had taken advantage of her share, but this one...! This one was just too good to be true.

Normally a quick call to the guys would have been in order and the pick up could have been handled in a matter of an hour or so. But Lisa had the sudden urge to take care of this one on her own. Besides, in addition to the money Daddy would probably plop down for the return of his rich bitch daughter, this babe looked like someone she could have a little fun with in the meantime. Lisa didn't think of herself as a lesbian, but a piece of tail like little Miss BMW got her juices flowing just as much as any Hollywood heartthrob. And with the image of the blonde wrapped tightly in rope going through the back of her mind, Lisa had extra incentive to try her hand at a little one on one kidnapping, instead of the team game she was used to.

Driving down the deserted highway another mile, Lisa pulled off to the side and checked her trunk for all the needed accoutrements. Handcuffs...check; rope...check, ballgag...check; hood...check; cloth rag...check; sleep drug...sleep drug...SLEEP DRUG! Dammit, she thought, I know I've got it somewhere in here. Then suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she spotted the bottle in the corner, where it had rolled away from the rest of the bondage equipment. With a sigh of relief Lisa took the rag and the bottle back with her to the front seat, poured the fluid into the cloth, and turned the car around for the return trip to her next victim.

As she approached, nothing had changed, except that the early evening light had grown dimmer. All the better to avoid recognition, Lisa thought. How many girls she had taken in the past and not one of them could possibly identify her today, even if they stood together in an elevator less than a foot apart. To keep her streak alive she pulled the Dodger cap down over her forehead and put on the otherwise unnecessary sunglasses. The car rolled to a stop next to the BMW and as the blonde sprung up to her feet, Lisa motioned her over.

"Wow, lady, I didn't think you were gonna stop!" the blonde said excitedly as she approached the driver's side window.

"Nah, I was just checking you out first," Lisa replied, a slight grin on her lips. "Let me give you a hand."

Opening the door and sliding out of the vehicle, that's exactly what she did. In one quick motion she gave the girl a hand, the one holding the drug laden cloth. At first Lisa thought she hadn't used enough of the concoction, as she had a hard time holding on to the kicking and twisting figure. But after about thirty seconds the girl's slumped body lay on the side of the road between the two vehicles.

Not wanting to stay at the scene of the crime any longer than necessary, Lisa carried the sexy figure back to her trunk, fiddled with the keys and opened up the temporary cell. The cuffs were attached to the blonde's wrists, the rope tied around her ankles, the ball plunged into her wide mouth and buckled in place, and the hood pulled over her head and slip knotted at her neck. Not the kind of bondage job that Lisa was capable of, but there would be plenty of time for that later. She licked her lips at the thought.

ew package back to the shop for some fun. "Just too good to be true," she chuckled to herself. But to her surprise, she wasn't the only one to hear her comment, or to agree with it.

Chapter Two

"So watcha doin' out here tonight?"

The words caught Lisa by surprise of course, but she was always quick on her feet. She had to be in her line of work.

"Holy Shit! You scared me, girl!" she said to the stunning brunette leaning on the hood of the car she was now using as a hiding place for a bound and gagged passenger. The girl also impressed her. Curvy and leggy, her body language was confident and sexy. Dressed nowhere near as scantily as the blonde in the back, the brunette had an air of class all around her, as well as a pair of boobs that stretched her T-shirt to its maximum.

When she got no immediate reply from the stranger, Lisa continued, "I was out driving when I came across this car on the side of the road, and thought I'd stop to help. If there was somebody who needed it, that is. I mean, there was nobody here, so I was just gonna head out."

"Kind of dangerous in this neck of the woods, ya know," the brunette warned. "I don't think it's wise to be stopping all by yourself."

"Probably not," Lisa said, moving toward to driver's side door. "In fact, I should get on my way right now."

"Not so fast." The other girl's comment had just enough force to stop Lisa in her tracks. Her thoughts turned toward the drug filled rag she had just used on the blonde in the trunk. Where did she leave it? Was it in the front seat, or in the back with the body? Her eyes glanced quickly through the window of the car, but there was no sign of it. Maybe it fell on the floor. Or maybe it's lying on the ground. Her mind wandered back to the brunette for a moment, and caught the rest of her comments.

"...just isn't safe these days. In fact, there's been a number of young women attacked in this area. A half dozen or more, if I remember correctly. Did you know that?"

Lisa produced a dumbfounded look on her face, knowing full well that there had actually been eight. "No, I had no idea! Dumb me. Stopping in the middle of a danger zone. Hehehe." Her laugh didn't bring a reaction from the brunette, who just kept talking.

"Yeah, this isn't too far from the rich area of the city, a great place to find targets for kidnappers. Coeds come out here looking for a shortcut, or to make out with their boyfriends, or to find a place to smoke or do drugs. And before you know it, wham-bam-thank you ma'am, they're tied up and gagged in some warehouse."

"Hey," Lisa muttered, "wait a minute."

"What's wrong, bitch? Sounding too familiar to you?"

In fact, it wasn't just sounding familiar to the kidnapper. It was looking familiar, too. Lisa's eyes started to widen as she realized she had seen this chick before. If her heart was beating fast earlier, it was now getting ready to pop right out of her ample chest.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she tried to say innocently, but she knew exactly what was being talked about. Standing just a few paces away from her was one of the eight girls - she recalculated; nine girls now, if you count the one in the trunk - that she had taken for ransom in the past year. Hunter, she seemed to recall, was the name. Hunter O'Reilly. Daddy was a producer. Paid a bundle for her too, but not fast enough. Gave the boys at the shop lots of time to work the girl over, and under.

"Oh, you know alright, sweetie," Hunter said with a grin, the first real expression she had showed until now. "You know, because you were in on it."

"What? You're crazy! I'm getting out of here right now."

"Uh-uh" was what Lisa heard, but that's not what stopped her movement. It was the gun that Hunter had lifted and pointed directly at her head.

"Now, if you don't mind, open up the trunk."

Lisa's brain was still trying to imagine where she had dropped the damn cloth, and her eyes darted around looking for it as well.

"Looking for something, bitch? Well, I am, too! And I think I know where she is. OPEN THE TRUNK!"

Lisa realized that the girl meant business, and she wasn't about to argue with the pistol in her face. So, with her mind still moving at a hundred miles a minute, she took her keys back out her pocket and headed for the trunk. Opening the compartment, she hoped that the blonde had somehow disappeared, but there she was, in all of her bound glory, still unconscious of course.

"Lady, let me introduce you to Holly. I'd reciprocate for my sister, but you seem to have knocked her out for the moment."

Lisa found it interesting that the two girls were named Holly and Hunter. Daddy must have been a movie fan, she thought. But just then a more important bit of information was cast her way. There was the cloth in the trunk, lying next to the victim, the blonde, Holly..., whatever!

A quick glance back at Hunter gave Lisa a ray of hope. The brunette was staring at her sister's predicament and, in the process, had let her guard down, as well as the gun. Lisa knew that it was now or never. So the kidnapper made the decision to go after two for the price of one.

Chapter Three

Lisa knew she wouldn't have time to grab the cloth and get to Hunter before she'd react; not to mention she didn't want to tempt fate with that gun. So her remaining choice was to grab the girl first and then try to work her toward the cloth. And who knew if there was enough of the drug left on it to do any damage anyway. Well, she'd worry about that later.

But now it was time to pounce. Pushing off from the ground with all the force she had to give, she dove straight for Hunter's midsection. The girl's reaction was quick, but not quick enough. Lisa could hear the breath go out of her and took advantage of the situation by karate chopping Hunter's wrist. It wasn't a black belt move by any stretch of the imagination, but it got the job done. The gun fell to the ground.

Lisa landed on top of Hunter and used her weight to keep the other girl down and away from the weapon as she reached for it herself. Once she got her fingers on it, she let the stunned brunette go, but now pointed the gun in her face.

Hunter gathered her composure and her breath while Lisa planned her next move. Sister one in the trunk, sister two at gunpoint. Things were getting more complicated by the minute, she thought.

And the biggest complication was just about to come around the bend. Roaring out of nowhere, spewing dust and dirt in the process, came a big blue van. Hunter started waving at it, but Lisa would have none of that.

"I'll shoot you in a second, babe. Trust me."

"Sorry, Babe, but I don't think you will," Hunter responded, reaching for her pocket.

"You've got guts, girl, and I'll blow them all over the road if you don't keep your hands in front of you. I've got a gun here, and I'll use it!"

Hunter laughed. "And I've got a cell phone here, and I've used it already. Oh, and by the way, the gun? Empty. No bullets." She grinned from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat.

Lisa couldn't - wouldn't - believe it, and she pulled the trigger. The quiet click told her exactly what Hunter had. She'd been duped.

If that didn't sink Lisa's heart, what came next certainly did. The van rolled to a stop right behind the two cars on the side of the road, and out poured seven women. She first thought they must have been circus clowns to have fit inside, but quickly discovered they were a different traveling troupe.

"Holy shit," Lisa whispered in disbelief.

"Yeah it is," Hunter replied. "How'd you like to get to know all your victims? I know they are just itching to get to know you."

Chapter Four

The introductions actually came a little later, back at the farm. The "farm" was the back lot of the O'Reilly estate, a combination mansion and hideaway, just perfect for what the nine women had in store for their new number ten.

The living quarters on the farm were lush and exquisite. The yard included tennis courts, a trampoline, and a swimming pool, where Lisa's kidnap victims were now splashing and playing. Back beyond the pool was a two-story barn, full of items no farmer ever envisioned. And finally, behind the barn and in its shadows, was Lisa Stevens.

Not much of the kidnapper was in fact visible to the naked eye. That was because most of her naked body had been buried in the dirt. Her head pulled back, Lisa recalled the rude awakening she had received during the past 12 hours.

Her trip to the farm had been in the trunk of her own car. Her body had replaced Holly's, while the blonde had been untied and carried by her friends to the BMW. Before slamming the hood on Lisa, Hunter let her know that their car had really not been broken down at all. For days they had been taking turns setting up this charade, hoping to catch those responsible for their kidnappings in the past with this trap in the present. They really hadn't planned for any success, Lisa herself had said...things turned out just too good to be true.

When the three vehicles arrived at the farm, Lisa's was immediately driven into the barn and hidden from view. The woman herself was pulled out of the trunk and tied to a pole in the middle of the barn. There she officially met her new playmates.

Cynthia was the first victim reintroduced to Lisa. Cynthia was a blonde with breasts almost as large as Lisa's. Shorter than the other women, she also was the most quiet, hardly making a sound as the introductions were made.

Whitney was cute as a button, with long red hair and a gymnast's body, lithe and powerful. She stood hand in hand with Meg, another redhead, whose eyes seemed a fiery mix of anger and lust. Lisa knew she wanted nothing to do with that one, as if she would currently have any choice in the matter.

Joey sat cross-legged on the floor of the barn. Her blonde hair fell over her eyes, and she fiddled with her fingers as Hunter continued to name the other girls.

Muffy had the blackest hair Lisa had ever seen and deep, dark eyes to go along with it. Her figure was not as curvaceous as the rest, but she was tan and slim and sexy.

Dawn stood in the back, acting almost afraid that Lisa was going to reach out and attack her; not very likely, considering the ropes that tied her hands behind the pole. Still, Lisa understood, remembering that this platinum blonde had spent the most time in her clutches, and, before the ransom had finally arrived, had been tortured by the guys a little too severely for even Lisa's tastes.

And finally there was Violet, who looked like she didn't belong with the rest. Unlike the Valley Girl types that surrounded her, Violet was a Gothic beauty, hair dyed to match her name, clothes black from head to toe, and piercings everywhere Lisa could see, and probably many places she couldn't.

The great eight - Cynthia, Whitney, Meg, Joey, Muffy, Dawn, Violet, and Hunter - with Holly making nine, even though her kidnapping had hardly been long enough to rate.

"So who wants to get acquainted first? Hunter asked.

"Oh, I'd love to be first," Meg stated coldly. Just what Lisa had been afraid of. Meg let go of Whitney's hand and walked straight to their trophy. "And what's your name, cunt?"

When Lisa hesitated, Meg slapped her hard.

"Hey, that's not very nice!" Holly shouted.

"Shut up, Holly," her sister snapped. "Meg was just trying to get our friend's attention."

"Yeah, like what's your name, cunt?" the redhead asked again.

"You think I'm gonna tell you that?" Lisa replied. "Do you think I'm nuts?"

"Probably not," Cynthia said, quietly stepping forward, "but what's the difference." Reaching around Lisa's body, she simply unzipped her fanny pack and pulled out her ID. "Lisa Ann Stevens," she read. "3285 Edwards Place, Los Angeles. See, Meg, you don't need to beat it out of her after all."

"But maybe I want to anyway, Cyn. Did you ever think of that?"

"C'mon, ladies," Hunter interjected, obviously the leader of the pack. "It's getting late anyway. Let's get little Lisa ready for bed." Her accompanying chuckle sent goose bumps down Lisa's spine.

Violet was the one who came up to Lisa next. She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a switchblade. Lisa squealed, leading to a roar of laughter from the crowd.

"You think we're going to kill you, bitch?" Hunter snorted. "You wish!"

Violet then started cutting away Lisa clothing, ripping and tearing wherever the knife didn't do the trick. Off came the sandals, and then the underwear as well. When Violet carved through Lisa's bra, her breasts poured out in full.

"Like, they're gigantic!" came a voice from the side.

"Shut up, Holly," her sister told her again.

The women proceeded to untie Lisa from the pole and led her outside of the barn, where it was now pitch black, probably getting close to midnight, if Lisa's body clock was still functioning.

"By the way, Lis, did you ever watch golf on TV?" Hunter almost casually inquired.

"What's it to you?" came the cocky reply.

"Just wondered if you knew what the gallery usually shouts to the golfer during the match."

"What? 'You the Man!' or something like that?" Lisa sneered.

"No, I mean when the players are taking their shots. Ladies, you know, right?"

"I do, I do," giggled Holly. "They say, 'Get in the hole.'"

"That's right," her sister smiled. "And that's what we want you to do, bitch. Get in the hole!"

Just then, Lisa was pushed into a deep hole dug in the dirt in front of her. The fall hurt, but the bind that the girls next put her through soon made her forget that little pain.

First, she was forced to kneel in the hole, her feet and knees tied loosely with rope, and her hands and elbows bound behind her, pushing her breasts out even farther. Lisa had a bad feeling about this, especially when some of the girls started shoveling and kicking dirt in all around her. When her lower half was covered, Lisa started to panic. Despite what Hunter had said about not wanting to kill her, all she could think of was being buried alive. However, a closer examination of her remaining height, as well as the depth of the pit, eased her mind - somewhat; but it certainly didn't make for any less of an ordeal.

Meg hopped into the remaining half of the hole and grabbed two handfuls of Lisa's breasts, resulting in a loud yelp from the half-buried girl.

"Don't worry, Meg, nobody will hear her. Be as rough as you want," Hunter encouraged.

"That's my plan, honey-child," Meg answered. "Here, girls, get the dirt down under these monsters."

The end result of Meg's molding was Lisa's chest being pushed unnaturally upward, with her nipples actually pointing at the night sky. When the girls finished filling in the hole, to everyone's amazement, the nipples alone stood out, like little mounds growing out of the dirt.

"We don't want to lose these," Meg said. "Whitney dear, get me some clamps."

Lisa was about to utter another scream when her mouth, already agape and ready to protest, was filled from behind with a device that Lisa couldn't picture; only feel. Two hard objects were jammed between her back teeth on the left and on the right. The mouth she had voluntarily opened so wide could now not be closed in any way.

In addition, one of the other women grabbed a thick handful of her hair and tied it off, pulling the resulting tail back as far as Lisa's head would allow it to go, and attaching it to a spike driven into the ground a foot behind her. The pain in her forehead and neck were severe, but nothing compared to the mind-boggling bite she next felt in her left nipple. Lisa couldn't control the scream, even though it came out like some kind of grunt, with her body in the forced predicament that it found itself in. The matching sharp bite into her right nipple followed a few seconds later. She couldn't see the nipple clamps or the chain that attached them, but she could feel their ungodly teeth seemingly pulling her tender flesh apart. To add insult to injury, Meg placed a collar around Lisa's neck, complete with a D-ring in the front, and proceeded to clip the nipple chain to the ring, pulling the little nubs even farther out of the ground and away from her buried breasts.

Looking down at their one-time kidnapper, the nine women nodded in agreement. This was a good way to start their payback.

"By the way, ladies," Hunter spoke up, "anyone need to pee? The toilet's wide open," pointing at Lisa's mouth.

"That's so gross, Hunt," Holly sneered. "I can't believe you said that."

"Shut up, Holly," eight voices sang out at once. They were all in such good spirits. Of course, the same could not be said for the tortured figure before them, whose head and nipples were the only extremities to be seen, stretched out above the ground, while the rest of her body was buried below. It was going to be a hell of a long night for Lisa Stevens, kidnapper.

Chapter Five

The sleepover with the girls should have been more fun. Lisa heard her friends giggling in the bathroom and wanted to join them. The sounds of water splashing and towels snapping made her wonder just what they were all doing in there. But every time she tried to roll over and get out of bed, her chest throbbed.

"Hey guys, come back in here," she called. "I think I'm stuck under these covers." As stupid as that sounded, she simply couldn't move. What the heck was wrong anyway?

The bathroom door opened and one of her friends came running at her, smiling. "Wake up, sleepyhead," she said, tossing a glass of water in her face. The shock of the cold liquid made Lisa turn her head away...

...and shot lightning into her breasts. Opening her eyes wide, Lisa came back to reality. Still buried alive behind the barn, she realized it wasn't a sleepover friend tossing a glass of water at her that woke her up. It was one of her torturers standing over her, dribbling water on to her stretched face. Her natural inclination to pull away had torn at her nipples by means of the chain connecting them to her collar. And then the ultimate indignity. Lisa thought she was going to vomit. It wasn't water, was it? One of them was urinating on her!

"Take it easy, precious." The small blonde leaned over and caressed her cheek. "Just checking on you. Had to make sure you weren't going any where, ya know."

As her eyes came more into focus, Lisa realized that it wasn't urine falling on her from the above; only water. The girl had obviously just gotten out of a swimming pool and was still dripping wet.

"I'm Joey," she sang softly to the head sticking out of the ground, "and I'm horny. How'd you like to do something about it?"

With that Lisa saw the girl's distant face replaced by a close up view of her crotch. Carefully kneeling with her legs surrounding Lisa's face, Joey slid her dripping pussy right up to Lisa's mouth.

"I know it won't be easy with your jaw stretched, but how 'bout using that tongue of yours. I'll make it worth your while later," she purred.

Lisa had no idea what that meant, but also had no way to avoid the girl's advances. Besides, the warm fluid Joey rubbed against her was the first moisture she had been granted in hours and almost felt like a salve on her lips. So stretching those lips and her tongue with all the might she could muster, Lisa did her best to perform orally for her new mistress.

A few moments later she was getting an obviously positive critique. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, right there! Don't stop now. Don't you dare stop, you cunt. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Joey was clearly enjoying herself immensely. Sadly for Lisa, Joey was also losing control of herself in the throws of passion. Her hands grabbed Lisa's head from behind and slammed it into her shaved pussy. Her humping hips stretched and released, stretched and released Lisa's already taut nipple chain. Lisa knew she was getting an A for effort, but she also knew she could no longer breathe, her nose jammed up Joey's clit. Then, with the force of a volcano, the blonde orgasmed. Her body fell back and rolled to the ground. And Lisa had air. She gasped for every ounce of it she could find. She also took advantage of the situation and tried to glance down past her cheeks to see if she could spot her nipples protruding from the earth, looking to see if they were still attached to her breasts or if they had been completely ripped off during Joey's wild ride. Unbelievably they were still there, and, to Lisa's surprise, didn't look any worse for the wear, even thought they felt like two nails were driven into them.

"Very nice, my little sex toy," Joey purred. "How about a little reward." To Lisa's surprise, her rapist proceeded to reach into her mouth and pull out the attachments that had kept her jaw extended since last night. To her even greater surprise, her jaw still wouldn't close, as if it was fused open after such a long torture, and an agonizing new source of pain rolled over her. Her scalp, her nipples, her jaw. What next? And then the tears started.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Joey cooed, petting the head in front of her. "Don't cry, Lisa. You were wonderful! I'll tell you what. I'll go and get the rest of the girls and you can have some fun with them, too. Isn't oral sex great!!!"

With that Joey scampered back to the pool, leaving Lisa in disbelief. If she had to go through such torture another eight times, she would most certainly die.

Luckily for her, that wasn't what the girls had in store for her the rest of the day. Unluckily for her, what they had in store was much worse.

Chapter Six

When Lisa was finally unearthed, her body was as numb as it was filthy. She had lost control of her bladder and bowels shortly after dawn. She had lost control of her senses shortly after Joey. When the girls began digging her out of the dirt, she wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not, but when they lifted her out of the hole and began to stretch her legs out for the first time in half a day, the pain told her this was all too real. Of course, there was no way that she could walk on those two useless extremities, so Hunter told Holly and Violet to carry her.

"She's disgusting, Hun," Holly protested. I'm not touching her!"

"Shut up, Holly," Hunter snapped back. "You don't have to touch her. Use the damn pole."

Lisa's eyes grew wide when she heard the order, not knowing what the pole was or where it was intended to go. As it turned out, it slid behind her back and under her arms, which were still roped as one at both wrists and elbows. A connecting cord was then attached from the pole to her feet, so that when Holly and Violet lifted the two ends of the contraption, Lisa hung parallel to the ground. A ball gag was jammed into her mouth and strapped behind her head. The poor girl was in no condition to retaliate. Instead she hung her face in humility and endured the short ride inside the barn.

Once there, a quick shower awaited her. The water was about 70 degrees and came from a hose, blasting her body as it hung from the pole, which had now been draped over two Y-shaped uprights, but it served its purpose. The dirt and filth were removed, along with the various creepy crawlies that had hitched a ride on Lisa's slumped body. If she had seen them she would have been dancing in the air in panic, but her body's condition offered her this one small favor - she could neither feel nor see the insects.

"Okay," Hunter interjected. "Enough bath time. Let's get the measuring started. Muffy, you're in charge."

"Yes sir," the black haired beauty replied, with a casual salute. "She looks pretty worn, but I'm guessing we can get that body looking pretty sexy again in no time. Clothes make the man, ya know."

"And the women," Violet added. "Think you can make this one look like a woman again, Muff, or is she just gonna be a garden ornament?"

"I don't know. I've modeled with worse, though. And the fetish store has stuff that'll cover up the bitch's weaker spots anyway."

As the two continued their conversation, Muffy was circling Lisa, wrapping her body with measuring tape, and jotting down the resulting information in her little black book.

"Wow, nice numbers, girl!" Muffy frowned. "38-28-38. And the tits are double D's." The frown then turned upside down as she added, "We'll have loads of fun with those later on."

The next measurements were a bit more personal. Muffy first used her fingers to gage the size of Lisa's three "openings."

"Her mouth's pretty normal, and her cunt could take a lot, but I do believe we'll have a bit of a time with her asshole. Don't think she's ever taken anything up there before."

Leaning close to Lisa's ear, Muffy added, "But we'll make sure you'll lose that virginity real soon, won't we, baby." As if to underline her point, Muffy took a soft plastic plug, lubricated it, and started easing it into Lisa' back hole. The hanging girl began to buck, but Muffy continued the measuring.

"Listen, Lisa, we can do it hard way or the easy way," she said. "Besides, you'd better learn how to take something up your ass, sense you're gonna be plugged from now on anyway."

Lisa was in no mood to give in, so Muffy came around to her front, grabbed her hair, pulled up her chin and looked directly into her eyes.

"Okay, this is how it's done, Lisa. You push like you're going to the bathroom. The plug slides in nice and tight. You'll feel full, but the pain will stop almost immediately. Got it?" Muffy spoke bluntly and seriously.

Lisa realized the girl was trying to help her deal with an unavoidable circumstance, and that fighting was only going to make it worse, so she surrendered. I little tear and a slight nod told Muffy that she had won. The measuring prod entered, a slight gasp of breath through her nose the only sign from Lisa of her objection.

"Alrighty then," Muffy smiled. "I've got what I need. I'll see you girls later." With that, the slim model headed for the door, letting Lisa and the others watch her hips swaying widely.

"Mmm-mmm," Violet licked her lips. "That is one hot chick, huh?"

Lisa would have agreed, accept that she had no use of her mouth at the moment, nor her hands or feet or body for that matter.

A second later Violet added her eyes and ears to the list. After brushing Lisa's wet hair straight down the back of her head, the Goth girl went to the wall and returned with a leather hood. Before Lisa even had a chance to notice it, the top of her head was covered, and Violet was silently proceeding to pull the black covering down over her face. With her fight starting way too late, Lisa couldn't resist the intrusion and felt the tight leather entirely surround her head in just a few instants. The only openings in the bondage device were at the nose and mouth. Of course, Lisa's mouth already was stretched around a ball gag, so the lower hole did her no good. However, Violet made sure the other hole lined up with Lisa's nostrils, giving her a chance to breathe. As the hanging girl's latest panic subsided, she next felt hands working at the back of her head. If she could have seen, she would have been watching Violet lace up the strings on the back of the hood, pulling the material skin-tight and tying it off, drawing the red rubber ball deeper into her mouth, and accenting each of Lisa's attempts to breathe. Her breasts heaved in unison, the nipple clamps still attached through all of the ordeal, and the chain between them swaying in harmony with Lisa's efforts.

"Very nice," was Violet's simple assessment of the situation. Lisa's was "Uggggghhhh."

Chapter Seven

While waiting for Muffy to return with Lisa's wardrobe, the other women took advantage of the free time to torment their captive some more. Growing tired of the simple pole bondage, Hunter suggested that they use some new equipment on their victim. After some discussion, the steel stretching machine was chosen to be tested first.

Lisa's pole was removed from the Y-shaped stands, and then her feet, wrists, and elbows were untied. Having her arms in front of her for the first time since she arrived at the O'Reilly torture chamber, Lisa wanted to rub and massage them for hours. Instead, after only a few seconds, they were lost to her again.

This time Whitney and Meg grabbed one wrist apiece and strapped them to either end of a hollow steel dowel that measured about three and a half feet long. The rope that connected the straps ran through the dowel itself. A similar dowel was then used to spread her feet a similar distance apart. Hunter and Holly then joined in on the fun, and the four women dragged Lisa to another corner of the barn, where a series of hanging attachment were wired to what looked like a car motor.

Lisa's lower dowel slid into a foot long bracket that hung about six inches off of the ground, leaving her heels in the air and her toes straining for balance. Next, her upper dowel found a similar bracket a few feet higher in the air. At first Lisa had little trouble bending her body to get a certain amount of relief from the parallel brackets, but that ended soon enough, as Hunter flipped a switch on the motor.

Immediately the bracket holding the upper dowel and Lisa's wrists began moving toward the ceiling. Her upper body was pulled up, followed by her lower regions. Finally her feet began to rise, but only until the bracket holding the lower dowel prevented any more motion. Lisa's toes left the ground, and even though she stretched with all her might to make contact again, it was no use. She was hanging in a strict X, pulled tightly in every direction, north and south, east and west.

Wearing her hood, Lisa had no idea about the manner of her bondage, only that she could not move anything but her fingers, toes, and head. That last option was taken from her next, as Hunter fastened a strap around her hooded forehead and tied a rope through the ringed end. The rope was then pulled back, down and under the lower dowel and stretched tight. Lisa's head was yanked back, reminding her of her previous night's predicament. To make sure that she didn't just pull her head back forward, Hunter pulled the other end of the rope back up from below and tied it off on Lisa's nipple chain. The result was a tug of war between Lisa's neck and nipples, with neither of them winning.

Holly then added her two cents worth of torture by fingering Lisa's clit until her juices began flowing. Using them as lubrication, she forced a rubber penis up inside of her. Lisa danced in midair but only managed to drive the tool in deeper, while sending more fire into her breasts at the same time.

"How 'bout a little help, Cyn?" she begged. "Get me that crotch strap over there."

Cynthia did as she was told and brought the double belted item from its shelf. One belt, a wide four inch monster, was tightened around Lisa's waist, leaving its one inch companion dangling over her pussy. Before turned her attention to that strap, Cynthia pulled the waist cinch one notch tighter, making Lisa's 28 inch waist closer to 24 inches.

Finally the blonde guided the lower strap through the slot on the outside end of the dildo Holy was rubbing into Lisa's crotch. Pulling the belt up in back, the two girls managed to basically cut Lisa's lower body in half, with the belt disappearing between her cunt lips in front and coming back into view out of her butt cheeks in back. Again Cynthia refused to take no for an answer and somehow managed to pull the belt up one last notch in the rear. Lisa thought the penis shaped intruder was going to come out of her throat, it was driven so far up inside of her. But there was little she could do about it. She was now completely spread, hanging in an X between the ceiling and the floor, her head stretched back, her nipples dragged down, her cunt violated and her mouth filled.

"What did I do to deserve this?" she asked herself behind the hood. But sadly, the kidnapper ultimately knew that she deserved every single thing that she was getting.

Chapter Eight

It had all started a little over a year ago with a conversation Lisa overheard between Sam, her boyfriend at the time, and a few of his disgusting poker partners. They had the ridiculous idea that they could form some sort of a kidnap ring that would concentrate on the daughters of the area's richest residents. At first Lisa laughed at the thought and later argued with Sam over the inherent dangers of the proposition, but then she began to play out the possibilities in her own brain. She eventually approached Sam's friends with some suggestions of her own. The words took. And a few weeks later they had Dawn Sturgis hogtied in the back of their van.

Lisa had done the legwork herself - not on the hogtie, but on the preparation for the kidnapping. She had searched out countless records at the local colleges, as well as keeping tabs on some of the unsuspecting potential victims the gang had lined up. Dawn was the one ultimately chosen, for two reasons: 1) Lisa felt she would bring the highest ransom as a hostage, her father being an oil tycoon et al, and 2) Sam and his buddies thought she was the hottest looking babe of the candidates. "Men," Lisa muttered.

Her first attempt at kidnapping went better than even she could have possibly imagined. Dawn had demonstrated a regular craving for Starbucks and would walk down to the local coffee shop each night after her studies, most of the time alone. Lisa picked a Monday night to attempt the heist and hit the jackpot on the first try.

Sam's friend Ace had given her the right knock-out drug to use, and Dawn was out like a light just ten seconds after passing the bush where Lisa was crouched, waiting for her. A quick cell phone call brought the rest of the gang in seconds with the van, and no one on campus seemed to notice the young girl's shapely body being pulled inside. A rope here and a strap there, a blindfold over her eyes and her own panties tied between her teeth, and Dawn was immobilized.

There was only one catch. Lisa had failed to discover that Dawn had a history of playing games with her divorced parents, even pretending to run away from them on a number of occasions in the past. Their less than stellar relationship had led to her being ostracized from her father's home for a number of months now, resulting in trouble for both Dawn and her kidnappers.

For Lisa and her accomplices, there was the unexpected situation of a Daddy Moneybags who didn't immediately respond to his daughter's abduction, but kept the purse strings tight, thinking he was being played. For Dawn the consequences were more severe. She faced an increasingly angry gang of kidnappers that wasn't too happy when no ransom seemed to be forthcoming.

"So what do we do with the damn chick?" Sam finally asked after three days of waiting.

"I don't know about you guys," one of the others replied; Lisa knew him only as Spider. "But if I'm not getting any money for her, then I'm getting something else for myself instead." It didn't take long for the other men to agree.

Lisa herself hadn't planned on heaping a rape charge on top of kidnapping, but she had no control over the four gorillas who now wanted a piece of tightwad Daddy Sturgis' luscious daughter.

Dawn had been neatly packaged for a couple of days in a back room, with Lisa taking care of the regular bathroom and feeding breaks. She tried not to listen to the 20- year-old's pleadings, and made sure Dawn remained blindfolded at all times. Now she started to wonder if there was any way to release the girl before the guys took out their pent up emotions on her. Before she had a chance to seriously think such a plot through, however, it was too late.

Spider quickly unlocked Dawn's cell and tossed her body over his shoulder. Carrying her out to the main room of their hideout, the men began the lusty job of ripping every ounce of clothing from her body, and then started taking turns attacking it. Tying her hands roughly behind her in a reverse prayer position, the four proceeded to fill each of the girl's orifices with their eager cocks, sometimes individually and sometimes in unison. Dawn was forced to blindly give head to one of her rapists, while another plunged into her from behind. She would be laid out on a table, her legs spread wide to take still another member, while one more attacker held her head back down off of the table top, while thrusting deep down her throat with his manhood, gagging her when he came.

The gang rape lasted for at least an hour that night and continued on and off the next day. By the time the Sturgis check book had been opened and the ransom paid, Dawn had been traumatized to the point of dead silence and shocked acceptance whenever a further violation of her body would take place.

Meanwhile, Lisa had decided that she had enough. She couldn't deal with what the others were doing to the girl - that is, until Sam eventually dropped her share of the ransom money in her lap. $20,000 somehow made it possible for her to better forget Dawn's problems in a hurry, and also opened the door to seven more kidnappings over the next year with the gang of greedy monsters. She and Sam no longer had interest in each other as lovers as the events progressed, but they remained firmly attached as fellow kidnappers. Together the gang treated the other captured young women with similar disdain, including healthy doses of bondage, rape, and torture, although never to the degree poor Dawn had experienced. Maybe it was because her attack had led later fathers to respond more quickly and without hesitation to their daughters' calls for help. Maybe it was because the gang itself began to find other ways to manipulate their victims without leaving such lasting scars. Maybe it was because Dawn had just been the unlucky one.

Whatever the case, Lisa now wished that she didn't have to deal with poor Dawn any more. She wished she didn't have to see the girl's face ever again, especially in their new context. But instead, that poor, unforgettable face was now approaching her straight on. And Lisa knew she was about to experience a payback that Dawn had only dreamed about for a long time now.

Chapter Nine

Lisa's leather hood had been removed, along with the rope that connected it to her nipples from below. This allowed her to see Dawn coming toward her holding in her hand a shiny metal shaft that looked almost like a javelin. "This couldn't be good," she thought. Her eyes were her only way to express that message to Dawn.

"Do you remember me?" the girl responded, tossing her platinum hair back as she approached. It was the first time that Lisa had heard this one of her handlers speak. "Or maybe I should ask, 'Do you remember what you did to me?'"

Lisa tried to tell her that she hadn't done those things; that she was innocent of what her associates had done to the poor girl; that she wasn't to blame - but the ballgag strapped into her mouth made any pleading inaudible. Still, Dawn got the basic point.

"That's right, lady. Tell me you don't deserve what you're getting. Tell me we shouldn't give you exactly what you gave us. Tell me not to jam this pole right up inside of you. Tell me all of that, after what I had to go through; after what we had to go through. I'm sorry," Dawn finished, "but you deserve everything any one of us can think of to pay you back."

After a brief pause to see Lisa's terrified reaction, especially to the remark about the pole, Dawn added an offer of hope, "Of course, you might help yourself if you could tell us the names of the bastards you worked with."

Lisa knew this had to be coming. She had debated already what to do if the question ever arose. Could she give up the four men that she herself had grown to hate, but whom she also feared? What would they do to her if they ever found out that she did? Would her torture be worse at the hands of the rape gang, or from these college aged women? Lisa's decision, up until now, had been to keep her mouth shut. Besides, she thought, the gag was pretty much preventing her from saying anything to the contrary anyway.

Lisa indicated that very thing by glancing down past her cheeks to the ball and strap encasing the lower part of her face.

"Ah, the gag," Dawn answered. "Don't worry, like you might need it first. I mean, like my ears don't need to be tortured like my body was. And they would probably explode if they had to listen to you screaming in a minute. We'll just worry about the gag a little later then, okay, sweetheart?"

At that, Dawn had arrived directly in front of Lisa's hanging body. Looking at each other, their faces just a few inches apart, each girl considered the stark irony of the situation. The hunted had now become the hunter; the attacker was now the victim. Dawn could see the terror in Lisa's eyes, and Lisa could see the hate in Dawn's, and it then exploded in an unexpected slap across her face.

"I can't believe you made me go through all that crap!" Dawn whispered, tears streaming down her cheek. Lisa's own tears followed.

Then suddenly from the side came another voice. It sounded like Hunter, Lisa thought.

"Get on with it, Dawnie. You've been waiting for this chance for way too long."

"You're right. Let's see how she likes being impaled." Dawn's voice had such a calm maniacal sound to it that Lisa's body shivered.

Dawn reached behind the trembling woman and unlatched the crotchstrap. The penis shaped plastic slid out of Lisa's cunt with a squishy PLOP. It was replaced by the head of Dawn's weapon, which was maneuvered up deep inside, tickling Lisa's inner walls. Her body retreated to no avail. The two locked spreader bars kept her open and defenseless.

Dawn next knelt down below her victim and found a connecting devise which locked the pole in place over the lower bracket holding Lisa's feet wide apart. It now also held the impaling pole tightly inside of her.

But Dawn wasn't through with her just yet.

"I bet these babies have to be on fire by now," she said, letting her fingers do the walking over Lisa's clamped nipples. Wrapping two of the fingers from her right hand around the connecting chain, she gave a nasty pull. Lisa nearly lifted out of her skin, although in reality her movement was minimal - the bondage just wouldn't allow any.

Sweat began to pour from Lisa's forehead as Dawn continued on, "How long you been wearing this jewelry? A day? Nipples weren't meant for that, you know? Here, let's see how they're doing." She then popped open Lisa's right clamp and sent the hanging girl into another round of wild undulations. If having her little nub originally bitten was painful, the shock of its release was unthinkable. As the blood poured back in, the feeling was like a knife flaying the very center of her breast.

And, of course, then came clamp number two, and the spasms reactions that went with it.

"Oh, I'm sorry, - is it Lisa?" Dawn feigned pity. "Does it hurt too much to have them off? We'd better try them again."

Lisa's agonizing scream almost forced the ballgag right out of her mouth. But again her body refused to help. Dawn simply reattached the clamps, sending new shock waves through Lisa' chest. Panting and heaving, the ex-kidnapper could only wait out the fiery stabbing pain she had earned for herself a year in the past. The only benefit at the moment was that this torture was keeping her mind off of the new intruder down below.

To add insult to injury, after a few seconds Dawn repeated the procedure, removing and then reattaching the clamps Then she tossed one more set for good measure. Lisa was driven almost insane with the pain.

"Hunter, where's the chloroform she had with her when she took Holly?" Dawn suddenly asked.

"Right here, Babe. You want it now."

"Yes'm, please."

The two girls could have been talking about lunch, Lisa thought out of the fog surrounding her.

"When you wake up, Miss Stevens, we'll continue the discussion. Okay?" Dawn actually smiled, her eyes lighting up. She seemed to be coming alive again, with Lisa's torture the magic formula. The once quiet one then lifted a drug stained cloth to Lisa's nose and held tight. With so little strength left to fight after her unbelievable ordeal, Lisa succumbed quickly and slipped into dreamland; or, in her case, nightmare land. But the real nightmare came when she woke up a short time later, still on the pole, and needing to fight for her life.

Chapter Ten

When Lisa came to, her head throbbed terribly. It took a few seconds for her to clear the cobwebs away and readjust to her situation. Only it had changed dramatically. Although she couldn't see her full bondage scenario, she certainly could feel it.

First there was the good news. Her arms and legs had been mercifully released from the tight confinement of the X-frame. In fact, now only a pair of handcuffs kept her hands behind her, with a similar pair of cuffs adorning her ankles. Both her arms and legs were thus allowed a certain amount of free movement to and fro. Her face was also amazingly free for the moment. No blindfold, no gag. Meg and Whitney even offered her water for her parched throat.

But then there was the bad news.

Lisa now hung from the bracket above her by means of her hair! The medium length brown locks had been expertly wound together and attached via hook and rope so that most of her body weight was held off the ground only through the good graces of her straining scalp. The fact that only most of her weight was being so dealt with had to do with a second bondage contraption Dawn had devised for her victim. Simply put, it was a rope bra, wound so tightly around, through, over and under Lisa's chest that her breasts now jutted out like huge ripe melons. Added cords at the base of each melon were then tied off above the tortured pair, and connected to another rope which darted up past Lisa's face and finally tied off somewhere above. The result was that Lisa's body also hung by means of her now purple tits. There was a tug of war going on between her hair and her breasts to determine which would hold the most weight, but she herself had almost no control over the struggle. After all, she had nothing with which to push or pull. Her hands could be stretched, one at a time, around toward her aching breasts, but could do nothing to loosen them. They also had nothing to grab hold of for support. Likewise, her feet were unable to latch on to anything, the cuffs keeping them behind the pole below her, with no foothold to be gained against the smooth steel.

And then there was the steel, the most frightening thing of all. That pole, driven into her earlier by Dawn, was still there, with Lisa's cunt juices dripping down it from its unseen top. Only now, the girl's body was riding the intruder like never before, with only her hair and breasts keeping her from being literally impaled by it.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God..." Lisa found herself chanting, as she began to grasp the danger of her situation. She begged, "Please, you have to let me off of this thing!"

Glancing as best she could around her hanging body, she saw most of the women casually staring back at her. Dawn was still in the forefront.

"Okay, sweetheart," she said, "Now's your chance, your last chance, in fact. Tell us the names of those bastards you work with...or else...." At that Dawn showed to Lisa what she held in her hand, a long menacing knife, almost machete-like in appearance. Lisa's eyes widened as her brain started considering the possibilities that Dawn might have in mind for it.

"I don't know their names; please, you have to believe me. I don't know any of them," Lisa pleaded, but to no avail.

"Fine then," Dawn responded. I wanted to do this anyway. We'll find the others on our own later without you."

"Wait a second, Dawnie," Cynthia protested, and both she and Whitney moved haltingly toward the girl with the blade.

"Do what?" Lisa asked, not really wanting to hear the answer Dawn had for her.

"You can't see the pole stuck up inside of you, sweetheart, but I know you can feel it," Dawn began to explain. "Well, in a second I can make sure you really feel it! I'm gonna cut the ropes holding you up, and - WHAMMO - impaled kidnapper!"

Lisa's eyes widened even further, and Dawn continued. "I don't think that steel will go all the way through you, but far enough to do some serious damage. At any rate, I sure wouldn't want to be the one riding that pole."

Lisa's mouth was agape, but for the moment no words were coming out of it. Then, suddenly, a blood-curdling "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" echoed through the barn. Joey quickly responded by coming forward and cupping her hand over Lisa's lower face.

"Now, now, lover," she cooed, "We're tired of all the negative vibes we're getting from you. All we want is a couple of positive responses. A couple of names please. Got it?"

Lisa tried to shake her head up and down, even though hanging from her hair made that option next to impossible. Still, Joey seemed to understand her reaction and removed her hand.

"Okay, okay, please. I'll tell you. I'll tell you what I know."

"That's more like it," Dawn smiled, and the other girls halted in their tracks. "Who are they?"

"Well, that's the trouble," Lisa began. "I don't know their names per se. Only what they were called. I...."

She never got the chance to finish the sentence. Instead, Dawn screamed at her, "You bitch! No more of this crap! You either give us their names or you can take the plunge! Which will it be?"

"But I don't know..." Lisa answered, now panic stricken. The hesitation was all that Dawn could take.

In an instant, she began chopping at the rope.

"No, don't." Hunter ordered.

"No, no, no!!!" Lisa screamed. She felt the taut rope giving way. She felt her body begin to slip downward ever so slightly. She felt the pole slide deeper into her insides, ready to rupture her beyond repair.

"It was Sam," she screamed. "It was Sam Ward!"

She had done it. She had given up the name of her ex-lover, and with it the trust of his gang of vicious rapist kidnappers. But she had done it too late. A split second later, the rope snapped.

Chapter Eleven

The terror that rushed through Lisa's body paralyzed her. She knew she was about to die, or at best be brutally scarred for life. She waited for the searing pain to hit her from the inside out. She anticipated being skewered like a shish kabob. She even found herself wondering what they could possibly do to her for an encore after this indignity was past. Could there be anything else? Could there be anything worse?

Then suddenly came the realization that nothing was happening. There was no skewer. There was no shish kabob. There was no impalement; at least none worse than the one that she was already enduring. The pole remained deep inside of her, of course, but the result of the rope being cut was simply a slight change in position, and no further penetration whatsoever.

"What the..." was all Lisa could muster, before realizing that she had been had. Her ex-victims were in various stages of laughter, with Holly literally on the floor in tears, while Dawn only stood there with hands on hips, smiling at her successful ploy.

Unbeknownst to Lisa, while she had been unconscious and strung up on the pole, her weight was actually borne by the ropes wound around her chest. Her hair had been pulled taut to simulate hanging by it, and her breasts were certainly cruelly extended, too, but her body itself was not supported by either. Therefore, when the rope holding her other two extensions was chopped apart by Dawn, the original suspension took over once again.

When Lisa came to grips with all of this, two emotions seized her. First, there was the relief of not having been physically torn apart by the impaling pole that she still rode. Second, there was the humiliation of being played for a fool by these other women. Lisa's head hung down in sickened surrender. It was then she knew that her ex-victims now controlled her. They owned her. They could do whatever they wanted to her, and there was nothing she could do in retaliation. At that moment she knew she was now not just their victim, she was their slave, their toy, their possession.

"Please, please, please let me down," she softly mumbled, too tired to say anything more.

"You tired of hanging around, my pet?" Hunter chuckled. "I bet you are. Maybe some time in your box will help. C'mon, ladies. Let's bring her back to earth."

To her great relief, Lisa's private impaling pole was unceremoniously slid out of her from below and her body was slowly lowered to the floor of the barn. For the first time since her abduction she was actually given the privilege of a bathroom break, although she wasn't allowed to go alone. Hunter stood watch, making it hard for Lisa to relief herself. But eventually she overcame her embarrassment and went. A quick shower followed, the water cold and the soap harsh, but she did as she was told.

Her reward was a strict hogtie engineered by Violet, who used a handful of inch wide straps of various lengths to secure Lisa's ankles, calves, knees, and thighs, before folding them over and strapping her legs in half. A similar fate awaited her wrists, lower and upper arms, leaving her elbows touching painfully behind her back. Additional straps pinned her arms to her body both above and below her breasts and at her waist. Finally one last strap was connected between her wrists and ankles and cinched so tight that she felt her knees and chest slightly leave the ground.

Whitney and Meg lifted the trussed up package off of the dirt floor entirely and laid her into a four by two by two foot oak box. A half hole was cut in the front, into which Lisa's head was laid, just as if she was being placed on a guillotine. The top half of the hollowed out wood was slid down to connect with its lower partner and then the top of the box dropped into place and padlocked on each side. All that could be seen from the outside was Lisa's head protruding.

"Time for some dinner, pet," Hunter told her. "And you'd better eat while you can. That mouth of yours is going to be full of something else soon enough."

Lisa couldn't determine what it was that her captors placed in front of her for food, but she knew it wasn't something she would normally have been willing to try. It could have been dog food, or just some kind of ground meat, she didn't know. But she knew what she had to do, like it or not. She humbly licked at it, slurping into her mouth any of the concoction she could reach with her tongue. Later a bowl of water was slid in front of her and she indulged in that, too. Finally, in keeping with her word, Hunter removed the dinner tray and buckled a huge 2 inch rubber ball behind Lisa's teeth, with straps holding it in place both below her jaw and over her head. The exhausted girl hardly fought her during the process.

"One last article, pet," Hunter added. It was a thick posture collar of hard rubber which she tightened around Lisa's neck. There was nothing she could do to avoid it, and even less she could do once it was on. Her head could no longer bend down to the ground for relief; it couldn't bend at all; only stick straight out of the box hole. Breathing was therefore also a challenge. Lisa had to concentrate on every breath, her hidden chest heaving deeply from the base of the encasing box.

"Nightie night, dear Lisa," Hunter sang as she examined the kidnapper and then swayed out of the barn.

"Night, bitch," Meg called as she also departed. "Sleep tight. Real tight."

Eventually all the remaining girls also took leave of their suffering victim, each mocking her, the last one turning out the light. It was pitch black and completely quiet. Lisa prepared for an agonizing night.

However, sometime later - it seemed like hours, but could have been minutes - Lisa heard someone approach once again. In the dark, and in her bondage position, she couldn't tell who it was, although the girl's smell was like almonds. To Lisa's shock, a voice whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, Miss Stevens, I'll find a way to get you out of here. I know they're all crazy, but give me some time. Don't give up hope."

At that the ghostly figure knelt down in front of Lisa's head. Her first thought was Joey asking for more oral sex. But instead she felt fingers playing with the heavy collar around her neck. A moment later it was removed. Lisa could have jumped for joy, except that every other muscle in her body was still stringently strapped together. Still, for the first time in two days, she had something to look forward to, a reason to go on, a reason to live.

And yet there was going to be hell to pay in the meantime, which Lisa was reminded of when she heard her rescuer quietly leave with the ominous aside, "I'll be back before dawn to put that collar on you again. We don't want Hunter to know, do we? In the meantime, try to get some sleep. You're going to be modeling tomorrow. And it's not going to be fun."

Lisa had no idea what that meant, but immediately took advantage of her small bit of good fortune and fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Twelve

When Lisa awoke, she thought she was being strangled. As it turned out, she was just being refitted with the posture collar, and none too soon, in fact. For just a few seconds after it was buckled in place behind her neck, Hunter and Holly marched in to check on their boxed guest.

"What's up, doll?" Hunter asked the woman standing over Lisa's now immoveable head.

"Just making sure she wasn't going anywhere," the voice above answered, unrecognizable to Lisa.

Holly looked puzzled and wondered, "But how could she go anywhere like that?"

"Shut up, Holly," her sister snapped. "She was being facetious."

"Facetious?" the ditzy blonde responded.

"You know - joking around!" Hunter sighed. "Sometimes I wonder how you and I could have possibly come from the same genes."

"My jeans are in the wash," Holly giggled, playing dumber than she really was. Hunter rolled her eyes and went back to the door.

"Let's go, girls," she called outside, "Miss Stevens is ready and waiting."

Six pairs of long legs eventually ambled into the barn, but Lisa couldn't tell to whom they belonged, and therefore which pair was missing and already behind her. All she could be certain of was that Holly and Hunter were not the ones who had come to her aid that night.

Nor were they planning on coming to her aid now. Instead, a duffle bag of paraphernalia was tossed on the floor five feet in front of Lisa's nose and Hunter squatted down to unzip it.

"What do we have here, Muff?" she asked slyly.

"Well, let me show you," Muffy answered, sitting down cross-legged next to the bulging container.

One by one the black haired beauty pulled a series of kinky items out of the bag and displayed them for Lisa and her handlers to see.

"We've got some nice blow up toys," she started, dangling a number of black bladders from her hands, each connected to what looked like little air pumps, just like you'd see on a blood-pressure cuff.

"And then there are these little monsters," jingling together a number of clamps and chains. Some of the alligator teeth clamps were covered in small rubber sleeves, others were uncovered and even more dangerous looking.

"We can't forget the basics," Muffy continued. "Clothes pins, electrical tape, gauze, rope...." She listed each item and then proceeded to toss it onto an ever growing pile in front of Lisa.

Finally, from the bottom of the bag came a cache of black leather clothes.

"Pretty kinky stuff, Muff," Whitney acknowledged.

"Thanks, sexy. Too bad it's not for you," Muffy responded with a wink at the redhead.

"So let's get this show on the road," Hunter interrupted, going through a handful of keys. Finding the right one, she unlatched the padlocks on the top of Lisa's bondage box. After the head lock was removed, the now sweat-soaked body was lifted from the container, but not before the women took note of how the trussed shape had seemingly not moved an inch in the overnight hours.

One by one the straps holding Lisa tight were unbuckled, allowing blood to rush back into her extremities. Lisa wasn't sure if she was better off immobilized with no feeling, or set free only to experience the pain of her arms and legs coming back to life.

Whitney and Meg sharply pulled her to her feet, and held her up while she got control of herself once again. Joey then unbuckled the ball gag and pulled it with some difficulty from behind Lisa's teeth, before leaning over and giving her now empty mouth a sweet kiss, including a little tongue. The wink that followed made Lisa wonder if she was the midnight visitor.

Finally, Lisa's collar was removed once again, and she stood stark naked in the middle of her nine victims. There was a moment of silence as the eyes of the women examined her strap-marked flesh, causing Lisa to turn flush and cover herself as best she could, even though she had already been spread and completely revealed to those eyes over the past couple of days.

"Okay, Lisa," Hunter eventually said, "We're going to spruce you up a bit."

To the kidnapper's surprise, they literally did just that. The women washed her, blow-dried her hair, even added a little make-up to her face. Whitney and Muffy, obviously experienced in the ways of the beauty parlor, dolled Lisa up like a queen, curling her hair and polishing her nails. All the while Lisa tried to figure out the method to their madness, but couldn't.

Next came the wardrobe. Muffy had shopped well....if the customer was a hooker! Slid onto Lisa's legs were rubber "stockings" that molded to her gams up to the very top of her thighs. Then pulled up past the top of those leggings was a black girdle that tightly encased her hips. One thing was missing from the kinky underwear. It lacked a crotch, leaving Lisa's lower lips protruding out of the black rubber, and her butt crack exposed as well. A pair of five inch stiletto heels was slipped onto Lisa's feet and her lower body was complete.

Her upper torso was quickly made to match. A black leather corset was wrapped around her waist and pulled much too tightly for Lisa to bear. A rubber bra was then pulled over her breasts, but with holes where the cups should be. The result was that Lisa's large mammaries popped right through and stood firm and outright.

"Very nice, Lisa," Whitney mewed. "Now strut your stuff."

Lisa didn't know where all this was going, or if Whitney was in fact serious. Hunter made it clear that she was.

"NOW, bitch! Shake your booty."

Lisa began to walk around the barn, trying to maintain some balance on the high heels, and not looking all that comfortable in doing so.

"C'mon, Miss Stevens," Whitney pleaded. "You can do better than that."

Lisa tried to do what they asked for, but nothing she attempted seemed to meet with their approval.

"I've got an idea," Meg suddenly said. "Let's teach her to model."

Immediately Lisa knew the other shoe was about to drop. "Wait a minute," she protested. "I..."

"No. I," responded Hunter. "I will decide what you have to say about the matter, or not say." To make her point, the brunette ringleader pulled Lisa's head back and forced another ballgag into her mouth. This one wasn't as big as its predecessor, but there was another added bonus to come.

As two of the women held Lisa's arms tight, a black leather hood was pulled down over her face. When shifted into place, it left holes for Lisa's eyes and nose, as well as for the red ball in her mouth to jut out. The bottom situation didn't last long, however, as Hunter snapped a mouth piece over the lower hole, jamming the ball deeper behind Lisa's teeth. An additional wider panel was then snapped over her eyes, leaving a shapeless black leather head to hover over Lisa's black leather and rubber encased body.

Her vision now compromised, Lisa had to depend on her sense of touch to discover what was coming next. But the rest of the women enjoyed watching every moment with wide, anxious eyes.

What they saw was Muffy pull out more of her new toys, starting with a single glove for Lisa's arms. Once they were slid inside, a zipper sealed them together from palm to elbow and two straps at the top - black leather, of course - were wound around Lisa's chest and buckled in place.

By this time the only flesh still visible to the naked eye was Lisa's shoulders, her breasts, and her upper thighs. Otherwise, she looked like a rubber doll.

Hunter decided to return the posture collar to Lisa's neck, further lengthening the woman's frame, which was now close to six feet in the heels. Lisa was then maneuvered forward a couple of feet and also found herself being forced to take a step up onto a platform. She would learn what it was soon enough. First, however, she felt her head being pulled up. Meg was doing the honors, running a loop between the O-ring at the top of the leather hood and a beam immediately above Lisa's frame. Another rope was laced through a similar ring at the end of her single glove, which was then also pulled up to the beam. Lisa started to lose her balance when forced forward by the strappado position, but she managed to regain it by stretching her arms up and back as far as she could. Her body was again almost perpendicular to the platform on which she stood, with her arms at close to a 90 degree angle behind her.

As bad as that was, Lisa had no idea what was coming next. Her jutting breasts found out first. Violet attached two of the alligator clamps to the girl's nipples, choosing the ones with no protective rubber coverings. The teeth bit directly into Lisa's tender mounds and forced her to jump. The jump caused her to lose her balance, and her body began to sway drunkenly off its moorings. Stretching her toes, Lisa eventually found the pedestal again and regained her tenuous position. But the pain in her nipples grew worse.

Showing no mercy, Violet then pulled the chain connected to the nipple clamps straight forward and hooked it over a upright set directly in front of Lisa's chest. The chain now also reached in a 90 degree angle from her body in the opposite direction from her arms. The position was impossible to maintain. Or at least Lisa assumed it would be, as her shoulders and nipples already ached from the strain after only a few minutes.

But there was still one more added torment awaiting her.

"Time to practice your modeling, Lisa," came Hunter's voice. "Just pretend you're on the catwalk, cunt, with all those eyes watching over your every move. Just don't fall. We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, especially those tender little nips."

Lisa heard a motor start and her feet began to move slowly below her. Her body began to pull away from the nipple chain, ripping at her flesh. Lisa's instincts told her to walk forward, which she did, relieving the pressure temporarily, but as soon as she stopped the torment began again. Then the light bulb came on in her brain. She was standing on some sort of a treadmill. To maintain her equilibrium she had to keep a constant pace, walking on the platform, while bearing the added stress of her arms and nipples being pulled in opposite directions.

"Wait I minute," Hunter's voice shouted out. "This is too easy. Turn the damn thing off."

Lisa managed to stop walking as the platform stopped moving. But she then felt her ankles being worked on. What she couldn't see were two leather cuffs buckled around each, with a foot long cord tied between them, making it impossible for her steps to be longer than that.

And then there was the ultimate intrusion. Holly and Hunter lubricated two dildos, one large and one small, and rammed them home into Lisa's front and rear entries. Lisa's protests were hardly heard through the gag and hood that molded her face. Holding her body so that it wouldn't fall, the girls then sealed the penetrators home with a thin strap between her crotch that attached to a wide belt around her waist. A flick of two switches and the battery operated tools began to whirr away inside Lisa's now quivering body. Her legs started to buckle, but the bondage wouldn't allow it. Instead, the treadmill was restarted and Lisa's modeling walk began anew.

To the women admiring their work, she seemed to be the perfect puppet on a string, a sex toy doing only their bidding. Her feet tried to move in time with the machine; sometimes failing at first and being forced to almost hop along on the stiletto heels, her breasts bouncing when that became necessary, and her nipples yanked painfully as a result.

But she learned, and after fifteen or twenty minutes Lisa found her gate, taking the proper number of steps necessary to maintain her balance, along with the right length of stride to keep from tripping herself in the process. The only question was how long she could continue the exercise. Or maybe the better question was how long she would be forced to do so. Only time, and nine vengeful women, would tell.

Chapter Thirteen

It was pool time again for Lisa's new playmates. Another warm afternoon greeted them outside the barn. They decided to go skinny-dipping this time, while enjoying some choice items from the O'Reilly poolside guest house, including enough beer and wine to get them more than a little plastered.

Lisa was plastered, too, with sweat. She couldn't tell how long she had been forced to maintain her balance and her stamina on the bondage treadmill, but she knew she wouldn't be able to go on much longer. From head to toe she was losing her battle with the intolerable conditions. Her head was again in agony from the collar and the hood that held her stiff and hanging from above. Perspiration filled the leather, adding to the musky smell, dripping into her eyes, and making Lisa even more aware of the tightness of her confinement. Her jaw was aching more and more by the minute and her neck needed to bend before she would go crazy from the strain, but Lisa could hardly dwell on such minor details. Instead she had to focus on thrusting her chest forward to protect her stretched nipples from the steel alligator teeth continually biting them, while at the same time keeping a steady pace walking on her toes due to the precarious position caused by the high heels she was forced to wear. Even so, all of this she thought she could have accomplished, if it wasn't for the fact that two vibrating dildos were running rampant through her lower parts. The constant throbbing in her pussy and her backside kept her somewhere between the throws of an orgasm and the agony of a torture chamber. Pain and pleasure, pain and pleasure. Lisa had never felt the two so closely connected before.

She knew she had certainly walked a couple of miles by now, despite the adverse conditions, and her chest was naturally pushing in and out like a piston from the resulting heavy breathing. She tried to empty her mind, but instead found herself concentrating all the more on one perplexing pain after another.

Then, just like that, the machine stopped.

Lisa wasn't ready for the sudden change and continued walking forward another couple of steps. Her arms, of course, wouldn't allow it and she immediately lost her footing in the process. A scream came from her throat, but was lost in the hood, as she hung for a second by her shoulders, head, and nipples, until eventually her toes found the now resting tread below her.

Her eyes first widened in pain, but then widened again in expectation as she felt another body close to her.

"I think you've gone for a long enough walk," a voice whispered next to her ear. "Let's get you down from here before you kill yourself."

It was impossible to tell whose voice it was, but Lisa knew her savior had once again arrived. Was this the time the unknown stranger had chosen to set her free? Hope sprang in her brain as she felt her ankles being unbuckled. Anticipation arose in her heart as she felt her legs being massaged and stretched, something she had wanted to do with them forever, but that had been impossible because of the hobbling cord between them. And...

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?"

The upset shout came from the side, obviously from the doorway to the barn. Lisa couldn't tell who said it, or to whom it was being said. But through her hooded bondage she thought she could make out the following conversation, and it wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"Oh hi. I wasn't doing anything, really! Just thought I'd, uh, turn up the heat a little bit on our guest. She, uh, looked about ready to keel over in exhaustion"

"What do you mean, turn up the heat? Looks to me like you're trying to let her down."

"What? Like, no way! Why would I do that? I just wanted to have a little fun while the rest of you were relaxing?"

"Hey, hey, hey. Now that's a little different. Mind if I play along?"

"Well, uh, no, not at all."

It sounded to Lisa that the girl who wanted to help her was now trying to figure out a new way to hurt her, just to save her own skin, or maybe to make it possible to later save Lisa's. In the meantime, the tortured brunette just hoped her friend would think things through carefully, since there wasn't much more Lisa could handle at the moment.

The ultimate solution turned out to be something she couldn't.

"I was thinking that, uh, we could turn up the volume, so to speak, on Miss Stevens."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's see if we can get her to make some noise behind all that leather."

"What the hell is she talking about," Lisa thought in a panic.

"What the hell are you talking about," came the reply from the other woman as well.

"Here, let me show you."

Lisa obviously couldn't see what was happening, but she felt movement between her legs. She knew there were hands at work along her crotch strap. She waited for any change in her condition. Then, CRASH, it came!

It felt like a jet engine had just been turned on between her legs. Somebody, she assumed her "guardian," had just cranked up the level of the vibrators strapped deep inside of her from "grinding" to "disemboweling." Her whole body reacted in unison. Her torso pushed forward, her head stretched back, her legs stiffened, and her lower openings tightened. At the same time Lisa gave the desired effect the women were looking for as she began to moan deliriously from behind her gag and hood.

"That's right, baby, let's hear you come," a voice begged from next to her.

"Wait, I've got another idea," the other voice giggled.

A minute later, the other idea was added. Lisa didn't know what an eroscillator was, but she was personally introduced to the long vibrating magic wand over the next several minutes. Its powerful motorized head was placed under Lisa's crotch strap and directly against her clitoris. If she thought that the two dildos inside of her were capable of driving her to agonizing ecstasy alone in tandem, she hadn't felt anything until the eroscillator was added to the mix.

Lisa's moans became screams. Her stiffening body began to gyrate in the air. Her knees and thighs tried to lock together to prevent the attack. And her breathing came in incredibly quick gasps. Her whole body humped in the air as if she were riding an imaginary lover. But there was nothing she could do. The two women held her in her locked position and continued the torture.

Lisa's first orgasm was like a gigantic explosion. Her scream was so loud that it could actually be heard outside by the other women. Her second orgasm was more painful and more sustained. Her clit needed to get away from its attacker, and now! But their constant connection was maintained. By the time the other women came dripping naked into the barn, Lisa was experiencing orgasm three or four or five, or else she was still going through the unending waves of number two. At that point it didn't matter. Lisa's rubber encased body gave out. She fainted dead away. She hung like puppet on a string

"Holy crap, guys, what did you do to her?" Holly asked the two women surrounding their captive.

Whitney and Cynthia looked at each other in amazement.

"I guess we gave her the ride of her life," Whitney smiled, shyly putting her hand over mouth.

"Either that or we killed her," Cynthia added in shock over what she had just seen and heard.

"Hey, don't worry about it," Hunter responded with a grin of her own. "Time to give her some down time anyway. Let's put her on the bars."

Lisa didn't hear the command. But when she woke up she found out what it meant.

Chapter Fourteen

Lisa had played on monkey bars as a little girl. She had enjoyed bending her body over the bars, hanging from her knees on them, all the other things that little girls would do. She just never thought big girls would have monkey bars in their bondage playrooms. But Hunter and Holly O'Reilly did, and Lisa was now strapped to them.

The simplest way to describe these bars were adjustable pipes, able to be moved and adjusted into just about any kind of shape imaginable, each one designed to contort and stretch the human body attached to the bars. Right now that human body was female and it belonged to Lisa. Or maybe it was safer to say that it belonged to Violet.

The Goth girl had been in charge of the new change of position for the kidnapper. Having been brought down from her modeling session on the treadmill. Lisa had been administered to again by her captors. Her hood and gag had been temporarily removed, as well as the two penis shaped devices that had plowed away inside of her for the last few hours.

When she had come to, some basic nourishment was forced into her mouth once again, as well as some much needed fluid. A quick trip to the bathroom netted enough results for the women to think that she would be ready for her next adventure.

Violet began her dominance by forcing a ring gag behind Lisa's teeth and strapping it into place, leaving the poor girl's mouth open and ready for anything else her mistress had in mind for it. The rest of her body was still covered in rubber and leather, but it was now stretched out into a new position.

The bars that held her looked like a huge capital I, with the upper and lower arms extending out a couple of feet from the vertical bar that was attached to them. The back of the vertical bar was connected to another pipe that controlled how the "I" was to be positioned. Right now it stood upright, meaning Lisa's attached body was also in a standing position, although standing wouldn't exactly apply to what she was doing.

Instead, her wrists and ankles were strapped to the ends of the upper and lower bars, which held her in a strict spread-eagle X. Thick straps were also holding her tightly to the upright pole at her waist, above and below her breasts, and around her neck and forehead. The straps kept her body tightly in place and left her high-heeled feet reaching for the dirt below her, but a frustrating couple of inches away from it.

If Violet so desired, Lisa's X-frame could be adjusted into a horizontal position, or even an upside-down variety. For the moment, however, she hung right side up.

"Clothespins, ladies," Violet requested like an operating room doctor.

"I've got 'em," Dawn responded, bringing a bag full of the wooden clips for Violet to use, which she did...on Lisa's plump breasts. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, eventually the entire bagful adorned her tits, which were already sticking out from the rubber brassiere she wore, but otherwise not looking much like a woman's breasts any longer. They looked more like some kind of strange pin cushion, with the pins of the clothes variety.

It wasn't the worst pain Lisa had experienced in her chest over the last several days, but it hurt. Her resulting whimpers brought some mock sympathy from Violet.

"Too much for you, sweetie? How about we take your mind off those pins."

Lisa tried to shake her head no, especially when she realized that Violet's idea of talking Lisa's mind off of her tortured breasts was to add torture to other areas of her body instead. She started with Lisa's mouth and still aching crotch. Violet carefully selected the black bladders that Lisa had seen Muffy display previously and, one after the other, forced them into the three cavities that were open to her on Lisa's stretched body. The first was pushed through the ring gag into her mouth, the second up into her vaginal opening, and the third into her no longer virgin asshole. Each disappeared into its matching orifice, but with a little rubber hose extending back into the outside world. At the end of each hose was a small pump. Violet started with the one at Lisa's mouth and began to repeatedly squeeze it, gradually filling the bladder with air. It didn't take Lisa long to discover that her jaw and cheeks were going to be in for a new experience. She had been forced to keep her mouth pried open before and had managed to wear mouth-watering gags throughout her ordeal, but this was ridiculous. Her eyes grew wider, even as her mouth did. As Violet completed the procedure, stretching Lisa's face farther than humanly possible, a little gage suddenly popped out of the bladder in the middle of the O-Ring.

"Done," Violet chirped casually, as if being told by a pop-out thermometer that her Thanksgiving turkey had just finished cooking. She proceeded to remove the small hose from the bladder, leaving Lisa's face in distended blown up agony.

"Time for your privates, sweetie." Violet knelt down and repeated her efforts on the bladder filling Lisa's front hole. The measurements that Muffy had taken days earlier proved too perfect, once again allowing Violet to fill her prisoner to the max before the secondary gage popped out, telling everyone that there was no more air to add, nor room to add it. The second hose was removed, and Violet went to work on bladder number three. Lisa's bodily gyrations grew more violet with each bladder fillings; her final objections causing the whole play structure to shake and actually move a couple of feet on the floor. Of course, Lisa herself remained in the same spread-eagle X, no matter where the platform ended up. A few minutes later her butt was also plugged to a degree that she could never have imagined possible. She felt like she was so stuffed that she was going to explode, but, of course, no such relief was to come.

Instead, Violet had one last blowup toy to use on the tortured girl. What looked like a figure eight tube was slipped over Lisa's clothes pin covered breasts. Violet took great care in not knocking any of the wooden clamps off in the process. When fully adjusted, the tube secured the base of Lisa's already swollen breasts, made so by the small holes of the "bra" through which they were forced out. Only now Violet further increased the pressure as she began blowing up the tube. As the tube grew wider and larger, the spaces in the middle of the figure eight grew smaller. This caused the instrument to steadily tighten around Lisa's tits until their bases became only a few inches each in diameter. The process was made even more painful for the victim as one by one the wooden clothes pins attached to her flesh were forced to pop or slide off by the pressure. Lisa didn't think clothes pins coming off in this way could hurt more than clothes pins being put on, but now she knew differently.

Eventually an entire bag of clips lay on the floor below her, while her breasts extended out like two swollen balls, bigger than softballs, smaller than soccer balls, but purple and bulging no matter how they could otherwise be described.

"I think if we untied her now," Violet joked, "she'd float away on those balloons."

The other girls laughed, but they weren't quite done playing yet.

"Here," Dawn suggested, "Let's add some jewelry."

Over her bulging cheeks Lisa caught sight of two oversized clamps. She could have sworn they were as big as those used to connect battery cables to a car. Of course, she was mistaken, although the pain she felt when they were clamped on to her two stiff and tender nipples was no different than if she had been connected to such cables. A scream formed in Lisa's throat as each clamp bit down on her, but the sound came out only as some kind of guttural howl behind her bladder filled face.

"Don't worry, baby," Dawn smiled. "You won't even feel them in a minute or two. Of course, just wait 'til they come off. Ouchie. Unless they saw off those little nipples in the meantime."

Lisa didn't think that possible, but the thought brought even more emotion to her already anxious face.

"Okay, girls," Hunter interrupted. "Let's let little Lisa rest for a while. She's worked really hard for the day. Oh, but maybe we should give her a different angle on things before we go."

It was then that Lisa discovered the moveable nature of the bars to which she was strapped. With a few twists and turns that released and then retightened the various pipes, Lisa soon found herself with her head now near the floor and her feet pointing skyward, but with all of the other bondage and torture devices firmly in place over and in her body.

"Later, love," Dawn waved.

"See you tonight, Lisa" Whitney winked. Meg swatted her butt as she did so, and the two ran naked back outside. The other girls followed, with Cynthia in the rear. Lisa begged any of them with her eyes not to go without doing something, but her pleading look brought no response that she could tell. Instead, she hung there alone, filled, clamped, and stretched.

However, one of those problems was soon going to be taken care of.

Chapter Fifteen

After a short time, and short was a relative term in Lisa's case, she was mercifully returned to a more tolerable position, still spread-eagle, but now horizontal to the floor of the barn. Hunter herself had come to make the changes to the bars, but had offered not a word to the strung up girl during the move.

However, a bit later, with the room bathed in shadows, the door opened once again. This time Lisa heard soft movement across the floor and soon recognized Whitney's fire red hair tied in pigtails and draped over the striking girl's shoulders. She also wore a tight T-shirt and jeans, socks and tennis shoes, but Lisa's view of the outfit was limited, due to her current bondage.

Whitney scampered up quietly to the iron bars with a finger over her lips, indicating that Lisa shouldn't make a sound. It seemed like a ridiculous request, considering the pumped up gag completely filling her mouth.

"I'm here to help you," Whitney whispered. "The others were, like, we've got to keep her as a slave, and I was, like, no way! We can't do that. And they were, like, she deserves it, and I was, like, no one deserves to be a slave. And, well, you get the picture, right?"

Lisa wasn't sure if she did, but Whitney's girlish words still sounded like heaven to her at the moment.

"I'm gonna take those clamps off first, okay?" the redhead offered. Lisa wanted to say no, but Whitney went on, "They're gonna hurt, but it's better to remove them with that gag stifling your mouth than to take them off when you could scream way out loud." Lisa grudgingly knew she was right, and bit down hard on the rubber stretching her jaw, while sealing her eyes tightly shut. As Whitney opened the teeth of the first clamp, Lisa somehow managed to keep quiet, but when the second one came off she couldn't hold back a mighty howl. Still, the gag did its job and kept the scream at minimum volume.

"Good, good," Whitney commented. "Now let's remove some of the plugs."

She started in reverse order from the way Violet had inserted them. In each case she relieved the pressure from the interior bladders and then slowly slid them out of Lisa's body. The brunette felt somewhat hollowed out when the process was done, and better yet, could breathe easily for the first time in hours. Whitney then removed the posture collar from Lisa's neck and went to work massaging her shoulders.

Slowly her hands moved down to the bulging breasts and Lisa then felt Whitney's fingers rubbing her tender nipples. The pain in them was interspersed with the tingling feel of excitement as Whitney brought the little soldiers back to attention.

Lisa waited for more of her body to be released from bondage, but instead her companion was too busy kissing and fondling her. Whitney moved to Lisa's face and slid her tongue through the ring gag and deep into the bound girl's mouth. Meanwhile, her left hand made its way down to the mound between her legs, and one, two - eventually three fingers slipped into the slit still stretched wide by its previous occupant. Lisa shivered as Whitney began to bring her to orgasm.

It was just before her body erupted that the other girl in the room made her presence known.

"So you're being a bad girl again, Whitney." It was the other redhead, Meg, who spoke. She went on, "Playing with the toy tonight instead of with me?" Her words stopped Whitney dead in her tracks and caused her to pull her fingers out of Lisa's pussy at just the wrong time. Lisa thrust after them, but to no avail.

"No, Meggy; well, yes, Meggy, I guess I am," Whitley smiled shyly. "So whatcha gonna do about it?"

"Get on your knees!" came the stern reply, and Whitney did as she was told. "Now strip!" Without a moment's hesitation, Whitney began to slide out of her outfit, revealing an unbelievable alabaster and athletic body, which she was not embarrassed to show off.

"I'm afraid you need to be punished for what you were doing, my love," Meg told her, and Whitney softly answered, "Yes, Mistress." Lisa began to realize that they had played this game before, and her hope of release suddenly popped like a balloon. Whitney hadn't been planning to free her at all. She was just playing her part in some little sex fantasy. The light at the end of the tunnel for her had turned out to be nothing more than an oncoming train.

And then came an added indignity. Meg and Whitney were going to be using her for their midnight encounter as well.

"Get yourself up on Miss Stevens," Meg ordered. "Yes'm," Whitney replied, throwing her right leg over Lisa's body, straddling her midsection, and waiting for further instructions. Lisa's view was of Whitney's round ass.

"First we have a little addition for Miss Stevens," Meg went on. She slipped behind Whitney and slid what looked like a footlong hotdog through the O-Ring between Lisa's teeth. Actually it was a double-ended dildo, the shorter end now tickling the back of Lisa's throat. Lisa figured she knew where the other end was going.

Sure enough, Meg made Whitney slide her pussy back toward Lisa's face in order to find the longer end of the rubber phallus. As the redhead adjusted herself, Lisa could see the juice already dripping from her opening. Obviously Whitney really got into this stuff.

Meg secured the connection between Whitney's cunt and Lisa's face by running a rope around her girlfriend's waist, cinching it in back, then sliding it down between her butt cheeks and tying it off in Lisa's hair, which she pulled up tight in order to force her face up and forward, along with the dildo plunging out of it.

Whitney started grinding her hips and humping Lisa's nose and mouth with fervor, but Meg wouldn't let her finish just yet. Instead, she pulled Whitney's legs down and out, roping them to Lisa's arms. She then made the same connection on the other end of the X-frame between Lisa's legs and Whitney's arms. This allowed Whitney to also work on Lisa's clit with her tongue, even as she tried to find an orgasm from the rubber tied inside of her down below.

Meg watched the two spread-eagle girls for a few minutes before adding her own hands, fingers, and tongue to their bondage union. Whitney was the loudest sex partner Lisa had ever heard. There was no doubt she was fully enjoying the proceedings. By the time the eroscillator was brought out and turned on, there were three very stimulated bodies soaking in sweat and panting in exhaustion. However, only poor Lisa remained that way, after Meg eventually untied Whitney and exited the barn hand in hand with her, going back outside to the cool swimming pool for a late-night dip. All alone once again, Lisa could still see the dripping dildo sticking up from her lower face, a clear reminder that her promised savior had turned out to be nothing more than a horny lesbian bondage freak. She didn't know whether to laugh at her total misreading of the situation, or to cry.

She chose the latter.

Chapter Sixteen

After riding the roller coaster of hope and despair with Whitney, Lisa began to gradually accept her inevitable future as a bondage slave, doing penance for her past sins. There were terrible stretches when her body was abused by her new mistresses of pain, especially Violet and Dawn. And then there were the moments of sadomasochistic pleasure that she actually learned to somewhat look forward to. Those usually arrived late in the evening hours and involved Whitney and Meg, who grew accustomed to making Lisa the third member of their regular ménage a trios.

As the days went by, Lisa saw less and less of Hunter, the self-proclaimed leader of this pack of ex-victims. Cynthia and Joey were also noticeable by their absence. Meanwhile, Muffy began to get more involved with Lisa's daily tortures. The dark beauty with extreme tastes for fetishware also seemed to have the most experience in prisoner interrogation. Usually with Violet's eager help, the two would work on Lisa's body, looking to expand on their meager knowledge concerning the other members of the kidnapping gang. The two women refused to take no for an answer when it came to the little that Lisa could offer them. She eventually found herself trying to make up information, just to please her torturers. But when they checked out her words and discovered that they were lies, she would pay for it dearly the next day.

On one occasion, a good week after her capture, she found herself naked and strapped tightly to a special chair that Muffy had brought in. The otherwise normal looking chair, similar to any you would see around a dining room table, had one added feature. Attached through the bottom of the seat was a series of wires leading up to a shiny steel prod which protruded about seven inches from the base. With the help of Violet and Muffy, Lisa's butt was seated flat on the wooden stool, something made possible only by the fact that the prod was therefore slid up deep inside her cunt. To keep her in place, rope was wound around her upper thighs and the chair seat, and more cord around her torso and chair back. Her ankles were then pulled up and back, and tied to the rear legs of the chair, while her arms were pulled over the chair back and cinched at both wrist and elbow. A strap was buckled around her forehead and the ring in the back of it was connected to her elbows by means of another rope that was drawn so tight that her head was forced back. A thick wooden stick like a toilet paper dowel was inserted in her mouth and tied off on the ends at the corners of her lips. Drool immediately began to pour down her throat and over her cheeks.

Violet then taped a number of electrodes in pairs at Lisa's nipples and crotch and the session was about to begin. Muffy began asking the questions.

"Now, sweets, you know what's going to happen, right? Consider this a combination lie-detector slash electric chair. Tell the truth and you'll be fine, or at least as fine as you can hope to be at this moment. Lie to us, and you'll get the shock of a lifetime. Got it?"

Lisa said yes, although it sounded more like "yelth" through the gag.

"Good, you told the truth," Muffy replied. "But now the questions get harder. Answer yes or no. Is Sam Ward the name of your boyfriend?"

Lisa was immediately torn. Sam was her boyfriend, but he wasn't any longer. So what was the truthful answer. She said, "O" for no. The sudden shock that lit into her pussy and nipples let her know that this was the wrong answer.

Lisa let loose a horrific scream and her body spasmed for a few seconds until the electricity went off again. Violet smiled meanly, while Muffy simply waited for some silence in order to continue.

"Okay, so now you know the results of lying."

"Bu ah hinnin ie," Lisa pleaded, drool poring from her mouth and tears from her eyes as she tried to say "But I wasn't lying!".

"Shut up, bitch, or we'll hit you with it again," Violet warned.

"That's okay, Vi, she'll learn," Muffy responded calmly. "Now, does Sam live at 345 Oceanview?"

"Yelth," Lisa answered without hesitation, trying to shake her head in agreement at the same time.

"Good," Muffy nodded. "And do you know the names of his conspirators?"

"Uh-uh," Lisa stated as clearly as she could.

Again she was filled with electricity for her response. Behind the screams her throat was making, her brain tried to figure out why the shock had come. She didn't know their names. Or.... Wait a minute. She knew their nicknames. Damn. She had to be careful with what she said, or she would surely pay the penalty; as she in fact did so many times over the next hour.

Of course, what Lisa didn't know throughout the torture was that she wasn't really attached to a lie detector at all. Muffy simply decided when to send the charges into her and when not to. She knew because she already had all the answers. Cynthia, Joey, and Hunter had discovered them, as well as everything else that they needed to know about the rest of their kidnappers, including their names and addresses. And a plan was already being arranged at that very moment for their retribution.

As for Lisa? Well, unbeknownst to her, she was simply giving Violet and Muffy a great afternoon of sadistic fun, batteries not included.

Chapter Seventeen

The series of questions that Muffy threw at Lisa were as varied as they were personal. She was forced to reveal her secrets about sexual preferences, the grades she had gotten in high school, what kind of sick things she and Sam had done in bed, where she banked, her feelings about the women who now held her prisoner, and what baseball team she rooted for. By the time the hour long session was over, Lisa had been shocked at least a dozen times, sometimes for just a moment, and sometimes, for instance, when Muffy didn't like what she had said about her new leather wardrobe, for as long as ten seconds.

Lisa felt like her nipples were going to burn off on more than one occasion, but the real torture was between her legs. The combination of the steel rod inside of her and the electrodes attached near her lower lips acted like a knife slicing her in half.

When her interrogation was finally completed, the girls simply tossed her limp body into a stall in the barn. For once though, she was left almost bondage-free, with only the rope around her wrists to keep her out of any mischief.

It wasn't much later when Whitney arrived for Lisa's daily feeding.

"Hi, Miss Stevens," the redhead purred. "Here's your nutritious afternoon snack."

Lisa's expression made it clear she could care less about the nutritious part - she would have preferred something delicious for once.

"C'mon, babe," Whitney pouted, "We've got to keep your strength up. Me and Meggie need our little sex toy to keep on going and going and going."

"Have you always been so horny?" Lisa asked directly before she realized what she had said. But Whitney didn't look the least bit hurt by the remark.

"Well, actually, it's partly your fault, Miss Stevens. I guess you could say you taught me two important truths. One, I hate men. Those bastards you worked with let me see what the male species is all about - selfish, dirty, pricks. But two, I found myself somehow turned on by the bondage part. I never knew what it was like to be really helpless till you kidnapped me. And now, geez, I can't get off any other way. Guess I'm some kind of sicko, but Meggie makes me forget about that."

Lisa just shook her head in wonderment at this interesting little creature, not knowing whether she should admit that Meg had developed a similar kind of effect on her. In fact, just having Whitney tending to her needs at the moment kind of set off the old "Pavlov's dog" reaction between her legs. She hated to admit that her juices were flowing once again. Sadly, however, Whitney didn't seem to be there for pleasure this time.

"Anyway, Miss Stevens, I just wanted to check out some data that the other girls got from you. You mentioned a guy named Spider, another named Knotty, and a third named JJ. Any chance that you've ever heard these names: Tony Espinosa, Daryl White, Jesse Jefferson?"

"No, I can't say that I have," Lisa responded truthfully, even without the chance for another shock treatment. "Why, are those the names of Sam's partners?"

"I can't say, babe," Whitney winked, "But we're working on it."

"We?" Lisa wasn't sure what that meant.

"Well, Hunter was like, we've got to find these guys, and Cindy was like, I know how to doublecheck the bitch's information. Sorry, your information. And Hunter was like, then let's get on it and take down all of them. So that's what we're doing."

"But don't worry," she added. "I won't let them take you away. Meggie and I like our little toy." At that she petted Lisa's hair and ran her hands down over her breasts."

"Wait, Whitney," Lisa protested, even though the redhead's hands were soft and sensuous. "Let me get this straight. Are you saying you girls are going after those four guys? Do you know what you're doing? You need to call the police or something." She couldn't believe she had said that, knowing that she would certainly be in as much danger of being arrested as anyone, but she now somehow felt disassociated with Sam and his friends and more on the side of her victims, now that she was their's. And after all, she was the one who had already been paying for their crimes. Meanwhile, they were still free. And no nine college girls were going to take them down.

"Oh, we know what we're doin', kitten," was Whitney's only reply, and at that she bent over and kissed Lisa hard with her mouth while holding both sides of her head with her hands. She winked as she pulled away and sashayed her way out of the stall. Before she closed and locked the door, she peaked her head back in and said, "See you again tonight, Miss Stevens."

Lisa sat there with her mouth agape as she started to comprehend the situation to which she was now privy. Hunter and her partners were going to try to take the law into their own hands and somehow get revenge on their rapists. But Sam and his pals weren't going to be as stupid as she had been, or such easy prey. And even if the girls did "get them," what in the world were they going to do with those bastards afterwards? Kill them? Tie them up as sex slaves, too? Lisa stifled a sick laugh as she thought, "Dawn would probably chop their balls off in a second."

With her mind busy meditating on this strange turn of events, Lisa didn't notice another figure approaching her stall, a figure that would bring about an even stranger turn.

Chapter Eighteen

"Are they gone?" whispered the voice from outside the stall, startling Lisa.

"Uh - yeah, I guess so," Lisa slowly replied, but not knowing to whom.

The gate opened and in walked Cynthia. Lisa hadn't seen the blonde in days and she was the last person she was expecting to see now.

"I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to you sooner, but they've had me pretty busy researching your boyfriend and his pals."

"What in the world do you mean?" Lisa asked.

"Hunter has some of the girls tailing your ex-partners," Cynthia answered, "And I'm kind of the overseer of the project." She pulled out her cell phone and added, "I'm on call right now. But I wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten about you."

"I bet you haven't," Lisa whispered acceptingly. "Everyone else has had their turn playing with the new toy. Why not you?"

"No, no, you've got it all wrong. I'm going to get you out of here."

Lisa's head popped back up. "What?"

"Yeah, don't you remember? I tried to tell you a while back. I even made one stupid attempt last week, but ditzy little Whitney interrupted. I had to play along with her and pretend I was torturing you - sorry about that - but you almost seemed to enjoy it, if you don't mind me saying so."

Lisa remembered the incident now, and how she had been brought to orgasm on the treadmill by her two unknown assailants. Now that their identities were revealed, everything began to make sense. It had been Cynthia, not Whitney, who had come to help her. It had been Whitney who actually foiled the attempt and then used the scenario of escape for her own little sex fantasy games with Meg. In the meantime, Lisa had come to the wrong assumption that there was therefore no real rescuer, and yet there was - and she was now standing over her in the stall.

"My God, are you really serious about this?" Lisa begged.

"Yeah," Cynthia nodded pensively. "I wanted revenge for what happened too, you see. Still do. But I can't stomach what the others have been doing to you here. It's too much. It's time for it to end. And if they get the other four, well, that's another story."

"Tell me the other story," Lisa pleaded.

"Well, Joey, Hunter, Holly, and Dawn are tailing your four partners...."

"Ex-partners," Lisa interjected.

"Ex-partners," Cynthia repeated. "I'm their contact. The other four are in charge of you; Muffy and Violet during the days, Meg and Whitney at night. I've heard you've gotten to know them pretty well by now."

"You could say that," Lisa frowned. "But now what? Are you planning on getting me out of here?"

"Well, that's a possibility, but it's not going to be easy. The girls are coming and going all the time. And somebody's always keeping their eyes on you, even if you're - uh, immobilized. But I do have a plan. The question is, are you willing to be patient and trust me?"

After all that had happened to her during her week-long bondage ordeal, Lisa trusted Cynthia about as much as she trusted any of the other eight women, which was not at all, but she obviously wasn't going to tell her that.

"Absolutely," she lied. "So what's the plan?"

As Cynthia laid it out for her, Lisa thought to herself, "What the hell? That just might work." And then she realized, "Maybe I can still teach these bitches a lesson yet."

Chapter Nineteen

Violet was stretched out watching TV when she noticed Whitney skipping out to the barn for her nightly adventures. She rolled her eyes and wondered if the little minx ever got tired of her kinky affair with Meg and their toy. Shortly thereafter, like clockwork, Meg followed, closing the barn door behind her. Violet turned back to the TV, knowing her watch was over for the night. Lisa wouldn't need any attending to from her or Muffy, who was asleep in the other room. Meg would see to that. But what Violet didn't see was the third member of their group moving out through the shadows to join the others.

Cynthia quietly made her way to the back entrance of the structure, slipped unseen into the stalls, and proceeded to bide her time, watching Meg and Whitney enjoy some more play time with Lisa.

This time they started their sex games with the naughty Whitney tying Lisa face down along the top of a wooden sawhorse, her legs spread, her ankles roped to her thighs and her knees tied down to the rear legs of the horse. Her wrists were tied to the front legs, as were her elbows. A ring-gag was buckled behind he teeth, but otherwise Lisa was stark naked and totally exposed from behind.

Whitney, on the other hand, had removed her bathrobe to reveal a red crotchless teddy, with straps holding up matching red stockings. High heels of the same color completed the ensemble, at least for the moment. However, when she had finished binding Lisa into position on the sawhorse, Meg immediately stepped forward and began chastising her for her behavior, especially for going off alone to play without her. She then whipped out a piece of bondage apparel that neither Lisa nor Cynthia had seen before, but that Whitney obviously had, and was thrilled to see again. It was a connected series of belts that included a huge ten inch dildo in the front. At first Cynthia thought it was meant for Whitney to force inside of herself, but then, as she watched the redhead strapping it into place, she realized that it actually was meant to offer Whitney a rubber penis with which to fuck Lisa!

Before doing so, she lost the use of her hands, which were tied behind her back, and her feet, which were spread and attached to the same legs of the sawhorse holding Lisa's. Meg fit Whitney's mouth with a gigantic red ballgag, matching the rest of her clothes, and then helped slide her strap on cock into Lisa's now dripping hole.

"Fuck her good, Baby," she ordered, which Whitney gladly did, whimpering "Uhhh-huhhhhh" through the rubber ball in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Meg, who had been wearing a bathrobe of her own, slipped it off to reveal her own naked body underneath. She wasn't as buxom as most the other girls on the ranch, but her toned muscles and tight bottom were a perfect compliment to Whitney's rounded figure and pure elfish sexuality. Meg's nudity also revealed a matching strap on dildo of her own. Moving in front of the sawhorse, she slipped it through the O-ring in Lisa's mouth and, holding her head tight, began to force it in and out. The girl on the horse was thus being penetrated from both ends simultaneously. The twin redheads even managed to find a rhythm that made Lisa take one of the shiny dripping dildos deep inside of her as the other was being slid out of her, and vice versa, over and over and over again.

Lisa, in the midst of her double raping, thought this would have been the perfect time for Cynthia to come to her aid and waited for her to do so. After all, her attackers were both fully occupied at the moment, one of them also bound herself. But Lisa didn't know that Cynthia was occupied, too. The girl in the stalls couldn't resist watching the hot display going on in front of her and now had her one hand down the front of her jeans playing with herself and the other inside of her bra pinching her nipples. Besides, Cynthia figured, what's the rush? There would be plenty of time to help her damned kidnapper later. So later it would be.

Later would also see Lisa first brought to a loud orgasm, as Meg added one last upgrade to her arousal techniques, reaching her hands down underneath her victim and finding her large breasts drooping on either side of the sawhorse. She felt for the hardened nipples and rubbed, squeezed, and pinched them until the combination of pain and double penetration made the girl riding the horse explode.

Later would also see Meg bring out another new device for her girlfriends to share. Cynthia was intrigued by it, another arrangement of the bondage bars which the women had used on Lisa so many times earlier in the week. This time the bars formed a contraption not totally unlike the sawhorse in design, only instead of inverted V's for its legs, the connected bars looked more like a square minus its bottom edge. The resulting shape was held upright by two other bars that intersected with the two vertical ones. The result was a long three inch thick pipe parallel to the ground and maybe three feet above it.

Meg had added two attachments that slid along the horizontal pipe. Each was a six inch steel prod rounded at the top. Each of the girls present in the room to see the contraption quickly figured out exactly where the prods were intended to fit. Using a stool placed strategically under the center pole, Lisa was led up by Meg and forced to throw one leg over the crossbar. Then, standing on tiptoe, she presented herself for the prod to be inserted between her legs. Her wrists, which had been crisscrossed and wrapped together with an ace bandage, were connected to a O-ring with duct tape and finally slid over a hook hanging down from above. A few cranks of a lever and Lisa was stretched upward, allowing Meg to remove the stool from under her feet. Reaching with all of her might, Lisa was able to barely touch the floor with her toes, the prod being otherwise forced deep inside of her.

She then had to wait as Meg similarly placed Whitney on the bar, face to face with her fellow bound captive. After each was securely locked in place, Meg permanently screwed the prods into their current positions on the bar, so that Whitney and Lisa were displayed only an inch or two apart at their shaved pussies. The two stretched on their toes trying to combat the forceful intrusion of the cold prods.

However, Meg made any further attempts impossible when she attached ankle straps to their four legs, pulling them apart and tying them to four ringlets she had screwed into the floor of the barn far apart from the bar above. Each girl now looked like an upside down Y riding the long pole. And to make their ride more in unison Meg had a couple of other tricks up her sleeve.

First she found two sets of nipple chains, which she wound through each other and connected to her hanging playmates. In the process she pulled their four breasts even closer together and made it painful for them to even attempt to pull apart from each other. Finally she removed the ring-gag from Lisa and replaced it with one ball of a double ball gag, which was buckled tightly behind her head. The ball was pulled all the way past her teeth, so that her lips spilled over the rubber in the front, with a second inch and a half ball sticking out, looking like a golf ball sitting on an incredibly luscious tee.

That second ball waited for Whitney's mouth to be drawn closer and stretched around it. When buckled in place, it left Whitney and Lisa in a constant mouthwatering and drool inducing kiss. Their eyes stared directly at each other as Meg went to work down below, arousing them. First using her fingers, she rubbed Lisa's clitoris and then Whitney's, so that both girls were taking turns moaning. She then told them, "Girls, I think I've got something that you can share." Disappearing for a second into the utility room, she returned with a vibrator that had a wide circular head. Plugging it into one of the many handy dandy electrical sockets in the room, Meg heard the tool begin whirring like a power sander. She slipped it between Whitney and Lisa and found the perfect spot where it hit both of their erect clits at once. The desired effects were immediate. The two girls became a constant mix of contortions as they struggled to escape, but their attempts to pull away from the insistent vibrator were only met with strong negative feedback from their feet, their mouths, and their nipples. Simply put, there was no where to go. But it wasn't long before each one would come.

Lisa looked into Whitney's wide eyes and saw pure, unadulterated pleasure. Whitney looked into Lisa's eyes and saw intense weary concentration. Cynthia looked into Meg's eyes and saw a complete and total focus on the orgasming bodies bucking away before her. And so she chose that moment to act.

Chapter Twenty

If anyone had bothered to look out at the barn later in the night, they would have seen two women leaving. They would have assumed it was Whitney and Meg returning from their latest adventure. In reality, they were still sharing an adventure, as two other girls snuck to the parking area in the back of the O'Reilly estate. Cynthia led Lisa to her car, which had been moved from the barn into a garage for safe keeping during her stay. The two then headed into town in the middle of the night.

"We can't go back to my place," Lisa thought out loud, "It's the first place they'd look. And we can't go to any of the guys, 'cuz your bitchy friends have them watched."

"Watch your language, please," Cynthia cautioned. "They are still my friends, and you don't have any right to speak bad about them after what you did to them."

"What I did!" the kidnapper replied. "What I did. Geez, girl, have you seen what they did the last week to me? I've been fucked so many times with so many things that I have no feeling left in my snatch! I've been tied right side up, upside down, on the ground, in the ground, above the ground! I've been...."

"Okay, okay," Cynthia surrendered. "I didn't think about what I was saying."

"Damn straight," came the reply.

"Listen," Cynthia continued, trying to ease the tension. "How about I put you up for the night in a motel? No one will have any idea where we are, and we can work out where we go from here."

Lisa thought for a moment, and agreed. Besides, she thought, a hot bath and a huge bed would be the next best thing to heaven after where she had been staying.

The two girls arrived at the local inn around two in the morning. Cynthia went inside to register, while Lisa opened the trunk to retrieve her overnight stuff. The two collapsed into the matching queen sized beds, exhausted from their earlier stress. Cynthia let Lisa use the bathroom first, hearing the extended run of hot water into the tub. Just when she began to wonder if there was a chance Lisa was using the sound to sneak out through a window into the night, the water stopped and the splashing indicated that a body had entered the relaxing tub. She closed her eyes again and started to doze.

Meanwhile, Lisa luxuriated in the steaming water. She rubbed all of the places that had been tormented for so long, concentrating on the raw area between her legs and on her tender nipples. She washed her hair, and later blow dried it, allowing it to hang wildly over her shoulders. Looking in the mirror, she thought, "I'm back," and smiled confidently. She hadn't felt in charge for a week or more, and it felt good to feel that way now. It also felt good to know that she had somebody in the next room to take her bottled up feelings out on.

She reached into her pile of laundry on the floor and pulled from the pocket of her jeans the bottle she had retrieved from her car trunk. Yes, her overnight luggage consisted of one item, an extra container of the knock out drug that had been left untouched in the trunk during her entire incarceration. Using her soiled panties as a cloth, she poured out the sweat smelling liquid and headed back to her new roommate, who was tucked nicely under her covers, already sound asleep. In all of her work as a kidnapper, it had never been so easy to slip the drug filled material over an unsuspecting victim's nose. There was hardly a reaction as it took effect. Cynthia's eyes barely opened before her brain became indisposed. And Lisa had no trouble whatsoever putting a third member of the gang that had captured her into complete and total submission that night.

The first two were still back in the O'Reilly barn. They were actually discovered about the same time that Lisa was incapacitating Cynthia. Muffy had awakened to the sound of a car leaving the grounds and had been unable to get back to sleep since. After a trip to the kitchen and to the bathroom, she decided to see what was on the tube. Watching the end of an old movie, she then chose to go out and check on Lisa.

When she arrived, her jaw nearly hit the ground. There wasn't one girl in unspeakable bondage in the middle of the barn; there were two. Yet they were bound as one, something Muffy could only tell for certain because she saw four legs, not two, stretched wide to the ground, two in hose and heels, and the others bare. Two shaved crotches were also noticeable, each riding some sort of steel plug inserted up inside their bodies, while they straddled a long bar that extended horizontally beneath them. Their bodies were pulled down on the bar by means of their bound ankles, which hung down toward, yet still considerably off of, the ground, while their bodies were kept upright by means of their bound wrists, which were pulled up toward the ceiling.

However, everything in between their outstretched arms and upper legs was hidden from view. That was because their two torsos had been pulled together by yards and yards of medical wrap. All that was noticeable was the shape of two heads, obviously drawn close and facing each other, two chests forced so tight that their breasts must have been fit in between each other like fingers folded in a prayer, and two waists that were impossibly jutting toward each other. Muffy couldn't see it, but that was because each waist had been circled tightly with rope and then the two tied as one and cinched before the gauze wrapping was stretched over and around them. In fact, the only breach in all of their wrapping consisted of two slits near the middle of their heads, something Cynthia had added when it became clear that the two were not going to be able to breathe much in their mummified state.

Muffy started toward the dual package when she caught sight of a note slipped into the one girl's stocking immediately below her round rear.


Muffy laughed out loud and pinched Whitney's ass, causing first the one girl, and then the other, to start moving and loudly protesting.

"What's wrong, ladies, Meg too tough for you?" Their indiscernible answer indicated they were obviously well gagged behind their bondage, and that they were not at all happy about their current predicament.

Muffy then spanked hard the other body's firm ass and walked away, thinking about how a week in bondage had really tightened up Lisa' rear. She thus left the two gyrating bodies - Whitney's and Meg's - to continue their uncomfortable ride together.

Chapter Twenty-One

When Lisa splashed water into Cynthia's face, the blonde awoke with a start. She immediately realized the rough predicament she was in. Lisa had dragged her into the bathroom and used the extra surgical wrap she had confiscated from the barn to immobilize her rescuer. Lisa's thanks for the effort wasn't anything that Cynthia had counted on.

Her thighs, knees, and ankles had been wrapped tightly together, with the cinch between her feet also connected to the shower fixture high above the motel bath. This left the small of her back resting against the top of the tub. For now all of her back was laying on the side of the white porcelain fixture as well, with her arms tucked behind her. Actually she was more on her side, facing the sink across the room, with Lisa kneeling in between.

"Welcome back to the dark side, C," she smiled. "I was just waiting for you to wake up before I hit the hay. After all, I didn't want you to drown while you were out."

Cynthia had no idea what she meant, but Lisa then explained.

"I hope you have strong stomach muscles, girl, or it's going to be hard for you to deal with this. To stay above water you'll have to work hard at the waist. But you've got such a toned set of abs, I figure you'll be okay - for a while at least. Well, let's see."

At that the Kidnapper carefully slid her second-time victim into the tub, which was filled with over a foot of water. Cynthia's head immediately was submerged, causing her to pull herself up as water poured down her nostrils into her throat. Her resulting coughing and choking was hindered by the panties and bra that Lisa had rolled into a bunch and jammed into her mouth, sealed shut by the gauze. Any attempts to escape from her upside down suspension into the tub were met with failure, due to the fact that her arms were also pinioned together behind her at both elbows and wrists, and sealed tight against her body at the waist. Therefore, her only way to keep her head up was to tighten her stomach muscles, as Lisa had suggested, and do what was basically an inverted sit-up. It wasn't easy to begin with, and it would get harder as time went on.

"I'll be back for you later," Lisa commented, closing the bathroom door behind her and flipping off the light. Cynthia panicked in the darkness and tried to scream for help, but the sound was immediately absorbed by the soaked underwear tickling the back of her throat. She soon turned her attention to a more important issue, concentrating on using as little excess energy as possible as she tried to maintain her perilous position above the water.

Lisa meanwhile checked the clock and debated about calling Sam. She decided it was best to do it now, rather than wait for the morning, and dialed him up. To no surprise, all she got was his answering machine, so she gave him the brief update, "I've got another one for you. She may look familiar. You can do the pick up at Trails Inn Motel, near the beach, room 13. If I'm not there, I'll leave the key under the mat. Talk to you later with all the amazing details."

At that, Lisa hung up the phone, turned on some music from the radio to drown out the commotion from the bathroom, and slipped into bed for what was left of her short night. Tomorrow, she knew, she was going to get out of this town for good.

Cynthia wasn't sure if there was going to be a tomorrow for her. As time went on, she found it next to impossible to keep her head completely out of the water. She resorted to shorter and shorter excursions upwards for air, and longer and longer moments holding her breath and allowing her stomach muscles to relax as she was submerged. Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes like hours. She didn't know what hours would seem like, and didn't think she would have the stamina to ever find out as she hung helplessly upside down.

Whitney and Meg also remained hanging, albeit upright, back in the barn. Their sweat-soaked bodies remained intimately connected, and both had long since lost all feeling in their arms. They would have preferred a loss of feeling between their legs, where instead they continued to be impaled by the hard steel poles forced hopelessly deep inside them. There would be no sleep for them that night either.

Nor would there be any more for Holly O'Reilly. Hearing the phone ring in the front room, she slipped out of bed, leaving her naked partner behind. She tiptoed to the kitchen to grab a beer, and was caught by surprise when she heard the answering machine pick up this message: "I've got another one for you. She may look familiar. You can do the pick up at Trails Inn Motel, near the beach, room 13. If I'm not here, I'll leave the key under the mat. Talk to you later with all the amazing details."

"Holy shit," she muttered; then quickly jotted down the info intended for Sam and erased the message. She snuck back into the bedroom and found her cell phone, took it into the john and called Cynthia. No reply. She knew it was late, but Cyn was supposed to be available for updates at any time. "What the hell's going on here," Holly wondered, and decided to let her sister try to answer that question for her.

When Hunter got the call, she immediately rushed back to the barn to check on their captive. It was only then that the night's twisted events began to be revealed. And all hell broke loose.

Chapter Twenty-two

At the first light of day, Lisa had her first real sleep in ages disturbed by the sudden pounding on the motel room door. She hadn't known Sam to be such an early riser, but figured it was all for the better; at least if he was going to have another live kidnap victim to barter with. Before letting him in, Lisa took a quick glance into the bathroom just to make sure she was alive, and sure enough, she found Cynthia still struggling to find any kind of perch on which to rest after a couple hours of battling bondage, water, and fatigue. The pleading for help in the girl's eyes was unmistakable, but went completely unanswered by Lisa. After all, the guys could relieve her from her torture just a few minutes later. Then, finally, she'd be done with them all.

Slipping on her jeans and top from the pile of clothes on the floor, Lisa heard the pounding again.

"Hold your horses! Let me get dressed," she called back, quickly tucking her T-shirt into the waist of her pants. She then unlocked the door to welcome her gang. Only it wasn't the gang she had expected.

There, only a step away, stood Hunter, Violet, Muffy, Whitney, and Lisa's newest nightmare, Meg.

Lisa made what she knew was going to be a futile attempt to slam the door shut, and, of course, came nowhere near succeeding. Instead, the door was forced back open, knocking her into the room on her heels. Meg, almost screaming as she did so, came at Lisa like a football linebacker, planting her shoulder into the Kidnapper's midsection and driving her on to the bed. The blow knocked all the wind out of Lisa's body and prevented her from screaming for help herself.

The other women quickly grabbed hold of her arms and legs and held her down on the bed. Violet took a case off of one of the pillows and crammed it into Lisa's mouth; then pulled a roll of adhesive tape from her pocket and wound it over the gag, around her head, and between her lips. Lisa was then flipped over so that more tape could be wrapped around her wrists. Finally her ankles and knees were likewise secured, and the tape around her wrists and ankles was connected by still more sticky adhesive, so that she was left in a hogtie.

As Lisa was being gradually subdued, Violet and Muffy moved toward the bathroom. The others heard a gasp and both girls exclaiming, almost in unison, "Oh my God." The others, all but Meg, joined them, working together to lift Cynthia out of her life-threatening position in the tub. Meanwhile, Meg jumped on the bed and straddled Lisa's body, pulling up her T-shirt and grabbing her two nipples by her fingers.

"You bitch," she yelled, "I ought to pull these right off of you!"

Hunter ran back into the bedroom as the others tended to Cynthia and pulled Meg back. "Listen, girl, we can't do it now. We need to get her out of this place and back to mine. We'll take care of her there."

Meg nodded, but her face still showed the total disdain she now felt toward the girl who had just left her and Whitney riding a steel pole for the better part of the night. The other girls who had found Cynthia were also developing similar feelings for someone who could have done what she did to their friend, even if Cyn had been the one to help her escape a few hours earlier.

Again taking charge of the situation, just as she had done in the past, Hunter helped the girls roll Lisa up in the bed sheets and carry her body out to the car, where she was unceremoniously dumped into the trunk once again. She then made her way to the office of the motel and made arrangements for another night's stay. The desk clerk taking the money didn't even notice that it was a different girl paying for room 13. The "Do Not Disturb" sign was eventually fastened to the door and a convoy of three cars - Lisa's, Hunter's, and Meg's - headed back to Lisa's least favorite spot on earth.

All the while Hunter's brain was on fast forward, formulating a new plan based on the night's latest events. The smile on her face grew wider with each passing mile marker. Finally Muffy noticed and asked, "What's up, Hun? You look like the cat that just swallowed the canary."

"I think I've got this all figured out, Muff," she replied confidently. "Call my sister back when we get home. I've got a message we need to get to Mr. Ward. After all, like Lisa said, his next victim is waiting for him."

Chapter Twenty-Three

When they arrived back at the O'Reilly's, it was all Hunter could do to keep the rest of the girls from tearing their kidnapper limb from limb. To do this she had to convince them that something worse was in store for Miss Stevens; namely, being dealt with by the same rapists that had previously victimized all of them. Therefore, preparations had to be made to bring that scenario to pass.

Actually, Hunter's previous plan had already set this one up quite well. In fact, as Lisa was being transferred from her previous hogtie to a brand new bondage position, and had a brief moment in between without any kind of mouth-watering gag stuffed inside of her, the one word question she wanted to know was, "How?"

"How did we find you?" Hunter replied. "You can thank Holly for that. She's been spending time with your old boyfriend, Sam. She's gotten to know a lot about him, information we planned on using against him somehow. And then you gave us the how."

"What do you mean?" Lisa inquired.

"You see, you called to tell Sam about your new kidnap victim. That's when it hit me. You are going to be that new kidnap victim, Lisa. You know how we've been trying to pay you back for what you allowed them to do to all of us? Well, how fitting if now they could pay you back by giving you an actual taste of your own medicine."

Lisa responded defiantly, "But they'll know me. And when they find out what's happened, they'll go after you and your sister, and all these other bitches, too."

"Well then," said Hunter, "we'll just have to do our best to keep that from happening, won't we. And we've got only a few hours to get ready. Holly's gonna send your friends to the motel later today. So let's end this little conversation right now, shall we?"

At that she forced a huge ball into Lisa's mouth, adjusting it until two slots in the top and bottom of the hard rubber reached the front of her teeth and her jaw naturally closed them down slightly inside of the two and half inch giant. There was now no way for her to either open or close her mouth from this position. Still, never satisfied, Hunter wound the two straps extending from either side of the ball back behind Lisa's head and buckled them together, the straps digging deeply into her face. A hole was found in the middle of the ball, through which Lisa could feel air move back and forth.

She was otherwise free at the moment, with the exception of her hands, which were in cuffs behind her back, and her head, which stuck out of heavy wooden stocks locked in place around her neck. The ends of the singular brown board were pulled by chains up to the rafters, meaning that there was nothing the wearer could do but stand on her toes and as straight as possible to keep the strain on her head and shoulders to the minimum.

"Now shave her," Hunter ordered.

Lisa's eyes bulged as she heard the sharp command, and grew even wider as she saw Meg, of all people, approaching with the tools to do so. Showing as much mercy toward her victim as she herself had received the night before, the redhead gave Lisa a haircut even shorter than her own, chopping off all but the tiniest amounts of Lisa's brunette locks. An electric razor was then used to further add to the humiliation. By the time Meg was done with her, Lisa's head could have been mistaken for a boy's. She actually felt lucky that she wasn't left totally bald.

As for the rest of her body, however, the girls would leave no mistaking that it was all female. Muffy started with another one of her sex store items, a black leather corset that was fitted around Lisa's waist. It started snug, but that was only the beginning. Together Muffy and Violet worked on the strings in the back, tightening the underwear/torture device deeper and deeper into Lisa's midsection. When it was finally tied off, she had the proverbial hourglass figure, with her hips bulging out from below and her breasts overflowing from the top.

Next, a rubber bodysuit was worked up over her, from her feet all the way up to her neck. It took all of the girls present to do the job, but when they were done and the material had been sealed shut, Lisa's body looked like a department store mannequin. Muffy added a single glove to her arms, followed by six inch stiletto ankle high boots to her feet, boots which certainly weren't made for walking. Then came two slippery black dildos, which were worked deeply into Lisa's lower openings after the rubber between her legs was first pealed apart, and which were then kept securely in place when the material was resealed.

One last feature was finally added as the last hurrah. Through the hole in the ball already jammed into Lisa's mouth Violet slid a rubber "straw." To test it out, the purple haired beauty first attached a pouch of ground up gruel with the consistency of baby food. Using her fingers to squeeze the pouch, the stuff inside was forced up the straw, through the ball, and into the back of Lisa's mouth. With her jaw stretched there wasn't much she could do but choke or swallow. She did a little of both.

Violet then washed the foul tasting food down with a little water, which was also sent through the gag.

"It'll work, Hun," Violet told her boss with a nod. "She ain't gonna like it! But this way she can eat and drink without them taking off the mask."

Again Lisa's eyes grew wide at the mention of a mask. It was Cynthia who brought it out.

"Nice to see you again, Lisa," she stated coldly. "I guess I had you pegged all wrong." She then added in a cold whisper, "You do deserve everything you're going to get after all."

Cynthia then pulled the pliant rubber hood down over Lisa's now nearly hairless head. It sealed itself in a skintight grasp around her, with only the smallest of holes in the middle where her nostrils would find air, and a slightly larger opening an inch or two below where the feeding tube exited from her lips. Otherwise, Lisa's head looked like an eyeless, mouthless wig holder, the perfect topping for her mannequin-like body.

Hunter then brought out the posture collar that Lisa had grown to hate so much in the past days and tightened it once more around her neck and over the bottom of the rubber hood and the top of the body suit. When it was padlocked into place, there was now no way to remove Lisa's encasement without the key that Hunter slipped into her own pocket. And she had no plan to relinquish it.

That evening the rubber bound maiden was released from the stocks and walked back out to her car. Opening the back door, the girls maneuvered her into the back seat and caravanned back to the motel. When the coast was clear she was led back into the same room in which she had kept Cynthia the night before. Cynthia herself was given the privilege of securing Lisa facedown on the bed with her ankles pulled as far apart as humanly possible and tied to either end of the footboard.

The lower end of her single glove was then yanked up and connected with a cord to the middle of the headboard, pulling Lisa's arms into a 90 degree angle up and away from her body. Two more ropes stretched to the ends of the same headboard from D-rings jutting out from her posture collar. Lisa wasn't going anywhere - she wasn't even moving anywhere until somebody else came to her aid. And Holly had made sure that someone would, around midnight. That's when Sam and his friends were scheduled to pick up their new victim.

Chapter Twenty-Four

It seemed like ages until midnight came. She had no vision and little hearing, she had to work overtime on breathing, and the only taste in her mouth was the remnants of the god-awful goop that the girls had fed to her through the gag. That left only her sense of touch, and it was on high volume. Lisa's body ached everywhere, but nowhere worse than her shoulders. She felt like she must have lost ten pounds by now from the perspiration that was dripping from her pores into the rubber. In addition, she couldn't adjust herself anywhere and was forced to lie in one torturous position and count the seconds until her next nightmare would start. Her only hope was that somehow the men that found her would recognize her, but that seemed next to impossible, considering that absolutely none of her was visible in her rubber encasement.

Eventually she heard the muffled sound of knocking. She assumed it was on the door of her room, but couldn't be sure. Minutes later she sensed that she was not alone. She was right. Three men had joined her. The first voice she could make out as Sam's.

"Wow, Lisa! Looking good!"

What? Did he somehow know her, she thought, a glimmer of hope forming? Then, just as quickly, she realized that he was talking to that other Lisa, the one he assumed had left them this juicy little package ready for ransom, and in the meantime, if worse came to worse, a little torture and rape on the side.

"This one's a nice piece of ass," another voice commented. "Your bitch still does good work." Lisa grunted at both the backhanded compliment and the obvious dissing she had received at the same time.

"But what's the rubber all about?" said the last member of the trio. "I'd like to see her face."

"I guess that's the point," Sam responded, holding up a piece of paper. "Lisa left this note to explain. She says we should keep her this way for the duration. She's even got directions how to feed the broad and let her do her business, but we're not supposed to remove the rubber suit."

"Why the hell not?" came the protest. "Is she just kinky or something?"

"No." Sam said slowly, continuing the note supposedly from Lisa. "She doesn't want us getting to know this one too well, just in case we have to..., uh, dispose of her later."

The sudden movement from the rubbery figure on the bed indicated she had heard that remark and understood the less than subtle implication.

"Hey, we've never 'disposed of' anyone, Sam. You know that."

"I know, I know, and we won't have to with this one either, I'm sure. Just keep your cool, Knots, and everything will be all right. Little Miss Rubber Maid will get bought back, just like all the rest of them were. Lisa's just gotten way too worried about things. That's probably why she left this package here in the first place. And..." he paused to finish the last paragraph.... "she says this is the last girl. She's leaving town and says we don't even have to bother paying her, if we do manage to get the ransom."

"Man, she sure sounds spooked to me. Who is this filly anyway?

"Says here her name is Misty Ash," read Sam. "Her Mommy Dearest is Evelyn Ash, and she's worth millions. Here's her number and here's her address. Apparently Daddy's out of the picture, so we'll be dealing with a woman this time. But no problemo, right?"

"Right," two voices said in unison. One went on, "I say let's get her back to the loft right away. I've got an erection that needs taking care of - stat - and besides, that rubber outfit is hot."

"Cool your jets, JJ," Sam cautioned. "Think with your brain for a minute and not with your dick. You'll have plenty of time for the rest later. For now, signal Spider. First we need to make sure it's safe to sneak her out of here."

That they managed to do without too much trouble. After all, Lisa's body was almost limp when it was released from its agonizing position. The men each grabbed a side of her pre-packaged arms and rushed her from the door of room 13 to the van outside. Lisa tried to run with them on the pointed toes of her high heels, but hardly touched the ground anyway. The last member of the foursome taking her slid the side door of the van open and helped welcome her to her vehicle of transit.

Lisa was placed in one of the back seats of the van and simply buckled in with the seatbelt, which kept her upper body firmly in place and her arms pinned behind her. The man called Knotty looped rope around one of her ankles, ran it back behind the chair bottom and out the other side to attach to matching ankle over there. One rope and one seatbelt. That's all that was needed to keep Lisa incapacitated on the trip across town. She thought about the differences between the intricate bondage that the women had wrapped her in, and the simple yet workable style these guys had.

And she got another taste of their style when they arrived at the loft. As Sam prepared to contact Lisa's "mother" with their ransom demands, she was led to a closet in the back room. If she could have seen anything, she would have noticed that, in addition to the typical shelf and hangers up above, this closet was totally empty, except for three items: two eyelets screwed into the floor a couple of feet apart, and a long metal pole that was bolted to the floor directly between them. The pole extended straight up and had a thick rounded top and an adjustable shaft. The men holding Lisa's body moved her directly up to the shaft, while the third man proceeded to measure the distance from the floor to her crotch. Pealing apart the rubber that covered her, he was surprised to find the two dildos that the girls had previously slid inside her.

"Look what we have here!" he laughed, pulling them out and holding the dripping phalluses for all eyes to see. "Looks like Lisa was warming up the bitch for us."

The three laughed and then lifted Lisa up and unto the pole. It was only when the steel entered her that Lisa had any idea as to what was coming. By then there was nothing she could do as the metal entered her and just kept going up inside until her toes touched the floor. The men then simply connected her ankles to the eyelets with two cords and left, closing the closet door behind them. No other words were spoken, no warnings, no threats. She was just left there standing stretched over a pole and impaled by it, unable to move forward, backward, or sideways. She didn't know for how long, she didn't know what was coming next. She only knew one thing. With that long metal rod pushed all the way inside of her, she couldn't afford to relax. So she stood, teetering on her toes, and waited.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Lisa's world grew smaller every minute, every second. Eventually it became a combination of two things: the pain in her legs and the rod up her cunt. That was all she knew. That was all she could think about. There was nothing else. She no longer existed as a person. She was a pair of legs with a pole stuck in between them. She thought, "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. This is your brain being fucked by a four foot steel penis."

And so it went inside the closet for the rubber clad body riding its relentless attachment.

Outside the closet, things weren't going so well for the rest of the gang either.

"What do you mean, no," Same yelled into the phone. "We've got your daughter, I ask if you want her back, and you say, 'NO!'"

The voice from the other end of the line said, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. Misty goes away for long stretches and never tells me where anymore. I'll just have to get back with you."

"HAVE TO GET BACK WITH ME!" Sam shouted. "What the hell do you think this is, a phone service."

"I'm sorry, sir," came the reply, "but I'm not going to take any more of your rude behavior." The phone clicked.

Sam looked blankly at the receiver in his hand. "I don't believe this. She's an idiot."

"Calm down," his friend Daryl said. "We'll give her a chance to think things over and call her back in an hour. By then she'll have tried to contact her daughter and will know she's missing."

Sam nodded, even though his face remained red in anger. Lisa had obviously made a big mistake with this one, he thought. He had a bad feeling about the chick in the closet already.

And he had a worse feeling when the second call was made.

"If you've got my daughter, I want proof," Ms. Ash insisted.

"I'll give you proof!" Sam screamed back. "I'll send her to you piece by piece if you want, until you can put all her back together for free."

"Fuck you," the female voice responded coldly.

Sam's jaw dropped. For a second he was completely dumbfounded. By this time the mother was supposed to be offering "whatever you want. Just give me back my poor spoiled brat." Instead, this bitch was telling him to fuck off!

"I'm serious, lady. You don't want to mess with me."

"I'm serious, too, you bastard," came the bold reply. "Listen, if you want anything from me, I want this from you first. I want a video of my daughter delivered to my post office box to prove she's alive and that you have her. When I'm convinced, we'll talk. Don't call me back until then." Again the woman cut off the conversation.

"What?" Tony eventually asked him, confused by Sam's blank stare..

"She hung up on me again," Sam stated in amazement. "She said she wants a video of her daughter and then she just hung up on me."

"A video?" Jesse said smiling. "She wants a video?"

"That's what she said," Sam answered.

"Well, hell, then, let's give her a good one!"

"What are you talking about," Daryl interjected.

"Hey, listen, always give a lady what she wants," Jesse said. "And Momma Ash wants a video. And Little Miss Ash wants to star in it. I say let's do it."

I don't know," Daryl hesitated, but by then JJ was already on his way to get his camera and set up the stage.

It turned out to be in the middle of the game room. By the time things were ready to go, Lisa, aka, Misty, had been thankfully removed from her pole and brought in to the center of the room next to a pillar. Her body was bent forward so that her face would have been looking at her knees, if she hadn't been wearing a rubber hood. Her arms, still encased in the single glove, were pulled up and away from her protruding ass and lashed to the pillar at both her wrists and elbows so that her back, though upside down, was leaning against it while her toes pointed toward it. This kept her body permanently bent at the waist and dangerously open from behind. The invitation between her legs was made even more pronounced when her ankles were pulled apart and strapped to two ends of a wide spreader bar.

JJ's video camera was set up across the room and when turned on, it captured a half an hour of continuous rape. Each of the four men took turns plowing into the black rubber victim, sometimes in her cunt, other times up her ass. The grunts and groans from behind the hood and gag started out loudly and grew more subdued as the attacks went on. Her body itself, however, was hardly able to move against the pounding it took. By the time the home video was completed, both of the girl's openings looked stretched and raw.

The men then debated about watching their classic on the TV before sending it off, but instead decided to let Ms. Ash be the first to witness her daughter's deflowering. JJ did the packaging and delivering, while the other three drank a few beers and shot some pool.

All the while they had no idea that they were doing so with their ex-partner standing in agony as their decoration across the room.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Hunter and her companions couldn't believe their eyes when they got the tape of Lisa's gang rape. A few of them even watched it more than once and cheered each new thrust. The others concentrated more on the attackers, remembering how it had once been them being roped and raped.

"The plot is definitely thickening," Hunter noted. "Too bad Misty's Mom is so uncooperative," she added, looking at Joey, who had been given the privilege of playing the part of Lisa's unhelpful mother. Joey giggled and got a high five from Whitney, who was sitting next to her.

"So how long do you think they'll hold her?" asked Cynthia, still the least supportive of the revenge plan, despite her betrayal by Lisa days earlier. "I mean, do you think they'll keep taking no for an answer, or will they, ya know, actually snuff her?"

"Those guys wouldn't have the balls," Hunter answered. "When they've had enough of us, and enough of her, they'll just dump her on the side of the road somewhere, most likely the same kind of place most of us got dropped - out in the middle of nowhere."

Cynthia nodded, and looked back at the TV screen, where Lisa was taking it up her butt one more time on tape.

Coincidently at that same moment she was taking it up the butt in reality, too, as JJ manhandled his newest toy for the umpteenth time that day. This time Lisa was on the floor, her face down in the carpet and her ass high up in the air, with JJ kneeling between her still spread legs. She had long since become immune to the steady dose of cocks that had filled her during the afternoon, and simply looked forward to an eventual night of rest. Even if would be in some ungodly bondage position, she just prayed that it wouldn't include any of the four men who had maintained her torture throughout the day.

"You know something, guys," JJ asked when he was finishing his latest attack. "I'd like to see a little more of this girl's skin. Anybody got a box cutter handy?"

"Why, what'd you have in mind," Knotty questioned.

"Just getting rid of the rubber body suit. We can keep the hood over her face, if Lisa thinks that's so important."

"I don't think that could hurt," agreed Sam. "She might even like it." He headed to the tool chest and brought back the slicing tool.

JJ began to use it on Lisa's neck, carefully peeling back the rubber from her collar as he cut. He then cut down her front, opening her black clinging suit like a surgeon opening a chest. There seemed to actually be steam escaping from the garment as it was pulled apart. Suddenly Lisa's large breasts flopped out, heavy with sweat as they hung out over her corset. Eventually her entire body was uncovered, with the exception of her hooded head, her girdled midsection, and her sleeved arms. It was the first time the men got a real glimpse of Lisa's stunning naked shape. She wondered if Sam would remember it, or any of her beauty marks that would reveal who their victim really was.

No such luck. Instead, the men casually led her sweaty body into the bathroom and gave her a cold shower, plus a brief sit on the toilet. It had been embarrassing when the girls had done that to her; it was downright humiliating now. But she managed to relieve herself, while she had the chance, and was later force fed and watered.

Then it was back to the closet, although this time she was allowed to curl up on the floor, her knees bound and her ankles crossed and tied as well. She was asleep within minutes.

While she rested, Sam tried once again to get their victim's mother to negotiate. But to no avail. It soon became obvious that this woman was more interested in her money than in her daughter.

Sam also tried dialing Lisa's cell, with no better results, and was about to give up on the situation entirely when something on the TV caught his eye.

"Hey, turn that up!" he ordered.

Daryl did, just in time to hear the news about the latest disappearance in the area. But it wasn't Misty Ash that was being shown on channel 7. It was Holly O'Reilly! Only Sam recognized that face as somebody else. That was Tina Sinclair, the girl whom he had picked up at the bar last week. Or maybe she had picked him up. It didn't matter. What did matter is that her name was actually O'Reilly, and her sister's name was Hunter, and.... Was this just a coincidence, or was somebody else horning in on their action?

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Nothing went any better during the next 24 hours for either Lisa or her tormenters. For the rubber hooded victim, she spent the day in a strict hogtie courtesy of the one called Knotty. The very soles of her feet were somehow tied flat together, awkwardly bending her legs and opening them wide to bare the strain. Each leg was also bound tightly and cinched between the ankle and thigh and between the knee and calf. Another rope was slipped around her waist and pulled down though her labia and up through her ass cheeks to be connected to her single sleeve, that had now sealed her arms together for almost two days straight. When the connection between rope and sleeve was pulled taut, Lisa's shoulders were lifted slightly off the ground. Knotty completed the package by running a cord around the girl's forehead over her eyes and yanking it back to her toes. It was all Lisa could do to breathe as she was bent back.

Even breathing became more difficult whenever the men decided to use her as a fuck toy, which they did on and off throughout the afternoon. Removing the crotch rope, they would fill her from behind or sit her on their laps, or find some other unthinkable way to reposition her for penetration. Their used rubbers lay all over the floor. In a moment of genius, Spider even found a use for them.

Around dinner time he announced, "I've got a special treat for our lovely guest." He held up a beer mug that was half full of a slimy milk-like liquid. "I've been collecting our cum for Miss Ash. I thought that, since she hasn't been able to give us any head during her stay, she's missed out on all this protein. Well, now she can have all of it at once." Spider, obviously drunk, still managed to roll Lisa on to her back, not an easy position at all in her current hogtie, and leaned close to where her ears must have been under the rubber.

"And make sure you swallow, bitch," he told her coldly.

Lisa tried to shake her head no as Spider poured the mixed seed into a feeding bag and attached it to the girl's rubber hose. She pushed her tongue against the interior end of the tube behind her ball gag and refused to allow the semen to be forced into her. The others laughed as Spider couldn't figure out why his plan wasn't working.

Noting what was happening, JJ said, "Here, let me help." He reached for a roll of duct tape and pulled off a short strip that he placed over Lisa's air holes just above the tube opening. Without them she was completely cut off from oxygen, except for any that was currently inside of the rubber. She had no choice but to remove her tongue from the plug and stop shaking her head no. Instead, surrendering, she frantically nodded her head yes, and moments later, when the tape was removed, she felt the warm fluid pour in behind the huge ball. Her stomach wanted to vomit, but her brain told her that she couldn't, or she would risk choking herself to death. So she took the entire bag, with its disgusting contents, down her throat in abject humiliation. She would carry the taste of the four men with her the rest of the night.

But ultimately worse yet was the game that was still being played with her by nine women. Even though they were nowhere to be seen, they continued to torment her as well. In fact, Sam, who had tried to deal with one particular woman on the other end of the phone line, was quickly coming to the end of his rope. Joey, or Mrs. Ash as he knew her, was still being completely uncooperative. She was threatening to call the police, which Sam had vehemently warned her not to do; she was refusing to offer even the smallest ransom, even though Sam was lowering the asking price by the day; and she was still acting in a state of denial that her daughter was even missing, even though she had seen the video of "Misty's" rape with her own eyes.

That night Sam came to the conclusion that this kidnapping plan had simply gone sour. He vowed that, if he ever got his hands on Lisa again, he'd do to her exactly what he and the guys had already done to the bitch on the floor at his feet.

"That's it!" he screamed after his final call to the old lady. "This is going nowhere! I say we get rid of the baggage!"

"You've got to be kidding me," Spider answered. "She's like a real living, breathing blow up doll. And free to boot! I say we just keep her until she gives out."

"Geez, Spider," said Knotty, "you are crazy. What happens if we get caught with her? Do you know how much time we could get for our little fun?"

"Hey, it'd be worth it," the drunken Latino smiled.

"No, this is it," Sam answered forcefully. "She's been a fun fuck, there's no doubt about that, but I'm not dealing with the final consequences, or her damn mother, any more. Tonight we get rid of her."

Of course, Lisa heard the whole conversation. Her body tensed with the mention of her "mother" and the trouble that this woman, whoever she was, had caused for her. She gasped when she heard her captors' plan of "getting rid of her." She began to quiver in fear as she started to fully realize just what the nine women were doing, playing these perverts as fools to carry out their vindictive revenge.

But the men noticed none of Lisa's reactions. All they could see was a beautiful bound, naked, and sweat covered body on the floor at their feet, a body that they would have use of for just a few more hours, before they would eventually have to toss it out with the trash.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Dawn and Meg had spent the last two days staking out the loft where Lisa was being held and constantly defiled by her old partners. Occasionally the two toughest girls of the nine in their crew would see one or two of the men leave the building, but never all four at once. Until that particular moment. Under the cover of darkness on a warm Saturday night, the girls watched as first one figure walked cautiously from the door to the van, then another. Both returned immediately to the building, before all four men appeared together, carrying between them a large box. Considering the struggle they were going through, what they were carrying had to be quite substantial. Dawn looked at Meg and Meg looked back at Dawn. Both nodded knowingly at what was inside.

Sure enough, Lisa had been carefully packaged for her removal from the premises over the past hour, bringing to an end the hopes for a kidnap reward. The carrying case to be used was a two sided trunk designed especially for a human body to fit, albeit uncomfortably, inside. When opened upright, it almost looked like it contained a mini-chair. The seat was attached to only one of the sides, but would fit into a matching slot on the other when closed. Right now Lisa sat strapped tightly to that seat, with attachments included, of course. Since she had been penetrated in some way, shape, or form, throughout the duration of her stay with Sam and his friends, it didn't surprise her in the least when they slid a butt plug up her anal opening and a vibrator into her pussy before tying her on to the seat. What did surprise her was the enormous size and width of the rubber prods. She had never had her rear end stretched to that capacity before and she panted rapidly through her nose as she tried to adjust to the painful intrusion. The vibrator wasn't as noteworthy; that is, until the power was turned on and it began to move up and down, and in and out of her from below. A little attachment that slipped up and against her clit whirred continuously as well, immediately bringing her to full arousal. After all the fucking she had been forced to endure over the last week, and the last 48 hours in particular, Lisa was shocked that her body could still betray her like this, but sure enough, it revved itself up for a series of new explosive orgasms.

Not lost on her however was the awareness of still another source of suffering, two electrodes stuck to her stiff nipples. While they had been clamp-less for most of her time at the loft, the points of her breasts were now super charged with the current sent into them relentlessly from a heavy duty battery sitting under her seat. Spider advised her that the shock in her tits and the pounding in her cunt would last long after they were gone. The Energizer Pussy was also mentioned, but Lisa didn't laugh.

The rest of her situation was pretty basic. Her legs had been pulled up and under her seat next to the battery. Her hooded head was bent over to fit into the trunk, but with the stiff collar still holding her neck rigid, her whole upper body had to bend to make the fit. Her arms had ceased to exist as separate units, but the single extremity that now drooped backwards from her upper body remained covered in the black sleeve, with the pointed end tickling the top of her butt crack.

When the sides of the unit were pulled together and locked, Lisa felt like things had gotten redundant. She was bound and helpless already, and now she was further bound and helpless inside this new compartment. What was the point? In addition, the air soon became less tolerable and the temperature soared. The little air holes in the piece of kinky luggage were hardly enough to tend to her needs, especially considering she could barely breathe through the hood alone to begin with. Yet she had little choice but to struggle to take in whatever oxygen she could, even as she felt herself rolled, lifted, and eventually loaded - she assumed back into the same vehicle that had brought her to this hell in the first place.

Something did serve to surprise her though, when the trunk was placed on its side in the van. Instead of being left sitting in a normal position, Lisa's body remained sitting alright, for there was nothing else it could do with the straps securing her to the seat and its two penetrating plugs, but it was now sitting in a horizontal position. She literally hung facing the floor, yet unable to fall, or to move in any way, because she had been crammed so tightly into the box. When the vehicle began to make its way from the loft, the added vibrations of the engine ratcheted up the sensations she was already feelings in her pussy and in her nipples. By the time they reached their destination, Lisa had experienced at least a half dozen orgasms, the last ones being as much painful as they were pleasurable.

And then the world seemed to stop.

The trunk ceased moving, having been unloaded from the van that had transported it. There were no sounds that Lisa could hear, no presence that she could sense. She had assumed that when they arrived at wherever they were going, she would be removed from this dark container. But it didn't happen. She had once feared being killed, but had found solace in these circumstances. After all, she didn't think that they would have gone to all this bother if they were going to simply put a bullet through her head. But she never contemplated what was now apparently happening. She was being left in the box! Left to slowly spend the rest of her days enduring constant stimulation to her body, with no food or water, little air, and no sight and sound but the black darkness behind the rubber and the battery powered sound of a vibrator filling her pussy.

Lisa seriously doubted that, when she eventually died and woke up in hell, things could really be any worse than this. Her shoulders began to slump forward in complete and hopeless surrender, when another orgasm stiffened her and she screamed, both in exquisite pain and in frustrating pleasure.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Dawn and Meg waited patiently at the land fill. They had seen the men dispose of the oversized trunk over two hours ago, but wanted to make sure that they weren't going to return. They also realized that they weren't going to be able to find their way around the mountain of trash in the middle of the night, so they sat in the car and listened to the radio until the first light of day.

When they finally made their way to what they assumed was Lisa's temporary tomb, they found it locked tight. Meg retrieved some tools from the trunk of the car and went to work on the trunk half buried in the garbage. It took a while, but finally the lock was broken and the girls pulled open the case. Lisa's slumped body was still secured in its torturous position. Dawn immediately noticed the spasms going on in the girl's midsection, a steady quivering that occasionally jerked her otherwise motionless torso. Meg's eyes were instead drawn to Lisa's chest, which wore two electrodes, with wires extending down below her. As she leaned in to get a closer look, Meg could almost make out the odor of burnt flesh over the stink of the landfill. She could also see the blackened skin around the electrodes.

The redhead reached down with both hands and grabbed the ends of the wires to remove them from Lisa's nipples. When she did, she got a sudden shock that made her jump back and drop the connectors to the ground. She wasn't hurt seriously herself, but then made the unbelievable realization that such a current, small as it was, had been running into this poor girl's tits for hours. She wouldn't have thought it possible until this very moment, but Meg actually felt a small measure of pity for her kidnapper.

The two girls eventually managed to release Lisa from her bondage and brought her still limp body back to the car. There they offered her the ultimate deliverance and used Hunter's key to unlock the collar from around her neck. With great effort, they also extracted her face from the rubber hood that had become like Lisa's second skin, and then ungagged her distended mouth as well.

During all of this, Lisa didn't move a muscle. She couldn't. Her mind had long since taken her somewhere else.

There, in her subconscious state, she no longer could have her body tortured. For she no longer had a body. Her legs were gone, leaving no possibility for six inch heels, ankle straps, or spreader bars. Her arms no longer existed either. What good were they anyway, since they were always in a single sleeve or rope or straps, with her elbows pinned together and her fingers folded at the top of her ass.

Speaking of which, she had no ass either, or pussy; no lower openings for plugs and dildos or penises to be shoved inside of her. And her breasts were gone, too. There was no flesh to be wrapped like melons and no nipples to be clamped, noosed, or electrified.

In short, Lisa's mind now left her only as a head; a round, hairless, shapeless head, covered in rubber with only one opening. That opening was her mouth and she was forced to use it to pleasure whatever man she was thrown to next. In her dream world she was nothing more than a rubber ball being tossed back and forth by the nine women who had taken her captive. They laughed at her as they took turns deciding which of their male counterparts she would be given to for further humiliation. And when she was given to one of them, she would, of course, literally give them head. She had no choice. There was nothing else of herself she could offer.

They would pull her head up and down on their cocks and ejaculate into her mouth and then throw her back to the women for more play. And they would laugh. All of them would laugh. Finally, Lisa began to laugh, too, maniacally. She laughed, and cried, and screamed, and laughed some more. She laughed for minutes and hours and days.

And then, suddenly, she woke up.

At first, she had no idea where she was, or how she was. But as the dream slipped away and reality began to set in once again, Lisa noticed that she could see. The room in which she found herself was dark, but she detected shapes in the shadows. That should have been impossible, unless....

Her hood had been removed!

And then came some small movements down below. My, God, she thought, I can stretch out my arms! I have my arms once again! And legs, too! She began to feel her body to see if maybe it had all been a bad dream. Sadly, the shooting pain when she touched her nipples and the stubble of hair that she felt covering her scalp told her instead that it had actually been all too real. Yet even that could not prevent her from crying in joy and thankfulness for the ability to move on her own with no bonds to get in the way.

Lisa got up from the bed she had been laid upon and gingerly made her way to the wall, where she found a light switch. Turning it on, she found herself looking at her own bedroom. Somehow she had been brought back home, but by whom she had no idea. She went to the bathroom and glanced anxiously into the mirror. She didn't recognize the girl she saw. Her body still wore the marks of her days of torture, her hair looked like it had been cut with hedge clippers, and her mouth would still not close shut. She began to cry again, but this time in self-pity as she considered what her captors, first the nine women and then the four men had left her as. She was a monster.

Using the bathroom and sitting in a hot tub for an hour, Lisa found some relief and a little relaxation, but she couldn't forget the disfigured shape she had looked at in the mirror. Closing her eyes, she again pictured herself as a head without a body. But how she wanted to be the sexy beauty that she once had been!

"They've taken everything away from me," she thought. "This is all that's left." And she contemplated the razor blades that she had placed at the side of the tub.

Chapter Thirty

Three days later Sam and his friends each received a phone call. It was hard to make it out, but the hoarse voice told them it was Lisa, their long lost partner. She apologized for her laryngitis - she'd explain later - and asked them to meet with her one last time concerning the last kidnapping that had gone so terribly wrong. She wanted to tie up some loose ends, she said. And she wanted to meet them at the loft.

The four men had remained away from the building since taking Misty's body out and leaving it in the landfill the previous weekend. No news reports had yet surfaced about the body being found; in fact, there was still nothing in the media about the Ash girl at all.

Instead, the search was on for the body of Holly O'Reilly, whose family had never been contacted, and who was now presumed dead. Sam himself had been questioned by the police and they had gone over his apartment with the proverbial fine tooth comb. Luckily for him, he had nothing to hide from that relationship, although the officers who had left his home didn't exactly seem to believe him about that. Tony Espinosa, Daryl White, and Jesse Jefferson had also been brought in for interrogation, with no new leads produced.

Daryl was the one that the police interviewed the longest. Something struck them a

bout his demeanor, but they were unable to determine the cause, and besides that, he had no connection to the O'Reilly girl. In reality, however, the trouble with "Knotty" was that he couldn't stop thinking about the other girl, the one they had left for dead in the landfill. In fact, less than a day after the drop he had gone back to decide on his own whether or not to actually release Miss Ash. But he had never gotten the chance. By then, the trunk was no longer able to be found. It was apparently completely buried under a fresh load of trash. Knotty hadn't slept since, playing over and over in his mind the horrible end of his last victim, the one buried alive in a grave of garbage. He would be haunted by the thought for ages.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tony had spent the same time drunk, regretting the loss of however many thousands they had been screwed out of by the bitch in the box and her tight-fisted mother. None of the four men were looking forward to meeting with Lisa again, but Jesse and Tony actually had thoughts about extracting a little payment from the brunette for the mess that she had gotten them into the past week. They wondered how she would like to be ravaged for once.

However, when the men all arrived back at the seen of the crime, the tables were suddenly turned. The four were sitting in the living room drinking beers when the door bell rang. But, to their surprise, it wasn't Lisa's face that awaited them on the other side. It was a group of police detectives and officers with a warrant to search the loft.

"You've got to be kidding me," Sam protested. "Haven't you guys got other people to bother."

"Sure," the lead officer answered, "and we'll get to them right after we finish with you."

The detectives spread out around the structure, while the officers remained with the four men, just in case someone decided to try and leave the premises. Less than five minutes later they were all asked to come into one of the bedrooms.

"Can you unlock that closet, sir?" Sam was asked. It was the one they had kept Misty in during her agonizing stay. He hoped with all of his being that they had cleaned it out completely after getting rid of her.

"Sure, officer," he answered politely, but his nervousness must have been easy to detect by everyone in the room. He opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out the key. Unlocking the door and opening it wide, neither Sam nor any of his buddies could have imagined what greeted them inside.

Hogtied stark naked on the floor was Holly O'Reilly!

The beautiful girl's body was wrapped in thick white rope, her encircled breasts jutting out from her chest, a crotch rope diving down between her legs, her arms wound together in back from shoulders to wrists, and her legs sealed from thighs to ankles. A single rope pulled her ankles to her wrists, and, to top off the bondage, a red ball gag was strapped behind her teeth. Holly's sweat covered face and body seemed to indicate a long time in the hot closet, although her friends had actually only placed her in there a little over an hour ago, after a full morning of strenuous preparation.

Sam simply said, "Tina...."

"No sir," a police officer said, drawing his gun. "This is Holly O'Reilly, the girl who has been missing for a week. Gentlemen, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney...."

As the officer droned on, the four men stood in stunned silence. They had kidnapped, raped, and tortured nine women, had been paid handsomely for eight and left one for dead, and now they were being arrested for their involvement in a girl's capture that they had absolutely nothing to do with? Was this karma, God's little way of paying them back for all they had done, or just plain bad luck?

They would have plenty of time to debate that in the months and years ahead, starting with the trip to jail in the police van with half the arresting officers. The others gladly volunteered to stay behind and help the lovely Miss O'Reilly.


The eventual trial of the four male kidnappers was a slam dunk for the prosecution. They had caught the accused red-handed, with their tenth victim still bound and gagged in their bedroom closet. Eight other victims over the past year also came forward and testified against them, detailing the sick antics of their attackers. And, of course, there was the incriminating evidence of the video tape that the men had foolishly sent to the family of their still missing ninth victim. That tape surfaced during the trial and revealed the loft as the location of the torture and rape sessions that each of the other victims swore happened to them there as well.

The men tried to blame everything on a fifth member of their group, a woman named Lisa Stevens, but she could never be located; her apartment was found stripped bare by the time its location was revealed. In addition, the earlier statements by the first eight victims about a woman accomplice were ultimately retracted. They each swore that they couldn't be absolutely sure that it had even been a woman who had kidnapped them in the first place. It might have been a man simply dressed as a woman. In any case, the search for Miss Stevens lasted only for about as long as the trial. By the time it was over and the men were sentenced to fifteen years each, no one seemed too interested in finding the phantom female figure any more.

However, she could have been found, at least for a short while, only under a different name. After overcoming the temptation to slit her wrists in the bathtub following her traumatic release, Lisa gradually lost control of her mind. She repeatedly regressed into her own little bondage world, a sub space of clamps and wires and ropes and straps. In her brain she would often become the bodiless victim once again, and relive the humiliation brought upon her by her male and female owners.

On one occasion Lisa actually gained enough control of her senses to seek emotional help. She voluntarily checked herself into a local clinic for a psychiatric evaluation. She registered under the name Mia Head. She laughed uncontrollably when she wrote down the cryptic title. That night she found herself in a straight-jacket, and almost welcomed the tight confinement. She was now more at home with her body wrapped and bound and taken away from her than when she was free to be herself.

How fitting then that less than a week later she was involuntarily checked out of the clinic, interestingly enough still wearing the straight-jacket, but now with a ball gag and blindfold added. Doing the honors of removing her during the night from her padded room were four women dressed as nurses, but with white skirts way too short and white heels way too high. One of them giggled about how "Mia's" hair was coming back in nicely. Another whispered, "Shut up, Holly!" and smiling, continued the removal of the helpless victim from the asylum to a more private treatment center, one run by eight young women who had new and ingenious plans to bring Lisa Stevens back into their world.

The house was outside of town near the tracks. Joey was the one who found it and the girls chipped in to buy it for their experiment. They would each take turns with their old victim, first trying to get Mia to let Lisa "come back out to play," as Whitney would say, so that they could then take her back over the edge of insanity in some other kinky ways in the future.

After all, while the four male villains, who had originally taken the girls and tortured them, were now getting their just rewards from their new boyfriends behind bars, Cynthia, Whitney, Meg, Joey, Muffy, Dawn, Violet, Hunter, and Holly had a special private place for their lovely female counterpart. And that place was always in bondage, whether gagged, pierced, hung, stretched, penetrated, shocked, impaled, bent, or whatever alternative the girls came up with next.

And Lisa Stevens endured it all. She had no choice. She was theirs now - forever. For the Kidnapper, this was to be The End.

The End
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