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Author's Note: Synopsis: Two Les lovers and their shady druggy companion spend a weekend of S&M fun in a secluded retreat. And are set upon by sadistic Les bikers.

Part 1

Pulling into the Safeway parking lot, I could barely contain my excitement. It was Friday morning and the start of a long weekend of camping and partying. As I entered the store I made my way to the liquor section and grabbed two large bottles of Patrone tequila and two large bottles of Crown Royal. Several bags of ice, some sodas and several gallons of bottled water rounded out my purchases.

As I arrive in our drive way Laura is loading things into the pack of our Bounder motor home. She was wearing way too short cutoffs that showed her deliciously tanned ass cheeks. Her nipples pressed hard at the thin tee shirt she wore. Laura was the sexiest women I have ever even seen. At five foot six she was the same height as me. Her thirty four double D tits were fabulous. Long Brown hair and tanned legs that stretched up to her tight heart shaped ass. "Hey slut, did ya get everything we need?" I ignored her and started carrying over the booze and stuff so that she could stash it away for later. As I started to place the bags on the curb she gave me a quick wet kiss. "Are you almost done my love?" I cooed. "Yes miss Linda pissy pussy" she taunted. I hated when she called me that but I let it slide. We were going camping!

This time was going to be a little different. Since it was a last minute decision, we couldn't round up the usual gang. We usually when out with about a half dozen of our closest friends to hang out in our own private cave in the forests of western Oregon for a few days of drinking and crazy antics. We'd drink and swim in the river and run around naked, and play rad girl games! Of all the times we went there we never saw another person since it was way back in the hills.

I wanted to get hold of some speed before we left so I went in the house and opened a bottle of Patrone and sucked down a huge shot and sucked a lemon. I just like lemons better than limes. Laura got on the phone and called my connection Darlene who said she'd be right over with an eight ball of Meth. I never did a lot but Laura and I liked to do it 'cause it made us so horny. And to take the edge off the alcohol.

Laura was in and out still packing up when Darlene walked in. She was very sexy and all of twenty years old with small pert titties and a perfect ass. She also always seemed to have an evil look that occasionally made me nervous. Kinda like she couldn't be totally trusted?

Always the flirt, Darlene kissed me on the lips and pinched my nipple. "Ouch, you little shit I squealed, that hurt."" Ah poor little slut" she mimed. At this Darlene leaned back and sloshed down her shot. Laura and I were both in our mid thirties as were most of our friends. Yet the more I see Darlene, the more I wanted her between my legs. Especially since I heard from someone that Darlene was getting in to BDSM pretty heavily. Laura met her at a BDSM convention in Vegas, Laura was all Domme, nobody could make a submissive beg and squeal quicker. She put people under her hypnotic spell easier than most could boil an egg. Hey I like a good ass kicking now and then but she was a little too animated for me and often went overboard. Anyway, Darlene tossed me the usual and I poured her a shot as Laura walked in. Quickly I poured her one too and started making some lines. I only made short ones because we needed some sleep before we hit the road in the wee hours before day light.

Laura's like "Well slut, did you ask her?"I'm like "Did I ask who what?" Finding myself staring at Darlene's crotch, her question caught me off guard and a little embarrassed. "Oh ya" I mumbled "Dar, ya wanna go camping with Laura and me for a couple of nights?" "Oh wow, how cool" she squealed. "Who else is going?" she said. I just giggled and said"You make three slut. She did another shot as I passed her the tray with lines and said "Are you sure you two aren't luring me out into the boonies to ravage me"? I just laughed and said "no baby, hell we can do that right here if we wanted to." All Darlene said was simply."Oh." Sure Lin when are we leaving"? She asked. "In the morning around 3am."

Well, we finished a half a bottle of tequila and never did get any sleep. We were pretty wired on speed and spent the wee hours watching Darlene masturbate for us. We played some drinking games and she lost! Actually we cheated. Laura and I were so into just watching that we were fingering each other and making each other cum for hours.

At 3am Laura announced that is was time to go. She is one of the best drunk drivers I know, so Darlene and I just giggled and grabbed our loose pack packs and toddled into the motor home

I in the front and Darlene went in the back bed room and I guess layed down. I turned on the radio and Laura and I talked as we headed out on I-5 South. There were very few cars on the road as we were soon heading south from Medford toward the Cascade Mountains. "Ya know Laura, I'm a little worried, us going to our normal spot with just the three of us" I said. "Not taking her eyes off of the road Darlene just said "What could there be to worry about sweetie? We have been back in those canyons almost a dozen times and have never seen anyone." "Ya you're right" I said. "What could happen?"

I had to laugh. We had been on the road now almost an hour and were nearing out special turn off at mile marker fifty two, when we both heard Darlene moaning in the back bedroom. She was masturbating! I looked at Sheila and giggled. Dar didn't know it but under the queen sized bed were two long wide wooden boxes where we kept our camping toys. In them was every manner of dildo, both anal and vaginal. Not that we really need them as our cave was fully equipped. There were heavy leather restraints that were so strong we could hang anyone upside down! We had rope, nipple clamps, spreader bars, and gags of every imaginable type. Even a hood with a urinal basin in the front. So many fun toys that it had taken us years to collect. When Laura and I played, we played hard! In the second box was the "business end" of our toys. The floggers, both light and heavy, and the cane set. From thin fiberglass to the heavy oak one. We had paddles, both wooden and leather. Leather slappers and even my favorite, an eight foot single tail with a metal tip. I had tried it on Laura once but after only one swing she was screaming that it hurt too much. I bet it did. It was evil. But I kept it anyway.

Turning the bounder off the road at mile marker thirty eight Laura slowed to a stop. The trees made it look like the gravel road went nowhere, but she aimed for the center of the two trees and crept forward very slowly. The tree limbs scraped eerily on the sides of the motor home but we finally lurched thru the trees to the narrow gravel road ahead. Going very slowly now we came to the heavy metal gate that only we have the key for. I hopped out to open the old heavy padlock. The heavy rusted gate was open! This was on many levels deeply disturbing as we had the only known key. Perhaps we had failed to lock it the last time we were here.

I don't really recall I remembered thinking as the motor home lurched thru the trees and Laura stopped to let me back in. "That's weird" I said. "I know huh", said Laura. Darlene was asking "what's wrong?"Oh I guess we just forgot to lock the gate I guess." Darlene just kind of smiled a weird smile, which I though was extremely out of context. But hey she's a tweeker and a bit odd at that, so I let it go. The Bounder lumbered onward thru the darkness. It seemed to take for ever just to go a few miles.

Laura's family had owned this remote stretch of canyon for years, including the old gold mine around the bend. We have been coming here for years as had Laura's family. The cave had a very large cavern about one hundred feet back into the hill. Over the years it has been built up into a home slash playpen... There is lush thick carpeting, running water from the well and even electricity tapped in from the county power lines. We have beds a fridge and all the amenities. It's really cool since very few even know it's there let alone fully equipped. There were old chambers in the cave, like the old concrete shower with the heavy steel door.

As the motor home moved around the final corner we came to a stop. All looked quite as it should. Laura looked at me and smiled. "Looks okay to me, no sign of trouble." Walking up the small hill, I pulled back the boards and ply wood and heavy clutter that obscured the heavy wood door. It was a very small door. Only like three feet high and two feet wide. The frame was of heavy thick concrete I unlocked the door and reached inside to enter the alarm code before it went off and saw the green light come smell musty and was of course dark. Well hell, it is a cave after all.

"All clear" I shouted......... I heard Darleen and Laura talking as I crawled into the darkness. This part was always eerie. I always imagined someone would be in there and lower a sword or axe to my neck. I shook it off and finally reached the electrical switch and pressed it. I could here the swoosh and muffled noise of the hidden generator, way back inside another small cavern in the rear of the cave. The gases were vented up thru the ceiling thru over ten feet of soil. Now all the lights came on revealing that indeed all was as it should be.

I hurried back outside to help them unload the motor home. Laura seemed real nervous, so sneaking around the back of the bounder I came up behind her and lightly stuck my nails in her side. She jumped a foot in the air and let out a scream that could have waked the dead. "Godamit you fuckin' whore you scared the shit out of me me, what's wrong with you?" She howled."My my, we're a bit jumpy aren't we?" I said. She calmed down fast enough but seems very jumpy. "WELL?" said Laura. "Well what?" "How's the place look?" she said. "Just fine"

Darlene looks strangely nervous, and rightly so I suppose, she just didn't know me that well and knew nothing of our cave. She had had sex with Laura several times, but that was years ago and was I ever looking forward to getting to know her hot little body better. Ok bitches sang Laura, let's get this shit inside." She disappeared thru the door of the bounder and started passing out the bags and boxes one at a time and Dar and I set them on the ground. "Come on Lin "whined Darlene "I wanna see the cave". How could I tell her no? "Come on then I said. I yelled at Laura that we were going in but I guess she didn't hear .I grabbed my toy bag and a handle of Patrone and I handed Darlene a box of whatever and off went.

We walked up a low hill thru dense trees along an almost invisible path to the small open door. I slid the bag thru the small entrance and did the same with the box Darlene had. "Why is the entrance so small Linda?" 'It's cause of the weight of the hill, it also makes it easier to defend and it's safer this way. No one can crash thru the door and just barge in. Come on." I said as I got on my hands and knees to crawl in......I knew Dar was staring at my ass, and I wiggled it just for her. She "accidently" rubbed my inner thigh as she started to crawl and it sent a shiver up my spine. I could hear her breathing and it excited me greatly. When we made our way thru the low narrow opening I could hear Dar's expression of wonderment. "Oh my god, this is unbelievable Lin. How in the fuck did you guys make this place?" I explained to her about it being and old mine and how Laura's' dad had bucks and made the mine and its rooms into a retreat......... even putting in electricity, running water and carpet."Look over there" I told her sweeping my hand in a broad arc. The rack, the X frame, the pillory, padded saw horse, the ceiling hoist and walls full of leather and shiny steal devices of every size and description. "I'm pretty sure we have everything a good perv could ever want Dar." For the first time on this trip I saw that magic childlike look of wonderment and awe in her lovely eyes. As she turns she took my hands in hers and kissed me on the lips. I pulled her to me and she pressed her tongue forcefully into my eager mouth. She was tongue fucking my mouth with amazing passion. I was in her power; it shocked me when she grabbed my hair and forcefully bend my head back. I couldn't help but drop to my knees.

Looking up into Darlene's fierce eyes and the way she kissed me made me very excited yet a tad uneasy. She whispered. "You're mine now whore, I've always wanted you." You are always so fucking innocent aren't you?" The tone of her voice changed to a menacing low growl and set off alarm bells in the back of my head. I though I knew her reasonably well, as we had had three ways twice with Laura. But I'd never been truly alone with her. I seemed to be her prey now. Don't get me wrong, I loved a good hard Domming. This just seemed out of context. When Darlene said in a low voice "You're mine now whore, come on." She was dragging me by the hair and I followed as fast as my knees could propel me. Once I almost fell, but she yanked my hair harder and made me go on. I could see she was eyeing the low hanging chain dangling from the ceiling. When we reached it she pulled down on the chain to get more slack. "Put the wrist restraints on whore" she said in a more playful voice. I was so turned on I did as she said. Attaching the sturdy straps and buckling them snuggly. She snapped shut the small padlocks on each D ring, they were tiny locks, but it made removing the restraints your self impossible. She quickly darted for the hoist crank mounted on the nearby cave wall and raised me to my toes. "Hey slut, we haven't even moved the stuff in here yet, what gives?" I laughed uneasily. What happened next shocked the hell out of me. Darlene backhanded me real hard. I was stunned. Even her sweet voice changed."Shut the fuck up cunt I own you now." she growled.

Something was very wrong here. In the few times we have played I have never seen her angry. This wasn't the Darlene I knew. When she back backhanded me again really hard across the face I started to worry. I felt a drop of blood at the corner of my mouth. Thank god Laura was just outside!

When she heard Laura crawling thru the entrance, Dar's expression changed to one of sympathy, like from night to day. "Oh my poor Lin" she said "I'm so sorry," kissing me on the lips at the same time. At that moment Laura appeared and laughing said "What? You two bitches can't even wait till we move the stuff in here to start playing..........come on now get her the fuck down and help me you two.

Almost mechanically Darlene freed me. As we walked to the crawl space, Dar whispered cryptically, "You will be mine." Not before your mine I said mockingly" it was a strange feeling, but I felt there was something about her that was very dark and foreboding. But we were here to have fun and when she kissed me I melted. After all I mused; we always came home with welts and bruises. As Darlene got on all fours to crawl out I pulls Laura aside and whispered, "How well do you really know Dar?" "I've known her from years "she said."Why hon, what's the matter?" "I'm not sure; she just seems, uh, like she's holding back something."

Laura said she had been in a women's prison for several months, that's why we haven't seen her in a while." "What was she in for?" I said. "Drugs what else? I think it had something to do with the bikers she hung with. She's okay, don't worry. Besides whore, I've seen you two making love before a couple of times remember?" "Ya I guess you're right." I started to walk toward the entrance, when Laura grabbed my arm and asked, "Lin, what's really wrong? When I first came in you looked scared." "It's nothing" I said." Come on lets get settled.

It took over and hour to hall in all the food and shit we always brought. Once it was put away we sat on the saggy old couch smoking bong hits and doing Tequila shots."Hey" Darlene said, "Can we do some speed?" Laura just laughed and said "thought you'd never ask." The old coffee table made a good snorting surface and soon we all did a couple fatties. We were all holding our noses and making "Oh fuck" kinda faces. Darlene produced a small pouch from her back pack and pulled out several syringes. "Is it okay if I shoot up you two?"She asked. Laura said "Hell no, have at it." I'm like "I don't care." I kinda did, but didn't want to be a stick in the mud. Hey, whatever floats your boat. So she started doing her fix. I watched with mild curiosity. How quickly she did it made me feel that same nervousness again. How strange.

Speed always made Laura hornier than a rabid dog in heat and she soon walked over to what served as a shower area. Dar and I both watched as Laura removed the few clothes she had on and was pulling on her red latex boots, they were thigh highs and made her look so fucking hot. She put on a matching red latex corset and hung her big sweet 36D boobs over the front. Darlene and I just looked at each other an laughed and I said out loud"Oh fuck, there she goes." We looked on as she pulled on red satin fingerless gloves that completed her ensemble. She walked to the wall of fun as we called it and selected a thin 3 foot riding crop. "My my, looking good bitch" I mused. Darlene just stared.

Laura walked to the padded saw horse and looked at me, and slapping the crop hard on the horse told me "Get over here whore." Ya bitch in a minute" I said, finishing my second line. Laura walked quickly to me and hit me a little too hard on my hip which stung. Quickly Laura had her hand fisted in my hair and told me "I said fucking now whore, get the fuck over here". I half stumbled on the coffee table, but with Laura's hand in my hair I couldn't even fall, she led me over to the padded horse and swatted my ass and told me to strip. I wasn't doing it as fast as she liked so Laura swatted my ass again quickly I pulled off my shorts and T shirt exposing my thirty four double C tits. I could see Dar eyeing my nipple studs and my clit hood ring when Laura ordered me to bend over the black padded thing. "Oh Dar would you help me please?" chimed Laura. She got up and started over toward us and silently and started to buckle one of the heavy straps around my ankle. "Spread em whore" snarled Laura. I obeyed as she lightly kicked outward on my inner left ankle. It was a bit uncomfy but I wasn't complaining. I didn't expect it but Laura pushed my upper body over the horse, where Darlene grabbed my wrists and expertly secured first one then the other to each far leg of the horse. I was now bent at the waste and cruelly exposed. I was also horny as all hell. Still on her knees, Darlene asked Laura "What do we do with this whore now Ma'am."? I could here Laura squeal in delight as Dar called her Ma'am. Somehow I knew this was going to happen. It usually did. I always seemed to end up being the party favor.

"Go pick yourself out a paddle or cane slave. And go put on some proper clothing" snarled Laura ........"You are going to condition this slut's ass. And be my apprentice Mistress." mused Laura.

The blood was going to my head as I felt the first stinging blow........I heard the unmistakable swoosh of a single tail. I thrashed wildly and could see Darlene's heel clad feet from my upside down position. She was wearing six inch stiletto heels and black fence net stockings and I could barely make out that she was wearing a black bustier with her sweet pert b cups sticking straight out. She looked every lovely bit the evil Domme. "Swoosh" another stinging blow. I yelped and thrashed against my bonds. "Hold on a second Dar"said Laura. "I have something for the whore. On her knees Laura centered the small powerful flat tipped clap over my right nipple. When she slowly released it the pain was immediate. She then put the second clamp on my other nipple. "Fuck it hurts I squealed."Ok Dar, all yours" Laura sang. "I'm going to get something to drink. Be back in a few. Make sure you work the whore's ass 'till I get back. Then we're gonna ass fuck this cunt."

As I said I was usually the camp whore, at first anyway and this was pretty much normal. I knew once my ass was worked over my asshole was next. I could actually orgasm from anal play, and Laura always made sure I had more than my fair share of that!

I heard, and then saw Darlene's feet approaching, then...... Swooooosh! An unusually savage blow. "Hey bitch take it easy." I squealed at Dar. She stopped and I saw her feet walking around to my head. Where she kneeled and violently pulled my head back by my hair causing me to scream out in pain, but is was for naught. Darlene was right in my face with a twisted scary look on her face. She was no longer the pretty innocent girl I've known. She looked very angry. Twisting my neck cruelly she slapped my face really hard twice. I was dazed!

"You still don't get it do you cunt" she hissed. Laura is mine. Not yours. I fucking hate you, and always have now shut the fuck up you cow." With that she spit in my face and dropped my head and walked off. I was in shock. What the fuck? Bits and pieces of past statements started to coalesce in my head. I knew Laura and Dar were together years ago but I was really confused.

As Darlene returned she yanked my head up and held my nose shut forcing my mouth open. She shoved a dildo gag bit into my mouth and expertly buckled it onto my head. I now had a ten inch dildo for a nose. Oh my god, I couldn't even tell Laura what she had said!! Now I was really scared. I saw Darlene walk back to my left side and swing the whip. I couldn't believe it; she swung that fucking whip so hard it whistled. The blow sent searing waves of pain to my ass. All I could do was struggle in vane. Blow after savage blow. Faster and faster. I was shrieking into the gag against the unbearable pain .But my screams just came out as drool. I knew my ass was bloody as I could feel it dripping on my thighs and down my legs. Finally she stopped.

I though I would pass out and was already hyperventilating, when she came over and kneeled again by my head. "There now cunt, isn't that better?" She laughed. "Nothing to say huh? Well that's okay. Here this will help you feel better. She reached around and squeezed my nipple clamps so hard I think I did pass out. Because the next thing I remember was hearing Laura's voice. "Jesus Dar, what the fuck did you do? You made her ass bleed. That's a bit much." "Well you told me to work her ass over, and besides Ma'am she told me she wanted it harder."

"That figures" said Laura. "A little speed and she becomes super whore." Laura just laughed and slapped my ass hard. "Oh I see the whore has a cock for a nose now! Good thinking slave" said Laura. "Thank you Mistress" cooed Dar. I could see there feet and knew they were kissing. "Now slave please got pick out a strap on harness and any dildo that you fancy. We need to break in her asshole Laura said. Upside down as I was I saw Laura back at the table snorting more meth and she also took another Tequila shot. Darlene came into view waggling the biggest dildo I think I've ever seen. This thing was as long as my arm and twice as thick. The many knobby bumps were quiet obvious. "I'm ready Ma'am" Darlene called to Laura. "Go ahead and start baby I'll be there in a minute. I heard the faint squishing sound of what could only be Dar lubing up the monster dildo. There was no way my asshole could take that I thought. Why the fuck wasn't Laura letting me go by now? I'd been like this too long and was extremely uncomfortable. Before that thought was finished I felt the massive head of the cock pressing against my asshole. Well at least it was lubed. What happened next was a shock. Darlene grabbed me by the waist and dug her long painted nails deep into my sides. I jumped and thrashed so hard I think I pulled a leg muscle. Two seconds later my asshole was suddenly ripped open. She shoved that massive cock all the way into my poor shit hole as hard as she could. I knew I must be bleeding. Never had anything so huge violated my poor bung hole. She didn't waste anytime at all reaming me. As hard and fast as possible. I didn't even have a chance to breathe.

As much as it hurt, I remember squirting extremely hard. I was always able to have the most intense orgasms from anal sex. The onslaught was so overwhelming I emptied my bowels all over Darlene and the floor. I must have pissed a gallon. That's what made Darlene stop I think, for she just stopped suddenly, made a little giggle and gasp and pulled all fourteen inches of the cock from my ass... I came again hard and went limp.

Laura was holding me in her arms on the couch and I had a blanket pulled over me." "What happened Laura" I said weakly? "You passed out baby." Darlene was nowhere to be seen. "Laura I need to tell you something, where is Darlene?" "She's talking a shower darling. Don't you remember? You pissed all over her." "Why baby, what's wrong?" "Well when you weren't looking she yanked my head back and spit in my face, telling me you were hers." I also told Laura of the sever caning. "Oh sweaty, I think you're over reacting." I know Dar has had a rough past but she knows we are soul mates. Maybe she's just taking this junior mistress shit to seriously." "Maybe you're right. I said. "But there's something very scary going on with her. I know you two were lovers." "Believe me hon she's just an impressionable young girl with a big heart who had a rough few years." "That may be true, but you two were spilt up before she became hype and went to prison."

Laura just nodded and stared into space. "Maybe." Was all she said, for at that moment Darlene walked back in. I had to admit this cunt was indeed drop dead gorgeous. She walks straight to Laura and stood there looking every inch the evil Domme. "Ma'am, my I lick your pussy?" she asked. Laura looked at me and winked, and told Dar, "Yes slave you may."Um Ma'am would it be okay if we could tie up our whore here and made her watch?" Laura looked at me and I nodded. After all I love being submissive and being forced to watch was very humiliating for me. Which I also loved. "What did you have in mind darling"? Mimed Laura. "May I show you Mistress?" Dar asked in a commanding voice. "Of course you may slave" snickered Laura. Laura was more the sensuous Domme and "ruled" by being just plain sexy. One couldn't help refuse her.

Darlene snorted another quick line and glugged down several swallows of Patrone, She stood and grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me over to the play area. "Ouch.... Godamit." I howled. "That fucking hurts." She just slapped me too hard across the mouth and threw me down on the soft matting. She bound my wrists very tightly with thin para cord and tied the end to an eyebolt suck in the floor she attached thick leather hospital type restraints on each of my ankles. She then tied heavy cord to the D rings on the ankle bindings and stepping on a small nearby stool ties one of my legs to a eyebolt in the ceiling, She then moved the stool and repeated the process with the other leg, I was spread cruelly and with my ass slightly off the ground, Painful but survivable.<<<<<
Darlene walked away and Laura smiled at me while making a show of fingering her glistening cunt. "Dam you." I hissed. She knew that drove me crazy. Especially tied so that I couldn't touch her or myself. When Darlene returned from the storeroom she was carrying what I recognized as our auto lube fuck machine. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a machine with a rotating metal wheel with an arm attached that held whatever dildo or butt plug that one chose fit to attach to it. This one had on it a scary looking knobby dildo that was like twelve inches long and at least three inches in diameter. It had an auto lube function that at preset intervals squirted liquid lube onto the dildo. So in theory it could go for days. She set the fucking thing between my spread legs and placed the dildo in my asshole opening and turned it on...I immediately squealed as the thing entered my shithole slowly until it was in all the way. Then it started.

Each full stroke was adjustable from super slow to "fuck me hard" fast. Gratefully for me Darlene had set it to slow. So it took maybe ten seconds for it's in and out cycle. She turned on the "twist" function, and I think I came instantly..."There you go whore, feel good yet?" "Fuck you cow" I spat at Darlene. At that she kicked me savagely in the ribs. "Hey Dar knock that the fuck off" yelled Laura." That was uncalled for, now kiss her and apologize."

I thought that's what was about to happen and planned to bit the fucking cunt as hard as I could. Instead Darlene leaned down and pretended to kiss me but whispered "Soon whore soon," and spat in my face. What the fuck did that mean I wondered? I was really worried. But so god dam horny I couldn't even begin to think straight. Dar walked behind me and again lifted up my head by my hair and shoved a big pillow under my head. "There whore" she said loudly "Now you may watch me serve my new Mistress." I was scared again but the dildo attacking my asshole made me soon forget about Darlene's cryptic statement.

Laura looked fantastic sitting on the couch; one leg resting on the arm, the other on the edge of the couch. I could see her bald pussy glistening in the light, and her big firm tits jutting out proudly. As Darlene approached her she dropped to her knees....... "Approach me whore." she said. In an instant Darlene had her face buried deep between Laura's legs. All I could do was watch, I came again as the fuck machine did its evil work. All I remember now is how hot Darlene's ass was. OMG I wish I could lick that.

I quickly dismissed the thought when I heard the sounds of what seemed like a car engine. No not a car engine but a motor cycle. And there was more than one. "Laura", I moaned. "Shut up whore, you'll get your turn." snarled Darlene. The noise had stopped but I know I heard it. Oh fuck!! I had a real bad feeling, but I was tied and being ass fucked. We had weapons but they were locked up and in another room.

Then I heard her. "Well well, well, looky what we have here." She was scary to behold. Almost six foot tall and powerfully built Cal in Leather and chains. Huge tits could be seen in her unzipped biker leather. She wore chaps and heavy biker riding boots. "Hey, who the fuck are you?" Shrieked Laura. All I could do was struggle futilely against my bonds, the fuck machine still working on me. Another voice boomed from behind and to the right of the first. "You mean who the fuck are we?" Oh my god. There were three of them. As they came into view I saw that they were also dressed in full biker wear. These two were shorter and built like a pair of brick shithouses. The first one, obviously their leader walked over my way and stood above me. She looked down at me and smiled. "And what have we here? Wow, you look happy there cunt. What did you do to deserve this treatment?" Laura had risen from the couch and walked rapidly toward her as If to save me but the other two, grabbed Laura and threw her to the ground.

I couldn't see Darlene. "I asked you a question cunt", their leader said kicking me hard in the ribs and pressing her boot onto my throat. Reeling from the kick and barely able to talk. "I'm Lin and that's Laura......who the fuck are you and what are you doing here"......I gasped hard as I came again..."This is private property." She pressed harder on my throat with her boot and said "No cunt this is our property now, and from the looks of you, you are already property, you just lay there and shut the fuck up and maybe you'll line thru the night." She laughed and turned her attention to the other two who were still kicking Laura cruelly. "Hey Heidi. Greta. Knock it the fuck off you two" the leader bellowed.

Like automatons they stopped and just stared at poor Laura lying on the ground. Walking over to Laura the leader helped her up roughly and pushed her back on the couch. "What the fuck are you supposed to be cunt fuck? You look like a plastic blow up hooker" She laughed. Laura looked very frightened and was obviously hurting from the beating she just endured from the ugly sisters.

When she didn't answer the one called Greta plopped next to Laura and pulled her head back harshly by the hair. "Answer her bitch. Who else is here?""No one else is here" lied Laura. There's hope I thought for the first time, Darlene is probably hiding and waiting for her chance to save us. I knew Laura showed her where we kept the guns. The one named Heidi was kneeling down staring at me with an evil grin. "Please turn off the fuck machine will you?" I said in a whimper. "Go ahead" said their leader "I want to talk to these two cunts anyway. Let her go.

Heidi, who was as scary looking as the other one, looked the fuck machine over and finally figured out the controls. God was I relieved, I'd been there for over and hour and had came so many times I couldn't count. She released my legs and wrists but I just lay there spent. It was them that I heard Laura scream; she had clobbered the one named Greta in the face with the end of her crop and was charging at the leader in a fury. The cunt just side stepped Laura's charge and Laura fell near me. They looked a little surprised and stared at each other as Laura tried to help me to my feet. Wobbling I stood up but the ghoul sisters were all over us. Me in a head lock and Laura in an arm hold we were led back to the couch and thrown down on it. Their leader told us: "Now knock it the fuck off you cunts and listen up." "No you fucking listen up fuck face" Laura screamed. "What the fuck are you doing here? Get the fuck out before"........"Before what cunt?" laughed one of the gruesome sisters. "Wait ". I said in a semi calm voice. "We don't know you bitches from Adam. You don't belong here and you're fucking trespassing." The leader just laughed and said, "Well Linda we know you," and looking to Laura she said "and we know you too whore." "How the fuck do you know us?"

The leader just laughed and said cryptically, "we've known about this place for a long time and we know what you do here." Heidi and Greta laughed like the pigs that they were and Greta said, "Let's just say we have acquired pets here a time or two." Laura and I looked at each other and gasped, I remember a year or so ago our friend Dalia disappeared a while back, while near here. "Dalia I whispered breathlessly...."Yes cunt ...Dalia". Greta and Heidi snickered and one of them said. "Yep Dalia, she's learned a lot lately."

These fucking animals were holding our friend Dalia as a sex slave!! The leader lifted her head slightly and without a word the ugly sisters grabbed Laura by the arms and yanked her off the couch. Laura jerked one hand free and took a swing at Greta, who responded by punching Laura hard in the stomach, doubling her over. They dragged my Laura to the center of the room and cruelly tied her hands with metal wire and tied a rope to the middle of it; they figured out how to lower the ceiling hoist and soon had poor Laura lifted up so only the tips of her toes touched the ground.

"So, you bitches like to play rough huh" said the leader, "What a fucking joke. You cunts have no idea what rough means." "Let her go you fucking cow" I yelled. The leader walked over to me and backhanded me so hard it bloodied my nose and knocked me to the floor. She stood on my neck with her heavy boot as Heidi ran over and cuffed my wrists behind my back She cuffed my ankles too, wrapping the chain for the ankle irons around the handcuffs on my wrists. I was hog tied, soon two strong pairs of hands stood me up on my knees and lifted me like that onto the couch and leaned me against the back cushions. "Now whore, have you anything else to say? No? I thought not."

Fuck I hurt, but I didn't have long to dwell on my pain, Laura's first scream shattered my own suffering, and brought me back to the reality at hand. Greta had a thin bamboo cane and was wailing on poor Laura's big tits. Blow after savage blow. Laura was swinging freely each time she was struck and there was blood dripping down her arms form the wire bindings on her wrists. Soon Laura's tits had ugly purple welts on them. I was crying and sobbing "Please please let her go." The leader once again backhanded me hard across the mouth. "Shut the fuck up cunt" she snarled. "You're next."

The leader motioned to Heidi who picked up the metal tipped single tail, and taking position started to swing the evil whip onto Laura's silky smooth back and ass. They were taking turns. One ravaging Laura tits the other welting up her back, the blood poured and Laura howled and shrieked like a severely wounded animal, her howls eerie and ear shattering. This went on and on until Laura passed out cold. Hanging by her bloody wrists "That's enough you two cut the cunt down and put this one up It's her turn." "Please stop. Please oh please leave my Laura alone you fucking sow, you're killing her." I screamed. I was awarded another harsh backhand that knocked me again to the floor...

The ugly sisters were cutting Laura down and laid her on the padded weight bench. Even though unconscious her arms were tied down and to the benches legs, once again using the roll of metal wire, her knees where tied straight back to the bar supports by her head, cruelly exposing her ass and pussy. Well at least they have stopped whipping her for now I thought. Greta and Heidi dragged me, still hog tied with chains over to where Laura was strung up. They dragged me under the arms and just let me fall face first onto the hard floor. "Please Please I begged "let us go, we didn't do anything to you."All I got for my sobbing plea was to be kicked in the ribs over and over again by heckle and jeckle. I winced in pain and knew I had internal injuries.

Laura was coming to consciousness and was moaning in pain, her tits were bleeding and horribly marked. As she came to I saw the leader walk over to Laura and pull her head back by her hair and say something her. "My my poor child she looks thirsty." Well at least this fucking cunt has some compassion I though, but then she removed her boots and pulled off her jeans, threw her Heavy jacket down and straddles Laura head. "What the fuck are you doing cunt leave her fucking alone you cow." I yelled. But then the ugly sisters started kicking me again.

"Come on you fucking cow knock it the fuck off. You're damaging the merchandise." They did stop but they were looking at their Leader, who was yelling at Laura to open her mouth. Pulling her hair up to her hairy cunt and yelling at her. "Eat my fucking cunt you god dam dyke"...I did see Laura open her mouth and lick her a few times but the leader just pulled her hair even harder and started pissing in her mouth. I heard poor Laura gagging and sputtering, all the while being told, "Drink my piss you fucking cunt or I'll cut your god dam nipples off."... Pints of piss were running down Laura head and pooling on the floor. Laura was spitting up mouths full of nasty piss but the leader just laughed and said" That's ok; it will be cleaned up later. She reached down and grabbed her nipples and pulled and twisted them savagely. At the same time rocking back and forth on Laura's face.

Looking at the leader her face tensed up and she shuddered, and I knew she was orgasming. Because she soon stopped and got off of Laura's face. The leader was panting hard and looked at Laura and smiled. Her warm wet girl goo covering Laura ravaged face. "I guess she needs more training before she savors my piss." She laughed. Greta and Heidi laughed too and started removing their clothes. "Oh my god" I thought as I saw Heidi had shit stained panties her ass was really nasty and all covered in rashes and open sores. She just smiles as she walked to Laura and started to straddle her face.

I knew if Heidi put that fat nasty ass of hers on Laura face it would smother her or even break her neck. "Stop." I screamed. Greta went to kick me but the leader stopped her. "Wait a minute Heidi." she said then looked at me. "You care about this pathetic cunt don't you bitch?" "Yes" I said she's my friend. "Oh ok, then you'd be willing to take her place is that right?" Without hesitating I said "Yes yes just please stop hurting her....." "Fair enough" she said, "remove her cuffs Greta."

Gratefully the cow unlocked my wrists and ankles. My first though was to try and fight but I knew I was no match for the three of them. "Come over here cunt." Greta ordered. She was now sitting on the couch with her obese thighs spread. Fuck she was nasty and she smelled of stale piss and feces. Heidi had grabbed my hair and led me on my knees to between Greta's legs. Heidi slapped me hard and said. "As you can see cunt Greta's a tad bit skanky but I'm sure if you begged a little she might let you clean her up with your mouth." "I'm not begging that pig for shit." I shrieked. Heidi backhanded me hard and told me "That's exactly what you're gonna beg her for cunt face." "Never" I spat. "Fuck you." And I spat at her... she didn't hit me again but turned to the leader who was holding up the steel skewers we used to make shish kabobs...without a word she shoved one thru Laura left breast. Instantly Laura was awake and screaming like a wild animal. Her tortured body jerking wildly. "Excuse me" the leader calmly said to me." You're not gonna what?" "Stop it you fucking animal let Laura go." I bellowed. "Really? I thought I heard you beg Greta to let you lick her stinking shithole." "Fuck you" I replied. "Fine." Laura shrieked horribly again as another long thick skewer pierced her other tit. Blood was spurting every where." Ok ok just stop I'll do it."

The leader just picked up a third skewer and looked at me. "What did you say?" In a lower voice I said. "Greta can I lick your fucking ass?" again Laura shrieked terribly as the third skewer mad ea big X on her right tit as it entered the flesh and spurted yet more blood all over poor Laura...

Greta pulled my head back hard by my hair and said "Ask nice cow." I was beaten. I'd do anything to stop poor Laura's torment, "Please Greta Please let me clean your asshole with my mouth." She just smiled thru her ugly yellow teeth and motioned me to her with her finger. I leaned in closer and the smell of this pig's ass was nauseating. Laura shrieked out in agony and as I turned I saw Heidi twisting the long bloody skewers. "I think that means now cunt" stink ass said. I was so scared for Laura, I just started to lick Greta's shit stained ass. Oh my god it was nasty! Lick by lick I managed to thoroughly clean her shit caked asshole. She squealed with delight. "You're next Heidi." Sang fuck cunt. "Now whore, kiss it, and make love to my asshole." I did as she said kissing and tonguing her now clean shithole." I even licked the ugly little sores around her rosebud. "Tell me how much you love making love to my asshole whore." Mechanically I told the pig. "Yes Miss Greta I love licking your asshole." "Better and better" chimed in the leader. "Now my pussy cunt, start licking me."Said Greta. "Fuck no" I shrieked, it's a festering puss hole." Again I heard Laura's ear piercing scream of raw terror.

I didn't have to look to know that the leader pressed a fourth steel skewer thru Laura's bloody tits. Fuck face had grabbed my hair and was pulling my neck back so hard I thought my neck would snap. The disgusting pig spat in my face again and whispered. "Beg to lick my pussy whore or we start heating the skewers with a blow torch." I knew she wasn't kidding. "Please Miss Greta; please let me eat your pussy." She held my head back and slapped me hard with her open hand. "You need to be more convincing whore. Now try again. "Please oh please Miss Greta. I'm begging you please let me make love to your beautiful pussy." "That's better" she said, releasing my hair, and I slowly started to lick her nasty cunt. First I licked up and down one of her labia lips then the other. She pressed my head to lick where her thigh met her cunt and I almost vomited, I licked and sucked the thick dried sweat and piss clean. She spread her lips and pressed me hard into her smelly cunt. I licked and licked, trying to remove all the stinky slime so it wouldn't be so horrible. Suddenly I heard a gasp and looked around and all heads were turned. It was Darlene!

Thank god" I said out loud."Dar, kill these fucking pigs! Help us" I screamed. She walked straight past the leader and kicked me real hard in the stomach with her pointed shoe tip, knocking the wind out of me and causing such intense pain that I vomited all over Greta's legs. She arose and started licking me in the ribs and that's the last thing I remember.

When I awoke I couldn't move. I was on my knees spread so wide my legs felt like a wish bone about to be broken in half. There was some type of spreader bar between my knees. Or maybe my knees were tied to the hooks imbedded in the floor. I couldn't tell. My arms were straight out from my shoulders and it felt like they were bound in several places from my wrists to my upper arms. It hurt like hell and I knew I was bleeding internally because when I coughed I could feel blood dripping from my mouth. My tits hurt like hell too, I tried to look down but all I could see was that they were tied together with heavy wire and bulged cruelly. They were turning purple.

Then it came back to me. Laura! Darlene, The leader. The gruesome sisters. "What the fuck is going on?" I howled. "Laura!!!!! Darlene!!!" Suddenly I was slapped across the face hard enough to rouse me awake. The first face I saw was Darlene snarling at me, the Leader stood beside her with her arm around Darlene's waist. "Darlene" I stammered, "What the fucks going on?" "God you're such a stupid cow. You still don't get it do you?" She backhanded me across the mouth again and pointed to Laura. She was unconscious, the skewers were gone from her tits and the ugly sisters were treating her wounds. Darlene looks at the leader and told her "Beth you cow you got the wrong fucking one!" "Ah come one Dar, what the fuck difference does it make?" "Because bitch I get that one." Dar again pointed to Laura's crumpled form. "Darlene grabbed me by the hair and snarling ugly, told me "My Laura had better be okay cow or there don't be enough left of you to bury in a match book." She let my head fall but I looked up at her pleadingly and asked "Why Dar, why." She didn't answer but stormed away toward the table and sofa. She plopped down heavily and I could see she was making a fix of Meth.

"Hey I want some of that" cried Heidi. "So do I" whined Greta." At that both pigs walked over and sat around Darlene and waited their turn for a shot. The leader, Beth that is, walked away and picked up a nearby chair and walked back toward me. As she leaned over she sighed deeply, and looked at me and said. "I know you're confused Linda so let me explain before they get back. I was in prison when Dar got sentenced to a year for possession. Have you ever been in prison?" she said. I shook my head and whispered "No I haven't." "Well", she went on, "When a new ho' comes to the joint she is immediately targeted by the predators and other scum in there. So, real soon, they learn that they need to find a strong friend to keep themselves protected. Long story short she ended up with a really sick fat fuck of a dyke named Big June. June beat her but kept her safe from the worse ones and the animals that travel the corridors in packs. Soon Dar was Junes bitch. "As you may surmise jail is no fun place, not like you have here." she chuckled. "Soon June was making Darlene do every nasty thing you can imagine and some you can't. For no more than a cigarette Darlene was loaned out for the night to just about anyone."

"To make a long story short," Beth continued, "Dar was forced to give up the names of her friends to June. You see, June and her crew like to capture, train and sell women on the slave market." "What the fuck does that have to do with me?" Beth again sighed deeply. "Darlene had double crossed Big June on a drug deal and Big June found out and put out a hit on Darlene. There are sickos that will kill ya for five dollars. So I took Dar as my personal ho'. Her problem, and yours too Linda is that since I saved Dar. We owe June two lives. She's pure evil and part of a powerful prison gang. She way out guns me. So to save our asses, Dar had to give up your friend Dalia. But Big June wasn't happy with just one. Because I saved Darlene my life is owed too and now either you or Laura has to be sacrificed to Big June. There's nothing I can do about it. For some reason Darlene hates your fucking guts. I don't give a fuck one way or another. I came here to party. There's nothing I can do."

I knew there was more going on than Beth was saying. The way Darlene talked to Beth scared me. Like she couldn't control Dar. I couldn't see what was going on at the couch but it sounded like they were done shooting up and were talking louder and laughing.

I hurt so bad being tied like this. I moaned real loud and heard them laugh. The next thing I know is all three are standing before me looking at me. Nasty ass Heidi and Greta were drooling on them selves and were passing the Crown Royal back and forth. Darlene took the chair in front of me and stared right thru me. "So cunt" she said slowly, "I suppose Beth explained the syndrome to you?" "This is crazy" I whined, "You're fucking crazy Dar. We never did anything to you." Her beautiful eyes turned to fury, she backhanded me so hard my lip split open and started to bleed on my aching tits. Darlene was furious and pulled a small deadly looking dagger from inside her boot. Pressing the tip up into my chin, she looked me right in the eye. "Little Miss pissy pussy, I fucking hate you, I've always hated you. I went to jail scoring you your fucking speed! You're so pretty and so fucking cocky. Miss better than everyone else, your great job, your fucking cars and money. Your big fucking house. And worst of all you stole my Laura from me with all your bullshit."The dagger pierced my chin and more blood dripped on my battered body. "Dar Please, it's not like that"...."SILENCE" she screamed. "I'm gonna make you pay for all the misery you've caused me. Then I'm going to give you to Big June to make things right again. And you know the best part cunt?" She said as she grabbed my hair again and spit in my face, "I'm gonna live in your big house and drive your car and wear your clothes and Laura will be mine forever. You will never be seen again. Some fucking cows piece of fuck meat."

Darlene got up and turned to Heidi and Greta. "She's all yours ladies. Have fun." Almost as an after though Darlene turned and kicked my as hard as she could right in my spread cunt. Dar and Beth walked away and were gone. Leaving me with the gruesome sisters. "Oh Heidi lets tenderize this cunt a bit shall we?" "Hmm sounds good Greta." Heidi walked over to the wall and brought back a car fan belt and with a knife cut it into two three foot lengths. Giving one piece to Greta they started to whip me. Savage blows reigned down on my tits, my belly my thighs. Blow after cruel blow. The pain was unimaginable. I remember them laughing as they returned with a paper stapler. I couldn't figure out what they were going to do with it. Until they lowered it over my nipple and slammed it closed. Shooting a steel staple deep into my nipple.

I screamed like an animal in its death throes. The pain far surpassed the sever whipping my tits belly and my whole front had endured. They just laughed as I spat a "fuck you" at them. In an instant hey snapped another staple into my nipple, then another. I could vaguely feel them crimping and wondered would they could ever possibly be removed. That thought was instantly shattered as they set to work with the stapler on my other nipple. I passed out at that point. I woke up on the floor sometime later.

I was alone and in the crude cement bottomed shower. The doors were locked and I ached horribly. My nipples were bleeding and wiping the blood away from a nipple I could see the shine of the steel staple. Even touching it made me scream out in excruciating pain. When I looked further down my ravaged torso I was horrified. My whole front was covered in ugly raised welts. From my knees to my upper chest. I screamed out in fury and agony. Why was this happening to me? Then I remembered the whole surreal day as it had unfolded. I was to be sold as a sex slave to some animal and Darlene was taking Laura away to live in my house. Live my life. I lay down on the cold hard floor and sobbed uncontrollably.

The heavy metal shower door opened with a sickening creek. And In walked Heidi and Greta. Both wore thick leather harnesses that made there fat mushy tits bulge out. Each sported thick long knobby dildos. They wore only the harness and their heavy biker boots. The big bumpy ones that we never used. They caused Laura to bleed from her pussy the one time we tried it. Smirking sickly thru there nasty yellow teeth they walked in the room and stood over me. The door creaked a bit more as Beth walked in with a wooden chair. She sat straddling the chair, drink in hand and arms folded over the back of her. Beth was truly stunning. Long shapely legs, long jet black hair and large firm breasts. A true Amazon. And at six feet tall she was very imposing. Yet there was something about her. Something...The way she looked at me. I couldn't...

The sudden hard kick in the stomach made me curl into the fetal position. "Get up on your knees whore" ordered one of the ugly sisters. "I would if I were you" said the other beauty queen. Again I was kicked viciously. "Maybe this will help" spewed one of the ugly sisters. I soon felt the warm wet nasty smell and taste of piss on my face and mouth. "There that should help."In a whisper Beth spoke, "Get up Linda." Fearing another paralyzing boot in the ribs I shakily got to my knees. My hair and face soaked in piss. And I was still dizzy and in extreme pain from the frightful whipping. Immediately I was looking at the massive head of a thick rubber cock. Heidi's near toothless smile looking down at me. "Suck" she ordered in a demanding gravely voice.

I opened my mouth and slobbered on it the best I could, and could feel her trying to ram it down my throat. "That's a good cunt, make it nice and wet fuck cunt." I was gagging and tried to back away from the cock when I was stopped by the powerful hands of Greta kneeling behind me. The tip of her cock pressing onto my bruised asshole. I heard her spitting on it and soon, with a massive shove it spilt my shithole open. I screamed as loud as I could. This made her start ram fucking me even harder. I remember vomiting on Heidi's cock as Greta ruined my shithole. I heard laughing and the cock went away. But my shithole was still being savagely attacked. When powerful fingers gripped my nipples and twisted frightfully .The staples still deeply embedded in them. I must have passed out again.

When I awoke it was dark and I lay shivering on the cold concrete floor. Wallowing in fetid piss, vomit and blood. God I wished I was dead. In a deep daze I though I heard the sound of motorcycles. I didn't care. I crawled around in the dark, vomiting again from the stench and the horrific pain in my guts. I had found Beth's drink glass!

Shattering it on the cold wall I found a jagged piece and put it to my wrist. I wept and wept."FUCK" I howled throwing the shard of glass. I couldn't even commit suicide right! The door slamming open caused me to cower in a tight ball. It was Beth. Her strong arms helping to my feet. "Come on Linda get up, we haven't much time." "What's going on" I sobbed. "Please don't kill me please don't kill me I moaned. " "I'm not gonna kill you Linda, I'm getting you out of here." I couldn't believe my ears. "What are you talking about?" I sobbed."Darlene has taken Laura away somewhere. I don't know where and I don't care" Beth said softly. "Heidi and Greta went to get Big June." I struggled with all my remaining strength and broke away from Beth. I didn't get too far, for Beth was on me in a second. Her powerful hands again picking me up. "Please Beth doesn't sell me to cons. I didn't do anything".......... "I know baby I know, I'm risking both our lives but I don't give a fuck. You have heart slut. And a spirit equal to mine. Now shut the fuck up and let's go." Beth had to drag me thru the low cave door to the outside. Our motor home was burning! Beth carefully propped me on the back of her Harley and told me to hang on for my life. "Where are we going?" I asked. "To a hiding place I have slut, we should be safe there for a while and we can get those staples out of your nipples somehow." For the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt safe again. "But "Beth said hesitating. "But what?" I said over the roar of her Harley as she kicked it into life. "First Linda, you're gonna be my new girl. Only..." "Only what?" I shouted over the throttle of the chopper as we started down the gravel road thru the darkness. "You are going to have to prove yourself to me Linda." Getting hysterical I screamed into the wind "Prove myself, after all you and your cutthroats have done to me and my Laura?"

Beth just chuckled as she gunned the engine on the powerful chopper. "I haven't done anything to you....yet." she said "Have I?"

I just hung on tight and closed my eyes as the bike swung out onto the darkened country road and accelerated.

Part 2 (added: 2012/04/18)

The powerful chopper sped down the windy mountain road as if possessed. The trees casting eerie shadows in the moonlit night. I held on tight to Beth as we headed for god knows where. So much had happened in so little time only the intense pain of my wounds surpassed my confusion of recent events. We rode on silently for hours it seemed. Me holding on to her waist for dear life. Several times I screamed as I must have momentarily passed out from the pain. I'd been up for more days than I could remember. By now needing either more meth or a few days of sleep.

Life as I had known it was over. My Laura was gone. Darlene had taken her away. And with that my home, my job, and my very existence were gone. All I had in the world was the blanket Beth wrapped me in, my thigh high boots and the mysterious leader of a ruthless biker gang as my savior. We traveled for what seemed like ages and turned on the interstate headed to god knew where. Miles and miles of closed gas stations and businesses. Even the fast food joints were closed. At the end of the small town was a dimly lit holiday Inn. Down shifting and slowing down, Beth pulled around back of the building and parked the chopper in the shadows near a dumpster. A passed out drunk snored loudly nearby. Laying in a pool of vomit. "Wait here" she said as she dismounted and walked off into the darkness. She must be getting us a room I thought.

I shivered and cried as I waited on the bike in the biting predawn cold. All that was nearby was the trash and smell of urine familiar to sleazy motels. My tortured body wracked in pain. I drifted in and out of consciousness as I tried to make sense of the night before. I was hallucinating and seeing Laura with skewers in her tits and smiling at me. She morphed into a shrieking skeleton that put its boney hand over my mouth. It said "Shut the fuck up you stupid cow, you want to get us both killed?"

I vaguely remember being in Beth's arms and being carried up the stairs. Each step caused me to wince in pain. I was set on a bed in a dimly lit room. I was freezing cold and my body was wracked with pain. Then came the pinprick on my arm. After the pin prick the pain amazingly vanished. Warm darkness embraced me in its comforting way.

Eerie shapes filled my thoughts. Or were they dreams? Was I dead? I didn't know. This was the first peace I had known in what seemed like eons. Clouds floated by with the blood and tears of endless yesterdays. Making shadows on the beautifully hideous face of tomorrow.

When I opened my eyes I was on top of the bed naked and sprawled out. God I felt groggy. My hand went to my arm where I saw the small needle mark. Looking up I saw steam coming from the bathroom door. I could make out the form of a woman who must be Beth taking a shower. She must have seen my movement as I groggily sat upright on the edge of the bed. "Hey Lin how are you feeling?" she called out. I was too numb to answer her and just sat there. She didn't say anything else but continued showering. I realized I needed to pee badly and stood up on wobbly legs. Using the walls to help keep my balance I entered the steam filled small bathroom and sat heavily on the toilet seat. A long thick stream of pee squirted into the bowl as I sat on the cold porcelain seat. Oh god that felt good. I even managed a bowel movement which surprised me, as I had not eaten in what must now be days. I just sat there, my elbows on my thighs and closed my eyes.

I heard the water being turned off and the shower door opening but paid it no mind. "Well Lin how ya feeling?" When I opened my eyes I was mesmerized. Before me stood the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. She was a goddess. Her long strong legs, her perfectly heart shaped ass, and dark hair that fell to her hips. She had beautiful full firm breasts that were to die for. I just stared. My gaze lingered on her pubic area that was perfectly shaved, her pussy lips full and pouty. She had a small gold clit ring that glistened in the dim light.

Beth knelt down and lifted my head up with a finger under my chin. Her touch gentle, the pressure of her finger firm. I looked into her stunning green eyes but had difficulty focusing. "What did you give me?" I whispered. "Heroin" she said tersely. Raising my voice I squealed "Heroin! Are you fucking kidding me? I'm no fucking junkie you cow." I was furious but so weak it didn't really matter. Nothing mattered at the moment. Beth glowered at me, slapping me hard across the face. I was stunned. She suddenly grabbed my nipples and twisted them viciously bringing me to my feet. Her face, just inches from mine twisted in anger. Her voice calm and low but frightening it is intensity. "Now let's get this straight cunt. I risked my fucking life saving your stupid ass. Fuck I might kill you myself if you ever raise your voice like that to me again Got it?"

She released my nipples and I fell to her feet. "Besides" said Beth, her voice now pleasant, "You needed to sleep and that was all I had to work with. So shut the fuck up. Christ what a mess." She said shaking her head. "I may have to take you to a doctor. How the hell am I supposed to explain that? You look a murder victim." I looked up at her face thru her bulging tits and smiled weekly. Then I kissed her inner calve, and started running my hands up her legs to her crotch, kissing her knees then her thighs. I didn't know why really since she was responsible for my world being turned upside down. But I just needed intimacy right now. Some living person, just to touch. I couldn't help but be attracted to Beth. Hers was a commanding presence.

Beth didn't say a word but reached down for my hand and helped me to the bed. I pushed her down on the edge of the bed and again dropped to my knees. This time to make love to her. I spread her thighs and she allowed it. Pressing my face to her fresh bald pussy I nibbled on her lips coaxing her flower to open for me. Lightly kissing her labia lips and stroking her inner thighs with both hands. She leaned back on her arms and put her feet on the edge of the bed and scooted forward. Her shapely bottom was now mine for the loving. I licked her puckering rosebud and flicked my tongue into her ass with all the passion and enthusiasm I could muster. Her hand found my hair and lightly gripping a handful of it directing me to her spread pussy. I closed my eyes and kissed and licked her jewel like it was the only thing in the universe. Licking kept me alive. It was sustenance and life giving energy. Her clit was the beat of a thousand hearts, my tongue the blood pumping thru it.

Strong hands pulled me up to the bed and laid me down gently. When I opened my eyes Beth was over me in a pushup position fucking my clit with her own small but swollen girl cock. Her clit rubbing mine. Up and down slowly at first. I could feel her breath on my face as she worked faster and faster to fuck me. God I was horny. I started to moan wildly now. Working our desires to a fevers pitch. Soon we were drenched in sweat, fucking each other crazily like there were no tomorrow. I shuddered and held Beth's waist in a death grip as I orgasmed. Sweet wet warm girl goo flood me as she squirted at the same moment. She panted and grunted, then went limp and fell beside me on the large, now wet bed. We held each other tightly as I nuzzled her sweaty neck. Kissing her tenderly. We lay like that for quite a while. When out of my drifting thoughts, Beth whispered in my ear, "Clean me." I reached down to feel her crotch and naturally it was soaked with our love juice. "Not like that" she said sternly, "With your fucking mouth cunt." I was stunned, but before I could protest, she was forcing me down there by my hair. She was too strong and I was still too weak to resist. So I lay between her long legs and started licking her clean. The stuff was everywhere. From her belly to her ankles. But I finally finished sucking and licking up the yummy mess. Beth pulled me gently to her and held me in her strong arms. I must have fallen asleep, for when I awoke it was dark in the room and I was alone and cold.

I was in a deep sleep when I heard the door open and felt the cold draft on my naked body. I rolled off the bed and fell to the floor scared shitless. The bare bulb on the ceiling snapped on blinding me. It was Beth. "Get the fuck up Lin, what the hell's wrong with you?" "What's wrong with me?" I screamed. "What the fuck do you think is wrong with me bitch?" She just stood there in the middle of the room stunned, holding a large black gym bag. "What's wrong with me is you, you fucking animal" I shrieked. "You and your god dammed thugs took my Laura. You fucking dam near killed me. You kidnapped me and shot me up with heroin. And that cunt Darlene is in my house wearing my fucking clothes and living my life while I'm trapped here with your stupid ass." I was furious and shaking badly. As much from the cold as from sheer anger.

Beth just sighed. "Are you through?" "No I'm not through where are my god dam clothes? And what are we doing in this shithole? I don't understand all this." I sobbed. Oh god this was so confusing. I fell to my knees and lay my head on the bed and sobbed my shattered heart out. Beth sat on the bed and stroked my hair gently. "Calm down baby" she cooed softly. Raising my tear filled eyes I slapped her hand away and stood up on wobbly legs and took a swing at her head. I missed and the momentum made me fall over Beth's legs. I just lay there physically and emotionally ruined. Beth pressed her boot to my neck and asked. "Are you ready to calm the fuck down now tiger?" I couldn't talk with the heavy boot on my throat but nodded a yes to her.

"Okay fuck cunt I'll let you up, but I'm getting sick of your shit. So knock it the fuck off."Again I nodded a yes. And once again Beth helped me off the floor.

Sitting on the bed sobbing, Beth looked at me solemnly. Raising my head slowly to meet her gaze an asked, "Now will you fucking tell me what all this is about?" my voice once again rising. "I'm not gonna tell you again cunt, calm the fuck down." "Lin we need to get out of here as soon as possible. We're in danger here." Finally fighting back tears I asked in a calm voice. "Tell me what's going on, why have you and your thugs done this to us?"

Beth sighed deeply as she pulled a box of Marlboro from her jacket pocket and lit it one up. I watched as she took a deep drag and started to speak. "First of all Lin I had nothing to do with the cave thing, I...." "What the fuck do you mean you........." Beth grabbed my throat and squeezed hard, choking me with her powerful hand. I tried to pull away but she was just too strong. I was passing out, when suddenly she just released me. She slapped me hard across the face and with a sad look started talking in a low voice.

"I used to be in prison Lin; I was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and mayhem for fucking up some cunts that had it coming. I was just defending myself. These where hypes I used to be involved with that ripped of a big time drug dealer. Okay, ya I did take part in the rip off but I was just in it for the money. Anyway, the fuckers we jacked worked for a notorious female drug lord named June Scarza, or 'Big June' as we called her in the joint. Big June was Darlene's Mama and protector. As Big June's cunt, Darlene was forced to be what amounts to a sex slave. Bought and paid for. She had to service Big June twenty four seven. Her pussy her asshole, whatever. June even holed poor Darlene out to her friends for as little as a cigarette, Hell she was the blocks toilet slave. No one on the block was even allowed to piss or shit without asking permission of Big June. And every time, Darlene was sent to use her mouth as toilet paper for all those nasty fat cows' shit crusted assholes as well as drinking all their piss."

Beth paused long enough to stub out her cigarette butt and light another. "So what's that got to do with you?" I asked, sighing deeply. "So as I was saying, Darlene was having a very bad time of it. Several of the bull dykes in the joint wanted Darlene dead." "Why?" I asked. "Because June and her goons had Dar's service in so wide spread use, June sold off a lot of the other cons bitches to rival gangs. Including mine. In other words, my associates were the ones buying Big June's whores. This of course pissed off Big June's colleagues and Big June was marked for death. Big June blamed Darlene and made a deal with the rival gangs people. She was marked for death 'cause she finally had enough of Big June shit and came over to our side. The only way Darlene could save herself was with fresh meat which is why Darlene gave up you and your friend Laura."

"Gave us up, what the fuck do you mean gave us up?" I screamed, we were never in your god dam prison. Again Beth grabbed my throat and started to squeeze. "Not gonna tell you again fuck cunt shut the fuck up." And she released me. I know you've never been in prison. The only ones that could call off the hit on Big June were her home girls on the outside, all very powerful people. And they wanted life for life. In other words you and your girl friend Laura. This would spare Big June and Darlene. But that got fucked in the ass when Darlene took Laura away."

I started to sob. I want my Laura back bitch where the fuck is she?" I don't know Lin." "Probably back at your place" said Beth. "But you took me away, so that means......." "That's what the fuck I'm trying to tell you cunt fuck", sneered Beth. "Yes, and because I took you away now I'm on the hook for a life." "Let me get this straight" I asked, "You saved me from Big June and now your life is at risk?" Beth just nodded sadly. "I don't understand Beth, why would you come after me then save me?" She got off the bed and walked to the window. "You wouldn't understand" she sad sadly. I got up and walked to Beth and tugging her arm, pulled her around to face me. "Try me Beth." She sighed deeply and said, "Let's just say I knew someone like you once, and there was no one there to help."

Beth pulled away and started to cry. I sat down in the crappy wooden chair and mulled over Beth's words. It was all so confusing. Days ago I was innocently playing with my Laura and now I was facing death or even worse, a lifetime of brutal sexual slavery to vicious prison dykes.

Pulling the still wet bed sheet over me, I sat on the bed cross legged and asked Beth. "So what are we going to do now? Why don't we just go to the police?" "Are you fucking kidding me bitch, that's the last place we can go." "Why "I asked more confused than ever?" "Fuck you're naive" she spat. "I've violated my parole and you they would probably throw you in jail as an accessory for even being with me." "Well, what are we going to do then Beth?" "I'll tell you bitch. "We're gonna burn their playhouse down. That's what we're gonna do." "We're going to a place I know, called 'The Ranch." "What is that" I asked now wide awake and listening intently. A smile came over Beth's face as she explained further. "Well baby girl, you are gonna be my new ho' and....." "What the fuck......" Again her hand tightened around my throat. This time to Beth's surprise I slapped her face as hard as I could and she pulled her hand away. She was startled but was smiling. Swiping away the dab of blood forming at the corner of her mouth. "As I was saying tiger, boy you sure are a spirited cunt. We are going to the Ranch and talk to some people I know and we're gonna take the fight to Big Junes people. And set this cluster fuck right." "Will we get Laura back?" I asked loudly. "I don't know baby. I just don't know. Let's focus on saving both our lives first okay?"

This was almost too much to even fathom. We were going into the very den of the powerful evil prison biker gang that made this nightmare happen. "Beth, there's just one problem, I don't know shit about bikers, and I sure as fuck don't look like one." A big smile crept over Beth's face. "Not yet you don't tiger. First cunt, I want you to take a shower, you fucking stink." "Gee thanks." I said. "And shave that smelly pussy of yours too while your at it." I just growled as Beth tossed me a pack of safety razors, and went into the bathroom.

Warming up the water and stepping into the shower was pure heaven. This was the best I had felt in what seemed like forever. I Lathered up good and shave my legs and my pussy nice and bald. I was trying to shave my asshole when Beth opened the shower curtain with an evil smile holding a huge enema bag. "What the fuck is that for bitch?" I said annoyed "Well tiger, I told you I wanted you clean and I meant it." "You've gotta be kidding me, what the fuck for?" I asked. All she said was, "Ya never know. Now cunt are you going to do it or shall I?" I was starting to get pissed, so I told her "sure, go ahead." "Get on all fours cunt" Beth ordered, turning off the shower. I humored her and got on all fours, when Beth swatted my ass real hard. "Hey" I squealed. "Get your face into the porcelain, and raise that ass in the air whore." I thought, okay, what the hell. Beth lubed up my asshole real gently with her fingers covered with hair conditioner. I started to moan. God her touch was electric! When she pressed the nozzle of the enema bag into my asshole, I happened to look up and see pink liquid in the bag. "What the fuck is in there?" I said. "Just soapy water, shut the fuck up." "Yes Ma'am I said mockingly.

As the nozzle slipped deeply in my asshole I felt the warm water starting to fill my bowels. It felt good yet kind of creepy. Before long I glanced back and saw my belly swelling. Just as I was about to complain, Beth pulled out the hose and slammed two fingers into my asshole. I yelped and squealed loud as fuck as I shot my load of water so hard it splashed off the shower wall onto Beth, Soaking her gorgeous tits. She just laughed and walked out of the room. Leaving me laying there trembling and spewing ass water all over. I even orgasmed.

When I emerged into the bed room Beth was standing there butt naked, her beautiful breasts jutting out proudly. Her long powerful legs and tight heart shaped ass a testament to her Amazon beauty. God she was hot. But the black leather harness she wore scared me. And the huge red ribbed dildo standing at full erection scared me even more. "What's that for?" I mumbled sheepishly, suddenly quite self conscious standing there with only a towel on. "Get over here cunt." She ordered. "Stop calling me cunt."

Beth was on me in two steps and grabbed my hair forcing me to my knees. She slapped my face with her free hand. Before I could react she ordered "Suck my cock whore." And pushed the cock to my lips. I resisted but she slapped my face again and when I opened my mouth she shoved the thick dildo in my mouth. "Now suck it whore." She snarled. "Make it nice and wet. I'm tired of your fucking whining." With both hand now holding my head by my hair I was powerless. Beth worked the cock in and out of my mouth like I was a blow up doll. It was so big it hurt my mouth. My drool now ran down my chest in long streams. Her hips thrusted harder and I gagged. She pulled the wet dildo out of my mouth and chuckled. "What's the matter cunt, never learned to suck cock?" I was coughing and sputtered "Fuck you." Beth just laughed, "No cunt, I'm going to fuck you. Now get the fuck up on the bed like a good whore."

She led me to the bed by my hair so I couldn't really resist. She was just too strong for me. Crawling up on the bed Beth slapped my inner thigh really hard. "Spread 'em whore." She ordered, getting on the bed behind me. "I'm doing it I'm doing it." I cried "Let go of my hair!"She pressed the tip of the wet dildo to my asshole.

I remember thinking there was just no way something that big would fit inside my pussy let alone my rectum. She did let go of my hair then dug her strong fingernails into my sides. The fat rubber cock pressing at my asshole. When she pushed so hard I saw stars. Her powerful thrust slammed the rubber cock deep into my asshole. Her pelvis hit my ass and it felt like my asshole was tearing open. The pain was unbearable. "Relax whore and it won't be so bad." "Take it out" I screamed. "It fucking hurts!" She pulled it out slowly, making me think she was really pulling it out. It was almost all the way out when she slammed it back in. I'm not sure why but I shuddered and squirted on her. "Oh you nasty little cock whore, look what you've done." Her nails dug deeper into me and she stated to fuck my asshole in long slow deep thrusts. Slowly she picked up speed. Before I knew it I was actually fingering my clitty.

Her thrusts were now coming faster and harder. She was pushing me with her thrusts and pulling me back into her cock at the same time. The pain was gone. I rubbed my self to her rhythm till I exploded again. "That's a good girl." Beth grunted. I couldn't believe this was happening. Especially when I heard my own strained voice, "Oh Beth fuck me fuck my pussy." She pulled all the way out of me and rolled me over onto my back. My ruined asshole still spasming. I spread my legs and eagerly guided her wet thick cock to my soaked pussy. She thrust hard with her hips sending me into orgasmic bliss. I completely loss control of my bladder and squirted wildly, soaking me and the bed. She picked up my legs and put my ankles on her shoulders and leaned into me. She started to pound my pussy in what was becoming the hardest, best fucking of my life! I was moaning and screaming like a wild animal as she fucked me at a furious pace. I dug my nails into her back and bit my lip so hard I bled. A few more powerful thrusts and I could feel her sweaty body tense. Beth screamed and thrust so hard my head hit the wall. She grunted loudly and just stopped in mid thrust. She pulled the dick out of me and fell heavily to the bed beside me. We held each other tightly. Beth was trembling as bad as I was, but finally we slowly released each other and looked into each others eyes and smiled. "Guess you need to shower again tiger, you're soaked." Shakily I got to my feet and returned to the bathroom to shower off our sex.

Drying my self off, I walked into the room with nothing but a towel over my hair. "You look better already tiger." Beth laughed. "Ya, ya, fuck off bitch." Dam. "Get me that bag slut." Getting the bag and handing it to Beth, she upended it spilling the contents on the bed. Mainly clothes, but there were also knives, cell phones, all kinds of shit. "What's all this?" I said. Shit we're gonna need slut. That and I'm sick of you crying about clothes. I'd prefer you naked but what the hell." She laughed. "Here" She said, tossing me a pair of faded blue Levi's. Pulling them on was a chore as they were too tight. Beth's wolf whistle made me blush a bit though. "Nice camel toe there cunt." Next socks, which I happily put on. Then she tossed me a pair of above the knees type black leather boots with rather thick stiletto heels. They actually looked extremely cool and had metal studs here and there. They weren't too shiny but still cool. "Well put 'em on cunt." Said Beth. Pulling on the boots made me feel so sexy, my pussy was getting wet. "Better and better cunt." "Stop calling me cunt." I said. "You better get used to it ...cunt." I started to get mad but Beth caught on and stopped me. "Where we're going you better get used to it, 'causes when you're around the peeps, and we walk in, you're my cunt. And that's what they're gonna call you."

I was still mad, after all who the fuck liked to be named 'cunt'? "Then I'm gonna show them who the fucking cunt is bitch!" Beth sighed and said; It's gonna come to that I'm afraid." What are you talking about?" I asked.

"In my world CUNT, you're either an ass kicking, heavy hitting warrior priestess or you're a cunt. Simple as that. Can you fight cunt?" "Fuck ya I can fight, I did kick boxing in college and won a couple minor competitions." "That's good Lin. I hope we can pull this off or both our mommas are gonna be missing their daughters." "Pull what off I said slowly?" Beth didn't say a word but tossed a slender evil looking dagger on the bed. "Slide that in your boot cunt" she smiled. "Where?" I asked naively. "On your right inner calve, there's a built in sheath for it." I did as she said and was a bit uneasy as the evil looking dagger slid into its place and disappeared from sight. A sleeveless Black Sabbath tee shirt and a tattered heavy leather biker jacket rounded out my new outfit. I just stood there as Beth eyed me from head to toe. "Turn around for me cunt." I started to get mad but didn't. I was learning. "Well, how do I look?" I said. My hands on my hips "Hmmm" Beth hummed. "We might just pull this off...cunt."

Beth gathered up the remaining clothing and some other small things and stuffed them in the gym bag. "Come on Lin, we're out of here." "So tell me mama fuck stick, have we anything at all resembling a plan or what?" she walked to me and slapped me so hard across the mouth a fell on the bed. "Cunt, I always have a plan. And you need to watch that mouth okay? That mouth will get us both killed. Now get off that hot ass and let's fucking go. We gotta see a man about a horse."

"So we're going to the ranch huh?"I said yelling against the wind and roar of Beth's chopper. ""What is the ranch?" "It's a private Hacienda out on old highway ninety nine." "What are we gonna do there?" "See if we can make a deal." "What kind of deal." I asked. "One to save both our lives I hope."

We rode what seemed forever up windy isolated forest roads. Miles and miles of nowhere. When we slowed and started to turn I was startled. We were turning on a small gravel road. No signs. Nothing. We wound thru the trees and emerged on a large semi open mesa. In the middle loomed what appeared to be a large sprawling multi storied ranch style house, which had many out buildings. As we got closer I saw dozens of gorgeous motorcycles. There were also several expensive Mercedes and a couple of Rolls Royce's parked around the property.

Tapping Beth on the shoulder I said in her ear, "Oh my god, there are men with machine guns!" "Easy tiger calm the fuck down." Beth pulled the chopper into a spot at the end of a line furthest from the house and parked. "You think you can ride this beast tiger if worst came to worst." I just nodded. And repeated her words in my head." "If worse comes to worse." Over and over. I shook my head to clear away the disturbing thought and followed Beth to the entrance.

The guards we passed looked us over but didn't say a word and turned to resume their duties. Walking thru the wide open double doors we were stopped by a fat woman behind a counter. "Hi Gerty", chimed Beth. "Nice to see you again Bethy, I see ya got yerself a new cunt." I started to get mad and say something, but remembered what Beth had told me earlier. I just scowled at the old hag. The hag pulled out an aged Polaroid camera and snapped both out pictures. "What the fuck is that for?" I snarled. The hag laughed and said, "Wow, your cunt's got a mouth on her don't she?" "Yes she does but it comes in handy." I'll bet it does" laughed the hag. "Okay Beth head on in, Bella has been looking for you." "Oh okay, thanks Gert." "Come on cunt." Mocked Beth as we turned to walk down the long hall way.

Walking down the hall way, I stopped Beth and asked her, "What the fuck were the pictures about"? "Security." "Who the fuck is Bella?" "An associate of mine, I called her to meet me here. We need some answers." "We need lots of answers" I said, when she slammed me against the wall. "Look tiger, you're going to get us both killed with your fucking mouth. Keep it closed. You speak only when spoken to and if anyone challenges you, you need to accept the challenge, no matter what it is. Got it.?" "Got it cunt."

The hallway opened up into a large room with full bar at each end and small booths against three of the walls. The room had a sunken lower level with rows of counters around the sunken area. And a balcony that ran a full three hundred and sixty degrees around the large room. There were several stage type spot lights on the upper level. It reminded me of a titty bar setup. In fact there were several bare breasted women walking around with trays of drinks. There were bright lights above middle of the room and the rest of the room was unusually dim. I could hear what sounded like faint moans and muffled screams coming from that direction.

We walked to the railing to see what all the noise was about. What we saw chilled me to the bone, In the center of the pit area was a steel post about four feet high, padded with plush shiny black leather and studded with many heavy eye bolts rings. Bound to it was a beautiful large breasted girl with long blonde hair to mid back. She had her upper arms tied behind her back to an eye in the post. As were her wrists. Her full breasts were tied tightly with what looked like thin lengths of leather. This caused her tits to jut out like ripened balloons. One heel clad leg was spread slightly and was chained via a heavy leather ankle strap. Her other legs was tied up in the air and outward at a forty five degree angle. Her ass was against the padded post so she couldn't fall over.

She was however far from alone. Also on the stage was an evil looking buxom black woman, wielding a heavy leather flogger. She sported latex thigh high boots that accented her long beautiful legs. Her sweet ass cheeks spilled over the upper rear of her boots. She wore a lace up black latex corset which allowed her full firm breast to stick out proudly. Long fingerless gloves rounded out her dominatrix outfit. I was mesmerized. I felt my own pussy becoming wet as I watched her yelling something at the bound woman. God how I would love to be the black vixens sub!! She was indeed drop dead gorgeous.

When she turned slightly I could see the light glinting off of her bare glistening pussy. She slapped the bound woman's face several times and spun around laughing. The crowd applauded wildly. She grabbed the slut's ass cheek with her long shiny nails and pressed the handle of the flogger into her pussy. The handle disappeared several inches into her cunt and started to work it in and out and we could see the slut shiver and it seemed like she had even squirted.

I felt Beth's hand move down to my ass and as I turned to face her she was smiling. I smiled back and we resumed watching the show. The black dominatrix was now making the tied whore suck her own juices off of the flogger handle. Pushing it in and out of her mouth, drool spilling down the whores bulging melons. The Domme reached down near the bound slut's ass and grabbed a large orange rubber ring, it took me a second to realize what it was, the Domme yanked her hand downward and we all saw a string of tennis ball sized anal beads being yanked from her asshole. The crowd gasped as the slut quived and jumped and thrashed against her tight bonds. I knew she came hard as she squirted so much and so hard it took the gorgeous Domme by surprise and she jumped back several feet. The crowd went wild with applause.

I felt a hand on my ass and turned angrily but it was Beth and she was smiling at me. "Come on tiger; put that tongue back in your mouth." "I know where I'd like my tongue." I said laughing. I turned and followed Beth thru the crowded club.

There were leather clad bikers everywhere, as well as people in suits and ties. An odd mixture I thought, but perhaps not for a gangster biker hangout. Beth led me to an empty booth further into the huge smoke filled room.

Sitting across from Beth, she must have sensed that I had a million questions. "You okay tiger? "No I'm not okay. What the fuck is this place about? Men with fuckin' machine guns? What's the deal?" "Uh Lin you do need to keep your voice down. Many have simply disappeared from here." She leaned over and beckoned me closer with a finger and started talking. It was hard to hear her over the music and all the voices talking at once. "Look cunt fuck, does the phrase 'slave trade' mean anything to you." I just stared at her in disbelief. "Oh my god, you're kidding right?" She didn't answer, but leaned out to look down the rows of booths then looked at me.

"Here comes Bella. Now remember what I said." Beth stood and hugged the leather clad figure. All I could see was her back side. She wore the same heavy boots as we did and had even longer legs than Beth and a fine shapely ass, with skin tight leather pants. "Bethy my love, you okay? You're not are you?" She said answering her own question. Bella pulled Beth to her and they hugged tightly. Looking around I saw several other women eyeing me hard. This was getting uncomfortable. As Beth and Bella released each other Bella turned to me. She wasn't as gorgeous as Beth but had much bigger fuller breasts and her camel toe was very pronounced. I guess I stared at her crotch a bit too long because Bella just chuckled. "This must be your new cunt." she laughed. "Stand up cunt let's get a look at you." I started to go off but thought better of it so I stood up. I felt her cold hard eyes scanning my body. "Well turn around cunt lets see that ass."I turned and thrust my hips to one side, just to mock her and turned to face her. She leaned in to kiss me and I didn't back off. Her kiss was electric and made me shiver and moan. Her tongue expertly entered my mouth. Then she pinched my nipple so hard I yelped out loud. All eyes were on me now. Bella just laughed, "Nice cunt you have there Bethy, how does she hold up." I didn't understand the comment but they just laughed and I sat back down. Bella sitting beside me. Putting her arm around my shoulders.

Just then a waitress appeared at out table. She was about forty but had small pert tits, and was petite, with a nice tight ass. Her bare boobs made me a bit uncomfy an I must have showed it 'cause Beth and Bella laughed again. "What'll ya have?" "Bottle of Jack." Replied Beth. "You got it." She said and walked off swinging her hips.

Bella leaned in and started talking to Beth."Bethy I'm hearing bad things on the streets bitch. What the fuck is going on with you? I heard you fucked up a delivery of two." Beth glances up and looked at me, causing Bella to look at me, "Oh I see. I hope the cunt is worth it hon." "Don't call me cunt." I said. Too annoyed to keep quiet. "Spunky little cunt ain't she?" They both laughed. Beth sighed deeply, Bell I need a favor." "You need more than that bitch, there's an open contract out on you."Said Bella.

Beth looked at me and said. "Cunt, go out to my sled and bring in my saddle bags. She was whispering to me now. "Underneath is a hidden compartment. Inside is a kilo of pure horse. Put the shit in the bags and come straight back here to me." She whispered in my ear and told me how to open the compartment. Off I went. On the way by Bella slapped my ass hard. I just turned and smiled.

I lifted the bags off the bike and finally figured out how to open the hidden compartment. I picked up the package and looked around, no one was watching so I slid it into the bag. Underneath the package was a small chrome revolver. I hesitated, but slid it into my belt under my leather jacket. I was scared but trusted Beth with my life. I must be out of my fucking mind. Yet something told me this was my only path to follow.

Returning to the Ranches entrance I was stopped by one of the men with guns. "What you got in the bag Ma'am." "None of your god dam business." I said. "It's okay corporal, she's with me."It was Gert. She laughed and placed her arm on my back to bring me along with her. "What's that about?" I asked. "Oh they're just doing their job baby, if you weren't with Bethy, you wouldn't be standing here." she said laughing. "I don't think I like the sound of that." "You wouldn't." Gert walked away laughing again. "What a creepy bitch" I muttered.

When I got back to the table, Beth and Bella were chatting amiably. There was a third woman standing and leaning on the table talking to them. She was in my way so I couldn't sit with Beth and Bella. I just stood there. The one leaning on the table looked at me and sneered. "What the fuck are you looking at cunt?" "I was wondering that myself fuck face." I replied calmly. She grabbed my lapel with both hands and pulled me so close her face was inches from mine. "You stink cunt. Why don't you take a bath and leave me the fuck alone?" "Dora lay off." Beth commanded, coming to my rescue. Dora released me and growled. "Come on Bethy let me have the cunt for an hour so I can teach her some manners." "Knock it the fuck off, are we gonna do business or not?" "Ya we are, come on." With that Beth and Bella got to their feet and followed Dora.

Dora led us thru another long hallway that passes many closed doors. We rounded a bend and heard a shrill scream. I stopped in my tracks startled. Turning, Dora looked back at me and chuckled, showing her nasty yellowed teeth. "What's the matter cunt? Scared are we?" I didn't answer but Beth said something to her that made her say, "Okay okay."

When we reached a heavy set of double doors, Bella and Dora stepped aside and Beth knocked on the door three times. I noticed a security camera looking down at us. With a loud metallic click, the door opened a couple of inches. "Wait out here Beth said to Bella and Dora. "Come on cunt." She said looking at me. I said nothing but followed her inside.

The room was plushly carpeted and at the far corner was a large ornate wooden desk. Behind it sat a large powerful man wearing sunglasses and heavy gold chains around his neck. He was bald headed and wore an expensive looking suit.

Beth walked in before me, carrying the briefcase she had removed earlier from the saddle bags. As we neared him he motioned for Beth to sit, which she did. I knew better than to sit without his permission and just stood there. My legs slightly spread and my hands clasped behind my back. I looked quickly around the room and saw two other men in casual attire with guns on their hips.

Finally the man spoke slowly. "Ah Bethy, long time." He reached for Beth's hand and kisses it gallantly. There were more diamonds on his ringed fingers than in most jewelry stores. "How have you been Bethy?" He said, releasing her hand. "I am well Don Raoul. And your self?" "Problems my love, nothing but problems." He chuckled, now looking right at me."And what have we here Bethy?" he said looking at me. " Have you brought me a present my love?" motioning to me with a sweeping gestures. "No senor Raoul. She's with me." "Ah, that's too bad, she is a fine whore and would fetch much price. Especially with her long blond hair." He chuckled and motioned me to sit by Beth. "Please forgive me Miss....uh?" "Lin. I said. "Miss Lin." I nodded silently. Then Don Raoul's expression turned stern and serious, his voice lowering, he looked at Beth. "Bethy, you make many enemies lately. Several of my associates want your head, how they say, on a platter." Beth started to interrupt him but he motioned with his hand for her silence. He went on. "Powerful people have anger with you. It is only for our friendship that you live now." A long silence followed. Beth places the attaché case on Don Raoul's desk and opened it facing him. He took the dark glasses off and his eyebrows lifted. "And this is?" "A gift for you Don Raoul, with my compliments."Said Beth.

Don Raul motioned for one of his men to come over. He pulled a switchblade and snapped it open. Pressing it into the heavily wrapped package he brought a bit of brown powder and tasted it and nodded to Don Raoul and closed the case and walked away with it.

Leaning back in his ornate high backed chair Don Raoul sighed deeply and looked to me then to Beth. "Bethy let us speak frankly yes?" Beth nodded in agreement. I believe I can help you fix your troubles my darling. As you know we have many...uh...items of property here that are how shall we say, unique and quite valuable." Again Beth nodded. "And if I am not mistaken Bethy you require two such items to make all well again yes?" "Yes don Raoul. But I also require a favor that only you can provide." Don Raoul nodded and looked hard at Beth. "You need me to call off the hit yes?" Beth nodded. "I'd like you to deliver the items for me Don Raoul?" "Yes my darling, this is not a problem."And I need you to make the arrangements and to soothe over any hurt feeling toward me." "I understand." Said the Don. "Si, I will make the peace for you."

The Don's man came back and whispered in his ear for several moments then walked away. Beth and I looked at each other."Bethy, the product you have given me is of the highest quality. More than enough to make all well again." Don Raoul stood and extended his hand to Beth as we both arose. As they shook hands He said "Miss Dora will show you the items and you may choose two. I assume you will wish to......inspect them closely?" He said with a beaming smile that showed his gold front tooth. "Thank you Don Raoul, I knew I could count on you."

Walking out into the hallway Dora was waiting for us a few doors down. I pulled Beth aside "Do you want to tell me what the fuck is going on here." "Lower your voice cunt." "Don't call me cunt. What was in those packages? And what items is don what's his face talking about?" "Seriously tiger are you that fucking stupid?" "Ya I guess I am." "That was a key of pure horse and...." "Heroin?!..." Beth grabbed me by the throat again. This was getting old. I made a mental note to get her back for that, and every other fucking misery she had caused me. "Cunt, do you really want to get us killed? "Cause I tell ya, it happens here every fucking day of the week." " Then maybe you fucking better explain it to me bitch." Beth sighed heavily. Okay cunt here's the life for dummies version. I gave Don Raoul a kilo of Horse. For this we get out of trouble with the prison mob bosses." "He has powerful connections and owes me a few favors from the old days. We just bought two sex slaves; those are the items he referred to. Dora is going to take us to pick them out and.... "Wait a fuckin' minute cunt...." Beth laughed at me. "What's so funny bitch?" I asked. "You called me cunt." Beth said. "Christ, you're saying we 'bought' two slaves?" "That's exactly what I'm telling you. They will take the place of you and Laura. So we can both get out of this alive. "But they're people." I said. "People can't buy and sell other people. That's wrong."

A cold chill went down my back. I couldn't believe this shit I was hearing. I should just shoot this bitch now and get out of here. But I knew things were way beyond that now. And as stupid as it was to even consider, I was falling in love with Beth.

Dora held the door open for us and we followed her down stairs. She has a fantastic ass and was built just like Beth. Both amazons that were used to having what they wanted when they wanted it. When we came to the bottom of the concrete staircase, Dora pulled out a ring with many keys and after a couple of tries finally found the right one and opened the heavy padlock. We followed her down a narrow dimly lit corridor that had tiny cells on one side. The bars were of heavy iron. The furnishings just some straw on the floor and a wooden bucket. I knew to keep silent but was very frightened as I realized this place was no joke. This was a fucking prison. Not for criminals. But for human sex slaves to be sold by criminals!

The second cell contained a chubby dirty girl all of about twenty five years old. She was fully nude and had giant tits, yet a slender waist. Her ass was full yet seemed firm. She had red hair and a freckled face. She saw us as we stopped to look at her and rushed to the bars right in front of me. Her fat tits pressing against the cold steel. "Please Miss, please let me out of here, I didn't do anything." Dora turned and told her "Shut the fuck up you fat sow these people don't want to hear your cock hole. One more word out of you and you'll get the wire whip again." I started to ask Dora why she was here but thought better of it.

The third cell held a tall slender blonde. Her legs long and tanned. With a tight little round ass. She seemed a little younger at maybe twenty. She also had firm full breasts and a lot of colorful tattoos on her taut body. She had piercings on her nose, lip and nipples, her belly button was also pierced. Her attitude was one of indifference.

As we continued our walk down the hallway I could hear screams and yelling coming from down the hall. I stopped in my tracks and grabbed Beth by her jacket. The voice was familiar! Pushing Beth and Dora out of my way I ran past several other unoccupied cells and came face to face with Darlene. She was naked and in a god dam cell! I couldn't fucking believe it. "You've gotta be shitting me" I said angrily. "You fucking miserable cunt! Where's my fucking Laura you cow." Darlene just stared blankly back at me. Dora grabbed me and I pushed her back into the cement wall. Seething, Dora threw herself at me, but I bent at the knees a bit and kicked her right on her left jaw. She hit the floor with a thud and was out cold. By now, Beth was by my side and looking at Darlene too. "Darlene, you traitorous the fuck could you....." Beth stopped her tirade mid sentence. For I had pulled the small snubby .38 from my jeans and was pointing it thru the bars at Darlene. I was going to kill the bitch. Beth slapped my hand up and away. I backed up and pointed the snubby right at Beth. I was beyond furious. "Whoa calm the fuck down tiger...." "Calm down my ass" I screamed. That cunt took my Laura, she ruined my fucking life, she...I lowered the gun enough for Beth to come to me and wrench the gun out my hand. I was shaking violently and sobbing like a little girl. "Easy tiger. She's not going anywhere, but we got big problems now, and you need to stay cool." "Stay cool! Are you out of your fucking mind, She..." Again Beth grabbed me by my throat and looked my hard in the eye. "Look cunt, we got to stay cool. Now go help Dora up.

By now there were two armed men running straight for us because of all the commotion. They lowered their machine pistols at us as Beth helped Dora up. Beth seemed to be whispering to Dora as she came to. "What is the problem here ladies?" said the closest one, his gun still leveled at us. Dora spoke up and told them "No problem here guys just a small disagreement." "Are you sure Miss Dora?" "Yes Alex all is well." Both men relaxed and put their weapons back into their jackets and walked away. What happened next I didn't see coming.

When I awoke I was on a plush old fashioned canopy bed. I was naked with a thin satin sheet over me. Beth was sitting at a nearby table starring at a laptop and typing away. Sitting up I realized my jaw was slightly swollen. Beth saw me moving and looked over to me. "Well cunt, how ya feeling?" she said with a chuckle. "Don't call me cunt bitch and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. What the fuck happened?" "Well after you kicked Dora in the head and the guards came toward us I helped Dora up and told her not to say anything to see Dora and I go way back. Uh, then after the guards left she knocked you out. You had it coming I thought."

It all came back to me. I hopped out of the bed and immediately fell down on the wooden floor. Beth was at my side in seconds holding me as I sat up groggily...."Beth we gotta do something, Darlene....she... we have too..." Calm down tiger it's all been taken care of." "What are you talking about?" Helping me back onto the bed Beth sat beside me holding my hands and told me. "I've already talked to Don Raoul. He has agreed to give us Darlene and any one the other three slaves to square us with the mob. He will ensure delivery and we even made an extra twenty five thousand on the dope." "I want that fucking bitch killed Beth, she took everything from me. My Laura, oh my god Beth! Darlene can tell us where my Laura is. Please Beth, we have to find out." "Whoa tiger calm the fuck down. We have a little problem."

"We have too many fucking problems, now what?" "I had to promise Don Raoul I would do a show on one of our two new slaves for the club." "You're kidding, which one?" "Well, um...Beth stammered. I looked at her hard. "Well what cunt? Spit it out."I said impatiently. She sighed deeply."Actually Don Raoul was quite taken with you." "And?" "And I promised him that you would do the show, and I would help you." "Me?" "Ya you." "I can't whip and fuck up some poor girl I don't even know." "You're not getting it cunt." "Don't call me cunt." "It's not some poor girl that..." "Darlene." I said breathlessly. Beth nodded. "Uh huh."

That night Beth and I had a sumptuous dinner with Don Raoul. The long table was filled with delicacies, steaks lobsters whatever we wanted. Don Raoul loved to rave about the immensely popular slave training shows in the clubs sunken stage pit. The music was too loud and Don Raoul and Beth did most of the talking. Now and then they looked to me and I just nodded and smiled. I had other things on my mind. Namely Darlene. I desperately wanted to know what happened to my Laura and Darlene was the only one who could answer that question. Had no problem laying the whip to a slut but that wouldn't tell me what I needed to know. What I had to know.

Don Raoul spoke to me, "Miss Lin, you look distracted, is there something wrong my darling?" I decided to take a chance. "Don Raoul, may I speak with you in private please." Beth grabbed my wrist under the table as if to caution me. "Of course senora, please to step this way." Beth rose to come with us as Don Raoul motioned for me to follow hi, but he turned and told her "Please to finish your meal Bethy, we will return shortly."

Following Don Raoul into his office he motioned for me to enter. "Please to sit my darling." Which I did. "Now what can I do for you my pretty one?" He said sitting on the edge of his mahogany desk. I told him the whole story of what brought is here. How Darlene and Beth planned to kidnap Laura and I to be sold as sex slaves, and of the vicious beatings and treatment we suffered at the hands of Beth's thugs. Don Raoul Listened intently as I finished my terrible story. "Please to understand my love, I am a business man. I do what I do and am not ashamed of it." I nodded that I understood. He went on. "But I am not a man without compassion. wish to know the fate of your lover, Miss Laura. Yes?" I nodded again. "Well little one, she is your property now. You and Bethy may do as you wish to her until the product is sent to our clients. This is not my concern. I believe Bethy has told you that you would honor me by making the show here for our guests tonight, yes?" "I have no problem with that Don Raoul. But I need to know..." "About your friend. Yes this I understand." He looked at me curiously and went on. "But you would to eh....'persuade' her to tell what she knows about your Laura?" I nodded. My face covered in tears. He remained silent and pulled out his monogrammed handkerchief and handed it to me. When he resumed speaking, his voice was kind and fatherly. He placed a hand gently on my shoulder and said "Please not to worry Miss Lin, my men here are quite expert at gathering information. Leave it to me please." I looked up at him and smiled wanly. "Thank you Don Raoul" "Come little one your food grows cold."

Returning to the table I sat down and silently sipped my wine and smiled the best I could at Beth. "What happened cunt?" She whispered. "Can we go back to our room please?" Beth stood up and faces Don Raoul and said, "Please forgive us Don Raoul, my friend does not feel well." Ever the gentle man Don Raoul's stood and excused us. "Of course my lovely ladies, I know you must rest for the show tonight." Be both bowed slightly and walked away.

Returning to our room I started talking wildly to Beth. "Don Raoul's men are going to force Darlene to tell what happened to my Laura. How do you think they will do that Beth?" "You don't want to know tiger." I frowned. "No, you're probably right." "I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you Lin." "But she just has to know where my Laura is." "She may not hon. we'll just have to wait and see." "We need to talk cunt." "God dam it don't call me cunt I'm sick of that shit."

"As you know we agreed to do a show later on tonight." Oh my god Beth I forgot about that." "That's a hell of a thing to forget Lin. We need to work out a scenario and let the Don's stage people know how we want things set up ya know?" "Such as?" "Well for one, you are going to get a chance to fuck Darlene up. But there are rules darling." "Rules?" I seethed, "fuck that, I'm gonna kill the bitch." "Ya that'd work you dumb fucking cunt, then we'd both be dead. Now look, Don Raoul's men will get whatever information from Dar that she has. And after the show she is being sold to god knows who as a sex slave. I mean she has it coming don't you think? Said Beth" "So do you actually. "Don't you think?" I said. Mocking Beth. "That may be bitch, but if not for me, you would be in one of those cages right now." I threw up my hands, exasperated. "Ya she deserves it. Now what are we supposed to do for this show."

Beth pulled a plastic laminated sheet off the room's desk that had pictures of what I knew were dungeon equipment. Many of which I recognized. So we started to talk of the scenarios we would use on that cunt Darlene. "Well, I want to make her ass ruined, so I'll need a cane." I said. "Don't worry about that hon. all that shit is on the wall behind the pit area." "And I want to cut her tongue out and shove it down her throat." Be serious slut, we can't disfigure her." "Ya I guess your right given our situation, but I fucking want to." She sighed heavily "I know you do Lin." So let me get this straight, we fuck Darlene up for, what an hour?" Beth nodded. "Then what?" "Then what what?" Beth sighed. "Sometimes you're fucking dense cunt.""What happens after we finish the show?" "It's over. Darlene and the other slave get sent to god knows where and Don Raoul makes a few calls and we're off the hook and we blow this scene.

I knew what Beth was thinking. She wanted to stay with me. "Beth, I've come to care about you a great deal. I admire you and probably even love you. Yes, I do love you. But..." "But you need to find Laura." I started to cry and went to lie down on the bed. Beth wordlessly lay beside me and held me close to her.

When the knock at the door came Beth got to her feet and walked to the door and called out "Who is it?" "It's me you silly bitch open the fucking door." I looked at Beth quizzically as she opened the door. It was Dora. She walked in and looked at me on the bed and laughed. "What's with your whore?" I looked at her in exasperation and just said: "fuck you cunt." "Uh huh, big talk whore." Both Beth and Dora laughed heartily. "It's time for you 'Ladies' to go down stairs and get ready for the show. So get off your ass cunt and follow me." "I give up."I said. "Come on Beth lets get this over with."

We followed Dora down and thru a series of hallways doors, and stairs. We came to what I can only describe as a dressing room. There were rack and rack of clothes. Everything from Ralph Lauren suits to feather boas. "Wow. What's all this I mumbled?" "What do you think whore, this is the estates' wardrobe. Pick out what you're going to wear then get your asses down to the bar. I'll meet you there in half and hour." With that Dora was gone. "Wow Beth will ya look at all this stuff? This is better than any fetish store I've ever saw." "It outta be Raoul owns three. Now hurry up and get dressed whore we don't have much time."

I walked down the isles and selected an open front strappy teddy made of black polyester. There wasn't much to it. A skin tight studded panty with a thong that ran up my ass crack. The front had a connection point for standard strap on dildos. With straps that ran up and cinched around my tits and went around my back and neck. Mostly just a strapped harness to hold up the skimpy panties. I walked over to the shoe section and picked out what was always my favorite, a pair of thigh high black spiked heel boots. I sat at the big vanity area and zipped them on and was satisfied with the fit. There were all manner of make up and just for effect I put on cherry red lipstick and took a black eye liner to both upper and lower edges of my eye lids. I Brushed in blood red eye shadow and darkened my eyebrows with a black eye brow pencil to make me look more evil. I also painted my nails to match my outfit

Waiting for my nails to dry, Beth appeared from behind a rack of clothes and stood before me. "Well cunt, what do you think?" My mouth dropped and all I could utter was simply, "Wow!" Beth stood before me wearing a red lace up vinyl corset that exposed her full ripe breasts, with matching thigh high boots and garters. My god she was to die for! "Wow cunt, you clean up good." I laughed. "Fuck you bitch." Beth replied.

The dreaded knock at the door came all too soon. Beth and I looked at each other. We already had our street clothes packed along with our gun and knives. We did have to see Don Raoul on our way out of here to pick up the twenty thousand dollars he kept for us in his safe. It would soon be over. Well, at least we would be out of this sleaze den.

Opening the door it was Dora again and she smiled when she saw us dressed as we were. "Uh, maybe you two should but on robes on the way down to the pit. Just so no one grabs you. Dressed like that you might not make it." Dora chuckled. We did as she advised and put on what for the world were white lab coats and tied the belts around our waists. Once again we walked down the long dimly lit hallways. The closer we got the main lounge the louder the din of the crowd. "Tugging at Beth's sleeve I asked her if we could stop and have quick couple of drinks. "Hey Dora we need to get us a couple of drinks before the show." "Thought you might bitches, come on."Dora led us into a back room of the bar area and a bare breasted vixen took our drink orders. Beth ordered her usual Jack and Coke and I had a double Grey Goose straight up.

Walking down the stairs into the pit was like being on a concert stage. There were so many bright lights. From the overhead floods to the movable spotlights on the baloneys. The rear wall was cover in more toys and devices than I knew even existed. From the tiniest nipple clamps to fire hydrant sized ass plugs. Whips and canes and paddles of every description. In the center of the pit was a pillory. It consisted of a vertical steel pipe about three feet high and a mere two inches wide. It had many shiny eye rings on the front and sides of the pipe. The five by five inch chin rest was padded heavily on the top of the pipe. There were two horizontal rails for a persons knees about a foot off the ground and spread almost three feet apart. These were also padded. All covered in burnished leather, black of course.

The crowd roared as we came on to the pit floor. There must have been a hundred people lining the rails and the upper balconies. We saw Don Raoul, who had a table right on the center leading edge of the balcony which afforded him the best view in the house. He raised his brandy snifter toward us in a salute, when a voice boomed over the PA.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman. For your entertainment tonight we have two very special guests with us tonight. Mistress Beth, whom I know you love and cherish, and her protégé, the lovely and exquisitely evil Mistress Lin." The crowd cheered and hollered wildly.

I felt like we were at a boxing match and started to laugh uneasily when the lights dimmed and we saw two huge hooded men drag a screaming Darlene onto the stage. The crowd grew silent, and the balcony floods lit her up.

She was fully nude and looked every bit the dirty slave girl. Her exquisite young body already shiny with sweat. Her long hair wildly tousled. Her screams delighting the roaring crowd. The hooded men, naked above the waist placed her on the knee rests of the pillory, and expertly buckled the straps to her ankles and below her knees. Her wrists were placed in heavy leather cuffs and a small chain was brought down from an over head hoist. With a metal on metal ratcheting sound her wrists were raised a few inches forcing her upper torso down slightly. A thicker strap was placed around her upper body under the arm pits and buckled into place. This strap's D ring on her back was also clipped and raised by a hoist until her chin rested on the small padded pedestal on the top of the custom pillory. The floods focused sharply on Darlene as the light on Beth and I faded.

We had outlined a rough plan earlier over drinks. Walking behind Darlene I rotated the pedestal so her deliciously spread ass faced the main audience. There was raucous applause as I simultaneously gave her a single sharp slap on her pretty ass cheek. Her foul mouth spewing unprintable filth. Beth pulled a long hose with a shiny nozzle from the wall and walked toward Darlene's ass. Holding it high over her head for the audiences' benefit. The showy gesture was met with wild hoots and hollers. I leaned in close and spit on Darlene's asshole and made a show of sucking the hose nozzle. Beth took the nozzle and with no lube other than my spit slid it deeply into Darlene's asshole. Turning the valve handle on the hose Darlene howled out a long stream of obscenities, but I was ready. As she cursed the world I crammed the bit end of a dildo gag into her mouth and quickly buckled the straps to her head taking the time to pull back her head by the hair and look her right in the eyes and say loudly. "Remember me cunt?" The crowd roared as I slapped Darlene's new ten inch long rubber cock nose and walked back to the toy wall.

By now Darlene's belly swelled with great quantities of water in her bowels. Beth pulled the hose from Darlene's asshole and stepped away just in time as a long stream of water shot outward from her shapely bottom. The audience responded wildly. When the flow ebbed Beth made a show of slowly sliding the hose back into Darlene's shit hole and walked to the toy wall toward me. We heard the metallic thunk of the nozzle popping out of Darlene's asshole and hitting the floor. Water was squirting everywhere. The crowds din grew even louder

Beth selected some cruel serrated nipple clamps and four round one pound lead weights. As I adjusted my harness and placed a twelve inch long ribbed dildo into it, I began stroking the long green neon cock as the crowd cheered. Thrusting my hips toward them all the while.

As Beth kneeled beside the bound Darlene, she lowered an evil clamp serrated electrical clamp over Darlene's pert nipple and let it snap closed; she yelped thru the dildo gag and thrashed wildly. I didn't feel the least bit bad as she snapped the other clamp into place. For effect Beth carefully placed two of the metal weights onto each clamps dangling hooks. This pulled Darlene's nipple down noticeably, but had the curious effect of calming her down a bit. Rightly so, the more she thrashed, the deeper the clamps' evil teeth would dig into her nipples.

Once Beth was done with the cunts nipples I removed the pins that held the knee boards apart and pushed them together, making Darlene's legs go together. Returning the pin into the hole, her ass was now high in the air. I must say her ass looked fucking hot. This would not save her in the slightest from what the cunt had coming. As I turned to the back wall to select a suitable cane, Beth was already yelling at her and waving a huge red butt plug high in the air. "Now that your shithole is nice and clean whore we need to keep it stretched out a bit. Try not to move now your nipples may fall off." Again with only spit for lube Beth plunged the plug deep into Darlene's asshole. I almost felt bad when I turned and saw her thrashing and squealing thru the cock gag. The weight on her nipples swung wildly and I saw a drop of blood or two hit the slick floor.

The crowd was really enjoying Darlene's torment. Some were starting to chant. "Whip the cunt." "Whip the cunt." I raised the thin nylon cane high in the air and the audience let out squeals of delight. I lightly tapped Dar's heart shaped ass with the cane and slashed at it viciously. The effect was immediate. Not only did the crowd erupt wildly but Darlene's nipple clamps went flying off as she thrashed about wildly, the weights rolling off into the darkness. I struck her another slashing blow with the slender unbreakable cane. She thrashed and jerked wildly at her bonds. Drool dripping from the sides of her mouth to the already wet floor. Taking three more full swings at her welt marked ass the audience counted the blows ass I went. "Three, four, five..." I kept flailing at her ass, I wanted so bad to hurt her it wasn't funny. My poor Laura! My soul mate was gone and may even be dead because of Darlene. Normally I'm not an evil person, but at this moment here and now I was seething with cruelty.

After twenty blows Beth came over and stopped me from caning her. "That's enough." "What?" I said indignantly. "The fucking cunt is almost passed out bitch. We need to get on with the show." I was pissed, but Beth was right. I went to the pillory and pulled the pins out and spread Darlene's legs again and replaced the pin.

I walked over and got the high chair. It was basically a lounge chair on tall legs with wheels with adjustable height and back. I rolled it in front of Darlene's head and adjusted the height and sat down in it. Reclining the seat back, I spread my legs and grabbing Dar's cock nose scooted closer to her. My pussy was all ready wet but I rubbed the cock thru my pussy a few times and pulled the back of her head pressed the dick deep into my sopping mound. The audience roared in delight.

Meanwhile Beth was rubbing and slapping Darlene's welted ass as the spot light lit up the ugly raised welts. She held up five fingers to the crowd and grabbed the base of the big dildo in Darlene's ass. When Beth lowered a finger to show four, the audience started shouting a count down as she lowered each finger. "!!" At one Beth yanked the huge dildo from Darlene's asshole. She tossed it toward the cheering crowd and held Dar's shaking ass cheeks wide open exposing Darlene's quivering asshole. For a few seconds her asshole was as wide as a goofball. Wasting no time she rammed the big rubber neon cock deep into her gaping asshole. When she jumped it drove the dildo gag deeper into my pussy. Her thrusts came slowly at first and I started pressing forward to her rhythm. Soon Beth was slamming her asshole wildly and I met her thrust by pushing my hips into Darlene's dick gag. For at least five minutes Beth gave and I received. I was right on the edge. I grit my teeth and let out a loud scream and squirted all over her head and hair.... Beth slowed and pulled the cock from Dar's asshole. I was shaking badly and was intensely embarrassed after pulling the cock from my soaked cunt. I'd never orgasmed with a hundred people watching and cheering.

Beth came to me and removed the dildo and harness and helped me from the chair. We just stood there facing the raving hoard. The house lights came up a bit and the crowd was absolutely going wild. We even took a bow. Dora was at the edge of the pit motioning us to her. We held a farewell hand to the cheering crowd and walked up the three steps and out of the pit

The crowd started cheering again as the hooded men returned. They were removing Darlene's bonds and removing the dildo gag from her. I could see the torn skin on both of her raw nipples. I though they were going to take her away. But they placed her on a small padded mat and both men started whipping out their cocks! I couldn't believe it, I'm a Lesbian and not into cocks at all, but there's were bigger than any dildo I had ever seen. They were enormous. Beth just stood there looking as well, as the far man shoved his massive meat into Darlene's ruined asshole. She screamed like a wounded water buffalo. The near man was ramming his cock down Darlene's throat. I shuddered as we turned and followed Dora back up stairs.

Dora led us back to our room. Once inside she told us, "That was a great show you two, I haven't seen the crowd that worked up in ages." She gave Beth a hearty hug then hugged me as well. I guess she wasn't so bad. "What will happen to Darlene now Dora?" I asked. "Well, those big goons will fuck her senseless for a few hours then she goes wherever it is that Don Raoul decides she goes." Dora turned to Beth and asked. "What are your plans Bethy?" "We're out of here Dora."Dora looked at me and sneered. "Oh ya that's right, you got a new cunt now." "Don't call me cunt." I said. "She's funny. Let me know if you tire of this one Bethy, she'd make a good addition to my stable." Beth just laughed and they hugged each other again and Dora walked out. Her shapely ass wiggling nicely

"Gather up our shit Lin we're out of here." "What do you mean we're out of here?" "What the fuck do you think I mean?" The knock at the door startled both of us. Opening the door was a small older woman and a business suit. "Don Raoul will see you now. Please to follow me." We looked at each other and shrugged as we walked out of the door and down the hallway. By now we pretty much knew the way.

Arriving at the heavy wooden doors of Don Raoul's office, the small woman knocked twice and pushed the doors open for us. "Please to be seated senoras. The Don will be with you momentarily." We sat down in the plush chair in front of Don Raoul's desk just as he came in from a back room. We started to rise out of respect but he quickly motioned us to remain seated. "Ah, senoras, my compliments on a fine show. Truly magnifico. How may I thank you? "Don Raoul." I said slowly."What did your men find out about my Laura?" He hesitated and I just knew the news would not be good.

"Miss Lin, I'm afraid I have uh the bad news for you." My heart sank. "Oh my god." I blurted out starting to cry. The Don came to me and knelt down and held my hand. "Please to let me finish Miss Lin. My men are very good at what they do. Miss Darlene does not know where your Miss Laura is." "What, how the fuck can that be she..." Beth interrupted my out burst and told me "Let the Don finish Lin." " Yes as I was saying Miss Lin, Miss Darlene and your Miss Laura were in a hotel room when men burst in with guns and pistol whipped Miss Darlene and brought her here." "The contract out on Darlene." Muttered Beth. "Exactamento my darling. The contract was a capture contract, or Miss Darlene would have how you say? Been snuffed out." "Then your men know where Laura is Don Raoul." I said excitedly. He looked at me sadly and shook his head. "I am sorry Miss Lin. My men have already been to the hotel where Miss Darlene was captured. Of your Miss Laura there is no sign. I am truly sorry."

I put my face in my hands and cried. It was over. My Laura was forever gone. "You will take care of Miss Lin, yes Bethy? She of course is free to stay here with us..." "Yes Don Raoul, I will take care of Lin. She is very special to me." Beth helped me to my feet and I held her tight as I cried softly into her long hair."

The powerful chopper sped down the highway toward home. My home. There simply was no other place to go. I had to at least collect up whatever valuables and clothes I may have left and try to pick up my life somewhere, Somehow. It took hours but I held on to Beths waist the whole time. Amazed at the frightening adventure we had somehow survived. Finally as we pulled off the interstate and rounded the bend toward my house Beth slowed to a stop only a few houses away. "Why are you stopping Beth?" I asked. "Are you sure you want to go there honey?" "Yes of course I do, why wouldn't I?" Beth didn't answer. "You go on tiger, I'll wait right here." "But Beth, are you going to leave me?" I asked. Scared of her answer. After all the shit we'd been thru I suddenly realized that I was terrified of loosing her. "No baby girl, I'm not going anywhere, I just think it better you go in alone. I'll wait here for one hour, and then if you're not back I'm out of here." "Oh I'll be back sooner than that I just need to grab a few things."

With great trepidation I walked up to the house. I found the key I had hidden under the ceramic frog and put it in the lock and turned it. Pushing open the door the television was on........ I couldn't believe my eyes. On the couch on the far wall was a figure wrapped in a blanket. She saw me and raised her head. It was Laura!

"Laura, oh my god you're here I cried." rushing to her. She stood shakily and cried "Lin, I thought you were dead." "No darling, I'm here. We held each other as if a million years had passed in the blink of an eye. Lost in our relief and our love for each other. Time stood still. We sat on the couch kissing each other with unimaginable passion. Tears filled our eyes and gave way to relief. The realization that all is again as it was. I told Laura the harrowing story of what happened to me the last few days.

Looking at the clock I suddenly remembered Beth. Oh my god Beth! I got up and started to run to the door. I had to see her before she left. "Hey Lin." Laura cried. "Where the fuck are you going?" I didn't say a word but ran out of the house toward where I last saw Beth. She was standing there beside her chopper smiling at me. "How is Laura tiger?" "You knew?" "Yes baby" "Why didn't you tell me whore?" She chuckled. "Oh I don't know." "Beth, why don't you stay with us? I just can't loose you. I just can't." I hugged her tightly and cried. In a tired heavy voice she said "You have your Laura back tiger, it just wouldn't work out for the three of us." I knew she was right. "And besides, well see each other again. Here take this." She said. Thrusting the bundles of hundred dollar bills into my hand. This will help you and Laura get back on track cunt." "Don't call me cunt." I said still crying. "Will I ever see you again Beth?" Sure you will cunt. Remember? I know where you play."

Silently Beth got on her chopper and kicked it into life and rode off. Looking down at the thousands of dollars in my hands I walked back to the house and saw Laura standing there looking at me. She had seen the whole teary eyed thing. "Wasn't that the leader of the biker gang that started all this fucking shit?" Laura said in a tired voice... "Yes my love it was." "Well you better start explaining then." "Okay but you won't believe it cunt." "Don't call me cunt." Oh boy....

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