My Child
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  • Post Date - 3/29/2012

Author's Note: Mistress to the rich and shameless has her world turned upside down by a Lesbian street urchin.

Once again I woke up screaming and in a cold sweat, the thin gown clinging to my pain ravaged body. And as before the nurse rushed in to sedate me and hold my hand until I calmed down. A tearful drama repeated several times so far. The needle pierced my arm and she held me tightly as I cry incoherently in her arms. "Oh Jessica" she would whisper as I cried silently in her hair, "Its ok I'm here baby."

Her name was Jennifer, an older sexy black woman with a heart of gold. She has pretty much been my only friend since I have been hospitalized. I have been here for over two weeks now and am just now starting to regain my strength. Several times a day and during the night she and a host of other nurses come in to change my saline bags and administer antibiotics. Every other day is bath day and is an ordeal I suffer through painfully.

When Jennifer strips and bathes me, she still covers her mouth and looks away and gasps mutedly. The ugly scars on my entire body will never go away entirely the Doctors say. But at least I'm in stable condition now and will not die. The wounds on my tits and ass hurt the most. But it's a toss up really, as my pussy is still so swollen and tender that I cannot even wipe after I pee with out screaming in pain. Even the thin robe I wear causes my nipples excruciating pain at the slightest movement. Even my once beautiful 36 double D tits are forever ruined.

Despite my pitiful plight and the pain I must endure, I cannot help but give a weak smile and an inner giggle. For you see I still desperately love and long for the one. The only one. The one that did this to me. For still, I love her with all my heart.

The shot of Atavan is calming me down and I will try and tell you what happened. I only want to tell this one time so it is being taped for whoever needs it or cares. I'm kind of hazy 'cause of the drugs they have me on so please dear reader bear with me.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a "Lady". In that there is a duality of meaning. Yes I am gorgeous, charming and sophisticated but I am also a Madame.

Yes that's right a Dominatrix, a Vixen of the night. Some even consider me evil incarnate. But of course that is not the truth. I mean everyone has their detractors.

Simply put, I provide, or rather did provide a rather unique service for compensation. My clientele are not your usual degenerate crack heads however. Far from it. My "friends" as I call them are among the elite women of society. Wives of bankers, congressmen, police chiefs and the rich. My address book would put Heidi Fleiss to shame. Yes that's right. Women. My passion. And with a little of my gentle persuasion they rapidly come under my spell.

Suddenly I become very agitated and scream.

"Jessica?" "What's wrong dear" she says as she holds me tightly. "My book my phone book "I scream insanely, almost pulling the tubes from my arm. As she holds me the other nurses arrive with a shot of Seconal to calm me down. The previous dose of Atavan apparently was not working.

They don't even bother with the injection port on the tubes but jam it in my arm roughly. The rush of sedation is almost instant and I fall back onto my raised pillows as if on billowing white clouds. "Jessica what is so important about a phone book"? She asks.

What I didn't tell her was that if ever the contents made public. And the lists of my "clients"made known, I guarantee you I would not live a week. The Seconal does its Magic and I start to relax.

Typically my clients are referrals. Word of mouth. Oh yes, I do find and "recruit" the stray slut from bars occasionally. But that's another story. I have huge seven bedroom house in an upscale neighbor hood. And the basement dungeon would make even the most devout 16th century inquisitor cringe in fear. My "Play Room" as I call it spans the entire with and depth of the lower level. The whole large room is like 100 by100 feet and open.

In one corner are several small cages where I can keep my pets if that's what I desire. My puppy Lucy is kept there very often. They are small cages that are open on all sides. Those inside must be on all fours since there is no room to turn around. This is so cool because it leaves them cruelly exposed. I can access their bottoms or stand the cage on end exposing their tits! There are slots to pass food bowls thru. Or what ever liquids I choose to provide for them. Against one long wall are shackles and eyebolts. I can move the shackles anywhere on the walls by simply unsnapping them. There are around fifty or so on the wall. From ankle level to the ceiling and even on the floor. I can hook up the electric hoists anywhere in the room that I choose. Simply by moving the hooks around. In the center of the room is a wooden post. There are several large square blocks of wood that can be mounted to it. And a V at the top to rest ones chin. So many things! My favorite is my pillory. Basically it is a cross that ones arms are tied stretched out. There are two short padded rests for the legs that are adjustable, both height and width wise. They are wide enough at the rear so as to support ones weight with nothing to sit on. Because of this the ass and pussy are totally exposed. There are dozens of eyebolts to tie the thighs ankles and neck. One can do many many things with this baby.

I have a real cool padded X frame with eye bolts all over the sides that can we swiveled flat or even upside down. One of my absolute favorites is the low padded horse. One can bed over a slut and secure her ankles and wrists to the legs exposing then cruelly. I prefer to cane their asses with their legs tied together though just a personal preference. I also have a professional gyno exam table that I had specially modified to include restraints. On the wall are all manner of whips canes paddles, spreader bars, floggers. Shelve after shelve of violet wands, Tens units, even a police tazer. There are too many miscellaneous things to mention. Clips, clamps, candles even rolls of barbed wire. That end of the room looks more like a hard ware store. Iron bars bent to fit people's necks and wrists, I have it all. There are plush couches and chairs and a full bar in one corner too. Oh and of course the room is sound proofed and has a steal door as strong as the best bank vault. I cannot go into the various security devices I have as this is a proprietary matter that I cannot put into print for obvious reasons. Safe to say that all that is for my client's protection as well as mine.

Oh my, the door bell is ringing upstairs. Please excuse me. That must be Francesca. Just in time for our 3 o'clock appointment. So that will have to end the tour of my dungeon for now. Francesca, I muse to my self as I walk up the stone spiral stairs, is quite a dish and one of my favorite clients. She is totally straight as she says. Yet, get this, she pays me three thousand dollars a session to whip the shit out of her and fuck her like a piece of meat. Go figure. She is gorgeous and could have any man she wanted (and most women for that matter). Makes no sense to me, but who am I to judge peoples morality! As I open the door I am met by a gorgeous red head nicely dressed in a business suit. With out a word she walks past me and goes to the bathroom slash dressing room on the main floor. You see, this is a private room with lockers and a full bathroom where my clients can get ready. Dressing or undressing as the case may be. There is even a private elevator leading to the basement below. They know what they want and behave appropriately. At least they had better behave. An elevator you say?

Well shit, I do have to make things nice for them. Besides I have the only private elevator on the block!

Francesca will shower, douche, shave and give herself several enemas and put on her "outfit" as we call it. Which if I read her file correctly is supposed to consist of bright pink fence net stockings, a bustier, garter belt and a short dress with no panties. She is to put on heavy make up and fake lashes and become a whore. Then she is to sit quietly on the down stairs sofa, sip a drink and wait for me. This always takes at least an hour, so I will lock the front door and go out and buy some smokes.

Turning on the house alarm I hop in to my Toyota and head off to the corner liquor store. Kind of going over in my head the scene Francesca and I have choreographed a week or so before our "session". It can be really involved and they get pissed if I fuck up the plan. This one is pretty straight forward so I'm not particularly worried. Besides I enjoy this shit. And they fucking pay me!

As I pull up to the liquor store and park I see a young girl of about twenty two sitting on the curb crying and the bouncer of the bar next door yelling at her. "Oh great" I muttered out load, I already hate that fat bastard from the times I have been asked to leave that particular bar. Parking my car, I am barely out of the car, when I start yelling. "Hey asshole, you say one more fucking word to that poor girl and I'll shoot your fat fucking ass."I don't normally carry a gun but he didn't know that. He mumbled some sort of fuck you and shook a fat fist at me and wobbled disgustedly back into the bar. By now the girl, who I now saw was very beautiful but looked as if she hadn't showered or eaten in who knows how long. Her blonde mousey hair was ratty and knotted. "Darling are you ok?" I asked tenderly. Not responding at all, I placed my hand on her shoulder and she finally looked up at me thru tear streaked aqua marine eyes. She was shaking badly and at first I thought she may be one of the dozens of stray heroin addicts that this scummy society produces. Only thing was that her eyes were clear and fiercely bright. And as she looked at me she started to speak. At first she talked so fast and incoherently that I could barely make up the words. "Calm down darling" I said, "You're coming with me."She mumbled something I didn't understand as I helped her up and led her to the car. As I opened the car door she could barely stand and was nearly incoherent. I did manage to open the door and put her in and she slumped against the door as I closed it. She leaned back and fell asleep in seconds. Closing and locking the car door I went in and got my Marlboros and a liter of crown Royal. "Hey Fred", I asked of the liquor store owner, "What's the story on the girl old fat ass was yelling at huh?" "Oh hell Jess, that's Anna she's been hanging out trying to suck his patrons cocks for a dime a pop."Oh great" I thought, I just stuck a down and out whore in my car. Well I've always had a place in my heart for the under dog, and here she'll just end up dead or in jail so what the hell. I can always dump her later if it turns to shit.

They sat hind sight is always twenty twenty. If only I could have known the consequences of my humble act of compassion I would have driven over her with my car right then and there.

As I hopped into my car, I saw that she was indeed passed out. I made sure she was breathing and started for home. Hitting the garage door opener I parked the car and tried to wake her. She was however out cold. Great. Here I am in the garage with this mysterious passed out girl, with Francesca waiting in the dungeon for me! So I opened the car door and tried to wake her up."Anna honey please wake up, we're home."I say as I lightly shake her. No way! Fuck. So I literally picked her up in my arms and walked thru the garage, thru the living room, to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. Taking off her shabby pants and T shirt I briefly notice her sexy smooth body and nice pert thirty four C tittles. I was instantly attracted to her. She is wearing matching blue colored panties and lacy bra. "This will have to wait" I mumble as I kiss her gently on the cheek. I closed the door and hurried to the Basement to meet Francesca.

Getting "into character took me only moments as I always had my helper Denise lay out what ever get up my client's session required. My costume tonight is a pair of black latex thigh highs with six inch stiletto heels, a matching push up corset and lacy elbow gloves. All black of course. Denise is already on her way down and........... Oh hell, I forgot to tell you dear readers about my Denise. Denise.

Sweet Denise. She is my lover, helper and maid. Some of one more of the other. She's in her mid forties, five foot nothing, maybe a size six with forty two double D boobs and Long straight jet black hair down to her ass. Ah her ass, oh my god. Hers was an absolutely perfect ten ass. The kind of ass so many black women had. Actually hired as a maid, she "helps me" with my clients. Loyal beyond all else she has been with me for about 4 years. Not really my girl friend, although she lived with me. She pretty much led a double life that I knew little of, but you'll learn more about Denise as the story progresses.

Taking the stairs down I am able to sneak up behind Francesca. Denise is already sitting on the couch and engaging her in idle chatter and on my cue, raising both fingers in a V sign prepares for the fun. Just as I am reaching to grab Francesca by her long auburn hair I flash the sign. Pulling Francesca's hair and head across the back of the couch, Denise snaps on the steel hand cuffs on both her wrists. She lets out a loud yelp and some fuck yous' and Denise yanks her forward onto her feet. Francesca stumbles as I follow to the ceiling hoist hook dangling from the ceiling. Denise hooks the cuffs to the hoist and I Immediately raise her up to her toes. She is too startled at what is happening to realize what s going on. You see, before we even take a clients money we work with then to create different scenarios, and there are at least five they have chosen with many variables built in. So they are never sure which one will befall them. I also make them sign wavers and a large check for me to hold so if later they wish to fuck with me I have that covered. I also take several pictures along the way for my private files. Also just in case. So, as Francesca is struggling I slap her hard across the face and order her to shut up. This causes her to release forward a sting of nasty profanities. I just giggle as Denise straps the spreader bar to her ankle and buckles it tight. I also attach a four inch posture collar with four heavy D rings to her neck. I lower her slightly as Denise kicks her legs apart cruelly so she may attach the other ankle cuff. She does that and tightens the bar. She then takes two large carabineers and clips each side of the ankle restraints to the hooks in the floor. At this point I give the hoist control up button a couple of taps to raise her slightly. Just enough so that most of her weight was on the balls of her feet.

Oh how I love this! Remember me telling you that Francesca is not les or bi? Well, she is very angry about now. As I slap her across the mouth I say "Shut the fuck up cunt" and show her a large pair of scissors. The slap and the scissors in her face make her momentarily forget her anger as I start to cut away her Gucci blouse. Revealing a red lacy bra covering her thirty six double E tits. She starts in again on her "fuck yous''" as I call them and I wink at Denise who is already walking toward us with the china bowl in both hands. Already knowing what is going to happen I pull the Gerber dagger from the top of my boot and holding it to Francesca's throat simply whisper "open your mouth slut" which he does silently. With out another word I take the pee soaked panties from Denise's bowl and stuff the drippy things in Francesca's mouth. Denise holds up her hair as I wrap three layers of duct tape around Francesca's head to hold the panties in place. These panties are of course Francesca's which Denise brought down from the dressing room and Denise pissed in the bowl soaking the panties. Looking at Francesca I cannot help but laugh and ask "tasty aren't they?" Denise starts to remove her bra and I continue cutting away her pants."Oh my" I giggle, "this whore is not wearing panties." Placing my hand with a hard slap on Francesca's bald pussy I looked her in the eyes and tell her, "So whore you don't like women huh?"I nod my head and Denise unfurls her four foot long whip. It has a semi rigid two foot handle and a long thick leather tail. She has to step back about eight feet away and takes a full swing at Francesca's lovely ass. We always swat our whores twenty times with various whips to soften them up. At the first snap of her whip Francesca jumps and winces in pain and struggles futility against her bonds. Another snap catches her by surprise. Denise is a pro at this and always strikes her victims in a slightly different spot. This she does dispassionately, to this day I'm not even sure Denise enjoys this, but there is none more evil and capable of inflicting sensuous pain than my Denise. Besides, I pay her VERY well.........*SNAP*...... As she works on her ass I finger Francesca's now wet pussy. "Oh, you nasty whore" I laugh," You are wet."Oh how Francesca hates this! Walking away I bring back a low chair and sit before her, now Denise is administering the last of the twenty blows I see her putting on her strap on harness. Getting ready for act two.

On cue Denise lowers the hoist and slides it on its tracks so that Francesca is now bent at the waste, her ass sticking out nicely. Now that she is bent over like this her face is in my lap. Lifting her head by the hair I show her the medium sized butt plug gag. I unwrap the tape from her head and remove the nasty panties as she gags a few times, As her mouth is open I shove the mouth piece of the butt plug gag into her mouth and strap it tightly to her head with the 3 straps. Now she has a butt plug for a nose!

This is the ultimate humiliation for this proud "straight woman."Picking up her head I look into her scared hateful eyes, and lick her face a few times. Throwing my legs over the arms of the overstuffed chair my pussy and ass are spread wide only inches in front of Francesca's face I know she is watching my asshole intently as I start to finger it deeply with lube. After loosening it up a bit I grab the back of her head and start to slide the plug into my asshole. I jump as the wide part slides past my sphincter. Francesca's nose is buried in my pussy! She cannot pull out of my ass, but I tie her collar D rings to the eyebolts to the arms of the chair just to make sure. She is trapped. Right on cue Denise presses the tip of the big knobby dildo to Francesca's pussy. Her snatch is already wet and I feel her tense as the toy enters her deeply. As she stops with the dildo fully in place I reach forward and clip evil serrated clamps to Francesca's pink pert nipples. One then the other. Each making her jump. They dig deeply into her tender flesh, and I know full well that they hurt very painfully. After the second one is in place, Denise wastes no time and grabs her hips and calmly starts to fuck her pussy with long deep thrusts. I pick up the strings on her clamps and tug on the gently. I feel her tears starting to drip on my ass cheeks as she squirms. The dildo quite unwillingly in my asshole. My pussy is getting very wet as her nose is inside me.

Gotta love Denise! As her tempo increases, so do the strength of her thrusts. I have to hold Francesca's head tightly lest she rip the plug from my asshole. Francesca is cumming and thrashing like the end of the world. Denise works out so she can go well beyond even my tolerance. So far Francesca has come several times and I can feel her trembling badly. Were it not for her being suspended she would have fallen minutes ago. Denise must have felt that Francesca was near exhaustion too as she winked at me. And me being the evil bitch I am, I yanked so hard on her nipple strings that they pulled off with two loud metallic "snaps."

Blood spattered on the floor from her torn nipples. That did it. Not only did she cum again but she passed out and went limp. The slut was even peeing herself. Perfect! Quickly I pulled my self away from her and pulled the butt plug out of my ass, and I came too. Ah, life has its' little perks! Denise was already lowering her and uncuffing her. I removed the butt plug gag from her mouth and made sure she was still breathing. By now Denise was removing Francesca's spreader bar. She lay limp on the cold concrete floor as Denise and I sort of stared at each other and giggled. By all rights she should, and may indeed be quite angry after our little scene. Then again she did design the "play" and paid us big bucks to boot. So as usual, Denise and I bundled her up in a blanket and half carried, half dragged her to the elevator and to one of the elegant bedrooms we kept for our best customers. We laid her on the bed and covered her with the red satin sheets. There was wine and a small bar near the bed and a full shower and Jacuzzi tub. We also brought in an assortment of very stylish brand new clothes for her. Kissing Francesca tenderly on the lips I whispered "Au revoir" my princess and closed the door. I winked at Denise and she smiled and left. We always took good care of our clients. And after Francesca awoke she could shower and dress and go about her business or hang out in our plush living room and eat or drink or whatever it took till she was able to get it back together. They often did pass out like that. No one can say they didn't get their monies worth here!

Oh dear. Anna! I was so into our scene I totally forgot about her. I rushed to my bed room where I left her sleeping. I opened the door and saw her sitting on the bed wearing one of my righties. Her hair was wet and she looked so hot with her nipples poking out of the thin material. She had long sexy legs and was a good head shorter than I was. I could also see she wore no panties and was fully shaved. I was still wearing my thigh high boots and bustier. "Well darling, I see you're among the living." With out a word from her she hopped off the bed and ran to me and hugged me tightly. She was crying and slightly trembling. "Oh Jessica" she cried as she held me tighter. "Thank you for saving me." Releasing her, I asked "Anna how do you know my name? And what exactly was going on with you at the bar?" She sat on the bed right by where I stood and started telling me. "My girlfriend moved out of the house a month ago then the Marshals booted me out. I have no money or clothes or anything."What happened darling?"I asked. "Well you see I lost my job at the hospital a month ago and couldn't pay the bills. I was out looking for a new job and came home to find the locks changed and everything inside the house gone." "Oh my god Anna, what did you do?" "Well I had only twenty dollars and walked to the bar to have a few drinks and figure out what to do.""Anna that was three weeks ago. What have you been doing since then?" At that my little angel fell on the bed and started crying and shaking again. Sitting beside her I held her hand and scooted next to her. "It's okay Anna darling you're safe here" I said. "How long since you have eaten darling?" She was sobbing as she said "It's been days Jessica."

Startled at her having said my name several times now I asked "Anna, how the hell do you know my name"? "Well I heard the black woman call you by name after you finished your scene with Francesca." I was aghast! This little shit knew my name! And the name of one of the most powerful woman In the City of Los Angles. "What the fuck are you talking about Anna"? I hissed. "You have no idea what you have blundered into." "I was watching you" she sobbed. "You were fucking watching me" I yelled. "Have you any idea what's going on here?" I was livid. Anna calmly looked up at me thru her blood shot teary eyes and said "Everyone knows who you are Jessica."

This startled me as nothing has before. As I mentioned earlier, my clients were among the elite of the city and beyond. If she ever mentioned me and what she saw here just now. Well, let's just say there would be serious complications for all concerned.

"Kid you better start talking fast" I said. "Who the fuck are you"? I was yelling now and standing up looking down at her. I was furious. She calmly looked me in the eye and said "My auntie used to be one of your clients." "Your Aunt? Who to hell is your Aunt bitch?" She was crying again as she whispered "she's dead now, her name was Monica"."Monica Aligher?" I asked. "Yes" she sobbed.

I knew immediately who she was talking about. Monica Aligher was a long time lover then later a client of mine. She was a television news caster on a major network. I knew she was dead as I had attended her funeral four years ago. I knew she had a niece because I had met her when she was a teenager. I sat down on the bed next to Anna and lifted her chin. "You are Anna English?" I asked. "Yes" she sobbed. "When my mom and dad were killed in the DUI accident Auntie Monica took me in and raised me, she spoke often of you Jessica. She loved you." "Yes Anna I know, she was my best girlfriend for ten years."We were both in tears at that point.

Monica was one of my longest relationships, until she married a television bigwig. I was devastated. My lover and soul mate leaving me for a fucking man! Then after a couple of years Monica starts coming to me, AND paying me. With HIS money! How delightful huh?

"Oh Jessica, you are the closet thing to family or a mom that I have now." I was still in tears as she pushed me over on the bed and climbed on top of me. Looking up at her sitting on my belly I saw a devilish gleam in her eyes as she leaned over and started tongue kissing me. I was too surprised to stop her and eagerly returned her kiss. She was kissing me so passionately I was overwhelmed with lust. She was already reaching down to squeeze my bulging tits as I pulled her teddy over her head.

With her hands on my tits I couldn't pull it over her head, and she was still kissing me deep and passionately. So I wrapped it lightly around her neck and pulled gently. Before I could blink she broke our kiss and slid down, her hands still fondling my tits and slid between my legs. Anna was pressing her nails into my nipples as her mouth parted my pussy lips. I was being ravaged by a child! She tore into my pussy with a talented tongue and mouth like I have rarely experienced. Soon my anger and sadness were long gone. As she licked my pussy she pressed her sharp nails even deeper into my nipples causing wave after wave of mini orgasms. And I was getting really wet. "Oh my god where did this twenty year old girl learn to do this"? I thought. She was licking, sucking and nibbling on my clit so fucking good. My head was in the clouds! I was vaguely aware that she was no longer pressing her nails in my nipples. When suddenly she shoved a dildo six inches up my pussy all in one shove. FUCK!! I came so hard I peed all over her face and hair and my bed too. While I was shuddering and peeing she dug two hands full of long sharp nails into my tender inner thighs. I yelped and scream and tried to get up, and as I did Anna slapped my face really hard and said "I'm not done yet mommy." As I fell backwards she started furiously fucking my soaked pussy with the dildo and raking my clit with her nails. I screamed and immediately came again. Powerful orgasms only seconds apart. I was shaking badly as she finally stopped and crawled on top of me. She held my arms down as she kissed me on the mouth and cheeks. I remember pulling her to my side and holding her tightly as we fell asleep together in the pee soaked bed.

I awoke before Anna and showered and changed into my penguin pajama bottoms and a long tee shirt. It was Saturday and I could already smell the gourmet breakfast that Denise was cooking. We had no clients 'till this evening and I could spend the day relaxing. There was also the matter of what to do with Anna. She had no one and I could hardly turn her away. But still. I had a nagging undefined suspicion that something was very wrong going on with her."Na couldn't be" I said to myself as I opened the door and headed toward the kitchen. "Morning Deanie" I said. Using my pet name for Denise. "Morning Jess" she said with a smile. "Seems you have a new friend Jess" she said not turning from the stove. Even in the morning Denise looked so fucking hot. Just in tight white hot pants and her gorgeous full tits hanging free, she put two plates on the table and sat across from me at the table. As I ate my eggs she asked, "Jess what are you going to do with her?" "I'm not sure Deanie "I said. "She has nowhere to go. Her girlfriend bailed on her and she has no job and Monica is dead". "Anna looked near dead when you brought her here yesterday too Jess"." Well she sure recovered quickly" I said. "She watched us service Francesca". Denise said "Yes I know I saw her." "You saw her, why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "I assumed you invited her Jess." "No I didn't". We both giggled. "Well she sure did me real good last night Deanie." "Ya I heard you two" she laughed. We heard foot steps and turned to see my little angel walking into the kitchen. "Sit down Anna, Denise will make you some breakfast sweetie."Denise was already up and filling a plate. She set it down and Anna ate hungrily. Denise and I just looked at each other. Anna was still wearing the same pee stained teddy. "Anna after you eat we need to see about getting you some clothes to wear." "Okay mommy" was her reply."Mommy"? I laughed, why do you keep calling me that Anna"?"Does it bother you?" She asked. "Well no baby, its okay you can call me mommy if you like." "Oh Anna, this is Denise." "Hi Denise" she said. "Wow you are gorgeous" Denise smiles coyly and says "Thank you Anna." The way they were eyeing each other I knew they would soon do each other. My money was on Anna! "Anna," I asked, "what happened to you after your Auntie died?"She looked down at her plate, an in an odd monologue told us "I moved in with a girl I knew from college and we became lovers."I laughed, "So that's where you learned to make love to girls." She just smiles shyly and went on. "Well about six months ago Jill Left me to go live with her parents in Australia. I didn't want to move out of the house because I love it there. So I took another job to pay the extra rent but couldn't do that and school, so I dropped out of school and started doing Crack." Oh great I thought. Denise looked at me solemnly as we had both had our own struggles with drug abuse. Anna went on, having finished her plate. "Well, the Marshalls put me out of the house three weeks ago. And I'd been staying on the streets." "Well what happened then child?"Denise asked. "I started hang out in the stupid bar and started doing tricks to get money for rocks." she said. I was furious but tried to hide my anger. "What the fuck was that asshole yelling at you for Anna"? I asked. Looking years older that her actual age she replied. "Because I refused to suck his dick anymore to pay for my bar tab and then he threw me out, and then you rescued me." I was so mad I stood up and walked out into the living room. I started to pick up the phone and have that fat bastards legs broken! I could too!

While I was trying to calm down, Denise got up and was holding her as Anna cried in her arms. "Why don't you ask Jessica if you can stay with us sweetie, I know she will say yes." I heard Anna sobbing and went back in the kitchen. Denise and Anna were still holding each other. Denise looked at me with a tear in her eye. In all the years of knowing Deanie I have never seen her cry. "Jess." Denise started to say. But Anna blurted out "Jessica can I please stay here with you until I get straightened out." As she asked, she released Denise and ran the two steps to me and grabbed me tight. Looking up at me, she sobbed "Please mommy?" "Okay Anna" I said, you can live here for as long as you like. But you are never to do drugs again at all. We have too much to loose to have you fuck it up." "Yes Ma'am" she replied. "Also" I said, you will help out with shopping, cleaning and cooking." At this she started to smile and said "Yes mommy." "Mommy? What is this mommy shit Anna?" "Oh" Anna replied "Isn't that okay?" "Of course you may call me mommy darling." At this she hugged me even tighter and said" I won't let you down, ever. I promise." "Okay baby I believe you. Go into my room, and in the walk in closet pick your self out what ever clothes you like and we can go from there" I said. "One more thing baby." "Yes mommy?" "Please take a shower and change the sheet on my bed okay?" Then she just smiled and said "Ok mommy" and skipped merrily into my room singing to herself. Denise and I just looked at each other and laughed.

"Are you going to be okay when I go on my trip Jess?" Denise asked me. Soon she would leave on a two week trip to Rio. "Yes my love, I'll be fine. I only have two clients when you're gone.""Easy one's too." "Well baby, maybe Anna can help" said Denise. Laughing hard I said "you know Deanie, after last night, I think Anna could run the show with out either of us." That made both of us laugh so hard there were tears in our eyes. After all, I thought there's no way Anna could be half as evil as Deanie and I were. She's still a child.

That night after dinner it came time to take Denise to the airport. Anna had spent her better part of the day going thru every dresser and walk in closet in the house. By now she had picked out enough sexy clothes to put Paris Hilton to shame. The little slut even moved half of my clothes to the other side of the Master bed room. Proudly proclaiming it "our" room. As I loaded Deanie's bags into the Mercedes. I asked Anna, "Baby do you want to come to the airport with me to drop off Denise"? She replied, "Mommy is it okay if I play in the Dungeon and explore?" Denise and I just looked at each other and laughed. "Sure darling, but don't let anyone in the house and don't answer the phone. And please don't hurt your self." We all laughed and hugged and Denise and I set off for the airport.

The drive went by quickly as Denise and I talked about possibly allowing Anna to join us in entertaining our clients. She was a natural. Arriving at LAX, I helped her unload her luggage. We exchanged the customary hugs and good byes. When out of the blue Denise looked me in the eye and said, "Do you want me to stay Jess"? "Now why on earth would you say that Deanie?" "I don't know baby, I just have a bad feeling about this."Nonsense", I said "get your fine black ass out of here and say hi to your mom for me."She kissed me on the lips and was gone in the crowd.

Arriving back at the house, I hit the remote and pulled the Mercedes into the garage. Getting out of the car I turned off the alarm to enter the house. All was quiet and Anna nowhere to be seen. Oh well I thought, It's been a long day. I'm going to bed early. When I flipped on the light in the master bedroom I was startled at what I saw. On the table by the wall were all manner of items from the dungeon! A ball gag, spreader bar, a bunch of leather restraints, rope, even a short hog whip. What the fuck was......."Anna, what the fuck is all this stuff doing up here?"

Whoa. As I looked at her she had on pink latex thigh high boots with spiked steel heels, a matching pink bustier that pushed up her thirty two B boobs, and a thick black posture collar that had a huge steel ring hanging below her throat. Her pussy was bare and shaved. And she had an evil grin about her.

"Mommy, I want to make love to you. Better than your black whore ever could." "Anna you better watch your fucking mouth" I said angrily. She ran to me and held me tight. Tears were already visible in her gorgeous green eyes. "Oh mommy I'm sorry" she pouted, "I didn't mean it like that." "Anna, I know this has been rough on you." She stopped me with a kiss and whispered "Please mommy let me love you?" I had been quite a while so I figured "what the hell ya know." "Okay Anna, I'm all yours baby." "Strip mommy" she ordered. So I removed my denim jacket and my blouse and tossed them in the corner hamper. I kicked off my heels and pulled off my jeans. Now clad only in my black lacy panties and bra Anna came closer and removed my bra. She slowly removed my panties and placed them in a bowl on the table. "Uh oh" I thought as I let out a giggle. She slapped my ass and said "Get on the bed mommy." Dam Anna looked so sexy. She was so alluring.

Getting on the bed, she strapped heavy leather restraints on my wrists. She ran a rope thru the D rings on them and put the other end thru the hook in the ceiling. She pulled a bit and I got on my knees. She attached a spreader bar to my inner knee and strapped it tightly. With the instep of her boot she prodded me to spread my knees as far as I could. Anna then attached the other end of the bar to my other knee and strapped it on too. She was a little too good at this I thought. She then hopped to the floor and put similar cuffs on each ankle and tied each one to eye bolts on each side of the bed frame while also tying each knee to the frame as well. She then let out an evil little giggle and climbed back on the bed. She pulled hard on the rope and tied it so my arms were straining. I was completely at her mercy. She then tied my tits cruelly with thin leather strips, making them bulge cruelly. I was tied with my back to her and thought I heard peeing. She got on the bed again and pinched my nipple real hard and told me "Open your mouth whore mommy." Before I could say anything she was shoving my own panties in my mouth. And they were soaked in pee! Her pee. I tried to spit them out but she had already shoved a rigid plastic ring gag in my mouth and strapped it tightly around my head.

All this happened so fast I couldn't believe it. I'm the one that does this shit here. Yet I was already totally infatuated by Anna. I was completely at her mercy. As I tested and struggled with my bonds my ass turned to fire. She was whipping my ass with a single tailed whip. At the first lash I screamed but nothing came out! I gagged heavily on the piss dripping down my throat and used my tongue and teeth to push the panties from my throat I couldn't push them thru the ring gag, but at least I could keep them form choking me to death.. I saw her in the mirror throwing the whip tail behind her and then a blinding white light of pain wracked my whole body as the tail struck my ass cheeks again. The pain was very intense as the blows got faster and harder. I felt about ready to pass out as tears flowed down my cheeks when Anna stopped. She hopped up on the bed and facing me put her knees thru my legs to rest on my pussy and threw her arms around me. She held me tight and told me "I'm so in love with you mommy. I want to be just like you mommy. I'm going to show you I can be just like you.""Soon you will love me too." This made me kind of scared. I mean I love a good Domme session even as the subby. Anna licked at my tears and said "Oh mommy, I know what you need" and she got off the bed and faced me from the far wall. She raised her arm and swung the whip so hard I heard the "swoosh" of the tail before my tits exploded in searing agony. She had caught both nipples at once.

I looked down the best I could and saw the long red marks already appearing. Then another and another. I closed my eyes as blow after bone jarring, flesh rending blows rained down on my beautiful tits. Then suddenly she stopped. She dropped the whip on the floor as was just standing there staring at me. She looked as if she had broken a favored toy. Anna turned and walked into the master bathroom and closed the door. I was all I could do to breathe thru my nose and I concentrated on that simple act. Almost shamefully I could feel my love juices dripping down my thighs.

When the door open Anna walked in wearing my leather dildo harness with a very thick, long knobby dildo attached. She walks towards me smiling and wiggling it tauntingly. "Oh my god" I thought to my self. As she got on the bed, Anna kneeled in front of me and started kissing my belly and gently ran her hands on the welts on my tits. As she kissed my pubic area I suddenly felt the sharp jab of a finger entering my asshole. Twisting and turning, the finger probed me deeply. Then she added a second finger. I came instantly as she slapped my raw ass with her free hand. Then she lay on her back and slid her legs between and under my bound limbs. Putting a large pillow under her head I saw her lubing up the huge dildo with K Y jelly. Anna was laying there guiding the tip of her huge dildo into my asshole! Grabbing my hips and thrusting up so hard the whole bed shook, I screamed into the wet nasty panties as twelve long fat inches entered my tight asshole. She laid her head back and just smiled and laughed. "What's the matter mommy? You haven't been fucked well in a long time have you? Doesn't your black whore fuck you like this?" Suddenly Anna was not smiling any more. Her look was one of anger and hatred. A look that chilled me to the bone. "No I guess she doesn't." At this Anna grabbed the sheets and tensing her body, started to thrust her hip cruelly. Driving the evil dildo in and out of my poor asshole with an angry vengeance. I tensed and hung on to the rope as best I could. It was as if she were paying back my asshole for all the injustices of the world all at once. In and out relentlessly. I could feel my blood mixing with the ass goo as she stared to slow. Now in a sheen of sweat and panting heavily, Anna said "Oh mommy" she panted, "Is that a little better"? She was smiling again and laughing her little laugh. All I could do was nod my head and look down at her with pleading eyes. "Ah poor mommy" she whispered as she pulled the dildo from my ruined asshole. Anna rolled off the bed and removed her dildo harness and set it on dresser. She picked up something I couldn't see and once again stood on the bed facing me. "You love me don't you mommy"? I nodded vigorously. "You love me more than your black whore don't you mommy"? "This question was chilling. What did poor Deanie do to her for her to be so angry? I just stared at her blankly. There was something very wrong here and I was starting to get really scared. She just smiled and again licked my tears away. "Look what I have for you mommy."She said as she showed me the two powerful serrated nipple clamps. She opened one over my right nipple and released it slowly. I jumped and struggled as the evil clamp bit deeply into my flesh, and let out a muffled scream. "Oh mommy" she whispered. "Don't you like it?" She giggled and held the other clamp open wide over my other nipple and let it go with a snap. I jumped and writhed wildly. Straining hard against my tight bonds. It closed so hard I almost passed out from the severe pan. I could already feel the blood dripping off my nipple to my belly. She just giggles and licked her tongue around my lips, kissing me on the cheek and said "Don't worry mommy, baby is going to make it ok." I was wracked with pain now. My ass and tits and asshole were on fire and my nipples were even worse. I was on the verge of passing out. Anna lay down on her back and slid her head under my bottom so her hot little body was in front of me. She slid a big pillow under her head and started licking my pussy. In terrible pain and ecstasy all at the same time. Her tongue licked deeply into my pussy hole. Her mouth locked on my clit. Then all over again. This went on for what seemed like days. My orgasms were coming rapidly together and seemed to be in sync with the throbbing of my pain. Then she stopped. I turned as best I could to look in the mirror and she wasn't moving. I could feel her warm breath on my throbbing asshole. But it wasn't rapid and heated like before. The little shit was asleep! Asleep with me tied with no possibility of escape. I wiggled my ass on her face but she didn't respond. No my god I couldn't stand this much longer. And that was my last thought.

I must have passed out for a goodly while because my arms, knees and legs were numb. Anna was still asleep!! Again and again I wiggled my hips to rub my pussy on her face to no avail. Fuck! This was ridiculous...."Wait until I get free you little cocksucker" I thought. I will fuck up this little whore but good. But that was then and this was now. And right now I needed to pee. And pee BADLY. I had no choice .There simply was no possible way to gain my freedom with out help. Her mouth and lips were actually inside my labia lips as the first trickle of pee started.

I shuddered and started to pee uncontrollably. I was shocked as she started swallowing! Her mouth was now covering my pee hole and she was swallowing down my pee in great gulps. She was awake after all. I must have peed for a solid minute and she drank me without the slightest gagging or choking. As I finished peeing she started to stir. She slid out from under me and started removing my bonds. She freed my ankles, knees, and removed the spreader bar. I tried to straighten my legs out but they were to numb. She stood on the bed and removed the nipple clamps. As she did I passed out again. For when I came too I was completely free and laying on the bed and Anna was holding me in her arms and kissing me "Oh mommy" she whispered, "I love you so much. Promise me we can be together forever." I was sobbing uncontrollably as she pressed two Atavan in my mouth whispered "Sleep mommy, I love you."

When I awoke it was six in the evening and Anna was lying next to me asleep. I was sore and my ass and tits hurt like hell and my left nipple was swollen badly. I was pissed too. I love to be tied and mussed up ya. But this little bitch had fallen asleep and left me hanging there? No fucking way! Quickly plotting my revenge. I slid around her and opened my bottom dresser drawer and got out a pair of hand cuffs and a pair of ankle shackles. Silently I snapped one on her right wrist. Anna moved a bit and I gently brought her arm behind her back and locked it tight. She was now fully awake and struggling and trying to kick me. "Mommy, what are you doing? Let me go." "Not a chance my love" I whispered. "No one falls asleep on me." I rolled her over and snapped an ankle cuff to one ankle. Then I wrapped the other end around her wrists cuffs. She struggled hard but at last I got the other cuff on her other ankle, She was hog tied and at MY mercy. By now she was cussing me and thrashing wildly. "Relax my love" I whispered. I'd done this a few times and was ready. I walked to the hallway closet and got my padded rolling card. It even had a jack on it! Wheeling the cart into the bedroom I placed it by the side of the bed and raised it so it was three inches lower than the bed. Grabbing her arms I dragged her across the sheets and slid her onto the cart. Turning to wheel her to the elevator she hissed "Mommy I'm gonna kill you, let me fucking go now." I just laughed. After all, I did this for a living. Reaching the elevator door I hit the button. The metal door opens and I wheeled her in. I was still mad, and when I saw the scowl on her face I slapped her face three times and told her "Anna, you are my child. And children need to know their place. That's twice now you have dared Domme me. Now it's my turn" I giggled. All Anna said as the elevator opened was "Yes mommy I want you to love me."

As I wheeled Anna to the elevator I saw that it was returning to the main floor. This could only mean that Pauline was there waiting for me. My darling Pauline. Born in England and thirty seven years young. Five foot nothing. Maybe 90 pounds soaking wet with perfect 34B cup tits and a scrumptious ten ass. Jet black hair and the alluring green eyes of a deadly cat. Pauline was a switch. She liked to Domme me and did it very very well. She was actually one of the very best lifestyles Mistress in Scotland and beyond. She had been my soul mate for over five years now.

I always felt a bit guilty taking her money. Hell, I would pay her to do me I mused. As the elevator stopped at the bottom the door opened and I started to wheel Anna out. As I cleared the doors some one grabbed me hard by the hair and kneed my in the stomach. I fell heavily and someone put their foot on the back of my neck and was putting on hand cuffs. As was customary, I was yanked painfully to my feet and was slapped hard across the mouth.(What a life I lead huh?) The hand holding my hair pulled me slightly forward and there she was. Pauline. She was wearing black knee high boots and an open breasted black body suit. Her eyes were boring thru me as she said in a sultry low voice. "What is this Jess?" Looking at poor Anna hogtied on the cart. Pauline slapped me hard across the face and said "Answer me pig."" This is Anna Mistress, My daughter." At this odd statement Pauline released my hair and hugged me tightly and stated to laugh. She had a hard time keeping up the bitch attitude when she thought things were funny. "Your daughter huh?" I though maybe we were going to have a barbeque. "Well Mistress this little slut earned herself a good thrashing and I thought you might like to soften her up a bit." "Please mommy"..........Anna started to say before Pauline put her hand over Anna's mouth. "Mommy?" Pauline giggled. "Oh Jessica that's too funny. She's a little princess. I think she will do quite nicely."

Anna was thrashing wildly as we wheeled her over to the horse in the center of the room. "Mommy, you fucking whore" Anna snarled. Pauline started to slap her face quite hard as she ordered Anna to be quiet. Passing Pauline a nice ring gag, I started un locking one wrist and one ankle of Anna's cuffs. As Pauline strapped the gag tight, we both grabbed Anna's arms and roughly placed her against the padded horse. Racing around the other side, I chained each wrist to the heavy rings on each leg of that side of the horse. Mean while Pauline has already chained her ankles to her side. Anna, now spread cruelly and bent over the horse was making noises as if she were trying to curse us, but of course the ring gag made speech impossible. I look at Pauline and she had this evil look about her and said, "Help we wheel her over to the showers whore." "Yes Mistress Pauline" I replied. Let's clean up this little tart." So we stepped on all four of the wheel locks on the horse's wheels, making it mobile, and pushed out toy over to the showers.

The "showers," if I didn't tell you earlier dear reader is an open area in the corner; all concreted with 3 showers heads. Kind of like the communal showers one can find in any high school gym in America. Mine was a little special. I had attachments on the wall for preheated warm water for enemas. So all one needed to do was get one of the hospital kits with hose and nozzle out and attach it to the fitting on the wall. As I get one of the kits out I see that Pauline is on her knees with a finger in Anna's mouth talking to her. "Now whore your, 'Mommy' as you call her, and I are going to show you how a real slave slut is treated." By now I had the hose and nozzle hooked to the wall and was turned the small valve to check the temperature of the water. As I placed a small gob of lube on Anna's pink asshole Pauline said with a gleam in her eyes "Oh no Jess, I will do that." "Yes Mistress" I replied. She took the hose from me and looked at the small oval shaped business end of the enema hose and gently slid it and a few inches of the hose into Anna's asshole. Pauline slapped her ass hard twice and said "Get ready little slut, here it comes." With that she turned the tiny valve that started the warm water flowing. Anna started to struggle as water slowly filled her. Pauline kissed me tenderly and said "Whore I'm going to let you off the hook this time since you brought me this lovely toy." Yes Mistress Pauline" I replied. Slowly she removed the hose from Anna's asshole and I stood near with a hose to clean up any mess. There was a little so I hosed it away. Pauline dug a hand full of claws into Anna's side and hissed "You disgusting pig, now we have to start over again." So Pauline shoved the nozzle back into her ass. Once again turning the small valve. Looking at me she asked "Where did you get this one Jess?" I gave a sigh and a giggle and told her "that's a long story Mistress." Pauline just laughed and said "Ah one of those."I just nodded and smiled. Getting closer to Pauline so I could whisper in her ear I said "Let's show this little slut who runs this place." Pauline's reply was "Oh I see. There is some doubt about that?" I nodded again and Pauline just winked.

Seeing Anna's belly swell, Paulina closed the valve and slapped Anna's ass twice hard. "Now whore she hissed, you are going to hold your water for us." I handed Pauline a big black butt plug that was slightly lubed. In one deft motion she pulled the hose from Anna's asshole and shoved the dildo in hard. Anna jumped crazily at the pain of the wide plug forced past her splincter. Walking around the horse Paulina removed her right boot and set it aside carefully. She then lifted up Anna's head by her hair and stuffed her big toe thru Anna's O ring gag. I hurriedly provided Pauline with a wooden chair. "Now my little whore, I want you to lick my toe and lick it good." I loved the O ring gags. No matter how hard a person tried, they could not bite down. So Anna had no choice but to suck Pauline's toe. Pauline was really enjoying this and was moving her toe in and out of Anna's mouth while giggling. I took this as my cue to select a quirt off the wall. This is shorter than a hog whip but just as evil. And I was out for some payback. Taking a full swing I smacked her ass cheeks so hard there were tiny droplets of blood from the first stroke. Anna jumped and struggled hard, but there was no where for her to go. The chains always held fast. I reared back and slashed at her ass three more times. Not even giving Anna time to recover from the previous savage lash. Pauline was digging it because each time I swatted Anna's ass, her mouth would come away from Pauline's toe. Then after she jumped the toe went deeper into her whore mouth. Pauline was on the verge of cumming I think. Several more well placed blows fell heavily with a cruel swooshing sound. Her ass now had ugly purple welts forming. I stopped and let out a giggle. Drool was pouring from Anna's ring gag. Pauline was done fucking her mouth and was getting up so I gave Anna three more harsh swishes of the evil quirt. Her ass was dripping blood and she was sobbing heavily as Pauline joined me with a giggle. "Well Jess that was fun, you better stand back" she said. Before I could move I was shower in water as Pauline ripped out Anna's butt plug. She jumped insanely at her chains and was howling like a wounded animal. Pauline just stood there laughing and said "Awwww poor baby." I knew what was next so I started to wheel Anna to the middle of the room. We stopped at the padded bench. It looked like a weight bench but the center was higher than each end and was curved in an arch.

There were numerous rectangular slots on all sides of the chair and its legs. These were to secure the numerous leather straps that it took to make someone completely immobile.

Before we freed Anna I told Pauline "Hold on please Mistress, I have a little surprise for our little toy." I walked quickly to the lounge area and opened a cabinet and poured a cup full of pure lemon juice in a drink glass. I also poured Pauline a large snifter of fine Brandy. Walking back I handed Pauline her drink. She thanked me and looked quizzically at the glass in my hand. "What's in there Jess?" I dipped my pinky in it and beckoned Pauline to open her mouth. Pressing it to her full lips she grimaced then let out a loud giggle. "Oh no" she said, "I got it." Anna's ass was a mess already and I knew from experience what was about to happen. As soon as the lemon juice splashed over her ass Anna jerked violently. I could see blood forming on her wrists from the steel cuffs. I guess I should have used the leather ones! As Pauline poured the remainder of the glass on her ass, Anna suddenly stopped struggling and went limp. She was passed out. We seized the moment and uncuffed Anna's wrists and ankles and gently carried her to the padded bench.

Laying Anna on her back, Pauline smiled and swigged her Brandy as I went to work. First I lay her limp arms straight down using the medical grade leather restraints. Strapping them snuggly on her wrists, elbows ankles and knees. Locking her elbows and wrists into their little slots on the metal legs of the bench, Anna was starting to come too. With Pauline's help we raised each leg real far back until her ass was off the table and tied them to the sides of the table. Her ankles we secured to the table also. This spread Anna nicely. By now Pauline was off refilling her drink and gathering items off of the wall. So many things to choose from!

Pauline returned wearing a heavy duty strap on harness with a long red knobby dildo that was very thick. At first I was a bit stunned, as I didn't know I had one that big. Deanie might have bought it though. As she loved to do the shopping for the dungeon. She also had a thin leather slapper. Like a paint stir stick but way heavier. It actually was two slappers secured at the handle, So that after the first on hit, the second one followed a split second later. It was real nice for what I knew Pauline had in mind.

Straddling the bench between Ann's legs, Pauline brought the slapper down hard on her bald pussy. A good solid hit. Anna jerked awake immediately and started to struggle. Pauline laughing said "Good morning slut. It's about time you woke up." I kissed Anna on her open mouth and whispered to her. "Shhhh baby, Pauline and I just want to love you." Still wearing the ring gag all she could do was make un intelligible noises. "Oh Jess, be a dear and sit on the little one's face for me I so I don't have to listen to her shit." "My pleasure Mistress" I replied. As I straddled Anna's face I set my pussy carefully over her mouth and spread my inner lips wide. Making sure her nose was free so she could breathe. Pauline started to smack her inner thighs systematically from her knees to her pussy on both legs. I just watched her in her zeal. Smacking Anna again and again. With each hard blow she squirmed and jumped slightly making me start to cum. By now Ann's inner thighs were beat red. Pauline was working two fingers in Anna's asshole. Twisting and turning them slowly. Working the lube deep in to her ass. She was also lubing up the length of the massive dildo. Pressing the tip to Anna's asshole, Paulina giggled at me and stood up, still straddling the bench and putting her hands on Anna's knees pushed real hard. The massive dildo entered her asshole at least eight inches. Anna started to pee and Pauline pushed even harder and drove the dildo all the way into her little tight asshole. Laughing, Pauline looked at me squirming on Anna's face and said "Oh Jess, our little daughter likes to pee. Can you please accommodate her?" I don't know how she knew, but I had been holding it for a while now. "Yes Mistress I can surely do that."I said. With that I repositioned my pussy and spread it wider so my piss hole was directly over the center of Anna's ring gag. Right on cue I started to pee as Pauline started to pull the massive dick from poor Anna's asshole. I couldn't tell what Anna was fighting more, my heavy stream of piss flooding her mouth or Pauline's assault on her asshole. I guess both, I was really peeing hard and she couldn't swallow it fast enough because pee was flooding out of her mouth and she was gagging. I lifted up slightly so she could clear her throat better and stopped peeing. For now.

Pauline was really fucking her ass now. Her thrusts were long and deep. I got off of Anna's face and walked behind Pauline and got on my knees. I knew what she liked, so I ran my hand thru her pussy and naturally it was very wet. She just wiggled her hips when I slid two fingers in her dripping cunt. I started finger fucking her deeply and slapping her ass with the other. After about two dozen hard slaps her sexy ass was nice and red. By now Pauline was fucking Anna's ass so hard I had to push against Pauline's lower back to keep her from falling into me. She was twisting and slapping Anna's clit in rhythm to her thrusts. Still finger fucking her she tensed and came in a lovely stream of girl goo. She was almost out of breath from fucking Anna's asshole and actually fell backwards knocking me over. The dildo ripped out of Anna's asshole so fast she peed herself again! Pauline and I fell in a wet giggling pile onto the cold floor. The rubber dick slapping me hard in the face on the way down. "Please keep your dick to yourself will ya Mistress" I laughed. Pauline just giggled as she helped me up.

Walking over to Anna, we looked at each other then at her. She really looked like she was suffering. "Oh hell Jess" Pauline said, "it's getting late and I better get going." Laughing I replied "You sure you don't want to finish her off? We still haven't used her nearly hard enough." "Nah Jess, you know I'd love to but I gotta get." "That's fine Mistress, she lives here. We can finish her another time."

Pauline kissed me deeply and longingly then without another word turned and walked away. She would lock up the house and reset the alarm on her way out of the house.

I smiled and thought how much I loved my Mistress Pauline and walked over to Anna. She was almost unconscious. She was sobbing heavily and was soaked in sweat. And her eyes were rolling back in her head. I worked quickly to free her. Removing all the leather straps and carefully un-strapping and removed the ring gag. Poor baby I thought. I needed to get her upstairs and into a nice warm bath before putting her to bed.

Leaving her there to rest for a moment, I went over and rolled out the wheel chair I kept down here just for occasions like this. Half carrying her, half dragging her I finally managed to get her in the old wheel chair I kept down there. I wheeled her over to the shower area. This was easier than fighting her dead weight to give her a bath. And besides, I was dead tired too. Turning on the water on two of the shower heads I undressed fully and wheeled Anna under the warm soothing water drenching both of us. It felt so good and relaxing. A good nights sleep and I would take Anna out shopping to show her what a good girl she was. So, wheeling her to the elevator with our fluffy towels wrapped around us we headed up to my bedroom. The room was a mess from before, but I was too tired to care. I helped Anna to bed and covered her and slid next to her. Holding her tightly we fell asleep.

When I awoke Anna was gone from the bed. It was around noon, but I had no clients for the next few days so I popped two Atavan and stretched out lazily and snuggled back in the blankets.

The slap on the ass and the needle prick came at the same time. I was too groggy to fight back as some liquid was shot into my ass muscle. All I remember was Anna climbing on me and kissing me. The last thing I heard was "Mommy I love you."

When I came too, I was unable to move at all. I was on my toes, hanging from my wrists, which were tied to a ceiling hoist with my legs spread painfully with a spreader bar. Each end of the spreader bar was attached to the hooks in the floor.

I wasn't blind folded, so I could look down and see that my tits were tied individually with what felt like thin leather strips. They were in turn tied to thin chains that also went to separate hooks in the ceiling. My tits ached as they were holding much of my weight. When I tried to stand flat footed, my tits ached unbearably.

I was here alone. Obviously Anna had drugged me and brought me down here. She even managed to tie me like this all by her self.

I heart it before I felt it. The electric hiss, then the sharp jolt of a violet wand being pressed to my outer pussy lip. "Hi mommy" Anna giggled. Straining hard I looked down and saw her on her sitting on a small low chair. "Anna" I said, "Let me go. This shit has gone on long enough. We're even now." She just giggled again and pressed the wand to my other labia lip. The pain was terrible and I reflexively jumped. "This isn't about getting even mommy; this is about me showing you once and for all that I love you." "Anna I do this for a living, for money. Not for love. Love is what we show each other when we cuddle at night and wake in each others arms." With this she stood up on the stool and looking down into my eyes said "No mommy, your wrong, and the way your whores used me and the way you use them, that is love." The look in her eyes scared me. She raided her hand and showed me a large pin cushion with dozens of large push pins. Looking quizzically into my eyes she held one up to my face and lightly dragged it across my left cheek. This kind of itched but I could feel the skin breaking, when she plunged it into my right tit. I yelped and screamed "God dam it Anna, let me fucking go" I yelled. "No mommy, I know you want this, and once and for all I'm going to show you how much I love you." She jammed another pin into my left tit, plunging it two inches into me. When I screamed she roughly shoved a heavy plastic ring gag into my mouth and reached around my neck and strapped it tightly. "Remember this mommy?"She giggled. With out another word she started jabbing the long pins all over my tits. Pin after pin, each one entering me painfully and making me thrash about wildly. She stopped for a moment and pressed her flat palm to my spread pussy and said, "Oh mommy, your cunt is soaked. You are such a nasty whore." I was crying heavily as her eyes met mine, but Anna just smiled, and started plunging the long pins into my nipples. Each time I jerked hopelessly against my bonds and was howling and drooling like an injured animal. My tits now have near fifteen pins at least in my tits. From what I could see they looked like purple bulging pin cushions.

As Anna stopped she sat back down on the stool and started finger fucking me. Her two fingers were twisting and turning in my soaked cunt and making me dizzy with desire despite the pain in my bloody tits. By now we had made love often enough for her to know when I was about to cum, and as I tensed she suddenly stopped. "Oh mommy you can't cum yet." She said while giggling. Then Anna stood up on the stool and placed a wet finger thru my ring gag and said "Lick it whore mommy. Suck your nasty cunt juice off my fingers whore mommy." My tongue traced circles around each finger, when suddenly she hopped off the stool and was gone from my sight. I soon heard a whirring noise as the hoist was turned on. I was being lowered! She was going to let me go! I was soon proved wrong as she kicked the back of my knees. On my knees she raised the hoist an inch or two so I still couldn't move. Anna walked in front of me and started rubbing her pert tits on my face. It felt good until she rubbed up against the evil pins in my throbbing tits. "Now my whore mommy," Anna mused."I know you will like this." She walked behind me and all I remember hearing was a swooshing sound as my shoulders became like white hot fire. A numbing pain shot again at me, this time on the lower back. In the back of my mind I knew it was the cruel double tailed bullwhip I had. It was heavy and very thin and could open the flesh with little effort. And Anna was whipping me as hard and as cruelly as she could. "Swoosh" and my ass was on fire, Another "Swoosh" and my upper thighs stung like fire. Again and again she brought the evil whip down. From my neck to the back of my knees I was in searing pain. The sound of the whip zinging through the air was truly frightening and seemed to stop time. I must have passed out because I was seeing things that weren't there. It was so weird, I heard the "swoosh" of the whip and it hitting my body, but there was no pain. "How odd" I thought to myself.

My next sensation was of Anna removing my ring gag. I opened my eyes and could barely make out what she was doing. She had brought over a tall wide barstool and had placed it in front of me. She climbed up on it and threw her legs over my shoulders. The added weight caused me extreme pain in my shoulders as she scooted forward. Her pretty bald pussy just an inch from my aching mouth. "Now whore mommy, you better show me how much you love me. Start licking whore fuck pig." With that she scooted forward. I had no choice but to lick her the best I could. Maybe just maybe Anna would show me some mercy. I probed and licked her as deeply as I could as I struggled to breathe. She was slowly humping my face. And my shoulders felt like they were tearing. Suddenly I felt her gripping the ropes tighter and she wrapped her legs around my neck as she came. She came so hard she squirted her warm girl goo all over my face and hair.

Finally she climbed off of me as I struggled to breathe. Anna slapped my face hard and said "See mommy, I love you.""Anna" I gasped, trying to catch my breath."You have to let me go now. Come on baby the funs over." "Mommy" Anna said with a tone of exasperation, "I need to know how much you love me first." "Anna darling, I know you love me and I love you, but enough's enough." Suddenly she was furious and screaming as she repeatedly slapped my face really hard. "Mommy, I know you love your fucking whores like Denise and Pauline. All you do is pity the poor little baby you rescued." "Anna I.......... the she went into a rage and slapped me even harder and kicked me in the stomach. I gasped and struggled to breathe as she pulled my hair back and stuffed a pair of wet panties in my bruised mouth. "Remember these mommy?" She punched me hard in the stomach then shoved that fucking evil ring gag back in my mouth. She just laughed and started kissing my nipples.

At this point I was really scared. Anna was crazy and I had no hope of her freeing me. By now my back aching badly still and my wrists were numb. As she was licking my nipples she suddenly bit down hard with her back molars causing me to jerk violently at the unbelievable pain. She them bit my other nipple severely and even harder. I think I passed out but was jolted back to consciousness as my face hit the cold floor. I could feel the blood oozing from my nose as Anna tied my neck to one of the hooks in the floor. She had cut me down. My arms were still straight in front of me and she tied my wrists to the floor too. My ass was high in the air as the first sharp slap of a heavy wooden paddle. She was laughing again and hitting my already welted ass as hard as she could. I was aware of her heavy breathing as she hit me again and again. I was in terrible pain and started to wonder if she were going top kill me. This thought was shattered from my semi conscious state as her fingers entered my asshole. She was twisting and turning them rapidly as she kneeled between my legs and pressed the tip of what could only be a strap on dildo. She dug her sharp nails into my tender sides and the dildo ripped at my asshole. She felt me struggling and just laughed harder. She was pushing it hard and deep into me.

"Oh mommy she said, "doesn't that feels good?" All I could do was try to focus on my breathing as she plunged the massive hard rubber dick deep into my asshole. Anna raked her nails over the raised welts on my ass cheeks as she started getting into a strong slow rhythm. Her assault on my asshole was relentless, and I'm sure my ass was bleeding. I was fading in and out again and felt that every square in of my body was screaming in agony. Anna was fingering my clit as she continued ruining my asshole and I was amazingly starting to cum. Amazing! I had never in my life been treated so rough or cruelly. Just as I was tensing and about to explode she stopped and violently ripped the dildo from my ass.

"No mommy, I didn't say you could cum yet." She was laughing again and I heard her walk away. The foot step approached and a nuclear explosion went off in a blinding flash as a heavy quirt tail was brought down on my bloody ass. My ass my thighs my shoulders were being savagely whipped. Now I was more unconscious than awake. But she continued. I heard something that sounded like. "Now mommy, you're going to love only me aren't you? You nasty fucking whore."Anna was untying me at last. I was free. She helped me up and I kept falling down. Finally with her help we made it to a chair. My entire body ranged from dull aches to fiery pain.

I sat down heavily on the padded chair. Wait! She was strapping my neck to a board. This was my own pillory. "No" I screamed in a weak voice. But Anna just laughed. She lifted each arm one at a time and strapped my wrists and above the elbow horizontally. My legs were spread cruelly and she pushed back each knee to the wooden pillory and strapped each one tightly. My ankles were also ties back to the heavy rear wooden wall. My ass and pussy cruelly exposed. I heard steps then I muffles giggle. Anna

Removed my gag and the soaked nasty panties from my mouth. But I was too weak to speak. Suddenly my pussy was in searing pain. I jumped and screamed louder than I thought possible. It felt like a hot knife. But I knew from the sound that it was a thin bamboo cane, It slice thru the air in an eerie hiss. Then my pain on my cunt exploded inside my head. I had passed out again and still the blows came. Somehow I was aware of blood splattering me. My pussy was a raw bloody mess. I think they told me this later but I'm still hazy. As I drifted in and out I heard the sound of metal scraping the stone floor. I knew from the sound she was positioning an auto fuck machine under my bottom. I had uses it many times on my clients. It had two metal arms that held large thick dildos. The speed and depth of thrust were all adjustable. The god dam thing even had a self lube function that squirts out lubrication onto the dildos. I could barely feel the dildos being inserted into my bloody pussy and my ruined asshole. I felt Anna kissing me on the lips and deeply tongue kissing me as she whispered "See mommy, I really do love you. From now on we will be together forever."

She kissed each aching nipple gently when I screamed out in horrible pain. She had shoved a large barbed fish hook through my nipple. She picked up my other tit and shoved another fish hook thru that nipple as well. Again I screamed louder than I thought possible. She shoved a fish hook deep into each pussy lip and tied them to my thighs. This too was incredibly agonizing. My screams sounded like a dying animal. Never had I known that the human body could with stand such pain.

And Anna English. She was crazy. Torturing me while telling me she loved me. And the rage and fury with which she did it. I was sure I was going to die. She picked up the string she had tied to the fish hooks and pulled down on them and tied them to something. Stretching my wrecked nipples horribly. Then it happened. Anna turned on the fuck machine. The two fat dildos starting to pump away slowly and deeply into my asshole and swollen bloody pussy. She had also tied my nipples to the lower part of the machine's arms. Each stroked caused a nipple to be pulled horribly. One dildo in. One nipple stretched. Even In this horrible position I came almost instantly. On and one the machine went. A steel monster. Relentless. Wave after wave of shuddering orgasm were coming to my agonized body. Minutes apart. Pain and ecstasy melding into one. Nothing else existed except that agony and the orgasms. Was this death or life? It didn't matter anymore. I fell into my dreams warm and happy.

I dreamed of Anna. We were sitting in the garden. The birds and the butterflies flying happily around us. Then she disappeared. A skeleton appeared in front of me with Anna's face. I screamed. Or was I laughing? I was floating above the trees. Looking down on my yard. The sun was low in the horizon. It was dawn or was it Night that beckoned? And where was Anna.........................?

Jennifer woke me with a start. "Jessica baby are you alright?" The nurse asked. "Oh Jennifer, I, uh, yes I think so thank you. I was having a dream." "The same one again sweetie?" She asked. "Yes Jennifer, I was flying again." "Well" she said "the doctors say they are going to release you in a day or two." "Oh yes, I believe I am almost well enough." After all I still had clients and a business to run. And my dear Deanie should be home soon. I yearned for her tender embrace after all this.

One of the other nurses walked in with a letter. I was here now for over a week and some of my more important mail was somehow making it here. Trembling I opened the blank envelope. In scrawling red ink it said. "Hi mommy, Denise and I want you to hurry home."

"She loves me now too."

Written for my Anna....Lesbian Cunt(MPC)

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