Rubber Slave's New Life Begins
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  • Post Date - 4/19/2012

Author's Note: A slave who's been corresponding with an online Master gives him his address finally in haste...and now he's ready to begin his new life.

Chapter 1

As Matt slowly came too, his senses were overloaded with a barrage of information. As he tried to move his arms and his legs, he was immediately aware that he was tightly bound, and could barely move a muscle. Even the tiny movements he was able to achieve sent waves of pain through his body. He had no memory or recollection as to why his body should be hurting so badly or how it came to be tied in its present position. He took inventory of his situation. His body was covered from head to toe in what he knew immediately to be thick rubber. He had felt the smooth constant pressure against his bare skin before. He usually loved that slick feeling of the rubber against his skin as he slowly began to perspire, but his time, the enormity of his situation caused his heart and lungs to stop momentarily in fear. He was laying prone on a hard surface. He could feel his legs spread out wide, and as he tried to move them, he could feel a series of straps holding him tightly down. The pressure of the straps was obvious on his ankles, below and above his knees, and across his thighs. Something even held his feet rigid, as he tried to twist his ankles to move his feet back and forth. He let out a soft moan in response to the realization that he had lost the use of his legs. The exploration cost him pain, as his muscles broadcast sharp jabs with each effort. He had no idea how long he had been bound in this position, or what happened to his body before he was tied. As his attention moved up his body, he felt an enormous pressure against his cock and balls. It was as if they were being stretched away from his body, and crushed at the same time.....he tried to make sense of the sensations, and could only guess that there was some sort of cock ring around his balls and dick, stretching them away from his body. He could also feel again the smoothness of the slick rubber that was encasing him completely, and crushing his balls and cock between it and the ring. To his horror, he felt his cock start to thicken, now that he was concentrating on it. How the fuck could he be getting aroused this place.... And just as quickly he knew the answer, and his cock became fully erect, despite the pain. Another moan escaped his throat, his heart beat quickened, and he felt that old familiar burning in the pit of his stomach. He went on; feeling what must be a wide thick strap going across his waist. It felt thicker than the others, and tighter. Try as he did, he could not pick his ass up off the surface, or twist much more than a fraction of an inch from side to side. But with the effort, he felt a strange sensation inside of his ass... something was stretching his ass hole open and he could feel the long smooth shaft of it penetrating inside of him. He tightened his sphincter around the cylinder in pain. The action pulled the shaft further inside of him, and for the third time he let out an audible moan as he fucked himself with whatever was in his ass. He immediately relaxed his sphincter, but the burning sensation in his ass continued despite of it. He lay there in conflict, wanting...and needing to pull his asshole closed, but knowing it was impossible with whatever was in there, and that the mere effort would cause him to fuck himself again. He lay there, concentrating on his ass....forcing the muscles to relax, allowing his ass hole to remain stretched open. The effort was monumental, and soon he felt his skin getting slick with perspiration against the encasing rubber. Eventually, he was able to leave his ass hole relaxed enough for him to spare his concentration on the rest of his body. Again, he felt the smooth slick rubber encasing his stomach. Normally he loved that feeling, how he thought it flattered his physique by showing off his abs, but now all he felt inside of him was the cold fear. He felt the next strap across his chest, just below his Pecs. It was tight; each breath that he took made his body strain against the strap. He felt the minute friction of the strap against the top of the rubber suit. The rhythm of his breathing brought a new sensation to his attention. His tits, he could feel the bare skin of them rubbing against the rubber. There was a slight burning sensation with each breath, as if the skin on his nipples had been rubbed raw over time.

The over load of sensations made his mind lose focus and he felt the cold wave of panic take over his mind and body. His breathing increase, causing a ripple of pain from his feet to his head. For seconds he breathed deeply, uncontrollably. He felt the fear invading his entire body and he knew that if he didn't get control soon, he would lose his mind in the shear intensity of his situation and the sensations coming from his body. He forced his mind to sharpen, focusing on his breathing... long.. deep breathes, allowing oxygen to get into his blood. Slowly the ever present sensations of pain waned enough to allow him to regain his thought process. He tried to move his arms, and again could feel the straps keeping them completely immobile. Two sets, one above his biceps and one below kept his upper arms completely rigid. He could also feel a thick set of straps on each wrist, keeping his arms firmly pressed against the table. He tried to flex his fingers, and couldn't even move them. They felt encased in some sort of rubber mitt, that was inflated and pressing this fingers tightly together. He worried for a second about blood being able to get to his fingers, but soon realized it was the least of his worries.Finally, he tried to move his head. His chin seemed to be locked in an unnaturally high position as he lay on the surface of what he assumed was a table.. He couldn't move his head at all and felt the outline of a posture collar pressing against his chin. He tried to press down hard with his chin, to relieve the ache in his neck from having his head held so unnaturally high. He immediately felt the resistance of the posture collar against the bottom of his chin, but also the presence of the final strap going across his forehead, keeping his head completely immobile. A second wave of panic started to wash over Matt, as he realized the completely vulnerable position he was locked in. Again, his breathe came in deep ragged bursts, the movement that then coursed through his body awoke a thousand points of pain from muscles that had been tied too long, or had god knows what happen to them. He needed to regain some level of control, to stop thinking about how vulnerable he was, and how he couldn't move a muscle of his own body. He tried to remember what happened to him, how he came to be bound like a little rubber whore.

The last memory he had was walking to his car after work. It was a normal night, like any other, he was about to get into his car when he heard his name called. As he started to turn around, he felt his arms grabbed by strong hands from behind, and pulled tightly behind him. Immediately a dense cloth bag was pulled over his head, and he could feel a cord pulled as the opening was closed tightly against his throat. His instincts kicked in and he yelled out loudly and struggled to pull his hands free. Immediately, he felt pressure against his face, as something soft was pressed against his nose and mouth on the outside of the bag. He detected a strong chemical smell, like a mix of ammonia and turpentine. He tried to hold his breath, but his heart was racing, and the struggling against the hands holding him and ropes binding him left his lungs burning for air. Unable to hold it any longer, he took a breath in, and felt his lungs tingle as whatever was being held against his face, filled them. The fear inside of him was over whelming.... For the realization of what was happening to him struck him like a brick. "Master" was the one word that echoed in his mind. He felt his stomach knot in fear, and his heart burst with longing. His last conscious thought, as he felt his body slowly start to fall to the ground, "oh my god, it is starting. What have I done?"

As the memory of those last moments came to Matt, he felt himself on the verge of the third and greatest panic attack. His mind was racing with thoughts and fears about what was happening to him. As much as he tried to deny it, and kid himself that this was just a joke from one of his friends, he knew the truth. He and Master had reviewed this, time and time again. Master had told him exactly what was going to happen to him. But he never allowed himself to truly believe it. He had always deceived himself into believing it was just online fantasy for Master as well. But deep down in his heart, he knew. He knew that Master was real, and as sadistic as he portrayed himself to be in all those talks with Matt online. At this point a sob actually escaped Matt's throat.... This was real! All those things that Master said he was going to do to him.... They were going to be real as well. Matt was on the verge of insanity, as he tried to reconcile what had always been a fantasy to him. All the pain, all the torture, the complete degradation and humiliation. The physical modifications to his body... for in his foolishness, he still believed it to be his body at that point, however, he was going to learn the truth in a very short period of time, and in a most painful manner.

Matt's breathing slowly came back to normal. He felt his skin slick with sweat, rubbing against the rubber that encased his Masters body.. for that is how Matt thought about it now. It was a realization that came to him in an instant...but he knew now that he belonged absolutely to his Master. Again, his cock began to swell. It was an affirmation that Matt could no longer deny...he longed to be owned, to be a slave, a complete slave. He had hungered for his Master all those nights in his room, after they had finished talking on line...The suddenly,Matt's heart jumped when he heard a muffled slam of a door, as if it were several floors above him. He could barely discern the sound of footsteps coming closer to him. His heart was beating insanely fast, his body was tense against the leather straps holding him absolutely still. His stomache was sick with the combination of the dread of what was about to happen, and the incredible longing he felt to be in the presence of his Master in his true state, as his rubberized slaves, his Masters property....The footsteps were closer now, louder. Matt imagined his Masters boots as he walked across the floor. Matts mouth began to water as he fantaszied about licking them, worshiping them. The spit made the gag in his mouth slick and warm as it filled his throat. He heard the sound of keys jangling, and then the click of a lock being openned in the door. Matts heart was racing, already his past was fading from him as he hungered for the presences of his Master, his Owner. The hinges on the door creaked as the it swung open, Matt could here the click of a wall switch..he must have been laying here in the pitch dark. Being blindfolded, he had no way of knowing that, but the realization now made his position seem even more extreme. The footsteps where loud now as they came closer...and soon stopped as his Master stood next to him... Matt could just hear his Master breathing, standing next to him. His body jumped as he felt a hand placed on his rock hard cock, and press and squeeze it tight. "thats my good little slave, rock hard in anticipation of your Master", were the first words he had heard since he didnt know when, but he felt his heart swell with pride that he had presented his Masters body in a way that was pleasing to him. He felt the hands slide smoothly over his rubber clad body, testing the straps in each location to make sure they had remained secure, going between his legs and pulling on the dildo that was snapped in firmly in his ass...his Masters ass....He felt the plug pushed and pulled slightly, and then start to quiver. He couldnt see that Master was attaching a pump to the nozzel on the plug that stuck out the rubber suit between his ass cheeks, but within seconds he felt the plug start to expand in his ass. He moaned slightly as his ass started to expand, and he felt the plug go deeper inside of him. He could feel his ass being stretched wider and wider, his sphincter started to burn with the muscles being pushed beyound their normal his mind he begged for the growing to stop, to stop the pain...but he knew his thoughst were useless, his Master would do as he pleased with his slaves body. Just before the pain became unbearable and Matts scream was let loose, the growing stopped...Somehow, Master knew exactly how much Matt could take, much Masters slave body could take. Matt heard a short laugh come from his Master, "thats my little bitch, we need to stretch that ass, lets leave that plug in place for a while before we pump it up anymore...." Matt's heart sank as he heard that forecast of what would come soon. At the same time, his body was on fire with the lust and desire for his Master to abuse him. He knew, this was the beginning of the rest of his new careful what you wish for...

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