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Author's Note: Stand alone story puporting to be the second (of 3) chapter of my memories


I discover three bound women

I was attending CCNY (City College of New York) on a very tight budget. I had managed to land a job that provided free rent so long as I worked as the building's superintendent. This consisted or hauling out the trash, keeping the stairs and halls swept, doing minor 'handy man' sort of repairs and calling service companies (elevator, furnace, etc.) for repairs beyond my abilities. The building was an older one but the work wasn't too hard and except for repairs in a tenant's apartment could be done at any hour giving me plenty of time for class and studies.

The building had four floors and a basement. Each floor had four two bedroom apartments except the basement which was given over to the furnace room, storage lockers, and the machinery for the elevator and the top floor which was two large loft apartments. This was all in the days before regentrification and the rents were relatively low in our run down neighborhood. One day I received a call from one of the apartments on the third floor. They complained that they could hear water running in the loft above them and that they were afraid there was a leak that would damage their apartment. Apparently the water sound had begun around the middle of the day yesterday and had been running all night.

I came up to their apartment and sure enough you could clearly hear water gurgling through the old plumbing. I knew that the entire building was on a single water meter so that the landlord, my boss, would be upset at any excessive water usage. I decided that I had best check out the source of the water, so taking my pass key and some tools I headed up to the top floor.

I opened the door and was amazed to see two nude women in very nasty bondage. They were more or less on their backs placed butt to butt. While I couldn't see it at the moment they were both plugged with a long double dildo in their anuses. Both women's legs were stretched toward the ceiling in a wide V shape and attached to a spreader bar. Their legs were also tied to each other with rope at the ankles, above and below the knees and near the top of their thighs. Tied as they were neither woman could bend her legs even slightly.

While this was strict enough, what made the bondage really nasty was the woman's breasts. Rope had been looped tightly around each breast and then tied to a metal ring that hung between the women. The ring was fastened to the spreader bar lifting each woman's legs. Their hands were cuffed behind them and they were trying to press down with their forearms and elbows to hold their torsos up. Of course, over time this put a tremendous strain on their shoulder muscles and as they slipped down they were left hanging from their breasts. When the full weight of their torsos was hanging from the rope around their breasts they struggled with their aching arms to push themselves up again and relieve the strain on their breasts.

I had had some slight experience with bondage, beginning with John Wiley's Sweet Gwendolyn and continuing through a live and willing woman but I had always used bondage to enhance and intensify our sexual experience and thought of bondage more or less as foreplay. While these women were nude and bound, this wasn't sexy, it must have been pure agony.

I couldn't see the women's faces because both of their heads had been laced into tight hoods. It wasn't really necessary to see their faces to realize how painful it must have been for the two women. As I walked up to them I noted that they both had large dildos with operating switches in the base shoved up into their vaginas. I didn't hear the typical buzz of a vibrator however and I surmised that the batteries had eventually run down. I realized that this meant that the women had probably been in this torment since the water had begun running in the middle of yesterday.

This all went through my mind in a few seconds while I worked on the knot holding the metal ring attached to the women's breast ropes. Although I tried to be careful and not tug on the breast ropes, the women must have been able to sense that someone was doing something because they both tried to call out from under their hoods. The only sound was a muffled 'mmph' that told me that the women had been gagged under the hoods. It only took a few seconds to free the ring from the spreader bar and both women flopped back to the floor with a muffled sigh of relief. They were lying on their arms which must have been uncomfortable but they were obviously relieved at no longer having to fight gravity to keep their weight off the breast ropes.

I was about to start freeing the women when I realized that the water was still running in the loft's bathroom. Since the two women were in no immediate danger I walked over to the bathroom to turn off the water. There I found another woman in distress.

I had mentioned that the building and the plumbing was old. As in most older buildings there was a cast iron tub that stood on four legs in the bathroom. These had been converted to showers by hanging a curtain rod from the ceiling and adding a shower head on a long flexible

metal pipe. The shower head either hung from a vertical pipe or could be moved about as you washed. I am certain you have seen them.

In this case a third nude woman had been tied over the tub. Her arms were pulled down and her wrists tied to the tub legs with her ball gagged head resting on the edge of the tub. Her legs and been spread brutally wide over the sides of the tub with ropes running from her ankles to the legs at the other end of the tub. Her body hung over the tub with all of her weight pressing on the four points of contact between her limbs and the rim of the tub. That would have been enough to have made this a tortuous position but it was worse. Whoever had tied the woman had fastened the shower head to a board placed across the tub, directing a pulsing stream of water at her vagina. The shower head provided a constant stimulation to the woman. The stream of water battered at her clit and forced her to one painful orgasm after another.

Of course I turned the water off and the woman sighed through her gag as the constant stimulation finally stopped. I couldn't help noticing that her labia were swollen and enlarged from the constant battering of the water that had apparently been going on for the better part of 24 hours. Her groin appeared bruised as though it had been beaten with a stick. I guess that's what happens to that very delicate flesh with the constant throbbing force of the water for many hours.

I reached down and unfastened the rope to one ankle. She moaned a bit as she was now supported by three instead of four points and her body sagged slightly. I was smarter with the second ankle as I held it down with one hand while I knelt beside the tub and slipped my arm under her waist. With my arm in place I released the ankle and gently lowered her body until she was sitting on the bottom of the tub. Then I undid the ropes to her wrists.

I unfastened the straps that held the ball gag in her mouth but had to pry her jaw down to get the ball out of her mouth. I asked her if she was OK but all that she could produce was a dry croak.

Stupid me. Of course her mouth was dry after being gagged for most of a day. I grabbed the shower head and pointed it at her while I twisted the cold water valve. Oh what a stupid dork I was. I had forgotten to change the head from massage to stream and, of course, I twisted too hard and the spray burst out all over her face. I realized what I had done as she twisted her head to the side and I shut off the water. Then I turned the shower head to stream and pointing it at the bottom of the tub opened the cold water very slightly. When I was satisfied I wasn't going to drown her I aimed the stream at her mouth and let her gulp a couple of mouthfuls.

The contrite look on my face must have been comical because the next thing that happened was she laughed. I couldn't help but be impressed at the spirit of this bedraggled woman who, after a day of torment, could still summon up laughter at my clumsiness.

I asked again if she was OK but her response was to ask about her friends in the other room. I assured her that they were still tied but that I had let them down. Then she said as she touched her swollen labia, "I may never have sex again."

In my best imitation of Barry Fitzgerald (I had just seen The Quiet Man the other night), "Sure, and that would be a terrible waste."

That earned me a smile. Melissa, as I later learned her name to be, tried to stand up but groaned as her stiff limbs protested the movement. In the end I more or less lifted her out of the tub and held her as we moved back into the main room.

I gently let her down near one of the women's head and said "I will get their legs untied. If you are up to it start on her hood. Once we get them free we can call the cops."

"No cops." She said.

As I began to work on the women's legs Melissa explained to me that they were all bondage models and that the authorities viewed them on about the same level as prostitutes. The police would not only ignore the fact that they had been abused and robbed, they would probably hassle them as pornographers and undesirables. I finished with the legs as Melissa peeled one woman's hood off and unbuckled her gag.

I noticed that the women were still together though no longer tied to each other. I grabbed the still hooded woman under the shoulders and pulled her back intending to sit her up so that I could work on her hood and that's when I spotted a long stiff looking double dildo in both women's anuses. I moved slower and more gently but continued to move my woman back until she was free of the plug and then, as gently as I could I moved her up to a sitting position.

As I began to work on the laces holding her hood, Melissa moved around between the women and pulled the dildo out of the other woman's anus. Then she removed the dildo from her vagina. As I had noticed, it was a vibrating one but, mercifully, the batteries must have run out some time last night. She motioned to me to lean my woman back and, when I complied, she removed the dildo that had been impaling the woman. I got the hood off the woman I was working on and then unbuckled and removed her gag. Both women were in pretty bad shape but Melissa was showing remarkable resiliency and was moving about more freely.

I looked about for something to hold water in and saw that the loft had pretty well been stripped but that a few Styrofoam cups had been overlooked in the corner. I used them to bring each woman a glass of water. Their hand were still handcuffed behind their back but we couldn't find a key. As they gradually got their bodies past dehydration with our help, I asked what had happened.

The two women, whose names I learned were Jan and Anne, wanted me to take the ropes off their breasts. I warned them that it would hurt as the blood returned but they both said "Then just rub them."

I did this and found it very strange to be handling four lovely, if probably larger than natural, breasts belonging to women I hardly knew. Still it was pleasant and as I worked the ropes and massaged (fondled?) the breasts the women explained what had happened.

Apparently all three women worked as "exotic dancers" (read strippers) and earned extra money as models for the B&D magazines then being produced in the New York area. Normally they went on shoots with a male friend as a 'chaperone' (read body guard) but Anne's boyfriend was out of town and Nick (Jan's something. I never did find out if he was a boyfriend or her husband. I guess today we would say he was her significant other.) was at a business meeting. The business had been slow of late and the idea of $500 each for a shoot was too much for Anne and Jan to resist. They convinced Melissa to come along as their 'chaperone'.

The photographer had gotten them both gagged into handcuffs and tied to each other. Then he had turned and sucker punched Melissa in the stomach. While she was gasping for air he handcuffed and gagged her as well. Once all three women were cuffed and gagged he had no problems cutting off their remaining clothes and posing them for his camera. With no one to protect them, he put them into more and more stringent positions until he had Anne and Jan strung up as I had found them. Then he announced that he was leaving town, not only with his money and photo equipment but that he would take their purses and whatever was in them to help him finance his relocation. As he explained to the terrified woman 'they wouldn't need their money any more.' Then he dragged Melissa into the other room and tied her in the tub with the constant stimulation from the shower massage as I had found her and left.

I tried to argue that we should call the cops but the other women supported Melissa's contention that the police would not be helpful. What they wanted was to get out of the loft, get the hand cuffs off the two women who were still wearing them and call Nick. Oh yes, and could they have something to eat please, they were starving. That presented certain logistical problems like how to transport three nude and ,by the way, rather attractive women, from the fourth floor loft to my downstairs apartment.

In the end I went downstairs and grabbed a sweat shirt for Melissa, my rain coat for Jan and my heavy winter coat for Anne. These last two were long and while the women looked strange with empty sleeves and bare feet below the coats they would pass a casual glance (though heavy coats on a warm balmy day might excite some comment). Melissa looked marvelous in my sweat shirt. It covered all the essentials but not much more and she looked damn sexy with her bare thighs below the hem. Think bulky top and very short mini skirt.

In any case we made it to the elevator and my super's key assured we didn't stop anywhere until we were on my floor. Once I had the three beauties in my apartment I had Melissa hang up the coats while I went to look for a handcuff key. When I came back with one I got a raised eyebrow from Melissa and knowing looks from both Anne and Jan. By this time I was a bit fed up and simply asked "Well, do you want out of those cuffs or not?"

Melissa laughed again and said "Oh they want out. It is just that they aren't used to white nights riding to the rescue with his lance in his pants."

I must have turned three shades of red. OK, they were three very attractive nude women and I was sporting an erection, a damn hard erection. I said as I began to free their hands "I must be nuts. If I had any sense I would keep you all chained up in my apartment and use you for my personal sex slaves."

I should have known better than to kid around with three women in, or at least on the fringes of, the sex industry. Their comments were funny, unselfconscious and down right bawdy. In any case there was quite a bit of joking around the theme of sex slaves. Once they calmed down Melissa asked me if we could get a pizza and if Jan could call Nick.

Dumb me. I knew they had been in bondage for almost a day but it had never occurred to me that they were hungry. Well, in my own defense I must admit that having three gorgeous nude women prancing around my apartment did tend to be detracting. Still we got an order out for a pizza and I left $20 with Melissa while I slipped out for a couple of six packs to wash it down.

When I got back Jan told me that Nick was on his way over but that he would stop at their apartment and get enough clothes to cover the three of them. I of course told them not to bother on my account and got more ribbing. You would have thought that I would have gotten smart enough to keep my mouth shut. Oh well.

In time the pizza delivery arrived followed shortly after by Nick. Nick was a big, make that very big, tough looking guy. The women retold their story between bites while devouring the pizza. They made it very clear that if the water hadn't been running they would probably have died in the apartment. Nick looked very mad and I was rather glad that I wasn't the object of his ire.

I suggested calling to cancel any credit cards but Nick waved me off. He explained that he would like to catch up with the photographer and that the best bet was to wait for the credit card bill to see if it provided a trail. Nothing wrong with that I suppose but I definitely got the impression that things would not go well for the photographer if Nick ever caught up with him.

Pizza finished the women got dressed and left with Nick. As they were leaving he thanked me and peeled off two $100 bills from a large roll of bills. I told him it wasn't necessary but he insisted and I certainly wasn't going to argue with this very large and somewhat sinister man. And that was the end of the story, or so I thought at the time.

I turn professional

It was about two weeks later and except for a few masturbatory fantasies my encounter was all but forgotten when the phone rang. I picked it up and said "Hello."

A sultry voice said "Hi, it's Melissa."

I didn't know what to say. Here was the lovely object of my fantasy lust calling me. I guess I spent too much time trying to think of what to say because she added "The woman you rescued from the bath tub?" with a definite question mark on the end.

Finding my voice at last I assured her that I knew who she was and asked how she was doing. Could I have been any more banal? As it transpired Melissa had an opportunity at a couple of bondage shoots but no one she trusted was available to go with her. Remembering what had happened she was reluctant to go alone and she wanted to know if I would spend a day 'looking out for her interests' as she put it. All I would have to do was hang around and watch the shoots and make certain that, if she used her safe word, the photographer respected her wishes.

Let me see. I could go to a couple of lectures that would cover what was already in the text book or I could hang around watching a live bondage shoot, probably with gorgeous women in various states of undress. Hmm, it was a tough choice but in the end I decided that I ought to help Melissa.

Melissa picked me up in a cab and we went to the photographer's studio. She was excited as the photographer had two shoots in mind and would pay the full rate (about $400 as I recall) for each one. The studio was a loft, pretty much like the one in my building except that it was filled with backdrop sheets, lights and camera equipment. Already there were the photographer, whose name was Art, and a slim woman, name Laurie, who would be the other party in the scenes. Her boyfriend, whose name was Pete, was hanging out in the background serving the same purpose as I was.

Art was upset because the guy who was supposed to do the tying (the rigger) hadn't shown up. In fact he was about to cancel the entire thing. I saw the disappointment in Melissa's face and said something like "So why can't someone else do the tying?"

"That's just it. There isn't anyone else. Pete was going to help with the backdrops and lighting, and I will be busy with the cameras." Art said. Then he turned to me and asked, "Wait a minute, have you ever tied a woman?"

Laurie interjected "Oh no! I'm not going to get tied up by some amateur. Ropes can hurt if you don't know how to use them."

Melissa, seeing an opportunity to salvage her fee, chimed in with "It's OK. I trust him. If you don't want to take a chance, I will play the sub and you can be the dom."

Eventually we got settled, the women changed into costume, which in Melissa's case was a blouse and skirt. Pete lowered a dungeon backdrop and began moving lights around. I followed Art's direction and tied Melissa's wrists crossed behind her back. Melissa lay down and Laurie, looking spectacular in a leather like cat suit knelt with one knee on Melissa's back and made as if she were just finishing off the knots I had just tied. Art moved about snapping pictures of both women from different angles and distances.

I had nothing to do for the next several shots as Laurie unbuttoned Melissa's blouse and slowly removed each article of clothing. Art was busy the entire time snapping pictures with several different cameras and occasionally having Pete move a light.

Eventually Melissa was nude, and she was a sight to behold nude. Though I had seen her nude before that was at the end of a long and physically taxing session of torment while here she was fully recovered, fresh and gorgeous. In any case , once she was nude, Art stopped to reload his cameras. He told me put on a rope bra and tie Melissa so that she was held kneeling on the floor.

I was a bit bothered by Laurie's attitude, though in truth I was an amateur. But I was on a roll now and determined that my rope work would be both creative and tight. Plus the fact that it would be fun to have Melissa in my ropes, even if it was in a studio with a bunch of other people around. I began with the rope bra wrapping two turns below each breast which involved some fondling of each breast, to ensure the rope was properly positioned, of course. This I followed with two loops over each breast pressing down just a bit on the upper slopes. I knew I was doing OK when Melissa moaned once as I fastened the last of the loops.

I was by no means done, however. I draped a long rope over the back of her neck brought both ends down between her lovely breasts and looped them around the lower rope of the rope bra. This ensured that the bra couldn't move down. Then I brought both ends up over the ropes of the upper loops still between her breasts. I tugged on the ropes pulling the upper loops more tightly onto her breasts and simultaneously forcing them to bulge slightly towards the sides of her chest. I tied the end off at the lower loops and reached for a second rope.

This rope was also divided in half with the center secured to the lower loops of the rope bra. I led this rope around behind Melissa on each side and took a turn around her still crossed wrists. Tugging the rope made Melissa lift he crossed wrists higher into the small of her back. I tied this off so that she couldn't lower her wrists. Then I led the rope down the crack of her ass as though I was going to do a crotch rope. Instead of splitting her labia, however, I took each end outside of her vulva running it between her thigh and her mound, over her hip and back to those bound wrists. I tugged the rope a bit to ensure that it was pressing tightly on her vulva before tying it off to her wrists. Now Melissa's crossed wrists were immobile, tugged upward by the rope bra and neck rope and downward by the rope through her ass and around her now prominent labia.

"Christ, this is making me horny just watching." Said Laurie.

"How do you think I feel?" asked Melissa but she smiled at me as she said it.

I smiled back and said "Kneel down." Once Melissa was kneeling I had her spread her knees further tightening the ropes and then tied her ankles crossed. I took the end of the ankle rope and looped it over the wrist rope so that Melissa was forced to lean backwards. I tied off the rope and stood up with a smile.

Art was ready and began moving around Melissa snapping pictures from all angles, sometimes showing the entire woman, sometimes focusing on a breast or a tied body part. Melissa was apparently a pretty good actress for her nipples had grown turgid and her eyes had a sort of hazy glazed over look.

My part was done as the next part involved Laurie interacting with Melissa. First she flogged her or at least pretended to. Art took pictures of Laurie viciously swinging the flogger. Of course she didn't actually hit Melissa as she moved her aim at the bottom of each swing. Then she carefully draped the flogger over Melissa's breasts, dragging is slowly off as Art snapped away. Melissa actually moaned as the flogger caressed her nipples.

Then there was the mandatory scene where Laurie straddled Melissa and forced her to eat her out. This was done tastefully (if you will pardon the pun) as this was long before open shots of pussies and tongues were normal. Still there was no question that anyone viewing Art's photos would know that the captive Melissa was being forced to eat Laurie to an orgasm.

Beyond that there were shots of Laurie teasing Melissa's nipples, kissing her sexily and stroking her belly and vulva. No actual penetration but Art's shots would make it appear that Laurie was forcing Melissa almost to the point of orgasm. Even though I was part of the crew, I found it very sexy to watch.

Eventually the shoot came to an end and the bright lights dimmed. I was instructed to untie Melissa and Laurie went off to change for the next scene. I busied myself getting Melissa loose and was surprised when, eventually free of the ropes, she hugged me and gave me a brief peck before she went off to change. She whispered in my ear "That was awesome."

For the next shoot Melissa was again dressed in the skirt and blouse but Laurie came back in a school girl's uniform complete with her hair tucked under a blonde wig with little girl pigtails. This was to be a 'school girl spanking shoot' with no rope work so I didn't have much to do. Art was busy reloading his cameras again so I helped Pete haul up the dungeon wall and lower a schoolroom backdrop complete with a painted blackboard. It had a partially drawn stick figure labeled "Teacher".

There was no real bondage but it was still fun to watch the shoot. Melissa, playing the teacher comes into the room discovering schoolgirl Laurie with the chalk in her hand having just drawn the stick figure. The teacher grabs the student by the ear and leads her to a chair, pulls her over her lap and lifts her skirt. Art is busy with three different cameras and Pete is moving the lights at his direction. Melissa spanks Laurie with her hand for a while. Then she positions Laurie over a desk and pulls her panties down.

Melissa takes off her blouse (doesn't every school teacher go topless when punishing a student?) picks up a ruler and swats Laurie's bare bottom, or at least appears to. As with the earlier flogging scene Melissa swings the ruler viciously but misses hitting Laurie. I actually enjoy this part as Melissa's bare breasts bounce and swing delightfully.

Then Melissa holds the ruler against Laurie's bottom while Art snaps away. Glycerin tears are applied to help Laurie 'cry' in pain. Finally Laurie is spanked for real to get sufficient redness showing on her rather lovely ass. Then she is made to stand in the corner with her hands on her head, her skirt rolled up to her waist and her panties at her knees. Art gets all sorts of angles.

Then it is all over. Both women change back into their street clothes. Art takes the exposed film into his darkroom and Pete turns out the big lights. In a few minutes Art is back and uses the 'school teacher's' desk to write checks for the women and Pete. To my surprise he asks for my social security number and the spelling of my name. Then he writes me a check for $100 saying almost apologetically that he can only pay me for the first shoot as they didn't need me as a rigger for the second. And since I hadn't expected to get anything out of the day at all, I was more than happy.

I had expected to go straight home but Melissa said we ought to go out to celebrate my first paycheck as a pro in the porn business. I don't know if I thought of myself as a pro but I wasn't going to turn down spending time with this gorgeous woman so we went to a reasonable restaurant and celebrated with steaks (not generally in my budget) and a bottle of wine.

That night

After dinner we hailed a cab and Melissa gave the driver her address. I wasn't quite sure where this was headed but I was willing to go as far and as fast as she wanted. Her apartment was in a high rise with a doorman and much nicer than my place. I did make some sort of pro forma protest that she didn't owe me anything but Melissa brushed it aside. She told me, very openly, that my ropes had made her horny and she wanted me to do something about it. Now this was all a bit fast for a young college student but my mama didn't raise no fools and Melissa was a gorgeous woman.

When we got to her place she grabbed me but I decided that if being the submissive at this afternoon's bondage had made her horny, another session would be in order. I didn't really know if she was a sub or just following the modeling assignment but I am a dom and decided that I would take charge. When I asked where she kept her bondage gear she led me to a cabinet in her bedroom. There I found rope, several gags, lined leather cuffs and a number of leather straps of various sizes. Melissa, it appears, enjoyed her B&D.

I turned back to Melissa and saw that she was working on unbuttoning her blouse. "Stop!" I said.

She stopped but seemed puzzled. "Did I tell my lovely little slave girl to undress?" I asked.

Melissa looked shocked but after a second's hesitation answered "No sir."

"Your master wants the pleasure or removing your clothes. I may have to punish you for being so presumptuous. Come here." I said pointing to a spot in front of where I was standing. Now in fact I had no problem with Melissa stripping for me. She looked great with or without clothes and I certainly had no objections to her being nude. I just wanted to make it clear that I was going to be in charge. Then too, if I decided to punish her, there were so many delightfully devious ways to make her squirm and I could spend a good part of the evening playing with that lush body.

Well, lush body is a good description but I should make it clear that she was not artificially enhanced like Anne and Jan had been. No, Melissa's breasts were full and ripe but not huge as the other two women had been. Her hips were delightfully rounded and she had a beautiful ass but she was still what you would describe as slim. In fact I think it was her slim frame that made her breasts appear as large as they did.

Well, I digress. I tend to do that when thinking about Melissa. I had her stand still with her hands at her side while I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and then her bra. I was ready to begin foreplay with a bit of fondling and kissing but decided that she needed ropes. Most experienced doms know that a well trained slave girl who obeys without bonds is a delightful rush. At the same time I was very aware that Melissa had been turned on by being tied and controlled by my ropes. I was going to enjoy myself but I am a firm believer in ensuring that your partner enjoys herself.

Oh I know, the stories say a master should take his pleasure without regard for his slave but that is nonsense. First of all, this was real life not some fictional Land of Gor. We may be dom and submissive but the master and slave is only a game we play, presumably for our mutual enjoyment. That doesn't mean that she will love everything you do to her at the moment you are doing it, but it does mean that if you want to play another time she needs to enjoy the overall experience.

Then too, there is the simple fact that when your partner is enjoying the experience you get better sex. I know it is thrilling to cum but it is also thrilling, perhaps even almost as thrilling, to watch a lovely female body explode in ecstasy under your control. It gives me a rush to know that I have the power to create that loss of control, that explosion of ecstasy. I guess I take pride in overcoming my little sub and making her body totally responsive to me, no matter how she tries to retain some segment of control.

I warned you that I tend to digress when thinking of Melissa. In any case I wanted her to feel the lack of control as I gradually bound her partly because it turned me on and partly because I was pretty certain that it would excite and arouse this lovely woman.

I took a collar and fastened it around her neck with the buckle in front and the D ring in back of her lovely neck. Then I used a short length to bind her hands in front of her palm to palm. I carefully cinched her wrists and led her arms over her head and then, bending at the elbow back down behind her head, fastening her wrists to her collar. This is a pretty strained position so I knew that she would be feeling it in her shoulders. At the same time it stretched her breasts upward removing all traces of the slight sag and thrust them out invitingly.

With Melissa topless and her arms and wrists bound I was faced with the choice of removing the rest of her clothes or enjoying the exposed flesh. While I was hard, I had enough experience to understand that slowly savoring a woman is better than quick gratification. Accordingly I began to kiss and fondle her.

I began with the tip of her nose which I kissed followed by her eyes and ears (a little nibble on the lobe there) then down her jaw line. Finally I kissed her lips gently almost chastely. Gradually I intensified that kiss, increasing the pressure of our lips and eventually bringing my tongue into the process. Next I fist my hand in her hair and pulled her head back exposing her neck to a series of wet kisses and slight nips as I worked my way down to her collar bone.

Melissa responded favorably to all of this with moans and by pressing herself against me. Eventually I licked and kissed my way down her cleavage and moved to her breasts. These I fondled kissed and sucked. I loved to feel her nipples grow hard and turgid under the assault from my tongue. Judging from the response from my bound beauty she was also enjoying the feelings.

Melissa had enjoyed the tight ropes at the shoot earlier today so I decided to tie her breasts. Well, make that breast. I had decided, for what reason I don't know, that tonight the bondage would be asymmetrical. Accordingly I decided to tie just one breast while leaving the other free to jiggle on her chest. Since I love her breasts tied and I love them equally when they are free, I thought that this would be like having your cake and eating it too. Accordingly I looped cord tightly around the base of Melissa's right breast. Each loop forced the flesh to stretch out a little tighter and just to add insult to injury I tied off the third loop with a simple bow, low enough into her cleavage that she couldn't quite reach it with her mouth. If she could only get her neck that inch or so further it would have been so easy to grab the rope with her teeth and untie her straining breast. It can be so much fun to tease a luscious sub.

I went back to playing with Melissa's breasts. Except that this time I focused on her free left breast. Now I know that most women have sensitive breasts. Melissa was unusually sensitive to breast and nipple play however. It took me very little time to have her squirming and leaning back against the wall for support as I played with that lovely left breast. Then without removing my mouth from her left nipple I lightly scraped my fingernails over her bound right breast. Of course having been bound for several minutes her right breast was swollen and doubly sensitive to any touch. As I ran my nails along that bound breast I gently tugged at her left nipple with my teeth while lashing at it with my tongue. Melissa exploded into an orgasm. Well, exploded was perhaps an overstatement. Oh, she had an orgasm but it wasn't really an explosive one. It was enough to make her knees weak and she slid to the floor curling up as the sensations raced through her body.

I helped her to her feet and held he close to me while her breathing returned to normal. She looked at me with fire in her eyes and said, "Take me! Take me now."

I smiled and said "A little bossy for a submissive aren't you?"

Melissa looked at me and smiled and said "Please take me now, master."

"Much better, but I will decide how and when." I said.

I selected a ball gag and advanced toward her. She backed up saying "Oh no. Please don't...mph..."

The last, of course, was as I pushed the ball past her teeth into her mouth. I strapped it, tightly, but not excessively so, behind her head and smiled. She looked so cute tied, topless and gagged that I just couldn't resist leaning forward and kissing the tip of her nose.

I led her over to the bed and unsnapped her jeans. I think she thought that I might be planning to 'take her' as she had wanted because she was smiling around the gag and her eyes sparkled. In fact I had more teasing in mind. I finished undressing her and untied her wrists from her collar. I left her wrists tied together and, unfolding her arms, tied them to the upper left corner of the bed. Then I roped her right ankle tightly to the lower right corner of her bed. This left her stretched diagonally across her queen sized bed.

Don't ask me why I was so intent on being asymmetrical in my ties. Perhaps I was trying to impress Melissa who was both older and vastly more experienced than I. Perhaps I just thought it would be fun. In any event I put a strap with a D ring (I suppose, in retrospect, it may have been another collar) around her left thigh just above her knee. Then I ran a line from that D ring to the upper right corner of the bed and, carefully guiding her thigh and knee with one hand, I pulled the rope tight. This caused Melissa's left thigh to be flat on the mattress and pulled tight. While her right leg was in the normal position her left inner thigh was exposed and the tie was tight enough that the lips of her labia were spread open revealing her inner lips which were quite moist at this point.

I decided to begin with the exposed thigh which I proceeded to stroke, kiss, lick and even (gently) nip from her knee to her groin. Melissa was twisting and pulling as much as her bondage would permit and I had to decide if I was going to continue to build her arousal or switch to seeing how many orgasms I could wring from that lovely body. My own needs, which were considerable by this time, determined my course of action. I rolled on a condom, swiped myself up and down at her entrance to ensure adequate lubrication, and slid into her.

With her leg splayed to the side and her labia stretched open she wasn't very tight at the entrance to her vagina. As I pushed further into her she was much tighter. I began to stroke in and out and my lovely little sub exploded under me in orgasm. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my penis as I stroked in and out. Normally I would have tried to last longer but I had become more aroused tying this glamorous woman than I had realized and I filled the condom as she was coming down from that orgasm.

I kissed her gagged lips and carefully holding the condom, I pulled out and headed for the bathroom where I disposed of the condom, cleaned myself and returned to the bed with a warm damp wash cloth to clean off her pussy. I think she expected to be released at that point but, horny little devil that I am, I had no intention of ending our fun just yet.

Leaving her tied just as she was I began to play with her breasts and nipples again. In the course of this I also released and unwound the ropes around her right breast. The return of blood flow to that lovely breast must have produced a painful pins and needles effect which I did my best to soothe by fondling and licking. As I mentioned before Melissa's breasts were unusually sensitive and I soon had her aroused again.

Being the gentleman that I am (yeah, right) I kissed my way down her torso back to her groin. At that point I proceeded to convince my sweet sub that I had adequately mastered the art of cunnilingus. I brought her to a rather intense orgasm and then after a few minutes of allowing her to regain her breath, I did it again.

I was getting hard again so after stroking her to a third orgasm with both hands (one inside her gently stroking that very delicate spot we now call the G spot, the other gently rolling and pressing on her clit) I donned a condom and slid into her. The position wasn't all that great for her but, as I felt myself growing near, I reached between us and stimulated her clit again bringing us both off, more or less together.

Let's see, she had come from nipple play, though not very strongly, then again the first time I had entered her, twice more from my mouth and once from my hands and then again when I had been inside her just now. I think that ought to satisfy my sexy little sub. I had only come twice but was pretty tuckered out.

I removed all of the ropes holding her to the bed and was about to untie her hands when she pulled them away from me and shook her head. Curious I removed her gag and Melissa said "Please leave my hands tied master. I want to feel your ropes on me all night." Then slipping into a more normal tone of voice she asked "Where in the hell did you learn to do all that? I thought you told me that you were a young college student. You are great with the ropes and really know how to ring my chimes."

I explained that I had had an encounter with a submissive woman when I was still in high school and then added that she, Melissa, was so lovely and glamorous that her body had inspired me. That got me a strange look but we cuddled together under the covers and prepared to sleep the rest of the night. Melissa rolled over and she and I were spooned with her head more or less on my left arm and my right arm over her waist. Just before we drifted off she moved my right hand up to her breast and I dozed off with that luscious breast in my hand.


In the morning Melissa asked me to move in with her and act as her bodyguard when she went on photo shoots. I was young and had all sorts of ideas about not wanting to be a 'kept' man. She pointed out that it was as real a job as my current janitor's job and that she would try to promote me as a rigger for her shoots to get me some spending money. I don't know if it was her logic or the clear promise of great bondage and sex with this glamorous and gorgeous woman but she convinced me.

It actually worked out pretty well. As the photographers came to know me I got more and more rigger jobs and actually had more cash than before. Life with Melissa was great. She danced (stripped) three nights a week and came home very late. The bouncers at the strip joint made certain she wasn't hassled so I spent those three nights hitting the books. When she got home those nights she was pretty wasted so I would give her a massage and we would go to sleep without sex. The other four nights a week were wild, both in terms of the bondage games we played and in the sex this lovely woman provided me.

The relationship lasted a bit over two years. The porn business had been shifting from New York to Los Angeles as video tapes grew in importance. Eventually Melissa decided she had to move west. She invited me to go with her but I was less than a full year from graduating and didn't want to leave. While we had both had a great time neither one of us had thought that the other was the love of our lives and the parting, while sad, wasn't heartbreaking. For several years I would see her in magazines or video shops and fondly remember when she was my submissive.

The End
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