More Than What I Could Imagine
  • Author - Caleb ONeil
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  • Post Date - 5/6/2012

Chapter 1

Nervous? Anyone with an ounce of caution should have been anxious. We had communicated through the internet over the past nine months and he knew me like nobody else. I called him my pseudo therapist. Now he was coming to provide me with a weekend session to be remembered and cherished. He was an older and experienced top, who was going to allow me to personally be subjected to situations designed to play out my erotic fantasies and pent-up desires.

For most intensive purposes, I am considered a normal, healthy, average looking twenty-seven year old man. By some peoples' standards I am no longer considered a young man but I still holding on to the trappings of youth. Somewhere over the years I was able to graduate from high school, obtain a business degree at a mediocre university, and follow that up with a middle class job. The future looked good but not sensational. The normal route should have been for me to now own a devoted dog, have a wife, sire two prodigies, and be in debt above my means with car and house mortgages. Alas, that was not how life was unfolding.

Over the years I had been with a number of women, a few who were interested in me, but none that I could see living with for the long term. Sometimes I would blamed the break-up on a poor mix of personalities, lack of similar interests, that annoying chatter, or some other mundane habit or event. I began, however, to realize that there was another major reason. The sex was just not that exciting. Don't get me wrong, I would like to think of myself as being somewhat above average in the sack, just like every other man, but sex was like watching a rerun of an entire soccer match. There was a lot of kicking the balls back and forth resulting in winning by a single goal or two. A secret I had held since childhood always seemed to surface before, during, and after sex and during breathing for that matter. This secret always left me feeling that there must be more.

Like all little boys, I took great joy in masturbating on a regular basis. The pleasure of release and the thought of doing something somewhat prohibited was enormous. What was of the greatest pleasure, however, was the thought of being out of control and just letting go. The ultimate release of control for me would be to have been being bound. These thoughts lead to all sorts of fantasies, while masturbating, of how I could be bound, gagged, and helpless. Strong feelings led to some experimenting with self-bondage but it never was able to come close to my fantasies involving someone else taking control for an extended time. Arousal was intertwined with thoughts of ropes, gags, locks, leather, and being completely controlled by another. I dreamed of this dissociative state where I could just feel intense bodily arousal like no other extreme feeling while being out of control. I was never able to find the balanced equation between giving up complete control and having complete trust. That required a special person and relationship.

With the world of the internet I was able to explore sites and talk with individuals who shared similar thoughts. Somehow I gravitated to the gay sites; possibly as it was easier to relate to men like myself being bound and possibly due to latent bisexuality or homosexuality feelings. Men seem to have a better understanding of what men are seeking.

As a result of years of searching, trying to come to grips with understanding my desires, and finally accepting that they exist and that I cannot change; I came across an individual under the handle "gaggedboundforyou". He would not have been my first pick since he was in his mid-fifties and I am not into a daddy complex. Although much older than myself, he appeared to possess the appropriate mix of a strong top and an individual whom I felt I could trust. He would listen, emphasized safety, and was accepting of my thoughts. Over time our relationship built and I felt he could embody the criteria of trust and allow me to be able to let go and pursue my fantasies unbounded.

We began by discussing through the internet our general thoughts and fantasies concerning bondage. Sometime later, he suggested that we pursue our discussion to the next logical level. If I was serious about wanting to experience bondage, then I needed to open up further and tell all. He sent a series of initial questions for me to answer about my deepest secrets, things I had never told to anyone. This inquiry into my personal thoughts took be back a bit and I initially delayed my response. After a few days, however, he sent another e-mail suggesting we either break off communication or move ahead. He gave me a few days to respond. I decided he was correct and headed down the rabbit hole opening my deepest thoughts, desires, and fantasies. My life was an open book to him and I would answer truthfully anything he asked.

What lies beneath the rabbit hole is intriguing, especially when you expose it to another. Over the next few months I shared everything I could think of and examined the inner thoughts of my soul. There was nothing that "gaggedboundforyou" did not know about me. He knew me better than I knew myself. I had finally met someone whom I could trust completely and who knew all my inner fantasies. Having shared all that was on my mind, I was now ready to share my physical being. I was now as ready as I ever would be to pursue all my pleasures having minimized the nasty voices of the rational. I was ready to let go physically into someone else's hands.

After a few months, we arranged a meeting. He was going to come to my city specifically for a session with me during the long weekend. I would be "free and his" from Friday evening until Tuesday morning! We agreed that the most convenient and safe place to meet and play out my fantasies would be my place. He instructed me on what was to be available in terms of equipment and how some of the scenes might unfold. He would be in control from the moment we met until when he would leave on Tuesday morning. If things were too intense there was a release knock. This would mean a brief time of temporary relief. I was allowed only to be allowed one knock during the entire time. Anymore and the weekend session would end immediately. There was also a different knock what would end the session immediately and he would leave. Otherwise, he did as he pleased, constrained by the knowledge of my fantasies and the limits of what I had expressed I was willing to try.

I would not have wanted to be the client whose accounts I worked on the Friday before his arrival. My mind was elsewhere. After work I rushed home, not that anything needed preparation. I had placed all the "toys" in one place, cleaned up the house, pre-made meals in the fridge, and placed additional hooks around the house. I went to the washroom but to no avail since I had not eaten for the past twelve hours. Now I waited for the call. I carefully avoided watching any porn on TV so I would not be tempted and instead popped a movie rated general audience into the blu ray. I had no idea what I was watching and was startled when I heard the phone ring. When I answered the phone I realized that it was the first time I had heard his voice. He spoke in a gentle, relaxed manner and mentioned that his plane had just arrived and he was in the process of collecting his baggage. He would be picking up his rental vehicle and driving to my place, expected to arrive in one and one half hours. Within the hour, I was to unlock the back door, take the bucked with the key to the handcuffs that had been frozen in ice out of the freezer, and handcuff myself with my hands behind my back to the basement support beam. I was to be fully clothed but not have anything in my pockets that could aid in escape. The key frozen in the ice bucket was to be placed by my hands and would not be melted or become available for my release until after he arrived. This would allow me the ability to be released in case problems might prevent his arrival. His continued emphasis on my safety did much to increase my trust of this man and my growing excitement of what was to come.

Locked down in the basement, it seemed like time was operating in slowed motion until I heard the back door of the house open and close. I could hear his footsteps and the drop of his suitcases. He moved about the house, closing all the blinds and curtains and then found his way to basement. He took his time. As he descended, I could see what he looked like for the first time. He was true to his internet description; a middle-aged man with a beard that was slightly graying. He was over six feet tall and was in great shape. He moved with confidence and had a friendly and open expression. His first question to me was, "Are you having any second thoughts or do we begin?" I looked up and feebly stated, "Begin." He repeated, "I need you to say this with conviction." After thinking for a moment and reviewing in my mind all our correspondence over the past nine months, I looked up at him and clearly stated: "Let's begin."

As he pushed aside the bucket with the key, he reviewed some of the ground rules. "From this point on you will address me as Sir or Master. I will use punishment only as a lesson resulting from your failure to comply or as motivator for immediate compliance. You will not talk unless asked or given permission. You may respond now. Is that clear?"

I could not imagine how easy it was to say to this man, "Yes Sir." I was in his care and control. Would the weekend go swiftly, painlessly, or be long and tedious? This was no longer my problem.

Immediately he knelt down, grabbed my hair and pressed his lips to mine. It was different to kiss a man for the first time but I found myself responding in kind. I trembled as I became as hard as I have ever been. I felt the constraints of my trousers and longed for release. He continued to tease and caressed me, feeling me up through my cloths and gaining great pleasure in my confined condition and the growth in my groin. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my chest. After playing with my nipple, I felt the sting of two nipple clamps. The combination of pleasure and arousal with pain was indiscernible. Not being use to nipple clamps, he removed them shortly and I felt the electrifying energy of pain ebb as my nipples attempted to return to normal. Everything was not normal, I was in ecstasy. I had no doubt that I would see these clamps again as well as other instruments over the weekend.

Sir left me in my heightened state and went upstairs. Sir returned shortly with some toys and equipment. He bound my feet with rope and tied one hand securely to the pole. He untied the other hand and pulled my arm through the sleeve, quickly reattaching my arm to the handcuff. He repeated the process with the other hand until my shirt was off. I realized that there would be no opportunity for escape at any time this weekend. With my shirt off, he mercilessly caressed my arms, chests and tender nipples. Sir combined light and hard touch, massage, and the occasional feel of my privates. I wanted release so bad and would often move my hips in the feeble attempt to heighten my arousal.

Sir then began to neatly fold my shirt and place it to on a side table. He then moved in front of me and slowly began to undress. He had all the time in the world and I was not going anywhere. He stripped off his shirt, shoes, socks, and trousers and neatly folding them aside. I gazed upon his black leather underwear, tightly laced, but with a very evident bulge. I expected I would get to know the contents of this leather pouch very well this weekend. Next he moved forward and I felt his bare skin against mine as he continued to keep me aroused and on edge. He slowly reached down and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I could feel his hand rubbing my penis and testicles. He was ever so skillful, stopping just prior to the point of no return and allowing me to recover. He unbound my feet and removed my socks and shoes. He spent just enough time to verify that I was, as I had said, ticklish. With a strong and forceful movement he pulled down my pants off my hips and with a final strong yank flung them off my feet like a matador's cape before the bull. He now began to play with my genitals through my underwear, watching my feeble attempts by rocking my hips to assist his touch and reach organism. He would stop at just the right moment and take time to wait for me to subside. Finally Sir slowly released my struggling penis from the bounds of the underwear as my penis stood at attention. Sir removed my underwear and left me stock naked. After a moment admiring his work, Sir re-bound my feet securely, tied my waist to the pole, and bound my legs in a manner that left me in a fetal position. I was not going anywhere soon. Sir then left the basement with our cloths and the bucket and went upstairs. I was more horny than I had ever been in my life, exacerbated by the fact had been aroused and teased but had not able to ejaculate. When I heard the shower and realized that Sir was cleaning up after his flight, I felt rejected and quickly lost my erection. Sir was clearly in control and I longed for his return.

After what seemed an eternity, Sir returned with a gag and hood. The gag seemed a bit redundant since I was not permitted to speak but he was in control. Sir inserted the gag and locked it behind my head. Sir also insertion ear plugs prior to lacing up the hood. I could not see or hear and the only thing my face seemed good for was endless supplies of drool. Sir unlocked my arms from around the pole and then relocked them behind my back. He placed a chain around the handcuffs and the buckle in the neck collar of the hood and secured my head and arms with a lock through the chain. My hands were in an uplifted position and my head was pulled back. Any movement of my head forward lifted my hands in a painful manner. Sir then clipped a dog chain to the front buckle of the hood. Next he undid the ropes around my waist and from around my feet and legs. Sir secured a single rope around my ankles with just enough distance that I could walk and climb steps but not bolt. Sir jerked the chain indicating that I needed to arise to my feet. With great awkwardness, I was on my feet and was being lead up the stairs past the main floor and then up to my bedroom. Once in the bedroom, I was directed by a yank on the collar chain to the edge of the bed and positioned on my side on the bed. The bed felt cold, strange, and slippery and I realized that a plastic sheet was covering and protecting the bed. Following a systematic procedure that would not allow a marine to escape, I was secured in a spread-eagle position on the bed.

Eventually Sir released one leg and I could feel warm water and foam being applied to my leg. My leg was elevated and I felt the slippery solution roll down my upright leg. I then felt Sir begin to shave my leg with a razor. I realized that Sir was going to shave all my body hair. Sir first shaved one leg, then the other, followed by one arm and then the other, and finally all the chest. To prevent escape, Sir placed me on my back and continued the shaving procedure, including shaving my ass. He washed me off with a wet sponge and then removed the plastic and flipped me over on my back again returning me to the spread-eagle position. Between the evaporation of the water and the loss of hair, I could feel the cool air around my exposed body. Sir then removed the hood, earplugs, and gag; a welcome relief for my jaw. He propped up my head with a number of pillows and put a small piece of plastic under my ass. This allowed me to see as he continued to remove the last remaining hair below my neck, my pubic hair and hair around my testicles. I was aroused by what he was doing, by how the cream felt on my bare skin, and by how smooth I looked. Hairless made me feel like I was a prepubescent fourteen year old. But I regress.

Sir's next move was not unexpected. Removing the pillows and placing a plastic sheet under my head he began to shave the top and sides of my head. Shaving my head was something during our internet communications I had expressed some uncertainty about doing but had stated that I would be willing to try should it move Sir. Looking up at Sir's crotch, it obviously pleased him. I found myself in synch with his pleasure. When he completed the front of my head, he slid forward and lifted my head to be able to shave the back of my head. Sir used his thighs to hold my head resulting in my mouth being at the level of his penis. As an automatic reflex, like a baby responding to his mother's nipple, I began to suck. Sir continued to be aroused but focused on the task of shaving and did not allow me the satisfaction of bringing him to orgasm. Shave completed, Sir cleaned up and left me to the frustration of my continued and growing horniness.

After a considerable passage of time being left alone and in the dark I lost of my erection and excitement. I wondered what had become of Sir. I was in a helpless state unable to release myself and in need of Sir. Had Sir forgotten me? Please just let something happen.

At the peak of frustration and aloneness, pulling against my bounds, Sir reappeared. It was time for supper. I had no idea it was this late, but having not eaten for over 18 hours I realized how much I needed food. Sir kept the lights off but lit a couple of candles. The ambiance took on a mediaeval flavor with me naked and in a spread-eagle position, tied to the bed, in a dimly flickering lighted room. Sir propped my head up and kept his erect penis only inches from my mouth. He began to spoon feed me and between feedings would gently touch or stroke me, playing with my aroused state. I wanted, between mouthfuls, so desperately to have an orgasm or deliver my first blow job to Sir. Neither was available for now. I continued to eat my supper and enjoy the rehydration with copious amounts of water, while being so helpless that I needed to be fed and watered. When the meal was finished, Sir opened a bottle of wine which we proceeded to consume its contents. I never realized that being served wine by candlelight by a naked man while being bound could be so exciting.

I was feeling a little light headed between the wine and having not eaten for so long. Sir began to stimulate me again. I was aroused to the point of organism only to have him stop and take time for the excitement to subside. He was a master at teasing. Before the next arousal, he secured a cock ring around my package to extend the time between plays. After the next arousal and teasing, Sir mentioned that we cannot do anything further until dessert. Sir straddled himself over my face and allowed his erect penis to enter my mouth. I had always fantasized about what it would be like to be forced to give a blow job. I technically wasn't forced, as I desperately wanted to service Sir, but I definitely was not the one in control. I began to orally stimulate Sir for all I was worth and tried everything I had read and imagined. Before long could feel Sir's cream squirting in my mouth. Afterwards I was uncertain what to do and whether to swallow. Sir again took control and after his organism commanded me to lick his penis clean. He then proceeded to quickly close my mouth and wrap my lower head in duct tape. I had no choice but to retain the taste of his cum and swallow.

Sir then told me that it was time to get ready for bed. He secured a locking collar on my neck. Next he placed locking mitts on both my hands. He then released one hand and secured it with a lock to a ring on the neck collar. The next hand followed suit. Sir then slowly moved both legs together. I realized that they had been outstretched for so long that movement was painful. He then secured two locking ankle cuffs to my feet. Using a lock and the rings on the cuffs, he attached both cuffs together. I realized that bed time meant needing to go to the bathroom but I was uncertain how he was going to get me to the bathroom with my ankles locked. Sir went for something in his suitcase and then lifted my feet up over my head leaving my butt exposed. I felt something cold on my butt and then he lowered my feet. He then raised my torso and I realized I was sitting on a bedpan. He pushed my penis down and commanded me to use the facilities as there would be no further opportunity until the morning. After dealing with the embarrassment I was able to make a feebly attempt. Sir asked if I was finished, understanding the conditions for the evening, and I nodded. He lay me back down, removed the bedpan, and wiped my ass with a warm, moist towel.

Sir mentioned that the evening preparations were almost complete and we need a good sleep to prepare for the next day's events. He attached the neck collar to the bedpost with a bicycle cable lock, allowing enough play for safety and comfort but no chance of me going anywhere until released. Sir also set up bicycle lock at the foot of the bed to be use later to secured my ankles. Sir's next move was to raise both legs so they were well above my head and secured to the headboard. Sir then began to arouse me ever so slowly. He applied lube to my hole and played with my anal regions, finding my prostate gland. I was in ecstasy. He sucked and caressed my testicles and began licking my penis. I began to feel the warmth and wetness of his mouth on my penis while still tasting of his fluids in my mouth. His fingers massaged my ass and the tightness of my restraints brought me to new levels of excitement. I could hold it no longer. This was another first receiving for me, a blow job from a man. I am uncertain if it was better to give or to receive.

I expected Sir to put my legs down and secure them for the evening, but instead he continued to leave them up, keeping my butt high in the air. He placed some type of cloth under my butt and I felt the coolness of lube applied liberally to my nether regions. He continued to massage my ass and I knew what was coming next. I could do nothing about it. Sir knew my fantasies well. I could feel one finger and later two. Finally I believe there must have been three fingers loosening and preparing me for Sir's package. I was relaxing more with each stroke of his fingers. Sir then moved into position and I could see the expressions on his face. Sir was excited and ready. As prepared and lubed as I was, I still experienced pain as Sir plunged his penis into me and began his slow and methodical thrusts. He took his time, enjoying the moment, and despite my occasional motions of resistance, he increased the depth and intensity of his thrusts. Finally I could feel his cum enter my rectum and the pulsation of his penis on my stretched anus as he shot his load. It was an incredible feeling to be had and to satisfy Sir.

Sir held it for a minute, and before he subsided he quickly removed his penis and inserted an anal plug. It had a large head and midsection but a thin shaft at the end. It went in hard and painfully and I knew it would be hard to remove, but once in it was not stretching my anus. I felt full but was not in pain and realized that I could handle this for the night. Sir's choice of a dido was excellent. I realized at this moment that I too was Sir's toy and choice for his pleasure. I mused that I was filled with Sir from both ends and would retain the taste of Sir all night as a reminder of my position.

Sir broke my thoughts when he rearranged the item he had placed under my butt and I felt it going between my legs and being attached around my waist. It did not take much thought to realize that in preparation for the evening I was being equipped with an adult depends furnished with plastic pants. I do not have infanticidal thoughts, however, I had expressed to Sir the feeling of helplessness and total dependence. I definitely felt helpless and dependent. I realized that even though I had used the bedpan, with the amount of water and wine in my system and was likely to have an interesting morning.

Sir finally strapped down my feet and checked that my mitts, duct taped mouth, and the line from the bed to the neck was safe and secure for the night. He released the locks from the mitts and the neck collar and replaced it with a locking loop to allow more movement of the hands through the night. There was still limited and still no possibility of escape. I was neatly tucked away and ready for bed. Sir did his final preparations for the evening and joined me in bed. As he blew out the candles, he mentioned again the need to get a good night sleep. Sir promised that tomorrow would be a very full and active day.

Lying on my back with both my mouth and ass full, I thought about the other fantasies I had expressed to Sir. What was in store for me over the next few days? How many more firsts? I felt like a child on Christmas night. With great difficulty, I drifted asleep while hearing Sir's steady breathing. I was contented, relaxed, and secure having experienced more than what I could have imagined.

Chapter 2 (added: 2012-05-14)

I can definitely say that I slept like a baby. Like a baby I was unable to sleep through the night even though my restraints were very secure but still allowed for a fair degree of movement. The adult night time Depends created excessive warmth from the plastic covering and put extra pressure and sensitivity on my thighs and privates. The fullness of my bladder also become abundantly evident partly through the night and never seemed to allow for a deep sleep before I would awake with being on the edge of urinating. Sleeping next to Sir was also a different feeling. Sir's presence and movement gave me the sense that I was in someone else's bed. I was also excited with the thoughts concerning the endless possibilities arising from a new day. My mind wandered over the previous evening and the excitement surrounding the prospects for the remainder of the weekend. I just could not close my eyes for more than what appeared to be a few minutes. Like a baby, time was irrelevant, and long sustained sleep was something inconceivable.

While awake, I reflected on last evening's events and my three firsts. First, I was amazed at how easy and comfortable it was to be sexually aroused by a man and how, from a first kiss, my thoughts now yearned for greater and more intense arousal. Second, the memory of giving my first blow job remained indelibly. Even with the duct tape being placed over my mouth immediately after Sir's organism, the taste of his cum having long since cleared from my mouth, the memory of this intense experience was ineradicably burned in my cognizance. It was now part of my psychic. The third first was easily remembered; my first experience with anal intercourse. Every time I attempted the least bit of movement in bed I could partly recreated the sexual arousal when the butt plug Sir had inserted after his orgasm began to rub against my prostrate and evoked fondling memories. Despite still feeling sensitivity in my anal region and remembering the painful feeling of being stretched and used, mentally I longed to experience again the intensity of the moment. Throughout my lucid moments during the night I would try to gently move my hips, so as not to awaken Sir, but to remember his penis in my ass or to imaging the warmth and moisture of his lips on my mouth or penis. I tried as best as I could to bring back the emotions and sensations of receiving my first blow job and being used anally. Lying back and looking at the ceiling, I also realized a fourth first. I was now bound and secured in bed, sleeping beside a man, and clothed in nothing but a diaper. What an evening.

During the night when I was able to temporarily forget about being aroused, I reflected upon the last nine months of communication with Sir. Communication is too erroneous a word since he knew everything about me and I knew virtually nothing about him. In a top and bottom scenario, this was how it should be. I was not in love with him. Sir for me was like cocaine to an addict. The addict is not in love with cocaine but rather with the highs and lows that the substance can provide for him. Sir knew all my desires, life experiences, and fantasies. He literally and now ironically physically knew me inside and out. I have no doubt that the highs would continue throughout this weekend. Even thinking about the extensive and detailed preparations, as costly as they were, had me aroused with excitement and anticipation.

Over the last nine months, we had set the ground work for many things. We had talked about privacy and Sir knew all about my concerns for confidentiality. He suggested, and I finally agreed, that he would take pictures of the session, and even a few video clips. He assured me that this would not deter from the experience and I would appreciate them as keepsakes after the session. Sir would be permitted to retain an electronic copy of his work. To protect me, his copy was stored on a single hard disk drive that required scheduled resetting. Failure to reset the hard disk drive within the prescribed time would result in the unit easing all the memory and reloading the now existing space with a repetitive line of general information. This would eliminate any chance of someone else obtaining and distributing the pictures. In the event that anything should ever happen to Sir, my data would be erased in a manner that would result in the files ceasing to exist. On my side, I could do whatever I wanted with my pictures and video. The only thing he requested was that sometime after our session, I review the materials and provide Sir with feedback and comments allowing him to be able to improve his techniques with others and potentially with me. It was only right that I provide feedback since I was benefitting now from the responses of other bottoms.

After further discussions on the internet, we agreed that our activities over the weekend were to be bareback. As such, he requested a very recent clear bill of health by a physician to be left on the kitchen table when he arrived. Without this, our session would never get off the ground. Sir assured me he would do the same action to ensure safety and the fear of transmission of diseases. I would need to trust that he would fulfill his end of the bargain, which wasn't a big stretch since I would need to trust him completely with everything else. Sir needed to retain his anonymity and I needed to respect his boundaries. With his attention to detail, I had to feel confident in completely trusting Sir with all aspects of my life.

Preparations for the weekend took months and as mentioned, involved quite an expense. Sir had a long and detailed list of items needed and clear directions as to the way the basement would be arranged. Most of the items were easy to imagine their uses and possible uses. The thought of possibilities continued to excite me and keep me motivated to finish the basement. All items appeared to be in keeping with my erotic fantasies and with each placement in the basement I would feel myself getting hard with excitement. I must say that there were also a few items that did remained a mystery and these also tended to result in heightening my anticipation and creative juices. I was just very horny. Over the last two months, my basement was transformed into a workshop and playroom. For example, Sir had demanded I order a large supply of art plaster casts. These were similar to ones used to set broken bones but much thinner and cured quicker. They were the equivalent to a type of strong, quick setting, paper mâché. He also requested an extremely large supply of fiberglass mat, glass, and resin. Since I had fantasized over the prospect of extreme bondage, it took little thought to comprehend the use of these expensive items. There were also a large number of other items such as disposable gloves, brushes, masking tape, marking pens, clamps, soft molding clay, rolls of construction plastic, ¾ inch plywood, wooden studs, and numerous other small hardware types of supplies like screws, nails, and anchor loops. Sir appeared to definitely be competent and interested in construction.

Early on in my acquisitions I had purchased and set up in the basement a bed and work table that Sir had requested. There was now a strong metal bed and industrial metal work table Hilti bolted to the floor. A ¾ inch sheet of plywood was brought down into the basement and, with a number of bolts and screws, was secured to the metal table. Two other items were left for me to construct and were easy to determine their purpose; a sawhorse and a pulley track system. Sir had been provided pictures of my basement and he in turn provided precise directions for the placement of all items. When things were purchased or completed, I would send Sir the pictures for his approval. Our in person time together would be too short for him to have to leave the session in order to purchase items. I had expressed my desire to experience extreme bondage and he was ready and experienced to meet my fantasies.

Sir demanded that all natural light was to be eliminated from entering the basement. I cut Styrofoam sheets to fit the basement window and secured them with duct tape. I put weather stripping at the bottom of the door leading to the basement to block any light from the kitchen. I also put up a curtain rod and a black sheet at the bottom of the basement stairs so that when someone left the basement, light from the kitchen would not temporarily enter the basement from the opened kitchen/basement door. Success was to be measured by being able to turn off the basement electric lights and have the basement in complete darkness. One shouldn't be able to see their hand in front of their face. Over the last few months, I found myself spending more and more time working in the basement and imagining each supply and piece of equipment and the potential permutations.

There was one final piece of equipment that I needed to purchase. Sir was willing to provide most of the regular bondage equipment and toys; however, I was to purchase a specific type and model of mummy bag. He intended to use the mummy bag with me and at the end of the session; I would allow him to keep the item to be used with others. Over time, this had been one way he was able to provide so many toys for others. Since I would be benefitting from a wealth of toys collected by other's individual sessions, I had no difficulty agreeing to his request. Heck, I had no difficulty agreeing to all Sir's requests.

Just weeks before our scheduled meeting, I had e-mail Sir all the pictures of the basement and all the little modifications. I was pleased when everything met with Sir's approval and nothing was left to do prior to our first meeting. The moment had arrived. Here I now lay in bed with Sir. I was wide awake and eager for Sir's awakening and the chance to spend time with Sir in the basement.

Sleep suddenly overcame me for a brief moment until I was quickly awoken when Sir lifted himself from the bed. He stretched his naked body and looked down at me. I gazed up at him with eyes that I hoped would alert him of my need to go to the bathroom. Sir smiled at my bound body and his possession but appeared not to understand my great physical need. When Sir began to leave the bedroom I could not take it any longer. In as loud and best a voice as I could muster, being firmly duct taped, I mumbled "u ned t go t tee batrem!"

Sir swung around with a stern and unpleasant look on his face. I instantly realized that I was in big trouble.

In Sir's strong and dominant voice, like a master disciplining his dog, Sir stated: "The rules are few and simple. What part of not talking unless given permission did you not understand?"

"I m sorrrri," I muffled and before the sounds came out of my taped mouth I realized my second mistake. When there is a battle between brain and bladder, bladder always seems to win.

Sir said nothing. He walked over to the straps that were loosely holding my mitted hands to the neck collar and tightened them so there was next to no movement. Sir then went to my feet and removed the padlock connecting both ankles together and stretched out my legs. Given my restrictive position all night, I felt the pain of my stiff limbs being moved so quickly. My legs were now strapped in a spread-eagle position. Sir tightened the straps until I thought my thighs would pop out of their sockets. I was in fear of what he would do next and felt relief when Sir left the room. I wiggling as best I could but I realized that I was not going anywhere. Sir quickly returned and just as quickly began to fondle my nipples. I could feel the stretch of the constraints and the pressure of the diaper as I became incredibly aroused. I closed my eyes and was beginning to again feel erotic ecstasy until the sharp pain of nipple clamps brought me crashing back to earth. Sir said nothing and left the bedroom.

I attempted to dislodge the clamps, but with my mitted hands tied tightly to my neck collar and my legs spread out, there was no way to brush off the secured clamps. Over time the sharp pain subsided and I then could feel a dull, throbbing, continuous pain. These intense feelings in my nipples and my movements to dislodge the clamps had brought back the full sensation of my bladder and the need for release. I was determined, however, that I could at least control myself from urinating. Focusing on the control of my bladder did not help that much and what helped less was hearing Sir flush the toilet and then take a shower. When Sir returned from his bathroom duties, I could see a pleased look on his face when he comprehended that I had not soiled the diaper. He leaned over to my ear and whispered, "You are not in control."

Sir headed to be bottom of the bed and set a chair by my feet. I then saw that he had my toothbrush from the bathroom and he began to lightly touch the bottom of my feet. I squirmed in a vain attempt to get away, almost as a reflex action, since I knew there was no hope of release. I wanted to tell him to stop but I dared not make a sound apart from the occasional grown. The tickling became unbearable and I felt the warm, wet sensation of my bladder voiding itself like a dam bursting on some poor unsuspecting downriver town. Sir then stopped his tickling while I felt exhausted and defeated. The exhausted feeling was short-lived when Sir yanked off the nipple clamps. I gasped in pain and felt a wave of despair.

As Sir left the room, I heard him say: "You will be continued to be reminded that you are mine. You control nothing. We have only just begun."

It was some time before Sir returned. Sir mentioned that he was well fed and everything had now been prepared for me. He detached the cable connecting my neck collar from the bedpost and using a short chain between my feet, released me from the footboard. With Sir's help, I was able to sit up and slide my legs over the bed. The damp, now cold, moist feeling between my legs and the squishing movement of my urine soaked diaper when I moved felt strange and childlike. I wondered what all my concern had been about not urinating. Why fight? Why not just give over all control? Sir helped me to walk and made sure my going down the stairs was safe. When we arrived at the kitchen, I saw my breakfast in dishes on the floor. Sir loosened the attachment of the mitts to the neck collar and secured a chain from the collar to a hook that I had been instructed to place on the kickboard below the bottom cupboards. Once secure, he took off the mitt attachments, and untapped the duct tape mouth gag. Sir briefly played with my sore nipples reminding me of the strange but close connection between pain and pleasure. He told me to eat and drink as it would be quite a while before the next meal. Awkwardly I consumed my breakfast while leaning forward on all fours. I had mixed emotions. On the one hand my hunger needs were being met but on the other hand I was helpless and eating like a dog on all fours. The wet diaper and my pitiful skill of being able to feed myself affirmed my helpless. The lack of control felling was also assisted by the frequent maneuvering Sir would make of my body when I was on all fours eating. Sir would also take advantage of slapping my ass covered, urine full diaper when my hips would raise and my head go down to lick food from the bowl. We never exchanged words, actions spoke louder.

When Sir determined that I was finished, he told me to take one last glance at sunlight. I would be spending the remainder of the time in the basement. Securely hobbled but still able to walk, I made my way downstairs with Sir's assistance. Sir took me over to the overhead pulley near the laundry tubs and drain. This area had the most secure hooks and an elaborate pulley system. Sir unhooked the mitts from the neck collar one at a time and connected the mitts to the overheard pulley. Sir waited for a while until my hand were somewhat numb and then removed the mitts, one at a time, and replaced them with hanging gloves. These locking leather gloves had a quick release latch (not accessible to the person hang) and were also able to distribute my weight more evenly than wrist restraints. Once secured, Sir pulled on the pulley and stretched me out until my heels were just lifted off the floor. He returned to the basement door and shut it securely. No light entered from the kitchen and I was proud of the job I had done. He then pulled back the draped black sheet and dimed the basement lights.

Sir approached me and removed my ankle restrains. He then proceeded to lightly feel my body, spending special time on the erotic zones. I felt great relief when Sir removed my diaper and freed my struggling penis. I immediately, however, smelt the embarrassing aroma of stale urine and reflexively moved my head away from the strong uplifting current. Sir, seeing my actions, held the diaper up to my face for me to smell. When I moved my head back, Sir took control of my head and rammed it into the wet diaper. There was nothing I could do. I tried to hold my breath and then found myself struggling to breathe. I was willing to take in any air, no matter what the aroma. Sir then rubbed my face and head in the diaper. Next he did a light wash of my entire body using the wet diaper. I dared not say anything in objection. There was no getting away from the acidic aroma of my pungent urine. He then mentioned that unlike me, he still had a full bladder. Sir located one of the two barstools I had moved into the basement. Placing a barstool in front of me, he stood on the stool and loosened his leather underwear to reveal his penis. With me stretched out over the basement drain; Sir began to urinate over my body from my neck down. He then dismounted from the stool and continued to use my diaper to rub his scent over my skin. I was so pleased when Sir finally disposed of the diaper. I had not expressed a great interest in watersports and did not want this scene to escalate further. When he returned from his disposal, he turned me towards him and had me look directly at him. Sir told me that he had now marked his territory and there was no further question, I was his to use as he wished. I had no further doubts that I belonged to Sir.

Sir allowed me to continue to appraise my situation. My hands were getting extremely tired and Sir mentioned that it was time from me to squat. Sir lowered the pulley system and I was able to sit down on the cold basement floor by the drain. Sir began to explain how the next few days would unfold. I was to do exactly what Sir said, obviously no questions or noise. Sir was a perfectionist, and failure to do as told could result in flaws to Sir's work. Flaws were unacceptable. Sir was disappointed with the mistake I had made this morning. Sir informed me that it would not happen again. To help make this clear in my mind, Sir was going to give me a taste of one type of punishment. Sir emphasized that the punishment was for my own good, to keep me attentive to Sir and to remove any thoughts of disobedience. Sir reached up to the shelf above the laundry basins. I could hear Sir remove an object just before I felt every muscle in my body become tensed, then go into spasms, and finally become completely relaxed. The pain was incredible and as I collapsed, I found myself unable to move. I am sure I would have voided myself of the little I had eaten had the anal plug still not have been inside me. Sir informed me that I had just felt 150,000 volts of electricity surging through my body at once. Sir had picked a less sensitive part of my body, the back of my leg to administer the shock. Sir mentioned that the dampness of the urine had made the jolt a little more painful but this was nothing in comparison to what an electroshock device would be like if applied to a more sensitive part of the body. I clearly understood Sir's drift. As Sir explained the inner functions of the stun gun, Sir touched my genitals with the device, just in case I had not understood. I cringed backward as best I could before realizing Sir had not triggered the device. Needless to say I needed no more convincing.

With me still stretched out on the floor, Sir commanded me to squat on all fours. Sir went behind me and with a quick and smooth motion unceremoniously removed my butt plug. Quick and smooth does not translate to painless and I felt that I had just delivered a small baby. Sir then stated that it was time for us to be up and about. Sir lifted my hands upward with the pulley and continued tension on the pulley until I arose and stood stretched as high as I could go and still be flat footed. I could smell my body order and the stench of urine. Sir started the water from the laundry tube and with the shower head extension, Sir began rinsing me down. The warm water felt so good and refreshing and I appreciated Sir's hands on my body. Sir continued lathering me up with soap and rinsing me from head to toe. Particular time and focus appeared to be taken by Sir on my genitals and ass, and I could see that Sir took great pleasure at being able to control and moderate my erections.

This was the first cleaning. Sir then placed an enema bag with warm soapy water on a hook above my body and proceeded to fill me with the solution. Sir commanded me to hold it until he told me to release. I believe Sir knew exactly how long I could live with the discomfort before Sir allowed me to release. Two more cleansing and I was as clean on the inside as I would ever get. Sir then re-lathered me with soap on the outside and meticulously went over my body with a razor, ensuring that there were not errant hairs.

After the final rinse, Sir began to dry me off with great precision. Sir had even thought to take the warmed towels from the dryer to help to retain my body heat and provide a sense of comfort. It felt so comforting, the feeling of warmth from being dried and the comfort of Sir's hands all over my body. Sir was a master at creating discomfort, only to come to my aid with a great gesture of comfort. In my confused state of mixed emotions, Sir would tell me what I was to feel. True to form, the comfort was short-lived as Sir increased the tension on the pulley system and had me standing on my toes. Sir proceeded to take the non-permanent marker he had me purchase and bisect me at the mid-point along my sides and in a few other apparently critical places. Sir measured my hands and feet and other parts, writing the formulas on my body. My body became a series of lines, points, and numbers. Sir was carefully measuring me up and in the process I responded by getting excited. Sir then proceeded to lower me a bit and went over to the cabinet where I had stored the copious amount of Vaseline containers Sir had requested me to purchase. Being new to this gay thing, I did not question or skimp on the Vaseline. Sir generously covered half my body with copious amounts of Vaseline, keeping within the top half of his lines. Sir then placed ice on my hard penis and I looked down while everything important to me shrunk in rebellion. Sir then wrapped my balls to my penis in Saran and encircled the base of my testicles and penis with duct tape. Once Sir had established a clear circle of duct tape around the base of my privates, Sir continued to tape and entrap the rest of my testicles and penis. The site was strange to see and I quickly realized an erection would be painful as there was no room for expansion.

Sir informed me that the next step in our play was work and not pleasure. Pleasure was a relative term. I was uncertain how Sir made the distinction. Sir went over to the metal table to check that the ¾ inch plywood board was secured properly with the bolts. Sir stated that he wanted no movement to the frame. Sir then covered the plywood with plastic and secured the plastic to the plywood. Next he took out my battery operated drill and some screws and left them in position on the plywood sheet. I was then lowered and provided with clear directions to make my way over to the plywood sheet and lay on my back. I had no desire to try anything since half of me was coated in Vaseline and Sir carried the stun gun at crotch level. Once on the table, Sir directed me to a certain spot and then secured a metal U clamp with screws around my neck to the plywood sheet. The fit was perfect and I realized that this was the reason Sir asked me for my shirt collar size. Although all my limbs were now free to move, with my neck secure to the board, I was not going anywhere.

Whatever Sir was planning to do, this was not his first time. He worked skillfully and without hesitation. First he stretched my body out on the board and then bent my knees up to a specific angle using a large protractor. Sir placed a large spacer between my feet and legs and with everything aligned, marked the outline of my feet on the plastic with a permanent marker. Sir moved my feet toward my stomach and I heard him tack down eight nails. Moving my legs forward again, my toes fit nicely between the nails and retained the preset angle of my legs. Constructing some scaffolding around the bottom of my legs, they were soon relatively immobile and reflected the angles Sir desired and the exact spacing between my legs. Next he began working on my torso. He located the soft clay I had purchased and built up the area around the sides of my chest and buttocks, up from the plastic sheet until the clay reached the bottom line drawn on my body. Sir the braced the clay with side boards to loosely secure my torso in place. Next Sir demanded that I fold my hands in front with one hand on top and the other on the bottom. Sir told me to make a fist with the bottom of the two crossed hands. Sir then proceeded to wrap the fist with Saran and tuck tape. Using a small bead of crazy glue, Sir secured my two arms together in the folded position. Sir constructed a crisscross brace and attached it from the plywood sheet to the height of the bottom of my hands thus providing support for my hands that were extended at 90 degrees from my chest. With a bit more bridging and support, it would be relatively easy for me to keep my hands in Sir's carefully calculated position for an extended time. Sir then rechecked his measurements and the angles of hands and feet to insure that when I would be placed in the completed mold there would be a stable, even base to secure me on all fours.

The easiest way to describe how I now looked would be to visualize me being rotated 180 degrees. Having been inverted, I would be perfectly braced on all fours with both forehands and elbows touching the ground as well as my knees. The lower portion of my legs would be bent upwards with the bottom of my feet parallel to the ceiling. My legs would be spread in a perfect position to allow access from behind to my ass and for me to be fucked. In the all fours position I could also be milked like a cow or be able to service anyone seated by my head.

Sir looked over his work lying on its back on the plywood sheet. Sir made a few final minor adjustments and strengthened a number of temporary braces. I was then delivered clear directions. The initial mold he was building with the art plaster had little structural support. I was not to move a muscle over the next hour. If I believed that this was to be a problem I had permission to speak now. Hearing no objections, Sir continued.

Sir examined the area of my body that had the Vaseline to ensure there were no bare flesh spots existing above Sir's lines. Sir then started at my feet and began applying the art plaster cast material. Sir was careful to apply the cast material no further than the bottom of the line. Sir took his time to allow a little curing of the material before returning to apply a second and third coat. By the time Sir was through Sir had made half a plaster cast from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Sir kept my nose free and just before completing the face area Sir duct taped a large dildo in my mouth to keep my jaw open in a position that would later allow my mouth to be used. In order that I could be freed from the mold, Sir did not complete a small area of the chest directly below my arms as well as the insides of my arms.

I remained perfectly still in this position, with the help of the bracing, and I could feel a couple of fans blowing air across my body. This not only helped to keep me cool and maintain my concentration on being perfectly still, but also decreased the drying time of the art cast material. I estimate that after approximately two hour, Sir began to apply a cover of soft clay over the outside of the mold, smoothing out any roughness. Sir had carefully applied the casts for evenness and smoothness so this process did not take much time. Sir mentioned that he was going to wait another half hour and then I would be able to move my legs and stretch.

After Sir was satisfied with the drying time, Sir carefully wiped the Vaseline from the chest area that was left open and where the cast ended. Sir marked two lines with the non-permanent marker where the inside cast attachment would have to be align. Sir then carefully removed the dildo from my mouth, leaving a perfect circle in the mold. Sir then cautiously loosened the mold from around my body. With all the Vaseline I could feel the cast easily pop away from my skin. Like handling bone china, Sir removed the mold and set it beside me on the plywood. It was a perfect replica of my position, only approximately 1/8 of an inch thicker than my actual body.

Sir then removed the bracing from around my legs and after sliding my feet toward my chest, Sir was able to remove the nails. I was now able, with Sir's assistance to be able to stretch my legs. Sir gave clear instructions, however, that I was not to move my hands. He removed enough bracing that he could work on the inside of my hands. Using the existing lines Sir had drawn on my chest, Sir applied more Vaseline and began working on the inside plaster mold. Sir worked quickly over this small space and before I realized, this small section was complete. Satisfied that the two sections of the mold were perfect, Sir removed the last of the bracing on my arms and I was finally able to put my hands down on my chest; together as they were stilled glued.

Sir unscrewed the metal U brace and with stun gun nearby, carefully helped me up so I would not disturb the molds laid out on the plywood sheet. I was helped to the floor and lay down exhausted. After a brief rest, Sir led me over to the pulley system and after cleaning off the Vaseline on my feet and ankles, proceeded to attach the hanging boots. I was connected to the pulley and my feet were lifted approximately four feet, suspending my body partway in the air. Sir leaned over my face with his crotch close to my mouth and began applying warm soapy water to my glued hands. After lightly drying, Sir used a Q tip dipped in acetate to remove the crazy glue. As part of the skin separated, Sir would roll back the skin and apply more acetate. With Sir's patience, both hands were separated and Sir continued to apply acetone to remove any rough or missed glued parts. Sir then removed the tuck taped fist and gently washed down my hands and arms. Either Sir's gentleness or the blood going to my head gave me the sensation of extreme warmth and comfort. I loved the smell of Sir's leather crotch underwear and even though I was fatigued, I longed to play and be used.

Sir lowered me slightly and reattached the hanging wrist gloves, connected my hands to the pulley system. As Sir continued to lower my feet, he would also lift my hands. Throughout many parts of this operation, I had the incredible horny experience of being suspended by all four limbs. It was a short lived experience, but was not unpleasant, and I was reminded of the old movies where an individual was tied in such a manner and transported by the natives to their village. Eventually I was stretched out by my hands and the leg suspension boots were removed. Sir continued to raise my hands leaving me on my toes. Sir washed me down and soaped me up, removing all the Vaseline. Sir also removed the marker lines and released my penis and balls from the duct tape. Their bondage had served well in providing the proper hole needed in the mold. Sir loosened my outstretched hands slightly and mentioned that play would occur after Sir applied the first coat of fiberglass epoxy. Sir needed time to allow for drying and curing time between coats of fiberglass mat and cloth. I was welcome to watch Sir build my ultimate restraint, a total body cast.

Sir put on one of the plastic aprons I had provided and began to gather the material Sir would need. I cannot describe how sexy Sir looked. I don't think I was necessarily aroused by Sir's physique but rather by how Sir moved and what Sir was doing. I watched as Sir set the fiberglass matt out and cut it in the approximate lengths and widths Sir would require. After putting on gloves, Sir mixed a small quantity of the epoxy and spread it on a section of the mold. Sir then applied the matt fiberglass and gently impregnated the fiberglass with the epoxy by lightly tapping the glass. After applying one coat of fiberglass mat Sir went on and applied a second and third coat. Sir waited until just before the material hardened and bent the bottom overhanging glass to form a lip that would eventually allow the back half of the mold Sir would create to be joined and bolted with this front half. I was impressed with Sir's talent and was also excited about the opportunity of being locked into my own, made to measure, fiberglass prison.

When Sir removed his gloves and apron and turned around, Sir too noticed my excitement. "It will soon be time to play, just as soon as I wash up. Sir checked that I was sufficiently stretching out to make any leverage from my feet impossible. As added security Sir reattached the ankle straps on my feet and secured them to a hook screwed into the drain. I wasn't going anywhere. Sir left me there and, from the noise of water flowing down the upstairs drain pipe, I assumed he was taking a shower to remove any remnants of fiberglass. Later I could hear movement in the kitchen above my head. Sir returned just before I felt I could not stand the hanging any longer. Sir released my hands slightly and fed me a much needed booster juice. With the ankle restrains removed, Sir provided me with another enema, not that I had much to clean out. "Now with the work almost done we will play. It is time to move you into a more comfortable position." he said. This was music to my ears.

Sir had provided me with specific directions on how to build a sawhorse restraint. It was not complicated and I had been proud of what I had accomplished, until I compared it with the work of Sir. The sawhorse was built to face the back basement wall, furthest away from the stairs. It was to be no longer than two inches higher than the length of my legs when I was bent over. The top was to be wide enough to support my weight for long periods of time and the top was to have foam attached for comfort. A hole large enough to suspend my ball and penis was to be placed in the top of the horse. Four loop hooks were to be placed on the four legs. Four small belts were screwed higher up on the sawhorse legs to secure the thighs and forearms. Two large belts were to be available for the hips and chest and two belts for the upper hands. The length of the bench was to be no longer than from my ass to the base of my neck. I was to obtain a 6-way adjustable face cradle and ergonomic face cradle pillow, and drill the two holes needed to be able to insert and secure the face cradle. To prevent any ability of the bottom to tip the sawhorse, I was to obtain a children's wooden sand box and secure the horse to the bottom of the sandbox. I was then to weight the sandbox with sand. What an ingenious restraint device, leaving me fully accessible and able to remain in this position as long as Sir desired with no escape. I could not use leverage to lift my body as my feet did not touch the floor. I also could not rock the sawhorse and tip it since it was attached to a sandbox filled with sand.

Sir locked my wrists together, added ankle restraints, and with the stun gun in hand, led me to the sawhorse. I lifted myself up on my toes and leaned forward using gravity to unceremoniously flop myself on the top of the sawhorse. Sir was quick to lift my ankles and lock them in place on the sawhorse rings. Sir then adjusted my penis and balls to allow them to swing below the horse. I was not going anywhere with the straps secure on my thighs, hips and chest. My arms were unlocked and the wrist restraints were attached, instead of the hanging gloves, to the front of the sawhorse. Sir then adjusted the face cradle to his liking and inserted my head in the hole. Sir secured my head with two straps and tightening them down. This resulted in my face being squished down into the face cradle pillow. By the time Sir had finished, I had almost no movement and ring side seats facing the sandbox. Sir attached a ball parachute to my genitals and placed a small but definitely noticeable weight to my suspended appendage. Sir whispered in my ear that "This should keep you occupied as I clean up and allow the mold to cure in a more airy environment."

I heard Sir open the basement door. Sir had strategically located me in the one position that would not allow me to see what he was doing or receive any knowledge of the light conditions upstairs. I realized that I had no idea of time. The power shakes that Sir had provided gave nourishment and rehydration but never fully allowed me to estimate time by a three meal schedule. Without natural light from the outside, I had no reference, only a best guess. The longer I was down in the basement with no natural light; the worse were my time estimates. I could hear Sir's methodical steps going up the stairs. I assumed that Sir was lugging the fiberglass molds upstairs. Sir came back down a number of other times bringing equipment upstairs. I later heard Sir rip some plastic off the roll and bring it upstairs. I could hear Sir at work using my battery operated jig saw that must have been connected to my shop vac. I could hear Sir sweeping and cleaning up and putting some things away. Sir was like Santa, working on a new prototype at the toy factory to provide great pleasure to an expectant child. Naughty or nice, it made no difference.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my ass and realized that I had drifted asleep. Unexpectedly, Sir had paddled my exposed bottom. The shock of the unexpected and the sting of the spank awakened my senses. Sir aggressively paddled my bottom a few more times and told me to stay awake and alert. Sir was going to finish putting another coat of glass on the mold and would be back to work on me while the mold cured. Just these few word of encouragement evoked great excitement and with the movement from the slap, sent my balls swinging. A short time later I heard Sir descend and I felt him lube my penis and balls and he began to gently stroke me. Between Sir's caressing and the weights, my penis quickly stood at attention. Sir stopped, gave me another smack on my bare bottom and waited for my erection to subside. Sir then repeated the process, before telling me that classic line in bondage; "Don't go anywhere."

I tried to stay awake, but gradually felt myself drift asleep. How long I do not know until I felt the sudden sting again of being paddled. My ass was getting sore and sensitive. "Wake up princess." Sir said. I was awake and feeling the repetitive sting of Sir strapping my ass. The pain was verging on unbearable and I am sure my ass looked like Rudolph's nose. Suddenly the strapping stopped and I felt a warm cloth rubbing my sore bottom and then working its way down my ass cheeks. The warmth and moisture was comforting and arousing. Sir then began to work the cloth around my ass hole and gently fingered my hole. I was again aroused and could feel my growing excitement. This arousal did not go unnoticed with Sir. Sir moved over to my face and bend down, washing my face with the warm cloth he had used on my ass. I was mortified and tried to move away. Sir rubbed all the more and mentioned that the ass and rectum get a bum rap. They are cleaner that what one thinks. I was told to relax, feel, and learn. Sir moved to my ass and separated my cheeks. Sir began to stimulate my asshole with Sir's tongue while provide slight stimulation to my genitals. The feeling was unbelievable. I was aroused in a manner I have never felt before but was skillfully not allowed to pass the threshold. This continued for what felt as an eternity and when Sir stopped. No this is much too soon.

Sir moved to my head and removed the straps and pulled out the face cradle. My head was now suspended in air, supported only by my muscles. Sir brought one of the barstools over and positioned his bottom right up to my face. As I leaned my forehead on Sir's cheeks, I knew what to do. I worked my tongue around and into Sir's ass hole, Sir told me that I had learned well and guided me on ways to perform better. I was so proud of what I could do for Sir. Sir then explained that this was foreplay, and now for the main course. Sir turned around and placed my chin in his lap. Sir explained that my first blow job had been good but now Sir would help me become a better bottom. Sir manipulated my head as I manipulated Sir's head. Sir began gradually and helped me adjust to taking in more of his cock without stimulating my gag reflex. Sir talked to me about the use of my tongue and lips as well as the need to use my breath and moisture. After quite some time I felt Sir explode and cum in my mouth. I greedily swallowed and continued to lick Sir's cock clean. It was an unbelievable feeling to have satisfied My Sir. I wanted to do nothing else. Sir patted me on the head and restored the face cradle and restrains to my head. Sir's words of "well done" resonated in my ears and caused my emotions to soar.

While I still had these unexplainable extreme feelings of attachment toward Sir, I felt Sir again working my ass with his fingers and playing with my balls and cock. Sir applied more lube and between I don't know how many hills and valleys, I was finally allowed to ejaculated with such a force I felt I would snap my bounds. I was exhausted. Sir told me to rest and that there was a lot more in store for me. Sir gently told me I was his great little bitch pup. I close my eyes while Sir needed to go upstairs and continue the work. Only if I had an emergency related to safety did have permission to call and Sir would be within hearing distance. Now I was completely relaxed and spent. I could feel the weight of my arms and legs, since they had been hanging there for such a long time. I could feel the rhythm of my breathing. All was at peace. My thoughts drifted to the events of the last while causing a twinge of excitement in my cock as I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. My mouth was full of Sir and satisfied. I could not imagine what else was in store for me.

Chapter 3 (added: 2012-05-14)

I awoke to Sir's gentle touch on my back. I had no idea how long I had been asleep or what was the time or day. Frankly, I did not care; I only wanted to have my experiences with Sir continue. I briefly tried to sit up before remembering that I had fallen asleep draped over the sawhorse like a fallen solider. My body was sore from the battles but this mattered not as my commander in chief was by my side. Sir, My Sir, began pouring massage oil on my back and kneading my aching muscles. I could not feel my arms and legs, since they had been dangling for so long, but the relaxation of my back and neck muscles were incredible. I knew I meant something special to My Sir and My Sir meant everything to me. My Sir released my arms from the sawhorse and slowly placed them by my side. My Sir continued to massage my arms and torso. My Sir moved down to my buttocks and the backs of my legs. Oil and massage were liberally applied to what seemed to be all my aches and pains. My Sir was strong and competent, and I had no doubt that I had found someone who could be fully trusted. My Sir was someone in control, control of me. My Sir's smooth rhythmic movements over my body were one with my body and I melted into his hands. My Sir next removed the straps from my head and legs. For the first time since I had met My Sir, I was without restraints. I looked down and saw that My Sir had in his hand the stun gun but could not fathom why he would feel he would need this item. I would never do anything in rebellion to My Sir.

My Sir directed me to sit on the barstool at the front of the sawhorse. My Sir proceeded to put ear plugs in my ears and the hood on my head. As My Sir laced up the back of the hood and I lost all connection with sights and sounds. Secured and locked, I felt Sir direct me and lead me to get up. After a number of steps I realized that I was now located in the basement bathroom. My Sir guided me onto the toilet and pushed my cock down under the toilet seat. I loved the way My Sir took total control. What little fluids and solids I had in my system were eliminated and My Sir had me rise and lean forward so he could wipe my bottom. I was then led to the metal bed and made to sit. I could feel with my bare ass that I was sitting on the mummy bag. Since the mummy bag did not slide or move when I sat down, I knew that it had been carefully laid out and secured by the external rings to the frame of the bed. My Sir was precise and skillful in all things. I was directing to lie down on my stomach with my arms at my side. My Sir continued to give me a full body massage like I have never experience before. I was in such a relaxed state, intensified by the deprivation of my sight and hearing.

My Sir began playing and lubing my asshole while relaxing my sphincter with his fingers. I could feel his cock against my ass and enjoyed My Sir's excitement and quick penetration. The rhythmic movements of my ass and the bed in sync with My Sir's thrusts of excitement felt like waves rolling over me on a warm beach. The pressure of the mattress pressing firmly against my hard cock felt so good and natural. I was sad when I felt My Sir cum in me and realized that all good things must come to an end. My Sir withdrew from me and I could feel him re-lubing my asshole. My Sir began applying gradual pressure with a dildo and skillfully worked the object into my ass. I could feel that this was a different dildo than before as it seemed to put direct pressure on my prostrate and felt metallic. I was so relaxed and so tired that I believe My Sir could have fisted me and I would not have cared. I was then directed to turn on my stomach and move toward the head of the bed. I felt My Sir insert my hands in the side sleeves of the mummy bag as I wiggled my way down until my feet felt the bottom of the bag. My Sir began systematically tightening my legs together and working his way up my body. When My Sir reached my testicles, he removed the ball parachute and worked my dick and balls up into the slot in the bag. I could feel the warmth of the leather on my skin, the tightness of the bag, and the cool air on my cock. My Sir worked his way lacing me up to my neck and then tied off the cords. My Sir then removed my hood since the mummy bag would provide more than adequate sensory deprivation. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that My Sir had turned out the electric lights and the basement was lit by two flickering candles. One was located close to the bed and the other provided backlighting to the basement. For some reason, the lighting again stirred an excitement in my groin. My Sir lifted my head and allowed me to drink plenty of fluids. I did not know what My Sir meant when he said to keep rehydrated since I would not need to worry about going to the bathroom. Anyway, I fully trusted My Sir. After drinking all I could, My Sir gently positioned my head on a couple of pillows so I could look down on my cock and mummified body. My Sir seated himself by my dick and arranged a series of materials on my abdomen. My Sir began by carefully peeling back the wrappings of a number of items marked sterile. My Sir wiped off my privates with a warm cloth, removing all traces of lubrication. My balls and cock were carefully dried and then a sterile solution was liberally applied to my dick and around my slit. My Sir then carefully put on sterile gloves and removed a tube from its package, making sure it did not touch anything non-sterile. My Sir applied sterile lube to the tube and then proceeded to roll back my foreskin. The tube was inserted in my dick which felt extremely strange and uncomfortable as it descended down my urinary tube. My Sir knew when to stop and I could feel a little internal inflation. My Sir then delivered a gentle tug and was satisfied that the tube would not slip out. My Sir then connected the tube to a catheter bag and placed the bag below my body. With the catheter and butt plug, I could be kept contained for as long as My Sir desired. My Sir removed the pillows and gently allowed my head to nestle into the mummy bag. My Sir pointed out the breathing holes and the tube attachment allowing me to drink as much water as I needed. My Sir checked that the ear plugs were still in place and performed the final wrapping of my head into darkness. For a moment, the only thing I could hear and feel was my breathing and the tightness and security of the mummy bag.

I was startled to feel something being attached to my cock, something sticky. Next, flaps were opened; exposing my nipples and another sticky attachment was made to my tits. There were some other activities and maneuverings before I was finally left on my own. At this point I realized how much I needed to rest and sleep. My mind began to focus on my current situation and on events that had unfolded thus far while I drifted from an excited state to a dissociative curiosity and wonderment of what other experiences and emotions would be in store. My thoughts were fading fast. About this time, I felt a slight tingling in my ass. The tickling of my prostrate left me somewhat aroused. I was uncertain if this was some sort of aftershock from my many experiences with My Sir or just my imagination. Nothing else appeared to be happening so I considered that my mind was playing tricks on me. No, I definitely just felt pain in my nipples as a surge of electricity brought a sharp sensation of numbness to this tender area. Next there was a zap on my dick following by a downward current administering light pain to my balls. Had I been able to move, this would have made me jump. Then I felt nothing except the knowledge of what was happening. I cursed the name of Thomas Edison who changed electricity from a scientific curiosity to a tool with many applications to modern life. Wow, all three electrodes went off at once. Now I felt a gentle tingle of an electrical charge on my cock. My Sir had set an electro sex toy on a random pattern. I could not predict when the blasted thing would come on or off, or the intensity of the electrical stimulation. Time became incredibly long and every time I attempted to drift to sleep, I would be awaken by a higher than normal voltage or a voltage after a long delay. I became extremely disoriented, tired, and paired with the sensory deprivation, began hallucinating. This was definitely an out of body and in body bag experience with no end in sight or sound.

I have no idea how long this continued. I was completely disorientated and concentrated my thoughts on My Sir who knew me and would be there to provide my escape. All I knew was that I was completely in My Sir's power and control and consequently My Sir became the focus of my thoughts in order to keep me sane. May times I was not sure if I was dreaming or awake. At best I was in a state of lucid dreaming. My anxious feelings were heightened by cramped muscles, intensified by electrical shocks, and worsened by lack of sleep. I was slowing drifting out of my mind. From time to time I would feel My Sir's presence as he held my head or put pressure on some part of my body. Without that knowledge of My Sir's presence I believe I would have fallen over the abyss.

After what appeared to be forever, I sensed that the random patterns of electrical discharges were now beginning to have a pattern. Was I imagining this? No, it can't be. There was definitely a change in patterns that was resulting in an increase in my excitement and pain. Electrical stimulation was now happening all at once. The discharge to my prostrate was painfully delightful and balanced by the shock to my cock. My Sir must be here and in control. The electrical charge was having a stimulating effect even with the presence of pain. Whatever was happening caused me to squirm in the mummy bag to try and get away while having an extreme desire for release through an explosive ejaculation. Both of these desires were not immediately forthcoming. I needed more and yet I wanted to get away. Finally, after a particularly painful shock to the prostrate and a tickling sensation to the head of my cock and nipples, I shot my load and collapsed if it were even possible further into the mummy bag with a great sense of release and relaxation.

I began to feel the lacing of the hood being released and my face exposed. The room was lit by new candles and I slowly eased back into the real world again. At least I hoped I was not dreaming. My Sir removed the ear plugs and offered me water from a cup. I felt the warmth of his body close to mine as I sipped on the water. My Sir continued to unlace the mummy bag and set my body free. As far as I was concern, My Sir was welcome to his mummy bag. My Sir helped me up and I could see the completed half of the fiberglass mold on the floor beside the laundry tub. My Sir removed the electro shock sex unit from my cock and nipples and disconnected the catheter bag, leaving a short tube hanging out of my slit. I held on to My Sir with every fiber of my body. I did not want him to ever leave me. After some time in his grasp, I was slowly able to release myself. My Sir then motioned me to head toward the mold. "Take a look at how your new home is coming along." he said.

With My Sir's help he led me to the mold and had me lean forward, guiding my cock with the catheter tubing extension into the appropriate mold opening. Since My Sir had used the backside of the plaster mold, smoothed out with soft clay as his form, the mold was about an eighth of an inch bigger than my actual body. This meant that I was able to easily fit into the mold and that there would be no points where the mold might constrict my body. My body rested on the support that the mold provided while My Sir inserted the completed internal arm section. My Sir then clamped the external and internal lips together and drilled a number of holes to secure both halves using a nut and bolt connection. Even though there was not yet a back section, with my arms in place secured by the internal piece, I would never be able to extradite myself. I realized that this was the first time My Sir had manipulated me without restrains and I had no thoughts of escape or overpowering him. I remembered the ideas discovered surrounding the Stockholm syndrome and realized how easy it was be for me to do anything My Sir asked of me. I was quite content to respond to My Sir without question.

My Sir asked if I was OK and ready for the next part. I would be required to remain perfectly still while the back art plaster mold was formed. It would not be as difficulty as the first section since the fiberglass mold would hold me in position. The chance to rest was so inviting that I had no difficulty nodding in agreement for My Sir to continue. My Sir provided me with another power shake and started to use Vaseline to cover my exposed body. My Sir played with my ass and as gently as possible removed the electro stimulation butt plug. My Sir then worked his fingers in my ass and inserted a massive double ended dildo. Working the one end into my assets, My Sir left the other end dangling in the air. My Sir then use four rubber door stops he had asked me to purchase and placed them into my crack to allow my butt cheeks to be separated. The familiar procedure of the application of Vaseline and the art plaster casts was next. My mind drifted and I was surprised when My Sir told me to hold still as he was about to remove the mold. I could feel it gently being removed from me and carefully placed on the table. The double ended dildo, much to my relief came out with the mold. My Sir also removed the wedges from my butt crack. My Sir left me for a moment allowing time for the plaster mold to dry a bit more. I fell asleep for I don't know how long. I can only assume it must have been for a while since the plaster mold had already had its first layers of matt and was solid enough for My Sir to carry up into his main floor workshop.

My Sir told me that it was time to evict me out of the mold since he would have to do some more work and bracing on it before its completion. My Sir removed the inside arm piece and with stun gun by his side, attached the suspension wrist restraints and moved me over the drain. Stretched out again, he proceeded to soap me down and wash off the Vaseline. I was dried with a warm towel and led over to the sawhorse. I was secured on the sawhorse as before. My Sir asked if I needed to urinate one last time. My Sir had temporarily re-connected a catheter bag. Again it was a strange feeling to urinate with a catheter inserted. Upon completion, My Sir used a sterile swab with solution to clean the area around my cock. My Sir then put on sterile gloves and deflated the internal tube and slid the tube out of my urinal track reapplying the sterile solution to my dick.

I heard My Sir state that, "Now that your needs have been taken care of, it is time again to meet mine. You are in such a delightful position screaming to be worked on from behind." I was delighted to be able to meet the needs of My Sir, but was in no shape to provide assistance. I was dog tired. My Sir applied a little lube to my arse and with little fanfare, rammed his cock into me. I felt him pump away until, with cock primed, he shot his load. It was a wam, bam, thank you man quick scene but I still felt the satisfaction of satisfying My Sir and feeling his cum trickle out my ass and down my leg. How much I had changed in whatever time had occurred. With a startling paddle of my ass cheeks, My Sir told me to get some rest so I could recharge my batteries and be a better play toy. I had no difficulty following My Sir's command.

When I finally awoke, I could hear My Sir working upstairs. I just hung around and let my thoughts drift. I no longer had any thoughts of who I am or what I could or could not do. I was in a state of empty bliss and relaxation. All my needs were taken care of and outside my control and I need not make any decisions. What would happen would happen. My Sir had everything under control including me. Whatever My Sir asked me to do, would give me pleasure. In time My Sir came down the stairs and was surprised to see me awake. My Sir released my head and allowed me to caress his nipple. My Sir tenderly kissed me on the neck before moving over to the main table and removed the plywood sheet from off the metal table placing it against one of the basement walls. I felt joy when I first saw My Sir was in the basement but became depressed when My Sir soon left for upstairs. Sometime later My Sir returned from upstairs with a tablecloth, some plates, utensils, and some condiments. After another couple of trips My Sir had the table set for one. I felt privileged that I was going to be able to watch My Sir eat. With the tablecloth and settings on the table, and the electric lights replaced by candles, the setting looked like a fancy restaurant. My Sir had been very specific on the table he had wanted me to purchase. It had to be at least eight feet long and very sturdy. I needed to have bolted it to the basement floor with Hilte screws. One would never have imagined now that this study industrial table was what was under the fancy cloth.

My Sir made one last trip upstairs and came down with a tray of hot food; I could smell the roast beef, potatoes, and gravy. My Sir had also cooked carrots and cauliflower with a cheese sauce. I was salivating since I had not had solid food for I did not know for how long. My Sir came over to me and began to fondle my balls and cock and the inside of my thighs. My ankle restraints were released and a chain was placed and locked between the ankle restrains that would allow me to take little shuffling steps. My Sir then disconnected my wrist restraints and gently helped me to sit up. After some circulation returned to my limbs, My Sir brought me to the table. Using two other chains, my feet were secured to the table, however, other than my feet, I was free to move. I felt my body melt when My Sir put a plate out for me and served me some food. I could not believe the honor My Sir was granting me to eat with him. My Sir told me to wait just a minute and dashed upstairs returning with a bottle of wine, and two glasses. We ate in silence under the flickering of candlelight. Food has never tasted so great and I believe never will. Since I had not eaten solid foods for a while, My Sir reminded me to eat slowly. "Savor the moment," he said. After we finished the main meal My Sir returned with my favorite dessert, sticky toffee pudding. My Sir served the dessert with Port wine. My Sir would never have had to secure my feet as I had no thoughts of ever leaving My Sir's side.

My connection to the table was removed but I still had the short link between my ankles. My Sir allowed me to clear the table and leave things by the base of the stairs. My Sir then directed me to lie on my back on the table. Hanging wrist straps were attached to arms and two ropes were placed from the wrist straps to two pulleys that My Sir had directed me to secure on the wall, many months ago, exactly twelve feet apart. Next the ankle restraints were replaced with the hanging ankle straps. Again two ropes were secured to the ankle straps and stretched to the adjacent wall and secured with two D rings, located twelve feet apart. The placement of these D rings and pulleys that My Sir had told me to do in preparation for his arrival were now making sense. Both my arms and legs were spread out. My Sir readjusted the ropes to ensure tension was even and that I was centered on the table. A wide belt was then placed over my stomach, around my thighs and then connected, secured, and tightened below the table. This strap effectively prevented me from raising my hips. My Sir went around to where my arms were attached to the wall and temporarily loosened the ropes. My Sir then put what is known as a figure of eight on a bit in both ropes relatively near my arms. By running the rope through the pulleys and then back through to the figure of eight, My Sir had the mechanical advantage of a lever to be able to tighten my bounds. Taking both ends in reigns, My Sir pulled back on the rope. I immediately felt my bounds tighten and my body stretch. My Sir continued to apply tension until I was in an extremely uncomfortable spread eagle position, feeling tension in all my joints and sockets. My Sir then secured the arm ropes to the figure of eight bits using a quick release knot. I dared not move for any release of tension for the one limb would height the tension on another.

My Sir now began to caress and fondle every part of my body. I felt the application of heat oil and could feel a warming sensation when applied to my sensitive areas like my nipples and cock. Whenever there was the least bit of air movement or the blowing of My Sir's breath the areas stung with excitement. I wanted to squirm in release but could not move. My cock stood at attention and enticed My Sir to manipulate me to just on the edge of an organism. My Sir took advantage of my ticklish situation and with a feather would touch sensitive areas such as my foreskin, balls, under my armpits, and on the soles of my feet. Any attempt to get away resulted in extreme pain in my joints. The sensation of arousal and pain became all the more confusing. Both seemed to blend together into a great emotional rainbow of feelings and sensations. I wanted My Sir to stop but at the same time I wanted it to go on forever. Playing with my entire body and then returning to my dick and balls transferred any feeling and touch into an erogenous experience. Please let me have an organism my mind screamed but I knew better than to say anything.

I was exhausted with the struggle to avoid these overwhelming sensations and confused with my feelings. Next My Sir tightened the strap across my stomach and inner thighs, firmly securing my hips to the table. When My Sir was certain that no body part was constricted by the tightening of these straps and that tension and pressure was still consistent in my arms, My Sir released my feet from the D rings. My Sir then reattached my feet to the arm pulley system. By pulling on the feet ropes, I began to look like a bent over pretzel, unable to move on the table, still with outstretched arms and legs, but now with my butt lifted slightly off the table and fully exposed to the elements. My Sir re-joined me on the table and laid his naked body over mine. The extra tension from his weight was stressful but the feel of his heat and passion was exhilarating. I wanted him to crawl inside of me and become one with me. My Sir masterfully continued to play with my body. Just as one area was excited, he would move and excite another. My Sir passionately kissed me and fondled every part of my body. I could feel his erect cock wander my body like a lost solider looking for home. I hoped it would find its way home into one of my orifices. The passion was incredible and something I had never experience before with someone of the opposite or now same sex. My Sir knew what I was feeling and what I wanted. It was pure animal behavior and instincts. I could not control myself and groaned when I felt the application of lube on my ass. I attempted to lift my butt to offer my all to My Sir. Please take me. Let me feel you inside. My Sir could clearly read my thoughts and thrust himself into my ass with wild abandonment. My Sir's sudden movement sent a wave of energy through me and I lost all sense of time and reality when he grabbed my balls and cock and began stroking my erection. There were no longer any subtle movements from this point on, just primitive passions. I could hold back not longer and came with an explosion like no other. Wave after wave of expulsion. Like an aftershock, I felt My Sir cum into me and the last pounding rhythmic thrusts before exhaustion. My Sir continued to hold his cock in my ass for as long as he could before his erection subsided. My Sir then released my legs and lay down beside me. I felt his head on my chest, one hand on my nipple, and his other hand gripping my balls. We were both spent.

After some recovery time, My Sir arose and released my hands. My Sir led me to the bathroom and allowed me to wipe myself. My Sir had also provided me with a new tooth brush and razor to freshen up. I felt like a new pup. My Sir announced that he had to exert one more burst of energy to finish my fiberglass body cast and needed to tuck me away while he worked. My Sir was planning to use the mummy bag as he was uncertain about the amount of time he would require. I would get one more chance to experience the bag. My Sir assured me that there would be no electro shocks, just sensory deprivation. I was relaxed enough and in a complete compliant state to do anything without any form of resistance. I knew the procedure well and so moved toward the bed. My Sir mentioned one more thing, since the amount of time was unknown, I would again be required to use an adult night time Depends. I lay on my back and accepted the confinement of my nether world to the diaper. My Sir administered talcum powder just in case, and the smell of the baby powder brought back unconscious memories of a simpler life. I helped My Sir to tuck me in and again felt the tightness of the laces. Finally with the insertion of ear plugs I was dead to all the cares of the world.

I do not know how long I slept, but when I awoke I could feel the stiffness in my muscles. I attempted to rock to gain some movement, but remembered that I was secured to the bed frame. With no movement possible and a feeling of discomfort I attempted to divert the thoughts of my current situation onto memories of other times and events. My mind drifted. It spun in a dream-like state and reality became blurred. I was no longer aware of what was real and what was not. Had I just imagined this weekend? I panicked but quickly realized my need to relax and breath. Suddenly I felt a hand on my chest. It was My Sir telling me he was still here. Although I was slowly going nuts, the assurance that I was not here alone and that My Sir was here to take care of me, helped to preserve my thoughts from going to places of questionable return. With no sense of time or knowledge when this scenario might stop, things appeared to take forever. I needed to be released! How much longer? The build-up of tension eventually was followed by a complete lack of energy, followed by lucid sleep, and then back to a build-up of tension. What a cycle.

Finally I could feel the laces being loosened and released. I squirmed in an attempt to see if the process could be sped up. When My Sir had finally released my head, arms, and torso; I sat up and clung to My Sir, not wanting to let him go. My Sir held me like a little child and rocked me. I felt an indescribable surge of attachment and connectedness to My Sir. I was his forever. I wanted to let him know how much he meant to me. My Sir smiled and gradually released my grasp. I slid to the floor and began caressing his feet. My Sir unstrapped the mummy bag and removed it from the bed. My Sir then removed my diaper and told me to go to the bathroom. I obeyed and after relieving myself returned immediately to his side on the bed.

My Sir attached ankle restraints to my feet and chained the restraints to the bed. My Sir then stretched out naked on the bed and ordered me to arouse and play with him in such a way as to make him the happiest man in the world. I also had permission to give into my most primeval desires. Stirred by the challenge, I worked My Sir over like I am sure no man has been worked over before. There was nothing I did not do to keep My Sir aroused and satisfied. I used my tongue to rim him and I fondled him in every way possible. In the process, as expected, I became unbelievably horny. My Sir had given me permission for anything. I applied lubricated to his ass and waited for My Sir's nod of approval. I entered My Sir and began, with an uncontrollable frenzied of activity, to pump his ass like a fireman's desperate attempt to put out a barn fire. I continued to caress his cock and attack his sensitive areas. I watched as My Sir came and shortly thereafter was unable to prevent myself from cuming in My Sir's ass. Like a sheepish dog who is uncertain if he has just offended his owner and in an act of submissiveness, I licked up My Sir's cum and then collapsed at his side. Hot, sweaty, and completely spent I was overjoyed when My Sir commented "well done my pup". My Sir's statement created a wave of pleasure that was unbelievable. I had to do something in response and I could not contain myself from excitedly feeling and licking My Sir's balls and cock, like a young pup bent on pleasing his master. Please, I thought, let me continue and be able to show you my appreciation. My Sir just motioned and allowed me to crawl into bed with him and hold on to him. We slept so peacefully for what I am sure was a long, long, time.

When we awoke, My Sir undid my feet restraints and told me go to the bathroom, replace my fluids, and then to lie down on the table. He produced a bucket of warm water and a sponge and proceeded to bath me. I lay back in a dream-like state enjoying My Sir feeling my body and cleaning every nook and cranny. When completed, I was told to head over to my toy, the fiberglass cast. I again entered the cast for My Sir and he arranged my balls and testicles through the opening. My Sir then attached the inside arm and chest panel. My Sir returned to my buttock and began to paddle it with a number of hard strikes. If I would have been permitted to speak, I would have thanked My Sir. My Sir placed a rubber gasket, glued on one side, on the bottom flange of the mold before lifting the completed back panel. The two panels were a perfect match and I could feel the back panel squeeze my butt checks apart. My Sir went around the mold with my drill and drilled a number of screw holes through the two flanges. After screwing down the two panels I was now in my own little container, made to measure. There was almost no play and also no areas of constriction. Taking the mattress from the bed, My Sir rolled me over on my side. My Sir then rolled me over again on my back and then back on my hands and knees. The mold with its bracing was extremely strong and could hold me comfortably in any direction. My Sir then leaned me backwards. This resulted in me resting on my knees and toes, looking somewhat like a puppy dog begging for a bone. In this position, my mouth would be at the appropriate height for My Sir's boner. Tilting me forward balanced me on my face and forearms and left my butt up in the air ready for whatever gift might be considered. My Sir fingered my butt and given the size of the double dildo that had been used to make the hole in the mold, I realized just about anything would fit in the now opened pathway to my cherry.

Back on all fours, My Sir ran thick straps around chest area of the fiberglass cast. These wide bands would be kept from sliding together by slits My Sir had made in the flange that joined both halves of the mold. I now realized that My Sir had placed the full body casted, prior to my entry, right under the vertical pulley. With both straps wrapped around the cast My Sir connected the turnbuckles at the ends of the straps to the pulley and began to lift the cast and me. By adjusting the lengths of the straps I could be suspended with either my face up or down or even, if desired, with me on my back or front. The possibilities were almost endless. My Sir moved a barstool by my head and adjusted the straps and pulley until my head was right at his crotch. My Sir's enlarged cock was inserted in my mouth and My Sir proceeded to gently start a back and forth rocking motion. My Sir could control the rhythm and pace of his excitement and I could do nothing but provide him with oral pleasure. My Sir continued this game of go fetch until I had serviced him. I was left suspended for a while until My Sir could reload. Hanging in suspension was anything but tiring and this extreme bondage was exactly what I had ordered.

With my visibility limited by the confines of the fiberglass head mold, I was able to gain the occasional glance at My Sir clean up around the basement. I found myself aroused with anticipation every time he came into view and I saw his naked body. With apparently all things clean, My Sir began removing things out of the basement, particularly his belongings including the mummy bag. I could hear him upstairs cleaning up and putting things away. I even briefly heard him leave the house on a number of occasions. When My Sir finally returned, he had some grapes and pitted cherries in a bowl. My Sir took great pleasure in rocking me and between swings feeding me fruit. There was just something Hedonistic in what was happening.

My Sir then moved to my rear and readjusted the straps and pulley so my rear was high in the air and my head was down. I was aroused and hard as My Sir began playing with my ass and opening me up. My Sir started a gentle rocking motion with the suspended body cast. I could feel My Sir's cock lightly bump against the nerves of my cherry. The pressure gradually increased with the rocking until one of the rocking motions allowed My Sir's dick to be inserted in my ass. The rocking motion continued until My Sir was well inside of me. I had absolutely no control and could feel My Sir deep inside of me. My Sir controlled the rocking motion and I began to feel the thrusts become more violent, like a ship in a storm being driven upon the rocks, until he reached organism. After My Sir's first organism, he paused briefly before continuing and I felt him release another load. As My Sir removed his cock and inserted the same dildo that he had used the first day he arrived. My Sir came around to my head and tapping on the mold comment, "very nice my pet."

My Sir steadied all movement and placed himself over my head. All I could see was his dangling cock. My Sir told me that one good turn deserves another. My Sir moved about the room and after a short time I felt my balls being played with and caressed. My Sir even introduced a little tea bagging of my sack. I responded in kind and became rock hard. My Sir stopped for a moment and the next thing I felt was my cock being sucked up by a machine. My Sir had attached a Venus 2000 unit to me, fulfilling one of my other fantasies of being milked like a cow. My Sir had attached supports on the cast to securely hold the suction device in any position. This unit was not coming off, whether I was hard or soft, without My Sir's assistance. My Sir had set the machine on random, with the top speed not being high enough to allow me to reach organism. It was high enough to keep me stimulated and frustrated but not to cross the threshold of no return. My attempts to assist the machine only resulted in a rocking movement to my body cast. My Sir moved about while I remained in agony. What must have been hours past with the machine never tiring of dispensing its rhythmic torture. It did not need rest or care of my plight. I became more and more frustrated. Finally I heard My Sir tell me, permission to speak. I pleaded with My Sir to let me cum.

My Sir told me that was enough, be silent. My Sir put me out of my misery by increasing the setting of the machine. At last I came and felt release. My Sir lowered me to the floor and I expected to be released. Instead to my horror I felt the machine continue. The machine sucked at my cock even though it had become flaccid. I was eventually able to muster another ejaculation before I began what are called dry organisms. I had gotten what I wanted and more. The machine went on and on, never tiring. My dick was so sore and sensitive but the machine was unemotional. My Sir made no comment concerning my groaning and moaning. My Sir even appeared to ignore my sub-vocalizations for things to stop. Finally, out of desperation, I screamed out our first safe word. My Sir immediately shut the machine off. My Sir released my cock from the relentless machine and came to my front and gave me a passionate kiss. Instead of releasing me from the mold, however, My Sir returned to my hanging cock and applied more lube. Even his soft touch was overly sensitive and had I had the freedom to react I would have pulled away. My Sir again reconnected the machine. I held out for a short time before I screamed out our final safe word.

My Sir immediately stopped. I felt bad that I had let My Sir down. I should have been able to hold out longer. My Sir knew my limits. Without a word My Sir detached the machine and packed it up in its case. My Sir headed upstairs. When My Sir returned he was fully dressed and appeared to have a sad expression on his face. My Sir unscrewed the back portion of the cast followed by the interior arm section. I was now freed but exhausted and spent. My Sir pulled me out of the cast and before I could recover had dragged me by my arms to the basement support pole. My arms were handcuffed behind me and secured to the pole. I felt dejected and a sense of failure. The last words I heard from My Sir say were the reminder of the rule of not speaking without permission. Technically even the safe word would qualify and thus required a punishment. My Sir reached over and discharged the stun gun on my exposed balls.

When I awoke, the basement was in complete darkness; despite the blue stars from the pain of the stun gun, I could see nothing when I opened my eyes. The pain in my balls had been excruciating, and I could still feel them throb. My emotional and mental state at having disappointed My Sir was even greater than the physical pain. I sat in the darkness for a while thinking that my surroundings reflected my mood. After a time of no activity or noise, I wondered where My Sir was and later pondered how I was going to get out of this situation. I felt around the limited area in my domain until I nudged against an ice cold bucket. I realized that this must be the ice bucket containing the key. In an hour or so, I would be able to release myself. I leaned back and reflected on the time spent with My Sir. I had no idea how much of the weekend was left but it had been an incredible journey. Screw the catharsis effect; I wanted, no I needed more. I had been introduced to this incredible drug, I had crossed the line, and I could never return. How could I face My Sir? How could I make it up to My Sir? I need him to be my guide and support on this trip.

A few minutes after these thoughts, I heard a phone ring. I reach around as best as I could in the darkness in the direction of the sound and located my cell phone. I flipped open the unit and heard My Sir's voice. "Hope you had as much fun as I had. You are one terrific pup. Your weekend is up and by the time you obtain the key for release, you will have only a few hours to prepare for work. Your picture SD card and the video tapes are in your room by the computer. I expect your comments within the next couple of weeks. Keep a daily journal of your thoughts, however, as things will change over time. You have permission to speak."

I was speechless but knew I had to let My Sir know I was OK. My first words were, "I am so sorry, I let you down."

My Sir's response was, "You could never let me down. You were never in control." My Sir mentioned that he would call when he checked in for his flight to ensure I was released. He signed off hoping that I; "don't have too hard a day at the orifice (office), my little bitch."

Shortly after the ice melted enough to obtain the key and I was able to release myself from the handcuffs, the phone rang as I was making my way upstairs and I was able to verify I was released. My Sir did not have time for many words as he needed to go through security and I needed to prepare for work.

When I emerged from the basement, I noticed how neat and clean the place looked. Now in my bedroom, on the bed where my journey began, I could see that My Sir had laid out my work clothes for the day as well as having put fresh sheets on the bed. A quick shave and the chance to dream up an explanation as to how I lost my hair, with a caution to all my colleagues to never bet on a game at a redneck party, and I was almost ready to go. I just had time to take a few moments to load the pictures into my computer. They were sensational and just watching the first few shots hardened my cock. As I looked down on the desk I saw a note from My Sir.

Good morning my pup,

Thanks for all your fantasies. I will cherish them forever. We checked off quite a number this weekend from your bucket list and I am sure created a few more.

Still interested in some ruff stuff my little bitch?

I just happen know of another young pup living in your vicinity who shares similar fantasies to yours. Like you, he is interested in forming a pack. Now that we have built a made to measure perfect pup travelling crate and you have passed the first grade, are you ready for a field trip?

Keep in touch.

Your Alpha Sir

Just the thought of the opportunity made my whole body tremble with excitement. I had passed and had come so far in just a weekend. So many more things to ponder and possibilities to experience. Down boy, I have to go to work!

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