A Shocking Development
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During the past week Derek and Ginger discussed moving in together. Definitely a precursor to marriage. While Ginger expressed willingness, two months were left on her lease and Derek's studio apartment was too small. They agreed to investigate alternatives.

On Friday, in celebration of their six-month anniversary, Derek took Ginger to an upscale restaurant for dinner. Ginger felt a bit naughty and bought a dress especially for the evening. She wanted to dress to impress Derek and demonstrate her appreciation for his love and attention. Her pale pink dress was an architectural marvel which displayed her curvature with style and taste while never failing to simultaneously emote sexuality and desire. The back of the dress was another issue altogether. The back of the dress didn't exist. The only thing displayed from Ginger's bare shoulders all the way down to the cleft of her ass was skin. The magic trick was a delicate silver chain across her back that kept the dress from falling away from the front of her body.

Her breasts were 'just right'. Neither understated little girl bumps, nor over stated DD's. Ginger's dress caressed attention getting C+ breasts that were a delight to display on her trim body. Never to be considered skinny, her body was adorned with the lithesome curves that would be enthusiastically adored by any devotee of body art. With her tall neck, bare shoulders, and pendant necklace bringing your attention to the cleft between her perfect breasts, there were none in attendance who could ignore her presence. The narrow dress fell six inches short of her knees and was additionally graced with a slit partway up her right thigh to titillate the male population in her vicinity. Sheer black stockings held in place with a black leather garter belt would peek out the slit as she moved seductively to entice Derek's attention towards the after dinner temptations which were sure to follow. Having her feet bejeweled in her five inch high silver stiletto heels glimmering with rhinestone gems added to her total package of being a stylish vamp. With every step Ginger took her right leg showed a delightful flash of upper thigh which was further exemplified by the 'conservative' five inch heels she wore. The five inch heels were considered conservative compared to the six inch heels Derek preferred, actually insisted, she wear most of the time.

Ginger was desired by all the men, and undoubtedly by some of the women in the restaurant, as well. Such a little minx.

They were shown to a secluded table where they could kiss and cuddle without distracting other diners. Except for taking their orders and keeping the two champagne glasses filled the waiter left Derek and Ginger alone.

Over filet mignon, rice pilaf and asparagus spears, they reminisced about the joys and romance in their relationship. Derek, always the optimist, felt they were soul mates destined to spend their lives together. On the other hand, Ginger knew Derek to be a person with strong opinions about the precise way things should be done. However, his compulsion to always be in charge was but a small concern when balanced against his charming personality, handsome physique and the absolute bliss he offered in bed. Derek adored her and always treated her like royalty. He was Ginger's Prince Charming.

Derek toasted every little detail about their time together and Ginger lost track of how much champagne she had consumed. While waiting for the German chocolate cake desert, Derek pulled an impressive full color brochure from his jacket pocket.

"I've made reservations for us this holiday weekend," Derek said.

Feeling tipsy, Ginger wasn't sure she had heard correctly. They had not discussed a weekend trip. Nevertheless what girl wouldn't like the idea of getting away together for a romantic weekend at a secluded estate on a lake surrounded by a lush green forest. This would be enticing. Massages, gourmet meals and hiking trails were all part of the package. Ginger definitely could enjoy a couple days of rest, relaxation and lovemaking.

"A limo will pick us up at six tomorrow morning so you'll stay with me tonight," Derek announced. "We'll have three days away from the city."

Ginger wanted to decline but the champagne weakened her resolve and prevented her from making rational decisions. "I have to pack," she said.

"No need. Everything will be provided at the estate," Derek assured her.

A black stretch limo with dark tinted windows arrived promptly at 6:00 AM. Derek and Ginger walked over with their overnight bag. The chauffer along with an attractive young woman stepped forward to assist them.

The chauffer said, "Hello, I'm Oscar," and gesturing to his side, "This is Marlene. The drive will take a little over seven hours and Marlene will be available to assist you during the trip."

Marlene continued, "I'll be serving you breakfast once we get started." Then she returned to the passenger seat.

The Limo was top of the line, luxurious and with all the creature comforts you could imagine. Being pampered here would be an understatement.

As they moved out into traffic, Derek and Ginger hugged with big smiles on their faces. The limo soon entered the Interstate and was traveling smoothly when over the intercom Marlene asked if they were ready for breakfast.

Not seeing a microphone, Derek simply said, "That would be perfect."

Ginger was puzzled. With the privacy partition separating Derek and her from the front seats, how could Marlene provide them with breakfast?

Her silent question was answered immediately when the partition behind the passenger seat slid sideways into the center section of the limo, revealing Marlene in a Captain's chair, which pivoted to face the rear before sliding on a set of rails that were hitherto unnoticed. Marlene immediately dropped to her knees, pressed a button on the back of the partition. The bench seat opposite them opened into a serving area much like a commercial airplane would have. Breakfast was eggs Benedict accompanied by Canadian bacon and a choice of orange juice, tomato juice, and/or coffee.

Once they finished, Marlene informed them, "Along with the usual beverages, we also have a full bar if you wish some alcoholic libations along the way. Just press the green button on your right and the doors will open. This is all included as part of your weekend estate package, so please choose whatever you like."

With that, Marlene sat back in her seat, pressed a silver button on the arm rest, and the seat slid forward into the front compartment. Derek and Ginger could see the seat start to pivot to face the front as the partition began to slide shut behind her. Simultaneously, the glass window in the partition closed with a steel door.

Over the intercom, Oscar announced, "Your privacy is ensured. If you wish any assistance from Marlene, press the blue button and she will be returned to you."

Ginger perked up... what a curious way to phrase that comment.

The journey continued with tasty treats that were available in the bar. Marlene assisted with a lunch that would rival many of the best of restaurants, and later showed them how to use the black button. The seats slowly converted into reclining chairs, actually a bench, the windows darkened, the cushions softened and the two love birds drifted into a gentle two hour long nap.

They were awakened as the limousine came to a stop at the estate gate. This in itself was amazing. The gate was a very large wrought iron affair that opened and closed much like you would expect from a bank vault. Oscar tapped in the security code for the gate to open and they proceeded onto the estate property.

The road wandered uphill through the forest, often showing breathtaking vistas of the valley below. Fifteen or twenty minutes passed, and still no sign of the estate. Soon Oscar brought the limo to a halt at a second gate. Larger, more impressive than the first. Even more attention getting was the tall rugged stone wall that extended in both directions from the gate, ensuring privacy from the outside world.

There was no touch pad to enter an entry code. Instead, this gate had an intercom to the estate proper. Oscar announced their arrival and the gate opened before them. Another five or six minutes passed before the limo pulled up to the estate.

Ginger immediately said, "This isn't the estate shown on the brochure."

Derek responded with, "There may be a chain of estates, I'm sure they'll clarify this inside."

And inside was yet to be reached.

The 'Estate' looked more like a castle. Huge. Bigger than a whole square block in the city. At least two stories high and emanating rustic invulnerability. The entryway easily could have been originally designed as part of a drawbridge for a European castle. After driving through the archway, the opening closed as a large solid wood door slowly swung shut.

The view of the courtyard took Ginger's breath away. Pathways wandered around majestic fountains, through vibrant rose gardens, under weeping willows and across a bridge or two. The picturesque setting felt tranquil and relaxing. This weekend was destined to be an experience they would remember forever.

A butler walked down the steps from the main entrance to greet them as they exited the limo. "Welcome to the Hoffmeyer Estate. If you'll please follow me and I'll show you to your rooms."

Ginger jerked bolt upright. "Hoffmeyer! Derek, that's your last name."

"Yes, my dear. This is the family estate. I think you'll enjoy your stay here. I always do."

Ginger replied, "I had no idea you came from such a prestigious background."

"And that's the way it should be. If you love me for just being me, then there should be no reason to be distracted by whatever money I may or may not have access to. Don't you agree?"

Ginger was stunned by this new revelation. All she could say was, "Yes, of course, but..."

"Come, Darling, I hadn't realized the hour, we're right on time to have dinner with the family. We can go up to our rooms later." Derek held out his hand to lead Ginger to the dining room.

Along the way Ginger tried to absorb the immense grandeur of the estate. The sculptures, paintings, architecture, everything was mind boggling to the young middle class city girl. They passed through what seemed to be a never-ending continuum of art and history from the major nations of the world.

Upon entering the dinning room, Derek said, "Hello Uncle, let me introduce you to Ginger. Ginger, my Uncle Heinz."

"Ginger, my dear, what a stunning young lady your are. Derek has told us so much about you, but he never mentioned what a beauty you are. So glad to finally meet you."

"Glad to meet you, Sir."

"Come, my dear, you and Derek sit up here beside me." The two people on Uncle Heinz's left stood up and moved further down the table to make their places available to Derek and Ginger.

Ginger was thrilled to have such a seat of honor beside Uncle Heinz at the table. When she looked down the table it was immediately obvious that she was one of only two women seated at the table.

Uncle Heinz called out, "Let us start with the appetizers."

Ginger sat on Uncle Heinz's left with Derek beside her. There were twelve people seated at the large table, which could easily accommodate twenty. There was an additional table on each side. Ginger estimated a total of forty guests could be seated if need be.

Six serving girls started to bring in the appetizers. Ginger's first thought was that the girls themselves must be the appetizers. High stiletto heels echoed around the room. Their hair and makeup was perfectly done and equal to what you would see in a high class fashion magazine. They all presented a dazzling display of feminine beauty and elegance.

The outfits they wore were skimpy, tightly fitted, and clearly meant to be sexually suggestive. Everything you could ever imagine, starting with a classic French Maid's uniform, complete with the tiny flared skirt, low cut blouse, net seamed stockings, and the obligatory small white apron with lace trim. When you added her charmingly submissive smile, you had a package that would gain the attention of every man on the planet. Another girl only had a short halter-top and was naked from the waist down. Black patent ballet boots accentuated the girl's legs. Ginger was fascinated by the girl's gorgeous legs and her ability to walk on her toes. Ginger was simultaneously curious and disturbed.

Ginger turned to Derek, "What on earth... "

Derek raised his hand to silence her.

Again Ginger started to say, "Derek, what... "

Derek touched his index finger to her lips to silence her again.

Another exquisite body was only adorned in a string bikini along with the extreme high heels which seemed to be the only constant between the various costumes.

The most attention getting outfit was worn by a lithe petite blonde named Alex. She was dressed in silver chains that were attached to her body. Her septum, tongue, nipples, labia, and clit were all pierced. Her piercings all displayed heavy rings meant to impress. And the chains were not simple delicate little jewelry chains draped for show. These were real chains meant to hold her tight and secure; they were capable of locking Alex in place. In this case they were locking Alex to herself with ease. Chains were connected from the nose ring in her septum to her nipples, from her tongue ring to her clit, and from her clit back up to her nipples.

Derek told Ginger that Alex was the designated water girl. Ginger didn't see how this was possible, since Alex's wrists were also chained to her sides. It wasn't until Alex turned sideways that Ginger noticed the large two gallon bottle attached to Alex's ponytail. There was a funnel fitted to the top of the bottle so the dinner guests could pour their water glasses into the gallon bottle as Alex circulated around the room. As more and more water was added, the water bottle gained weight. Alex's head began to be pulled back harder and harder, putting more of a pull on the combined piercings in front of her. Before the bottle was full, Alex's head was being pulled back quite far. The combined strain on her tongue pulling towards her clit, her nose being pulled towards her nipples, and her nipples being pulled towards her clit had her in tears with her head pulled back so far that Alex was unable to look forwards to see where she was going. Her solution was to turn sideways and look to her side as best she could. Not the best answer to the problem, but better than standing still in constant agony for the evening. Ginger turned to Derek questioningly and he explained that Alex could not leave until her water bottle was full.

The most unusual costume was the girl in a one piece bright red rubber body suit complete with hands, feet, and a lace up hood. There were matching steel cuffs on both her wrists and ankles; with short chains connecting each pair. Her eyes could be seen through the small cutouts, the eye makeup was a bold red that matched her outfit. The only skin showing was from the cutouts for her pale breasts and ass which stood out in sharp contrast to the tight red rubber. The girl definitely attracted attention. Numerous people gestured for her to come over to them so they could torment her prominently displayed nipples. It was the girl's slow progress that caused Ginger to notice the short chain connecting the girl's ankle cuffs. She was hobbled!

Uncle Heinz produced a paddle from under his chair and passed it to his right around the table. The girl automatically followed the paddle from guest to guest as each paddled her butt and her breasts. The apparent goal seemed to be for the girl's breasts and butt to match the color of her red outfit. When the paddle finally came to Derek, Ginger expected him to pass the paddle on to Uncle Heinz. Instead, Derek took the paddle, stood up, and told the girl to arch her back and bend forward.

She was offering her breasts to him.

Derek said, "Head up!" and he paused to enjoy the helpless girl's plight.

"Pick a number!"

Unable to talk with the hood encasing her head, she just whimpered.

Derek continued, "Well, this will have to do... two breasts, twelve guests, that would be twenty four strokes." Derek laid into her breasts alternating in continuous sets of four from side to side. 1,2,3,4 then 5,6,7,8... 9,10,11,12... 13,14,15,16... 17,18,19,20... 21,22,23,24.

"Perfect. Now turn around and offer me your butt."

The girl turned around, bent forward and waited patiently.


She bent further until her back was horizontal.

"That might be good enough for the others, but I know you can do better. Bend all the way down and touch your toes." As she bent further down, Derek added, "Legs straight!"

Derek turned to his Uncle and held out his hand. Uncle Heinz handed him a small padlock, which Derek immediately used to lock the girl's wrist chain to her ankle chain.

"Yes, that's what I want."

And Derek unleashed an intense flurry of 24 without mercy. The girl in red almost fell over.

Derek commented, "Very nice. You may go now."

Ginger was stunned by his behavior. Was this her sweet loving Derek?

She sat frozen in shocked silence as the girl in red, still locked in the position of touching her toes, hobbled ever so slowly towards the kitchen.

A different set of six serving girls brought in a small salad as soon as the first group cleared the previously used dishes. These girls were decked out in Spandex, rubber, leather and even satin. Three blondes had the cuffs around their wrists and ankles both connected with short chains. Their movements generated an almost musical serenade. A stunning black leather lace up long line corset dress was a harsh contrast to the erotic sensations it provoked. The dress laced its full length from her upper back all the way down to her knees. The small waist pinched in below well developed breasts while also accentuating an ass that was destined to attract male interest. The dress laced as tightly as possible all the way down to her knees. This in conjunction with amazingly high platform heels restricted the girl's steps to a miniscule inching along. The extreme nature of the dress made one wonder how she could possibly display the happy smile she maintained.

Ginger was very uncomfortable sitting in the middle of this sex parade and her squirming was starting to be noticed by Uncle Heinz... who smiled at her dilemma.

The main course arrived promptly after the salad plates were cleared. At this point there were eight girls, seven were in chains. They were the six from the first course, plus two. Some were quite restrictive with hobbled ankles causing tiny feminine steps.

The seventh girl was so restricted that there was no possibility of her actually serving during the meal. The girl was naked, bent over at the waist locked into a position similar to the girl in red. Her arms were around her legs and the cuffs on her wrists were locked together behind her legs. Her outfit was a pair of skyscraper platform heels. And nothing more! Bent over like that she couldn't see where she was going. The eighth girl was there to lead her on a leash to guide her progress.

As the six girls were serving the entree, the naked girl was being led around the table for all to see. It was immediately self evident by her bright red ass that she must be the girl who was paddled in the red rubber outfit during the appetizers. While touring around the table they came past where Ginger was seated. The girl looked sideways and Ginger recognized her... It was Marlene!

Marlene's ordeal continued during the main course. Nearly every man she went past swatted her bottom numerous times. Her ass was progressively getting redder and redder. Yet Marlene never uttered a sound.

Ginger wanted to get up and leave, but when she started to rise from her seat, both Derek on one side and Uncle Heinz on the other side, pushed her back down onto the chair.

Again a parade of nubile young bodies provided eye candy for those in attendance.

The plates were cleared and strawberry cheesecake was served.

Once the sweet treat had been devoured, the second desert was about to begin.

Eleven naked girls came out, each standing behind one of the men and the other woman at the table. Uncle Heinz raised his hand, held it in place for a few moments, and then pointed down.

Each of the girls dove under the table and many of the diners began to register a smile of satisfaction.

Five minutes later, Uncle Heinz called out, "One more."

It was a red eyed Marlene that came out to stand beside Uncle Heinz. He raised his hand and pointed directly at Marlene's face. When Marlene nodded to acknowledge this action, Heinz pointed at Ginger's pussy. Marlene disappeared under the table.

Ginger didn't know what to do. She was stunned. Shocked. Her body rigidly frozen in place.

Ginger tried to hold her legs together. Derek told her, "Don't fight it!"

Thus Ginger was a participant. An unwilling participant, but a participant nonetheless.

After nearly thirty minutes, Derek ordered Marlene to crawl out from under the table, kneel beside Ginger's chair, and to look up at Ginger.

"Marlene, you already know Ginger.

"Ginger, I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Marlene."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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