Her Birthday Celebration
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Author's Note: I was stranded at a distant airport but it was her 29th birthday. She needed a fitting celebration.

It's her birthday, but here I am 1400 miles away. I'm stuck in one of My least favorite airports in the world, waiting for the weather to permit the planes to take off. So I make a few phone calls in order to make arrangements before I call home.

Her whispered "Hello" greets My call.

"Happy birthday, gurl. I am sorry to say that I am stuck in Atlanta, probably won't get outta here until tomorrow. I am sorry that our original plans will have to wait for another reason to celebrate. Meanwhile, you must continue to adhere to the rules that pertain when I am out of town.

"you may not speak to anyone above a whisper. Unless you are speaking on the telephone you are allowed to use only the same, few words. 'Please' 'Thank you' 'Yes, Sir' and the phrase, 'my Master is not home, how may this one Serve you, Sir?' "

"Yes, Daddy. this one understands," whispered, of course.

"But I would not have you spend your entire Birthday alone and bored, just waiting."

"Thank you, Daddy."

"So I have made Arrangements. My gurl, you will go to this address (________) to arrive at noon. gurl will wear black thigh-high stockings clipped to a black lacy garter belt, the plaid 10-inch Catholic high-school uniform skirt, a white Men's button shirt tied up under the titties and your silver-and-black 6-inch stiletto heels."

-Her various stiletto heeled shoes are all one-and-a-half sizes too tight. In this pair, used only for very special occasions, we have glued a single thumbtack, point up of course in each shoe, just at the very front of her foot's heel. I love the way this makes her balance on her toes to keep the weight off her heels.-

"Now you may carry the tiny sequined purse with you but no identification. In the purse you may bring the new clover clamps that are on the weighted chain, a tube of Icy-Hot, a package of a dozen medium-sized alligator clips and, oh yes, bring the bristled bottlebrush as well. While you are outside you should keep your right hand inside the pocket of the skirt, putting pressure on one alligator clip holding the cuntlips closed. And in your left hand you will carry just enough money to pay the taxi-driver for the trip to My friend's home. If you please My friend and His guests someone will ensure that you don't have to walk back home, dear.

"Of course, you are to wear no make-up at all except that you may use a few dabs of the Icy-Hot as lipstick so that you remain aware of My gurl's lips. Oh yes, I think a few dabs on My cuntlips for comparison might be a good idea as well.

"I want your hair back in a tight pony tail so that everyone can see all of your wonderful features and the expressions on your face when you are reacting to all that you shall experience for your Birthday celebration."

The response came in a whisper of course, "yes Daddy, this one will do as she has been instructed. Thank you Sir for planning a Birthday Celebration for your little slavegurl."

I understand that My gurl arrived on time and was escorted in. "How may this one Serve you, Sir?" were the only words to come out of her and she was immediately ordered to her knees. her ponytail was grabbed and pulled over her head, towards her forehead as she was ordered to crawl beside the unknown Man.

Waiting in His living room were two more Men she did not recognize. "Sit on your ankles, bitch!"

She sank back, clasping her hands behind the back of her head as her Host instructed. The three Men walked around her commenting quietly on her lack of make-up, on her hairstyle, her clothing. They made soft wagers on the level of her obedience.

One Man slapped her left cheek then back-handed her on the other cheek. Other than a slight gasp, she remained silent. They were quiet, she told Me later, so she thought they liked her image. But she was nervous because she did not know what to expect.

Another Man pulled her ponytail straight up, stretching her torso as she managed just barely to keep her butt touching her ankles. Another Man gently closed her eyes with a fingertip and then suddenly inserted 3 or 4 fingers deep into her mouth, causing her to gag. He wiggled His fingers around, up and down before pulling them nearly all the way out of her mouth and then suddenly shoving them in so they collided with the back of her throat.

When she was ordered to stand and slowly strip for them, "Put on a show for us, birthday bitch," they remained quiet except for specific commands. "Leave those shoes on though. I like the way they tighten your calves." She thought they liked her and that they didn't know about the thumbtacks in the shoes.

After, she was told to spread her legs apart past shoulder width and to stretch her hands, her fingers reaching towards the ceiling. They had her stand like that while they continued to circle her, talking about her and laughing quietly to themselves.

Then she was commanded to sit on her ankles again while they gathered their "instruments of pleasure". She wondered when they would look into her purse to see what she had brought for that same purpose.

The third Man used the toe of His boot to spread her knees apart, "Farther apart, birthday gurl, we want to see the cunt you are presenting for our attention." He wasn't satisfied until her legs made a nearly straight line with her knees were pointed towards the walls to either side. Her legs shook a bit, the cuntlips straining to open under the pressure from the alligator clamp. He bent over her as if noticing the clamp for the first time, reached out a hand and pulled at it, stretching the cuntlips out and twisting them to one side then the other.

Of course she moaned, quietly. But she gasped a good bit louder when He opened and tore away the clip and the cuntlips snapped back to their place, this time spread wide open. There were drops of blood, but noticeably no real damage.

"Get up bitch!"

she did so.

her hands were jerked out in front and her wrists were tied, hands pulled over her head where they were attached to something.

One Man began placing heavy, thick pipe-clamp bands around My titties. Another Man squeezed then separated her ass cheeks, working a finger past her sphincter.

As the first Man tightened the clamp bands, the tits swelled and turned shades of red and purple almost immediately. The second Man knelt in front of My gurl and starting sucking at the clit. Gentle at first He sucked harder and yet harder, she cried out when he used His teeth.

"Ah! Exactly. That's exactly what we want, to hear you cry and to hear you scream. We've taken bets about the noises you will make, the noises you are not supposed to make at all!"

He slapped one cheek, then backhanded her other, over and again.

The Men disappeared behind her and she felt a sting to first one calf then the other. Next the flogger hit her back a half dozen times while a cane cut into her ass cheeks in a slow excruciating cadence.

The third Man stood in front of her with a long, wide, thick leather razor strap and smiled as He began to beat the bulging, colorful, banded tits.

The Men circled around the hanging little striking her here and there with their various weapons, the sensations changing as they did so. As did the noises which she tried unsuccessfully to suppress. The tears which had begun trickling with the bands around the tits, began to literally flow down her reddened cheeks.

They beat her like that for the longest 15 minutes of her life as she stretched her heels off the tacks, her hands pulled up towards the hook in the ceiling.

It took her a few moments to realize the three Men had stopped and were standing around her, looking My property over. They were talking but she couldn't focus on Their words.

The Man who had answered the door originally attached clips to the bands encircling the tits, the chains at the other end of the clips rose to a pulley system in the ceiling. She was hoisted until her weight came off her feet. "Now those tacks your Owner told Me about won't hurt you so much, sweets. When your titties can't hold your weight any longer you let Me know and we will let you back down. Oh wait, you aren't allowed to say much, are you? Well, 'please' will work fine. We will keep you attached like this for awhile yet. Whenever you say 'please' we will adjust the chains so that either your weight will come off your feet or off your tits."

i was feeling weak and dizzy. There were simply too many sensations, all at once. i was loving this. Well, i mean, what slut wouldn't enjoy such a glorious a Birthday spanking?!

Master's tits felt like they were going to burst. my toes couldn't find any support, all my weight pulled at Master's titties which were stretching and felt as though they might tear right off my chest.

my hands were released and untied, brought behind my back and handcuffed. my elbows wore straps next, made of leather buckling dog collars with extra holes punched so that They could bring my elbows to the point of touching and then hold them there too tight for wiggles to have any affect.

Then i watched one of the Men get my purse and open it to see what gifts i had brought for them to use on my body. The tube of Icy-Hot got some sadistic grins, the bottlebrush made one Man's eyes glint brightly. The alligator clamps brought a laugh-out-loud.

The Men were obviously pleased, which made me happy too. So i thought They must like this gurl - this gurl likes for Men to enjoy her, and to do what they like to her, as long as it is all done with Daddy's Permission because she knows that Daddy will always be protective of His property.

After they saw the toys that gurl had brought with for Them to use on her body, for Their Pleasure, they decided to play a Word Game with her first. The game would be all about the one word, 'please'.

My good friend, who owned the home where the Birthday Bash took place, took eight of the alligator clips and approached My gurl and her chest full of the magnificent titties I owned. He pinched a fingerfull of the flesh on one side of the nipple on the left tit, stretched it out and attached the full length of the multi-toothed clamp to it. Her legs began to sway a bit. He then pinched a fingerfull of the flesh on the other side of the same nipple, stretched it out a bit further and attached another multi-toothed clamp to it, making sure that every tooth had grabbed at her skin. Then He moved to the right-hand tit, pinched a fingerfull of the flesh on one side of that nipple, stretched it out and attached the full length of another alligator clamp. He pinched the flesh on the other side of that same nipple, stretching it out as far as possible and twisting a bit towards the outside, attaching the 4th clamp so all of its teeth were piercing the titflesh there. Finally, and believe Me he was grinning and enjoying this fully, he pinched and pulled, stretched and twisted and ground his fingernails into one nipple after the other and attached two alligator clamps to each nipple, one horizontally across the base and the other at the very tip of the sensitive tissue.

My gurl was trying very hard to suppress her screams, which caused her to choke and gurgle and gag... her breathing became very rapid and deep which of course expanded My titties as her chest filled with air... thrusting the fleshy tortured globes out towards the Man who was offering her such intense attention on My behalf.

I just KNOW that she appreciated the effort that went into this birthday party in spite of the fact that I couldn't be there to take an active part in celebrating her pain.

"Shush little one," He said, placing a finger across her upper lips. "Would you like Me to lower you now, to take the pressure off your tits?"

"Please," came the whispered (of course) response.

The Man nodded His head towards someone behind her and suddenly she was dropped to the floor, landing of course on her feet (He steadied her with strong grips on both tits until He knew she could stand on her own). Or should I say landing directly onto the one inch thumbtacks that punctured her feet, just in front of her heels, into very soft and sensitive skin, touching and scraping the nerves there. This caused intense sharp and burning pain in both feet and she struggled to lift the backs of her feet off the tacks and out of the backs of her too tight stiletto-heeled shoes. But the grip He used to steady her so that she wouldn't inadvertently fall, kept pushing her down towards the floor.

At this point, she told Me later, she began to cry out loud and she thinks that she never stopped crying vocally for the rest of her Party. Which of course is exactly what the Men desired, which is how and why They enjoyed her Suffering so very much. Why They did indeed like her as much as she thought They might.

Just as she finally was able to lift her feet off the pointed thumbtacks another Man gently moved Him out of the way and told the room that he wondered if she could remain on her toes if -

- and He punched her in her lower belly with all His incredible Male-strength. This caused her body to bend double as her breath whuuuushed out of her mouth, her ass rose up higher and out further - where it received a tremendous wallop from the cane the 3rd Man had been patiently holding for that very purpose. This of course shoved her body forward towards the puncher who laughed out loud and repeated His blow below her beltline. Needless to say, she bent over coughing and gagging and trying very, very hard to breathe again. Wooosh and Smack came the cane against her butt again and her heels of course fell back full of her entire body weight onto the thumbtacks again. I think she might have tried to scream then, but I don't think she had enough air in her lungs to do so.

"Would you like these Men to stop punching and caning you?"

"whatever this one can do to Serve Your Pleasure, Sir" came the whispered reply.

"Well I don't think that was exactly any of the phrases or words it is allowed to say according to the Rules your Daddy explained to Me... So, obviously you are in need of some Punishment before We can continue with this Celebration... Let's see now, I wonder what We can do as Punishment... oh, I know, I know- Hell, I had almost forgotten what your Owner said about Punishing you. He told Me that you have a serious and absolute fear of injections and burns."

He asked His two companions to continue their attention to her needs while He went to get the Punishment equipment from the kitchen.

He returned moments later (after she had received 3 more blows to her tummy and 3 cane-slashes to her ass) just in time to watch His buddy slug her in the stomach even harder, if that can be imagined, so hard that she vomited, mostly dry heaves because she hadn't eaten anything the day before, obeying dietary orders from her Daddy of course.

While she tried to vomit the nothingness of her empty but swollen belly, the Man behind her managed a quick series of 4 slashes with the cane, the last one of which came back with some of her blood actually dripping from the cutting tip.

"Ha-ha! Good one, My friend!" exclaimed her Host as he stepped up to the front and regained His place as Master-in-Charge of proving to My gurl that she was loved by many Men, at My command.

He bade her watch as he unwrapped the cloth package He had brought back from His trip to the kitchen. Her eyes widened and she gasped, tried to pull back (unsuccessfully of course) and actually started to almost repeat 'no, no, please no...' but of course since the word NO is not in her while-Daddy's-gone vocabulary we know that she didn't actually SAY any of that, right?

And what do you suppose she saw in this strange but loving Man in front of her? Well, you might not ever guess so I will explain.

First, she saw a really humungous syringe with a needle that must have been at least 3 inches long and quite thick. Next she saw a bottle labeled "Acid-S". she actually began to shake; her entire body was shivering uncontrollably.

With unbelieving eyes she watched Him push the needle into the top of the bottle and using the plunger he drew up an inch or so of the liquid from the bottle into the syringe. He smiled in her face and reminded her of the Rules. "you are only allowed to whisper and you are only allowed to say certain words and phrases while Daddy is gone. You must have forgotten. These words and phrases are 'Please' 'Thank you' 'Yes, Sir' - and the phrase, 'my Master is not home, how may this one Serve you, Sir?' "

"So I have been instructed to Punish you harshly to remind you of the standing Rules which you must NEVER forget again!"

Still smiling into her face, he placed the point tip of the syringe needle just above the alligator clip that still held the base of the nipple of the left breast. He scraped the point up towards her chest and back down to the nipple base 3 times, each time pushing it into her flesh just a tiny bit more. Then, as he reached the nipple base on the way back down for the 4th time, he pushed it directly, deeply into the quivering, perspiring flesh, pointing it towards her breastbone. When it was pushed in for the full 3 (or was it 3 ) inches and the bottom of the syringe cylinder bottomed out against the fleshy globe, He used the plunger to inject the full inch of liquid acid into the swollen, discolored already in screaming-quality pain tit. Then He stepped back to watch as her face registered her painful anticipation which turned to disbelief which became total uninterruptible dismay and then incredible burning PAIN!!!!

I mean, from everything she and My Male Friends told Me when I arrived home two days later, the PAIN she experienced was above and beyond anything any of them had ever imagined. Her mouth opened wide and she screamed... and kept screaming full strength for 30 or 40 minutes without stopping long enough to even take in a breath of air.

Her entire body jerked and quaked and bounced so that, said My friend, it was a very good thing she was not hanging by the tits at that point or they would have surely separated from her chest wall.

When she finally calmed, My friend again stepped up to her (He had backed away both in order to appreciate her contortions and to stay out of the way of her lashing, kicking legs and the sharp heels she wore). He smiled into her eyes and said, "I almost wish I didn't have to do this to you. But your Punishment and your Reminder must be complete so that you never, ever make that mistake again. And besides, I won't deprive My friends and I from watching your unbelievable Dance of Pain. I swear that I have never seen anything like that before in My entire life!!!"

He pushed the needle back into the bottle that was labeled "Acid-S" again and once again used the plunger to draw an inch or so of the liquid from the bottle into the syringe. He smiled into her face again and once more reminded her of the Rules. "you must remember that when your Daddy is out of town you are only allowed to whisper and you are only allowed to say certain words and phrases while Daddy is gone. You must have forgotten. These words and phrases are 'Please' 'Thank you' 'Yes, Sir' - and the phrase, 'my Master is not home, how may this one Serve you, Sir?' "

Still smiling into her face, he placed the point tip of the syringe needle just above the alligator clip that still held the base of the nipple of the right breast. He scraped the point up towards her chest and back down to the nipple base 3 times, each time pushing it into her flesh just a tiny bit more. Then, as he reached the nipple base on the way back down for the 4th time, he pushed it directly, deeply into the quivering, perspiring flesh, pointing it towards her breastbone. When it was pushed in for the full 31/2 inches and the bottom of the syringe cylinder bottomed out against the fleshy globe, He used the plunger to inject the full inch (or was it 1 inches) of liquid acid into the swollen, discolored already in screaming-quality pain tit. Then He stepped back to watch as her face registered her painful anticipation, which turned to total uninterruptible dismay and then incredible BURNING PAIN!!!!

When her Dance and Song of Pain had finally ended (this time it took at least 50 minutes, maybe a bit longer) she was barely able to watch Him rewrap the syringe and bottle labeled "Acid-S" in the cloth packaging and walk back towards the kitchen.

"I have to tell you," spoke up one of the other two Men who were helping My gurl celebrate her 29th birthday, "that I have never seen such an incredibly sensuous display of womanhood before, gurl. Thank you very much for letting Me partake in this Party!"

she didn't really know how to respond to that remark, but she nodded and smiled to him.

"Yes Sir, thank you, Sir; how may this one Serve you, Sir?"

He understood that this was not exactly what she wanted to say to Him but that she wasn't allowed to say much else.

"Now that we have completed the necessary Punishment it is time to return to our Word Game. I have noted that your heels have, for the most part, been fully in your shoes. I gather the pain of Punishment to your tits simply overwhelmed the thumbtack-in-the-sole pain... but I bet you are gradually becoming aware of the point of the tacks in the shoes once again...

"so let's move right along. Would you like Me to remove your shoes and adjust that problem for you?"

"Sir? Yes, Sir, Please," came the whispered response.

"What's that you say? Huh! I do believe I heard you say the Magic Word. So of course, according to the Rules of the Word Game, I have little choice."

And He nodded to the Men behind her once again. She heard the cranking noise this time as she felt the bulging, colorful, unbelievingly PAINFUL titties being squeezed even tighter and gradually rising on her chest, higher, higher... until it HURT so very much and then she was rising in the air again and her feet were coming off the floor. The pain of the thumbtacks de-inserting themselves from her feet wasn't even noticeable, truly.

She couldn't really scream any more, or so she told herself as she could hear moans and groans and whimpers which she just KNEW must be coming out of her own mouth. Nevertheless she was aware as He bent to one knee and wriggled the shoes back and forth, twisting and pulling until they finally released her swollen, hurting feet.

He stood up then and showed her the inside of her shoes each of which contained one blood-stained thumbtack and dark-stained Dr. Whatsisface inserts. "Well," He said, looking directly and deeply into her eyes as she swayed and strained, hanging from the swollen, discolored and very, very PAINFULL titties, "Now we shall see how I can adjust these shoes for you My dear."

He turned the shoes round and round, pretended to try to remove the thumbtacks altogether, pretended to give up on doing so. "Well I can't seem to turn them inside out, I can't seem to stretch them any larger. Nor can I remove the thumbtacks or shorten the 6 inch stiletto heels. So I guess this is the only thing I can do to adjust them."

And he proceeded to pull a tiny box from a pocket hiding place, to open said box and to show her what was inside. What was inside, you might ask. I will tell you, but give Me a chance to create just a little suspense first, won't you?

While all this was going on I don't suppose the other two Men who were part of this Party were simply sitting around or standing with their thumbs up her ass, do you? Of course not. What they were actually doing was to prepare for the next step in the celebration of gurl's (ability to withstand Pain) 29th birthday. They were gathering oil, gingerroots, single-tail whips, riding crops, candles and matches, a very large butt plug, a dildo with needle-like protuberances and a way larger one wrapped with nettle leaves, several trays of ice cubes, an enema bag, a box of detergent, a Coleman stove upon which rested a pot of water that was nearing the boiling point, leatherwork needles with thick monofilament attached - oh, and did you notice, there is also a wooden horse with a very sharp edged, rough-textured top... I would say that they are mistakenly paying very little attention to what their Host is doing with our heroine and making assumptions about the degree to which they might be allowed to torture and even damage My property. Silly fellows. They will not ever be invited to another party involving My property. That is for damned sure.

But on the other hand, MY friend, the host of this sublimation-celebration, well, He is doing just exactly what He has been asked to do as a favor to Me. For which He shall be rewarded more than adequately (but that is the subject of a story not yet written).

The Master of this Party was showing gurl what he had found in the tiny box. The box was full, containing 6 thumbtacks with 1inch stems and 20 thumbtacks with 2 inch stems. "Ah, gurl," He said with a conspiratory wink. "I seem to have discovered exactly how your Master wishes to have the Cinderella slippers adjusted for your Birthday Party!"

While she looked on with eyes that had grown to nearly double her usual size, He used SuperGlue to fasten 3 thumbtacks with 1 inch stems and very sharp points in each shoe, points up, between the very front of the heel section to the very bottom of the balls-of-the-foot section. He set them aside to give them a few moments before He would test the solidity of the fastenings.

While waiting, He stepped closer to her than He had yet been, almost nose to nose and eye to eye (remember she was dangling still by the tits from the ceiling, raised high enough that He could do this without bending a knee). "This is going to be quite wonderful, I hope you know. I am really enjoying your Birthday, this Celebration, your Suffering and Pain and I truly enjoy playing Games with you. In this case we shall continue with the Word Game as soon as I put these high heel sneakers back on your feet."

His grin was heartwarming I am sure. I am certain that gurl's heart began to flutter with the love she has for Men in general, the special love she has for Men to whom I have given her and her need to be controlled, possessed and Punished by a carefully chosen, very proficient Man.

She may only be 29, just barely, but she had been trained since before puberty (at that point of course not involving sex of any kind but with careful instillation of Obedience, Wish to Serve and Please, complete understanding of the advantages held by Males and the Perfection of Man and Elders), gradually, by her parents who had grown up in the scene and by grandparents who had actually helped develop the scene in the 30s, 40s and 50s on the West Coast. She had come to Me fully trained and completely open to complete Ownership... she had never known any other life.

He had some difficulty getting the shoes to actually go onto her feet - they were a size and a half too small to begin with and her feet were rather swollen. Plus the extra length (way extra) of the tack stems and the extra sharp points made it even harder. He twisted and pulled and pushed and crammed and stuffed and twisted some more until finally got the feet into the shoes and the shoes buckled closed. He was quite sure that not only could she not accidentally or purposely remove the shoes herself, but anyone would have a very rough time of an attempted removal.

The gurl was still hanging so there was no weight whatsoever on her feet, in her shoes with the additional very sharp, long-stemmed thumbtacks. Yet the tight fit held her soles to the point of the entire experiment.

The Master then took the tiny box, which still held 20 thumbtacks with fully 2 inch stems. He held the box in front of her face. He took one large tack out and held that right up in front of her eyes, put the point against the meat of her nose and scratched, scraped, indented but did not puncture. He laughed a bit with a rather scary sound and stepped back. "Now I wonder where I can put these to put them to the best possible use. Let's see... what would be some very sensitive places other than the tits which we are already enjoying and temporarily destroying with other means? Hmmmmmm-mmmm... oh I think I know. 'Deed I do!

"Let's insert them completely to the hilt wherever we put them. Of course this will mean that we must choose places where we can do that without hitting any sensitive nerves or blood vessels. For example, your ass cheeks. For example the cheeks of your face. For instance, the insides of your thighs. Maybe your armpits, what do you think? Oh and absolutely we must pay attention to your cunt - both the outer lips and the inner lips and while we are at it I think we might probably wish to use a thrusting device to get one or two up deep INTO the cunt too... although those might be more difficult to remove tomorrow!"

just as He suspected, she got more and more frightened as He listed the potential targets and by the time He had finished, she was white as a ghost (except of course for the ever-more-colorful breasts which were still supporting her entire body weight and banded way too tightly at their bases).

"Please," she whispered. "Please, please, please pleasepleasepleaseplease, Sir, please."

"Oh you don't want any of that?" Well you have once again recited the Magic Word for tonight. Repeatedly, in fact. So let's see, that is 4 upstrokes, and 5 downstrokes. And you have asked so nicely that I have no doubt I will comply with your stated wish to experience these extra long, extra sharp thumbtacks in all those different, tissue-rich, sensitive-as-Hell parts of your body. As far as how we shall remove those we put way deep inside your cunt... well, we shall simply have to cross that bridge when we reach it..."

She began to shake her head from side to side, "Thank you, Sir, Thank you Sir, Thank you, how can I Serve you Sir? How may this one Serve you Sir, Please Sir, oh Please..."

Smile broadening, He nodded to the Men behind her who released the hoist holding her up by the titties and she slammed down suddenly onto the floor with His hands of course steadying her with very tight, strong grips on the blue bruised and bulging breasts. He heard her sudden intake of breath, heard her scream inwardly to herself, felt her fight to push up to get her feet off those thumbtacks which had penetrated deeply into her feet, deeper than ever before, a full one inch into the tender tissue of the soles of her feet. He laughed and kept the downward pressure on her and then twisted each breast towards the outside and slid His fingers down to the pierced, pinched and improbably throbbing nipples, centers of PAIN where He actually gripped the alligator clips themselves and used them to twist and turn as far as possible in one direction, then the next... until finally He moved his hands back to the breast themselves and pulled her upwards, lifting her so the thumbtack points penetrated still but no longer were digging into the soles of her screaming feet. (ok ok, so I've been known to take some poetic license even when writing prose...)

He nodded to the Men again and they hit the switch of the hoist and she was carried aloft again by the bands encircling and crushing the bases of the breasts, digging in so tight and deep for the bands' full 1-inch widths, the bands which carried her aloft again Painfully of course. Quite Painfully. Wonderfully Painfully; wonderful, that is, for the spectators.

When she was fully up and dangling again He attached a spreader bar between her feet using cuffs at her ankles. The feet were now held in place nearly 4 feet apart when He nodded to the Men again and she fell with an amazing suddenness to land abruptly on top of the tacks which penetrated fully immediately and this time her legs were spread so very far, the angles so very different that the punctures were at totally different places. Oh, benevolent as He was, He did not force her to remain in position to savor her Pain. No, He was merciful. He nodded again and she was lifted again by the titties which were surely tiring of the strain as well as the Pain. She was again dropped...

i was totally amazed when He called a halt to the Word Game after several more rounds. Grateful and amazed that the Man didn't actually push the larger thumbtacks into the depths of Master's cunt. He did push several in to the deepest level He could reach, they could reach. i got one in each armpit, which had me simply dancing with the Pain in an area where i had never experienced hurt before. He pushed two through my upper lips, both puncturing both the top and bottom lips, holding them together so that speaking any words would have become seriously difficult. He pushed 4 into pinched skin on each of my inner thighs (not deeply but rather so they each punctured twice - going in and coming out of the folds of skin). 3 went directly and deeply into each of my butt cheeks. 1 more went deeply into the two spots where my butt cheeks meet my legs. Since that still left the two smaller thumbtacks that He had removed from the shoes, He used them both in my crotch. One went through Master's clit-hood and the other went right through His Owned clit.

i have never known such Pain before, each item of Pain each tactic to cause Pain, was in itself beyond the Pain i was accustomed to offer to Master or any other Man. And here i had gone through all of them! One right after the other, one right alongside the other. The cumulative Pain was beyond anything i could have imagined. Ever.

Yet i was surprised that He stopped when He did. First removing all the penetrating thumbtacks from the various parts of my body, He took off the shoes - which in itself had me moaning and nearly screaming as the tacks scratched and even cut their way out of the soles of my feet, which hurt far more than the withdrawing of any of the other tacks. Then He let me down and i found that my feet were hurting so much that i had to put my weight on the balls (at least not on the toes themselves this time).

He pulled off the alligator nippleclamps and disconnected the chains from the bands around Master's titties.

i knew how much this Man liked me for sure now; even though He didn't have to release me from all those horrors, He did so. As each Painful application was undone or removed i felt pangs of gratefulness surge through my very being. i so needed admiration and appreciation, i so wanted to be valued for the only things i truly had to give to any Man - my Pain and Suffering.

When my Host released the bands and the blood coursed back into them, He used a paddle to smack each one over and over again. i think He actually did this more to distract me from the screaming pain of the returning blood than to cause my Owner's titties more pain. Less rather than more, right? But then again, i wonder why He continued to paddle the titties for 15 entire minutes, maybe even longer. i'm just not sure. Of anything.

my elbows and hands were released after i fell to the floor. i was pulled to my knees and they shoved all 3 cocks into my face. i had no strength left but somehow managed to kneel to suck Them hard, one after the other, back and forth, back and forth. i would shove my head down to impale my mouth and i would suck and flick my tongue and bob my head up and down until they were so hard that they were hitting the back of my throat and getting so deep that i was gagging constantly. They pushed my face pushed to the floor, pulled my hands way above my head... the pressure this put on Master's tits was atrocious, totally awesome. then They took turns fucking my ass. i was relieved, to tell the truth Master (please forgive this slavelittle) to not be being smacked or caned, stretched, dangled or punctured.

i came over and again as They each fucked Master's Owned ass. when finished, They knelt beside my head, turned it to the side to feed me their shit and cumjuice covered dicks and then They gave me their loads by spurting and spraying directly in my eyes and up my nose!

i laid there for a bit before the Man helped me up and took me to the bathroom so i could clean up. The Men were relentless, the main Man took total control of Me and gave me more Pain than i could have asked for. And it was wonderful.

Imagine my surprise when Sir allowed me to dress in my schoolgirl outfit, took me home, unlocked the front door and guide me inside with a firm hand on my left elbow. There in the center of the living room stood a wooden horse with a rough-sanded ridge and a pointed and knobbed 8-inch long, 1 -inch wide dildo sticking up.

Master's friend lubed it using the Icy-Hot ointment from the tube i had carried in the first place. He used a tube shut at one end to plug my urethra and then plugged His cunt with an even larger, wooden dildo. He used more damned thumbtacks to attach my outer lips to the dildo. Then the Man lifted me high enough to throw one leg over the horse and He helped me situate myself so that the dildo made its greased way into and up and deeply into Master's Owned ass.

He said, "your Master will return on a plane tomorrow. Maybe in the morning or afternoon, perhaps not until evening. Certainly He will be here before midnight. Until He arrives you have the best seat in the house.

The Man pulled all the curtains closed and left, slamming the door to make sure it was locked.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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