Madame Justine
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Author's Note: A fancy old style brothel caters for the 'sexual advanced' in every way thinkable. A large stable of slaves, often related or married, is run by a statuesque woman and her imaginative staff. Anything goes... The story centres on severe torture, cruel body modifications and extreme chastity enforcement.

Do not read this when you are under age. This is for adults eyes only. Many people enjoy the adventures of Indiana Jones. Very few of those same people would actually enjoy things like running for their lives in front of a crushing boulder, or getting kicked into a snake pit. Sometimes fantasy is just fantasy, no prelude for reality. Take this story as it is: Fantasy. Now read on.

Chapter 1, Madame Justine.

Harry looked at the little business card and grinned. Discovering new and weird nightclubs, nudy bars with a twist and brothels with a bend had grown into one of the major perks of his life on the road. Whenever he visited a new town, he would go on a hunt for the unusual. Most places turned out to be disappointing. Rundown buildings with lots of plywood, bad booze and the basic collection of sleazy women. But every once and while, someone had a really good idea. The 'Big Girls Bouncing' had indeed lived up to its name. No poles or lap dances, but a huge bouncing castle in a barn, with well endowed girls having a workout. That was a novel. The 'Pet Bar' with all the girls dressed as animals had been hilarious. And of course the 'Cabbage and Cunt Club' had been fucking unbelievable.

The business card had been given to him by one of his clients after a long but pleasant night at some bar. Harry read it again and tried to decide what a family bdsm brothel might be. The 'bdsm' part of course meant some whips and chain stuff, he could picture that alright. Fine with him. And 'sluts 'n slaves' sure would keep daddy happy. But what for the rest of the family? Beauty salon for the wife and ball bin for the kids? He grinned some more. Of course it could also mean grand mom and pop cleaning and waitering, dad behind the bar and mom and daughters for rent. A little family business. He looked at the massive Victorian mansion hiding behind bushes and trees. This had to be a big family then. He shrugged and shifted into gear again, turning onto the parking lot. The number of parked cars suggested a thriving business.

The huge double doors swung open as he walked up to them. Nice touch, no bells or speakers, someone had made it his job to keep an eye out for visitors. The huge entrance hall breathed an atmosphere of old fashioned luxury. Red walls with dim lights and mirrors, Persian rugs, a dark leather Chesterfield along one wall, and some life sized statues on pedestals scattered about. Ok, so this might become one of the more expensive evenings. No problem, he had done well today. With a dull thud, the door closed behind him. Harry turned around.

'I did not bring my family, I hope that is not a proble... err...' Harry's attempt at a joke choked.

Turning from the door towards him was a young girl, still in her teens, dressed in a classic maids uniform. She was tiny, almost doll like, and the black and white uniform brought out her body perfectly. Of course she might have been wearing a day glow muumuu, and it would still bring out her body form perfectly. Harry blinked, swallowed and croaked a bit in search of his voice. On a 6 foot woman, those tits would have looked huge. As it was, on her little body, they looked unbelievable. That tiny girl was sporting the biggest rack Harry had ever seen. And they looked real enough. As she walked up to him, they bounced and frolicked like they had a life of their own. The little black top seemed to be painted on, it fit perfectly, following every curve without any stretch or fold. A line of tiny white buttons streaming down the front accentuated her huge bust. The décolleté displayed her mounts without pushing or pressing them up, just floating naturally in all directions as she moved. Harry was at a loss for words. If a brothel could keep a stunner like this as door maid, what would the other girls be like?

'You have a card Sir?'

Harry frowned and dug up the business card. 'Just this...'

'Ah, thank you Sir, yes, that was what I meant. Please allow me to take this for a moment. Thank you Sir. Please be seated Sir, Madame will be with you in a minute'.

Harry plunged down on the couch, staring at the girl as she went through a door. It took him a while to gather his thoughts again, but Madame seemed to take her time. The house was quiet. In fact the silence was a bit eerie.


Harry looked up. Something dripping? He searched the hall and his eyes fell on one of the bronze statues, then on the others. They were beautiful, perfectly life like, almost like cast from real people. They were also highly erotic or even pornographic in nature. Some were couples, some were male, others female. He stood up and walked over to one of them. It showed a beautiful woman figure, standing on tiptoe, with her legs forced wide by a spreader bar and a pole rising between her legs, disappearing between her buttocks. She had no arms, just round shoulders. Her bald head was thrown back, her face turned upward towards the ceiling. As he came closer, he marvelled at the details of the dark bronze. Her tits were tied at the base, making them bulge and stand out, with massive erect nipples. As he walked around her he could see the back. Yes, as he thought. The pole ended in a dildo that was lodged in the bronzes ass. Harry grinned at the idea of statues cast from real people. In that case, this one must have hurt someone quite a bit. The dildo had the width of a wine bottle, and the buttocks were forced wide apart. And again, the detail in the stretched sphincter was amazing. It actually looked like she was forced on tiptoe by the massive dildo and pole. A thin 'rope' went up from a little ring on the dildo to the woman's head, and as Harry stepped to the side again he could see it running across her forehead, then splicing into two nose hooks that pulled her entire face back. Her nose was completely pulled out of shape. Yep. Must have hurt alright. He now also noticed the dildo lodged deep in her mouth. The end was sticking out, and he could see a bulge halfway down her stretched throat where the other end was lodged


He realised the dripping sound was coming from the front of this very statue, so he moved to face it. Somewhere below... Just in front of the pole was a small silver bowl standing on the base. It was half filled with a clear fluid that shimmered a bit weird in the light. No water. He looked up to see where it was coming from. The detail in the front was as perfect as it had been at the back. The shaved cunt was a wide open, deep hole. The cunt lips were stretched long and pulled sideways and pinned to her spread legs. You could actually see the needles keeping them stretched. He looked again at the wide open fuck hole. At the top of the hole a massive clit presented itself, bigger then life. This must have been a real artist alright, the cunt hole even looked wet inside! Harry grinned. So it probably was a fountain of some kind, with a slightly leaky tap. How life like! Now he also noticed the little red button at the base. Oooh, this was tempting! He looked around. No Madame yet. Should he? Hesitantly he stretched out his foot, aiming at the button. What harm could it do? He tapped the button with his shoe.

Later Harry wondered how many heart attacks those 'statues' might have caused. Those damned things aught to have warning signs, it most certainly had shaved some years of his life! The moment he touched the button, a low hum had started, but he had not noticed that right away. What he had noticed was the statue jumping to life. As he tapped the button, the statue had shivered, had let out a moan and had started move. The sudden and unexpected movement had been a massive shock. Standing on that base was no bronze, not even some animated statue. It was a real woman. He could hardly believe it, despite her movements and sounds. The pole with the dildo had started to slowly grind up and down, fucking her in her wide stretched ass hole. As the pole went up, she went even higher on her toes, making her squeak despite the massive dildo in her throat. She was even almost lifted up by it, before it slowly started to sink down again. She was clearly panting and gasping for air, her tied up tits shaking. As the pole went down her head was forced even further back, almost breaking her neck before it started to rise again. As he absorbed the first shock, he slowly began to wonder how this was bearable for any woman. How could she stand like that for god knows how long. How could she stand that slow rape by the huge dildo?

'Plip... Plip... Plip...'

And why for the love of god was she starting to drip faster? Could she actually be turned on by this? It did not look like she was pissing. Only then the real shock came. What about those missing arms?!?

'Hmmm, Nadine, I see our new friend has found your button alright. How nice for you sweetie.'

Harry's already ruffled nerves got another shock by the sudden appearance of Madame beside him. He looked at her. Madame was a stylish looking woman in her fifties, wearing a black, Victorian dress. She looked like a character from an old fashioned horror movie, the stern Mistress of a boarding school for girls, or something like that. Right now, she ignored him and looked at the bronzed woman who was still rising and lowering herself at the mercy of the pole in her ass. Madame slowly, almost dreamingly, stretched out an arm, a riding crop dangling from her wrist. She took a nipple and Harry noticed her knuckles turning white as she squeezed the swollen nub. Slowly rolling the crushed nipple between her fingers, she now turned her face to Harry and smiled.

'Wonderful, isn't it? She is getting punished for having orgasms without permission. See her drip? She has not been able to cum for 6 days now, and will be here for another week or two. She will be sooo delightfully desperate by the time we take her down! You see, all our female slaves are used to getting many orgasms every day, but only when they are allowed to cum.' Madame stopped pinching and twisting the nipple of the tortured woman and turned her full attention to Harry. 'They have to play with themselves all the time and keep themselves on the brink of orgasm at all times. I often make them cum, just to check how long they need. If it takes too long, they get punished as well. Watch this. Knockers!'

'Yes Madame?'

Harry had not even noticed the little doll like girl with the massive tits being back in the hall. Knockers? The door maid's name was 'Knockers'?!? Harry tried to keep his face straight. The girl had walked up to Madame and was standing to attention in front of her, hands clutched at her back, tits thrust out, eyes cast down. Harry had not noticed it before, but now he realised the girl was indeed horny. He face and lips were flushed and her nipples poked bumps in her tight top.

'Lift your skirt dear.'

Knockers grabbed the hem of her fluffy skirt and lifted it, showing a wonderful little shaved slit to all the world, or at least to Madame and Harry. Her cunt lips looked red and puffy, and her clit could be seen peeking out of its hood. Madame extended her hand and index finger and gently started to play with the girls clit, merely touching it with one finger.


The girl reacted as if getting an electric shock. Her hips shivered and gyrated, and she started to hump her pelvis. Harry could see her legs tremble. Her face contorted and grew even redder as she bit her lips.

'Huh huh ooh oaah please Madame please?' Her voice grew into a high whining pitch.

'Ok sweetie, you can cum now.'


The girl nearly lost her legs when she reached her peak. Massive shocks went trough her body, making her tits quiver and ripple like puddings. As soon as she started to cum, Madame pulled back, leaving the girl to finish her orgasm without any further stimulation. The girl remained standing, still suffering from orgasmic shocks, her eyes wide and glowing, panting for air.

'Oah, eh, eh... Thank you Madame, thank you for making Knockers cum Madame...'

'Its alright dear, that was nice and fast. Now get back to the door.' Madame turned to Harry again. 'You see, it took her less then half a minute to reach orgasm. That is what we call ready, don't you agree? And in 15 minutes she will have to be ready again. She will play a little with herself until she is on the brink of another orgasm, and then she has to stop and wait for things to come. If she cools down, she has to work herself up to the edge again. All our girls are always on the brink. Horny women are so much more eager to please our clientele, you see. Its just good for business, and nice for them too. The only problem is some of our girls find it quite hard to fight off orgasms when they get fucked in this horny state. And not all men give permission to cum. So little miss Cumalot here needs a bit of practice on that front.'

Madame turned to the bronzed woman and raised her riding crop. It whistled though the air, and the tip smacked into the girls left tit, right on the nipple. The woman gave a muffled squeak. Madame wielded the crop with ease, landing 5 more blows, 3 on each nipple. The tied up, ballooning tits quivered with each blow. The pole was still slowly grinding up and down. With amazement Harry noticed how the drip of cunt juice had grown into a steady trickle into the bowl underneath. How on earth could she be this horny? Madame noticed his gaze and nodded satisfied.

'She's a real pain slut alright. All the girls here sooner or later turn into pain sluts.' Madame shrugged, 'I guess being horny while getting tortured gets their mental wiring a bit mixed up. Well, no complaints about that.' Madame looked at the bowl between the woman's legs. 'Knockers? Keep an eye on your mother's bowl, when it is full make sure to place a new one! Now then Sir, shall we step into my office for a moment? I don't remember you from any earlier visit, do I?

Still stunned from that last bit of new information, Harry followed the woman into a small room with a couple of comfy chairs and a small table. Knockers was the daughter of that statue-woman?!? And she was made to cum in front of her own, desperately over-teased mother? Wow! Madame gestured him to take a seat and sat down herself. She reached over and pulled a bell cord.

'Now then, if indeed you are new here, perhaps a little explanation might be a good start. My name is Madame Justine, and this is our little bread and butter here. I know you came here on invitation from one of our regular guests. Has he told you more about us?

'No Madame, John said it was better to let me surprise me. I, err... I know nothing else. The man who gave it to me just said I might enjoy things here. My name is Harry.' He managed to keep his voice cool, although he was still in a mild shock from what he had seen so far. This place sure was something else.

'I understand,' Madame Justine smiled. 'Well, we are a bdsm brothel. Men and women, visit us to enjoy themselves here. You can fuck, get fucked, torture or get tortured, play games, anything you like, we try to make it happen. Usually we succeed.' Madame smiled slightly. 'That last bit sets us apart from any other bdsm club or brothel. We usually succeed in making our guests happy. Very happy. The big difference is our serving staff. As you will soon find out, they are devoted to their work. Highly devoted. In fact so devoted, they will do anything to make you happy. Their life and sanity depends on your satisfaction. Ah, yes, can I offer you anything Sir? Coffee, tea? Something stronger perhaps?'

While Madame Justine had been talking, a woman had responded to call of the bell. Harry looked, blinked and looked again. A woman? Standing next to the door was a scarcely dressed creature. Its face was hidden underneath a black leather hood, and most of its rump was forced into shape by a heavy and very tight corset. Fishnet stockings and impossible high heels finished the ensemble. Above the corset, a couple of beach ball sized tits quivered. While Knockers' tits had looked all natural, these were clearly not. These were the result of implants. Huge implants. When Knockers moved, her tits flowed, swaying gently. But with this 'thing', each step resulted in a short tremble, as if the tits had been inflated and stretched to bursting point. The real puzzle came below the corset, where Harry noticed a cock and balls. A man with tit implants? Okay... The cock and balls were not free. The cock was rock hard, pointing up and seemed to be in a tight tube, made from thin wire. The tube just covered the shaft, the dick head was a large, shining blob of dark purple flesh emerging at the end. The tube itself was less then an inch wide, and engorged flesh was bulging out between the wires. Below that tormented cock dangled the biggest balls Harry had ever seen. They were the size of lemons, caught in a long stretched scrotum. Above the man's balls was a ring, tight enough not to slip over the huge testes. From the ring, two chains went down to a grapefruit sized metal sphere dangling below the man's balls. It slowly swung to and fro as the man seemed to have trouble standing still. He was slowly grinding his hips.

'Coffee will be fine, thank you Madame,' Harry managed to get out.

'Two coffee, wanker.' Madame Justine smiled as saw Harry's slightly stunned gaze.

'Oh, and bring your wife and kids when you come back. They finished filming early today, so you will find them all in your cell. Off you go!'

'Yes Madame.' Wanker's voice was just a raw whisper.

'That will explain the dedication of our serving staff better then words,' Madame went on. 'Wanker and his family are a perfect example as to why our serving staff is so dedicated. You see, we don't just offer a job to someone working in 'love for sale'. We adopt entire families, take then in and take charge. From then on their lives are completely focused on their jobs. They have nothing to distract them from their duty here. Wanker for example. Once he was just an average Joe, with wife and two kids, living in the burbs. An average Joe with a lust for big, ballooning tits, and with a strong masochist streak. Sadly, his wife did not have the tits he yearned for. And she had no sadistic bone in her body also. So poor Joe spend a lot of time and money here, as a customer, getting teased and whipped by one of our own girls that looked a bit more like his dreams. His wife might not look like he wanted, and she did not want to treat him like he wanted, but for some strange reason, she still was devoted to the little pervert. She would do anything to make him happy. Because Joe spend so much time and money here, they could not afford the operations needed to give her the tits he lusted for. So one day, she showed up at our doorstep with a proposition. She was willing to play the whore, just to finance tit implants and get her hubby back. So we embraced their entire family. Wanker, his wife, and their son and daughter as well. The kids were still young, but we get more kids that are under age, and we devised a good solution for them as well. We run a boarding school, up in the north. Kids that are under 16 are send there and get a rather regular education, al be it in a very strict environment and with very high standards. In fact the graduates from our school that opt for further education have done very well at university, usually as youngest of their groups. 83% cum laude at their universities, we are pretty proud of that... I said 'those kids that opted for further education' because they are given a choice. When they are 16, they get choice between joining us of leaving. You would be surprised at how many decide to stay. Of course, our boarding school is a rather strict affair, and they will not have had any chance to masturbate, let alone have real sex. Ad the fact that those kids have to make their decision while their hormones are sill running amuck, and it is clear how working in a brothel might seem appealing to many. Ah, here we are, coffee and the whole family, happily together...'

By now Harry knew things went a bit further here, but he was still awed by what presented itself before him. The man he had seen before was now accompanied by a woman of the same age and a boy and girl in their early twenties. The man placed a tray on the table and stepped in line with his family. Except for the man's hood and corset, they were all naked. The woman and kids had their arms behind them. Later Harry would see their arms were tied in a severe reverse prayer, their hands pressed up against their backs. The woman and her daughter both had massive tits, although different looking than his. Beach ball size, yes, but they looked heavier and way more taught, almost over pressurized. And both had metal clamps in their nipples, clamps that seemed to be completely crushing their nipples. The boy did not have tits, he looked almost normal. His cock, although it appeared to be rock hard, pointed straight down between his legs. It was in a similar cage-like contraption as his father's cock. His balls were no where to be seen. The girl looked quite normal and unhindered, except for her tied back arms. The woman on the other hand had something in her cunt. Something big. Something huge. If it was a dildo, it must have been the largest dildo Harry ever saw. It was at least 6 inch wide, and protruded 4 inch from her overstretched twat. Her cunt lips were stretched down and fixed to the sides of the dildo. Suddenly a low hum broke the silence, and the woman grunted and started to grind and hump her hips. Her face twitched into a mask of sheer lust. A sheen of sweat started to glisten on the her body.


Both the boy and the man cringed at the lustful sounds of the woman. Madame Justine giggled and got up.

'Well Harry, meet the Wankers. They are a perfect example of our serving staff. They joined us... I think 10 or 12 years ago, right?'

'14 years ago Miss'. The man spoke as soft and hoarse as before.

'14 years, oh my, how time flies when we have fun. Yes. Of course their kids were way to young back then, so they went off to our boarding school. And when they reached the nice ripe age of 16, each eagerly agreed to join their mom and dad in our little outfit. Now daddy here was besotted with big tits, and mummy dear was so in love she would do anything to make him happy. So she started out working as a fucktoy, and we paid for her tits. And to make daddy even more happy, we sprung for his tits as well.' Madame Justine giggled. 'Can you imagine, now he even gets turned on just from looking down. Not to mention what those udders on his wife and daughter do to his libido. We do treat male and female slaves a bit different here. Most female slaves have to keep themselves excited and get to cum regularly. We soon found out its so much easier to keep men excited. There is no need for them to play with themselves. Unlike women, men seem to lose their apatite only after they shoot their load, so we just don't allow them to cum. At least not often. In fact, I think... When was your last cum, Wanker?'

The man trembled and shook as he whispered his answer: '14 years ago Madame, the night before we joined you Madame.'

Madame grinned satisfied, 'Yes, 14 years. We have kept him in chastity ever since they joined. That tube is tight enough to keep him from shooting his load, no matter how much he gets teased or stimulated. He has a catheter down his pee tube, so he still can piss if we unplug that tube, but his cum just has no way out. Think of it Harry, down there, in those big balls, 14 years of saved up cum is boiling. 14 years in a brothel, watching all those men having sex, and he has not shot his load once... Can you imagine his blue balls? And now he will do anything, really anything, to make us happy, hoping we will allow him to cum just once. Right, daddy?'

'Yes Madame...' The man looked miserable.

'And next to happy daddy we have his happy wife.'

Madame stepped up to the woman. The low hum was still going on, and by now the woman looked like she was about to explode into orgasm. Along the sides of the massive dildo, cunt juice was running down her legs, red blotches had spread all over her face and chest, and she stood with her eyes pressed shut, grinding and pumping her hips back and forth. She was gasping for air. Beside her, the man and boy seemed to be in severe pain and were grinding their hips as well. The boy was crying by now.

'As you can see, we took care of her tits alright. Only these are not implants. She is lactating. We keep her on a massive dose of lactation hormones, and she produces enough milk to shame a price cow. We keep her teats clamped in between milkings, or she would be leaking milk all over the place.'

Madame slapped the swollen tits a few times. Despite the hard blows, the tits merely trembled. They were taut as drums. The woman groaned.

'We started out with mommy as a simple fuck toy, but once her daughter finished school and joined us here, we decided we could do without that well stretched cunt. After all she already had these two kids. Daughter dear is now the big star in our gang bang and bukkake movies, and mommy is the fluffer. Her brother stars in the gay versions since he joined us. Mommy gets all the cocks nice and hard and ready to fuck and shoot cum all over her kids. Of course this means mommy no longer gets fucked, so we had to think of something new to keep mommy in the mood. Mommy dear is a raving nymphomaniac, and during the first 2 years, she kept bringing herself off without permission. Finally we got fed up with that, and we burned off her clit. Now she can only get her orgasms from deep fucking her cunt. So we have kept a nice big fat dildo in her cunt ever since daughter dear joined. Over the years, we had to get bigger dildoes because her cunt keeps getting wider. I guess mommies fucking days are now really over, her fuck tunnel would even be to big for a horse. The dildo is quite a feat of engineering. It has sensors that monitors her state of arousal day and night. When she gets less horny, the blood flow to her cunt decreases, and her cunt gets cooler and the muscles relax. The sensors register this, and switch on a vibrator. Once her cunt is all aglow again, and cramping on the edge of orgasm, the sensors register that too and switch the vibrator off. So mommy is kept in the brink of orgasm all the time. The entire thing is calibrated to keep her between 'quite horny' and 'ready to blow her top', day and night, at all times. We are still perfecting the technique, by now we have another slut that we have kept between 5 and 1 minute from orgasm permanently for 3 years... Sadly I think that one has gone crazy on us by now, although it is hard to tell. Anyway, we do allow mommy here her occasional orgasm, if she has done really well. We could make her cum by using the vibrator, but usually we unfasten her dildo, and then she can fuck herself with it until she has her orgasm. Much more fun to watch her work that massive pole in and out of that wide fuck tunnel. Of course, because its so big, it does not slide in and out easily, she really has to work it with both hands. It's a wonderful sight! Do you hear the vibrator? It is teasing her as we speak. And it is teasing her hubby and son as well. Whenever her vibrator kicks in, small egg vibrators up their asses get switched on by a radio signal. It stimulates their prostates and jumpstarts their sperm production. Have you ever heard of 'milking' a man?'

Harry was dumbfounded and just managed to shake his head.

'It means massaging a man's prostate so he will drip his cum without real orgasm or sexual relief. Of course, with those chastity tubes, their spunk has nowhere to go. From what I understand, it pretty much feels like almost cumming and then getting your balls crushed into a pulp slowly.' Madame giggled. 'Not quite sure how that feels, but I guess they like it because they always get very hard when it happens.'

Harry looked at the compressed penises, and realised what she meant. Both the man's and the boy's dick were completely bloated and twitching, with tortured flesh and veins bulging from the wire tubes. The dickheads glowed a dark purple, and had grown to the size of fists. Harry tried to imagine how much those cocks had to hurt. As for the man not having shooting his load in 14 years, he could not even begin to imagine how that must have felt. Madame read his face and nodded.

'Yes, it must be quite hard on them. Especially on sonny here. You see, he was just 10 when they came here, so I don't think he had started any sexual activity back then. During his years in our school, he was kept from playing with himself, and since he joined mommy and daddy again, he has only been allowed to shoot his load once, when he turned 21.' Madame giggled as she went on: 'It was a bit of a non event, actually. We just took off his device, and within 10 seconds and without any stimulation, he blew his load. He did not even loose his erection after shooting. We allowed him to dip his cock into a cunt just once, so he now knows how that feels like, and he now knows what he is not getting. After that one time, it was back into the tube for poor sonny. That sums up his entire sexual experience. So you can imagine what it must be like for him to feel a vibrator running in his ass every time mommy starts to slip down her horny slope. Turn around, sonny.'

Harry now saw the reversed prayer bondage on the boy's arms, and he also saw his balls. In stead of being pulled down by a weight, they were pulled back between his legs in a humbler. Between his legs, his twitching cock was as visible as it had been from the front, pointing down. A thin wire emerged from his ass, leading to a battery pack that was dangling between his elbows. His buttocks were trembling and clenching as he was tormented on the edge of a never coming relief. Madame patted his quivering ass.

'Had a busy day today, didn't you sonny?'

The boy whispered something that went missing in his sobs. Madame giggled some more and turned to the daughter. She reached for the girls cunt and started to play with it. The girl shuddered and started panting at the first touch, and Harry could see her legs turn into jelly.

'Tell our guest about your day, dear. And don't cum!'

'We did a movie today Sir.' The girl's voice was a breathless, high pitched squeak. '40 men used me and my... oooh oah er... brother Sir. Mom sucked them all until they were about to shoot, and then would come up to me and take aim. My brother wanked them until they shot their loads over my tits and in my face. Oooh Madame please have mercy... OOOH...'

The girl was clearly struggling to fight off an orgasm.

'Aaah... Eh.. Aaafter the first round the men got a rest while my brother was allowed to lick their cum off me. Once I was clean again, they started filming again. Eh oooh.... They got to fuck us... Oaah... Mom was just allowed to suck them hard, so it took a lot longer for them to shoot their cum a second time... I was used in all holes, often 2 men together, one in my mouth and one in my cunt or ass... Those who wanted could fuck my brother in his ass and mouth too... Oaah oh Please pleaaase Madame... I can't... oohaaah eh eh...I was not allowed to cum all day Miss please have mercy... PLEASE WHIP MY TITS OAAH PLEASE MISS I CAN'T... OOOH'

The girl was loosing her fight against the oncoming big O. Madame nodded satisfied and stepped back, raising her riding crop. With a whistle it slammed down into the girl's tits. The girl's eyes bulged and she burst into a short shriek. Then she fell silent, her body shaking on the edge, torn between orgasm and pain.

'Was that enough or do you need some more girl?'

'Uh uh... Please Madame, a few more please, ooaaah....'

While this request amazed Harry, Madame seemed to be satisfied by it. She smiled and nodded again, and in quick succession she brought down her riding crop 8 or 10 times on the girl's quivering tits. Dark red welts raised on the white skin. When the crop landed across her clamped nipples, the girl uttered an ear piercing scream and a short burst of piss splashed from her cunt. Immediately the boy went down on hands and knees and started to lick the puddle from the floor. The sheer brutality of the scene shocked Harry, but also send his cock into full mast. He shifted and tried to adjust it a bit. This was hot! Suddenly he realised the low hum of the mothers vibrating dildo had stopped. He looked at the woman who was slowly rocking back and forth, eyes pressed shut, panting like a bitch in heat. Clearly she was not impressed by her daughters treatment, perhaps even turned on more by it. Cunt juice was running down her legs, forming small puddles around her feet. The man stood next to her, trembling and sweating while his encased cock twitched up and sown. He stared straight ahead, trying to ignore the ongoing next to him. Clearly his ears did not allow him to ignore everything.

'That should to do it, girl. Now go on, explain your day to our guest'. Madame stepped closer again and resumed her twiddling of the girl cunt.

'Thank you so much Madame... er... uhm... The men spend the rest of the day fucking us Sir. The ones that used my cunt or ass or my borther's ass went to mom to be sucked clean afterwards. She did her work so well most of them came back for another fuck. Every now and again filming was stopped for a short while so mom could suck our holes clean. It was a wonderful afternoon Sir, only no one gave me permission to have an orgasm. It was very hard not to cum while getting fucked so much...'

Madame slapped the girls slit playfully and stepped back.

'Its ok girl, you did well just now. Very good indeed.'

Madame Justine sat down again. The boy had finished licking up the pee puddle in front of his sister girl and moved on to the puddles at of the woman's feet. After cleaning the floor he started to lick up the woman's legs, making her shudder with delight. She tried to look down on him but her massive tits blocked the view, so she closed her eyes and simply accepted the cleaning, trembling with lust. Harry felt his cock grow even harder, bulging in his trousers. When he looked back at Madame, she was staring at his bulge, smiling. With a short gesture she send the family Wanker out.

'I can see you have come to the right place Sir. You have seen a few of our serving staff, in total we have 65 people at your service, present company not included.' She allowed for a short smile. 'We have a restaurant and a bar, bedrooms for just you and a whomever you choose, but also bigger rooms for more participants. There are several playrooms and dungeons with varying degrees of torture for its victims, and several special interest rooms. You can have girls, boys or just about anything in between. For first time visitors I always advise to take a guided tour of the premises. That usually takes care of all the needs one has... As for financial aspects: we charge an all-in entrance fee of 1000 dollar. No additional costs, and you are welcome to spend the night here, bed and breakfast included. By noon tomorrow you are expected to leave or decide to spend another night. If you decide to stay for a week, we only charge 5 days. Longer arrangements are also possible.' She grinned as Harry silently pulled out a credit card. 'Yes, credit card will be fine... Thank you. Shall we just start with one night Sir? Now then, any wishes as to the guide?'

Harry hesitated for a second, but then took a deep breath. 'I would very much like Knockers to be my guide, if that is possible. I think she looks incredible. Would I be allowed to use her for sex too?'

'Of course, but don't rush into any decisions Sir. We've got more tiny girls with big tits, if that is your liking. Just a second...' She picked up the horn of an old fashioned Bakelite telephone and spoke a few soft words, then put it back again. 'I will show you a little selection, Knockers included. You know, most men ask for her on their first visit, but when given a choice, they usually pick someone else...' She glanced at his still bulging trousers. 'Perhaps it would be best to first go down in the basement with your guide. We keep a nice collection of cock suckers down there, they might take care of your first needs. Once that is out of the way, you will feel much more at ease taking your time and exploring our humble abode. Now if you would be so kind to follow me...'

Madame took Harry to an adjourning room. It was a little larger, with a couch on one end. Heavy curtains hid the walls, and soft jazz filled the silence. Madame gestured towards the couch and took up position on the other end of the room. She pulled a cord, and with a gentle sway, one of the curtains moved aside. Harry's heart missed a few beats. Dear god!

Standing and kneeling was a row of 6 girls. They all were tiny, and all they had big tits alright, but that was where all similarities ended. On one end Knockers stood, smiling in her little black maids uniform. Beside her was a midget woman with short legs and only reaching up to Knockers shoulder. Most of her rump was hidden behind two massive tits, stretching way down. It almost looked like she just was made from a pair of tits with little legs below and a head on top. Next to the midget stood a taller girl. She was not just tiny, she was skinny, very skinny indeed. Like a rather severe anorexic, bordering on starvation. Hipbones shimmered under her skin, her shoulders looked like an anatomic display model. Her bony appearance clashed with a pair of massive, fleshy tits. Harry frowned and peered at the girls face. Something with her mouth... Her lips had been sewn together with short stitches! Harry's jaw dropped. The fourth girl kept him agape. She was kneeling down, or at least that was his first impression until he examined her more careful. She was not kneeling, she was a partial amputee! Her legs had been cut off at the knees, and her hands and forearms had been removed as well. She was standing on the four stumps, her ass slightly higher then her head. Her head was completely hairless, and her face looked almost like a mask, eyes unnatural wide op, a minuscule nose, and big red and puffy lips in the shape of an O. Behind her arm stumps her huge tits dangled down, just toughing the floor. Harry grinned as he recognised the icon of a Benson girl. Drawings were one thing, but this was real. He scarcely looked at the last two girls, a blond and red variation on Knockers, both dressed in bdsm gear.

'That one, The Benson girl!' He pointed at the girl on all fours. His voice was dry, croaky. Madame smiled and waved the other girls off.

'I see Sir knows his classics.'

'Yeah... Err...'

Madame grinned as she understood his wordless wish. 'Her name is Udder Slut. She can not speak very well because of her modifications, but here's the solution for that. I will leave you two then. I am sure you two will work out the rest...

With these words, she handed Harry a little box with a cable and an earplug, and left the room. Harry threw the box on the couch, raised and started to unzip his pants, fumbling in his haste. When he looked up, Udder Slut was making her way towards him. She moved carefully. As she moved, her tits swayed, and Harry realised her nipples were getting teased by the floor with each move she made. What a sight! As she approached him, he realised her mouth was to low for his cock, but she already nodded at the couch. Harry plunged down again. She slid closer, and in the little hole between her big lips, Harry could see the tip of a tongue, licking those magnificent suck-lips in anticipation. She stared at his cock, and brought her head forward. When her lips reached his dickhead, he could actually feel her breath, she was breathing in, sucking his dickhead between into her mouth. In one move she swallowed his cock down to the hilt, burying her little nose in his pubic hair. Harry gasped as he felt her lips slide down his shaft. As he looked down, he saw her eyes, now gazing up at his face. Dear god, this felt gooood! His dick head was way down her throat, and he felt a milking motion like she was somehow massaging his dick head. Further down his shaft, he could feel her tongue slithering up and down. He grunted and felt his nuts twist is his scrotum. This was not going to last long... He grabbed her ears and started to force her head up and down. It was almost like using a lifeless sex toy, but this sex toy was warm and licking and sucking alright... With an animal groan, Harry blew his load in several toe-curling shots. He could feel the girl swallowing his spunk. Oaah!. Harry fell back on the couch. Man oh Man!

The girl did not just stop. With slow moves, her head kept sliding up and down his cock, as if to make sure ever last bit of cum was drained. Finally she leaned back and disconnected. Slowly moving on all fours, she backed up a little. Harry needed a little time to collect himself. Once there, he looked down at Udder Slut. She was still staring at his face, her eyes still wide open, her mouth again a perfect O with a little tongue darting about. She was also panting, and he realised she was slowly grinding her hips. He recognized the motion from the Wanker woman. Another bitch in heat alright. As he smiled at her, she blinked, and then nodded to his left. He looked over. On the couch lay the little box with earplug. He took it up, and put the earplug in. Then he looked at Udder Slut. A soft female voice started talking to him.

'Hello Sir, thank you for using Udder Slut. I am Voice, Udder Slut is my daughter. She can not talk because of the changes made to her lips and tongue, but I am her voice. I can see all she sees, her left eye has been removed and replaced with a small camera that feeds her view to a monitor in my cell A microphone in her collar helps me hear all she hears.'

Harry bent over and stared at the girls eyes. He now realised she indeed had two different eyes, her left pupil was a little darker, but looked completely natural. He was impressed. Impressed and in awe. These folks did take things serious and had impressive means to do that. Somehow, the removal of an eye just for this purpose impressed him even more then her missing limbs. The voice had waited for him to finish his little inspection. As he leaned back again, it started again.

'I was told you would like a guided tour Sir, any place you would like to start?'

'Where are you?'

'Me Sir? Er... We are kept in the bottom cellars Sir. You can visit us if you like Sir. But uhm...'

'Right then, take me to you voice, Udder Slut.'

'Please Sir, we uhm, we are not for the faint of heart Sir. Are you sure you want to see us Sir? Perhaps first...'

'Shut up, Voice. Udder Slut, move! I wanna see your mommy!'

As Udder Slut started to crawl in front of him, he was given a good view of her upturned rear. Her cunt was another view to behold. She had huge puffy cunt lips, filling the entire space between her legs. As she crawled along, they slowly rubbed together. Her clit was a massive organ poking from between her cuntlips, engorged and red, almost glowing with sexual need. Her entire cunt and upper tights were glistening with juice. He now realised why she was moving so carefully. The mere act of moving might drive her crazy. Above her cunt, a tiny sphincter shimmered her buttocks. As he looked at it, he saw it cramp and twitch. This girl was horny as hell! She was gagging for a fuck! Harry grinned as he realised his own unwittingly made joke. He had not realised it before, but she had swallowed his cock with even a hint of gagging.

It was quite a long way through corridors and down stairways. Harry watched impressed has Udder Slut made her way down on all fours, head first, almost upside down, her tits flopping for step to step. They ended up two or three floors below ground level, in a dark and clammy stone tunnel. Left and right were low, massive oak doors with small spy-holes and hefty ironwork. Udder Slut came to a stop at one of them. She could not open it, but there seemed to be no lock.

'Just unbolt it Sir, and you can open it. The light switch is to your left when you enter.' Harry nearly jumped as he heard the voice in his ear again. he had been so absorbed by their way down he had forgotten all about it. He bend down, unbolted the door and pulled. With a creak it swayed wide open. A massive stench came out, stale urine and shit. Dear god! Harry took a deep breath, bend over, moved in and turned in search for the switch. Ah, there it was. A little bare bulb started a dim glow. Harry turned, gasped, gagged on the foul air and jumped out of the cell again. He took a couple of deep breaths and hesitated for a moment. No, this was too good, he had to see it all, stench or no stench. He moved in again. A little stool stood in the corner, Harry grabbed it and sat down with a thud. Wow! Although he knew these folks took things serious, he was once more flabbergasted. In the middle of the room, dangling from chains were two barely human shapes, facing each other. He was looking at them from the side. It was a man and a woman. Both had no arms and no legs, not even stumps were left. Smooth shoulders and hips, with only a hint of scars. They both looked in their mid fifties and rather flabby, like fat people who had recently lost a lot of weight.

The woman was hanging by her tits. She once must have had a wonderful pair of big jugs. But now they were tortured balls of flesh, caught in extremely tight, ball shaped cages. Purple flesh bulged from between the bars. Each cage had a chain running up sideways, stretching the poor woman's tits up to left and right. She wore a wide metal collar, and in the front a small microphone went up right in front of her mouth. So this was 'Voice'. Harry looked closer at the tormented woman. Her nipples were huge, more then an inch long. Small tube shaped clamps encircled her nipples. They looked like there was more tot them. Harry stood up and moved closer to check it out. Small wires ran from the clamps to the woman's back, to a small black box dangling from her collar. It had a bigger cable running to a socket in the corner of the cell. As he looked at her back, he noticed the dildo. It was down in a hole in the floor, aimed straight at her ass. He grinned. It was the size of a beer can, with a round top and several holes at the top. Yep, they liked them dildos big here. As he was close, he looked at her front again. Her cunt was wide open and dripping, with a twitching clit like a cherry on top. Her cunt lips were stretched left and right and sewn to where once must have been legs, keeping her hole wide open. Right underneath her was a big hole in the ground. Harry wrinkled his nose. Although by now his nose had given up on the stench, it was still clear what the hole was for. As he looked up, he noticed a part of the wall facing the woman, painted white. On the white part, a view of the tunnel outside was projected, slightly swaying and moving like an unsteady camera. Udder Slut! This was Udder Slut's view! He had forgotten all about her!

'Udder Slut, get in here, say hello to mommy and her friend!'

The projection changed, and showed himself and the two dangling bodies as seen from the doorway. Udder Slut crawled in, eyes still wide open, but looking unsettled.

'She does not get to see us very often Sir... I am voice, Udder Slut's mother, and this here is Fucker, my husband and her father.'

It was weird hearing the woman both through the earpiece and life, and Harry removed his earpiece. He nodded at the woman, looking at her face.

'Nice to meet you two. Looks like they have taken good care of you both,' he grinned. 'Must be boring to be hanging out here. Spend much time here?'

'Yes Sir, we are kept like this for the rest of our lives. This level is for those who are too old to be working upstairs Sir. It is our retirement home.'

Harry stared and tried to get his head around that information. Just another wow. He started to study the man. His head was locked in a small cage with heavy iron bars. The cage ended in a steel collar around his neck. The cage was fixed to two chains that went up to the ceiling, and as far as Harry could see, nothing else was supporting the man, he was hanging by his head. His torso was thin and skinny, but just like his wife, he had a flabby belly like he had been fat before. The man had a couple of huge piercings set deep behind his nipples. From the rings, chains went down, ending with two heavy metal balls dangling way below the man's crotch, just hovering over the floor. His tits were two stretched flaps of meat. Between the chains the man's cock spouted forward, rock hard and twitching. It was not in the cages Harry had seen before, it just had 2 tight rings, one just under his dick head, one half way down. His balls were by far the lowest point of his body, dangling almost a foot beneath his rump. They were caught in some metal cage that looked rather complicated and certainly heavy. An electric wire went from the ball cage to the same socket as his wife. As he looked behind the man, he saw another dildo aiming at his ass.

'What's with those dildoes, can I activate them?'

Harry saw the woman shudder, and there was a tremble in her voice as she answered.

'Its... Its connected to Udder Slut Sir. If she gets an orgasm, we get fucked Sir. You see, she can't ask for permission, so she is allowed to cum whenever she feels like it Sir. They modified her cunt so whenever she movers her legs, her clit gets rubbed, and her nipples have been sensitised so she gets even more stimulation from her tits dragging along as she crawls. But when she cums, we get fucked and tortured Sir, so she tries not to cum too often. It is very hard on her Sir... Please take her outside and make her cum. If she sees us getting our treatment, she might try even harder not to cum Sir. And it is sooo hard on her to keep from cumming... please Sir...' The woman's voice ended almost in a whisper.

Harry grinned. This was going to be fun. He sat down on the little stool again.

'Here Udder Slut, present those tits to me!'

The girl moved up to him, put her arm stumps on his knees and pushed herself up, offering her tits for grabs. Harry now saw her nipples for the first time. She had huge areolas, big and puffed up, almost as big as his hand palms, crowned with two huge rock hard nipples. He grinned and slowly started to massage the offered tits and nipples. As he touched her teats, the girl shivered, threw her head back and started to make soft, mewling sounds.

'Isn't it frustrating to get an orgasm just from getting your tits handled, Udder Slut? I can imagine you would prefer something up that hungry cunt of yours, don't you?'

Voice answered for the trembling girl: 'It is very frustrating Sir. It just leaves her yearning for more. And she gets fucked so little because all prefer her mouth Sir... Ooh please take her outside fuck her Sir, really fuck her in her cunt... She will be so happy Sir please... Please Sir Please, take her outside, beg you...' The woman's voice became an urgent plea as Udder Slut started to mewl like a pussycat in heat.

Harry looked the woman in the eye.

'Udder Slut, turn and lean against me!'

Carefully, balancing on just her legs stumps, Udder Slut turned around and leaned back, pressing her back against his chest. He reached round and started to play with her nips again.

'Look at mom and dad, Slut, look what happened when you cum...

Udder Slut mewled louder, suddenly her body shuddered, once, twice... Panting she nearly collapsed. She hung her head. Harry grabbed it and farced it up.


On the white wall, bigger then life, the image of the scene in front of Harry duplicated as Udder Slut stared at her parents. Under the floor, some heavy machinery came to live. Slowly both dildoes started to move up towards the dangling asses above. The woman sobbed: 'Please Sir, please not in front of heruaaAAAH!'

The dildoes found home. Slowly they moved forward. At first, they did not enter their asses, big as they were. They just pushed the man and woman forward, closer together. Soon the man's cock touched the woman's wide open cunt. Then, maddening slowly, the man's cock was forced into his wife's fuck tunnel. Harry tried to imagine what that would feel like. So slow, way to slow, it would drive him nuts under any circumstances. As for the man and woman, it sure did something for them. The man was moaning, the woman panting as they were slowly pressed further towards each other. Finally their bodies were fully pressed together. As their bodies came to a halt and the dildoes moved on, these now started to penetrate. Cries of pain emitted from the couple. With awe Harry watched as more then half a foot of beer can sized dildo slowly but relentless forced its way up their asses. With a massive cluck, the machine stopped. Harry saw the woman's belly ripple, and he realised she was trying to squeeze her cunt muscles on her husbands sock. She was also wiggling her hips, she was actually trying to hump her husband, but the monster dildoes kept them both locked in place. Then her sounds changed pitch. At first Harry thought she was having an orgasm, but then he realised something must have been started to hurt her even more. Then he noticed her nipple clamps. Earlier they had looked rather loose, but not they were clearly clamping down hard. He saw her buds swell, and then... He blinked end leaned forward to get a better look, almost throwing Udder Slut of her stumps. He grabbed her and looked again. The nipple clamps consisted of two parts, one back and one to the front of the nipple, and the were now slowly moving away from each other, stretching the caught nipples long. And longer. And even longer... Finally, the now shrieking woman's nipples were at least 3 inches long, thin strips of tortured teat meat. Suddenly Harry remembered the man's balls and their complicated cage, but when he looked, nothing was moving down there. For now the two were simply pressed together, his cock buried deep but motionless in her twat, her nipples stretched to ripping point. She was still trying to hump him. With glee Harry realised she was stretching her head forward, trying to kiss her husband, but the microphone was in the way and she could merely lick his lips. His tongue came out to meet hers. Then another sound started. A shock went trough both of them. Their eyes bulged, and then they both started to moan louder and louder. At first Harry had no idea what was causing the change. Something was happening, but he could not see what. He could feel Udder Slut's body trembling against his chest, but she was keeping her eyes on her parents as ordered. As he looked at her face, he saw a tear running down. Harry smiled. He looked at the tortured couple again. They seemed to be moving, but the dildoes were still motionless up their asses. What was going on? He wondered if the woman would be able to tell him, but he expected not too much on that now. She clearly was in pain and perhaps on the edge or orgasm as well, he wasn't sure. The he realised what was happening. Both their bellies were expanding. Expanding? Harry remembered the holes in the dildoes. Aaah, water was getting pumped into them. Water or whatever brew they had come up with. Now that he realised that, he also noticed a trickle of water leaking down one of the dildoes. The man and woman were gasping for air, with short yelps and groans of pain in between. The bellies kept expanding more and more, and Harry was starting to wonder how big this enema could be. Then he noticed another thing. Their expanding bellies were pushing the man and woman apart. Ever so slowly, the man's cock was moving out of the woman's cunt. God, this would drive any man nuts. Rings biting into your cock, making it impossible to shoot your load, and the slow, slow fuck, once in, once out... The dildoes were still not moving, and as the man and women were pressed back by their swelling bellies, they were botch forced down the dildoes even further. By now the woman looked 8 month pregnant, and actually, so did the man. Finally the man's cock popped free again, a tortured tube of flesh, swollen almost twice as big as before, with a dark purple dickhead swelling in front of the ring, dripping with the woman's juices. The woman screamed in frustration, her empty hole opening and closing like a fish on land. A torrent of cunt juice gushed from her fuck hole. Her entire body shook as she tried to hump the lost cock. Then the man shrieked, a high pith, raw scream. It startled Harry for a second then he glanced the man over. What... Ah, his nuts... The cage holding the man's balls had started to move. Harry watched closely. The cage... was getting smaller. Dear god, the man's nuts were getting crushed! Harry felt his own balls twitch and tingle with sympathy for the poor bastard. And then, as the man 's shrieks reached an inhuman level, suddenly a big white glob emerged from the man's cock. Harry could not believe what he saw. The machine was actually crushing cum from the guy! For a second the cage started to get bigger again, and then it started shrinking again, sending the man into new shrieks and spasms. Another massive blob of cum slowly forced its way out, dripping into the hole beneath. Three more times the man's balls got crushed, each time forcing a massive amount of cum from the man. Harry had never imagined something like this possible. Wow. He looked at the woman again. She had quieted down a bit, her head hanging. The nipple clamps had relaxed, her rump, still swollen and impaled on the dildo, was glistening with sweat, and occasional shudders rippled through her.

'You did not get to cum? Harry hardly recognised his own voice.

'No Sir, I was too slow. Only one of us gets to cum when we get fucked Sir. If I am able to reach orgasm while my husbands cock is still in me, he does not get to shoot his cum. If I don't, he does...' Her voice was high, breathless and a bit hoarse.

'So what happens if I make Udder Slut cum again right now? Would you get to cum?'

The woman's voice sounded eager: 'yes, yes I would surely reach an orgasm then. Sir... Please...'

Her fear of getting tortured in front of her daughter seemed to have melted away in the need for her own orgasm. Harry had a hard time understanding how someone, getting tortured this severe, could still be so eager needy of an orgasm.

'Don't you get to empty your gut first?'

'Yes Sir we do, If Udder Slut has another orgasm now, the dildoes will retract for a minute or so, giving us time to get rid of most of it Sir, and then it would all start again. If she does not get another orgasm, the dildoes will remain in our asses for another hour. Please Sir please, would you once more... Please...' The woman's voice ended in a desperate whisper.

'I just can't believe it. You are hanging from your tits, a ton of water in your guts and a fist up your ass, and you are begging for more torture to get an orgasm? No one can be that horny!'

The woman sighted and shuddered.

'I can't help it Sir. This is what you turn into after a life of pain and sex. All the old slaves here are like this. When I came to the house first, I could not understand it either. But I have been here for 35 years. For 35 years, I have been keeping myself on the edge of orgasm, every minute of every waking hour. If I was allowed to have an orgasm, I would be on the edge of my next orgasm again within minutes Sir. Can't you see what that does to a woman? And inhere I get to see all that Udder Slut sees. I see cocks rising up to her mouth, and my own mouth waters at the thought of swallowing cum once more. Sometimes cum splatters over her face, and I blink as if it is my own face. It is so hard Sir. Somehow my body can't stop being horny anymore Sir.' The woman's voice was straining with desire.

Harry leaned back and tried to take it all in. It still seemed impossible. He looked at the man that seemed to have passed out. He could understand that alright. Harry spend a few moments in thought, rubbing Udder Slut's tits without realising it. Only when she started to mewl again, he shook up. He looked down on Udder Slut, then up to the woman. He gave Udder Slut a push, sending her sprawling forward, almost smashing her face into the cobbled floor. He bent forward, grabbed her hips and puller her ass up. Udder Slut whimpered and started to wiggle her ass invitingly. The woman was staring at them, eyes wide open. He unzipped himself, and took aim at her swollen, wet nether lips. Then he hesitated, grinned and changed his mind.

'Nah, once is enough for you two. Besides, I think I like your voice better like this. You just dream on sweetie. Move Udder Slut, I want out of this stench, and I want a drink. Lead me to the bar!'

Harry stepped out and dug up the earpiece again.


'Yes Sir?' The woman seemed to be close to tears.

'Just checking,' Harry grinned, 'I will make sure you get a good view of others having fun tonight, slut. I just love to imagine your dripping cunt down here!. Move Udder Slut, bring me to the bar!'

As they slowly made their way back up again, they passed a dim lit corridor with a couple of curtains hanging from the walls. One of the curtains had been moved to the side, revealing a huge window with a view on a brightly lit room. In the corridor stood Madame Justine, silently watching the proceedings in the room. Harry came to a halt and joint Madame in front of the window. Inside, a wild fuck fest was taking place. A group men were using one woman that was kneeling on the bed. The men were somewhere in their twenties, the woman looked quite a bit older, perhaps in her forties. They must have been at it for quite a while already, as the woman's body was glistening with cum. Her face and hair were completely soaked, and on the bed, covered in a rubber sheet, several puddles bore further evidence the amount of cum spend on her so far. At the moment, the woman was down on hands and knees, getting fucked from behind and in her mouth at the same time. A third man kneeled beside her, and she was wanking him fast. Several other men stood or sat nearby, slowly masturbating as they all watched the woman. The two guys fucking her were taking their work serious. The both fucked slow but methodically, driving their cocks in her cunt and mouth simultaneously and with powerful strokes. The woman in between had no choice, could not move either way to ease down their thrusts.

Harry looked at Madame. She was staring at the scene with transfixed eyes. One of her hands was slowly playing with one of her breasts, gently tracing circles around a poking nipple. She seemed to be unaware of her own hand. She was breathing a bit unevenly, and her body was gently swaying back and forth.

Harry silently grinned and looked into the room again. The man fucking the woman's mouth had now withdrawn his cock, and he was furiously wanking his cock. Although he could not hear any sounds from inside, Harry could imagine the groan as the man shot his cum straight into the woman's face. The man had more. 3 times more he shot a massive load of spunk into the woman's face before collapsing. He saw the woman shortly rub a hand through her face and licking it, then the man she had been masturbating moved over and took aim With one powerful thrust, he shoved his cock down the woman's throat. Another man moved into his place, and she started to wank his cock.

'They are sure take care of her,' Harry grinned.

Madame Justine shook up, stared at him for a moment, then seemed to relax a little and turned to the room again. She nodded.


'Do they get group rebate? I mean, seven, no... Eight guys and just one woman?

Madame glanced at Harry with a sly smile; 'They are slaves. She is one of our guests. She picked the number.' She nodded as the man using her rear pulled out and shot a massive cum load across the woman's back. 'And she will wear them all down, and another group too, before she is satisfied. She is a sperm slut.'

Harry heard something in Madame's voice, and looked at her. She was staring into the room again, still slowly rocking her body, her eyes fixed on the woman. Harry sensed something about Madame Justine. He moved a little closer and spoke a little softer.

'So... You are nor serving staff. What are you?'

Madame shivered but said nothing. Suddenly his ear piece came to life.

'She was once a serving staff member, but she moved up. I bet she misses getting used like that. Soon she will retire. I bet she will opt to stay, and join us down here.'

Harry looked at Madame, but clearly she had not heard Voice's contribution.

'Are you under any orders? Can you do as you like? I am just curious...' Harry swallowed his last words.

Madame kept staring into the room and remained silent.

'Custodia custodiam, Madame Justine, 'who guards the guards...' Harry was almost whispering now.

Madame closed her eyes for a moment and shivered. Then she turned her face towards Harry, her eyes wide and dark. She said nothing, just stared at him. Harry pressed on.

'Are you under rules, Justine? Are you as ready as Knockers and that Wanker girl?'

Without even blinking, Madame kept staring at him, then, almost unnoticeable, she nodded once.

'So who checks you? Who gives you permission? Who sets your rules Justine?'

Madame Justine seemed to be torn between speaking and remaining silent. Then she started to speak, her voice slightly hoarse.

For a moment she was silent, then she spoke again, her voice more steady again. 'You chose a mutilated girl over the other ones. You were down in our deepest pits. You went and saw Udder Slut's parents. Most people freak out when thy get to see the real stuff.' Madame nodded towards the room where another slave was shooting a massive load over the dripping woman. 'Most want sex, and perhaps a little bdsm play, no real pain, no real mutilation. Have you realised that man and that woman down in the cells are going to die in that little cell down there?'

It had not really occurred to Harry, but he nodded. It made sense. Madame looked at him for another moment, then went on.

'I am under no other rues then the ones I have set myself. My fellow staff members will act if I break my own rules. Yes, I am as ready as every other female slave in this building. No one checks me, I do it because I choose too... Some guests know. They can give me permission...' She let out a long, trembling sight. 'But it gets soo hard, soo hard...' Her last words were barely audible.

For a few seconds, there was silence. Slowly, very slowly, Harry put up his hand, moving towards her breasts, her hard nipples. Gently he touched it. Madame flinched, but did not move back. Ever so slowly, Harry began tracing her nipple with his fingers.

'Can I give you permission?'

'Yessss, now you can... Now that you know, you can...'Her whisper was hoarse again, and she was starting to breathe more rapidly. Her eyes were dark pools in the dim hallway. Harry reached up with his other hand, started to play with her other nipple as well. Madame made no sound but her breathing became more laboured.

'So... What happens if you have an orgasm without permission, Justine? Tell me...'

For a second, she did not react. Harry felt the pressure on his hands increase, as if she was pressing her nipples into his hands. Then she looked down and stepped back. As she spoke, her voice was louder but husky.

'Udder slut, your work here is done, go away..

Harry hesitated for a second, then pulled out his ear piece and dug up the little box. He silently handed it to Madame who in turn placed it in a little pouch dangling from Udder Sluts collar before pushing her off again.

Madame took a deep breath. 'So you like the real stuff. You are curious... Follow me, Harry, I will show you the real stuff alright...'.

Without Udder Slut leading the way, they moved a lot faster through the large building. Madame took him to the back of the house and stepped outside. Behind the building lay several large brick buildings, probably old stables. She walked to one of the more remote ones.

'This is our little hospital annex laboratory.' She gave a little smile. 'We can't exactly step into a normal hospital and ask them to remove a couple of perfectly well arms, you know. And for quite a few things we like, there is simply not enough known in normal medicine, so we have to figure things out for ourselves sometimes.'

Despite its old exterior, the building was modern inside, white, brightly lit, with straight walls and modern doors. Madame Justine in her old fashioned dress looked out of place inhere. They walked along a corridor with doors and windows left and right. Behind the windows, there were normal hospital rooms, some beds occupied, most empty. At the end the was a small room with 2 nurses who started to raise as they went past. Madame gestured them to relax and moved on to another door. She produced a small key card, and looked once more at Harry, as if in doubt again. Harry nodded and smiled reassuringly. She nodded too, turned and opened the door. A new corridor lay in front of them, this time with curtained windows between the doors.

'Here's where we figure out things, Harry. Here we find ways to torture people far beyond every day sm games, here things are for real. Here people get mutilated, disfigured and even killed. Things can get pretty gruesome. Are you sure you want to know this? Really sure?'

Harry felt a tingle of fear, mixed with anticipation. Two hours ago, fucking a big titted girl had seemed a good way to spend an evening, but once he had seen the seriously modified Udder Slut, things had changed. Seeing her parents in their cell had been even better. No way was he going to back out now. He cleared his throat, but not trusting his voice, he just nodded.

Madame shrugged her shoulders, then stepped up to a curtain, opened it, and stepped aside. Harry peered into a brightly lit room. It took his a few seconds to realise what he was looking at. At first he thought it was just a standing woman, surrounded by medical machines, her legs spread slightly apart, her arms dangling down along her sides. Then he realised her feet were not touching the floor, and the truth sank in. He was looking at an impaled woman, a massive pole going up between her legs, disappearing in a wide stretched cunt, and reappearing at an impossibly wide open mouth, her lips a thin red line stretching around the pole. Her face was tuned up. No blood could be seen, it looked like they impaled her and then cleaned up all the blood and gore. Harry swallowed. Madame looked at him, then turned and opened the door. Without saying anything, she went in. Harry followed.

'Touch her'

Harry stretched out his hand, touched her belly. A shiver went trough the impaled corpse, and Harry pulled his hand back like bitten. She was still warm! She was alive! His jaw dropped as he stepped back.

'Dear god... How... What... She's alive!' He stuttered.

'Yes. She is alive. And she had been impaled for almost a month now.'

Madame reached up and grabbed one of the tits. She squeezed it, then slapped it a few times. The impaled body shook and twitched some more. One of her arms slowly moved up, as if to fend off the hand slapping her. Madame stepped back, smiling satisfied.

'She is fully aware of her state you know... She can't talk of course, the pole is blocking her vocal cords. But watch this... Marianne... MARIANNE... Wake up Mariane...! Make a fist!'

Slowly the right hand of the impaled woman formed a fist.

'Good girl...', Madame looked at Harry, 'Her limbs get numb from just dangling, so she has a bit of trouble moving at first, but it gets better as she moves more. Watch this...'

Madame stepped to the side and pushed a button on one of the surrounding machines. Something started to hum. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Then the body shook again, and Harry could see how muscles started to ripple. She was trying to move. Her arms and legs started to twitch more franticly. Another shock went trough the body. Suddenly Harry blinked and concentrated. At the top of the wide stretched cunt, a clit popped out. No way... He stepped forward, wanting to tough, but unsure. He looked over at Madame Justine, who nodded encouraging. He touched the woman again, just above her cunt. Her flesh was vibrating. He lowered his hand. The pole was vibrating. The impaled body was now fully alive, twitching and shaking, her arms and legs flaying about. As he stepped back, he realised the woman was trying to reach her snatch, but her outstretched, slightly bend backward posture forced her cunt just out of reach. Her increasingly desperate pawing actually looked hot. He shook his head in bewilderment.

'Is she... she couldn't... Is she really getting horny?!?'

'Yep... Quite the little miracle of our new drugs, don't you think? And of course the biggest fuck in her life vibrating against her G spot might help a bit too, ' Madame giggled. 'Besides, this was her wildest dream coming true. She always fantasised about impalement, and when it was discussed, she volunteered.' Madame giggled some more, 'I don't think she expected to survive it though, or to get teased like this...'

Madame pushed the button again, and the hum died. The grotesque body didn't. Had it been shuddering and groping for her cunt before, now she actually went as wild as her impalement allowed her. Her legs were trampling and bicycling in the air, her hands pawed at her rump, went up and started to grope and squeeze her tits. With awe Harry saw how her upper body part even slightly moved up and down the pole, as if she was to fuck herself. He shook his head, baffled.

'Amazing, isn't it? Of course, without the hormones she would probably not react like this, but still... We are very satisfied with how she turned out. If only we could find a way to free her voice, at least a little. She squealed so delightfully when she was shoved down the pole. Too bad it stopped when it reached her throat. She had of course been prepared before impaling, a little snip here, a cut there, and then it all went down like clockwork. Not much blood loss, and very little inner damage. We could not believe it ourselves. By now she is completely stable, and we are pretty sure we can keep her alive for a long time. She gets her fluids and a well balanced diet intravenously, and the pole contains a ventilator that helps her breathing. A little dildo on the back of the pole sits in her ass and keeps her from sliding down any further. If it all works out well, she will be turned into a new statue, but permanent, for our entrance hall.'

Harry had slowly started to smile. Along with his smile, a bulge had build in his pants.

'You have preformed a death sentence on her, and instead of letting her die in peace, you keep her alive and horny... I bet Dante would have loved this one. Can she even have an orgasm?'

Madame Justine nodded, 'She can, and we gave her a few in the beginning. Partly because we could not believe it, and partly because we were trying to figure out if she was really enjoying it or not. She seemed to beg us to stop when we did make her cum, but as you can see, now she keeps grabbing her tits and pawing for her clit. Personally, I think she gets horny, but orgasmic convulsions while being impaled are perhaps a wee bit uncomfortable. In a few days we will hook her up to a brain scan, see if we can figure out more then. And one of out surgeons has an idea on how we could free her voice, but that would involve taking her off this pole and impale her again on a modified pole. I am not sure she would survive that. And it would be such a shame to kill her now, don't you think?'

Madame looked at Harry, trying to read his true reaction. Harry grinned, moved closer to her, and put an arm around her, gently pulling her closer and pressing his bulging pants against her hip. Madame glanced down and moved her hand slightly, just grazing his stiff trough his pants.

'Oooh Harry, you DO like this. So what do you like, her torture, or this tease and denial thing...

'I never though much about tease and denial, to be honest. But you all it seem to be into it in a big way, don't you? I must admit, it seems to works wonders. Yes, I think I enjoy that bit. Nothing like watching horny desperation while I can get my rocks off whenever I like...'

Madame Justine nodded in a satisfied way. Harry felt like he had past some kind of test, although he was not quite sure what exactly the test was about. She took his arm and guided him out. At the doorstep, Harry took a last look at the impaled woman. She was still groping herself, her rump shuddering at the pole.

Madame took him a few doors further. This time she did not open the curtain but went straight for the door. Harry followed her in. This room was rather empty. On one wall, a man was strapped to a cross with heavy leather bands. Somehow, Harry was disappointed, the guy looked normal. All arms and legs present, no poles going in or out... Then he noticed the man's crotch, a large cock almost stiff jutting out. And below that cock the man's balls. He swallowed and looked again. The man's testes were two huge swollen orbs, covered in bluish purple, shining skin, stretched to tearing point. The must have been the size of coconuts, if not bigger. The man seemed not to notice them, his head held up by a leather mask without eye holes, fixed to the cross. The half stiff cock was dripping precum in a steady trickle. It landed in a bucket at his feet. Harry looked at the bucket and frowned. It was more then half full. At least 5 litres of precum, was such a thing possible? He looked at Madame and grinned. She shook her head.

'No, this is not one of our tease and denial tests... This one it about cum production. You see, we have several guests that love sperm, the taste, the smell, the texture. You saw one of them. How happy would you think she would be, if a guy could shoot half a litre of cum in three spurts? And of course our serving staff would be happy about an unlimited supply of cum as well. I am sure Suck Slut would love to live on nothing but sperm. So here is one of our experiments. A mixture of diet, hormonal treatment and careful teasing and edging has done wonders. We still have a few problems to iron out, or perhaps we can just ignore them. The jury is still out on that one.'

Madame picked up a chart hanging from the wall, looked at it and walked out. Harry waited, looking at the man. The man had heard their voices, and he tried to move his head. A feeble grunt emerged from under the mask. He was also trembling, as if cold, although the room was rather warm. Madame returned, one of the nurses they passed before in tow. The nurse took an object stand from a corner. A large transparent plastic bag was held open by a ring at one end, and dangled down on the other end. The ring was fixed to a small stand. She moved the stand until the ring was just inches away from the man's cock. The she knelt beside the man, and looked up at Madame, as if waiting for further instructions. Madame started to explain.

'You see, we have been working on him for a few years now, and his sperm production is up alright. In fact, he needs to be regularly milked to avoid any serious damage to his uhm, reproductive system. Once he has shot his load, he will be ok for about half an hour. After that, he starts to get a slowly increasing feeling of severe blue balls. By the time one hour has passed, he used to be screaming his head off, he said it felt like his balls were getting crushed.' Madame giggled a bit, 'He has ruptured his vocal cords, so he can't scream that loud anymore. Anyway, after that first hour or so, the pain got so intense he would often pass out, regain consciousness, scream a few times and pass out again. We are giving him drugs to keep him from passing out, and I think he has also gotten used to it. By now he often makes it until 2 hours before passing out. I understand it is all quite painful.'

Harry felt his own nuts turn in his sack. He could imagine it being painful alright. His smile was a bit feeble. Madame noticed and grinned.

'Different when it is your own gender, Harry? Here is a real man Harry, a man any true slut dreams about... If he does not get to shoot his cum, his scrotum and prostate swell up. At some point, his ballsack will simply rupture under the pressure, or his prostate. Quite a painful way to go. I know this because we did it to another slave. It would be a nice way to execute rapists... Anyhow, it gets even better. So he has to be milked to survive. The real kicker is that shooting his cum is just as painful... The male plumbing is not designed to shoot half a litre of cum in three shots. It is juts way too much. It stretches his entire system. Back when he could still talk, he told us it felt like his ball were getting ripped out through his dick. He fears not being milked and he fears being milked... Watch this...'

Madame nodded towards the kneeling nurse. The nurse very gently took the penis between two fingers, and gently pulled back the foreskin. The man bucked and a hoarse wheeze filled the room. Slowly, the nurse pushed his foreskin forward and then pulled it back again. The cock instantly grew into an angry red, bulging piece of meat. The nurse was very slowly and carefully wanking the man, using just her thumb and index finger. The man on the cross seemed to go crazy, his body convulsing, the leather bands that held him in place creaked. He was slamming his head against the cross as hard as the hood allowed him. Then the man went rigid, his muscles completely tensed up, bulging between the cuffs. The nurse stopped playing with his cock and leaned back. Harry looked, fascinated by the sheer pain that the body on the cross displayed. And then the man's cock erupted. Almost in slow motion, Harry at first saw the base of the cock swell, doubling almost in size. The bulge went forward, like a long balloon getting inflated. The little piss hole at the dick head started to open, gaping wider and wider... And then the man shot his cum. With three massive spurts, each at least a finger wide and lasting several seconds, the man blew his load into the waiting plastic bag. Harry stared, not believing his eyes. Slowly dripping down in the bag was indeed at least half a litre... The man started to shake again. His body rattled against the cross. Soft, hoarse whimpers came out, the man's battered vocal cords could not produce more than that. Harry stared at the display, at a loss for words. He wanted to play it cool, but this was almost too much. He needed a few moments to recollect himself, then he looked at Madame Justine. She was staring at the man and the load of cum dripping down in the plastic bag. Suddenly, Harry remembered her fascination back in the house, when they had been watching the cum slut guest. He watched more closely. Yes, she was into the zone again... One of her hands slowly rose to meet one of her poking nipples. Her eyes were dark and a bit glazed again. Harry felt his cock twitch. He looked at the nurse. She was staring at the massive load of cum as well, but not nearly as mesmerized as Madame. She noticed his look, and they made eye contact. Harry moved his head. A puzzled look darted across her face, then comprehension. Silently she got up and left the room, quietly closing the door behind her. Harry carefully moved closer to Madame, approaching her from behind. His cock, full mast again, touched her ass. He slowly brought his arms up, embracing her from behind. Madame flinched, her eyes blinking. Then she let out a shuddering sight and leaned back, against Harry. He led his hands slide across her dress, slowly moving towards her nipples, touching them, teasing them.

Keeping his voice low and soft, he started to speak.

'What a view...' I can picture you, kneeling in front of him, ever so slowly wanking him... Waiting for that bucket of cum for him to splash right in your face...'

Madame shivered and moaned softly. Her eyes were now closed, her nostrils flaring. Harry realised he too could smell the man's cum. The air was think with cum odour. He touched her nipples again, gently. A shock went trough Madame.

'You would love to feel his cum splashing in tour face, wouldn't you, Justine?


'Taste it, feel how it fills your mouth, forces its way down your throat.. wouldn't you, Justine?

Madame Justine moaned.

'Are you allowed to have an orgasm, Justine?'

'Noooh...'Her voice was just a breath.

'What happens when you have a orgasm without permission, Justine? Tell me...'

Justine remained silent, shivering under his hands, her ass now slowly grinding into his cock. She was panting for air.

'Tell me...'

'I... I... I cease to be Staff if I get an orgasm without permission.' Her voice was a mere whisper. 'If I have an orgasm while no guest has given me permission, the other staff members will take over. I have asked them for that and they have agreed to it. If I ever have an orgasm without permission, they will take me to the lowest level, and I will spend the rest of my life as a retired slave, getting tortured until I die...'

'Tortured how?'

'I don't know... They will take several things they know that will get to me and combine them. I don't know...'

'You are close, aren't you, Justine...


Harry felt like cumming in his pants. This was a massive power trip. That classy, stern woman, the Madame of this house, she was on the border of ending her life as she knew it, and he was causing her downfall. He put his hands flat over her nipples and started to move them in slow circles. Madame Justine moaned louder.

'If you have an orgasm now, I will make sure it is the last orgasm you will ever have, Justine...'

She did not even cum hard. One deep breath. A barely audible 'ooooh' He felt her body shudder against his, two, three times. Then, with a long, quivering sight, she slowly sank to her knees. He stepped back.

'You had an orgasm.'

He did not bother to ask, it was just a statement. Justine had her eyes closed. After a while she nodded silently.

'I bet it would have been a lot better if I had touched your cunt when you came, wouldn't it, Justine?

Another silent nod. She still kept her eyes closed. Her face, that had gone red, was now slowly turning white.

'You are no longer upper staff Justine...'

A soft sob.

'Wait here'.

When he came back, he had both nurses with them. Justine was still kneeling on the floor, her eyes closed, her arms hanging down. Harry pointed at the kneeling woman in black.

'She has had an orgasm. She did not have permission. She is no longer Staff. She is not even serving staff. She is a slut slave, and she will spend the rest of her life slowly getting tortured to death. I need the biggest enema syringe you have, a knife or scissors, some string and two nipple clamps that can not be pulled off. Get them. NOW!'

The nurses had been frozen at the sight of Madame Justine, kneeling and looking defeated. At his final 'Now', one of them jumped into action and ran off. While he had been speaking, Justine had not moved, her eyes still closed, head hanging. Harry looked at the other nurse and pointed at the slave.

'He just shot his load. How long before he can shoot again?'

'If he had just one orgasm Sir, he should be able to reach another 3 or 4 orgasms in a row Sir, right after each other Sir...'

As she spoke, they both saw how Justine shivered. Her lips parted a little, and Harry could see her take a deep breath. He smiled. The nurse returned with several items.

'Stand Justine.'

Slowly she rose to her feet, eyes still closed. Harry knelt down and grabbed the front hem of her dress. He used the sissors to make a little cut, then ripped the front open up to her waist. He tore of a large section from the front of the dress. Her under skirt followed . A few more snips and a rip removed her knickers. A shaved, dripping wet cunt came to light. Harry moved on, ripping and tearing away at her dress, Another large part was removed in the back, baring her ass as well. The sides were ripped into large shreds. He moved up and started to tear open the upper part of her dress. Buttons bounced around. Underneath, a sheer shirt and bra were torn and ripped away. Madame's breasts fell free. They were large but droopy. Her nipples were still rock hard. Finally she stood there, trembling, her former stylish and old fashioned Victorian dress reduced to rips and tatters.

'I am going to prepare you and then present you in the house, Justine. Where can I find the other staff members?'

Justine shivered and remained silent for a moment, then she whispered her answer: 'Most of them will be in the bar by now, there is little to do once everything is in full swing. They will be enjoying the shows and having some fun with the guest...'

Harry grinned wide. They were going to get a show alright.

'The bar it is then. Would it be a problem if you were to shit on the floor in the bar?'

Justine shivered some more. 'Not on stage Sir, there is a stage, there it would not be a problem Sir.'

'Good. Listen careful, I expect you will have a hard time concentrating later on, so I will explain all now. I am going to take you to the bar. You walk, I follow. When I tap your shoulder, you stop. When I tap it again, you move on. You keep your head up at all times, and you look everyone we meet straight in the face. Clear?'

Justine blushed and nodded silently.

'When we reach the bar, I will stop in front of the door an do some final things to you. Then we go in. You will walk straight up to the stage. I will remain at the door. When you are up on the stage, you look at the room, and you turn your body straight at the other staff members. You look at them and nod. Keep an eye on me, when I start to move towards them, you can look at other people. Keep your eyes open and you head high. You do not hide your shame... Do you understand me?

Madame Justine was now blushing furiously, but with a soft, trembling voice she repeated all the instruction in one go. Harry nodded satisfied.

'Now kneel down, Justine, down on your hands and knees...'

As she took position, her breasts hung down low, swaying with every move. Her ass was completely free. Harry turned to the nurses who were still watching in a state of shock.

'I want the entire content of that bucket of precum up her ass. Now!'

A slight noise emerged from the kneeling figure. The nurses looked at each other, then one of them stepped forward, took the syringe, and dipped it in the bucket. She pulled the plunger back. With satisfaction, Harry saw it was a half-litre sized syringe. The nurse moved over to Madame Justine. She knelt behind her, aimed, and slowly pushed the tip of the syringe into Madame Justine's ass. As she pushed down the plunger, another shudder went through the kneeling figure, but not a sound was heard. The nurse brought on the second filling. Slowly she pushed down the plunger. Again, Madame Justine suffered in silence as her bowels were slowly filled with the gooey liquid. The third load brought the first sound.


It was a low moan, filled with all the despair in the world. The next few loads made her moan more and louder. After 6 loads, Harry called a pause and made her kneel straight up. Her face was pale, drawn, and sweat pearled on her brow as she strained to keep the heavy load in her stretched bowels. She was breathing short and shallow. Her flat stomach now bulged like she was pregnant. Harry nodded satisfied.

'Lets make it a little easier on her. Two syringes of precum down her throat, lets fill the cum slut up from both sides...'

Madame Justine cringed but immediately opened her mouth as the nurse approached with the first filled syringe. Slowly she forced the tube down the throat of Madame Justine, like a huge cock going down. As she pushed the plunger down, Madame Justine did not even get to swallow, the vile liquid was simply forced down her gullet into her stomach. She started to look greenish, and when the syringe was pulled out, a long, cum scented burb escaped. It made Harry smile. The nurse hesitated, but Harry gestured her to move on. The second syringe went down with more trouble, and Madame Justine started to make little mewling sounds as her stomach bulged further. Sweat was now dripping form her face, and moaning she grabbed her cramping gut. Harry pushed her head down again, and Madame Justine realised there was more going up her ass. She put her hands on the floor again, this time with her head close to the floor, sticking her ass way up high. The seventh syringe made her moan all the way the plunger went down, followed by short groans as she waited for the next load. Gurgling the syringed sucked the bucket dry. For the first time, she raised the volume of her cries as the syringed was emptied.

'Ooooooaaaaaaaaaargh.. oooh oh oh ooooh...'

'Up, Justine, on your feet.'

Grunting and moaning, and with great difficulty, she rose to her feed, legs wobbly, her body bend forward, her hands supporting a now fully pregnant, bulging stomach. Sweat was dripping down on her naked breasts, her face was a contorted mask of pain and concentration. Harry grabbed the clamps. They were Hoffman clamps, with the little screw on top that pressed down a small bar in the middle. He grabbed her left nipple and rolled it between his fingers, no longer gentle and teasing, but pressing down hard. Justine moaned. He put on the clamp, turning the screw to the top, and fastened it tight. She bit her lip and threw her head back, but made no sound. The second clamp was put on her other nipple. Harry fixed the strings to the screws, and snipped the strings long enough to reach almost to the floor.

'Kneel Justine.'

He had to help her kneeling down, her legs were about to give up on her. He pushed her forward a little, towards the man on the cross. Suddenly she seemed to realise what was in store. Her eyes flew open, switching from the man's jutting cock to Harry and back. Her panting sped up. Harry grinned. The he looked at the nurses.

'Wank him, slowly, and take good aim. I want him to shoot one load of cum in her face. Then we turn her around, and he can shoot another load at the back of her hair. I want her head drenched in cum. Can you do that?'

The nursed nodded, eyes glistening. It appeared they slowly started to get into the torture and humiliation of their former boss.

'As for you, Justine... Close your mouth, and keep it closed. I don't want one drop of cum in your mouth... Keep it closed, even after he is done. I don't want you licking his cum, tasting it or whatever. Just let is splash on and drip down. Do you understand?'

Justine whimpered, then locked her lips and nodded. She seemed determined to follow his instructions to the letter. A nurse knelt down beside the man's cock and touched it. Again, a shock went through the man, and his body slammed against the cross. As the nurse slowly pulled back the man's foreskin, Justine's mouth opened, licking her lips in anticipation. Harry grunted and slapped her tit hard.

'Close, you bitch, keep that cum trap shut!' He nodded towards the nurse, 'aim for her forehead...'

With a rasping hoarse cry, the man shot his unbelievable load. Three, four spurts of cum splashed right across Justine's hair and face, soaking her instantly. It almost looked like they had poured a bucked of cum over her head. Her face was a white mess, and long threads of cum dripped down on her quivering breasts and torn dress. Still biting her lips closed, Justine let out a high pitched shriek. She was panting rapidly, and Harry could see cum getting sucked up her nostrils. She had kept her eyes wide open as the shots landed, and now she was blinking furiously to clear her eyes of the stinging cum. Harry was more then satisfied. In just 4 spurts, the man had turned a lady into a dirty cum slut. He pulled Justine around and nodded at the nurse again. The man on the cross had not even recovered from his painful cum shoot, but he was helpless to the slow wanking and his hormone stimulated balls. In just seconds, another massive load ripped through his cock, soaking Justine's hair from behind. Then his body slumped as he passed out. Justine's entire body was shuddering, torn between gut cramps, lust and the heroic effort to keep both her ass and mouth closed.


Now he almost had to drag her to her feet, where she remained hardly standing, her hips humping and her body shaking. She was still holding her swollen belly, standing crouched forward. Cum dripped down all over her body. Her former neat black hair, tied in a bun, was a soaked mess with loose strands and cum dripping down. Her face was shiny from the cum load, with thick globs clinging on. Streaks of dripped down cum ran across her breasts. The black dress was soaked at the top and the lower parts were heavily stained. Harry grinned satisfied. She looked like the result of a several of hours of bukkake activity. He knelt down and grabbed one of the dangling strings. Pulling it tight while eyeballing her nipple, he tied it to one of her heels. As the string tensed, she had bend over more, but Harry barked her back. He took the other string and tied it to her other heel. Then he stood up.

'Stand straight, Justine.'

Whimpers climbed into a full shriek from behind her still locked lips as she straightened her back. Her nipples were held down to belly button level, and to stand straight, she had to stretch her breasts very hard. Much to his and the nurses surprise, she did it all in one go, without hesitating and remained straight without giving in to the pain. It must have been painful alright, her former nice but low hanging breasts looked like overstretched strips of meat, hardly resembling breasts. Deep folds had formed at her nipples, who had made a half turn when the screws were pulled down. The pull on her tits made her breathing even more shallow then before. She had to pant to get in enough air, the cum bubbling in and out of her nose. Harry was happy. This was exactly the look he had been going for. He felt the familiar pressure in his crotch. He took the empty syringe and looked at the plastic bag containing the man's first cum shot.

'I will need that one too.'

One of the nurses took the bag, twisted it closed and handed it over. Harry slapped Justine's ass. Even her ass was dripping wet with cum by now.

'Lead on, Justine, we're off to the bar...'

Justine cringed, and below the white globs of cum shimmering all over her face, a red glow shone through. She took her first step and squealed. With great effort she managed to keep her mouth closed, but a splash behind her showed she could not control all her holes that well. As she stepped forward, one of her breasts was stretched a hand wide further down. while the other relaxed a bit. Each step would be another yank on her stretched titmeat. Slowly, she took her next step. Somehow she managed to keep her back straight. Harry grinned behind her back. Madame Justine had been a proud woman while she was running the place. And now she was a proud slave... He watched as her quivering ass clenched down and she tried to recollect herself. The she started to walk again.

Their walk back into the house and towards the bar gathered a small group of stunned people. Every one they met on their way, guests and slaves alike, watched with open mouth as Madame Justine passed by, an unbelievable load of cum still dripping from her head down her body, each step stretching her breasts down to almost ripping them off, her former statuesque figure deformed by her bulging belly. Harry had ordered her to put her hands in her neck, putting even more strain on her stretched nipples and breasts. In silence, Harry admired her. The strings had to be hell to pay with each step, and you could hear her guts cramping and gurgling on the heavy load of precum, but she walked straight, head held high, her elbows wide to make sure all could see her cum soaked face clearly. Her lips were still sealed, a thin pressed line in her gleaming face. Cum bubbled around her nostrils. Finally they reached a door with a small brass shield. The Bar. Harry tapped Justine's shoulder and stopped. The group trailing a few steps behind froze as well. Justine had stopped, staring at the door. Her body was rocking back and forward and occasional shuddered as a particularly painful cramp hit her guts. In the silence, her grumbling intestines could be heard. Harry leaned towards her and started to whisper in her ear, his voice soft and low again.

'You are doing wonderful, Justine. You were a great Madam, and now you are going to be an even greater pain slut. Do you remember your instructions?'

Justine closed her eyes. Her hips bucked at every word, as if they were a cock thrusting into her snatch. She nodded.

'I am going to pump air up you ass now. It will make holding the enema even harder, but you have to keep it in, understand?'

A short nod...

'Then I will pour a fresh load of cum on top of your head. After that, I go in. You follow and get on stage as fast as you can. Remember where and how to look, Justine...'

Justine moaned and nodded again. Her blush deepened.

With those words, Harry knelt beside her and took the syringe. He pulled the plunger back, forced the tips between Justine's clenched and quivering ass cheeks. As he forced the tip, in, Justine made a little noise. He slowly pushed the plunger, and with a dull bubbling noise, air forced its way up the tortured woman's filled colon. Justine groaned and shook.

'Hold it in, Justine...'

Harry raised, took the bag with cum, ripped a corner open en started to pour the content on top of Justine's head. A fresh flow of cum started to make its way down.

'Feel free to lick your face now, Justine... Go.'

As they walked in, all chatter came to a halt. The bar was pretty busy, lots of people in low, comfy chairs. On stage, a female slave was hanging in the air by her wrists, screaming, crying and begging. A woman was yielding a long bull whip masterly behind her.

All gaped as Madame Justine marched through the room, her breasts rhythmically stretching and recoiling with each step she took. By the time she found her spot, only the laboured breathing and slowly diminishing shrieks of the dangling slave could be heard. An eerie silence fell. Slowly, Madame Justine searched the room, finally resting her eyes on a few men and women sitting on barstools at a corner of the bar. Cum slithered down her face, dripped from her nose. Slowly, Madame's mouth opened, and her tongue slit out. She started to lick her cum dripping lips, then curled her tongue out further, reaching for cum. Without blinking, she kept her eyes on the small group. They stared back, stunned. Harry recognised the old fashioned clothes that seemed to be dress code for staff members. He nodded and moved towards them. They did not take notice, all were gazing and the tortured figure standing on the stage. Harry spoke, his voice unnatural loud in the silence.

'Madame Justine had her orgasm without permission... She is no longer staff of this house. I would like to meet staff members and discuss the further torture and death of this painslut.'

As one, the room turned and stared at him. Then they looked back again. The Mistress on stage, still holding the whip, stared at Madame Justine, then over at Harry. She slowly raised the whip, her eyes fixed on him. Harry smiled and nodded. In one graceful move, the woman swung the whip back, then forward. The whistling thong shot forward, uncoiling itself between Justine's slightly spread legs. Then the tip curled up and hit home. A dry crack sounded. For a moment, Madame Justine froze, then an animal shriek ruptured the silence. An angry red welt appeared on her lower belly, growing straight up from her clit. A forceful burst of piss ejected from between her stricken cunt lips. A loud wet fart followed by a geyser of slime and turds exploded from her rear. Harry smiled satisfied as the woman behind Madame Justine slowly rewound the whip, taking aim again. He turned to the group of staff Members.

'A moment of your time, please. My name is Harry. I was send by John...'

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