HerToy Heaven/Hell
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  • Post Date - 7/22/2012

Author's Note: I have been practicing self-bondage for years and this fantasy is mixed with a few things I have done on my own and would love to try. Amazing what we come up with in our own fantasies when no Mistress is available. I have even started working on a self-bondage studio on clipsforsale. Love to hear feedback. :)

Chapter 1

She had me helpless again. I was exhausted and dripping sweat, whining unintelligibly into the extreme gag stretching my jaw and pushing my cheeks out to their limit. Air whistled through the small tubes coming out of each of my nostrils as I made these whining noises, these tubes being my only access to fresh air. I hung by my wrists balancing strenuously on the balls of my feet and toes.

I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror, trying to access my situation now I had regained consciousness. My leather wrist cuffs were locked together and pulled up towards the ceiling, forcing me into this stretched hanging exposed position. I flapped my tape covered stumps of hands around helplessly in the mirror.

A strap pulled my arms tightly together at my elbows and was locked on with a padlock. My shoulders screamed in pain having to bend back and together behind my head to allow my arms to touch. I thanked god she kept me so limber and flexible with daily hot yoga sessions, which she demanded I do, or my shoulders would have been dislocated by now.

My head was covered in tight black rubber and was held up and out bizarrely between my painfully bound arms by a strict tight leather posture collar, locked on with small padlocks. Leather straps crisscrossed my head, holding a huge ball gag deeply seated in my mouth. Each of these straps was also locked on with small padlocks.

I blinked at my own wide fear and pain filled eyes staring back at me in the full length mirror. Blinking more tears away I looked closer at the effects the painful bondage and tortures she had inflicted on me had on my body.

My chest had two large round red hicky marks centered around each of my bright red nipples. My cock stood out hard and erect but screamed with a burning agony from inside. Turning to the side I could just see out of the corner of my eye how my erect cock was painfully distorted and plugged and that my ass was covered in red cane marks.My ass felt like it was going to burst, I could see the a tube and bulb hanging down between my legs

I tried to shake my head no as she approached me with a five foot long wooden pole. The stiff leather posture collar held my head solid. All I could do was whine pleas for mercy through the small tubes coming out of each nostril and take long pauses to work at drawing fresh air into my lungs between these useless snorting please.

She quickly locked one end of the pole to the leather cuff on my right ankle. Now she pushed my right foot out to the side using the pole and pulled my left leg out in the opposite direction till she could lock the end to the leather cuff on my left ankle. With the bar locking my ankles 5 feet apart I now balanced with all my weight on my big toes and the edges of the balls of each foot. I was stretched to the limit, blinking sweat and tears out of my eyes and whined hysterically as I watched her approach me with a role of black shrink wrap.

I watched her in the full length mirror as she began to wrap the stretchy film tightly around my waist. She pulled the wrap tight and every second time around my waist she would twist the wrapping. This caused the wrapping to become a stiff band circling my mid section and thus stiffening and squeezing my waist smaller and smaller.

I had lost count of the number of times she had wrapped my waist from just above my hip bones to just below my chest. Once she was satisfied with the hourglass shape she had forced my midsection into she began applying black rubber tape over the shrink wrap.

I was squeezing my eyes tight and just concentrating on balancing on my aching toes and sucking fresh air into my now tightly and increasingly compressed lungs. Once she had completely covered the shrink wrap with tape she stepped back to admire her work.

From just below my chest to just below my hip bones I was compressed into a extremely tight shiny hourglass shape. My flesh bulged over the top and at the bottom of this restrictive corset. My thirty two inch waist was compressed to twenty eight inches squeezing my whole mid section immobile. It also forced me to breathe in short panting breaths through the nose tubes. She ran her hands up and down my now hourglass shaped waist, bringing each hand up to rub my chest, which was spilling over the top of the extreme corset. She brought one hand up to my face and removed the plug in the tube coming out of my ball gag. I sucked more fresh air into my compressed lungs and felt some relief in my burning lungs.

She took each tender nipple between thumb and finger and squeezed with increasing force on my painfully tender nipples. My eyes shot open and I tried to shake my head no and made short pleading noises through the gag tube and nostril tubes. I shifted as much as was possible this mostly being wiggling my hands or should I say tightly bound stumps and shifting my weight from big toe to big toe. She pulled and twisted my nipples as I helplessly whined and gasped for air.

"Have to get you ready for bed now. You have had a hard evening, lets make it a hard night as well." She said smiling and looking directly into my eyes.

I thrashed helplessly against my bondage and I whined useless pleas for release as my mind screamed in shear fear and panic........

You see this had started when I had first gotten out of the shower four hours earlier.

"Come here" she called from the bedroom.

I had finished shaving my head bald and removing what stray body hairs I could find. Returning to the bedroom she inspected my body, checking me over from head to toe.

"Put your hands out, palms up" she commanded.

I quickly put my hands out at elbow height, unsure what she had in store for me. I could feel my cock began to rise and harden as the feelings of excitement, fear and anticipation jockeyed for control of my mind. She placed a three inch foam ball in each of my open hands.

"Squeeze" she ordered.

Now she slid tight fitting spandex socks over each near fist, squeezing my fingers tightly around the balls. She then took a roll of rubber electrical tape and wrapped my left hand tightly with 1 full roll and then applied a second full roll.

My hand or should I say fist shaped stump was now covered in shiny rubber tape all the way to mid forearm. She repeated the process on my right hand and I was now at her mercy. My hands were now useless stumps, fear and excitement had my cock hard as a steel rod.

"On your knees, hands behind your back" she commanded.

I quickly dropped to my knees, spreading my legs as wide apart as I could and keeping my head down looking at the floor and my now huge, aching hard on. I was so horny and excited but she seemed to be acting a bit differently. I could feel fear slip into my mind and told my self to "Calm down, she's just playing." pushing the fear my thoughts but some how she seemed more serious. Walking to the closet and retrieving a rubber hood she approached me from behind.

"I'm not impressed with tardiness lately. I think I need to correct this right away"

She pulled the hood over my bald head, stopping just above my ears she took expanding foam ear plugs and pushed them deeply into each ear. The plugs greatly reduced my hearing so I had to pay attention to the sound of her voice, just to make out what she was saying. Now she worked the hood fully over my head. My head was tightly squeezed by the rubber, the only openings being for my eyes, nose and mouth.

I was trying hard not to thrust my hip toward her, knowing that action would bring punishment.

"Oh, look your cock is all hard. Are you horny? Do you want to fuck me?" She demanded, sarcastically.

I focused on my erect cock, thinking how much I wanted to feel her pussy squeezing it. Looking up and opening my mouth to respond to her question, I was shocked as she forced two large pieces of foam into my mouth. The two halves of a 4 inch foam ball were worked into each cheek. She quickly pushed a 3 inch harness ball gag into my mouth, pushing it till it popped behind my teeth. The whole time she made sure the half balls of foam stayed in place, forcing my cheeks out more with the ball gag now pushing relentlessly from inside my mouth. My cheeks felt like they were going to burst and I was struggling to deal with the size of this new gag completely silencing me. Now she tightly buckled and locked each strap attached to the huge ball gag now stretching my jaw to its limit.

I was now locked helplessly in an extreme harness gag. She stepped to the side allowing me to see my extremely gagged image. The head harness's 3" ball gag held my jaw painfully stretched open and the foam in my cheeks pushed them out in an extreme, painful and bizarre way.

I was beginning to get scared and the fear of being totally helpless to her often painful whims was starting to register loud and clear in my mind. With my hands useless and my mouth so extremely gagged I had no way to give her our agreed upon mercy signals.

The ball gag had a 3/8 inch tube running through the center and I was sucking panting breaths through it and the nose holes in the hood. My excitement and fear levels climbed that much higher and my cock felt like it was going to explode, it was huge and swollen. She brought something up to my face and now I felt something being pushed through the hole in the hood under my left nostril, then up into the nostril itself.

I blinked back tears as she worked a 1 inch long expandable foam plug, with a hollow tube running through it, all the way into my nose. She repeated the process on my right nostril as tear's streamed down my cheeks. Now I had 1/4 inch diameter, black breathing tubes, coming 2 inches out of each bulging nostril. I shook my head and snorted through my nose trying to get the tubes out but they wouldn't move.

I looked at my reflection, from my naked, hairless body to my head covered in tight black rubber. With the extreme harness gag locked on, keeping me hopelessly silenced. My face was painfully distorted and looking into my own panicked and fear filled eyes, only fueled those feelings and my lust more.

"That should help you breath easier." She said smiling down at me.

Looking up I blinked back tears caused by the tubes being shoved so far up my nose and made short whining noises of protest through the tube in the ball gag. She reached out and pushed a rubber plug into the breathing tube in the ball gag and my eyes widened. I was now force to breathe through the nose tubes only. I was panicking as my air supply was restricted to the point that I had to focus all my attention on pulling air in and pushing air out the nose tubes.

Turning her back on me, she walked over to the dresser and I brought my hands up to my face. I tried desperately to pull the plug out of the ball gag tube. My bound stump hands were useless and I returned them to there position, behind my back. I tried calming myself and just focused on getting enough air into my burning lungs but panic, fear and lust was creeping into every labored struggle for that oxygen.

Next she pulled a strict tall posture collar around my neck and I was forced to hold my head and chin up. The collar not only wrapped around my neck forcing my chin up but it had stiff sections that came up the side of my head, covering my ears. She pulled the 2 buckles tight on the collar pushing my chin up further and squeezing my neck immobile, she than locked each buckle with a padlock. Now she began threading another strap through the loops at the top of the side extensions and around my head. Once she had the strap looped around my head at forehead level, she buckled the strap tight and locked it on with another pad lock.

My head was now held totally immobile, if I wanted to shake my head for "yes" I would have to bend at the waist. Or twist my shoulders back and forth to signal "no". Or I could grunt and whine through the nose tubes.

I closed my eyes, feeling my lust and fear at being more and more helpless rise higher. I was scared, unsure what she had planned, trying to stay up on my knees holding my cock out for her. My cock was aching it was so hard. She slapped it viciously, causing me to jump.

"You think you deserve to cum?" she demanded.

Again she slapped my sensitive cock, I jumped and struggled not to pull away and I tried (without success) grunting "no" through the nose tubes as loudly as possible. The posture collar restricting my head prevented me from shaking my head so I twisted my shoulders to try to signal no,

I began to panic as I tried to deal with the pain, lust and now realization I had no hope of release. Not thinking I brought my bound stump hands from behind my back to try to cover my cock.

"Hands behind your back Bitch" she ordered and quickly grabbed my balls. "You missed more hair on your balls! This is the third time!" she berated me as she squeezed pulled and twisted my balls. Pain radiated from my balls and I struggled to keep my hands behind my back.

"You seem to think this is all just for you to get all excited and cum!" Things are going to change, starting right now!" She screamed at my bound and gagged head. She released my balls and brought both hands up to my chest.

What did she mean "things are going to change."" I thought briefly before she began rubbing and pulling each of my excited swollen nipples. She watched as I clamped my eyes shut and thrust my hips forward in lustful response to the nipple play.

Taking each nipple between thumb and finger she began to squeeze them viciously. My eyes flashed open then squeezed shut and I whined as loudly as I could as she pulled and twisted my nipples. Pain screamed from each nipple causing me to squirm and plead louder in panting breaths through the tubes in my nose as she continued to twist and pull my nipples without mercy.

I struggled to keep my stump hands behind my back as she worked on my nipples and I shifted from knee to knee for what to me felt like an hour but was really only two excruciatingly painful minutes. I was sweating and moaning in helpless agony when she finished tenderizing my nipples, they were now bright red and now extremely sensitive. I could feel the air of each of my labored breaths blowing out the nose tubes, over each swollen tender nipple.

"I need a drink but first let's finish getting you ready. On your feet slut!" she ordered.

I struggled to my feet and she quickly strapped and locked leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Next she quickly locked a 12 inch long hobble chain between my ankle cuffs. Now she pulled my arms behind my back and worked a strap around my arms above my elbows. Pulling the strap tight, till my elbows were within 4 inches of each other, she buckled the strap and snapped a padlock closed on the buckle, locking the strap on. Taking a bigger padlock, she worked it over the strap touching my back and then pulled the other side into the lock, pulling my arms closer. Snapping the lock shut my arms were now double locked painfully behind my back. She then she took another padlocked and locked my wrist cuffs together, binding my already useless stump hands together behind my back.

My shoulders were screaming from the strain and I was forced to stick my chest up and out to ease the agony. I flapped my bound hands uselessly testing the straps and locks holding me, I stopped struggling and stood whining uselessly through the nose tubes and blinking tears out of my eyes.

Now she picked up powerful clamps with vicious ridged contact plates and placed one on each of my tender nipples. I squeezed my eyes shut as pain returned to each nipple and wailed uselessly into my gag as tears ran down my cheeks. I pleaded for mercy in short whining pants through the nose tubes as the pain increased in my crushed nipples and spread through my chest.

My eyes shot open and I jumped as she flicked the left nipple clamp that now stood out from my chest and painfully crushed the sensitive nub. She held what looked like weights attached to clamps in front of my blinking eyes.

"You are going to love these" she said as she clamped the first weight onto my left nipple clamp and let it drop. It pulled and twisted my nipple painfully. I whined loudly and looked pleadingly into her eyes as tears continued to well up in mine. Once she had the weight clamped onto my right nipple clamp, she again turned to the dresser.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My nipples were being bent and pulled by the weights, enough that the weights bounced off my upper belly, even with my chest forced up and out by my extreme arm bondage. I carefully bent at the waist to try to ease the pain in my poor nipples, a useless exercise as the weights now hung pulling my nipples just as painfully, just not painfully bent as well.

I straightened back up, whining as my nipples where bent again. My eyes clamped shut, I whined in pleading exhales as unknown to me she approached with what looked like a transparent cock pump tube, it was 12 inches long and had a 4 inch diameter.

"Open your eyes slut!" she ordered as she grabbed my balls and squeezed them viciously.

My eyes flashed open as a wave of incredible pain shot through my balls. Seeing the tube, I tried fighting my tight bondage but I only succeeded in causing the weights to swing and twist and pull on my painfully crushed, bent and stretched nipples. I thrust my throbbing cock forward as searing pain coursed through each nipple and my balls. I hummed "please no" franticly, desperate to have her remove the clamps and weights or better yet let me cum.

She released my balls and applied lube to the rim of the tube and then rubbed more onto my chest, all around each nipple. I stood bound and helpless, trembling and shaking as my nipples continued to burn with searing pain. She took hold of the weight attached to my left nipple clamp. Lifting it from my belly and rolling it painfully back and forth between her fingers. My tear filled eyes started to clamp shut as my clamped nipple was pulled painfully out from my chest.

"Watch slut" she said pulling and twisting it till I opened my eyes.

She released the weight, letting it drop and bounce off my belly. My knees buckled and I pleaded helplessly through the nose tubes as she began to slide the cock pump tube over the left weight and clamp. She positioned the rim against my chest so my painfully clamped and stretched nipple was in the center of the opening. The weight rolled back and forth against the inside of the tube.

"Here we go." She said as she began pumping air out of the tube. I watched in the mirror as the flesh of my chest was sucked further up into the tube with each squeeze of the pump. My eyes rolled back in my head as my tit flesh was squeezed and distorted into the tube. The weight slowly lifted away from the side of the tube with each pump as my nipple tried to expand even with the clamp crushing it.

She stopped at the seventh pump and removed the hose. My nipple and tit flesh were now under so much pressure sucked up and squeezed into the tube, the weight now hovered in the center of the tube and bounced and shook with every move or twitch I made.

She picked up a second tube and quickly repeated the process on my right chest. Now both my nipples and tits felt like they were being dipped in molten hot wax. I clamped my eyes shut as pain radiated form each nipple and my distorted tit flesh.

My body was covered in sweat and trembled, causing the weights to bounce and jerk around sending more waves of pain into my nipples. I thrust my cock forward blindly looking for some form of contact and sexual release as lust, pain and fear screamed louder and louder in my mind.

"Open your eyes slut" she ordered as she brought her hand to my balls and squeezed and twisted them sending a new flash of agonizing pain through my body. I struggled to keep from squeezing my eyes shut in response to the agony in my nipples and balls. Now she pulled me toward the full length mirror by my balls.

With the short chain locked between my ankles, it made keeping up with her impossible. She pulled viciously and my legs trembled as I struggled to keep up and ease the pain in my balls. With each shuffling step the weights bounced and pulled my clamped nipples painfully causing me to whimper and whine.

After five agonizing feet "Open your eyes!" she ordered again. I open my eyes and looked at my tortured tits and nipples. My tit flesh was sucked at least 1 inch into the tube; I now looked like I had female breasts. My tender nipples tried to expand casing the clamps (even with the weights on the ends) to stand straight out from my imprisoned tits. The clamps bounced and trembled with each struggling breath I took. Putting her hands on my shoulders she turned my upper body back and forth.

"Poor slut, your cock is so hard. Do you want me to let you cum, you slut?" She said as she watched my eyes. "Look at your poor tits" she said as she slapped my ass.

"Your poor nipples; Just look how the clamps stand straight out now. Even with the weights on them, your nipples must be in agony".

Now she grabbed me by the shoulders again and quickly shook my upper body. I groaned in pain as the weights at the end of the nipple clamps jerked from side to side and bounced off the inside of each of the tubes.

I clamped my eyes shut and whined loudly as the pain in my nipples reached new levels. The tubes swung and pulled at my tit flesh but held fast. My tits felt like they were being pulled off my chest.

She released my shoulder and I bent forward and strained against the straps and locks, hopelessly imprisoning me. I straightened up and began to tremble all over as fear and panic began to scream as loudly as the pain and lust in my frantic mind.

Now she began putting my 3 inch leather ball stretcher on. She pulled all three straps tight before buckling and locking each with a small padlock. She took my now tightly bound balls in her hand and squeezed. My knees buckled as she twisted and squeezed harder.

I tried lifting one foot to ease the pain, big mistake. Now she reached up and plugged my nose tubes, my eyes shot open. I blinked tears out of my eyes and looked directly into hers, trying to focus on what she was saying through a haze of pain and lust and lack of oxygen.

"Did I say you could lift your foot slut?" I finally made out what she said. I tried twisting at the waist back and forth as rapidly as I could while I hummed "mercy" as loudly as I could in response.

"Your cock is so hard" she said as she released my balls and flicked the swollen head of my cock.

My raging hard on had pre-cum dripping out of the tip, down the shaft and onto the floor. She grabbed my cock bending it up to look closer.

"Oh god, looks like your filthy cock is leaking. You must be so horny." she laughed as she brought her finger up to my frantic tear filled eyes, to show me the pre-cum covering it. She released my nose tubes and I sucked fresh air into my burning lungs.

"I guess I'll just have to plug that off, you horny slut" she said slapping my cock making me jump and whimper.

She turned and picked another item up off the dresser top. I clamped my eyes shut as the pains being inflicted on me mixed with panic and fear and my lust and desire for sexual release. On top of that, not knowing when this would end and no hope of release in sight, only added to my arousal, making my cock bob and twitch.

She stood in front of me and tapped me on the nose to get me to open my eyes. Through my tear filled eyes I could see a stainless steel urethral plug that sent waves of panic through me. I whined as loudly as I could. Shaking my shoulders back and forth, torturing my own nipples, trying to express my displeasure at knowing she was going to put this painful looking device inside my cock and there was nothing I could do. She brought her mouth close to my left ear and spoke loudly so I could hear her through the leather, rubber hood and foam ear plug.

"You know how I've been stretching your cum hole with bigger and bigger urethral rods over the last two months. Let's see if you can handle this monster. This is going to hurt you so much. I can't wait to hear you try to scream for mercy." Now she began stroking my cock as she continued describing the painful looking plug.

"The largest rod I've used on you was only 3/8 of an inch in diameter, all five balls on this are 1/2 inch in diameter. I'm sure they will hurt like hell but I'm sure you can take it." She laughed, stepped back and applied a large drop of lube on the first ball on the plug.

The plug consisted of a 3/16 inch rod measuring 6 inches long. At one end was the first large ball she had just lubed with four more balls, evenly spaced out along the rods whole length. At the opposite end the rod curved back on itself and ended with a ring attached. The ring had a 7/8 inch diameter opening and was intended to fit tightly around my cock just under the head thus holding the painful plug inside my cock. My mind screamed in panic of the impending torture and still I was consumed in lust.

She grabbed my cock with one hand and I moaned trying not to thrust my cock in her grip. Then I felt the first ball pushing at the opening at the end of my cock. Looking in the mirror I could see and feel she was struggling to push the first ball into my urethral passage.

I screamed, whined and pleaded into the gag as the widest part of the first ball painfully stretched my urethral opening, then disappeared into my cock as she continued pushing it deeper. My "cum hole" closed back around the 3/16th inch rod as the next ball slid closer. I squealed between panting breaths as one by one the balls stretched my cock open and my cock closed around them as the rod pushed them all deeper down into my urethral passage. The inside of my cock felt like it was on fire, with five particularly painful and sensitive points burning with greater intensity.

Now she worked the head of my cock through the ring, squeezing and forcing it through. I pleaded in short exhausted breaths as she finally got the ring seated around my cock just below the head.

"No blood, no sticky ooze coming out of you're cum hole. I think your properly plugged." She laughed and slapped my cock, watching it bob up and down violently. My knees buckled and I sobbed in agony as my cock was filled with white hot agony unlike anything I had ever felt, yet it was still raging hard and I struggled to stay standing as the new pains washed over me.

She leaned into my left ear, "Aren't you glad I slipped two Viagra into your drink before your shower." She laughed again. "Your hard on would have shrunk away from the pain if I hadn't given them to you. They should keep you up and hard for at least 12 hours".

I whined loudly in protest between pain racked sobbing breaths as my cock continued to burn with searing pain from the inside along its whole length. She put her hand around my rock hard throbbing cock, running her hand up and down its length. I was in helpless excruciating agony. I clamped my eyes shut and whined into my gag as she stroked steadily on my distorted pain racked cock. Shaking all over I lifted to my toes as my body prepared to come. My hips jerked and thrust in her grip despite the pain burning inside my cock.

"Do you think you can cum, you slut?" she released my cock and I whined loudly in frustration as my body continued shaking and jerking.

I thrust my hips helplessly trying to find release but the pain inside my cock, pumped tits and crushed nipples took over again and I stood trembling in agony.

My tear filled eyes flashed open when I felt her grab my cock again and bend it up towards my belly. I blinked more tears out of my eyes and look at my tortured cock in the mirror. My cock bulged out bizarrely at the base, just above my ball stretcher and then returned to a normal circumference only to bulge out painfully every 3/4 inch up it's underside.

The head of my cock was extremely swollen, sensitive and hard, with the ring constricting my cock just under it. She flicked my cock with her finger, right where it bulged painfully out below the ring, causing me to twitch and jump again. She then flicked the end of the rod that stuck out of my cock and fastened to the ring and I jumped and whined loudly as the balls were jerked around inside my cock. She released my cock and it again bounced painfully down and up before stopping at steel hard attention.

"Two more items and your all ready." she said as she began to lock a chain to my ball stretcher. Now she brought the chain around the chain hobbling my ankles together. I pleaded hysterically for mercy but knew she enjoyed watching me suffer and knew this would only end when she wished it. She began pulling the chain and I squatted lower and lower to ease the added painful pull on my already bound and stretched balls. She stopped when I was in a stressful squatting position and quickly locked the chain in place. My legs began to tremble from the strain of the stressful position and when I tried straightening my legs to ease the strain I now pulled painfully on my own balls.

Now she worked my rubber cock ring over my cock head, the one with the large powerful vibrating egg attached. She worked the rubber ring past the head, till it squeezed my cock shaft just under the head. It now held the vibrator painfully against the top ball on the cock plug, on the underside of my cock.

I opened my eyes, blinked out tears and looked at my own bound, gagged and tortured reflection. I was totally helpless and my body was trembling from the extreme bondage she had placed me in. After a minute of struggling uselessly against my bonds I stood as still as possible, having found a balance point, slightly up on my toes, between the burning agony in my legs and the agony of my pulled balls.

She picked something up off the dresser and turned to stand in front of me. She stood before me holding a wireless remote control of some kind.

"Now for your surprise" She said as she looked into my tear filled eyes and pushed a button on the remote.

I whined in agony as what I thought were just weights attached to my clamped nipples jumped to life. My clamped nipples were now being violently stimulated and bounced around inside the tubes by the vibrators. They inflicted unending painful stimulation and I clamped my eyes shut as tears streamed down my bulging rubber cheeks. My knees buckled as this new level of agony and arousal in my crushed nipples made my cock harder still and I wailed in frustration and pain. She quickly worked a rubber blindfold over my eye and I froze as I was plunged into helpless blackness.

Now she pushed a second button and the vibrator on the rubber cock ring sprang to life. I was lost in blind waves of pain and pleasure and began struggling to thrust my hips even as this caused my balls to be painfully pulled. I felt like I was about to come but had no hope of physical release.

She quickly looped a leash around my ball stretcher and turned to the door. "Follow" I barely made out as she began heading down the hall. I whined loudly in agony as she yanked painfully on my tightly bound balls and I shuffled forward trying to keep up.

The hobble chain stopped me from stepping more then 4 inches at most before my ball stretcher was excruciatingly yanked on by the chain. This was on top of the painful tension she kept on my ball stretcher with the leash. I tried following her in short, quick, shuffling steps. The chain yanked my balls and added jolts of agony with each unsteady step.

I finally had to stop, my body trembled, even with her tugging hard on the leash, bringing me up on my toes. Searing pain and claustrophobic panic mixed with the feeling of near orgasm caused me to spasm and tremble violently. My bound, gagged and tortured body trembled at the edge of an orgasm that would never come for nearly a full minute.

She yanked on the leash again, pulling me into painful motion. I whined loudly in frustration through the nose tubes between pain racked sobbing breaths. My body continued to shake and twitch uncontrollably with each painful shuffling step. My mind screamed in a carouse of panic, fear, pain and lust. I snorted whining please for mercy between long sobbing draws of fresh air through the nose tubes. Blindly following her, my torturously stuffed vibrating cock, vacuumed tits and clamped vibrating nipples, bounced wildly with each painful shuffling step.

She led me into the kitchen, a distance of only 25 feet but I felt like I had just run a torturous marathon, with no relief at the end. Tying the leash off to a ring mounted to the side of the counter, she began mixing herself a drink. I stood helplessly bound, fear and the panic of no release screamed in my mind as all consuming as the pain and lust. My body was overloaded with pain and near orgasm tremors, sweat dripped from every pore. I would spasm occasionally, pulling harder on my balls as I thrust my hips in vain attempts to achieve orgasm.

She took her time mixing her drink. Finally she turned to my helpless twitching form. Taking a sip of her drink, she reached down and put her hand around my cock. At first I could barely feel her touch. I was so lost in the sensation storm of pain, fear and lust raging in my mind and body. She stroked and gripped my cock harder, I screamed into the gag as my orgasm was brought closer but Cuming was still painfully impossible. I thrust my hips forward in her grip, pulling painfully on my own balls, shaking, twitching and puffing like a pressure cooker top cap.

She removed her hand and stepped back. I continued thrusting my hips torturing my own balls and shaking all over, not realizing her hand was gone. I didn't slow back to small twitching thrusts (which I had been doing uncontrollably since being leashed to the counter) for nearly two full minutes.

She laughed at my pathetic helpless form and untied the leash.

"Time to get you off your feet." She said walking towards the living room with me in tow by the balls.

She led me over to my dildo stand, a device of her design and my construction. It consisted of a 4 foot by 4 foot leather covered sheet of plywood. A pole came up out of the center and on top of the pole was a curved bicycle seat of a bizarre design.

The front of the seat had a u shaped opening that would curve up 2 inches on either side of my genitals so my cock and balls would hang exposed in front of the seat. The seat was one and one half inches wide and curved up at the back, cradling the crack of my ass so I would be completely unable to move my hips forward or back. A huge cone shaped butt plug was bolted in the center. It was six inches long and tapered wider and wider till it reached three and one half inch diameter. Close to the curved seat it shrank back down and then flared out again where it fastened to the seat

She applied lube to the plug as I stood blindly and helplessly shaking and trembling from the tortuous pains and stresses raking my body. Totally unaware the butt plug she had fastened to the seat was bigger then anything she had put in my ass. Now she took me by the shoulders and guided me in painful shuffling steps back towards the pole. She positioned me, legs on either side of the pole so the new monster butt plugs tip made contact with my thighs just below the cheeks of my ass.

Crashing waves of panic raced through my mind as I realized I was going to be mounted on the butt plug pole and I whined hysterically and began struggling against my bondage. She held me firmly in place and now she stepped on a pedal coming out of the back of the pole, this worked a jack inside the pole. The butt plug rose higher with each pump of the pedal and my ball stretcher was pulled tighter and tighter as I struggled to straighten my legs to avoid the monster.

She pumped steadily on the pedal and I struggled higher and higher up onto my toes to try and keep the plug from assaulting my asshole. She pulled my ass cheeks apart and the plug found my exposed "slut hole" as she called my anus. I twisted my upper body and struggled uselessly against my bondage as my ass stretched wider and wider and I screamed uselessly into the gag as my ass was relentlessly assaulted by the butt plug. She stopped pumping the jack when the plug was half way into my ass.

I squirmed in agony, the plug holding my ass open painfully 2 and 1/2 inches. I was now perched on the tips of my toes, legs burning and trembling uncontrollably and at the same time I painfully pulled my own ball stretcher. I tried desperately to keep my ass from being torn open wider by this huge butt plug. Gravity combined with my squirming and the lack of strength left in my pain racked legs, caused me to slowly sink onto the plug, stretching my ass wider and wider. I pleaded hysterically into my gag and flapped my bound hands looking for escape. Finally I jerked and twisted and then went completely ridged as the widest, 3 and 1 half inch, part of the plug forced past my anus. My anus shrank back around the plug as it narrowed back down and I slumped forward as far as my bondage would allow.

I now sat trapped on the small bizarrely shaped seat. My cock and balls helplessly exposed between two leather covered rods that curved up at the front of the seat. The seat also curved up the crack of my ass supporting some of my weight but I was now held on the seat by the 6 inch long monster filling my ass and crushing up against my prostate. My mind screamed, desperate for release and I pleaded uselessly into the gag as this new assault intensified the twitching and shaking my helplessly bound body was doing. I tried to straighten my trembling legs in an attempt to stand and pull the plug out.

She stood to the side and watched as I jerked up slightly, struggling to get the painful plug out of my ass and painfully pulling the chain connecting my ball stretcher to my hobble chain at the same time.

Pain screamed in my balls and ass and I slammed back down fully on the plug, I twisted my shoulders and jerked up again trying without success to lift myself off the plug. After one more futile final attempt, I was too exhausted to try anymore and sat there sobbing and shuddering all over.

Now she took a small leather covered metal bar with holes drilled at either end. She placed the bar so the two rods at the front of the seat coming up either side of my cock and balls fit through each of the holes. She grabbed my cock, causing me to whine franticly and pulled it out with a steady painful force. I whined loudly in pain and frustration as now she pushed down on the bar, squeezing and trapping my cock and balls. She continued till my cock and balls were squeezed and constricted right where they came out of my tortured body. She slipped small padlocks through small holes in the rods locking me on the seat.

Now she quickly and tightly buckled and locked thigh cuffs on me just above my knees. Then she unlocked the chain from my ball stretcher to my hobble chain, easing the pain in my balls, next she unlocked the hobble chain itself.

I renewed my futile struggle to straighten my legs and dismount the torturous seat. The possibility of relief and release flashed through the storm of pain, panic and lust consuming my body and thoughts. I whined in pain and frustration as I realized I was now permanently locked on the butt plug by my cock and balls.

I froze as she grabbed my right ankle cuff and pulled my right foot around behind the pole and brought it up towards the seat. My heart sank as my knee was bent and any hope of release or relief vanished. I struggled to balance with my free foot as she padlocked the cuff to a ring on the back of the pole, six inches below the seat. She grabbed my left ankle cuff and repeated the procedure. I was now bound, with my full weight balanced precariously on the seat, my cock and balls locking me in place and the painful plug stretching my insides and crushing up against my prostate.

She stepped back and looked at my naked, bound form. With my ankles in their current position I looked like I was kneeling in mid air.

I had leaned my body forward slightly at the waist as far as my bondage would allow. Squeezing my trembling knees together as close as my bound ankles would allow, about 12 inches, as I tried to give my crushed prostate some relief. She stood and watched as my body shook and sweat dripped onto the leather platform from every pore of my naked tortured body. The only sound was the load hum of the relentless vibrators and my whining pleas for mercy between sobbing breaths of air.

Now she took another chain and padlocked one end to my bound wrists. I whined franticly through my nose tubes as she pulled the chain and my bound wrists back and down. I was slowly forced to straighten my back and sit squarely on the plug. Now she locked the other end of the chain to a ring at the center and back of the platform. I was now forced me to stay completely upright on the monster that filled my ass and now crushed my prostate painfully.

I whined hysterically through the nose tubes and moved my trembling legs open and squeezed them futilely back again over and over. I flapped my useless stump hands trying anything to try and get free.

Now she took two more chains and after locking the ends, one to each of my thigh cuffs, she looped each chain through large eye rings at the back corners of the platform. She slowly pulled both chains, forcing my legs wider and wider.

"Good thing you still take those hot yoga classes." She laughed.

I struggled and twisted slightly on the monster butt plug. Once my knees were spread to her satisfaction, she quickly locked each chain and I was now held painfully immobile. My knees and legs were now held spread apart in a wide v, my pain racked cock and balls exposed for her to abuse further.

She bent down and re-padlocked the chain, still hanging down from my ball stretcher, to the ring at the base of the pole. She gave the chain a few sharp tugs and my cock bobbed up and down in its own excruciatingly painful bondage, increasing the agony inside my cock. She stood and walked around behind my twitching trembling form, my naked flesh sweating profusely. I screamed helplessly into the gag as she began to pump the jack pedal again and I felt the seat begin to rise.

She pumped and pumped and as the seat rose higher, the chain holding my bound arms out and back began to force me to lean back further and harder onto the butt plug. My already painfully spread legs were also inched wider and wider and worst of all with the end of the ball stretcher chain locked to the base, my balls were also stretched painfully with each pump. She laughed at my helpless form as I fought violently against my bonds. My bound stump hands thrashed around wildly as I was made more immobile with each pump.

When she finally stopped I was trapped in a pain filed, orgasm denied heaven/hell, not knowing when it would end or what was next. All my mind could process was two things, pain and orgasm.

I was now ached backwards so my tortured chest and clamped, vibrating nipples pointed up to the ceiling, still being violently and painfully stimulated by the vibrators, my lower body was another story.

I now looked as if I was thrusting my tortured genitals forward past my bound legs. Movement of any kind was now impossible, only my clamped nipples and painfully stuffed cock bobbed and pulsed as the vibrators continued to keep me on the edge of orgasm.

She flicked a switch on the pole and the butt plug began to shake and vibrate like a jack hammer on my prostate. I twisted my shoulders slightly and flapped my bound hands, that now being the only movement she had left me as the plug shook my insides and hammered away on my prostate, painfully stimulating it and making my cock twitch more. A burning pain on the surface of my ass slowly began to register in my babbling, incoherent mind, building to a new screaming agony of pain.

"She's canning my ass." Was all that flashed through my panicked, pain racked mind.

She brought the cane down on my ass viciously, sinking it deeply into my ass flesh with each stroke. The cane left painful red welts and made me attempt to struggle violently but uselessly for release, both physically and sexually. She finally stopped caning my ass once each cheek was covered in painful crisscrossing welts.

She picked up another new toy she had purchased while I struggled helplessly to absorb, in my blind helpless state, the new searing pain radiating from the surface of each ass cheek.

Unknown to me, she positioned her new device, just in front of the pole. She pivoted a metal rod up and began adjusting its length so a 3 inch round flat disk was at the same height as my painfully bound and stretched balls. Locking it in position she let the rod pivot back down to the platform and flicked a switch on the side of the device the rod hinged out of.

She sat down in her chair facing me and lit a cigarette, listening to the powerful vibrators all purr away relentlessly and just over that was my whining please for mercy. She watched me helplessly twitch and shake as this now was the only movement I could make of my own free will.

She pulled out the remote again and pushed a third button. The paddle flew up at my helpless bound, stretched balls and slammed into them.

I screamed into my gag and my body went ridged straining against my bonds, paralyzed by the pain as my balls were crushed violently between the paddle and the pole. My painfully plugged cock bobbed and swayed uncontrollably with the violent strike, as the vibrator continued painfully exciting it.

The arm slowly lowered back down to the platform, returning to its resting position and waited. I renewed my twitching struggles against my bonds with increased but futile effort. Trying desperately to escape the excruciating pain in my balls I knew was coming.

Ten seconds later the rod sent the paddle crashing viciously into my defenseless balls again. I jerked and froze again as white hot pain radiated from my balls and throughout my body. The paddle lowered back down and I renewed my twitching struggles and twisted my shoulders what little I could. Again the rod sprang back up and viciously slammed the paddle into my balls. I screamed into my gag as searing white hot all consuming pain radiated from my balls, causing me to be paralyzed in a ridged strain against my bonds.

She finished her drink and cigarette, watching me jerk ridged as the paddle struck, then slump twitching and panting in agony. She watched this for over 5 minutes, she then set her drink down and picked up the remote and pushed the button twice.

The paddle now smashed into my balls every five seconds. She stood and walked around me, enjoying the display of my tortured body, so close to orgasm yet mercilessly abused and denied sexual release.

I was paralyzed in total agony, straining against my bonds, as I panted in short whining breaths. Reaching up to my chest, she grabbed the vacuum tubes and began to work them back and forth, inspecting my tortured tits. The vibrators bounced from side to side violently in the tubes and my crushed nipples and tit flesh were an angry red color. She walked around to inspect my cock and balls.

My balls were red, round and swollen; veins bulged all over the tightly stretch surface of my ball sack. She watched as the paddle viciously crashed into my balls, painfully crushing and distorting their shape nearly flat. Then just as quickly my balls returned to their swollen round shape, waiting helplessly for the paddles next inevitable assault.

My steel hard cock throbbed up hard and helplessly excited each time the paddle struck my balls. After a minute she stood and walked to my side, running her had over the angry red raised welts covering my ass cheek.

She brought her other hand up to my tightly gagged, bound and bizarrely distorted head and peeled the rubber blindfold back off my eyes. Tears streamed down each cheek now the rubber no longer contained them, my eyes were clamped shut and puffy.

"Open your eyes slut!" she commanded, slapping my distorted, rubber covered cheek like a bongo drum. I struggle to keep my eyes open and focused on hers, with the paddle still viciously beating my balls. My eyes were filled with fear, panic and pain.

"I am so glad I sent your clients emails while you were in the shower, letting them know you would be away for two months on personnel leave. Two whole months to train you properly." She spoke loudly and directly in my face.

My eyes widened as her words worked their way through the leather, rubber, foam plugs and finally into my muddled mind. I whined as loudly as I could from my nose tubes, my mind screamed in panic and fear.

"I have some wonderful new ideas I am going to try with you over the next few months. I think your just going to love them." She laughed and rolled the rubber blindfold back over my panicked, pleading tear filled eyes.

Now she began to stroke my painful to the touch cock with great vigor. I screamed into my gag as she inflicted this painful agonizing heaven/hell. She stopped and my mind returned to thoughts of my helplessness and the excruciating pains being inflicted on me. I tried to just concentrate on sucking enough air into my lungs through the nose tubes.

Suddenly I could no longer draw air through my nose tubes and began to trash violently but uselessly against my bonds. Just as suddenly, I was able to suck air (or what I thought was fresh air) deeply into my lungs through the tube running through my gag. The burning sensation in my lungs and thick quality of the "air" quickly calmed me as I realized she had attached a bag full of high grade thc vapor to my gag tube.

She left the bag on for nearly two minutes, watching me suck the contents deeper and deeper trying to get as much oxygen out of the thc lased contents as I could. She walked around in front of me again and watched as my breathing slowed to a near stop and my pain racked body twitched and twisted on the pole.

Now she brought the remote up and pushed a forth button. White hot pain flashed through my ass and I screamed into my gag and the vapor bag expanded, my body strained against the straps and chains as electricity coursing through the butt plug and added a new level of pain to my torture.

She reached up and removed the vaporizer bag from my air tube and smiled as I hummed helpless please for mercy and release between sucking sobbing gasps of air. She sat back down and lit another cigarette watching the paddle smack relentlessly into my now cherry red balls. My mind was all consumed in dealing with the pains being inflicted on my helpless body.

The thc had calmed my panic level and greatly increased the pleasure I was actually feeling in my tortured cock. My cock stood hard and painfully distorted by the wicked plug locked inside it. It bobbed up and down to the rhythm of the paddle striking my helpless pain filled balls. My bizarrely distorted head moved slightly from side to side, what little it could and my bound stumps of hands flapped wildly till I finally gave up and slumped limply against my bonds. I sat on the end of a pole being split in two by a huge butt plug shaking and shocking my ass and prostate.

She finished her cigarette and stood by my head, rolling the blindfold off my eyes. Tears rolled down the side of the rubber hood, my puffy eyes were clamped shut. She slapped my distorted cheeks and my eyes shot open, they were blood shot and tear filled. She smiled down at me pleased with the wide eyed look of shear panic, fear and pain in my wide eyed pleading gaze. I now hummed subdued hums for mercy through the tube in the gag.

"Ten more minutes' slut and we get you ready for bed" she said as she smiled down at me. My eyes rolled back as my cock was once again rocked by a painful near orgasm and my body shook against the bonds keeping me helpless.

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