Images of a Newbie Pain Slut
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Author's Note: This is my first try at writing a bondage story ... I hope the reader approves.

Chapter I

Lori was a pretty girl; not beautiful, but quite pretty. She had a very athletic figure, thanks to her near-daily aerobic sessions. At 5'7", with a 36C-26-37 figure, she cut a very tempting feast. Her breasts were really half way between a C and D cup; not humongous, but very round and firm, with perky nipples that pointed straight out - or even slightly upwards. Her best features were her narrow waist and absolutely perfect rear end; round, fairly full, and nicely firm.

She and Josh had lived together for two years; she was 20, and he was 24. Lori had an epiphany once when, after she had straddled Josh to an as-usual fine orgasm, she decided to try anal for the first time. Now, Josh had a decent sized dong; when hard erect, it measured 7 " from tip to base, and almost 1 inches wide at the base. Obviously, Lori was going to take her time!

She slathered that manful tool with plenty of K-Y jelly, then put some on her middle finger and slowly slid it into her ass. Slowly, slowly, she worked it in until her finger was half way in, then made sure she was (she thought!) ready to try it.

Lori brought Josh's dick back to its fully erect, ramrod size with some artful cock-sucking. Then, lifting herself over him, she found her greased butt-hole with the very head of that impressive penis, and gingerly pushed down. Oh my!, she thought; this isn't going to be easy - it took almost a minute to get just the full head inside of her. She wiped her forehead and resolved to continue. Half-inch by half-inch her rectum was stretched and penetrated ... she could hardly handle its mass. Lori persevered, though, and just when she was certain she couldn't take even another millimeter, her butt checks squashed down onto the top of his thighs.

OMG, she thought, it feels like a baseball bat up there! Ever so gingerly, she raised herself up an inch or so, then sat back down again. As her anal muscles relaxed, she though 'Hmm - this is really kind of sexy'. Lori began a slow up-and-down motion, anally fucking herself with Josh as a most willing participant. After a few cautious minutes, she found herself gliding upwards, then back down again. Eventually, she lifted herself off until only the head of his huge (to her) ram was just inside her, then Lori allowed herself to fall back freely onto Josh in one swift motion, ramming every cubic centimeter of his rock-like dong inside her.

And had a massive orgasm! After recovering a bit, she tried the same move again - and another thrilling orgasm almost made her pass out. What an erotic thing this is!!

From then on, Lori wanted Josh to fuck her ass almost as often as her pussy.

Chapter II

Josh had introduced Lori to bondage over their time together, and she came to believe it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. They began gradually, simple stuff eventually morphing into some really harsh positions. One time Josh took her to a private BDSM club that he had been to a few times, and Lori was fascinated by what she saw. When they got home that evening, she wanted him to try some of the more stringent bandaging ties on her, a passion which he was most happy to oblige.

The time came when he began spanking her when she was tied over a saw-horse Josh had in his garage. After the first slap or two, she breathlessly said "harder, Harder, HARDER!" He spanked her very hard indeed, until that curvaceous ass was bright red. After he had untied her and they had a light lunch, Lori confessed that she had cum about 5 times during the hardest strokes he had applied. A newbie pain slut was born.

That BDSM club had a special event each year, and all the members took pride in staging the most involved and strict bondage scenarios ever. Lori begged Josh to take her to that special even (then eight months in the future), and to really do a number on her!, He was more than happy to oblige, and spent the next few weeks thinking about what he would do to her. Since Lori got off on hard discomfort, and even pain, so much, he finally pulled his thoughts together and came up with a plan.

Josh took her to a custom tailor to be measured, and took the tailor aside to explain what he had in mind. The tailor was surprised, so say the least, but a sale is a sale; this one could reach upwards of $2,000. Josh readily agreed, and made sure the man knew the item had to be ready in not more than four or five months. No problem said their proprietor. It was indeed delivered to their home on time.

On the afternoon of the big BDSM bash, Josh told Lori to take a bath, shave every speck of hair on her body south of her neck, then rub in lots of moisturizer. She was also to give herself enemas, one in front and two in back. She readily agreed, giddy with excitement, and ran upstairs to follow his instructions. Josh began preparing all of his gear during her absence; after a couple of hours, she presented herself to him, with neatly done makeup, carefully combed hair, and wearing only an ear-to-ear grin.

And so it began. He starting by cuffing her wrists to the ends of a hanging bar, then lifted it up by motorized pulley until her arms were extended comfortably upwards.

The corset was first; she had been practicing wearing it for the last week, and her waist was now down to a svelt 24 inches. Josh began lacing it up tightly, had her relax for a few minutes to let her body adjust, then tightened until an 'Oof!' wooshed out of her.

He now increased the pull on her wrists until she was standing on tip-toe, then took every millimeter of slack out the corset's laces. Lori could hardly breathe, it was so tight, but a lovely feeling nonetheless. There was a full length mirror on the wall in front of her, and she really admired that tiny waisted, hour-glass look she had ... Sexy!!

Josh eased her back down until she could sit comfortably on the hassock, and applied himself to the task of getting her feet crammed into the -size too small ballet boots with the ridiculous 8" stiletto heels. They came up to her knees, and he had Lori stand up and wiggle her toes until they were jammed into the V-shaped bottom of the boot, and she was effectively en pointe. It took nearly an hour to get both ballet boots on correctly, and well-laced up to her knees.

Lori was most uncomfortable with her toes so compressed into the small bottom of each boot, and her arches so stressed -- and the boots were quite tight as well! Still, she had worn them before, and now began to step gingerly about the room, resting her hand on Josh's shoulder until she felt steady enough to walk alone.

Josh next strapped her arms into a reverse prayer position high on her back, securing them with straps over her shoulders and back underneath. Lori was loving it; she could hardly wait for the whole tie to be complete (little did she know that it would take another 2 hours!)

Her corset (really more like a corselet) had a small D-ring in back at waist level. Josh brought out the very special dress he had had made for her. It was leather, but that was almost its only recognizable quality. It had a full-length zipper running down the front; he opened it fully, then fit the small D-shaped hole in the back (edged, of course) over the D-ring on her corset, and cotter-pinned it for the moment.

Now it was time for her toys. Greasing up her asshole very thoroughly, he began the slow insertion of the biggest damned dildo they had ever seen. Modeled on his own cock, proportionally sized, it was 9 inches long, and three inches thick at it's base! It took awhile, with Lori grunting occasionally, but at last the entire monster was lodged up her rear, and her sphincter muscle contracted around the narrow portion. It was based with a small, banana shaped end, just long enough to ensure that the realistic ram dildo wouldn't go any further into her!

Lori was erotically charged up with that 'thing' crammed into her, but the edge was taken off by the sheer hugeness of what was pushing into her, not the mention the thickness.

Josh now carefully inserted three one-inch chrome ben-wa balls, connected to each other by a short, thin chain, into her now-dripping pussy. Lori sighed as they went in, and wriggled her hips to enjoy the feel of them. By themselves, they weren't enough to get her off, but they would keep her in a delightful near-orgasm state for the evening.

Josh snap-attached a wide leather strap around and between her elbows, slowly pulling them closer to each other until Lori let out a gasp. He secured the cinch at that point, then passed it down through the dress D-hole and corset D-ring (remember that?), and under the leather dress until it hung loosely from the hem.

He lifted the dress back up until it was above her waist, grabbed the hanging strap and guided it over her ass-dildo base, then pulled HARD. Lori moaned as the ram was driven further into her ass, however little more that was.

Guiding the strap through her crotch, Josh stopped for a moment just south of her pussy lips;. The strap had a small clamp attached to it by way of a sliding metal grip; he pulled apart her nether lips, teased her clitoris to stiffness, then eased the clamp down on it. Lori hissed, loudly; damn, that really HURT.

The clamp firmly in place, Josh pulled the strap up to the one-way clamp at the waist-front of the very tight corset.

Pulled very hard on the strap, so that her elbows, ass toy, crotch and spilt-wide pussy lips were stressed to the maximum.

He silenced Lori's groans with a nice, fat, penis gag. It was so wide that her lips were stretched to their widest before her teeth closed (slightly) on the circular groove near the end of the gag. It was about four inches long; just short enough to miss her gagging reflex by a few millimeters. Lori's mouth was now fully packed with the leather imitation penis, and totally silenced.

Josh then took two 6-inch long leather wraps and placed them around her upper thighs, buckling them securely on the outside of her leg. They were like cuffs, just much longer. Lori flinched as he tightened them, but couldn't express what she felt to Josh ... obviously.

Next came the dress. It was tailored to fit her now-20 inch waist snugly, and was truly a micro-mini. It covered her boobs, then went downwards only to stop just below the crease formed by her ass cheeks and upper thighs; it barely came to the top her pussy!

Before zipping it up, Josh took a white leather thong and pulled it up Lori's legs until it snugly wrapped Lori's bulging (from the very tight crotch strap) pussy lips. It was a T-back thong, just a bit wider through crotch and ass cheeks to fully cover that crotch strap.

Now it was time for the final zip-up. This was a rather slow affair, since the leather dress was tight from it's hem to her breasts. Once that was accomplished, Josh carefully pulled Lori's nipples through the small edged holes at just the right locations! He could feel her body tense as he applied the alligator clamps to those sensitive nipples,

S L O W L Y. A foot-long chain connected the clamps; he clipped a one-pound vibrating weight to the chain, increasing the fearful pull on Lori's poor nipples. Now she was moaning loudly enough to be heard over the background music he had playing.

Chapter III

The really interesting part: this dress had hundreds of tiny (1/16th of an inch), and very sharp, needles surrounding her breasts and ass. In addition, her thong also had that feature; they were intended to keep others' roving hands from sampling the merchandise. The best part, from a BDSM perspective, was that each needle glinting in the lights had a matching mate ON THE INSIDE of her thong and dress. Her pussy was punished by the needles in her tight thong; her tightly-encased breasts were surrounded by the painful buggers, and her ass not least of all. Not to mention her thighs, for the wraps about her legs were also generously supplied with the very sharp little devil-knives, if only on those tender inner thighs.

Lori was almost literally feeling the bites of a thousand knives, albeit very short ones. They wouldn't even draw blood, but they definitely made themselves uncomfortably felt.

Lori was average-plus in height for a female, but the 8" stiletto heels of her ballet boots pushed her head up to the 6+ foot level. Josh eyed his handiwork appreciatively. Lori was a tightly wrapped feast for the eye; the large penis gag filled her mouth completely, spreading her jaws wide.

That 9 monster ram filled her anal cavity to a very large degree, while that little clamp on her poor clitoris created it's own large bit of discomfort. The ben-wa balls kept her pussy stimulation, without providing the very-desired orgasm, that kept her in high erotic tension.

The "punishment" dress fit her to a T; perhaps a bit tight, but that was part of the fun, no? The gazillion tiny needles blazed in the light, off-setting the dull sheen of the highly polished leather of the dress. Her waist was down to cinched in to about 20 inches (19 , to be exact), making it difficult to breathe comfortably. Fortunately for Lori, the thick penis gag had an air hole running its length that allowed her sufficient oxygen.

Her arms were twisted painfully into the reverse-prayer position, her elbows pulled stringently close by the strap connecting them that was part of the crotch strap. Her needle-filled breasts jutted out most provocatively, while those awful alligator nipple clamps, and the weight on the chain connecting then pulled downwards for added discomfort.

Lori's spike-studded white thong gleamed dully, it's top just covered by the dress hem. Her very curvy ass was held tightly by the needle-filled rear portion of the dress. She was beautiful now, her large tear-filled eyes both imploring and, yet, most inviting.

As a final touch, Josh fitted a tight leather punishment helmet, open around the eyes and nose, about Lori's head, threading her now-ponytailed hair through the convenient hole in the top of the helmet. A high, thick leather neck corset was tightly laced in back, forcing the poor girl to look only forward, and upwards. She was ready for the BDSM ball, alright!!

Chapter IV

One final chore was to stick a syringe needle into the inside of her upper thigh, very near her snatch, and empty it. The syringe contained a liquid that he had learned about on the Internet - it fully enhanced all of Lori's sensory nerves to a very high level, and would last all evening. That meant, of course, that the nipple and clit clamps would continue to bite harshly, her arms felt every strain upon them, her toes would keep feeling cramped and squashed in their tight confines, her highly-arched feet would keep those painful positions, and every single needle inside her torture dress, thong, and thigh cuffs, biting painfully into her flesh, would be just as painful ALL NIGHT LONG. Not to mention that telephone pole up her ass.

Josh attached a leash to the D-ring on the front of her neck corset, then stepped back to again view his lover's very tight, very uncomfortable body. She was all in black leather, head to toe, except for the shockingly white needle-filled thong lovingly, closely, painfully embracing her pussy. Delicious!, he thought with a smile; she was going to be a smash at the bash (heh!).

He guided her necessarily-mincing steps to their garaged car, and helped her into the passenger seat. With her very high heels, and the strict corset, AND the toys, AND all those punishing needles biting her all over, this task was a bit more complicated than it might ordinarily have been.

Lori sat as gingerly as she could - that huge dildo in her ass, and well as the thousand bites of the (seemingly) thousand needles biting every square centimeter of her buns made themselves known constantly. However, after fifteen minutes of trying all her might to keep from sitting down fully, her thing muscles finally gave out, and down she went indeed.

She was in a near-fugue state. She loved the tightness of the bondage, and even relished the discomfort and pain, at some level. Still, her constant state of almost-orgasm was driving her nuts, and she somewhat dreaded their appearance at the party ... who knew what would happen then?

In spite of the ongoing pain and punishment of her strict BDSM position, Lori was fascinated by what she could see of the other guests at the party. One woman hung from her breasts, another was upside down, suspended with legs spread wide, her pussy being mercilessly whipped over and over again (now THAT had possibilities, she thought). More such scenes played out around the room as they circulated ... she filed away many of the most stringent ties for consideration later.

Meanwhile, she was the hit of the evening. A few male (and female!) hands had begun to caress her thronged pussy, full breasts, and pert rear end ... only to be jerked back when the needles were encountered!

Lori was in continual discomfort and even pain; that 9 monster in her ass, the heavy alligator clamps on her nipples jerked this way and that by the vibrating weight that hung from their chain, the gazillion needles piercing her flesh - she felt them all, all damned night long. Almost unbelievably, for her, the erotic feelings engendered by the very strict tie, even despite the true harshness of all those needles sticking into her and the forced arch of her feet and squashed toes, were almost overwhelming. She was aware that she had had numerous orgasms ... her thong was soaked with her cum.

The coup-de-grace came when Josh bent her over a handy leather-covered stand and lifted the rear of her skirt (and its needles) up to reveal her poor bare ass pinpointed with many tiny marks where it had been tortured. As the crowd surrounding them murmured its approval, he gave her fifty hard strokes with a flexible whippy rod. She jerked at each stroke, and her ass turned fire-engine red, covered with welts, when he had finished. The BDSM throng applauded wildly at this most appropriate conclusion, especially when Josh pulled her torture skirt back down and spanked her poor buns with vigor (but affectionately).

All told, it had been a fantastic, pain-filled, but hugely satisfying evening for Lori. Of course, she didn't realize this at the time .. she was too completely concentrating on her ongoing predicament. But later, at home and out of all the bondage and freshly cleaned up from all of her muted but cum-filled orgasm, she expressed her excitement to Josh by fucking him silly, until his dong went limp from ongoing cums. Then she lovingly brought him back to a full erection with a delicious cock-teasing licking and sucking. She ended their night by fucking herself in the ass, impaled on his rampant ram, in and out, in and out, in and out .....

Chapter V (added: 2012/08/21)

It had been almost a month since their visit to the BDSM party, and Lori was completely healed from her extreme discomfort that evening - and, she had to admit, the ultra and multiple climaxes she had attained at the same time.

She had done nothing but attend to her wounds, such as they were, for the first three days after, but then resumed her normal aerobic workouts routine, along with the myriad of details that make up anyone's life.

Lori smiled at the reflection of Josh in the mirror at her dressing table. He was very patiently waiting for her to get ready for their date tonight; it was her 21st birthday, and they were going to a very nice French restaurant for dinner. La Fetische, she remembered.

Josh had always been very patient, a slow careful lover, and she loved him for it. Tonight his six foot frame, with very little spare flesh on it, was clad in a conservative dark gray suit. His shirt was blindingly white, and a silky maroon tie with gold flecks in it, plus well-shined Italian loafers, completed his ensemble.

He returned her smile as she finished her makeup and proceeded to get dressed. Lori had planned a very simple look for the occasion - a new dress that Josh had bought her, shimmering black with a matching thong, both made out the same very lightweight material, and vanishingly thin, yet completely opaque.

Josh much enjoyed seeing Lori get dressed. He loved her completely, without reservations, and she had a terrific body! He watched as she finished her toilette, then drew the thong up her legs to settle in its proper place. It was a hip-rider type that didn't completely cover the crack in her butt.

Lori hated pantyhose, and refused to wear them; it was either stockings or bare legs. This evening she chose a pair of lycra hold-ups that ended just short of her pussy. They were very dark, and gleamed softly in the light of the room.

Next she donned the dress. It couldn't have weighed more than six ounces, he knew, and was made of some shimmery material. Indeed, that was why Lori had foregone her usual garter belt; the dress was so thin that the belt, and especially the nub-ends of the garters, would have been all too visible.

She didn't wear a bra with this dress; instead she chose two half-moon shaped adhesive supports that lifted her breasts nicely, but left her nipples and most of her breasts free. It was a good choice, because the dress was backless! It had a halter-like back that opened nearly all the way to her cute rounded ass. The dress was kept from flapping by a thin plastic strap at the waist, nearly invisible to the casual observer.

The hem was just a few inches above her knees, with two small 6-inch slits on either side. The rich blackness of the dress, and it's figure-hugging and clingy material made for a most impressive sight, Josh thought ... yum.

Last were her shoes, open-toed sandals with thin 4-inch heels that had straps winding around and around her legs almost to the knees.

At last Lori was ready to go; she kissed Josh deeply (thank goodness for smear-proof lipstick), and they headed out to their car.

Chapter VI (added: 2012/08/21)

They arrived at La Fetische at eight-fifteen, and had to wait for a few minutes to get seated. Josh thought the looks that Lori was getting from the reservation desk guy may have helped in seating them sooner.

At Josh's request, they were led to a corner table, where the lighting was more subdued and the white tablecloths long. During the short walk to their destination, Josh could sense the looks that Lori was getting from the other patrons. The men staring lasciviously, and the women with daggers in their eyes. She was obviously quite lovely, and the clingy dress with open back nearly to her ass cheeks was a real eye magnet. Her nipples were rather prominent as well, clearly erect through the thin dress material.

The waiter seated them, took their drink orders, and left. Josh felt Lori's hand on his thigh, concealed by the long tablecloth. She smiled widely at him as her hand went up to his groin and brushed his coming-erect penis. Too bad for Josh, but Lori had earlier put his tightest cock ring around the base of his cock and balls. Additionally, she had wrapped the whole affair in a leather sack, cinched tightly, that simply was not large enough to accommodate his erection.

So he was titillated by her erotic groping, but frustrated that his coming hardness was hindered by that sack. She kept smiling at him, stroking his dong, while he kept shifting to try to allow his hardness to fully develop. Alas, t'was not to be.

To reply, Josh also put his hand on Lori's leg, slowing caressing it as his fingers inched their way upwards beneath her skirt. He encountered the bare flesh just about the stocking tops and, smiling widely at her in return, inched closer to her pussy. Lori, in turn, also began to fidget as his fingers stroked the very thin material of her thong, and her love box beneath.

Somehow they got through dinner without driving each other nuts. As they waited for their car to be brought around, Lori whispered in Josh's ear that she wanted him to eat her out when they got home, slow and sensuous, and then fuck her brains out, but also with restraint and, of course, slowly, slowly. Josh grinned in acquiescence.

Once home, he didn't even bother taking off her dress, but merely whipped off her thong. Kneeling on the floor, with Lori lying on the bed, he spread her stockinged legs and draped one over each shoulder. As Josh began slowly licking and teasing her, he could feel her thighs tremble and begin to tighten around his head.

He spread the lips of her pussy wide, and licked and nipped and kissed her most sensitive places. Lori was moaning with pleasure, kneading her breasts and nipples as Josh went about his erotic task. Higher and higher rose her erotic feelings; then, just before she climaxed, he pulled back and smiled at her!

Unfulfilled, grumbling, she stood up and begin disrobing as fast as she could. Josh matched her speed in getting undressed, but had to wait for Lori to undo that damnable sack that hindered his incipient hard-on. Once that was done, with cock ring still attached, he threw her back down onto the bed and rammed his now rock-hard erection into her inviting love canal.

They made love slowly, even though Josh's mounting cum made him want to ravage her. Lori loved Josh's care in loving her. Finally, Josh could hold back no longer, and plunged as deeply as possible, loosing an impressive amount of cum into her. Lori matched him, legs locked behind his back ... his thick dong filled her totally, and her climax was no less excruciatingly pleasurable than his own.

Chapter VII (added: 2012/08/21)

Later, after showering and enjoying a glass of wine together, Lori told Josh that she was in the mood for some sexually-charged punishment. She wanted him to strap her ass HARD, and would he, pretty please?

Pleased to oblige, Josh took her down to their basement 'fun room'. She stripped bare at his direction, then waited as he strapped her wrists together behind her back. Her elbows came next, with straps both above and below them that guaranteed they were mashed together.

Attaching a hook to her wrist straps that hung from an electric pulley in the wood-beamed room, Josh hoisted her arms up until she was well bent over. A 3-foot spreader bar kept her legs well apart, but not uncomfortably so.

Next he chortled his Doctor Moriarity laugh and, priming both her nipples and clit to erectness, attached clamps to all three sensitive places. A chain that connected all the clamps was next, then a heavy padlock was locked about the chain to ensure a continuous pull on her sensitive clit and nipples.

Josh decided to use the two inch wide leather strap for tonight's festivities. Retrieving it, he stood to one side of Lori and began to strop her damned-nice ass.

Lightly at first, the force of his strokes increased ever so slowly; Lori was twisting about in her strappado tie, moaning, her clit and nipples yanked this way and that from the lock-weighted chain. That alone sent dueling pleasure and pain surges throughout her erotically primed body. Her butt was slowly turning red from Josh's attentions, but she wanted more.

"Hit harder, honey ... HARDER", she implored him.

Josh continued strapping her ass cheeks, at the fold between them and her thighs, and on the thighs themselves. He paid particular attention to her soft inner thighs; Lori was continuously jerking and twisting in pain/pleasure as her orgasm mounted.

"Harder!" she begged again, and Josh obliged with heavy, heavy strokes that even brought her tip-toed feet off the floor from their force. Lori was sobbing now, her beet red ass and clamp-yanked nipples and clit testifying to her level of discomfort - and extreme pleasure.

Finally, after a half-hour of hard thrashing, she climaxed; gloriously, magnificently, munificently. Josh was very erect himself, and wanted some of the mile-high pleasure that Lori had exhibited.

He wiped his hands on her limp, sweat-sheened body, and went to her anus' rose-bud entrance. Lori began to stir as he slowly forced first one finger, then two, then three, into her ass.

Unable to hold back, he plunged his very hard and very erect dong deep into her anal cavity. Josh withdrew almost completely, then began a steady, measured pounding of his love's rear end.

Lori responded by grunting, then thrusting her hips back to fully impale herself on this fat, long cock invading her. Josh began to increase his pace, in and out, hard and deep, his hips grinding against her crimson ass cheeks.

Josh tried to pace himself, but felt a massive climax approaching after only ten or fifteen minutes of serious ass fucking. Both he and Lori, somehow, grandly climaxed at the same moment, shouting their pleasure in an eroticism-magnified duet.

Chapter VIII (added: 2012/08/21)

Lori vividly remembered the scene at the BDSM party where a girl had her pussy whipped hard. She told Josh she wanted to try it and, as always, he happily agreed.

Down to their fun room they went. Lori stripped naked, and Josh had her lie down on the thick mat laid out below the electric ceiling hoist. He attached heavy suspension cuffs to her ankles, connecting them by way of a 3-foot spreader bar attached to D-rings on the inside of each cuff.

Engaging the hoist, Josh raised her up until she was completely off the ground, her beautiful pussy just inches below his chin. He also secured her wrists with leather cuffs, then connected them to a ring in the floor with tight ropes, so that Lori was stretched to the max. Just for the heck of it, he added some heavy clover-leaf clamps to her waiting nipples.

Lori was hungrily anticipatory for the action that was to follow, and Josh didn't disappoint her. He warmed her up for the subsequent events by licking her labia and clit, until she began to jerk in her Y-position, moaning with pleasure

At last Josh got down to fulfilling her desire. He took a short whip with a half-dozen leather thongs, each knotted at the end to ensure maximum 'bounce'. He began to whip Lori's pussy, slowly at first, then more quickly, snapping the whip down on her snatch. Those knotted ends ended up snapping onto her ass. With each hard stroke, Lori was twisting as much as possible in her tough tie. She cried out with each stroke, moaning with pain/pleasure as he continued his assault.

Josh kept lashing her pussy until it was beet red and welted.

Her ongoing orgasm kept leaking from that battered cunt, until finally he had to stop. Fifteen straight minutes of the whipping alone was enough for both of them; his arm was tiring, and Lori had cum so much it ran down her belly.

As Lori told him after he let her down, it was an experience of incredible pain and eroticism. She loved what had happened to her that evening, but decided once was enough.

Chapter IX (added: 2012/08/21)

The following night, Lori asked Josh to put her in a most stringent tie, and then eat her out. After some thinking, he had her strip and lie face down on a convenient leather- covered table. This table just happened to be located beneath their electric hoist.

Using several coils of inch hemp rope, Josh crossed Lori's ankles and proceeded to tie them securely. Around and between her ankles, tightly, with a cinch at the end.

Her wrists were next, tied exactly the same way behind her back.

He left off the elbow cinching ... considering the position he had in mind, that would have been too much for his bondage-crazy love.

Another rope connected her ankles to her wrists, pulled so tightly that her body was bowed. Her knees were spread apart this way, with her sweet pussy and great ass on full display.

Finally, a last rope about the ankle-wrist meeting place went up to hoist and was secured there. Josh started the hoist, lifting Lori until her body was shaped like a quarter-moon, and was swinging freely in the air.

Lori grunted at the strain she was under, but knew her lover would never take her beyond her limits. Whatever those might be. She knew her pussy and ass-bud were fully on display, and was very much looking forward to Josh's ministrations of them.

Josh halted Lori's slight swinging in the air, then lowered his head and began a slow licking of her dear cunt. Lori closed her eyes in the discomfort/pleasure she was experiencing. Josh spread her labia and attacked her cunt and clitoris with gusto.

The girl couldn't help moaning loudly, her erotic pleasure increasing exponentially as Josh continued to drive her towards a maximum orgasm with his kissing, licking and light biting of her most sensitive areas.

Just before a climax could carry her away, Lori felt Josh stop his lovely attentions. She groaned in frustration, then felt his tongue begin to explore her butt hole. Josh spread her ass cheeks apart to more readily attend to this new task.

He ran his tongue up and down her ass cheeks, then gave his attention to that inviting hole.

He tongued her there then, pushing his tongue in as far as he could. Lori twitched and moaned some more, frustrated that Josh had abandoned her aching pussy, but still very much enjoying his current target.

After about ten minutes of rear end penetrations, Lori was on the very edge. Josh finally obliged her by returning to tongue her deeply in her snatch. Lori cried out as the orgasm overwhelmed her; Josh yanked his mouth away from her just as she exploded in a magenta-laced erotic-to-the-max orgasm.

Chapter X (added: 2012/08/21)

"Are you certain you want to do this, Lori? It's going to as painful as hell" Josh asked his love.

"Yes, I'm sure", she replied. "I know how long and hard you have worked on this gadget, and I'm more than ready to try it out.

She had told him some months before of her desire to be whipped on the pussy and inner thighs, while her nipples were being tortured and she was being fucked in the ass by a huge dildo.

After a lot of thought, Josh had built a contraption that he thought would do the job nicely. It had a short leather-covered "bench" for her to lie on; it ended at her waist so that her ass would hang free. The other end had a round notch that her neck would rest on. It was supported by two iron pipes firmly attached to heavy metal bases.

There were two 2x4s at its base, angled upwards in a Vee from there; they had ankle cuffs built in at just the right height. There were numerous small motors mounted in various places around this affair, most of which had whips attached to flywheels on them.

Finally the big day arrived. Josh strapped Lori very tightly into her corset (her waist was now cinching down to just 19"). She could hard breathe easily from its strict compression of her waist, but that would be the easiest part of the night.

Josh laid her down, her back on the leather bench with one end beneath her waist. Lori's neck rested comfortably in the notch at the other end. Josh laid down next to that bench and, taking Lori's hanging arms, strapped them together tightly at both wrists and elbows (around the pipe supporting that end). He suspended her jammed-together elbows and wrists to a hook mounted on the underside near the ass end of the bench.

Next were her legs. Josh buckled the ankle cuffs attached to the 2x4s to Lori's ankles. Her legs were now spread apart by about three feet at the ankles, forming a V down to her exposed pussy, and canted slightly backwards towards her head.

Her nipples were clamped with clover-leaf clamps. Each had a wire attached that went up to a 1 inch flywheel positioned on a jutting pipe about three feet above her chest. The flywheel had two connecting hubs on opposite sides; one wire from each nipple clamp was secured to a separate hub.

Finally, her corseted waist was anchored to the leather support board with a heavy strap, pulled maximally tight.

Chapter XI (added: 2012/08/21)

"One last chance to back out, Lori", Josh said to his pain-slut lover. "It's now or you're stuck for the next hour".

"No, honey, I'm determined - let's do it", she responded.

Josh turned on the switch that activated all the parts of her coming torture. He had painstakingly checked them out many times, including the placement and movement of all the punishing attachments. Quite a few glitches had cropped up along the way, but it was now perfectly put together.

As the multiple small motors warmed up, the device began its diabolical punishment of Lori.

First, a whip slashed downwards onto her exposed pussy. It was on a revolving flywheel, and would repeat that action every 60 seconds.

Second, two whips mounted on metal rods flush with the ankle-hold 2x4s lashed the inside of her tender thighs, just about her pussy. These also were on rotating flywheels and, again, would repeat every 60 seconds. In addition, another mechanism moved the thigh whip motors up inch, so the next strikes would be just slightly higher.

Third, the flywheel with the nipple clamps attached began to turn. Each nipple in turn would be pulled up over one inch by the painful clamps, then relaxed as the flywheel turned and the other nipple received the same treatment.

Each nipple was tortured in turn every 15 seconds.

Fourth, a whippy rod swung around from the side and smacked Lori hard in the dead-center of her ass. It would retract and repeat this action every 30 seconds.

Fifth, their gigantic 9 phallus, modeled on Josh's own penis, was thrust forward into Lori's asshole. It plunged in up to its hilt, then retracted. This ass fucking stroke would be repeated every 30 seconds.

Finally, another whippy rod snapped into the bottom of Lori's left breast; another rod on the other side would whip into her right breast. Each would then retract, and repeat every 30 seconds.

Chapter XII (added: 2012/08/21)

For the next hour, Lori was assaulted over and over again. Pussy whip (hard!), driving ass dildo, rod-whipped on her ass, inside thighs whipped, with the whips' motor lifting then another inch for the next strikes. When the thigh-whip motors reached her knees, they would begin a descent back down to her pussy, inch at a time

Nipples painfully pulled upwards, alternating, every30 seconds. Harsh strokes on the underside of each breast, alternating. She was hurting in so many places, repeatedly struck by the hellish devices every minute or fraction thereof. Lori was in a haze of pain - and pleasure.

Her ongoing orgasms helped wet her loins for the next pussy strike, upping the searing heat and pain she experienced. Her poor ass was jammed into again and again; the compleat ass fucking. Nipples yanked repeatedly, her poor breasts beaten black and blue by the rods smacking into them from either side.

And, to top off the whole adventure - her arms welded tightly together by the straps, her head hung comfortably from the notch at the end of the bench. Josh stood at that spot, his very erect manhood plunging in and out of Lori's mouth.

He came three times altogether, each time spurting his copious cum into her welcoming mouth. Between brief rests, of course, to let his well-exercised dong become engorged again via viewing the punishment Lori was receiving ... and receiving ... and receiving.

When it finally ended at the one hour mark, Lori has been repeatedly punished via the pussy whipping, 60 hard strokes total. The thigh-whipping had cut each poor leg 60 times, while her ass had 120 welts from the side-mounted rod.

She had experienced 120 deep thrusts from the ass-aimed dildo, gigantic by anyone's standards. Lori's clamped and tender nipples had been yanked upwards 240 times --- each. Finally, the undersides of her breasts had been beaten so severely ... 60 hard strokes each ... that they would be sore for the next month.

She later admitted to Josh that it had been the most painful experience she had ever endured. Still, there WAS that large pool of cum underneath her ass that attested to her many many orgasms. All in all, an experiment that exceeded both her pain and orgasm limitations, and one which she felt no urgency to repeat.

Chapter XIII (added: 2012/08/21)

Lori wouldn't let Josh so much as touch her for a week after her very painful experiment with that damned contraption Josh has built. She still loved him, and took care to satisfy his needs with her mouth, lips and tongue during that period.

It was just that she was so very very sore ... her nipples hurt, her breasts hurt, her ass hurt, her inner thighs hurt, and her rear passage had been rendered almost numb.

She never wanted to see that 'thing' she had suffered upon again. Josh had to disassemble it (not too difficult) and stash it in a far corner of their large playroom. He draped a plastic tarp over it so poor Lori would not be constantly reminded of that night.

Eventually, time wounds all heels ... er, heals all wounds. Lori began to enjoy bondage again -- but, hold all pain for the time being. She still enjoyed the discomfort of strict ties, though, so Josh began her journey back to full-fledged bondage slut again.

He started very easy. A nude Lori was rendered into a tight erect X-shape inside a large bondage "shadow box". Arms and legs were held rigidly in place with suspension cuffs on each wrist and ankle, then stretched taut with ropes to each corner of the "box".

Josh undressed too, mostly so that Lori could see his rapidly engorging cock. He moved close to her, and began to lick her breasts, and nibble on her nipples. She loved his attentions!

When he kissed her deeply, she responded with a powerful hunger for him. After the kiss ended, Josh renewed his oral assault on her luscious body. Breasts, back, ass, stomach, insides of thighs - everywhere but her pussy. Lori was twitching and groaning and moaning, all at the same time.

Josh continued down her legs, even sucking on her toes. Lori was going crazy with frustration ... she asked him, very nicely, to consider working on her love nest. Josh just smiled at her, and kept right on licking and nibbling and tonguing her - everywhere BUT her pussy.

Finally, with Lori bucking in her bonds as much as she could, Josh began to lick her labia. She made a soft, unintelligible sound and he continued by spreading her pussy lips wide and tonguing her love canal. Deeper and deeper he probed, then relented and took her excited clit between his teeth, biting it ever so gently.

Lori exploded in a very impressive orgasm ... Josh backed away just in time to avoid a face full of her cum. Lori was in a far-away erotic heaven and was, he felt, back to being his bondage toy.

Chapter XIV (added: 2012/08/21)

A week later, Josh decided that Lori might enjoy (or not!) a little game he had in mind. They had three different sized dildos; each modeled on Josh's impressive rod. They were rigid-but-soft rubber, with all of the veins and bumps of the real item.

They measured 9 " by 3" wide at the base (the 'monster' referred to previously); 8 " by 2 "; and 7 " by 1 "' The latter was Lori's choice when she got really horny, and Josh was unavailable.

For the "game" today, Josh selected the middle sized one.

He had Lori shower and take an enema, then was instructed to report to him in the nude.

He bent her over his knee, generously lubed up the dildo, and proceeded to insert it slowly. Into her ass, of course. He twisted it around as his penetration continued, and would pull back out part way before resuming his downward pressure.

Lori was loving the feel of it, and the manner in which Josh was investing her anal canal with that long, fat dong. She sighed contentedly while he took his time with the impalement. Finally, it was seated as deeply as possible in her rectum.

Next came a 3" leather belt, tightened about her waist until she had to grunt. It had a D-ring in back onto which a permanent one inch strap had been stitched. Josh had Lori stand facing him, then reached through her legs to get the strap. He pulled it hard ("Oof", she thought) over the base of her ass invader, through her crotch and up almost to her pussy.

The strap was shaped like a 'Y'; the juncture to the two "legs" was just below Lori's snatch. One at a time, Josh fastened each separate inch strap to a D-ring on either side of her very snug-fitting waist belt.

Tightened to his satisfaction, the straps passed on either side of her labia, nicely framing her love mound. Part of the plan was that she would not have her clit played with - at least not for awhile.

He folded Lori's arm and legs upon themselves, then forced heavy rubber sheaths over each folded limb. He took care to ensure that her feet were away from her ass. Josh didn't want any obstruction of the view!

Alligator nipple clamps were added as the last parts of her costume. She winced as each was applied, but knew the bite she felt would gradually give way to a gentle erotic aching sensation.

Each clamp had a 12 inch chain hanging from it, at the end of which was attached a clumsy-looking odd shaped thing.

Josh was no fool; he had designed the oddly configured things so they might snag on just about anything ... heh!

"Here is bowl of six marbles", he said to a mystified Lori.

"I'm going to scatter them randomly throughout the room, and it is your task to retrieve them - ONE BY ONE - and place them back in this bowl, which will be on the floor.

Do you understand, babe?", he asked.

"How do I move in this getup?", she responded.

"The knees and elbows of your sheaths are well-padded", he told her. "Just crawl on your knees and elbows, and voila!. Of course, your mouth will be the storage spot for the marbles when you are en route back to the bowl".

With that he took the marbles and scattered them widely about the room.

"You have one hour to return all six marbles to that bowl," he told her.

"Any delay on your part will be severely punished, my fair maid.", he added with a truly wicked smile.

"Get cracking, girl".

Chapter XV (added: 2012/08/21)

Lori began her elbows-and-knees crawl after the first marble, picking up the pace a bit as got the hang of it. Her great ass shifted left and right, and somewhat up and down, as she crawled along. Josh loved it!

She could feel that big dildo shifting around in her butt with each move forward. It wasn't truly uncomfortable, but those shifts kept her attention on it all right.

It took Lori a full ten minutes to retrieve the first (and closest) marble, then turn around and head back to drop it in the bowl.

Josh decided she needed some encouragement. As his bondage toy turned back around to go after the next marble, he did so by whacking her smartly on the ass cheeks with a whippy rod.

"Ouch!", she yelped, but hastened on with a somewhat more acute sense of urgency.

It actually took her 72 minutes to find and retrieve all six marbles. During the process, she was "encouraged" enough times that her rear end took on a quite red look.

She was panting when she finished, but it wasn't quite over yet. Josh told her that she would have to make her way upstairs to their bedroom.

"Yikes!", she thought. Her anal canal was being thoroughly reamed with every move she made, and her ass stung from Josh's repeated 'encouragements'. Not to mention her poor nipples; those things at the end of the clamps' chains seemed to snag on something every few crawls or so. Her nipples had been yanked repeatedly, and her eyes were tearing up.

But ... off she went, knowing she had no choice.

Each of the 12 steps she had to traverse was a huge obstacle in its own right. Lori managed by levering up each elbow in turn, swinging one sheathed leg up on one side, then carefully repeating the move with her other leg.

With each stair, her rear end had to swing wildly from side to side as she swung her legs up. The dildo made itself evident with each motion, and those damned 'things' on the end of her nipple clamp chains snagged and pulled on her poor nipples with each stair gained.

Lori was exhausted by her bonded adventures when the top step was finally reached. Josh picked her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, where he laid her gently on top of the covers.

He removed each of her sheaths, and Lori was so happy to have movement in her arms and legs again. She stretched out with closed eyes, but Josh wasn't through quite yet.

He carefully undid each nipple clamp, and Lori screamed with returning sensations. Pain and heat, heat and pain.

Putting the clamps and sheaths aside, laid his naked torso on top of the quivering girl.

He was about to apply her "punishment" for missing her time target. Josh lifted each of her legs in turn and placed them over his shoulders.

With the big ass dildo still firmly in place, he slowly eased his now rock-like erection into Lori's pussy. Her eyes flew open, then softened as she understood her "fate".

Josh began to piston into and out of her well-lubricated cunt. With each stroke he could feel the large dildo bumping against the end of his cock.

Faster and faster he drove, hammering away at her erotic core. As it happened, Lori came first, loudly and long, before Josh reached climax. Moments after spurting his cum deeply within her, Lori climaxed a second time.

"Wow!", they both thought ... that was TERRIFIC!!

Chapter XVI (added: 2012/09/11)

Lori and Josh had been invited to a party, one which his friend had advertised as a "show 'em off" party. Lori said she wanted to go with some toys; after her bath and an enema, Josh broke out the smallest of their dildos ... 7 1/2" by 1 1/2 " thick at the base. After lubing it up, he let Lori do her own insertion.

Lori carefully, and slowly, pushed the dildo into her ass until it was well seated. She was wearing a corselet that took her waist down to 22" ... not really that restrictive.

A 1" strap hung from its back at her waist; Josh pulled it over the dildo flange, through her groin and pussy lips, then cinched it at the front of her corselet.

Josh had come up with a fiendish new kind of nipple clamps that Lori could wear in public. They were about the size of a quarter, and slightly concave to fit her areoles. They opened on a tiny hinge, and had a small hole in the middle. Josh tweaked her nipples until they were erect, then slipped on the first clamp and shut it. Lori winced, then again as the second clamp was applied.

Her nipples remained at attention, and would for so long as the clamps continued to grip them tightly. His new-found clamps were also painted a flesh color, and so were nearly invisible (unless she was naked, as now).

Josh felt he was a bit of a voyeur, because he loved to watch Lori dress. Tonight she chose a black satin, low-rider garter belt, and black lycra seamed stockings that came up all the way to her pussy. Before attaching the garters to the stocking tops, Lori made sure the seams were straight. Ensuring no wrinkles in her stockings, she added a black satin thong over everything.

Her dress was bright red, a "handkerchief" dress. The left side of the dress went down almost to mid-calf, then rose in front up to her knees, then downwards a bit. The last point then rose quickly to mid-thigh, showing off her shapely legs in gleaming stockings. Because of her corselet and much smaller waist, she had to gather the dress in the waist area, then add a wide red leather belts with a silver buckle to hold it in place.

The dress was very thin and light, although completely opaque. Her erect nipples were very obvious through the thin material; she had eschewed a bra, and instead had propped up her nice breasts with the half-moon shaped adhesive supports.

The dress had a scoop neck, quite low, that showed off her breasts to their best advantage. It too had a cowl-like back that left her back bare down to the top of her corselet - very sexy, Josh thought. Five inch 'fuck me' stiletto sandals completed her ensemble.

As a reward to himself for a recent promotion at work, Josh had purchased a brand new Audi A5, with all the bells and whistles. It had glove-soft leather, and Lori allowed herself the pleasure of lifting the back of her skirt before sitting down. She rested on the seat with her bare buns, which was a lovely sensation, but somewhat attenuated by the dildo in her ass.

Then they were off to the bash.

Chapter XVII (added: 2012/09/11)

The party was in full swing when they arrived, populated by many handsome men and even handsomer (is there such a word?) women. The women were in slinky dresses, or super-minis, or skin-tight jump suits. A few even wore butt-show-off short shorts. So that was what their host had meant by a "show 'em off" party!

Well, Josh thought, Lori fit in beautifully with that crowd. She had had her hair done up a French twist, her ebony hair well treated and shiny. It was old style, but brought a certain elegance to her over-all image.

They mixed well with everyone, although Lori was very aware of her nipple clams and the decent-sized dildo in her rear. Plus the crotch strap was cutting deeply into her pussy; she got some stimulation on her clit from the strap, but not enough to make up for its discomfort. She loved it!

Once or twice, when she went to sit down, the high-cut slit over her right thigh would ride up enough to display the dark tops of her stockings. A little added stimulation for the men (and some women!) to gild their evening.

They had only a few drinks, and some finger food, before making their excuses and heading back home. There was a football game on that night that Josh didn't want to miss, and he had plans for Lori.

After getting home, Lori went upstairs to get out of her paraphernalia, clamp's, dildo, and strap through her cunt lips. She came back to find Josh already engrossed in the football game, and wondered if she was going to be ignored for the next few hours.

She should have known better. Doffing her robe, Josh revealed a goodly collection of straps that he used to tie her into a tight ball. Straps around her ankles, upper thighs, and wrists - but not elbows tonight. After he positioned her down to on her knees, legs beneath, Josh used three other straps to bind her into that ball position; he was going to use her as a hassock!

Lori didn't mind at all ... that tie wasn't that uncomfortable, and she enjoyed the tightness of it all. Just one thing, though ... the strap around her wrists had a long tail on it. Before putting her on her knees, he had pulled that strap through her ass cheeks and up to her pussy.

The very end of the strap had a clamp on it; Josh had carefully kissed her clitoris to an erect state, then put the clamp on. Damn, that hurt! But, Lori again didn't really mind too much; the erotic feelings were pulsing through her too nicely.

That strap was then tightened at the wrist area after Lori had been balled-up; Josh wanted it tight enough so that she couldn't even twitch without the clamp pulling on her poor clit. And so it was.

Josh sat back down to watch the game, placing his feet on the back of his human bondage-slut hassock. He had earlier poured himself a pilsner beer, and now relaxed with a good appreciation for the beer, the game, and most of all, his bondage slut honey as his foot-stool.

Two hours later the game ended. Josh undid Lori's bondage and they went upstairs to bed. Lori wanted to be in bondage for the night, so he obliged her with a simple tie; wrists crossed behind her back and tied together with a bathroom belt. Her ankles were also crossed and tied in the same way with another bathrobe belt, which kept her knees spread wide.

It was a comfortable tie, and Lori would have many delicious dreams that night that she would remember for a long time.

In the morning, Lori managed to scoot down the bed and turn face down right by Josh's crotch. She took his limp penis in her mouth and began a long, slow cock-sucking that soon had Josh's weapon at full attention. They started the new day in magnificent fashion indeed.

Chapter XVIII (added: 2012/09/11)

Lori and Josh had gone to a clothing-optional beach to spend an entire Sunday in the sun. Both were already well tanned, and so were not worried about being burned. They had rented a couple of large beach chaises with thick mats; Lori had only a small patch of cloth covering just her pussy, while Josh had a white handkerchief covering his vitals. They were otherwise quite naked.

It was very warm and relaxing in the sun. Josh was reading a thick book about WW II, and Lori had some magazines to keep her occupied. Soon enough she began to feel drowsy, and put the magazines aside. She closed her eyes, and began to fantasize ... what if she was a spy who had been captured by a group of sadistic men? No, women! She drifted off into a reverie that slowly morphed into sleep.

--- Lori was split wide, arms and legs akimbo, held rigidly in place by rough ropes about her ankles and wrists. Those ropes ran through pulleys, and had heavy weights at their ends to maintain the stress on her limbs. She was naked, and being whipped, over and over and over, by five or six scantily dressed women.

They struck her with short whips, long whips, belts, rods, paddles, etc. She was screaming, but her captors weren't interested in her cries of distress; the whipping went on for an hour, and was so thorough that only her face was spared.

She agonizingly felt every strike, particularly those that were concentrated around her pussy, ass, legs, breasts ... everywhere. The whipping seemed to go on forever, until her body was crisscrossed all over with welts and bleeding cuts. Lori hung limply from her stressed arms and legs split, unable to comprehend what was happening to her.

Finally the whipping was finished, and her torturers now sprayed icy sea water on her from three different directions. Her cuts burned anew from the salt, but the 'fun' was just beginning. Her captors loosed her ankles from the ropes so that Lori hung from her wrists, eyes closed, chin on her chest. There were a number of large barrels of sea water about, and from one of these two well-built women pulled a raw leather corset.

They fastened the corset about her waist (it ran from just below her tits to just above her hips), and began to tighten the wires that served as laces. The corset squeezed her tighter and tighter as the wires were adjusted and re-adjusted, excess water running down her body. It was in place at last, and had squashed her waist down to just 18 inches.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she understood that the leather would shrink as it dried, squeezing her relentlessly in the process. Her body would soon take on a true hour-glass figure, and very uncomfortably at that. Once the very strict corset was in place, her captors re-attached her ankles to the relentless pull of the ropes, and she was split wide anew.

From a pail filled with hot sauce, to huge cork dildos were extracted, still dripping the sauce. They had been thrust in dry, and could be expected to expand as their material was soaked with the hot sauce and her own juices.

Each was a good nine inches in length with a three inch girth. These instruments of punishment had flexible steel rods in their core that would keep them erect, yet able to adapt to some extent to her body cavities. Lori could swear that they seemed to expand before her eyes ...

Each of these humungous monsters was inserted into her pussy and ass by two beauties clad only in loin cloths. They were pushed, and pushed deeper still, until their bases were at her entrances. Lori could feel the hot sauce assaulting her very tender inner canals, burning, BURNING, while the pure size of these invaders stretched her to the max ... and would continue to do so as they grew in length and especially in girth. God, she had been rammed with what felt like two telephone poles!

The impalers were held in place by a wide strap from the back of her corset, over the dildos (pushing them in even more deeply), through her crotch, and cinched extremely harshly at the front. The strap had a small grommet hole that was level with her pussy lips. Her clitoris had been teased out and pushed through that hole, then tiny ridged wheels on three sides of the grommet were turned, pinching her poor clit into a tight clamp. In addition, tiny spikes inserted themselves into that tender part of her anatomy.

Poor Lori was in total agony. She still felt every whip strike, the huge instruments jammed into her love and ass canals, getting larger all the time, and now her clit was clamped and pierced! The wide strap had another feature that she didn't appreciate ... along its length were small 1/16 inch inward-facing needles that pierced her here, there, everywhere.

Meanwhile, another assailant was attaching heavy clamps to Lori's beaten nipples, oddly still very tender. They were of the alligator-teeth variety, biting harshly enough to evoke small droplets of blood. She tossed her head in agony, feeling every indignity that had been inflicted on her so far. There was more to come ...

Again her ankles were released from the stretching ropes, to hang freely once more. More raw leather was pulled from the nearby barrels; many 1" straps of various lengths.

One of them was cinched about her ankles, tightly; another below her knees, another just above them. Lori's knees were painfully mashed against each other, and she was somehow aware that these straps would also get tighter as the leather dried.

Her wrists were now released from their bonds, and she was dropped onto her belly, her breast clamps mashing into her painfully. Her arms were pulled together behind her back and secured with more of the wet leather straps; at wrists and above and below her elbows --- harshly tight already, in a while to become truly torturous.

Attention now shifted to her mouth. A four-inch long dildo gag, made from cork, was jammed inside, filling her mouth completely. It had a rubber tube exiting from its base; that tube went up to a one-litre attached reservoir filled with a pureed mixture of shit and vomit. Soon her tongue and mouth were exposed to the vile mixture, even as the gag began to increase in size from this new wetness.

A heavy punishment helmet, wet raw leather again, was laced tightly about her head. Her hair had been shaved off, she realized, so the helmet had no impediment to a very close fit indeed. The laces were tightened until her head felt squeezed from every direction, then were tied off.

The helmet covered her face completely, with only small nose holes to breathe. A thick neck corset followed, again laced tightly. It had a high front that forced her head back into a most stressful position.

She was straightened up by numerous strong arms, and the alligator nipple clamps removed. Lori tried to scream as the blood rushed painfully back to her abused nipples, but the disgusting gag stifled all sound completely. Her body began to convulse from the agony she felt, but was unable to move much at all due to the increasingly tightening straps that enwrapped her.

More thick straps around her upper arms and above her breasts, then below her cinched elbows and below those lovely tits. Tight and tighter ...

Her feet were fitted into slim ballet boots and squashed her toes relentlessly, while arching the feet themselves into an extremely stressful position. Lori's legs were then bent at the knees, and brought upwards until the stiletto heels of the boots touched her ass.

Yet another soaking raw leather strap went from her ankle straps up to a ring on the back of her punishment helmet, and was tightened so strictly that her back was bowed from the strain.

The nipple clamps were again biting down on her poor nips; Lori swore she could feel every agony in every part of her body, and somehow knew would not be eased by time.

The was a heavy D-ring on the forehead of her punishment helmet now pointed straight up due to the severe backwards pull on her head. It was connected to a hanging chain with an S-hook, and she was lifted off the ground.

When her knees cleared the ground by a few inches, Lori's ascent was stopped. She could sense what felt like a triangular-shaped metal rod being placed beneath her bare knees; the shape was confirmed when she was lowered again and her knees rested heavily on one of the sharp edges of it, biting most painfully into her flesh.

Again the nipple clams were removed; fiery pain flooded her breasts and nipples. That pain lasted until her nips were smashed into five or six times by a metal rod, like an old car radio antenna, wielded by (she imagined) a widely-grinning female. Her poor nipples were allowed to be harshly struck for about five minutes, then the alligator clamps were once again applied.

Clamps on for five minutes, then off for five minutes while someone battered her extremely tender and painful nipples for awhile, the clamps reapplied, etc. This sequence continued for what seemed indefinitely. Every piece of leather on her kept tightening, especially the corset; every hole-jammed dildo kept increasing in size, threatening to burst her poor abuse body eventually.

This torture went on, and on, and on ... Lori was silently screaming as she felt every strike, every needle, every excruciating stress to which her tortured body had been subjected. If this hideous agony didn't stop soon ---

Lori snapped awake; she had been dreaming for only an hour, but what she had experienced seemed to have lasted for many hours, even days. She was shaking from the realistic dream ... she HAD felt every pain inflicted on her, inside and out. She slowly calmed, then glanced down to see the wholly inadequate cloth covering her pussy was soaking wet. Lori hadn't felt any at all, but apparently she had had numerous orgasms. From the 'dream' ... ?

CHAPTER XIX (added: 2012/09/27)

Lori carefully arranged her pleated white skirt as she sat down at the table. It was, for her, quite short (mid-thigh length) and, even though the tops of her white lycra stockings nestled right at her pussy, and had a fairly narrow slightly darker top, it wouldn't do to show even that much to their luncheon friends.

She and Josh had been invited to lunch on a beautiful Saturday with a couple that were good friends of Josh. The girl was a striking reddish-blond, very attractive, and was wearing a low cut peasant blouse over skin-tight jeans; Lori didn't pay more than polite attention to her boyfriend; he was very muscular, though, which she could hardly ignore since he wore a "muscle" tee shirt over leather pants.

Lori had on a scoop-necked salmon colored silk top, which showed most of the tops of her breasts off very nicely. Underneath she had on a half-bra of white satin (matching her thong); it just barely covered her nipples, but pushed her boobs up and together to form delicious cleavage.

They chatted about inconsequential things while sipping at their drinks. Then the unimaginable happened; Lori had half risen from her chair when it toppled over backwards, and Lori sat down hard on the pavement.

A slight breeze had increased at just that moment, and her light pleated skirt was flipped up almost to her waist. Her stocking tops, thong, and the suspenders running down from her white satin garter belt were all quite visible.

The other guy, Tito by name, had stood up along with Josh and Alexis to help her to her feet, and Tito had a birds-eye view of her goodies on display. He was a gentleman, though, and aside from a brief smile, just took Lori's hand to help her back upright.

Lori flushed a bright pink as she tucked her skirt back down, and carefully resumed her seat on the replaced chair.

"Oh my", she blurted out.

"Are you okay?" chorused the other three.

"Yes, I'm fine," she replied, reaching for her drink.

"Oh ho, I know what you guys were doing earlier" laughed Alexis. She pointed to a faint outline on Lori's wrist, left over from the cuff she had worn a few hours before during one of her and Josh's "games".

"We've had a few marks of our own like that", continued Alexis. "Some fun, hey?"

From there the subject was broached, and all began to relate their stories about BDSM, and their mutual love of bondage.

Finishing their lunch, they promised to get together sometime soon at Josh and Lori's large house, to explore their interests more closely.

As Josh drove them back home, Lori was feeling rather odd. She was still a bit embarrassed about her accident, but Josh helped to ease her fears by assuring her that it was no big deal ... Tito and Alexis had not at all been shocked, by either her undergarments or the subject of bondage, and were quite solicitous. He reached under her thin skirt to stroke her slick stockings, and eventually caressed her pussy through the thong. "Ah, that's so nice" she thought.

CHAPTER XX (added: 2012/09/27)

Arriving home, Lori decided she wanted a "session", so while she went upstairs, Josh went down to their basement fun room to set up for her. He gave it some thought, then decided that Lori might "enjoy" riding the wooden horse.

He set up a 2x6" plank upright onto two trestles; the plank had been planed down to a inverted V as the top. It was pointed, but not really sharp.

When Lori finally appeared in a dressing gown, Josh had her doff it while he explained what he had in mind. Lori's eyes widened in anticipation; she had seen numerous pictures on the internet of girls "riding the wooden horse", and was anxious to give it a try.

Josh started by welding her arms together behind her, with straps at the wrists and above and below her elbows. This pulled her shoulders back somewhat stressfully, and ensured that Lori's shapely breasts were thrust out as if in invitation. He had her straddle the "horse", then adjusted it so that her pussy lips were right above the edge.

Josh had Lori stand up on her tiptoes and adjusted the horse higher until the edge just met her snatch. When Lori slowly allowed her heels to go back to a standing position, the horse's edge ground deeply into her labia, and pushed hard on her sensitive clit.

"Wow", she exclaimed, "this is really something. It hurts like this, but I'm already feeling very nice waves of pleasure coming up from there." So saying, she lifted herself up onto her toes once more to escape that pointed edge, if only temporarily.

Josh took a pair of clover-leaf clamps and put them onto Lori's nipples; the girl gave a little gasp as each bit down hard. Still, she had worn clamps often enough to know that the bite now felt would gradually ease off to an erotic pressure that would do lovely things for her mounting pleasure.

Josh took the wires attached to the clamps and hooked then around an upright pipe attached to the front of the horse. He arranged the wires over a lip on the pipe, so they wouldn't slip down, then adjusted them so Lori was forced to bend forward slightly to ease their pull on her nips.

This would guarantee that, when she had to rest on the horse, its edge would dig deeply into her cunt. Josh had seen some women edge backwards while on the horse, so they could escape the constant pussy torture somewhat. He didn't intend to let Lori have that option.

Finally, he placed a TENs unit directly above Lori's snatch. It's wires connected to a unit below her, which in turn was connected to two small disks that were directly under each of Lori's heels. When her muscles tired from being on tip toe, and her heels slowly went towards the disks, contact with them would generate a shock in the TENs unit, plus into her breast via the clamps. The shock would vary from mild to WOW, controlled by a slowly rotating disk that was attached to the power unit.

Josh went upstairs to get a glass of champagne. Returning downstairs, he offered his love a sip as her struggles began. He then sat down to relax in a comfortable chair very near her left side. Taking a sip himself, he took a handy switch from the nearby table and flexed it... just the thing to keep Lori "on her toes".

Lori was in bondage heaven, in a way. Yes, her leg muscles would tire from her tip toe stance, so that she would have to return her heels gingerly to the floor. There they came in contact with the disks, and a shock would be generated that shocked her poor cunt as well as her clamped breasts. Sometimes mild, sometimes definitely NOT, but always felt by her.

Josh would "encourage" her with occasional smacks with his rod to her jutting ass cheeks ... ouch! The horse would bite deeply into her love mound, and the shocks would send her back up onto her toes. Her poor squashed nipples were continually yanked by her movements; the shocks to them didn't help either.

She had her eyes closed, a half-smile alternating with a grimace, as her contest went on, and on. Up she went, leg muscles hurting and butt getting red from Josh's WHAPs with his whippy rod. Down she went, to impale her poor clit firmly atop the horse, and shocks coursing through her nipples and pussy.

Still, she felt herself getting increasingly excited from the surges of erotic pleasure coursing through her body. Lori moaned as she lowered herself onto the horse, then again as she once more rose on tip toe. WHACK would go Josh's rod onto that lovely rear end, and each strike served only to increase her pleasure/pain levels of sensation.

After a full half-hour on the horse, Lori's body began to spasm as she reached her first orgasm ... lovely, lovely!

She had three more orgasms in the next 15 minutes, each seeming to increase in intensity; she was overwhelmed with her sexual pleasure, as well as the discomfort of her plight.

Josh at last relented, and helped his hurting but smiling love off her painful perch. She clung to him tightly, pushing her now-clampless breasts and nipples into his chest.

Sure enough, his excitement also ramped up, so he simply had to take her right there on the mat next to the horse. Thoroughly sated, they smiled at each other and kissed deeply, then again, before breaking off to finish the champagne in comfort.

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