Rain Dance
  • Author - Lisa Aligher
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  • Post Date - 8/19/2012

Author's Note: Two deluded lesbians persue a unique savior complex

It's cold and windy again. It's always cold in Seattle this time of year. The rain had stopped thankfully, as I slowly cruised through the Pioneer Square area. Mostly home to the more seamy side of life in the greater Pacific Northwest. Drug addicts, prostitutes, wannabe gangsters, we have it all here.

Yes indeed, Seattle Washington. The end of the line for many. Why is it the down and out always ended up going north? I mean ya get thrown out of LA, ya move to San Francisco, from there Portland, from there right here.

I guess there's just no other way to go. They can't go to Mexico. I mean what would you rather do? Live in some cold door way in Seattle with a bottle of cheap port wine, if you were lucky. Knowing that if the cops dragged you in, you'd get free meals and a bed out of the infernal rain. Or would you opt for a Mexican jail being butt raped by senor Bubba?

No, that's not an option. Heading east is out too. Where is there to go anyway? To Utah? With the fucking Mormons? I don't think so.

Canada's out too. They make it too hard for people to live the free unfettered life of the homeless person. Too many god dam bleeding hearts that want to 'heal' the mentally ill. Cure everything by making more and more institutions.

No. With its endless dive bars, tattoo parlors, and vast open waterfronts, Seattle is the perfect place for the nobodies of society to loose themselves. With all the dam tourists a good hustler could easily make enough coin to finance the night's bottle of E&J or that coveted dime bag of smack.

It was my day off and I was overextending my 'official' bounds again. Some would consider my roaming to be predatory in nature. I didn't see it that way at all. I was simply helping the less fortunate than myself.

That's what a social worker is supposed to do isn't she? Okay you caught me. Yes, my work place technically is in the county hospital. Where I am also a counselor for those the courts and cops deem savable.

I see people from every walk of life. From the life long alcoholic to the young housewives now made homeless and destitute by the phony housing crisis that pervades American society right now.

For what ever reason, some simply choose this life, and don't want help.

I have to at least try and 'help them' straighten out. What can I do but go thru the motions?

It is the second category of homeless that I lean toward heart and soul. The mostly young women that for whatever reason end up on the streets.

Theirs is a mixed bag of woes. The single mothers with no job skills, fucked over by some pig of a man. Most seem to be drug addicts that eventually turn to prostitution to support their drug habits. Usually heroin.

Some can and do escape the ravages of street life before it turns into an endless cycle of self defilement and slow death. Those are the lucky ones. Sometimes they pull themselves up by their boot straps and get it together to lead wholesome, productive, value filled lives. Some cannot.

I'm not so much interested personally, in the ones that cannot pull them selves out of the muck. I mean, they fall into a pattern. A pattern born of survival. One that can play out in a myriad of ways.

They may hook up with some lowlife pimp that looks out for them and ensures their fixes. They get to get fucked and get high every day. And in one sense maybe in some twisted way they have discovered something what most us working stiffs have not.

Isn't that what you really want from life? To be made love too and feel good all at the same time? It's what I want.

Comfort and love. That's my contribution to this human cesspool of homelessness. Of course there's a price for security isn't there? There's always a price to pay.

There is little hope for the street drunk. Most don't want long term change in their lives. They want only another bottle. And a warm place to sleep. It's almost a natural resistant to useful change.

I'm sure many of you know there are actually millionaires living out on the streets in the ghetto. They simply make a choice.

Let's back up a bit and let me explain why I'm out here cruising the garbage strewn streets.

I am looking for women that need my particular brand of help.

I made two passes down Yesler Way and saw a couple of familiar faces but none that fit the bill.

I came upon Lashanda, The black fifty something year old heroin addict slash prostitute. I'd dealt with her during her last probationary period.

When I was a cop I dealt with many of the street prostitutes here in the old section of town. But that's another story.

I rolled down my window and pulled up next to her as she walked down the seedy block with a huge gaudy umbrella. She didn't even see me pull up as I called out; "Hey Lash, how's tricks?"

She wasn't startled in the least. She turned and squinted her eyes and bent down to look me in the face. "Hey, Miss Taylor, wa ya doin' down 'ere? I been bein' clean now fo months and..."

"Relax Lash; you know I ain't a cop no more. I'm not here to bust your sexy ass darling."

"Oh dats right, I heared ya be ah social worker now. Kinda like turned all goody goody an shit."

"Well, ya that's right darling. I had to switch professions mid stream.

"Dats not wa I heared Miss Taylor. I heared ya got ah busted wif uh mama on deez streets. Ya knowed ya shoulda uh comes to Lashanda fo yo nut..."

"Okay Lash, ya I know those rumors."

"Rumors?" The still sexy old hooker hooted wildly... "Why I heared ya had ya mouf all up in 'er asshole and...."

I was getting pissed now. "Alright Lash, that's enough. I didn't come here to listen to your raggedy old ass babble. I just want to know if there's any fresh meat out here these days."

"Yo, dats right, you be savin' da world deez days instead uh throwin' day ass in jail." She laughed so hard that I could see the few teeth remaining in her ancient mouth.

I leered at her and she became sullen. "Well Miss Taylor, dere iz one whitey ho' be new out here. Calls her sef JC. But ya knows names don't mean shit here."

"What's she look like Lash?"

"Well, Miss Taylor, she be a young ho', maybe twenty-five, tall and fin with big ole titties, wif a weird lil birfmark on 'er face. Like a star or sumfin'."

"Where's she at now Lash?"

"Who da fuck knows Miss Taylor. Meat like dat don't stay out here fo' too long, ya knows dat."

"Miss Taylor, um can you..."

"Sure Lash." I said slipping her a twenty dollar bill.

"Why you be asking 'bout ho's Miss Taylor."

"Oh, you know me, just tryin' to save the world. You take care now Lash. And spend that on food will ya please?" I said, slowly starting to drive away toward home.

"Ya sure will Miss Taylor, you take care now."

It took only five minutes to get on the I-5 north. The drive to our home in Bothell was off the 405 and traffic shouldn't be too bad this time of day.

Pulling into our driveway, I saw Connie's van. I wasn't sure she would be home, but it was Sunday and not a school day.

Constance is the love of my life. After all she cooks all my meals, keeps up with the house and is the best lover I've ever had.

At twenty-three Constance wasn't exceptional, unless you find flowering psychopaths exceptional. Those were her words not mine. I love my Connie with all my heart. No one has ever showered me with the milk of human kindness, so to speak, more than my beloved Connie has.

At five foot even, with straight natural blonde hair now to her mid back, that she prefers to wear in pig tails. She has long luscious legs that lead to her perfectly formed Apple Ass, as we call it. Her thirty-two C breasts enhanced her small frame nicely.

Yes, my Constance. I pulled her off the streets about two years ago. She had been a prostitute and heroin addict since sixteen. Now, after cleaning her up, she was attending college three days a week and working on her nursing credentials. I couldn't be prouder of her both as a lover and a friend.

Parking my car behind her van I walk up to the house and unlocked the two deadbolts and go in. I lock both locks from the inside using the same key. Locking the doors from the inside with a key? Yes, that's right. We can't have anyone getting away now can we?

Constance was nowhere to be seen as usual. I knew she was down in the basement with our pet, but also knew she would soon be up to greet me. There was a small red light down stairs that lights up when any of the houses doors are opened.

I put my raincoat on the coat rack in the hallway and went into the kitchen to make myself a needed drink. The door to the basement popped open right on cue. Constance turned and locked the heavy doors deadbolt from outside, and turned to greet me.

"Alysa, my love, you're home! I was worried, you were gone so long." She said, still wearing her silver wrestler's hood. Hers had flashy purple triangles around the eyes.

She gave me a huge loving hug and kissed me deeply. It always seems weird kissing her with the hood on, but it is a necessary evil I'm afraid.

"The hood Connie." I said with a giggle.

She laughed heartily as she removed it, setting it on the table along side my hood and shook out her hair. She was wearing black leather thigh high boots with four inch heels, and nothing more "There, is that better darling?" She laughed kissing me passionately on the lips. Her magic tongue slipping into my mouth.

Savoring the embrace and warm kiss after being out in the cold was very pleasurable. "What happened to your nipples Connie? They look like they've been mauled."

She laughed as she rubbed her pert swollen nipples. "Well I thought Toy deserved a reward for eating me so good." She said with a giggle. "So I made her bite them. She sure was scared."

"You let her do that to you? I don't even do that to you." I said smiling.

She turned to put on her pink silken robe and looked over her shoulder at me. "That's why I let her do it Alysa my love." Now what can I get for you darling, something to eat? A bath perhaps."

"I'm fine my love really."

"I bet I know what you want." She said tracing a line from her clit up to her lips and sucking it."

"I can never say no to you Connie..."

"Oh by the way, how did your hunt go my love?" Asked Constance. "I so wish we could keep Toy, she is so well trained now that..."

"Well I did get a line on a possible replacement, but I have a lot more scouting to do. And you know as well as I do, she has to go. She's been here too long as it is." You can only keep someone on Rohypnal so long.

Constance looked hurt, just like the last time we had to get a new playmate. "But couldn't we just..."

"No Constance." I said raising my voice. "She has to go and soon. Besides, when was the last time you used the toilet in the bathroom anyway?"

"I took a crap this morning." She said evading the issue.

"You know that's not what I mean." I said in calmer demure voice.

"Alysa," she whined. "You said I could pee in her mouth whenever I wanted too." She said looking quite dejected. Poor baby.

I put my arm around her, kissing her cheek and whispered. "Of course you can pee in her mouth my darling, that's partly why we have her. But you've been doing it way too much. She's already sick."

This isn't an argument I could win at this point, but I'm tired and concerned that Constance is becoming way to sadistic to Toy. I learned long ago that I must treat Constance tenderly when she gets like this.

Then Constance's demeanor changed as if a switch were flicked on. "But I FUCKING LIKE IT. That's all that CUNT is GOOD FOR." She shrieked. "I make her BEG me for it. It's MY GOD DAM REWARD to her.

Calming down a bit she went on haughtily, "She's lucky I even allow her to touch my body, let alone drink my pee. I spent hours down there reaming her holes with fat strapon cocks. She fucking owes me Alysa. Besides, I could just go down and cut her fucking throat you know."

I reminded Constance: "Toy is a person honey. She has feelings and..."

"But at least she isn't starving or freezing to death out on the streets Alysa. She owes us!"

I am however, accustomed to these outbursts and know how to handle her.

Most would be frightened to spend a night in a house full of knives with Constance around. But she does tend to elicit that response from people.

"Constance I'm ashamed of you. Toy is to be loved and cherished, not be a toilet. She is supposed to be showered with love and affection. Now put your fucking mask on. We are going to pay her a visit."

"Wait Alysa, please. Just let me go down and clean her up a bit before you go down okay?"

"Constance." I said, raising my voice. "What have you done to her?" She didn't answer but shuffled her feet and looked down.

I'm sure my readers have reached some conclusions by now about the girl we call Toy. Okay, yes, some are true. We are keeping her against her will. And no doubt many agree she is little more than a doped up sex slave. But I see it as doing her a favor.

I firmly believe that the shitty life that led to Toy becoming a street whore can be cured. Cured by sexual stimulation and endless orgasms.

After all, can you think of anything more delicious than an orgasm? Let alone dozens every single day!

We are keeping her perpetually high on Roofies. But it IS better than the heroin she was addicted to before we saved her from herself.

And yes we tend to treat her as a piece of fuck meat. There again, Toy is the horniest, most needy one to date.

I'm not a monster. Though Constance kinda is. That's why I have to monitor her closely. But I helped her overcome her adversity just as I'm helping Toy.

You're probably thinking she is kept in a dark wet basement without the slightest traces of human necessities or compassion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The basement was converted to a studio apartment before I had purchased the house. There is a bathroom with tub, a small kitchen area with fridge, stove, and a microwave, a couch and a nice single bed are there as well.

There are a few items down there that Constance and I placed for entertainment purposes. There is the ceiling hook of course with the pulley, hook, and ratcheting winch. There is a converted weight bench and what we call a rim chair. The rim chair, in this case is a simple wooden chair with a large half circle cut out of the front.

There are also two, three inch steel pipes set into the concrete floor about four feet apart. Each pipe has dozens of large holes for securing things to. Connected to these pipes, are horizontal pipes. Three in all. These were only one inch thick. These could be slid up and down to do many things. Like having a Toy on her kneels.

Her hands could be tied to the upper vertical pipe. Or two of the pipes could be set above and below a toy's breasts to 'squish" them so they bulge out. A very versatile rig. Maybe one day I'll patent it.

I removed my clothes and dropped them on the floor as Constance fidgeted on the couch. I walked over to the table with our hoods and placed mine on. On cue Constance put hers on and followed me to the door.

I placed the key in the heavy deadbolt. Unlocking it we both stepped thru. I turned, reaching around Constance to re-lock the door. It is a procedure we had to stick to. It would be disastrous if Toy were to escape. I sure as hell don't want to go to prison. That's one of the reasons, in Toy's presence; we never, ever used our real names. I was Mistress and Constance was Vicky.

Gesturing for Constance to lead the way, I became nervous. I just don't get down there much these days. I mean yes, Constance makes sure my sexual needs are well satisfied. Toy is really her project. But she often goes too far.

Reaching the door at the bottom of the stairs, Constance hesitated as she took the key off the wall and clicked the lock open. "Please Mistress; just give me two minutes to...

"Open the fucking door Vicky!"

She swung the heavy door open and I stopped dead in my track, appalled at what I saw.

Toy was kneeling. Her legs are spread and her knees are strapped to the two vertical pipes. Her hands are cuffed behind her back. There is a hood over her head. Not the silly, flashing wrestling hoods Constance and I always wear. This is a full blown bondage hood with holes below the nostrils and a zipper were the mouth is. There are no eye holes and the whole thing is buckled behind her neck.

Her tits were squished between the two vertical pipes. But they obviously were way too tight because her tits were purple. And there were clover clamps on her nipples. What was even worse was the noose around her neck supported by the ceiling hoist.

I was livid. "She better fucking be alive Vicky you stupid shit."I dropped to my knees and checked her for a pulse, which there was. Good, she was breathing too.

"She's fine Mistress believe me."

"This is fine? How long has she been like this Vicky?"

"Just a couple of hours I promise." Said Vicky now very sullen.

"Okay Vicky, lets free her, we need to have a family talk anyway." I said.

Like a broken automaton Constance worked mechanically to free Toy from her bondage. Once free of the knee restraints and noose I lowered her gently to the carpet. Toy moaned and groaned.

I leaned over to whisper to Constance. "We need to get her to the shower and clean her up."

"Why Mistress, she always showers herself."

"You silly slut, does she look like she can shower her self? When was the last time you fed her the medicine?"

"Right before you came home Mistress. Why?"

"I leaned in even closer to Constance. "Because we're getting rid of her right fucking now. Go start the shower and I'll finish freeing her."

"We're getting rid of her right now?

"Yes Vicky. It's dark now."

"Well in that case I want my panties back."

"What panties? Start making sense Vicky." I said, now more than a bit annoyed.

Constance didn't say a word. She reached down to Toy and unzipped her hoods mouth opening. She seemed to reach into her mouth with her thumb and forefinger. She probed around for a bit and slowly pulled out a dripping wet pair of thong panties!

I looked at Constance and shook my head. "I might have known."

She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me. I mouthed the words 'shower' and she got up and walked into the tiny shower.

I removed toys hood and cuffs. She was in no condition to fight back. As I helped her stand she threw up all over me.

Well, clearly this experiment was a failure I muttered as I half carried, half dragged Toy to the shower. None of our DNA must remain.

"Okay Vicky, you know the drill, I'll go get the car. Get her ready."

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry."

It took an hour to clean her up and carry Toy to the trunk of my car. Neither Constance nor I said a word as we got on the freeway for the drive south.

It was near midnight when we pulled up behind the hospital in the tiny town of Yelm. I knew there were no security cameras back here and it certainly was dark enough. I had taken the extra precaution of removing the light bulbs from the car's overhead light and the trunk lid.

"Come on Vicky, let get this over with." Again Constance remained silent. It took both of us to lift her out of the trunk and gently place her on the dirty ground.

"Mistress..." Constance whined, as we turned to head back to the car. I just shook my head as we silently got in the car and drove off.

We stopped at the nearest highway rest stop on the way home to call the hospital and tell them to look out back.

It was over. For now.

Over the next several weeks' life got back to some semblance of normalcy. Constance focused on school. And I on my job.

Eventually, Constance got over her resentment over her failure with Toy. I'm sure my nagging about it didn't help, but I was pretty sure she learned a valuable lesson from the whole affair.

We made passionate love often over those few weeks. Every night we fell into each others arms sweaty and wet from our love making. But I knew in my heart we needed a new toy. There was, as always, those poor girls out there that needed saving. And one failure simply didn't mean we would quit trying.

Then came the faithful day. A day of revelation. The hooker Lashanda had called JC, became known to me.

As a social worker I was privy to the arrest reports of people that the DA deemed possibly savable.

JC's name was Jacquiline Clarke. With the file was the usual police mug shot and sure as shit she had the star shaped birthmark on her cheek. Bingo!

Reading a bit further I saw she had no known relatives. So far so good. Her address was listed as the Lighthouse Mission in Woodenville. Well well...

Now we have something to work with. I made a copy of the report and of the mug shot and headed home for the day. Constance would be pleased. It also meant we had our work cut out for her.

When I opened the door I was immediately set upon by Constance. With no toy to keep her amused I was once again the center of her universe.

As usual she was scantily clad, wearing short shorts and a bikini top that was much too small for her breasts. I just love the way she wears her pig tails. It make her look so innocent.

Before I could even say hello her tongue was down my throat and she was removing my coat. It was rather comical and I sure enjoyed the attention.

She ran to place my coat on the coat tree, and then dropped to her knees in front of me. Reaching up she pulled out my tucked in blouse, expertly unbuttoning it, dropping it to the floor. In seconds she had my shoes and socks off and was pulling down my dress pants.

There I stood in my panties and bra. "Don't you even want to hear about my day Connie?" I laughed. By now she had my bra unhooked and my panties around my ankles.

"You can tell me about your day after I MAKE your day beloved. Come with me please." Who was I to argue?

Once in our bed room she literally pushed me down on the bed. I loved this, even if she was a little too aggressive.

On my back she crawled up on me, expertly spreading my legs with her knees. On the way up she ran her tongue from my belly button to my neck which she kisses passionately from earlobe to ear lobe. I couldn't help but imagine a knife to my throat taking the same path.

Holding my wrists down over my head she lightly battered my face with her yummy tits, giggling the whole while. She released my wrists and cupped my face with both hands looking me right in the eyes. "Do you even have a clue how much I love you lady?"

"I have a pretty good idea Connie." Her mouth again met mine in a flurry of passionate mouth sex. God she knew how to push my buttons. This was pure heaven!

In a flash she was between my legs nibbling at my jewel. Making tight circles around it with her tongue. She took several long slow licks from my asshole to my clit and back down again. Before I could bat an eye she had worked a ribbed vibrator into my needy pussy.

She slowly worked it in me, twisting and turning it as she increased her rhythm. When she slid her finger in my ass I shuddered violently and squirted right in her face. Soaking her.

It amazed me how quickly she could bring me to orgasm. She never stopped at one. She simply slowed a little and started attacking my clit again. Licking and lapping. Soon I was right on the edge again. She sure knew her business alright. This time two fingers pressed into my ass I writhed and squirted again.

That was it for me I'm afraid. I was shaking as I pulled her up to me and held her tight. "Tell me you love me Alysa." She cooed, smiling and kissing me lightly on the lips.

She never seemed to mind that I didn't return her love making when she waylaid me. Though I did wonder why. I preferred a slower, more romantic approach.

"I love you Connie." I said my voice still shaky.

"Well that's good to know Miss Social worker. Come on, your dinner's getting cold."

Throwing on our robes we toddled off to eat. The meal she prepared was excellent yet simple. "Connie, I got a line on a new toy." I said, sipping my glass of wine.

She lit up instantly. "A new toy mommy? Oh that's awesome. Where is she? When do we..."

"Whoa Connie slow down my darling. I'm afraid we have some work to do."

"Like last time?"

"Yes darling."

"When do we start?"

"How about tonight?"

"Sure Alysa, I'm down for it."

"I knew you would be." I said with a grin.

I showed Constance the police file and mug shot and told her what little I knew of Miss Clarke.

"Oh hell yes." Said Constance "This one's better than Toy was. This one sounds very hot. I can't wait to rub her face all over my pussy."

I sighed heavily. "Connie, this one you're going to treat better. Understand? We're not going thru all this trouble so you can have a human urinal and whipping slave. We owe it to these people to try to help them. Is that clear?"

"Yes Alysa, I understand." She said looking down at her untouched food.

We began to discuss various ways to bring JC into our family.

"Well, I could find out what bar she frequents and slip some powered Roofies in her drink." Said Constance.

"Yes but then you'd have to get her out of there while she was still able to walk." I said. "And we have no idea if she's bi honey. You might not be able to lure her out into the street even with your charm." I said, smiling at her.

She opened her robe and waggled her gorgeous breasts at me and said: "Now don't you bet the farm on it Aunt Bee." We both had a hearty laugh at that.

I offered another plan, a tad more risky but it would be quicker. "Well, we know she's a street walker and where she lives. Now, as you know most of the hookers hang out on Yesler Street. We take your van, and swap the plates, and with you driving, I hang out in the back and..."

"I'll need a disguise." Said Constance.

"Well darling we make you up like an ugly fat house wife and..."

"Gee thanks Alysa"

"Hear me out Connie. We still have that old wig. That and a funky dress and you holding a couple of Benjamin's... Didn't you once tell me you did a housewife for fifty?"

"Yes beloved I did." She said frowning.

"Well then? Do you really think a slut, just a couple months fresh to the streets, would turn down a couple hundred to lick a cougar's pussy for an hour?"

"Alysa, you're a genius." Said Constance, now smiling broadly.

"I hope so darling. I hope so. Now go get in character. We roll in half an hour."

We spend two hours cruising Pioneer Square looking for JC. For two nights we came up empty. We'd need to call it quits for a few days. I mean there was always somebody watching. Always some asshole calling the cops for anything and everything. We just couldn't risk it.

We ended up waiting just two days before resuming the hunt. The first night we were both exasperated. "I just don't know what to say Connie."

"Patients my love."

On the last drive by of the second night Constance spotted her. "Alysa, oh my god that's her, I know it is. The slut with the yellow thigh highs."

"Calm down Constance for pity's sake. Drive us around the block. Make sure no one else is around, then pull up slightly in front of her and start your spiel."

"Gotcha my love, I know it's her. I saw the birthmark."

"Easy my darling let's not blow it. Slow down."

As we rounded the corner I saw the woman in the yellow boots, the closer we got, the more I was also convinced it was her.

"Connie this is for real, you need to make goddamn sure it's her before you let her in the van."

"Relax Alysa. Here we go."

I hunkered down low under a quilt hugging the passenger side door and Constance brought the van to a stop just past who we hoped was JC.

"Hi sugar." Constance said aloud as I saw the woman reach the van from the passenger's side mirror. It sure looked like JC.

I saw fingers on the car door! "Hi honey, you looking for somethin' special tonight?"

Constance was in rare form. "I sure am darling, my god dam husband is out of town and like always I'm home alone and well you know..."

"I certainly do honey, men are such pigs. Now what can JC do to make it better?" It was her!

"Well darling, I have a hundred dollars here that I'm hoping will get my itch scratched and...I need to cum something terrible... "

God, Constance was good at this. More and more she scared me.

"Have you got a place we can do this honey?" Said JC.

"Well can we do it in my van here? I'd sure love to take you home for the night but I know that's more than I can afford and...

"Relax baby girl, the van will be fine." I saw the $100 change hands.

The door was opening. I saw yellow boots swinging into the van. I heard and felt the door slam shut as Constance slowly drove the van forward. I could smell JC's cheap perfume.

"Just turn right at the corner honey. There's a place under the trees that's nice and dark and I can make you forget that worthless man of yours..."

"Mind if I turn on some music darling, while we dance?" Said Constance over the din of the pounding rain. That was my cue.

As soon as the music came on, and the van was in park, I grabbed the heavy rag and opened the bottle of concentrated chloroform and soaked the rag heavily. Reaching up and along side the passenger seat with my right hand I clamped the rag over the hooker's mouth.

She struggled and clawed my arm as she screamed into the rag. With my left hand I grabbed her left elbow and pulled her off the seat into the back of the van. I quickly returned the rag over her face. It didn't take long. We had a new Toy!

"Get us out of here Vicky. Drive good beloved, we can't afford to be pulled over now."

I knew from experience that the chloroform wouldn't last long and had already prepared a shot for Toy. I handcuffed her hands behind her back and put a second pair of cuffs on her slender ankles.

"Pull over a second when you can Vicky." Constance pulled over and I stuck the needle in her upper arm. It was 10mg of Diazepam. That outta hold her until we get home. "Okay Vicky let's go home."

Constance had already removed her silly wig and shook out her hair as I climbed into the passenger seat. I looked at her and smiled.

"Are you alright Mistress?" Smiled Constance.

"I'm fine Vicky let's get Toy home, she looks tired." I said returning her lovely smile.

We opened the garage door with the remote and drove inside. Getting out and opening the rear doors Toy was moaning. Now the fun part.

"Come on Vicky grab her legs and be careful."

"Yes Mistress."

It took us fifteen minutes to get Toy down into the basement. We had to stop several times to rest along the way. Carrying her down the steep stairs was the hardest part.

Once we placed her on the bed we uncuffed her ankles and wrists. She was starting to come too. I cleaned her arm with alcohol and administered a shot of Rohypnal.

Such a lovely drug it was. A member of the Benzodiazepine family, it was perfect for sedation and had a wonderful amnesiac affect.

Once safely sedated we set about removing her clothes and going thru her pockets. She had a small purse that we collected from the van too. Everything would have to be destroyed. We would have to wipe the van down also, to remove her finger prints. I would also burn the police report and picture as well.

Once we had removed Toy's clothes, we both stopped and smiled at each other.

Toy's body was fabulous. Her full breasts were at least a 34D. She had long shapely legs and an ass to rival Constance's.

"Okay Vicky, I'm going up to tend to business." I said as I gathered up all of Toy's things and headed to the fireplace.

"Alright mistress, I'll start cleaning her up."

Going through Toy's possessions there was nothing special. Condoms, some pills, state ID, make up, and several hundred dollars in cash. The usual stuff most women carried in their purses. There was nothing in her clothes.

I tossed the whole pile into the fireplace, yes even the money, and turned on the gas. I would have to collect the ashes afterward and dispose of them as well. God I needed a drink.

On my way to the kitchen, I noticed the light on the answering machine flashing. That was odd, I thought. Neither of us got many calls.

Pressing the button it was a mans voice. "Alysa, this is Jeffers, you need to call me ASAP." That was it. Mr. Jeffers was my supervisor. What the fuck did he want? This couldn't possibly be about Toy I wondered. It was almost midnight. But I knew him well enough to return the call immediately.

Getting my cell and speed dialing his number, it took several rings before he answered.

A groggy voice answered. "Hello?"

"Anthony, this is Alysa returning your call."

"Oh yes Alysa, we have a problem here and I desperately need your help."

"What is it Tony?"

"You know the yearly training lectures we do for the national office?

"Yes Tony, what about it?"

"Well, your pal Hanson got his ass thrown in jail for DUI and you are next up on the lecture roster. We need you to be in Phoenix no later than tomorrow night."

"Come on Tony, you've gotta be shitting me? I can't just..."

Then he turned nasty. "Goddamn it Taylor, I don't want to hear your shit, get your ass to Phoenix or have your resignation on my desk, your choice." Click!

I couldn't believe it. I went to the kitchen and swigged Crown Royal right out of the bottle. I was still sitting there half soused when Constance came into the kitchen... Naked of course.

"Alysa, what's wrong?" Said Constance kneeling down to kiss my tear stained face.

"My fucking boss's ordered me to Phoenix to do a lecture."

"You're kidding."

"I wish I was darling."

"For how long?"

"Well it's a three day lecture, so at least four days." I said dejected.

"First thing in the morning I have to leave."

"This is terrible" said Constance her expression now mimicking my own.

"Tell me about it. Connie, can you do me a favor and make the airline reservations for me? My state credit card is in the safe. I have to pack and get a few hours of sleep."

"Don't worry my love, you just sit there and get comfy with your drink, and I'll take care of it. You'll need a car and hotel too right?"

I just nodded, fully depressed.

She wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled my neck. "Hey boo boo eyes. It's not the end of the world. We'll be fine 'till you get back."

"Okay darling thank you. I love you so much."

"I love you too Alysa.

"Connie. Where are you with Toy?

"Well she's still pretty out of it. I showered her and gave her a nice soapy enema."

It was our practice to start off with a good anal fucking for our new toys and make them cum vaginally for several hours.

"Oh, and guess what beloved?"

"What hon?"

Constance looked into my eyes smiling from ear to ear. "Toy has studs through her nipples and a vertical clit piercing."

"You're kidding?" I said amazed.

"No beloved." She giggled wildly. "She even has two small rings on each labia lip."

"Oh, I just have to see this." I said, forgetting my up coming trip. I started to get up but Constance stopped me.

"I know Alysa, why don't you give Toy her anal training?"

"I don't mind if I do."

'Go on Alysa, It'll take me a while to make your arrangements, you could use the play time. Make sure she makes you cum a few times darling, you need to relax." With that Constance started to make my travel arrangements.

Getting up, I went to the basement door and stripped. Putting on my hood I unlocked the door, stepping in and locking it behind me. I repeated the process at the bottom of the stairs.

I was really surprised when I saw Toy sitting on the bed holding her head in her hands.

"Are you okay sweetie? I asked gently.

"No, I'm not okay. Who the fuck are you and where am I?"

It was then she looked up at me and saw me standing there butt ass naked wearing my shiny black wrestling mask and holding a small stun gun. A precaution on my part.

"And what the fuck are you supposed to be?" She screamed, slurring her words.

"Calm down Toy." I said calmly, "I'm a friend, and here to help you."

"Toy? I ain't no mother fucking toy you fucking cunt, I'm getting out of here." She screamed suddenly lunging at me. I dodged her as she came at me again.

"You drugged me didn't you cunt fuck. I'm gonna fucking kill you."

"No Toy, I don't think you are." I said pressing the stun gun to her shoulder. She gave a guttural groan and collapsed in a heap.

I was pissed. Connie was supposed to give her another shot as soon as she finished bathing her. Obviously this was not the case.

I reached up under the bed for the stash box we hid up inside the box springs. It contained several new syringes, a bottle of injectable Rohypnal, and alcohol wipes.

I gave her a good shot and went to my toy box. I selected a heavy leather harness and snapped on a nice fat twelve inch ribbed dildo to it. I also grabbed a tube of love lube as well.

Toy had a fabulous body. One that I was looking forward to getting to know extremely well. Her long luscious legs, her perfect heart shaped ass and her 34D tits were very inviting. And I was inviting my self.

I didn't much fancy fucking a corpse, but knew from experience she'd wake up a bit when my thick cock entered her pretty asshole.

I leaned her over the footboard of the bed face down, tying her hand behind her back. I tied her ankles to the legs of the foot board and repeated the process for her knees.

I was panting by the time I finished and Toy was coming to. I pulled over a small stool and placed it between her legs. I sat down admiring her beautiful bottom. Her pussy was full and gorgeous. Her asshole was absolutely perfect. I couldn't help but start to lick it.

Craning my neck I licked up the slit of her bald pussy lingering on her delicious asshole. God this was great. She was even stating to moan. After several more minutes of exploring her secrets, I heard her call me a cunt.

"What did you say Toy?" I said wearily.

Her speech was very slurred but she answered me right away. "You heard me cunt. Let me fucking go. I'm gonna fucking kill your stupid ass."

"Oh I see. Come on now Toy that's no way to thank me for saving you."

"Thank you? You're outta your fucking mind."

"No actually Vicky is." I said mostly to myself.

"What the fuck are you jabbering about cunt? FUCKING UNTIE ME."

"That's it Toy. You will not address me in that manner or tone. I am Mistress or Miss."

"You're a fucking cunt. A dead cunt."

"Ya maybe." I said, walking back to the toy chest. I selected a long heavy wooden paddle and a rubber dog bone style bit gag. I was tired of this shit. This was how I relaxed and Toy wasn't helping a bit. The injection calmed her down a bit but she was still combative.

I climbed on her back facing her head. As soon as she spoke I pulled the rubber bone deep into her foul mouth and strapped it tightly behind her head.

"Now you can talk all the garbage you want Toy." I said, bringing the heavy paddle crashing down on her spread ass cheeks. She yelped and hollered through the gag, spewing garbled obscenities.

Several more healthy swings of the paddle seemed to make her a bit more sedate... "There now Toy, are you going to behave?" All I heard naturally was mumbling. "Oh good Toy, I'll take that for a yes. See Toy, we're making progress."

"You will soon learn that correct behavior will be rapidly rewarded. Incorrect behavior will be corrected just as quickly." For emphasis I swatted her ass real hard. My rubber cock swinging wildly. "Got it Toy?" More mumbles. "Good."

I sat back down and continued licking her asshole. "There now Toy isn't that better? Now you're learning," I sang, enjoying myself. "Don't worry Toy, we have lots of time for you to learn and hopefully make a change for the better."

I stopped to slather my fat cock with gel. Rubbing the entire shaft slowly. I squeezed out a big glob and pressed it into Toy's asshole. She moaned, this was a good sign!

Standing and pushing the stool out of the way, I grabbed Toys hips and slid the tip firmly into her asshole. She yelped a little bit which sent a small shiver up my spine. I held her waist tightly as I leaned forward, pressing the entire cock deep into her ass.

I remained like this to give her muscles time to relax a bit as I cooed to her. "See how nice I can be Toy? Doesn't that feel terrific?" I said, wiggling my hips. More moaning. "Yes Toy, I know it does baby."

Reaching down to rub her bald pussy I found her soaking wet. "Oh Toy, you're learning so fast!"

I started slowly, pulling my cock almost all the way out, and then lingering and sliding it all the way back in. In and out. Over and over. Long slow deliberate strokes.

She was moaning wildly and I knew she had already cum at least twice. I picked up speed. Thrusting wildly. Soon I was slamming her asshole as hard and fast as I could.

I slammed her ass for ten minutes straight. When I slowed I saw she was unconscious. "That's a good girl Toy, you just rest now." I said, soaked in sweat.

Pulling out my ass soaked cock I turned and saw Vicky sitting on the stool smiling at me.

"Having fun Mistress?"

"You know it" I panted. "Her pussy's soaked."

"How's she doing?

"A little disobedient darling. And very mouthy. Remind you of anyone Vicky?"

"I wasn't that bad was I Mistress?"

"You were worse." I said laughing, dropping my harness to the floor.

"Did Toy make you cum yet?"

"No darling we haven't got to that yet. I don't think I have time for that."

"Nonsense, all the arrangements are ready, you have like three hours yet.

I smiled at Vicky. "Well in that case..."

"Have a seat Mistress; she needs to learn sooner rather than later."

I walked to the head of the bed and helped shove two pillows under Toy's chest as Vicky lifted her upper body. I climbed up on the bed and leaned against the headboard and scooted forward. My legs spread, so her mouth was right on my sex.

Vicky carefully removed her gag. "Now Toy, you need to pleasure Mistress's pussy like a good girl."

We both heard the muffled "Okay you win."

"That's a good girl," I cooed, stroking Toys pretty hair. When her tongue touched my needy pussy I was in heaven. That's what's so cool about prostitutes. All of them seem to know how to eat pussy.

Toy lapped at my slit greedily, her tongue swirling my swollen clit. I was just about to squirt when suddenly she bit down hard on my right labia lip. I let out a blood curdling scream that would curl your toes. She held on with her teeth for what seemed forever.

The pain was incredible as I pulled her hair and tried to work my way free. Vicky was able to backhand the side of her head hard enough to force her to let go. I rolled to my right, falling hard to the floor stunned.

When I finally sat up Vicky was slapping her face both open hand and backhand. "Vicky stop it!" Which she did.

"Are you okay Mistress?" she asked in a jittery voice.

"I think so, fuck that hurts." I said checking myself. There was a tiny bit of blood.

"Let me see Mistress," said Vicky, getting down on the floor to look. "Wow, she sure bit you hard, you have teeth marks and you're bleeding."

"Yes Vicky I know."

"I'll teach Toy a lesson Mistress."

"No Vicky, don't. She didn't mean it."

"Didn't mean it, what are you talking about? She could have bitten your clit off."

"Just let it go Vicky, she'll learn. I would do exactly the same thing if I were tied there."

I got to my feet and motioned for Constance to follow me. We went over into the bathroom and closed the door. "Honey, I've just got to get out of here. My flight leaves in less than two hours.

"I'll be more than happy to drive you darling."

"No no, I'm fine really. I can catch some rest on the plane."

"I wish you didn't have to go beloved."

"Ya me too, but it can't be helped." I sighed heavily. "Just promise me one thing Vicky...

"Name it my love."

"Please do not hurt Toy too badly Okay? Promise me honey. Please, we can't have a repeat of last time."

"I know my love, I'm so sorry; I just got a little carried away that's all."

She put her hands on my shoulders and looked me right in the eye and then kissed me on the lips. "I promise mommy, you have my word. Scouts honor"

"I love you, you evil bitch." I said smiling weekly. I was so tired.

"I love you too baby, come on I'll walk you out."

Constance carried my bags and placed them in the car, where we stood and hugged in the early morning air.

"Call me when you get there darling. And please don't worry." Said Constance.

"I always worry when I'm away from you."

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." She said smiling, as I got in the car and started the engine.

"It's not you I'm worried about Connie," I said as I started to drive away.

Actually I was extremely worried.

I was sad that Alysa had to leave. But, I was more than a little annoyed that she didn't seem to trust me where Toy was concerned.

Okay, well yes maybe I did over do the S&M thing a bit, but I believed the real problem was the damn drugs that Alysa insisted on using. I'm not saint, but I know first hand about the ravages of drug abuse.

Alysa did help immeasurably to turn my fucked up life around. She got me off the streets and away from prostitution and a real bad heroin addiction. I owed her my life. Literally. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. Bar none.

We were both highly sex crazed, and I did agree with her about the nobility of trying to save a lost soul such as Toy. I mean that's how she brought me to my senses. Sex, sex, and more sex!

This was my chance to show Alysa that we didn't need to keep Toy perpetually zoned to straighten her out.

I had a better way, and wasn't going to waste anytime proving it.

I went back into the house and put my mask on, stripping off my clothes. I pulled on, and zipped up my black thigh highs. Oh yes! Toy was mine now. All mine!! I hurried down to the basement, making sure to lock and hide the keys properly.

I had to hand it to Alysa, our security was pretty good. Then again, Toy was usually drugged and could be easily handled. Our new Toy was a fighter. But so was I.

When I walked in she was still tied spread legged on her feet to the beds foot board. Her hands still tied behind her back.

Poor baby. I untied her ankles and knees and gently rolled her to the floor. Toy was in a fetal position as I untied her wrists. "Are you alright Toy." I asked tenderly.

She stammered. "I feel like shit lady please help me up will ya. I really need a glass of water too."

I was leery of such a tame response but I agreed. I reached down and helped her sit on the edge of the bed.

"Thank you lady."

"My name is Vicky Toy."

"May I have a glass of water Vicky please?"

"Yes Toy, thank you for asking nicely, I'll be right back."

I didn't trust her for shit, but I went into the small kitchenette and got her a plastic cup full of cold water. I also pulled a stun gun out from under the sink rim. I held it behind my back as I walked out to give Toy her water.

"Here you go Toy, drink up sweetie."

I was surprised she didn't attack me when I gave her the glass. I would have. I knew by now though she had to be extremely tired.

She took the glass and took a long steady drink. "What's going on with you bitches? What's this Toy shit? If you wanted to play why not just pay me. You bitches obviously have money."

"We want to help you Toy. Can you honestly say you like the life of a street whore?"

She started to raise her voice. "You fucking call drugging me and kidnapping me helping me? That psycho cunt you call mistress ass raped me. And what the fuck is this 'toy' garbage?"

I reached for her hand but she pulled away and sneered at me. "And what the fuck do you know about being on the streets you psycho fuck?"

"I'm not psycho Toy. And I do know where you're coming from 'cause I've been there. I was a hooker and a heroin addict and Mistress cured me."

"Cured you? That cunt has you kidnapping innocent people off the streets and keeping them as sex slaves!"

"You're not a slave."

"Let me go then."

"I can't do that Toy."

Toy stood up and started to hand me her water glass as if to ask for more. When I reached for it she threw the water at me and hit me real hard in the face with her closed fist.

I fell off the bed and then she kicked me hard in the stomach. I saw her dash by me and head for the door to the staircase. It wouldn't do her any good as there was no doorknob and the key for the dead bolt was well hidden.

Toy was kicking and screaming at the door when I crept up behind her and pressed the stun gun to her hip. The effect of course was immediate. She crumpled into a heap on the floor. I know what Alysa said but now I was pissed.

Fortunately our play area was right by the door so I grabbed her by the right wrist and dragged her onto the rubber matting.

I popped open the huge steamer trunk we used as a toy box and pulled out the leather restraints. They were of course hospital grade and quiet impossible to slip out of.

I strapped them tightly to each of her slender wrists and locked them on with small strong padlocks. I snapped each "D" ring to a heavy carabineer.

Toy was starting to come to, when I pulled the ceiling hoist hook down to the floor and snapped it to the carabineer. I knew she would probably try to kick me again, so I pulled a spreader bar from the box, and strapped each end to her ankles. The bar was at its shortest, at about two feet but I could adjust it later.

Walking to the wall mounted hoist I began turning the crank. Each click taking up a tiny bit of slack on the thin braided cable. It took maybe ten turns until she was in a standing position.

"Let me down from here cunt." Whined Toy, shaking away the haze.

I ignored her and unscrewed the spreader bar to its widest point, after kicking her feet apart. This spread her legs nicely, giving me full access to her not so private parts.

A few more clicks of the hoist put Toy on her toes. She didn't much care for it though and unleashed a new string of profanities. I ignored her as best I could as I placed a small bowl on the floor in front of her, just for show.

I held her pair of panties in front of her face for a second, and then placed them in the bowl. I squatted over the bowl and let loose a healthy stream of pee. Of course I made a mess on the floor as the bowl overflowed, but I didn't give a dam.

"That your dinner cunt?" She roared.

"No Toy it's yours." I said, pulling the dripping nasty panties from the bowl.

"Fuck you cunt, you..."

I punched her in the stomach, and crammed the wad deep in her mouth. To keep her from spitting them out I began to wrap electrical tape around her head and mouth.

Usually we used a pair of panties or old nylons to keep the tape from messing up their hair but I didn't care at this point. She put up quite a struggle but I won in the end. There. Blessed silence.

I dragged the entire toy box over to her and sat on it staring at her. I was too tired to be nice anymore. Let alone keep returning to the box as new ideas came to mind.

Staring at her pretty shaved pussy I saw the tiny rings in her labia again and got a wonderful idea.

Reaching into the box I pulled out a dagger and a roll of twine. I loved the pleading look of horror in Toy's eyes as she saw the dagger.

Cutting a five foot piece of twine, I carefully threaded the end through the upper ring in her left labia lip. I brought the end around her hips and threaded the loose end through the corresponding ring on her right lip, pulling the twine snug and tying it off. This spread her upper pussy lips nicely.

I repeated the process for the lower rings but had to tie each one separately to her upper thighs. The effect was superb. The inner mysteries of her love were spread wide open in all its glory. I swear her urethra winked at me.

Standing to face Toy, I couldn't resist rubbing my hand slowly thru her now wide open pussy. I wasn't even surprised to see her whole body shiver. Anyone, in my not so humble opinion that has so many body piercings is by definition an orgasm whore.

Lightly caressing Toys pretty face I smiled knowingly. "Yes Toy, we just found your kryptonite didn't we." She just stared, still pleading.

Picking up the dagger and twine again, I very gently poked the end of her hard nipples with the point of my dagger. Tied on her toes, there was no way for her to back up, though she tried. I did this several more time, enjoying her struggling.

Before her, I cut two short lengths of twine and tied each in a circle. These I carefully placed around the ends of each nipple stud.

Reaching back into the box, I finally found two round one pound weights. Each had its own tiny snap attached to the eyelet. I made two turns on her nipple twine and snapped the weights, one at a time to each nipple. Gently lowering each one to pull down her pert nipples down nicely. Again she moaned through her pee soaked gag.

Lightly slapping her face I smiled knowingly. "We're almost done for now Toy", I said cooing.

She looked so vulnerable strung up like that. Poor baby. "Now Toy. You were a very bad girl biting Mistress like that. You drew blood. That is inexcusable darling. Normally I would whip you severely for what you'd done, and frankly I'm inclined to."

Toys pleading eyes was getting to me. I went on. "But I realize, I would have probably done the same thing were I in your position so I will not whip you this time. We are in very real sense sisters, so I know how you feel."

"As a matter of fact Toy; I did bite Mistress a time or two during my training. And yes, if you're wondering she did whip me. She can be very cruel sometimes." I turned to show her the permanent scars I carried on my lower back.

"I know Toy, I talk too much. But I have a very special surprise for you."

I walked over the closet and retrieved our new auto fuck machine. It's basically a light weight metal frame with joints that adjust to almost any angle; its small electric motor could be set to control the depth of the stroke and the speed. There were of course, several types of dildos that could be used.

Alysa had spent over a thousand dollars on this thing. It was self lubricating, with a reservoir for the lubricant one chose to use. It also had a very versatile remote control. It came with software and could be hooked into a lap top do all sorts of things, but neither of us much cared about that function.

We had, from time to time used it on each other. It was nice, but, a machine just couldn't beat the real thing.

Normally I would fuck Toy thoroughly with a nice strapon. But here and now this was perfect. I wanted to watch Toy slowly succumb to endless delicious orgasms.

It took a few minutes to set the machine up between her legs and set the correct angle of the metal arm. In essence it would enter her pussy going almost straight up. I selected a nice thick twelve inch knobbed dildo and tightened it in place.

I lubed up the dildo and manually rotated the machine to push the fat cock into Toy's spread pussy. She shuddered and squirted a bit of girl goo on me, catching me by surprise.

"My Toy, you are such a needy, horny little slut. Aren't you? I think you're going to enjoy this. I know I am."

Again the pleading look...

I scooted the toy box out of the way and dragged over the old ragged recliner chair and sat myself before Toy. Oh this was going to be simply delicious!

"Shit, I'm sorry Toy; I've become a most negligent host." I said hauntingly, as I walked over to the toy box, swinging the weights on her nipples as I walked by. "All these trappings and I've completely neglected your asshole. Please forgive me my darling."

Selecting a fat red butt plug and slathering it with lube, I knelt behind Toy and slowly worked it into her asshole. I was rather impatient by now and finally gave it a fierce shove. It was pretty comical I thought. As she jumped and yelped, it startled me and I fell on my ass. Go figure.

Picking myself up, I stood back to admire my work. "Something's missing Toy..."

Pleading eyes...

"No Toy not that." I said... "I need a glass of wine." Don't go away my love."

I went upstairs, not bothering to lock the doors. I wanted to check the house. All the doors were locked and there were no messages on the phone. I grabbed a joint, a bottle of nice wine and a glass then scampered back down to Toy. Locking us in again on my way down.

"Hi Toy, sorry to keep you waiting..."

Again, I swung the weights from her nipples. And sat in my chair facing her. I poured a nice big glass of ice cold wine and held the fuck machine remote in my hand.

"Ready Toy?"

Pleading eyes...

I pressed start and the dildo slowly slid out of her pussy. About two inches from the tip, it slid back in. In and out. The machine, making a slight whirring noise. Every fifth cycle, two tiny nozzles shot out a thin stream of lube coating the dildo

Toy was already squirming as I hit the up arrow. The dildo sped up slightly. There was no hurry. I took a large gulp of wine and extended the chair's foot rest, settling in.

With each thrust Toy would shudder. The weights on her nipples were now swinging to the rhythm of the fuck machine. She tensed and squirted a thick stream of girl goo... I raised my glass to her in salute draining the glass.

I set the control to random and poured another glass of wine. The machine stopped momentarily. "Having fun Toy?" I mused, lighting my fat doobie.

Pleading tear filled eyes...

As if on cue the mechanical menace sped up faster than before for several cycles then slowed. It stopped, sped up, slowed down. Relentlessly attacking Toys sopping cunt.

Yet I sipped wine and watched impassively. Saliva was now pouring down Toy's neck and breasts. I'd lost track of how many times she came. There was a growing puddle of drool, cum and urine pooling on the floor.

Leaning back in the chair I watched as if a dream. By now I was quite buzzed. Such excellent pot!

Toys head was sagging and popping back up as if she were drifting in and out of consciousness.

Still the relentless machine plowed on. I removed my mask and tossed it. I didn't care anymore. Fuck it. I had dropped my glass on the floor and now chugged wine from the bottle, and re-lit the roach.

Poor Toy. Her body spasmed and tightened. Another torrent of warm wet girl goo. I leaned back in the chair and stretched. Having completely lost track of time. I needed sleep. Toy needed me.

Lost eyes. Eyes out of focus. Eyes beyond seeing...

Toy's eyes had rolled back in her head. Her entire body quivering and shuddering. Head rolling back and forth on her chest.

Oh hell. I got out of the chair that had been my perch for over an hour, and walked over to Toy. I turned off the fuck machine and pushed it out of the way.

It took almost all my remaining energy to release Toy completely. I knew she was still breathing, though she was unconscious. Cradling her head in my lap I gently unwrapped the tape and pulled the nasty panties out of her mouth.

Toy was whispering something as I kissed her gently on the lips. "Thank you Vicky." She said. Looking me in the eye.

I smiled and said: "You're welcome Jacquiline. Call me Connie. Now do you see why we brought you here my love?"

Jacquiline smiled weakly and motioned for me to kiss her, and I did. My tongue gently slipping into her parched mouth. Our juiced flowed into each others eager mouths.

I helped Jacquiline into her bed at the far end of the room. She curled up in a fetal position facing away from me. I slid in behind her, holding her tightly She was still trembling slightly.

Sleeping eyes...

I don't know how long we slept. When I awoke Jacquiline was holding my breast and snuggling me. Her knees behind mine. As gently as I could, I rolled over facing her and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Her eyes fluttered as if trying to focus. She was returning my kiss! I let my hand find her clit and rubbed gently. This made her yelp and become fully awake. "Oh please honey my pussie's so sore. I've never passed out from orgasms. What did you do to me?"

I kissed her lightly again and smiled. "I had to make you feel good Jacquiline." I said, more than a bit triumphant.

"You called me Jacquiline, and not Toy."

"Yes darling it is your name you know. I'm Constance"

"What's going on Constance? Where's your stupid mask? Where's your psycho partner? I'm I free to go now?"

"I know you're confused darling. But I really need to pee and I bet you're hungry.

"I'm starving."

"Good, I'll make you something to eat."

As you know dear reader, the basement is fully stocked with food and drink. Everything but knives that is. Not too many things could be used for weapons down here. Maybe a frying pan.

Jacquiline showered and came to sit at the table while I made us bacon and eggs and toast. She drank nearly a whole carton of ice cold orange juice.

I told her my whole tale of how I came to be here. Being forced from my home at sixteen by a rapist step dad and a mom that didn't care. How I spent years on the street as a drug addict and prostitute.

We sat at that table for hours and hours. Sipping wine, smoking pot, and telling each other our sad sagas. We could have been sisters. We had so much in common. Each of us had literally been to hell. But Jacquiline still needed to return.

We were both half sloshed on wine by now, and were sitting side by side, having kissed countless times. We were both in tears recounting our life shattering moments, holding and comforting each other as every horror was revealed.

"Connie, can I lie down again? I'm about to fall over.

"Of course Jackie darling."

"We have so much in common. So much pain and suffering."

We both stood. I helped Jackie to bed and sat beside her. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow. "Sleep little angel." I said kissing her tear stained cheek.

I so wanted to join her there on the bed. My new sister. To hold her and make mad love to her. But I needed to call Alysa.

Oh my god Alysa! How long had she been gone? Two days now? I had no idea. I went upstairs, only bothering to lock the top door. In the back of my mind I knew I may have created a very dangerous situation.

Sitting at the dining room table, I poured a snifter of brandy and dialed Alsys's number. She answered on the second ring.

"Hello this is Alysa."

"Hi sweetheart."

"Oh my god Constance, are you alright? I've been trying to call you. Is everything okay?"

"Yes darling everything's wonderful. I miss you. How's Phoenix? When are you coming home?"

"Well, it's alright, I have this huge room, but it's just not the same without you to snuggle with."

"AW, you're so sweet, I miss you too."

"Anyway, tomorrow's my last lecture, and then I fly home the following morning."

Then Alysa's tone turned serious. "Constance, how is Toy? What's going on with her?"

I was suddenly put on the spot. I had never before lied to Alysa. "Uh she's fine darling. After you left I tied her up and used the machine on her."

"And then?"

"Well before she passed out, I..."

"Passed out? What did you do to her? How long did you leave her on the machine?"

"She was on there for like an hour. And no I didn't hurt her too much. She's sleeping now."

"An hour, come on Connie, you know better than that."

"Well darling she had a good time; you should have seen the puddle on the floor." I giggled.

"Okay, well it sounds like you have everything under control there. I need to get some sleep. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Cool, I'll be going to bed in a bit too darling; I just need to tuck Jacquiline in and..."

"Jacquiline?" Said Alysa, her voice rising.

"I meant Toy."

"Constance, are you sure everything is okay?"

"Of course it is my love, I'm just extremely tired. I love you."

"Alright then, try to get some sleep sweetheart. I'll call you tomorrow. I love you too. Good night."

"Good night."

I was exhausted. Swilling down the last of the brandy I was so confused. Jacquiline had touched my heart. She was indeed a kindred spirit. I felt I owed her something. Yet my loyalty to Alysa was beyond compromise. She was my soul mate.

Walking into our plush bedroom I collapsed on the bed. My body was near total exhaustion, but my mind was racing. I would have to get back on track with Toy's training before Alysa returned. There was simply too much at stake.

I awoke to a ringing phone. It was light outside, and as always raining too. "Hello."

"Good morning beloved... Constance? Are you there? Hello?"

Moaning aloud I finally found my voice. "Good morning Alysa darling, what time is it?"

"It's eight in the morning."

"My you're up early. Is this the last day of your lecture?"

"Yes it is, I start in a half hour. I just wanted to hear your voice. It's terrible without you darling. I didn't sleep a wink last night."

"Oh no, you poor thing. I can't wait to make it up to you beloved." I said, stretching and rubbing my tits.

"I can hardly wait."

"It won't be much longer.

"Constance, is everything alright with Toy? You sounded real strange last night."

"Everything's fine here Alysa. You worry too much."

"Okay babe, I have to go. I love you."

"I love you too. Bye."

I replaced the phone and sat on the edge of the bed. I needed a shower real bad. I was still sticky from Jacquelyn's love yesterday.

Opening the sliding glass door to our patio I walked out into the gentle rain. I just love the rain. It was so purifying and felt so good on my naked body. I danced and laughed, smiling and happy, feeling like a new woman.

I was ready to set things straight with Toy. Last night was a mistake. But one I would quickly set straight. I've yet to whip her and looked forward to it as I toweled off. There was nothing like a good hard whipping to precipitate change.

Unlocking the upper door to the basements staircase I turned and relocked it and hid the key. I had left my mask in the basement somewhere but I wasn't worried about it. Toy was probably still sleeping. I couldn't wait to wake her up.

Stepping through the door into the basement I saw Toy's bed was empty. She must be in the shower I thought.

Suddenly I was grabbed by my hair and thrown face first to the ground, a knee pressing on my head and neck as handcuffs were quickly snapped on my wrists.

I felt the hand in my hair again trying to pull me to my feet.

"Get the fuck up cunt." Snarled the voice. It was Toy!

"Let me go Toy." I squealed.

"I'm not your fuckin' toy anymore cunt, so shut the fuck up. I'm running the show now you psycho bitch."

I felt the snap of the ceiling hoist hook being attached to my handcuff chain. My only chance was to get to my feet and try to kick the shit out her before she could hoist me up. Otherwise I was fucked.

As she ran for the hoist handle and started to crank it, I got to my feet and charged at her. I almost reached her as the cable went taut and made me fall on my ass.

"Jacquiline, fucking stop it!" I screamed as loud as I could. I was truly frightened. But it was too late.

As the hoist clicked madly, the slack was taken up and I was dragged backwards.

"Fucking let me go you fucking cow. I'll fucking kill you."

Click, click, click...

"Not today lover. "Laughed Jacquiline maniacally.

As my arms started to rise. I knew I needed to roll to my knees, or my shoulders would dislocate. When I did manage to get to my knees the clicking stopped.

I turned to look at Jacquiline and saw her breathing hard and wiping her sweat on her bare arm.

"Please Jacquiline; let me go, let's talk about this." I said. My voice cracking.

"Fuck you Constance. My turn now"

She rummaged briefly in the toy box and was on me in seconds. She expertly tied my ankles and above my knees with cotton rope.

"There, that's good." She proclaimed triumphantly. "Now whore, we're going to play my way."

"Jacquiline, this is so not necessary...."

She slapped me hard across the face and laughed. "Shut up Toy, I don't want to hear your shit. That mouth of yours is now only good for one thing."

"Toy?" I said, astonished. "Jacquiline...?"

Another slap. "I said shut the fuck up Toy." She said mockingly as she twisted one of my nipples hard. "What part of shut up don't you understand?" Despite myself I shuddered at her touch.

She walked away and came back dragging the recliner chair with her, placing it right in front of me and sat down.

"Now, you're going to be a good girl, aren't you Toy?" Said Jacquiline.

"Oh ya, I'll be good alright. Until I get free that is. Then I'm gonna peel you like an onion."

"Now by all rights I should slit your throat and leave you here to rot and no one would ever know."

I started to reply, but thought better of it. She seemed to have more to say.

"You were right Toy; my life on the streets is shit. A living fucking nightmare." She said, starting to caress my tits, flicking my nipples with her long sharp nails. God it felt good!

Scooting to the edge of her chair, her pretty face inches from mine, she gripped my lower lip with the thumb and forefinger. "And just between us Toy, no one, has ever rocked my world like you did yesterday. I came more then than I have in the last five years combined."

"If you liked it so much then why are you doing this to me?"

"I want to see you squirm like I did. To melt you into a puddle of goo, then melt you some more."

"That's big talk Jacquiline. You didn't have to cold cock me and string me up to melt me ya know." I said squirming.

My juices were flowing, but I couldn't let it show. It'd been ages since Alysa tied me up and pleasured me hard. I missed it badly.

With out a word Jacquiline sat in the recliner, leaning back, throwing her legs over the heavily padded arms. She reached for my hair and wrapping it in her fist pulled my head down to her sweet glistening pussy. I didn't wait for her command. I started exploring her love nest with my tongue. My arms stretching painfully as I bent over.

"Oh Toy, you're such a good girl, and well trained I see." Said Jacquiline, moving my mouth to her clit.

As I made love to her pussy, she reached back and gripped my nipples between her fingers and started to twist them. The harder she twisted them the more fiercely I lapped at her sex.

I could tell she had already cum, as she shuddered and squirted in my face.

I saw her lithe body tremble as she twisted my nipples even harder. I shuddered and came right after she did. I had discovered long ago, that I was able to cum through pain.

Then suddenly she stopped and got out of the chair. She walked behind me and ran her hand through my soaked pussy.

"Connie, did you just cum when I twisted your nipples?"

"What do you think?"

"That's amazing. Are you telling me you can orgasm through pain?"

"Of course silly." I said. I mumbled that she should cane my ass as hard as she can and see what happens.

"What's that my love?" Jacquiline asked, her hand resting on my lower back.

I was beyond caring anymore. It has been ages since I was tied up, let alone whipped or caned properly. "Why don't you get one of the fiberglass canes and see how that works darling." I whispered.

"You like to be caned?" Said Jacquiline in a shocked voice.

"Just cane me you fucking whore. IF YOU CAN THAT IS. If not let me go and I'll show your stupid ass how it's done." I was pissed.

She sensed my anger by now and seemed especially mad that I had called her a whore. Good.

Jacquiline was pissed as she stormed off to get the cane from the toy box. She was spewing obscenities. I started to egg her on.

"What's the matter whore? All you know how to do is suck cock?"

I heard the swish of the cane a split second before it crashed onto my ass cheeks. I yelped and cursed wildly.

"Is that the best you can do cunt cock whore?"I sneered. The pain wonderful on my needy ass. I already felt my love juice running down my inner thigh.

"That's it cunt, I wanted to be nice to you Connie, but that's history now. You have this coming"

"Big talk..."

The whistling cane slashed viciously on my ass. Several more followed in rapid succession. I wailed in ecstasy. I know I squirted. Again and again, cruel savage blows landed on my needy ass. Each delicious painful blow sending electric shivers from my pussy to the top of my head.

On and on I taunted her as she flailed my wounded ass ever harder. Soon she was panting and sweating heavily. I had, by now, cum so many times that I was in my special place. A place I hadn't been in ages.

When Jackie finally stopped, I felt dripping down the back of my leg.

I heard her mutter, "Oh my god what have I done," As she untied me and unsnapped the hoist hook, I fell on my chest. My tear stained face was as wet as my pussy. The puddle on the floor a testament to my new lover's tenacity.

When she removed my hand cuffs she pulled me to her. It was then I saw the tears in her frightened eyes.

"You deliberately pissed me off didn't you Connie. You wanted me to whip you that hard didn't you? How could you do that to me?"

"I don't know, but you did an excellent job. Thank you Jackie."

"You're fucking crazy bitch." Jacquiline said.

"Don't tell anyone." I said in a whisper, smiling ear to ear.

When I tried to stand I collapsed onto Jacquiline as she still knelt on the floor. She helped me to my feet still crying.

"Do you have a medicine cabinet in this place?" She said. "You're dripping blood all over.

"It's upstairs. Come on I'll show ya."

I started to head up the stairs but turned and began to kiss Jacquiline passionately. "Thank you Jacquiline, it's been forever since anyone's done that to me."

"And you really do enjoy being hurt like that?" She said incredulously.

"Yes darling, I really do love it. The pain is deliciously cathartic."

"Well what about this mistress Alysa or whatever her name is? Doesn't she do this to you?"

"She used to." I said, suddenly feeling depressed and vulnerable.

"But not anymore? Why doesn't she give you what you want Connie?"

I started to cry. "No not for years. I miss it so much Jacquiline. She makes love to me yes. But she hasn't brought me the pleasure you just did.

"As for the why? Well, that's kinda what your supposed to be here for."

"I don't understand."

Sighing heavily I held Jacquiline tightly then held her at arms length. "She believes that since I like it so much, that if we have Toys like you, that I can do this shit to you. And that that will make me happy."

"And it doesn't. Does it?"

"No it doesn't. But it pleases Alysa to believe it does."

"Well if you were mine I would do it to you every single day just because it pleases you."

"Come on Jacky, let's go upstairs."

"Aren't you worried that I'll escape?"

"Do you want to?"

"Not yet. But I'll let you know."

We went into our huge bathroom and showered together. Bathing, and exploring each other with our hands and mouths. It was heaven.

When we were through Jackie treated my welted ass with balm after kissing all my owies.

We made long slow passionate love in the master bedroom and fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke with a start as Alysa stood looking down at me. Jacquiline was no longer in bed with me.

"Constance, what the fuck is going on here? Have you lost your mind? The door to the basement is wide open. And why is my side of the bed mussed up?"

I just smiled at my beloved Alysa as Jacquiline appeared from behind the bedroom door and pressed the stun gun to Alysa.

Crawling to the foot of the bed and looking down at her crumpled body I smiled and said...

"Welcome home Toy."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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