Perfect Fit
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The reflection in the mirror was quite different than what Pam had expected. She had thought that she would look slutty, or more to the point, foolish. But the outfit was far from that.

Pam slid her hands over the form-fitting latex outfit. She was surprised that every inch of her skin; every curve, was embraced by the black material. It was quite tight too, giving the impression that she was made of rubber, rather than just wearing a costume.

She had been searching for something different to wear for her boyfriend Dan. She had a number of teddies, and other pieces of lingerie. But while watching a movie on television, there was a scene where a woman was dressed in head to toe latex. Pam glanced at Dan, and saw that he had a huge erection. She had discovered he was turned on by rubber, so what better surprise than to greet him in the sexiest latex outfit she could find.

Pam began searching through different fetish shops, but nothing suited her. She had high standards and expected quality merchandise. Most of what she saw was made rather cheaply; which was very disappointing. She was about to give up the search.

On a side street, was a rather nondescript shop. The window was covered up and only a small break in the material was visible. She would have ignored the store, but she peaked through the opening and saw a store filled with latex and leather garments. She pushed open the door and went inside.

"May I help you?" Asked a voice. Pam turned around and saw that the voice came from a woman who's body was covered entirely in a form-fitting black latex outfit. The only opening that Pam could see was for the woman's mouth. A pair of heavily tinted goggles completely obscured her eyes.

"Yes you can." Responded Pam. "I'm trying to find something in rubber that my boyfriend will just go wild over; but something of good quality..not like some of the crap I've been seeing."

"All of this store's stock is made of the highest quality latex. I have to tell you, this store does not sell to wannabees wanting a quick thrill. It supplies only to those who are seriously in the scene."

"Well, I can't say I'm 'in the scene', but my money is just as good as anyone else's."

The woman smiled. "Why don't you look over there and tell me if anything there interests you."

Pam turned and saw mannequins dressed in all manners of rubber dresses, bodysuits,....and especially bondage gear. There were racks of straitjackets, armbinders, body binders; all made of what looked like extremely thick latex. These things were very formidable looking.

"Ohhh...Maybe I did make a mistake."

"Maybe...and maybe you didn't." Said the woman. "You seem intent on buying the best. This shop is the best...but it will cost much more. However, you have a good eye for quality since you called the competitors' stuff 'crap'; which it is. I could possibly negotiate a deal for you; perhaps reduce the price a bit."

"Well I don't think..."

"Don't think!...That would ruin it. Haven't you always wanted to do something wild and daring?" The woman pulled a dress from a rack and placed it against Pam.

"Feel that? That's quality. You ever wear latex?..Now be honest."

"Never" Pam replied. "I mean, I'm only doing this because..."

"Don't do it for anyone but yourself." The woman held out the dress for Pam to take. "Try it on. I guarantee that if you aren't satisfied.... I'll give this to you."

Pam was startled that the woman would even make that kind of an offer. The price tag showed that of it was very expensive. She took the dress and went into the back fitting room. She quickly stripped except for her underwear, and stepped into the latex dress. There was no zipper or lacing; it appeared to be a tube of latex. It was tight...very tight. She felt as if she was being stuffed into a sausage casing.

Then she looked at herself in the mirror. Her panties and bra stuck out and made the dress appear lumpy. She thought for a few seconds, then removed the dress...and then her underwear. She pulled the dress on again; leaving nothing between the latex and her skin.

Looking again at the mirror, she saw that the latex melted into every part of her body. The dress molded to her legs and kept them tightly together. This was a hobble dress and it was damn sexy looking. Pam's nipples began to harden and her pussy was beginning to moisten. Yes, the woman was right, she not only had to have this dress, but something else too.

Pam shouted out to the woman. "OK I'll take this, but I want something that's even far more on the kinky side...especially for 'playtime'.

"There are a number of things that..."

"I'd like that outfit you're wearing."

The woman didn't say anything for several seconds. Pam thought she didn't hear her.

"I said.."

"You really wouldn't want this outfit." The woman said.

"You don't have one?"

"Oh there is one, but it wouldn't be suitable for you."

Pam was not going to be denied. She knew that Dan would be SO turned on once he saw her in it. "C'mon, what's it worth, and I'll pay it."

The woman appeared at the fitting room door. "This outfit is very special, and is only worn by the most devoted of latex fetishists. If I sell it to you, the sale is final. You will never be able to return it."

"If it gets the reaction I expect, I won't need to return it."

"Very well then..." The woman turned, walked a few steps, then looked at Pam. "Would you like the standard or deluxe model."

"What's the difference?"

"The deluxe comes with plugs and D rings imbedded in the rubber. The rings can be used for..."

"Oh, for B&D...S&M...or whatever letters of the alphabet there are....Might as well go all the way."

The woman smiled and went to the storeroom. In a few minutes she brought in a large box marked 'DX-PRE'.

"It will require assistance to put it on." Said the woman.

"Well since I want to make sure it looks good, I'll try it on now." Said Pam.

"Your hair will be a hindrance. It should be removed."

"What do you mean removed? " asked Pam as she took her shoulder-length tresses in her hands.

"The latex hood will cause your hair to bunch up and be very uncomfortable. On other models, there is a hole in the top of the hood to put your hair through; but the DX-PRE has only the most vital of openings."

"Well I can't just cut it off."

"If you permit me...I do not wish to be so bold...but I think that you would be much better off with just the hobble dress. When wearing these outfits, you must be prepared to make minor sacrifices."

Pam looked at the woman. How dare she, a common clerk, make such a suggestion! The outfit was what was what Pam wanted, no matter the price. She grabbed a pair of scissors, snipped off a handful of her hair, and handed it to the woman.

"Care to finish?" Pam said. For a minute, she knew that it was a foolish thing she just did, but it was too late.

The woman took the scissors and after several minutes, Pam had only a inch of hair on her head. The woman went over to a table and opened a jar of what looked like petroleum jelly. She began to slick Pam's remaining hair down.

"This will help take care of the remainder." The woman hesitated again.

"Now what?" Said Pam angrily.

"This lubricant would help in getting the suit on, but you should apply it everywhere."

Pam signed and scooped a handful of the jelly from the jar. She applied it to her body. She felt weird doing this in front of a total stranger, but she had gone this far already; so what if some clerk looked at her naked.

Pam spread the jelly over herself. The clerk helped by applying the stuff to Pam's back and anywhere else that was difficult to reach.

Then the woman pulled the outfit out of the box. Pam saw that like the dress, it appeared to be made of one piece of rubber. There were no seams, but there was a slit in the back.

Pam stepped into the outfit and the woman began to pull it up Pam's body. Even with the lubricant, it was damn tight and took nearly a half hour to get it up to Pam's waist. But it was beginning to look fabulous!

They continued pulling and stretching the latex until it got to Pam's shoulders. The rubber had almost melted around Pam's breasts; lifting them up and out.

The attached hood was pulled over Pam's head. Like the woman's outfit, the hood covered everything, except for eyeholes and a round hole about an inch across, for her mouth.

The woman pulled on the latex outfit, making sure that there were no creases or air pockets. Then she took hold of the rubber and began to press on the small of Pam's back. Pam could feel the rubber being closed shut. There was some sort of seal like a sandwich bag, being used to close up the outfit. The woman pressed hard on Pam's spine, ensuring that the seal was tight.

"Would you like the plugs installed now, or would you like to do it yourself later?" Said the woman as she held out three rubber items for Pam.

Pam could see that they were three large, cock-shaped rubber plugs. She knew that one was for the opening at her pussy, the second for her ass, and the third for her mouth. She also saw that they were hollow, and had numerous holes in them.

"The holes are for the obvious reasons." Said the woman, smiling. "I'll put them in the box, and you can pay me now."

Pam was thinking "I'm not going home dressed like this." But then, it took an awfully long time to get the outfit on; nearly an hour; so she took out her credit card and handed it to the woman, who processed the payment.

The woman smiled. "To ensure the best fit possible, you should take a hot shower."

"Why a shower?" Pam Asked.

"The rubber is formulated to conform to the wearer's body when enough heat is applied. A hot shower...and it must be very hot...will cause the material to shrink slightly, and make it fit exactly to your body."

Pam quickly left the shop. Fortunately, it was after dark and she had been wearing a raincoat. She put it on over the tight rubber outfit.

As the door closed, the woman felt the presence of someone behind her. "So foolish. She'll make a fine addition to my stables....A perfect fit, so to speak"

"Yes Mistress. " said the woman trembling as she felt a hand begin to play with the large plug that was imbedded in her pussy.

Pam arrived home and quickly stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She made sure it was as hot as she felt she could stand. Then she stepped under the water.

After a few moments as the hot water caused the bathroom to steam up, Pam felt the rubber as if it was melting on her body. She took her hand shower and began to spray herself . The rubber shrunk and conformed to her body tighter and tighter.

After toweling off and admiring herself in the mirror, Pam opened the box and removed the three plugs. She took the one marked 'ASS', lubricated it with a tube of the lubricant that had been included in the box, and carefully inserted it into her rear. She winced as the large rubber cock was pushed in. Then she did the same with the one for her pussy.

Then finally, she pushed the third one into the last open hole in the outfit. She tasted the thick rubber as it made its way into her mouth. She pushed it all the way in until the base of the plug seated itself into the opening in the hood.

"Hmmmm...Hmmmm." she pretended to cry out in mock terror. Oh Dan will love this!

It was almost time for Dan to call. Pam grabbed the plug that was gagging her...and it wouldn't budge!

Pam's fingers tried to pry the rubber cock out of her mouth but it had sealed itself to the hood. She struggled for several minutes, trying to get it out, but it was in vain!

She had a horrible thought and grabbed the plug in her pussy. It too was sealed shut!....and so was the one in her ass! Pam screamed into the gag, "HMMMMMMM!!!!!....HMMMMM!!!!!"

She ran to the kitchen and took a knife out of the drawer. She tried cutting the rubber plug, but the knife couldn't even make a scratch in the latex. She began to slash the suit with the knife, but it glided off the rubber. She tried to reach back and open the slit in the rear, but instead of the seam, she felt only solid latex. Somehow, she had been sealed into the latex.

Just then the phone rang. Pam tried to run to it and answer, but her legs had become stiff and she found it difficult to walk. Her answering machine switched on. The voice on the other end of the line was that of the woman who trapped her inside the outfit.

"Mistress had you followed the minute you left the store. Fortunately for you, Mistress called your phone number in time...By now you have begun to experience the suit beginning to compress...."

Pam felt the outfit getting tighter on her. It was getting stiffer as well and it was getting harder to breathe as the suit compressed even more.

"...In a few minutes you will be incapable of moving as the rubber will become too tight and stiff. Mistress has the means to stop the shrinking but you will have to do as Mistress says."

Pam felt the rubber getting still tighter. There wasn't any choice.

"...go your rear door and drop to your knees. Mistress is outside and will ease your plight. Do it now before the rubber shrinks to the point where you will be unable to move and your very breath will be squeezed out of you."

The woman hung up, and Pam struggled to reach the door. By now the outfit had made it nearly impossible to walk; she could not fully bend her knees or her arms. With a great deal of effort she managed to reach the door. She tried to unlock both the deadbolt and regular door lock, but she was almost completely immobile. Suddenly she heard a key turning in the lock. Remembering her instructions, she fell to the floor; being that she was now incapable to ease herself down.

The door opened and in walked two people; the woman at the shop and another latex-covered individual. The woman from the shop was carrying two small suitcases. She quickly closed the door and re-locked it.

"Mistress, this is Pam, the one Your slave sealed into the DX-PRE."

Pam looked at the one called Mistress. She was only 5 foot high and looked almost like a teenager. Yet the woman at the store was totally subservient to her.

"While you were putting on the DX-PRE, Mistress went through your purse. She made copies of your keys and had a background check made on you."

Mistress spoke. "Well Pam, you wanted the slave had told you that only the most serious rubber scene people wear these outfits. Since you are wearing it, you are now in the scene whether you like it or not. Oh...PRE means Permanent Rubber Encapsulation. You chose the deluxe model so you also have the self-sealing Perma-Plugs; and yes, that name means that they are in you forever. You need not fear about suffocation or starvation, there are inlet and outlet ports in the plugs that will allow of infusion of air and nutrients, and evacuation of wastes."

Pam was losing consciousness from the lack of air caused by the ever shrinking rubber. Mistress took a can and began to spray the contents over Pam. Soon the shrinking stopped and Pam began to regain some mobility and her breath.

But before she could completely recover, the two women grabbed her and stood her upright. The women began to bind Pam using rubber straps and locking them to the D rings on the outfit. Soon Pam's arms were bound tightly behind her and she was helpless.

Mistress continued. "Although I call the material rubber, it is actually a fusion of latex and a high-strength plastic which is nearly impossible to damage. Of course, the heat from the shower activated a permanent adhesive which you so helpfully applied to yourself, thinking it was a lubricant. It also has a chemical which kills all body hair. By now, the adhesive has impregnated every inch of your body. The rubber is now a part of you and will remain so for the rest of your life."

As she watched Mistress reach into a bag, she tried to plead for mercy; impossible as it was. Mistress laughed and withdrew several gigantic rubber dildos and a large tube of adhesive. Two of the dildos had numerous holes and threaded tubes on their bases.

Mistress then took a small hypodermic and placed the tip of the needle in the center of the plug in Pam's pussy. She pushed the plunger down slightly, and a powerful acid opened a hole in the plug. Pam's legs were held apart as Mistress took one of the dildos and applied a generous amount of the adhesive.. The threaded tube was then screwed into the hole, and the dildo was then permanently connected to her pussy.

Mistress then did the same to the second dildo, attaching it where Pam's mouth used to be.

"Since you are sealed, it would be a shame not to put you to some practical use." Mistress said "A dildo slave is better than nothing." Then she continued to place the remaining dildos onto Pam.

Pam was bent over and her legs were spread apart. The acid was used to open a hole in the base of the glued-in butt plug. Then a valve was installed so that her wastes could be removed.

Two dildos were glued over Pam's ears, then Mistress forced her hands to close around two of the largest rubber cocks and in seconds, they were permanently adhered. The last and biggest dildo went on top of Pam's head.

The phone rang again. The answering machine switched on.

"Pam...It's Dan. My flight was late so unless you don't want me to come over, call my cell number. Otherwise, I'll be at your place by about 11:00."

Mistress smiled "Well that doesn't give us much time does it?"

Mistress then went into one of the suitcases and pulled out two long rubber tubes. She then took hold of Pam's head and began to push the tubes into her nostrils. Carefully and slowly, the tubes made there way into Pam's head and down her throat.

"The holes in the dildo are only for breathing. In order for you to receive sufficient liquids and nourishment, you will be fed through these tubes. The first few feedings will be difficult, but you will get used to it. really no longer have any alternatives."

The feeding tubes stopped inside Pam's stomach. Mistress then took more of the adhesive and sealed the tubes into the nostrils. As soon as the glue hardened, Mistress took a short, 'Y'-shaped rubber piece and adhered them to Pam's nose. She then took a large bottle out of the suitcase and connected it to the opening. She raised the bottle and Pam saw a blackish liquid go into the feeding tube. She felt it going down the rubber tubing and into her stomach.

Pam soon felt light-headed, and then a cramping in her bowels.

"I'm afraid solid food and waste will have to be a thing of the past. This substance will liquefy whatever is in you. Unfortunately it will take about 48 hours to go completely through your intestinal tract. After that, you'll be ready to receive a series of cleansing enemas."

Mistress then took out a pair of goggles. They were exactly like the ones the woman from the store had on. But Mistress looked into Pam's eyes; then tossed the goggles back into the suitcase.

"No, not this time. If I seal these onto you, there will be nothing left to distinguish you from my other slaves. I want you to be able to clearly see what your new life will be like. Besides, those baby blue eyes are just too beautiful to hide."

The clerk came back into the room.

"Everything ready?" Asked Mistress.

"Yes Mistress....everything." She said as she then snapped a set of shackles onto Pam's ankles.

Pam's tears ran down her face as her two captors led her out the door, down the back stairs, and into a parked van.

In seconds, Pam heard a tremendous explosion. She turned and saw that her townhouse was on fire!

"It looks like there was an unfortunate accident with the gas. By the time the fire finally dies down and rubble clears, there will be nothing to suggest that you made it out alive." Said Mistress.

Pam then saw Dan arrive just as the fire completely engulfed her home. She tried to cry out to him for help, but all she could manage was 'MMMM!!!"

Through the van's window, she saw Dan drop to his knees in horror and despair. He believed that she was still in the burning townhouse.

The solid panel on the window was slid shut, and they drove off to Mistress' home.

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