Caged Lovers
  • Author - Debra Darling
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  • Story Codes - F-f, F-m, F-mf, non-consensual, analplay, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, drugs, extreme, humiliation, machine, predicament, torture, toys, tricked
  • Post Date - 10/15/2012

Bill came home to find his wife dressed up "fit to kill." She was all in black and it had all come from Victoria's secret, except the shoes. Her lacy push up bra moved her spectacular chest up and out, putting her size C breasts on display. The waist cinch took her already small waist in a bit further and accentuated the curve of her hips. Black silken stockings attached to garters on the cinch and highlighted her long, slender legs, made even longer by the black patent five inch high heels that graced her feet. The thong at her crotch barely covered anything.

He was hard in an instant and like most men faced with such a vision, ready to do her every bidding. He was even more surprised when she directed him to the bedroom and told him to dress in what he found there. What he found was something from his favorite dreams.

On the bed was a bra, corset, panties, and stockings all in red lace. A shoe box was opened to reveal a pair of red patent high heels with about a four inch heel. A blonde wig hung from the bed post. A sealed box with a return label from Bondage, Inc. sat on a table nearby.

He and his wife had never played bondage or dress up games although he had often asked her to. Her refusal he had used, in his masculine way, to justify using some of the household budget to visit a "domme" who would satisfy his desires as long as he paid her well. At least she would dress him up in women's finery and bind him to devices in her dungeon. She would whip him and torment him but the never touched each other in a sexual way. He always left with a raging erection which he took home for his wife to satisfy.

He quickly stripped and donned the attire he so desperately desired to wear. When clothed, he slipped his experienced feet into the pumps and walked out to where his wife waited. Unconsciously, he adopted a feminine strut to go with the heels and outfit. He never saw the momentary bitter smile on his wife's face as his walk gave away the fact that he done this before, often.

Quickly, she produced her make-up kit and applied the necessary blush, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshade and lipstick to his face. She took hooks and braided his own longish blond hair into the wig so it fit and felt like his own hair. When he stood up he could see himself in the mirror. The only thing he was missing to complete the picture of a wanton woman was a pair of boobs.

She had him go back into the bedroom and fetch the bondage toy box, as she called it. He did and then he followed her out the garage where she had him put it in the trunk of the car. He was then shown to the passenger seat where he belted himself in. The car windows were all darkly tinted so he felt reasonable safe from view. His wife got in, opened the garage door and drove out.

She drove to a large , old mansion located on some acreage south of town. Here she drove up to a barn and stopped. At her command, they both exited the car into an area that was completely silent. She lead the way into the barn to the center where a small cage sat. It was made of black bars and looked to be heavy and very solid. A gate on one end hung open.

She had him put the bondage box on a table and she opened it. First out were a pair of leg cuffs. They fastened around his legs just above and below his knees. A link held them together, forcing his knees to touch and making him helpless to move away. A red leather arm binder came next. She worked it up his arms which were now held behind him. Slowly she tightened first the laces and then the straps from his wrists to above his elbows. He grunted at first and then finally cried out in pain as his elbows finally touched. Instead of releasing him, she quickly braided his long hair into a ponytail with a ring at the end and fastened a line from the ring to the top of the arm binder.

She stood in front of him with a strange looking contraption in her hands. Upon her command to open wide he had opened his mouth. She inserted the contraption in and began to make adjustments. Basically it was a hinged clamshell like device with a small hole at the hinge end. In his mouth it completely filled the cavity with the shell pressing against his upper and lower pallets, behind his teeth. His tongue had passed through the hole in the center and then between two small bars that were mounted inside the clamshell. She forced his mouth open and the clam shell opened as well, locking his jaw open. She pulled his tongue through the bars until it was stretch tight and then locked the bars together like a clamp. He could still make noise but no intelligent speech came out. As a final indignity, she released some sort of a spring lock and he felt the clam shells exert pressure on his mouth. He soon realized that any attempt to talk just allowed the device to open wider and a ratchet device kept it from closing. He either held his mouth still or the device just kept forcing his jaw open wider and wider.

She then moved him over to the cage and had him stand at the closed end of it. It came to just about his waist height, but not quite. She put a neck posture collar on him and laced it tight. A ring in the front had a small chain attached and she pulled this down until he was resting on top of the cage. She clipped the other end of the chain to the cage bar. One of the top bars caught him at mid-chest, running between the empty cups of his lacy brassier. His legs forced his hips up off the cage just a bit.

She went behind him and removed one of his lovely shoes. In its place she forced his foot into an ankle boot. The boot was also red patent but had a very sharply pointed toe and an eight inch high heel stiletto heel. It was a ballet boot and forced his foot up into the "en point" position. She then pulled his leg down through the bars into the cage. His ankle came to rest against one of the horizontal cage bars and was quickly fastened to it. Soon his second leg joined the first and he was trapped. The cuffs at his knees were then fastened to rings on the cage bars and his legs were locked in a straight position, With his toes pointed and his knees locked, his hips were now truly raised up in the air and put on display.

What came next was a shocker though. His wife left the room and he heard rolling noises as she came back pushing a low slung, go-kart device, basically a platform on wheels. There was a human figure on the platform. Strapped to the platform was the domme he had visited. Her arms were locked behind her like his and she lay on a foam pad that allowed her to be strapped down tightly and still left a place for arms to rest.

She was dressed in an electric blue body suit and wearing a pair of black patent high heel pumps. They glistened as they moved about while she struggled with her bondage. Her knees had been cuffed and then she had been bent nearly double and her knee cuffs fastened with short lengths of chain to the platform somewhere near her shoulders. Two iron bars fastened to the base of the platform near her knees and ran up on angles to her ankles which were attached to the ends. This spread her ankles wide and held her legs rigid.

She was wheeled up until their faces looked at each other and they were allowed to study each other's predicament for a bit. He saw that she wore the same clamshell gag he wore. She too had apparently figured out that any attempts to talk would just be rewarded with more pain. She was then wheeled away and turned so her crotch faced him. His hair to arm binder cable was shortened, forcing him to raise his head so he could see her.

He was forced to watch as her vagina was massaged and then lubricated by the fingers of his industrious wife. Soon the domme was gasping in unwanted evidence of a mounting desire. His wife then stopped, stepped back, picked up a cane and began to whip the domme. She screamed in pain as stroke after stroke graced her buttocks, interspersed with the occasional swipes vertically to her vagina. It seemed she would scream herself hoarse before the brutal caning stopped. Her rear end was covered with welts and bruises before the torment was finally over. Her mouth was stretched open even wider than his.

She was then spun around and wheeled into the cage below him. She came to rest with their heads positioned so they were staring at each other's crotch. He was given an injection in his penis which soon had him hard as an iron bar and he knew it would stay that way for hours. It was a drug which was used to treat impotence after some prostate surgeries. The dose could be adjusted for any length of time desired and he realized he been given the maximum.

For her, a motorized device of some kind was fastened to the bars and positioned just above her wide open crotch. A large dildo was snapped into place and then the whole thing was adjusted so that the dildo just barely penetrated her vagina. A vibrator was then pushed up against her clitoris. When it was all turned on, the machine began to fuck her, the dildo moving in and out at a modest speed. As her body betrayed her and responded to the vibrator, the dildo machine received signals that caused it to speed up to match her rising respiration rate. Faster and faster the dildo forced its way in and out until she was driven to a very much unwanted climax. Then the device reset to its original slow pace and began the process of taking her up the excitement scale yet again.

His wife then stuck two needles though his bra cups with one going into each nipple and deep into his chest.

Nothing more was said as the cage door was slammed shut and locked closed. He was informed that every time the domme had an orgasm, silicon would be pumped into his chest, building him a pair of tits. He would gain a half of a cup size for each of her trips to heaven. In between her ecstasy bouts, a whipping machine would work on his exposed ass cheeks, lashing him with a series of whips, paddles, canes, etc.

He would spend his time growing a huge set of boobs which would soon hang down between the cage bars. His ass would get little relief from the relentless spanking machine while her machine drove her over and over into near sexual madness. What made it worse, both of them were confirmed man-haters. She a lesbian and he a total homophobic.

His wife's heels clicked on the concrete as she walked across the room, turned off all the lights except two small spotlights shining on each of their crotches and closed the room, leaving them alone to their torment with no idea how long it would last.

"Until your breast cups are overflowing," she had said. But just how big were those cups anyway?

Some interminable time later (it seemed like an eternity to the two suffering people) in a fog of pain and terror, he heard the click-clack of his wife's high heels crossing the concrete floor. He had not even heard the door open. The domme had been in the throes of her tenth orgasm and he had felt the gigantic breasts he now sported surge yet again in size.

In relief they both heard that this part of the torment had ended. Now the fun would begin.

A new cage was brought in and hung from the ceiling. This was a tall thin cage and anyone in it would be unable to bend over. They would have to stand upright. A pile of what seemed to be clothing of some sort was also brought in.

The two were released and simply collapsed onto the floor. He was raised up first and a pair of stockings were drawn up his legs. Ballet style boots were again laced tightly onto his feet. His arm binder was checked for tightness. A shoulder harness was attached and used to raise him up so he was forced to stand on his tiptoes. He tried to tell his wife he had never had sex with the domme but only garbled noise came out and the device forced his mouth to open ever wider.

The domme was similarly attired only her shoes had built-in platforms that raised her crotch to the same height as his. His wife then showed them both the hypodermic needle which she proceeded to jam into his penis. She told them the fluid would keep him hard for nearly eight hours. His rock hard cock brushed against the domme's hairy bush. She drew back as far as she could as she hated men. The idea of sex with a man repelled her just as it did him. They both tried and failed to communicate this to his wife.

His wife laughed as she wrapped a strange girdle like garment around them. Once in place she began to tighten various laces. It was like a high rise girdle of some sort. It started with two leg sections that reached nearly to their knees. Each leg wrapped around one of his and one of hers and when the laces were tight, the two legs were fused together as one. She took his cock and inserted it into the domme's pussy, to use her words, and then tightened the side laces that pulled the two together from hips to waist and locked them in place. The garment had cutouts that left both of the asscheeks bare and exposed.

The garment then split into two sections that were each much like a merry widow with lacy bra cups that supported each of their breasts. The result was that they were joined at the hips but separated above and below. Each was forced by the position they were in to thrust their hips forward offsetting the extreme height of their heels. They were also forced to push their breasts up against each others because of the steel bonding in the merry widow as well as the arm binders that held their elbows together.

A rather strange dress was then put on them. It was strapless and had two bodices from the breast area down to the waist. One was black and one was white. From there down, a flowing, gauzy skirt of mixed black and white covered their joined hips down low enough to cover their leg bindings but high enough to show off their footgear.

At that point, they were released from the shoulder harness and allowed to stagger around as best they could to maintain their balance. They were placed in the cage. When the door closed and locked they were pressed tightly together and their backsides were tight against the bars.

His wife then took a ring and forced it through the tip of his tongue and through the domme's tongue. When she closed it their tongues were touching. Additional rings were placed on each side of their mouths near the hinge of their jaws. Small chains drew these towards each others. They were soon locked in a kiss, lips sealed and their tongues fastened together. They were also conscious of an open area in the cage walls directly behind each ass.

His wife left the room again at that point, her final words being, "Don't worry. Help will soon be on the way. Standing up will be the least of your worries!"

After a short bit, the door opened and two large black men entered. They watched the pair in the cage for a while and then they simply and without a word, undressed. They positioned themselves one behind each of the pair. He felt a pair of hands come through the bars from behind him and begin to slide their way up from his waist to his chest. Soon they were cupping his massive teats and playing with his now hard nipples. He could tell the domme was having a similar experience and clearly they both hated it.

He and the domme each felt the skirt being raised and soon felt bare hands on their own respective bare backsides. Each felt lube being fingered into their anal channels and each realized what was about to happen. Struggle as much as they did, the inevitable could not be avoided and soon each was experiencing anal rape. What made it worse, of course was that they were sexually locked together as well.

The rest of the day was spent in horror. After the two men had deposited their seed deep in the guts of the two prisoners, they left, only to be replace by two women each with a whip. They were whipped until they were screaming and then the women left to be replaced with two more men. About the third cycle, he came, adding to his own shame and her hatred. Finally, she too reached a sort of orgasm, their tongues fighting with each other, their lips sliding like those of two lovers, their moans of pain and anger sounding like the cries of passionate lovers.

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