The Torture of Choice
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Author's Note: If you're just looking for straight bondage without a story, be warned. The first chapter starts out VERY slowly--but ut it will pick up rapidly in chapter 2, and stays reasonably strong in subsequent chapters. I'm not sure what the policy is on placing tags. Do I put what this chapter merits, or do I put what's in the whole story? I'm going to go for the later, since I don't expect many will want to start a story they'll later find out they don't want to read. I tried to put the the various codes in relative order to how dominant they are in the story.

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Chapter One - How the Game Begins


"A courier brought this letter for Mikki Manorin."

Sondra recognized Shrendi's voice, and turned around; smiling as she noticed the wide, pleated cummerbund that was the only thing the Amorian beta was wearing. "Lovely outfit," Sondra said, taking the letter Shrendi held out, and admiring the Amorian beta's finer attributes. All Kandic betas shared the thin, athletic, but feminine frames, the small but firm breasts and the well-developed male anatomy hanging from a hairless pubic mound. Shrendi was no exception, except that her face was eerily beautiful; her lithe body was particularly graceful; and her muscles, without being overly massive, were even more clearly defined than most of her kind.

The Amorian sexes were all very confusing to Sondra-there were at least three sexes among the Amorian races: the alph, the beta, and the drone. A few races also had a fourth sex, called the secondary-beta-most did not. But what really made things confusing, was that each Amorian race had it's own configuration of sexual elements-most, but not all, had basically feminine looking characteristics about their face and bodies; some were flat chested, others might have developed or undeveloped looking male or female genitals, or they may have both male and female genitals. It seemed entirely random to Sondra, but the Amorians seemed to find some order and logic to it. An Amorian healer could even predict what the sexual outcome would be whenever two Amorian races mated. Such offspring were often sterile, but they were also often capable of birthing a completely new and consistent race of Amorians-so there were literally hundreds if not thousands of minor racial breeds, each with their own distinctive racial characteristics.

At Leskral, the problem of which gender pronoun to use was simplified. All Amorian's except drones, which are obviously male, were referred to using the female pronoun regardless of their appearance or their sexual apparatus. The Amorian's undoubtedly had their own pronouns to distinguish each race's gender, but in the interest of peace they had all adopted the human tongue, and accepted its limitations concerning sexual differentiation. This was not only practical, but necessary since humans could not produce many of the sounds in the various Amorian languages. They lacked the secondary vocal apparatus known as tymbals, which lay along either side of every Amorian's neck.

"I'd be happy to let you see the rest of me," Shrendi said, smiling as she took a step back and did a little pirouette.

"There's not much left to see," Sondra said, letting her eyes take in the Kandic beta's beautiful body and the small, but obviously swollen penis that hung between her legs.

When she wore clothes, Shrendi looked so nearly human that Sondra could forget that she was not. There was an exotic look to her face, but Sondra had seen human women, of mongrel breeding, with faces just as unusual. Even Shrendi's tymbals weren't very obvious. Unless she was using them they were little more than puckered looking skin along the sides of her neck.. However, when Shrendi chose to wear the less formal attire that she had just recently become so fond of, Sondra found it difficult not to stare at her.

It wasn't just the strange juxtaposition of male and female, or even the other differences, like her naturally hairless pubic mound and underarms-all Kandic betas looked much the same, with their thin, athletic frames, small but firm breasts and well developed male anatomy. Shrendi would have been no exception if her face hadn't been eerily beautiful; her lithe body particularly graceful and her muscles, while not overly massive, more defined than most of her kind.

"You really shouldn't tease me like this," Sondra said reaching out and pinching Shrendi lightly on the ass. "You make it very difficult to keep my hands off."

"That's the idea," Shrendi assured her. "I'm old enough to start advertising for lovers."

"And cute enough to find as many of them as you could want," Sondra said with a smile. "But what of that cute human girl you've been seeing? From what I hear she'd rather keep you to herself."

"Unfortunately, Shulada can't have me all to her self," Shrendi said. "Having only one sexual partner isn't natural."

Sondra shrugged. "Some humans are like that, Shrendi."

She looked down at the envelope she'd been holding and noticed that it was from Yueva Manorin, who lived in Essoria, which while not that far from Maltesh was still in Zanadian territory. She was the estranged sister Mikki and Loreena Manorin.

"Are you?"

For a moment Sondra wasn't sure what Shrendi was asking. When it finally donned on her she smiled and shrugged. "I enjoy a bit of variety," she admitted. "But I'd hate to cause needless friction. There's already too much tension among the sisterhood. I wouldn't be a very good leader if I added to that, now would I."

"Who says Shulada would have to know?"

"People talk," Sondra said.

"We could do it right here and now, in your office. The door locks and the rug is thick enough to protect our backs. No one would need to know it was a social occasion-I'm here on official business often enough."

Sondra laughed. "That's a tempting offer, Shrendi, it really is. But even if I wanted to, I simply have too much to do right now to even consider it-not the least of which is finding Loreena so I can give her this letter. She'll want to give it to her younger sister, Mikki; and neither of them will be likely to forgive me if I wait very long and don't have an ironclad excuse."

"Now you're just making excuses, aren't you?"

Sondra smiled good-naturedly. "Yes, Shrendi, I am. But I do appreciate the fact that you keep asking."


She found Loreena, still lying amidst a tangle of wool blankets, in their bed.

"I suppose I should get up," Loreena said, stretching with an exaggerated yawn as Sondra sat down on the edge of the bed, one knee tucked under her body so that she could face Loreena comfortably. "I don't know how you can get up so early after last night." Loreena stared up at her with a look of admiration-or perhaps it was envy.

"Practice," Sondra said. "Believe me; I've had a lot of it." She watched Loreena sit up. The blankets fell away from her, and she made no effort to cover herself as she comb her fingers through her thick tangles of blonde hair.

"A letter came, for your sister." Sondra held out the envelope.

Loreena's eyes widened in surprise. This was the first letter that had come addressed personally to Mikki in the two years since the sisters had been with the women's movement. Their mother wrote to them occasionally, but her letters were always addressed to the both of them.

"Have you read it?"

"Of course," Sondra said. "It's from your sister, Yueva. She would like Mikki to come visit her for a while."

Loreena frowned. "Why?"

"Don't you trust her?"

"It just doesn't sound right. Why should she all of a sudden want Mikki to come visit her?"

Sondra smiled. "I'm glad we agree on that. But I'll be damned if I can think of how Lospodas could possibly use her to their advantage."

"Neither can I."

"Perhaps Yueva was simply waiting until Mikki came of age, so that she could go into Zanadian territory without any risk."

"Perhaps," Loreena agreed. "But if she planned to do that, you would think she would have kept in touch; written at least one letter before now."

"Well, I hate to keep mail from one of our sisters, especially now that she's an adult and given that neither of us can think of a specific reason for withholding it."

Loreena nodded her agreement, but she didn't like the decision any more than Sondra did.


The morning sun slanted through the arches of the great hall, seeming deceptively tangible against the torch light: an eerie half darkness sliced asunder by the diagonal shafts of light in a parallel row down the Great-Stone corridor.

From the Great-North hall came a sudden rush of people.

Loreena pressed herself against the cold, polished rock, the silk sleeve of her blouse brushing against her arm. Shivering, she stayed against the morning-chilled wall, watching for her sister in the crowd.

Instead she spotted Stristar, a young, attractive alph whom she had been involved with before Sondra. They were still friends, and still saw one another romantically on occasion.

Now they exchanged smiles.

"Hello Stristar." Loreena gave her a light kiss on her cold cheek. "Where is everyone going?" she asked.

"To the cafeteria for the Sisterhood Unity Observance," Stristar said. "Are you coming?"

"Ah, I had forgotten." She took both of Stristar's hands-cold in the morning chill-then they embraced in a less formal greeting. The cold press of her blouse made Loreena shiver. There was never any warmth in Stristar, except what came from her surroundings.

Amorians were flux-blooded creatures. Their bodies did not have the same human mechanisms for regulating body temperature, but unlike cold-blooded creatures, they had the ability to withstand temperatures that would quickly kill a human. Each Amorian breed had a slightly different tolerance, but none needed to wear clothing for warmth, except on the coldest of winter days. Unlike Shrendi, Stristar preferred to go fully clothed, as did most of the human sisters.

Cold skin in the winter and warm skin in the summer was one of the things about the Amorians that Loreena found a little unpleasant, but in most other ways, she found them a rather intriguing race -with all their peculiar traits and attributes and confusing genders.

"I'm glad I saw you," Loreena said. "I'd forgotten it was Unity Observance today."

"Are you going somewhere now," Stristar asked. "Or can you take the meal with me?"

"I was looking for Mikki," Loreena said. "I have a letter for her-from our blood-sister, Yueva, who still lives in Essoria."

Stristar nodded. "I believe I saw Mikki earlier with BOOTZ NOar."

"Then I might as well go with you," Loreena said with a laugh. "When those two are together it's impossible to find them."

Stristar smiled. "It's a friendly letter, I hope."

Loreena nodded and fell into step beside her friend. "Too friendly, perhaps. It seems wrong. All this time we've been here Yueva hasn't made any effort to contact Mikki or me-and now suddenly she wants Mikki visit. Maybe she was just waiting for Mikki to came of age, but... I can't help thinking it could be a trap of some kind."

Stristar furrowed her eyebrows in a very human-like gesture of suspicion. "How long has it been since you've seen her?"

"Almost five years," Loreena said. "My father bequeathed Yueva about three years before Mikki and I came to Leskral; and we've been here about two years." They came to the central courtyard, and turned right down the great Southwest-hall.

"I can't think of anything Lospodas might be planning for her. Now that she's come of age, Leskral has leveraged her rights from my father. And we've processed her citizenship papers with a Zanadian magistrate. We have several notarized copies of both transactions on file, as well as the personal copies, of course, that Mikki keeps with her at all times."

"Lospodas can't do anything without the help of your father."

"I'm not sure what they could do with his help, but I have to admit that my father isn't exactly a forgiving kind of man; I wouldn't put it past him to try something devious, if he could. He could be very cruel when he wanted to be, too. Especially to my mother-although she came to him in an arranged marriage that I think he would have preferred to avoid, so perhaps he had some cause to resent her. Anyway, he took a great deal of pleasure in doing things to make her life a little more miserable. At least until her health began to fail then he just neglected her almost totally. He never called for a healer or anything, even though he could easily afford one."

"You blame him for her death?"

"Very much so! He was glad when she finally died, and I hated him for that. That's why I finally came to Leskral. I was always closer to my mother. Father always had a lot of different women; always had his choice. I mean, all the women I knew seemed to worship him, even my mother. It didn't matter that he took other women and encouraged them to flaunt themselves with him in public. He was not poor, my father, and he had an insatiable appetite for new women. He took on a few new ones each year and there was never a shortage of those who were eager to become his.

"I could never understand the attraction. I don't know why, but I didn't like it when he tried to touch me. My sister, Yueva, was in love with him like all the others. She actually cried when he sold her to Merik instead of taking her for his own."

"You've never told me about this before," Stristar said as they came to the cafeteria and looked for seats near the back wall where they could continue talking in relative privacy

Loreena shrugged as they sat down, "I don't usually like to dwell on it. I guess it makes me feel a little guilty, knowing that I felt that way about my own father. Old ways of thinking are hard to get rid of. All the other women used to look at me as if I were crazy when I didn't want to go to him. Even Yueva used to ask what was wrong with me."

"Was Yueva close to Mikki?"

"They were, before Yueva was married. But between when she went to live with Merik and the time we left for Leskral, they only saw each other twice. Both times when Mikki went to visit her for a few days, just like she's requested this time... There's really no reason to worry, I'm sure. It's just... what if I'm wrong."

"Every sister who goes into Zanadian territory takes a risk."

"I know. But we usually don't let those at greatest risk go. The fact that Mikki wasn't of age when she came to Leskral bothers me. I keep thinking there's some way they can use it against her."

"Maybe you can't anticipate what they've planned because it isn't legal. It wouldn't be the first time they've done such a thing, you know."

"I know. But I'm not worried about that so much. If they do something obviously illegal we'll have some grounds for fighting it. The Magistrates may not be very sympathetic to our movement, but they are subject to laws, and I believe that most of them pass their judgments according to those laws."

"When they want to," Stristar agreed.

Loreena smiled at Stristar's skepticism, but she didn't argue; and they were quiet for a few moments, watching as the room slowly filled up as other people began taking chairs that were closer to them. "I've been trying to put my finger on what bothers me about all this," Loreena said at last.


"I keep wondering why my father didn't push Mikki's purchase price way up."

"How high did he push it?"

"That's just it, he didn't. He barely acknowledged Leskral's purchase inquiry-said he had disowned her and didn't care to have anything more to do with her."

"I'm surprised! Didn't your father contest when Leskral made a purchase inquiry on you?"

"Oh yeah. He drove my price way up with an outrageous counter offer. For a while I was afraid that Leskral might not be willing to match it. So believe me, no one could have been more surprised than me. Although Mikki's mother was low-born, he had lofty plans for Mikki's future. He always treated her as one of his favorites, especially after Yueva left. When I took her with me, he tried to have me convicted of kidnapping her. I couldn't even go into town for the longest time, until Leskral's advocate finally convinced the magistrate to dismiss the charges. Mikki wrote a letter testifying that she'd left of her own free will. Still, my father tried to get the magistrate to say that it was inadmissible. It was a mess. Eventually the magistrate accepted it-but it took a substantial amount of money to convince him."

"So why didn't he contest Mikki's purchase if she was his favorite, as you say, and he isn't a forgiving man."

"I don't know. Maybe he never blamed Mikki for leaving the way he blamed me for taking her. He was always good to her. Maybe once he cool off he realized that she needed her Zanadian citizenship to gain what few rights are available to women."

"Mikki is a sister now," Stristar said, the tone of her voice suggesting that it wouldn't make any difference if Mikki denounced her Zanadian citizenship.

Loreena smiled patiently. "I know how you feel about this, Stristar. But I still say: all of us who can, must keep our Zanadian citizenship intact. We may not be citizens in good standing, and the militia harasses us sometimes-but we do have certain rights, and access to things that, unfortunately, Amorians do not. Leskral needs a few sisters who can walk freely into any Zanadian city-be it here in Takishan or elsewhere-they may harass us at times, but we go where we want. Without that we couldn't buy what we need or trade and sell what we have. The movement isn't self-sufficient, you know. Leskral relies on the Zanadian government's desire to maintain the trade routes into the UnderCaves, and the Amorian's unique ability to navigate there and find the cave's wonders... but without Zanadian citizens, to give us rights under Zanadian law, so that we can go into their territory to sell and trade, the rest would be meaningless."

"It's thinking like that, that keeps us trapped in these hills with our backs to the Chaos Lands," said a dark-skinned, Slarn alph as she joined them across the table. "I say we should form our own raids, just as the Takishan and Lospodas soldiers do. We should kill two of them for every one of us that they capture or kill."

Loreena Looked over at the Slarn and raised her hand in formal greeting. Unlike Stristar, who was a Kandic alph, and looked almost like a human woman, Slarn alphs were flat-chested, and had both male and female genitals. They also had a rather masculine look to their face and figure, and Loreena still had a slight twinge of awkwardness trying to think of them as female.

She decided to take the initiative. "I am Loreena," she said, "This is Stristar."

"I am OrMEEgan," the Slarn said.

"I would agree with you, OrMEEgan" Loreena said. "Except that then Zanadia would undoubtedly take the same approach-and they have far superior forces and weaponry. Our only advantages are the refuge of these hills, and the Zanadian desire for UnderCave magic. The hills give us an immense defensive advantage, but if they came with enough force the men could easily drive us back to Omia again.

"Where we'd be safe." OrMEEgan said. "Humans have no sense for navigating the Chaos Lands, and they have no real interest in these mountains, either. As soon as they abandoned them we would come right back out, as strong as ever."

"Yes," Loreena agreed. "We are like cockroaches, they can't get rid of us because we only come out when they aren't around; and when they come after us we hide or disappear. Our weakness isn't in Omia, our UnderCave home-it is our food source."

"How so?" OrMEEgan said, waving her hand towards a Slarn drone, one of the many servers who had begun to circulate around the tables holding plates piled high with various breakfast meats, or vegetable fritters, and honey wheat cakes, or an assortment of fruits. "We have food resources of our own."

"We grow all our own crops," Stristar agreed, pushing back in her chair to make room for the drone to deposit his plate of meats on the table. "How can we be dependent on Zanadia for food?"

"Yes, we have taken great steps to insure that we can produce enough food to feed ourselves adequately, if need be." Loreena said. "We trade our magic mostly for the magic they call technology, and other desirable but nonessential luxuries-but most of the magical trade we are dependent on comes from Westeria, deep in the UnderCaves. Imagine what would happen if those in Cladazia, Essoria and Lospodas and all the surrounding Takishan cities decided they didn't need what we could give them and decided to launch a full-scale attack on our crops in the fall, just before harvest. If they destroyed even half of our fields-which would not be that difficult-we would not have enough food to last the winter."

"Then we would raid their fields, and take what we need from them." Stristar said spearing a slab of ham on the end of her fork, and dumping it onto her plate.

"Perhaps we would, if we had to," Loreena said, "Such a tactic would leave us exposed, and many more of our numbers would be killed or captured. That would hurt our recruiting efforts which aren't all that brisk, even during good times. And besides, even if we somehow managed to destroyed 2 of their fields for every one of ours-that would probably be little more than an inconvenience to them. Takishan has neighboring provinces-including those like Maltesh that do not hold allegiance to the Zanadian government's central authority-but who would be perfectly willing to trade with them for food. Our backs, on the other hand, are pinned to the caves. Getting out to find such merchants would be far more dangerous for us, not to mention making the exchange and getting back."

"If that is true," OrMEEgan asked as she cut her meat, "Then why haven't Takishan's soldiers done as you suggest? Surely they are not unaware of our situation."

"As I said, the Zanadians desire to keep the trade routes open. Westeria produces most of their own food, but they desire technology, same as us. Technology flows from the inner Zanadian isles to Westeria in the depths of the UnderCaves; while magic flows in the opposite direction. They rely on the unique shaping skills of the Amorian's, without which humans cannot travel into the Chaos Land; while the women's movement stands as the pivotal middle that facilitates this trade. As long as rich Zanadians continue to want the UnderCave's magic, we will have some measure of security. As long as we remain within the guidelines of our treaty with Takishan, they will allow us to remain here on our reservation, without launching any overt attacks. Which brings me back to the point I was trying to make: without women who are Zanadian citizens, the whole balance falls apart. Zanadian law does not recognize Amorians-or women without citizenship-as having any rights separate from their fieflord. Of course, Leskral, as a legally recognized institution, can serve as a woman's fieflord under Zanadian law. The problem is that it is unlawful for any female to travel freely within Takishan Province, without having their papers to prove citizenship. Any man who finds them can claim them as his property and be assigned as their fieflord under Takishan's law."

"They could still come to us," OrMEEgan began, "We don't need to crawl on our..."

"Shss," Stristar cut in with an urgent hiss. "KaVOD YITZ is getting ready to make her speech."

The three of them turned in their seats as the rest of the room took up a chorus of hushing then slowly grew quiet as the Slarn leader of Leskral took the stage to speak.


Mikki took one of the horses from the stable and rode down from the mountains.

Loreena wanted an escort to go with her, but Mikki flatly refused unless it was Loreena herself.

"I don't have anything I want to say to Yueva," Loreena had said. "When I told her I was leaving and taking you with me, her last words were less than kind. I think she believed our leaving would damage her social standing among her friends."

"All the more reason you should come," Mikki said. "It's time the two of you made up."

But Loreena just shook her head. "If Yueva wanted me there, she would have asked. No, I'd just ruin your visit if I came. Yueva and I would spend all of our time fighting."

...So Mikki made the trip alone. And despite her concerns, Loreena allowed it. This was the first time that Mikki had made such a journey-and its significance was more than just a visit with her sister-it was a coming of age rite; a symbol to show that she had finally come into her own. Mikki had never voiced any regrets about going with Loreena, but knowing that she could not safely leave had always seemed like a weight hanging over her head; and now, at last, that weight was gone. Mikki could come and go as she pleased, with no more risk than any other woman of Leskral.

As journey's go, it wasn't an extremely long one; but the requisition on her horse was open ended and the supplies she stuffed into her saddlebag were enough for several weeks. She followed the only road down from the mountains until it past the outermost check point; then she cut across the fields, heading west, until she came to the Houachi River, which she followed until it intersected Perimeter Road, which marked the legal border between Leskral's land and Zanadian territory. Another hour's drive west, along the edge of the women's reservation, brought her to the main road to Essoria. Leskral had few visitors, so the road was little more than a trail, and Mikki saw no one else traveling along it-at least not until the trail emptied into the main road between Essoria and the Lospodas mansion, which curved gradually to the south.

Mikki followed the directions her sister had written down for her. Although there were many turns, the roads were all well marked, so there was never any question about whether or not she had taken the right road.

She nibbled on some bread and cheese as she walked, enjoying the scenery, the movement of the horse beneath her and the anticipation of renewing her acquaintance with her sister.

It was mid-afternoon when Mikki finally arrived at her sister's place on the other side of Essoria.

Although she had never been here before, there was little doubt that this was the right place. A large nameplate in the stonework entrance announced, Estate of Merik Golandas.

That was the name of Yueva's husband; and from the look of his estate, Merik appeared to be quite wealthy; far wealthier than Mikki's father, if the house alone was any indication. There were a number of workmen on the grounds as well, some of whom were obviously in charge of Amorian workers. Unlike the men, the Amorians were kept naked and they were bound in shackles. Seeing the Amorians this way made Mikki uncomfortable. It was not their nakedness; going without clothes was a fairly common practice at Leskral, it was the fact that they were bound. The rattling of their chains seemed obscene to Mikki. Under other conditions, she might have enjoyed the sight of their sweating, bodies glistening in the hot sun-their muscles rippling as they moved. But these Amorians were obviously not well cared for. She could see ribs sticking out on even the fattest among them, and several had visible bruises on their body.

"Good morning, Young Miss," one of the men working the grounds said. "How can I help you today?"

"I'm here to see my sister, Yueva."

"You can knock at that second side door," he advised. Then he reached up and rubbed his fingers across the bridge or her horse's nose. "If you'd like, I can see your horse to the stable and have one of the stable girls give him a fresh drink of water and some oats. And I assume you'll want him to have a good brushing down after such a long journey?"

"Thank you," Mikki said, as she dismounted.

She unstrapped the saddlebags and carried them over to the second side-door, where she knocked just as the man had suggested. An Amorian drone answered; and when Mikki explained who she was, he led her into the foyer and left to find his mistress. A moment later Yueva appeared under an arch, and stood staring at Mikki. She smiled a little hesitant, almost sadly, and there was an odd expression on her face. It wasn't pleasure! Could it be surprise? It looked more like disappointment and fear.

Mikki dropped her saddlebags and rushed forward to giver her sister a hug.

Still, Yueva seemed reluctant, holding her body so tight and close.

"Is everything alright?" Mikki asked.

"Of course," Yueva said, but without enthusiasm.

"You did write and say you wanted me to come, didn't you?"

"Yes, but I guess maybe I didn't really expect you to accept." She turned away, almost rudely. "Come into the kitchen. We're eating a late breakfast."

"Thank you," Mikki said, following her.

A man was sitting at the table. Mikki wasn't entirely sure but she didn't think he was Yueva's husband. She had only meet Merik once, when she was very young-so she wasn't sure; but somehow she had the feeling that this man was the reason that Yueva was so tense. Then he looked up at Mikki and glanced over at Yueva. "Is this her," he asked. When Yueva nodded, the man pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Mikki. "My name is colonel Baisurd," he said. "And this is a bill of sale. If you can read, you will see that it indicates that you are now my property."

"That's not possible!" Mikki said, too startled to be outraged. "I have papers to indicate that I'm free. My sister-my other sister-registered me on my last birthday. You can check if you like."

She began to reach for her papers, but the man waved them away. "Yes I know," he said calmly. "But my claim precedes that one. I purchased you three years ago, long before your registration papers were submitted."

From the corner of her eye, Mikki noticed two other men moving in to block the doorway. One of them she recognized as Merik. "There was no mention of a purchase lien when my sister went to the register's office," she said.

He nodded. "It seems that several records were accidentally misplaced. I have since gone to a great deal of expense to have them found and verified-not to mention the considerable cost of luring you out of hiding." He glanced over at Yueva, and Mikki's eyes followed; but her sister was quietly staring at the floor.

"Why," Mikki asked Yueva, suddenly realizing that she had to be a part of this conspiracy.

"I've been waiting a long time to take possession of you," the man said as he stood up. "But my claim is legally sound, I assure you. Now... will you come willingly or do I have to use force?"

Mikki didn't answer and when he took her by the arm she didn't struggle or protest. Her shock was too great to do anything but let him lead her where he wanted her to go.

He paused at the doorway. "I appreciate your cooperation Merik. Your wife has proven to be most useful in this matter."

"I'll hold you to your promises, colonel." Merik said with a grim nod. He turned to an Amorian servant who was standing, almost hidden, in the shadows of a corner. "Talstin, help colonel Baisurd escort Mikki to his car. See to it that she is secured to his satisfaction before he heads back to the Lospodas mansion."

"Very good," colonel Baisurd said, as the Amorian came forward and took Mikki by her free arm. Together they lead her out of the house and into a life she knew would never be the same again.


Sondra stood just outside the door with the message held in her trembling fingers. Already she had read the letter-since yesterday noon she had read it many times, wondering what to do. She couldn't destroy it... those Zanadian bastards would only send another letter and another until Loreena eventually found out. Or they would send a messenger to deliver the message personally. Sondra couldn't hope to hide them all, and even if she somehow managed to pull such a thing off for a while, Loreena would eventually begin to wonder where Mikki was and why she hadn't returned.

The situation was bad enough. Sondra couldn't bear to have Loreena find out about her sister from someone else. The girl was Sondra's dearest friend; her lover. Someday soon, if all went well, she would begin to take a more active roll in the leadership of the movement. She was a damn fine negotiator, and everyone seemed to like her. Not only did she have a knack for seeing all sides of every issue, but also she had a way of making everyone feel that she was pulling for them. And because they felt they had someone on their side, they were a little more willing to compromise. No, Sondra didn't want to alienate the girl. So despite the risks, she would just have to let the tragedy unfold and trust the Great Mother not to let the whole women's movement suffer for it.

From behind the door she heard footsteps and quickly slid the letter into the large pocket of her green frock just as the door opened.

Loreena jumped, but when she saw who it was she smiled.

"My goodness, Sondra, you gave me a start!" She frowned. "What's wrong, Sondra? What are you doing, standing out it the hall like this?"

"Let's go inside. We need to talk."

Loreena nodded uncertainly, "Alright."

Sondra closed the door behind them then went to the bar and began fixing two drinks. When she was done she gave one of them to Loreena "It's a double. I suggest you drink it."

For a moment Sondra thought Loreena might refuse to drink it, and insist that Sondra tell her what was going on immediately. But then she tipped the glass to her lips and downed the drink in one gulp. She set the glass down hard and looked at Sondra with growing impatience.

"Have you heard any news from your sister?"

Suddenly Loreena closed her eyes, clutching at her stomach as if someone had just punched her. She took a deep breath, held it for a moment then let it out slowly. "No," she said, opening her eyes again. "But I take it you have?"

Sondra nodded then looked away. "I opposed Mikki's trip, from the beginning," she said, almost defensively as she dug into her pocket. "We received this from Lospodas last night. A Colonel Baisurd." She pulled out a smudged and bent envelope.

Loreena was puzzled. "What does he want?"

"Lospodas has your sister, Loreena. They want you to meet with them before they'll release her."

"Lospodas? Why? "

"It's all legal... supposedly." Sondra pulled from her pocket a piece of paper that Loreena recognized as a sales document.

"There has to be some mistake," Loreena exploded. "Mikki's a citizen, now! She's come of age. They can't touch her!"

"Apparently your father sold her... last year." Sondra made an effort to keep the emotions from her voice, but it wasn't easy. Mikki was her friend too. "He sold her to them when she was still under age," she went on. "It doesn't matter that he didn't have her to give to them. They've sent an official copy of the original sales document, and that aspect of the sale was specifically covered. It includes a reparations payment to Leskral to repay our original purchase, with interest. "

She gave Loreena the document but her friend hardly glanced at it.

"How much? How much did he get for her?"

"Two thousand Marks."

"Two thousand Marks!" She leaned forward angrily. "He sold Mikki for a measly two thousand Marks? Leskral paid more than four times that much,"

Sondra nodded, but she didn't know what to say.

"That bastard must really hate us," Loreena said.

"What did you expect?"

"I would have thought, after all this time, that... maybe he would have forgiven us." Suddenly she looked up at Sondra. "How did they know she was going to visit Yueva? No one should have known outside of Leskral!"

"Your sister knew. She wrote the letter of invitation."

"She wouldn't!"

"It's been a long time," Sondra said. "People change."

"Yeah," Loreena said. "People change... It couldn't be a coincidence that she wrote that letter, could it. How long has it been since she's spoken to either of us; and then she writes that letter. No way it's a coincidence."

"I suppose the letter could have been written by someone else. The signature could have been forged easily enough."

"No," Loreena said. "It was Yueva's hand writing, the way she talked. It was Yueva, I'm... sure of it."

"She could have been forced," Sondra said in an effort to comfort her friend. "There's no way of knowing."

Loreena ran her fingers through her hair and wrapped her head in the crook of her arm, tears suddenly forming in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she said. "I thought I was ready to cope with this sort of thing if it happened, but..." She wiped her eyes without finishing. "The damnedest thing," she said. "Is that they could have written that document yesterday, but as long as they can get a magistrate to notarize it, that doesn't matter."

"There's more, Loreena. They also sent her freedom locket, so we would know that they really have her. And they sent us a picture of her."

"Let me see!"

Sondra didn't move. "I think I'd better fix you another drink," she said starting to stand.

"Sondra, please. Just show it to me."

She looked at Loreena for a moment, saw the quiet determination in her eye and shrugged. She reached into her pocket. Loreena's hand was trembling as she took the picture. It showed Mikki in the center of a large room, stripped and bound tightly to a stool to prevent movement. A man was holding her head so she had to face the camera. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying; her body was covered with red welts and bruises.

"And here is her locket," Sondra said.

Loreena's took the locket and turned it over in her hands to look at the inscription on the back. She nodded her head in silence. "What does he want? If they've gone to all this trouble to let us know they have her then there must be something we can do to get her back."

Sondra reached out and took Loreena's hands, squeezing them tightly. "For now he wants you," she said. "And we can't give him that."

"Me? But, I'm still a citizen!"

Sondra nodded but said nothing.

"My father can't sell me; I was already of age when I left. My papers were filed with a magistrate a long time ago."

Sondra held out the letter, and reluctantly Loreena took it.

"I can't tell you for sure what they want," Sondra said, "but you can be certain it isn't you they really want. But they'll use you to get what they want. Never doubt that."

Quickly Loreena read through the letter, then leaned back and let it fall on the tea table. "There going to use her as a Dungeon Girl: one of their dungeon girls... unless I come and talk to them."

"I know."

"I don't understand... why me?" She laid her head in her hands, trembling.

"You're a lot more important than you know," Sondra said. She moved to Loreena's side and cradled her friend's head on her breast. "You may not be a member of the council, but you walk with the inner circle, you know the routes to the UnderCaves and you can even transverse them a little bit. No small accomplishment for a human. Moreover, you come from a respectable Zanadian family but most important of all, you're vulnerable, because they have control of your sister."

"You don't want me to go, do you?"

Tears welled up in Sondra's eyes. "You'd not only be risking yourself, but the movement. The risk is just too great."

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt the movement!"

"Mikki didn't think she was doing anything to hurt us either... don't you see! Simply by agreeing to see them you're implying that you're ready to take the next step in their plan. And believe me they have a plan for you and your sister. It isn't just random mischief. They can twist your motives; I've seen them corrupt our best. They have ways to take away your will, and make you turn on us. I tell you, the risk is just too great."

"By the Holy Mother, Sondra." Tears spilled from Loreena's eyes. "I can't leave her to them. They keep some of their Dungeon Girls alive for years...

Sondra stroked Loreena's hair gently. "I love Mikki too, little sister, but we have to let her go; I'm asking you to let her go... We are all told the risks when we take our pledge to the good of the Sisterhood. Remember, Loreena? The good of the many outweighs the good of the matter what the personal price.

"I know, Sondra. But she's my blood; and it's more than that, I... I let her get into this. I talked her into coming with me. It's my fault she's there."

Sondra kissed Loreena passionately, the tears falling freely from both their eyes. "Sweet little sister," she sobbed. "How can I ease your pain? What's done is done; we cannot look to correct the Past. Don't throw your life away. You'll jeopardize us all. Mikki knew the risks, and she took them-but she is not the first to suffer. She will not be the last. Many of us will have to suffer for the cause of freedom. Chasing after your sister will only lead to greater tragedy. It can't possibly make things any better."

Sondra breathed a deep sigh when she saw the look of determination in Loreena's eyes. "We both know I can't stop you," she said. "If I tried, it would turn you against me... and against the movement... but as one of the leaders of the movement, how can I let you go? So I'm asking you, Loreena. No, I'm begging you: please, don't go! As my sister in the movement, as my friend, I'm asking you. Don't do this thing."

Loreena pushed Sondra away, and stood up wiping her eyes; her breath coming raggedly as it deepened, and for a few moments she fought for control. She braced herself.

There was a deep sadness in Sondra's eyes.

"I would die for the movement without hesitation," Loreena said, "Or for you. You know that. But this is something far more difficult."

Sondra nodded. "I know. Go to the temple and think about what you will do," she said; but in her heart she knew that Loreena had already made up her mind. Loreena was about to speak but Sondra raised her hand. "I will come to you in an hour. We will talk more, then. Go now and think about what you will do."

Loreena nodded and turned to go.

"And Loreena..." She looked back over her shoulder. "Promise me you won't leave before we've talked. Do that much for me? Please."

Loreena looked away. "I promise," she said.


Sondra found Loreena sitting by the central water fountain in the temple. She approached quietly and when her friend made no move to recognize her presence, and placed a hand gently on her shoulder.

"I'm going!" Loreena said without facing her.

"I know." Sondra sighed. "And I should have you killed right here and now..."

"I know."

"But I can't-no more than you can keep yourself from going. I just hope our choices won't come back to haunt us." There was an awkward silence for a few moments; then Sondra said, "I'll contact all the in-territory publishers that have been sympathetic to our cause in the past and try to raise some public outrage over all this. I wouldn't expect much, after all, this was technically legal, but at least it will provide a public record of our intent, before you get there. I'll also give you an official declaration of Leskral's financial support. Register it with a magistrate before you go to Lospodas."

Sondra dug in her pocket and pulled something out, holding it tightly in her hand. "Take these," she said with soft intensity, "Just in case!" She gave Loreena what she held. "You know what they are?"

Loreena looked at the two flat, black capsules in her palm.

"Death capsules."

Sondra nodded. "We both know they didn't kidnap Mikki just for money, so it isn't likely they'll sell her back to you. They want something else and they'll make it very hard to say no."

Loreena nodded.

"Then you know what you're really going there to do?"

Loreena closed her eyes and nodded again.

"I'm sorry to be so blunt, Loreena, but I couldn't let you leave without being sure you understood."

"I understand!" Loreena snapped angrily, raising a clenched fist to her lips. "I'm sorry," she said after a moment.

"Don't be," Sondra said.

"Just tell me how to use them."

"Place both of them against one cheek," Sondra said. "Their shape tends to form a suction against the side of your cheek that helps holds them safely away from your teeth, but you must be especially careful when you eat because that can dislodge them-and if you accidentally bite hard enough to break their shell... They're bitter as hell, so you'll know if one breaks in your mouth. If that happens, you don't have more than ten minutes to live.

"If it comes loose, you might also swallow it. If you do, make yourself throw up and find them. The shell won't dissolve, even in the stomach, but you can't afford to be weaponless against them... if you're sure they have no intention of letting Mikki go-try to see her. But, you mustn't give them reason to suspect what you're trying to do, or you'll never get close to her... you'll have to be very patient and creative. Keep in mind that this won't be the first time this has been tried on them, so they'll be expecting it-which means they aren't likely to let you see her-oh, torturing her, yes... but I doubt they'll let you get close to her without a damn good excuse!"

"Damn it, Sondra," Loreena closed her eyes. "I don't really have much of a chance, do I?"

"No you don't, Loreena. That's why I urge you not to go. If you fail, you can be certain they'll make both of your lives unbearable."

Loreena took Sondra's hand and pressed it between her own. "But I have to try! You see that don't you?"

"Yes, little sister!" Sondra said. "I understand. And I know this will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do. You will have to be strong, if you're going to succeed...bide your time, even when they torture Mikki and force you to watch. They must believe you have been broken by what they do... and the easiest way to convince them of that is to wait as long as you possibly can. Allow them to bring you as close to actually breaking as you can, before you give in." Sondra wiped tears from her eyes. "It will be hard, but believe me. It's the only way."

Loreena kissed the older woman passionately. "I love you Sondra," she said.

They clung to each other for a long moment; then Loreena finally broke away. "I have to go now. I must set my life in order, before I leave."

"Of course. I will go and write the letter I promised."


The next day Loreena left the mountains, where she had lived for the last five years, with a heavy heart. There was no one to see her off. No one but Sondra even knew where she was going, and she refused to watch Loreena leave. They had already said their good-byes, and as Loreena got into the beat up old van that Sondra had given her permission to take, she had the distinct feeling that this was the last time they would ever see each other again. She drove the van down the streets of the women's reservation with a sense of desperate loss. She was being cast adrift in a violent and unfriendly sea; and it was anybody's guess which shore she would wash up on. All she knew was that it wasn't likely to be this one.

That knowledge was almost enough to make her change her mind and turn back. But then she thought of the expression on Mikki's face in the picture Sondra had shown her, and she knew that she couldn't turn back. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she did.

Perhaps the best solution would be to commit suicide. But that wouldn't do anything for Mikki, and she didn't think she could kill herself knowing the life that she would be condemning her sister to.

After a quick visit to a magistrate's office, Loreena made her way to the Lospodas compound. Its perimeter was a familiar landmark. Loreena had seen the chain-link fence, with its three rows of loose barbwire at the top, numerous times when she had gone for supplies in town. It was heavily guarded with armed sentries at each gate; more patrolled the grounds just inside the fencing.

This was the first time that Loreena had actually approached one of the gates, however.

The Guard who greeted her did so with cold, but professional courtesy; and she returned the attitude as she identified herself with her legal papers.

"What's your business with Lospodas?" The guard asked.

Loreena unfolded the letter from colonel Baisurd, then; and handed it to him. After a careful reading, she was waved through the gate.

"Keep on the road," the guard told her. "Someone will meet you when you reach the compound."

Loreena had no intention of leaving the well-paved road. Even if she had, she didn't think she would get very far. Tall fencing surrounded her on either side as the road wound lazily around small grassy hills and idyllic pools of water. As she drove, Loreena slowly began to realize just how large the Lospodas grounds were; and how well they were guarded. By comparison, Leskral was a virtual invitation to be raided. The main purpose of Leskral's numerous guard posts was to sound an alarm if they were breached by unauthorized personnel; but they had a secondary alarm which they were to use if they spotted the Zanadian army advancing. When the second alarm was sounded, the Leskral sisters knew it was time to flee into the UnderCaves.

Here at Lospodas, however, the barriers were not only designed to keep out the unwanted, they also kept the wanted in. Already, Loreena was beginning to feel trapped.

Finally she came to the inner gate. Here the fence was replaced by a massive stonewall. The gate was made of huge planks of banded wood. Again she showed her papers to a guard, but this time he only glanced briefly at the letter from the colonel before passing her through. As she drove under the thick stonewall, she had the unpleasant feeling that, free or not, she was passing a point of no return-committing herself permanently into the hands of Lospodas. She knew it was an irrational fear. They couldn't hold her against her will, and yet... she began to recall some of the horror stories she had heard about this place, and she was gripped with a sudden and intense fear. It had been foolish for her to come here, she thought.

Then she entered a large garage facility.

A guard greeted her formally. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Manorin," he said. "Please come with me. RanHoren will see to parking your car." He turned to indicate an elderly Amorian drone that appeared to be a parking attendant. At first she had thought that he was human, but she could see the characteristically pointy, Qualdian ears peeking out from under his cap. He was dressed in a uniform that was not the same as the ones worn by the other guards Loreena had seen. "Colonel Baisurd is expecting you," he said.

Reluctantly, Loreena turned her carriage over to RanHoren, and followed the guard. He led her through some doors and down a hall past more gourds. They took a flight of stairs, and walked down more halls, turning corners, and passing through doors and rooms; more stairs, and more halls. Before long she was hopelessly lost; and her fear of being irrevocably in the hands of Lospodas became even stronger.

At last the guard paused in front of a door, easily pushing it open. "If you would wait in here," the guard said. "Colonel Baisurd will see you shortly."

Loreena walked into a large and luxurious room.

"This will be fine," she said.

She turned around just in time to see that the door didn't have a handle before it closed with an audible click.

To Loreena's surprised, there were two large adjoining rooms, one with a huge comfortable bed, as well as a more modest kitchen and bathroom. The later came with a tub large enough for three or four people to be comfortable in. If this was a prison cell, it was far nicer than anything she had ever seen back at Leskral.

After a few hours of waiting, Loreena succumbed to the temptation of bathing in the hot water-which was a precious commodity on the free-women's reservation.

When she finally came out of the water she was startled by a tall guard who was obviously waiting for her. The clothes she had been wearing were gone, and what looked like a plum colored dress had been left in their place.

"Colonel Baisurd would like you to dress and follow me," the guard said.

"Then why don't you leave so I can get dressed?"

"I'm here to escort you," he said, as if that explained something.

"I don't suppose you know where the towels are?"

When the guard shook his head, Loreena sighed deeply. This was probably a deliberate ploy designed to infuriate her-to shame and humiliate her. Yet she sensed that the guard had his orders, so it was probably pointless arguing the matter. If she wanted to see Mikki she would have to do as he said, at least for now. So she got out of the tub, dripping on the carpeted floor as she walked over to the clothing that had been laid out for her. She held it up, and looked at it in disbelief.

"I won't wear this," Loreena said angrily. "Where are my clothes?"

"Your sister is waiting." The guard said. He stood at ease, deliberately watching her every move. She asked again, but he showed no indication that he even heard. He just stood there, his eyes roaming up and down her naked body. She dressed in front of the guard. It wasn't the first time she'd dressed in front of a man. Before she'd run away from her father's house she'd dressed virtually every day in front of her father and her brothers, as did most of her friends. But this was different, and somehow the guard's presence made her feel violated in a way that she had never felt before. He never took his eyes off of her, but he looked at her with loathing and disgust, as if having to do so was an unpleasant responsibility; or, as if he thought that she might try to hide something on her person, to use as a weapon when she meet the colonel.

After using the dress as a towel, she put it on without further complaining. It clung to her damp body, especially the sleeves. The body of the dress was designed to fit tight as well, flaring slightly below the hip line. Above the flare, the dress was open in a deep V shape that plunged well below her naval, and left her breasts and most of her stomach uncovered. A leather thong, laced through eyelets from just above her pelvis to her sternum, molding the dress tightly to her body.

When she was dressed she turned and followed the guard once again through the maze of halls.

Chapter Two - The First Torture


Welcome Mrs. Manorin." Colonel Baisurd said rising from his chair as Loreena was brought into his office.

He approached her, coming close enough to make her try to back away. The guard pressed against her from behind; and when his hand cupped the cheek of her ass, she nearly jumped forward. The colonel calmly took her hand as if nothing had happened; and this time she let him.

He pressed it to his wet lips.

"May I call you Loreena?" He asked. "We should be on a first name basis if we're going to be working together-and I know we will... I hate being formal. You will forgive my forwardness."

It was a command not a question.

"I hope you like the dress you were given." He was still holding her hand, as if she were a good friend he had not seen in several years. He studied her, openly admiring the snug fit of her plum colored dress, and the way its gossamer strands clung to her slender frame.

"I think it's quite satisfactory for you," he said, palming one of her small shapely breasts as if it were the most natural thing to do. "It accentuates your beauty."

Loreena began to pull away, but then she stopped herself-feeling conflicted and uncertain about what to do. She knew the colonel was just trying to get a reaction out of her; and she didn't want to give him the satisfaction. Despite the time she had spent at Leskral, there was still a part of her that felt guilty for trying to move away from a man's touch. So much of her childhood had conditioned her to believe that a woman must always obey a man; that pleasing him was the woman' most fundamental purpose and apparently the fact that she had consciously rejected that notion when she ran away to Leskral hadn't entirely freed her from her earlier conditioning.

"You know," the colonel said thoughtfully, as if he hadn't noticed her response. "You'd make a wonderful addition to one of my magazines."

Loreena looked away. Her pale blue eyes cringed beneath the cold flame of his persistent stare. Although nudity was no uncommon at Leskral, she was not used to going bare-breasted herself, and even if she had been, she thought that, given who he was and what he had done to her sister, the way he was staring and touching her would have made her very uncomfortable. Anger would have been a more welcome emotion, but it refused to come. She didn't want to let the colonel see how he disturbed her, but it was an effort not to fidget or at least cross her arms over her chest.

"Where's Mikki?" She asked defiantly. "What have you done with my sister?"

He smiled a big wry grin.

"She's quite safe for now, sweet Loreena, don't worry." He was still holding her hand and he lead her further into the room.

"Server?" The colonel said; and suddenly, because she stepped forward, Loreena realized that a young girl was standing in the corner. "Fix me a double brown Phydmilk."

As the girl came forward, Loreena could see that she wasn't wearing any clothes; and realized that she wasn't human-she was Amorian; or maybe half Amorian. Loreena couldn't place her precise breeding. She was short, which made her seem young, at first; and her skin was a pasty white color as if she hadn't been outside in years; her long hair a shade whiter still. But Loreena still wasn't sure if the Amorian was as young as she seemed, or if she were just of the neuter gender that some Amorian races had. There was something about her eyes and the structure of her chest muscles to suggest the later. Her undeveloped genitalia would be of no help in determining the matter-not without a much closer inspection.

"We should discuss your future with Lospodas," the colonel said.

"You're a pig," Loreena replied calmly, watching the server as she opened the bar cabinet and took out a glass. She moved with uncommon grace for a child. "I won't work for you!"

"Tisk, tisk, such language when all I offer is a chance to live the good life instead of living always outside the law. So tell me why you won't work for me. Eh?"

She straightened, and said nothing.

The serving girl had opened a bottle and poured a creamy white liquid into the glass. Now she selected a brown bottle from a long row of different colored bottles along the counter. Opening the bottle she let two brown drops drip from the tip of the lid dropper, and then stirred the white liquid until it was a light tan color.

"Come, my dear girl." His voice was thick with sarcasm. "Tell me why you can't work for me! Surely you know I can make life much easier for you?"

"Because, I hate you!"

He nodded. "I can understand hate." The Amorian girl brought his drink and he accepted it with a courteous nod. "Would you care for something to drink," he asked, looking at Loreena with friendly curiosity. "I only keep Phydmilk, but I process it with my own recipe. Of course, I buy my stock directly from Zylomar. As you must know their natural harvesting procedures produce the best Phydmilk in all the isles."

Loreena didn't bother to answer. Instead, she watched as the server moved away from them, to a dark corner where she could make herself less conspicuous. It almost seemed as if they were alone again.

"I suppose not then," he said with a shrug. "I should have realized."

He took a sip from his glass. "It really is quite good, though... Well now, where were we? Oh yes! We were discussing hate, weren't we?" He smiled indulgently, as if he were explaining something to a very small child. "Hate is an emotion I'm well acquainted with. I've found it a potent, motivating force. It can be the most valuable thing you can ever own, that is if you can learn to control and shape it. If not..." he let the sentence hang unfinished. "Well, you must use it-or it uses you, doesn't it? Hate can clear your mind. It can allow you to crush any obstacle that stands in your way or it can cloud your mind, and cause you to hurt the ones you love." He looked sharply at Loreena, his dark eyes suddenly hard, "The ones who count on you for protection."

"You wouldn't do anything to Mikki."

"She's a lovely girl, Mikki. But aside from sharing your beauty, I don't see the family resemblance. You look to be a pure-blood, but perhaps your mother was a mongrel? The brood of such a one is unpredictable, but it can produce children who look pure."

"We had different mothers," Loreena said. "Mikki's mother was Dark Comilaun, pure-blood."

"Ah," The colonel said, sounding honestly disappointed. "I was hoping I might be wrong, but it looks like her heaviness is probably not baby fat. I suspect she'll have to work very hard to keep herself thin. Still, she's pretty enough now, I'm sure there will be men who find her attractive. It would be a shame if I had to destroy that potential by breaking her. But sometimes guilt and fear and love are the only ways to conquer hate." He saw Loreena's fear before she could look away. "I'm really not asking you to do anything all that difficult or dangerous, Loreena"

"What?" She said trembling.

"We want to kidnap Sondra Conse."

Loreena paled. "I can't do that!"

"I would rather avoid violence?"

"Even if it could be done..."

"It can be done!" Colonel Baisurd said. "And with your help, I will do it."

"What's the point? You can't destroy Leskral."

"I would not wish to," the colonel said. "I simply want to keep it sufficiently weak and dependent on the Zanadian government. Leskral has become a little too strong, recently; a little too successful at recruiting new women."

"It's not like Zanadia can't afford to loose some of its women," Loreena said, "They out number men almost nine to one."

"Less than seven to one actually," the colonel said. "Unless you count the members of Leskral, who are no longer true Zanadian citizens, or the Amorians, who are not really women at all. But I digress. We were discussing your decision to help me. I can allow you a life of luxury, you know."

"I'd rather die."

"Unfortunately that is not one of your choices. You see, you will either help me willingly (and receive the glory) or you will resist and live in misery. Do you doubt that I could make your life miserable?"


"Are you willing to watch Mikki slowly wasting away as a dungeon girl? I've seen some of the unlucky ones live as long as fifteen years or more, before they succumb to prolonged hunger or disease or a guard who is just a little too enthusiastic during his work."

Loreena closed her eyes and swallowed bitter bile. "I can't betray Sondra," she said. "Please, I'll do anything else!"

"But that's the only thing I want from you. You know her movements; you can get us past the border guards without sending out an alert. That's all I want. My men will do the rest."

"No! I can't. Forget it."

"I know you are devoted to Sondra, and her cause-but is she worth the years of suffering your sister will endure? Is she worth Mikki's eventual death? How long do you think you can endure watching her slowly waste away, one torture at a time? Wouldn't it be better to spare her your feeble attempts at nobility? What do such gestures mean in the end, but more needless suffering?"

Loreena paled. "I've known Sondra all my life...I love her like a sister too."

The colonel nodded. "It's tough to make a choice like this, I know. But time is on my side." The colonel walked to a panel and pushed a button concealed in the wall. A panel slid back revealing Mikki and four men in another room. "Sooner or later, Loreena, you'll realize that you truly don't have a choice."

"Mikki!" Loreena cried, running to the glass.

Mikki was standing, naked and sobbing, in the middle of a group of four men who seemed to delight in pinching her exposed flesh and probing her orifices with their fingers and various other objects. She tried to shy away from them, but her chest was encircled numerous times with a strong rope; securing her arms firmly and squarely behind her back. Her straight black hair matched the color of the shinny ball gag in her mouth.

The colonel turned a knob on the wall and Mikki's muffled sobs filled the room.


"She can't see or hear you," the colonel said. "Perhaps you've heard of a one way mirror? All Mikki can see from her side is a reflection of herself. What's more, her room is sound proof. Her sobs come to you through a loud speaker, but she can't hear you... Now Loreena, I'll give you one final chance to spare her, before they begin in earnest."

Loreena closed her eyes. "Forgive me Mikki."

"You leave me no choice then," the colonel said. He pushed another button on the panel, and Loreena heard a buzzer sounding through the speaker system. "They will begin now," he said.

"Please," she begged softly. "Don't hurt her."

"We won't maim her permanently, today." He said with a smug smile as he watched the men begin their assault on Loreena's little sister.

They moved with ruthless precision. One jammed his knee into her midriff and as she doubled over he wedged her head between his legs, then leaned over her back and wrapped his arms around her waist; lifting her feet into the air. Two others caught her legs and quickly secured her ankles in leather cuffs suspended from the ceiling by chains.

Now Mikki was hanging upside down, facing what to her looked like a mirror. She was obviously embarrassed by seeing herself, with her legs spread wide. Loreena couldn't take her eyes away from the window. Loreena watched as one of the men walked up to the glass with a leather 'cat of nine tails' and flipped it into his hand; holding up the metal studded tips. Then he turned to Mikki, passing the cat in front of her face so she could see it before he slowly walked around behind her. She waited, full of apprehension. She twisted around trying to keep her eyes on him, as if she could prevent him from using the whip as long as she could keep her eyes on him. But she couldn't hold it, and she flopped back down with him standing behind her.

"Mikki?" The man with the whip said, letting the leather tassels drape over her crotch-the metal tips hanging down against her stomach. "You see that mirror in front of you? It's a magic mirror. From the other side it's like a window. And there's a group of people standing in a room, watching all of this from the other side. Your sister is one of those people who are watching. In fact, everything that is about to happen to you is her fault. She could have stopped it, if she had wanted to. All it would have taken was a single word." He looked directly at the glass and smiled-and it was like he was looking right at Loreena. "Remember that each time you scream. This is all your sister's fault. Every bit of it."

"You bastard," Loreena said pressing her fingers against the window; and watching helplessly as her sister's face twisted in shame and anguish. "You bastard!" she said again, this time screaming as she turned to attack the Colonel. The guard was quicker, though. He grabbed her with expert ease; twisting her arm savagely behind her back, and pulling her head by the hair as he slammed her up against the window.

"We've ask her to do a favor for us," The man in the other room was telling Mikki. "She knows I would stop, if she would only do this simple thing for us, but she refuses." He struck Mikki suddenly across her ass with the whip; and her whole body tensed as she screamed into her gag.

Tears sprang to her eyes.

"You see this really is her fault," the man said, taking another swing. Again Mikki's body rocked with a shuddering spasm, her lungs caught between breaths, so that she made a sucking whine in her throat and nose. "She's sitting right on the other side of this glass, watching everything I do to you-and she's not saying the word! Is she? That's all it would take to make me stop."

"Forgive me, Mikki." Loreena whispered, tears rolling down her own face.

The man struck again, higher. Mikki flinched as the tails of the whip wrapped around her waist and the metal tips left angry red welts. He struck at her stomach again and a set of welts appeared almost parallel to the first.

Loreena's mind reeled as blood began to bead up on the welts and drip down. She placed her tongue against the poisonous seeds stuck along the insides of her cheek. She wanted to make her move now, but it was still too soon. She had to wait a little longer-had to let Mikki endure a little longer.

Mikki screamed and pulled against the ropes, large tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Stop it, please!" Loreena moaned. "For God's sake...she's hardly more than a child."

The Colonel sighed loudly. "I would like to Loreena, I really would." He paused to give emphasis to his next words. "But I really can't until you tell me what I want to hear."

A row of blood welts bloomed along Mikki's ribs. A moment later another row appeared down her thigh.

"Blessed mother!" Loreena sobbed, watching as the man brought the whip down between Mikki's legs; and she lurched so hard that it put slack in the supporting chains for a moment before they caught her weight again. No sooner had one of the men steadied her with a hand skilled from practice, and the metal tips burned another set of red welts in a fan shape below her bellybutton.

Mikki's lurch was not nearly as dramatic this time.

Again the man brought the whip down, this time just catching the inside of her thighs and ass.

"She's a tough girl," the Colonel said in mock approval. "I would have thought she would have fainted by now. Most of them do. Perhaps sometime I'll show you what it feels like-to receive the lash full force from a man who loves to hear you scream. That's the only way you can truly appreciate what Mikki's going through. I had them do it to me once, so I know. It feels like a hook of fire ripping your skin off... or perhaps a hot iron sawing through your flesh!"

He pushed a button in the wall and said, "Give her a rest for awhile. Apply the disinfectant."

He turned back to Loreena while two of the men sprayed a pink liquid on the blood welts all over Mikki's body. It obviously stung, for she strained against her bonds and screamed nearly as hard as she had during the whipping itself.

"They are applying a short term, local supraesthetic," the colonel explained. "It is a strong, irritating stimulant, designed to intensify sensation while at the same time cleansing the wounds. It aids the healing process a little, and is also most effective in reducing scarring. It also helps to prevent the deadening of sensation so often associated with prolonged suffering and pain." He took a sip of his drink. "We've been giving Mikki a general supraesthetic mixed with her water. Her whole body should already be one mass of raw nerve ends but, being localized and immediate, this spray is much more potent. "

One man was pushing the nozzle of the sprayer between Mikki's legs, and spraying up inside her.

"This next torture is particularly effective on tender young virgins." The Colonel said. "Of course, I may be assuming too much. Mikki is of age, I've no reason to assume that she hasn't become sexually active already. Still..." He turned back to watch as one of the men brought something black towards the window. He held it up: a piece of leather that resembled an hourglass, with leather cords hanging from the ends. There were two holes near the center with tiny snaps on either side of them.

The man laid the leather across Mikki's crotch, and tightened the leather cords around her waist. Then they brought forth two vibrators with wires extending from their bases. One was huge, but lifelike. The other was a smaller bulbous shape.

"Those have a textured, hard-plastic surface," the colonel said. "Something like bits of sand covered with lacer."

As one man rammed the larger dildo into the front hole, another was forcing the smaller one up Mikki's ass.

"Turn her upright," the Colonel said when both plugs had been inserted. "Her face is getting to red. I don't want her to lose consciousness."

Two of the men grabbed her by the legs, and released the cuffs on her ankles while a third held her around the waist. The fourth took a thin metal cable and wrapped it twice around Mikki's waist then the first two hooked the ends of the cable into the chains that had secured her legs. When these were attached they let her down slowly. The cable cinched tight-molding her waist waspish thin. The tips of her toes were still a few inches off the floor when they had totally released her, and she hung under the cable, her body slack and lifeless. Suddenly the cable slipped with a jerk, cinching around her waist even tighter. One of the men grabbed Mikki's hair and pulled her head back, until her tiptoes just barely reached the floor.

As he stepped back, Loreena noticed how red and swollen Mikki's face had become.

Another man removed her gag.

"Start them both." The Colonel said holding the button that opened the speaker in the torture room.

Mikki's eyes closed tightly shut, as the man turned a dial at the end of the wires, and her jaw moved convulsively wider. She expelled a broken breath then started to close her mouth as she breathed in. Her feet slid out from under her, and she swung slightly on the end of the rope, as one of the men put the weight of his elbow onto her neck and back, still holding her hair while she shuttered and moved her legs slowly as if trying feebly to run away.

The man who had used the whip, had gotten a thin, narrow paddle. He struck Mikki across the ass with a loud slapping sound. She cried out with a hoarse grunt.

One of the men sprayed the spot with the supraesthetic, and again the first one struck her.

"Stop it, stop it!" Loreena cried suddenly. "Please stop I, for mercy's sake."

"Not for mercy's sake," the colonel said. "You know what I need to hear before I'll stop." He smiled at the hint of impending decision on Loreena's face. "Think about what that's doing inside her," he said. "Every time the paddle strikes her ass, it pushes that vibrator deeper inside her!" The Colonel pulled a dildo from his own pocket and held it out to Loreena. "Go ahead and touch it," he said.

Despite her reluctant revulsion, Loreena reached out and brushed her fingers across the sharp, gritty surface. "Dear Mother," she said, horrified by the feel of it.

"This one's surface is identical to the one inside Mikki!" The colonel said. "Go ahead, hold it. Take a look at how big it is," he pushed it towards her face. "Can you imagine what that's doing to her? My God! Look at the size of it."

The men continued to paddle Mikki, striking her ass right on the butt of the vibrator. Another joined in with a limber switch, striking the back of her thighs then working his way around to the front of her legs; to her hips, stomach and breasts.

"How would you like this vibrating deep inside you?" The colonel continued. "Can you imagine, Loreena? Maybe you should ask her later what it feels like. You can see she's bleeding! This must have torn her up pretty good when Maraal forced it inside her. Did you notice how hard he had to push to get it into that tight little cunt of hers? A lot harder, I'll bet, than he'd have to push to get it inside yours!"

"All right, I'll do it! Damn you! Just make them stop. Please, make them stop!"

The Colonel quickly crossed to the wall and pressed the buzzer. "Take her down now." He glanced sideways at Loreena. "I doubt she can feel anything more anyway. Take her to the infirmary. Have them tend to her wounds. Then show her to one of the guest rooms, and make her as comfortable as you can."

Closing the wall panel, the Colonel turned back to Loreena. "Fair enough," he asked, raising his eyebrows.

Loreena's eyes were closed, but she nodded; whispered. "Please. Let me see her before I go. I need to talk to Mikki, face to face, so that I can explain why I'm doing it. That isn't so much to ask, is it?"

The colonel smiled. "By all means," he said. "You can see her after you've signed a written agreement, formalizing your intent to help Lospodas, as we've agreed. But keep in mind that any attempt to breach that contract will give Lospodas the legal right to take disciplinary action against you."

"Fine," Loreena said, nodding a bit uncertainly.


After the colonel had turned on the TV screen, and centered the remote controlled camera on Mikki's bed, he turned on the intercom. Each of the guards escorting Loreena had a miniature microphone hidden in their ear. "All right," he said. "You can let her go in. But stay close, and be alert-she's bound to try that self-abort trick."

As per his instructions, Loreena's hands were cuffed behind her back as she was led to Mikki's bed. The colonel followed her with his camera and the directional microphone that was sensitive enough to pick up her bare feet slapping against the ground and her breathing. Loreena's guard stopped a few feet away from Mikki's bed and gave her a sharp shove, sending her sprawling to the ground. She struggled to her feet, and quickly moved to Mikki's side. Mikki's hands were chained to the bedposts, but her head was propped up by pillows for her comfort; and she was covered modestly by a pullover nightshirt that reached to below her knees and covered most of her bruises and welts.

"Forgive me," Loreena said, laying her head on Mikki's stomach. The girl moaned and Loreena moved back. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Damn him!" She strained against her own biting cuffs.

"I can't stand any more of this," Mikki said simply. "I think I'll go crazy."

"No," Loreena said. "It's over. I'm just sorry I... I couldn't betray Sondra. You understand?"

Mikki nodded. "I know what you have to do. You can't betray Sondra, but I can't take it anymore."

"Shh, shh, shh!" Loreena said, hovering over her protectively. "I love you."

"There's no other way!" Mikki pleaded.

The colonel thought he saw Loreena nod. It was a slight movement, almost imperceptible if he hadn't been looking for it.

Loreena forced herself up slightly, so she could lean over to kiss Mikki on the lips.

"Stop her!" The colonel called into the intercom, but the guards were already reaching for her. He pulled her back sharply by the hair and stuffed a wad of rags into her mouth while other guards came in from the hall. They would force her mouth open and take out the death pods.

The colonel smiled. Those clever little pods had worked many times before, but he was getting better at stopping the suicides. His smile widened into a vile looking grin.

He looked forward to the next session with these girls.


The guard had grabbed Loreena cruelly by the arm and hair, wedging his knee between her arms and back; then forcing her over so that she flopped down with the small of her back landing painfully across his knee and her arms hooked between his thigh and calf. She gasped as he stuffed her mouth with a rag, muffling her sounds. His hand in her hair forced her head back so far that her neck hurt, and she couldn't bite or even swallow the seeds in her mouth. Rocking forward, he bent his knee so that his leg clamped her arms tightly together at the elbow, leaving her totally helpless.

Several other men rushed into the room. They worked efficiently, stuffing a spring loaded contraption into her mouth: it had thumb bars so they could hold it closed, but once it was in her mouth it opened like a sprung trap, and caught on her teeth so she couldn't spit it out. It forced her mouth to open wide, without getting in the way. In fact, the only visible part of the contraption was the spring loaded hinges, on either side of her face and the large thumb bars, used to release the tension so it could be removed.

Another man pulled the rags out of her mouth, and carefully examined her oral cavity. With a pair of tweezers he removed the two small capsules of deadly poison.

Once the seeds were removed the guards released the mouth spring. The one holding her arms stood up, pulling her to her feet. Then another was wrapping her arms with rope as he keep her elbows firmly pinned behind her back with his huge powerful hands. They keep working even when the door burst open.

Colonel Baisurd entered and headed strait towards Loreena. He calmly slapped her across the face.

"I hope you enjoyed today's fun and games," he said as he traced his fingers up the length of her dress; lingering to fondle a breast. "Because I'm going to punish you severely for it, just as I promised.

"You can't do that," Loreena whispered. "I'm still a Zanadian citizen. I have rights!"

"Do you," he said; his voice soft. And it was unsettling the way his hands continued to gently caress her-it frightened her more than a show of anger would have. "You signed a contract and tried to break it. I am within my rights to report you're breach of the law to a magistrate and request that your autonomy be revoked."

"He'd never do it."

"You think not? Lospodas has many friends among the magistrates."

"There's no legal precedence. It wouldn't stand up."

"Perhaps not, my dear girl, but then it wouldn't really need to, would it? Who do you think would challenge it?" The colonel smiled and pinched Loreena's nipple sharply between his fingers. "I don't think you fully appreciate the tenuousness of your position. I can do anything to you that I want right now, and I could even if I didn't have your breach of contract. There aren't any constables for you to complain to. And if you should decide to make such a report when you leave here, I could easily provide several dozen witnesses to claim that you were free to leave at any time; and that nothing unlawful was done to you. Even if you could prove we did something, we would simply claim that we found you trespassing: trying to free your sister-which would be stealing from us, you understand-and under those circumstances it is entirely within our rights to dole out almost any punishment we see fit. Our only crime would be in not gaining the proper authorization before acting, and we could claim it was merely an oversight-we might get stuck with a small fine, but as I said, Lospodas has many friends among the magistrates. It is more likely we would simply receive a verbal warning. Believe me, our pockets are deep and our agents are very good at what they do, as well as being discreet."

"Eat shit!" She spat the words at him.

He looked up at one of the guards.

"Take her, Maraal! I know your tastes. Considering her vile mouth, it's fitting that she be yours until Mikki has healed enough that her life won't be endangered by what we do to her." He turned back to Loreena. "Then she'll be brought back to our little playroom and we'll begin again. Only this time I think I'll have you join her."

"You pig!" Loreena said bitterly.

Suddenly the Colonel slammed his fist into her stomach, forcing the air out of her lungs. She doubled over and fell to her knees sucking desperately for air.

"I've been very patient, and permissive with you," the colonel said. "Apparently that was a mistake. Perhaps you'll respond better to different methods."

Colonel Baisurd Nodded to a mouth spring that one of the guards was still holding, and he forced it back into Loreena's mouth. She couldn't even offer any resistance. She was still on her knees, gasping, when her head was pulled back by the hair.

She looked up at the colonel.

He was smiling; a frightening thing, on his lips.

"You can be sure," he said. "That the next time we meet, Mikki's punishment will be more severe because of what you have done today. In fact, today's fun will seem like a gentle warmed up, I promise you."

Then he turned his back on her, and left.


"You want a piece of this Grizmun?" Asked the guard who was holding Loreena by the hair: the one the colonel had called Maraal. He pushed her towards one of the other guards until his grip on her long, blonde hair was the only thing keeping her from falling forward. She struggled to keep her balance, struggling to bring her arms around to protect herself incase she did fall, but her bindings were secure, and they left her helpless to protect herself.

Grizmun took a step forward, laughing at Loreena's pathetic struggles. He began to pull down his pants.

His cock was rather large. It sprang free from his pants and slapped against Loreena's face, leaving a long sticky string of transparent juice hanging from her chin.

"No hands," Maraal said.

Grizmun smiled and locked his fingers willingly behind his back; then he took aim and thrust his hips forward. He missed Loreena's mouth, but managed to poke her in the eye.

"Having trouble getting it in?" One of the other guards said, and the others laughed.

"I'll bet a gold chip he can't get it in on the next try." Maraal held up the yellow coin. "Who wants in on it?"

There were several takers; including Grizmun. Then they all grew quiet as Grizmun got set to try again.

This time he bounced off her chin.

"Hold her still," he growled.

"Be a good loser," Maraal said, pushing the man aside. "Now it's my turn; cause I have something for her that just ain't gonna wait much longer."

"Go ahead," Grizmun said. He took a step back, and for a moment Loreena saw the big grin on his face. Then Maraal's body cut off her view, as he stepped around in front of her. His fingers were still tangled in her hair, and he pushed her backwards as he stepped forward. Again she would have fallen, but his hands held her up as he straddled her shoulders and shoved his limp dick in her mouth.

For a moment she couldn't imagine what he was trying to do. He was pressing her head into his stomach, forming a seal over her nose so that she had trouble breathing-but his dick was still as soft as bread dough.

Then she felt the warm burst of salty liquid at the back of her throat.

Chapter 3 (added: 2013/02/05)


Loreena spent the night on a small mat at the foot of Maraal's bed. She was bound so securely that she could hardly move, but the room was comfortably warm, and the sheets were satiny smooth. Her bonds were not tight. They were plentiful though, and they restricted her movements. The worst problem was that her arms were tied behind her back, which forced her to sleep on her stomach to avoid putting her arms to sleep.

During the night she rolled over in her sleep, and woke with her arm feeling like dead weights. All she could do was roll back over and endure the intense tingling as circulation slowly returned to her arms.

Later Maraal took her out for breakfast.

Before leaving he securely knotted her hair into the ropes that encircled her arms and chest, which forced her head back until it was difficult-though not impossible-for her to swallow. He gave her feet just enough freedom that she could take mincing steps. Since her knees were still tightly bound, and with her head forced back, she found it very difficult when they came to steps. Maraal gave her no help, but she could tell when she was getting close to a flight of stairs by the way he moved closer to her, in case he had to catch her. The first time in fact she had stumbled and he had grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up right. After the first stairway he had used a bristly paddle to encourage her whenever the stairs slowed her down; and by the time they reached the dinning room her ass and legs were bright red. She thought she might be too sore to sit down; and if it had been possible to speak, she might have accused him of taking the route with the most possible stairs. Since she was wearing the mouth spring any sound more complex than a grunt or a moan was beyond her.

By the time they reached the dinning room her throat was so parched she might have been willing to drink Maraal's piss again-if he'd wanted her to! At least it was wet, and if she had not known what it was, it would have been less unpleasant than say, eating liver or Lima beans.

They stopped and Maraal knocked at a door. A few seconds later it was opened by a full figured blonde woman; who, except for earrings, wasn't wearing anything else that Loreena could see with her head forced back as it was.

Being naked didn't seem to bother the woman. She gave a slight, but graceful curtsy and ushered them into a large room.

Loreena looked up at the chandelier on the ceiling, then sideways at the rust colored wallpaper which had a textured pattern that was simple but pleasing. For a moment she closed her eyes and listened to the soft thrumming of melodic music, and the buzz of conversations; the tinkling of glasses and the clinking of silverware scraping china.

"This way please," the woman said.

She turned, leading them through a maze of chairs and tables-her heels clicking, ti-tap, ti-tap on a hard floor; so she was apparently wearing shoes Loreena thought.

Maraal didn't seem to trust Loreena's tittering balance, with the tables so close together. He keep a firm grip on her arm so she wouldn't bump into anyone.

"Sit," he said, when they reached a table.

Loreena leaned forward, but she didn't see a chair. She could make out the top of a table, just at the bottom edge of her vision, but there didn't seem to be a chair. She looked around the room at the other tables. All of the women in the room were naked. Only about half of them were bound, and most of those simply had their hands tied behind their backs. She noticed that one in particular was sitting on a stool.

It was at that moment that Maraal ran out of patience, and applied his paddle to a particularly tender portion of Loreena's posterior. She jumped and gave an inarticulate squeal of surprise.

Several people glanced at her, and some of them chuckled.

"Sit," Maraal said again. "There's a stool right in front of you."

Loreena edged forward; felt it with her feet. It was tucked under the table, and with her knees bound she couldn't sit down without pulling it out first, so she started to hook one of the stool's legs with her toes-But Maraal's paddle struck her again, and she had to use her foot to catch her balance.

The paddle landed several more times before she managed to plop down without toppling over in the process.

When she was seated the naked woman was still standing patiently by their table. "Are you ready to order?"

"What's today's special," Maraal asked.

"Barbecued beef or Green Steak Tartar."

Maraal smiled and said, "One order of each please."

Loreena was surprised at how quickly the meal arrived.

Maraal nodded in satisfaction as the woman set two plates on the table. Then he removed Loreena's mouth clamp, but not the hair knot that held her head back so far. He took something from one of the plates, dropping it into Loreena's mouth. It was lukewarm with a meaty taste of salt and onions, and despite the texture of finely chopped raw meat it was delicious.

"Steak tartar," Maraal said. She could hear him cutting something with his knife. "The 'green' indicates that the meat was Amorian. They're called Greenies sometimes, you know."

He dropped another chunk of it into her mouth-and Loreena began to choke. She tried to spit it out but that was impossible with her head pulled back so far; and when she tried to lean forward, he wouldn't let her. The meat threatened to get lodged in the back of her mouth. If she didn't swallow she would choke.

She swallowed, and felt the lump of meat all the way down. Her stomach heaved in protest, but fortunately nothing came back up. It occurred to her that she would have been in serious trouble if it had.

"I'm sorry," he said. "Maybe I shouldn't have told you. Did I spoil your appetite?" He dropped another piece of the raw meat in her mouth; and laughed.


The next few days were like that: a blur of pain, humiliation and endless stream of unusual and often unpleasant tastes. Maraal seemed to have no other job but to torment Loreena, and he was exceptionally good at his work.

He never let her wear clothes; keeping her constantly in leather and chains or lengths of rope; and he was endlessly inventive with his ties, changing them often to give her limbs a chance to recover their circulation. He was particularly fond of the mouth spring. Her jaws ached from wearing it so much. He liked to tease her with a bowl of water when her arms were bound behind her back. She could lap up ever so little moisture with her tongue, but without the use of her lips it was not enough to ease her dry throat.

He was also fond of parading her around the halls with the spring in her mouth and her head tied back. Often he would offer her to his friends, letting them use her mouth for any purpose they might choose. He had lots of friend. Everyone he met, in fact, seemed to be a friend.

He offered her services to one and all, and a few of them accepted from time to time.

One time when Loreena's mouth was held open by the mouth spring, Maraal and several of his buddies decided to have a contest: Loreena was fitted with a belt, cinched very tight around her waist. A rope was looped through a ring in the front of the belt, passed between her legs, and connected to her head harness. This time Maraal pulled the ropes even tighter than usual-forcing her to arch her back, and placing a good deal of pressure on the muscles of her neck and the rope between her legs. Then he told her to kneel in the middle of a large painted circle.

This was difficult to do, since her arms were tied and she had nothing to steady herself with; but when he threatened to encourage her with his favorite paddle she managed. When she was kneeling, Maraal came behind her, grabbed her ankles, and pulled her legs wider. Then he untied her wrist and attached them to her ankles so that there was very little play in the ropes. As a last touch, he put leather cuffs on her elbows and snugged them together with a short strand of rope; not pulling to tight-just enough to reduce mobility and increase the stress on her body.

Now it was difficult for Loreena to move at all. With effort she could lean forward ever so slightly, but that put a strain on the ropes between her legs. Leaning backwards was a little easier, but still not comfortable. It was work to keep from falling over, and she worried that if she went to far she wouldn't be able to sit back up again.

Maraal studied her, then tightened the ropes just a little more. "I think she's ready," he told his group of friends. "Who wants to go first?"

Several men volunteered.

"Quick review of the rules," Maraal said, holding out a bucket full of hard rubber balls about the size of walnuts. "It cost a gold chip to enter each round," he said. "And the winner of each round keeps the pot. You can stand anywhere you want outside the circle, but if you step over the line you're disqualified. The winner is the first one to put a ball in her mouth. Now, we'll draw lots to see who goes first."

Another time, Maraal took Loreena to the cafeteria and purposely caused Loreena to spill her plate of food. She was naked and bound as usual, her elbows joined behind her back by a short length of chain-but this time, Maraal insisted that she try to do everything for herself. It was difficult, but by turning around and bending over she managed to take a tray from the stack; she used her mouth to get her silverware and dishes. Then Maraal began filling her plate, heaping it with ample portions of everything on the line. By the time they reached the end, her tray was so loaded down with food that Loreena wondered if she would be able to carry it. Her hands barely reach the edge of the tray, but by hooking her thumbs over the top she managed to hold it level.

Maraal purposely seemed to bypass several tables, picking the one that was the farthest away, as if he was trying to give her ample time to drop everything. The muscles in her arms and hands were beginning to burn and cramp with the effort, but somehow she managed to make it to the table.

"Here," Maraal said, then. "Let me help you set the tray down." He took hold of the tray for a moment, until Loreena who was exhausted from holding its weight with her fingertips relaxed-then he said, "On second though, do it yourself," and he let go.

All the food on the tray spilled onto the floor.

"Now look what you did," Maraal said, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her down onto her knees. "Well, you made the mess-now you can clean it up."

She looked up at him without comprehending.

"Go ahead. Lick it up. I want that floor spotless."

When Loreena hesitated Maraal turned to several of his cohorts. "I think she needs a little motivation," he said. "Would you like to help me out?"

They stood eagerly, and suddenly all of them seemed to have a whip or a paddle or riding crop. Where these had come from she couldn't guess, but she knew now that Maraal had planned this whole thing. She leaned over and began licking the food from the floor as best she could, but it didn't stop Maraal's jovial helpers from following her around the room.

"They'll stop beating you when you've made this floor spotless," he said.

It was hard work. She had to lean over and take a mouthful of food then spit it out onto the tray, while trying to keep her balance despite dozens of blows from the men. They weren't above hindering her progress by shoving her with their boots either. Several times she was sent sprawling into the food, until her hair was matted and her body covered with it.

Except for a few larger piles close to the tray, it was impractical to keep spitting out what she licked up; it took too much time trying to crawl back to the tray. By the time the most of it was up, she was about as stuffed as she had ever been, and practically every inch of her skin was red and tender from the merciless beating. Still, the men were eager to prolong her agony and humiliation by pointing out splatter spots that required her attention.


One morning the door opened and Maraal and one of the other guards entered.

Maraal came over and sat down on the edge of the bed where Loreena lay spread eagled-one of her limbs fettered to each of the four bed posts. He set a small bowl down on her belly. It was hot, but not hot enough to really burn her. He dipped the spoon in, came up with a bowl of runny porridge and began to feed her. When she was done he forced her to drink the bitter water that was the only liquid he would let her drink from a glass. She suspected it contained a supraesthetic like the one the colonel said he had given Mikki. It tasted foul, but was better than nothing.

The other guard placed the open-fronted dress she had worn the first time she met the colonel on the edge of the bed while Maraal untied her. She stood up with out comment and slowly slipped into the dress then Maraal cuffed her wrists behind her back.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

The nightmare's over, she thought. And another one is about to begin...

Mikki was already in the room, tied to a large table. Her body was covered with large, bluish bruises that still hadn't completely faded; and the same nameless men were gathered around her. They plied her tender flesh with their hands and nibbled with their mouths; tracing over her body with torturous abandon.

Gagged as she was, Mikki could make no oral protest, but there were already tears of pain and frustration streaking down her face.

"Good morning Loreena." The Colonel said. "I hope you've rested up. I have an interesting day planned for Mikki, and you." He nodded to the men and three of them came over to Loreena, letting their hands explore her body as they worked on her.

One shoved a ball gag in her mouth and tightened the strap behind her head. The others were pinching her breast and various tender parts of her flesh, or pulling the dress up and snaking a long, coarse finger between her cunt lips, or into her ass. They untied the lacing down the front of her dress as they roughly caressed her body, pulling her first this way and then that.

When the lacing was undone they pulled off the dress, still exploring with their hands, as the colonel talked.

"Although I plan for you to share Mikki's tortures today; the emphasis will still be on her. So, to start things off, I've planned a little torture that works particularly well the day after a bruising beating." The Colonel walked over and pressed his finger against Mikki's legs, and she moaned against the gag she wore. "As you can see your sister is very tender."

He nodded and the man who had used the whip the day before produced two drumstick like pieces of wood with small metallic balls on the end of them. With them he began to strike Mikki's legs in quick torturous strokes. Mikki shivered and strained against her bonds, to no avail; whining pitifully as he worked his way up one leg-paying particular attention to the spots that produced the best response-across her pubic mound and down the other leg. Then he reversed the process, slowly working his way back to the beginning.

"That's enough!" The Colonel said when he had completed the circuit.

He motioned to one of the other men who came forward with a small red carrying box. He walked towards Mikki, and opened the box at her feet, taking out a large hypodermic needle.

"The needle contains a strong supraesthetic." The Colonel said to Loreena.

The man showed it to Mikki.

She closed her eyes, an involuntary wine escaping through her nose as the man leaned nearer.

He whispered tauntingly in her ear; and smiled as Mikki's fear grew. Only then did he plunge the needle deep into her small breast. She pulled against her bonds, the muscles in her neck forming taunt cords as her arms and legs pulled against her bonds.

As he pulled the long needle slowly out of her breast, he pushed some of the liquid from inside the tube. There was very little blood, even when he repeated the procedure a second and a third time, stabbing the same breast until the needles huge tube was empty.

A separate needle was used on Mikki's other breast.

When he was done he took another kind of needle from the box. These were short acupuncture pins, about an inch long; with sharp points on either end. He pushed one straight down through the center of Mikki's left nipple.

She screamed hoarsely against the gag, and strained against the bonds that held her fast and helpless. When he had pushed the pin far enough in that it stayed on its own, he took a pair of pliers from the box. Knowing what was coming, Loreena tried to look away but Maraal grabbed her by the hair and forced her head back to Mikki. "You know better than that." The Colonel said with a laugh.

The man had taken the pliers and clamped them around the needle. He wiggled it, twisting gently as he pushed the needle down until only about a fourth of an inch was exposed. He pushed three more needles horizontally through the dark portion of the breast so that they were in the shape of a triangle with the tips exposed and overlapping on both ends. Then he did the same thing to Mikki's other breast. The rest of the needles he drove into her breasts as if she were a pincushion, allowing the needles to crisscross in a disorderly manner.

"Now the real fun begins." The Colonel said.

The men released Mikki from the table. Two held her while the others bound each wrist with a length of rope. Using the ropes they pulled her arms diagonally up her back, tucking the ropes under the arm of the opposite shoulder. Pulling the ropes tight, they snugged her hands against the back of her armpits, then looped the rope over her shoulders and brought it diagonally down her back, securing it around the arm that the rope was tied to. Then they looped the rope snugly under her breast tied it off and wrapped it twice around her waist, cinching the rope uncomfortably tight and tying the loose ends together in the front.

When this was done, one of the men took a large C-shaped metal ring from his pocket. The open ends of the ring were very sharp, and close together.

Suddenly Maraal pulled Loreena backwards. She stumbled and tried to right herself, but he had wrapped his arm around her neck, and managed easily to bend her backwards over his knee.

The other man stooped over her, forcing his knee into her belly, to hold her still. He pulled the ends of the ring apart slipping it up into her nose. There was a sharp tingle in her nose as he released his grip and the ring pinched her flesh. She almost sneezed.

He pushed the sharp points firmly together, and her eyes flooded with tears. Then he twisted the ring through her nose and she tensed against the pain. The guard tightened his grip around her neck and the man pressed his knee tightly into her gut, but she didn't scream or move; and they released her when they were done.

The Colonel walked up to her examining the ring, and the trickle of blood. Her eyes had stopped tearing enough that she could see. He had a small bottle with a pointed mouth. Taking the ring so she couldn't move away, he held it up and squeezed a burst of stinging mist up her nose. It made her flinch and tears came violently to her eyes. The stinging turned to a painful tingling, that left her very aware of the hole.

"That was a mild supraesthetic," the colonel said. "It will help to clot your blood." He led her by the nose towards Mikki who had also been given a nose ring. "Tie her arms so they won't get in the way." The Colonel said pushing Loreena towards the men.

They quickly released her hands and bound her up tightly in ropes, the same way Mikki had been tied the day before, with her arms folded square behind her back and several strands of the rope above and below her breast, so that they were forced to stand out more prominently.

While they were doing this, the Colonel took an electric prod and touched it lightly against the metal rods in Mikki's breast. The girl tried to get away but the men standing behind her blocked her way; and when she tried to turn away they force her back around so that she was exposed to the prod. The Colonel smiled and tapped one of the pins in Mikki's other breast.

He turned to Loreena. "This must be a very shocking experience for your sister." His smile broadened into a laugh and he tapped another time at each breast. When Loreena was tied, he laid the prod down. "It is early for this. We will play with it later." He winked at her then turned back to the men and said. "Continue with it."

Both girls were taken to the middle of the room where a line hung down from the ceiling. At the end of the line was a loop. A man threaded another line, about a foot long, through the loop and then the girls were tied to it by their nose rings. Mikki was a little shorter, but the men found a small platform for her to step up on. The Colonel pushed a button on a panel and the line from the ceiling began to rise, taking out the slack and leaving the sisters nearly touching each other face to face. The needles in Mikki pressed lightly against Loreena's breast.

The Colonel slapped Loreena's shoulders in a chummy way, pushing her into the needles. "You see," he said. "I will let you join in pretty Mikki's fun, so you needn't feel left out."

With that, one of the men struck Mikki across the back of her legs with a solid paddle. The force of the blow and its surprise caused her to lurch forward driving the needles into Loreena, Both girls groaned into their gags and pulled back from the pain at the same time; which yanked on the line to there noses'. Tears sprang instantly to their eyes, but before they could stabilize themselves, Mikki was struck again. At the same time, Loreena was struck and their simultaneous reactions compounded the effect, tearing larger holes in their noses.

"I think you've still got a little to much balance," The colonel said, pushing a button on a panel. Suddenly the line to their noses began to rise, slowly forcing them onto their tiptoes; their heads back, noses in the air. This destroyed their balance so that even without the whipping the girls tittered precariously back and forth.

Then the blows started again with even greater vigor. Again and again the guards struck them, and despite the girl's efforts to resist their natural chain-reaction-response, tied as they were they were helpless to avoid it. Soon their bodies were slapping together in a dull rhythmic irregular pattern: the sharp pins in Mikki's breasts puncturing Loreena's skin repeatedly. Blood flowed freely from their face and their bodies, before the colonel spoke at last.

"Release them," he said.

The line was lowered and removed from their nose rings, although the rings themselves were not removed; and Loreena was taken over to the metal table Mikki had been tied to earlier. A guard picked her up and sat her on the table's cool surface.

Mikki was taken to the center of the room by the men. One of them tied a rope to the loose ends of the ropes around her waist. Then he threaded the new rope between her legs, carefully spreading the lips of her cunt and sinking the rope into the soft and tender, red flesh. While keeping the rope taunt against her, he tied the end to a line from the ceiling. The colonel worked his control panel and a crank by the wall began to roll the line up towards the ceiling, forcing Mikki to balance once again on her toes.

As the crank continued to slowly reel in the line, the tension forced Mikki to bend over, and the rope grated over the flesh between her legs. Her upper body weight began to make it hard for her to keep her toes on the floor. She began to slip, and tried desperately to stretch that little bit farther, but the crank hoisted her higher, and she toppled; swinging down and sideways like a bent beam.

Suddenly the ropes cinched together around her waist, dropping her in a jolt. She winced against the rope burns: around her waist and between her legs and gasped for breath.

"She'd make a good swing, wouldn't she?" The Colonel said coming over to Loreena. "Would you like to sit on her?"

Loreena shook her head, her eyes widening in panic.

"No! Perhaps I should then, I'm sure I weigh at least fifty pounds more than you."

He walked back towards Mikki and put his hand on the back of her neck, tracing up over her shoulders to her red, swollen hands; over the rope that cinched her waist to the small of her back. He brushed the soft downy peach-fuzz that grew there almost tenderly; then suddenly he slapped her tight, little ass. He traced over the red hand print he had left. His fingers strummed playfully on the rope that spread her cheeks.

"She has such a beautiful ass," he said, placing a hand on either cheek and pressing down, as one might if he were testing to see if something would hold his weight. "Do you think enough weight would split her in half? That would be an interesting experiment, I think."

He pressed down harder, sagging to let his arms take most of his weight. "Perhaps another day," he said, turning back to the guards. He pointed at Loreena. "Tie her to the table."

Quickly they obeyed, and when he motioned for them to bring her over, they picked up the table, and carried her over to the colonel. He pulled Mikki up by the hair of her head, and she managed to get her toes on the ground again.

"Bring the table in closer. Lengthwise," the Colonel commanded. "I want her right under her sister."

The guards complied putting the table only inches from Mikki's legs. Then the Colonel instructed the man with the paddle, and he struck Mikki across the back of her legs. The shock of the blow made her lose her footing and she toppled forward; falling, this time, onto Loreena. The needles drove into Loreena's stomach, as their bodies slapped together with a sound like a sword being sheathed.

Both girls voiced muffled screams.

A second man pulled Mikki up by the hair, and when she was standing the first hit her again. By an intense and desperate effort she managed to keep her balance. But another blow came quickly lower on her legs. Its force pushed her forward, and she couldn't stop the backward swing, as the tips of her toes slipped over the smooth floor. She fell again, hard into Loreena's stomach, and they both screamed into their gags.

The second man picked her up again, but this time Mikki refused to stand.

"Drop her then," the Colonel said with a shrug.

The man let her fall, and as she lay on top of Loreena the man with the paddle struck her legs and she almost bounced from the recoil.

"Do that until she does it right."

This time she stood, and when the man struck her ass she fought to retain her balance. He struck her hot ass again; then her legs. After a few more strokes she fell, and they picked her up Again and again.

"Twenty-five. That's enough," the Colonel said, walking over behind Mikki and examining her reddened ass carefully, rubbing a finger firmly over the raw flesh. A guard helped her to her feet as the others pulled Loreena's table away.

"Raise her some and secure her feet to the floor," the Colonel said.

The two idle men came forward.

The colonel raised the rope, and Mikk's feet slipped out from under her leaving her swinging freely in the air. Then one guard held Mikki's feet still while the other put cuffs on her ankles. From these cuffs they attached short chains that connected to a small ringlet in the floor directly beneath her.

When they had finished, the rope was taunt and her legs hung straight down, her outstretched toes an inch from the floor. Now the guards began to strike her legs from all angles.

The Colonel came over to Loreena. "Remember this?" He held up the prod he had used earlier on Mikki, until he had her attention. "It wants to be your friend." He touched it gently to her breast. It crackled slightly as it touched; buzzing a tingly, pulsating feeling sharply through her. "See it likes you!" He touched it a little harder to her other breast, sending the pulse, knifing through her like tiny needles. "You're so soft and wet with sweat." He traced it down over her bloody stomach, smiling at her spastic shivers. "It likes water, you see." He moved it down and pushed it into her belly button. A painful ache rocked back to her spine, growing and she clenched her teeth. "I think it's looking for a water hole. No, not one there." The prod strayed further down, playing for a moment in her pubic hair, forcing her muscles to contract in rippling waves. "An oasis, the water hole must be close." The prod slid down her leg to the inside of her thigh, skimming lightly with a thousand stinging fingers, up to the soft flaps of flesh between her legs. "I think he's found it," the Colonel said sliding the prod into place between the lips, and then plunging it sharply inside her; tearing at her sizzling flesh. Suddenly her muscles cramped in an intense spasm that clamped around the prod. The waves of pain grew, and spread within her.

Finally the Colonel ripped the prod from inside her, leaving her with just the cramping and a burning feeling.

"Enough for today," The Colonel said.

The man stopped striking Mikki, and another began lowering her, while the guards untied Loreena. One freed her from the table, while another wiped away blood with a wet cloth that stung fiercely, and stopped the bleeding. Then they released the ropes around her torso that bound her arms. Still holding her tightly they cuffed her hands behind her back. Mikki was being lead down the hall by the nose ring, still completely bound; the needles in her breast and the rope between her legs still held taunt by one of the men.

The Colonel walked down the hall, entering the viewing room; and Maraal and one of the guards guided Loreena into the room behind him and untied her. She moved to undo the gag, but the guard stopped her. Maraal gave her the dress she had worn the day before.

"Put it on," the Colonel said moving towards the bar.

When he had fixed himself a drink he turned to her. "The reason you were gagged today," he said, "Was because of my promise after our first session that Mikki would pay for your insolence. It was because of your attack on me, that your chance to concede was taken away from you." He took a small drink and set his glass aside. "I am a tolerant man," he said, "but I will stand for no more of your scenes. Do you understand?"

Loreena nodded meekly. She had stepped into the dress, pulled it up around her shoulders, and was lacing up the front.

"Tomorrow will begin the worst of Mikki's tortures." He said earnestly. "I will tell you about them so that you may choose, now, whether to spare her." He picked up a pair of black leather heels that were on the bar and walked towards her.

"The spikes in her breast," he explained, "Are made of a special experimental metal called plastoflesh which is designed to incorporate itself with human flesh as that flesh heals. Tomorrow, the spikes will still be in Mikki's breasts. And those lovely pieces of flesh will be black to match her legs"

Loreena had laced the dress up to her sternum. He handed her the pair of heels, and motioned her to a chair. She sat down stiffly, to put them on; while he walked behind the chair.

"At the end of our next session, I will apply to them the prod I used so aptly today on you. Then I will put a source of heat to them so that she will be burned. Later as she heals the metal will seal itself, and become a permanent part of her breasts. Once that is done they will, in all probably, remain in her breasts for the rest of her life. If she has health related complications because of this, her breasts may have to be removed, but otherwise they will indeed be permanent, since the only way to remove them would be to remove the breasts."

The Colonel nodded and one of the guards came forward and released her gag. She swallowed loudly, and sat waiting.

"Will you help us?" He asked at last.

She lowered her head.

"For the last time," he said. "Will you help us?"

"Yes," Loreena said her voice barely a whisper.

The Colonel smiled. "I didn't hear you," he said.


"Good. I'm glad you've listened to reason and spared Mikki. She deserves better." He placed his hand on her shoulder.

Instinctively she pulled away, but then she slumped as if from exhaustion and allowed him to stroke her hair tenderly.

"The spikes will be removed when you've finished your mission. She'll be given our best healing medicines." He walked in front of her, and held out his free hand to her. She hesitated then took it and he helped her to her feet. "I'm harsh, at times. But I can be a generous man, too. Even though you were obstinate I will still allow that both of you can live comfortably here at Lospodas if you choose."

"And if we don't choose to?"

"You'll be free to go; but Mikki will have to stay-after all she is my property, and I paid good money for her." He held up his hand to silence Loreena's protests. "She will be treated like any other servant: there are always chores to do around here. And with a little enthusiasm and cooperation the two of you can still earn a very luxurious lifestyle-given time."

Loreena smiled, glowing with a sort of manic hatred, but her voice as she spoke was hollow with defeat. "I hate you!"

He dropped his hand away from her head, and his voice went cold. "You'll be free to leave, if you choose to do so-as soon as you return." He turned to the guard. "Brief her for the run. We'll follow her lead, she knows Sondra's movements. But I want a crew ready to deploy as soon as a plan has been made."

Loreena spent the next several hours telling the guards what she knew of Sondra's schedule and personal habits. They pumped her for more and more pertinent information, trying to find a vulnerable spot, but Sondra was always careful to surround herself with numerous bodyguards whenever she left the security of the inner compound; and although she had a rigid schedule, most of her time was spent within well protected structures.

At last Loreena thought of a time when Sondra was vulnerable; and she told them.


A day later, the guards lead Loreena back down into the underground garage. After they had briefly gone over their plan again, they left her sitting in the front of the van while they gassed it and loaded it with weapons. Then they removed the seats and began climbing into the small holes underneath where they would hide.

Loreena didn't watch them work. She thought about Mikki, waiting somewhere in the building for her to return; and about Sondra who didn't expect to see her again.

The guards were all in the van when the colonel came up to her, and handed her purse through the window.

"Are you ready?"

She nodded without looking at him.

"All right then, you know what to do." He grabbed her arm, forcing her to look at him. "Make sure your successful or Mikki is going to be a very unhappy girl for a very long time; and I'll make sure that I keep you informed. You know what I mean?"

She stared at his intense eyes for a long time then she looked away without answering.

Digging into his pocket he gave her the key then stepped back as she put it into the ignition. For a long moment she just stared at the steering wheel. At last she put it in gear.

"Good luck," the Colonel called, as the van pulled away.

All the way to the border Loreena drove on auto pilot, refusing to face what she would have to do; unwilling to commit herself to that final irrevocable decision that would condemn one of the two people she cared about most, for the sake of the other. Several times she thought about driving the van off the side of the path and letting it tumble down the side of the mountain. It would be such a simple solution; but Loreena believed the colonel's threat about Mikki and besides she didn't have the nerve to try it.

Unlike Lospodas, there was only one way into the women's reservation. It was high in the mountains, and the one road in had taken years to complete. Traveling any other route was all but impossible for a normal vehicle. In places the path became very narrow, and Loreena rode the van very close to the cliff's edge, hoping that the earth would give away and make the decision for her. It wasn't until Loreena saw the guard shack at the edge of the city that she knew for sure she wouldn't die that way.

She thought of alerting the guards so they could capture the men who were hiding. The van and their guns would be valuable additions to Leskral's meager supplies.

But what would happen to Mikki? How could she live with the steady flow of pictures and letters the colonel would send to 'keep her informed'?

"Saluda!" the check guard called.

Loreena looked up, recognizing her.

"Salute, Sister." Loreena answered. She hoped the guard would insist on checking the van and find the men, but her position as Sondra's best friend made the guard lax in her duties. She smiled, and waved Loreena through the gate.

"May freedom live!" Another guard called loudly as the van pulled through the barricade.

Loreena bit her lip and made a silent plea. "Let freedom live!" She agreed.

It didn't take long to drive the rest of the way: into the heart of the Leskral reservation; and at each check point it was much the same. Finally, Loreena pulled the van up to the corner of two buildings. Sondra lived in the left one, and occasionally she walked the short distance between, alone or with a very small escort.

When the van was parked, Loreena let the guards out of their cramped hiding place.

"I'll go see if she's home," Loreena said.

Balial, the leader of the raid nodded nervously. He didn't trust Loreena, and being in Leskral territory he had good reason for concern. If Loreena turned them in, these men would immediately be killed. The colonel had a strict 'no prisoner exchange' policy; and Leskral knew it would be useless to try using them as leverage. Each of these men had come on this raid for the hero's reward that they would receive if they were successful.

"Don't forget about your sister," Balial reminded her.

She nodded and got out, crossing the street to the heavily guarded living quarters. She nodded to the guard on duty, who she also recognized. When they had exchanged formal greetings, Loreena asked. "Is Sondra in?"

"No," the guard said. "But I'll tell her your back when she comes in. She'll want to see you."

Loreena nodded. "I think I'll go look for her."

She returned to the van and got in.

"Well," Balial asked.

"She hasn't gone to her room yet," Loreena said, grateful for the temporary delay.

"What do we do now?"


"She could be hours," one of the others protested. It was the first time anyone but she and Balial had spoken.

Loreena shrugged. "Have you got a better idea?"

No one answered, so she settled back in her seat to wait.


Loreena didn't have to wait long.

Balial nudged her on the arm, and pointed towards a group of women coming out of the main complex and heading towards the women's living quarters.

"That's her," Loreena breathed.

Sondra was surrounded by her usual troupe. She walked arm in arm with Shaila, a tall escort with small but well defined muscular structure. Her bodyguards were Zonda and Valeen: two of the largest and most muscular beta Amorians Loreena had ever met. They were heavily armed, devoted to Sondra and very good at their jobs. Loreena didn't know the rest of the group, but they looked like entertainers: they were all attractive women wearing tight pants or leather mini-skirts and lacy blouses with plunging necklines.

"Get going," Balial snapped, giving Loreena a quick little shove. "And don't forget what the colonel will do to your sister if you betray us!"

She nodded, and opened the car door. "Sondra!" she called, hurrying across the street towards them.

Zonda and Valeen, ever alert, had drawn their guns-and they were still tense as she approached. Loreena forced a smile for them then turned her attention to Sondra who was looking at her suspiciously.

"Where's Mikki?" She asked.

"They wouldn't let me have her," Loreena said, and the painful truth of that statement showed on her face. "Oh Sondra, it was terrible."

Loreena didn't know how it happened but suddenly she was in her friend's arms, and Sondra was comforting her. After a moment of holding, Loreena pulled away.

"You were right," she said, noticing out of the corner of her eye that Zonda and Valeen had put away their guns, but still had their hands on them just in case.

"There was nothing I could do," Loreena continued. "They didn't have any intention of letting Mikki go."

"How did you get away?"

"They sent me to give you a message," Loreena said, reaching slowly into her pocket. She knew it was time to pull out the stunner the colonel had given her and try to disable Zonda and Valeen, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She didn't want to do it! Sondra was almost as close as her own sister. And she knew her bodyguards too. Not very well, but like all the women who belonged to the Leskral movement, they were her sworn sisters and she was honor bound to guard them with her life.

"What?" Sondra prompted gently, when she saw Loreena's reluctance to continue.

"This," Loreena said. She pulled the stunner from her pocket. It lay in her open palm, glistening red in the evening sun, and she began to hold it out for Sondra to take.

The moment Zonda and Valeen realized what it was, they reached for their guns-and seeing that Loreena panicked! Her hand flinched instinctively, pressing a button before her mind had time to analyze what she was doing. Then Zonda and Valeen were falling to the ground, cringing in pain.

Loreena looked at them, not comprehending for a moment before the realization hit her! Just a moment ago, she had made up her mind to turn over the men in the van; and now she had incapacitated the two women whose help she would need most.

She looked up at Sondra, whose face had gone pale, her eyes growing wide in horror as she too realized what Loreena had done.

"I'm sorry," Loreena wailed, trying to hand her the stun gun. "That wasn't supposed to happen!"

Loreena heard wheels squealing, and saw Sondra backing away from her. Some of the other women in her troupe had started to run, and others were standing and staring in shocked disbelief.

Men were pouring out of the van, their guns drawn and firing as they ran towards the women on the sidewalk. Loreena turned as she heard a cry of pain, and saw a growing patch of red spread across a woman's chest even as she dropped her gun and pitched forward down the steps of the sleeping quarters. She came to rest a few feet from Loreena, her blank eyes staring up at the sky. Only then did Loreena realize it was the guard from inside that she had spoken to earlier.

The men were moving efficiently. They had stunned Sondra and were grabbing all the other women who had been in her troupe. Loreena saw a man tackle one of the women who had tried to run from behind. He landed with his knee in the small of her back and wrenched her arms around as he clapped cuffs on her. Then he pulled her up, one hand on her arm the other grabbing her by the hair. She stumbled in her tight skirt, as he pushed her towards the van and flung her in through the open sliding door. Her shins slammed against the flooring, just below her knees, and she sprawled forward face first. Shaila and the other two entertainers were herded into the van just as roughly. Men flopped Sondra and her bodyguards over their shoulders and tossed them into the van as well; then they scrambled in on top of them.

"Coming?" Balial asked, as he peeked out of the doorway before closing it.

"You weren't supposed to take all of them!" Loreena cried.

"I'm driving, so if you'd rather stay," Balial said, leaving the thought unfinished. They both knew what would happen to her if she were caught by Leskral now.

Reluctantly she climbed into the van.

They had little problem returning. The perimeter had been alerted, and there was a road block waiting for them, but the van's walls were made of reinforced metal; and the Leskral women didn't have any ammunition that could penetrate it. Even the windows were bullet proof glass. They crashed the blockade, plowing through the barrier with relative ease and drove the remaining miles back to the Lospodas mansion without incident.

The colonel was waiting for the van as it pulled into the unloading bay. He greeted the men warmly as they came out carrying their prizes over their shoulders.

"Good work, dear girl," the colonel said; greeting Loreena warmly too.

"Where's Mikki," she asked. "I want to see her."

"Certainly, I'll take you there myself." He turned and Loreena followed him to the elevators. "She's resting as comfortably as we could make her," he said. "But I would like to schedule an operation to remove the spikes as soon as possible, so you won't be able to visit very long. It's preferable to get them out right away, so the skin doesn't begin to stick to the metal. If that happens, we'll have to cut them out, which can cause a few more complications than simply pulling them out."

The elevator doors opened and they walked down the hall to a room with two guards by the door. They nodded as the colonel approached.

"Loreena may visit her sister now," he said. "When she is done, you will take Mikki down to the infirmary to have those spikes removed."

They nodded in unison, opening the door for Loreena to enter and closing it behind her.

Mikki was asleep on the bed, and her hands were cuffed behind her back, but otherwise she was unfettered and appeared reasonably comfortable. She wore a loose pair of red, silk pants and a matching blouse with an open front so that her breasts, with the network of sharp needles sticking out of them, were uncovered.

Kneeling beside the bed, Loreena brushed the hair out of her sister's eyes. "Wake up Mikki," she said softly, not really wanting to wake her if her sleep was deep.

Mikki opened her eyes. "Loreena," she said with a look of intense relief.

"You look surprised to see me."

Mikki's voice filled with anguish. "They made you do it, didn't they?"

Loreena looked away. "I almost didn't. But then everything went crazy and the next thing I know..."

"I wish I could have been stronger," Mikki said, her voice filled with guilt. "But I can't help it, I'm glad you came back. I don't know how I could have taken anymore."

"I know, I know."

"You should have stayed away though."

"I know," Loreena said, "but where else can I go?" She put her head in Mikki's lap, hugging her gently. She could feel rope beneath the silk pants, pulled tightly between Mikki's legs and knotted around her waist.

"They shouldn't have you like this!"

Mikki blushed. She tried to sit up and Loreena helped her, propping the pillows up behind her.

"They're going to take these out now," Loreena said. "Do you feel up to it?"

"Yes," Mikki said. "You'd think I'd be used to them by now, but they hurt too much. I can't roll over; I can't even take a deep breath..."

"I know," Loreena said. She leaned over and kissed Mikki on the cheek. "I'll go tell them you're ready. Pretty soon you won't even remember that you ever had them." She stood and headed for the door.

"You're wrong," Mikki called after her, her voice little more than a soft whisper. "I'll never forget them."

Loreena didn't answer.

What could she say?

Chapter 4 - Conditioned for Torture (added: 2013/02/23)


It surprised Loreena to find the colonel still waiting for her as she left the room where her sister was. He began walking and she fell into step beside him, walking in silence.

The silence became very long... after a moment Loreena couldn't stand it any longer.

"What now?" She asked.

They came to a corner that was blocked off with a floor wet sign. A naked Amorian was laying down a coat of wax on the floor. Loreena didn't recognize her breeding, but she was almost certain the Amorian was older than she looked, for she could have passed for prepubescent. Among the sterile hybrid races, in particular, it was not uncommon for an adult to look more like a child, both in their face and anatomical features. It was difficult for Loreena to think of them as adults, even the ones she'd gotten to know at Leskral had never quite seemed like adults to her. This one had an older look than many such hybrids that she had meet. In the face, she looked about the same age as Loreena; and her breasts, though very small, were well defined. But she was very small of stature, and with her genitalia exposed, it was obvious that the rest of her sexual characteristics were completely undeveloped.

"That's up to you, isn't it," the colonel said.

Loreena looked over at him and he nodded his head with what seemed like a friendly smile, to indicate that they would take another route to where they were going. "You are free to leave... or I can show you to a room that has been set aside for your sister. It is big enough for the both of you, if you should decide to stay."

"And then what?"

"There are numerous chores and responsibilities involved in running Lospodas. I'm sure we can find one that will suit your talents and temperament. And of course, as a friend of Lospodas, you will have the freedom of the compound when you are not working. There are a variety of activities available that might interest you. Of course, you won't be able to go into certain restricted areas; but it shouldn't be too difficult to keep yourself entertained and stay out of trouble.

"Your other alternative is to leave," the colonel said. "You are free to do so at any time, as you always have been."

Loreena shrugged. "Where would I go?"

"That would be up to you, wouldn't it?" The colonel's smile grew. He knew she didn't really have a choice.

"If you stay, however, you will be required to earn your keep; and as part of that, for the next several days until your sister has recovered, I will be placing you into the care of another colonel, a colonel Jasten."


Colonel Baisurd smiled. "This is only partially a punishment," he said. "One you have earned with the anti-social behavior you've exhibited since you've been at Lospodas. But in a more practical, and important way, it's also a gift. I want you to know how some of the other colonel's treat their charges. Then perhaps, you will fully appreciate the comparative leniency of your treatment under my protection."

They came to a door and he stopped.

"If you decide to stay, you will have a few hours during each of the next few days to visit your sister; but, you will spend the rest of your waking and sleeping time under colonel Jasten's control. During these few days, you will be completely under his rule, and therefore, during that time, you will not be able to leave Lospodas."

She looked down the hall the way they had come; away from the doorway, away from him. "Is this the room? Mikki's room?"

He didn't answer, just pushed the door open on a large, luxurious apartment. Loreena could see plush carpets, finely carved furniture, and expensive decorations, all visible from where she stood in the hall. She was shocked that the colonel would give Mikki and her such a luxurious room, but if the colonel noticed her reaction he didn't comment on it.

"When can I see Mikki again?"

"Have you chosen to stay then," he said, ignoring her question.

Loreena looked at the floor and nodded.

"Colonel Jasten will send someone to collect you, then. In the meantime, I suggest you try to get some sleep. Colonel Jasten can be cruel, and very demanding, and while I find a little independence refreshing, Colonel Jasten absolutely will not tolerate insolence. While you are in his care I would advise you to be respectful, listen carefully whenever you are spoken to and do as he and his representatives say, immediately and without hesitation."

The colonel turned then, and left her in the hall.

She watched him walk away, then entered her new apartment and took a quick tour of the rooms. The carpets were delightfully thick. She removed her shoes, rubbing her toes across the soft fluffy fibers as she walked to the bar which was built into the wall near the dining table. It was stocked with bottles of every shape and color she could imagine. Most of the names were unfamiliar; but, after a little searching, she managed to find a bottle with a common name she recognized.

She popped the cork and drank straight from the bottle as she walked into the kitchen. It was large and well stocked, with cut crystal glasses, fine china plates, expensive silver utensils, brass pots and pans, and a spice rack with nearly a hundred small bottles of volatile oils and dried herbs. There was even an oven for cooking, and a large cooler for storing perishables... In the living room there was a large comfortable looking sofa and an entertainment center complete with a video player and a television. Back before she ran away from home to join Leskral, her father had owned a television and a video player, but she hadn't seen one since leaving, and she realized what an incredible extravagance it was that they had given her one. The bathroom was large too, with a black marble sink and a tub that was almost large enough to swim in.

It seemed ludicrous that colonel Baisurd would provide Mikki and her with such luxurious accommodations, and she felt decadent just standing there, with her feet sinking into the plush carpet. He had promised that they would be allowed to live in luxury, and this seemed to be the fulfillment of that promise-but she had no illusions that this meant she could trust him.

Still, there was no reason not to take advantage of what was given to her, so Loreena filled the tub with steaming hot water, and added scented oil, then slide down into the fragrant womb to relax.

Almost an hour later, she dried herself off with the softest towel she'd ever touched and changed into a filmy negligee and a pair of thong panties which she found in one of the closets. Then she slid between the fresh smelling sheets of her big soft bed. Her whole body seemed to melt as she sank into the silky covers.


The constant knocking sound had slowly filtered its way into Lazinta's mind. Her body was still far too cold to respond, as yet, but she had become aware of the world around her, and from the depths of her meditative state, she had activated the internal organ that would slowly heat her blood until it was warm enough for normal activity. Slowly, so as not to alarm the humans, she allowed her tymbals to open and spread. To humans, the tymbals were one of the features that marked Amorian's as being alien, for the human's speech did not require them, and being warm blooded they did not need them for regulating the blood's temperature, either.

As her body warmed, Lazinta listened to the voices of the human pair, for she had learned a long time ago that much could be learned when humans thought she wasn't conscious or aware of their presence.

"Bless the isles! Is she dead?" The sound of a young woman's voice floated into Lazinta's consciousness almost as if it were a dream, but she had learned a long time ago to distinguish between what was real and what was imagined. There had been a time when that knowledge could have been the difference between life and death, but not any more. Those of her kind who had been domesticated by the humans had different things to worry about-but certainly not the approach of wild animals who might find an unmoving body a tempting meal.

"Of course not," responded a second voice that Lazinta had learned to recognize over the years. It belonged to a middle-aged, human female, named Nibira, who's partial duties included taking care of Lazinta's needs and coming to fetch her when her skills were needed.

"Haven't you ever seen a sleeping Amorian?" Nibira asked. It was a question she had asked , other new girls when she brought them along with her-since very few human's had ever dealt with an Amorian, Lazinta was fairly certain that the question was designed to make the new girl feel naive and inferior. And as usual, it worked.

"She looks dead," the new girl said, barely raising her voice to a whisper.

"But she's not," Nibira replied with confidence. "Just give her a shake, Djwan, you'll see. She'll wake up so fast you might be tempted to think she's the walking dead."

Lazinta felt a tentative hand gently touch her arm then pull quickly away with a squeak that was followed by uproarious laughter. "She is dead," Djwan said. "Her body's as cold as a fish, and she's definitely not breathing."

"She'll warm up once you wake her," Nibira said, still barely able to control her laughter. "Go on, try it again."

Lazinta had heard enough. As always, it irritated her to be interrupted, but she had learned not to ignore such intrusions even when she was in her most somnolent state. She forced herself to take a long deep breath, that was still probably too shallow to draw Djwan's notice; and she could feel the tymbals on either side of her neck beginning to swell as she opened the shunt-valve that let blood flow into the organs.

Djwan gasped.

Lazinta could imagine what had happened, and she didn't really blame the girl. Here she had been about to reach out for a strange new creature that she more than half suspected was already dead, and just as she was about to touch it, gill like slits along the sleeping creature's neck had opened up and the flesh around it had almost instantly begun to swell and turn red. It was a startling sight for a human who hadn't seen it before, although she'd probably be even more surprised if she had actually touched the tymbals and realized the amount of heat that they were generating. Not enough to burn, of course, but more than enough to very quickly heat the blood that was entering her brain.

"Good evening, Djwan," Lazinta said in a very slow and slurred speech. Her mind was already functioning quite clearly, but her body would still feel sluggish for awhile yet.

Lazinta slowly opened her eyes and observed that Djwan was even younger than she had imagined her to be, but the rest was pretty much as she'd expected. The young human had closely-cropped red hair and green eyes that were probably a little wider just now than normal.

The girl was attractive in a human way.

Ten years ago, when she was still at Leskral, Lazinta would have been tempted to flirt with her. During that time of her life, she had been as heavily involved with exploring the sexuality of her human sisters as she had been with the women's movement; and she would have found such a young and alluring creature nearly irresistible. Now she had all but outgrown such interracial interest.

Lazinta glanced over at the older woman, who was grinning gleefully. "Nibira," she said, with a methodically precise nod.

"Colonel Baisurd wants you to heal a new girl down in the infirmary," Nibira said, leaning against a chair in that way of her-which always seemed to Lazinta as if she were consciously posing. Perhaps it was her imagination. Despite the time she had spend under their control, she still had as much difficulty with the body language of humans as they seemed to have with hers-so perhaps it wasn't really a pose, and even if it was, it might not really hide the feelings of condescending superiority that it seemed to. In any case, the attitude wasn't reserved solely for Lazinta.

"I'll be ready in a few moments."

"He wants you to come right now," Nibira said.

Lazinta glanced over at her without moving. Her mind and body felt unconnected-as if, when she gave herself the command to rise, her body would simply lie there paralyzed. But the feeling was as much illusory as real. If she needed to badly enough she could move-even with speed. The difficulty was to convince her self that this was a time of need.

She could feel herself still lying there, despite having told herself repeatedly to get up. Her mind was alert. Her tymbals warmed the blood that flowed into her brain very quickly, but it took a bit longer to warm the rest of her body.

Lazinta rarely found it necessary to move as she was waking from her somnolent state, and disliked it intensely, but she decided she'd delayed the inevitable long enough.

"Will you be escorting me personally," Lazinta asked, "Or must I do without the glory of your presence?"

The girl smiled politely, giving no sign that she understood the intended sarcasm. "He told me to bring you. I think that means I should wait and accompany you."

"Well then," Lazinta said reluctantly, "allow me a moment to fetch my medicine bag." She went to the cupboard that served as her herbarium and grabbed the small pouch that held her medicinal herbs and the cornerstone of her healing art, the sacred HealStone.

"Lead the way," Lazinta said.

The girl seemed pleased by her choice of expression and walked ahead to the door, looking back over her shoulder in a haughty manner that seemed to say, you can follow me now. I give you my permission, you lowly creature. I will walk ahead of you, so that you can gaze upon my perfection.

Lazinta was not above obliging. The girl was curvaceous, and knew just how to move her body for the best effect. It was undoubtedly this very talent that had earned the girl her coveted position as a messenger.

When they reached the infirmary, colonel Baisurd was waiting for them. "Thank you, Urlanta," he said to the human girl. "You are free to go now. I'll page you if I have further need." Then he turned to Lazinta. "I have a young girl I want you to tend to."

One of his victims, no doubt, Lazinta thought.

Following the colonel to a gurney, she looked down at a young woman with shinny, dark hair. The colonel peeled back the cover to reveal that she was completely naked and strapped down; her bonds allowing very little movement. Her breasts were riddled with several odd puncture wounds. The skin around the wounds was red with infection and would undoubtedly scar without Lazinta's talent with the HealStone. Even with it, she would be facing an undeniable challenge.

She frowned.

Even after so many years of working for the colonel, she still found it distasteful to waste the HealStone on such deliberate and frequently reoccurring injuries.

"I have a special interest in this one," the colonel said as he turned to leave. "You can take as long as you need-but make very sure there aren't any permanent scars."

Lazinta nodded and watched him leave. Then she turned her attention to the young woman, who was looking up at her with an expression of uncertainty. "What's your name, child."


"How old are these wounds, Mikki?"

"They took the pins out yesterday." The girl shrugged, wincing with pain. "Maybe three days since they put them in."

Lazinta shook her head as she untied the leather pouch which held the blue HealStone and dumped the blue, orange-sized orb into the palm of her hand. They expect me to work miracles, she thought; but the familiar tingle of the HealStone gave her confidence. It glowed with a dull steady throb, like the EarthMother's beating heart. She remembered how colonel Baisurd sometimes called her work the art of healing. Others had referred to it as a miracle. But it was no miracle-just a sacrilege, a profanity. Lazinta wished she could refuse to heal their victims, but she was not that strong. The consequences of such an act terrified her. She was not even strong enough to kill herself. But even more than that, Lazinta enjoyed using the HealStone. She enjoyed feeling the 'hum of life' as it spread up her arm. As always, she desperately wanted to close her eyes and meditate, but she could barely contain her awe at holding such a large and pure piece of the EarthMother's soul. She found it hard to believe that it had been given into her care; especially here at Lospodas. But then Lospodas wanted its toys fixed. Lazinta had never known a human who could effectively use such a great stone as this one. Even at Leskral, where there were many Amorian healers, only a few could have harnessed the full powers of such a splendid stone. She was certain there wasn't anyone else at Lospodas who could make full use it.

It was this fact that gave Lazinta what little status and comforts she had.

In fact, few stones outside of the UnderCaves were as pure or held as much power as this one. But the power of the stone was simply to heal-it didn't care how it healed. Undirected, it would knit the bones of a broken leg together, but without a skilled healer to direct its power, the bones, tendons and muscles could fuse together in the wrong places. A leg might not heal straight or a joint might fuse together so it couldn't bend. With serious cuts an improper healing could lead to permanent muscle stiffness or even a serious impairment to the use of the limb. Of course, simple things, like scrapes, bruises and minor cuts, could be healed by almost anyone. In such cases, the body itself acted as the guiding principle. It was also true that many stones had a small flaw which tuned them to a specific type of injury, creating a healing apparatus that anyone could use with relative success on that one type of injury.

The stone Lazinta held was entirely without such flaws. With it, the EarthMother's energy flowed as pure as it did in the SourceStone itself. Its healing power was universal and it required a far more skilled guiding force to control it. Lazinta took pride in the fact that she could use this stone, and she relished the luxuries that using it afforded her, considering the alternatives that she saw around her. But HealStones were never intended to be use in such a profane way, and she couldn't help feeling a bit guilty for being a party to such blasphemy.

Lazinta closed her eyes and took a few moments, as she always did, to ask the EarthMother to forgive her. "This is going to hurt," Lazinta said when she opened her eyes again.

"I know," Mikki answered. "I've had a HealStone used on me before."

"Here? At Lospodas?"




"You're a member of the movement?"

Mikki hesitated a moment, then looked away without answering. "Go ahead," she said. "I'm ready."

Lazinta touched the HealStone to the girl's injured flesh and felt the thrill of energy flowing from it. She could sense its uncontrolled patterns in her mind, and began to bend them to her will, shaping and guiding the raw threads of power into a directed healing force. Mikki cried out in agony, straining against her bonds as her flesh bubbled beneath the HealStone's magic. It was always a painful thing when the body accepted such energy. The more serious the wound and the more powerful the stone, the faster the healing-and the faster the healing the more painful it was. That was why the colonel usually brought Lazinta patients who were strapped down. He didn't have the patience to let her do a slower and gentler brand of healing. He wanted his victims patched up right away so that he could get busy breaking them down again. In this case however, speed of recovery was not the primary concern.

Lazinta removed the stone, and wiped the sweat from Mikki's forehead as her features relaxed. She was breathing heavily. "That was intense," Mikki said between pants.

"There are a lot of poisons in your body," Lazinta said. "That's what is causing much of the pain. I can give you something to reduce the poisons before I work anymore on your actual injuries. This will reduce the level of pain you feel significantly, although you will be in mild discomfort for a much longer period of time."

"Are you giving me the choice?"

"No. I'm making the decision for you. I just want you to understand why." Lazinta picked up her medicine bag and took out a syringe and a small vial of lavender liquid. "The colonel was very adamant that your body must not be scarred. It is therefore in my best interest to do this slowly, using your body's own natural healing power to aid the stone.

"The first thing I need to do to accomplish this," Lazinta said as she began to draw the liquid into the syringe. "Is to get rid of the poisons in your body-what a Zanadian doctor would call infection. This should help bring down the swelling, which will aid in producing the required flawless healing."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"Then I'll have to cut away the scar tissue and try again." Lazinta held up the syringe. "This is a potent solution that contains finely powdered HealStone. I'm going to inject it into your arm. It will mix with your blood and be carried to every part of your body where it can fight the poisons. If you remain awake during this time you will experience a low level of discomfort for several hours. It will therefore be much easier for you if you can sleep through this. If you find it too difficult to fall asleep on your own, let me know and I can give you a sedative; but I'd prefer that you tried to get to sleep on your own first. By tomorrow morning the infection and swelling should be down considerably. "

"Then what?"

"Tomorrow we'll see if the swelling has gone down, and if it has, I'll be able to begin your real treatments."


Loreena didn't manage to get much sleep before being awakened by the sound of knocking. When she opened the door there was a small Amorian drone standing in the hall, a small sack held under his arm. Except for a collar, and an unusual genital harness-which had the apparent effect of keeping him permanently aroused and hard-he was totally naked.

"My name is Wilmond," he said as he entered the room. "Colonel Jasten sent me to fetch you. Please remove your clothes."

Loreena's eyes widened in surprise and fear. "Why do I need to remove my clothes," she asked. It didn't occur to her to refuse him, she knew that if it became necessary guards could be called in to help Wilmond, but she was understandably reluctant-and curious.

"You are not to speak unless spoken to," Wilmond said. "Can you keep silent or should I place a gag in your mouth?"

"I can be quiet," she said.

"Good. Your clothes please."

It was obvious by his manner and tone of voice that he expected to be obeyed. Loreena sighed and began to slip out of the negligee and thong panties she had been sleeping in.

"From this moment until such time as you are verbally released, you are under colonel Jasten's jurisdiction. You will do whatever you are told to do quickly and without hesitation or you will be punished."

He placed his hand on Loreena's arm and gently turned her around. As he began to rummage through his sack, she turned her head to watch him.

"Eyes forward, slave." He slapped her firmly on the ass with the palm of his hand. "What I'm doing doesn't concern you."

Loreena trembled under the sting of his blow, and turned her head so that it was facing forward again, watching him only out of the corner of her eye. Wilmond didn't seem to notice. He went back to searching the pack, and after a moment, when he had gathered everything that he was looking for, he pulled her elbows together behind her back and secured them with a pair of padded leather cuffs joined by about four inches of chain. Turning her around again so that she was facing him, Wilmond placed a leather cuff on each of her wrists, then he pulled her hands forward and connected the cuffs with another short length of chain so that her arms were securely pinned at right angles to her side. Next he produced a thick leather collar, and locked it around her neck.

"Follow me," Wilmond said.

Loreena felt totally exposed as he took hold of the chain connecting her elbows and walked beside her, out into the hall. She could feel her humiliation washing over her in warm waves and knew it wasn't likely they would arrive at their destination without someone else seeing her like this. The mere thought of it made her blush even harder. As it turned out, she was only half right. They did see several others as they walked through the halls, but Loreena was not nearly as embarrassed by it as she had thought she would be. The first person they passed was a man who totally ignored them. Next they meet a group of Amorians who were trussed up much the same as she was. Nearly every group they encountered, in fact, contained at least one woman or Amorian who was either naked or wrapped tight in leather or rope. There was nothing that unusual at all about Loreena's situation.

After several minutes of walking Wilmond stopped and opened a door, ushering her into a spacious room. Most of the walls were filled with book shelves; the rest were covered with dark wood paneling. The floor was parquetry covered with thick throw rugs. It looked like a private study, although it was larger than the library had been in her father's house.

There was a huge desk and a couple of large comfortable looking chairs. Wilmond lead her towards one of them, as if he was going to let her sit down, but instead he told her to kneel just in front of the chair. When she was on her knees, he went over to one of the shelves and came back with a small contraption which he held up to her breasts. It was made of two short, but obviously heavy, cylindrical pieces of metal about three or four inches in diameter. They were cold, and as Wilmond pressed them against her breasts, she noticed that the ends of these pillars formed two concave little bowls, so that each of her breasts rested in relative comfortable atop one of them. The pillars were joined by a complex hinge, similar to the one on binoculars, which allowed the pillars to be adjusted closer or further apart. When Wilmond had adjusted the contraption to fit Loreena, he turned a cog which locked it into place; then he set the thing on the floor in front of her and forced her to lean forward, sliding it a little as she did so that when the pillars took her weight, her breasts came to rest in the hollow bowls. He looped a thin strap of leather through a ring on the side of one pillar, slid it under her arms, around her back and connected it to the side of the other pillar. Tied to the metal contraption in this way, it served as an anchor, making it difficult to move her upper body very far. It also served to keep her face just far enough off the floor that she could rest her forehead without bending her neck at an awkward angle, thus ensuring that she could remain in this position for quite a long time without undue muscle strain.

For a final touch, cuffs were placed on her ankles, then they were tied to metal rings spaced widely in the floor. This forced her legs apart, keeping her about as open as she thought it was possible to be.

Loreena wasn't sure exactly when Wilmond left. She keep expecting something else to happen-something unpleasant-but it never did, and after what seemed like several minutes she realized that he was no longer in the room. No one else came for what might have been hours, and although her position wasn't all that uncomfortable physically, waiting was difficult.

Finally the door burst open, and several sets of footsteps entered the room. "Suspend her from the ceiling," said an authoritative voice that she was certain must be master Jasten.

"Yes master." The second voice was deeper, with a rumbling quality that made the words hard to hear.

For a moment Loreena thought this 'master' was talking about her and her heart began to beat wildly. But then she heard the sound of bare feet shuffling across the floor, the rattling of chains and a muffled moan of protest. She turned her head, trying to see, and managed to catch a glimpse of what was going on from the corner of her eye. Another girl was being escorted across the room by two men, and it was immediately obvious that this girl hadn't slept for quite a while. Her hair was dirty and her eyes drooped and fluttered as if they were about to close even as she walked.

The deeper voiced man was joining her wrist cuffs with a length of rope then he found a stool to stand on, passed the rope through a pulley in the ceiling, and pulled until the girl was balanced on the tips of her toes. Then he tied the rope to a hook on the wall.

Colonel Jasten hardly seemed to notice the others; he was browsing among the books on the shelves. Loreena turned her head to the other side, trying to catch a glimpse of him, but he stayed mostly behind her, and about all she could tell was that he seemed well built, and had long, jet black hair that curled down over his black shirt.

When he finally found the book he wanted, he came over to the chair behind Loreena and sat down, propping his feet up on her back as if she were an ottoman. His leather shoes were cool and hard against her hot back.

The rattling of chains drew Loreena's attention, and she looked towards the other girl who'd been strung up. She appeared alert, which surprised Loreena considering how sleepy she had seemed only moments ago. But then, even as Loreena watched, the girl's eyes slowly began to close again. She struggled gamely to keep them open, but she was evidently so tired that she couldn't do it. Her head began to droop towards her chest. The ropes at her wrists began to take most of her weigh. Then the deep voiced man suddenly jabbed her in the side with a needle.

She gasped and jerked, rattling the chains again, and her eyes opened wide as she shook her head.

A small trickle of blood flowed from the needle wound, but the man wiped it away with a damp cloth that Loreena suspected contained a supraesthetic. The girl tried to dance away from his touch, but as soon as the cloth touched her the bleeding seemed to stop.

"Unworthy creature," the deep voiced man said, taking the girl's chin in his hand so that she was forced to look at him. "Who is your master?" When she refused to answer he stuck her in the ass with the needle. "Who is your master?" he asked again.

"You are," she mumbled.

"And who is my master?"

When she didn't answer he moved the needle up to one of her breasts and pierced one of her nipples.

The girl gasped. "Colonel Jasten!" she cried.

The deep voiced man smiled. "Good girl." He wiped her punctured nipple with a wet cloth that instantly seemed to dull the pain. "And what are you?"

Suddenly Loreena was grabbed by the hair and her head was pulled back sharply. She was looking up into the cold, angry eyes of the dark haired man she was certain was colonel Jasten; and despite her fear, she was startled by his cold beauty. His dark piercing eyes seem like knives slicing through her.

"Have I given you permission to look around, Slave?"

Loreena managed to give her head a slight shake.

Colonel Jasten pressed his hand between her legs, slipping his fingers between her folds; and despite colonel Baisurd's warning, Loreena couldn't help the way her legs jerked in a spasm that gave away her desire to press her legs together.

"You're not very well behaved, are you, Slave?" Colonel Jasten pulled sharply on her short hairs.

She gasped.

He gave another tug, even harder this time. "I said, you're not very well behaved, are you, Slave?"

"No," Loreena said through clenched teeth. "I guess not."

"I don't think I heard you right, Slave."

"No, I'm not."

He gave her pubic hairs another yank. "No, master, I am not well behaved, is the proper response, Slave!"

"No, Master, I am not well behaved," Loreena said, feeling her cheeks growing hot with anger and humiliation.

Colonel Jasten rubbed his finger across her pubic mound, gently twirling her hairs around his finger. "For looking around without permission, you will be given ten strokes with the belt."

As he stood up and began to unbuckle his belt, Loreena heard the crack of leather slapping against flesh. She flinched, expecting to feel the sting herself, but when it didn't come her attention drifted back to the other girl in the room. "I am a worthless slave," she cried out. "I am nothing but my desire to serve my master."

"Please," Loreena said, forcing herself to turn her head back away. "You don't have to do this, really. I promise, I won't let it happen again."

"But you just did," Colonel Jasten said, "Which has earned you another ten strokes. Plus ten more for speaking without being spoken to and fifteen for not addressing me properly: as master, even after you had been instructed in the proper form of address. And finally, you will receive an additional ten for talking back in an argumentative manner." Slowly he began to pull the belt free from his pants. Loreena heard another crack of leather, but this time she managed not to look.

He knelt down beside her, letting his hand rest on her back as he whispered in her ear. "Colonel Baisurd asked me to introduce you to the full range of my technique. So tell me, Slave, would you like to observe Kanina's conditioning?"

"Yes, Master Jasten," she lied. "I would."

He smiled. "That's much better."

He let his fingers slide over her back as he moved around behind her, tracing feather light across the chain that held her arms at her side, then down over her asshole, one finger sliding between the folds of her pubic mound, then on down the length of her legs-all the way to the soles of her feet. Slowly he untied the bindings that secured her ankle cuffs to the floor. Then he placed his hands firmly against her hips and slid her around into a new position that twisted her waist at an odd angle. Then he moved the metal pillars that supported her at the chest. When he was done she had a much easier view of Kanina. Simply by turning her head to the side she would be looking right at the girl. Loreena was aware of the deep man's voice, but it was so low that it was difficult to understand what he was saying; and she resisted the urge to turn her head, thinking perhaps that colonel Jasten might consider it another breach of slave etiquette. He was busy retying her ankles to another set of floor rings, but she didn't want to take any chances.

When the colonel was done with the ties, he reached into his pocket and brought out a small egg shaped piece of plastic. It was constructed of two halves that moved independently of each other and as he turned them, the egg began to vibrate with a soft, steady hum. Then he reached down between Loreena's legs and slipped it inside her. She gasped as it entered her, its vibrations causing a warm feeling to spread through her body.

"Don't let that fall out," colonel Jasten said. He placed his hand against the side of her face and turned her head so that she was facing Kanina. "You'll regret it, if you do."

"Yes, Master Jasten."

The deep voiced man was whispering something in Kanina's ear too.

"No Master," the girl sobbed in response. "I'm a lowly slave."

The man swung the strap hard, and as it left a bright red mark across Kanina's stomach, Loreena felt the first stroke from colonel Jasten's belt, like a searing flash of pain across her own ass. Her squeal of protest mingled with Kanina's, a leg spasm forced her muscles to clamp tight around the small vibrating egg inside her. The vibrations echoed through her body, mixing with the pain, sending a delicious shiver over her body.

"Say it louder-with more conviction," the deep voiced man was saying.

"I'm a worthless, slave" the girl screamed. "I am nothing, but my ability to serve my masters."

Loreena watched as he moved closer to Kanina and pressed his hand gently against her pubic mound, causing the girl to gasp. "Isn't this better," he asked.

She nodded, obviously too exhausted to speak.

Colonel Jasten brought his belt down on Loreena, just as the deep voiced man struck Kanina again, although not as hard as he had before. "When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer me."

"Forgive me, Master," Kanina said.

"That's better." His hand moved back between her legs. "Do you think Colonel Jasten should allow you to sleep now?"

"Oh yes. Please, Master. Let me sleep!"

Again they were struck at the same time-and Loreena was rocked with spasms of pain and pleasure.

"Do you think you can tell your master what to do?" the deep voiced man was saying.

"No, Master! I am unworthy! Forgive me, Master. I'm just so tired I forgot myself."

"Should I pity you then?"

"Only if it pleases you, Master."

The deep voiced man moved closer to Kanina and pressed his hand between her legs until she was moaning and rocking her hips. "It pleases me to keep you awake," he said.

Colonel Jasten chose that moment to slip his finger into Loreena.


Buel walked into the small stone room where Sondra had been bound spread-eagle to a raised slab of rock. Leather straps secured her at the waist, neck, elbows, knees, wrists and ankles, leaving her little room to move. He examined the side of her head, touching the small patch of shaved skin and the scar from the operation where they had implanted the tasp into the pleasure center of her brain. He traced over the bruise on her face where a guard had hit her when she wouldn't obey his command. The swelling in her cheek was nearly gone, but not the slight discoloration. He pressed his finger against her cheek bone, making her wince; and when she opened her eyes to look at him, he grinned.

She really was quite beautiful. He took in her haughty face, her mouth spread wide by the black ball gag, her shapely body, and breasts which were full enough to satisfy his tastes. It was obvious that she took pride in her body. It was a beautiful body, firm and strong, with just a hint of muscularity. It was the kind of body most would have to work hard for: exercising and eating properly-and that was the kind he liked to destroy best. Yes, he would enjoy working on her for the colonel.

"Did you have a pleasant nap, lover?"

She closed her eyes, and looked away.

He smiled and his voice took on a tone of mock good cheer. "I do hope you're feeling well, we have a rather busy day scheduled for you."

He nodded to the guards, and they released the straps that bound her to the slab of rock. As soon as she was on her feet she began to struggle, wildly kicking at a guard.

Deftly the guard avoided her foot, and planted his knee full force into her stomach. As she doubled over, he caught her head between his knees. Another guard caught her arms and pulled them snuggly together behind her back, securing them with a leather strap at the elbows. They ignored the choking and retching sounds she made against the gag as she tried to catch her breath.

Buel loved to see his victims struggle-and he suspected this one would keep struggling for quite awhile; but he smiled and said with a tone of deepest sincerity. "I do wish you wouldn't struggle so. It only makes it harder on you. Bring her along, boys. We've got work to do."

He turned, walking out of the room, and the guards shoved her along behind him as he navigated through the halls. They didn't go far before they entered a small chamber. At its center was a heavy wooden frame that looked a little like a doorway except that it had no door or walls. It was almost square in dimension with steel supports running from the transom to the ceiling. Hanging from hooks at the corners of the top beam were two chains attached with leather cuffs.

"Chain her," Buel said, "Feet wide!"

The guards unbound her elbows and pulled her arms above her head, strapping the cuffs around her wrists and hanging the chain on a hook; but as soon as they let go of her arm, she slipped her hands neatly through the cuffs and attacked the nearest guard, trying to get to his eyes with her fingernails. Before she could reach him another guard had rammed his knee into her stomach a second time. A third took hold of her arm and wrenched it savagely behind her back while she gasped for air.

Buel sighed. "I've warned you about that," he said slapping his hand against her firm, exposed ass, and caressing her cheeks. "Now, let me see her hand!"

She didn't respond until the guard holding her arm gave it a cruel twist, making her gasp in pain. Reluctantly she held out her free hand and Buel took it-examining her wrist. She had very small bones, and could collapse her hand until it was no larger than her wrist.

"This is indeed an interesting development," Buel murmured, turning to a guard. "I don't believe I've ever encountered a physiology quite like this." He thought for a moment. "Get some tape," he said. "We'll make her hands into fists for now."

The guard went to a cabinet along one of the walls and after a short search came back with a huge roll of duct tape. He began ripping the tape into strips, while another guard curled Sondra's fingers and wrapped them. When they were done her hands were large fists of tape which they put into the leather cuffs.

"Now the feet," Buel said.

One guard pulled her left leg up and cuffed it above the floor at a forty-five degree angle. Another pulled her other leg off the floor and cuffed it to the opposite beam: forcing all her weight onto her arms. Buel came forward and regarded Sondra closely, rubbing his fingers over her bare breast, tweaking a nipple, then tracing down over her soft, shapely stomach.

He eased a lever on the control pad in his pocket, and she shivered under his touch. The small electrical controller device was sending a weak but definite signal to the tasp in the pleasure center of Sondra's brain; and she was unable not to respond to a sudden inexplicably delicate thrill that ran through her body. Her breath became shaky, and her muscles became tight with desire and expectation.

"Maraal," Buel said, leaving the tasp on low as he motioned to one of the guards.

Maraal came forward with a small, black, medical bag and kneeled on the wooden floor, taking from his bag a small dish and a packet of white powder. He sprinkled a little of the powder into the bowl. The packet he replaced in his bag. Then he took out a bottle of alcohol and a small stirring spatula; and squirting a little of the alcohol into the bowl, he mixed it together with the spatula until it began to foam.

He left the bowl to completely activate, and wiping the spatula on a towel, he put it back in his bag. Next he took out a pair of tweezers, and neatly plucked one of Sondra's pubic hairs. She tensed against her bonds as a small dot of blood welled up on her skin.

Maraal was good-quickly pulling one hair after another with a flicking motion of his wrist that usually took the hairs by the root and rarely pinched her skin.

Next he started on the hairs under her arms.

The powder in the bowl had become a creamy foam by the time he had finished plucking her, and he used a small shaving brush from his bag to apply a thin layer of the foam to her skin: covering her from her neck to her ankles, including the areas he had just plucked, under her arms and between her legs. The foam stung fiercely there.

Next, Maraal produced two small objects that looked something like contact lenses, only they were a little larger; opaque and undoubtedly a little thicker-with small nubs about a quarter of an inch long on the outer curved surface. Maraal held these up to Sondra. "I'm going to put these in your eyes," he said. "Now, unless you cooperate, you might damage your sight-so I suggest that you try to stay as still as possible while I'm putting them in. Do you understand?"

Buel increased the tasp slightly, and Sondra drew in a deep, shaky breath.

"Good," Maraal said, moving towards Sondra with the small objects.

Buel turned the tasp up again, as Maraal carefully pinched her upper eyelash between his fingers, pulling her eyelid away from her eyeball, so that it formed a little pocket. Then, with the tweezers, he gently but firmly pushed one side of the thin blinder device into the pocket and slowly forced it upwards as far as it would go without causing damage; then he pulled her lower eyelid down, and pressed the blinder flat against her eyeball.

Sondra blinked several times as her eyes began to water.

"Try not to move your eye around so much," Maraal said. "Or the eye-blinder may scratch and irritate your eyeball."

After he had repeated the same process on the other eye, Maraal took a straight blade and scraped a small patch of the white foam from her leg. It had eaten off the hair, leaving her skin slightly red and tender; and entirely hairless.

Satisfied, Maraal quickly scraped off the rest of the foam, washing her off with an alcohol soaked rag when he was done.

She tensed as he wiped the liquid onto her raw skin.

Watching, Buel was satisfied with Maraal's work. Smiling, he slowly levered the tasp again. It was part of his intended technique to raise and lower the intensity level to coincide with the natural moments of anxiety; building up to a maximum stimulus when she actually felt pain. In this way, Sondra would learn to associate pain with her pleasure response. The pain would still be pain-but she would learn to crave it.

Of course, some women were easier to condition than others; and so far Sondra had shown no signs of masochism-but Buel was confident in his ability. He had changed the nature of many women. He loved doing it. Soon, Sondra would willingly inflict herself with the most gruesome abuses whenever she was given half a chance... but by then, half of her torment would be that she would not be given the chance very often.

It was an ironic twist that Buel found quite amusing.

With the tasp he could reach out and touch Sondra's deepest pleasure centers. Most people so touched even once, would go to great lengths to repeat the experience. What Buel planned to do was form a link in Sondra's mind between the stimulation of her pleasure centers and being inflicted with bodily pain. Once that link was formed, even without the reinforcing stimulation of her pleasure centers, Sondra would seek out pain as a natural means of triggering those centers.

He put one hand on the tasp, as he moved in closer; then found her protruding nipple with the fingers of his other hand and thumbed the tasp as he gave it a viscous twist.

"Feels good, doesn't it."

He licked her nipple, sucking it into his mouth; thumbing the tasp again as he nipped her flesh sharply with his teeth.

She cried out in a mix of protest and delight, and when he wedged his fingers savagely between her legs it came away dripping wet.

"So," he said with a pleased smile. "You do like it. Don't you?"

He turned to one of the others, who handed him a nipple clamp; and as he put it on her, he thumbed the tasp again.

Her body spasm rattled the chains for a moment.

"Maraal," Buel said. "I don't think she's tight enough."

Taking the cue, Maraal took a length of rope and folding it in half, wrapped it around her waist, threading the loose ends through the loop formed at the other. With a few gentle tugs he tied it tight. Then, kneeling in front of her, he spread her cunt and wedged the twin ropes firmly between her labia. He passed the rope to Buel on the other side, who lashed them-under considerable tension-to a metal ring on the far wall.

Standing up, Buel ran his hand over her legs as he admired his work. He slapped the inside of her thigh, leaving a bright red hand print, as he thumbed the tasp higher.

She jerked and moaned; and suddenly the ropes flexed. They slipped tighter around her already pinched waist.

"Snug it up a little, will you Maraal" Buel said with mock severity. "I want that damn rope so tight she can't move! And then go get me that sack of clamps and whips that I prepared earlier."

"My pleasure," Maraal sneered, "And how about some of that prickly wire? I'd like to play with those breasts awhile."

"Yes," Buel said. "That's a fine idea."


Loreena's whipping session went on for what seemed like hours: the deep voiced man asking Kanina questions which were either punished or rewarded. And each time, Loreena received the exact same punishment or reward. It didn't take long for Loreena to start silently answering for the girl, and hoping that she would come up with the correct response. Being as tired as she was, it was easy for the man who was questioning her to trick Kanina into giving an inappropriate response. But more than that, he soon began to quiz Kanina on more difficult questions of etiquette, mixing in Lospodas procedure and other types of questions that neither Kanina nor Loreena had any way of knowing, since they were both new to Lospodas. After awhile, the questions began to repeat themselves, and the rewards would start to come more frequently than the punishment. Then he would move on again to another set of questions, with a different set of responses that had to be learned. Occasionally he would return to the earlier questions to make sure that they hadn't been forgotten.

Both Loreena's mind and flesh felt as if they were on fire. She had long since lost track of how many strokes she had received and she suspected that the colonel had too. He certainly didn't seem to be in any hurry to get them over with. In fact, he seemed to delight in making Loreena anticipate the sting of the next stroke. Sometimes, when Kanina was getting the answers right, he would get sidetracked for awhile, amusing himself by playing with Loreena's tender parts, almost as if she were a dog he was absent mindedly petting. Between his probing hands and the vibrating egg, she had been brought to the edge of orgasm several times, but somehow colonel Jasten always seemed to know when to stop to leave her just short of release.

Her whole body was trembling with ecstasy and expectation, when colonel Jasten at last sat down in his chair, and propped his boots up on Loreena's tender back to watch the rest of Kanina's training. Loreena couldn't imagine what it was like for her: she had come into this session already near exhaustion while Loreena had been fresh, and she had found it difficult enough.

At last the session came to an end. Colonel Jasten put his feet down as Kanina was being lead from the room; and Loreena groaned in relief as the pressure was removed from her back.

Suddenly there was a crack that jarred her whole body and sent another spasm of vibrating pain and pleasure through her body.

"You express displeasure when you moan like that," colonel Jasten said, as he knelt beside her and began to untie her legs from the floor rings. "Such an expression is not acceptable from a slave. Your purpose is to serve your master's desires in all things. If he desires to see you in pain and discomfort, then your greatest pleasure is to willingly bear that pain and discomfort so that he can derive pleasure from it. This evening you will receive an additional fifteen lashes, so that next time you will remember."

"But I..." She stopped herself when she realized what she was about to do and clamped her mouth closed; desperately trying to think of something she could say to lessen the punishment she knew would be coming because of her outburst. All she could think to say was, "Yes, master. Thank you."

"You seem to have some difficulty restraining yourself on your own. Therefore, to help you remember, I'm going to have you gagged for the remainder of the day, when I'm done with you. In addition, you will receive another fifteen strokes in the morning. They will serve as a reminder as you start your day, and perhaps you will not make so many mistakes tomorrow."

He unbuckled the leather strap that held her to the metal pillars which weighed her down, and helped her rise to her feet. Then he pressed his hand against her pubes. She tried not to move away from his probing fingers, but she was too tender and couldn't help flinching in silent protest. "You will learn to keep your legs open to me and any other man who I permit to touch you," he said, moving closer so that she could not escape his caresses, as he used his other hand to roughly knead her thighs and squeeze her ass. This time she managed to keep her body from reacting. "That's better," he said. "You will always make yourself as open and inviting as possible; or you will be punished. Since I am in a lenient mood, and you are trying, I will limit your punishment to something that you may not find totally unpleasant. But I am not always such a patient man; and your punishments will quickly become more severe. "

Licking his index finger he slipped it into her asshole. "Good," he said. "I like a tight ass. Now, walk over to the desk along the wall and lean over it."

Even freed from her metal anchor, there was little Loreena could do to seriously thwart Colonel Jasten. If she refused to do as he asked he would simply call for assistance, and she would undoubtedly be punished severely. She had placed herself in his hands in exchange for being allowed to stay at Lospodas, and now she was stuck with that decision for as long as it lasted.

Hopefully that wouldn't be too long, she thought, as she walked over to the wooden desk. The edge of it came right to her hips, almost as if it had been measured for her. She began to lean over, but colonel Jasten's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Just a moment, slave. Let me put your punishment board in place."

He opened a door in the side of the desk, and took out a small wooden bed of nails, which he placed on the table in front of her. It was just large enough to cover the surface of the desk where her stomach and breasts would rest. All the nails were rather short, more like tacks, but they were sharp and spaced at about half-inch intervals.

Trembling, Loreena began to bend over, easing herself down onto the board. Apparently she was not fast enough for colonel Jasten tastes; he grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved her forward. The vibrating egg almost popped out as her belly and breasts plopped down on the bed of nail: each point a distinct prick on her skin. She was surprised that it didn't actually hurt quite as bad as she'd suspected it would. It was more like an itch, slowly building up in a couple dozen different places. She had a perverse urge to slide her torso across the nails, because it was impossible to use her hands to scratch her self as she would have wished. But the nails held her in place and made it impossible for her to move.

"Not bad for a novice," colonel Jasten said as he began to unbuckled his pants. "But you didn't move fast enough. When I tell you to do something, you don't think about it-you simply do it. You will receive another ten lashes in the morning for moving too slowly."

Loreena stifled her instinctive response. "Yes, Master," she said. Then she gasped as one of his fingers, covered with something cold and slimy, pressed against her sphincter and slide gently inside, probing.

"Nice and tight," he said approvingly. "Are you a virgin in this hole?"

"Yes, Master Jasten."

"Well," he said, slowly working another finger inside her. "The ointment I'm using will help facilitate my entry. But don't expect this concession in the future. Tomorrow you will receive a butt plug which you will wear most of the time. Among those times when it will be removed is when you need to wash or relieve yourself. Periodically, during each day, the plug will also be removed so that you can practice a series of exercises designed to strengthen your sphincter muscles. When you are done with these exercises, the old plug will be replaced with a slightly larger one. The idea is to teach your body to accommodate even the largest man, without causing any damage; but the exercises are necessary to keep you from becoming sloppy loose on those men, such as myself, who are a little smaller. In time you will be able to accommodate a man of any size with equal skill and ease."

"Thank you, Master."

Colonel Jasten smiled and removed his fingers. "Now, you will not make any sounds while I take my pleasure," he said. "Nor will you struggle or squirm in any way. Each time you do will add two strokes to each of your whippings, two for this evening and two for tomorrow morning. Do you understand, Slave."

"Yes, Master Jasten."

"Good," he said, positioning the tip of his dick against her ass with his hand; and thrusting gently but firmly forward with his hips. "It's time to get started then."

She could feel his member spreading her cheeks and sliding inside, were his fingers had been but moments before. Her sphincter tightened involuntarily, trying to keep him out; but it was no match against his greased spear. The tip broke through with a minimum of resistance, and once inside, it slid more easily as he thrust hard and deep. His stomach pressed against her ass as he used her hips for leverage to shove himself in deeper. The force of it pressed her harder against the bed of nails; and it felt like a dozen little mouths biting into her flesh. She gasped and tried to ease her body upward to relieve some of the pressure from the nails.

"That's four," colonel Jasten said as he slide out of her, "Two for moaning and two for squirming."

Then he rammed into her again.


"Good morning," Lazinta said, smiling down at Mikki's naked body, despite the straps that held her to the table. "Your skin color has improved at least. Any headaches or fever?"

Mikki smiled back at her. "None," she said.

Lazinta liked this girl. There was no malice or contempt in her voice and her eyes were gracious and accepting, with an occasional hint of humor despite her circumstances.

She pressed her finger against Mikki's breast, watching to see how the skin underneath turned white and, when she removed her finger, how the color came back. Then she closed her eyes and let her mind sink into that meditative state where she could sense her patient's body on a deeper and more subtle level. After several moments she opened her eyes again. "Well," she said. "It appears we've finally beaten that stubborn infection of yours. I don't think the colonel realizes how close you were to being dangerously ill. If he hadn't brought you to me when he did, your symptoms would have become quite apparent in a very short time."

"But you did catch it in time," Mikki said. "So, how much longer is this going to take? Nothing personal, but I'm getting tired of being strapped down to this table while you poke and prod at me day after day."

"No offense taken," Lazinta said with a smile as she deliberately poked her fingers into Mikki's ribs. "I wouldn't want to be strapped down while someone poked me, either."

"Stop that," Mikki laughed. "Now, how much longer?"

Lazinta shrugged. "It would have been much easier if colonel Baisurd had brought you to me sooner. Or if he wasn't so concerned with not leaving scars. That forces me to work very slowly."

"A few days?"

"Probably more like a few weeks." Lazinta slide the HealStone from its sheath.

"Any chance you can make them a little larger while you're at it?"

"I wouldn't even if I could," Lazinta said, pressing the stone against Mikki's stomach-well below where the wounds on her breasts where-and working it around in small circles. Against healthy flesh, it produced little more than a pleasant tingle and softer skin. "You have magnificent breasts, just as they are."

"You like them small, huh?"

"As a matter of fact I do," Lazinta said, and she reached up and lightly pinched one of Mikki's nipples as if to prove her point.

"You must really hate the ones you've got then."

Lazinta laughed. "Why do you say that? Don't you like them?"

"I think they're great, but they're not exactly small."

"They suit my purposes quite fine,"

Lazinta said, working the HealStone a little higher, passing it over the healthy skin of Mikki's breasts without actually touching any of the wounds themselves.

"Oh, I see," Mikki said. "You like my tiny little breasts, just as long as they aren't your."

"The fact that I'm satisfied with my own breasts has no bearing on whether or not I find yours attractive."

"Do you," Mikki asked. "Find me attractive?"

"You are the most appealing human I've meet in many years."

Mikki smiled. "Yeah well, you can poke me any time."


Loreena's stay with colonel Jasten was turning out to be much longer than she had anticipated. Despite the fact that she was allowed to visit Mikki almost every afternoon, for an hour or two, she still found it hard to believe that it could be taking this long for Mikki's wounds to heal. It wasn't that she didn't believe the proof before her eyes, but she couldn't help wondering if the healer was purposefully delaying the process so that she would have to spend more time with colonel Jasten.

Despite the severity of her first day's lessons, still a painful reminder when she moved, she'd been unable to guard her thoughts and actions and had made several more mistakes. In the morning, Wilmond had removed the butt-plug that colonel Jasten had placed in her for the night, then he'd taken her to the latrine. Loreena, however, was unable to pee with him watching her, despite his warnings that she would not be able to do so later. After several minutes of trying, Wilmond had taken her elsewhere to prepare her for her training.

In the rush caused by the extra time he had given her, he had not replaced the butt-plug and Loreena had not felt inclined to remind him how colonel Jasten had wanted her to wear it at all times.

Her nose was pierced through its soft fleshy center, bringing tears to her eyes. Then her ears and each of her nipples were pierced, and set with metal studs so they wouldn't close up as they healed. Then she was taken to a costume designer, and every part of her body was carefully measured and cast in plaster. These, she was informed, would be used to make custom leather items that had been form-fitted to the particular shape of her body. It was nearly noon when they were finished there and Wilmond finally took her back to see colonel Jasten. He was busy going over some figures in a ledger, and as he worked Loreena was expected to kneel beside him on the floor, without moving.

By now her bladder was becoming rather full, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to ignore any longer. At first it was just a matter of finding it difficult not to squirm, but after a short while she felt that she had to ask colonel Jasten if she could speak.

"You may," he said. "But you will receive five lashes against your inner thighs for speaking without being given permission."

"But Master, I have to pee," she said.

He looked at her with a frown. "Didn't Wilmond take you to the latrine when you awoke, Slave?"

"Yes, Master. But I was unable to go then."

"You will learn to relieve yourself when your master tells you to."

Loreena's eyes grew wide in disbelief. "But I..." She clamped her teeth down on her sentence as she realized that he would say she was talking back. It wasn't fair. No matter what she did she was punished.

"Since you realize what you have just done, I will be lenient and simply gag you until lunch time, as a reminder not to talk back. And I will only assign you fifteen strokes: the five for speaking without permission, and ten for talking back."

"But when did I..."

"Make that twenty-five," he said with a devious smile. "You used the word but when you told me that you had to pee, which implies a criticism of me for assigning the five lashes."

"Yes Master. Thank you for instructing this unworthy slave. "

He chose a large dildo gag that tickled the back of her throat as he placed it in her mouth. Then he reached down and slipped his fingers between her legs, pressing against her in a rhythmic motion that made her need to void her bladder even worse. "Do you think I haven't seen you squirming?" He asked. "I have been aware of your need for the last twenty minutes, and if I'd wanted to let you pee, I would have called Wilmond to take you to the latrine. But the fact is, you should have gone when Wilmond took you there this morning."

Suddenly, he struck her hard on the ass with the palm of his hand; and her muscles clenched, forcing her need to pee to recede a little.

"There, that helped some, didn't it, Slave?"

Loreena nodded, surprised at how effective his hand had been.

"Good, because you will have to hold it for another full hour; and if you pee before then I will not be pleased."

Loreena spent the next forty-seven minutes, squirming in ever increasing discomfort. She danced with her legs pressed together and pushed the palm of her hands against her pubes, trying to hold it back, but it was more than she could manage; and at last, she voided her bladder on the hard wood floor.

Colonel Jasten called Wilmond to clean it up, while Loreena looked on with fear and embarrassment.

"Wilmond," colonel Jasten said, when the drone was finished cleaning the mess. "This slave has obviously not been potty trained. Fix her up with one of those special absorbent plugs so that this sort of thing doesn't happen again, and then fit her with a chastity belt so that it can't be removed without permission. Oh, and I've noticed that she isn't wearing the butt-plug that I ordered for her. You will receive thirty lashes for that oversight; and you, slave, will receive twenty for not reminding him. Now, see that she is fitted with one of the smaller sized butt-plugs. I want her to wear it for four hours, then take her to the aerobics room and have Evaline teach her some pelvic exercises for about half an hour. Then replace her butt-plug with the next larger size. You will repeat this process every day, until I tell you otherwise."

Despite the punishment she had helped Wilmond earn, he allowed her to take a few extra minutes in the latrine, and this time, she was able to defecate despite his prying eyes. Then he took her to a small room with a surprisingly clinical setting. There was a table with the kind of stirrups that were often used for a gynecological examination, as well as various other pieces of equipment, few for which Loreena couldn't fathom a possible use. There were shelves, drawers and cabinets filled with all kinds of supplies. Wilmond opened one of the draws, revealing an assortment of plastic plugs, in every conceivable size and shape-and some that she didn't believe could possibly fit into anyone's orifice, no matter how much it had been stretched. The very thought of that huge thing inside her made her stomach queasy. Fortunately, the one Wilmond selected for her, while not the smallest, was definitely on the small side. He ordered Loreena to bend over then, and greased the plug, inserting it carefully into her rectum. Next he found a tampon-about the same dimensions as the butt plug. She found it distinctly unpleasant when he inserted this into her vagina, but there was nothing she could do about it that wouldn't get her in even more trouble.

Finally he fitted her with a chastity belt that consisted of a leather belt and a strap that covered both plugs and held them firmly in place.

For the rest of that day and most of the next, with her lessons still a painful reminder, she'd been able to guard her every thought and step and hadn't made many mistakes. But as one day turned into two and then three, it once again became more and more difficult to keep from being punished. She forgot about speaking out of turn and was repeatedly forced to wear a gag for the rest of the day, until her jaws seemed to ache constantly. Other times she would fail to keep her eyes lowered in colonel Jasten's presence, and received five lashes. Or maybe she would allow a hint of sarcasm into her voice when he asked her a question and clamps would be placed on her nipples for half an hour-with any new infractions adding weight to the clamps or time to her sentence. At such times colonel Jasten would watch her like a hawk, not letting her get away with even the slightest mistake-and it was amazing how easily he seemed to be able to catch her making one.

Her nipples were still sore from the first session with the clamps, when he condemned her to another.

Her body, in fact, never seemed to be completely free from the aches and pains of her various punishments-even though, by now, she had formed habits that helped her prevent such unpleasantness.

After that first day, Loreena had been force to wear the chastity belt and the uncomfortable plugs both day and night, for several days. She was given fifteen minutes in the morning after waking and in the evening before going to bed when it was removed so that she could wash and relieve herself properly. At midday also she was ordered to defecate, and if, after twenty minutes she was unable to do so, she was given an enema to wash out her system. The first couple of days she had found it difficult to go when she was supposed to, and resisted the need when she wasn't; but now she was getting used to it. Her body had quickly formed a habit of being regular, and now she almost never felt the urge to pee or defecate until Wilmond or Jasten removed her chastity belt and gave her the order.

The plug in her ass had become quite large. She was always astonished when she saw how large it really was, but somehow the next one managed to slide in without seeming much tighter than the one before it. Some of her exercises consisted of various movements designed to target certain muscles. Others, like clenching and loosening her sphincter at will, bit without clenching the cheeks of her ass-forced her to become aware of which muscles she was using. At first, Evaline would always assist her in the exercises, placing her fingers over the targeted muscles so that she could tell when Loreena was contracting the right ones. Sometimes, other fingers would check to made sure that non-targeted muscles were not being contracted too. And when she did a good job, those fingers would find her secret places of pleasure and give her a pleasant reward.

There were other ways in which she was sometimes given a reward. As colonel Baisurd had promised, she was allowed to visit Mikki frequently. At first the chastity belt had made her feel uncomfortable around Mikki, but now, sometimes at least, she could almost forget that it was there. She was also given a little more personal freedom-not much-but in addition to visiting Mikki, she noticed that her limbs were not always tied anymore; and as long as she performed well, she was given several hours during each day when she could do whatever she wanted. Before, during such times, she might have been ordered to stand quietly in a corner, or to kneel at Jasten's side, but now she was simply told that her presence would not be required for a few hours.

There wasn't a great deal to do, during these times. She would wander about the halls, and look in on the training sessions of other women; or sometimes she would retreat to her room with one of the books from the shelves in Jasten's study. But whatever she did, it felt good to know that she was free to do it.

"There you are," Wilmond said, when he found her wandering the halls during one such free time.

"Yes, master Wilmond," Loreena said as she turned around. She quickly lowered her eyes, waiting to see what he would ask her to do.

"It's time to take this off," he said, tapping the lock on her chastity belt with the key he held in his hand.

Loreena shifted her weight to give him easier access to the lock, and smiled slightly when he leaned over to undo it. She wasn't sure if this meant that she was about to be released back to colonel Baisurd's control, or if she had simply worn the device long enough to satisfy colonel Jasten, but either way it would be a definite improvement.


"Today's the day," Lazinta said, taking the HealStone away from Mikki's breast.

"The day for what?"

"The day I must declare you officially healed."

"No scars left?"

Lazinta let her fingers glide across Mikki's smooth breast, but it wasn't to double check her diagnosis. "I hope you'll never have to come visit me again," she said. But she knew that wasn't very likely. It had been her experience that colonel Baisurd almost always brought his toys back to be fixed up, again and again-until eventually they were so badly broken that they could no longer be fixed.

It saddened her much more than usual to think that this might be Mikki's fate.

The girl shrugged. "I wouldn't mind seeing you again," she said.

"You can do that," Lazinta agreed, "Just don't do it by getting into trouble. Now, you're probably restless from staying in bed so much of the time, but remember that you're body still isn't one hundred percent. Allow yourself to get plenty of rest and eat right, if you can. I'll do what I can when I give colonel Baisurd my recommendation-but my word doesn't carry much weight with him."

"Don't worry," Mikki said. "The colonel's gotten what he wants out of me."

Lazinta shook her head. "I hope you're right," she said. Then she leaned forward and kissed Mikki on the cheek. "Take care of yourself, my friend." And with that said, she stood and walked to the door. She would go to the colonel and giver her recommendations for Mikki's further treatments. Now that the girl's wounds were completely healed, that was all she could do.

It wasn't long after Lazinta meet with colonel Baisurd that he sent for Wilmond; and within a matter of minutes, the Amorian Drone was on his way to find Loreena and take her to an audience with the colonel.


When they reached colonel Baisurd's door Wilmond stopped Loreena and removed her gag; then he proceeded to remove the leather and chains that bound her. When he was done everything that wasn't a part of her body had been removed-except for the high heels-and they only served to make Loreena feel even more naked. She felt more naked than she had at any other time since coming to Lospodas.

"Go on in," Wilmond said. "Colonel Baisurd is waiting for you."

She turned the door knob, pushed the door open and took a step inside the room. The colonel was working on some papers at his desk, but he looked up as soon as she entered and studied her intently, as if he was looking for some sign that she had been changed.

"Loreena, how nice to see you," he said. "Won't you come in?"

She almost answered, 'yes, Master'; but he had not called her slave, as colonel Jasten always had when he expected her to speak. Moreover, Loreena's training had not been as intense as Kanina's, for instance; and it was far shorter than was normally required to turn out a fully conditioned slave-girl. Still, she had spent enough time living the life that she had to guard her responses almost as much now as she had during those first few days with colonel Jasten.

The colonel smiled as if he knew what was going on inside her head. "Why don't you close the door," he said.

Loreena frowned, but obeyed without even looking to see if Wilmond had left yet; in fact, her eyes never left the colonel's. His eyes seemed to be taking in her every move-her every breath. It made her that much more uncomfortable, that much more aware of her nakedness. It angered her to realize that there probably was an observable difference in the way she was acting... she couldn't help it.

"There's a dress on the table in the corner," colonel Baisurd said. "Would you like to change?"

"Thank you," Loreena said, finally taking her eyes off the colonel as she walked over to the dress. It was the same open-breasted design as the dress she had been given on her arrival at Lospodas, but this one was a pale blue color. Looking over at the colonel, she saw that he was still watching her closely, but she didn't care. She slipped her arms into the dress and squirmed into it with as much haste and dignity as she could muster.

As she walked back towards the colonel she tugged the dress's lacing tight beneath her breasts, until it fit as snuggly as it was obviously supposed to.

"So," colonel Baisurd said when she was standing in front of his desk again. "What did you think of colonel Jasten's training technique?"

"It's effective," Loreena admitted.

She looked at the chair that was sitting in front of the colonel's desk. For a moment, she wished that the colonel would tell her to sit down, but then she wondered if he hadn't purposely placed the chair right where it would tempt her. Perhaps he was neglecting to ask her to sit as a test: to see what she would do. Well, she wasn't going to let colonel Jasten's training control her any more than she could help. It made her feel a little uncomfortable, but she forced herself to pull out the chair and sat down, without even asking.

"But not so effective for you, I'm happy to see. Still, it seems to have improved your manners a little, just as I had hoped."

"I'm no longer being threatened with punishments, am I?"

"No," colonel Baisurd said. "You may feel free to sit as you please in my presence. I have no interest in controlling your every move, for I do not find it interesting to bend the will of a broken and helpless spirit. I prefer to leave an individual's will intact and change their minds through various forms of persuasion."

"I'm not sure I don't I prefer colonel Jasten's methods," she said.

He smiled wryly. "Unfortunately, I didn't choose my method for your amusement." He stood then, and walked around the desk, taking her hand almost gently. "Come, my little pet. I have something to show you."

She was annoyed by this new endearment he had chosen. It came to close to describing exactly how she felt, and more than that, she sense that he knew how it would make her feel and had chosen it specifically for that reason.

"Do you want to see what has become of your handiwork?" He gave her arm a gentle tug. "Come. Sit over here, in this chair."

She resisted him for a moment, her old manners suddenly coming easily to her again.

"Oh, come now! Surely you must wonder what has become of Sondra Conse. I would think you would be concerned. There was a time when you were such good friends."

"I don't want to think about her," Loreena moaned.

He reached out and took her chin in his hand, forcing her to look at him. "You really must learn to overcome these unpleasant moods of yours, my pet." He frowned as if he were about to say something that saddened him. "It doesn't become you."

"I thought you enjoyed having a willful slave."

"Willful, yes. Rude or unpleasant, no. You will speak to me with respect or one of these days I might just send you back to colonel Jasten... and if I do, it won't be as a short object lesson, this time. I doubt you would enjoy the full training regiment. It's much more demanding than what you went through. And if I'm forced to send you through it, I might not be inclined to bring you back."

"I've done everything you've asked," Loreena whispered, unable to keep the fear or the anger out of her voice.

"Yes, yes," he released her, waving his hand in a trivial dismissal. "It was a small thing really. And I assure you, you will be well rewarded. But you and I have more that we can give each other!"

"What makes you think you have anything I want?"

"I still have your sister," he said.

His voice was casual, without a hint of menace, but the threat was unmistakable; and it took the fight out of Loreena. She let him lead her to the chair without further protest.

"I plan to publish some of these pictures in the next issue of Sado-Poll magazine," he spoke conversationally, spreading several photographs on the desk in front of her. "Sondra was the Poll-girl for this last issue. In the next issue it will be time to let the readers know how she fared. I was curious myself, how the readers would vote. I, of course, voted for a long life of torture-but it's hard to say how public opinion will go. She was not very popular among Zanadian men, although the women seem to like her."

Loreena was hardly listening. She was riveted in place by the photos: torn by the sight of them, but unable not to look.

Sondra was the center piece of every one.

"This series is particularly interesting," the colonel said pointing out four photos that showed doctors drilling holes through Sondra's wrists. "Your friend has a unique ability to collapse her hands so that they are no larger than her wrists. It posed quite an intriguing problem, trying to design bracelets that could prevent her from doing this." The next two pictures showed her being fitting with the wrist manacles he spoke of. They encircled her wrists in the normal fashion, but they had two holes which allowed a pin to pass through the holes in her wrists.

"You can see our solution was rather ingenious. The real problem was drilling holes that were large enough to take a sturdy metal rod, without damaging the ligaments, muscles or bones. After all, we didn't' want to permanently maim her. But then, Lazinta proved her usefulness again."

"What is it you want from me?" Loreena asked her voice barely more than a whisper.

The colonel smiled. "You like to get right to the point don't you? Very well, I need you to participate in Sondra's tortures," the colonel said. "Sondra's loss was a blow to Leskral, but they have recovered admirably; and they have mounted their own campaign of raiding. Nothing as successful as ours, but... enough to make some people think that maybe we should have left well enough alone. There are other colonel's within Lospodas who would try to use this to weaken my position; there are even conservatives in the Zanadian government who feel we should go so far as to accept the women's movement without reserve. They feel Lospodas should no longer receive funds to support its covert activities." He shrugged. "It's a delicate situation, as you can guess. But I'm confident that reasonable men will see the need to maintain constant pressure against Leskral. All those men need is a little push from public opinion, and that's where you come in, my dear."

Loreena had recovered some of her composure while the colonel talked; and it occurred to her to wonder if the colonel had deliberately told her of Lospodas' supposed troubles to make her decision all the more difficult to bear.

"Why," Loreena said. "Why does it have to be me?"

"The women's movement has used Sondra's kidnapping to gather sympathetic support among some of the more liberal men's factions, in a way that I had not anticipated. I need you to help change that. You were very prominent in the ranks of the women's movement. I plan to write an article describing how you, Sondra's closest friend, saw the light and turned against the movement. There will be quotes from you-supported by video tapes for the news reels, so no one will be able to say that it was faked. You will talk about Leskral's substandard living conditions, the cruel treatment you received from superiors. You will tell how they curtailed your freedoms once you joined; and terrorized you to keep you in line."

"But none of that is true."

"A minor technicality," he said.

"Why can't you just write it," she said, embarrassed by the whining tone of her own voice.

"Without you in the pictures... saying the words... actively showing which side you support." He shook his head. "Such an article wouldn't mean much. It will only have the power to sway the men's groups I've mentioned-and perhaps even more importantly, other women who may be considering joining the women's movement-if they see a woman from Leskral saying the words. And I don't mean a reluctant and depressed woman. You will have to appear willing and enthusiastic when you appear on the newsreels. Anything less will be unacceptable."

"I don't think I can do that," she said. "How do you expect me to make anyone believe that my heart is really in it? I'm not that good an actress."

"How unfortunate for Mikki."

Loreena took a deep breath that caught in her throat. "You enjoy making this as difficult for me as you can, don't you."

The colonel laughed. "Am I that transparent," he said. Then he sobered "Seriously, I do know how difficult this is for you. I'm not stupid enough to think that you can will yourself to do it and be instantly convincing. Therefore, I'm willing to give you a little time; and I'm going to let you practice on other women for a while, before you have to do the real thing with Sondra, in public. That way you'll have a chance to get used to the idea, and I'll have a chance to see if you have what it takes to do the job convincingly."

Loreena closed her eyes and said nothing.

"You have no one to blame for this but yourself. If you had been a little more pleasant the first time we meet, I would be honor bound to find another way to solve this little dilemma now."

"I don't believe you," she said. "I think I've done exactly what you wanted me to do all along."

"Don't make it sound as if you didn't have a choice, my pet. Unlike your sister, you've always had a choice. Even now you have a choice. If you want to, you can refuse to do this. If you want, you can leave Lospodas this very moment. I'll gladly pack your bags myself."

Loreena snorted. Why did he insist on pretending? Was it just another way to torment her? He seemed to delight in finding new ways to fuck with her mind. He always told her she was free to leave Lospodas! But of course, those were just words. Both of them knew that, at this point, she had nowhere else to go. In truth, she was a prisoner, as surely as she had been under colonel Jasten's care. If she returned to Leskral they would not hesitate to kill her; and out in the male oriented world, she would be without a man to protect her. With no money and no fieflord, the best she could hope for would be to indenture herself to a kind master or slowly starve to death.

The list of less pleasant options was much longer...

No, the burden of choice was a fraud, but he must surely know that the illusion of having a choice made it all the more difficult for her.

Well, she could always kill herself... that was a choice she hadn't thought of for quite some time now. During her time with colonel Jasten, it hadn't even been a possibility, except during the few hours of freedom that she had every few days. But there were other ways to kill one's self beside the death capsules.

Loreena felt a sudden flood of relief at her decision. She would agree to the colonel's demands and then, as soon as she was alone she would kill herself.

"Oh, by the way," the colonel said. "If you think you can get out of this by committing suicide, you're wrong."

Loreena looked up in surprise. How had he known what she was thinking?

"As soon as you were dead, I'd have to start torturing Mikki again. You see that is my second option, should you refuse to help me." His eyes seemed to be laughing at her. "My PR men could manage to make your suicide sound like a moral victory, of sort," he explained. "And along with your sister's torture, it could be made to work. Not as well as if you willingly joined us, but..."

Loreena closed her eyes to blot the colonel from her sight, to obliterate the room, and everything else that had suddenly become her whole world-even if it was only for a few moments of peace, a few seconds in the safe darkness of her own mind.

"Well," the colonel prompted.

Well, what choice did she have? She didn't want to torture Sondra but... Any alternative meant he would torture Mikki again; and she had a feeling that he would almost prefer that.

But as much as it galled her to admit it, he had her beat. Having sacrificed Sondra would be meaningless, if she allowed Mikki to be tortured again now. And what good would it do to resist anyway? He would accomplish his ends one way or another. It was better to give in without the token fight and save Mikki some suffering.

But what about Sondra? How could she help torture her friend anymore than she could let Mikki be tortured? And the other women: none of them deserved her betrayal. Perhaps the only difference was that Sondra would be tortured anyway; whether Loreena helped or not, but Mikki could be spared.

Almost imperceptibly she nodded; and her voice was nearly silent when she tried to speak, but the colonel could read the word on her lips; and he smiled almost sadly. "You gave in more easily than I expected," he said.

"I guess I'm tired of fighting," she said.

He nodded his understanding. "You may return to your private rooms now, if you wish."


Mikki was escorted to a lavish, but empty suite.

"These are your rooms now," the Amorian servant said, ushering her into the living room with a flourish. "If you need food or any other type of assistance, you may order what you need via this intercom. And now, if you can't think of any questions, I'll take my leave. I would stay longer, but I have quite a list of other chores to do."

Mikki watched the Amorian leaving, not even sure if she had been a beta or an alph. Perhaps Loreena would have known, she was much more familiar with the Amorian races and genders; but Loreena wasn't here. Mikki looked around the spacious, empty room, digging her toes into the plush carpets and running her hands over the wood grain of the dinning room table. Then she wandered over to the bar, poured herself a drink, and wished desperately that she were somewhere else. It was oh so much lovelier here than her room at the infirmary had been, but she was tired of being alone with nothing to do but stare at the walls of her room-even if the room was nicer than any other she had ever been in. She looked around for something to do, and found a small rubber ball sitting in a bowl on the counter. For a while she amused herself by throwing it against the wall then she placed it back in the bowl and went into the bathroom.

She was overwhelmed by the bathtub, and immediately she striped and climbed in; even before she had filled it with hot water. As she washed by herself, for the first time in many days, she splashed in the water and slopped it over the side, onto the tile floor. Then she found a shampoo bottle and scrubbed her hair clean. When she was done, she found a thick towel in the cabinet and dried herself off. Then she went to the bedroom and looked through the closet and the dressers. It was full of skimpy clothes: short shorts, midriffs, miniskirts, bikinis, and halter tops. Mikki selected a pair of shorts and a string bikini bra; then tossed the rest back into the draw in disgust. She'd deal with finding something else to wear later. Right now she just wanted to lie down on the fat mattress of the bed...

...Mikki woke to the smell of food. She got up and wandered into the kitchen were she saw Loreena placing a plate onto the dining table which was laden with all kinds of breakfast foods. Loreena was almost naked, wearing only a sleek pair of black lace panties and a white cotton vest that hung open in the front and left her arms and midriff bare. Such revealing clothing was typical attire for the few women that Mikki had seen since coming to the Lospodas mansion, but it was disturbing to see her sister wearing the same things. Even more disturbing was the fact that her body was covered with a number of bruises and welts.

Until now, Mikki had only seen Loreena wearing the open fronted dress that colonel Baisurd had given her on that first day at Lospodas; and, while it left her breasts bare, it was enough cover to hide the worst of the injuries she received at colonel Jasten's hands; and it helped her maintain a certain measure of dignity.

Mikki tried to sit up, and groaned at the tenderness in her chest.

"It's about time you woke up," Loreena said. "Hungry? Our hosts may not be all that gracious, but at least the room is spacious and the grub is good."

Mikki didn't even have to think about it! She hadn't tasted food that smelled this good in weeks. "I'm starved!"

"They don't give us much to wear," Loreena said, picking at her flimsy top as she walked towards the bed. "But what there is is in this dresser and the closet over there. I laid a few things out for you," She picked up a small pile of clothes that had been carefully folded and handed them to Mikki. "If you don't like them you can try to find something you'll be a little more comfortable in, but this is about the best there is."

"This is the best," Mikki asked, holding up a pair of short shorts that hardly cover more than Loreena's skimpy pair of panties, and a loose fitting tie-front shirt that had no collar and no buttons.

Loreena smiled and shrugged with a helpless gesture. "At least they keep this place warm. Now hurry up and get dressed before the chow gets cold. I've been waiting for you to wake up and I'm starved too."

Loreena went to the bar and fixed herself a double strength drink. "Want one," she called over her shoulder.

"Sure," Mikki said as she wiggled into her shorts.

They said very little as they ate, content to share the closeness and comfort of one another. Mikki was surprised at how little there was to talk about: very few subjects were safe. She didn't dare mention the movement or any of their friends back at Leskral, and she didn't know anyone here at Lospodas that she cared to know anything about-except Sondra and the others who had been taken; and that was to depressing a subject to consider.

So they ate in silence, and drank heavily.

After the meal Mikki felt tired. She lay back down; and closed her eyes.

When she woke again she was alone in the room and having nothing else to do, she began to look around. The apartment was surprisingly generous. There were two separate bedrooms, and they shared a well stocked bathroom. To the side of the kitchen was a small alcove, with a dining table and four ornately carved chairs. Between the bedrooms and the kitchen was a large, comfortable living room, with a fully stocked bar along one wall, and an elegant, glass topped, coffee table. A plush, black leather couch and chair sat facing an entertainment center with a large screen television, and a tape player.

Mikki opened the cabinet and glanced through the collection of tapes inside. They all had cryptic, letter-coded names. Taking one of the tapes, she put it in the player.

For a moment the screen was blank then it filled and held Mikki mesmerized as she watched herself hanging upside down from leather straps. The room echoed with the sound of her sobbing. For a moment Mikki didn't recognize herself, even though she was naked and her face was in full view. The ball gag and the tears streaking down her cheeks made the person on the screen pitifully unrecognizable. Then the girls body went rigid as the ends of a metal-tipped whip brought red, blood welts up on the inside of her thighs. A hoarse scream was torn from her throat, and she trembled in pain.

Mikki closed her eyes and shivered at the memory; almost as if the whip was striking her flesh again. On the video, the whip came down again, bringing another hoarse scream.

Mikki's throat could still remember the raggedness caused from so much screaming.

She punched the off button and backed away from the machine. She could hear her blood pulsing in her ears with every beat of her heart; her lungs constricted within her chest as she was suddenly wracked with great convulsing sobs. After several minutes, she had cried herself out and was left feeling stiff and tired. She didn't really feel like getting up. Her body was heavy with sleep, so she lay where she was and pulled a cushion down off the couch to rest her head.

As she rolled onto her side to go back to sleep, she noticed a magazine that was lying underneath the couch. She picked it up, and sat up to look at it.

The cover bore the title: SADO-POLL; beneath it was a full page picture of Sondra Conse. She hung from her wrists which had been balled with tape, and her feet were tied off the floor, her legs at forty-five degree angles. A prickly, yellow wire had been wrapped around her chest and her ample breasts until they were dark red and gorged with blood. Clothes pins had been clamped on her nipples, and her stomach and legs were splotched with red from a recent whipping.

Below her picture were the words:

This Month's Poll Girl
Is Sondra Conse.
Death, Or A Life Of Torture?
You Decide With Every Vote!

Slowly Mikki opened the magazine and turned to the article that held Sondra's life in its hand. At the end of the article there would be a mail-in questionnaire. Thousands of men, who hated Sondra and the movement that she stood for, would read this magazine and send in a copy of that questionnaire.

Mikki hopped that they would decide for death, but she didn't think they would let her off that easy. Almost all of the Poll-girls became Dunija, the dungeon girls who were keep as toys of torture for the wealthy men who could pay the price Lospodas asked for them.

Mikki was crying when she finally closed the magazine and slipped it back under the couch. As she got up and walked back to her bed, she wondered who could have hidden the magazine there beneath the couch. The guards must have left it lying out on the table, and Loreena had hidden it so that she wouldn't find it. But she had found it, just as she had found the videotapes in the cabinet. And how many other surprises would she find?


Loreena's mind was racing as she walked down the hall towards the library. She needed something to take her mind off her problems. So far, the colonel had left her alone-contenting himself with simple tortures like giving her dresses to wear, but only providing the skimpiest of clothes for Mikki. Loreena had refused to wear the dresses because she didn't want to alienate her sister. She had even gone so far as to remove all the dresses from her closet and her dresser; and ask for the skimpier variety-just so that Mikki would never know they'd been given to her.

But she knew her luck wouldn't last much longer. The colonel wasn't a patient man; and he wouldn't have given the dresses to her if he didn't want her to wear them.

Loreena turned a corner and saw two guards coming towards her. As always when she wandered around the halls-and especially when she was around other people-she had the feeling that she was being watched. She knew it was probably just her sensitivity to the lack of suitable clothing; but that didn't make her feel any more comfortable wearing so little, especially outside their private rooms.

The halls frequently contained heavy traffic: both men and women.

Few of the women wore much more than she did, in fact, some went completely nude. And no one seemed to pay much attention, regardless of what she wore-so why this irrational feeling? She wasn't showing anything that dozens of other people weren't showing all around her.

She wished there was someone she could talk to, the way she had been able to talk with the women at Leskral. But so far none of the men or women she had met at Lospodas held much appeal; and she was content to ignore them, just as they ignored her.

A group of women were coming up the long flight of stairs as Loreena turned the corner and started down. It was an unusually large and diverse group. One carried a whip and wore a bizarre costume made of straps of leather and lengths of chain. Whatever the purpose of the costume, it was certainly not meant to cover her up. She was talking to a woman who was wearing an open-breasted dress much like the one the colonel had given her when she first came to Lospodas. Together they lead four naked Kandic alphs who were joined by lengths of chain at their slave collars. The arms of the chained Amorians were tied behind their backs. They were dirty, and weary with exhaustion. A fine sheen of perspiration covered their bodies and made them glisten, and there skin was marked with old scars as well as new welts and abrasions where a whip had been used unkindly on every portion of their bodies.

Loreena wondered what their lots were, as she watched them pass by and continued down the stairs.

Such groups of women or Amorians were not uncommon. These were not the first she had seen. Still, seeing them set her mind into turmoil-bringing to the surface all the emotions that she thought she had drowned in the simmering depths of her soul. By the time she reached the library, tears of frustration and anger blurred her eyes. How would she ever be able to treat another woman like that?

She wiped at the tears as she entered the large carpeted room, and headed for the shelves.

The library wasn't very full. An elderly male librarian sat behind the counter reading one of the magazines that Lospodas published. There were about half a dozen other women sitting in the lounge chairs or at the reading tables. A few more were scattered around the shelves looking for books-but other than the librarian, there was only one man in the whole room. Maybe this was because the men who came to the Lospodas mansion were rarely interested in anything as mundane as reading material; and those who worked here, when they weren't on duty, had other more entertaining activities to keep them busy. The guards and other men who worked at the mansion were all free to leave. They could go home to family or friends; or any number of other activities outside the confines of the mansion's gates... But the women, as a rule, were never free to leave without supervision. These premises were the whole of their world; and they were forced to take what pleasures they could find.

Loreena walked down the rows of shelves looking for a subject that could capture her interest. The fictional books seemed like an infinite variety of erotic themes, from surprisingly conventional romances to violent bondage scenarios. The magazines where mostly pictorials with a similar range of themes. There were how-to books on everything from make-up and etiquette to leather working and tying knots. There were references on several different languages and musical studies; historical works, and autobiographies.

Loreena sighed and went back to the fiction section to look for a romance. A woman was at the shelf now, reading the back cover of a book. As Loreena approached she looked up and they smiled at one another.

"Is any of this stuff good?" Loreena asked.

The woman laughed. "That depends on what you like."

"I'm not sure," Loreena said. "I've never done much reading before, but I though I might enjoy a good story."

"Then you're definitely out of luck."

Loreena smiled. "I'm Loreena Manorin. What's your name?"

"Imbella Rissum."

"I've heard of you," Loreena frowned. "You're the chief editor of Sado-poll magazine?"

Imbella nodded, without looking away. "Then that makes us even," she said. "I've heard of you too."

They were both a little infamous. Sado-Poll was the most popular and blatantly anti-feminine publication that Lospodas produced. It was responsible for condemning numerous women to death or to lives of endless torture and despair. Now it had destroyed the life of Sondra Conse: the leader of the women's movement, and a woman who used to be Loreena's closest friend...

Yet how could Loreena think ill of this woman when she herself had turned Sondra in. She understood how Lospodas could manipulate people, and even if Imbella did her work willingly, Loreena's own crime was still far worse: she had betrayed her friend, and delivered a severe blow to the women's movement.

Imbella voice had been light and friendly, but Loreena knew what her words meant. They did not condemn Loreena, but they said, 'you have no right to condemn me, either.' And deep down Loreena knew that it was true. More than that though, she liked this woman. Here was someone that she could talk to.

The smile that came to Loreena's lips was genuine, if a little sad and self-mocking. "It's almost noon," she said. "Have you eaten?"

"Not a bite all day," Imbella answered.

"I haven't been here very long. I'm not sure if I can find the cafeteria from here. Would you mind leading the way so I don't get lost? I hate asking for directions" Loreena looked down at the floor, feeling suddenly shy and uncomfortable. "Besides, I think maybe I would... enjoy some company for dinner."

Imbella touched her arm reassuringly. "Let's go eat," she said. When Loreena looked up she was surprised to see the enthusiasm sparkling in Imbella's eyes. "It's tough when they first get their hooks into you," she said. "And it doesn't get any easier without friends."

"I'm sure it doesn't," Loreena said.

...A few minutes later they came to the door of Imbella's rooms.

"What's this," Loreena asked. "I thought we were going to eat."

"I've food and a kitchen," Imbella said as she opened her door. "It'll be so much nicer than eating at the public trough, don't you think?"

Loreena laughed, suddenly a little nervous.

"Come on," Imbella said, taking her hand ever so gently. "Good conversation over a quiet, intimate dinner... what more could you ask for."

"I don't know," Loreena said. She was a bit reluctant, but in the end she allowed Imbella's long delicate fingers to pull her gently inside.

"Well," Imbella said, with a mirthful laugh. "When you think of something, you be sure to let me know."

Later that evening, they were still cuddling together in Imbella's bed. Loreena rolled over and looked at the wall clock. "I should be going," she said. "My sister will be wondering where I am."

"I didn't know you had a sister?"

"I came to Lospodas to get her," Loreena said. "But it didn't work out quite the way I planned."

"It never does," Imbella said.

Loreena sat up and began to slip back into her clothes.

"How old is she?"

"My sister? She just turned of age a while back... Why?"

Imbella shrugged. "I was going to invite you to a party tonight. If your sister wants, she can come too."

"What kind of party?"

"Drinking, smoking, music, dancing, men... sex, drugs. What other kind of party is there?"

Loreena frowned. "I don't think my sister would be up for that right now. She's had a tough time of it since she's been here and I wouldn't feel right going without her. I shouldn't have left her alone so long as it is, she isn't completely well yet. I should be staying closer to her than I have this afternoon. Maybe another time, okay?"

"Sure," Imbella said with a sympathetic smile. "There are usually at least a couple of parties going on around here every night. You won't be missing anything you won't be able to join in on tomorrow, believe me. We'll catch up with each other another time and have a blast. I'll introduce you to some friends of mine. You do like men don't you?"

Loreena shrugged. "Sometimes," she said.

"Go on," Imbella said. "Get out of here." She clapped Loreena gently on the arm. "Go and be the good big sister."

Chapter 5 (added: 2013/04/06)


"Please," the woman whispered. "I've had enough! I can't take any more."

Loreena looked down at the attractive, young woman bound in front of her, and felt sick at the thought of what she must be enduring. She was strapped at the waist to a low metal loop that served as the back of her chair; and impaled by a large metal dildo that was attached to the chair's center. Her wrists were held out in front of her by cuffs that hung from chains in the ceiling. Each cuff had a fifteen-pound weight hanging from it, so the girl couldn't lift her arms for more than a fraction of a second. This kept her hands in just the right position for being struck with Loreena's ruler. But what really made the woman's ordeal terrible, was the fact that each of her fingers had a long needle wedged completely underneath the fingernail.

"I'll decide when you've had enough," Loreena said, trying to force more harshness into her voice than she actually felt. She struck the back of the woman's hands again, even harder than before. The stroke brought a ragged gasp from the woman lips, and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she gritted her teeth and tried not to cry out or say anything more.

Loreena found it difficult not to take pity on her, and beg Buel for mercy on her behalf-but she knew it wouldn't do any good. Experience had taught her that asking would only anger him and make the girl's tortures last that much longer.

She struck the back of the woman's hands again then glanced over at Buel, not really expecting him to nod his permission for her to stop. As she had suspected, he did not; and she force herself to bring the ruler down again. Each stroke left a nasty looking red welt across the woman's hands.

As hard as this part of the torture was, however, it was easier by far, than placing the metal slivers under the woman's fingernails had been. That had required Loreena to hold the woman's hands, and she had been able to feel her trembling with the pain.

I mustn't think about it, Loreena thought, as she brought the ruler down again.

"Why don't you give her something to take her mind off the pain in her fingers?"

Loreena almost jumped at the sound of Buel's voice; and when she turned he was right beside her. She had been so engrossed in what she was doing that she hadn't heard him approaching. She swallowed, and looked at the array of toys he was holding out for her on a tray: there were nipple clamps, with weights, and three different weights of whips, including a bullwhip which could literally take the skin off the girl's back.

"Good idea," Loreena said. She took the clamps and placed one on each of the girl's breasts; slowly and teasingly adding the weights. Next she chose the lightest whip from the tray.

"Why did you choose the lightest whip," Buel asked.

Loreena shrugged. She'd wanted to use the whip that would cause the least amount of pain; but she couldn't admit to that. So she said the first thing that came into her mind. "I just want to cause pain," she said, "Using the lighter whip I can keep at it for a lot longer without damaging her skin and risking infection. That might put her out of action for several days-even weeks, as her body recovers."

When Buel nodded his approval, Loreena relaxed. He would let her use the light whip after all.

She walked around behind the woman and brought the whip down somewhat timidly across her back. It was enough to make her jump a little, but she knew it would not satisfy Buel. So she tried again, putting a little more into it and was rewarded with a loud thwack that brought a stifled gasp of pain from the woman's lips.

"As you've noted, one of the obvious advantages of the lighter whip," Buel said. "Is that you can cause a lot of pain without causing a lot of damage. You can make the session last much longer; and you can lay down a much harder stroke, and it will look like you're giving them the beating of their life. You can't do that with a bullwhip. It causes more pain, of course, but you only get a few strokes. Even the strongest man becomes a lifeless rag doll after a few good lashes, so it's not much of a show. If the purpose of your punishment is primarily theatrical, the victim will definitely puts on a better show when you use a small whip. It stings, but you don't sap their energy, so their struggles remain energetic, if you know what I mean?"

Loreena nodded and brought the whip down hard enough to leave a nice red print, and make the woman jump.

"That's not bad," Buel said. "But I want her to jump so high that I can see that dildo she's sitting on. And to do that, you may need to be a little more creative." He took the whip from Loreena's hand, took a step closer to the woman, then brought the whip around sidearm so that it caught her across the ribs and flicked the nipple clamps, ripping a scream from her lips and making her twitch sideways instead of jumping as she had for Loreena.

"Right now," Buel said. "All you're trying to do is get through this session without puking or passing out." He laughed at his own little joke, but it wasn't far from the truth; and Loreena blushed that her queasiness was so transparent. "That's understandable. But you'll need to start being a little more creative in future sessions. Remember, a big part of this is showmanship. You're performing for the camera, and you need to do more than just make your girl scream. You need to look good while you're doing it and you need to seem like you're having fun, but most important of all, you need to make it fun for other people to watch. To do all that you need to be aware of what your own body is doing, as well as hers."

This time he brought the whip down across the woman's inner thigh, and she clamped her teeth down again to keep from screaming.

"She has a delightful way of squirming when you hit her across the breasts." Buel said, handing the whip back to Loreena. "Everywhere else, she seems capable of keeping herself more or less under control, but not there. That's definitely something you should take advantage of. Keep in mind that part of the purpose of these informal sessions is so that you can try as many things as you can with each girl. That way you can find out which things bring out the best response from each of them. That's important when you have an audience. It makes for wonderful theatre when someone knows their slave well enough to play them like a musical instrument."

Loreena tried the whip sidearm and caught the woman across the stomach. This time she managed not to make any sound at all, although she flinched and trembled with the effort.

Suddenly Loreena giggled. "She's more inhibited than I am," she said. "Maybe we should put a gag in her mouth so you can't tell that she isn't screaming."

"You can if you want to," Buel said. "But it doesn't really work. A gag doesn't stop a scream, it just muffles it some. Besides, I've already decided that this session isn't going to end until you've taught our girl here how to loosen up. I want her to squirm and scream with conviction and style. Personally, I think the best part of any session is the sound: the crack of the whip, a throaty little moan or a scream and then the rattle of chains."

Loreena nodded and brought the whip down again, across the woman's inner thigh. This time she let out a hoarse, almost strangled little scream.

"A little better, don't you think?"

"Better," Buel agreed, "But still not very convincing. As you said, she's still too inhibited and her voice has no personality at all. Fortunately, those are things that can be worked on."


"Come in," colonel Baisurd said.

Loreena slipped in through the open door and stood just inside the room. Patiently she waited, but the colonel didn't look up or acknowledge her.

She was starting to feel uncomfortable about the pair of thong panties and the tie front shirt she was wearing. She almost wished she would have changed into a dress before coming to the colonel's summons. The panties made her feel almost naked. At least, in a miniskirt or a pair of shorts, she would have felt like she was wearing clothes. What bothered her most was that she'd had the time to do it. The guard had given her the note and then left, instead of waiting to escort her as they usually did.

She hated to admit the fear that made her drop everything and come at the colonel's call-but at least she had been left to find her own way. That was a reassurance. She was free now to wander the halls of Lospodas when she wasn't with Buel, practicing the various techniques of torture. She had been wandering with regularity for some time-but this was the first time a guard had not escorted her when the colonel summoned.

"Mikki's health is returning," the colonel said.

Loreena looked up with a start and saw that he was watching her.

How long had he been studying her like that?

"It's time for a few changes," he said.

Loreena felt a sudden chill. With the exception of Loreena's new duties helping Buel, the colonel had been true to his words: Loreena and Mikki had been given an extravagant room to share, with closets amply stocked with nice, if skimpy, clothes. They ordered excellent meals which were brought to their room by serving maids; and they were free to spend the majority of their time as they chose-even Mikki could wander the halls undisturbed, if she chose to. It was far more luxury than either of them had known with their sisters at Leskral; and however much Loreena hated to admit it, she was growing accustomed to the pampered treatment. She cherished it as the only respite from her otherwise miserable existence.

But now, something in the colonel's voice told her that things were about to change once again.

"What changes?" Loreena asked.

"Mikki's weight, for one."

When Loreena said nothing, the colonel went on.

"I've noticed the two of you have been eating rather well. Mikki has gained a few more pounds than is necessary for the return of her health. That trend has to stop or I'll be forced to reevaluate my options for her."

"What does that mean?"

"It was my intention to let Mikki join the elite of my escort corps." He frowned at Loreena's reaction. "I know you've been living at Leskral-with their perverted ways-so maybe you find the idea of entertaining strange men distasteful, instead of seeing it as an honor, not to mention your duty as a woman? Perhaps you've developed a taste for other women? But being an escort, especially an elite escort, has many advantages over most of the other jobs I could giver her. For example, it is one of the few positions at Lospodas which will entitle her to continue in the luxury she has grown accustomed to. Unlike the menial servants, she will not have to work and slave all day. Most of her time will be her own, to do with as she pleases. If she does her job well, the men may even give her money or gifts which she will be allowed to keep. All in all, there are very few women at Lospodas who would not envy her position. In fact, there are few women outside the mansion's walls who would not envy her too.

"However," he said. "There is a certain standard for that position, and right now, Mikki comes perilously close to not meeting it. It's unfortunate that she didn't have the same mother you did. She has a delightful face, you understand; and she could do a lot more by fixing herself up: doing her hair and using a little makeup, but we both know she'll never have a svelte figure. I had hoped that she would loose the baby fat and mature into a full figured sort of girl. But I must admit that I suspected this moment would come eventually, I just hoped it would take a little longer. So, it appears she may have to work a little harder at keeping an acceptable figure than I had anticipated. In any case, I expect you to see that she does." The colonel leaned back in his chair. "In fact," he said. "I'm going to put Mikki totally under your care. Until now, she has been directly under my care and, or course, I will remain her fieflord, but you will be her guardian: with absolute authority over your sister and responsible and accountable only to me for what you choose to do with her."

"And what happens if she won't listen to me?"

The colonel grinned. "It's up to you to decide how to make her listen. But I suggest that you find a way. As I've said, there are a great many unpleasant jobs that I could give her. If you fail, I assure you, I will give her one of the more unpleasant ones I can think of; and you will also be punished severely for your failure. As always, of course, you are free to leave, if you would rather-but as long as you choose to remain here you are subject to the laws of Lospodas, and more specifically, to me. Therefore, you will submit to my discipline when it is called for; and failing to keep your charge under your control is a serious matter. I won't treat it lightly."

He cleared his throat and smiled. "Along with taking responsibility for Mikki comes a great deal of freedom. You can use any method of discipline you deem necessary, as long as it doesn't cause any permanent damage to her body or mind. One of the reasons I sent you to colonel Jasten was to give you some of the experience you will need to deal with this sort of thing. Hopefully extreme measures won't be needed; but if you should need advice you may request it from Buel, you may request the service of guards to assist you, just contact the quartermaster at his office near the East barracks. If you should need special supplies, you can also requisition them from the commissary or the stockroom. If you want something they don't have, you can put in a request for a work order and, as long as it can be made and isn't unreasonable, the workmen will follow your exact specifications. I will reevaluate your sister's situation on a monthly basis. If she shows improvement at the next evaluation, I will reward both of you. If things stay the same, you will receive a mild punishment and she will be reassigned to a less desirable position until the next evaluation. If her weight problem should continue to worsen..." He shrugged then his eyes light up with a mischievous smile, as if he had just thought of something rather clever. "You may be familiar with the place they call the butcher house. They like plump women and I suspect Mikki could be fattened up quite nicely if she was given the right food in ample quantity."

Loreena's eyes went wide with horror. "You can't! We had an agreement," she whispered. "You said you'd leave her alone."

"Any promise I made, beyond ceasing her torture, was contingent upon your expedient cooperation, which I did not receive... so technically, I am not obligated to you by honor in any way. I have been providing the both of you with a high standard of living, but that is contingent upon your willing cooperation." He grimaced. "It's not an entirely pleasant thought for me either, I do have my own plans for the girl... but everyone at Lospodas must carry their own weight-and my Amorian healer has assured me that although it will be difficult, Mikki will be capable of maintaining a desirable weight. If you need help you can seek her out. Her name is Lazinta and you may trust that her advice is sound. So, that is my final word. One way or another Mikki will keep her weight down and you will keep her in line or you will both pay the consequences. Have I made myself clear?"

"Very!" Loreena said coldly. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes. I want her to report to the boutique tomorrow. Matolin can use her for the time being, and maybe Mikki will learn how to paint her face and do something with her hair. When I reevaluate her next, I will determine if another position would be more suitable, but she strikes me as a smart girl. She shouldn't have any problems.

"And one more thing, I want you to start taking advantage of your position and wearing the kind of clothes that it is your right to wear. I can't make someone a trustee, give them the kind of responsibility I've given you and then let them dress like one of the common girls whenever they leave their room to go out in public. Therefore, you will get rid of all of the clothes you've been wearing and requisition some more appropriate things. Pick them up as soon as you leave my office. They'll be expecting you."


"It's about time you woke up," Loreena said when Mikki finally sat up on the couch and looked around. "Are you hungry?"

Mikki stretched; and felt the colonel's leather collar tightening around her neck. Her whole body was stiff and sore, probably from sleeping on the couch, or maybe just from lying around the apartments and doing little but eating and drinking for the last several days. She threw back the sheet she'd taken from the linen closet and straightened her halter top, which had gotten twisted around while she sleep-she wasn't wearing any bottom. Then she walked towards the table, rubbing her eyes.

"Where did you get the new dress?" She asked eyeing Loreena's outfit.

So far, no one had tried to enter without knocking and giving them time to dress if they needed to, so Mikki often went without clothes in their rooms, rather than wear what little was provided for her. Loreena couldn't seem to get used to doing that. For her, even a little bit of coverage was been better than none. Now she looked down at her dress and frowned. "I guess it's supposed to be a present from the colonel," she said, her voice filled with disgust even though Mikki knew that she felt much more comfortable in it than the old stuff she had been forced to wear. "He took away the old stuff and gave me a new wardrobe."

"How nice for you," Mikki said forcing a smile.

She felt miserably depressed. Loreena's new clothes only made it worse. She knew it wasn't Loreena's fault but she couldn't help being resentful; and maybe that was what the colonel had in mind.

Sitting down at the table, she looked at her plate. "Is this all you ordered to eat?"

"I'm sorry about the new clothes, Mikki. What do you want me to do, not wear them? He's taken everything else!"

"I don't care about the clothes," she lied. "But you could have asked for a little more to eat."

"I'm sorry," Loreena said; and for a moment Mikki thought she wanted to say more but she only picked up her fork, and stared at her own plate as if she suddenly wasn't hungry any more.

"I'm going to reorder," Mikki said as she stood up.

Loreena shook her head. "It won't do you any good, Mikki."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't order food any more."

"I've been cut off?"

Loreena nodded.

"But not you, right? You can still order?"

Loreena shrugged. "The colonel put me in charge of ordering our food. It's no big deal."

"No. It's no big deal," she said angrily. "I just have to ask you every time I want to eat. I've got to go track you down and ask you for permission." She sat down heavily and folded her arms. "Well now, isn't that convenient? Kind of like your new wardrobe."

"It wasn't my idea, Mikki." Loreena looked over at her. "The colonel said I had to start rationing our food. He thinks we're eating too much, and... He wants us to start using the exercise room."

"Why," Mikki asked her voice thick with sarcasm. "Is he afraid I'll get fat?"

Loreena didn't look at her; didn't answer.

"Are you trying to tell me that I'm fat?"

"You're not fat, Mikki."

"Excuse me, getting fat!"

"You have gained a little weight. Maybe five or ten pounds..."

"...Have I?"

"Yes, and if you don't do something about it..."

"...Then I'm going to get fat?"

"Please Mikki, just eat."

"I'm not hungry anymore" She headed for the door and was turning the knob before she remembered that she wasn't wearing anything. She turned back and stalked into the bedroom.

"You should eat something," Loreena said.

"Think of this as going on a diet." She grabbed the pair of short shorts that were laid out for her and stepped into them as she walked for the door.

"Mikki, you can't go anywhere," Loreena said. "The colonel wants you to report to the boutique this morning."

"Yeah, right," Mikki said, pulling on her top as she walked out the door and slammed it behind her.

She headed down the hall without any idea where she was going. It was one of the few times she had left their room alone: without Loreena or a guard around.

Lospodas mansion was a virtual labyrinth of rooms and halls. From the barred window she was looking out, Mikki could see that numerous additions had been added onto the original building; she wondered if anyone even remembered which section was the original. Often the add-ons weren't even in the same architectural style, and canopies and enclosed catwalks joined the parts of various buildings that were not butted together.

It was raining outside, and Mikki hadn't even known: there were no windows in her room and several layers of building above and below her. She wished she could open the window and smell the rain, but the latch was tightly locked. It wouldn't budge.

Voices drew her attention from the window.

Two dark haired women were talking as they came down the hall. They carried rags and spray bottles filled with a bluish liquid; and they wore an identical sort of uniform which Mikki guessed was supposed to be a minimalist caricature of the traditional maid's uniform. A tiny little apron was tightly belted around their waist. It wasn't large enough to cover much; and since it was tied around their waist, it didn't quite cover the right spot anyway. Their pubic mounds were cleanly shaven, and leather straps ran between their legs. They wore black heels, and black stockings which were held up by tiny flat chains that connected to their waist belts. Draped around their necks, like necklaces, were small black bibs trimmed with white lace; and on each of their wrists were a pair of stiff white ruffles.

As Mikki moved away from the window, they approached and began washing it. The taller of the two looked over at Mikki. "What are you staring at?" She asked.

"Nothing," Mikki said, looking away. "I was just leaving."


Mikki spent the next hour or so wandering.

At first she found wandering on her own to be very satisfying, but as her anger wore off it began to lose most of its appeal. She was still hungry, and here in the halls there was nothing to eat or drink. What she was wearing had also begun to make her a little uncomfortable. Most of the individuals she passed in the hall were men, but groups came in a much wider variety. There were several groups of Amorian's, but most seemed to be servants of some kind or another. There were a few groups of all men, but more groups of men escorting women. There were also groups of women, and sometimes a woman would be leading a group of other women who were obviously her charges. Sometimes the charges were naked, or they were tied with plenty of rope, or they wore reveling clothes like Mikki's. The women leading them often wore dresses that were obviously designed to be sexy and revealing. Relatively few women walked the halls alone, but all those that Mikki saw were always wearing a dress.

Most of those who passed by Mikki eyed her with suspicion, or even open hostility. She worried that someone would eventually stop and question her about what she was doing, and she would have gladly returned to her room; but she had long since become lost and didn't know how to ask anyone for directions since she didn't know where she wanted to go. She couldn't expect anyone else to know where her room was, and that was the one place-other than the colonel's office-that she knew to ask about. She flatly refused to ask to be taken to the colonel, so she just wandered around trying to stay out of everyone's way as much as possible.

Mikki stopped for a few moments as she passed a room where music was coming from a live band inside. She walked a little closer, peeking inside, and saw that the room was filled with women and men who were dancing and laughing over drinks. A few couples and larger groups were intertwined in various states of passion and undress. Naked Amorians were on the stage playing their instruments while a human woman sang. Mikki leaned against the door frame, listening to the light and lovely music. It made her think of the festive parties at Leskral, and the fun she and BOOTZ NOar always had. They had become fast friends shortly after Mikki arrived with Loreena at the Leskral reservation, and they had spent almost all their free time together. Just before Mikki had left, they had begun to be more and more preoccupied with their own sexuality, and had started their first few awkward sessions of experimenting with one another.

She wasn't sure why the music reminded her of that. It was a little sad, but sensual and strangely festive at the same time. Perhaps the songs apparent sadness was just a reflection of her mood.

She sighed, and looked away from the band as she saw two women wearing black leather dresses coming towards her. Mikki quickly ducked out into the hall, and began to walk away. When she reached the corner she looked back. The women seemed to be following her. She heard them talking as she disappeared around the corner. She could hear their heels clicking as they walked, and knew that they were speeding up to try to keep her in sight. Mikki started walking faster too, and turned the next corner she came to, hoping that they would keep going straight-hoping that it was just her imagination that she thought they were following her. She could hear them turn the corner behind her. Mikki looked back and began to walk a little faster still. They were walking faster too-no longer even trying to hide their haste. Mikki turned another corner and began to run... and then there was no longer any doubt, they were chasing her.

Mikki flew down some stairs, turned another corner; and ran headlong into a tall dark haired man, knocking the stack of books he was carrying out of his hands. She clung to him, fighting for her own balance as well as his. "I'm so sorry," she said, dropping to her knees and picking up her books.

The two women who were chasing pulled up short as they came around the corner.

"What is the meaning of this?" He demanded.

"I'm sorry, sir," they said in unison. They spared a quick glance at one another then one of them continued speaking. "We noticed this girl wandering aimlessly and thought it best to find out why. When we began following her she started to run."

The man looked down at Mikki. She had finished gathering his books and held them out to him, but his hand tightened around her arm instead.

"They were chasing me," Mikki breathed, suddenly certain that her explanation would sound ridiculous to this man. "How was I to know what they wanted from me?"

"You're new here, aren't you?"


"And where's your protector?"

"My protector?" A cold chill ran up her spine.

The man raised his eyebrows. "Your collar indicates that you are the property of Lospodas," he said, "Which means that one of the Colonels is ultimately your fieflord. The clothes you're wearing would indicate that your status is relatively low, which would suggest that your colonel has probably delegated his responsibility for you to another one of the guards, or perhaps to another one of the women under his control. A colonel doesn't have the time to take a personal interest in every woman under his control. Ultimately however, you are still under the jurisdiction of your colonel. If you get into trouble, your protector gets into trouble with their superior; and they pass the punishment down to you-usually in triplicate. Understand?"

She nodded. "I think so."

"Not much on respect, are you?" The man said.

"I'm sorry, I meant no..."

"Don't worry! He waved her explanation away. "You don't have to worry about me." He glanced at the other two women, then back at Mikki.

"So? What were you doing when they started following you?"

Mikki shrugged. "I got lost," she said. It was true-but she sensed that he expected a little more of an answer; and she didn't want to say that she stormed out of her room in a tantrum because she wasn't given enough breakfast to eat. "I was looking for a place to exercise." She looked down at the floor, embarrassed to admit it; but it was the only plausible excuse she could think of. "I'm supposed to start exercising. Colonel Baisurd thinks I'm getting fat."

"Do he now," the man said as if that piqued his interest. He squeezed her arm and laughed. "Indeed! A right plump little looker, aren't you?"

She felt her face turning red.

"Well, not to worry," His eyes roamed down the length of Mikki's body. "These women could show you how to get where you're going, but I'm sure they must have other appointments; and most of the training facilities are on the other side of the compound." He looked directly at the two girls now. "The two of you couldn't possibly spare that much time, could you?"

"No, sir," one of the girls said: taking his hint.

"Were almost late already," said the other.

He dismissed them with a mocking wave of good-bye then turned back to Mikki. "Well then," he said. "I suppose I can take you there, if you're willing to accompany me for a spell first."

"I guess I could do that," Mikki agreed.

He took her arm and they went together down the hall, walking in silence for a while. Mikki was still holding his books, since he had made no effort to retrieve them.

"My name is Geot," he said. "Most of my friends call me Honest Geot," he gave a small laugh that seemed to indicate that he thought the name was somewhat of a misnomer. "Colonel Baisurd however likes to call me Angry Geot."

"You know the colonel?"

"Yes, I know your colonel," he said, looking at her more carefully now. "Well enough to know that you're not his usual type, but then he doesn't have as rigid a preference as some of the other colonels; and he likes to play games with his women. Leaving you to learn the house rules on your own is something he would enjoy doing."

"You must know him very well then."

"The colonel and I were friends when we were younger; which is one of the reasons I let myself come to Lospodas."

"You make it sound as if you don't approve."

"Of Lospodas?" Geot shrugged. "I'm a merchant. It's not my place to approve or disapprove of an institution that purchases my wares. I go where there's money to be made. And while I'm there, I learn to abide by their rules. I've been to the Women's Reservation, too. There's lots of fine trading there, I can tell you; a least when Lospodas isn't fucking it up by pulling one of their raids. The women there can get pretty testy after a raid."

"I used to live there," Mikki said.

"So you know how it is."

They came to a door with a guard stationed in front of it. Geot nodded to the sentry then turned his attention back to Mikki as the guard opened the door for them. "Here we are," he said. "This is what I wanted to show you."

Mikki hesitated then walked through the door. It led to another hall, with rooms and arches branching off from it; but there was a distinct change in the air that made it seem rather oppressive: something heavy, like the smell of sweat. It seemed a little warmer too.

Her body filled with a sudden tension and fear.

She heard the sound of someone moaning and turned towards a dimly lit recess in the wall. Inside the small alcove Mikki found a woman. Her arms were bound behind her back by a thin elastic band at the elbows, and she was kneeling on a wedge of metal. Fat tears streamed from her eyes, and she squirmed and pulled at the small length of rope that connected her arm bindings to a metal ring in the floor. Her ankles were cuffed to rings in the floor. Another rope formed a slip knot around her waist, and trailed away to the far wall. With her arms being pulled towards the floor behind her, the stomach rope forced her back to arch, and prevented her from having any chance of getting her shins off the metal wedge.

Mikki's first urge was to help her, but Geot put a restraining hand on her shoulder. "You can't," he said, "Unless you want to take her place? It's the law at Lospodas. Only the one who placed her here or one of his superiors can release her."

Mikki reluctantly nodded her understanding.

"I don't approve of things like this," Geot said, taking Mikki's arm and gently pulling her away from the sight. "I don't approve of rape or mutilation."

"Why did you bring me here then," Mikki asked.

He shrugged. "I wanted you to really understand what it could mean for you and your protector to get in trouble. This is only one of Lospodas's punishment chambers. There are others. I could have taken you to the butcher house-some women are cooked alive and eaten as their punishment."

"You needn't have bothered with this," Mikki said. "I already knew about it..."

They had come upon another woman who was bound, and Mikki stood transfixed, looking at her with fresh and remembered horror.

The woman was kneeling on the floor. A leather strap encircled each leg, pressing ankle and thigh firmly together, but leaving each leg free of the other. She was leaning backwards against a small wooden prop. A thick leather strap secured her to it at the waist. Her arms were tied above her head in a thick cocoon of rope. Her labia had been wrapped around the shaft of a candle and were held in place by a long sliver of metal with a sharp point on both ends. It pierced her lips and went right through the center of the candle.

As the candle had burned down, the wax had dripped directly down onto her clit and pubic mound. Now however, it had burned down until the hot wax had formed a little bowl. The flame itself was close enough to the woman's flesh to cause a good deal of discomfort, and the hot wax heated the sides of the candle as well. As Mikki watched, the woman purposely rocked her hips so that some of the wax sloshed out of its bowl and dripped down over the lips of her cunt and her legs.

Mikki turned away, and saw another woman who was nearly hidden by the curve of the hall; and she walked forward, feeling pulled.

This woman was balanced on the balls of her feet. Her wrists were connected to the collar around her throat by a very short length of rope. This prevented her from lowering her arms, and kept them bent, as if she were clasping her fingers together behind her neck. Her waist was cinched waspish thin by a wide corset that went from just above her pubic hair to just below her breasts. Between her legs there was a thin wire that was tightly stretched between two distant walls. The weight of her body forced the wire to bow ever so slightly. Her legs were tied together at the knees, so that she couldn't simply swing her leg over the wire and free herself; but her ankles were free so that she could, with effort, force herself to slide along the length of the wire.

The woman inched her feet forward and, with a gasp of pain, rocked her body forward so that her torso slide a few millimeters further along the wire.

Mikki gasped along with the woman. "Why is she doing that?"

"I suspect she's been given the task of walking from one side of the room to the other," Geot said. "See that button along the far wall. Only when she can manage to push that, will her fieflord come to release her. From the dried blood on her legs I would say she has been at it for a while now." He reached out and touched the wire. "Her protector has chosen to use Prickly wire," he said, shaking his head sadly. "Either she's done something to make her protector very angry, or the poor creature is a Dungeon Girl."

Mikki felt sick, but she couldn't stop herself from moving closer to examine the wire. She reached out and touched it with her finger, testing the tension. Prickly wire didn't have thorns as long as barbed wire-more like miniscule bits of sand embedded under a galvanized coating. Her finger slipped from the wire, and it began to hum with a deep vibration that made the woman gasp.

"Sorry," Mikki said, placing her hand back on the wire until it had stopped vibrating. Then she turned back to Geot. "I can't believe she's actually trying to walk?"

"If she's being given food and water, it could take a very long time for her to die. And just standing above the wire is its own torture-quite unpleasant enough-better to make the effort, endure the increased pain and get it over with, don't you think? "

"I think I've seen enough," Mikki said. "Can we please leave now?"


The next morning, over breakfast, as Mikki watched Loreena violently spear one of the pieces of fruit in her bowl, she realized that Loreena might not be any happier about the new eating arrangements than she was. And this realization made her feel even guiltier about her temper tantrum from the day before. Loreena was purposely avoiding any eye contact; and it was obvious she hadn't forgiven Mikki yet. Mikki couldn't really blame her. If what Geot had said was true, then she had placed them both in danger.

She thought about the strange man, and wondered if she would ever see him again. He was so unlike any of the other men Mikki had ever met. She couldn't imagine any reason for him to lie, but she couldn't help wondering.

"Are you my protector?" Mikki asked.

Loreena looked at her in surprise. "Where did you hear a word like that?"

"I...ran into someone the other day and they asked me who my protector was. They said a protector was the person who was responsible for making sure a collar did what they were supposed to do."

"A collar?"

In answer, Mikki flicked her fingers under her choker.

Loreena sighed. "I suppose I am. Why?"

"I did a lot of thinking yesterday after I left."


"And I decided that I was a real bitch to you."

Loreena laughed; and the tension that had been in her face all morning seemed to melt away. "Well," she said, spearing another slice of grapefruit, but this time it didn't seem like such an act of aggression. "You may have been: just a little."

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry!" Mikki reached over and took Loreena's hand.

"It's all right," Loreena said.

"And you don't have to worry about me not going to the boutique. I'll go and do whatever it is they want me to do."

"Thank you," Loreena said, with genuine relief; and she leaned across the table and hugged her sister.

Mikki was as good as her word. She dressed, got herself ready, and asked Loreena to call for a guard to show her the way. Loreena smiled with mild embarrassment as she walked to the door and opened it. "Armald, would you please show Mikki to the boutique?"

He nodded, without answering, and then led the way down the hall, leaving Mikki to close the door behind him.


"Want to go with me to my acting class," Fasznil asked Mikki, as she handed her a mop.

Mikki looked over at the skinny little girl and smiled. Fasznil reminded her of BOOTZ NOar, so she'd liked her right away, and she was glad Fasznil seemed to like her too. "I'll have to check in and let my sister know where I'm going."

"We better hurry then," Fasznil said. "When it's my turn to clean this place I'm almost always a little late."

Mikki smiled and headed towards the back rooms, sloshing her mop across the floor as she went.

Working at the boutique had been a lot more fun than she had though it would be. Fasznil had a lot to do with that, but she'd have fun even if her new friend hadn't been placed in charge of her training.

Armald, the guard, had escorted Mikki inside the boutique and introduced her to the manager: a tall, attractive woman with bright red hair and a ring through her labia. She wore a dark colored blouse that stood out against her pale skin, and a pair of heels-nothing more.

"Hello Veesa," Armald had said.

The woman had looked up from her paperwork and given him a genuinely warm smile. "Hello, Armald," she'd said in a deep throaty voice that he obviously responded to, and Mikki had wondered if she wasn't the real reason he'd brought her all the way inside.

"This is Mikki Manorin, your new girl."

"I expected you yesterday!" Veesa's eyes had suddenly become hard and frightening.

"I'm sorry. I screwed up. It won't happen again."

Veesa's expression had softened a little. "Just don't make it a habit," she'd told Mikki. "I need someone I can count on; and I don't like being a rat. But it's my ass that's on the line if this place doesn't run smoothly, so I'll do whatever I have to make sure it does. Understand."

Mikki had nodded then Veesa and Armald had exchanged a few more pleasantries. When he was finally gone, she had introduced Mikki to the rest of the workers, saving Fasznil for last. "I'm placing Fasznil in charge of your training, Mikki. Do what she says, and you and I will get along just fine."

The first thing Fasznil had done was to give Mikki a total makeover. She'd cut and colored Mikki's hair, and given her a manicure. Then she'd shown Mikki how to apply makeup, and let her practice putting it on a few times. Fasznil was a talker, chattering away the whole time about what she was doing and why she was doing it; and Mikki was surprised to discover that she was actually interested. Perhaps Fasznil made it interesting, but she was beginning to think that working at the boutique would be more like play than actual work.

"Finished yet?" Fasznil asked as she poked her head around the corner.

"Almost," Mikki said. "You stuck me with the bigger area."

"Yeah, well... you're the new girl. The new girl always gets the shit jobs."

Chapter Six (added: 2013/05/19)


"You wanted to see me, Colonel?"

Colonel Baisurd, who was standing by the book shelf in his office, looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Hello Loreena. Good of you to come so quickly. Won't you come in and have a seat?"

He finished selecting the books he wanted then came over and set them down on the corner of the desk. He was standing next to Loreena, and it made her uncomfortable. He usually faced her from across the desk, and the change in routine disturbed her. So did his closeness. She could smell his fragrance: a musty but pleasant smell; and she wasn't entirely sure if it was natural or some kind of cologne, although she suspected the latter. She had been this close before, on a few occasions, but she had never notices this particular scent.

"Buel tells me that you're doing well with your training."

"I suppose I am."

"And yet on the first day, when Mikki was supposed to work at the boutique, she didn't show up."

"We had a fight over her eating and she ran off." She shrugged uncertainly, not feeling very comfortable with the way the conversation was going. "But I made sure she was there today."

"Yes, you did better today. But that doesn't excuse your loose of control yesterday. I instructed you to see that Mikki was there and you failed to do that."

Loreena didn't say anything.

"Because you are new to this, and because you did manage to correct the problem-I will be lenient on you, this time. But in the future, I'll expect you to do whatever is necessary to force Mikki to comply. After all, you do have considerable resources: you've already learned to use the intercom in your room to request a guard from the quartermaster. That was well done, but you didn't go far enough. I will not punish you for Mikki's mistakes, as long as you make every effort to control the situation.

"Now for your punishment: an ambassador to his majesty, the emperor, will be coming to visit Lospodas. I had planned for you to offer a demonstration, which you will still do, but now you will not be allowed the luxury of wearing clothes, and you will be soundly whipped in front of him first." The colonel reached down to take her hand and help her to her feet. "Come now. I have other things to attend to."

When Loreena stood he took her other hand, so that she was almost forced to look at him. For a long moment he held her eyes. "I trust you'll be up to putting on a little show for him?"

Loreena swallowed hard. "What kind of show," she asked, even though she knew the answer.

"The kind you've been training for," he said. When he saw her fear he smiled. "Think of this as a test. I wont be expecting you to do anything with Sondra today... but there were some other women who were brought in at the same time. You know them, and they know you. It will be an important step towards our ultimate goal. And you'll have to do this in front of an audience; even more, a very important audience."

"I'm not ready for that yet," Loreena said.

"I think you will be by the time the ambassador comes," he answered. "But I won't force you. If you're not ready, I'll simply rely on my secondary plan... which is to make Mikki an integral part of the ambassador's entertainment."

Loreena sighed. "Fine, you can count on me."

"I hope so," he said, "Because I won't take any mistakes lightly. Just because this is a test, doesn't mean that there isn't a good deal at stake."


Mikki was in the weight room, working on her stomach, when a guard came for her. "The colonel wants to see you," he said standing over her.

She nodded and got up, wiping herself down with a towel. "Do I have time to shower first?" She asked.

She was a little surprised when the guard told her to shower. When she had finished she found that the guard had confiscated the shorts she worked out in and replaced them with an ultra short mini-skirt. He watched as she dressed, but Mikki was used to that by now, and it hardly bothered her any more.

"Shall we go?" she asked.

The guard led her through the halls, past the restricted areas that were posted with guards and eventually into a small unfamiliar office. The door was open and Colonel Baisurd was waiting for her. He leaned against a low table, his legs stretched out in front of him as he sipped from a cup of Phydmilk mixed with strong herbs.

"Come in, Mikki," he encouraged when she hesitated just inside the door.

The guard nudged her forward. She took a few tentative steps, and stopped an arms reach away from the colonel. Reaching out, he took her by the hand and pulled her to him, so that she was standing much closer than she would have liked-so close that her legs brushed against the low table between his outstretched legs. Not knowing what else to do with them, she clasped her hands together in front of her.

"You're sweet," the colonel said with a mocking smile.

She tensed when he placed his hands on her shoulder and spun her around so that her back was to him. Gently he wrapped his arms around her waist and ran his fingers down her firm belly, and pressed against her warm pubic mound through the thin elastic cloth of her skirt. His hands roamed down her legs, catching the hem of her mini-skirt with hooked fingers and pulling the cloth up as his fingers scraped back up the length of her bare legs.

"Please don't," Mikki breathed, the words hardly more than a tremor in her throat.

"Don't what?" the colonel asked, gripping her hips and pulling her firmly back against him.

She gasped, with a quick intake of breath, as she felt how hard he was against her. "Please!"

He looped his finger through one of the metal rings of her collar and gave a gentle reminding tug. "Don't I have the right to do what I want with my property?" He stressed the word property; pushing her skirt up around her waist with his other hand. "I've left you alone for quite some time now; and I've seen the results."

"No," Mikki said softly but without resistance. "I don't want you to do this." She knew that it was useless to struggle; that fighting it would only make it worse. But she couldn't stand to think of him touching her.

The colonel moved her just far enough away that he could undo his pants and peel them back to expose his throbbing cock. Then he pulled her back to him and crouched down, wrapping his arms around her waist so that when he picked her up, he could let her settle down slowly on top of him. Her dry cunt lips pressed painfully against him but gave way slowly under the force of gravity. Her lips spread as she took him in; her muscles rippling firmly over his swollen glands.

The colonel smiled as she gasped in protest.

He was much larger than most men-and he was forcing her to take far more than her body was used to taking.

Slowly...slowly-he eased her down around him, until her body resisted taking any more; and still he was not fully inside her. She rested about an inch from being flush against the base of his shaft. Her own weight pressing him painfully against the constriction inside her: like a door being forced open from the wrong direction; an intensely unpleasant pressure that threatened to become a full blown pain.

The colonel reached up, cupping her breasts in his huge palms; a trail of fire, like burning gun powder, streaked down her stomach to the center of her pain. Then, reaching up to her shoulders, he pulled her firmly down on top of him.

The constriction inside her gave way with a sudden tearing sensation, and she settled deeply around him. Tensing against the sudden pain, she shuttered involuntarily, leaning back against the colonel until the worst of it had passed. He seemed content to remain still for the moment, and she didn't dare move for fear of encouraging him.

She heard a buzzing sound, and opened her eyes to see that the colonel was pressing a button on the table. A moment later a guard stuck his head in the doorway. "Colonel," he said, as unflustered as if Mikki were not even there.

The colonel murmured contentedly, rocking his hips away from Mikki ever so gently. "Vaton, would you please turn on the video?"

The guard nodded and ducked back out of the room, while the colonel began to caress Mikki's ribs; rocking his hips slowly forward so that he pressed firmly against her again. "I want to show you what your sister has been up to, Mikki. I think you'll find it interesting. It was made a few days ago; but I think you'll find it is still rather timely."

A video monitor was sitting on a table at the other side of the room. The screen blinked on and flickered for a moment before it came into focus. Despite the colonel's increasing movements, the discomfort it caused was becoming less; Mikki soon found herself engrossed in the picture on the screen. Loreena was naked, standing in a small room beside a heavy set man with a dark complexion. He was talking to her, making motions in the air with his hands as if explaining something technical, but the audio didn't pick up what he was saying.

Mikki hardly noticed. She was too surprised at seeing Loreena to notice much of anything else just yet. It wasn't just that she was naked, but she was also sporting a large silver ring in each nipple, and her upper legs, stomach and breasts were all bright red-as if she had recently been soundly whipped. When she turned around her back was red too. Yet talking to her (in their room) Loreena had hidden her pain so well that Mikki hadn't even noticed that anything was wrong. Although now that she thought about it, Loreena had been wearing especially long dresses for several days now, and she had groaned just a little as she sat down at the dinner table. Mikki thought she might have slept on her neck wrong, but Loreena just said that she was stiff from working too hard.

Suddenly the picture panned towards a door, and Mikki could see that there was a group of eager male spectators, sitting along one wall. The colonel was among them, as well as several people Mikki didn't recognize.

Two women were led into the room by a pair of guards. Mikki thought she recognized them; they had been part of Sondra's inner circle. In stark contrast: one was short, with a pale complexion and black hair; the other was tall and leggy, with bleach-white hair and dark bronze skin.

Except for their tit rings, both of them were naked.


"Hello Tonja, Felicity." Buel nodded his head, greeting the girls as they were brought into the room. He motioned to Loreena with an elaborate flourish. "I'm sure you already know this young lady: she's the one responsible for your being here!"

The girls eyed Loreena coldly, but if they wanted to say anything their gags keep them quiet.

Loreena was curious about Buel's elaborate introduction. This wasn't the first time she had been his helper, and they had worked with these girls before, so his speech had another purpose besides the reaction it caused in them. There weren't any cameras set up, at least none that she could see, which probably meant they were recording this session with hidden video cameras. Idly, she wondered how many people would eventually see it. It was even likely that some of her old friends back at Leskral would eventually learn about it. She put that thought quickly out of her mind, she couldn't afford to speculate about things like that or she wouldn't be able to do her work convincingly-and for Mikki's sake she couldn't allow herself to be anything less.

She just hoped Mikki would never see the tape.

The guards had ushered the girls into the room, guiding them to a bench where they were forced to sit.

Buel and Loreena followed.

He crossed the room to a small cabinet containing a selection of roller skates, then handed two pairs to Loreena with a slight deferential bow. "You may help them put on their roller skates now, my dear."

Taking the skates, Loreena knelt in front of Tonja, the shorter, dark haired girl. She worked a foot into a boot then began quickly tying the laces.

"Make sure you lace them tight," Buel said. They'll want all the support they can get."

Loreena glanced up at him and nodded; and as she was turning back, Tonja kicked out at her using the heavy, wheeled shoe as a weapon. Loreena saw it coming, and had just enough time to move her head a little. Instead of catching her full in the face, the blow glanced off her eyebrow. Still, it sent her sprawling and she got up holder her eye. She could already feel a small knot forming.

"Are you alright?" Buel asked without much concern.

"Fine," she said, taking her hand away.

"So then," Buel said. "Why don't we continue? We can administer her punishment for that trick later."

Loreena nodded and walked back over to Tonja, who was wearing a smug little grin of satisfaction. The Guard was holding her arms a little more firmly as Loreena approached, this time with a little more caution.

When Loreena had finished lacing the skates, Tonja's guard slipped his arms around her waist and helped her to her feet. She was still a little unsteady on skates and found it difficult to stand, but her balance was good, and by the time Loreena had finished Felicity's skates, she had learned to stand still without her legs wobbling.

When Felicity's guard helped her up, she found it even harder to stay on her feet than Tonja had.

Buel laughed at the two of them, and even Loreena couldn't help smiling a little as they teetered and stumbled precariously. With a little push from her guard, Tonja rolled stiffly forward. She grabbed at Buel so she wouldn't fall, and he steadied her.

"Loreena," Buel prompted when she failed to come forward on her own. "Would you do the honors with the rope?"

A length of rope was hanging down from a series of pulleys in the ceiling. Its ends were two large loops tied with slip knots. Loreena slipped the first end over Tonja's head and pulled the rope snug around her waist. The other end came down about three feet away, and was just short of being long enough to touch the floor.

When that end was looped snugly around Felicity's waist, the two girls stood within arms reach, facing each other. The slack in the rope allowed the girls to close some of that space; and they reached for each other, gladly searching for mutual support.

Loreena ignored them and walked towards Buel, facing the group of spectators-where she suspected the camera would be as well.

"The object of this little game," Buel said, reaching over and tugging firmly on one of Loreena's tit rings, "Is to remove the other person's rings before they remove yours!" Suddenly he gave a sharp twist and the ring popped free of its post with a painful snap. Loreena flinched, a catch in her breath; but otherwise she thought she managed to repress any undue expression. She could feel her face flushing with the injury to her pride, and it made her body burn everywhere that she had been whipped. The removal of the ring was painful-but the humiliation of knowing that people were watching-that in all likelihood, more would watch in the future, was far more unpleasant. Like being forced to do this naked, and the whipping she had received, which had also been witnessed and recorded-having her nipples pierced and being used as the example to show how to pull off the rings was all part of her punishment for allowing Mikki to miss her first day at the boutique.

Buel put the ring into Loreena's open palm. "As you can see," he said, reaching for her other ring. "Removing a ring from its post requires a firm twist, and a pull." He demonstrated the motion again-and again Loreena managed only a flinch.

"The winner," he said giving the second ring to Loreena, "Must remove both of her opponent's rings before they can remove hers...but, she must remove them without ripping the posts out and drawing blood. If either girl does that she automatically looses." He looked from one girl to the other, smiling with an ill humor. "I can assure you that neither of you will want to be the looser!"

The vague threat in his voice was clear.

"Now, let go of one another."

Loreena came forward and stood between them to make sure that they complied. When they were standing on their own, she gave them firm shoves in opposite directions. They rolled away from her until the rope pulled tight, arresting the movement of their upper bodies while their feet continued to move backwards. As both girls fell forward they instinctively put their hands out to catch their fall, but they were caught instead by the rope around their waists and like pendulums swung back towards the middle. Their heads bumped together with a soft thud and they both reached to rub their heads. They had managed to slow some of their momentum by dragging their hands and the fact that the ropes hung three feet apart from each other helped too.

Felicity was taller and also heavier. This greater weight pulled her a little closer to the floor, giving Tonja the advantage as they tried to stand. Without some support, Felicity found it difficult to get to her feet. She made a few attempts, fighting awkwardly to keep her feet from rolling out in weird directions. After a moment she seemed to figure it out, but then suddenly her feet flew out from under her and she flopped onto her back.

The rope burned as it jerked tight around Felicity's waist, and spun her body in the air. Her head brushed the ground and then her legs came crashing down with a loud sickening slap that was obviously painful.

Tonja, who had been standing, was lifted into the air by the force of her opponent's fall. It caught her by surprise and squeezed the air right out of her. She was gasping for breath as her body slowly sank until her knees were almost touching the floor again.

For the moment, both girls were content to rest, letting the rope support a little of their weight rather than risk a repetition of what had just happened. Felicity was holding her hand to the side of her head; while Tonya was still fighting for air.

"Loreena, my dear," Buel said softly.

She turned, surprised to find him standing so close. He held out a whip, urging her to take it. "Our contestants need a little motivation," he said. "And don't spend all of your attention on Tonja. I know you're probably eager to pay her back for that kick she gave you, but let Felicity feel the whip now and then too!"

Loreena forced a smile as she took the whip.

The girls were still resting. They hadn't heard what Buel had asked her to do, but they noticed when she approached them with the whip in her hand; they edged away, forgetting about the game and its rules.

Loreena hesitated then lashed out, catching Felicity on the side of the leg. She jumped, but somehow managed not to fall.

Tonja received the whip across the belly next; and again the girls struggled to keep their balance.

"It seems you girls needed a little motivation to keep going," Buel said loudly. "The game doesn't end until we have a winner, and we haven't got all day." He turned to Loreena. "Whenever they stop moving, you start whipping! Understand?"

She nodded and gave Tonja another stroke before the girls got the idea and started moving towards one another again.


The colonel was on his feet walking, with Mikki dangling in front of him, still impaled on his stiff organ as he bounced her up and down with frantic haste.

Mikki snatched at the air in small convulsive spasms, her arms and legs flailing wildly as he rode her up and down from behind. For a moment her ankles twined around his knees, and she reached up, caressing her own breasts then sliding her fingers around to stroke the strong muscles of his arms as they clasped her around the waist, and lifted her into the air again.

He stumbled slightly, and she instinctively brought her limbs forward to catch herself. Forced to lean forward, he bent his knee, and Mikki caught herself until he could regain his balance. Then he picked her up again-tossing her so high into the air that she could feel the head of his glands almost pulling out of her with a soft, wet sound of suction. She fell neatly back down around him as he thrust up, meeting her with a hard slap that made her flesh tingle with a warm vibrato like sparks and fire.

She sucked in a sharp, cool breath.

At some point the pain had begun to mingle with pleasure, at times so intense it transcended itself and became pain again. The colonel had been so gentle when he started his movements, and his pace had increased so slowly that she never knew just when the change had come; but somewhere along the line everything had been forgotten-Loreena, the video screen, and the guards in the room.

All she knew was that the initial discomfort had long since been transformed into something just as hash and even more urgent. She trembled in the colonel's embrace, riding the ever shifting tide: wave after crashing wave of shivering ecstasy. It seemed that it would never end: his stiff piston pumping harder and faster-slipping so deep inside her that she thought she could feel it pressing against the pit of her stomach; forcing her internal organs up into her throat. Despite the uncontrollable intensity of the experience, it was not all together pleasant: like the waves of defecating ecstasy that occasionally filled her when she'd held her bowl movements too long and was finally able to let go. A distinctly erotic tickle filled her, as the length of his rubbed against her insides.

The colonel thrust inside her again, pressing his hips firmly against the cheeks of her ass. Mikki could feel his muscles grow rigid. He shivered and cried out in a hoarse, moaning intake of breath then he slumped forward. Mikki found herself on the floor. She matched his panting, laying in a peaceful exhaustion; his hardness still inside her but slowly melting.

They lay quietly for several moments-the weight of the colonel's arm was an unwelcome pleasure as it draped across her shoulder and breast. Despite herself, Mikki felt more alive than she had been before. They lay quietly for several moments then she felt the Colonel moving, and became aware of the video's sound again, as if someone had turned up the volume.

From where she lay on the floor, she looked up at the screen. The two women were trying to get to their feet as they dangled from ropes which had pinch their waist waspish thin with the force of repeated falls. The knots had worked their way around to the sides, so that when they fell they were twisted sideways, with one leg up and the other pointing towards the floor.

When they didn't move, resting for a moment in their exhaustion, Loreena prompted them with an enthusiastic crack of her long whip and they forced themselves to make the effort to stand yet again.

Mikki looked away feeling suddenly disgusted with her self. When she pulled away from him the colonel offered no resistance. So rising to her feet, she pulled down her dress and left the room.

She wandered down the hall, beginning to feel physically ill. Despite loosening up considerably towards the end of the colonel taking his pleasure, walking caused a dull burning sensation, where the Colonel's size felt like it had torn deep inside her. Her skin was cold; and slick with slime and grit. But even worse than her physical discomfiture, were the awful unanswered questions that keep running through her mind: Why was her sister helping to torture those women? How could she have responded like that to the man who was responsible for all her suffering? A man who had just taken her against her will, simply because he owned a piece of paper that said she belonged to him? Legally it was his right to do anything with her that he wanted, but now it seemed that he owned her emotions as well, and it shamed her.

For the last few years, Mikki had listened to the women at Leskral telling her that this sort of thing was wrong-but there were thousands of women in the Zanadian territory who would assure her that it was no more than the colonel's right as her fieflord. She should be honored by his attentions. The pain was but a small price to pay to be able to please him. And now it seemed that her body was telling her the same thing.

Mikki burst into her room and saw Loreena lying sleepily on the bed they often shared... She couldn't bare it.

Bolting for the bathroom, she fell to her knees and lost the contents of her stomach in the bowl.

"Mikki," Loreena called groggily. "Are you all right?"

With her stomach in tight cramping knots, Mikki couldn't respond. She slapped at the door, trying to make it close, and heaved again.

"Mikki?" Loreena eased her head through the door.

"I'm all right," Mikki said, as her stomach turned again. She wiped at the small dribble hanging from her lips; then coughed and heaved yet again. Her head hung over the bowl for a long time. Finally when nothing happened she let herself lean back.

Loreena reached down and ran her fingers through Mikki's hair.

"I'm sick of being in this place," Mikki said. "I feel so dirty and confused... so alone."

"You're not alone!"

"The colonel showed me a video of you," Mikki said bitterly.

Loreena froze.

"I'm not mad!"

Mikki only now realized that it was true.

She wanted to tell Loreena about what she had done with the colonel: to confess what she had felt-to share the burden of her grief and shame. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. She didn't want her sister to know what had been done to her. "He threatened to torture you again," Loreena whispered. Mikki could hear the tears in her sister's voice, but it took a moment to realize that it was not a question, but an explanation.

"It's all right," Mikki said. "I understand. He has you trapped. He has us both trapped. I just wish there was some way we could get away from all this."

Loreena nodded; her sister's words ringing in her ear. She knew that she could leave anytime she wanted.

If only she could take Mikki with her.

Chapter 7 - Cat and Mouse (added: 2013/05/26)


"That's too much weight," a male voice said.

Mikki opened her eyes and looked up to find Geot standing above her. "You're using to much weight," he repeated, "It'll ruin your shape."

"I don't think the colonel is unhappy with my shape."

She sat up and looked at him critically. He was looking at her with an appraising eye too.

"I liked the way you looked better when you were supposed to be fat-although I though you were a little skinny even then."

"Thank you," she said.

He smiled. "I've missed your biting sarcasm."

"Have you?" She was surprised. "We hardly know each other. How could you miss anything about me?"

"We know each other well enough to eat lunch together don't we? Or have you sworn off eating too?"

"No, they've taken me off my strict diet," Mikki said with a genuine smile. "That's what makes working out so much fun!" She reached for a towel and began wiping the sweat from her face. "You didn't come back to Lospodas just to see me did you?"

"I have business here, remember-but I wanted to see you again, before I left."

"So, you come here for pleasure too?"

He smiled and looked down the length of her body. When he looked back up his eyes locked with hers; and suddenly Mikki felt hot. She was sure her face was turning red, and she had little doubt what he wanted from her.

His hypnotic eyes held her. She couldn't look away.

"I liked what I saw the last time," he said. "I still do."

Finally she managed to look away.

She noticed a woman entering the weight room, leading another woman in chains. She recognized both of them. They came regularly, and the woman in chains was forced through a strenuous workout under threat of the whip.

She looked away from the women.

What was it he had said the last time they had met: 'this time I came for the same reason everyone else does.' Why did that send such a chill up her spine? Was it because the first time they had met he had taken her to see a torture room? What was he doing in that area and how had he known where it was if he didn't go there? Was that what he wanted from her?

"I don't think I'm the kind of girl you want," Mikki said.

"Maybe not." He sat down beside her, but it was not an aggressive move. "But then, that's what lunch is for: so we can get to know each other better and find these things out."

That surprised her. "You'd have more luck just taking what you want. They have girls for that sort of thing. Besides I'm an escort now. If you want to be with me you'll have to buy me, and play the game like everyone else."

"That's between me and Lospodas," he said.

She was unsure what he meant.

"I told you before," he said. "I don't approve of rape. I don't want to be with you, unless you want to come. If I paid for you before asking, you'd have no choice. I don't want to force myself on you like that."

"What about ...your tastes?"

"What do you know of my tastes?"

She looked away, uncomfortable. "Nothing. I don't think I want to know."

He smiled; shrugged. "I suppose your right in a sense," he said. "But then I expect my tastes are not exactly what you think they are... still, even if they are, I have other more mundane interests that you could help me satisfy."

"Like what?"

"Stimulating company. Good food. I don't think you would find either of those things too unpleasant."

"Just lunch then?"

"For now." He took her hand, helping her to her feet. "I'll certainly make no promises to leave it at that forever." Tucking her arm around his, he walked with her to the shower area which was used communally by men and women. He sat on a bench along the wall, talking to her as she washed; then dressed.

They went to one of Lospodas' finest dinning rooms: a private chamber where women were not allowed without an escort. Except for one group-three men who were obviously not Lospodas guards, six women who were just as obviously entertainers and two Amorians who might have been entertainers or servants-the room was empty.

Geot and Mikki were served an excellent meal and she ate greedily, listening to Geot talk some more about his business and his home and how his relationships with the other women he knew were less than satisfactory. It was as if he were trying to show Mikki a portrait of his life, trying to convince her that it would be a decent and comfortable existence for her to share.

"It won't do you any good," Mikki said at last, when he seemed to run himself down and stopped to take a bite.

"What won't do any good?"

"Trying to convince me to come with you," she said. "I'll never be able to leave here, you know."

He laughed kindly. "Is that what you think I was doing?"

She shrugged, suddenly unsure. "It sounded like it."

"Yes," he said, smiling as he took another bite of. "I suppose maybe it did. And maybe I was." He took another bite of his food. "So tell me. Was I convincing-did you want to come with me?

She smiled. "Almost," she said. "...but wanting it won't do either of us any good."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"The colonel would never sell me to you."

"Why not, don't you think I can afford you?"

"It's not that," Mikki said, noticing a slight stiffening of Geot's shoulders, despite the fact that he spoke in the same playful voice as always. "It's just that the colonel has to keep me here at Lospodas, or he won't have anything to hold over my sister's head."

"Ah!" He seemed to be relieved, or perhaps it was a morbid sort of curiosity. "Then you think that you're some kind of pawn in a struggle between your sister and the colonel?"

"It's not really a struggle. It's more like a game: the colonel's the cat and my sister and I are the mice."

Geot chuckled and rubbed his chin as if considering the possibilities. "Perhaps you're right," he said lightly. "But there is still today, and the next day, if you're willing... and the next."

"I suggest we take one hurtle at a time," Mikki said.


The colonel happened to be watching Mikki and the trader on video. The girl was smarter than he'd given her credit for: smart enough to guess that he would not let Loreena be free of his main hold on her. She still wouldn't have anywhere else to go, but he wasn't ready to give up his ace.

Not yet anyway.

But he would let the trader pursue Mikki for a while; it would be interesting to see just what his intentions were. If he knew Geot, the man wasn't interested in saving Mikki from all of her troubles. He had a few peculiar ideas, but the colonel didn't think that taking a slave for a wife was one of them. All he wanted was someone to share a few moments with, but if he let Mikki think he had other plans, so much the better.

In truth, it wasn't likely Geot would be around enough to be much of a romantic influence. Not once the colonel turned Marsan loose on the poor unsuspecting girl. That sly devil could charm a snake out of its skin-and he suspected that Mikki was ripe for a little charming.

It would be interesting to see who came out on top: Marsan or the trader. Either way, the colonel was certain he could turn Mikki's romantic notions to his advantage.

He smiled. It promised to be an interesting game. A cat and mouse, as Mikki had called it.

She was indeed a bright girl...


Loreena and the colonel were standing with Buel along the wall when two guards brought Sondra into the firing range.

Sondra's arms were behind her back-her elbows pressed together by a leather strap while her wrists were pinned firmly by a metal rod inserted through the manacles that adorned the holes in her wrists. The flesh was healed, but still tender. Except for the addition of a blindfold, a gag and a leather harness, she was naked. The harness had a thick leather strap that cinched tightly around her waist. Two thinner straps circled above and below her breasts. Another longer, strap ran vertically from the breast straps, down to the waist strap; then between her legs and back up-splitting in two as it went over her shoulders. The vertical strap was pulled tight and since it not connected at the back to the waist, it forced Sondra to arch her back, and made her gait stiff and awkward, while the opaque blinder inserted beneath her eyelids, made walking even more precarious.

The guards lead Sondra to a small table that had been laid sideways, so the top of it was nearly perpendicular to the floor; at the base it was connected by a hinge, which allowed it to be turned upright. As the guards backed Sondra up, they pushed her down so that as she squatted she was leaning against the top of the table; then one guard held her arms away from her back, so that as she slid down it became wedged between her arms and back. When she had settled onto the floor, the guards began to lift the table with her on it.

The table took most of her weight, wedging itself further between her arms and body. She tried to help, but trying to use her legs increased the pressure on the vertical strap, making it rasp across her throbbing clit and cut into her already tender flesh. She could feel the bottom edge of the table pressing against the strap and the cheeks of her ass near the small of her back, just below the ridge of her hip bones. Then, with a thump, the table was level, and she was lying on her back, unable to accomplish more than the slightest movement. Her legs hung off one end of the table; her head and shoulders hung from the other.

"Leave her there for a moment," the colonel said. "I think it's time that Loreena began to help." He took Loreena by the wrist, and placed her hand on one of Sondra's breasts; then, placing his hand over hers, he squeezed her fingers. "She feels nice doesn't she?"

Loreena nodded reluctantly, but she began to work her fingers on her own as the colonel released her hand.

He began using both hands, running his fingers lightly across Sondra's ribs. His thumbs caressed deeply into the soft flesh beneath her last rib as he gripped her firmly around the waist-kneading her ticklish muscles. He gripped the fat leather strap and gave it a few gentle tugs; then his hand traced it down to her hairless mound. His palm pressed against the thick black piece of leather with a firm, rhythmic motion.

Suddenly he smacked the inside of her thigh, and Sondra sucked in a sharp breath. Loreena could feel her recoil from the shock of the blow, and watched as she tried to raise her leg. Her position made it a feeble gesture. He slapped her again. Not so hard this time, but closer to her knee, and he began to squeeze the muscle-sinking his fingers deep into her flesh.

When Sondra moaned into her gag, Loreena became aware that she had been biting her nipple. She looked down at the tit and saw that she had left a deep set of teeth marks.

"You can go ahead now," the colonel told the guards. "Lock down the table and string her up."

One of the guards dropped eagerly to his knees and began securing the latch at the base of the table. Another took one of Sondra's legs. Two chains with cuffs were hanging from the ceiling; and lifting her leg he attached one of them to her ankle.

She moaned her pain as the strap between her legs dug into her tender flesh.

"Let Loreena help," the colonel said, pushing her towards the table. Loreena glanced at Sondra, and saw her head twitch as if in recognition of the colonel's words. He pushed Loreena again. "Go on," he said. "The photographers are waiting."

Reluctantly she grabbed a cuff and clapped it onto Sondra's ankle as a guard held her foot.

"Now," the colonel said addressing Loreena. "Describe to Sondra what you see over there."

There was a buzzing sound as Loreena turned to see where he was pointing. She caught her breath. A sliding wall was slowly moving across the rails and behind it there was a long line of men with guns.

"Men with guns!" Loreena breathed.

"Pellet guns," the colonel corrected, "High powered, but still simple pellet guns. Now, Loreena, why don't you whisper in Sondra's ear and tell her what you think they're going to do with those guns."

Loreena looked over at Sondra, saw the expression on her face, and realized her friend could have no doubt now that she was actually there.

The colonel laughed, and held out his hand. "Better come out of the way, my pet. They're almost ready to start firing."

Loreena was helpless to do anything but obey; and as she approached him she heard the first gun fire. An instant later she heard Sondra's muffled scream, and turned to see the woman's body straining against her bonds as pain erupted in her foot.

"They're shooting the bottoms of her feet," the colonel explained, a cheerful expression on his face as he watched.

Several more guns fired in quick succession.

Sondra bent her knees furiously, but her arms were caught under the far side of the table, and the strap between her legs made even the slightest movement a painful effort.

The men slowly cocked their pump action guns, working the levers several times to increase the power. Sondra continued to squirm, and Loreena was surprised to realize that her movements had a distinctly sexual quality.

The men fired again.

Sondra was making herself a more difficult target by moving her feet in a twitching sideways motion, but still the act didn't seem to be calculated for that purpose. It was simply the effect of her movements, which began to seem more and more like the mindless throes of ecstasy.

After a third round the colonel called a halt and led Loreena out to inspect Sondra's feet. The woman was moaning: sounds that could have been from intense pleasure or extreme pain. It was impossible for Loreena to tell.

She held back, afraid to see what had become of Sondra. But the Colonel forced her to look. Most of the pellets had enough force to break the skin and some were actually embedded.

"She may have a little trouble walking for awhile." He gave her leg a firm slap, and turned to the guards, raising his voice so they would hear him at the other end of the room. "Don't ignore her legs and ass," he said. "I don't want her to be able to sit down in comfort either."


Mikki was surprised by the knock at the door.

She looked up at Loreena and saw a worried expression that was a reflection of her own. Neither of them was expecting anyone, and it was their observation that unexpected visitors were rarely a good thing at Lospodas. It was a change from the routine. Neither of them liked that.

"I'll get it," Loreena said.

She walked to the door and opened it. "Can I help you?"

"Hello," a deep male voice said. "My name is Marsan. I believe the colonel has already spoken to you about me and my role in Mikki's education as an elite escort for Lospodas. I've come to begin her training." Loreena didn't move-there was a long pause. "May I come in?"

"Sure," Loreena said, stepping aside to let the visitor enter the room. He was wearing civilian clothes, not the stylized uniform of a guard as Mikki had expected. He stood, with his hands behind his back, just inside the door as if he were patiently waiting for Loreena to give him a formal introduction, the way a wealthy father would be expected to introduce his daughter to a favored suitor.

Loreena frowned. "Mikki," she said nodding her head to indicate that she should approach. Reluctantly Mikki did, and when she was standing beside her, Loreena said, "Marsan, this is Mikki." She turned to Mikki. "He's come to see you."

Marsan bowed. "I'm happy to meet you, Mikki."

Mikki didn't know what to say. She had never been treated as a nobleman's lady-she had followed Loreena to Leskral but a few years before she would have reached the age when potential suitors would have begun to call-but she found that she liked it. She just looked at him, a little suspicious, wondering what was going on. He was tall, well built and handsome in a rugged sort of way; and she thought she recognized him. Could he be one of the many guards she had passed in the halls? He wasn't a guard who had worked on her, but there were hundreds of other guards at Lospodas-and there were numerous customers who frequented the compound too: men from outside of Lospodas who were willing to pay for their particular pleasures.

Men like Geot.

She looked at Loreena, seeking help, but her sister only shrugged without comment. When Mikki looked back at Marsan he was smiling, and holding a small box wrapped in red velvet paper.

"I have something for you!" He said.

She took the box, and opened it. Inside was a bundle of the most beautiful material Mikki had ever seen. "It's beautiful," she said, gently touching the lacy white material.

"It's a dress," Marsan said.

Mikki looked at him in surprise, wondering how anyone could wear anything so delicate without tearing it. Carefully she took the dress out of the box and held it up for a look.

"Couldn't you afford more material," Mikki asked.

Marsan smiled. "I'd love to see what it looks like on you."

"Sorry," she said, holding out the dress. "It's not my style."

To Mikki's surprise, Loreena reach out and placed a hand over hers. "Go ahead, Mikki," Loreena said. "Try it on." She nodded to the other room. "And while you're at it see if you can fix your face and hair a little."

For a moment Mikki thought of arguing, but there was something urgent about the way Loreena was looking at her. She knew something Mikki didn't. At last she nodded, and went to the bathroom.

Loreena turned back to Marsan and shrugged sheepishly. "I'm sorry she's such a mess, but you caught us both by surprise. I wasn't expecting you until..."

Fix myself up a little, Mikki thought bitterly, as she closed the door behind her. I'll fix myself up. She peeled herself out of her clothes and began taking a shower. When she was done she sprayed herself with an all over body spray.

Marsan's dress was like everything else Mikki had been given to wear: she had to work and wiggle to fit into it. At first she thought of purposely tearing the material, but it was much stronger than it looked, and it stretched to hug her body-the white a stark contrast against her dark complexion.

There was a knock at the door just as she was beginning to fix her hair. "Aren't you about done in there," Loreena called through the door.

"Just about," Mikki answered with a smug little smile.

After her hair, she began to apply makeup. A small supply of the stuff came with their room, but Mikki had managed to bring in a lot more since she'd been working at the boutique; and was actually learning how to apply it correctly. At first she hadn't wanted to bother with it, but her friend Fasznil encouraged her, and when she'd seen the effect it had on the men, she'd begun to use it more often without her friend's prompting.

"I can't imagine what's taking her so long," Loreena was saying as Mikki came out of the bathroom.

Marsan noticed her as he raised his drink, and his eyes widened in surprise. "It was worth the wait," he said getting to his feet. He came towards her and took her hands in his; standing for a moment to just stare at her.

"Mikki, you look stunning," Loreena said.

Mikki couldn't help smiling reluctantly.

She had taken as much time fixing herself up as she dared, because she thought it would irritate Marsan if he had to wait. She hadn't expected it to be such a hit; and she had to admit that it make her feel good to receive such spontaneous praise.

"Are we going somewhere," Mikki asked.

"Yes," Marsan said, taking her hand and kissing it in a way that made her blush. "We should be leaving."


They ate at a public dinning room.

Except for the time with Geot, it was the first time she had eaten outside of her room; and as she looked around it suddenly occurred to her how much of a luxury the room service had been.

The dinning room had a cafeteria atmosphere.

She noticed one woman who was wearing a mask with a mouth hole that allowed her female escort to feed her. A long dildo gag was lying on the table beside her plate, and her arms were held behind her back by a one armed glove.

They walked through a buffet style line, taking whatever they wanted. Mikki filled her plate until there wasn't any room left. Her food had been rationed for long enough that she was enjoying being able to splurge.

"You'll get yourself in trouble if you eat like that every time you go out," Marsan said when they had taken their seats in a booth.

"Are you going to stop me?"

He shook his head. "No. Your sister's the one who has to worry about that. She'll make you pay for it later."

"You're a guard, aren't you?"

He nodded. "The colonel was hoping that you wouldn't recognize me right away, but I thought you did. I suppose you're wondering what's going on?"

Mikki nodded.

"The colonel has decided that you will be an entertainer..."

"What kind of entertainer," Mikki asked in alarm. She had heard rumors of the men who came to Lospodas and paid to have women supplied for their perverse whims. She touched her breast, remembering the pains of her tortures... but the colonel had promised Loreena that there wouldn't be any more tortures. Could he have lied to her, just to get his way?

"You're lucky," Marsan said, "You get to be one of the elite escorts."

"What's that mean?"

"Men will come as I did. You'll escort them to dinner; maybe go dancing, or watch a movie... and then you'll spend the night with them."

"What else?"

"Nothing strange. You're strictly for straight sex, at least for now."

"Is that what's going to happen tonight?"

"It is."

"And tomorrow?"

"That depends on how it goes tonight." He shrugged. "We will have lunch together tomorrow, and afterwards I will begin your training in the areas where you are lacking."

"What if I'm not lacking anywhere?"

"Don't worry about that," Marsan said. "I can already see that you are. Indeed I suspect that I shall have my work cut out for me this time. Still you will have the mornings free to do as you wish; and when you are ready you will be presented to the clients. If you suit their tastes they will come to me, and I will give you notice. You will then make yourself ready for them when they come. You will not make them wait, as you did me tonight."

"I only did that because I thought it would irritate you when I took so long," Mikki said bitterly.

Marsan laughed. "I expected as much. But your ploy may have back fired, because now that I know what you can do with your self when you want to, I will expect you to always look as good for the client. And I expect you to be ready on time. I'm very serious about that. No keeping them, or me, waiting from now on."

"Or what?"

"Or the colonel will be very displeased with your sister."


"They're ready for you, sir."

The colonel looked up from the screen and nodded; then turned and followed the dark skinned girl into the adjoining room. Taking a moment to look around, he smiled at what he saw.

Zonda and Valeen, the two muscular women, who had once been Sondra's body guards, were securely strapped to their chairs which faced the large video screen. Their heads were held firmly in place by harnesses, and their eyes were held open by spring loaded clasps that tucked under the eyelids-top and bottom-forcing them apart.

The colonel put a tape into the player and pressed play.

Sondra's face filled the screen. A gag was held in her mouth by a head harness. Her eyes were fitted with a pair of white plastic blinders that were wedged under her eyelids-directly against her eyeballs.

As the camera zoomed out, the colonel levered a small control in his pocket, turning on the tasp. The small electrical devise used to trigger the surgically implanted electrodes in the pleasure center of Zonda and Valeen's brains.

On the screen, the women could now see that Sondra's arms were bound behind her back. Each wrist was tied to the opposite arm at the elbow. More rope was wrapped tightly around her arms and chest, and the strands above and below her breasts were cinched together with a loop of rope that ran over her shoulders and tied somewhere at the back. Sondra walked stiffly, almost with a limp except that she had difficulty putting weight on both feet instead of just one.

The colonel smiled. He knew she limped because there were numerous tiny pellets embedded in her feet. Her legs and ass had been peppered with wounds as well, but those pellets had been removed after a few days and the wounds had been allowed to heal. The wounds in her feet had healed over too, but the pellets had not been removed first, and her feet were still to tender to do much walking.

And there was perhaps another reason Sondra walked so stiffly: she was being stimulated by her tasp. The colonel knew that the pain in her feet, and the natural tension of waiting for the further torture she knew was coming gave her an indescribable pleasure.

Her tasp was on medium, but he would move it to full strength as her session began.

Already Sondra had learned to love pain; but eventually she would come to feel that she could not live without its constant presence. Just as Zonda and Valeen, the women who had been her protectors, would learn to love giving that pain to Sondra.

Loreena and a guard were leading Sondra towards an apparatus that looked something like a saw horse, except that it was sturdier and a little higher off the ground. The cross beam was cut at an angle so that it formed a sharp edge, dulled only by a gentle sanding to prevent slivers. In the center of the wedge-mounted on an ingenious hinge that allowed it to bend forward and backwards, but not sideways-was a large dildo made of a special type of ice.

Loreena was describing loudly what was waiting for Sondra, just as the colonel had instructed her to do-but he was surprised by the enthusiasm of her monologue. Her speech was slurred and he wondered just how smashed she had gotten to help work up her nerve, but the things she said couldn't have been better if he had written them himself. Their vivid completeness had the perfect effect on Sondra; she struggled vainly against her guard's firm hold.

Loreena was a further surprise when she gripped her former friend by a nipple and tugged her forward with fingernails.

"We need you over here," Loreena was saying. "So we can attach these cuffs to your ankles. A pulley motor will then lift you in the air, and Jamyn and I will guide you down onto this monster." She reached out and touched the white, pillar of ice with her free hand. Where she stroked it, the ice began to melt, forming a slick, syrupy surface.

"Oh my, it's cold!" She said, releasing Sondra's breast and bending down to secure her ankles in the cuffs hanging from the pulley ropes. "And it must be almost a full two inches thick! I wonder how long that will take to melt. And can you imagine how it's going to feel after it's been inside you for a few minutes." Reaching up she touched Sondra's hairless mound. "Of course, I don't think you'll get off that soon. No I'm afraid you'll have to ride this little pony until it's completely melted."

She reached for Sondra's other ankle. "I wonder how many hours that will take? Of course the good side is that being so cold, you'll be all but numb down there; you'll hardly feel a thing from this wedge."

Sondra made a sound into her gag that sounded like she was calling Loreena a bitch, but the girl didn't seem to notice.

Finishing with the cuff she patted Sondra on the side of the leg with a firm slap. "Of course," she said stopping as if to consider. "The outside of you won't be frozen so maybe you will feel it. You'll let me know afterwards, won't you?"

The pulley motor began to wind in the ropes, and Sondra's legs began to pull apart. She growled a bitter complaint into her gag. Then, as was typical of her, she was quiet.

The ropes began to rise, slowly forcing her feet off the ground. Sondra tried to keep her legs together, but the ropes were at an angle pulling her feet out, and Jamyn-the guard who had been supporting Sondra around the waist-had kneeled down, and was using the force of his weight to hold Sondra down. Her feet suddenly spread wide in a split. She gasped then her knees buckled and bent, bringing her ankles up along her thighs. When Sondra's legs were supporting her full weight, Jamyn removed his arms from around her waist, and once again he used his hand only to keep her from toppling over.

Reaching down Loreena slipped her fingers gently between Sondra's lips.

"Let me get you hot," she said, rubbing gently. "I want you to be able to melt that thing. After all, I can't take my nap until you're done."

Sondra rose into the air until she was high enough, then the crank stopped. Loreena moved behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist. The other hand was still working on Sondra: rolling her fingers back and forth over her clit until Sondra began to respond to the attention with a reluctant motion.

Jamyn pulled over the horse, until it was directly beneath Sondra; then he locked the wheels and the Pulley began to lower.

Loreena spread Sondra's lips in anticipation of her impalement-but as the tip of the ice press into her hot tender crevice, the older woman tensed, and gasp. She straightened her legs and managed to push herself up a few inches.

Loreena wrapped her arms around Sondra's waist, weighing her down; as Jamyn pulled on her feet, slowly forcing them out into a split position. Together they forced Sondra to bend her knees again or be lowered anyway; and she wouldn't be able to hold herself above the cold rod for long, since the ropes were still dropping away beneath her. She chose to bend her legs, and sank with a bruising jar onto the tip of the thick, icy rod, the cold mass spreading her engorged lips.

The camera zoomed in for a super close-up as Sondra slowly sank deeper. The long white rod became a little wider as she sank and sank, plunging it steadily further and further inside her trembling body-until the reddened lips neatly filled the screen. The motor on the ropes had slowed, prolonging the penetration; and as the ice pulled against Sondra's flesh, it seemed to drag at her clit. It was a visible and throbbing node, pressed against the ice-disappearing and reappearing, like a fishing float bobbing on the water.

At last she reached the bottom.

Loreena was still holding Sondra's lips apart so that the thin wedge of the horse settled heavily into the tender flesh between them.

The camera panned up, widening its view as it went. Sondra's mouth was open so wide her lips were pulled slightly away from the ball gag. She drew in a faint wheezing breath between her teeth.

"Does it hurt," Loreena asked in a mocking, whiny voice. She rubbed her hand over Sondra's stomach, pressing down. Then he slapped her fingers several times against Sondra's mound where it rested against the horse. "My, my, but it's making you hot-I guess it must feel awfully good." She slapped Sondra hard enough to make a soft smacking sound.

Sondra rocked forward, gasping as the motion forced her weight onto tender new areas.

"That's it, keep moving," Loreena advised. "That way you'll keep generating enough friction to melt that massive thing inside you. Otherwise it might freeze to your insides; stick to your skin. Who knows what permanent damage that might do?" She slapped Sondra's mound a few more times when the woman didn't keep moving. "Actually our friend here is made of a special water based formula that freezes at a higher temperature. That means it isn't as cold as real ice. And it's especially susceptible to friction. The more you move the faster it will melt. And more importantly, the warmer its lubrication will be-but if you don't move, it's literally cold enough to freeze your little twat!"

Loreena sighed. "Still not going to move, huh? That's a shame because now I have to give you a little motivation, and believe me you're not going to like this."

She left the view of the camera, and came back after a moment with a wide, looped strap of leather. She showed it to Sondra then struck the older woman hard across the lower part of her stomach. She flinched despite herself.

"You should thank me when this is over," she said, striking Sondra across the small of the back, just below the square of her bound arms.

As Loreena continued slapping-concentrating on Sondra's breast, stomach and legs-Jamyn moved to Sondra's back and began tying a cord to the ropes that encircled her chest and arms. It was long enough for him to attach it to a metal spring that was hanging on the wall. It looked a little like the spring on a screen door, and had just enough tension that it force Sondra to arch her back and strain to keep herself from toppling over backwards.

When the cord was secure, Loreena set the whip down and began sucking on one of Sondra's nipple-tonguing it until it was a hard little nub in her mouth. Then she bit it with her teeth, stretching the breast out so Jamyn could wrap a piece of string around it and tie it off with a knot.

She turned her attention to the other nipple, and when Jamyn had it tied off, she took the strings and gave a few playful tugs.

Jamyn held up an odd looking clamp.

"That," Loreena said, "Is called a piercing clamp. You'll notice how this needle moves when Jamyn turns the screw here. Now," she said as she gave one of the strings to Jamyn. "What he does is thread this string..." She flicked the one she still held with her fingernail, causing Sondra's breast to vibrate, "...Right through the holes in the clamp... as you can see, that positions the needle right over the nipple and keeps you from moving when we start to drill."

Jamyn demonstrated as she spoke, sliding the string through the holes in the clamp and turning the screw until the needle pressed firmly against her flesh. A small drop of blood formed as the tip broke her skin.

They repeated the process on Sondra's other nipple, but this time Jamyn didn't stop when the clamp was snug. He kept turning the cork screw threads as the needle bit into her flesh.

The video screen split into two images: one zooming in on the clamp as it broke the skin and a thick flow of blood began to trickle down Sondra's breast. The other focused on her face, which expressed obvious pain, but also something that suggested an intense sort of pleasure.

Suddenly Sondra screamed into her gag and rocked wildly-unable to stand the sensations any longer. She jerked forward, pulling against the spring loaded cord at her back; but she didn't get far before it was tugged her back with more force than she could hold.

"It would have been so much nicer if you'd have keep moving on your own," Loreena hissed as she caught Sondra around the waist. The older woman was slippery and clammy with sweat. Loreena brought her up right again, and keep holding her-whispering softly in her ear, and rocking slowly back and forth, as Jamyn began turning the other screw.

When the needles of both clamps were secured as tight as they would go, Loreena tied cords to them while Jamyn went to get a small, wheeled table with a small machine on it. He locked the table's wheels, and attached the cords from the clamps to an arm of the machine. Then he set some switches, and turned the machine on.

A wheel began to spin, gaining speed.

When it was up to full speed, he slipped it into gear, and the arm he had tied the strings to, began to move slowly. It pulled at the clamps, stretching Sondra's breasts as it pulled her forward against the resistance of the spring. It forced her to lean forward-shifting the position of her weight.

Suddenly the arm sprang back-releasing the tension on Sondra's breasts. The spring loaded rope forced her back the other way. Sondra fought it-gasping a ragged breath, as the cold lump moved inside her; and the wedge she sat on, sawed at her tender flesh. The clamps ripped at her breasts as they caught her before she could fall over backwards. Blood dripped down each breast.

Loreena reached over and brushed a tear from Sondra's eye. A moment later the machine's forward motion was stretching her breasts again.

"Try not to fight it," Loreena said, patting Sondra on a hip that was hot and damp with sweat.


Loreena wanted to flee from the room, but she forced herself to walk. She even nodded to Jamyn and smiled.

"I'm looking forward to working with you again," she said.

She didn't hear his response. They went their separate ways down the hall, leaving Sondra to the horse and machine and the hours of torture they would provide.

Keeping the enthusiasm and the damned smile on her face had been the hardest things Loreena had ever done-even with the help of those little pills she liked to take: the ones that left her feeling all euphorically numb.

Now the pills were wearing off, bringing their own depression and panic to add to Loreena's own. Only the fear of blowing the one chance she was working for, had keep her from breaking down before she reached her room.

Calmly she closed and locked the door.

Only then did she run to the bed and throw herself down, burying her face in the fat silky pillows. She didn't sob. Being forced to hold back for so long, it was something she didn't need to do; but she felt the wetness of tears on her eyes and she welcomed them. In a few moments her eyes would dry and she would get up and fix herself a stiff drink-but for now she was content to feel her shame. Let it wash over her and reaffirm her resolution to follow the course she had decided to take.

...The idea had begun when Mikki said she wished they could both run away.

The more Loreena thought about it, the more she began to realize that this was the only way. She couldn't ask Mikki to commit suicide with her, her sister still had a chance of returning to Leskral and the women's movement where she could live a full life again. There she would be free of being owned, free of the threat of torture, free to walk where she chose without being covertly followed or openly lead by guards.

Loreena was willing to give herself up to the justice of Leskral if she could save Mikki. Freeing her sister would make everything else she had done a little less despicable. Her sacrifice would not have been in vain; and she would be able to die free of the colonel's manipulations.

She was ready to die.

The mere thought of it was enough to make her smile.

But death could not claim her tonight. Not while Mikki was still a prisoner of Lospodas. She took another long swallow of her drink, and stood up, walking to the door.

Imbella had invited her to another party; and she had promised to be there would be plenty to drink. Maybe it would even be enough that Loreena wouldn't have to think about anything but having a good time.


The first thing Mikki became aware of was the dead sensation in her arm. When she tried to move she felt Marsan's head resting on her shoulder. His body was pressing warm and close: one leg draped over hers and one arm lying on her chest.

Steady breathing indicated that he was asleep, and she did not want to wake him. His skin felt warm and comforting against her; and the musty scent of him, while not a clean smell, was pleasantly strong.

It brought back memories of the night before: and these were almost as sweet as it had been the first time.

Thinking back on it, Mikki was surprised at how unexpectedly gentle Marsan had been. She was still sore from her brutal sexual encounter with the colonel a few days earlier, and so she had been grateful for his slow casual method. He was a considerate lover, seeming to take more pleasure from her response to him than anything else. Working her slowly, like a musician playing his instrument, he led her to a place she had never been before-and as her orgasm broke over her in a long incredulous wave, she suddenly discovered that sex was something totally different than she thought it was; something utterly more wonderful than she could have imagined.

She didn't want to leave the comfort of his embrace, but her arm was starting to complain ever louder. If she didn't do something now the pain of recovering her circulation would only be worse, so she removed his arm from on top of her chest. Unwrapping her leg from his, she gently began to slip her arm out from under his head.

The pins and needles began to tingle even before she managed to get her arm free, and by the time she was clear it was worse. She rubbed her arm and clenched her fist as the overload of sensations slowly began to subside.

"Sleepy arm?"

Mikki turned and saw that Marsan was sitting up in the bed, watching her.

"You used my arm for a pillow."

"And a comfortable one it was," he said. His beautiful, soft eyes sparkled with mischief; and Mikki felt inexplicably warm inside.

"I'm glad one of us was comfortable," she said with a smile. "Are you ready for breakfast?"

Marsan nodded then went to take a shower while she cooked. By the time he came out of the shower she had two plates set at the table, and the smell of bacon filled the air. Marsan sat down and took one slice of bacon and one egg. He took one bite of each, then pushed his plate away and stood up.

"You don't like it?" Mikki asked anxiously.

"It's not bad," Marsan said. "But you can still use a little coaching. Myself I never eat breakfast. But a lot of men like a woman to cook for them in the morning."

"Then this was like a test!"

"I told you yesterday that it was."

"So," Mikki said bitterly. "How did I do?"

"Well, your table manners are atrocious, you dance like you've got two left feet and you fuck like a virgin."

Mikki was stunned. She could feel her face burning hotly and didn't have any idea what to say-she closed her mouth and looked down at the table. Suddenly she wasn't very hungry. She started picking up the dishes, and clearing the table.

"Of course," Marsan said. "Your table manners are a product of your upbringing; a few lessons and some practice should improve them. I don't imagine you had much opportunity for dancing at Leskral. We'll remedy that with lessons starting today. As for fucking, it seems to me that you came to me a virgin-so it's not surprising that..."

"I'm not a virgin," Mikki snapped, tossing a plate into the sink full of soapy water. It splashed her down the front of her bare legs. She dropped another plate into the water and it clanked against the first.

Marsan came up behind her, and slipped his arm around her waist. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

She jumped as if his touch burned, and pushed his hand away. Not very hard though, and when he didn't let go of her she leaned into him. His hand brushed across the wet spot on her bare leg.

"It was all right," she admitted.

Marsan laughed. "Have you ever felt like that before?"

She didn't answer.

"No." Marsan said, answering for her.

Now his hand was sliding over her slick thigh, and pressing down on her pubic mound.

"Last night," he said, "Was the first time you truly enjoyed having sex. So in my book you were still a virgin. Your sexuality was asleep," His finger brushed ever so lightly against her pubic hair. "Now you are awake. You have passed through that mysterious gate and started down a new path." His fingers pressed harder against her mound, and slipped between her legs. She rocked to meet his fingers, and he slipped them inside her. "We will travel quickly now," Marsan said, brushing against her clit. "But it will be a glorious journey."

Chapter 8 - Sexual Training (added: 2013/06/30)


Mikki hung loosely from the crossbar on the weight machine, resting for a moment before she began her last set. She liked the way her body felt when her arms and legs were pumped up like this. Even though she was tired, it gave her a feeling of strength and confidence-she didn't feel as if everything was so totally out of her control. It felt good for purely physical reasons too. She liked the way her muscles burned when she forced them to their limits, and the euphoric rush that swept over her. She liked the slick feel of her naked body when it was covered with a light sheen of drying sweat. She turned her head, sucking on her arm for its salty flavor; feeling the warmth of her skin beneath her lips.

It made her think of Marsan and the way he had kissed her the night before. She wondered when he would come for her. It was still more than an hour before noon, but she was tired of waiting.

She exhaled. This would be her last set she decided. Then she would go find Marsan and see what was keeping him.

Curling her legs up under her, she let her body sink to the floor, and felt the soft fibers of the carpet on her bare legs and ass. She took a deep breath, pulled the cross bar-with its weight of seventy pounds-down to her chin. Her arms pressed against her nipples as she touched her nose with her knuckles; and imagined that it was Marsan touching her.

She counted to herself. Down: one, two. Up: one, two, three, four. By the third repetition a fresh coat of perspiration was breaking on her brow. By the sixth, she was feeling a pleasant burn in her muscles; tightness in her arms and sides. By the eighth, she was straining; and as sometimes happened; she could feel a curious, but not unpleasant tingle growing in her chest and between her legs. It was the same tingle she felt when she held her breath to long, not exactly sexual in quality, but seeming to radiate from the same general source.

That tingle was what she worked for.

After a few more reps, she let the weights settle into their slot in the machine and picked up her towel, pressing it against her face to take up the sweat.

"You should still be using less weight!"

Mikki looked up and smiled when she saw Marsan. "I've already cut back quite a bit," she said.

"You could stand to drop at least ten or twenty more pounds. Do more reps if you have to. That will build up the definition without increasing your bulk."

"Are you still afraid I'm going to get big and bulky like a man?" She laughed

"If that's what you want?" He shrugged. "It does no good to tell you anything, does it? You never listen to me!"

"That's not exactly true," she said, getting to her feet.

Marsan looked at her sharply and she smiled at him to show that her words were meant in good humor. Secretly the idea of having big bulky muscles appealed to Mikki; but she would never tell Marsan that. Instead she leaned forward to kiss him.

He pulled back, still scowling at her.

"Oh, Marsan! Don't be that way. You wanted me to cut back on my weights, and I have. I never lift for power anymore; I've significantly reduced the weight on all of my exercises." She leaned forward again and kissed him; and when he let her she pressed her bare body against the soft fabric of his clothes. "I did it all for you," she said. "I wouldn't have done it for anyone else."

"You can't con me," he said. "You've more than made up for it by increasing the number of sets and repetitions you do."

"I thought that was an improvement! You just said so yourself."

Marsan shook his head. "I find your querulous manner attractive," he said, pushing her away from him. "But it's a dangerous line to walk. You're lucky Colonel Baisurd is your fieflord, but it's still going to get you into trouble if you're not more careful of how and when you use it."

"I'm sorry," Mikki said contritely.

"You should always be like this." Marsan took her chin in his hand and raised her head a little so that he could look into her eyes.

"I try to be," Mikki said.

"That's not good enough." Marsan shook his head. "I suspect the problem is that you think we are lovers." He pressed his finger against her lips to silence her. "On a physical level it's true enough. But on an emotional level: I am your teacher; and you are my student. You are not the first and you will not be the last. And despite what my feelings for you are, my duty as a teacher comes first."

"I know that," Mikki said sulkily.

Marsan looked at her for a long moment. So long that she began to feel a little uncomfortable.

"Good," he said at last. "Then we are ready to begin your real training. Make yourself pretty tonight."

"Why," Mikki asked suspiciously.

"I've taught you the secret places within yourself," he said. "Now you must learn to reach those secret places in others, and to do that you must be with a lot of different men."

"Then I'm to spend the night with someone else?"

Marsan nodded. "You will find that most men are not like me. They are lazy, and want you to do all the work; but that doesn't mean they are all the same. You must be with different men so you can learn to know what each of them wants. Now," he said, slapping Mikki on the ass, hard enough to make her jumped-although it was as much from surprise as pain. "Go take your shower. I'm hungry and we can talk about this over lunch. Tonight your training begins in earnest."


"Would you like to remove them?"

Loreena felt ill as the colonel handed her the tweezers, and nodded to the pellets embedded in Sondra's feet. Her legs rested in stirrups similar to those used by an obstetrician except that her ankles were held tightly in place by padded metal clamps, and her legs were tightly bound to the railing at the knees. She could move her leg no more than a few centimeters in any direction. Movement of her feet was further prevented by a string looped around each of her big toes, and attached to the ankle clamps. Ropes bound Sondra's arms behind her back; a leather belt cinched her waist and a strap bit into the flesh between her legs.

She moaned into her gag, and looked up at Loreena, her eyes cold and accusing.

Loreena forced herself to smile then moved in for a closer examination of Sondra's swollen soles. Many of the wounds, although red with infection, were completely closed over, with the pellets still inside. Others were still open and weeping a nasty looking yellowish puss.

"Do you have something for me to cut them out with?"

"Look at your tweezers," the colonel said.

The ends of both prongs were filed to sharp cutting edges.

Loreena licked her lips nervously, but forced herself to nod without pause-ignoring the slight trembling of her fingers and the nausea in her stomach. She pressed one tong of the tweezers against one of the lumps in Sondra's feet, slicing deeply, because she didn't want to seem timid.

Loreena's heart lurched at the sounds, but she ignored the vicarious pain, and began digging into her old friend's flesh for the offending pellet. As she dug-slicing away the flesh that had begun to bond itself to the pellets in an attempt to heal-she began to wonder, not for the first time, if Sondra was groaning in pain or moaning in a sort of pleasure.

She watched Sondra as she pried another pellet out of her foot. The woman gasped; arching her back and moving her hips in a sexual way that forced the leather between her legs to rub unnecessarily. Her face was a mask of pain, but her body language was without a doubt very sexual, and her voice was now, very definitely, tinted with the sound of pleasure.

Loreena's hands were shaking and she was taking quick, short breaths. She forced herself to relax, took deeper breaths. She daubed a towel in a solution of alcohol and supraesthetic, and firmly wiped the thick flow of blood from Sondra's foot.

When she could see what she was doing again, she made another incision, and began digging for the next pellet.

By the time all the pellets were removed, the towel was stained bright red, and Sondra's feet were a bloody mass of raw flesh.

The colonel motioned for guards to come collect Sondra. They released her legs, removed the strings that held her toes; and forced her to her feet. When she threatened to collapse they offered just enough support to prevent it, and lead her, moaning and gasping, from the room-a tracking a trail of smeared blood behind her.

Loreena waited patiently for her dismissal, but the colonel turned to her. "I'd like you to follow me to my office, if you don't have other plans," he said.

It was apparently not a command, and Loreena's surprise was obvious.

"Of course," she said following him.

When he had entered his office and closed the door, he leaned against his desk, reaching out for her hand; and when she gave it to him, he gently pulled her closer. "You've become quite a generous little helper," he said, running his hand up the inside of her thigh.

"I've tried to be as you want me," Loreena agreed, relaxing her legs and opening to him.

"Mmmm," the colonel nodded thoughtfully as he dipped his fingers into the folds between Loreena's legs. She was dry-not ready for him; but she didn't protest... she even smiled at his advances and pressed her hips forward in a simulation of readiness.

"Perhaps a little too hard," he said.

Her eyes widened with a hint of alarm. "I'm sorry if I've..."

"Not at all," the colonel cut her off. "But I wonder what your motives are for this remarkable change of heart?"

Loreena took a deep breath and seemed to contemplate her answer for a long moment. "I've suppose I've simply come to terms with the facts," she explained at last. "I have no where else to go. I have to make my way here, at Lospodas; and I've learned that the best way to do that is to make sure I'm the one giving out punishment, instead of receiving it."

"Then you don't enjoy the things I ask you to do? Including this?" And he wedged his hand more firmly between her legs.

She flinched but didn't move away from him.

"Some of the things you ask are less pleasant than others," she said. "But your rewards are generous, and...I have become accustomed to them. I would not want to give you reason to take them away!"

"You think I need a reason."

Again she took her time answering. "It's like you said: I have things you want. You have things I want. If neither of us is... hurt by the others desires, why shouldn't we prosper from one another?"

The colonel smiled.

He was surprised to find that he actually believed her! Perhaps she really had accepted the necessity of her situation, and was making the best of it-although her head was a few steps ahead of her heart. In time, her heart would come around to her mind's way of thinking.

"And would you let me fuck you? Would you lay on your back pretending to enjoy it, even though I can feel that your cunt is dry and I know that you aren't ready?"

"If that's what you want."

"It isn't," the colonel said. "Oh, I enjoy taking from some." He thought of Mikki sitting impaled on his lap. "But from you I want more. Much more!

"In public, or when the cameras are on," he said. "I expect you to hide your feelings if they aren't completely enthusiastic. But when we're alone I don't want you to hide anything! Is that understood?"


"Good." He stroked her legs gently again; and was pleased to note that she still did not pull away from him. "I've a small favor to ask, if you'd be willing to do it."

Loreena's lips flickered with the briefest smile. Was it relief? Had she recognized that this was a test, and did she know that she had passed? She would soon if she didn't now; for along with greater rewards there would be more responsibility and work. Already she had taken over a few of the smaller chores that used to be the work of his other favorites.

Still the colonel hadn't become the powerful man that he was by taking chances. He would never trust Loreena completely; and there would be many more tests ahead for her. If she were faking, he would find out soon enough. It didn't matter to him: either way he would get what he wanted from her.

"I'd be happy to do whatever you need," she said.

"I've planned for a public display of several women, including Sondra and the other women you were instrumental in capturing. I would like you to be there to help greet the various dignitaries who will attend, and to assist the guards with the various demonstrations that they will be performing for our entertainment."

Loreena nodded her willingness, no longer trying to hide her lingering reluctance. He wondered if she would always have it. It lent her a curious sort of attraction that he was finding more and more appealing.

"There's no rush," he said, "but sometime today I want you to take some of my notes to Buel, so he can plan the most effective presentation." The colonel pursed his lips as if considering. "Buel tells me that you've worked well with him in the past. He says you have a deviously inventive mind when you're pressed for suggestions." He paused again. "Buel is in charge of every aspect of this... party that I've planned. It's a huge task, and I'm sure he'll need a great deal of help. You might ask him if he would like your assistance."

"I will," Loreena said, taking the few pages of notes he handed her with another fleeting smile.

"I'm sure you'll do very well," he said, caressing her smooth skin again, before gently pushing her towards the door.


Loreena headed for the dungeon supply room.

It was in the basement of the south wing, next to the workrooms where most of the leather, wood and metal needs of Lospodas were manufactured. Loreena had been there several times to pick up things for the colonel, so they knew her and would give her small item without a requisition; or she could sign out more expensive item for short periods.

The shortest route took her through the gym and past several physical training rooms; and seeing them made her think of her sister and the strange change that had come over her. Anymore Mikki seemed to be addicted to these places-in fact Loreena had found this shortcut one day while looking for her. Now she used it often, but not for the same purpose that Mikki did.

Turning a corner, she passed a glass window front, and saw a group of women dancing. It gave her a pleasantly warm feeling between her legs as she watched them sweating and dancing for a few moments. There was something rather erotic about the ripple of their muscles, and glistening sweat dripping from their bodies as they moved.

Suddenly Loreena realized that Mikki was among them, and wondered how she had overlooked her for so long. Her sister was in the front: the row reserved for the best students. Perhaps that was what had thrown her. Loreena hadn't even realized that Mikki could dance, let alone that she was good at it.

Loreena watched her leap in perfect time with the instructor-if not with all the other students. Her short, black hair fluttered into her face as she turned her head sharply and kicked her foot gracefully into the air above her head.

She really is good, Loreena thought with surprise.

It was as if she were seeing her sister for the first time. They had seen so little of each other in the past few months that Loreena had not paid attention to how Mikki's body was changing. Standing among the other women, she seemed taller. She had lost the last traces of baby fat, and was becoming very much a woman, still a lot heavier than Loreena-who was quite thin-but on Mikki's heavier bone structure it looked right. The weight had turned to firm muscle, sleek with power and a touch of grace.

She's no longer a little girl, and she hasn't been for some time.

For a moment Loreena glowed with pride.

"Which one are you watching, Leena?"

Loreena turned towards the sound of the voice, and smiled at her friend Imbella Rissum. "The dark haired girl in the front."

"Oh, yes." Imbella said, licking her lips in an excessive show of appreciation. "She's very nice; talented too. Have you meet her yet? Or are you still just window shopping?"

"I've meet her," Loreena said. "She's my sister."

"Oh," Imbella said. "Beauty runs in the family! But she must not take after the same parent that you do."

"So Bella, what brings you down this way?"

Imbella grinned mischievously. "Would you mind if I said your sister?"

Loreena shrugged. "I wouldn't be jealous if that's what you mean? She's a big girl. But I wasn't aware that you knew her."

"I don't. I'm still just window shopping too."

Loreena laughed. "I was going to the supply room. Care to accompany me?"

"Have you got time to grab a bite to eat afterwards; and then let me invite you over to my apartment."

"Sounds tasty;" Loreena said, intentionally using one of Imbella's favorite expressions. "But I've only got about an hour. Do you mind if we skip the eating part."

...When they reached the supply room Loreena asked for a set of ben-wa balls and a butterfly vibrator built into a pair of panties. Before reporting to Buel, she would insert the balls and slip into the panties.

"For a friend?" Imbella asked when the stock girl had gone to search for Loreena's demands.

"No. They're for me."

"Oh!" Imbella grinned wickedly. "Here I thought you were such a conservative girl, Leena. And all this time you've been holding out on me."

Loreena sighed feeling a sudden heaviness of spirit that she didn't want to show her friend. "You could say I plan to go into training. If I've got to do something anyway, I might as well learn to enjoy it as much as I can. I thought these might help. A little conditioning, sort of like a tasp."

"You sound more and more like a girl after my own heart."

"It's self defense," Loreena said. "I think my colonel's taken an unusual interest in me, if you get my meaning."

"So you're his favorite new play thing, eh?" Imbella asked, her eyes sparkling with delight.

"It's not quite like that," Loreena laughed.

Imbella shook her head, obviously not believing Loreena. "I've never had that kind of problem. I'm one of Colonel Branchard's favorite pets because he has a voyeuristic thing for women. He loves it when I find girls to bring back to my rooms.

Loreena's eyes widened. "Is that why you're taking me there? Is he waiting in your room to watch us?

"Doesn't it simply make your skin tingle?"

The stock girl came back with Loreena's requests; pushed a paper and pen in front of her.

"Have you made tapes of us before?" Loreena asked as she leaned over to sign her name at the bottom of the page.

"Of course," Imbella said. "You don't mind?"

Loreena shrugged. "I guess not. It isn't like there aren't tapes being made of us everywhere we go?"

When the stock girl had taken her receipt, they turned and headed down the hall, Imbella leading the way to her room. "What about your colonel?" She asked. "What is it that he likes?"

"Let's just say that he's started touching me in a more intimate way," Loreena said. "I think it's some kind of test or something, to see if I'm really excited when I pretend to be."

"Does it work?" Imbella asked.

"Well, it's hard to fake being excited," Loreena said. She held up her newly acquired supplies. "That's what this stuff is for. The colonels use the tasp to condition women by electrically triggering the pleasure centers of their brain. I'll be doing the same thing, only I'll be stimulating the pleasure centers of my body to achieve the conditioning."

"Such a practical girl," Imbella said. "It might even work!"

"One of these times, when he puts his hands between my legs after I've helped him with a session, he'll find that I'm all hot and wet."

Imbella had suddenly stopped, so Loreena stop too, waiting for her. "That's a dangerous road," Imbella said with uncharacteristic seriousness. "Be careful. You may find yourself feeling things that you never wanted to feel."

Loreena reached out and took her friend's hand. "Shut up, Bella. Let's just go get naked, and make your colonel happy."

Imbella smiled. "That's enough to make me happy," she said.


Buel was happy to accept Loreena's help.

They discussed arrangements briefly then he went with her to check up on one of the women he was in the middle of training. She was being conditioned to endure prolonged periods of sexual stimulation.

"She's a very good subject," Buel said, guiding Loreena through a part of the Lospodas mansion where she had not yet been. "She was already a nymphomaniac, capable of sustaining prolonged multiple orgasms; but we've been pushing her to unusual extremes. So far she has responded well, but we are trying to eliminate her need for the tasp in order to maintain a nearly indefinite period of receptivity.

"This is a critical period for her," he said. "She's being monitored, of course, but she really should be checked in person about every fifteen or thirty minutes. Obviously I don't have the time, especially not now with everything else that's going on. If you wouldn't mind helping to check in on her it would be an immense help. I have others who are helping, but I need more to complete my schedule. Especially intelligent, reliable people! Her conditioning could be jeopardized if she were left on beyond her ability to endure."

"No problem. I don't mind helping."

"Good," Buel said, grinning mischievously. "You may enjoy seeing her anyway. I hear she was a friend of yours."

"Oh," Loreena said without emotion.

"Her name is Shaila. I believe she was Sondra's little toy before you helped us bring them in."

"Yes she was," Loreena said. She didn't mention that she and Shaila had also shared some intimate moments.


Marsan came for Mikki in the morning.

Desnel, the man she had spent the night with, ignored the knock on the door: to busy eating the breakfast Mikki had cooked for him to bother with anything else.

Mikki thought about slipping into the evening dress she had worn the night before, but then decided against it. Recently she had begun to feel most comfortable wearing nothing at all; and only put clothes on when she went out.

Marsan greeted her at the door with a kiss that took her breath away. His hands ran up and down the length of her bare body, gently caressing her; and Mikki couldn't bring herself to pull away from him in spite of herself.

"What was that for," Mikki said when he released her.

"I'm proud of you," he said. "I was worried about last night! I didn't think you would be so willing-but you surprised me."

"I did it out of spite," Mikki said peevishly.

"Good," Marsan answered, taking her hand.

"Is this my reward?" Mikki asked as he led her back to the table.

"That comes later." He sat down beside Desnel, who was still eating and appeared to be ignoring them.

"Well?" Marsan said. "How was she?"

"She doesn't have the faintest idea what to do with her mouth." Desnel said, sparing a glance for Marsan. "She sucks cock like she's trying to lick a lollipop. But she does make the nicest sounds. You won't have to teach her that!"

"So I've noticed," Marsan said. He glanced at Mikki and gave his head a subtle shake when he saw that her face was getting red with anger. "We'll work on the lollipop problem, won't we Mikki?"

"I'm sure we will," she said through clenched teeth.

They continued to discuss Mikki's sexual techniques, going into obscure details she hadn't imagined; and it was all she could do to remain silent while they talked about her.

By the time they were done she was considering never making love with anyone every again. Especially Marsan!

"You must learn not to take criticism so personally," Marsan said when he closed the door to his room. "After all there were a lot of positive things that he said about you as well as the negative things. And the negative things we will correct."

She sat down without answering.

He took an object from his pocket and handed it to her.

"What's this," she asked.

"Something to practice on," he said. "Stick it in your mouth."

She put the tip of the object in her mouth. It looked a little like a long, smooth finger made of a soft, malleable plastic, with a loop of string at one end.

Marsan reached over and took it from her mouth. "Take a deep breath," he said.

She did.

"This time," he said placing his finger under her chin and raising it up a little. "Take a deep breath, and cut it off in mid-stream."

When she did this, Marsan began to stroke her throat. "This is called opening your throat," he said. Then he put the plastic finger back into her mouth and she closed her lips around it.

"Keep your throat open," he said; pushing the finger deeper into her mouth.

When it reached the back of her tongue she began to choke; and he took it out. "I want you to practice putting that down your throat, for fifteen minutes every morning and another fifteen minutes every evening-until you can take it all the way down, like a sword sallower. With practice you will find it less irritating when something touches the back of your throat. Soon, I'll give you one that is a little thicker."

She swallowed and her throat was sore. How would she ever learn to take the full length of it in her mouth?

Marsan didn't give her long to ponder on that. He placed his hand between her legs, making a fist at the knees. "Push your legs together," he said.

She did.

He placed his other hand on her stomach, a little below the navel. "Did you feel your muscles tightening here?" He moved his hand down to her crotch and gently pressed his fingers into the folds between her legs. "And here?"

"No," she answered.

"Do it again then," he said finding her cunt and slipping a finger inside her. "And this time concentrate on tightening these muscles. Good," he said when she did it. "Now do the same thing without moving your legs...that's it." He removed his hand and walked across the room to a shelf. "You will also exercise that muscle every morning and night. Start with five or ten minute sessions then work it up to thirty minutes sessions." He picked up a box and tossed it to her. "Use this to measure your improvement."

Mikki opened the box and took out what appeared to be a dildo, except that on one end was a small dial. When she picked the dildo up the pressure of her fingers caused the needle on the dial to move to the right.

"It's very sensitive, so handle it carefully. And try not to use any other muscles when you're doing the exercises," Marsan said. "You may be tempted to cheat by clenching the cheeks of your ass but teach yourself not to do that." He turned to a video monitor and hit the play button. "Now we're going to review your performance from last night," he said. "And I will show you some of the things you did wrong."


Shaila was aware of every inch of her body; could feel the air flirting with her sensitized skin, caressing her body with gentle fingers of current. It made her ache with frustrated need and want. She pulsed with sexual tension, the way a fresh wound pulses with pain. She wanted to cry out; to beg for release. But she knew that Loreena would use the slightest reason as an excuse to prolong her agony, so she lay there, straining against her bonds.

Loreena moved closer and began to trace her most sensitive places with a feather. Its gentlest kiss was like fire: teasing, intensifying her desire and the pressures building up inside her, but not satisfying or providing release.

At last Shaila could take not more. "I can't stand it," she cried. "I'll go crazy."

Perhaps I am already crazy she thought as Loreena looked down at her and smiled. It was the first hint of emotion she had seen from that dispassionate face, and in it there was no trace of the former friendship they had shared.

Loreena's face drifted out of focus, and Shaila's words of pleading blurred with her thoughts, until she could not tell them apart. They seemed to rise on the air like wisps of smoke, like the feeble and vanishing memories of a delirious person.

All that was left was the seething fire inside her, like a mass of newly raw flesh, flayed open and exposed to the warm, smoky air. Her body jerked spasmodically against her bonds, writhing in delicious agony and the endless burning of desire.


The guard ignored Loreena as she approached the small hall that he watched. As she walked past him she wanted to look back, to see if he were really as disinterested in her as he appeared; but she forced herself not to give in to the desire. It was important that she walk with dignity and confidence-without any apparent interest in the guards who watched the secret and valuable places in the Lospodas mansion. Otherwise they would question her right to be there.

And the colonel might begin to question her motives.

In the past several days, as Loreena had begun working so closely with Buel, there had been a distinct change in the atmosphere around her. At first she thought it was most apparent in the men who guarded doors and hallways; but soon she began to sense a more discreet freedom-an expanding in the bubble of her personal space: an absence of a tension so subtle she hadn't noticed it existed until it was gone.

It took a while to pinpoint what it was, but now Loreena thought she had figured out what it was. Before she was constantly being watched; and not just by the guards. Now she moved freely and with purpose down the same halls that only a few weeks before she had been turned away from.

When she first came to this conclusion, she had been so happy and smiled so openly that Buel had commented on it as they worked on the decoration arrangements for the big event.

"I guess I'm beginning to like my work," Loreena had said, smiling even bigger.

When she had taken time to think about it later, it frightened her how close to the truth her lie had been. She could feel herself beginning to respond to her own conditioning. It had been many days since she had found one of her tasks unpleasant enough to disturb her calm. And sometimes she found that the very thought of those types of tasks made her hot and wet-even without the vibrator or her other stimulants.

That's good, Loreena reminded herself as she turned the corner, and approached a door. Learning to like what she did was as necessary as doing it very well.

She fumbled for the set of keys in her pocket, and opened the door in front of her.

As she entered the room she turned up the speed on the butterfly vibrator in her panties. Inside, the room was small and empty, except for one girl tied to a table with her legs strapped high and wide in a set of stirrups-and a large ominous machine purring with a constant, humping buzz.

Buel had once called it the 'fucking-machine'!

That was a pretty good description. The circular motion of the motor was converted to an adjustable, piston-like action by attaching a pivotal arm to a long shaft with a thick dildo screwed into the end. By moving a lever, the spot on the flywheel, where the pivotal arm attached to the shaft, could be changed. This allowed the dildo's depth of thrust to be changed. When the end of the shaft was closer to the center of the flywheel, the dildo moved with quick shallow strokes. By changing the speed of the motor, different speeds could be obtained at any setting

The fucking-machine was next to the table, and the girl was positioned in such a way that the dildo thrust in and out of her in a slow steady beat.

"Hello Shaila," Loreena said.

She wiped a loose strand of hair from the girl's face.

"Loreena!" Shaila gasped.

Loreena wondered if the girl was frightened or glad to see her. Shaila's naked body was damp; and burning with sexual heat; yet her face was flushed and looked weary with exhaustion.

"You've been on there for quite a long time, haven't you?" Loreena said.

The dildo was slowly pulling out, and Loreena pressed her finger against the girl's swollen and exposed clit. Shaila gasped at her touch, but it seemed to be more intense pleasure than pain. She slipped her finger inside the girl-working against the sliding motion of the soft, flexible plastic-testing to see if Shaila was dry.

Her finger came away only slightly wet.

"Please, Loreena!" the girl begged, with a moan of delight that seemed in marked contrast to her request. "Make it stop. I can't stand it any more! It's too much!"

"Maybe just a little longer?"

Loreena looked around for the girl's pleasure tasp, to see what setting it was on.

"It feels like it's eating me alive!" she wailed, tears streaming down her eyes. "Make it stop."

Loreena smiled. She knew that Shaila always made such outrageous claims. They didn't mean anything. What mattered was the language of her body; and it said that she was growing tired, but had not quite reached the limits of her endurance.

Finding the tasp, Loreena noted that it was not set very high-which meant that Shaila was fresher than she had thought. Someone else had been in to check on her and had adjusted the tasp down.

"No pain, no gain," Loreena said, easing the lever a little higher.

Shaila gasped, but this time the noise was a far less ambiguous sound; and her body began to move with the dildo instead of against it, amplifying its motion with her own. Now she worked her hip back and forth, trying to increase the maddeningly slow pace, which only moments before she had claimed was to intense to bear.

"Oh, yes!" The girl cried. "That's so good!" Then she looked up at Loreena, pleading with a pitiful look in her eyes even as her body moved frantically. "For the Mother's sake, Loreena! Please, don't make me cum again!"

"Well," Loreena asked, not really expecting an answer. "Which is it? Does it feel good, or do you want it to stop."

She leaned over, tonguing the girl's clit. It was bitter tasting with the thick residue of too much sex and sweat. Shaila shivered helplessly as Loreena sucked the small node into her mouth, rolling it gently between her lips.

With the tasp turned up, Shaila would probably be good for at least another hour; but Loreena would check in on her long before then and make adjustments as needed. It was important to keep the girl from going dry, but it was just as important to wean her away from the tasp as much as possible.

Loreena moved the speed dial just a little higher before she left to do the next chore on the list Buel had given her. She would pick out a few that would only take a few minutes, so that she could return shortly to see how the new settings were doing.

There were several chores to choose from. So it would be easy to select ones that fit her schedule.


Mikki never sleep alone anymore.

Marsan introduced her to more and more men, and she would spend her evenings dancing and entertaining them publicly until they were ready to retire for the evening-always to the same room.

In the mornings Marsan would show her a film of the night before: tightly edited with close-ups and various camera angles. After the first night she looked around the bedroom and was surprised to see the cameras mounted on the walls. She hadn't notice them the first night, but now they jumped out at her-and it was several nights before she learned to ignore them again.

At first the men she sleep with had to tell Mikki what they wanted her to do, but the next day Marsan would show her clues to watch for-pointing out the subtle signs that indicated what the man wanted her to do; and the next time she would look for those signs. Before long she was anticipating their wants. She never seemed to take control of the situation, she just began to do what they wanted; sometimes before they realized themselves what it was they wanted.

After the morning films, if she had done well, Marsan would give her his special brand of loving-letting her lay back while he did delicious things to her body. Then later in the day they would work on her paired dance skills, or any number of the other areas where she needed polishing.

"How about teaching me to do that," Mikki said over lunch one day. They were watching an attractive girl with long black hair doing one of the more erotic solo dances.

"Fine," Marsan said, taking her by surprise. "I'll find a teacher and you can begin taking classes tomorrow."

"Then how about flute lessons?" she said flippantly.

"I'll find someone to teach you anything a client might wish you to do," Marsan said. "The more rounded you became the more valuable an asset you are to Lospodas."

"And the more worthy you prove yourself to be as my teacher?"

He smiled. "Do you really want to learn those things? I won't force you to do it."

"But you'll really let me?"

"Of course."

"Then I want to," Mikki said.

"Good. After lunch you can have the rest of the afternoon off while I find acceptable teachers; but tomorrow you can expect your lessons to begin an hour earlier. Come ready to work hard. Good teachers are hard to find; and if they drop you because they don't think you really want to learn, I'll be very upset."

"You're so good to me," Mikki said, dipping a piece of her crab meat into the butter sauce and stuffing it into her mouth.


"Hello Rastion," Loreena said as she approached a large muscular guard who was standing watch at her doorway. He did not have an overly attractive face, but he had been polite and his conversation clever when she had meet him before.

He nodded amiably to her now, and his eyes wandered up and down the length of her body, taking in her slinky black dress. It clung to her body, showing plenty of flesh.

"You don't remember me, do you?"

He raised a curious eyebrow. "Should I," he said.

Loreena shrugged. "I suppose not. We met at a party a few weeks or so back. You were with Imbella Rissum. She introduced us. I was wearing a pair of black shorts and a white blouse that was tied in the front."

Rastion's eyes lit up with sudden pleasure. "Of course," he said. "I remember you now. Your name is Loreena, right?"

"You do remember," she said. "I'm flattered that you remembered me with so many women around. And the way you were drinking I'm surprised you remembered anything at all."

"I'm not likely to forget you," Rastion said. "I asked Imbella about you, but the little bitch wouldn't even tell me your name. I would have approached you myself, but I was hosting a paying guest who demanded my attention. I just couldn't seem to get away."

Loreena smiled. "I think Imbella had something to do with that," she said. "She's very resourceful and she likes to keep the best men to herself. In your case I don't blame her."

His mouth opened in a shy, lovable grin. "I might never forgive her," he said. "Is colonel Branchard your fieflord, too?"

"No. Colonel Baisurd," Loreena said. "Whose man are you?"

"I'm assigned to Colonel Fuller."

"I suppose that would explain why I haven't seen you around more often."

"That and I'm fairly new," Rastion said. "I've only been with Lospodas for about a month."

"Oh? How do you like it so far?"

"It's a job," he shrugged, and his face turned a little red. "You know."

"Yeah, I know" Loreena said. "Well. I should be going, but it was nice meeting you again."

"Wait," he said, taking a step towards her. "Perhaps we could get together sometime."

"That's very sweet," Loreena said. "But I'm a free woman. I'm not obliged to give you more than I want to, so if you want more than a companion for dinner..."

"Dinner's fine," he said quickly.

Loreena smiled. "You know where to find me then."

"Colonel Baisurd?"

"That's right."

...Mikki was looking under the bed when Loreena entered the room; and Loreena was surprised to see her. They hardly saw each other anymore. Loreena was always busy helping Buel get ready for the big party-and the closer it got the busier she became; and Mikki was always out doing who knew what with who knew who.

Loreena poured herself a drink and sat down at the table, watching her sister squirm out from under the bed.

"Damn," Mikki said. "I can't find my black high heels! Do you know where they are, Loreena?"

"I don't keep track of your things," Loreena said.

"What's wrong with you," Mikki asked, sitting back on her legs.

"Nothing's wrong," Loreena said peevishly. Watching as Mikki went to the closet and began rummaging around. "You're acting like a girl going out on her first date?"

"I am not," Mikki said, still searching. "I can't help it if I can't find my shoes. I don't have as many as you do, so I can't afford to loose them."

"I can't see how it matters much," Loreena said. "You hardly ever wear clothes anymore anyway."

"I have to wear clothes when I go out," Mikki said. She came to the door of the closet and glared at Loreena. "You would be a little more helpful if you could get up and look instead of sitting there making stupid comments."

Loreena didn't get up. "Maybe you left them in another room," she said.

"I've already checked there."

"Are you sure you remember where you were last night?"

This time Mikki didn't answer and Loreena could tell by the way she was thumping things around that her barb had finally struck home. Suddenly she felt guilty, and wished she hadn't said any of it. Why was she being such a bitch, anyway? She didn't want to be mean to her sister.

She stood up and went to the bathroom; and sitting under the sink were Mikki's black heels. Picking them up, she walked out to the closet and stood holding the shoes.

Mikki didn't look up and keep searching.

"I found something," Loreena said.

Mikki looked up, and snatched them from her. "You could have said something if you knew where they were!"

"I didn't," Loreena said, honestly. "I just happened to see them when I went into the bathroom!"

"Right," Mikki said, stomping her way past Loreena. She went to the bed and picked up the dress that was laid out then headed for the door.

Loreena wanted to say something: to apologize; but she didn't know how to start, so she just watched as Mikki slammed the door on her way out...

Mikki marched down the hall carrying her clothes. She had been planning to dress in her sister's room-she didn't think of it as her room anymore. She almost never slept or ate there. Sometimes during the day, if she was tired, she would take a nap there-but that wasn't necessary. Neither of them seemed interested in trying to maintain the closeness they had once had.

It was almost as if they were trying to avoid one another. Anymore it seemed to be easier that way. Which room Mikki stayed in could hardly make a difference in that; but having her own room would solve a lot of problems: like these occasional stupid arguments or having so much trouble remembering where she left things.

At last she decided. She would go back later in the day, when Loreena wasn't around, and move her stuff.


"Where are we going?" Mikki asked.

"To a photographer," Marsan said. "But first I want to show you something else."

"A photographer? Why?"

"Asking so many questions does not become a lady," Marsan said. His voice held only the slightest rebuke, but it was enough to silence Mikki.

They walked down the empty hall; then turned a corner and walked through a door into another hall, which was a more common thoroughfare. Mikki had never been in this part of Lospodas-in fact, she had never been in most of Lospodas.

Marsan stopped at a door. "This is one of the shops where Lospodas sells its goods to those who can pay," he said as he opened the door.

Mikki walked through the door in front of him and looked around. Before her was a large room filled with men who were browsing through shelf after shelf of magazines. Along the wall next to the door was an attendant who was busy ringing up a man's purchase.

He looked up at Mikki and said, "Don't clog the doorway."

From behind Marsan gave a gentle shove, and she began moving down an isle, unable not to look at the incredible selection of magazines. There were a variety of sections with numerous categories like straight sex, bondage, lesbian, rape, spanking, tickling, enemas, gourmet cannibalism, body worship, and...

She froze

On the cover of one magazine there was a picture of several men standing around a young girl with short black hair. Her arms were tied behind her back, and she could see that the girl's arms were starting to turn red from the lack of circulation. Several strands of rope were tightly wrapped around her waist and threaded between her legs; and her knees were hobbled together by a thick black belt. The men were pushing the girl back and forth between them; and she was obviously terrified of falling. Her eyes were wide with fear-but what attracted Mikki's attention were the thin metal spikes that were embedded in the girl's small breasts.

Mikki touched her own breasts and gasped with the remembered pain that the picture brought back. She remembered the men shoving her back and forth between them. Somehow they had always managed to catch her when she stumbled-but sometimes it had been a close thing. She had dangled precariously more than once, the men's fingers digging into the flesh under her ribs, around her arms or into her hips. So many times she had been sure they would let her fall and she would land on the spikes, shoving them further into her chest. And even though they always caught her, the movements had forced the ropes to tear at the tender flesh between her legs; forced her to move flesh and muscle that was pierced by metal.

She looked back at the picture.

One of the men around the girl was flicking one of the metal rods with a thin stick that he held in his hand.

Mikki remembered it all as if it had happened only yesterday; but the girl in the picture almost looked like someone else. She hadn't realized how much she had changed since coming to Lospodas.

Mikki felt like dying when Marsan took a copy and began flipping through the pages. Why hadn't she ignored the magazine? Then he might never have seen it!

Or had he already known about it?

"We'll look at it later," he said, tucking the magazine under his arm.

Marsan seemed willing to let her take her time, but she didn't want to see any more. "Can we leave now," she asked.

"Of course not," he said. "We haven't seen what I brought you here for."

"Can we get to it then?"

Marsan shrugged. "All right."

He led her quickly through the room and into an adjacent room that was just as big, but stocked with videos. Then they walked down a short, narrow hall to another large room full of all kinds of rope and leather bondage products: whips and chains and manacles, and gags and harnesses, and hoods and on and on: isle after isle of equipment, both mundane and complex. Mikki wasn't even sure what some of the things were used for, but most of them left her with a decidedly unpleasant impression.

At last they came to a much smaller room full of books. Some of the shelves held smaller paperbacks. Others shelves held larger books that looked more like loose leaf notebooks. Here too the books were placed into categories. Marsan went to the shelves of larger books and found a fairly small section under the heading "Nightly Rental-Elite Escorts."

As she followed him, Mikki noticed other headings such as "For Sale" and "Nightly Rental-Bondage and Torture." And she noticed that each book had a girl's name and a small full-body picture on the spine.

Marsan choose one of the "Nightly Rentals" and opened it. Inside there were several dozen pictures of the same girl pictured on the spine. She wore different clothes and makeup, even changed the color of her hair in some of the pictures.

"These are designed to show a girl's various moods," Marsan said. "That's what we will be doing today and for the next few days: creating moods for you, and taking pictures for a book of your own, like this one."

Mikki nodded.

"When that's done," Marsan went on. "We'll name each mood, so that customers can ask for them. Then you'll learn how to recreate each one using clothes and makeup, and subtle differences in your attitude. You've been taking acting classes, I've noticed. And the teacher says you're quite good at it; so it shouldn't be too hard." He put the book back on the shelf and went over to a counter where he opened another book. This one was full of the small pictures like those on the spines of the other books.

"Men will come here, looking for girls to attend their parties or perhaps for a special escort for the evening. They will see your picture in this catalog," Marsan said. "And if you interest them, they can find your portfolio. If they request one of your moods, you will dress and act accordingly.

"Now," he said. "Let's get to work at recreating you."

Chapter Nine - Learning to Love It (added: 2013/06/30)


"Just lay back and relax," Geot said pushing Mikki back on the bed. Her arms had been tied together at the wrists, then pulled over her head and secured tightly to the back of her collar: effectively exposing her underarms and preventing her from doing anything to protect one of the most sensitive parts of her body.

Mikki was filled with a sudden panic!

How had Geot convinced her to go through with this? She must have been drugged or somehow tricked into agreeing; and yet she knew Geot had done neither. She remembered how it began:

She had opened her door, expecting her nightly caller and instead she had found Geot standing in the hall.

"Hello Mikki," he'd said. A big smile spread across his silly looking face.

"Geot! Hi." She had smiled back, surprised at how happy she was to see him. "It's good to see you; but I... I'm expecting someone right now. You'll have to find me in the morning."

He'd shaken his head. "No I won't. You're expecting me."


"Of course." He'd held out his hand for her to take. "I've rented you every day for the next week," he'd said. "Are you hungry or would you prefer to go dancing first."

That's how it began. They ate at one of the fancier restaurants, went dancing for a few hours; then retired to Geot's private room, earlier than the men usually did.

They slept very little that first night; and the next day they slept in until it was time to go out again. The second day followed much the same pattern as the one before-except that they hadn't bother with dancing after they ate.

On the third day they ordered room service and Geot began making such a sweet and gentle love to her that when he asked if she wanted to try something a little more dangerous she couldn't imagine not doing what he so obviously wanted.

Now she wasn't sure it had been a good idea.

She felt so totally helpless. She tried to sit up; but he gently pushed her back, wedging himself between her legs and coming face to face on top of her.

He kissed her sweet lips.

"You still trust me, don't you?" he asked.

She closed her eyes and nodded.

"Relax then," he said, tracing lightly down her arm with his fingers. "You remember the safe word I told you, in case it becomes too much and you want me to quite?"

She gave a quick nod then raised her head-eager for the taste of his mouth and the feel of his tongue. He pulled back, just out of her reach and watched her with a mischievous smile, denying her the security of his reassuring kisses, teasing her with its nearness.

"You've never been more beautiful," he whispered in her ear. "I love watching you struggle; the sound of your voice when you moan with the pleasure you're helpless to prevent me from giving you." He leaned forward, avoided her mouth and ran his tongue along the length of her under arm; greedily tasting the salty flavor of her fresh sweat.

The room was almost too warm, but Mikki shivered under his touch as he griped her by the sides and pressed his thumbs into her arm pits, massaging the muscles with a deep relentless pressure which she could not escape even though it drove her mad. She squirmed beneath his body, but he pressed himself more firmly against her, pinning her down: his hard cock straining against his pants and rubbing against her bare pubic mound. She longed to have him inside her, but he turned his body away so that his hip bone pressed against her and began moving with a delicious rhythm that matched the massaging motion of his hands. Kissing her neck, he nibbled at the small sensitive hollow that formed at the base of her throat. His tongue traced a wet line down the valley of her small breasts; flickered against her nipple. Then his tongue was working its way back up her neck towards her ear-to the back of her ear which was even more sensitive than her underarms.

His breath was warm and moist and his touch set her skin to tingling, like an itch that drives you crazy if you can't scratch it. She almost cried out the password to make him stop: sure that she couldn't stand any more, but suddenly he stopped on his own, and he was laying still and holding her gently; nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck like a young boy seeking solace from his mother.

It stirred an oddly protective feeling inside her, and yet her helplessness colored the feeling with a sense of being owned and protected. Somehow it reminded her of the time the colonel had taken her while forcing her to watch a tape of Loreena torturing Sondra-and yet she marveled at how vastly different it was. Geot took possession of her in a similar way, but it was done with tenderness and caring by someone who was good and decent.

"Are you all right?" he whispered in her ear. When she nodded he said, "Would you like to try going a little further?" Without thinking she nodded, basking in the glow of his warm smile.

He kissed her without teasing, then got up and walked over to the closet. In a moment he came back with some leather straps and a length of rope. Helping her sit up, he directed her into a kneeling position; slipped a strap under one of her ankles and wrapped it around her thigh, pulling the buckle tight. Her other leg was secured in a like fashion. Then he wrapped a thick belt around her waist, buckling it in the back. The rope was tied to a metal ring in the front of the belt and passed between her legs. Unfastening the rope that held her hands to her collar, he retied her hands to the rope from between her legs-that way if she tried to lower her arms it would increase the natural pressure on the rope.

"That's not too tight, is it?" he asked.

She shook her head; then he was easing her down onto her back, with her ankles still tucked under her and his arms holding her at the hips so that she had to arch her back to make her head touch the bed. He pressed his face into her stomach, mouthing and nibbling the bottom of her ribs-seeming to know exactly where she was most sensitive.

He began to tease and tickle her again; using his body to press and rub against her; gently giggling the rope between her legs with his finger-until her body began to sing with the overdue song of a building orgasm that never quite came, because he would stop just before it reached its peak.

Teasing her with the promise of a deep passionate kiss, he gave only a light brush that tickled her lips then returned his attention to her neck or her underarms or her stomach: licking and sucking and nibbling until she was sure she couldn't stand any more. He seemed to touch every part of her body, rubbing and squeezing; pressing and probing, pulling her one way and then another, so that her own movements made the ropes tease her.

He teased and titillated her for what seemed like hours then finally he released the rope between her legs. When he finally entered her, it was a sweet and desperate release that made Mikki scream with delight.

Afterwards, he untied her quickly so that her muscles wouldn't stiffen.

"That was nice," Mikki purred.

And they lay together holding and stroking one another until they both fell asleep.


Loreena knocked at the door, waiting for the muffled reply before entering the colonel's office. He looked up from his desk as she stepped inside the door.

"That was quick," he said, waving her to a seat.

"It's been a long time since you've had a guard summon me," Loreena said. "I figured it must be pretty important."

"Not really," he said. "But we do need to talk."

She nodded, wondering what he wanted.

There was something about his voice that sent a chill up her spine. It was the tone of voice he used when reprimanding her for a short coming, although that was very rare anymore.

"What is it?"

"It's Mikki."

She became even more nervous now.

The colonel seemed to notice, or perhaps he only guessed. "Don't worry," he said. "You've done well with her. But I've noticed a new trend that I want to nip in the bud, before it becomes a problem."

"What kind of trend?"

"Mikki's getting big," the colonel said bluntly. "Before she was starting to get heavy. Now she's getting big: muscular. Neither one of those options will do for the job I have assigned her."

Loreena nodded. "I'll make her stop lifting weights then."

"How you solve the problem is up to you."

"Thank you," Loreena said, getting to her feet. "I'll see to it right away."

"I haven't dismissed you yet." the colonel said, his voice relaxed, but the warning clear.

"I'm sorry," she said, sitting back down immediately. "I mistook the tone of your voice as a dismissal. Forgive me."

The colonel's smile relaxed Loreena a little.

"I haven't had any complaints about Mikki yet," he said. "However, If I do, I will hold you responsible; not your sister."

"Of course."

"Ask Buel or Jasbraun for help if you need it. They both know a great deal about the workings of the human body, and they can give you advice on what's likely to achieve the best results for Mikki."

Again, the colonel's voice held a note of dismissal, but this time Loreena didn't move. He was always testing her.

After several seconds he looked back up at her.

"There is one more thing," he said. "I've decided to give you a new and very important responsibility..."

The colonel paused, stretching it out for what seemed like a very long time. "Thank you," Loreena said, to fill the uncomfortable silence.

"The Lospodas Mansion is a large place," he said at last. "As a colonel here, it is essential that I keep myself informed about everything that goes on within its walls. You are aware that I have my own very effective methods, but I don't have time to keep that kind of a daily tab on everyone I'm responsible for... so I rely on a number of key people that I trust to keep me informed. You're a smart girl. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you."

"I figured as much," she admitted.

"So? Are you willing to help me with this effort?"

"Of course."

"Good," the colonel said. "I've chosen you because you have gained a certain popularity among the party circuit. In particular I understand that you've become friendly with one of colonel Branchard's charges: Imbella Rissum. Is that correct?"


"She works for Colonel Branchard, so be very careful what you say to her. We all serve the same cause at Lospodas, but there is a great deal of rivalry among the elite. It's hard to say what chance phrase might set me at a disadvantage among the other colonel. Do you understand my meaning?"

"Yes. I think so."

"Fine. Now, Colonel Branchard has observed several subtle signs that indicate Imbella may have begun to break the faith. She's a clever girl, and she's been with Lospodas a long time, so I don't expect you'll get much... however, people have a tendency to forget themselves now and then, especially when they're with a friend. If you should hear anything that confirms colonel Branchard's fears, let me know. Other than that, just keep your ears open-not just with your women friends, but with the guards too." The colonel handed her a notebook. "You can use this to jot down what you hear, as well as your general impressions and observations about people. Unless you think something is vitally important, you can relay it to me in a monthly report."

Loreena was nodding reluctantly. She didn't like the idea of spying on her friends, but what galled her even more was the thought that others were undoubtedly spying on her. Perhaps even Imbella.

The colonel looked at her pointedly. "You won't have a problem with this, will you?"

"No," Loreena said, thinking about the open, friendly chats between her and Imbella. Could those talks ever be the same?

She shook her head. "That's not true," she said. "I'm sure I'll have a problem with it... but I'll get over it."

The colonel seemed pleased with her answer. "I believe you will," he said.

...Loreena closed the door behind her and started down the hall, wondering how she would tell Mikki that she wouldn't be allowed to lift anymore. Even as little of Mikki as she'd seen of late, she still kept fairly close tabs on her and she knew how much time she spent lifting. She knew Mikki wouldn't like what she had to say, no matter she decided to say it; and maybe that was what the colonel intended. It wasn't a new thought, but it was one that didn't bare thinking about for very long.

If she did, she knew she would begin to get angry.

Instead, Loreena allowed herself a moment to regret what was inevitable. Since Mikki had moved into her own room, they never argued anymore. But then they never saw each other either. She remembered Mikki's tantrum over breakfast after she'd found out she was being placed on a diet.

This time she knew it would be far worse.

She sighed and put it out of her mind; considering ways to work these new developments into her own plans. But she still didn't know how she was going to escape-outside of doing everything she could to gain the colonel's trust, she wasn't any closer to her goal now than she was when she'd decided to do it.


"There you are," Loreena said when she predictably found Mikki in the weight room.

Mikki looked at Loreena, gave a cordial nod and continued lifting. She had stripped down as she always did, so that she wouldn't have to worry about washing sweaty clothes after her workout; and her brown skin glistened with a fine coat of sweat. Her muscles weren't all that large; but they had an almost masculine cut, with more definition than Loreena had seen on any woman, with the possible exception of some of Leskral's most elite guards. But they were Amorian's, whose race predisposed them towards being large. She thought about Zonda and Valeen the two women who had been functioning as Sondra's body guards when she had helped capture them. They had been in the elite guard; and they definitely had more bulk than Mikki, but they didn't have anywhere near as much definition.

"I have to talk to you," Loreena said. "It's important."

"Eight," Mikki said aloud, and keep lifting.

When she reached ten she set the weights down and looked up at Loreena; waiting to see what she would say.

"Can we go somewhere private?" Loreena asked.

Mikki's new room was closer so they went there.

"So," Mikki asked when they were inside and sitting at the breakfast table, "What's this all about?"

"I'm not going to beat around the bush," Loreena said; and Mikki frowned seeming to sense that it wasn't going to be good new.

"The colonel thinks you're getting to muscular," Loreena said. "He wants you to cut back on your lifting. And since that's more than likely to affect your weight, you'll probably have to go back on your diet."

"Why are you doing this?"

Loreena shook her head, unsure what to say. She reached out to Mikki, but her sister pulled away from her as if she might be contagious.

"I'm sorry," Loreena said. "I know you don't like it. I know what lifting means to you, but...

"I won't stop," Mikki said, cutting her off. "You know that's one of the things I like to do more than anything else, so you've decided to take it away from me!"

"It isn't like that," Loreena protested, but she wasn't sure she believed her own words. Mikki was probably right, in a way. The colonel might well be using this because it was the best way to hurt her.

"I don't care what it's like." Mikki said savagely. "I won't do it."

"You don't have any choice."

"Just try to stop me."

"That's just what I'll have to do," Loreena admitted, "If you won't do it on your own."

"I won't."

"Be reasonable, Mikki-you don't have any choice. You belong to the colonel. He can do whatever he wants with you; and so far you've had it pretty good."

"Pretty good!" Mikki clapped a hand angrily over her breast. "Are you forgetting what they did to me?"

"You're not the only one who's suffered," Loreena said.

"Oh right," Mikki sneered. "I keep forgetting the terrible mental anguish you must have suffered when you became a traitor. How long was it anyway, before you were helping the colonel? A whole two or three weeks?"

Loreena stood up so fast that her chair tipped over, but she didn't say anything. Too much of what Mikki had said was true.

"And how long was it," Mikki asked. "Until you began to enjoy doing all those things he asks you to do?"

"I think it's best if we don't say anymore," Loreena said. "We may regret our hasty words later."

"I'm not being hasty," Mikki said. "I've been thinking about this for a long time. I've watched videos of some of the things you've been doing, and you can't tell me you haven't developed a taste for it. I know you, Loreena."

Mikki paused for a moment, but Loreena didn't say anything.

"Tell me I'm wrong!" Mikki pleaded.

Loreena only turn away and started for the door. "I've told you what I had to tell you," she said over her shoulder. "The next step is up to you."

"And I've told you what I had to tell you," Mikki answered.


"Have you got it," colonel Baisurd asked.

The monitor guard nodded, put a tape in the machine. "I think you'll like this," he said, pushing the play button.

As the colonel watched the argument between the sisters, a smile formed on his lips.

Then the guard put the tape on fast forward.

"I edited a few tapes together to make this one," the guard said. Then he hit the play button again; and the colonel watched as Loreena entered her room and threw herself face down across her bed. "Your favorite girl didn't take the fight with her sister very well," he said.

The colonel listened to Loreena's soft sobbing and wondered what it meant. Had he pushed her into taking another step in the right direction, or would this be a set back.

He clapped the guard on the back. "Well done, Amiel," he said. "Let me know if there are any further developments between them."

"Of course," he said.


Loreena stopped her car at the gate, and handed the guard the transfer papers on the pretty brunette who was sitting in the back seat. Unlike Loreena, she was naked except for the shackles on her hands and feet.

It felt weird leaving the grounds of the Lospodas mansion. This was the first time Loreena had passed beyond the outer fence since the time she had gone with the men to capture Sondra Conse; and it was the first time she had made the trip alone. She half expected the guard to point his gun at her, demand that she get out of the car; then lead her back into the Lospodas compound. Of course, that was silly. She had always been free to come or go, she had just never had a reason to leave before; and all the same reasons for returning were still in effect. Nothing had changed just because she had been given a chore which required her to leave the Lospodas grounds.

She was surprised at how vulnerable she felt. Despite herself, she had come to think of the mansion as a place of shelter and safety. It pleased her that the colonel had entrusted her with the task of escorting this girl to her new owner, but the thought of leaving the familiarity of the Mansion's grounds was unsettling.

How had she grown so comfortable with her situation?

"All right," the guard said as he handed back the girl's transfer papers. "She's on my list, you can go on through." He started to wave her on through the gate then suddenly held up his hand for her to stop.

"Is there a problem," she asked.

"I know you," the guard said, pointing his finger and smiling. "You're Loreena Manorin, aren't you?"

"In the flesh, big boy."

He smiled. "I'll be damned. I've read all about you."

"That's odd," Loreena said. "I haven't read a single thing about you." The guard laughed good-naturedly, and began to wave her forward again.

"There's going to be a party this evening in the north wing cafeteria," Loreena said. "I'd love to see you there." She nodded towards the other guard who was still in the guard shack. "Bring your friend along too, if you want."

"What time," the guard asked.

"It starts at five."

"Yah, all right," he said. "I'll be there."


"Hello Rastion," Loreena said in greeting.

She had asked colonel Baisurd for a door guard to watch Mikki while she was out; casually suggesting Rastion as a possibility. She hadn't really expected to get him since he was under Colonel Fuller's command, but somehow it had happened.

She was glad. She had begun to grow rather fond of him. As Lospodas guards went, he was rather friendly and sympathetic. There was a naive openness about him that made it easy to like him, and he mingled in the same party circuits as Loreena did.

"Any problems, this time?"

The first time he had been set to watch Mikki she had tried to leave her room. He had used his electrical prod on her to keep her back, but she had refused to let the pain cower her, and he had been forced to physically restrain her. When Loreena came back, he was rather embarrassed and apologetic. Loreena assured him that she understood how stubborn and persistent Mikki could be. He was only doing his job, and he had done exactly the right thing.

"No problems," he said.

"Good. You can leave the problem child to me now."

He nodded amiably. "Always glad to help."

Loreena reached out and brushed her fingers lightly across his chest. "You're far too good to me," she said. "If you keep it up you'll spoil me rotten."

"I do my best." His mouth split into a big, lovable grin. "And I can't complain about the compensation that you've provided so far."

"You're sweet." Loreena pressed her fingers against his muscular chest. "Are you free tomorrow evening? I'd like an escort. Colonel Baisurd has invited a few political types for a luncheon, and he wants to surround them with a festive air. I think he wants to show me off, but he doesn't want to be tied down with an escort, so I'll be on my own unless you're free."

"I can be," he said.

"Imbella is throwing another party tonight, over in the publications wing. I've found someone else to watch Mikki for awhile, so I'll be there. How about you?"

"I wouldn't miss it."

"Great." She gave him a familiar pat on the ass. "Come by my room a little early and we'll get something to eat before we go."

"I'll be there."

He turned and she watched him as he walked away.

Loreena was still smiling as she opened the door and came face to face with Mikki. Her light mood vanished when she saw her younger sister's dark expression.

"What's your problem," Loreena said.

Mikki didn't answer, but she didn't look away either; and her expression made Loreena feel uncomfortable.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your date tonight?"

"I'm not going," Mikki said.

"Mikki! You can't do that," Loreena said. "You have to go or we'll both get into trouble."

Mikki just turned and walked towards the bed.

Loreena sighed in frustration and rubbed her temple, wishing that this weren't so hard. "Look," she said. "I'll unlock the room tomorrow, if you promise to be good. Will that make you feel better? What do you want, Mikki? At least I'm trying... Should I apologize?"

"If you want," Mikki said. "But I'm still not going!"

Loreena was beginning to worry now. Mikki could be stubborn when she made up her mind. "You know you have to go Mikki."

The girl ignored her, and bent to pick up some clothes that were lying on the floor.

"Mikki," Loreena pleaded. "I don't like being a bitch anymore than you like being stuck in this room all day. But think about it! When I can't trust you to do what you have to, then what am I supposed to do?"

You do what you have to," Mikki said tonelessly as she headed towards the door. It was obvious she intended to leave.

Loreena stepped in front of her, blocking her path.

"You know," Mikki said without anger. "The funny thing is: I used to admire you."

"I love you," Loreena said. "But I can't let you leave."

"Then you'll have to stop me."

For a moment they stared at one another, and as Loreena faced her sister's determination she was struck-more forcefully than ever before-by the realization that Mikki wasn't her little sister anymore. She was heavier and a little taller and undoubtedly stronger than she was. There was no way Loreena could keep her from leaving if she was determined to go.

As if Mikki had read her mind, she nodded and stepped around her.

"Think about what you're doing," Loreena said.

"I have," Mikki said as she pushed through the door.

Loreena shook her head and walked towards the phone hanging on the wall; then she picked up the receiver and began dialing a familiar number.


All it took was a visit to the guard's monitoring station to track Mikki down. Then Loreena called Marsan, and he went to her. She was standing alone on a quiet balcony that overlooked the large, elaborately decorated ballroom.

"I take it you're not feeling sociable tonight," he said.

Mikki didn't even answer.

"Don't worry; I'm not here to send you back."

"Oh, aren't you?"

"No. It's too late for that, anyway." He came up behind her, placed his hand on her shoulder and gently began to massage away her tension. "You've already offended the customer. He was quite upset, but colonel Baisurd personally offered him two girls for the night, at no charge I might add. He won't be pleased about that, I can tell you. I'm sure he'll find a particularly unpleasant way to punish you."

"Don't you mean, my sister will?"

He moved his hands up to the base of her neck, rubbing with just the right pressure. "Perhaps the colonel will find an unpleasant way to punish her, and then she in turn will punish you. Either way, I can tell you... this will cost colonel Baisurd. And he'll find a way to make sure you regret it. What I'm saying is, I wouldn't make a habit of this."

"Did you know that Loreena said I can't lift weights any more?"

"No," Marsan said. "But I can't say it's a surprise. How many times have I told you, in the last few months, that you were using too much weight?"

She didn't answer.

"She could have told me that-instead of taking it away completely. She knows I love lifting more than anything."

"You didn't listen when I told you, Mikki. Do you really think you would have listened to her?"

She frowned. "I don't know. I might."

"Probably not though."

Mikki turned around and pushed Marsan's hands away. "So what's wrong with the way I look?"

Marsan shrugged. "I find it interesting," he said. "But most men prefer their woman to be soft and petite, and Lospodas does cater to the desires of its customers. I can see a trend starting. You're a little taller than average for a woman, and I don't think you've stopped growing. You're large boned, and you seem to have an unusually high amount of muscle mass. Already you have more strength and size than some of the smaller guards-and in the scheme of things, you haven't really been lifting all that long. It's unbecoming in a woman. I can imagine what you'd look like if I hadn't told you to cut back on your weights."

"If I don't lift I'll just turn to fat again."

"Not necessarily. Just do more aerobic types of exercises. I know you like to dance... and there are other less demanding, but active, things that you can do. Besides, this will give you more time to spend with your flute. I know you still go to your classes, but your teacher tells me that you obviously don't practice enough. He thinks you could be pretty good if you would practice. "

"It's not the same thing," Mikki said. "I love lifting. Sometimes I've wondered if that's not the only reason they don't want me to do it."

"Not the only reason," Marsan said. "The women of Lospodas stand for a certain symbolic idea. It wouldn't look good for a woman-who is supposed to be weak and frail-to be stronger and quicker and better at most physical things than most men are. It would convey the wrong message."

"There are other strong women at Lospodas," Mikki said.

"But they're servants or they're use for sport by Lospodas's more sadistic customers. Some men like to dominate strong women, and Lospodas encourages that, but I don't think that's the kind of life you really want. You may not realize this Mikki, but your placement as an elite escort places you in one of the most favorable positions of all the women at Lospodas; and along with that comes a great deal of responsibility to tend to your appearance. And you didn't get that position on your good looks alone."

Mikki looked at him sharply but she knew it was true.

Zanadian women had been breed, generation upon generation, for their great beauty, until beauty was as commonplace as a single blade of grass in a large and beautifully keep lawn.

"What sets you apart from all the other women that would love to be in your position, is the fact that your sister is Loreena Manorin. That alone makes you worthy of a man's attention. Whether you like it or not, your sister is something of a celebrity." Marsan paused a moment to let that sink in. "I think you understand what I'm mean; and I think you understand the potential consequences of your actions tonight. You wouldn't enjoy the kind of life you're flirting with." He reached out and gently touched one of her breasts. "Maybe it has been a long time, but I don't think you could have forgotten what it was like when you were first brought here. So if you think Loreena is being hard on you, maybe she has her reasons. Maybe she's fighting for your best interests, as well as her own. And you're not helping her any when you act this way."

"I know," Mikki said.

"Will you go back to your room then?"

Mikki shrugged. "I suppose so."

"And you'll go with the man who comes for you tomorrow night?"

"I'll go."

"Can I walk back with you?"

Mikki shook her head. "I'll go with the man tomorrow and I'll be good from now on, but right now I'd rather be alone for while, if you don't mind."

Marsan kissed her on the cheek. "I don't mind," he said. "But remember what I've told you. I do care about you, Mikki. I'd hate to see anything bad happen to you."


"How you doing?" Loreena asked as she leaned down and sucked on one of Shaila's nipples.

Her gag prevented her from answering verbally, but Shaila moaned a long, throaty groan of pleasure.

She was strapped down to the fucking table, her legs spread wide and tied to stirrups to keep them in place. Her arms had been pulled up over her head, her wrists tied to the back of her collar, so that her underarms were exposed. This position invited those who visited Shaila to tickle her, and virtually everyone who entered the room did. Loreena was no exception. She reached up and ran her fingers up and down the sensitive parts of the girl's arms, watching as she shivered with ecstasy. Shaila's training had conditioned her to feel tickling as one more form of sexual stimulation.

"I'm going to miss these little get togethers," Loreena said softly, almost to herself.

She looked down at Shaila with fondness. The girl was well built: perhaps a little shorter than Mikki, but taller than Loreena. Her breasts were small but well shaped, like Mikki's; and her stomach was firm, despite all the time she spend tied to the table of the fucking machine-or perhaps her taunt stomach was because of the fucking machine.

Loreena noticed, as if for the first time, the way Shaila rocked her body as she panted, working her stomach muscles. The girl's abdominals were almost as well defined as Mikki's. In fact, if you didn't consider their faces, which were nothing at all alike, there was a vague similarity between the two girls. Perhaps that was why Loreena had grown so fond of Shaila, even as Mikki seemed to become more and more distant towards her.

"Perhaps I'll think of another project to try out on you, after the big Lospodas Festival."

"Of course," Loreena said, with sudden inspiration. A smile slowly spread across her face. "I should have thought of this a long time ago." She slapped her hand down on the center of Shaila's stomach, then shot out the door and headed down the hall in search of Buel. She wanted to set her plans in motion immediately. She wouldn't be able to do much until after the Festival, but she could create the design for Shaila's new fucking cart and with Buel's permission, the commissary could start working on its c


The colonel looked up from his desk as Loreena entered his office. "Well now," he said. "What's this all about? You made it sound pretty important when you called."

"It's Mikki," Loreena said. "You remember: she walked out on her dinner date several weeks ago? I had to use the monitors to track her down; then I sent Marsan to talk her into coming back to the room."

"Yes, I remember."

"Since then she's tried... but her attitude has fallen off markedly."

"The last time we talked you said that you thought it was just a phase; that she would grow out of it." He was studying her thoughtfully, as if she were a puzzle to be solved. "I assume that there is a point to all this?"

"I've been thinking about what to do with her?" Loreena said, choosing her words with care. "I've finally come to the conclusion that it's not a phase. Or if it is, then it's not one that she'll grow out of any time soon. Her temper has always been hot, but it tends to be short lived. If she was going to get over this, I think she would have done so by now. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying she isn't trying. She's going through the motions. She's doing all the things she has to do, but... she just isn't doing them with any enthusiasm. She's lost that sparkle in her eye.

"So? What do you suggest?"

Loreena shrugged and shook her head with a gesture of hopelessness. "I've tried almost everything I can think of, short of torture," she said, biting her lip. "But I haven't been able to turn her around, and I'm not sure I could order her to be tortured. I'm afraid I haven't handled her very well. I think I may have permanently destroyed that joy she had in her work. She's still attracting callers, but she's not getting anywhere near as many repeaters as she used to. There have even been customer complaints about her performance."

The colonel was surprised. He had not expected her to come to him for help so soon. She's nervous, he thought. And well she should be. He still remembered his threat that she would be held responsible for Mikki's shortcomings; and he was already thinking of what he might do for her punishment.

"What do you suggest we do to get that spark back?"

"I think it may have gone too far," Loreena said. "I'm afraid Mikki's very stubborn. I could try to give her a little reminder of what it was like when she first came here, but I suspect that would do more damage than good. I'm not sure she'll ever fully regain her enthusiasm..."

"So then," the colonel said, a wolf's grin spreading on his lips. "Am I to understand that you're giving up and throwing yourself on my mercy: hoping that I will make your punishment a more lenient one because you've willingly admitted your defeat?"

"Not exactly," Loreena said with a nervous laugh. "Actually I thought Mikki might benefit from having a tasp. I'd like your permission to have one implanted after the open house festival."

The colonel was shocked.

"You would be willing to subject her to that?" He shook his head in wonder. "Are you really so afraid of my punishment?"

"It's for her own good," Loreena said defensively. "She'll be happier if she can learn to enjoy what life has given her."

The colonel smiled. "I remember a time when you were willing to die for Mikki. What happened?"

Loreena frowned. "I'd still die to save Mikki from being tortured... if she were doing everything she could to avoid it. But she's not. She's brought this on herself. It would be different if her life was so terrible, but it isn't! She has more now than both of us put together, when we were with Leskral. But does she appreciate it? Does she think to give me a little thanks for what it's cost me?"

"What has it cost you?" The colonel asked, thinking he might have caught Loreena in a slip.

But she returned his gaze evenly. "You know what its cost me," she said hotly. "It hasn't exactly been easy choosing to do what I have. Not at first. You should know that better than anyone... but I did it for her. And now she's treating me like shit; like I'm the bad guy in all this." She looked away, suddenly embarrassed to have said so much.

"Yes," the colonel said. "You have taken to the work I've given you rather well."

"I've done what I had to do. I've tried to accept it," she said. "That's all I expect from Mikki. I've tried to do the best I could for the both of us."

"And you think she'll thank you for this."

"No," Loreena said. "But, having a tasp can't be that bad. Besides, I doubt things can get any worse between us right now."

"You know I'll give you full credit for this idea?"

She nodded.

"You're sure you want me to go ahead with it?"


He was silent for a moment then, "You still wish I'd let her go, don't you?"

She shrugged and gave a slight nod. "You told me to always be honest with you. I'm trying..."

"Come here." He took her hand, running his fingers over her ribs as he pulled her to him. She came willingly, one leg on either side of his knee. "You never cease to amaze me," he said edging her closer, and pulling her down until she was riding on his leg. "Just when I think I've seen your last surprise you show me something more." He scooped up her dress and pushed it up around her waist. "Like what's this?" He wedged his hand between her leg, feeling the built in butterfly vibrator stitched into the crotch of her panties.

Loreena blushed, but she didn't look away. "The last time, you seemed displeased that I was... not excited," she shrugged. "I vowed then that I would be ready to receive you the next time you tried to touch me."

"And you've been using this," and he pressed against her, forcing the inactive vibrator back and forth, "To condition yourself?" The colonel raised a curious brow. "Why?"

"So I would be ready," she said simply. "You've shown me that a person can learn to enjoy almost anything. And if I've got to do... things, I might as well learn to enjoy them."

"Have you learned?"

"I'm still in training," She said. "But it's an advanced stage of training."

The colonel smiled. "I can think of a way you could broaden that training." He reached down and touched his zipper.

Loreena smiled, and slide off his leg; dropping to her knees on the floor in front of his chair. "Let me guess," she said, reaching with one hand to turn on the butterfly vibrator, while the fingers of her other hand lightly brushed crossed the stiff material of his jeans and began undoing the zipper.

She pulled out his cock, and took it in her mouth, flicking the head of it with her tongue. Then she forced her head down on him, slowly sucking in his massive length until her lips were nearly pressed against his pubes. She could feel him rubbing down the length of her throat, but she had worked hard to overcome her natural urge to regurgitate at such times.

The colonel breathed a sigh of pleasure.

He was not small; and Loreena had taken more of him into her mouth than he would have thought she could.

Once again she had managed to surprise him.

He wondered where she had learned to do it, and stroked her hair tenderly, twining his fingers in her long blonde strands so that he could guide her head; while he marveled at what a wonderful mouth she had.

After a few minutes he raised her up, reaching between her legs. For a moment he was surprised to find that the vibrator panties had been removed-he hadn't noticed when she'd taken them off. He looked down at the floor and saw that they had snap sides, but he was still impressed with how smoothly she had removed them. He kissed her mouth, and slipped his fingers easily inside her, pleased that she was so wet and warm.

"So, my little spy, have you learned any secrets lately?" He shoved up her dress and picked her up by the waist.

"Probably nothing important," she said opening herself to him. "I've written it all down like you told me." She gasped as he began to lower her and she slipped snugly inside her. She laid her head against his chest, leaning her head to one side to expose her neck. He kissed it eagerly.

"Tell me," he said, rocking his hip towards her.

"Flanisha," she moaned with surprising responsive-ness: her eyes closing, her lips parting as if a sigh of pleasure were frozen on her mouth. "She's one of the new girls you... put to work in the guard's cafeteria. I think she's... doing something to taint the food."


He pressed his hand over her breast, and smiled at the gasp of pleasure his rough caress brought from her lips. She really is quite fetching he realized with amusement.

"I'm... not sure. Probably just... spitting in the soup, or something like that. She said you had... given her a way to get even with her guards when you put her to work in the kitchen."

"Anything else?"

"There is one thing." She pushed away from him until she was sure she had his attention. "I've been thinking about this..."

"You don't want out of it already, do you?"

"No," she laughed. "I just... I hope you won't tell her you found out about it from me... I mean, I won't be of much use to you if everyone knows I'm a snitch."

He kissed her on the forehead. "Trust me," he said. "I wouldn't waste my favorite spy on something as trivial as this."

"I don't know why I should," she said, melting back into his arms, "but oddly enough I do trust you."


"I don't want to go."

"I didn't ask you if you wanted to come," the colonel told Mikki. "Your option is to change first, or come as you are."

"Why do I have to go?" Mikki asked stubbornly. "Loreena just put me back on a diet, and now you want me to go to this banquet where everyone's going to be eating."

"This is not a discussion," he said, his controlled voice like a sharp cutting edge. "You will come with me now or I will ask for the guards for assistance."

Almost immediately three guards appeared just outside the doorway, as if they'd been waiting for the colonel to call.

"All right, all right!" Mikki said. "I'll go as I am."

The colonel smiled and took her by the arm. For a brief moment she thought of resisting, but then she glanced at the guards who were eagerly waiting and let him lead her from the room.

They made their way to the great hall of the Lospodas Mansion, where high officials were welcomed and affairs of state were held. He seated Mikki at the head table, beside her sister; then he took the seat on the other side of Loreena.

The colonel smiled when neither sister seemed very happy to see the other. He introduced Mikki to those few dignitaries sitting close to her; saying; "This is Loreena Manorin's sister, Mikki." And he noted Mikki's scowl when these men began to greet her more warmly when they recognized Loreena's name.

All through dinner colonel Baisurd made a point of paying particular attention to Loreena: making sure that her glass was always full, and that she had plenty of her favorite foods. He made an excessive show of keeping his hand on her leg, caressing her thigh or rubbing against her pubic mound. He was so obvious that Mikki couldn't help but notice, yet Loreena never protested, as he suspected she might. She didn't seem the least embarrassed either-graciously receiving the colonel's attention with little more concern than she would have if they were alone. She even made a willing effort to keep herself open to him, just as she normally did; and when his attentions became excessive she moaned with soft pleasure and rocked her hips against him with an abandon that was oblivious to anyone who might be watching them.

Driving a wedge between these sisters had been a source of great amusement, for the colonel-but it was more than that too. Separating them completely was the last step in the colonel's program to totally alienate Loreena from the women's movement. Until now, Mikki had not known that he and Loreena had shared intimacies, although she probably suspected; but for Loreena to calmly let her sister watch him teasing her in public... that was more than he had expected. Mikki's scowl deepened all through the meal. By the time Buel took the stage to announce the after dinner entertainment, the hostility emanating from Mikki was almost palpable.

Now the colonel turned to Mikki. "Loreena's been a great deal of help in bringing together these little after dinner diversions," he said as he caressed Loreena's crotch with a feeling a genuine respect. "In fact she helped designed several of the plans herself. Isn't that right, Loreena?"

"Buel was gracious enough to listen to my ideas, and we used some of them," Loreena admitted modestly.

"How nice," Mikki said, her voice like dripping acid.

"I wanted you to have a good seat, so you could enjoy the program. I'm sure you'll be as proud of Loreena as I am."

"No doubt."

They watched Buel take the stage and approach the microphone. He introduced himself, noted his alignment to colonel Baisurd who had coordinated the evening's festivities. Then he gave several names, including Loreena's and credited them for helping with the preparatory work...

"Now that we're done with the introduction," Buel said waving to the curtain behind him. "I'm proud to present..." and the curtain opened, "The women who will be providing your entertainment for the remainder of the evening."

About a dozen ladies were on the stage behind him, many were tied to various devices that held them securely; others were held by guards or simply bound so tightly that they could hardly move.

"This is Flanisha," Buel said, approaching a girl who was tied to a post by a ring in her nose. She was wearing a gray body suit and fighting with apparent discomfort. "

The colonel leaned over and whispered in Mikki's ear. "Loreena caught her spitting in the food served at the guard's cafeteria.

"She is wearing something that I like to call a pin suit," Buel said. "This rubber punishment suit is the newest item in the Lospodas fashion line this year; and it can be form fitted to the exact shape of your slave." He gave Flanisha a friendly seeming pat on the ass, and the girl jumped, giving an alarmed little squeal of protest.

The colonel leaned towards Mikki. "That was Loreena's original idea," he told Mikki as he stroked Loreena tenderly.

"Buel did all the work," Loreena purred. "He designed the actual suit."

"...The durable, double construction rubber is lined with pin needles," Buel was saying from up on the stage. "As you can see, this causes her considerable discomfort whenever she moves or when something touches her. For tonight demonstration, those of you who are interested will form teams. The object will be to drive Flanisha towards your opponent's goal using one of these flexible prods." He took a long flexible rod that another guard handed to him; and as he held it out it bobbed slowly up and down so that it was difficult to aim.

"Only the tip is legal to use," Buel said. "Using any other part of the prod or poking Flanisha in the face will lead to immediate disqualification of that player." He pressed it against the girl's breast and the prod bent easily as it touched her suit, but the nudge was ample motivation to make her move.

Buel moved down the line to introduce the next display. "This is Gylis," he said, indicating an Amorian alph who was covered with black dots that formed complicated geometric designs over her whole body. One of her guards held out a bucket and Buel took a small object from it. "For those of you who enjoy semi-permanent body art, Gylis here has been used to demonstrate one of my favorite inventions, called the Pin Hook."

Buel held up the small object in his hand and then pressed it against the girl's arm, causing her to flinch. "It works on a principal similar to a fish hook. The sharp, surgical steel point easily punctures the skin but when you try to pull it out..." and he slipped his fingernails under the head of the pin, giving a gentle tug to prove that the pin would stay embedded. "Little plastic wings spread out and hook into her skin. The heads of the pins come in several sizes, shapes and colors so that you can achieve a wide variety of effects. After a few days the body dissolves the plastic wings and the pins can be removed. They also come in plastoflesh, for those of you who would prefer a more permanent design. With those, the skin will quickly graft itself to the pin, making it a permanent and virtually irremovable part of your slave's body.

"For those of you who would like to try your own hand at it," Buel said. "We will have girls available for rental purposes.

He moved on to the next pair.

"These girls are named Tanja and Felisity."

They were wearing roller-skates; and Mikki noticed that they were much better at keeping their balance than they had been the first time she saw them on skates.

"They will fight in a best three-out-of-five rope-tying match. The looser of this match will be given to the winner of our raffle, for the evening. If you haven't filled out a raffle ticket there's still time before the drawing. You will find forms by the large black box near the east entrance.

"And for those of you wishing to gamble, you may place a wager on the outcome of any of the competitive events, including the fight between these girls

"Next is Whiznia," Buel said. He reached out and pinched the breast of another Amorian whose hands were suspended from a crossbeam above her head. "Those of you who enjoy whippings will want to make sure that you spend some time with her."

A guard offered Buel a leather strap with one end that had been cut into several smaller strands. He used it to strike Whiznia sharply across the breasts. The girl cried out and danced away in protest. "Doesn't she make a delightful noise?" Buel said giving her another lashing with the same effect.

There was a chorus of approval clapping.

"Now this," Buel said, turning his attention to the next girl. "This lovely girl's name is Dristni. She will be one of the models in our fashion show. Our master craftsmen here at the Lospodas mansion have been hard at work developing a line of clever new bondage designs; and I think you'll be quite pleased with what they've come up with. After the show Dristni and a few of the other models will be auctioned off for the night, so those of you who are interested can try out all the new merchandise on them. And of course, we have an ample supplies of all the new designs as well as any of your favorites from past events"

The colonel was pleased.

Mikki was scowling at her plate, refusing to look at the stage any more; but Loreena seemed to be enjoying the show as much as his vigorous attention, and he was enjoying it too-much more than he had expected. Now there was only one girl left, and the colonel was almost sorry that Buel's introductions were nearly over.

"Some of the girls," Buel was saying, "Will be providing entertainment all night; others will be limited to a few demonstrations, so take a look at the schedule boards on either side of the room." He pointed to the highly visible stands along either wall. Two naked Amorian's were chained by their collars to each stand. More chains loosely bound their hands and feet. "We have tried to stagger demonstrations so that you can see as many of them as possible. However, we regret that it may be necessary to miss a few. Your programs list them by the girl's name and a description of the activity to help you find the ones you're most interested in. If you need further assistance, one of these Amorian's by the schedule stand will be glad to help you.

"Now before everyone separates to the various areas, let me introduce Shaila." He walked over to a square wooden frame where Shaila was bound spread-eagle, her feet a few inches off the floor. "You may notice that she is extremely horny." Buel ran his fingers lightly up the inside of Shaila's thighs, gently caressing her hot mound, and slipping his finger inside her. Shaila moved her hips forward, pressing herself against Buel's hand; and moaning with frustration at the inadequacy of his touch.

"I wouldn't doubt Shaila is horny enough to fuck everyone in this room!" Buel said. "And that's exactly what she's here for! Unless she's being fucked, all the time, it's sheer torture for her. Now, she's been without for the last few days, to ensure that she will be fully ready for this evening; and as you can see it's practically driving her crazy."

Buel was still caressing Shaila with light teasing strokes, and the girl's movements were becoming more and more frantic.

"What those of you here decide to do with her is up to you. Now, I invite you to drink, dance to the live music, mingle with old and new friends, and find your own diversions as you will. I encourage all the women in the crowd, both the residents of Lospodas and the guests of our visitors, to feel free to participate in any and all of the activities that we have planned for tonight. I hope that you enjoy yourselves." Buel gave a slight nod to the crowd and stepped down from the stage.

"Is it necessary for me to stay for anymore of this," Mikki asked.

"No," colonel Baisurd said. "I think you've seen enough."

"Aren't you going to stay?" Loreena asked when she saw Mikki getting up. Her face was passive; she didn't really seem interested in her sister's answer, and when Mikki didn't give her one she seemed more relieved than disappointed. Turning to the colonel she asked, "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Very much," he said. "Shall we go and join the festivities?"

Loreena flashed a genuine smiled. "Yes," she said. "I especially want to get into one of the pin suit games."

Loreena joined the fray, found an Amorian server, and took a drink from her tray. Then she began to look for Rastion and Imbella. Instead, Buel saw her and asked her for a dance. For a moment she was surprised, but then she smiled and took his hand.

He was a surprisingly good dancer, moving with a grace that Loreena would not have suspected.

When the dance was over, Rastion cut in and they danced several more songs, before Imbella cut in, taking him away from her again. She didn't mind. It freed her to sign up for one of the pin suit games.

As she headed back towards Rastion she grabbed a drink. Before she could reach him, however, she was approached by a well-dressed man. "I've been looking forward to meeting you," he said with a leering smirk. "It's an honor to meet one of colonel Baisurd's most effective tools. And I must say you are every bit as impressive in person."

"Thank you," Loreena said, noticing the young redheaded slave who accompanied him. Her mouth was gagged, and she was wearing a tight, fitted white dress made of reinforced canvas material. Instead of a hemline at the bottom, the dress had belt loops. A thick, leather belt was threaded through the loops and buckled tightly just above her knees. It was reinforced by a leather corset around the waist, but the bodice was open, the stiff material fitting snugly under her firm breasts. The cloth came up around her shoulders and encircled her neck with a built in collar. The sleeves of the dress formed a one armed glove, reinforced with more leather straps.

"Who's your friend," she asked, reaching out as if to touch the girl's freckled cheeks. She stopped and looked at the taller dark haired man. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not," he said.

But Loreena could see that he had visibly relaxed as soon as she had asked for permission. If she had touched the girl first, he would have been very upset indeed... he might not have said anything, but Loreena wasn't entirely sure about that. She smiled. "Did you bring your pet to share her, or to find some new toys to try out on your own?"

"A little of both," he said. "Her dress is something I commissioned Lospodas to design for me a few years ago."

"Oh, I like it," Loreena said. "And it looks so fabulous on her, so comfy and snug."

"Lospodas always come up with the best," he admitted.

"So what are you planning to try first, tonight?"

"I was kind of intrigued by those new pin hooks."

"Good," Loreena said with a bright smile. "I helped design those myself, in case you're interested."


"Indeed. Why don't I take you over to the display, and introduce you to everyone. I'm sure they can set you up with whatever arrangements you would like. And then, if you'd like, I could spend a little time showing you how they work."


Mikki watched Loreena and the colonel coming down the hall. They were flanked by three guards; Mikki recognized two of them. One was Rastion the door guard, and the other was one of the men who had worked on her when she first came to Lospodas. She thought of heading the other way to avoid them, but the colonel had already seen her and he was waving her over.

"Hello Mikki," he said as she approached. "Good of you to join us."

As if I had a choice, Mikki thought! But she kept it to herself and fell into step beside them. Loreena ignored her, looking straight ahead, her face betraying no emotion at all. The colonel put his arm possessively around Mikki.

"You don't seem to be adjusting to our lifestyle here at Lospodas very well," he said in a friendly, conversational tone. "This is of great concern to me. I had hoped that you would turn out more like your sister."

"I'm sure you did," Mikki said, unable not to voice her sarcasm this time.

The colonel smiled like an indulgent father. "I've discussed this problem with Loreena; and after careful consideration I have agreed with her proposed solution to this problem. Therefore, tomorrow you will have a tasp surgically implanted in your head; and after your recovery, Loreena will start a program of conditioning you towards a more appropriate attitude."

Mikki looked at Loreena for a sign of denial, but her face was an emotionless mask. She's become so cold and cruel, Mikki thought. I don't even know her anymore.

"I hope that you're pleased," the colonel was saying. "I think you will find it easier having your sister to work with you on this project, rather than some impersonal stranger." He smiled. "You may not know this, but for some time now you've been directly under your sister's supervision and she has been responsible for you. At first I was very satisfied with the progress you were making under her, but recently... Well, I would have been forced to take some sort of punitive action against your sister for her failure-if she hadn't come up with this new idea. She's an extremely resourceful young lady, your sister."

He cleared his throat. "As a reward, I'm giving you to your sister. From now on, she will be the only one-aside from me-who will have the authority to punish you. But don't think she'll be soft on you. She's still responsible for you, and will be punished for your misbehavior."

"What a comfort," she said with a vicious smile. Maybe she could force the colonel to punish Loreena quite frequently. It would serve her right!

The colonel turned to Loreena. "I'm keeping track," he said. "I'll leave you now, to get started with her training. Be sure that she reports to the infirmary tomorrow morning as we discussed."

He turned away, leaving Mikki to face Loreena and the three guards. She backed away instinctively as Loreena came towards her holding out a pair of padded leather cuffs.

"Turn around," Loreena said, her voice like cold ice.

It sent a chill up Mikki's spine. She hesitated but a moment then turned around, letting Loreena put the cuffs on her arms at the elbows. I should fight this, Mikki thought; but she knew it would only make things worse.

Loreena jerked on the cuffs. "You'll wear these," she said, "Until you can learn how to behave and show more respect. And if you make another wise crack, I'll muzzle you too."

"You're hurting me," Mikki complained.

"It's for your own good," Loreena snapped, "It will teach you to appreciate how good you've had it."

"Compared to what?"

Loreena smiled. "Compared to what it's going to be like for you now," she said. She turned to the guards. "I think I can control her now. Rastion, I'd like you to stay and help me with her; and I want you to guard the door tonight." She turned to the other guards. "Thank you for the help, but I think we'll be alright now. "

They nodded amiably and left.

"Thanks for staying, Rastion," Loreena said, reaching out to brush her fingers across his chest.

"Always glad to help you," he said.

Loreena smiled then tugged at Mikki's arm, leading her down the hall. "By the way," she said, giving Mikki a firm slap on the ass with the palm of her hand.

Mikki jumped slightly. "Hey," she said, trying to pull away from Loreena's grasp.

"Your little wise crack has earned you a gag for the rest of the day, as promised."

"What wisecrack," Mikki asked.

"Compared to what," Loreena said, mimicking Mikki's voice.

"That wasn't a wisecrack," Mikki said. "That was a question."

"Enjoy talking while you can, Sis."

"But I'm supposed to meet Geot in a few hours," Mikki protested.

"Then you'd better start thinking of a way to make it up to me, hadn't you," Loreena said. She smacked Mikki on the ass again, even harder. "It's not likely you'll be seeing him again though, unless your attitude improves."

Mikki felt like lashing out with her feet but that would only make things worse. In brooding silence, she let Loreena lead her docilely down the hall. When they came to her room, Loreena shoved Mikki inside. "Will you wait out here," she asked Rastion. "I'll make it up to you later, I promise."

Inside the room, Loreena went to her closet. She found a head harness, complete with a gag, and slipped it over Mikki's head. Mikki sighed angrily, but opened her mouth without further protest. When the gag was securely in place she began to undress Mikki: unzipping her shorts and sliding them down around her feet. Loreena ripped the blouse rather than unfasten the leather cuffs at her elbows.

Then Loreena gave Mikki a sharp shove, forcing her to flop backwards onto the bed with a bounce. Falling on top of her, Loreena forced her face between her sister's reluctant legs.

"Just relax," Loreena said, licking the pink insides of Mikki's lower lips. "Think of this as an apology, if you want to."

Mikki closed her eyes.

"Learn to enjoy it," Loreena said. She held Mikki open with her fingers and licked her dry folds. Before long she was working with a great deal of creative enthusiasm. Reluctantly Mikki began to moan and move her hips against her sister's face: against that flicking tongue that knew just where to touch her. She cried out into her gag, as an incredible orgasm shook her body and left her quivering.

Loreena cuddled, holding her sister tightly, pressing her head against Mikki's stomach without speaking.

Mikki was reminded of the way Geot held her so tenderly afterwards; and despite hating Loreena for what she was doing, Mikki felt strangely comforted. At last Loreena leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, whispering so softly in her ear that it was barely audible. "I'm sorry," she said. "Just remember that I love you. Trust me!" Then she got up and pulled the covers up around Mikki's neck. "Take a little nap if you want," she said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "I'll tell Geot you're here; he'll probably get a kick out of finding you like this."


"Hello Geot. Would you mind if I joined you for a moment?"

Geot was a little surprised to see Loreena standing next to his table; but his smile was genuine enough. "Please," he said gesturing towards a seat at his table. "Sit down. Would you care for something to eat? I haven't ordered yet, I was waiting for your sister."

"I'll just have a glass of white wine, thank you."

He smiled and motioned for one of the Amorian servers who came to take the order. "Well," he said. "This is a bit unexpected. I asked for Mikki Manorin, and instead I get the company of her beautiful, but infamous sister."

She looked at him guardedly, as if she were sizing him up.

"You don't like me very much, do you?"

"I'm not sure I know you well enough to like you or not like you."

She smiled. "Were you planning to spend a few days here at Lospodas. Or was this just a quick in and out."

A quick in and out? Was she making a reference to Mikki, or was she trying to pry information out of him for colonel Baisurd. Either way she wasn't being very subtle. "I was planning to spend a few days."

Loreena smiled mischievously and leaned slightly forward in her chair. "You always take a few extra days when you come to Lospodas, don't you?"

He sat back in his chair and studied her carefully. "Somehow I get the feeling that this isn't just a social call."

"I do have an agenda," Loreena admitted. "I want to find out just how deep your interest in Mikki goes."

Geot raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure that's any of your business," he said, trying not to let his irritation show. "But I am curious. I've been seeing Mikki for nearly a year now... why the sudden interest in my intentions?"

"Oh, but it is my business, Geot. You see, Mikki has recently been taken out of circulation and placed in my care. Colonel Baisurd has given me complete responsibility for her. That's why she wasn't available to see you tonight."

So that was it. He looked at her even more carefully, wondering what her real business was.

"She's fortunate to have such a devoted sister," he said; noticed that she blushed just a little.

"It's not as unpleasant as all that," she said. "I'm not particularly happy about it, you know; but I have had to take certain steps, for Mikki's sake as well as my own. And quite frankly, I don't care whether you understand or not."

The Amorian server returned with Loreena's drink and they were both quiet as she placed in on the table. Loreena took a drink, waiting for her to leave.

"I don't intend to prevent you from seeing her," Loreena said when they were alone again. "As long as I'm convinced that you're not a negative influence on her, you are free to request her presence much as you have in the past."

"But not tonight?"

Loreena took a sip of her drink. "Tonight can be arranged," she said, "If you are willing to follow certain restrictions."

"Such as?"

"Mikki is being punished for... a serious discretion. She has been tied and left for the night on my bed. In order to see her, you must agree that she will not leave the room; and you may not, under any circumstances, untie her or give her anything to eat or drink."

Geot didn't even need to think about it. "Agreed," he nodded.

"Fine. Can you find my room by yourself?"

"I'm not sure."

"I'll escort you then," Loreena said. "Shall we go now, or would you like to eat first."

"We can go," he said, rising to his feet.

"Good," Loreena said.

She walked at a good pace. Neither of them spoke, and after several moment of walking, she stopped in front a door.

"When you come to see her tomorrow," Loreena said. "You will have to provide a visitation request; and if the two of you are to leave my room, I will require transfer documentation as well."

"I'll have them."

"Good." She seemed to wink at him. "Then maybe you'd better bring a few extra, just in case. If you haven't filled the forms out correctly, I will insist that you do it again. Have I made myself clear?"

Geot looked at her for a moment, wondering what her game was. "Sure," he said. "I understand you"

Chapter 10 - Escape from Lospodas (added: 2013/08/05)


Loreena was right: Geot thought. Finding Mikki all tied up was terribly exciting; but instead of playing his usual tickling games he simply lay beside her for a time, tenderly holding and stroking her.

"Don't you want to do anything," Mikki asked, surprised that she was disappointed by his lack of usual passion and intensity.

"Not while you're like this," he said. "I want it to be your choice when we play games, not a part of some punishment."

"But what if it is my choice," she said, almost pleading. "While I'm like this, it's one of the few choices I can make."

"So it is," he said with a laugh-and suddenly the touch of his hands became a delicious torture as they found a different rhythm and began probing her ever so vulnerable spots.


Loreena opened Shaila's cell. The girl was lying on a hard metal bench, her arms tied behind her back at the elbows and the wrists to prevent her from reaching her own cunt with her fingers.

"Wake up, Shaila." Loreena said kicking the bench.

Opening her eyes she smiled at Loreena. "Have you come to hook me up to the fucking machine?" She asked hopefully.

"Not exactly," Loreena said with a genuine smile that was half affection for the girl and half anticipation of what she planned to do with her. "You might like what I have in mind, though. It's something I invented just for you. Come on."

She took the girl by the shoulder and helped her to a sitting position. "I'm going to cover your head with a hood first."

"A hood?"

Loreena answered by showing her the black leather hood that was strapped to her belt. It had a face, with a definite nose; and indentations for the eyes-even the shape of the lips could be made out in the stiff black leather. "Why do you think I had that plaster mold made of your face the other day?"

"I wondered," Shaila said.

"Yes. Geminal made a cast and I used it to form fit this mask to the contours of your face. It's an interesting technique. First I soaked the leather in water; then I let it dry on the model of your head. As leather dries it shrinks, and that forced it to take the precise shape of your face."

"You've never used anything like this before?"

Loreena shrugged. "Variety is the spice of life. Now, shut up before I have you whipped and leave you here without letting you have your fun. And if I hear another word out of you, I'll make sure that your session isn't fun for you at all." She pinched one of Shaila's nipples savagely between her fingers, rolling the tender flesh until the girl voiced a muffled cry of protest. She knew better than to protest with words. "I'm glad I've made myself clear," Loreena said.

Slipping the hood onto Shaila's head, Loreena tucked her hair underneath until it was completely out of sight, then Loreena led her out of the room and down the hall.

"I put the hood on you so you won't be able to see, and anticipate what is going to happen to you," Loreena said as they walked. "I think you'll understand why that is important once we begin."

Loreena lead her to the car bay, where the colonel was waiting for them. "Colonel," she said with a friendly grin. "Have you come to see my invention off on its maiden run?"

"I wouldn't miss it," he said, kissing her and pressing his hand between her legs.

She opened herself to him without thinking, moving eagerly against his touch. Just thinking about what was in store for Shaila had made her hornier than a session usually did.

"In fact," the colonel said, seeming to push her away with his voice. "I want to ride with you and see the device in action."

Her grin became a full-fledged smile. "I'm honored," she said. And despite the command in his voice she leaned closer to him, speaking softly. "Maybe we could take a picnic lunch and make a day of it, so to speak?"

"That's an idea," he said agreeably.

Loreena looked back at Shaila. "Would you help me get her onto the wagon? Once she's in place we can leave her without worrying that she might get into any trouble."

"Montfred," the colonel called, motioning for a guard who was working near the far wall to come over to join them. As they waited he asked, rather casually, "What is the hood for?"

"I don't want her to be able to anticipate the bumps or turns," Loreena said with a wicked smile.

"Very thoughtful of you." He took Shaila by the arm, guiding her to a portable set of stairs that were placed against the motorized wagon.

"Steps," Loreena said in warning.

The guard had arrived and followed them up onto the flatbed.

"We're going to have to pick you up now," Loreena said.

One on either side of her, the men took Shaila's arms then together they picked her up by the legs so that they held her in a sitting position between them. Stepping up on some blocks, they lowered her towards a long, thick stick with a bullet shaped end. Loreena knelt before Shaila, spreading the already dripping lips of her cunt to make the entry easier. Loreena gasped softly, and shivered with anticipatory delight; Shaila moaned in pleasure as the tip pierced her folds. The men let her sink down on the shaft, which slowly became fatter and fatter.

Loreena licked her lips, imagining how it would feel if she were the one being impaled on the fucking stick.

The men released Shaila's legs, still supporting her under the arms, so that she was forced to stand on the spring-loaded platform at the base of the fucking stick.

Shaila bent her knees, shoving the shaft deep inside her, and the swift movement set the spring-loaded platform in motion, forcing her up and down on the shaft.

She groaned her pleasure.

"Should we let her do that the whole time we're gone," the Colonel asked jokingly.

Loreena shook her head. "I think it's time for these," she said, reaching to free one of the nipple clamps hanging from the overhead roll bar. She pulled it down, fighting the pressure of the elastic tie line, and while the colonel held Shaila still, Loreena snapped the clamp onto one of the girl's nipples.

Shaila gasped, arching her back and jutting her breasts forward to remove some of the pressure-she was conditioned to enjoy sexual stimulation not pain, and even the slight movement, like rocking her hips, caused the platform to bounce slightly.

After fixing the other clamp, Loreena laughed and turned to the colonel. He was watching Shaila with keen interest, intrigued by the girl's frustrated efforts to move herself against the fucking stick without causing any motion in the platform; then he looked up at Loreena, and there was a look in his eyes that could have been admiration.

"Should we go prepare something for our lunch," Loreena asked. She reached over and plucked one of the elastic tie lines like a guitar string. "These should give Shaila pause from using the stick for herself until we come back."

"Let's go, then?" the colonel said.

"No," Shaila cried. "Please, you can't leave me like this. I can't take it! I..." Her voice caught and trailed of as she undoubtedly remembered Loreena's threat about talking.

Loreena smiled her most evil grin. She had spent hours practicing it in a mirror, until it looked just right. "Can I have a moment," she asked the Colonel. "I warned her not to speak; she must be taught a lesson."

The Colonel nodded then watched as Loreena placed her hand on the flat of Shaila's stomach. The girl whined involuntarily, sucking in her breath; and her body shook with expectant sobs, but she didn't compound her error by saying anything more. Loreena crouched down and wrapped her arms around Shaila's waist, hugging the girl tightly. Then she forced her weight suddenly onto Shaila, making the platform sink, and increasing the tension on the elastic tie lines with a sudden jar.

Shaila cried out, and then Loreena let go of her. The platform bounced wildly up and down before quickly coming to rest. "For talking Shaila, I'm going to reward you by leave these on when we go for our drive." Loreena turned back to the colonel, and spoke loud enough to make it obvious that her words were mostly for Shaila. "Would you mind a little diversion before our picnic," she asked. Then she turned back to Shaila, walking around behind her as she traced her fingers lightly over the girl's ribs. "I want to leave her this way for awhile; and besides, watching her has made me as horny as she is!"

"I could arrange to take some time," the colonel said.

Suddenly and without warning, Loreena hit Shaila in the back of the knees causing her legs to buckle momentarily and setting the platform to bouncing again.

The colonel was holding out his hand and smiling.

Loreena laughed and took the hand he offered.

"Help yourself, Montfred." Loreena nodded her head towards Shaila and smiled at the guard who had helped get her mounted. "Do whatever you want with her. Just make sure you don't release her clamps or let her off the stick."


...The colonel was quite pleased with Loreena's progress. Lately he had been giving her more responsibility, and spending more time with her than any of his other pets. She was continually proving herself the equal of any task: dependable and properly respectful when they were in public. She mingled with aristocratic customers as she delivered a slave, or dined with politicians at a state brunch just as easily as she drank with the guards and her fellow peers.

Her suggestion that they begin training Mikki had particularly delighted him-although he had been thinking fondly of ways to punish her for her failure with Mikki. Her cooperation was more important though-and perhaps just as interesting. He found this fucking cart that she had designed nothing short of brilliant.

Her creativity no longer surprised him, of course. Her designs for the new fashion line had been among the cleverest new ideas he had seen in a long, long time. Nor was he surprised any more by Loreena's frantic passion during their private 'diversions'.

Now he found himself becoming quite aroused by the noises Shaila made as he drove the motorized wagon over the bumpy ground. Each time they hit a bump, the spring loaded platform forced her to bounce up and down on the fucking rod which was what she wanted and needed; but the elastic tie-lines forced the nipple clamps to tug on her breasts, keeping her from fully enjoying the situation. Loreena had reduced the tension on the lines for fear that the teeth of the clamps might literally tear off one of the girl's nipples if they hit a really large bump.

He looked down at Loreena, who was leaning her head against his arm; and he was no longer surprised by his growing fondness for her. "You've out done yourself," he said, pressing his hand gently between her legs.

"Thank you," She said, her breath damp and warm against his arm as she lifted her leg and boldly draping it over his knee.

It was the kind of move that would have brought a reprimand not to long ago; but lately Loreena had begun to take such things for granted. He wondered if it were wise to give her such a sense of control and freedom-but she was very carefully to only do it when they were alone, and she was gracious and quick to retreat from his most subtle rebuff. She still knew her place. She was just trying to anticipate his desires, to give to him before he had to make the request.

She was looking up into his face, and there was a smile of almost angelic beauty on her lip. "Can we stop now," she said her voice still full of that frantic passion. "I'm getting hungry again for something that isn't in that picnic basket we packed."


Loreena was over zealous in her diligence-and to her horror she found that for some perverted reason she enjoyed punishing Mikki more than any of the others.

Her feelings filled her with guilt and remorse, but she didn't let that stand in her way.

Mikki's slightest infraction was dealt with by gagging her and putting a hood over her head, sometimes for days at a time-removing it only for feeding. And when Mikki wore the hood, Loreena didn't allow her to wear any clothes, except perhaps for an occasional corset or halter arrangement, maybe a pair of stockings and high heels or boots; and of course, the leather and rope that bound her arms and legs.

Loreena ordered several shoes especially for Mikki, and each one had heels that were five or more inches long. She used various ones depending on the seriousness of Mikki's offense. One pair, which Loreena called the "serious shoes", was reserved for her very worst offenses. They had heels so long that only the very tips of the toe touched the floor. In effect, it was almost like walking on a pair of spikes, which made Mikki's superior sense of balance all but meaningless. And since Loreena always keep her sister's arms bound behind her back when she was being punished, she was nearly helpless to do anything-even walk-by herself.

Loreena feed her, and showered her; and even wiped her ass after she took a shit!

Everything had to be done for her on her punishment days: she couldn't even scratch an itch unless she could reach it by rubbing up against something. Sometimes Loreena would simply watch Mikki struggling to ease an itch; and if the colonel were around she would even trace lightly over a few of the spots she knew were likely to cause an itch, just to torture Mikki more. Other times, she would give Mikki an enema, then grease a fat butt-plug and shove it up Mikki's ass. When Loreena finally removed it she would refuse to let Mikki void herself-under threat of a severe whipping. By the time Loreena finally relented, Mikki was frantically clenching her sphincter muscles and could hardly walk for her pressing need.

It was impossible for Loreena to be with Mikki all the time. She had numerous other responsibilities and chores now. She was intricately involved with helping colonel Baisurd with his conditioning experiments. He took a great pleasure in rebuilding women to his own designs, and Loreena enjoyed helping him. Other times she was asked to help Buel or one of the other guards. And quite often, she was given sole responsibility for a project.

It was impossible to do many of these activities while attending to Mikki.

At first she had locked Mikki in their rooms alone; and on infrequent occasions she left Mikki in Geot's care-but his travels brought him to Lospodas only on rare occasions. More and more often Loreena began entrusting Mikki with Rastion, or another one of the guards.

It was obvious that Mikki hated all of it! She hated being left alone and helpless with nothing to do but meditate on her boredom and try once again to free her arms or reach the inevitable itches that could never quite be reached. Being lead around wasn't much better: Loreena knew she had become accustomed to not wearing any clothes in public, but somehow when she couldn't see, it was different. She felt more exposed and vulnerable. Even the low punishment heels were so high that it was difficult, for Mikki to lock her knees-never allowing her the luxury of resting while she stood. To make matters worse, the strain on Mikki's ankles made them constantly weak and even when she wasn't being punished she frequently limped from a strained muscle or irritated ligament. When she wore the special heels it was even worse. She had to rely on Loreena or someone else to keep her balance; and all to often they made a game of not provided any real support, but just enough to keep her from toppling over.

Still, Loreena didn't give her any slack.

She took a great pleasure in tending to Mikki when she was helpless; and in touching her where she was ticklish. The way Mikki squirmed made her so horny that she could barely keep her hands off her sister or herself. More and more frequently she searched out a private room where she could taste the juices between Mikki's opened legs and finger herself until they were both satisfied.

When Mikki's behavior began to fall into line, Loreena countered by slowly becoming more and more strict. She allowed Mikki to follow a very light aerobic-style exercise program when she was good, but gave her longer stints in her restraints for the same infractions. More rules were added to an already long list, while less leeway was allowed for mistakes, and harsher punishments were doled out.

Even though the tasp had been implanted in Mikki's head, it was rare that Loreena used it. Sometimes, when the colonel was around, she applied it at very mild levels.

She almost expected the colonel to say something about it, but he never did; and she assumed that meant he was satisfied with her work.

She continued to take Shaila out for rides on the fucking wagon. And after that first time, she never had to punish Shaila for talking while the hood was on.

At first Loreena always invited the colonel, or Buel, or even one of the other guards to ride along with her. But one day when no one seemed interested she went out alone-and when nothing was said about it when she came back, she began to go out by herself more and more often.

The guards almost never stopped or questioned her anymore. She was allowed to explore the compound freely, and she used that to her advantage: memorizing every nook and cranny of the catacombs underground. She became familiar with all the public rooms, and the private offices; the cells where various girls were held, and the rooms where they were tortured or taken by men for their various amusements. Often when she was helping the colonel or Buel with the numerous little tasks that they asked of her, they would show her new areas. They even began to take her occasionally to the secret upper rooms: the areas where she would undoubtedly not be able to go alone.

And everywhere she went she quizzed herself: mentally taking every journey several times, and double checking as she went to make sure that she had not forgotten a single turn. She casually looked for other important things too: noting the purpose of each room she passed: the rooms reserved for records and those used for the unseen day to day upkeep like the wash rooms, the furnace rooms and the kitchens; she identified the central security monitoring station and the other various control rooms; she noted every panel, or hatch or grill and speculated on their most probable purposes, determining where there was likely access to the heating ducts and electrical controls. Loreena had seen tapes that the colonel had made of her and Mikki, so she knew that there were hidden cameras throughout the Lospodas mansion. It had taken her a long time before she began to spot the telltale signs that indicated where they were hidden. It was difficult at first, because her searches had to be subtle; but after finding the first few she quickly began to notice others. She made a careful study of the placement of each; and if she couldn't find a camera in a particular room, she thought about where one would be most effective and later when she had a logical excuse she would look there in passing. She never let herself search simply for the sake of searching, and whenever she found one she was always careful not to allow her eyes to linger on it. She developed her peripheral vision, and the ability to see things that were not in her center of focus.

For each room she deduced were the best place to stand was, if you didn't want to be seen, and without being obvious, she made it a point to stand in those areas where she could be seen whenever possible. She didn't want them to have any excuses for becoming suspicious.

When the colonel began asking her to take the wagon into town for supplies, Loreena knew that it was almost time to set her plans in motion. Yet she was frightened by the thought of leaving Lospodas. She no longer had a life outside of its walls, and she was ashamed at how much she had grown to enjoy her life as it was. If she didn't leave soon, she wasn't sure that she would still have the strength to leave. So it was a relief when she decided that she couldn't take the offered bait right away. There was still so much she needed to learn about the Lospodas mansion; and it was possible the colonel was still testing her. But the real reason she had to wait was to give the guards time to get used to her coming and going. When her leaving the compound in a wagon was so second nature that no one noticed any more, then she would finally be ready to leave for real.


Mikki was blindfolded, and as always, she felt the vulnerability of her nakedness acutely. Her shoulders ached from her elbows being lashed together; but at least her backache had some relief from wearing those ridiculous 'serious shoes'. Still the shoes she wore caused her to stumble along behind the guard. Her legs trembled with exhaustion.

Although she didn't know the guard's name, she recognized him by his manner and the patterns of his sounds: his steps were heavy and had a peculiar shuffle; and he seemed fascinated with her body. He delighted in letting his hands probe and pinch and slap and pull every inch of her flesh. He rarely gave her any real support, but his hands were almost always touching her, lending a measure of balance. If he stopped walking for awhile, he usually keep her standing, but sometimes he would allow her to sit straddled over his knee; and he would amuse himself with tickling, teasing and pinching her relentlessly. For some reason his teasing was not a pleasant experience like it was with Geot. He didn't hold her down, but if she broke contact with his leg for even an instant, he would force her to stand or start walking again-so she usually tried to endure the torment for as long as she could.

Mikki heard someone approaching, and recognized the sound of her sister's steps. She was getting good at that: knowing a person by their sounds. She could reliably recognize dozens of people without ever seeing them.

"Hello," Loreena said, greeting the guard without using a name as she always did when Mikki was blindfolded. "I'll take her now, thank you."

"My pleasure," he said, giving Mikki's nipple one last twist before Loreena lead her away down the hall.

They entered a room, and Loreena helped her to sit in a padded chair that would have been comfortable if Mikki's arms had been free; then surprisingly, Loreena began to remove her mask and gag. "We're safe here," Loreena whispered. "We can talk."

Mikki looked around, saw that they were in the colonel's office and that he wasn't there. "What do we have to talk about?" Mikki asked, her voice guarded but unable to hide all of her resentment. She wouldn't put it past Loreena to test her this way, and yet...

"You have a right to be angry," Loreena said, closing her eyes. Her voice was soft, and strained. Mikki said nothing; and Loreena leaned close, not completely trusting that they were unobserved, even here. "I've been planning our escape," Loreena explained, her voice growing stronger, even though it dropped to a whisper. "This was the only way I could think of. I'm sorry. You still want to get away from here, don't you?"

Mikki was surprised that her first thoughts were about Geot. She would miss him... but then she really didn't see him that much anyway.

"Why tell me this now?" She still wasn't convinced that this wasn't some kind of sick test, or maybe a joke. The colonel could be watching even now, and later when Loreena took her away to endure more tortures they would have a great laugh at her expense.

"I've wanted to tell you, but there are bugs and hidden cameras everywhere! This is one of the Colonel's private rooms. It's the only place I'm reasonably sure is safe, but I had to wait for a time when the Colonel was gone. We can't stay here very long though, or the guards may become suspicious, even now."

"Alright," Mikki said nodding thoughtfully. "What about the colonel?"

"He's gone into town for a meeting with the locals," Loreena said. "I've been checking this place out for a long time. I haven't seen anything in this room and I don't think the colonel would want to be spied on... so I'm pretty sure it's safe!"

"Why have you been..."

"No more questions now Mikki, please. There isn't time. Just trust me!" Loreena stared at her until she nodded reluctantly. "When we get back out in the hall you have to do something that will be worthy of being punished. It's very important! And you have to fight me a little-not to much. Then, once I've made the switch..."

"What switch?" Mikki asked.

"You and Shaila. Both of you are about the same height, and now that I've been starving you and haven't been working out for such a long time, your bodies are not too dissimilar in the basic over-all shape, although she's still smaller than you are. I'm hoping no one will notice that you're a little bit larger. Both of your faces will be covered. That's why I've been using the hood so much-the real problem is that Shaila has been conditioned to..." Loreena paused, obviously uncertain how to continue. "The thing is, it's important that after the switch you act like you're eagerly waiting for something you're going to enjoy. No more struggling after that."

Mikki frowned. "I know what Shaila's conditioned for," she said accusingly. "You're going to do that to me?"

"There's no other way," Loreena explained. "It won't be for long, and I'll use the tasp if I have to, to make it easier for you to fake it. Knowing what the tasp can do when it's over used, I'd rather not, but I'll do it to avoid being caught!" She looked at her sister. "Do you want to get out of here enough to let me do that to you?"

What would it be like: riding the fucking wagon? Was this a trick? Could Loreena be playing a game to make her think she was helping, when really she was just trying to break her spirit? How much more could she be broken?

"Do you still trust me, even a little?" Loreena asked.

"I don't know," Mikki said. Then she sighed. "But what choice do I have? I want to get out of here worse than..." She left the sentence hanging, but Loreena could feel the unsaid resentment that had been building in her sister. Still, she felt an overwhelming sense of relief, knowing that Mikki wasn't going to fight her on this. Tears of joy sprang unbidden to her eyes.

"We're both taking a risk," Loreena said. "Around here there's always something more to loose." She held up the gag and the mask. "I'm going to put these back on you now... I'd leave the gag off, but I can't take the risk that you'll accidentally say something and blow our cover."

Mikki nodded and after Loreena put the gag and mask back on her, they left the colonel's office. As they came to a split in the hallway, Loreena gave her sister a subtle signal to go one way; then when Mikki headed in that direction she pulled viciously on her arm, almost causing her to loose her balance.

Suddenly Mikki kicked out, catching Loreena in the shin with the spiked heel of her shoe.

"Damn you!" Loreena screamed in real pain. Mikki could hear her taking a few steps and knew that she was limping; and despite herself, it felt good to have caused her sister some pain.

"You're going to pay for that," Loreena said, and the sound of her voice was enough to make Mikki forget that she was supposed to trust her. "I'm fucking bleeding, look at this!"

Loreena suddenly grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and shoved her violently in a direction that had to be a wall. Mikki stiffened, against the expected collision, but somehow Loreena managed to jerk her head back at the last minute so that at least she didn't hit face first. Even as her breast and body slammed against the wall with a loud smack, Mikki realized that it wasn't nearly as painful as it sounded-and now it occurred to her that there had undoubtedly been numerous other times when Loreena had used other subtle tricks to similar effect. Before Mikki had always chalked it up to her own actions, which had allowed her to avoid the brunt of the pain, or she had assumed that Loreena was simply protecting a valuable commodity from serious damage; but now she began to wonder.

"Come on," Loreena said, shoving her down the hall, and muttering under her breath. "I was going to turn you over to Masinil, so I could give Shaila her session, but instead I'm going to teach you a lesson you wont forget. We'll see if you kick at me again!" She jerked Mikki one-way and then another until she could barely stay on her feet. Before long they came to a room and Loreena opened the door, shoving Mikki inside.

"Hello Shaila," Loreena said. "I've come for your session, but I have something to take care of first. You don't mind a small delay do you?"

"Not if I get the fucking machine instead of that damn cart," Shaila said hopefully.

"Sorry." Loreena said. "Now, no more sounds or else."

Mikki listened to the sounds as Loreena shoved a gag into Shaila's mouth. A few more moments, and Loreena was done. She led both girls out of the room-still treating Mikki roughly. They had walked only a short ways when Loreena suddenly jerked Mikki to the left. She stumbled, and only Loreena's hand kept her from falling, but she had felt Shaila brush past her; and now Loreena was holding Mikki gently, and treating Shaila roughly.

That was the switch then!

It seemed far too simple to work. Surely someone had noticed, and it would only be a matter of moments before a guard came up to stop them. But no one came, and they walked down the hall, and entered a room.

Mikki could hear the sounds of a leather straps being buckled, and rope being pulled against rope, and Shaila protesting with a muffled moan.

After what seemed like several minutes, Mikki heard a loud slapping sound and Shaila squealed a muffled protest. "This little machine should keep you occupied until I've finished with Shaila," Loreena said. "Then I'll deal with you further!" Again there was a slapping sound, harder this time.

Then Loreena took Mikki by the arm.

"Let's go, Shaila."

They walked some more; and Mikki began to feel the slight tingling pleasure of the tasp. It radiated from her head, making her feel all warm and wonderful. Loreena was reminding her to seem eager; and she could feel her body began to relax and respond-even though she hadn't realized just how tense she was. Amplifying the artificial responses of the tasp, she feigned an eagerness that was really anxious dread. The only thing she didn't have to fake was that delicious feeling of melting. She stumbled a little, and felt Loreena's grip tighten on her arm, but there was no discomfort.

"Can you give me a hand over here, Shawsee?" Loreena said loudly. A moment later she pulled up short. "Three steps up," she said softly.

They climbed the stairs and Shawsee followed close behind them. Mikki could hear the creaks and feel his weight shifting the bed of the wagon. Then his hands were on her waist, and he lifted her in the air. Loreena's hands were spreading her legs wide, and then she was being lowered. The glow of warmth increased; spread down her body, centering between her legs as Loreena's fingers touched her there. Something hard slipped easily inside her eager body; filling her need much the way the first bit of food begins to satisfy a hungry stomach. She moaned in pleasure, unaware of anything but the warm glowing fullness inside her. It intensified as Shawsee lowered her-suddenly shoving her so deep that the glow became a momentary discomfort instead of a pleasure.

Then suddenly the warm glow receded completely, as Mikki felt sharp metal teeth biting savagely into her nipples. She gasped against her gag, her legs jerking instinctively. The spring-loaded platform bounced beneath her weight, forcing the dildo deeper inside her. She had gone abruptly dry despite the tasp, and the thickening shaft seemed to stretch her almost beyond endurance. Another set of teeth bit into her other nipple, the elastic ties tugging gently at her breast.

"Thank you, Shawsee," Loreena said.

There was a mumbled reply, and a few moments later a lurching motion set the spring-loaded platform to bouncing slightly as Shawsee climbed down from the wagon.

Loreena climbed into the driver's seat and gave the reigns a sharp flick. The cart lurched forward; and Mikki swayed to the side. The clamps bit deeper into her nipples. Then slowly she began to feel the pleasant embrace of the tasp deadening the pain, making her body welcome it and the fucking stick once again. The cart hit a sizable bump and her whole body burst with an explosion of sensations that left her feeling faint, as the rod slammed deeper into her and sent a jolt of pain creeping up her spine and radiating from her breasts


Loreena drove out into the same low meadows where she frequently took Shaila. It was outside of the inner gate but still within the Lospodas compound. Strategically placed trees blocked the mansion from their view, giving the meadow a feeling of privacy. She and the colonel frequently came to this spot for that very reason.

Here she released Mikki and removed her bonds, unscrewed the fucking stick from its mount in the bottom of the wagon and pulled a picnic basket from under the seat. Loreena tossed the basket to Loreena and said, "Put these on. Quickly, the guards constantly patrol the grounds; they could happen by at any moment."

Inside the basket there was a pair of sensible walking shoes instead of the impractical high heels that Loreena usually made her wear. Beneath that was a typically outrageous pair of short-shorts and a high cut, but dressy top of the sort she'd worn when she was going to see a male client. As she pulled the clothes out of the basket what Mikki saw beneath them surprised her.

"These are guard's clothes!" She said.

"No, not those. Put the others on for now. When we've gotten past the outer perimeter, then you can put them on. They may help us pass undetected"

Mikki didn't argue, and when she was finished dressing Loreena insisted that she put the cuffs back on Mikki's elbows. She reached over to attach them without even stopping the wagon.

Loreena had thought for a long time about her next step.

With any luck at all they should have several hours before anyone inside the mansion discovered the two of them were gone-but the mansion was surrounded by a lot of land, and it was all enclosed by the sturdy wire of the outer fencing, which was topped with curls of barbed wire. Therefore they had two choices. They could ditch the cart and climb the fence, taking the last part of the journey on foot; or they could take the road to the gate and pass through the check station. Either way they ran risks. Leaving the cart behind would call attention to their escape route, and there was a lot of flat farm land to cover between Lospodas and the Kaniper Mountains where the Leskral reserve was. Not to mention the risk they'd run of being seen by patrolling guards. Once the guards began to pursue them with dogs and professional trackers, it wouldn't take long to catch up with them if they were on foot.

No, their best hope was to keep the wagon and try to bluff their way past the guards. They were meticulous about checking anyone who came or went against their list, and when they found that Loreena wasn't on the list they'd call in to find out why not. Loreena hoped that she would be able to distract them, but even if she had to kill a few guards, they had a better chance of making it to Leskral if they still had the cart. She knew the guards called in every hour, and patrols came along roughly every half-hour. They would reach the guard post just after the hour-she had timed that part carefully. So, even if she had to kill the guards, it was possible that no one at the mansion would suspect anything for a while... unless they managed to set off the alarm. Then it would still take a while for the reinforcements to realize what had happened and send out a search party. It would take a few hours to reach the mountains if they drove full speed the whole way, and this motorized cart was a lot slower than a car.

It wasn't without risk, but it was the best plan she'd been able to come up with. Once they reached the mountains they could hide the wagon off the road so it wouldn't be found; and it would be almost impossible for any pursuit to flush them out of the forest and broken hills.

On the other hand, if things didn't go so well, the Lospodas security division was capable of sending out a pursuit party in less than five minutes. In a wagon that wouldn't be enough time to get very far; and they would be an obvious target on the road.

So everything depended on how long it took for their escape to be discovered.

Loreena was pretty sure that they had gotten onto the service road without being seen. They were approaching the checkpoint, and no one had stopped them yet... but then that was the way the colonel worked. If he was watching them, they would be allowed to play their hand before he stepped in to apprehend them.

Slowing the wagon as they approached the guard shack, Loreena forced herself to take a few deep breaths. "Be ready to hang on if we have to make a run for it," Loreena said.

Mikki nodded.

When Loreena recognized the guard that came out to greet them, she was relieved. His name was Basnil, and he was friendly. She flirted with all the guards on her trips into town, but Basnil was one of the ones who frequently accepted her offers for a little diversion. And she was fairly certain that he didn't know who Mikki was. He confirmed her suspicions.

"Who's this," he asked, placing his hand playfully on Mikki's thigh. "Why is she wearing a guard's uniform? Did you bring me a toy to play with?"

Loreena laughed, but she knew his playful manner wasn't all lightness: if she didn't have reasonable answers he would become suspicious-but she had anticipated this moment.

"She's a fine toy," Loreena said with a laugh. "But she's not for you, Basnil. I'm taking her to an important buyer with a fetish for Lospodas regalia. But, I gave myself a little time to spare. Maybe I could pass as a substitute." She gave him her most inviting look. "I have an extra fifteen minutes or so."

He grinned. "I'd like that," he said, holding out his hand. "Do you have her transfer papers?"

Loreena opened the picnic basket and pulled out a forged transfer order-one of the extra copies from Geot that she'd managed to fill out and keep hidden. "Here it is," she said. But instead of handing him the papers she took his hand in hers so that he had to help her down from the cart.

"I have to check the order against my list," he said.

Loreena put her arm through Basnil's, wrapping one of her legs around his, and running her hand over his chest, then down to his crotch. "Forget about that," she said. "Let's have a little fun."

"Sure," Basnil said; but he pulled away and headed towards the guard house. Loreena had no choice but to follow him, trying her best to distract him the whole way. He opened the door and stuck his head inside. "Hey Macklin," he said pulling away from Loreena's passionate kiss. "Why don't you call a check-in on this slave's transfer? We're going to be in the back shed for awhile."

Macklin noted Loreena's enthusiasm and smiled. "You got a little extra for me?" he asked her.

Loreena stopped kissing on Basnil and turned to Macklin with a mischievous smile. "There's plenty to go around," she said in a crooning voice, her hands pulling at Basnil's shirt. "Why don't you come on out and join us. You can call that in after we're done."

"Nah, I better do it first," Macklin said, holding out his hand for the papers. "It won't take but a moment. What's the name of the merchandise?" He nodded toward Mikki.

"Mikki Manorin." Loreena said, as her hand slid across Basnil's hips; and suddenly his pistol was in her hand. His eyes grew wide with surprise, but the barrel was pressed against his chest and Loreena pulled the trigger before he could react. His chest exploded, throwing him against the door jam, a look of surprise still on his face. Macklin was reaching for his gun, but Loreena was quicker. She aimed the gun and pulled the trigger. A red circle appeared in the shoulder of Macklin's shirt then the left side of his head splashed the wall behind him with red.


"Stop the wagon," Mikki said.

"No," Loreena answered. "We've got to keep going. I had to shoot the guards, it won't take long for others to realize what's happened and come after us.

"Loreena, stop the wagon."

"There's no time."

"I said stop the wagon!" Mikki forcibly grabbed the reigns and pulling the horses to the side of the road.

"Alright," Loreena said, pulling the lever brake. "What's so damned important that it can't wait?"

"We're heading towards Leskral," Mikki said.

"Where else would we go?"

"That's just it," Mikki snapped. "You can't go there!"

Loreena sighed. "And just what do you suggest I do then?"

"I don't know," Mikki said. "But you can't go back to Leskral. Don't you understand? They'll kill you!"

"Of course they will."

Mikki was stunned. Not only by her sister's words, but by the matter of fact way she had said them. When Loreena looked at Mikki the expression on her face frightened her even more than her words. There was no emotion in her at all.

"I made that decision a long time ago," Loreena said.

Suddenly Mikki saw Loreena in a completely different way, and her whole world seemed to change. In that instant she knew what Loreena had been doing for so long-and she understood what it had cost her. "Why didn't you tell me," Mikki asked.

"I couldn't risk it," Loreena said.

"But why did you..."

"Please, Mikki. I'd rather not talk about this. Not now, not ever. "

"We have to talk about it," Mikki said. "This is your life! You can't go back to Leskral!"

"Where then," Loreena said. "Where would you have me go? Should I go back to Lospodas maybe and plead with the colonel not to kill me? He wouldn't let me die anyway you know; but I couldn't take what I know he'd do to me any more than you could."

"There are other places. You can leave the Zanadian territories."

Loreena shook her head. "It's a long way to a friendlier border," she said. "And they'd be looking for me the whole way. What chance would I have? Traveling alone, without an escort, without food or money? I don't even know the way. And where would I find a map or a compass? Where would I go? I don't even have my papers anymore. I didn't want to risk suspicion by stealing them from the Colonel's files before I left. And even if Losposdas didn't catch me someone else would. And what if I did make it? What would I do then, with no fieflord or family to protect me? A lot of the surrounding territories don't treat women much differently than they do here in Zanadia. I've tried being a slave. I didn't like it."

"At least you'd have a better chance than you will if you go back to Leskral!"

"I don't want to have a better chance," Loreena shouted. She pressed her hands against her face and was silent for a moment. "There's nowhere else I want to go, Mikki. Understand?"

Mikki didn't understand at all, but looking at her sister's face she couldn't bring herself to press the issue any further.

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Long enough," Loreena said.

"And you knew what would happen to you the whole time?"

"I really don't feel like talking about this anymore," Loreena turned back to the road, released the brake and gave the horses a slap with the reigns.

"Fine," Mikki said. And true to her word she didn't bring it up again, but her mind wouldn't let it go. She kept remembering all the things Loreena had done. All the little and terrible things, the pleasure she seemed to take in doing them. No, the pleasure was real, Mikki thought. There was no way Loreena could have fooled her and everyone else so completely, for so long.

How that must have twisted in her heart.

And the whole time Loreena had known. She had known exactly what she was doing!

The End
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