Owned by the Mother-in-Law
  • Author - Midsummerman
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  • Post Date - 1/4/2013

Author's Note: This is a story which embodies most of my fantasies; to be owned and humiliated by a mature woman would be heaven.

Part 1

I had known from the word go that I could never completely satisfy her sexually; she was way above my league, a picture of feminine grace on the outside, and a virago on the inside. The few acquaintances I knew at the time of our swift marriage had said she was just after my money; I had inherited a fair amount and she had seemed so sincere. It had not taken her long to discover my submissive side and she had soon taken full control of me. Everything I owned was now signed over to her and she had soon tired of simply dominating me to attain sexual satisfaction. She had invited males of her choice back to our home and had me watch whilst they had sex, and now here I was, in the back of a car being driven by one of her favourites; a huge black guy who simply grinned and laughed as he listened to Cherie as she taunted me on this not un-significant journey.

"You'll be such a treat for mother, and she needs someone to do her chores since her maid ran out on her. We'll send you a postcard to let you know how our vacation is going; I'll say how sampling Chuck's ten inch cock is going, so you won't feel left out." Chuck laughed as Cherie sneered at me and inhaled on her cigarette, blowing the smoke back at me. My cock tingled a little in the plastic cage I was wearing, not so much at the thought of Chuck fucking my wife, I had grown used to that, but at the thought of Blanche, my Mother-In Law whom Cherie often remarked how strict and domineering she was. Cherie sneered again as she blew more smoke.

"I'll give Mum my cell phone number so she can call us whenever she wants; she'll let us know if you are behaving and maybe I'll get her to pass the phone to you so you can listen to us fuck!"

Chuck broke into a deep droning laughter as we turned into the drive of her Mother's house; my anus clenched on the butt plug I'd been made to wear, as I thought of what lay in store for me. In the year I'd known Cherie I'd only met Blanche on three occasions before, each time just a brief meeting. She had oozed natural dominance and had talked with Cherie, ignoring me completely as though I did not exist. She had ruled her husband with an iron fist and he had done just as he was told, right up to the time of his premature death at 50 years old. The first time I had seen her, I was granted an immediate erection, such was her feminine presence, now I was to live with her for two weeks. As the car drew up, Chuck simply took the overnight bag I was allowed to bring and threw it down on the dusty driveway. Cherie smiled as she opened the door and ordered me out, pointing at the bag.

"Pick that up right now and get up those steps immediately! I'm sure Mother has plenty for you to do." As I picked up the bag and looked toward the front door, it swung open and there stood the formidable figure of Blanche. My cock pulsed in its tight confinement as I scurried forward like a penitent schoolboy about to face punishment at the hands of a headmistress. Blanche was a supreme woman who could still put her daughter in the shade. Though now 62 years old, she had kept her full figure in good shape; tight white slacks accentuated her ample hips, her mound of Venus teasingly prominent in the tight fabric. Her long legs stood on high heeled red sandals; her tanned skin visible on feet with neatly painted toe-nails, the red of both matching a PVC belt which adorned her slender waist, above which her large and still very firm breasts were pronounced nicely in a black satin blouse. As she looked at me with contempt, I could not help but notice her nipples harden and protrude through the satin. Her red hair seemed to glow, tied up in a bun, complementing her red lips and sharp features. This was the woman who would own me for two weeks.

Cherie and Chuck stood smiling, arm in arm as I cowered before Blanche, awaiting the next command; her breasts heaved in the satin as she put her hands on her hips and surveyed me like an item of livestock before turning to her daughter.

"I see you have him reasonably well trained. I take it he has all he needs in that bag?" Cherie giggled contemptuously.

"His collar and leash are in there, along with the hairbrush you gave me a while back; he loves to feel it on his buttocks and it's only fitting that he should have something to remind him of me, especially as it will be in the hands of the woman who owned it originally." Blanches nipples now stood out like bullets, she was becoming nicely aroused at the thought of being in control of a male once more.

"That's a nice thought dear, but I always preferred to administer spankings by hand. When it comes to firm discipline, I prefer to apply the cane; the sound of it adds to the punishment and the marks it leaves gives the punished something to think about for several days." My cock bulged with a strange pleasure, and my anus clenched on the plug in fear as I listened to the mature woman's words. Cherie stepped forward and opened her hand bag, retrieving a set of tiny keys.

"You may need these; he can wash with his cage on, but you might have reason to remove it." Blanche took the keys in her elegantly manicured hand and smiled at her daughter.

"How long has he been confined?" Cherie and Chuck giggled with pleasure.

"Oh, only 3 weeks this time. I normally allow him out once a month or so; I like to watch him abuse himself at my feet. After he's cleaned up he goes straight back in." I felt deeply ashamed as the three sneered and giggled, though this was tempered by a look I received from Blanche as the other two turned to leave; there was a certain warmth and hunger in the look which had my cock bulging in the cage. Blanche soon put me in my place though.

"Say goodbye to your wife, it's nice to see her with a real man. He's going to thoroughly enjoy my daughter while you're here cleaning my floors and washing my panties. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? I'm going to put you to good use, and I may keep you for more than two weeks, you would like that wouldn't you?" Her words sent a tingle down my spine and I was compelled to answer.

"Yes...Madam Blanche, I would like that." She smiled sternly and pointed to the floor next to her; I stood aside her and took in her sweet scent as she turned me to face my wife and her lover, openly kissing in the car before Chuck tooted the horn and winked at me, his large cock no doubt ready to probe each of my wife's orifices. I felt utterly humiliated as they drove away, but was immediately brought to my senses.

"Come!" Commanded my new mistress. I meekly followed the mature woman as she strutted before me; my cock tingled as I watched the fullness of her rounded bottom and sumptuous thighs as we ascended the stairs. The house seemed to have many rooms; I was taken into one of them. It was a small but well-appointed room with a large double bed, neat and clean but sparsely decorated. Blanche grinned as she opened my bag and lifted out the leather collar with leash. I watched her nipples move in the black satin as she eagerly buckled the collar. She then jangled the keys under my nose.

"Clothes off this instance!" She barked, and then viewed me sternly as I removed footwear, shirt, trousers and underwear. I stood naked but for collar and cage as the haughty woman looked me up and down. She smiled as she viewed my bell-end, tightly encased in the transparent plastic, glistening with pre-cum. She took the leash and tugged it.

"Time to introduce you to my panties; follow me." We descended the stairs and I was taken into an unnervingly comfortable room with huge leather seating. The one prominent feature of the room was an umbrella stand which was full of various wicked looking canes; her speech earlier had evidently been the truth. My cock bulged and pulsed as I watched her move to the windows and adjust the blinds, allowing light in, but no viewing from outside. She strutted sternly back and stood before me.

"Undo my blouse -NOW!" Her sharp command had me fumbling with her buttons immediately and without hesitation; as I did so my knuckles brushed against her firm breasts, making me breathe heavily with excitement. As I undid the final button she spread her arms and let the blouse drop. She smiled as I ogled her breasts which were now covered only by a sheer black body stocking. She slapped my face curtly.

"Now kneel and unbuckle my belt and slacks- Immediately!" I did as I was told and dropped to my knees. The supreme woman stood tall and dominant before me as I undid the belt and buttons; the slacks slid down those formidable legs and thighs, and she stepped smartly out of them. Other than the body stocking which finished at her ankles, she wore only a pair of black silk panties. Blanche stepped forward, and held my head; my nose just an inch or so from her womanhood. I was close to coming in my cage; on my knees to a truly superior woman, the scent of her dominant arousal was intoxicating. I already wanted to be owned by her...

Part 2

Blanche stood before me in a show of her absolute dominance over a kneeling male, who was more than willing to just as he was told by a far superior entity. She allowed me to inhale her beautifully spicy womanhood, her panties now moist with arousal; she had a male just where she wanted him and her enjoyment of the situation was increasing rapidly. My cock dribbled sticky pre-cum as I wallowed in the glorious humiliation of being controlled by a mature and dominant woman; her scent increased with her arousal, and my cock ached for relief as I inhaled deeply again and again for what seemed like hours. I was hers completely. In truth it was only a matter of two minutes at the most. Blanche slapped my face smartly.

"I bet you'd love to lick my panties, wouldn't you? You worthless shit." I almost whimpered at being drawn from the mesmerising scent, but the question had my cock pulsing.

"Yes Madam Blanche, I would love to lick your panties." Blanche laughed at my pitiful honesty and obvious excitement blurted out like a child; she was thoroughly enjoying teasing and having absolute power over me. She smiled wickedly and her pussy tingled as she tugged my leash with one hand and slapped me again with the other.

"You'll have to earn the privilege, you cur!" Blanche then turned and bent over, showing me the glorious full orbs of her ass and immensity of her full thighs, all clad in the sheer black nylon. When she was sure she had my attention, she eyed the stand full with canes; my cock tingled and my anus clenched at the plug tightly as I thought of being caned by this magnificent woman. She sneered with delight on noting my recognition of her tools of discipline, and then drew my attention back to her mature body by drawing her beautifully manicured hand under her crotch and up the cleft of her buttocks, taking care to press the silky material deep into her sticky pussy and anus. She then turned and offered her fingers under my nose; the whiff of her mature pussy juices and tang of her hot anus had my cock bulging, I yearned for release.

"Lick them clean." She commanded in her sweetly authoritative voice. She grinned with satisfaction as I eagerly lapped at the sticky fingers, flinching slightly as her sharp nails scored my tongue.

"I bet you'd love to have those nails rake your bell-end. If only your cock were free, you worthless wretch." Satisfied also that I had cleaned her hand sufficiently, she slowly withdrew it and then pointed at a large leather chair before tugging on my leash.

"It's time for you to earn those panties." She tugged and I waddled forward on my knees as I watched that magnificent full figure stride slowly toward the chair, every contour of her magnificent bottom and legs making me ache for relief; she was a truly superb woman, and my balls tingled whilst shivers ran down my spine at the sheer enjoyment of my humiliation. Blanche turned and slowly nestled into the comfortable yet firm black leather chair, loosening my leash so as to allow me to watch her slowly lift one leg over the other; my eyes fixed on her crotch as she did so. She smiled as she tensed her beautiful nylon clad legs and waggled her foot, pointing sternly to it with her sharply manicured finger.

"Sandals off now; this one first." I looked at her beautifully arched foot and immediately tackled the delicate leather buckles which held the straps firm. Sandal off, her foot was so feminine, delicately pedicured to match her hands. Blanche looked menacingly at me.

"Suck my toes." She commanded. I hesitated for a moment too long as I contemplated the act; the leash was pulled taut, I moved forward, and Blanche leaned forward and delivered a stinging slap to my face.

"Now! You wretch! I can see my daughter has been far too soft with you!" I hesitated no more and sucked on her smaller toes first, as though my life depended on it, applying as much suction as I could to the fleshy little orbs with sharp painted nails. Blanche chuckled softly with an air of victorious satisfaction. She dropped the leash, softly fingered her crotch with one hand and picked the keys to my cage with the other, making me glance at them as I sucked. Her wicked smile let me know she had complete control, and was thoroughly enjoying her complete domination of me. As I knelt there before that superior woman, my face glowing from the stinging slap she had awarded me, her toes in my mouth, I yearned for further punishment and humiliation as my cock pulsed and dribbled through the slit in my plastic dungeon; I felt truly worthless in the presence of this powerful female authority. When Blanche was satisfied I had warmed each toe sufficiently she had me repeat the performance with the other foot. She was careful to allow me a long glance at my prize between her legs as she changed position, reminding me of the promise of her panties. I longed for another sniff of the beautiful scent of her pussy, and Blanche's teasing was exquisite.

I shivered with anticipation as Blanche pulled her foot away from my mouth at last. She smiled, almost warmly, and then jingled those keys again as if to torment me.

"Stand up for a moment." I did as I was told and found it hard to catch my breath as Blanche sat forward and cupped my balls. I looked down at the contours of her magnificently mature breasts with nipples poking like thumbs through the black nylon. Blanche giggled as she teased my balls with her sharp nails and then undid the tiny padlock. I gasped with surprise at being allowed freedom, and my cock unfurled and pointed rigidly to attention, as if to salute the superior force which had freed it. Blanche drew the sharp nail of her index finger up the underside of my stiff cock, from balls to bell-end, causing acute but exquisite pain, scooping a little sticky pre-cum from my dribbling tip as a finale. My balls tightened and ached; I was so close to coming with this one touch. She placed the cage on the arm of the chair, and then looked up at me, licking her red lips.

"Down on your knees again and face the floor." I dropped to my knees without hesitation, and watched as her feet tensed and she stood. My cock bobbed and pulsed wildly as a pair of black panties dropped down those sheer nylon legs to her ankles. The beautiful womanly scent flooded my nostrils, as I looked at the stickily soiled gusset; it took all my control and my fear of displeasing her to prevent me from crouching to sniff and lick right then. She stepped one foot clear and left the panties on one ankle; she then sat and the tantalising vision disappeared from view, but the scent of her glorious womanhood permeated the room, making my cock spasm.

"You may look up again now, cur." I lifted my head sharply to find her twirling the panties before my nose; she then moved her legs apart and allowed me a view of paradise. The body stocking was crotch-less; a beautifully seamed oval in the black nylon framed a tiny groomed patch of red hair above the delicious butterfly of her labia, soft pink against the silky white of her flesh, and glistening with arousal, the womanly folds of her mature lower torso, creating an excellent visual torture; how I wanted to be allowed to lick her. She closed her legs and brought the panties close to my nose once more; the rich feminine scent was tantalising.

"Beg to lick my panties you worthless wretch... BEG!" My arse clenched tightly on the plug at hearing the dominance in her voice, but this did nothing to quell my erection; Blanche toyed with my cock with her other foot whilst looking sternly at me, awaiting the response which she knew was a formality; she had complete control over me.

"Please Madam Blanche, I beg you, please let me lick your panties." She laughed and thrust her foot forward into my face.

"I want to see you have a good sniff first; I'll tell you when you can lick; you start at the rear of the gusset and work forward, I want you to know the scent of your betters." I did not hesitate in doing just as I was told; I lifted the soft silk from her feminine ankle and opened the garment like a delicate flower, sampling the abundance of its rich aroma without even inhaling deeply. Blanche looked on in haughty dominance, a finger toying with her gorgeously moist slit. I moved the rear of the gusset to my nose and sampled the rich spicy scent of Blanche's mature and seasoned anus; the aroma was intoxicating, making my cock bob rigidly at 45 degrees. I would have done anything at that point to be allowed to come. I was in submissive heaven as I sniffed contentedly at the beautifully scented panties and looked at the formidable and attractive mature woman who now owned me. I wondered what was to come over the next two weeks and thought of her caning me as I sniffed; I was so grateful to my wife for having such a magnificent mother. Blanche sighed a little as she toyed and watched me sniff gratefully at the sticky honey gifted by her womanhood; I eyed the motion of her finger and longed to be allowed to go one step further after tending her panties. Blanche seemed to sense this.

"Commence licking that gusset now. You make sure it's clean; pay special attention to the marks at the rear." She then smiled wickedly at me, making my cock ache to bursting point.

"If you clean them satisfactorily, I may let you lick my arsehole." I was almost frantic in my efforts to ensure that no trace of my owner remained in the fabric; my tongue rasped at the soft fabric, taking in the spicy tang of her anal sweat as I laboured, my tongue aching in my pleasure at serving this superior woman. The taste of her pussy juices was equally delectable as I basked in a subliminally erotic state of submission and humiliation; I wanted to be owned by Blanche forever. She obliged in adding to my torment as she slowly pulled her legs back; making herself comfortable and her anus available for servicing by a suitable cur. I was so glad Blanche had chosen black panties; I had half a chance in satisfying her expectations of my cleaning duties. I wished and prayed to any deity that would care to listen when Blanche took the panties back from me; her urgency for satisfaction now apparently equal to mine. She cast them aside without inspecting them with a look of contempt, and then tugged on my leash, shuffling me forward till my stiff cock was flat up against the soft leather of the chair. I could now feel the warmth of her body as she sat forward slightly and lifted her legs over my shoulders as I cowered before her. I now had a complete and uninterrupted view of her gloriously moist pussy and arsehole; my cock tight against the leather seating, I was in danger of emptying my balls as my bell-end slipped and pulsed involuntarily against the soft leather. Being there with the heavenly scent and sight of a mature and very dominant woman who was controlling me, had me in a heaven I had never experienced before. I cursed Cherie for not leaving me with her mother before, but realised that the wait only accentuated the sublime torment and humiliation I now enjoyed.

Blanche smiled, softer now she knew she had complete and utter control of me; she felt supreme in her natural dominance, I was hers.

"Down you go cur; have a good sniff of where your wife came from. Don't you dare lick until told to do so." I needed no further prompting and bent down to face her delicious womanhood; the leash was pulled taut and my head was guided to within an inch of her now very aromatic pussy, generously moistened by her obvious arousal. Her control and teasing of a captive submissive male had made her very excited. She slid her finger down her slippery cleft, opening her butterfly-like lips, making her pussy bloom like an unfurling rose, releasing its sweet bouquet all the more. Then the finger was thrust at my lips.

"Lick my finger cur; I know you like the taste, you shall try something sweeter in a moment." My cock rubbed at the leather as I motioned to lick at the nectar on Blanche's finger; she noticed my movement and pulled her finger up, making me move all the more. I so wanted to come, and found I was rubbing my cock automatically on the lush inviting leather. Blanche sneered with contempt, and then spoke with calm deliberation.

"If you mess without my permission I shall thrash you, and I shall invite my lady friends who are coming to see you this evening thrash you too." Her words had me at the point of shooting my cream there and then, and it took all my effort to cease rubbing; I so wanted to be caned by her, and she knew it, but I wanted to be controlled by her even more. The thought of an audience of women had my brain and balls buzzing; would there be no end to this fortnight of submissive ecstasy? She laughed as I stopped and she pulled her finger from my mouth. She laughed again as I jerked when she raked the nails of her other hand down my belly, and then squeezed her hand down by my stiff cock, teasing the exposed side of my bell-end with her vicious talons. My cock stiffened all the more and pulsed at the mixture of pain and pleasure. Blanche was delighted.

"Mark my words; you shall come without permission and earn the caning of your life." With those words she removed her hand and touched my nose with the other, redirecting my attention to the task at hand. I watched as her finger slipped past her heaving pussy, across the small area of silky white flesh to the lightly bronzed and sweetly puckered arena that was her anus. The finger circled the soft puckers, pushing here and there to distort the erotic symmetry of that beautiful orifice and show its softness, and then slipped in on the moistness, disappearing up to the second knuckle. I felt the leash tighten as the finger was retrieved from the obvious heat of that delectable arsehole; my cock began its involuntary and instinctive rubbing once more as the spicy prize was rubbed under my nose and offered to my lips. The aroma was heavenly and the taste was as sweet as any honey as I sucked lovingly at the soiled finger. I so wanted to get my tongue deep into that hot sweaty haven, shoot my load on the leather in recognition of her superiority, and earn a caning from that gorgeous mature woman before an audience of females. I was resigned to my fate and in absolute heaven.

Blanche smirked as she instinctively felt my complete and utter surrender. She started to stroke her now exposed clitoris with renewed vigour, and then pulled my head down and rubbed my nose in her anus.

"Now lick my arsehole you cur. I want it thoroughly cleaned as deep as your tongue will go; you'll lick it again after I've caned you this evening." I inhaled deeply at the beautiful spicy scent before taking care to lick all around the sweet puckered perimeter; Blanche was now moaning softly as she nursed her eager clitoris; she smiled wickedly at me as I glanced up at her, across the delicate manicured hand which was stroking her sweetly lubricated pussy. She was ready for another tease.

"Just think, my daughter is probably being probed by a huge black cock right at this moment, and here you are, her husband, probing her mother's arsehole with your tongue. You are truly worthless, I hope you realise that." She laughed as she saw that I did realise that, and that her words would help me earn my caning. I looked at the magnificent woman who was utterly dominating me, tasted her succulent arsehole, sniffed at her dripping aromatic pussy, and thought of my wife's pussy stretched the limit by a huge cock. All this beautiful humiliation and the promise of a caning was too much for me; my stiff cock now pumped uncontrollably at the soft inviting leather, lubricated with slippery pre-cum. I was hers and she knew it. As I began my muffled moans in ecstasy, Blanche pulled the leash tight and then passed her last comment before indulging herself completely too.

"I am so going to enjoy thrashing you. I am shall break you completely. I may even tell my daughter that I shall keep you; It's not like she'll miss your puny cock, and I have lots of old friends who'll put you to good use." The mature goddess then broke into a deep moan, lifted her legs high and tensed my leash to choking point, pulling my face tight into her deliciously sweaty cleft. I lapsed into an erotic fervour as I probed deep into her hot arsehole, my taste and sense of smell immersed in the flavour and scent of a fiercely dominant woman. I peeped over the top of her mound; the elegant finger now vigorously stroking her bulging clitoris as she smiled victoriously with wicked satisfaction at me. She moaned as she witnessed me humping back and forth, my stiff cock now a slave to the stimulation of the leather, my tongue ached as I probed as deep as I could extend into her hot anus, her scent driving me insane; I thought of my wife being fucked, I thought of being caned by this superior woman, I thought of being humiliated in front of other women. I moaned and spluttered into the beautiful folds of my dominant mother-in-law; so superior, and owning me at 62 years old. I erupted as wave upon wave of sheer ecstasy coursed through my body, spurting what seemed like endless loops of hot cum. Blanche moaned and stiffened her legs in the glory of a triumphant orgasm; her anus clenching on my tongue as I wallowed in submissive ecstasy, disgracing myself before the woman who would now punish my disobedience.

I almost passed out with the intensity of the orgasm, combined with being half throttled by the leash and my face being buried in her succulent arsehole. I shuddered as I lay panting for breath, my stomach now slipping on the mess I'd unleashed in honour of Blanche. She chuckled as she too recovered her senses.

"You have certainly earned your caning. I want you to lick my pussy clean and then you're going to lick your mess from the chair. You shall then choose a cane from the stand in preparation for later. I'll teach you to disobey me."

Part 3

Despite having emptied my balls, my cock was soon stiff once more as I duly licked Blanche's sticky, and now a little stinky, pussy clean; she made me do such a thorough job, I was not released until she had achieved a second orgasm at my expense. The realisation that she was going to receive this service for at least a fortnight, and she was to start by caning me in front of her friends later, had her very excited indeed. She was realising she had left it too long before acquiring a lowly male to torment and she was relishing displaying her power in punishing me later. When finally sated she had me kneel down, my face to the floor in front of the chair while she alighted from it. I was allowed to look up only whilst re-fitting her sandals for her; just this simple act of servility had my cock stiffening again, as I humbly fastened each leather strap for this magnificent and superior woman. She tutted as she evidently surveyed the soiled chair.

"You are going to need a drink of water to keep your tongue nice and moist. You stay right there and I shall get you a glass." I heard her feet clack down the hall and flush some water into a glass from the kitchen. I so wanted to look at her as she strutted, but cowered in my position knowing I would have plenty of views of her gorgeous anatomy over the next fortnight; I was truly beginning to enjoy my submission to her, and had all but forgotten my wife; her shapely daughter, completely. I trembled a little as I heard her clack back, but the next noises I heard sent a shiver up my spine, and had my cock as stiff as it had been earlier. The first sound was a soft clattering of sticks against each-other; the umbrella stand! The next was the threatening yet erotic whoosh of a spiteful cane cutting the air. My arse clenched tightly at the plug; I must have been an almost irresistible target for a dominant woman with a new slave. I jumped as she touched my cheeks with the cane; was she to thrash me now? She chuckled wickedly as I jerked in fear.

"You may look up now. I have some water for you, and a nice big blue pill you must take; I want to make sure you thoroughly entertain all my friends before you are caged again tonight." I now realised the true purpose of the water, the 'dry tongue' scenario being just a ruse. Blanche smiled contentedly as I downed the tablet; she had no need to tell me what it was. She stood, cane in hand, looking utterly dominant in the black nylon, breasts heaving generously as she watched her new toy. I had no need for Viagra at that point; my cock was rigid in the presence of my formidable mistress. Blanche laughed as she stroked my erection with her cane while I finished the water.

"Good boy! We want you nice and stiff for the next few hours; you'll be begging to have the cage back on by the time the ladies have finished with you!" She pointed to a table with her cane and then gestured that I put the glass on it. I did so, and then felt the sting of her cane for the first time. I gasped as my new owner dealt me a cursory stroke to remind me just who was in charge.

"Now you lick that chair clean! I want it spotless for tonight and I want to see a nice vigorous effort from you. We'll soon have your blood circulating and at least have your puny excuse for a cock ready for action." I set to work immediately without any hesitation, first licking the cold salty mess at the front of the seat where my cock had earned me a caning. The leather was very slippery as I wet it with my tongue, and the taste changed as I worked toward the rear of the seat where my mature and assertive mistress had excited herself; the scent and taste of her womanhood flavoured by the leather had my cock buzzing again. The sight of my arse bobbing as I worked proved too much for my new owner; as my cock stiffened all the more with the scent and taste of her spicy anal juices, I heard the whoosh of the cane once more. I yelped audibly as the strongly superior woman administered her cane smartly, making my arse pulse with a pain which seemed to be magnified all the more; my anus clenching on the plug in fear, tensioning the caned area and increasing the wicked sting. Blanche laughed and strutted haughtily around the chair as she watched my labours, gritting her teeth menacingly as she cut the air with her cane, making me tense in anticipation of further pain, each time she did so.

"I used to love watching my husband perform the same task; he used to do it very well, right up until the time I disposed of him; it was such a beautiful snuff party." Her words were spoken so calmly, so matter-of-fact; they had my arse and balls tingling like never before. I had known her husband was dead at fifty, but never knew of any illness or accident; but I did remember a callous smile coming over Blanche's face on the occasion his demise was mentioned by a bland and uncaring daughter. It had chilled me at the time; now it had even greater significance. The whoosh of the cane in the air had me adhere to the task in hand; my cock was now as rigid as a broom-handle as I sniffed and licked at the final tangy aromas on the leather, with the words 'snuff party' going through my head again and again. Blanche certainly knew to tease and torture mentally; she knew exactly what she was doing. I felt a jerk on my leash and was pulled back on to my knees by her. She did not inspect the seat, but knelt forward in it, facing its back with her legs slightly apart. She arched her back and pointed her glorious globular arse out at me. I looked at the beautifully erotic sight and yearned to be allowed to masturbate; the womanly scent which wafted from her freshly exposed crack had me dribbling pre-cum once more. The Viagra was going to push my balls to the limit. Blanche shuffled her delectably shapely cheeks and cut the air with the cane which she still held so menacingly.

"It's time to lick my arsehole again. You have a good look, sniff, and taste of the woman who's going to put you in your place later. I want you to associate my scent with your ownership, and want you think of what fate may have befallen my husband as you lick. I know it excites you." I wasted no time in sniffing and then licking her succulent and tangy arsehole once more, my eyes agape and surveying the superb fleshy curves of this magnificent woman, a woman who had evidently snuffed out her husband on tiring of him. I wondered how he had been disposed of, and tried to imagine the submissive ecstasy he must have experienced at the hands of this formidable woman on knowing he was to be extinguished by her. I probed deeply and licked lovingly up and down the cleft of her cheeks, my cock stiff and dribbling as I relished my own fate which would begin with a caning. Blanche tensed her bottom and swished the cane again.

"It will also be good preparation for later; you'll lick my arse in front of the ladies, after your caning. If you have pleased me, and my friends, I may allow you to disgrace yourself whilst tonguing my anus, me, the woman who will have just caned you. I'll be nice and sweaty and the other ladies will jeer and applaud as you come, to add to your humiliation; would you like that?" I was close to coming involuntarily as I almost grudgingly took my tongue from the warmth of her cleft to answer.

"Yes Mistress Blanche, I would like that." I spluttered, as I returned my tongue to its delicious duty. Blanched laughed loudly, making her arsehole clench at my tongue.

"Oh you are SUCH a worthless cur! No wonder my daughter found it so easy to take command of you. Look at you now! Penniless and without property of your own, owned by a woman who fucks whatever real man she chooses. I wonder how many times Chuck has pleased her since you've been my guest. I can't wait to have you tell my friends why you're here!" With that, she allowed me to ponder the thought for another minute whilst probing her hot anus, then pulled away and dismounted the chair. She tugged on my leash and had me walk on all fours to the basket of canes. She stood smiling contentedly whilst I gulped and gawked at the formidable array of rattan and bamboo canes, all equally wicked looking.

"Time to choose a cane; be sharp about it, I'll need to freshen up whilst you wait, kneeling at the front window for our friends to arrive; I want you to savour every moment." I fumbled at the evil implements and tried to imagine which would leave the cleanest wounds, choosing a smooth rattan at last. Blanche sneered in her superior way as she took my choice from me, flexed it to almost breaking point in her supple yet strong arms, and then cut the air with it almost majestically. The slick and sharp whoosh noise it made had my cock pulsing and my anus and balls tingling. My dominant mistress looked down at me and smiled with satisfaction.

"Excellent. You have chosen well; this was a favourite of my husband's." I quailed with a mixture of fear and erotic yearning; she was a magnificent woman and I wanted to be caned by her, but I was in fear of the pain, and what had happened to her husband? Blanche walked me on all fours to the window which overlooked the drive, had me kneel and face out of the window so that I may see the women arrive who would witness and enjoy my humiliation. She had me hold my hands out flat and open before me, laying the wicked cane I would be punished with across them. She chuckled wickedly as she strutted off to wash my sticky saliva from her pussy and anus.

Part 4

The area by the window had a padded surface; no doubt Blanche's departed husband and many other enslaved men had been made to kneel for hours at this window, whilst they contemplated their fate on just such an evening as this. The padding would not be for their comfort, it would be there to ensure that their knees functioned when the time came to entertain. I had plenty of time to reflect on the position I was now in; my cock was bolt rigid with the merest thought of chastisement by a mature woman, before mature women. The Viagra ensured this was the case, that and the cane I had been forced to hold in a display of Blanche's utter dominance over me. Every time I caught a fleeting glimpse of a vehicle passing the entrance at the end of the drive, my cock bobbed with anticipation. It did the same when I heard Blanche descend the stairs and enter the room. I heard her strut behind me, but she said nothing, I then heard the crumpling squeaks of leather upholstery as she sat herself down, followed by the tap of nimble fingers on a keypad or something; this was a phone.

"Hi Miranda... Yes he's here and waiting, as pathetic as Cherie suggested. Hope you're feeling particularly spiteful today... oh yes Arabella will be here, wanting to flaunt her prowess with the cane over her own gimp as usual, no doubt... Agnes? Yes of course; how could we ever get by without the services of her sissy maid... ha! Ha! Yes, completely feminised now, a wonderful transformation from the proud and cocky adolescent male she captured; I'm surprised they're not here yet... ten minutes or so then... bye!"

No sooner had she put down the phone when a car pulled into the drive, making me swallow hard in anticipation of further humiliation in front of another woman. The large black car drew up and a very pretty French maid alighted from the driver's side, she quickly glanced toward the window where I knelt, making my cock pulse as I viewed her long slender legs clad in black stockings; the frill of her black lacy skirt barely hiding the lower cheeks of her round bottom as she turned. Her glance indicated she'd been through this ritual before. She walked around the vehicle to the passenger door and opened it, curtsying as she did, giving me a quick view of her soft feminine cheeks; her waist so slender and dainty in her maid's uniform. I heard Blanche rise from her seat and strut over, I wanted to turn and look at her but daren't; I smelt her sweet scent as and felt her warmth as she stood above me, tapping my erect cock with a cane she held as I marvelled at the two females in the drive. She chuckled.

"I can see you're pleased to see my friend and her maid; you'll serve both of them in different ways later." The woman who now strode across the drive to the front steps was every inch as formidable as Blanche. She was also middle-aged and very shapely; wickedly buxom and clad in tight black leather leggings which hugged the contours of her thighs, mound and superbly round cheeks, her leg muscles taught and slender, accentuated by spikey black ankle boots with ornate spurs. Her full breasts were evident in a tight but supple leather bodice, her graceful but strong feminine arms contrasting with their soft white flesh. Her lower arms were covered by the black velvet gloves she wore on her delicate hands; one of which carried a vicious looking curled up whip. She gave a business-like smile to Blanche, and then gave me a look of utter contempt, tinged with a sneer. The maid tripped daintily after her, having picked an overnight bag from the car. Blanche tapped my stiffly eager cock with her cane once more.

"Agnes has so been looking forward to dominating you; Cherie was always a favourite of hers and she knows how badly you've let her down. She intends making you pay for it." My anus clenched tightly at the plug as I digested what Blanche said; this was also a truly dominant looking female and I was in fear of the pain I would inevitably suffer. Then it clicked in my mind that this was 'Agnes' who was spoken about in the phone call; my eyes strained to focus on the pretty maid, so sweet and graceful, so effeminate, so perfectly female. Her face was as pretty as her body; this was once a male? My cock stiffened all the more at 'her' humiliating and permanent predicament and my cock tingled with excitement, I began to doubt my sexuality as I seemed to find her all the more attractive on realising the truth. As Blanche moved away to open the door to her first arrivals, I turned and stole a glance at her; she was now wearing a latex cat-suit, which emphasised every curve and bulge of her mature body. The fact that she was a little plump around the hips and arse seemed to make her shape all the more erotic; it announced her maturity and the natural authority that came with it, whilst displaying the fact that she was still in supreme physical shape after six decades. The tingling in my loins was unbearable as I watched her cheeks flex in the latex, a silver zip running up the seam of her crotch and cleft of her arse, inviting opening. My arse tingled all the more as I nearly dropped the cane, the cane that that glorious woman was to punish me with.

The hair stood up on the back of my neck as Blanche re-entered the room with the formidable Agnes, her lowly sissy was ordered to take the bag to the usual room and be back within one minute. I was then commanded to turn and face the pair. I knelt there, naked, with cane across my open palms, my cock stiff and erect and plain for all to see, in front of two gloriously mature women. The humiliation was sublime. Agnes looked down at me with wicked dark brown eyes as her sissy re-entered and stood waiting her next command. Agnes stepped slowly forward, inspecting me like an item of livestock.

"I can see why you've been such a disappointment to our Cherie. It's a good thing she's being serviced by a real man now; I bet she's enjoying some decent cock at this very moment; you won't please anyone but yourself with that pathetic little dick. You could have of least become a successful businessman before signing over everything to her, you are so useless. I am going to enjoy teaching you a lesson for treating her so badly, and I shall show you later, how you can please Cherie if you are allowed back into that miserable property you gave her." Blanch laughed as I swallowed hard at the stern woman's words; I had hardly treated Cherie badly in any way, but these were dominant women and I was learning my place in their world, a world with very different rules. My cock stiffened at the thought of what punishment I would endure at the hands of Agnes, and what it was I would be shown by her later. I was then moved just a little way back from the window, and Agnes barked at the petit sissy who was a few inches shorter than me. The sweet maid was commanded to kneel in front of me, facing out of the window. She was made to kneel with her legs slightly apart and close up to me; her pert little bottom in black satin panties jutting out from beneath the frill of her skirt, just inches from my erect cock. I could sniff her hair and sweet scent, and marvelled at her slender waist, her soft hairless arms and pretty manicured hands; the person before me was a picture of effeminacy. The maid quivered as her mistress spoke again.

"You get used to the scent of my sissy; you'll see later, how the triumph of femininity can transform a male. We are going to have such fun with you two."

The sissy was visibly shaking as her mistress spoke and I wanted to put my arms around her to comfort her; not only was I in a strange erotic heaven with the humiliation at the hands of dominant women, I now found myself excited by something which had never occurred to me before; I wanted to caress and comfort a transgendered male. She was so feminine, I wanted to embrace the woman this sweet thing had become; my cock was pointing to a haven I had never contemplated before, but now yearned to try. My eyes were taken away from the slender waist and pert cheeks by the arrival of another vehicle.

The car door opened and yet another middle-aged woman had my cock dribbling as she came into view. A pair of delicate stocking clad feet stepped elegantly into stiletto's previously discarded during the journey. The legs carried a severe looking woman wearing a tight pencil skirt with tight blouse; her blonde hair in a bun, horn-rim glasses completing the picture of the archetypal governess or school-mistress. She lifted her nose arrogantly as she looked to the window to view those who would be subject to her discipline, then walked round to the rear of the car and opened the large rear hatch. She pointed sternly to the ground and a male dropped to the driveway on all fours. He was hooded and collared, but otherwise naked; his cock caged and a tail hung from an anal plug. The haughty governess took his leash and he was walked like a dog to the entrance. The two were greeted indoors and the sissy and I were turned so I may be introduced. I learned that Arabella still ran a private school where the offspring of dominant women were shown their way in life; girls had special privileges and routinely took part in the disciplining of boys, who were summarily thrashed regularly before their female betters. Arabella smiled supremely and my anus tingled in awe of her dominance when she revealed that the gimp on the leash was the ex-headmaster; she now owned him and his school. He had foolishly shown his submissive side to the predatory woman; she had seduced him and shown him his true place amongst women. The women laughed as he kissed her feet when it was revealed who he was. Arabella looked down at the gimp and said one word.

"Noose." The gimp kissed her feet again. Arabella looked wickedly at me as the others chuckled in acknowledgment at the mentioning of the 'noose'. The gimp strained at his leash as Arabella addressed me.

"It is good to see Blanche has another pet, if only temporarily. Seeing you there reminds me of Blanche's feeble husband who gave us such great entertainment the last time we saw him. A ritual I have with my gimp is to take him down to the cellar whenever we visit. I like to show him the noose and the place where the ultimate respect was paid in honour of womanhood. I've promised him that he'll be able to pay the same respect one day, when he is of no further use to me. Of course, I'd never announce when that was; that would spoil the tease, he never knows if the trip he takes to the cellar will be his last" She smiled victoriously before looking down at the gimp once more before uttering the one simple word again.

"Noose." The woman all laughed wickedly at the wretch as this time he was led away like a dog to the cellar, his cock bulging in his cage in the hope that this time he may pay the ultimate sacrifice to the woman who had crushed his will and owned him so completely. Blanche looked sternly at me. My cock pulsed, I so wanted to come. Blanche's look broke into a contented wicked smile; she knew I was yearning to be led down to the cellar by her.

Part 5

Further confident and severe looking women arrived, smiling and sneering at the gimp, and pointing at me contemptuously. My erection raged as I watched the superbly dominant Arabella stride positively toward the cellar door; her willing gimp, the once proud and dignified headmaster, on all fours with a tail swinging from his plug. The women laughed at him and slapped him like a dog as he passed, increasing his yearning for punishment and humiliation by them; he was a truly broken and servile shell of a man now. Blanche looked at me and then pointed to her feet.

"Heel!" I needed no rehearsal to understand what she wanted having seen the prior wretch, and scampered across to her on all fours. The women jeered and laughed at the pathetic obedience I showed the formidable Blanche, increasing a divine sense of humiliation within me; my cock bobbed excitedly, I was truly counting my blessings at having married this magnificent woman's daughter, as I cowered and studied her spikey stilettos and latex clad legs, I was willing to do anything to please Blanche's wicked dominance. She tugged at my leash and we followed Arabella's tight bottom clad in her pencil skirt as it flexed and wiggled provocatively. She oozed authority as she strode toward the cellar door. I was taken down the steps to the floor of the cellar without further ceremony, and then made to kneel next to my glorious new owner in the middle of a semi-circle of grinning and mature, obviously dominant women; they sneered and flexed canes and crops as Blanche's face grew sterner and pulled my head up tight by the leash. She wanted me to take in everything. Before us stood Arabella, smiling as her gimp waited patiently on all fours. A curtain divided the cellar and the women applauded as Arabella swished it open.

There, in the light of two small frosted glass windows, hung a silky noose from a central beam. Below it a simple three-legged stool with legs no more than eight inches long. A small black enamel dish on the floor was the only other object in the cellar. Arabella walked her now quivering gimp close to the dish, and had him squat on his knees. She bent and unlocked his cage with a tiny key on an elegant wrist bracelet; the gimp's cock rose and stiffened in a trice, pointing at the noose he yearned for. Arabella took a cane from one of the women and licked her lips a she teased his bone hard cock with it, before turning and lifting her tight skirt just high enough to allow him a sniff of the anus he loved to worship with his tongue; his cock bobbed as he sampled his mistresses' scent for what might be the last time. She moved sharply away, leaving him sniffing at nothing, and leaving his audience sneering and laughing at him. She then toed the black dish closer to the gimp with her elegant stiletto clad foot and then strutted around the noose which hung invitingly. She stroked it with her cane, making it swivel as though it were occupied by an invisible suitor. The gimp's cock dribbled as Arabella stood with hands on hips; one leg to the floor, the other teasing the stool symbolically, as though ready to dispatch yet another male into submissive heaven. Then she took a deep breath, her face grew sterner and she cut the air with her cane.

"Show me how much you want to die for me! You know the routine; make it your last performance!" The women cheered and applauded her words; each relishing the gimp's torment, each becoming more sexually aroused by the minute. The gimp grabbed his cock and the ogling women started a slow handclap as the gimp eyed his utterly dominant mistress and stroked his cock for all he was worth. The sissy was ordered over and completed the erotic picture of a possible pending execution; her place was to hold the black dish in readiness for the gimp's meagre offering. Blanche tugged my leash tight as my hand went down near my aching cock; I was not to be allowed relief just yet. I so wanted to masturbate at the scene, and unashamedly, I wanted the women to watch me do it, in complete humiliation. I was so in envy of the gimp and selfishly hoped that this would be the occasion on which he would swing for the women; I would have given anything to witness their pleasure at such a spectacle, and was also envious of the gimp; I wished it were I being teased with the noose. As the women clapped dirge-like, whilst thoroughly enjoying the shameful display by the once well-respected male figure, Arabella basked in her absolute power over the feeble male she had broken; she teetered the stool to an acute angle and pointed her cane at the gimp.

"Beg for the noose! I want complete satisfaction for my efforts over you! Tell me how you deserve the noose!" Her actions and words only pushed the totally submissive wretch closer to a sensual and humiliating orgasm; he struggled with the words he so dearly wanted his dominant mistress to hear, such was the intense pleasure he was experiencing; his bell-end red to purple and fit to burst. His cock stood prouder than he could ever hope to before the magnificent woman who owned him so completely. The feeling of erotic submission was so intense and he squeaked his words as the relentless clap of the women urged him ever closer to his humiliating destiny.

"I beg you mistress, please noose me; I am worthless and want to die for you, please end my misery." Arabella smiled with supreme satisfaction as his feeble words brought jeers and laughter from the women who now increased the pace of their clapping and moved closer to enjoy his torment. Arabella kicked the stool over and sneered triumphantly as she viewed the pathetic wretch.

"You'll come for me right now; perhaps for the last time!" He eyed his dominant owner, the silky noose which had been put to good use before, and the stool on its side. He moaned as his hips gyrated; the sissy noted the urgency of his strokes, his fully retracted ball sack, and she held the black dish ready. The women clapped to a crescendo, smiling and jeering, coaxing his utter humiliation. Arabella pointed her cane to the noose. The gimp shuddered in abject ecstasy as his engorged and rude member pulsed rhythmically with the controlling women's handclap and laughter, as he ejected stream after stream of his hot sticky mess. The sissy held the bowl high to catch each generous jet; the gimp appreciating his thorough abasement with every spurt; he so wanted to hear her command that he be noosed, as he spent in a delirious heaven and emptied his balls.

The women cheered as he first collapsed in a heap, and then crawled forward beneath the noose, kissing Arabella's feet and begging her to allow him to hang for her. Arabella looked down at him as he grovelled; her pussy buzzing with arousal now. She simply took the dish from the sissy and inspected it.

"Is this the best you could do? No. You'll not swing today. We'll have to keep you caged for another month longer before you're allowed to view the noose again; you're pathetic. It's back upstairs for you. You'll lick clean the bowl in front of all our guests and then have a caning for letting me down again. Remember how you used to enjoy caning girls at the school? I intend that you continue to pay for that; why, there will be quite a queue of ladies wanting to make their feelings clear to you on that point. Besides, we have another pathetic male here who has earned our discipline, and it's his party." I felt the world close in on me as Blanche sneered and wrenched my leash, making me extend my back, as the delectable Arabella looked straight into my eyes, my cock dribbling at the thought of being dominated by both her and Blanche. With that, the array of dominant and strict looking females looked and smiled at me as they began to ascend the stairs; the scent of womanly arousal now so evident in the confinement of the cellar. Blanche took delight in holding me there till last; having me kiss the feet of each as they filed past. They made me know in no uncertain terms that I would know my place by the end of the evening. I willingly kissed the feet of Arabella who was the last; she led the gimp who cried like a child as he was pulled away from the noose he so desired. Blanche allowed me to take in the full misery of the gimp and complete dominance of his mistress as they ascended the stairs to his next humiliation. She then turned my head and had me view the noose once more; what she said next sent a shiver down my spine, and had me on the verge of an orgasm without touching my rigid cock.

"If my daughter agrees to let me keep you, you'll spend in a bowl for me down here. My expectations of your balls will not as great as Arabella's. I don't like to spoil a party; my husband would confirm that if he were still around." Blanche laughed wickedly as I gave the noose a last long look before the magnificent woman took me back upstairs to face my caning.

I was overwhelmed as I emerged from the cellar door, leashed and on all fours; I was ready to beg and whine for relief as I viewed Blanche's magnificent buxom curves and folds flex in the latex, a 62 year old woman who had showed she owned me completely within a matter of hours. I willingly followed on all fours, hoping she would allow me full use of the Viagra. I also hoped she would keep me permanently, letting me me sniff and service forever, the divine orifice which had borne the dominatrix who had led me to her. Forever that is, until my sweet humiliating appointment with the noose, that had dispatched her husband. Her husband; the feeble male whose only purpose in life had been to seed this black widow; creating my captor. My emergence was awaited by a line of mature dommes, no doubt with spiteful bitch daughters of their own, who applauded Blanche's triumphal acquisition of me. The line led to the middle of a lounge where the sissy now knelt naked and un-caged, palms out, holding the cane I had chosen. I remembered Blanche's promise and eyed the zipped crotch of the formidable woman as the tight latex creased around her anus and camel-toe. Her smell and taste after caning her latest prey would be exquisite. As I was turned into the lounge, I was greeted by a host of sneering women; a glance to the window revealed many more cars in the drive; Blanche and Cherie had made sure as many dominant friends as possible would witness the beginning of my two-week humiliation.

Further applause and cheers echoed about the house, as the gimp came through double-doors on his customary all fours; his leash tied to a padded bench which he towed behind him, Arabella behind it, who once again sneered as she looked me straight in the eyes, her lips mimed 'noose' and her eyes diverted slightly; I looked to where they moved and found Blanche sneering down at me. I was so desperate to come for her. The gimp struggled forward like a condemned man hauling his coffin to the gallows, till ordered to stop. A hush fell over the room at that point and all eyes were focused on me once more. The women started to flex and toy with their canes as Blanche jerked my leash.

"Tell the ladies where my daughter is!" She wickedly striped my lower back with the cane to encourage me; the ladies licked their lips as they witnessed a taste of what was to come.

"She has gone on vacation." Blanche fetched me three more sharp strokes across the back and legs.

"Who has she gone with?" The women sniggered and jeered, enjoying my torment.

"She has gone with Chuck... her... her boyfriend." Blanche smiled with pride as I squirmed before the audience.

"And just why should she need a boyfriend? What has he to offer that you have not?" The women flexed their canes all the more as they knew my caning was imminent.

"He has a large cock to satisfy her with, Mistress Blanche." The crowd of dominant women erupted with jeers and laughter. I bowed my head, the erotic feeling of humiliation before the women was intensifying; I awaited her next question and then noticed some of the women across the room move away from a large cabinet. One of them, a plump woman of about 55 wearing jodhpurs, thigh length boots and a tight white blouse, strode over to Blanche. She held a riding crop in one hand, and a mobile phone in the other; she passed the phone to Blanche.

"Thank you Miranda. Meet my cur of a son-in-law; I believe you are aware of why he's here already." The two sniggered as though at some private joke; Miranda slapped the palm of her hand playfully with the crop as she eyed me up and down.

"Miranda is an old friend of mine; she owns a hotel which the women here often use." There were murmurs and giggle all around the room. Blanche whipped me again with the cane.

"Back to our conversation; how would we prove Chuck has a big cock?" I knelt, baffled by her strange question as she smiled and tapped a number into the phone. A woman opened the doors of the cabinet to reveal a huge flat screen television. Miranda clicked a remote and the screen segmented into many squares; she arrowed one and it enlarged to fill the screen. The women cheered and applauded loudly as Cherie appeared; lying naked on a huge bed. They laughed and sneered at my bewilderment. Blanche put her phone on loudspeaker; as it rang, Cherie's hand picked up a phone on the CCTV from the hotel bedroom, Miranda's hotel bedroom. Blanche sneered at me as the ringing stopped and Cherie answered.

"Hi Cherie, give your worthless wimp of a husband a wave. It's a pity you can't see all the ladies who've come here to witness him pay for being so useless for you. I hope you and Chuck are enjoying yourselves with what little money your useless husband has provided for you. Where is he by the way? The women, and your husband, would so love to see him." The women laughed and clapped at my thorough humiliation; they knew more was to come. Cherie answered.

"Come here chuck and show yourself to the ladies... and that puny-cocked wimp of a husband." The women erupted with cheers and wolf-whistles as Chuck appeared on the big screen in all his glory. Miranda worked the controls to close in on the two. Chuck held his huge black cock out, firm, erect and excited. Cherie appeared at the end of the bed and lay the phone down as she took both hands to his enormous phallus and tickled the end of his globular grey bell-end with her tongue. She shouted into the phone as she eyed the camera.

"Get a load of this you useless wimp; you cheated me with your tiny measure; now I'm having the real thing. Enjoy your caning won't you!" With that she shouted 'bye everyone' and lay back on the bed and lifted her legs, showing me a sweet pussy and arsehole I had not seen in a long time. Miranda focused further in, and the women cheered and applauded as Chuck eased his huge black cock into her eager pussy; my wife was being fucked before my eyes while her mother stood over me with a cane, waiting to thrash me as the whole thing was witnessed by a crowd of laughing women. I was totally crushed, humiliated beyond belief... but my cock was stiffer than ever. I was beginning to believe I had done my wife an injustice and began to yearn for punishment. I was truly on the road to being broken completely. As my eyes focused on that big black cock, sliding relentlessly in and out of the silky white pussy that should have been mine, the screen went blank.

The women were anxious to preserve her dignity and allow her to enjoy her boyfriend in private. The round of applause died down and they turned their attention to me. Blanche stood supreme. As the giggling women looked on, making comments about whether Chuck had come yet or not, she eyed me sternly.

"Kiss my feet for allowing you to see my daughter's pussy." I bent and kissed her black patent stilettos with gusto; I so wanted to be thrashed by her now. But I was made to wait; I was to witness what it would look like; the gimp was being prepared by Arabella. Miranda came over as Blanche yanked my leash to signify I had given sufficient worship to her feet. She gave a wicked smile to the both of us.

"You look so good together Blanche. It is so good to see you command a male again; I think you should take him from Cherie and punish him permanently. You know he's going to be in demand amongst the ladies after tonight; he's such a submissive cur. His caning will be sweet, we've had such a family show of him; I can't wait to see him lick your arse in gratitude afterwards."

Something seemed to touch Blanche, and she pulled my face into the warmth of her crotch. I willingly nuzzled her camel-toe and sniffed at the gorgeous moisture around her zip; the rich womanly scent and the matter-of-fact words of her equally dominant friend had me rigid. She rubbed my face in her delectable folds as she answered Miranda.

"Yes, I had forgotten just how thrilling having control was, and he is so like my husband; I know if I keep him, he'll swing wonderfully when I tire of him." I nuzzled harder on hearing this and Blanche pressed my head tight in; I knew I was doomed from that moment on.

I was released from the haven of my mistress' crotch and she stood by me in a central position, flexing her cane in readiness for my punishment as we watched the gimp's misery. The wickedly pencil-skirted headmistress that was Arabella, placed the black dish from earlier at her feet, and ordered the gimp down to it in full view of the eager crowd of women. Agnes had her sissy sit close by; a feminised male adding to the general scene of total female dominance. Blanche teased my arse with the cane as we watched the superbly authoritative Arabella show her complete control over the defeated headmaster She merely pointed to her feet and the gimp crawled to the bowl ; the white streaks and blobs on the black enamel there for all to see, testament to his disgrace and humiliation earlier. She toed the bowl under his nose as he lay, prostrate and trembling at her feet.

"You should be ashamed of yourself. Two months in your cage and that is the best you can do? Lick he bowl clean and prepare for at least one hundred strokes; you've let all these women down again, so they will demand satisfaction." Some of the more vicious looking women looked sternly down at him and moved closer to the bench, flexing their canes and crops. The gimp had been a popular attraction at the women's gatherings since Arabella's conquest of him; the knowledge that he had caned girls in his former life ensured his perpetual misery at their hands. Women came from far and wide to vent their displeasure upon him, his history magnifying their erotic sense of superiority and enhancing their spite for all male would-be authority. The gimp would pay dearly once more, and the women knew that because of that history, he may not be around to torment for much longer.

The women jeered and scorned as he gratefully lapped the bowl clean of his own sticky salty mess, at the feet of the woman who had broken his will completely, and had humiliated him gloriously once more in the cellar. She stood waiting to thrash him as he ensured the bowl was licked clean of all trace of his semen, her panties now sodden with arousal as she relished every moment of her utter dominance over the cringing male. He lapped furiously, eager to be rewarded with the cane from his mistress and those of the others. He knew the padded bench well, he knew the pain would be intolerable at first, he knew he would cry like a baby as the women laughed, he knew he would cum under the cane in an act of total disgrace and supreme humiliation, offering the women divine satisfaction. He polished the bowl with his tongue and knelt, looking up at the woman who owned him as she sneered down, her breasts heaving in her tight blouse as she relished applying the cane. He looked at her and thought of how he had been caught in the act of caning young girls, how she had tricked him into revealing his BDSM tendencies, captured him, owned him, and destroyed him. He had meekly signed over all his property and possessions to her; his only purpose in life to serve her totally, knowing one day she will simply dispose of him at the slightest whim. He deserved to be punished. He worshipped her and had earned his caning.

Arabella simply turned her eyes toward the bench and the gimp climbed upon it, allowing the other women to strap his arms into the leather buckled restraints. This they did with slow deliberation to allow the gimp time to realise his position, grinning as they tightly secured his limbs, rendering him a helpless target for their venom. Arabella strutted over to me, smiling, and rubbed the cheeks of my arse with her cane.

"I want you to watch and see how I'll deal with you when my dear friend Blanche has exhausted her arm on you. I intend to play my part in breaking you for being such a dismal let-down to our Cherie." Blanche sneered audibly as my anus clenched in fear at her words, but my cock buzzed and remained rigid as I watched her beautiful rounded arse as she sauntered back to the gimp, now squirming in a mixture of fear and anticipation, strapped down to a caning bench before a house of women. She took her position, one leg slightly behind her, free hand on buxom hip, and raised the vicious cane above her head. She looked at me again whilst in this position to ensure she had my full attention, Blanche held my head back to make sure I took it all in.

"I want you to think of those girls you caned." Without further ceremony, Arabella brought the cane whooshing down with no mercy. The gimp wailed like a girl as the woman that owned him cut the air and then his backside again and again with clinical perfection. The other women jeered and made spiteful comments as he tensed and wailed in agony. He was reduced to tears within the first ten strokes, such was the ferocity of the punishment; the headmistress showed her prowess with the cane exquisitely, and the other women marvelled enviously at her technique. As the vicious rattan rained down on his cut and bleeding cheeks, the tears flowed and the gimp squirmed in glorious submissive humiliation. His cock rubbed exquisitely between the padding and his belly as he felt the venom of the dominant woman's cane. The pain became pleasurable, and the jeers of the women increased as he tensed against his bonds in complete submission to their superiority; they knew he was to disgrace himself. Arabella increased her rate of stokes as she too noted the coming of his absolute surrender, her pussy now dripping with excitement. The gimp thought of the caning of the girls, his submission to this powerful woman, the noose... and then erupted into a deeply satisfying orgasm, tempered only slightly by the stinging cane. The women jeered loudly and clapped, enhancing his ecstasy as he spent liberally once more. He had surrendered completely to his mistress.

Arabella stroked until his convulsion had stopped. She then passed the cane to the first in the queue of eager women who lined up to pay their respects; he would now endure more pain, post orgasm. The poor wretch moaned uncontrollably as he wallowed in his own mess, as several particularly vicious women thrashed his scarlet cheeks unforgivingly. When the caning stopped I trembled with fear and excitement. The bench was wheeled away through the doors, and another virgin example was wheeled in; this one had a 'u' shaped collar at the head end. Blanche smiled as Arabella undid her pencil skirt and let it drop to the ground, revealing red satin panties which were dark crimson with wetness at the crotch. She looked at Blanche.

"May I?" Blanche nodded, and as she did so, she unzipped her crotch. Arabella stepped forward and had me sniff her beautifully aroused womanhood through the wet satin; the scent had my cock dribbling pre-cum. Blanche teased my cheeks with the cane. Arabella had me lick the juice from her panties; my tongue eagerly stroking her beautifully mature slit through the fabric. She sniggered.

"You have a good taste of one of the women who is going to thoroughly enjoy caning you. That bench will give you further opportunity to do so. I'll be the other side of the collar. When it's my turn to cane you, the next woman in line will take my place when I cane you; she'll have her pussy sniffed and licked till it's her turn to show you what she thinks of you, and another will take her place at the collar." She pulled my head from her luscious richly scented pussy and turned me toward Blanche. I was close to an involuntary orgasm as I watched Blanche draw the cane through the cleft of her sticky labia. The crowd of women clapped as she held the cane under my nose.

"You have a good sniff, and then lick the cane that I intend to break you with. Your caning will not stop until I appear at the collar and you sample my scent again. You will then be allowed down to lick my anus in gratitude." She then took my lead and led me to the bench on all fours as the crowd of women clapped in time. I was truly scared for the first time; my memory went back, my cock buzzing due to my submissive nature when I had first met the assertive Cherie, the warnings I'd had from friends, my total submission to her, the way I had giving everything up to her, the journey here with her and Chuck, seeing Blanche for the first time... and now this. I only had myself to blame. The feel of the padded bench was all too comfortable Blanche, Agnes, Arabella and Miranda; all so wickedly dominant. They all spoke softly now as I was harnessed to the bench, Arabella made sure my head was comfortable in the collar and eased forward to allow me to sniff and lick at her sweetly superior haven. She sighed out a message as I licked her succulent labia through the fabric of her sodden panties.

"Your Mother-in-Law will now commence punishment."

There was an eerie hush as Arabella held my face secure against the sweetly scented warmth of her pussy. I panted in semi-panic; the rich aroma and my predicament, making my cock pulse and squirm already. Blanche strutted about the bench then made her speech.

"You have been brought to me for displeasing my daughter, and have admitted your worthlessness to everyone here. You have also witnessed how a man should be; of course, you can never be like that. You are a puny-cocked wimp and have failed to satisfy my daughter. I intend to make you pay dearly." There was a round of applause from the women who looked on. Cameras flashed and videos were clicked on as Blanche swept her vicious cane through the air several times to get a good feel for its flexibility. As intended, I tensed and bucked at the fearful sound, much to the delight of the women; I hoped that the glorious scent of various dominant pussies would act as an anaesthetic. Blanche pressed the cane flat against my buttocks with one hand pulled my anal plug out with the other.

"I don't want to damage my cane on this." The women laughed, and then Blanche said her last words before I knew pain.

"The next stroke you hear will be accompanied by severe pain. I intend that what little spirit you have will be broken forever by the time you face my daughter again. I and every woman here will enjoy your punishment." Arabella held my head firm as Blanche began. The cane made its hideous noise as it descended; it seemed to take forever to arrive, but arrive it did and I yelped, as per the gimp before me, like a girl or child, such was the stinging pain. I sniffed and wallowed in Arabella's sticky arousal as my mature mother-in-law, whipped and cut my cheeks without mercy. Her strong, still firm body, rippling and shimmering in the latex as she administered the punishment I had earned, a wicked smile on her face. I cried like a baby at the searing pain as I was thrashed relentlessly; I begged for mercy, much to the delight of my eager audience as the dominant beauty continued her aim in breaking me, and Arabella pulled my face tight to her crotch; the collar and pussy situation serving another purpose in muffling my protests; less of a distraction for the women enjoying the sound of the cane and its biting impact.

As I squirmed and pulled at my bonds in a futile effort to escape, my cock rubbed deliciously against the padding and my belly; through my tears I began to enjoy the pain, and sniffed and lapped at the pussy of the woman who would cane me next, almost in anticipation of it. My utter humiliation enhanced by my feeble protests and tears were preserved for ever as the cameras and videos recorded everything. I now listened for the sweet sound of the cane; relished the sting of its bite, my cock pulsing below me. That glorious tingling expectancy moved through my balls and anus, as I submitted to the supreme dominance of the women, and my mother-in-law in particular. Blanche sensed my complete surrender and smiled all the more as I squirmed to oblivion. The sound and sting of the cane, the smell and taste of Arabella's beautiful slit, and the thought of the noose took control of me. I now fully understood the gimp's fatalistic desires; he had been broken and now I was being broken too. Blanche increased her pace with the cane once more and the women cheered and applauded as I humped and moaned in submissive ecstasy under the cane. Arabella shouted above the hubbub.

"Good boy! Good Boy! My turn next!" I pressed home my nose to her aromatic pussy and spurted for all I was worth; her words seemed divine as my new owner, 62 year old widow, Blanche, finished my sweetly humiliating orgasm off with a final salvo of wicked cane strokes. I bucked and wallowed in masochistic heaven as I squeezed the last ecstatic spurts out in honour of the woman who had utterly defeated me. The pleasure and relief I experienced was unbelievable, I was now ready to die for this woman.

I was allowed short respite as Arabella moved away and eagerly took the cane from my mistress. Agnes was next at the collar; her sissy undid the deliciously dominant woman's leather leggings and then knelt in abeyance next to her. I sampled her beautiful taste and scent, as I enjoyed what I had witnessed the gimp receive. The pain was somehow now exquisite, and my cock soon swelled back to a full erection as I slithered in my own lubrication under the cane. I was treated to a succession of heavenly aroused pussies, sampled from mounds of various soft textures, none of the women being younger than about 45. My arse was treated to various techniques with the cane; each woman thoroughly enjoying their punishment of me, even though I had ceased to beg for mercy. I was so close to coming when being caned by a fat ginger woman whose pussy I had thoroughly enjoyed licking. With my eyes closed, I licked at a slippery labia as Ginger thrashed me when the pussy was suddenly replaced; the beautiful aroma I sampled next was instantly recognisable. My caning was over, it was Blanche.

As I was being unstrapped, two of the women rubbed balm into my cheeks; the searing pain was equal to that of the cane, and the women giggled as I wriggled in discomfort. Thankfully this did not last long and the balm had a numbing effect; enabling me to maintain mobility despite my punishment. I was ordered to the floor and made to kneel in the centre of the room. A thoroughly satisfied looking Blanche strode up to me as the women stood in a circle applauding the show so far. She put her hand under my chin and lifted my face to have a good look at my face and eyes, which were as red as my scarlet striped buttocks. This gave her much satisfaction, as did the matted sticky hair on my belly which she pointed to with her cane; damning visual evidence of my having disgraced myself during punishment. The women clapped and smiled as Blanche turned smiling to them, as though pointing to evidence at court. She then stood over me with her legs slightly apart, in wonderfully dominant fashion. Unzipped and the latex pulled invitingly apart, her succulent mature pussy was on show, my cock bobbed excitedly.

"Did you enjoy your punishment cur? It certainly looks as though you did." The women jeered and cackled as they awaited my answer. I could not have lied, even if I had wanted to.

"Yes Mistress Blanche. I enjoyed being caned by you and the other women." The women cooed in sarcastic fashion whilst I eyed the inviting gap in her latex. I so wanted to lick her arse; Blanche looked at me with utter contempt as she noticed where my eyes were.

"What is it you wish to do for me, to show your gratitude for the caning?" As I knelt naked before this magnificent woman, before a crowd of assertive women, I was beginning to enjoy my humiliation as much as she relished her absolute power over me.

"I want to like your arse for you mistress." As the women laughed and sneered, I shivered as I bathed in the pleasure of my own humiliation.

"You'll kiss the feet of all the women in the room first, and then get back here immediately." She cut the air with her cane as I moved in a circle, kissing the beautiful selection of stilettos, boots and manicured toes in sandals; the women flicking my sore arse with their canes and crops as I did so. I eagerly returned to Blanche when I'd completed the circle. She took my leash and moved toward the caning bench I'd been punished on. I knelt and she turned, parted her legs slightly and keeping her long elegant legs straight, leaned over to rest her upper body on the bench. My cock was rigid as I watched the latex part as she leaned, exposing her beautifully puckered arsehole which awaited my tongue. The cameras flashed again as the women awaited Blanche's command, as did I. She flexed her thighs and arse in the latex, making me drool at the sight.

"Lick my arse you worthless cur; I want it thoroughly cleaned after the way you made me sweat." The women crowded around and clicked away with their camera's as I lifted my face to the delicious target. I sniffed her spicy aroma and licked lovingly at the tangy puckers and folds before probing deep into her soft warm anus. I was in heaven and so wanted to masturbate. Blanche added further to my pleasure.

"That's it you worthless cur, lick the arse of the woman who has just thrashed you, if you do a good job, I may allow you relief again, but I've not decide how just yet." I did not know what she might be thinking but I lapped away at her gorgeous ring; the other women thoroughly enjoying seeing their friend dominating a male once more. When Blanche was thoroughly satisfied I had cleaned her sweaty anus sufficiently, I was led across the room on all fours to a huge leather sofa which was occupied by women who were hastily discarding their panties. Vibrators began to buzz as the group of mature women drew their legs back, in preparation for having their arseholes licked too. I was in submissive heaven as I knelt and serviced an endless succession of beautifully fragrant middle-aged anuses. My cock yearned for another orgasm as I sniffed and licked at pucker after pucker; most of the owners buzzing themselves to a healthy orgasm, treating me to their juices which ran down from pleasured pussies. Others had me lick their sweet butterflies to orgasm; on each occasion I was surrounded by dominant women remarking on how I knew my place, and how they'd like to take me home for further punitive duties. I was yearning for another thrashing.

As the evening wore on I was frequently led to the front door to kiss the feet of women as they departed. Many remarked that they hoped to see me receive further punishment from Blanche, and most thought it would be a good thing if I served Blanche in perpetuity, suffering a routine of permanent punishments and humiliations. After all, I was no use at all to her daughter and deserved to pay dearly for my shortcomings. They smiled wickedly at me, confirming my thoughts that as friends of Blanche, this would ensure they saw more of me and could indulge in the sadistic torment of me.

As we closed the door on one such dominant virago, Blanche held me in private for a moment. She pulled my leash taught and had me sniff her pussy. The whole erotic event and the women's words had aroused her no end.

"When the guests that aren't staying the night have gone, I am going to lead you to my room, lie you down on my bed and thrash you again. Would you like that?" My cock stiffened and bobbed as I sniffed at her pussy and listened to the dark promise in her tone. I could not lie.

"Yes Mistress Blanche, please thrash me again. I want to be punished by you." As she pulled my head into her crotch and had me lick her, I felt owned and dominated as never before. I would die if handed back to Cherie.

Eventually, my tongue a little worse for wear, only Arabella, Miranda, and Agnes and her sissy remained as the fat ginger woman said her goodbyes. Though chubby, she was just as attractive as any of the other women, just as dominant. I had thoroughly enjoyed delving into her soft folds when punished, and had been closed to coming when she took her turn with the cane. She smiled at Blanche and Miranda.

"Tuesday then; my usual suite at the hotel." I was made to kiss her soon to depart feet, and then she turned, lifted her skirt and had me sniff her large globular arse one last time.

"I'm so looking forward to having you on Tuesday." My balls tingled, and Blanche and the others laughed at my bemusement. Blanch enlightened me as I watched the ginger woman's arse and ample thighs depart.

"Sandy has a regular kink which she likes to have filmed. You'll be the 'special' guest for her. Miranda and the ladies have a nice little industry on the side, making videos. It was started by the former proprietor of the hotel, from whom Miranda acquired the business. I wonder whatever happened to him?" Miranda crossed her legs haughtily and lifted her nose as a wicked, satisfied smile crossed her face. I could only guess at the fate of any male who came into contact with these superb women. My Balls tingle all the more. I was then commanded to stand by the ladies with my arms apart. I was measured around the waist, legs arms etc. Agnes had her sissy input the details on a tablet from Agnes' bag. Some 'suitable' clothes were ordered for me.

Blanche was now ready to retire; my cock stiffened as I remembered her promise. She smiled wickedly and pointed in the direction of the umbrella stand.

"Cane!" The women laughed as I scampered without hesitation on all fours to retrieve a suitable rod. "Bring it back in your teeth." I did as I was told and maintained my lowly posture to the delight of the sneering women. I assumed a kneeling position at the feet of my mistress; she took the cane from my mouth.

"I hope you have admitted your guilt as to why you are here, and are beginning to recognise your place amongst women. Your 'supper' will help remind you, though I know you have learned to relish discipline which is well deserved. The ladies have said they are pleased with your progress on your first day with me. What happens over the next thirteen days will decide your fate." I thought back about the long day; I had arrived as a submissive, but the hours with Blanche and the other women had me yearning to serve. I had seen the gimp, who had remained strapped to the caning bench, in the darkness of the room next door throughout the evening, and was envious. I wanted to be broken to his level. The other ladies were thoroughly enjoying my obedience as I knelt without question before my natural superior. They were as anxious as I was that Blanche keeps me as her slave in perpetuity. Arabella added to the tease and prolonged my wait for the cane.

"Have him beg you to keep him Blanche; I want to see him squirm and confirm his servility." Blanche smiled, she loved the idea; it would be perfect preparation for the thrashing I had been promised.

"Well Cur? What do you have to say for yourself; what could you possibly offer me?" The women rubbed themselves as I began to grovel at the feet of the superbly dominant woman. I licked at her shoes, bent over in complete submission, my cock stiff at yet more humiliation.

"Please Mistress Blanche; I beg you, please keep me... I'll do anything you want." The women were overjoyed at their utter dominance. Agnes cut in.

"You'll lick the toilet bowl clean after your mistress has used it?" I thought of the task.

"I'd be honoured to." Miranda moaned out some words as she had Agnes' sissy lick her clit as she watched me grovel and lick her friends shoes.

"You must keep him Blanche, he's so suited to you, and he'll make an adorable pet." Blanche was now nicely aroused at my submission to her, and yanked my leash to bring me up again.

"You'll show me over the next thirteen days if you're worth keeping; starting with right now. Goodnight ladies." Blanche led me away and I watched her beautiful arse and legs as we ascended the stairs; she swished the cane delicately as she walked. My balls were ready to erupt once more as we entered her room. Blanche closed the door as I knelt at the foot of her bed.

"Now I have you all to myself. Help me off with this cat-suit; I intend to thrash you naked. Have you ever been thrashed by a naked woman?" She smiled with pleasure as she said this, I nearly smiled too as I thought of the erection I'd got on hearing Elizabeth Taylor say those words once.

"No Mistress Blanche I have never been thrashed by a naked woman." I saw her mature breasts for the first time as I peeled the latex back; they sagged only slightly and were still nicely firm. I hoped she would allow me to lick them.

"Are you looking forward to being thrashed by a naked woman?" I gulped visibly before I answered, much to Blanche's satisfaction, which she showed with a smile which had certain warmth in it. As I peeled the latex down her torso I felt that Blanche was beginning to enjoy my company, perhaps just a little more than she had expected. She stood and I peeled the latex down her wonderful long legs. Now naked, I ogled her delightfully mature body. Blanche turned to show me her body from all angles. My cock was rigid.

"There. You won't mind being seen with me in public will you?" She playfully tapped my stiff cock with the cane, my eyes surveying her magnificent body; she needed no answer but I was obliged to tell her what I thought.

"No Mistress I would be glad to be seen with you anywhere." She smiled wickedly and turned her arse to my face, bending slightly.

"Sniff my arsehole before I cane you. I shall allow you to lick it again when you've been thrashed. If I'm pleased with your performance I shall allow you to masturbate at my feet before you are caged again." I was in heaven as I sniffed hard at her moist arsehole; the beautiful white globes of her arse right in my face. I took the tang of her scent deep into my lungs before she moved away and strutted dominantly by the bed, before pointing to it with her cane.

"It's time for your punishment. You shall have twelve strokes." I lay on the soft bed, my cock bursting to come as I waited obediently for my caning, watching her flex the wicked rattan. She gave a last stern smile and raised the cane. I was made to count as she delivered each stinging stroke. I howled at the searing pain and again wept like a child, but I could not keep my eyes from Blanche's dominant form as she administered my punishment. Her breasts flexed and wobbled as did her womanly buttocks as the cane came down again and again. I was so close to coming on the sheets by the time the twelve strokes had been applied. I was ordered down from the bed, Blanche discarded her cane and sat, then pulled her legs back, allowing me a glorious vision through my streaming eyes.

"What do you have to say to me before I allow you to lick my arse?" I did not hesitate; I had learned and earned my place at her bedside.

"Thank you for caning me Mistress, thank you for caning me naked." Blanche beamed with satisfaction. She noticed I was eying her delicious breasts.

"You may kneel up and lick my breasts; they are in need of refreshment having been encased in latex." I wasted no time in sampling the warm globes, watching them wobble as I salivated and tasted the slightly salty flavour. Blanche heaved and sighed as I took her erect nipple between my lips and worked my tongue around the stiff thimble. She stroked my hair affectionately as she did so; having completed the enjoyable tasks with her other breast, I could feel her urgency as she ordered me down to her arsehole. She lifted her luscious thighs and lay back, nursing her glistening pussy with her elegant manicured fingers and displaying her moist and inviting arsehole. I set to the task and licked eagerly at the tangy rim, then probed in ecstasy as the juices ran down from her excited pussy. I lapped and probed her succulent anus as Blanche quickly came. Moaning and squeezing my tongue exquisitely as she tensed long and hard whilst she moaned; the thought of my thrashing fresh in her memory, assisting with her enjoyment of a generous orgasm. I continued to lap as she subsided, half hoping she'd fall asleep and let me worship her arsehole all night long. This was not to be; she drew my head back and I looked at her with pleading eyes. She smiled with pleasure, grabbed the cane once more and took a cage from her bedside cabinet. She displayed it to me with and a wicked expression moved across her face as I took in what was engraved on this ornate metallic cage; 'Property of Blanche'. She placed it on the bed next to her.

"The previous owner has no use for this anymore, you shall wear it when with me; it's up to you to earn it on a permanent basis." My cock stiffened at the gesture, and pulsed all the more as she crossed her formidable thighs, looked sternly at me, and flexed the cane I had been punished with. She then smiled wickedly once more.

"I am very pleased with your progress, so I shall now watch whilst you disgrace yourself before me. I want you to think of what's happened today. You will be put to further good use whilst with me. Show me your cream!" My cock was rock solid and dribbling pre-cum as I gratefully stroked the length of my shaft whilst knelt in complete submission to the mature and dominant woman before me. I wanted to make it last for as long as I could, but Blanche flexed the cane dominantly, and also flexed her leg muscles, making her gorgeous thighs ripple. Her breasts heaved as she sneered at me.

"You pathetic little man, we'll soon have your little squirt and have you locked in my late husband's cage. You'll clean your mess up too, or I shall thrash you again." It was too much, I thought of my journey through the day, the gimp, the noose, the bowl, the canings... Blanche laughed at me as I convulsed in absolute ecstasy; the orgasm I experienced was unbelievably pleasurable as I thought of being owned by Blanche forever, I shot wads of cum onto her feet and legs, as she pulled on my leash and made sure I saw the cane too as I spent in submissive heaven. Blanche was delighted as I shot a fine loop of cream onto the wicked cane; the orgasm seemed to last for ages.

Blanche first had me lick my cream from the cane, which she held up and delighted in making me stretch to tongue the salty mess as it dribbled down. She then lifted her feet in succession and poured more scorn upon me as I willingly lapped my own warm mess from her toes. She teased me with the cane as I bent to lick my semen from her lower legs; both of us were thoroughly enjoying her utter domination of me. When she was satisfied I had cleaned up every drop of my sticky offering, she had me stand and proudly fitted the cage. It was a bit of a struggle as the Viagra still had effect; Blanche slapped my balls expertly, making me wince and deflating my semi-flaccid cock sufficiently enough to allow its imprisonment. I stood waiting the next command as Blanche pulled back the covers and climbed into bed.

"What are you waiting for? Get in now and keep me warm. You have another long day ahead of you tomorrow." I got in and Blanche, who was on her side, took my hand and placed it between her hot thighs as I lay there; she knew my cock would be bulging in the new cage, the Viagra driving me crazy and I not being able to do anything about it. This was her final tease of the day; she drifted off to sleep with her pussy tight against my hand, my nose filled with her scent and my cock pulsing in its confinement.

Next Morning the ladies were delighted when the doorbell rang as the sissy and I were tidying up the breakfast things. Miranda was supervising my filling of the dishwasher as Blanche came through in her dressing gown with several 'next day delivery' parcels which had arrived. I was taken into the lounge and made to try on my new clothes. Every item was a bland variation of grey, without any semblance of flair. Even the shoes were dark grey and plain. The women were delighted with the way I looked. I kissed the feet of the trio as they left; Miranda reminding me that she'd be seeing me again on Tuesday, albeit briefly, as I was to entertain Sandy the ginger woman at the hotel.

"You'll be a star, I'm sure." She giggled as she left. Blanche had me stand by the front door as she prepared herself for our first trip out together. As I stood in my drab grey, I was stunned by Blanche's appearance as she descended the stairs, she wore a tight Sapphire blue Skirt and jacket, and Black seamed stockings with purple stilettos, a small crimson hat, to one side with a small lacy veil which covered her eyes provocatively. Her lips were adorned with glossy lipstick which matched her hat. Tight shiny black leather gloves completed the picture of a strong assertive and authoritative woman; a woman accompanied by a drab male. She would put me in the shade at all times, ensuring I knew my place whenever with her. I was given keys and told to fetch the car from behind the house whilst she stood at the foot of the steps. Brought the large black vehicle round and she pointed to a rear door, which I opened. I was to drive he chauffer style.

We went to a state-of-the- art shopping mall just a few miles from Blanche's house. We went to an up-market supermarket and Blanche sneered wickedly at me as other people gave her alluring looks and gave me a look of disdain. Blanche could quite easily have stayed at home and had me complete this mundane task alone, but it was apparent that she was to get the utmost pleasure from the task; I was to be humiliated at every possible opportunity. She clicked her fingers and pointed at a trolley; I hurried to get it, a grey man with flat shoes, accompanied by a bright female figure of authority as tall as he in her classy stilettos. More and more people looked as the stern woman simply pointed at objects, saying nothing, whilst the servile grey man fetched at her whim. Bulges appeared in jeans and leggings of males who watched; it was so obvious that this magnificent woman had complete control over the wretch. Women stopped and smiled, nodding their approval, their pussies tingling with arousal as they witnessed the complete control the woman had. When Blanche was aware of a suitably large enough audience, she would add to the show. As I came back with an item and was about to drop it into the trolley, Blanche slapped my face curtly.

"Not that one you useless fool, I want the premium product. Get it at once, we haven't all day." I blushed with shame and I did as I was told. Some women giggled at my predicament. One licked her lips and actually applauded my obedience to the superior gender. A male looked on in disbelief; though he could not disguise his appreciation of the situation, which poked like a banana through his track-suit bottoms. My Cock buzzed and bulged in its cage as I was taught absolute obedience in public. Blanche smiled wickedly at me when we eventually made it to the check-out. In the busy queue she announced to me.

"You pay for this and take it to the car. I'll be waiting in the mall café, and be sharp about it." The men in the queue watched the seamed stockings strut off; some had half a mind to follow the magnificent woman themselves. The women around me giggled audibly. A large woman with horn rimmed glasses looked at me with scorn.

"Yes, you be sharp about it!" She sneered. My failure to respond confirmed to her that I was a wimp. She and the other women watched with utter contempt as I carried the bags of shopping away to the car; they would treat themselves to their favourite vibrators on returning home, having received a thrill in the unlikeliest of places . I found Blanche seated prominently toward the central edge of the café, where the best audience was likely from those within the café, and those passing by. Blanche smiled wickedly at me as the coffee and cream arrived.

"Are you enjoying your shopping trip? My husband used to get so excited at being humiliated in public. His ultimate erotic dream was to be the number one guest at a public execution; of course, that just wasn't possible. I'm thoroughly enjoying training you." I watched her crimson lips take the coffee, her eyes staring sharply at me; it was as though she was draining the very life from the cup. I could not deny my enjoyment of the humiliation at her hands; my cock pulsed and slithered in the cage, such was my level of lubrication already.

"Yes Mistress, I am pleased to be allowed to accompany you in public." Blanche smiled victoriously; she was ready for her next exhibition of me. She deftly dropped a blob of cream from a spoon onto one of her shoes.

"I think you need to get down there and clean that off." As I sheepishly bent down to clean her shoe, another spoon jangled to the floor, drawing all nearby eyes in my direction. Blanche adopted a stern look as I knelt to wipe the messy cream from her shoe.

"You make sure it's as clean as when you polished them for me earlier, or there'll be trouble." The scene was witnessed by many people, including the very woman who had made the remark earlier at the queue. She stood, arms crossed, her face a look of utter contempt as she witnessed the stern woman's complete and utter control over me. The fact that she'd stopped made several other woman stop and stare. They licked their lips as Blanche pointed down to her shoe with total authority on her face. Husbands of some of the woman looked on, their cocks tingling to erections as they witnessed a male in a position they could only dream of. I wrestled with the tissue as the cream still showed a white streak between purple upper and black sole; Blanche new this would happen, the mature women had used this medium before. She wanted to smile but maintained her stern look for the growing audience. She would now make my humiliation sublime.

"The tissue is no good fool. Lick it off now!" Blanche lifted her foot as I knelt there, in the middle of a busy shopping mall, sneering women and men looking on. My cock bulged to bursting point in the cage as I licked Blanche's shoe clean in public. Murmurs and giggles of disbelief emanated from the crowd that now witnessed my week and feeble submission to a superior power as I licked the remnants of the cream from the seams. Blanche looked at the watching crowd and smiled, basking in her absolute dominance over me. Most eyes were fixed on me though; women with strangely contented looks on their faces who savoured the scene, recording it in their memories for posterity; they would award themselves rich orgasms later when recalling my submission. The woman with glasses actually applauded; her clapping attracting an even greater sphere of onlookers as I completed the task before being allowed back up to my chair. I felt like the whole world had watched me masturbate naked, such was my level of humiliation. As the crowd started to filter away the woman with glasses came over, her full and mature breasts heaving with feminine pride.

"I'd like to congratulate you madam, I've had two husbands, both of whom were pigs. I would so love to have yours for a day." Having said this, she turned and was about to go home to her vibrator, when Blanche spoke.

"I'm sure my son-in-law would be delighted to be of service to you, come, tell me your name." The buxom women turned again and Blanche offered her a chair. She sat with a look of disbelief tinged with wicked anticipation, which was also edged with scorn as she looked at me.

"My name is Myrna." She replied with a contented smile now spreading across her face.

"I didn't realise this was your son-in-law, god, how wonderful." I could see her nipples bulge through her sweater as she became increasingly excited.

My cock and balls tingled as I looked at this woman, though plainly dressed for shopping she had the look of a school-mistress about her. Her words had excited me earlier and any severe and buxom middle-aged woman has the potential to dominate; this one had been badly treated by two prior husbands. Blanche looked at me.

"You'd love to spend a day serving Myrna, wouldn't you? I think you'd learn a lot from a woman who has not had the best of husbands; you could show her how a male should behave when in the service of a woman; you could give her great relief by showing her your love of the cane. I expect Myrna has had to put up with a lot of male engendered anxiety in her life; you'd love to accept her retribution on their behalf, wouldn't you." Myrna sighed and smiled haughtily as she took in Blanche's matter-of-fact talk about the cane. I could almost smell her arousal now.

"Yes Mistress I would love to be in Myrna's charge for a day." Blanche showed Myrna her phone to confirm this was genuine, Myrna couldn't tap the phone number into her phone's memory quick enough; a woman I had never seen in my life would now own me for a day. After discussing the possibilities of using Blanche's house, Miranda's hotel or even Myrna's own house, the two chatted woman's talk, before Myrna departed. She gave me a menacing look before strutting off. I watched her full arse depart, knowing I'd be made to worship it within a few short days.

Blanche smiled victoriously yet again and stood without saying any more. She pointed her finger to the exit and I followed meekly as other witnesses to my humiliation viewed me with utter contempt as we left.

On the way home from the mall, I was ordered to drive to a remote rural high-spot and Parked the car 100 yards or so from a quiet crossroads. A lone wooden pole stood at the spot; there was no traffic or other vehicles there. Blanche ordered me to get into the back of the car with her.

"I hope you enjoyed shopping with me; I can't wait to take you again. Would you like that?" My cock buzzed to as big an erection as it could manage in the cage as I thought about more sublime humiliation at her hands in public.

"Yes Mistress Blanche I would love to go shopping with you again." She lifted her chin and smiled contentedly, then glanced out of the window.

"I often stopped here with my husband, this place is called 'Gallows Hill'; this pole is where the gallows once stood. Many men were despatched here. I can just imagine them, noosed and naked but for a white shroud, the coffin they sat on during their last journey, in the back of the cart waiting for them. I can imagine lots of smiling women in the crowd and hear them cheer as the cart is drawn away. Many would have helped themselves to orgasms beneath those heavy skirts they wore, as they watched the male dance for them, perhaps having one last orgasm himself too, in front of so many people." Her words had me tingling all over. I thought of that supreme final humiliation she had so delighted in picturing for me; I hoped she'd allow me out of the cage. Blanche pulled her skirt back, revealing stocking tops and suspenders. Her black lacy panties had been put on last; they were not restricted by the belts. I eyed her camel-toe in the lace, which was sodden.

"Your behaviour at the mall has ruined my panties. Remove them and lick them clean." I wasted no time in gently peeling back the panties, taking them over her stilettos and up to my nose, sniffing and licking at the rich womanly scent and taste. Blanche sneered at my urgency and my cock pulsed agonisingly as I licked her sweet pussy and spicy anal perfumes from the gusset. Blanche lifted her feet to the leather bench seat, exposing her arousal and moist anus.

"You will now show your appreciation for allowing you to shop with me. Arsehole first and then pussy. If you do a worthy job I may let you masturbate once more before your trip to the hotel." I stooped in the back of the thankfully large car and licked and probed at Blanche's tangy anus as she sighed and tugged at my hair. I baulked just slightly as I heard a car pass in the road; this seemed to add to the thrill; especially for Blanche. Her pussy dribbled juices as I willingly probed the warm depths of her hot anus. She tugged my hair when satisfied I'd cleaned her sufficiently and had me lick and lap at her fragrant flower; the taste from her swollen butterfly was exquisite and I was son directed to her hard and prominent love-bead at the apex of her womanhood. Blanche pulled my hair painfully as she moaned in ecstasy; serviced once more by a submissive male whom she had complete and utter control over. I knelt in the well of the car with my head down, hoping she'd allow me relief. I was overjoyed when she had me undo my flies and then unlocked the cage. I almost smiled as I took my immediately unfurled cock in my hand. Blanche rebuked me.

"No, not here in my car! You'll do it where my husband performed for me." She opened the door and stepped out; I followed. She smiled wickedly and pointed to the pole.

"Trousers down and kneel at the pole. I want you to think of all the men whose feet never touched the ground here, and all the women who enjoyed the spectacle." She took her position giving me a full view of her beyond the pole, a leather leash in one hand which she wrapped about one wrist and tugged again and again. I panicked a little as another car passed behind me, and then the eroticism of the scene took over completely. There I was, kneeling in the open, genitals exposed, an utterly dominant woman making me masturbate in the open at the foot of a gallows which had seen the end of many men. She smiled sublimely as I stroked in pure ecstasy to a glorious orgasm; shooting wads of cum upon the pole as I thought of men being despatched, spiteful women enjoying their torment, Blanche, and blanches husband at this very spot. Blanche swelled with pride and laughed as I spent my last in honour of the gallows. She strutted to the car.

"Home! You pathetic cur."

I spent the next day caged, though Blanche still treated me to a Viagra tablet. In between chores, she would have me kneel with my head between her thighs whilst she read a book or phoned friends. Having me constantly inhale her womanly scent would keep me on my toes she said. I was worked hard at times, clearing the garden etc. so was glad to kneel and nuzzle her camel-toe on every occasion. She loved to taunt.

"Three days into Cherie's vacation with that handsome, masculine Chuck; I wonder how many times he's pleasured her and unloaded his seed deep inside her? Won't it be wonderful if she has a baby?" She simply laughed at comments like this, not expecting an answer, as I almost whimpered at the thought; my cock buzzed at her sweetly humiliating words though. One chore I had was being knelt next to the wash-basket, whilst Blanche sat in a chair and pulled out soiled panties she'd evidently been saving for such an occasion. She would sternly hold the gusset to my nose and shout "Sniff!" She took great pleasure in knowing the heavenly scent of stale to freshly soiled panties would drive my confined cock to exploding point; the Viagra adding tenfold to my torment. I knelt naked and dribbling pre-cum from the metal bell-end guard as Blanche took exquisite enjoyment out of the ever increasing pile. When she eventually got to the bottom of the basket, I then had each pair stretched over my head - gusset from chin to forehead- and made to walk on all fours down to the utility room where the washing machine was. Each richly scented gusset delivering its sweet scent as I negotiated stairs and hallways. Arabella and Agnes visited and applauded each pair; they thoroughly enjoyed the game and swore to retain their panties too, hoping to obtain my services at a later date.

I was allowed a shower at the end of the day and put to bed still caged. Blanche came up later and I was made to sleep with my nose to the crack of her beautiful domineering arse. My cock buzzed in submissive wonder as I thought about what the trip to Miranda's hotel may bring.

When the morning arrived, I was gleefully dressed in my drab grey once more by Blanche. I had learned to show no emotion before my mistress for fear of punishment; so was surprised when, stood at the front door as Miranda's hotel shuttle mini-cab arrived, Blanche planted a warm kiss on my lips which had more than a suggestion of affection. She recovered immediately and assumed her normal stern attitude, warning me to be on my best behaviour as she opened the front door and strutted off as though I did not exist. The kiss though, had registered its full impact; I yearned to stay in her possession and now had a good idea that the feeling was mutual for more than just practical reasons.

The female cab driver looked at me with the usual studied air of contempt as I opened the door and sat down. Aware of her employer's external interests beyond the hotel business, she exercised her natural right as a member of the superior sex. Her pussy tingled as she practised her obviously natural authority over me.

"You just sit there and be quiet; I will not tolerate any misbehaviour." I enjoyed this pre-conceived reprimand from a woman who wouldn't normally have shown these dominant tendencies openly and assumed as meek a profile as I could, to accommodate the emergence of her new found supremacy. I noted her curiously teasing eyes in the rear-view mirror on several occasions during the journey to the hotel, and could see she was pleased that I did not know where to go when we arrived there. She got out of the cab, her plump body tight in her black uniform very appealing, and contemptuously pointed me in the direction of reception.

"It's so obvious, do you have no common sense at all?" She gave me a look of complete worthlessness as I alighted from her cab, inflating her now erotically charged status. I stood before her, then kneeled and kissed her feet, thanking her as I looked up at her officious persona. She smiled with supreme satisfaction, trembling at the recognition of her own natural superiority over me; I could almost feel her pussy tingling. I knew that she would never view any male again in the same way after that day. The situation made me realise too, that I was increasingly assuming the status of the gimp; any woman was immediately recognisable as being totally superior and I was committed to emphasise my realisation of that fact on contact with any member of the superior sex.

When I entered the reception of Miranda's hotel, my status and the diminutive size of the planet was immediately brought home to me. The receptionist's eyes lit up and I struggled with the immediate familiarity of her face, which became all the more smug.

"I knew Madam Miranda was expecting a guest, but you? I've not had such an entertaining day's shopping in a long time." As the woman's body language became all the more bitchy, I recognised her as one of the women who had stood to witness my coffee-shop humiliation. Her face smiled with wicked smugness at having a moment in charge of an utterly wimpy male. She crossed her arms in authoritative fashion, looked me up and down as she tapped fingers on elbows, and then pointed to the smallest chair in the foyer.

"You go and sit quietly over there and wait till someone comes for you. I don't want to hear a peep from you, or I'll fetch you a spanking." She giggled audibly in surprise at her own spontaneous authority, she wasn't quite sure where it had come from, but got a great deal of pleasure in watching me meekly obey her command. I went and sat in the small chair.

I was beginning to think that the receptionist had not announced my arrival after 10 minutes or so in the chair. After another 10 minutes or so, many other people had attended whilst I sat; mostly well-to-do middle aged ladies, some accompanied by males who said nothing; it was apparent who was in charge. Several formidable and severe looking women entered on occasion. The receptionist simply handed them a room-key when they signed the ledger. None of them even glanced at me. I was beginning to feel very uneasy after 30 minutes, and then the foyer door opened and in strode the fat ginger woman. She was dressed in a tight black dress which showed all her formidable curves and bulges, black stockings clad her full calves, nicely accentuated by tall black stilettos. The dress was low cut at the front, revealing a deep inviting cleavage between her huge breasts; a small mink stole about her neck seeming to emphasise her womanly orbs below. She was finished off superbly with a small black hat and gloves, one hand clutching a bag, the other a small dress whip. She looked at me with contempt but said nothing. The receptionist handed her a key and they both looked sternly at me.

"I hope he has behaved himself. You be sure to let me know if he so much as speaks out of turn." I then watched the bulbous backside of the ginger woman strut through the second set of doors, my cock stiff with excitement in its tiny trap. The receptionist smiled wickedly at me; she was enthralled to have control over me as I sat in silence. Another 10 minutes passed and then the elegant Miranda appeared at the second doors. She looked at me without smiling.

"Come!" I meekly left the chair and followed her to a very ornate Art Nouveau style elevator which ran through the centre of the equally ornate staircase; the open view through the bars allowed a view of the passing landings and corridors, vases of fresh flowers and many French maids caught the eye. Miranda smiled as we ascended.

"It's just like being in a cage isn't it?" My balls were tingling with anticipation as I answered.

"Yes Mistress Miranda." The elevator halted as it came to what I assumed was the top floor. I moved slightly in expectation of leaving the 'cage' when Miranda put her hand between my legs, cupping my balls and smiling knowingly. She looked about the landing and corridors to ensure no-one was there, and then pressed a sequence of buttons. The elevator rose again to a sinister but plush landing bedecked in black. The soft lighting revealed shorter corridors than before; each ending with a large door; smaller doors lined those corridors Occasional black velvet chairs sat under black lamps. A masked maid dressed in black latex, vicious whip in hand, stood in attendance as the cage was opened. Miranda squeezed my balls.

"These are ours now. You are free from the cage but not from the trap. I will enjoy watching you perform later." She laughed as I stood on the black landing and watched her descend again. The maid smiled; her bright red lips and white chin in contrast with the shiny black latex. She cracked her whip and pointed to the floor.

"Strip!" I did as I was told and stood naked but for my cage. I was ordered to kneel and the maid took a bag from a nearby table and emptied the contents to the floor, allowing me a good look at the items. A sinister hooded mask was the first item I was fitted with. It went tightly over my head and I peeped through the eye-holes as the smiling maid fastened it at the neck, it had holes in the side to allow hearing and my nose and mouth were exposed, though it was very tight around my neck and under my chin. She then took great pleasure in fitting a collar and leash. She then showed me an evil looking cock-gag. She delighted in demonstrating how it would be fitted and extolled its virtues in how it allowed a slave to sample their mistress' freshest scents on their natural reaction to being fucked. She said I would not need it just yet; I was made to carry it in my teeth as I was led on all fours by the slender and very dominant maid, down a velvety corridor to a large end door.

In contrast to the corridor, the room was well lit. The ceiling was mirrored and there were many strategically placed and fitted mirrors on the walls. There were also many cameras on view; this was not as per the incognito room I had witnessed Cherie cuckold me in; this room was designed to allow the occupants to enjoy being observed. The maid had me kneel at the foot of the bed and my leash was tied to a ring in the base of the bed; the cock gag was to remain in my teeth. The maid looked at various cameras and smiled, curtsied, and then left the room. Moments later the superb ginger woman walked in; she smiled warmly at me as she took the gag from my mouth and began to strip off.

"You will address me as Mistress Althea. Thank me for allowing you to be of service." My cock pulsed as I watched the matronly woman reveal her undergarments.

"Thank you for allowing me to be of service Mistress Althea" My balls tingled as she smiled down as she removed her panties, revealing the delectably chubby ginger mound I had enjoyed so much at the caning.

"I intend to assist in every way with your re- education. Blanche has been a good friend to me and helped me discover my true value and superiority over all men. You have not been of any good use to Cherie and now you are learning of how to be of some use to women. I will make good use of you today; many dominant women and countless worthless males will get much enjoyment from your time with me today, and my friends and I will have our incomes increased at your expense. " My mouth watered as Althea sat in a chair and allowed me a generous view of her pussy as she rolled on thigh length black latex tights. She smiled down at my cage.

"It's nice to see how Blanche has taken to you. All the women in the circle have a key to that cage; her late husband was put to good use and experienced many tortures and pleasures before he was disposed of. Today will be a special experience for you." I could not wait to see what Althea had in store for me; the idea of so many people witnessing whatever humiliations she had arranged for me had me tingling with submissive pleasure. She wriggled into a tight latex bodice; her ample breasts hanging over the top, her milky white flesh in contrast to the shiny black latex, the lower half accentuating her voluptuous arse cheeks. She tied on a wicked face mask which covered just her eyes, then took a tiny key from her bag. She stroked my balls as she undid Blanche's cage. She seemed to gain immense pleasure from watching my cock erect and stiffen.

"Blanche's husband used to love this act of cage removal; he knew, and so will you that it earns a thrashing from Blanche, for being with another woman." My cock dribbled with lubrication as I thought of the cane. Althea stood before me in dominant fashion; hands on hips, then smiled up at the nearest convenient camera. She took my leash and led me to the middle of the room, encouraging me to glance at all the mirrors as I knelt at her feet in submission. My cock bobbed with excitement as I looked at the magnificent woman from all angles; I wanted to cum there and then, knowing I'd be viewed by thousands within days. Althea tugged my leash.

"Toilet first." I followed on all fours to the room in the corner, which was huge for a convenience room. Cameras jutted from the ceiling, waist level and from the floor level. The whole room was mirrored. In the centre of the room was a toilet made of glass. Althea smiled with pleasure as I gawked at the strange contrivance. She spread her beautiful cheeks across the glass seat and then sat forward and had me sniff her pussy. She then had me lie prostrate on the floor and look up through the glass as she sat back. I watched her pussy bulge and piss cascade from her generous flaps. The cascade dwindled to an orange trickle, Althea moved slightly forward as it stopped, and then sat back on the seat.

"Up you come and lick me clean." She gave my leash a tug when I showed a little hesitation.

"You'll pay dearly if you disappoint me and the people who are now watching you." I leaned forward and lapped at her dripping pussy; the salty droplets not tasting as bad as I had imagined, I lapped eagerly around her soft and inviting pussy. She pulled me back and then lifted her feet to the rim of the glass bowl and leaned back.

"You may sniff my arsehole now. You know what's coming next don't you?" She sniggered as I sniffed her tangy pucker; my own arse tingling at what was obviously to follow. I was ordered down again as she spread her glorious arse to ensure I got the best view. I watched as her delicious arsehole pulsed a little and then bulged and dilated as she began a nice relaxing shit. Althea gave a little moan of pleasure as I watched her bowels squeeze a nice long, dark- brown stool, and then watched her arse tense as her sphincter cut the prize loose. It dropped with a pleasing splash into the water below. I was mesmerised as the large woman repeated the exercise twice more. She flushed the toilet; her turds snaking away around the bend and down through the pipe in the floor. I watched her then turn on the toilet to face the rear wall, smiling victoriously into the mirror and a nearby camera. She poked her relieved arsehole over the rim of the seat.

"Lick my arse clean you cur. Make sure you do a thorough job." She watched me with delight in the side mirror as she straddled the pan with her arms on the glass cistern which bubbled away as it refilled. I looked at her dirty arse and licked at the acrid mess which remained. Luckily she had not made too much of a mess. To my surprise I did not gag at the taste which was surprisingly bland. My cock was stiffer than ever as I became a substitute for toilet-paper for the first time in my life. Althea relaxed her anus and I probed and licked until she was content I had thoroughly cleaned her. I knew I would know my place when this woman had finished with me.

Althea said I was a good boy and allowed me to mouth-wash before I was taken to the bedroom once more. She had me kiss her feet in the centre of the room and thank her allowing me to attend toilet with her, before having me kneel between her sumptuous thighs, whilst she applied the cock-gag. She was very pleased when I was silenced by this phallus and had me view myself thoroughly in the mirror. She then took great delight in smothering the phallus in KY Jelly; teasing it as though it might cum; my cock wanted to feel every stroke and I so wanted to be allowed relief. I was then made to lie on my back on the bed, and watched in the ceiling mirror as she straddled me. My cock was close to exploding as I witnessed the phallus being worked into her slit, and then she slowly descend, taking in the entire 8 inches or so and nestling on my face. My nose was right up against her freshly cleaned arsehole; it was already beginning to develop its tangy scent once more, as Althea became hot and excited. She then began to ease up and down rhythmically, moaning as her pussy juiced nicely; I spluttered a little as I had difficulty consumed her nectar with my mouth already full. Althea moaned in pure ecstasy as she brought herself off on the gag, pounding my face with her ample arse as she sought the utmost from her orgasm; she nestled tightly on my face, almost suffocating me. As I sniffed at her arsehole for dear life, I felt her lean forward slightly and grasp my aching cock.

"I shall reward you now, before you loosen my arsehole with the gag, in preparation for our guests." What could she mean? I sniffed gratefully away at her now spicy arsehole, as she worked me back and forth. I came in no time at all, grunting with pleasure as she deftly slipped thumb around my bell-end to allow me maximum pleasure. I emptied my balls as I pondered the 'guests'. I was allowed relief from the cock-gag to lick my mess from Althea's legs and torso, while she liberally coated it with jelly once more. She had me kneel at the foot of the bed, whilst she squatted on her knees on the bed and had me probe her anus with the cock. Althea moaned with pleasure as the greased phallus slid in and out of her tight anus. There was a knock at the door.

Althea simply shouted 'come in' to whoever was at the door; she had me continue to ream her delicious anus as her pussy dripped. I was completely humbled when the guests who entered were two muscular males; one black one white, both already naked and toying with huge cocks, which stiffened as they watched me. Their looks of were of utter contempt as I knelt in nodding service of my feminine owner's arse. Althea made sure the cameras had time to catch my full humiliation witnessed by two worthier males, before ordering me to stop. They chuckled as I was led to the centre of the room where althea had me kneel facing the bed. The gag was removed and Althea took pleasure in having me lick it clean after good use. As I sucked on the phallus Althea advised what was next.

"These boys will now show you how real men satisfy a woman. I want you to watch and see what you can never do for a woman and will never be asked to even try. You are such a puny-cocked wimp. I shall put you to further good use later." The three had a good laugh at me as I finished sucking the phallus clean of Althea's secretions, then the white male lay back on the bed and Althea lay face down on top of him. His hairy tanned body and huge pinkie-beige cock and balls, contrasting with Althea's milky-white skin. He eased his stiff eager cock into her moist and well-aroused pussy, making her whimper with pleasure as his large length and girth squeezed into her sex. The black male whose cock was even bigger, then moved in over her rear. He smiled with pleasure as he forced his bulbous dark-brown bell end into Althea's willing arsehole. She moaned with supreme pleasure as he slid his length into her tight rectum.

I could not help but be excited by the sight of Althea being pleasured in both holes at once; she moaned in a state of continuous pleasure as the two huge cocks slid in and out of her moist and willing havens. Both men wore smiles of deep satisfaction as their engorged bell-ends were nursed by the mature woman's rectal and vaginal constrictions as they worked back and forth; she pointed her legs back as far at the restrictions of the male's bodies would allow, her latex clad legs and feet honed to a point as she bathed in carnal pleasure. The white man watched the reflection of the three in the side mirrors as he humped as best he could with the chubby ginger woman fast losing all control. He watched her huge breasts rub his chest as he stroked. The black man had an easier task and watched the reflection of the three in the headboard mirror; his hips slapping Althea's fat arse cheeks as his huge cock reamed the tight depths of her rectum. The balls of both men were nicely retracted now, they groaned with pleasure and listened to the tone of Althea's blissful moaning's; both anxious to hear that wail of ecstasy which would allow them to unleash their loads and indulge in satisfying orgasms.

With half-open eyes, her mouth agape as she indulged fully in the acute sexual pleasure rendered by the two huge pulsing cocks, Althea gained more pleasure by eying me as I remained on my knees. She knew I longed to have my cock in either hole, but would never be allowed that pleasure. No, she would gain further pleasure from me by other means. Her gape turned to a smile and her eyes closed as she gave the signal which sounded nothing short of divine to the two studs; her legs stiffened as she cried out with a high-pitched whimper, signalling the two cocks to be pumped in a fury. Owners of both black and white cock moaned heartily as long and hard as their cocks; my cock bobbed and pulsed as I watched the two cocks splutter and glisten in Althea's invaded arse and pussy. The men roared as they bucked furiously and emptied their balls into the mature redhead; Althea squirmed in the most complete of ecstasies as creamy white semen dribbled and streaked along the length of the thrusting cocks, which flashed in and out as the two males spent and grunted in their own ecstatic spasms. Finally, panting and sweating, the three collapsed on each other for a moment. Althea sighed as the black man eased his still rigid cock clear of her well-serviced anus. I watched with envy as cum dribbled from the end of his cock, and Althea's dilated arsehole slowly closed, squeezing a wad of cum out, which dribbled down to her pussy. She giggled and lifted herself up, allowing the white man to slide his messy cock free also. Both men looked totally satisfied as their cocks drooped and dribbled. Althea rolled onto her back and eyed me as the men prepared to leave for a shower.

"Thank you once again boys; it was a real pleasure as usual." The two gave me no more than a look of indifference as they left the room. Althea lifted her legs in the air and sneered at me, her head and shoulders propped up by a pillow.

"Get over here wimp and clean me up." She smiled with wicked contentment as I sheepishly crawled upon the bed and viewed the abundant sticky globules of cum which dribbled from both holes.

"Arsehole first. If you do a good job I may allow you a treat." She grinned at her enjoyment of complete control over me as I lay on the bed with my face up to her sex and anus; the smell of mingled juices and semen was very potent. My cock was stiffer than ever as I committed my latest act of humiliation. As I lapped at the salty mess, I saw the sheer pleasure in Althea's eyes as she dominated me. My cock tingled as I rubbed it on the sheets below me; I was thoroughly enjoying my humiliation, increased tenfold in knowing the cameras were on me. I probed as deep as I could into her hot anus to reach the cream; when I withdrew, Althea squeezed her anus to allow me to reach some more. She delighted in repeating this several times; I was close to coming as I licked and swallowed another man's semen from the anus of a mature and dominant woman who had complete control of me. Satisfied with my efforts with her lower hole in this position, she lifted my head with the leash and squeezed my face into her creamy cleft. She laughed as I spluttered and blew bubbles in the generous wad of semen, pulling my head back by my hair to laugh all the more at my semen covered nose and mouth. My cock was fit to burst as I wallowed in heavenly submission, lapping and gulping the salty mess from her beautiful flaps and fold as she teased.

"Did you enjoy watching me be fucked? Seeing you denied was as thrilling as either cock; did you hear them both grunt with pleasure when they provided your little snack?" I lapped up to her clitoris, noticing she was becoming increasingly aroused; her words had me close to coming in humiliated bliss. She noticed this; I was to be denied again.

"No you don't! I'll be the one who says when you'll squirt you pathetic little cock. On your back; it's time for desert." I was close to whining and begging for relief, as I turned and Althea straddled me. She slapped my erect cock for good measure as I looked up at her anus hovering over my nose and mouth; she looked in the mirror and shuffled slightly to allow one of the cameras a good view. I watched in anticipation as she pulled her cheeks apart; her pucker flexed in and out, as it had done earlier when she'd shit. This time she sighed with pleasure as a creamy-brown string of semen, flavoured with her rectal secretions, dribbled down to my mouth. I lapped it up as though it were nectar; my humiliation sublime. Althea sneered wistfully as she viewed my eagerness to consume the mess in the mirror, as the last remnants dripped out.

"He certainly went a long, long way up me this time, such a magnificent cock. Your tongue will have to suffice now he's gone." With that she sank down and my face was enveloped by her sweaty cheeks. My nose was rubbed back and forth in her dribbling anus as she worked herself to a frenzy on my mouth and chin; her womanly juices and residual semen dripped and slid across and into my mouth and made the leather mask squelch as it ran between skin and leather. I felt totally used and worthless as she moaned in ecstasy once more. She allowed me down off the bed and had me sit looking at her ginger pussy while she toyed with my aching cock with her feet. The door opened and in walked Miranda and the Latex maid. I was crestfallen, crushed. I was to be denied again. Althea chuckled and looked at Miranda.

"You're just in time to see him masturbate at my feet. Even after tonight's torture, he'll come so much better for a crowd." Miranda and the maid laughed and stood closer. Althea teased.

"Think of the two men; I want to see just as much cream from you. Start milking!" I grabbed my cock and stroked for all I was worth; Althea lifted her foot under my cock, I would not last long." The latex maid ensured I wasted no-one's time.

"Can I whip him before he goes downstairs? I think he could do with it." Miranda smiled and replied as though the maid had asked if she could walk her dog.

"Yes of course dear." The last words I heard as I covered Althea's foot in the most cream I'd seen for 15 minutes or so.

I was taken into a room with a crucifix-like stand and lashed to it; both Miranda and Althea commented on how it would be a fitting end to the day, if I were lashed by the maid for good measure. I sagged at the crucifix as the latex maid cracked her bullwhip expertly; my cock did anything but sag as I watched her gracefully wicked movements in the mirrors, the tears streaming down my face at the acute pain. The two mature women laughed and clapped at each cry of pain I maid; the latex domina knowing just how to inflict stinging pain without causing physical damage. The women were right about the finale; I was more than ready to come again now, exquisitely used and humiliated throughout the day, I was now whipped by a girl half my age. The two older women applauded loudly as my treat was brought to an end with the final swirling crack of the whip. They untied me and I was taken to the maid who now sat at the end of a bed and unzipped her crotch. I was made to thank her for the punishment; she lifted her graceful legs to the bed, and the two older women delighted in holding me as I licked her youthful and fragrant pussy, beautifully moist in arousal, having shown her complete dominance of me. As she sighed and shuddered to a well-earned orgasm, Miranda softly stroked my bobbing cock; I had an idea that this was not to be the absolute finale.

The women smiled with satisfaction as I kissed the feet of the maid and Althea, just as I had been instructed by Miranda; thanking the maid again for her much needed discipline, and Althea for allowing me to watch her being pleasured, and especially for being allowed to sample the pleasure the real men had left her with. Althea toed my taut scrotum with her foot.

"I would be most happy to allow you to serve me again; you are so truly servile and inferior. We ladies are hoping Blanche allows you to stay, if she doesn't I may claim you myself. Either way you fate is sealed; you'll be owned by all women when we've finished with you." My cock buzzed at her words; she was right, as were all women, I had been submissive when I first met Cherie, I was now closer to the status of the gimp; I now viewed all women in every situation as potential owners. I was truly en route to being broken completely. Althea passed my cage to Miranda, who tugged on my leash and shouted 'heel!' Althea and the maid chuckled as I was led like a dog back to the elevator.

As I was still naked apart from the mask, I panicked a little as Miranda closed the elevator doors and pressed a code on the buttons. Though the thought of descending and being seen naked and on the leash of an assertive middle-aged woman in jodhpurs excited me, it would still be a shock to the system. Miranda laughed with satisfaction as I jerked in the opposite direction as the elevator rose to yet another floor, rather than descending. It took my breath away as the elevator emerged into brilliant sunshine behind the mirrored-glass walls of a penthouse suite. I could see right across town from the top of her hotel. Miranda pointed to the populated side of a hill several miles off.

"That's Blanche's house with the red roof to the right of that church; what we ladies hope will become your home. I intend to make this hotel a second home to you; Althea and I know many ladies who will relish showing you your true purpose in life, I will make good use of you until you are disposed of." My cock was now dribbling with excitement as the dominant woman led me into the plush suite. Huge windows looked out across the miniature landscape below, emphasising that this was a woman at the very top, looking down on all. There were beds in all the rooms, even the lounge. On the end wall of the main lounge was a large tin-type sepia photograph of a noosed man, hooded and hanging, naked with bound ankles and wrists bound behind his back; toes pointing down to the ground several inches out of reach. Either side of the hanged man stood a crowd of smiling women, pertly dressed in white blouses and long floor-length skirts. My cock stiffened as I viewed the photo, which I assumed was of a lynching from over 100 years ago; my cock stiffened all the more when I realised that the woman closest to the despatched male with the most satisfied smile was Miranda. The same satisfied smile spread across her face as she took great pride in my recognition of her.

"That's the ex-proprietor of this hotel; he introduced me to amateur movie making, he so loved Westerns and was submissive like you; we ladies simply combined the two for him; that picture was taken a week after the hotel changed owners." Miranda then clicked her fingers sternly and pointed to her feet.

"Kiss those, and then undo these jodhpurs. The next room we go into will be of great interest to you. I am going to show you my edited version of your day here; I will also show you the rough version and encourage you with my whip where I believe you have fallen short." I fumbled as I undid the tight cream coloured jodhpurs which so accentuated her mature womanly figure. My eyes were draw to the crotch, which revealed a beige patch; testament to her excitement having overcome her panties. The beautifully rich scent of her arousal filled my nostrils as I peeled them off. I was then led into a room which had many television screens with a large editing deck, and of course, a bed. Miranda had me peel off her panties which I was invited to sniff and lick clean, before she alighted into a curious elevated leather chair with a horseshoe shaped seat and splayed footrests. A container attached to one of the armrests held an assortment of short whips and crops. Miranda swivelled the chair into a sideways-on position to the editing deck, and then tugged my leash, puling me tight in, the function of the set now apparent; Miranda could work whilst having her pussy and arsehole serviced, an elevated screen at an angle above the deck allowing the kneeling slave a view of what his mistress was viewing. I sniffed at the sweet perfumes of her mature pussy and anus whilst Miranda unbuckled the leather hood and removed it.

"There, you shan't need that anymore today, though I shall see that you'll be no stranger to it. Now let's look at what we've got for you to take home to Blanche; you may lick my bottom now." She tapped some buttons and I was treated to a video show of my own humiliation as I licked her tart arsehole and sniffed at her gorgeously aroused pussy. She caressed the back of my head with one hand, and toyed with a leather crop with the other, her taste and scent, her dominant stance over me, and the re-living of the day's humiliations had me yearning for further relief; my cock ached as I watched toilet training, cock-gag, cuckold cleaning and whipping. Miranda bucked with pleasure as she watched too; my tongue now probing deep into her anus as I watched the stern woman above me and my graphic submission on camera. Miranda smiled down as the film ended, and cropped my arse with her leather companion.

"Now we'll see where there's room for improvement." I looked up at the screen beyond the plump breasts and stern looks of my present mistress, as she pointed out how I'd looked directly at cameras, not paid enough attention, and not given clear or subservient enough answers; each time I was treated to a stinging thrash of the crop. All the time I was allowed to tongue her arsehole, which provided some comfort. My eyes streaming at the end of the show, I was ordered to lie on my back on the bed. Miranda straddled my face and I sniffed and looked up the crack of her beautiful arse cheeks as I was treated to a taste of her sweet pussy. Miranda purred softly as she re-viewed the edited version of my day.

"You know Blanche will be thoroughly disgusted with your actions today; going with another woman like that. You can expect a good thrashing from her when she's seen the copy you'll take home to her, but that won't deter you from coming here again, will it?" The dominant woman laughed as I tried to answer but was smothered by her grinding her hot juicy pussy into my face, as she commenced her ride to an orgasm, whilst watching Althea completely and utterly dominate me. I was rewarded for my work by Miranda grasping my eager cock, milking my balls once more. As she moaned with pleasure on reaching the apex of her orgasm, her erratic hand movements had me spend gloriously yet again, as I thought of those sublime humiliations and licked the stern woman's juices.

I was caged again and dressed in my drab grey clothes. Miranda told me how pleased she had been with my performance and hoped that I understood why Blanche would be obliged to thrash me. She had me kiss her feet in the foyer whilst the awaiting female taxi driver and the pert receptionist looked on. With smug satisfaction, the receptionist commented.

"The next time you see me, I'll be upstairs in latex, waiting for you." My balls tingled as the three laughed whilst I was led away to the cab, a DVD under my arm. I was told to sit quietly and not dare speak throughout the journey by the driver; it was now confirmed that I was a complete and utter wimp to be controlled by any woman. Blanche was waiting at the door as we pulled into the drive, cane in hand ready. The smiling driver stepped out with me and I bent down and kissed her feet. She and Blanche smiled knowingly at each other as I walked meekly up to the woman who I hoped would own me permanently. She pointed to the main lounge without saying anything and I went in as the cab drove away. I knelt in the middle of the floor and awaited her instruction as she strutted in behind me.

"I believe you have something to show me." She smiled wickedly and pointed to the DVD player. I obliged and re-lived the day's humiliations once again. Blanche looked very satisfied with herself.

"Upstairs now. Clothes off and lie face down on my bed." The day's events ended with the house being filled with the sound of the wicked cane making its sweet noise as it cut the air in descent, and my cries and moans as I felt it bite. My last reward of the day was to taste yet more feminine juices, this time the ones I had come to savour the most, and hoped would savour for more than two weeks.

When I was allowed downstairs after my shower the next day, Blanche had me accompany her to the downstairs toilet where she had me lick her clean after she had had her pee after coffee. As I gratefully licked the salty golden droplets from her mature folds, having been allowed to watch her piss, she told me with much enthusiasm how she and some of her friends had spent yesterday coaching someone on the finer points of the enjoyment of domination. The woman in question had been a natural and had shown she had a real talent where exquisite torment and humiliation were concerned. Blanche's salty taste began to taste sweeter as she relayed this; the tease and thought of my on-going education gently arousing her. she slapped my face when she considered I had cleaned her sufficiently and as I knelt she pulled my hair back and splashed a wet flannel in my face, then had me open my mouth as she liberally filled it with mouthwash, sneering as I choked on the unexpected torrent. She shoved my head into the toilet bowl and had me spit out.

"She will be here shortly, Agnes is bringing her. I believe she also has some friends she would like to introduce you to; to allow her to recuperate between her sessions demonstrating her new found skills. I had wanted to keep you to myself today, I may call Miranda and have one of her studs visit me; it's been over a month since I had a real man service me." My cock bulged in the cage; the thought of Blanche being fucked by an alpha male whilst I was not there was an exquisite tease; she had seen the pleasure I had got from being of good tongue service to Althea, and knew the treat and humiliation would be tenfold to witness if she were pleasured. She looked victoriously at my pleading eyes.

"Yes, I think I shall do that whilst you are away." My cock buzzed as I watched her elegant behind saunter to a cupboard and take two Viagra tablets from a pot, and then pour a glass of water from the tap, her breasts heaving as she thought of a nice large cock and the fact that I would not be allowed to witness it and clean up after, hurt me a thousand times more than any cane. She made me gulp down the tablets and picked up her phone.

"Hi Agnes, can you do me a favour please? ... Yes, you knew already...however did you guess? ... pick up one of the larger studs and bring him here when on your way with our guest... I want him to see the boy who's going to fuck me while he's not here; it will be a good lesson for him." My head went down, only to be lifted by the chin, and my face smartly slapped.

"If you please our new friend, I may let you lie on the sheets where I'm fucked, and you can sniff them whilst I cane you." Blanche unlocked my cage in readiness for my trip and I was made to kneel in the window, naked but for collar and leash, to await our guests. I had already guessed who my mistress for the day would be, but was stunned by her appearance; my cock stiffening with Viagra charged eroticism as I saw her step from the arriving car.

Myrna, the drab but stern woman who I'd randomly met in a shopping mall, now looked like a goddess. Dressed in a tight leather cat suit with boots and whip, the meek woman who had approved of Blanche's complete control of me would now ensure I knew my place. She had been abused by two husbands and I knew I would be made to pay dearly for their actions. My balls tingled with anticipation as I viewed the form of this naturally dominant woman; a tight black PVC belt pulled the black leather tight around her beautifully curved arse and hips, her strong thighs taught in the leather, above it the belt accentuating the soft bulge of her mature belly; her mound of Venus centrally expressing the pride of her womanhood. Her full breasts pert in the smooth black leather bulged as she strutted in thigh length boots, her nipples erect with her excitement at the promise of the day. She was accompanied by Agnes and a huge black male. Blanche opened the door to allow them in and came into the lounge, ordering me to turn and face her. She smiled as my cock bobbed in recognition of her change of attire; she was now naked but for six inch red stilettos and a full length black chiffon shawl, her large breasts and heavenly slit on show for all to see. Gone was the dominating threat that she held over me; this essence of pure womanhood was how she greeted those males with cock enough to satisfy her. As the three entered, the black man simply laughed at me and tuned to greet Blanche. Agnes looked at me with contempt as I knelt, naked and erect, leash hanging from collar, awaiting command; a picture of subservience. Myrna panted visibly as she looked at me with scorn; her knuckles white as she gripped the whip tightly, the whip she yearned to use on me. Blanche took the man's hand and let him feel her pussy; she unzipped his fly and eased out his huge cock which was a good nine inches long, only semi- erect. She then closed her eyes and smiled.

"This is Elroy; I so love to suck his cock and then have him fuck me; pussy and arse, several times. Myrna here is going to keep your mind occupied elsewhere today. I know she and her friends will enjoy you; she will let me know how you behave, I'll deal with you later." With that she walked off with Elroy, up the stairs to her bedroom; I was torn as I watched her beautiful round arse in the chiffon ascend the stairs, Elroy deliberately turning on the stairs to allow me a look at his now huge, erect cock, knowing I would never be allowed to fuck her that way. Agnes grinned with pleasure as she saw my pain; she now knew that in the short time I'd been there, the supremely dominant Blanche had become the entire focus of my attention; she owned me completely. Myrna could not believe her good fortune; her pussy was buzzing wickedly as she approached me and demanded I kiss her feet. I did so without the slightest hesitation; my cock stiffening as I made contact and sensed her truly eager dominance for the first time. I was allowed the luxury of a dressing gown to cover my shame whilst travelling in the car; Agnes drove as Myrna had me kneel in the footwell and lick her boots as we drove, whilst she told me about her two friends who awaited us at her house. They too were from broken marriages and I was to show them how a male should behave before women. Agnes smiled with satisfaction as she listened to Myrna take control.

"Blanche so loves to recruit ladies like you Myrna; a woman freshly introduced to her rightful position above males, always expresses her dominance with such vigour; though we old hands know many tricks and teases, it can never compare with the spite that you and your friends will inflict on a worthless male. I'm sure he'll remember every moment of your hospitality. I'm so glad you've opted to join our circle Myrna." Agnes then diverted her attention to me as we pulled into the drive of Myrna's typically suburban house.

"Oh, and guess who's also been promised a day out shopping with you, at some time in the future?" Agnes and Myrna laughed as they imagined Myrna's humiliating treatment of me at some mall or high street. My balls tingled like mad as I listened to her words and licked at the smooth leather. Myrna grabbed my leash and I was hauled out of the car. My dressing gown was removed and flung into the porch and I was made to kiss Agnes' feet before she left. Two women appeared at the window and applauded the scene; the both looked on with disbelief and sheer excitement as their friend took charge of me in a show of utter dominance; the leash choking me, as I was whipped in the open. She could not get me into her house fast enough.

The three women stood around me and Myrna had me kiss their feet, much to their delight. One was beautifully plump and quite tall; she wore a skirt which was really tight around her globular arse, something she would not have dared wear in public. Her long hair dyed jet black; she had a certain menace about her. The other woman was petit and elegant; she had found herself a cane to toy with; her legs were long in her very short skirt, a sweet mound visible in panties which peeped below the hem-line. Though the three had never been in an intimate situation before, the shock of Myrna's news had rid them of all their inhibitions; the sight of Myrna's outfit and her telling of the coaching she had, made them feel like new women. Having the reality of a naked male at their feet confirmed this was no dream; all three were nicely aroused already and up for some true domination. The plump one smiled with a thought.

"I want to face-sit him; will he be ok with that?" Myrna laughed at her friend's naivety and whipped me for good measure.

"He'll do just as he's told; we have all day, I intend to humiliate and punish him in many ways; do you want to see just how submissive he is?" The women nodded and sneered, Myrna tugged on the leash, standing with her legs parted, looking superbly dominant in her leather.

"Have you ever masturbated in front of three fully clothed women?" My cock throbbed as I thought of being allowed to cum.

"No mistress." Myrna treated me to her whip again as the other two slowly sat smiling at the show, either side of her in a large leather sofa.

"Would you like to?" The women laughed and sneered, rubbing themselves openly through their panties.

"Yes Mistress Myrna, I would like to." I could not lie; I so wanted to disgrace myself before this beautifully assertive woman who had come into my life by accident. The two other women erupted in disbelief, clapping and laughing at my pathetic admission. Myrna tugged at my leash and had me kneel close to her boots as she too sat, crossing her strong thighs in dominant fashion.

"You'll come on my boots and then we'll watch while you lick your mess off them. I will then watch over you whilst you pleasure my friends for the first time. I shall then allow you to oblige me for the first time too. After that you shall have your first thrashing." The promise of so much made my arse tingle in submissive heaven; the women were superb as they all toyed with their engorged pussies through their clothing; each wanting to have their garments removed, but maintaining a discipline which they would soon transfer to me. They looked with stern smiles as I stroked my stiff and throbbing cock, kneeling naked before three women who barely knew me, but were willingly owning me. Myrna's tight leather was all too much as she probed her finger s along her camel-toe; I knew I would be invited to lick the inside of her leathers clean before the day was out.; her transformation from the dull woman at the mall was incredible, as I pleasured my cock and looked at her I longed to be thrashed. The three looked on with wicked delight, the scent of their arousal adding to my submissive pleasure as I began to jerk and convulse. Myrna smiled and showed me her whip.

"Cream my boots you worthless scum." I duly obliged, grunting in ecstasy as the jizz exploded from my bell-end; all three were close to coming as they watched my disgrace as I shot generous wads of cream all over Myrna's boots. The chubby woman became more dominant by the minute.

"Oh I am so going to enjoy caning him, after he's licked my arsehole." She sneered. The slender one whipped the sofa with the cane in her free hand like a jockey, smiling sweetly as she frigged herself with the other hand through her panties. The actions of both and the sight of a victorious smile from Myrna had me spending over and over again, yearning to taste their sweet essences and then their whips. I at last panted to a halt, my creamy offering dribbling in streaks down Myrna's boots. I felt her whip again, stinging me into action.

"Lick it off now! Don't you dare miss any." The two watched intently as I licked my salty mess from her boots, my spent cock only slightly flaccid; the erotic situation and the double dosage of Viagra would ensure my cock would be rigid again in no time. The large friend helped no end with my cock's physical condition; I noticed her looking sternly at me with wicked satisfaction as I meekly cleaned my mess from Myrna's boots. She slipped her spoiled panties off, displaying a beautifully juiced pussy between sumptuous thighs.

"You'll lick these clean next, then I think I shall spank you for making a mess." The two others gave their approval as the slender one removed her panties too.

"He'll clean mine too, and then I'm going to piss on his face, then he can lick me clean before I cane him; he's going to pay for every male who's been remotely unkind to me." Myrna whipped me three times when I had licked down to the toes of her boots; she was not going to be left out.

"Undo my belt and then my leggings; I'll have you lick my arse and pussy before your first punishment, I want to thrash you in leather though, so leave my boots." The women smiled with satisfaction, drooling at the prospect of being serviced to order. My cock was rigid again already as I knelt and undid the broad shiny black belt from Myrna's waist; her womanly belly bulged in the soft leather as she stroked my arse with the whip, as I then fumbled with the buttons on the tight leather leggings. As they came open I looked up at her wickedly smiling face and awaited her command.

"Peel them down and sniff my pussy, don't you dare lick though! I want you to savour the scent of the woman who is going to thrash you whilst dressed in an outfit I have long fantasised wearing." The other two murmured their approval as I peeled the soft black leather slowly over her hot cheeks and down her full mature thighs, all the time watching her face for approval, a face that was blissfully enjoying a life-long fantasy of having a male at her feet, a male whom she would thrash to tears before two other women, whilst dressed in an outfit which alone, had her close to orgasm. Her pussy tingled to full arousal as she relished the reality of a scenario she could only have dreamed of just two days before. The crotch of her leggings needed a little extra coaxing away from the sweaty, moist, arousal which stuck to the leather; Myrna gasped with pleasure as the vacuum created pleased her pussy as it pulled away. The rich aroma of womanly sex filled my nostrils, making my cock pulse and dribble; Myrna looked down at me with utter contempt, she had me just where she wanted me, and knew I was now yearning to be punished by her. She pointed to her pussy and I moved my nose close to her beautiful sex and sniffed her beautiful scent as the two friends laughed at my complete obedience to a far superior entity. She looked toward the voluptuous woman whose tongue was now almost hanging out; her moist pussy now smearing the leather seating as she fingered and writhed in anticipation of owning me too.

"You will service Rose's immediate needs first, after we've watched you clean her panties; a spanking will remind us all of why you are here, you'll thank her by pleasuring her pussy. You'll then clean Roxanne's panties and then enjoy her shower, clean her and indulge her pussy. I will then have my first pleasure of you, and you will then refit my outfit and be taken upstairs by leash for your first thrashing. You do want to be thrashed don't you?" My cock was ready to explode as the scent of her pussy and her words had me close to delirium; Agnes had been so right about the vigour these women would show, I could not lie, I felt completely submissive.

"Yes Mistress Myrna, I want to be thrashed by you and your friends." The two sneered and gasped in disbelief at the clarity with which I confessed my weakness and inferiority to the leather dominatrix. My balls tingled with renewed pleasure as Rose now took control.

"Oh god! Enough! Get over my knees right now! I am going to make you wish you'd never been born."

The women sneered with satisfaction as Rose removed her skirt and displayed her beautifully plump thighs, wagging her finger with one hand, her soiled panties in the other.

"You lick these clean first." I gratefully took the large size frilly panties from her and sniffed and licked at the generous and sticky gusset; the divine scent and aromas of her voluptuous arse and pussy making my cock pulse and flex, yearning to service those delicious orifices for her, but first I must endure a spanking. The women delighted in my attentions to the panties until Rose snatched them back from me and pointed to her lap; eager to inflict her first punishment. As I slid across her soft warm thighs, Rose rolled up the sleeves of her blouse, to emphasise the hard work she intended putting into the spanking; Roxanne sat sideways in the sofa, taking my face into her crotch as Rose parted her thighs to accommodate my stiff cock, then clasped them firmly around my aching member. Myrna stood over me, teasing my exposed and vulnerable cheeks with her short whip, longing to take me upstairs to exert her lusty vengeance on this feeble representative of masculinity. Rose wasted no time in reddening my cheeks with spiteful deliveries of the flat of her hand; Myrna and Roxanne laughing as the slaps resonated round the room, interjected by my muffled cries as Roxanne held my head down in her sweaty crotch. The pain, humiliation and womanly scent had me close to coming, as my cock moved between Rose's soft but firm thighs as she took great pleasure in administering the spanking of an adult male.

Rose continued to spank whilst her pussy tingled with excitement at putting a man in his place for the first time; she did not stop until my cheeks were a blur of red hand-prints. I was allowed down from the clasp of those magnificent thighs, which were then opened and my head thrust between them by Rose, who was now in a state of urgent need. My cock dribbled as I lapped at her sweet scented flower; her clitoris hard and prominent in its need for relief. As she moaned on nearing orgasm, she lifted herself back a little further and my face was pushed down to lick her sweaty and aromatic anus, her fingers arriving to massage her clitoris to a crescendo. Myrna and Roxanne teased my glowing arse with cane and whip as my tongue probed Rose's delicious depths and she enjoyed her first orgasm at my expense.

I was allowed no respite as immediately Rose had stopped moaning and writhing, I was pulled away by Roxanne, who now held the leash. Her panties were delivered to me and the women watched with pleasure as I sampled the third soiled underwear of the day. Roxanne, as per Rose, became more confident by the minute and now ordered me with complete authority. She pointed to the wet-room and I was led there on by leash on all fours. I was made to lie on my back on the cold tiled floor as Roxanne stepped either side of my head, straddling my face in dominant fashion, cane in hand, allowing me a glorious view of her mature pussy. Myrna and Rose stood either side, Myrna now toying with a long flexible cane in preparation for the event which would follow this; she was relishing what was to come. Roxanne bent her knees slightly.

"I've always wanted to piss on a male like this; I want you to enjoy your shower." I watched as her pussy bulged and was then immediately immersed in hot urine; the other two women laughed and applauded as I spluttered in trying to avoid the salty golden shower, which Roxanne directed at my face as I writhed on the now warm and slippery tiles. Roxanne's pussy pulsed as she squirted every last drop onto to me. She then sat on the edge of the toilet bowl and took great pleasure in having me lick her clean. The women then had me kneel as they laughed at my piss drenched hair and hosed me down with the shower head; I was dried roughly with a towel and Myrna took the leash.

"Now we'll teach you to make a mess of my wet-room." I was led to the stairs; my cock stiffening to rigidity as Rose and Roxanne ascended first, canes in hand, allowing me a beautiful view of their womanly attributes as they stepped slowly up with deliberation. Myrna then led with the leash at its furthest extent, and I followed on all fours as I watched the magnificent leather clad shape ascend; her superb arse and thighs bulging in the tight leather, her other hand holding the long flexible cane which I would be thrashed with. Myrna's face was one of supreme satisfaction as she had me kneel before her by the bed on which I would be punished. I was made to kiss the cane and then her feet, much to the delight of the two other women. A wicked smile cut across Myrna's face.

"Beg me to thrash you. I know you want it. Tell us all how you deserve to be caned." I looked up at the supreme figure before me; just two days earlier she had been out shopping, her life mundane, now she was about to fulfil one of her most erotic desires. She had been ill-treated by males before, and she would ensure I suffered severely on their behalf; I would know physical and mental torture and she would be in her element in serving punishment. I looked at her camel-toe, beautifully outlined and bulging in the leather, seeming to express the superiority of her sex. I was yearning to be thrashed by her.

"Please Mistress Myrna, I beg you, please thrash me, I deserve to be punished by all women." Myrna sneered and pointed the bed as the other two laughed at my pathetic admission; they would enjoy their part in breaking me all the more. I lay on the bed, my cock rigid beneath me, as Myrna strutted and cut the air with her cane, making me tense and my balls tingle with anticipation. Myrna smirked in triumph.

"Oh, you love that sound don't you? Blanche has told me how you love to be punished by her; I intend to be just as thorough. We will have you crying like a baby, and you will disgrace yourself on the sheets in honour of your submission to women. You will not disappoint me. I shall now begin your punishment." Rose and Roxanne watched eagerly as Myrna raised the cane above her head with a smile of utter contentment. Her pussy tingled with pleasure in the hot sticky leather as she began the realisation of a fantasy, previously only dreamed of mid masturbation. Her tight leather outfit creaked subliminally, adding to my fear and excitement, as the newly established dominatrix brought the cane down mercilessly. I howled with pain and writhed as the cane was brought down again and again by the smiling Myrna. The other two women toyed with themselves as they watched the red lines blush into colour with each cut of the vicious woman's application. My cock rubbed the sheets in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as I wailed like a child and writhed on the bed as the delicious sound of the cane announced each venomous stinging arrival. My tears flowed unashamedly as I watched Myrna flex and stroke in her black leather, her smiling face, ecstatic with spite in completely dominating me would ensure I messed in her honour very shortly.

Myrna laughed excitedly as she saw me begin to hump the sheets as the spasms of my orgasm began; the pleasure now outweighing the pain, my tortured cheeks now numbing despite Myrna's relentless thrashing. She now applied the cane with a fresh vigour, cutting lower across the back of my upper thighs in an attempt to spoil the ecstasy of my ejaculation. Myrna panted as she stroked, her engorged pussy close to orgasm herself, as the leather stretched and worked itself against her clitoris with the effort of her movement. I looked through bleary eyes at her supreme enjoyment and moaned with a different tone as I duly spent in submissive ecstasy, again and again, writhing in my slippery mess as Myrna stroked me to an erotic crescendo. The two other women laughed and applauded as I disgraced myself to order. Myrna stepped back and began to slowly unlace her boots as first Rose, then Roxanne, thrashed me too as I wallowed in my sticky mess. Both women applied my punishment with the vigour I had come to expect, and the Viagra ensured my cock did not stay deflated for more than a minute. By the time Roxanne had tired of brandishing her cane, I was already yearning to come once more.

Myrna was now naked from the waist down. She spread her legs and held my head to her eager and highly scented pussy, shiny with the juices of her arousal. I was made to thank her for the caning and then licked her victorious pussy to orgasm, which did not take long at all; Myrna wrapping her delectable thighs about my head as she moaned in absolute pleasure; the caning fresh in her mind.

The three women subjected me to many humiliations throughout the day, and I was made to promise that I'd make myself available to them in any spare time I may have, dependant on where I was to reside after the fortnight. When returned to Blanche, Myrna took great pleasure in advising her that I'd messed her sheets and deserved to be punished. Blanche advised she would be more than glad to oblige.

As the morning of fourteenth day arrived, I cowered at Blanche's feet and kissed them again and again. In just two weeks the women had seized the element of my submissive nature and trained and broken my will completely. I was on the point of begging Blanche to allow me to see the noose again; I would rather have been despatched than go back to Cherie, her mother was truly in complete and utter control of me. As I looked up to her she smiled down with dominant satisfaction, dressed in black lace and chiffon; a black corset holding her waist tightly, her pussy on show through fine black lace panties. She seemed to know exactly what was going through my mind, as my lips parted when I looked up at the supreme woman.

"Don't you dare beg on what may be your last day with me. The ladies will be arriving soon; Cherie and Chuck won't be here till late this afternoon and we shall have a full and exciting day. Now you may sniff my pussy while you think about the canings you have had from me and my friends. If you beg for anything, you'll beg for a caning." She took my head as I knelt up and caressed my hair as I sniffed enthusiastically at her womanly aroma. It was apparent that she was already aroused; I knew then that this was to be a special day, I had not had the honour of witnessing her sweet arousal so early in the day before; Blanche was excited about something. My cock bulged in the cage adorned with 'Property of Blanche'; how I yearned to be wearing it tomorrow. She pressed my nose into her soft folds.

"Whatever becomes of you, you'll always remember my scent. Now you kneel at the window and await our guests." As per my first day I knelt obediently at the window to witness the arrival of the women, many of whom I now knew intimately. As the women began to arrive, my cock dribbled in the cage, and my anus clenched at the tight butt-plug with a renewed fear. The thought and excitement of seeing so many dominant women made me yearn for humiliation, and punishment. Agnes arrived, dressed in a tight black satin Chinese style dress; her scornful look at me in the window as she clenched her riding crop had my balls tingling. Her sissy was also dressed in a black French maid's outfit; her eyes red from a recent chastisement, her tiny dress high up and frilled, displaying panties which in turn displayed a small bulge to the fore; the remnants of a hormone induced destruction of former masculinity. She managed a soft smile at me which had my cock buzzing with a strange desire I had not known until seeing her. Miranda arrived looking more dominant and elegant than I had ever seen her before, wearing a short black leather skirt, black silk blouse, low cut with chiffon displaying her large cleavage; her hair in a bun, black cane sweeping alongside her long legs in seamed stockings. She was accompanied by Myrna who wore a full length black silk cape and mortar board, a severe look of pleasure emanating from behind her stern glasses as she flexed the cane she carried. Was this to be some form of dominatrix graduation?

It struck me that each and every woman was wearing black; though many had worn the same on my initiation day, today was uniformly black. Two large cars pulled up, two red lipped and stern looking women remained seated in the one vehicle, both lighting cigarettes as they stared at me with contempt at the window. Arabella alighted from the other car with a broad smile on her face; she wore a short black skirt with black knee-length pointy boots with long heels, a black silk blouse with no bra; her nipples pointing like thumbs as she opened the rear hatch and pulled the gimp out on his leash. She looked particularly sinister as her outfit was finished by a small black mask which covered her eyes. The gimp was naked except for his usual black full face leather mask and frilly tail which hung from the butt plug tight in his arse. My cock buzzed as her arrival was suddenly greeted by loud applause from the now large crowd of women. I was now allowed to turn and face the delicious array of stern women; each of them could summon the cream from my balls within sixty seconds. Blanche brought Myrna over to me; she swayed slightly making the black silk shimmer as she viewed me with utter contempt. Blanche smiled with satisfaction as she saw me swallow hard in awe of this naturally dominant woman who had shown me my place so thoroughly.

"Myrna here will officially become a member of our group today. Today of all days; which will be a very special one. We thought it fitting that she should be here today. As part of her introduction to the circle I intend that she thrashes you again while all the women watch. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Myrna looked supreme and sneered as she awaited my response. My arse tingled and clenched as I remembered my last encounter.

"Yes Mistress Blanche, I would love to have Myrna thrash me again, while all the women watch." Myrna smiled contentedly and pushed her breasts forward in the soft hanging silk, showing me nipples erect and hard with excitement. She was relishing thrashing me again. The attention now centred firmly on the gimp; It was with some jealousy, my cock bulging as I watched the once proud Headmaster kiss the feet of his mistress and the other women as they summarily whipped and tormented him with a venom unforeseen before. He whinged as never before when two women wheeled out the caning bench for his inspection; this was not what the broken and defeated male yearned to see. Arabella leaned over it and lifted her short skirt, sliding her panties down her thighs. The gimp was invited to lick her anus prior to the noose ritual. The women gathered close eager to her him beg; the torture of a male who had once caned young girls was especially sweet. Arabella's eyes shone through the mask with exquisite satisfaction as she savagely caned the prostrate cur; he having begged with real submissive earnest on this occasion. The women laughed and jeered at his pathetic weakness; he was truly broken.

Arabella pointed to the cellar door, and duly led the gimp down by leash on all fours; her total dominance over the feeble male so complete and without question. An eager procession of equally superior women followed, dressed in black leather, satin, silk and lace. I was all but down on all fours ready for Blanche to take my leash when she looked at me and shook her head.

"Not this time. You and the sissy will remain here; I want you to witness something else." She smiled with an extra perverse satisfaction at the disappointment on my face, and then looked sternly at me. I would not disappoint her. She then moved to the window and gestured to the two women who had remained smoking in the other car which had arrived with Arabella. She opened the door to them before strutting down to the cellar to enjoy the show. Four women rather than two appeared with a mummified wriggling body suspended from two poles. The body was unceremoniously dumped on the floor and the poles removed. Stocking clad feet and bound ankles were all that protruded from a black sack which shrouded the body; the cocoon was also bound at thighs, waist, and chest; a thick leather collar about the neck for good measure. Muffled cries could be heard as the four women tended the captive; all dressed uniformly in leather riding trousers and boots, with tight leather waist-coats and puffed sleeved white blouses. Each looking like Meg Myles as she appeared in 'Satan in High Heels', they smiled viciously as they caned the writhing, helpless, sack; I was unsure if the cries were in pain or ecstasy. The figure continued to moan as the women teased the sissy and I with the canes before leaving. All was now very quiet apart from the occasional stern murmurings and muffled laughter which reverberated from the cellar below.

The sissy and I knelt facing the wretch in the sack, not daring to make any sound; we knew the interned soul would be male despite the nylon stockings. As my arse clenched about the plug and my balls tingled with an expectancy of what may be to come, I was suddenly startled by a tumultuous resonating roar of female voices and delirious applause coming from the cellar below. My cock bulged and buzzed at the noise; the sissy bowed her head and sniffled in fear. Another ten minutes or so passed, with the hubbub below slowly decreasing, before the black procession started to emerge from the cellar. The woman looked very pleased with themselves; all seemed very excited. Blanche came over to me with a broad, satisfied smile on her face. In her hands was a black bowl. Agnes, Myrna, and Miranda followed with a throng of women smiling contentedly. Blanche's face turned to a sneer as she held the bowl under my face. The dominant women closed in to watch with wicked smiles as looked into the bowl to see a very generous offering of creamy white streaks and blobs of jizz. Blanche teased as the women giggled and laughed at my obvious predicament.

"If you want to have any chance of sniffing my pussy again you'll lick that bowl clean as if it were your last meal." I was about to start licking, when my eyes caught the last women leaving the cellar; the very last was Arabella, who had a supreme look of satisfaction about her; women were thanking her and patting her with approval as she closed the cellar door behind her. My cock pulsed and dribbled in the cage as I realised she was alone. Blanche laughed as she saw my face.

"Now will you lick my bowl?" The women laughed and jeered as I lapped at the still slightly warm sticky mess; each salty globule was savoured as I thought of Blanche's womanhood and wondered at the fate of the deliverer of my meal. I had the bowl shiny within a minute. Blanche wiped my face as though I were a small child and pulled my face into her pussy, which was extremely moist and aromatic now. I yearned to lick her as she caressed the back of my head; I was ready to come on hearing her next words.

"It's time for Arabella to introduce us to a new pet. When she's done so, Myrna will cane you as promised; I know she'll be more than ready for it now." Myrna gave me a look of contempt as she teased my arse with her cane, while the other women formed a circle around the wriggling cocoon. They cheered and applauded her as she approached the bound wretch. She pulled the ties and released the bonds, her delicate fingers slowly unbuckling the tight leather collar, before whisking the sack from the figure. The woman laughed and jeered as a slightly built man was revealed, dressed in stockings, suspenders, bra and girdle; a full face leather mask the only thing hiding his shame. His cock, caged; with several rings round his scrotum. He immediately cowered at the dominant Arabella's feet, kissing them as though his life depended on it. Arabella smiled with further satisfaction as she treated his arse to a few stinging strokes of her cane.

"Meet my new gimp. He is the previous owner of Huxley's Department Store, which as you know has a huge women's department with many items of lingerie. I had a tip off that the owner had a curious way of sampling the products that were to be sold. With some help from Miranda we managed to get some remote CCTV equipment installed, and it wasn't long before we found out that he had a certain fetish." The circle of women roared with laughter as the new gimp experienced group humiliation for the first time.

" A few simple deliveries of DVD's soon had him begging for mercy; though he didn't expect to give himself up the way he has. After a few disciplinary lessons, he soon confessed his submissiveness like most men. His fate was sealed. I'm having a grand 'Under new management' re-opening of the store on Saturday; everyone here is most welcome to huge discounts." The women applauded once more as the gimp licked the feet of the woman who now owned him as much as the store which was now hers. Blanche beckoned to Myrna, as she had me stand whilst my cage was removed. The women clapped in time as Myrna led me to the caning bench through an avenue of dominant women.

My humiliation was sublime as the jeering women clapped my approach to the caning bench, my cock rigid as I was led like a lamb to the slaughter by Myrna, her elegant mature form shimmering in the full-length black silk cloak; the erotic shape of her womanly buttocks teasing my eyes in the silk as she strode with magnificent deliberation. I was ordered to the bench and strapped down by wrists and ankles, allowing enough movement to ensure my squirming under the punishment would result in my inevitable disgrace. My head was fixed in the u shaped collar and Blanche approached my eager nostrils to further applause from the women.

"I would like everyone to welcome Myrna to our ever-growing circle of friends. As confirmation of her acceptance, she will now have my worthless son-in-law give up his feeble offering of masculinity in her honour. His disgrace will herald her union with us." The women cheered and clapped hysterically as Blanche softly made a union between my nose and her richly excited womanhood. I sniffed and panted at her wondrous and intoxicating scent, the day's dosage of Viagra ensuring my cock jutted rock hard between my belly and the leather. The crowd of women hushed as Myrna lifted her cane and commenced its sweet song. I bucked and thrust as the cane bit home again and again; the women laughing and sneering at my obvious pleasure at being punished before them; my time with the women had truly broken me and the pain was now exquisite, and welcomed by me as I sniffed Blanche's pussy through the tears. I had become a cur and fully knew my place without question. I yearned to be the gimp and thought of the bowl as I was thrashed with gusto by the wicked Myrna, whose pussy was dribbling with supreme erotic pleasure as she applied each stroke with no mercy. The women started to clap in time once more, as I humped and squirmed in my lubrication as the cane was brought home, bringing me closer to orgasm. The pain became divine as my balls tensed and the heavenly rush of absolute ecstasy flooded through my tortured body, announcing my complete and utter worship of supreme womanhood. They cheered and jeered with contented and spiteful delight as I let out a despairing moan of total defeat, and then messed in honour of the totally dominant Myrna, and the scent of my mature mistress. Myrna made sure I experienced the full pleasure of my orgasm; she did not relent with the wicked cane until she was sure I could spend no more.

I was released, my face soaked with tears and the juice from the woman I hoped would either keep me, or dispose of me before the day was out. Myrna sat centre-stage in a huge throne like chair, her legs splayed. She lifted her silk gown and I was allowed under it. She clasped my head and held me fast as I sniffed and lapped at her fully aroused and sweet smelling flower; she clasped her legs about me as she moaned with abject and wanton pleasure, as she was immersed in a victorious orgasm. The women cheered as he shuddered and gasped in ecstasy; her eyes closed and mouth wide open as she basked in her dominance over me. I was led away to the window once more as the women toasted Myrna's triumphal membership. Though they appeared to now relax and enjoy a few drinks, I knew my humiliation was far from over.

I knelt at the window for an hour or so, and my heart sank when a car I recognised rolled into the drive. Cherie and Chuck had arrived. Cherie burst out laughing and Chuck joined in too when she pointed to me, naked at the window. Blanche took my Leash and positioned me toward the rear of the lounge, about seven feet from partition doors. The women clapped and shook Cherie and Chuck's hands as they entered; some remarking on how they had enjoyed the show from last week. Cherie strutted over to me and slapped my face hard.

"Kiss my feet you useless creep. I hope you have behaved well. Did you enjoy the show too? I hope so, because we have another treat for you!" Blanche and the other women laughed with glee, as the partition doors were opened and a King-size bed was wheeled out. The women whistled and clapped deliriously as Chuck and Cherie stripped off. Blanche pulled my leash taut as I was made to watch my own wife climb onto the bed with her boyfriend; the women licked their lips as they witnessed his huge cock in the flesh. I looked at the sweet pussy and arsehole of my petit wife, to which my tongue had been no stranger, as she lay back unashamedly in front of me and the crowd of women. The women there took great pleasure in stating the obvious to me, telling me how my wife was going to be fucked by a proper man. Myrna teased my cock with the cane which had pleased me earlier. I basked in the humiliation as she pointed to my cock rising in honour of the show. How those women laughed at my pathetic erection, and the fact that I was excited at seeing my own wife fucked before a crowd who knew I was the husband.

Cherie looked me full in the face as Chuck eased his massive cock into her tight pussy. Her own mother stood proudly as she witnessed her daughter's sublime pleasure at being fucked by a real man, whilst her puny-cocked and submissive husband was held in complete control by a 62 year old woman. Cherie moaned with deep satisfaction as Chuck's huge member slid glistening, in and out of her moist pussy, nursing her clitoris toward a beautiful orgasm. The women watched intently, many nursing their own pussies as Chuck also began to moan. He pumped his huge cock with more urgency now as Cherie stared with an open-mouthed smile at her wimp of a husband watching her fucked as he never could, and never would. My cock dribbled as the women laughed at me; my humiliation divine, I wanted to hear my wife brought to orgasm by another man. Neither I nor the woman were to be disappointed; Blanche toyed with my taught leash as she switched her view from ecstatic daughter to shamed and humiliated son-in-law, her smile more triumphant than I had ever seen. Myrna continued to nurse my cock and I was close to coming myself. Cherie wailed in complete ecstasy as she fought to focus on my face as she reached the point of no return. The women did the same and sneered in satisfaction. As Chuck moaned long and deep, Blanche ensured my humiliation was brought home completely.

"There, Cuckolded before a crowd of women, including your very own wife's mother. Doesn't that feel good? I want you to thank me for allowing you to watch" I gasped as my stiff cock dribbled and the women laughed as they waited for my reply. Cherie and Chuck writhed and moaned as his huge cock delivered its cream deep into my wife.

"Thank you Mistress Blanche, thank you for allowing me to watch my wife being fucked." The women roared with laughter and applauded the show from all three participants. Chuck slowly withdrew his cock, shiny and cream covered. He gave me a broad and satisfied smile as he left the bed. Agnes nodded approval at her sissy, who eagerly took Chuck's still erect cock and lovingly sucked it clean. Cherie looked up at me as she recovered, and wagged her finger in my direction. My cock pulsed close to orgasm as Blanche laughed and pulled my leash in the direction of the bed. The women burst into loud applause as I was led to my wife. I would now do my duty and clean her.

Cherie lifted her legs and pointed to her well-used pussy, bright pink and oozing warm jizz.

"What are you waiting for, clean me up now!" I wasted no time and sniffed at the fragrance I had come to know so well, which was now blended with tangs of ammonia and the unmistakable whiff of fresh spunk. The women cheered at my complete humiliation as I licked the salty mess from my wife's pussy; spunk which had just been deposited by her black boyfriend. Blanche held my head and ensured I serviced her daughter efficiently, my cock buzzed as the women jeered while I swallowed every last drop, savouring the sweet tang of the cream which had dribbled around her delectable arsehole. Cherie slapped my face for good measure when I'd done; the face which was then displayed to the surrounding women by Blanche, shiny and sticky with the cream of another man's balls, licked from my own wife's expertly fucked pussy. My cock stiffened as I was treated to the sneers and laughter of superior women.

As I knelt and lowered my head Blanche went to a drawer and passed some paperwork to Cherie who laughed aloud and gave her approval as she cuddled Chuck. Blanche led me over to and had me sign something. Cherie signed also and slapped my sticky face three times for good measure. My balls tingled with a mixture of fear and anticipation as Blanche asked for hush as she advised of what had been signed.

"I have pleasure in announcing that my Daughter is to be divorced from this worthless wretch. He has just signed to say that she will keep everything he owns. I have already contacted the local paper to ensure everyone who ever knew him will be able to see the details of the divorce petition, which he will not contest. It advises that Cherie will divorce him on the grounds of adultery. It appears he has been having an affair with his Mother-in-Law, with whom he has now moved in with!" The women applauded loudly and I kissed Blanches feet again and again. She would now own me completely. She looked down at me with a wicked affection.

"You may masturbate at my feet now." I duly stroked my cock as the women laughed. My humiliation was just beginning.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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