Suicide Couple
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Author's Note: English is not primary language, Grammar poor hope to improve with time

Part 1

I think it was in September three years ago when I meet her. Her referring to the most wonder person in the world a heart of gold a body to drool over and intelligent beyond her years. Sue is her name and she was nineteen years old when I met her Williamsburg Bridge she was at the bottom of one of the towers. Sue was looking up towards the top of the tower. I was almost done making my inspection of the bridge structure and walking along the last part that had to be inspected. Sue had a look that comes with being homeless she wasn't actually dirty but her clothes were in need of a good washing and they were worn. Sue hair was long and looked like it hadn't be cared for like it should have for several days, wasn't brushed or kept, her eyes were sunken into her face and she had bags under her eyes.

I startled her when I walked up and told her "I wouldn't jump from the top of the tower." She wheeled around and looked like she was truly frightened by my being there. I think that she was so surprised by the fact there was someone on the bridge since it was closed for the inspection that I had spent two weeks doing. Normally there would have been several inspectors doing it but there was a tunnel fire in the Lincoln Tunnel three weeks ago and all of the effort was given to getting that fixed. Sue looked at me and I had put my hood up before getting close to her. I told her I was the inspector on the bridge and that I wish she'd listen to me for a minute or two that if she wanted to jump I'd not stop her.

She never said anything or moved so I sat down on a curbing. I told her my name was Herman and that the towers on this bridge were not high enough to insure she'd actually die in the fall. She spoke to me for the first time and said and how would you know? I laughed and said well firstly I'm a civil engineer and there is a whole lot of math involved but basically unless you hit straight on your head you will have massive injuries but probably not die. Secondly I know from experience about twelve years ago I thought the world ended and my life was done.

I jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and hit the water hard. I was actually in the water about four hours but face up so I didn't drown. My chest had a lot of broken ribs in it and that increased the surface area of it so I didn't sink either. A garbage barge saw me and fished me out of the water and I spent about six or seven months in a hospital. Then two years in a state hospital because I made the attempt and didn't succeed the doctors were finally convinced that I probably wouldn't do it again. While I was in the state hospital I impressed one of the doctor's with the math skills and memory ability that I posses he offered to get me into college and enough money to support me till I could get a decent job. I spent a year with an online college and somehow got myself on my feet and thanked the doctor and well finished college and finally got this inspector's job. I've had this job now for about four years and well I'm getting my life back.

She looked at me and told me I was just trying to keep her from jumping that my story was not believable no one helps anyone any more. I laughed and said, "I would expect that for an answer from someone in your shoes." Well I'd hoped you would listen to me and believe me on face value, but I guess you need to see proof. I pulled my hood down and turned my left side to her. She gasped and I told her that was normal I returned my hood to the up position. I told her that the left side of my face was so badly broken up that the doctors were not interested in how I looked they were concerned with saving my life. I had several internal organs that were damaged by the ribs when they broke and a broken back, legs, shoulder, left arm, and hip. I told her everything works except my left ear that was torn off when I hit the water. I also wouldn't believe people when they tell you the human body goes into shock and becomes numb no, I speak from experience even with the pain killers the doctors gave it was to say the least very unpleasant.

She looked at me and said, so what is it you want a piece of my ass? No, I have sort of a debt to the doctor that helped me. He would never take any repayment for the money he spent on me for the first year of school and living expenses. He said that I should help people now that I was able to. So actually what I want to offer is just this I will listen to your story and try to provide you with the help you need to help yourself. Now I know that if you don't want to help yourself and just want to checkout nobody can stop you. But if you want to try and get yourself on your feet your welcome at my place, If you don't want to try well then please find a height of at least two hundred fifty feet to drop if it's in water or fifteen stories if on land.

I've got to crawl under the next section for about twenty minutes and then I'll walk to my car at that end of the bridge. Should you decide to jump from this bridge please let me get in my car and drive away. I see what you look like now and want to keep that picture of you in my mind not the broken mass that will happen if you jump. I told her to have a good day and walked to the side hooked up my safety line and crawled under the road bed. I finished my inspection and crawled back up to the top.

I never looked at her I just undid my safety line and snapped in on the belt and started walking to my car. I was almost half way there and she called out to me to wait she wanted to come with me. I stopped at turned to face her as she came walking up to me. She asked me if my offer was still good about helping her out. I told her to come on and If she wanted to tell me her story fine if not that was alright also but it would be nice to know at least her first name. That is when I learned her name was Sue. We walked along the bridge till end and my Ford was parked at the end. I opened the door for her and closed it then went to my side and got in.

As I started driving I told her that I live in New Jersey about thirty minutes away. That when we got to my home she was welcome to take a shower and I'd find something for her to wear till we got her clothes washed and dried while I made dinner for the both of us. We got to my place and I gave her the nickel tour ending up with the bathroom. I told her that in the closet there was a robe that she could wear and just drop her clothes in the laundry chute and I'd get them started. I left her and shortly thereafter I heard the clothes hit the bottom of the chute. I started them in the washer and started dinner also. About the time I changed the clothes from the washer to the drier and pulled the garlic bread from the oven Sue came into the kitchen. I said perfect timing the spaghetti is almost done.

We ate dinner and didn't talk much she ate like a starved animal. I heard the drier buzz after dinner and said well that's your clothes done. However since it's nighttime and I'm sure you want to sleep and I know I do I have a set of pajama's that probably would fit you. Sue said that would be fine she started to clear up the dishes off the table. I told her just scrape the plates and put them in the dishwasher. I went upstairs and got a set of pajamas. She was done filling the dishwasher and I turned it on handed her the pajamas these should fit. I got her clothes from the drier and showed her to the guest room. She had a puzzled look on her face and I told her that if she had any questions she could ask but I was tired and was going to bed. She asked where I was going to sleep. I told her that upstairs at the end of the hall is the master bedroom and that is where I normally slept. Sue said you really don't want to have sex with me?

I told her that was not the reason I was helping her. I would love to have sex with her she was gorgeous and let's be real no woman that looked like she did would ever have anything to do with me. I told her it would be like beauty and the beast and she was no beast. I told her that no matter where I go people will stare at me that I can't even go to a Burger King without freaking people out because of my face. Sue looked hurt and I said think of your reaction the first time you saw my face. I've grown used to the stares and the reactions but someone like you when you get on your feet will probably not have anything to do with me and I can accept that. She got angry somewhat and raised her voice telling me did why did I think she think she was so shallow? I told her no that I just accept the facts. Sue then told me good night and went into the guest room closing the door.

I went to bed and fell asleep in minutes I had the report to file in the morning then I would be off for at least a week till the next job was ready. I don't know how long I'd been sleeping when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I lifted my head and Sue asked if I'd mind if she slept next to me that she just didn't want to be alone. I told her sure and pulled back the covers. She crawled in and got right up tight to me if she got any tighter to me I'd need a winch to pull us apart. Sue was tight to my back and she put her arm around my chest and that's how we slept the first night. I woke up and managed to untangle from Sue I made coffee and breakfast and started writing the final report on the bridge. The report took a couple of hours and I left Sue a note telling her breakfast was in the fridge and coffee was made this morning. Told her that I had to go into the office and would be back sometime tonight but go ahead and feel free to relax and make herself feel at home she was welcome to anything in the kitchen.

I went to the office and finished my report about three in the afternoon and filed it. I checked with my boss and he told me go ahead and take off the week since I put so much overtime in on the bridge he told me he tried to get me paid for it there just wasn't the money so take the time off. Ok I told him see him in a week and have a great day. I left work and went to the bank withdrew some money went shopping for groceries and went home.

Getting home I parked the car in the garage and picked up the bags. Walked into the house and found Sue cleaning up the living room. She greeted me and gave me a hand with the groceries. She told me she had started a roast from the freezer and the rest of the things to go with it and she could have it on the table in thirty minutes. Fine I told her I was going to get a shower and get in something comfortable instead of this suit I was in.

We sat down for dinner and during dinner I asked Sue to tell me what brought her to the bridge to jump off. With a heavy sigh Sue started to tell me that when she was eighteen her Mother and Father told her she had to get out of the house that it was time for her to be on her own. She had some money and a car and that she knew a year ahead of time that moving day was her birthday. She had a job and got a place and things were going along fine until she lost her job. Sue lost her place to live since she could not pay for it since she was not making any money. She had a wreck with her car not her fault but someone ran into the back of it that ended the cars usefulness. She tried to find a job but no place would hire her without an address or a car. She called her parents to see if she could use their address just to get a job and they told her it was her problem not theirs and don't call them if she needed something that she had to learn the hard way to survive. She said she even tried a couple of homeless shelters for women and found that they were places for pimps to hunt for new talent. Sue said that on two occasions she had to actually fight being dragged into a vehicle by a pimp. The last time that happen she decided before she became a prostitute she would kill herself.

Ok, well it I know seems like the end of the world to you. It however is really not the end of the world. I will tomorrow go with you and shop for clothes. Then if we have time will go hunt up a car for you. The rest will be more difficult and take more time. After you have clothes for a job and transportation you can stay here until you get a job and get enough money to find a place and have some in reserve. Should you have problems before they go completely bad I expect you to give me a call and I will see what I can do to prevent the disaster?

Sue looked at me and asked me was I serious about this that I would just take her into my house and help her? I told her if I wasn't I would have never brought her to the house. There are a couple of things I insist on though. First she try to succeed if she needed help ask but she had to be willing to help herself I could only do so much. Secondly I live in a relativity quiet old fashion neighborhood and I have a business here in the basement. It would almost spell disaster for the type of business that I have to become known in the neighborhood. It's not illegal or in any way against the law just it would be very much unappreciated by the people in the area. I would probably be forced to move someone would find some reason to force the move. Sue asked what it was I told her that I custom make fetish clothing and custom bondage equipment and some S & M stuff on top of that. Now I have people come here and be fitted for stuff and sometimes they shop here. The people that come here count on my ability to keep their particular fetish quiet and undiscovered. So anyone that comes here actually never came here and who they are is never talked about.

Sue told me that would not be a problem with her and did I mind if she saw the basement and what I made down there? Come on I'll show you the stuff. We went to the basement and I showed her the workroom and then what could be called the showroom. She asked me if I kept it quiet how could I find customers. Easy I advertise on a bondage website and I've donated some stuff to the site they tested it out and found it to be very good quality.So they endorse my stuff and I only get people that are interested in getting it so discretion is easy.

Not everyone comes in for a fitting some I make just from measurements the person that wants to buy an item I send them a sheet and they read it and put the measurements on it and I just make it. Some of the things I make are strictly idea from those that want to have it created and after I make it I may make two to advertise it as a special item. But the original person doesn't say have a patent on it. Sue walked around and looked at the tools and said it must take a lot of time to make stuff. It depends on how complicated it is and what it's made out of. The basement has two floors the other floor has metal tooling and an injection press and some other bigger equipment to manufacture stuff.

I have a select few that are customers and professional in a field like a doctor that helps me out with body mechanics and stress etc. One or two others that help out with specs for special items that can tell me what the body can tolerate without permanent damage. But the crafting and actual designs are mostly mine along with the electrical stuff. I heard the door bell ring and I told Sue dam I forgot about a fitting well just try to act normal like nothing is out of the ordinary and it should be ok. We went back upstairs and I told her have a seat in the living room. She sat on the couch and started watching TV. I answered the door and a customer was there he asked was I ready and would I open up the garage sure.

I opened the garage door and he left the front porch got in the car and drove into the garage. A few minutes later he showed up in the living room with leather clad woman. She had a full hood on and an inflatable gag her arms were restrained with side cuffs and she had on a set of leg irons. I told him I'd make the fitting up here so give me a minute or two to setup. He kept staring at Sue but said nothing to Sue or to me about Sue. I brought up several metal items and a bag with some tools in it. I told him to remove the gag from her hood. Next he needed to remove her corset and bra and side cuffs. I told him he might as well remove everything but the hood and the leg irons as I was actually ready to fit the entire piece at least for a trial fit. He had removed everything but the leg irons and the hood he told her to stand straight and spread her legs apart. She never said anything even though ungagged she could have she just complied. I put a breast plate on her it had metal straps that fitted her shoulders so that it hung there. It went and covered her breasts and mid section and half way around her. Then I fitted the back of it on her and started tightening the screws on the sides. I told her to sing didn't matter what but keep on singing till I told her to stop or she could no longer sing.

She started to sing and I kept tightening the screws on each side one side then the other. She faltered a bit in the singing. I asked her was she having trouble or was there some other problem. She informed me that her throat was dry and that was making it difficult. He followed me into the kitchen leaving Sue and the woman in the living room. Once in the kitchen he asked me what's with the singing thing? I told him that if you can't get enough breath you can't sing. I told him when she has difficulty in singing and can no longer sing that is the point where the adjustment is done. He asked me if he would have to do the same thing every time he wanted to put that on her. I told him that the screws were just for the fitting that I'd have the maximum fit and I'd install magnetic lock catches so that it would sort of snap in place. He asked me about enlarging her breasts with a vacuum device and larger cups for her outfit. I've got that all set and will not install that till the last fitting so you can surprise her she doesn't like cupping on her tits right? That's right she doesn't like it but she'll endure it for me. Well I want her to think that is not going to happen and you can shock her with that.

You really have all this figured out don't you. He asked me about Sue in the living room was she single or available to play. I got somewhat angry and sort of lost my composure I told him that she was none of his business and he should have known better than to ask anything about anyone in the house. He put his hands up and said sorry but that she was such a looker he had to ask. Then he said something that really ignited my anger he said, "I just asked because I know some doll like that couldn't be interested in someone so ugly." I had a glass of juice in my hand and walked into the living room gave it to the woman and started undoing the screws. She felt the pressure releasing and asked why I was doing that she could take more. I told her I'm sure that she could but I was not going to finish it and they might as well leave. He sort of exploded and roared out saying, "do you realize who I am your finished if you don't finish this." I backed up some and in a very calm voice informed him that while I make the equipment. Who uses it and what would his peers think of that? I told him don't ever threaten me or he'd see just what ugly can be its not always skin deep.

It was at this point that the woman in the hood spoke out telling the guy, "what the fuck did you say or do he has made a lot of stuff for us and all of a sudden you piss him off?" I've agreed and enjoy being you slave, slut, play thing, and anything else you desire because I also enjoy it but if it becomes public or you don't fix this now I'll leave you and ruin you to boot. Sue looked terrified and like she was the cause of this. He told me that his remark was uncalled for and he needed to watch what he said. She asked him if we had agreed on a price for this outfit he told her yes that we have already agreed on a price. She told him that he would pay me triple the agreed on price from his bank not hers as damages for whatever it was he did. He never argued and told her agreed I'll pay him triple on completion from my bank.

I looked at her and told her it's not a money thing it's personal and that the only reason I would finish it is because she wanted it. But it also would be the last piece I'd make for them. I got no argument and started refitting the metal works. It took a while before she could not sing and then I brought out the crotch strap it had two plugs in it and I handed it to her with a tube of lube. She got it in place and I told him watch closely. The front of the strap fit into a slot in front I told him it has to go in all the way till it locks. Then the back one goes in this slot however you take this tool and turn this screw it will tighten up the strap I kept turning the screw and the strap got tighter finally she said are you trying to cut me in half with that? I told her no that I was waiting for her to complain so that I knew when she'd had enough. I asked her if she could stand more. She told me she didn't think so I told her walk around some and then tell me. She walked around the room not very gracefully but I imagine it was difficult with the strap and all she told me go ahead she'd manage a little more. Three turns later she had her hand on top of her head and was hissing.

I stopped and put the tool in another screw and turned that he asked what that is for? I told him he would never be able to tighten it more than what it was right now. Then I heard the snap or pop and said well the ceramic is broken and that ends that screw from ever being turned any tighter again. I told him don't try and drill it out either it's designed to break the device that tightens it if the screw is removed. Now I turned it back about six turn to loosen it up.

I asked her if that was all comfy she kind of snarled at me as comfy as you can be plugged like I am and being cut in two. What I mean is can you handle that for let's say an hour? Yes I can handle this for that long maybe longer if needed. Good on to the next items I pull out four shiny rings and put one on each wrist and one on each arm just above the elbow. She looked at them and asked no rings or chains? Not needed I told her to put her hands in front of her and lock her finger together and try to stop her hands and arms from going behind her back. It didn't last very long we could see her struggle but in a min or two her hands got pulled behind her back and were stuck together and attached to the metal works. She could freely move her elbows around and saw that there was another button on the remote. She said the other button pulls my elbows together I take it.

Yes but you can't get them to touch so they will pull them as far as they will go safely and eventually they will stretch whatever needs to be stretched to allow them to touch. She said I guess you have to try that out also don't you and there is no way to talk you out of that? No I pressed the button and right away the elbows started their trip to meet each other her shoulders really started to show strain and she started bitching about how uncomfortable they were. I told her when they do touch the cuff will draw toward the back of the metal and that will be uncomfortable but attainable.

I told him well put the gag back in and blow it up I don't want to hear her complaining. After that was done I picked up the wrench that I put the strap on with and said now pay attention to this. I showed him the butt plug had a screw in it and removed it the plate came off. I showed him once the plate was removed there was a place to attach a hose that is for an enema. This screw however does something entirely different it expands the plug considerably so use this with caution. I started tightening that screw and she started trying to move away but I told her I'd tighten it more. Well that's probably enough and loosened it. I loosened the strap and then I pressed a button on the remote it released the cuffs from the metal works but held them together. The elbow cuffs were still also trying to meet each other but about two inches from doing that. I told him that he could use the cuffs without the metal works that they would still try to make the elbows meet. I removed the strap and undid the screws from the metal works and removed that. He held the front of the thing and asked what's this thing weigh I told him about thirty pound for the front and twenty for the back so when it's finished she'll have to carry close to fifty five pounds.

I took the strap and the metal works and told him I'd give him a call when it was finished and that would be the final fitting also. He asked me was I serious about not making anything anymore for them? I told him yes I was serious about it. He asked if there was any way I'd reconsider that I told him probably no but don't push I'd talk to him l when this was finished.

He picked up the stuff he took off of her and left with her after I opened the door in the garage. I looked at Sue after they left and knew she wanted to know what happen. I told her he broke one of the house rules and that would not be allowed. That when he was in the kitchen he asked if she was single or available to play by play he meant bondage games. I told him he knew better than to acknowledge anyone in the house. He told me what was a dish like that doing with someone as ugly as me that he figured we were a couple. I didn't like that and told him so rather abruptly. Sue started to cry and said see I'm really just no good I've been here less than a day and already causing you problems.

I told her no that she wasn't that I know that I messed my face up really badly and it was stupid to try to commit suicide. There is no denying that fact that as a result of that action I'm not pretty. I've inquired to plastic surgeons about reconstruction and several of them tell me that I'd probably lose sight in my left eye and it would take several operations over several years and be really painful. Then none of them can say how much improvement will happen. I can eat normally and see so why even try that. I've not even mentioned the expense of all of it and none of the doctors will start without me having at least two thirds of the money in the bank in an escroll account because once I start it will have to be finished. So I'm not happy about it but I did it to myself and that's that. I'm not happy when people say things but again I'm human and get my feelings hurt just like anyone else would.

I told her that I don't really need the money from the business in the basement but it does occupy my time since I have no social life. My boss at work sort of understands and allows me to go on as many single person jobs as he can arrange since people don't feel comfortable around me. So tomorrow we go shopping and maybe it will be good for me to get out. At least I have a reason to be out in public and to hell with the way they think. Sue didn't say anything but said are we ready to go to bed? I told her I was and she asked if I minded if she slept with me because she just didn't want to be alone. Ok let's go then I went to the bedroom and washed up some. I didn't realize that she was also in the bedroom and started to get undressed and into pajamas before I realized she was in the room what tipped me off was her intake of breath. I told her I was sorry I forgot she was in the room she told me not to apologize that I had quite a few scars was true. I was a little stunned and said what the intake of breath was for? She told me she expected to see scars since I had so much damage but what she didn't expect was to see that wonderful piece of manhood between my legs.

She told me it looked wonderful that it was the right size not too big or not too small. I looked at her and said what she knew about the size of cocks. She told me that being nineteen didn't mean she hasn't had sex. Well we're both adults and I shouldn't be so prudish I guess about myself or the body. Sue asked if she could talk to me about personal things like the last time I had sex with a woman. I told her that was a little forward but it's been at least thirteen or fourteen years maybe a little longer. I told her I just don't have sex for the sake of having sex there has to be a little more than just the physical crush to it. Sue told me that was sort of sad then just to have the physical crush sometimes is gratifying enough for the moment. Difference between your age and mine I'm twelve years older and don't see some things in the same light.

Sue said so you wouldn't have sex with me tonight? I looked at her and said I would feel like that is the only reason I offered to help you out. Remember I'm not exactly one hundred percent healed from what the doctors call depression or the reason why I tried to kill myself. If I started a relationship with you and when you got on your feet left and I wouldn't blame you because of your age and your looks it could crush me to the point where I'd try it again. Some people can just have an affair or a one night stand and be done. Unfortunately I am what people would call addicted easily to things sex being one of the top ones on my list. So if you want to have sex with me then I'm going to ask you to give me a chance to get used to the fact that you live here and see if I can adapt your attitude of sex for sex without attachment. Sue said to me that was a switch women are the ones normally telling men to slow down but she could understand as long as she could be in bed with me so she wouldn't feel alone. Since that was or is part of her problem that she felt so alone in the world and that she's lost faith in people which make it hard for her to understand why I was so willing to help her.

Ok then we can agree that we will not push each other in that direction and should something happen between us we'll deal with it at that time. With that I put on the top of the pajamas and Sue just went to the bathroom and washed up I thought she'd change in there. I was not right however she just stripped and put on the pajamas in front of me. I can't say I wasn't interested a whole lot to just throw out my ideals. We slept in each other's arms and got a good night's rest I got up first and started to get a shower must have woke up Sue and she climbed in the shower and told me that she'd wash my back if I'd wash hers. I handed her the soap and washcloth and she washed my back been a long time since anyone did that. She turned and got wet and said my turn I washed her back and she looked at my cock which was standing at attention she smiled and said she'd take care of that whenever I felt I was ready or had the need. We dried each other's backs and got dressed Sue asked what are we going to do first?

I told her might as well do this up right and get something to eat. We stopped at a dinner and the waitress sat us in a corner far away from everyone else. The server came and got our order and left I told Sue that she would not be back. Sue looked at me and said how do you know? Simple she couldn't stop staring and she was revolted by me there will be someone else brings the food and check. Sue told me to stop it that everyone didn't think I looked bad. When the food came it was a different server and he brought the check with him didn't ask if we would like anything else was just glad to get away from the table. Sue wanted some more orange juice and couldn't get a waitress or server over in our area.

She got up and said excuse me I told her don't make a big deal over it. She went and found the manager who was the one who brought us the food and check. She asked why we couldn't get service at our table and why we were seated so far away from everyone else. The manager actually told her that she needed to look at the guy she was with that he didn't want his customers leaving because of him. She must have gotten really angry because she said something and he told her go the food was on the house just get me out of the dinner. She came over and said your finished lets go and I stood up she saw the manager watching and grabbed me and put a lip lock on me that would have sucked the gas out of the Goodyear blimp. I was a little shocked and she just grabbed my hand and out we went.

We got back to the car and I asked her what that was all about? She just said some people are so shallow it's not fair or funny. I drove around the building to the exit and the first waitress was standing there at the back smoking. Sue had her window down and yelled out to you can't catch it. I told her to please stop and roll the window up. I drove to a mall and said well we should find what we need here for you. I got out and opened the door for her and put my hood up on my jacket. It is large enough that unless you look straight at me you almost can't see my smashed face. I looked at her and said you remember when you asked me if I just wanted a piece of your ass? Sue said that was extremely rude and yes she remembered. Ok now you don't realize it you're making a point of showing everyone that you're with me the beast. Sue said that's only because you think of yourself as the beast I've seen worse although it's been some time but I'm over the petty stuff I just wish you would not put the hood up.

We walked into the mall and sure enough people as normal gave me a wide berth and stared. Sue just had my arm in hers and walked like nothing was wrong with my looks. She stopped at a ladies underwear store and said well I need to start here since I need good stuff to wear to fit the other clothes. She asked me if I was going to come in or what? I told her I was going to sit on the bench outside and when she needs it to be paid for just wave at me and to take her time. Sue asked well how much I can spend without breaking you. I told her that if she kept the clothes budget down to less than four thousand including shoes and coats I'd be fine with that for now. Her mouth hung open and I put a finger on her chin and said close your mouth you'll catch flies. She looked at me and said you'd spend that much on clothes for me? I told her yes and that she needed to get something to wear to work and stuff that was casual also.

She left and went in the store and I noticed that the staff seemed to be watching her like a hawk because she was wearing the stuff she had when I found her and it made her look like she couldn't afford any of the stuff in there. I went in and asked to see the manager. In just about a minute this young woman comes up to me and gasped but she looked me in the face without staring and asked what she could do for me. I pointed at Sue and said that I was going to pay for her purchases and that I had more than enough money I showed her the wad of cash I got a couple of days earlier. She smiled and said of course sir we'll take good care of her. I went back to the bench and sat down. It reminded me of a scene from pretty woman where the guy told the manager he was going to spend an obscene amount of money on the woman. About forty five minutes later Sue waved at me and I walked in to pay for her stuff. The clerk told me it was seven hundred and forty two dollars and twelve cents. I peeled off seven fifty and took my change telling them thanks. I had quite a handful of boxes and bags and told Sue what did she buy? She said just panties, bras, a corset and stockings and garter belts etc...

We put the stuff in the trunk of the car and I was thinking if she bought this much underwear I'll need a truck to haul the rest off. She must have read my mind she smiled and said the rest of the outfits would not be so bulky. Onward to the next store a clothing store and this time I went in and got a seat in front of the dressing room by some mirrors she disappeared with an armload of outfits and came back with each one on showing them to me. Four hours later and three thousand dollars or so later we left with huge armloads of bags and boxes. Got it in the car and she looked and said can she get some shoes and she still needed some more stuff. I laughed and told her let's go I could see that she was enjoying herself and that I had another four thousand that I could spend today without going to plastic or checks.

She sort of shoved me and told me that was unfair she would have bought more in the underwear store. I told her I didn't care just make sure she could go to work. I was in for it another several hours shoes, coats, Victoria Secrets and I thought we were done I passed a Merle Normans and asked her what about makeup? She said she actually never wore it because her Father disapproved of it but since she was not home she would see about it. We went into Normans and one sales lady had her back to us. She turned around and I knew that woman when she asked what she could do for us. It was the woman I was making the metal works for I knew her husband's name but was not sure of hers.

She asked Sue what she was interested in and Sue said she'd never worn makeup and didn't know where to start. Clair introduced herself then and said well we'll just have to start from scratch. She started explaining about foundations and colors and how to make a face look this way or that way the proper way to apply makeup and all of that stuff. The conversation got very girlish I sort of fell asleep in the comfy chair I was sitting in.

I woke up to the conversation of he's for now my fuck buddy. I kept my eyes closed so I could hear what was being said evidently the store was closed and they were doing the remake thing. Clair told Sue that she owned several businesses in the state and it would be a disaster if her agreement with her husband came into the public spotlight. But by the time she got home and was done with the business she was too tired to mentally to make decisions so she left that to her husband. Sue asked doesn't it hurt being treated like that Clair told her that depends on your idea of hurt and no he doesn't ever really hurt me although sometimes I'm quite sore. I started to move at that point to give them a chance to be quiet.

I got up and Clair said wonder how long you've been awake? Just got up and why are we still here when the store is closed? Clair told me that It's her store and if she wants to hold a private session she can. She also asked how long before the metal works are done completely? Clair told me that she recognized me and of course Sue after she closed the store she felt like she needed to explain a few things to Sue because of the way her husband got stupid. Well what do I owe you then for your product and your time? Clair said it was on the house sort of a excuse my stupid husband thing. Clair let the two of us out and came with us Clair asked if we would escort her to her car not a problem. We took her to the car and Clair drove us around to my car since it was dark and late Clair also mentioned that she thought about closing this store because of the area it was in. Well have a good night and I'll call you when it's finished should be a week maybe less.

Sue and I drove home and unloaded the car Sue was in a very good mood. We ordered pizza and got her stuff unpacked she said she'd like to wash it and put it up I told her fine that after we got her a car tomorrow she would be able to do that. She asked can I put it in your bedroom or should I put it in the guest room? I told her put it where she liked to put it. The pizza came and we had dinner and I went to get a shower and go to bed Sue followed me and cuddled up next to me in bed.

The next morning I woke up after Sue and she was making breakfast and coffee and such. I joined her for breakfast and said well let's see about transportation for you today. We drove to a car lot and Sue saw this convertible Volkswagen beetle it was blue and looked in fair shape. She went to look over the car and I went to find someone to talk to on the lot. I looked it over and it looked like it was taken care of the car was clean and the oil was clean also. Mike came over and started talking to me and Sue I told him bring the keys I wanted to hear it run and drive it before I said anything. We test drove it and I drove it off the lot Sue drove it back to the lot I told him we'd take it. Mike said he'd get the financing paperwork. I told him what is the price? Mike said a steal at nine thousand. I told Mike make it eight thousand five hundred and I'd pay plastic cash for it. Mike said done deal let's fill out the ownership paperwork. I told Sue go ahead and fill it out it's hers. Sue asked if she could have some cash for stuff she wanted to pickup I gave her a thousand I had cash.

I told her I was going to the house and I'd see her their later that I had a project or two to finish up. A few hours later I got a frantic phone call from Sue she was calling from an office at my work place. She told me that she got lost and didn't know how to get back to my house and work wouldn't tell her or give her the number. But they did agree to call me and let her talk to me. I asked where she was in the office and who called me. She was in Mark my bosses' office since the receptionist sent her to him. I told Sue give the phone to Mark. Mark got on the line and said, Herman you never told us you had a sister what gave you that impression Mark? Well she's too old to be anything else compared to your age right? No she's someone that I'm trying to help out. Do me a favor and loan her one of the temporary phones the company uses and go to my desk and get my tom tom location four is my house give it to her and thanks. Can you give the phone back to Sue also?

I heard Mike tell Sue wait here and he'd be right back. I told Sue that Mike was getting a tom tom and a phone I gave her my phone number and told her that the tom tom location four was my house. She apologized for not paying attention to where I lived. No problem just relax and the tom tom will bring you home. I asked Sue if she was coming home and she told me yes she was good I'll have dinner on the table. I put the finishing touches on the metal works and polished it up. I got dinner ready and Sue showed up about five minutes after I had it on the table.

Sue brought in some packages and the mail from the box. I gave it a quick looking over and there was a letter from the site that advertised my stuff. I must have had a shocked look on my face or something because Sue asked what happen. I read the letter and they politely informed me that the traffic the site was way down and that they were no longer giving free endorsements or advertising on their site starting next month. Ok well I'll stop that simply because I'm not going to pay for that advertising. Sue said what will you do about it then? Well I have a fair amount of clients now and nothing I make is cheap so word of mouth will I guess work. Sue asked why didn't I just design a site myself and advertise directly. Well I've tried that and the models want a fortune to model even the simple stuff and the clients don't want to take the chance of getting recognized by someone. The stuff the site advertised for me was the generic stuff not really custom stuff because custom stuff takes time to make and is expensive because of the time and material. Well how about I model it for you if I did that it would at least make give me a sense that I was not just freeloading on you and it wouldn't cost you. Besides I'll tell you that it kind of interested me seeing Clair in that metal works made me horny wondering what she felt like. We'll see and I'm finished with the metal works project so I'll call and see when they can come over for the final fitting.

I called Clair and her husband I told him the metal works was ready anytime he wanted to come for the final fitting. He asked if tonight would be a good night. Sure just be sure to bring the cuff set with you I'll need that also he chuckled and said no problem she's been wearing them and her elbows almost touch already. I told Sue that they would be over later on.

I said to Sue how serious are you about modeling what I make and showing it on the Internet? Sue looked at me and told me as serious as I was about helping her get on her feet that if she did that she would not have a problem with the help I was offering. Right now she said you're really just a stranger helping me and although that's wonderful and very nice it also makes me feel a little uncomfortable to accept the help with giving nothing back. I looked at her and said I understood that and if she wanted to see about modeling it fine but if she felt uneasy or that it was demeaning to stop and it would be all good.

She told me that would be fine and to be honest she has thought about being submissive for several years just she was too young to do anything about it really. Now maybe she'd have a chance to see what it felt like and do I consider mechanical sex toys sex? From the look on my face she said if you aren't ready to commit to a sexual encounter with me would you consider using mechanical means to take the edge off my over active sex drive? No I guess not haven't ever thought about it that way might be interesting. Sue said and if you happen to feel like a crush I'll tell you now without any obligation you can get what you want anytime.

The doorbell rang and I went to it of course it was Clair's husband and I told him I'd open the garage door. Sue jumped up and so she had to move her car because it was parked in front of the open side of the garage. Sue got her keys and started out the door. I opened the garage door and shortly Clair her husband and Sue were walking in the living room. Clair of course was in leg irons and had on an inflatable gag with a head harness to hold it in place and she was of course wearing the chainless cuffs. Well let's go downstairs to the basement and finish fitting the metal works.

Once in the basement I got the front of the metal works out and hung it on her shoulders then I got the back and tipped the back up placed the part that rests on the shoulders and locked it in the hinge. Then I lowered the back it had to line up with the front part because of the hinge now I told the husband this is where you have to decide how tight to make it. I grabbed Clair in what would have been a bear hug and squeezed everyone could hear the clicks I said thirteen clicks and we're at the maximum compression right Clair. I said wait a moment and removed her harness and gag. Clair in a strained voice said it seems like it's a lot tighter.

I told her that is because I went from zero to maximum tight your body will compress some and then it will not feel so tight. I told her did she also realize that her elbows were touching and attached to the metal works back that might make it feel tighter too. Oh my God she said that could be it my shoulders feel like they are being torn off. I said well let's take your mind off that I picked up the crotch strap and gave it to her husband let's see you put this on. He smiled and said sure no problem I gave him a tube of lube and he said she doesn't need it. I told him if he was going to fit it here she does that what they did at home was their choice but here I insist that he use the lube. He got down to insert it and Clair mouthed the words thank you to Sue and me. He said well you got lube so I can just shove it in and true to his words he shoved in the vibrator and the butt plug in one motion. Clair gasped and the look of pain was evident on her face.

It took a lot of strength to not just punch his lights out. I told him that I'd never make anything for him again I had reconsidered doing it but I make stuff for consenting adults to use safely and he has demonstrated that safe is not in his mind. He looked at me and I held up my hand and said you better not say a word not one just sit over there and let me finish this. He moved to the seat and sat down I looked at Clair and said you ok to continue. Clair said yes I'm ready to continue with the fitting well ok.

I took the wrench and tightened it up to where I thought it should be and Clair asked if I could tighten it up some more please. I tightened it up some more and stopped short of the maximum. Then I unscrewed the cap on the bottom and turn the expansion screw about four turns and stopped I didn't hear a request to further tighten it. I then brought over a box and opened it took out a hose and connected it to the hose connection. I told Clair she might want to kneel for this it might be just a little more comfortable. She knelt on the pad she was standing on.

I said well we can add one gallon liquid here and the box will either heat the liquid to a maximum of one hundred five degrees or chill it to a maximum of forty degrees it will allow a pressure feed of three pounds per inch or a negative pressure of four pounds per inch and when the pressure reaches six pound it shuts off of course it can be set to a minimum of three and a half pounds to shut off. I asked Clair I'll give you a choice for the fitting hot or cold. She said hot please sir ok well here it goes and I set the switches that needed to be set. I told Clair and her husband that to avoid air being forced into the blood stream and causing problems injecting air into the blood stream it could cause blood clots and give her a stroke. So the box first removes any air from the tube with a vacuum of course it may cause slight discomfort in the colon also as it will be part of the vacuum.

Clair put her head down and just sort of sagged her shoulders as much as could be with the pressure that was exerted on them from the elbow cuffs. The box changed pitch and I said we're in the pump mode now it will fill her to we reach six pounds of pressure then wait twenty minutes and the vacuum will remove the water and contents of the bowels it will do this three times and hold the water in the last time till it is released.

Now for the last item on the metal works menu. I went and got a pair of clear breast like cups that were about one size larger than Clair's. Clair had a modest size B cup and these were a C cup and one quarter turn on the metal ones and presto they came off exposing her breasts. Clair just looked at me and I told her that she allowed her husband to make alterations to the original plans. She said nothing but after I attached them and hooked up the hoses to the box for vacuum she started to sniffle a little. The vacuum pump shut off and I removed the hoses telling them that they would keep the vacuum until it was released and eventually the breasts would increase in size although I couldn't guarantee the firmness of them. Well the box cycled three times for the enema and I emptied it and Clair then unhooked the box.

I told the husband that's it we're done you know how everything works and I'll tell you this be careful with enema's. The box is set so that it will not exceed the limits it has been imposed on it also one gallon of solution is the utter most that can be administered do not go one gallon and one ounce. The metal works is also very stressful and should not be worn more than four or five hours in any one session. To do so risks permanent injury or death. I hope you understand what a wonderful person you're married to and don't mess it up.

He looked at me and said, "here's your money in full cash eighteen thousand dollars." I hope our paths never cross again because your one ugly mother fucker. Clair opened her mouth and he slapped her in the face and told her to shut the fuck up or she'd be sorry. That according to their agreement it was his time and she must have agreed. Clair shut her mouth and they left.

Sue I'm glad had stayed out of the whole confrontation after they left she just sat where she was like she was in shock. I looked at her and said well that's that I'm sorry I made anything for them she's fine but he doesn't give a real damn about her. Mark my words she's going to get hurt bad if she stays with him. I wish I could stop it but there isn't a dam thing to do. They are both adults and even if I reported him for abuse she'd not file charges because to her it's not. Someone that is that submissive is to be taken care of and as funny as it sounds treated with respect even when they actually want to be humiliated.

Sue got up and put her arm around me and told me that you can't save the world it doesn't want to be saved. You can only help those that want to be helped and will help themselves. I looked at her and said that's quite a turnaround from a few days ago. She looked at me and said I suppose so if it weren't for you I wouldn't be here I'd be hurt bad or dead. I told her I had very little to do with that it was her choice to be on the bridge to do what she wanted. Fortunately she took a chance on a beast. She slapped my chest and said stop that the guy that left here was a beast you might not be handsome but by any other standard you'll actually a fine catch of a man. Speaking of that why did you tell Clair that I for now was your fuck buddy?

Well she was sort of interested in the relationship we had and I figured that if I told her that she'd stop asking questions. Also as far as I'm concerned I'd fuck you in a heartbeat anytime anywhere anyway. I looked at her and said your admiration for me is based on what? Sue told me that I was the type of person that cared about his fellow man/woman and that I did try to take the easy path to help them. That I also was the type of person that would put them first rather than myself and that makes a huge difference in a person. It was quite apparent that I was not selfish or I'd never have taken her in like I did no questions asked. You know that Clair accepts and maybe even craves what she gets from her husband yet you care about her wellbeing and try to insure that she doesn't get hurt. All that makes you a very special person a very good person and I can't say I could be like you because I realize I can be very self centered and selfish.

I also see that you desire a woman like Clair and if you ever found one you would move heaven and earth to keep her. To be honest with you I don't know if I could be like Clair but I've had an interest in it since I was a little girl. Watching TV and looking for the heroine in peril or later when I got older the people in books like the story of O. I suppose I should tell you that was what turned my parents against me. I had several books the story of O and a video of it, the adventures of Sweet Gwendoline.

My parents were both involved very heavily in the local church and both lay speakers for it. When my Mother found my stash she went crazy and took it to my Father who went equally as crazy. They prayed for the salvation of my sole and a return to decent living and thoughts. I was sixteen and couldn't understand at the time what upset them so. They never let me out of their sight after that they at sixteen had someone watch me if they had to go on a speaking engagement. Well on one occasion I was playing with some girlfriends and foolishly let one of them tie my hands behind my back. My parents came home and the girls thought it would be funny if they just left me like that. Of course my parents having found my stash a couple of months prior simply at that point told me I'd better get a job and start saving money cause when I turned eighteen I was out of their house because I was possessed. I was beyond their help and they did not want me to infect or corrupt them or their precious friends.

I may have been very young but since I was sixteen basically was on my own as my parents disowned me. Yes they allowed me to stay in my room and made sure I had clothes and food because it would look bad for them. I got a job and saved money while I had the job I also met people and men. Well some of them made passes at me and I took them up on their offers hoping to get out of my parents house early. I learned to drive men crazy and how please them sexually but at that time I was na´ve about how things actually worked in the real world. That married men don't normally leave their wife for a sixteen or seventeen year old. My parents found out about me adventures and refused even to talk to me or speak about me. That made me happy and I did more and more to embarrass them. Simply because they disowned me and did not understand me or take the time to listen to me I wanted to be sure that when I was legal age it would be over.

Do you really think I'm that nice a person to help now? Do you want to still help or do you want to return what you can get your money back and cut your losses? You might be ugly as sin and maybe more so but your ugly you not only accept and understand but try to spare people's feeling and limit their exposure to it. I'm ugly as sin on the inside and hide it so that I can use it to my advantage do you think that you can trust me? You infuriate me every time I think I can take advantage of you your one step in front of me. I know if I could fuck you or suck your cock I'd have you wrapped around my finger. But no you have to be a pillar of virtue of everything that a good woman would want in a man. I'll make a wager that you're as loyal as the day and night is long. I had a job working in an office as a secretary and attempted to play the field and promote up the food chain laying on my ass. Well that would have worked except that I didn't know that the executive secretary was actually quietly married to the CEO that's how I lost my job and got my reputation ruined in that circle.

Sue was sitting there crying telling me this stuff I stood there like I was struck dumb. When she paused and just put her head in her hands she just wept. I took a deep breath quietly and not actually knowing what else to do reached down to her and grabbed her hand. When she looked up I said well tomorrow's a new day let's get some sleep and let tomorrow take care of itself. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and running down her face she told me that if she slept with me she'd figure a way to snare me. If I didn't keep an eye on her and told her to sleep in the guest room she couldn't be sure she'd not do something real stupid. That she was afraid to be left alone yet she also knew that she'd try to wrap me around her finger. That she knew she was like poison to me and a part of her didn't want to do that.

I told her she was worth more than she knew because if she truly wanted to hurt me or wrap me around her finger she would have never told me what she did. I'd be on guard for it and wouldn't let that happen. She still with tears in her eyes looked at me and told me that as good as I was she believes in a test of wills she would win. Ok if you're so confident what is it that would make you feel like you couldn't corrupt me or take advantage of me? She looked at me and really started to wail it was several minutes before I could calm her down enough to make sense out of her. It's the very thing that would be the most difficult for you to resist in a woman. That's the only way I couldn't trick you is to be bound and gagged when we sleep and yet it's the very trap that might catch you.

I told her well what will be will be and neither of us can truly be certain of the other's intent so what happens I can accept as fate can you? She just looked at me with those wet eyes and face and told me I was incredible but she would accept whatever happen. I smiled and told her if she felt being restrained when we slept would give her comfort or security not to corrupt me go ahead and pick out what she wants tonight.

She got up and went looking and came back and told me she had no idea what to pick. I told her go ahead and pick what she thought she could sleep with on. She looked at me and I told her that I had no idea of how flexible she was or any experience she had if she picked something that I thought would be too extreme I'd tell her and she could pick something else. She went back to the showroom and took only a few minutes to pick out a leather single glove with straps to go around the body and thigh cinchers and calf cinchers and a head harness with blindfold and inflatable gag with a breathing tube.

Well you made good choices as far as comfy restraints so are you ready now for bed? Yes I believe I can sleep with these on and not be able to tempt you or harm myself should I desire that. I took them from her and we went to the bedroom I told her we better get a shower she looked like she use one from so much crying it probably would make her feel better. She had no reply for that just came with me and stripped her clothes off I undressed and got in the shower also. I smiled at her and she didn't smile back I asked is there something the matter? She looked at me and told me she had won she was getting what she planned and by morning she'd have me wrapped around her finger.

I smiled at her and told her go ahead and slip her arms in the sleeve. She did and I laced it up she told me is that as tight as you can lace it. I told her that was only one lace it has two and I started pulling the straps tightly around her naked body the straps that went over and under her breasts had buckle attachments to pull them together in between and on the sides of her breasts making sure I got a good squeeze in. Sue made a cooing noise and said she didn't realize that they did that. That's ok but you're talking too much open up and I put the bladder in her mouth and tightened the hear harness rather tight. I inflated the bladder in her mouth till I got a hump from her and gave it an extra two squeezes.

She looked at me with the deer in the headlight eyes and I told her go ahead lay down. I slipped the thigh sleeve and tightened it and the calf sleeve now I told her for another surprise I got on the bed and pushed her ankles to touch her ass and then fastened the calf sleeve to the thigh sleeve got a great big hummpp from her. Now for the second set of laces I tightened up the sleeve till her elbows touched and I couldn't tighten it anymore once again a hummmpppph from her. I said ready for the last piece she of course couldn't stop it. I went to the basement and got a six foot roller buckling strap and ran it to the D-ring in the top on the head harness and back to the calf sleeve and tightened it up her head had no choice but to come up and bend her neck in a most uncomfortable way she was making noise about it.

I looked her in the face and told her that she was right about me on all counts she had my number but I might as well show her my idea of sleep ware restraints. I told her that she might want to think twice about wrapping me around her finger or fingers because it might be just a tiny bit more than she asked for or was willing to accept. So maybe she might want to be sure she wanted to win or settle for just the offered help. I put the blindfold on and made sure it wouldn't slip off I told her well this will keep you from getting woke up with the light should I got to the bathroom tonight. I wouldn't want to disturb your sleep tonight well sleep well. I put a pillow on the side of her by the edge of the bed to keep her from accidently falling out if she moved.

I went to bed alongside her and figured that well this will cure her appetite for wanting to snare me I feel real confident about it no one can sleep like that. Well later on that night I got woke up Sue was making some odd noises and I turned on the light to see what was up. Sue was moving as best as she could to flexing her thighs and ass and trying to wiggle her ass more than what she could. I figured out that since she was covered in sweat she was trying to get off she was trying to rub her clit or at the very least get some kind of stimulation to get off. I thought to myself that this is incredible and that I may be in serious trouble if she actually likes this treatment. Sue had been dead right about wanting a woman with Clair's taste for sex I'd do back flips and more to have and keep a woman like that. I thought about it for a few minutes and said what the hell if she wanted to be stimulated why not.

I have an experimental vibrator in the basement it's an egg that has knobs on the exterior and a very powerful twin motor. No lube is really needed because it is designed for external stimulation and I think I can wedge it between her thighs close enough to her pussy to stimulate her. I might not be able to get it close enough to bring her off but oh well my heart is in the right place. I touched Sue and told her stop wait I'll help her if she wants some stimulation to get off give me a few minutes. I told her if she does want the help grunt twice. She grunted twice and stopped trying to move she just laid there kind of panting some.

I went to the basement and found it I plugged it in to the wall and turned it on. I had forgotten how powerful it actually was I turned it to the low setting and could feel it vibrate but it was not much at all. I thought about it and figured I'd turn it on low for a few minutes and ask if she wanted more. If she did I'd let it go at full speed for about twenty minutes or so then ask if she wanted less. When she did I'd complain she couldn't make her mind up and set it on random. I got back to the bedroom and told her I was back and rolled her over on her side.

When I did that I got a sigh of relief from her knowing that now she was not in so much of a strain. I told her don't get used to it that she was going on her stomach again in a few. I started pushing the egg between her thighs it was not going in very well so I took and wet it from a water bottle it slid much easier as it was designed to be self lubricating with moister when I designed it I figured the woman would be sweating enough to keep it lubed. I turned it on to a medium setting and told Sue if I hit the right spot for her to make some noise and I'd leave it there. It took a few minutes but I found a spot she was happy with and knew from the tightness of the thighs there would be no way for her to eject it. I put her back on her stomach and it must have been good she started cooing some. I turned it to low and left it there a while she started making a nnnnnnnoooo nnnnnnooooo sound and I asked you need more power? I got an immediate ysssssss ysssssssssss and gave it full power which in just second had her complaining about it. I left it there for a few minutes but she must have had at least one or two orgasms. She was covered in sweat and it was just pouring off her body from a lot of places. I asked too much you want less power? Sue gave me the yssssss ysssss ysssss eeaaasssee. Well I don't know too little too much it's too much work to go up and down and back and forth how about random and I turned it to random. It started pulses at different power levels and Sue realized what this thing was doing she started to protest loudly and I told her she was making too much noise for me to sleep. I would move her to the center of the bed and block her there with pillows. I told her I was going to sleep in the guest room so that I could get some sleep and she could enjoy the stimulation. After I got her in the center and blocked her in that area with pillows I told her oh by the way it's electrically driven so no batteries to run down.

I went to the overstuffed chair I used for reading I opened the bedroom door and told her goodnight and closed the door loud enough for her to hear it close. She started to wail and cry and make all kinds of noise that I was truly surprised she could make gagged as she was. I sat in the chair listening to her and figured I would not leave the room but sit quietly in the chair in case something bad happens. I don't know how long I sat there but must have fallen as the next thing I notice is the light coming through the bedroom window. I look at my watch and it's almost ten thirty in the morning I go over to Sue. Sue is covered in sweat the pillows are covered in sweat I move one of the wet pillows and moved her so I could get the blindfold off of her and she starts making a uuuccckkkuuu noises at me. Well I guess I let my temper get a grip ok well you want to think that way here. I turned the egg up to full power and told her that I'd be back in thirty minutes we'd have breakfast then I started to walk away and she made the uuuuccckkkuu noise again well to show you I'm a sport here I put the remote about a foot away from her nose turn it off if it's too much for you this button right here and showed her which one it was. I started to walk away and said wait going back I told her I almost forgot and put the blindfold back on her.

I went to the kitchen and started breakfast I figured I'd remove her gag and feed her then play it from there by ear. Breakfast finished I put it on a tray and carried it to the bedroom upstairs. I opened the door and Sue was making odd sounds again although I sort of figured she was enjoying her position. I turned off the egg and told her I was going to feed her if she could keep a civil tongue in her head. I removed the gag and head harness which relieved the tension on her neck. Then I undid the calf and thigh connection so that she could put her legs out straight if she wanted.

After a few minutes I sat her in a chair since the bed was soaked and such I wrapped a blanket around her to keep her from getting chilled or cold. After breakfast I asked her if she wanted a shower and then to lay down in the guest room bed. She told me that would be nice but she didn't think she had enough strength left to shower. I undid the sleeves and found she barely could move her arms that they were almost useless to her. I ran a hot bath and bathe her in the tub and dried her and put her in the guest room bed. I went to leave and she whispered please don't leave. I told her I'd be right back I went to the basement and got a locking leather ankle cuff and twenty feet of chain and two locks. I returned to the guest room to the sound of snoring I put the cuff on and locked it to the chain and locked the other end of the chain to the bed frame.

Now that would allow her to use the bathroom but not get back to the basement or anywhere else that she would be able to cause me a problem. I was tired still exhausted more like it and went to sleep next to her. The lack of the amount of sleep I had gotten over the past few days must have caught up with me. I slept like the dead and I know Sue was tired we must have slept through the day and most of the night it was six am the next day when. I woke up and she was not in the bed she was in the bathroom or so that is where the chain led. Well she looked at me when she got out of the bathroom and asked what the chain and cuff was for? I told her I didn't want her doing something stupid or leaving without me giving an Sue told me shut up she didn't want to talk about it and that I should unlock the cuff. I unlocked it and she told me she was going to get a shower and look for work.

I told her sure I had a few and I'd let her shower and dress. I went my bedroom and took the sheets and blankets off and the pillows they were all still damp. I opened up the windows and started the washer with the bed linen. Sue found me doing laundry and told me she was going to start looking for work did I have any ideas where to look? I told her no I haven't had to look for several years and don't socialize and am sort of out of touch with the world. I told her she had the GPS in the car that should take her where she wanted to go I told her that if she called me before she started back I'd have dinner on the table. Sue just looked at me and nodded her head. Left she had on an outfit that was a killer one for her she looked good really good.

A part of me was regretting the way I treated her and wished I hadn't done that and just tried to keep her for myself but that would never work she was ten years younger and there was no way she could be an isolationist like me. The hours ticked by and I worked on some projects that were supposed to be finished or almost finished by now Sue had taken me off track but what a diversion. Seven rolled around and I started to become concerned about her wondering if everything was ok or did she just take the little money I gave her and the car and leave? I called the cell phone number and discovered it was in the house on the table in the living room. Well I guess there is no help for that I suppose she left and probably will not be coming back. I found myself very sad sadder than I'd been in years damn I recognized the feeling I was having in just a few days she had gotten under my skin.

Around nine that night I was concerned not only for Sue but starting to worry about me and my own problems. I figured I'd call the doctor that helped me at the state hospital and at least talk to him. I called found him at home and started to tell him what was going on in my life and what happen since Sue came into it. I started to tell him everything from the start and he told me he'd be over in an hour. Dr. George came to the house and I made fun that there are doctors that still make house calls. I told him that I was glad he was both a surgeon and a shrink. He said that while he was a good surgeon he knew his days were numbered. That is why he went and got the shrink license. We sat and talked for hours and he told me that I might have a relapse that it was nothing to worry about too much but that he was very glad that I remembered to call him. He told me that it might be a good idea to check into the hospital for a while and get assessed for a relapse.

I told him that I would wait a few days and see if Sue called or showed back up. I'd call him every day or twice a day if he wanted. He told me that he wasn't happy about me waiting a couple of days that might allow the relapse to occur. He said if I took the shot he wanted to give me and get a prescription filled and took it he would be ok with two calls a day for two weeks and that I had to promise to check in if he told me. I got ready for bed and he came up and gave me the shot I was out in minutes just like someone pulled my plug.

The doctor was getting ready to leave he was writing me a note and the doorbell rang so he answered the door. Sue was at the door and asked who he was and where I was? Doctor George told Sue that I had called him and that he had administered a very powerful sedative to me. George asked Sue whether they could talk and Sue agreed and came in. George told Sue that I had told him everything that happen since he meet Sue and that he was afraid of another relapse so that is why he came over. Sue started crying in front of George and George told her that she was putting him in a very odd situation. Sue asked how that was so and why was that so distressing to him? George told Sue that due to the law he could not without my permission talk to Sue about me, and in my condition I couldn't give him a release of information so he could talk to her about me. However if she wanted to talk to him about herself it might give him a better idea of what to do for me. Sue told George she'd do anything to help me since I seemed sincerely want to help her get on her feet again.

Sue proceeded to tell George everything that happened to her in childhood and between the bridge episode and me. George asked her some questions she answered the questions honestly and completely. Sue even explained that she deliberately made me angry so that I would inflict some form of punishment on her because that is what she actually craved. That even as young as she was she realized she was a masochist and craved to be punished and physically tormented. That she had manipulated me into not only binding her in an uncomfortable position but when she started to be able to adjust to it she then pressed the envelope further to get more punishment from me. After Sue got finished she asked George what he thought and George told her that this was a situation that he or his fellow doctors had never thought would occur. Sue asked what situation is occurring that he never thought would happen.

George told Sue that she could never tell Herman that since he was going to betray Herman's trust in him. That only in an abstract way could he say that his fellow doctors and he never figures two persons would meet that would test each other's limits like Sue and I apparently were or could if the relationship went any further. That he would only tell her be very careful about what she wanted from Herman or it could be a very painful experience for both of them. He told Sue that the relationship was at a critical point and that he was sorry he couldn't say more or give her any advice but it would be a conflict of interests at this point. Sue asked George if she could ask him a few questions and that if he couldn't answer she would understand. George told her go ahead ask what she wanted but don't get upset if he didn't give her an answer.

Sue asked George if she pushed Herman hard really hard was her life in danger? George asked her why was her life important to her now a few days ago she was willing to try to end it. Sue told George that a few days ago she felt like she was alone in the world that no one understood her or her desires and that made her very alone. Sue told George that she both loved and loathed Herman that Herman seemed to see through her and know how much she could take and when she needed to be held softly. She loved me for the gentleness I displayed sometimes and that she loathed me because I could make her and her body betray itself. That she desired or needed the agony Herman could deliver like nobody else ever could. George asked her why she came back was if for her clothes or money or what. Sue told George that being away from Herman she saw that there seemed to be no place in the world for her to fit into. Sue told George that everyone fits somewhere somehow but she didn't seem to fit anywhere but next to Herman whether it was cuddling or screaming and howling in agony.

That is why she both loved and loathed Herman she came back because she went to the bridge and was going to finish what she started a few days ago but needed to see Herman one more time. George said if you plan to finish what you started a few days ago then do not see Herman again go and finish it and he would take care of Herman. Sue told the doctor if she finished it without seeing Herman that he would have to hospitalize Herman in order to protect Herman from Himself. George go up and left he told her that she had the puzzle solved but it was up to her to choose if she got Herman to sign the release he would gladly talk to her in more detail.

Sue then even though it was late in the night went looking for my order book she had seen it and knew what she wanted in it. It took some time and searching but she found it and then she went looking to find Clair's number in the book. She called and got her husband and told him who she was and that it was very important that she speak with Clair. He must have felt very generous he told her to wait a minute and Clair got on the phone short of breath. Sue asked Clair if her husband could leave the room she had one or two questions to ask her.

He could be heard in the background grumbling but Clair said go ahead. Sue asked if she both loved and loathed her husband and what would happen if she left him? Clair told Sue to be careful what she asked for that if she thought her husband could be brutal that Herman could be more so. That yes she both loved and loathed her husband because of the power he held over her body and mind. If she left him she didn't know what would happen but it wouldn't be good in any event and that he would probably fall to pieces and into depression. Sue told Clair what happen in the last day or so and that she had started it because she wanted to wrap Herman around her finger and make Herman hers. Clair told Sue that unless she could handle some real pain and torment leave Herman alone that she would never bend Herman around her finger like she wanted. That the only way to be able to bend Herman would be with her suffering that would bend Herman never would it break Herman but it would bend Herman. Sue told her thanks and hung up the phone she thought about it and then came up with a plan.

George had told Sue that Herman would sleep like a rock for about ten hours and she had about four left. Sue figured the only way to force Herman's hand and to accept her was to convince Herman that if he turned her out she would kill herself. If she could do that he would never let her go to prevent that however she realized Herman was also very good at inflicting pain and torment. Sue also realized that if she pushed Herman he was very capable of being able to break her completely and that truth troubled her greatly. Sue knew that Herman was able to read her as easily as she was reading Herman and that gave her a problem how to convince him that she was serious about killing herself if he forced her to leave. Sue knew that if she succeeded in convincing Herman she couldn't go on without him that her decision would probably be final that Herman would never let her out of his sight and when she was she would probably not be free but bound in some manner. Lastly and probably the most feared thing was that escape would in all probability be impossible.

She gave the matter some thought and came up with a plan. She would claim that she won and that she could force him to keep her next to him. That if he turned her out rather than face the world alone she would kill herself because facing the world alone is a fate worse than anything I could come up with. Sue went to the basement and got a steel collar with a ring attached in the front. Next she picked up a wrist cuff a wide metal one. She found two hardened cut resistant locks and tested the keys. She hid the keys for the locks in the basement. Finally she found some chain it measured about thirty feet of chain and carried it to the bedroom where Herman was unconscious. Before she entered the room she hid the keys in the basement. Upon entering the bedroom she went straight to work she put the cuff on Herman's wrist and attached the chain to it. Then she put the collar on her neck and attached the chain to it with the lock.

She then stripped off her clothes and got into bed with him still passed out from the shot. The chain allowed her enough to get to the bathroom and around the room but she could not leave it or him. I could not leave her until she told me where the keys were I could of course cut the chain but that would prove to be a task in itself she found a lift chain it's an alloy chain that is hardened in such a way that bolt cutters just scratch it and cutoff wheels get turned to power when cutting it. Well it was now done there was no way she could undo the chain, she could not get to the keys she was committed and contented that she finally won at something that I would have no choice. She fell asleep and slept like she hadn't slept in years for the first time in years knowing she had won.

I woke up and still slightly groggy saw her and then realized that I was chained I inspected the cuff and found the other end of the chain. I slept some more and was awakened by the sound of a shower running and a woman singing. It was Sue in the shower and I got up to go to the bathroom because I had to use it. She must have heard the chain rattle without getting out of the shower she called to me "good morning loser" how does it feel to be beaten by a woman? I ignored the comment for the moment trying to take into prospective the situation.

Sue dried herself off and came out of the shower and into the bathroom she looked at me and called me pathetic. I told her how she figures she has won and that I'm the pathetic one? She put her hands on her hips and told me that she has to give me credit that I did break her like no man or woman had ever done. However once I broke her I just let her lose I had no follow through after I broke her but what else could she expect from someone that hid from the world because of a self inflicted deformity. That a real man would have taken advantage of her or humiliated her into servicing him. So that's why I'm the loser and pathetic of course if I needed any additional proof what man would let a woman stand in front of him and talk to him like she was.

I had enough I walked in front of her and grabbed her throat and with one hand lifted her feet off the floor. My hand was above her collar and since she wasn't standing on the ground just hanging in the air by my hand it didn't take her long to realize that she could no longer breathe air. I looked her straight in the eyes and before she passed out told her she had no idea just how big a mistake she has made and I promise her she will regret it dearly. She was struggling for air and she still managed to spit in my face. Her lips were turning blue and her eyes were getting bloodshot and she was starting to pass out. I just let go of her and let her drop she was only an inch or two off the floor but had no strength to catch herself or stand so she fell right on the floor in a heap. I was enraged to say the least and grabbed a handful of her long red hair and wrapped it in my hand as she was trying to suck air back in her lungs.

I was angry angrier than I had been in years and I knew that I was in trouble with it Sue had pushed my buttons. I dragged her by her hair to the living room down stairs she was struggling to breathe and struggling to keep up I didn't raise my hand but kept it where she would have to crawl on all fours to move. I got to the phone and called Doctor George my and got his answering service I told them this was an emergency and connect me or get a hold of him now. They must have taken me seriously as in just a minute or two my phone rang it was George. By now Sue had gotten her wind back and was just on the floor on her knees because I still had a hold of her hair. I told the Doc that he needed to come over and explain to Sue about my temper and just in general my personality. He asked what happen he could tell that I was excited and angry. Sue heard George and started chanting "I won and you are a loser" then changed it to "Herman the pussy whipped monster" and she alternated between the two. George said give her the phone now right now Herman. I went to hand Sue the phone and she told me that she didn't want to talk to George he didn't want to talk to her last night so she didn't want to talk today.

I took the phone and held it to Sue's ear and kept her from removing it I wedged her head and the phone between my knees and held it there. I'm not the biggest man but I'm not the smallest either I do workout every day for a couple of hours so I'm in fairly good shape. I told the Doc that I had the phone pressed to her ear and to tell her whatever. He simply told her to stop that he was coming over and he would explain a few things. That I was capable of tearing the hide off her and not having any regrets about it. She laughed and said that I was too much of a pussy whipped monster to be able to do anything like that to her.

Doc told her she had no idea what she was getting into and that if she valued her safety and life she would stop now till he got there. She again laughed and told the Doc that she was in no danger because I wasn't a real man and couldn't harm a fly. The Doc changed tactics then and said if she cared for me then she would stop till he got there or I'd wind up in prison for a very long time and if she didn't want that to happen she would shut the fuck up and be quiet. She told the Doc provided he got there before she got bored that it was fun intimidating me. I took the phone back and Doc told me to get out of the house and go to the park for a couple of hours. Doc asked if he had permission to discuss my condition with her freely sure Doc but I can't leave the house you will see why when you get here.

Doc arrived about in about an hour with his bag . He saw the chain and the collar and the wrist cuff. He told me to take them off I told him I couldn't that she put them on when I was out from the shot and she hasn't or will not tell me where the key is. Doc said mind if I give you a shot for a couple of hours not an all night shot. No Doc whatever you think is best but you really need to explain to Sue the type of person I am. Doc fixed the shot and put it in my arm the last words I remembered were goodnight pussy whipped monster.

Doc looked at Sue and told Sue that she's lucky to be in as good a shape as she is that before Herman tried to commit suicide Herman had a job working for the government of this country. That he was one of the overseers of the project until it was cancelled. The governments of the world used women for spies that some countries start training them from even as early as six years old. That the governments use truth serums on them almost on a daily bases so that they become completely immune to their effects. There are a lot of other drugs that they use also but basically they chemically treat the bodies of the girls to be immune to the drugs. They also torture them a lot so that they become immune to pain and mental torment. So that if another government gets one of them they can't find out any information. One would think that most of them would suicide before capture. But no they don't they know that they are prepared to deal with whatever another government can do to them and their government will trade or buy them back within two weeks so that's as long as they have to survive. If they retire they are rich and don't have a care in the world.

Sue said so what has that got to do with Herman and me pressing his buttons? Doc told her that the governments of the world started looking for ways to break these super spies. Well Herman here was is the best of the best at that Herman is what people would call a sexual sadist and is very good at it. Herman's so good at it that the governments of the world agreed to stop training women like that and curtail the spy business. Herman broke all of them that were sent to Herman in less than five days they would crawl on their knees over broken glass to beg to Herman to be allowed tell him what Herman wanted to know. Herman would never sexually assault them either. Herman actually could ejaculate just from watching them suffer and their screams.

Unfortunately the agency pushed Herman and treated him with drugs to enhance his sexual appetite to the point where Herman just gets frustrated with normal vanilla sex Herman doesn't get any satisfaction from it. Sue told Doc that she had always been fascinated by stories of sex slaves and envious of them. She had never met someone that could break her. Sue then said I didn't even have any remorse later. Even for those that pretended to be sadists most of the ones she had run into would stop before she broke because they couldn't continue. George told Sue that would never be the case with me that he'd seen Herman work a woman over for ninety hours straight plus and never do any permanent damage to her or scar her physically mentally however Doc believed the women would always carry scars because brutal was too kind of a word for what Herman had done.

When the project was cancelled of course the government just let us go which was fine for most of us. However Herman had an awful time adjusting and kept in touch with me and one day Herman just couldn't deal with the world and tried to commit suicide. Herman was handsome and never had a problem taking women out or to bed however that is where the problem started to come out. The government had sort of taken the cork out of the genies bottle and never tried to put it back. Well some of my fellow doctors and I started working on a way to help Herman the best we could do was introduce a drug that stopped his sexual urges so that he just lost interest in women or sex. As you might have guessed Herman is the typical true patriot he will do anything for his country so Herman saw what the government asked as part of his duty.

When he lost interest in women his life sort of took a huge down turn for the worse and Herman jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge. Well when Herman got fished out alive and sent to a hospital the government was alerted and transferred Herman to one of their facilities. They saved his life and while he was on the operating table one of the doctors that knew Herman and Herman's nature figured that if Herman was unattractive to people Herman would no longer have to be treated with drugs as he suspected the drugs caused the depression.

I was in the operating room and told them that was not funny and they should not even joke about that. I had finished reconstructing the hip and the head surgeon told me to leave the operating room. I did and while they were in there they did that to his face it was smashed and broken up really badly but I know that they made him look like that on purpose so that women would stay away from him. His ear we never found and they twisted his skull into that misshapen form to add to the effect and sure enough nobody wants anything to do with him most people can't stand the sight of him. It took seven months of physical therapy to get Herman to walk and move again properly. Simply because when they reshaped the skull the bodies balance was so interfered with so it had to learn to balance from the new shape.

Then we faced the will to live issue it took two years to restart that part of him. I got him started in an online college and he did very well there. But something else was needed to continue to feed his social needs social interaction basically is not in his ability since people couldn't stand the sight of him. One of my fellow doctors and his wife are into the B/D S/M scene and couldn't ever find a place to get good quality cloths or equipment without the fear of exposure to the public since they are both well known. This starts the business in the basements so that is where he stands today. Herman told me one time that the reason he was so good at what he did to women to get information and or break them was he considered it an art form. Herman also told me that a woman who could withstand his treatment or the ultimate a woman who not only could stand it but enjoyed it would be his downfall. She would be his downfall because if she ever left him that would kill him knowing how rare a woman like that is. That knowing a woman like that must have been pushed too far even for her standards and left him to survive.

Now Sue you come along and Herman tried to help you and apparently turn into Herman's worst nightmare a woman that doesn't complain about having pain inflicted on her that you seem to enjoy it. You not only enjoy it but you tempt him to punish you even harder you taunt him and insult him to make him angrier. Sue laughed and said yes and for the first time in my life she feels alive and home a place where she welcome and wanted and needed. Sue told Doc that she did not recognize the kind of person Herman was and after that first bondage encounter didn't realize what she actually needed or wanted out of life. Until she went back to the bridge and thought she realized what she wanted and it was there that she knew what she wanted and who she really was. Doc asked her how she felt about what Herman did to her body about the discomfort Herman inflicted on it. Sue laughed even more and ask me did I understand why Herman could get sexual relief from hearing the screams and watching the suffering of women? Doc told her that there were a whole bunch of theories and they were very common but as to why someone actually enjoyed doing what Herman did no he did not understand.

Sue told Doc how would you or could you understand that in spite of the agony or torment Herman can inflict I can be sexually satisfied more than the most proficient master lover ever could hope to satisfy me. That the agony is in itself truly wonderful it affirms or confirms that I'm alive and life is wonderful. I can't tell you how much it hurt me that Herman didn't take advantage of me while I was bound and in agony because of the length of time. He never even made any reference to wanting to take advantage of me. That hurt me and that is the reason why I went to the bridge. I questioned my own worth was I not pretty enough for Herman, I was in agony my muscles were screaming at me and cramping like they haven't it a very long time. Yet Herman sexually rejected me and to me that was the worst thing Herman could ever do. The only reason I came back was I remember seeing a conflict in Herman's eyes in those steel blue cold penetrating eyes I saw a conflict a war within Herman so I had to come back to find out what that was about. I think I know now what that was about Herman was trying to keep from becoming involved with me not because of not wanting me but because Herman feared that one day I might leave and what do I do I left.

Doc told her she was smart very smart and yes that probably was what went though Herman's head. Doc said that the both of them were like two run away trains heading for a train wreck. That if one derailed and left neither one of them would survive the separation. When a couple separate it is traumatic in a lot of ways however in the case of Herman and her it would in all probability end in tragedy both would probably be dead within a few weeks. Doc told her that if they ever really got together and separated that might be fine for a very short time but one or the other would die and upon hearing of the others death that party would feel guilt that they caused the death and die also.

That she should not take Herman's rejection personal that Herman is still taking those drugs that inhibit sexual urges. Herman knows that and he knows also that a woman like you is both salvation and damnation. You will never be able to figure out who is the ultimate or top winner your relationship with Herman will have you a winner sometimes and him a winner sometimes the problem is going to be to get used to that both of you are winners. The other doctors would have never believed that Herman and someone like you would ever find one another. I just hope you and Herman don't destroy each other. Sue laughed and said probably not I'm not willing to leave Herman and I'm actually committed to that. Doc said then the other half is to get Herman to accept that you will not ever leave Herman once you can convince Herman of that it will be ok. Doc also told Sue that he needed to swap Herman's medication out if she was determined to continue the relationship with Herman. Well Sue told Doc haven't you heard a word I've said I love that guy and I'm also afraid that I'll lose him before I get him.

Sue asked what was in the bag that Doc carried in the house. He told her just papers and some drugs for Herman but he needed to swap out these for the ones Herman had. Sue asked why swap them out. Doc said if Herman was asked to stop taking this medication he has become dependent on it mentally it is the drug he uses to keep the sex drive diminished. That the drug diminished the sex drive not completely made him impotent. Herman would consider forced sex to be not acceptable Herman would have to accept the fact that to you it is very acceptable or even desirable. These are sugar pills so the drive will continue to increase when he becomes sexually active again call me and let me handle him.

Sue asked how long before he has the desire to fuck or really have sex. The drug can be out of his system in as little as three days or as long as two weeks. That there was no way to know for sure how long before they worked their way out of the body. Doc told Sue she was very beautiful and did she want to fuck. Sue got really upset and started yelling at Doc that he was a pervert and that what kind of person he thought she was if she couldn't have Herman she'd pass it up. Doc started laughing and Sue got angrier then Doc held his hands up and said wait I was just seeing if you'd have sex with someone other than Herman. Sue still looked angry and said sure if that's what you think now. Doc said he was leaving and took the bottle up to the bathroom and came back with another one. Doc picked up his stuff and left Sue still attached to Herman who was still out like a light.

Sue having no one to talk to or anywhere to go decided to curl up at Herman's feet and go to sleep also. I woke up and stretched and saw Sue at my feet curled up like a cat sleeping. I woke her up and she sat up telling me it was about damn time I got up. I said Sue we really need to talk seriously and that really can't wait. She said sure let's talk Doc told me a lot about you and that you're afraid of the same thing I am and that is simply being heart broke. If you get involved with someone that is always a possibility and that's part of the risk.

You enjoy torturing women and making them scream in agony and pain right? Yes, Sue I enjoy that more than you'll ever know I can't tell you why but that's just the way it is with me. Sue then said what would you think if I told you that your rejection of not taking advantage of me when I was in agony and completely helpless hurt me more than anything else you could have done. The pain and agony you inflicted on me was wonderful I would have screwed an elephant or anything that I could have and you didn't take advantage of it that's why I left here. I went back to the bridge to rethink things and the only reason I came back was while I was on the bridge I remembered the look in your eyes you were at war with feelings or some conflict I could see that in your eyes. So what was the conflict you were having? I looked at her and told her not so much as a conflict as an internal thought that what I was looking at was the most perfect woman in the world for me and I couldn't hang on to her because of the way I look.

Sue laughed and said there is something you don't realize however. Firstly you're a wonderful person on the inside and that counts. Secondly you may not appreciate this like I do but you haven't been in my shoes. As you guy's put it I know you think I'm a real looker, dish, doll, whatever what you don't realize is that women that have the looks I do get attached to someone that is attracted to us because of our looks and when we get a little older they go shopping unless we stay pretty. Now some of us will stay pretty but not a lot of us we will put on some weight or a wrinkle here or there we change and become more normal looking even if we work hard on staying pretty or not. It may sound cruel but I've got to say it so punish me later for it you're ugly and because of that I feel fairly secure that you will not leave me for a pretty young thing. It also makes me feel really secure that you like to punish, torture, humiliate, intimidate and degrade women. Sue said well what kind of birth control do we want to use I suppose we should think of that I've been lucky so far not getting pregnant but who can say how long luck holds.

I told her that she has an odd way of looking at things but with some time I think I could get used to her being around. Secondly birth control is not an issue when I hit the water I crushed a nut and believe it or not it takes both to be able to produce viable sperm so that's not an issue. Now what does she think of making dinner since I'm hungry and I'm pretty sure she is also. Well she said she'd have to think about it that she just didn't feel in the mood to cook. I told her that she was in enough trouble now that I would suggest that she did cook. Sue just looked at me and I told her that I was serious that if she thought being bound like she was created agony that was nothing. Besides she has enough that she was going to pay for she didn't need to pad the debt. Fine Sue said she'd cook but I'd have to stay in the kitchen since she wasn't going to tell me where she hid the key to the locks that I was going to have to make her tell me where.

Sue made a great dinner not much just hamburger and instant mashed potatoes some sweet cream corn and apple sauce. After we finished she said well it's time for me to make good on my promise to make her pay. Let's go I told her to lead the way to the basement. I figure you can make one installment on what you owe today anyway. When we got to the basement I told her to have a seat on the floor I picked up a brush and started brushing her long red hair then I make a pony tail braid with it. I wove in three two inch welded rings that Sue did not see me pickup. I put the three rings in a hook and attached that hook to the winch in the center of the room. I picked up a couple of different items a rubber flogger, a single tail whip, a four foot bull whip, a paddle with an eighteen inch handle and adjustable round studs in the striking part, a riding crop, a ball of strong twine, and lastly but not least my favorite my electric stinger paddle. The stinger paddle covered in leather with two metal strips on the paddle it could deliver enough shock to stun a two thousand pound bull a person would prefer a violent wand or police taser, or even a cattle prod to that paddle.

Since I didn't want her hands to flail around much I also picked up another special item of mine a two foot spreader bar with thumb cuffs attached at each end the rig weighted about five pounds and had a Chinese sewing clamp in the center of it there were batteries and some electronics in the bar if you pulled on the cuffs depending on the amount you pulled gave you a shock the more you pulled the greater the shock you also had to keep tension off the clamp because if it got tension it also would deliver a shock. I put the cuffs on her thumbs and then clamped the inside center of her nose with the clamp. Sue was looking at it and I told her go ahead pull on it or the cuffs. She did and she probably shocked herself about four or five times before she got enough control to not tension anything or pull on anything. I told her that should keep her hands out of my way.

I started the winch and she did not understand the purpose of it until she felt her pony tail start to raise it started to pull hard and she got on her toes. I told her that was only a temporary solution as I intended to suspend her by her hair. She told me it can't be done it will rip out of my head. No it won't you may wish it would but believe me it will not even break many of them. When she could no longer get any help from the floor she was starting to panic a little she told me that the skin on her face felt like it was getting tighter. I told her probably was since her whole body weight was on the scalp.

I took some twine and tied it to the big toes and then to rings in the floor. I drew up the tension so that Sue's toes were pointed down and the bottom of the feet where pointed toward me. Then I stood back and let the rubber flogger begin its dance from the calves to Sue's shoulders and everything in between. I suppose Sue thought she could take a lot of pain but already I could tell she was on the verge of breaking. She found it impossible to not shock herself as she couldn't help pull on something that delivered a shock to her. I switched to the four foot bull whip and the first shot landed on the soles of her feet. That must have been quite a new experience for her the third shot had her peeing on the floor. I just laughed and told her I thought you were going to give me a run for the money your just an amateur.

Well I see you have a mess to clean up when I'm done with you. Sue told me that it would be dry and forgotten before she told me where the keys were. With a huge smile on my face I told Sue that this wasn't about the key's this was just a warm up for her running her mouth the way she did. I said let's see "Herman the pussy whipped monster" well I think that will be the next item on the list to be an item of interest. I released one string on one foot and retied it so that her legs would be really spread wide open. After doing the second leg her legs were spread wide enough that there was no way she could protect her pussy. I switched weapons of choice again and got the single tail whip and just sort of flicked it up between her legs. The reaction was great she realized where I was going to strike next and that was just a sizing shot one to see that the aim was right and the end of the whip landed where I wanted it to.

Sue started to plead not there please dear God that will kill me. I ignored her and just kept coiling the whip. When I got it coiled and started the strike she started screaming before it ever touched her but I pulled it back before it did touch her. I did that a couple of more times and watched her start to sweat. I made like I was going to put the whip down and walk away I saw the sigh of relief and that's when with a quick flick of the wrist the whip shot out and caught her the end of it stopping just above where her cunt crack ends. The effect of that was spectacular she screamed like a banshee and literally tore the clamp off the inside of her nose. That of course delivered a major shock to her thumbs and kept delivering shocks to her thumbs since the clamp sides were now touching constantly. I noticed blood coming out of her nose that needed looking into. I watched her for a few minutes try to gain some kind of composure which was not happening with the shocks and the fire in her crack from beginning to end.

Sue finally started stammering out words that I could understand somewhat she was telling me where the keys were. I told her I was not interested in the keys I wanted to show her how displeased I was for her mouth calling me a pussy whipped monster so I gave her another shot right in the same place. She went hysterical with babbling and crying and trying to get away she was putting up a magnificent fight against the twine she'd never break it but gave it quite a workout. I couldn't make out anything she was saying or trying to say so I got her attention and told her if she didn't regain her composure in one minute I'd strike her there every two minutes till she did.

Against all odds I thought she'd never be able to regain her composure in one minute but she did I would have given her four or five without her knowing that I did since her sense of time was gone by now. I told her to hold out her arms to me so I could stop the bar from shocking her constantly. She looked at me and told me you think that its bad watch this and she proceeded to pull hard at the thumb cuffs making the shocks stronger. No matter hold your arms toward me right now. Sue did and I removed the clamp and put a ring in its place then attached the ring to a rope that was hanging from a pulley. I pulled up the rope until her arms were above her head and told her there now we're ready to get serious.

Sue you now see the kind punishment I can bring to bear on you for any reason that I feel it is necessary. Sometimes I will inflict this kind of thing on you for no reason whatsoever just to watch you squirm and scream and beg for it to stop. I truly enjoy that make no mistake you tell me you want to stay with me and that you will not ever leave. Will you still feel that way if I tell you that I feel I should give you ten more just like those last two shots? I will give you ten minutes to think about it after that you will give me an answer if you tell me yes I will give you ten of the best and I will then turn you lose and allow you to suck my cock. I will keep you and you will never have to work another day in your life I will provide for you. You will concern yourself with being a home maker and If you say no then I'll just turn you lose and let you go with your car, clothes, and twenty thousand dollars cash.

Sue took only a minute or two at the very most before she looked at me and in a clear coherent voice told me I was just a pussy whipped ugly mother fucking monster. To say the least I was somewhat stunned. Sue told me what the fuck did I think she was some cheap whore off the street corner? Who the fuck was I to think that I could just buy her off like that how dare I insult her by even trying to buy her off? Sue told me that I was sadly mistaken if I thought ten shots to her cunt would drive her away from me she could take at least twice that much before even think about having a thought of leaving. Sue told me I called her an amateur well maybe I was the amateur because most women fake orgasms and the men never know and go on thinking that they are some kind of Don Juan she was playing me. Did I really think that a couple of shots to her cunt would break her and make her hysterical like I thought she was? Sue told me she would be that she could take at least fifteen before she even cried out. She told me that I was full of myself thinking she'd be that easily broken.

I told her to shut up if she thought she was that tough we'd see who was tougher tonight we'd settle it. I opened up a drawer and took out another four foot whip I told Sue it may look the same but I had used a leather whip on her that this one was made out of rhino hide it's really rough unlike leather. I told her that I've only had two occasions to use it and she should feel honored that I was about to see what kind of damage this one could do to her. I told her that she felt like she could take fifteen without crying out with the leather one I'd bet she couldn't take ten with this one. I told Sue how many did she think she could take totally before she begged me to stop. Sue told me she'd take at least thirty before she thought about it and that she'd probably go to fifty before she begged for me to stop.

I was the one laughing now I told Sue she had no idea how much different this whip was than a leather whip. I told her that if she went thirty I'd marry her and accept the fact that she would not leave as long as I could keep her entertained. If by some act of God or miracle she went the full fifty strokes I'd not only marry her but if she wanted insured she'd never leave by making her a true slave. I'd take her out occasionally and she'd never sleep unrestrained or be unrestrained if I was not around. Sue asked me what if she couldn't go the thirty then I told her she'd have to take the clothes and car and money and leave. I told her that I'd give her a few minutes to decide whether or not to take the bet.

Sue took a few minutes and told me it's a bet that she'd handle at least the thirty she might be screaming and such but she'd not beg me to stop. I told her I'd modify the bet I'd accept twenty five if she agreed to hanging by her tits. She just looked at me and said if I wanted her to hang by her tits I didn't need to make a bargain just do it. So I used the twine to bind her breasts and then lowered her so that I could hook that rigging to the winch. She was sucking air through her teeth when she came off her feet and her tits were turning the prettiest shade of purple.

I told her we begin and I started after the first shot I could tell she noticed the huge difference in the whips. The leather one bit into the flesh and stung this one not only bit but was like sandpaper it was very abrasive and that added to the effect. I have to give it to her at five she was grunting but not anything more than a grunt. I told her this whip also has to be salted on a regular bases or it will ruin that the way she was starting to sweat she should notice the effect of the salt any time now. Like the cartoon where you see someone standing on open air and another character says you can't do that it's against the law of gravity. The first character says never studied law and the second one tell him about the law of gravity and the first one falls once they hear about the law. It must have been like that for Sue as soon as I finished speaking about the salt in her face I saw that it must have started working.

The look was priceless something between agony and hysteria Sue was very close to losing it for real this time and we were only on the twelfth stroke. By the time I hit twenty four there was a steady stream of water coming from her eyes but only grunts from her for sounds. I told her she had the power to stop this anytime just admit defeat and accept the rules of the bet. Her head had been bent backward and now she pulled it up to look at me and had eyes that would kill but no comments. I laughed and say what no smart ass remarks from the peanut gallery. Well let's see six more to go to thirty or was it sixteen I've lost count here. Sue's eyes flared at me along with her nose. To my surprise Sue while holding her head up tried to spit on me. I told her hold her head up I want to see what these last six would do because I didn't think she could handle fifty physically. She held her head up so I could see her face when the whip struck it was incredible she had the look of a wild beast and still contained the screams. The twenty sixth one made her piss again on the floor but this time it was sloppy her cunt was swollen up that I was beginning to feel that it would not take any more punishment before it was damaged.

At twenty eight I decided to call a halt to the whip the danger of permanent damage was too great with the swelling. I told Sue we had to stop with the whip because of the swelling and that permanent damage was too great a risk. She told me that she won then and wanted credit for all fifty strokes. I told her not so fast that instead of the whip I'd use my paddle on her my favorite one of course being the nice guy I am didn't mention the electric properties of it.

She of course told me didn't make any difference to her that she could take more with the paddle than the whip. I told her she would do really good to not tempt the situation she was in. Then I let the paddle fly with the electric charge set about three fourths of the way up. Sue gave such a sharp intake of breath that I figured she'd make thirty but not fifty. Thirty I got on one knee and asked her to be my wife. She told me she'd give me her answer at stroke fifty. Well then let's speed things up until this point I was taking my time with the whip and the paddle giving her a chance to feel the increase in pain between strokes. Now I changed tactics I delivered eight one right after another and then paused after the second one she was howling but not begging to stop. I started on another round of eight and about five she was begging for me to stop saying "yes dear God yes I'll marry you please stop you win I am the loser" she was frantic and it was hard to understand her but I got the message.

I untied the twine on her toes and started the winch moving down I undid the thumb cuffs and then the tie on the tits when she was in my arms. She couldn't stand but I was holding her so she could. When she was completely undone from the restraints she looked at me and in a shaky voice said "Sir, may I be allowed to suck your cock please?" I sat down on a chair and told her yes she may. She got on her knees and gave me a great blow job it was absolutely wonderful the way she handled it. Sue afterwards crawled over to where she pissed on the floor and started licking it up off the floor with her tongue. It didn't take her long and I walked over and picked her up and told her come on enough for tonight.

I held her and told her I have to hand it to her since in the end it appears she got what she wanted. Sue looked at me and said and what is it that I wanted so badly. I without the slightest laugh or sense of humor told her she has stolen my heart and soul. She looked at me and said this could very well be a very long argument as I would have to admit that I finally have met my match. Never in my life did I ever once dream that I could find a man who could break me and not bat an eye or shed a tear while doing it. I have to admit to you that as much as you feel I won that simply is not the truth you my beloved master have won the day and my heart.

I got a bath running and got some ice out of the fridge in the bedroom I told her this might be a little unpleasant and put the ice on her swollen cunt she jumped and danced around some. I told her that it was necessary to take down the swelling. After a while I gave her a bath and put her in bed then walked over to the dresser and got out a leather bag. When I unzipped it there were several prefilled needles I took one and shot it in her arm and before I got it out she was out cold. While she was out cold I put cold compresses on her cunt to bring down the swelling. I knew in the morning when she finally woke up she'd be sore as hell down there. The outer lips were raw and the inner ones were raw but not to the extent of the outer ones. It should be interesting watching her move around she will probably not move very fast.

Well I put the ice on and off for a couple of hours and finally just decided to go to sleep. I woke up to the sound of groaning and when I pried my eyes open I saw Sue walking very slowly to the bathroom. Then she must have started to pee as I heard this gasp and the words oh shit. I got up and walked into the bathroom Sue was on the throne and in some distress. She didn't notice me for a minute or two and when she did it was God I'm sore as hell haven't been this sore in ages you sure can inflict a lot of discomfort on someone. I grabbed her head and told her that was a short session how do you think you'd fair in a two or three day session? What do you mean by that you're not getting out of the marriage that easy? I'll can take whatever you can dish out it may take me a while to get used to it but I'll adjust and you will tire of it. I was laughing and told Sue no I will never tire of it and if she thinks she can adjust she's wrong.

I told her that we'd find some kind of happy medium enough to keep her inline and enough to keep me happy. Sue asked me then if vanilla sex holds no appeal for me. Yes that's right it really doesn't and to be honest unless I get the stimulation of inflicting pain or watching someone suffer I don't ever get an erection. So Sue said then why do you have an erection now? I told her I had to pee and it was just an erection from having to piss. She got up from the toilet and groaned some more her cunt was bruised and so were her tits she complained to me that her head felt like someone was taking a sledge hammer inside and trying to get out. Well that should be better in about a week or so provided you don't incite any more incidences.

While we were in the bathroom I went to the medicine closet and removed a bottle of pills I held them in my hand and told Sue go ahead flush these bastards. She looked at me and I told her that it was up to her to flush them. That they were designed to inhibit my sex drive and that if she wanted sex that they would really have to go. Yes I could still get an erection and ejaculate but with them gone it would be a lot more predictable and regular. I told her it was up to her since with the return of my sex drive to uninhibited she probably would find herself howling in agony a lot more nights and days. So that I left it to her with the understanding that if she chose to dump the bottle once it wore off it would be weeks she would have to endure the results since it would take weeks before a working dose could be built up in my system again.

Sue asked if these were the reason I hadn't taken advantage of her when she was restrained on the bed. Yes they are had I not had them I'd have fucked you till I dropped and probably then some. It is my safe guard to prevent me from doing something to some woman that didn't understand or appreciate my taste. Without any hesitation she tossed all of them in to the toilet and flushed it. Sue said the bottle says no refills do you have any prescriptions for them? I went to the cabinet and rummaged around I said yes I have this refill prescription. Sue snatched it from my hand and tore it to pieces and said as long as I can howl and scream and beg for you to stop you will never need any of them.

Sue said maybe she could behave for a week and then again maybe not depends on whether she gets her way or not because she is a spoiled brat. I told her well figure out when the spoiled brat wants to get married and we'll start getting stuff in the works. Sue told me she would get married today because there was really no one that she needed to have there. I told her we could but I'd like to make the wedding gown and I can't make it that fast. Sue asked if I could have it done in two months. I told her two and a half months would be nearer the mark but maybe two if I completely ignored her and just worked on it. She told me no way then we'll make it three so you will not ignore me. I told her I have a feeling she will not let me ignore her at all.

So later that day I started taking measurements for her wedding gown and rest assured it would be an original design. I started planning it in my mind how to build into it the features that I wanted to incorporate. We wouldn't want the bride catching cold feet and running away nor would we want her to eat too much at the reception. Then there was the problem with the bride's mouth she tended to run it and be rude so somehow I was going to have to deal with that also. I don't believe a bride should be too comfortable in her gown after all most of them complain that it was so tight or it was this or that that made it so uncomfortable. I figure if the bride is going to complain about it I might as well give her something to honestly complain about so she wouldn't have to lie about it. Well that's how I met Sue my wife and companion and of course personal slave.

Part 2 (added: 2013/09/16)

I started really giving some thought to what exactly I wanted for a gown for Sue. Since she did not have any real friends or family that would attend the wedding I gave the matter a lot of thought. For my part I had no family and most of the friends I had were the customers that bought stuff from the basement business. I asked Sue what kind of wedding she wanted to have the normal traditional wedding or something more in line with her particular taste for sex. She asked me what I had in mind for a wedding. I told her well since neither of us have any family or what would be considered the vanilla how about a fetish wedding? She thought about it and asked how we could do it. I told her it would take more than two months but I'd made a wedding gown for a couple and they invited me to the wedding it had a bondage S & M that the couple knew a clergy that would perform the service.

I knew that there are several clubs in New York City that were fetish clubs and probably would be keen on using a public fetish wedding as a draw for business. Sue thought about it and asked what about my face that although she was pretty she was not so unique that she would stand out in a crowd. However that was not the case with me that I was easily picked out of a crowd. I told her that maybe very true but the only people that go to those clubs are people that enjoy that and would not be quick to judge anyone or talk about it to anyone not in those circles. Sue said it would be a wedding to remember I told her no matter what it would be a wedding to remember.

We started to work on planning the wedding I told her I'd work on the wedding design and the dress. I would let her do the groundwork for getting the club doing the final details about the club rules. Of course which club offered if it could be called that a better deal? That kept Sue busy for a few weeks just finding the clubs getting in touch with the right person.

I worked on the wedding dress after giving the matter a great deal of thought I designed the gown after the metal works that I made for Clair and that bastard of a husband she was married to. Sue's gown would be a complete covering of polished stainless steel from head to toes. I thought an overlay gown of white tulle after we exchanged vows I could just remove the tulle gown she could start her new life as my wife slave. I would of course include some interesting bits into it like inflatable joints inside the gown when inflated they would stop any movement Sue could possibly make. Maybe an inflatable rubber bra inside that had needles or pins not quite sharp enough to puncture the breast but enough to be really uncomfortable. Maybe include a built in tens unit to administer shocks to the breasts via the pins or needles. Of course no gown would be complete without plugs front and back inflatable to adjust size and administer shocks. I would build an inflatable corset to prevent Sue from eating too much or just from becoming too comfortable.

Sue found a club called Club D that had yet to open up how she found it I have no idea. I would imagine that she might have been referred to Adam by one of the other clubs owners. All of the clubs were interested they all would have given a great deal. All of them were very supportive it seemed to us that unlike other businesses they didn't fight over customers and business. There must have been enough business to go around or maybe it was the fact that they sort of were open seven nights a week but coordinated special events among themselves so as not to hold two events on the same night. That way all of them got to show off their clubs there was never a big competition among them. Club D since it hadn't opened up yet wasn't due to open for between four and six months wanted the wedding there as an opening night event. Sue thought that would be great first night wedding hopefully set Club D on the road to success. Club D actually stood for Club Deviant located in mid-Manhattan.

Sue and I were in bed one night as was the normal she was restrained rather well in bed all of a sudden I heard this banging on the front door. I took a minute to undo a few straps on Sue told her I was going down to see what that was. I wanted her to follow as soon as she could wear her bathrobe or something. She started getting herself unbound I went to my dresser pick up a small semi auto pistol. I got to the front door looked out of the peep hole seeing nothing I moved to the garage so that I could see the front door from the window of the garage. On the porch there was a naked body crumpled up on the floor of it. I ran back up to the living room opened the door to find Clair on the porch.

I picked her up bringing her inside noticed that she was badly beaten her eyes were almost swelled shut and her face and arms were bruised badly. Sue came down asked what happen I looked at her said no idea she is out like a light right now. She has been in some kind of major fight look her fingernails on her hands are torn down to the quick the amount of bruising this is very bad. I looked at Clair's body noticed that there were signs of extreme whipping and flogging on it. There were many marks on her body a lot of bruising I looked closely at her breasts notice that there were several cigar burns on the underside bottom of them. I said to Sue look at the scrapes on her knees and the palms of her hands are almost raw.

I called Dr. George told him I needed him to come over with his medical bag as soon as he could get here. George said that he'd meet us at the hospital if it was that bad. No I need you here at the house Sue is fine but we need your help now. He told me he'd be over in about an hour less if he can. I went back to Sue asked how Clair is? Sue said she was not a doctor but she is badly beaten up did I think her husband did it? I told Sue I would bet my last dollar on it that I would kill that bastard if he showed up here. Sue slapped me in the face told me no I will not that she was not going to lose me by me getting the death penalty for some scum bag bastard.

I told Sue we probably need to put her in the priest hole in the living room. She looked at me I told her that this house was built during the probation craze. That is why it has two basements and a priest hole which is enough to hid her allow her to stay hidden at least till we find out what happen. I carried Clair to the bookcase pressed two of the shelves the bookcase clicked I opened it up there was a space that would hold a full bed maybe a small chair there the bed was there I told Sue get some clean sheets make that bed up. She got the sheets made the bed up I laid Clair on it there was a pounding on the door. I told Sue get in there with her if she wakes up for God sake keep her quiet I do not know if it is soundproof. I closed the bookcase waited a minute or two the pounding on the door never stopped.

I opened the door and Clair's husband was there he had another woman by the hair on her knees she was sporting a black eye a bloody nose. He roared at me what have I done with his wife bitch. I looked at him said I have not seen her since you last left here with her. I told him he better let go of that woman or I'd be happy to shoot him right there. I showed him the gun he let her go.

I told him that I figure Clair must have come to her senses left him. Therefore, what made him think she would be here? He roared at me that he knew she was here that the woman with him was her sister she dropped her off three blocks from here I was the only person in the area that his wife knew. I told him would it make him feel better if he looked around the house? I told him go ahead look I told him Sue was out playing bingo with some friends and wouldn't be back till around one in the morning that I expected him gone way before that. I showed him around the house both basements the upstairs. His mood did not improve greatly he said if she comes by here give me a call. I'll call you if I see her when hell freezes over but I'll tell you what I don't ever wants to see your face on my property again or next time I will not be so friendly.

He looked at Linda and told her to get the fuck in the car. I told her if she wanted to stay to get rid of him say so I would take her anywhere she needed to go after Sue got back. He screamed at her where did she drop Clair off exactly around here that she better take him to the exact spot or she'd be very sorry. Linda looked at the clock said I can tell you now bastard Clair's on her way back home. Her plane left minutes ago I was just to decoy you from the airport. She has sold her businesses taken the money to her bank you will never see her again or her money. He became enraged moved forward to strike her until her heard the hammer of the pistol come back. He looked at me and like a wild animal in a corner but left out the front door.

Well I looked at Linda and said you know we have to do something about him that he will never stop looking for Clair you are not safe either. Linda said I never knew he was that kind of a person. I know what Clair and he did in private but he is gone over the deep edge now. I asked her where did she get the bloody nose and how long ago? She told me that he punched her in the nose about thirty minutes ago it was in the car. Is there any blood in the car from that? Linda said are you kidding I bled like a stuck pig for at least ten minutes. There is blood in the front passenger's seat and the dashboard. The towel I used almost cleanup is in the back seat. I told her that I had an idea but she would have to call the police from here press charges. Linda said that's no problem I'm not like my sister afraid to call the cops I know he held something over her but he's got nothing on me.

I told her that as much as I hate to say it the bloody nose is enough to lock him up but not to keep him there I do have a plan. I went to the bookcase opened it Sue came out Clair was still out like a light. Doctor George rang the doorbell at the minute I opened it up. I showed him Clair explained her husband has lost it did this to her. He looked her over and told me she's beaten up quite a bit but she has no life threatening injuries. Good can you do what needs to be done figure out why she is out like a light? Doc said she's probably exhausted by the way her eyes are her skin this beating has been over several days not just tonight. Doc showed me where there were several bruises that were actually healing new ones next to them. I asked can you give her a shot to put her out for a night so that we can get the cops here and gone.Doc said yes I'll do that and I'll come back tomorrow to check on her but my advice right now is bed rest he gave her the shot and left.

I noticed that Clair's husband drove by while Doc was getting in the car. I told Linda he hasn't left the area he didn't believe you thinks she's here. Possibly waiting on me to take you somewhere so he can get at you pay you back for not being truthful with him. Linda said yes probably although I have no idea what to do to prevent that he knows where I live and work. My plan is this we call the cops you tell them what you know except you do not have any idea where Clair is. Just tell the cops something along the lines the Clair called you to come get her because she was afraid of her husband's temper. Where did he pick you up from and when? Linda said earlier that night he stopped by her house forced his way in after she had dropped Clair off three blocks away. Great so there is evidence that he forced his way into your home? Yes the chain lock broke when he pushed his way into the house grabbed me told me to get in his car. When I didn't tell him where I dropped Clair off her punched me in the nose.

So when the cops get here you tell them that he came to your home forced you to go with him because he believes you helped your sister get away from him he did this to you. Now to be honest it is simple assault that he has committed. However, a few well-placed marks on you it gets a whole lot worse it becomes battery. It will look like he panicked and tried to beat it out of you. Then he goes to jail when they cannot find Clair with what he has done to you. The police might just figure that your beating is just part of some alibi he tried to construct after he killed Clair. When they cannot find Clair even if they do not find a body he might never get out. Linda told me she wasn't a fan of pain but for her sister she'd take a beating. I went to the basement got a pair of leather gloves an unfinished wedge gag it had no strap attached. I went back up stairs and told Linda when the police come tell them that she brought him here as a lie because you figured the it was only way to get out of the car alive. Was to give him an address where you could be sure to get help. I wouldn't let you go with him he stormed out of here because I pointed the gun at him.

Linda told me let's get this over with because the sooner we do it the quicker it's going to be over. I told Sue to get behind Linda and grab her arms I showed her how to hold Linda so she didn't fall down when I hit her. Linda looked frightened I told her that this was not going to be a walk in the park most people got seriously hurt in a fight not from the fight but from falling down. I asked Sue if she got a really good grip on Linda Sue said Linda would not fall she had her. I told her to open her mouth I put the rubber wedge in her mouth I told her it was to protect her teeth and keep her from screaming. I told her bite down as hard as she could on it I went to the laundry and got a towel. I told Linda I hoped that I didn't get any more blood but if I did the towel would keep it from being in the room. Then I placed the towel over her head back up a step, I nodded to Sue she nodded back I hit Linda. Linda made quite a bit of noise and jerked around some but Sue held her tight. I hit her several times really hard. I removed the towel she looked as if she had been in a fight for her life her eyes were pouring tears I told her almost done. Her eyes opened up wide I told Sue hang on tight I hit Linda several times in the body and stomach. I got the wedge out took the gloves off called the cops put the towel with the few blood stains in the laundry room.

It took the cops about five minutes to arrive at the house two cars worth of them. They came in the front door and saw Linda on the sofa crying beat up like that the first reaction of the cops was to tell me to turn around cuff up. I turned around let them cuff me then Sue told the cops what the hell are you doing he's the one that called the bastard that did this is out driving around somewhere. The cops took me to the kitchen and Sue they talked to Linda that cop came in said yea the guy that did that is not here. So I got the cuffs taken off the cop said you didn't say a word why? I told him would you have believed me I didn't think you would have so I simply cooperated.

More cops showed up one of them was a female she had a camera asked if she could take pictures for evidence. Linda said sure go ahead I told Sue why don't you women go to the guest room take the pictures in case there are ones under the clothes. I told the cops about Clair's husband coming in demanding I give him his wife I told him I had no idea what he were talking about. At that, point Linda ran behind me told me he was going to kill her. I told the cops that I pointed my gun at the guy he decided to leave quickly. Just then we heard a car leave the area at high speed I told the cops that might be him waiting for me to take Linda out.

I've got to give it to the cops several were out the door and down the road before the car turned the corner. I heard on one of the radios that they got a tag number were in pursuit of the car. I heard the cop on the radio chasing him that he turned down a dead end street he wanted backup. There was a lot more radio traffic then someone said they got him on the ground. The cops were going to bring him back to the house so Linda could id him and see if the rest of us could.

In just a few minutes he was escorted in the house with a cop on each arm. I told them yes that was the man that brought Linda to the house then ran out after I threatened him with the gun. Sue came out also made a positive id finally Linda came out said that's the bastard that broke into my house did this to me. Linda screeched at him asking what did he do to her sister where she was. At that point, he became enraged broke loose from the two cops ran toward Linda and me I stepped in front of Linda but one of the cop's tazered him down to the ground he went.

A sergeant came in the house was holding a bloody towel saying he found it in the back of the car that there was blood in the front seat and on the dashboard. Clair's husband started screaming all kinds of things saying he was being framed and all. The sergeant looked at him as the other cops picked him up dragged him off the towel was in your car we just got here there is no way anyone else could put it there. He handed the towel to another cop said bag and tag that tell the lab we have a car going to impound to check.

The sergeant told all of the other officers that they could leave that the female officer would take Linda home. He told her to take Linda home make sure the house was secure. He told her to photograph the point of break in and to make a report of it. Linda asked what about her sister she is still missing. The sergeant said that the officers were going to go over to Clair's husband's house search it for evidence of foul play. Tomorrow but tonight they were just going to do a quick search to see if Clair was in the house somewhere. The female officer said to the sergeant that she thinks that Linda should be seen by a doctor tonight. She has bruises on her body she would feel better because the doctors would give her something for pain. The sergeant told her go ahead do that bring a copy of the doctor's report to attach to the complaint. Linda hugged me and Sue said thanks for being here in my hour of need I told her go get well call us if she needed anything else.

The sergeant said to the other officers he would be with them shortly he needed me to fill out some paperwork since a gun was involved. He told me to get my purchase receipt and my license to carry a gun. I told him that I only have a purchase receipt since the gun never leaves the house it is used for cases like tonight hopefully that doesn't happen again. He said fine I gave him the gun said I will be back in a minute or two do you need Sue to be here anymore. He said she doesn't live here where does she live? Sue said it's late we were woke up when they came Herman knows I'm tired I want to go back to bed. The sergeant told Sue fine go back to bed we will only be a few minutes then I will leave you two be alone again.

I took Sue upstairs I told her I know the sergeant from somewhere but I cannot place him. I should be only a few minutes I hope got the purchase receipt from the box on the dresser. I came down stairs the sergeant was smiling he said to me I have looked for you for two years now I know where you live. Ok you have me at a disadvantage as I don't remember ever meeting you. Sergeant looked at me said ok well my name is McDonald I work sometimes at a club in the city as well you could say a bouncer.

I looked at him handed him the paperwork he looked at it said it is all fine. I wanted to find you see if you would make some things for the wife and me. I just looked at him he gave me the name of the club that he bounced at. I still did not remember him but he told me that I built some equipment for the club that he wife thought was excellent quality. He could not ask the club manager who I was or how to get in touch with me due to the fact he was a cop.

What makes you think that being a cop stops you from having an interest in a fetish lifestyle? He agreed but he said its all public perception and stigma. I told him fine come back with your wife anytime I gave him my phone number call first. One rule what you see here stays here who you see here is never here. I try not to have two groups of people here at the same time but I make it all here, fit it here privately. If you break the rule I will never make anything else for you if you embarrassed someone look to have the same done to you. He said he could live with that.

I showed him out opened the bookcase picked up Clair carried her to the guest room covered her up. Then back to bed because I figured she would not be up for several hours. Sue was waiting for me hugged me when I came in the door. I looked at her asked what that was for. She said because you're really a great person you take care of people that need help. I rubbed her head said well let's get some sleep it will be a long day tomorrow.

I work up later than Sue was cooking I checked in on Clair she woke up when I turned on the light. I said good morning sleeping beauty how are we today? She looked at me said I do not feel like sleeping beauty I am damn sore feel like shit. I said want some breakfast tossed her a robe from the bathroom come join us. A few minutes later Clair joined us in the kitchen she was complaining on how sore she really was. Well Sue started to fill her in on what happen after the doc left and her husband's visit.

She was shocked to say the least and then she started to cry saying everything she worked for in her life was gone. That no matter what happen to her husband he would get everything. Even if she never showed her face again her husband worked with the mob that the thing that he held over her head was a contract hit on her should she ever leave him. When they were younger she told him she wanted to commit to being his slave to actually have no way to back out she agreed to have a contract with the mob to kill her if she left. Well there is more than one-way to skin a cat I called a customer of mine and I asked him to come over. I asked Clair does he have anything in writing about your agreement with him. No, it has been verbal but I know that if I ever left I would have to hide the rest of my life. Clair said that her husband Frank went off the deep end someone gave him the idea that I was getting ready to leave him.

I've been a prisoner in my house for two weeks and he beat me every day trying to find out who I was going to run away with. Naturally I couldn't tell him because I wasn't planning on it. I got a chance to get away I took the chance called my sister she dropped me off three blocks away. Very briefly I considered staying with my sister but I knew he'd watch the house or something. I crawled here because I could not walk the entire distance I didn't want my sister to know exactly where I was. I hoped it was far enough away that he wouldn't think about you Herman and would leave you alone. I hadn't figured on him forcing my sister to tell him. My sister has always been the kind of person that had no tolerance for pain. Well she did alright with it last night I can assure you of that. Before I could finish telling Clair the events of last night and exactly how we got Frank locked up.

The doorbell rang I went to answer it when I opened the door it was Linda she did not look very good. I told her come in that she should join us for breakfast. Linda walked into the kitchen Clair started cursing that she would get even with that bastard. For causing that, much pain to Linda making her look so bad. Linda said she'd do it again to keep me away from that bastard. I told Linda tell Clair the rest of the story as she had only heard it to the point where Frank left the house here after I held the gun on him. By the time Linda got done with the story Clair looked at her hugged her crying telling her she was sorry she had to go through that. Linda said it was nothing for you sister I'd do it over and over I just wouldn't look pretty.

Linda said I have to go sign some papers file a report with the police today to keep Frank in jail so I've got to leave. I asked Linda how she got to the house today Linda said she rode the bus walked the last two blocks. Ok Sue dress take Linda to the police station you are her friend want to be supportive of her. That's why Linda came here to get support from you and you're going to give it. Clair we have some work to do to fix your other problems. Sue and Linda went to the Police station remember we're just good friends.

Howard the customer I had called rang the doorbell I let him in to the kitchen. He took one look at Clair said my God you want to sue the bastard that did this I will do it for free. Not that simple I told him about what happen that we wanted a way to keep Clair hidden allow her sister to liquidate her assets so that her husband could not get at them. He thought a moment said no problem we can kill two birds with one stone Clair will make a new will dated a month ago leave everything to Linda. Clair will state the reason for this is that her husband is getting extremely possessive and violent she is afraid her husband will do her harm but she cannot prove it. Then I'll deliver the will to her sister who will turn over a copy to the police since her sister is missing. In three months in this state if foul play is suspected the sister can have Clair declared legally dead executes the will. The husband cannot break or do anything since he is the suspect of the crime. Howard said of course the police will search the house see all of your personal things so that will look like he had you beaten into submission. Linda can then just liquidate the assets and give it to Clair.

Clair said I would be free of my husband for good no one goes looking for a dead person. I can give half of the money to my sister keep half for me since its millions we are talking about. Clair said what about the interval between can my husband liquidate it first? No I'll be the person who will look after your affairs till it gets settled one way or another but we know how that will work out. Clair told Howard to set it up what would he charge for his fees. Howard said well what about half of the profits for the time it takes for Linda to settle the will. Clair agreed Howard said he would have the will ready in the morning provided Clair gave him a list of assets now. I got my laptop handed it to Clair I said just use word to make the list then print it. I'll securely delete the file we will have gotten started with ending this mess.

I told Howard that he and his wife was invited to my wedding in a couple of months when I got the details fleshed out I'd give them to him. Howard looked at me said fine I will tell Sandy where are you going to have it or is that one of the details you have yet to deal with. I'm getting married in Club D in mid Manhattan when it opens in fact the first night it opens. Howard said well at least it would be in style for you who is the lucky woman when can I meet her? She is out now but I'll make arrangements so you and Sandy can meet her. Clair said to Howard you'll have the shock of your life when you do. Howard looked at Clair said he didn't shock easily that if he was he'd be surprised at it.

Well Clair the doctor will be here sometime today you need to get bed rest so it's back to bed for you. Clair looked at me said you are really a remarkable person to stand up to my husband like you did when you know he's so violent. I laughed said it's been years since I've been violent I work hard to keep it in check so he probably has met his match in me he just doesn't realize it. Well it is off to bed with you only the bathroom and kitchen if your hungry do not use the phone or contact anyone it may be the police will watch this house for a while. I have no great love for going to jail for several things already in the works.

The doc came by and looked at Clair he gave her some drugs for pain. He gave her some drugs to help with all of the bruising she had received and some cream for the burns on her tits. He said they will probably scar some but he handed her some cream said rub this in as soon as you can as frequently as you can stand it. It will not feel real good some people say it burns other say it gets cold others it itches like mad but it will make the scars less if you can stand the side effects.

He asked to talk to me and went in to the living room. He said that Clair may have some damage to her brain but he could not tell without admitting her to the hospital that might tell someone where she was. He told me what to look for and watch out for if she showed any signs call him at once day or night. I told him thanks I will give him the details of the wedding when the details are worked out. He looked at me said he was very glad that I found someone. He wished the best for both of us he'd be glad to show up at the wedding.

Weeks go by Sue and I are doing well better and better as each day passes. Clair has become a live in guest since she actually cannot be seen the only way to prevent that at the moment is to keep her in the house. Linda and Sue are truly becoming friends Sue asked if Linda would like to be a bride's maid? Linda said she would but was hesitant about being seen in the club because of where she worked. Clair said why not wear a hood to hide your face that's how I got to make several more metal hoods or helmets. I didn't have time to make them out of stainless like Sue's dress since stainless is so hard to work with to any tolerance. So I chose this black metal it's shiny and works easily.

I told Clair that it would be a riot if Linda and Clair were bride's maids I told the three women that I could make their dresses for Clair I could alter it some change her shape nobody would know it was Clair. Sue said she would like to find one or two more willing to be in the wedding party. Ok find them if you can ask around I told her that she should tell whoever she asked they could keep the dress and the hood/helmet if they accepted. Well Sue took my book of contacts called around she only found one Sandy Howard's wife to accept.

With only two months to go I had finished everyone dress and helmet the helmets for the maids had collars and shoulder plates to take the weight of the helmet off their neck. Clair was surprises at the dress I made for her it had several pockets that when the day arrived I would fill with water add jello to so that it would feel and move like skin. I gave her a much bigger bust line widened her hips, ass, and waist line so that no one could tell it was Clair. The dresses were actually made out of leather were functional bondage dresses their arms could be turned into single glove arm binders, pull the belt above the knees and it became a hobble skirt, of course there was a built in corset, it had an optional chastity belt with butt plug and vibrator, and no less than forty welded D rings around the gown.

Sandy came up with an idea on how to find the last woman needed for Sue. It was at her last fitting that she came up with the idea. I had just removed her helmet she told me that the outfit was worth several thousand dollars. That she had always wanted to see the clubs but was afraid of being seen by a co-worker or friend or someone that would tell her family. She said that Howard had no such problem that he went on regular bases to see the new fashions and new restraints but she was always unwilling. Now she could go she could all she had to do was mingle and see who was there before sitting down with her husband. If someone mentioned they saw her husband there with a woman depending on who it was she could act either pissed off or just say she knew about it or just tell whoever it was none of their business. I could wear this to the clubs with a sign describing it and telling them we have an opening for one more woman to fill in for a bride's maid they get to keep the outfit for free. We can also probably advertise the wedding and the club.

I told her that sounds like a great idea however; we need to bounce that off the club's owners we need to find one within two weeks. It will be a rush to make the dress in the time that remains. Sandy said she was going to talk to Sue to call club owners see what can be worked out. She went upstairs started that conversation with Sue. I was cleaning up down there Sandy and Sue came down saying that all of the clubs thought it was a great idea. That it held the possibility of a new avenue to add to the clubs fetish weddings and fashion shows.

Well Howard came by told me that he and Sandy were going to one of the clubs tonight that he wanted to bring Sandy by to get into the gown. He told me that after the helmet was on could she talk. I told him not a word that I would put a rubber wedge in her mouth then close the helmet inflate the chin part that held her mouth closed the wedge was to keep her from grinding her teeth. He said great now can we put these items in put the chastity belt on? He told me that they were remote controlled he just picked them up. He was holding a butt plug and a vibrator I looked at him said yes we could. However I've got better quality ones that will fit in better use external batteries on the dress are you sure you want to use these cheap ones.

Sandy and Howard come back to the house to get the dress on. They are both like a couple of high school kids trying out sex for the first time. Clair has made a sign for Sandy to wear it tells about the dress the helmet and the features. It tells someone how to get one for free Clair has a stroke of genius herself invites the people to change the gown's configurations so the maid doesn't get bored. The helmet's ear holes have a slide to shut them and prevent someone from hearing the eyes eyebrow when moved up will shut the eyes so that they can't see. Of course the sleeves of the gown have rings and straps to configure them to a single glove but the arms and hands can be attached in many different ways so there are some snap hooks included on the gown. The gloves that run to the elbow the fingers are made so that the wearer cannot change the finger's position once the air is pumped into the gloves from the pump built into the glove at the elbow and the release valve is also there a twist one. Something I hadn't told anyone yet is that the gown has a tens unit to shock the tits or the butt plug or vibrator is capable of delivering a nice shock. The electrical stuff is controlled by a remote that should work up to one hundred yards away it also can inflate the corset more to tighten it up some or loosen it if necessary.

We start to dress Sandy I have the shoulder piece and the collar on I put the back piece on I tell her to open up. She starts to complain that she's not going to be able to talk. I told her it would be better that way we have a sign for her to wear instead. She opens her mouth I put the wedge in close the front I show Howard how to inflate the chin Sandy starts complaining by making noises I tell Howard watch continue to inflate soon there is no more noise see it works.

Next, I take her arms Howard says you know she can do a reverse pray right. No I had no idea so we fix her arms like that then Howard says well let's give her the surprise. Sue says what surprise she is willing to do this for me please don't make her regret it. No way had I pulled her down over the bench Howard pulls up her gown I tell Sue look in the last box on the table. Sue opens it up said wow these are to keep her entertained I suppose. Yes please put them in for us Sandy isn't too keen on it as she was starting to squirm some. Sue slipped the vibrator on the strap said wow she is so wet she does not need any lube here slipped it in. Sue got some lube for the butt plug told Sandy relax it will only hurt more if you struggle it is going in and you can't stop me. Sandy's shoulders relaxed a little Sue gently worked it in then tightened up the strap. Well with the twelve locks on the gown it's impossible to take off without destroying it entirely.

Clair then showed Sandy the sign and she was probably not very happy but accepted it like a champ. Sue put on the six-inch calf length boots the leg cuffs and connecting foot chain. Howard said look at her she's the most beautify woman in the world to me. I said take my van it has no back windows or side windows so that you can take her their without being stopped. Howard said the club has two entrances one for everyone one for people dressed for the club he has never been in that entrance so tonight is a first. Sandy had a little trouble with the stairs going up to the house once there she had no problem in getting into the van.

Sue said to me I wonder what other surprises you have setup for the gowns or my dress. I think I know you enough that you have a surprise for all of us. Well then l think you should be surprised so that you don't ruin it. I hope Howard and Sandy have a good time at the club.

The next day Sandy came to the house right after work and she was excited as I have not seen her. She told Sue and Clair and me that she had never in her life experienced anything like it. She proceeded to tell us that people at the club rearranged her arms someone figured that if they bent her hands around a rail or ring or anything she could not get loose. She tried especially when someone took a paddle to her ass. The closed the ear pieces and eye flap did all kinds of things to her she could do nothing. Unfortunately there were no takers for the wedding. But she and Howard were going to go out to a different club every night till there wasn't enough time to find one. She did however have a list of people that were interested in buying the gown or the helmet or both but not in the wedding.

Sue was sort of down heartened I told her that was only one club it was a Wednesday night. The weekend brings a better crowd more people probably someone to do it for her. I told her that we'd find someone the worst case scenario is that we go and hire a model to fill in she looked said yes that would work but what would it cost? I told her don't worry about cost that I have enough for it.

Clair at dinner that night dropped a bombshell on Sue and me she told us that she wanted to stay with us permanently if we would allow it. She went on to say that after Linda liquidated her businesses and the money was liquid she still would have to be very careful where she went and what she did. She would never be able to go out in public or really go anywhere without having to disguise herself that she would be looking over her shoulder all of the time. That if we allowed her to stay with us she could feel safe still have a life. She told both of us that she realized it was a very strange request that if we told her no it would be ok. I looked at her I said well to be honest I have not given that a whole lot of thought. I think Sue and I would have to talk about that I think that best done just between us if you will give us a couple of days.

Sue and I talked about it that night for a few minutes made no real decision just agreed to wait talk more about it. Sue and I woke up Clair had made breakfast we ate breakfast. Clair told Sue that if she didn't mind she would take over the house hold chores the cooking too. Sue said what am I supposed to do with my time Herman does not want me to work I'm ok with that but what do I do? Clair said when Herman leaves for work I have an idea I'd like to discuss with you if you don't mind. I told the ladies I am off to work I will see you in a few hours.

I went into work Mark and several other people were getting coffee in the lounge. I told them good morning went to my office. I started getting together the paperwork I needed for the inspection job on the high rise complex that was being built in the meadow lands. Mark walked in said Herman can I see you in my office a minute. Sure I'll be right there Mark or do you want me to follow you there now? Mark looked at me said I think you need to follow me to my office. I followed him to his office he said sit down he shut the door behind us. He looked like he had a lot of stress on him I said what is it Mark I see that there is something on your mind you do not like so tell me what it is. He looked at me I said you don't have to say it you no longer need my services do you?

Yes that's it Herman I don't agree with the reason however those suits that were in the coffee room are the owners of the business they have decided that you simply too ugly to have working here that it is a bad reflection on the company. Ok Mark you have always been honest and square with me now I'm going to tell you that I'm going to bring a law suit on this company that will not be in their best interest but I'm going to get them for every penny I can. Mark said go-ahead do it I could have retired last year I am only here for something to do to kill the time. You file your lawsuit subpoena me to testify to what I just told you. I will go into court testify that I was told to fire you because of your looks being so ugly those were the exact words used. The most they can do is fire me that's not even a problem I should have retired last year like I said. But I can do you some good as long as I work here in good standing at least until you get the lawsuit settled they really need to pay for their remarks. Well Mark it has been a pleasure working with you I have enjoyed it I am sorry you were put in this position and well I will see you later.

Mark held his hand out for me to shake I shook his hand. I notice something else about him said is there something more you want to say. Herman he said I can't think of many people that have the insight you have or the work ethics. You're a dam site better than the bastards that own this engineering firm you realize that they take in about seventy million a year net. Tell whoever you lawyer is that they will probably settle out of court if the lawyer tells them he's going to make a public campaign about the ugly discrimination. Well thanks for everything do you want to watch me clean out my desk I wouldn't want someone to counter sue saying I stole a stapler or something. Mark said sure let us go clean it out again I'm sorry. We went to my office I cleaned out my desk took my degree off the wall.

I shook his hand Beth came in to the office crying. I looked at her she said Herman I'm so sorry about the whole thing. I looked at her said about what. She looked at me told me she and the entire office knew about what the owners did how they told Mark to fire you because of the way you were "too ugly and a bad reflection on the company". How did you find out about this I asked Beth? It's my job to change the tapes in the video surveillance camera in the halls and lounge since Randy thought someone was stealing stuff from the break room they have audio and video twenty four seven I have to review them. I heard on the tape them tell Mark he had to fire you. She said sue the bastards went to hand me the tape. No don't give me that tape it will not be allowed in court if you do.

What do you normally do with the tapes? Beth said if there is nothing of interest I just recycle them into the machine reuse them. Mark said put a new tape in the machine and give me that one I will take it to court this will blow the roof off the place. Well thank you Beth my lawyer will probably subpoena you to court about the tape no problem Herman my husband wants me to quit anyway. If they fire me after the court deal I'll claim it was because of retribution. I told them both thanks Mark said would you leave us a minute Beth. She left closed the door. I looked at Mark said yes what now. Mark said don't settle out of court if it's not enough for you to live on the rest of your life well this tape will bring the house down on them.

But what I wanted to ask was do you have a best man for your wedding? I looked at him he said I may be old but what consenting adults do is up to him or her I am not one to pass judgment on anyone. I know that you are going to hold it at Club D what Club D is hell even the wife wants an excuse to go see what a club like that is actually like just we never had reason to attend that we could say it was for another reason not just attend. I found out because of my son-in-law he and my daughter enjoy what you call an alternate lifestyle. He saw Sue talking to one of the managers in one club found out about the wedding. Then this woman in an iron mask and leather gown was looking for a bride's maid volunteer. My daughter is simply not able to wear an iron mask like that she'd freak out. The gown however, she loved would like to get one where did you get them? I make them Mark I make all manner of stuff like that the mask is not iron but an alloy of metals I make them too.

You also realize that at the wedding one of the couples is supposed to have some kind of restraint on to show that they are the submissive one to the other right. Yes, my daughter told me about that normally is the female how is your wife about that. She is ok with it as long as she can see its not painful restraint. Fine bring your wife and your daughter over to my house you have the number and the address call first I will make something up. Mark said sure will I will see you later.

I left my office for the last time with the box of personal items started walking down the hall. Everyone stood up told me have a good day that none of them agreed with the owner's choice. I told everyone good-bye not to worry that it would all work out in the end.

As I walked by personnel, the manager said this is criminal the way they are doing this for the record I turned in my notice when they told me I had to do it I refused. I'm out of here just after you here is your severance pay, vacation pay, sick leave pay, and of course the remainder of your contract time with the firm. I looked at her she said you did not know you like everyone else did not pay attention to the fine print. The firm has to pay your salary in a lump sum if they dismiss you without good cause. The big shots had that put into their contracts somehow; it became part of everyone else's. Therefore, you have two years left on your contract since they discharged you without good because I authorized payment for that plus the annual cola raise. I took the envelope she said well now I have completed my last act for this firm. Would you consider taking a currently unemployed person out to brunch?

So we had a late breakfast at I-Hop said good-bye there she told me she was going to go back to work for the last company she worked at before the firm they made her a good offer. She also said do not forget to sue them subpoena her when the court date came she gave me her address and phone number.

I went home when I walked in the house before noon Sue came running to me said what happen. Clair was not far behind she asked the same question. I told them both I got fired for being ugly I thought Sue was going to blow a blood vain. Clair said you're kidding right? No, I am not Mark wants me to sue the pants off the firm make them pay dearly for it. I told her I was I got on the phone called Howard when he got on the phone I told him sit down.

Howard said ok he was sitting what was the bad news did Sue change her mind about the wedding? The phone was on speaker Sue yelled back no fucking way he is not going to get away with not marrying me I want to hire you if he tries so you can sue him for breach of promise. Well what happen then I told him that the firm fired me for being ugly. There was no response no anything I said have we been disconnected or something? I'll be over as soon as I can get my afternoon stuff cleared up. The bastards they better hope they have a lot of God damn money I'll break the mother fuckers you'll own the God damn firm when I get finished with them. Do you have any proof that the reason was your ugly? Yes, the personnel manager will swear to it in court my boss who actually fired me will and we have a video tape of the owners telling my boss to fire me and why. Again silence on the phone Howard said their fucked they are really fucked I'll be there as soon as I can get away from here. He hung up I said well have a good day to you too.

I started checking my e-mails I had a ton from work all saying how disturbed they were about it. I had one that had an attachment from Beth she included twenty minutes of video and audio from the lounge. It was the part where they told Mark he had to fire me because I was too ugly and I gave the firm a bad image or they would fire Mark, Mark's daughter and son-in-law. Sue and Clair were both livid with anger about that. Look ladies I'm not worried about it so why should you be so upset I know I'm ugly.

Sue looked at me said looks are only fucking skin deep but on the inside where it counts there are very few that hold a candle to you. Ok well how did your ladies day go what is going on here? Clair said the fact that I'm now unemployed changes thing at least in the short term financially. I told her I've got two year pay and sick and vacation and severance pay we'll be alright for a while. They told me what went on that Sue and Clair have come to an agreement that provided I thought it was ok we would do things that way. Ok so what is the agreement then tell me about it. Well Clair said we'd rather show you but you sort of ruined it by coming home early. Well maybe tomorrow, you can show me if you need the house empty for a while I'll go do some shopping that I really need to do. I am getting low on certain supplies for downstairs I need to replenish some of them.

I got a phone call from Mark saying if it was alright his wife and daughter were ready to come over. I told him is his wife wearing what she will wear to the wedding? No but she can be well if she has it let her wear it the same for your daughter also. Fine we should be ready in about an hour to leave so look for us in about an hour and a half to be there. The doorbell rang I got up to answer it Howard was at the door Sue like to run me over when she found out who it was. She started by telling Howard he needed to see the video clip someone sent me. She was dragging Howard to the laptop I figured I'd just let her go Howard I think got madder than he was before.

I looked at Howard told him that he would do me no good if he stroked out on me before we settled it. He calmed down asked if I needed any money to live on or for the wedding that he would loan it to me interest free. No Howard I'm good for at least two years and by that time we'll have it settled I'm sure. Howard said six months or less we'll have it settled I'm sure of that.

The doorbell rang again it was Mark and his wife and daughter. The wife gave me a hug told me she was so sorry about what her husband had to do. The daughter said her father had to keep her and her husband employed at least till they found a new job. Howard was looking I told him this was Mark my former boss and his wife and daughter. Mark said pleased to meet you Howard and held out his hand. Howard said it might be a good idea if they left since he was Herman's lawyer. Mark said you just tell me when you want me to appear in court and I'll tell'em exactly what happen did Beth send you the clip Herman? Howard looked puzzled Mark said I hope you sue them till they hurt then some I'm retiring as soon as it's over but I think they did Herman terribly wrong.

Enough I told them I looked at Marks wife said that dress becomes you nicely. She had silver hair and had some wrinkles but a pleasant smile she I imagine was a looker at one time. She introduced herself as Cindy asked what kind of restraints she might possibly wear to the wedding. I told her let us see what I have in the basement then we all went to the basement. I looked at her she was wearing a really nice red dress I said what about these and I pulled out some metal bands. She said well whatever you think will be comfortable. I told her that comfort was something that was a state of mind but I'd see if I couldn't work something out for her.

I started with a three-inch waist band I put it on kept tightening it I told her that when it became uncomfortable let me know I'd stop. I was wondering when she would say something it was fairly snug when she said enough I think. I marked the bands went cut them with a shear. Then a crimp type of ends a quick spot-weld. I made sure it was cool not sharp anywhere I again fitted her with it this time when the ends came together they locked. I asked her if it was too tight and she told me actually it felt comfortable sort of supporting. I told her ok I asked for her right wrist she gave it to me I again fitted a band around it was an inch a half band I almost got it to size I put it in a vise squeezed it to make it oval. A second fitting I got the size she was comfortable. I put a hinge on one side a locking mechanism on the other a hoop was on the hinge side to attach a chain. Finally, I got both arms and ankles and the neck fitted with custom fitted shackles they had a soft leather lining to prevent chaffing. I told Sue to get her set of chains let Clair show Mark how they actually work while I fit chains to Cindy.

Cindy said can I watch or is will I be too busy to watch? No as long as I can get the measurements you can watch it will take some time to measure the chain cut weld rings on to it. Then I have to remove the burs if any recheck the fit of the chains. Do you have to remove the shackles now or can it wait? It can wait Cindy why do you want to wait to remove them? Cindy said they feel like heavy jewelry they are not uncomfortable at all. I told her the shackles are not normally the uncomfortable part of the restraints.

Sue came back and she had her bag of what she called slave girl restraints. Clair said to Howard watch the chains get attached to the shackles before they are closed on the limb. Howard watched and Clair put the ankle, wrist, collar, thigh bands and the elbow shackles on with their respective chains. Clair then demonstrated how by using up to ten locks the different positions that can be accomplished with the collection of chains.

Cindy said that was impressive depending on the level of restriction that dictates the level of comfort or discomfort what the person can or cannot do. Exactly Cindy that is why some people say they enjoy it or it's too painful and I don't like it. The dominate person dictates how the restraints are fitted but the sub trusts the Dom to not exceed her limits or his limits. Also the length of time in a position determines how strenuous it actually is.

Clair said watch this she told Sue to get on the floor mat. Sue got down on the mat Clair put her in one hell of a short hog tie. Clair said Sue is in a lot of strain but she has grown used to it with experience can endure it longer than most. Now if I were to say take her hair use it to pull it back to her ankles bend her neck back that adds even more strain on Sue right? Sue of course could not take and move much but laughed and said to Clair that she was an amateur she was not even breaking a sweat. Clair said we'll see tied the hair off to the ankles. She got some twine and tied it to her big toes bent them down until the foot started to bend toward the floor and Clair tied them to the elbow cuff rings. Clair told Cindy that Sue would be ready to agree to do anything in just a few minutes like give Herman a blow job. Sue laughed told Clair she was a fucking amateur if Herman wanted one he'd have to take over because she'd fall asleep before Clair could make her ever beg to do that. Look you're in no position to refuse anything stupid I'll break you in the next hour. Sue said bet it up but if you don't I get to return the favor. Clair looked at me I told her that's between them walked away.

Cindy just stood there I told her come on I have to finish with your chains. Cindy said to me are they serious? I suppose they are they will I'm sure try each other limits I think Clair bit off more than she can chew. I think Sue will have Clair howling in a matter of about twenty minutes. Mark who had been sitting down looking at a book that had different equipment in it came to me said this is crazy. I looked at the book said that one of the extreme ones there are less extreme ones and more but that's probably about an eight on one to ten scale.

I was almost finished with Cindy's chains and had them on she was experimenting with how they moved and felt when the touched her body. She said where are the other ones don't I get those two? I looked at her she had on a collar, waist belt, wrist shackles, and ankle shackles. I thought about that a moment said you want the other elbow and thigh bands also. Cindy rather looked sheepishly said if you do not mind I would like to have them these are great but with those it looks like a complete outfit. I measured the arms above the elbow told her she needed to pick up her dress above her waist for me to get a proper measurement of her thighs. I got the measurements I needed couldn't help but notice Cindy was soaking wet her cotton panties were so wet that it was almost like a wet tee shirt contest there. I told Cindy that the thigh bands were normally the tightest bands since they were held in place by only themselves if they were lose the wearer could pull them down and get out of them. Cindy said she probably wouldn't have a problem and if she did she'd tough it out for the wedding.

I went to work on those I heard someone begging to have mercy that they would be glad to take care of it. I went to go see what was going on Sue had Clair on a wooden pony Clair was not handling it well. Everyone else was watching Sue brought over a table put it in front of the pony she loosened the rope that held Clair up then laid down on the table told her to start eating or she'd be really sorry as she shoved Clair's head between her legs. I watched for a minute Sue all of a sudden ripped Clair from between her legs slapped her face bite me bitch your dog meat now.

Sue wasted no time in repeating the prior position Clair was in on the pony added ankle weights to the problem. Then she got a cane from the shelf said you better pray to whatever God you believe in because you better hope he strikes me dead. With that, Sue brought the cane across her tits right across the nipples Clair started shrieking loudly. I told Sue she was making our guest very uncomfortable with all of the noise. Sue picked up a huge gag when Clair refused to open her mouth Sue took a pair of pliers to her nipple twisted a little she opened up then. I looked at Mark and Cindy and the daughter Megan they were staring I said to them let's get the rest of the outfits completed.

I got the elbow bands on Cindy attached the chains so that the chain on the elbows was attached to the chain from the collar to the waist belt in the back. Then I put on the thigh bands hooked up the chains there also I asked how the thigh bands felt. Cindy said strange but ok they are not so tight as to be painful. Ok well then we're done you have your accessories as maybe. Cindy said thanks what do we owe you. Mark owes me nothing for any of the restraints or chains at all plenty for the keys to the locks as they are cut proof like the chains and bands. For about one minute I thought Cindy was going to pass out I started to laugh said you have to remember this is all in good fun between consenting adults. To force something on someone without their consent is extremely morally and criminally wrong. I handed Mark two keys I told him that all the locks were keyed alike that there was no point in giving them to her since she couldn't get them off anyway without someone's help.

I told Megan to come on what did she have in mind for the wedding. Megan said that her and Tom have quite a bit of stuff but that they both wanted to get a pony girl outfit except it was so expensive for a good outfit. I asked her what she saw that she liked. She told me all of it but to be honest there was so much to choose from she had no idea where to start. I asked her how flexible she was how long before she starts to cramp. She turned around folded her arms behind her back interlocked her fingers in a very nice reverse pray. She then sat on the floor folded her legs behind her head told me she could stay like that for three or four hours. Great now I know how flexible you are I can get you an outfit. What are you planning to wear to the wedding? Well I was planning on this dress maybe harem restraints like Cindy but seeing the pony stuff here I'd like to wear that of course I'd have to change at the club can't wear that on the street.

Ok well I can supply that how tall are you? I'm six foot two and a half inches a real amazon well I few changes to the basic set and it will fit perfect. I told her to strip just fold her cloths on the table stand there while I got some things then measured her. I brought back a head dress bridal and bit gag and body harness and a lot of straps and welded rings a pair of nipple clamp bells feathers for the headdress.

When I got back she was standing naked just looking at her folded clothes on the table. I asked her was she comfortable being naked here? She said that wasn't the issue it was just that between roles there is always that concern why the humiliation of it. But once she was restrained it was wonderful just no restraint she felt somehow foolish and shy.

Ok well I started with the body harness got her breasts in the rings started tightening up the straps she was looking at her breasts. I said something wrong there too tight or are they pinching somewhere? No too loose I wish they were much tighter I like my breasts tightly bound. I left came back with a box of chrome welded rings of different sizes I opened the snaps on the right breast started with a smaller ring. I finally got to a point where I mentioned that the breast would swell the ring would not expand it might get really uncomfortable quickly. Megan said she was aware of that she would like to keep on going. I went down another four sizes told her enough. That if she could wear that for three hours and not get numb in her breast or cold we might go another two sizes tops. We did the same for the left breast but couldn't go down as far. She started to get upset I told her even though she had very nice breasts very few women were exactly the same on both. The rings were sized in millimeters one size was two millimeters larger or smaller than the next one. So the difference was never going to be noticed by anyone.

I got the harness fairly tight told her turn around put her hands behind her I strapped them into a reverse prayer. I told her sit down in a chair she did I put some thigh high boots on her she was watching me lace them up adjustable heels on these. No they are the latest in pony girl foot wear the foot goes into the shoe and the shoe has no heel but leaves a horse shoe mark on the ground the shoe after it's laced gets pumped up to make sure it's a tight fit so it prevents ankle shift or twisting now listen to me this are no joke. When I start to inflate them you try to wiggle your toes then your ankle when you can't tell me I'll stop then we're at the right pressure. Too much pressure and the feet fall asleep you cannot tell but when you take them off you stand a very good chance of getting a stroke because blood clots will have formed in the feet due to poor blood flow because of the tightness. Ok I'll tell you I inflated them after getting the lacing done right.

Sue and Clair must have settled their problem came over to look at Megan. Sue said she looks wonderful. I told them they need to stand on each side of her I was going to stand her up we will have to see if she can handle the boots. You two can walk on each side to support her. I brought Megan to a standing position the look on her face was priceless. She said people actually walk in these things? How the hell do they do that I feel like I'm nearly walking on my toes. I said wait it gets better I knelt down attached a pump to where the heel should be and started to pump it up. It took a minute or two for her to tell me that she couldn't wiggle her toes or move her ankles at all in the boots. I told her pick up her feet one at a time put them back down. After she did Megan told me so when they are inflated they actually help support the weight so it's not all on the toes interesting they are not by any means comfortable but they probably can be worn for a while. I told her that after a while they become just as painful as when they were not inflated.

Well now, we are almost finished with your costume I got out the head gear the feather top. I got out the bridle, bit gag, and the blinders to keep the pony from seeing what's on the side of her. I got the head piece fitted the black feather went well with her platinum blond hair. I attached the reigns to the bridal then fitted the bit to her mouth. She started to gag with the bit I told her keep her tongue on the bottom of her mouth so that the ball on the arm would not touch the roof of her mouth. I looked in her mouth saw that I needed to shorten the arm some. I took it back out turned the ball so it went further down the arm. When I put it back the ball did not touch the roof of her mouth it was fine.

I went behind Megan got the four reigns from Sue said watch this these two reigns are for steering stopping the pony pulled left and right and Megan's head went left and right and back so that's how you drive a pony. Now these other two reigns are for something entirely different. With a real pony you can rake the reigns from side to side to get it loose if they take the bit in their teeth. With a human however that will not work because of the way the jaw works.

So the other two reigns will force the pony to open her mouth and releasing the bit. It doesn't matter what the pony does she will release the bit. The ball and the arm also keep the pony quiet she will not attempt to talk more than once or twice. I told Megan try to say something anything at all. Megan tried to say something found as soon as she moved her tongue it pressed the ball to the roof of her mouth she started to gag. I told Sue watch now if she took the bit in her teeth it would not be effective however pull on these two reigns watch what happens. Megan immediately started to gag and wretch I said if you hold the reigns like this the pony cannot find a spot for any kind of relief. Please note Megan is trying to find a spot as I was holding the reigns Megan indeed was moving her head back and side to side trying to get relief.

So that is why there are four reigns the arm and ball on the bit. Now to make things really interesting we could do this. I took a strap put it on the top of the head piece to the ring on the harness where her hands were attached. I pulled it up and her head came back now Megan is flexible probably more so than most. So if I tighten this up like this you'll see that she'll almost looking straight up which in a pony competition is the perfect look.

I looked at the harness said see how Megan has rather adjusted to the harness. So I need to tighten it but first I think we'll put the tail on her. Megan was looking at the ceiling I told her not to worry that I had a blonde tail for her so that she would match. I also told her that she probably could sit down with it if she was careful.

I got a blonde tail that was attached to a butt plug I gave Sue a much larger butt plug it was actually huge whispered to her to show it to Megan say that I would attach the tail to that did she want some lube. Sue held the huge butt plug so that Megan could see it she told Megan if she wanted some lube just stomp her right hoof twice. Megan did a lot more than stomp her boot hooves. I told her if she didn't settle down right now I'd have to use a cattle prod to get her to stand still. Megan stopped moving started moving her head side to side I told her don't worry the plug will fit skin stretches about five inches before it will tear. The plug is only six inches at its widest point and she does have a large frame so it shouldn't be too uncomfortable.

Sue told me she had it all lubed up and ready I told her fine give it to me I'll screw the tail piece on after I've seated the plug. I told her to spread her legs bend over the padded table. She did I told Sue spread those cheeks I started to put it in I had it almost all of the way in I said to Sue well we've got a forth of it in so the rest should fit. I shoved the last two inches in and Megan sucked in some air. I told her see you could take it in of course the worst that happens when it comes out is you may need a diaper for a day or two but your husband will be happy with another hole to use.

Cindy and Mark came into the fitting room I guess Mark had rearranged Cindy's chains so that her hands were tight to the belt on the sides. The chains were sort of hanging down the front of her it actually looked very good. Mark also ran the elbow cuff chain through the ring on the collar to belt chain in the back bringing the slack up to the collar. I asked Cindy was she uncomfortable with the restraints? She kind of looked at me said no they were of course restricting her movement but not painful.

Cindy walked around to see Megan said to me she looks very beautiful in that outfit is that what they call a human pony? Yes exactly that is what she is she can't talk because the bit in her mouth keeps her quiet it also helps keep her from being a bad pony. So she can't talk with that in her mouth well if she tries she gags and wretches.

I told Cindy the only thing left is the set of bells most people put on the ponies nipples. I've got a set here that would be great I was just going to put them on. Of course I need to get the nipples hard to if you'll excuse the expression get a good bite. Cindy said well I know how to get them good hard like this. Cindy started to lick and suck on her daughter Megan's nipples sure enough they started to get hard and stand out. Megan started to moan a little I told Cindy I think that one is hard enough to get the bell on it. Cindy started on the other nipple I put the bell clamp on the hard nipple Megan I guess did not appreciate the two-ounce bell. I did the same when the other nipple was hard after both were clamped I said to Cindy watch I picked up the bells and then just let them drop.

Now I told Cindy the rings on the side of the harness that Megan is wearing are for hooking the shafts of a cart to. I've built carts but because of the material needed the time they have to be custom fitted to the pony and the rider I only custom make them. However to see what a pony like Megan would look like in motion I do have an exercise trainer here. Mark said I'd be interested in seeing how the trainer works since seeing your place here you have a lot of interesting machines and devices.

Well then let's get Megan hooked up to the trainer. I told Megan let's remember a pony picks her foot up just about even with the knee of the leg on the ground. Megan refused to move I told everyone see when a pony does not want to cooperate we can demonstrate the effect of the second set of reigns. I pulled on them gently rocked them left to right the effect of this was demonstrated immediately. Megan started to wretch and gag and in just a few seconds was ready to walk anywhere I led her.

I got Megan on the treadmill hooked the shafts up to her harness retightened the harness. I took some wires attached them to the bells then I explained that if she failed to do something correctly the trainer would deliver a shock to her tits. The more mistakes the bigger and longer the shock would be. Next I hooked up to lines to the rings on her shoulders and took the slack out of them. I told Megan to pick up both of her feet off the floor one at a time she picked them up found the lines held her so that she could not fall at all. I put sensor bands on both ankles both legs just below the knees. I told her that if she didn't pick up her foot higher than the sensor she'd get a shock. I took the four reigns hooked them to the arms of the machine took out the slack.

Done well Megan welcome to the pony trainer let me explain how it works the treadmill that you are standing on doesn't have a motor you're the motor you're walking on it will make it go. The trainer will be set for a pace and you have to keep it or get shocked. The treadmill also will add resistance so that it will simulate you pulling a cart with a load in it. The treadmill will also incline and decline so that you will learn to handle both of those situations. You will have to also learn to shorten the step on whichever side the bit pulls so that you will turn the cart it's not like you can just turn since the cart is behind you a distance.

Well I will start the trainer Megan start walking. I started it off very slowly Megan started walking when Megan got to what would be an acceptable gate I started to increase the resistance on the treadmill. Megan made some kind of noise when she felt the resistance get tougher I told her that is an empty cart that weights about sixty pounds. Well I will set it on automatic it will decide your course the weight, speed, and everything else. It will tell you in an automated voice then count down with three beeps so that you are ready for it. We listened to Megan's bells they sounded fine then the voice came on told Megan that she was going to go uphill it beeped three times with a wait in between them.

Megan felt the treadmill go from flat to about fifteen degrees that does not sound like a lot of incline but it actually is quite an incline. She started to get that sweat glow women get I said well we are going to lose a few pounds at that rate. I told Sue and Clair to watch her for a while asked Mark how long before he was going to leave. Mark said I was thinking about calling her husband telling him that we got a pony outfit for her did he want to come over and see her workout in it?

Mark called spoke with Megan's husband Carl Mark told me that Carl would be over in about an hour could we keep Megan on the trainer that long? Sure Megan really doesn't have much choice does she I'll keep the trainer from ramping up to the point where Megan has to stop get a break Megan looks like she's in good shape an hour or two might be good for her. Just then we heard a sound from Megan the trainer informed her that she was not brining her feet up high enough from this point on the machine would administer shocks for each infraction. I told Megan it has given you a chance to correct your step on your own that doesn't start until you have miss stepped twenty five times.

Well Megan must have made a miss step and the trainer informed her she was about to receive a level one correction. Then she got the shock sort of jumped as much as she could have for the way she was in the trainer. I told her better watch out the more the trainer administered corrective action it didn't always come in the form of shocks sometimes it might add weight to the cart or resistance to the treadmill. I told Clair watch her and make sure she is ok.

Mark said to me that there was an item or two that he wanted to see about. Cindy looked at him said I am already about helpless what else? Well Mark started to talk to Cindy I told them I'd be back in a few minutes I left them alone for a few.

I went back to Sue and Clair and Megan to see Megan's progress on the trainer. Megan was holding up on the trainer but she was sweating somewhat heavily. I told Sue she better get some Gatorade or something to hydrate Megan. Sue came back with a glass of Gatorade I paused the treadmill control box. I loosened the strap allowed Megan's head to come to a normal position. I gave her a drink looked at her I asked if she was alright to continue she nodded her head yes. So I pulled the strap tight again restarted the trainer. The trainer gave her a few minutes to get back to the pace then it started working her again. I told Clair she better watch Megan and Sue could wait for her husband to come here then show him down to here.

I went back to Mark and Cindy they had finished whatever it was they were talking about and Mark said Cindy had agreed to try out several other things that he was going to pick them out. I told Mark fine go check out Megan I wanted to talk to Cindy alone for a few minutes.

He left I waited till he was out of normal hearing distance asked Cindy if she was alright with what Mark wanted to do or have her do. Cindy told me that seriously their sex life has grown stale that she has always been somewhat prudish that maybe it was time she opened her mind to different aspects of sex instead of the normal missionary position. That even after thirty years of marriage Mark being true blue that was the only way she allowed him to have sex. Mostly because she was raised that the missionary position was the only acceptable way to have sex all of the other ways were perverted sinful that made her feel guilty that inhibited her to anything else. She also did not understand why she sucked on Megan's nipples to get them hard but yet she doesn't regret it or feel guilty about it. So if she did that on her own without any prompting or anything else maybe it was time she just trusted her husband allowed him to take what he wanted or subjugate her. I told her that she was on a dangerous road that once down that road there may be no going back. Cindy said she trusted her husband now it was time to prove that she had the needed trust in him not to push it to far or too fast.

Mark came back with several items several paddles. Mark looked at Cindy said to her are you sure you really want to do this. The look on Cindy's face was entirely different that anything I had seen her display in the few times I met her. She looked at Mark said that for years she knew that he was bored with sex with her but he stayed faithful to her. Now she offers to allow him to have his way with her to do anything at all he wants. That now after she tells him that she finds out he probably is too much of a mother fucking wimp or pussy to just take what he wants from her. She told him he had one mother fucking chance to fix the problem or she was going to do one of two things. She was going to make his fucking life miserable to live with or she was going to find her a real Goddamn man that knew how to get what the fuck he wanted leave his stupid fucking ass with half of what he owned. Mark stood there with his mouth hung open probably in a state of near shock.

Sue came in with Carl wasted absolutely no time she walked right up to Cindy, grabbed her long silvery hair, and yanked it back none too kindly. Sue snatched an inflatable gag from Marks hands just shoved it in to her mouth. She had it buckled in to place before Mark could say anything. Mark started to say something as Sue said to Mark go with the guys here show Carl where Megan is I want a talk with this bitch for a few minutes go on move. Sue was pumping up the gag as I said to Mark Cindy will be fine at least for the moment.

The three guys went to see Megan down in the lower basement Carl let out some kind of wolf whistle when he saw Megan. Megan was sweating some she really looked great she pulled herself up straight as if to be proud to be seen by Carl. Carl told her how great she looked then told me he wanted to buy the outfit she was wearing. I told him it was a gift and there was no way he could pay for it. Carl said that maybe she could do something at the wedding then to pay for it. I told him it was a gift then I said well it would be too much she could never pull that kind of weight even a short distance. Carl said what was I thinking about well after Sue and I exchange vows have a cart platform to drive us away from the alter area setup. Megan started to hum a song Carl said well she thinks she can do it. Carl said Megan is often gagged they have a set of songs she hums to let him know if she is ok or needs to stop or she just wants to tell him to get fucked.

I told Carl it would be at a minimum a little over five hundred pounds with the weight of Sue and her outfit and my weight and the platform. Megan again hummed the tune I said be real I took the control and said you are at ninety pounds right now think you can do one fifty. She hummed it again; I set the trainer to go to one hundred fifty pound weight. Carl and I talked listened to the trainer warn Megan about the weight increases in twenty pound increments. Carl was impressed about the bit trainer the way the arm and ball and second set of reigns worked.

The trainer announced one hundred fifty pounds of pull necessary was reached. Megan was standing tall but sweating heavily she did not get any correction even at that weight. I told Carl God she is strong I had no idea she was that strong. Megan hummed another tune Carl said add another fifty see if she can do it. I added another fifty then there was a terrible noise from upstairs Mark turned to run up the stairs Sue yelled down no problem give me a few more minutes she is fine. Ten minutes later Megan hummed a different tune Carl said she is toast stop it now. I stopped the trainer Carl said go see what is happening upstairs I want I cut him off ok Mark I think we need to look in on Cindy, Sue, and Clair upstairs.

Mark and I got upstairs Clair told Mark come with me a moment I need to tell you something. I continued on Sue was giving Cindy some kind of paddling a not gentle paddling at that. I looked at Cindy she was now naked in a pillory on her knees she had on nipple clamps that got tighter the more they were pulled had probably about four ounces of weights on each tit. Sue said she also had a vibrator clamped inside her pussy that was stimulating her clit and g-spot but if she did not want to cooperate would deliver a nice shock to her puss.

Mark came in with Clair said to Sue we need to leave them alone they left. Mark said to Cindy you fucking cunt bitch for years you got everything you wanted the way you wanted and now I am ready to retire I find out from a fucking stranger that you have been paying a man to do this sort of thing to you. I for years made sure that if you wanted to could stay home not work that was your idea. That for years you have done this because you were bored with me because I respected the way you wanted things and treated you, as I believed a wife should be treated. Mark must have had the remote to the toy in her cunt, as he must have given her one hell of a shock Cindy twisted, whimpered, and cried into her gag. I walked over to Mark said I want a word with you just a moment before you say or do anything else. Mark looked at me I said that right now no exceptions come with me. Mark looked at me told me ok Herman this is your home but he said to his wife things will be fucking different reduced the vibrator to a very minimum setting.

Mark looked at me said Cindy told Sue and Clair about the arrangements my wife has had for years. She told them that my wife hinted, and tried to get me to be rougher with her instead of the person I am or rather was so she found it elsewhere. Mark said Clair told her that Cindy loved him a great deal knew that he was bored but could not figure out why I did nothing really about it. Then Sue told Cindy that I was probably the kind of man that would put my needs off not realizing that unless Cindy was just outright and told him what she wanted it would never happen. That is what Cindy is so upset about that she does not have the strength to have confidence in me that I could do this. When we were young and first married Cindy, found a book of John Willie's drawings was upset to the point where she threatened to leave me I promised her I would be faithful not consider doing any of that. She was young now she realizes that for a change to add spice to a marriage it would be fine even nice just she could not tell me she was wrong. Herman I know you think I have lost my mind will accidently do something to injure her I will not but I will show her that I wear the pants in the house not her at least not anymore. Maybe being mr nice guy all this years has been fine but also maybe my wife's apparent want to "See the clubs that Marge and Carl go to" was more than what it appeared.

Herman yes I am upset only that after twenty six years of marriage my wife does not have faith in me to tell me she would like to try something different to spice things up. I would be upset if she left me however that would really anger me. The fact that she has had a fuck buddy on the side for what Clair did she tell you. Clair said she told me about eight years. I am upset Herman as you would be but I just intend to work this out with her if you would not mind us using your basement for a couple of hours. I might afterwards need you to come over my place later and make some home improvements. I told Mark ok I just wanted to see his state of mind.

I told him go ahead enjoy just if you insert anything leave it on the table so that it can be cleaned or if it cannot be I will give it to you if you want it. I looked at Sue said we need to talk. Clair said she was going to her room then. No, you might as well be part of this conversation join in if you feel the need. I told the ladies that with Howard taking on the company if he wins I am fairly sure he will do we want to go to the country somewhere. They both looked at me I said well I could probably get a small farm somewhere in the country not farm but maybe setup the basement business there. Clair said if she stayed with them, she would have enough to buy what I needed and setup shop anyway. Fine then find a place that interests you on the internet I will check it out for workability.

Carl and Megan came up from the basement Megan said well looks like Mother finally got Dad to listen to her. I said what do you mean about that. Megan said well Mom has wanted to explore a desire and from what I know, she crushed Dad years ago before I was born she was trying to figure out how to fix it. Carl said yea we came up from the lower basement found him giving her what for with a flogger as we were coming up here I think he was fucking her in her ass telling her she might as well get used to it.

Carl asked me if he could talk to me, alone for a few minutes I said, sure we went outside Carl said to me that he had over a dozen or so friends that would love to buy stuff like I had. What were the chances I would consider selling it to his friends. Great as long as they can keep a secret, the neighborhood would probably frown on this business. Fine Carl said I would call let you know what they say. Well Carl and Megan got their stuff loaded up came back Megan said she could stand the rings two sizes smaller would I let her Carl use the trainer to get up to the weight so she could pull the Sue and me away from the alter. Sure just call first let us know you are coming over.

Clair asked if she and Sue could talk to me. I said why not everyone else seems to want a piece of my ear. Sue said that they had talked about Clair becoming part of the household family Sue did not have a problem with it. That the final decision was of course mine since Sue like to be punished really rough that to have a person to stand in for her would actually be a relief. That way she would always know that I had enough cunts to keep me happy at home not wander anywhere. It would keep Clair happy knowing that she could get a piece when she needed it that there were more details to be worked out but basically the two of them thought that it would work.

I said, to Sue that would make you happy then. Sue got on her knees at my feet and said, "Sir that would make me very happy". Ok well that is settled work it out between you two and I have enough for the moment to work out.

Mark and Cindy came up from the basement Cindy was crawling on her hands and knees had her head facing down. Mark said could I put my car in the garage load Cindy in the car Cindy was naked and wearing the slave chains, I fitted her for today. She also had quite a few marks on her back and ass from different whips, paddles, floggers and other toys. She had a ball gag strapped in her mouth never took her eyes off the floor when Mark left to move the car with Herman. Herman came back in before Mark got the car into the garage walked in on Cindy telling Sue who had removed the gag. Cindy was telling Sue that if she would have known that Mark would become such a beast she would have probably let her boyfriend be found in the house with her tied up like a Christmas present. Well Cindy said she would try to keep in touch before the wedding but was unsure how much free time she was going to have on her hands would she put the gag back in please.

The house got empty I sat down for dinner that Sue and Clair made for me. It was my favorite I was eating enjoying the servers who were both naked wearing chains when the doorbell rang. The girls got up went to the bedroom upstairs I opened the door. It was Sandy and two women that I did not know. Sandy asked if they could come in I said sure have a seat I am just finishing dinner so I am going to continue if you girls do not mind.

Sandy said she thinks she found the last bride's maid for Sue. I said really Sue went on to explain that Debra on her right was at the club when she went modeling advertising for the maid. Debra however could not approach her without permission from her mistress Tonya here on her left. Sandy after the failure on the first night had added a phone number to the sign for a disposable phone left that number on the sign. The women talked it over called Sandy who brought them straight over so that we could work out some kind of deal. Tonya said that if I did not mind a couple such as Debra and her were for the wedding Debra would be glad to be a brides maid.

One moment Sue can you come down here a minute with Clair. They came down naked and sat on either side of me next to my chair on pillows that they set on the floor. Sue Tonya and Debra want to discuss your wedding need for bride's maid. Sue the women talked Tonya asked if she could attend the wedding. I told her why not it is in a public club but since her partner is a participant, she actually would be expected to be there. I told Tonya that I made the stuff that it would require a certain amount of what some people would call personal touching, groping, fondling whatever you wanted to call it as long as they were good with that, I saw no problem. Well can Debra come back tomorrow I would start the measuring fitting of the gown. I told them it would probably take a week to make since I now had all kinds of time to devote to it. Tonya said she would be here whenever I needed her to be or she would answer to her personally if I had any problems that she would give me her cell phone and address it as soon as I called her. Tonya asked one thing could she see where I made the stuff tonight.

I took her down to the basement and gave her the nickel tour and such. Tonya asked if I could make one slight modification to the gown I asked what she had in mind. She said that instead of having to pump up the hands to get them to freeze in to position could I hook it in to the electric pump for the corset somehow. I told her probably I needed a couple of hours to think about it and if it could be done, I would do it. Tonya also said that felt it was excessively much to expect to get the outfit for one wearing. No it is not it will make Sue happy that is what matters so I may need Debra to spend several hours a day over here since the wedding was only two weeks away. Tonya said no problem Debra does not work she is my personal lover slave I keep her normally locked up home she will enjoy the change of scene for a while. Tonya looked around asking you make all of these things here. Yes it is sort of a second job or hobby for me most if not all is for sale. Tonya started to say something I told her if she wanted to shop here after the wedding just call and ask before she came also I make custom things on a per order bases.

Well Debra would come over early tomorrow start the fitting process I had enough for this day turned out to be quite busy. Sue told me that since she did not have a problem with Clair felt comfortable about another woman sharing the house there were something's I needed to become aware of. First Clair was going to be the maid, chief cook and house keeper. That Sue would oversee her I would oversee them both that either was fair game anytime for whatever. When we retired for the evening, Clair should be bound for the evening of course; she would continue also to be bound at night. Sue said she actually thought it would work out quite well since if she did not want to fuck I could always punish her that was fine if Clair did not want to service me then I could punish her. I looked at Sue and said this is rather different from what I had imagined. Sue looked at me said Herman most men would kill to have two women at their disposal you have a problem with it?

Herman let me be honest with you I love you dearly and your wonderful the soul mate that I have always dreamed of having. However I do not know how the hell you do it as often as you do you have this urge to fuck or be sucked or get some relief two or three times a day. You were afraid that the age difference between us would be a problem however, you are like a Goddamn lion they fuck when their pride is in heat thirty or forty times a day you are not that bad but you are starting to wear me out. I like sex a lot of sex I used to fuck several times a day once in a while with you it is apparently every day. Sue must have seen the look in my face and stopped hung her head down and told me she was sorry that she just did not know another way to put it but my sex was in major overdrive. Sue reached up and wiped a tear that was forming in my eye now she had one in hers.

Herman my love dearest I am sorry that my words have been apparently so hurtful. I am willing to have sex with you anytime but I also owe it to you to tell you that your sex drive is simply too much for any one woman. The doctor George told me that when we got rid of your pills the body might react this way but I figured that you would slack off. He told me that it would not it has to do with the chemicals they pumped into you before when you worked for the government. That it was all tied together the government has no way of reversing what they have done to you. I do not want you to go back to the pills ever I do not care if I am raw every day from sex with you. I think that if I could share you with Clair it would be so much better for everyone.

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