The Coven
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Author's Note: This is one of the most intense stories I've written, for me it toys how far I'm comfortable going. I like safe fantasies and couples trying sex games! Despite being completely consensual playing with a slave's mind seems much more intense than some simple BDSM... give it a read and see what you think!

It had been fifteen years since I'd first seen her. Of course time passed differently for vampires, an immortal lifespan gave you a different perspective on a few decades but for her the time would have been an eternity. I could sense the anticipation in the room my two valets eager to see the result of their work, my wives intrigued to meet the new member of their ranks and of course myself. I'd paid her little mind over the past decade and a half as she lay entombed beneath my mansion but now she was ready to join him I recalled when we'd first met.

The young girl lay shivering in hall of my home. She wore a simple white gown, her hair was loose and her feet were bare. Her voice shook as she spoke.

"I wish to join your coven." she whispered. I considered the creature in front of me. Her heart pounded in her chest, blood rushed to her cheeks as she met my gaze. She was attractive, for a human however would immortality suit her? I despised wasting the gift and if she was to join me I wanted to judge whether she would fulfil my desires.

"You understand the process?" I asked. My valets had perfected their arts on dozens of girls such as this preparing them, conditioning them so they would make the ideal concubine once they joined me at my side. The process took a long time and it was excruciating both physically and mentally however the finished product was perfection.

She nodded.

I considered her body it was indeed attractive, even by human standards. Once elevated by the transformation she could be truly sublime.

"Are you pure?" I asked. The subject's virginity is important to me, there was no reason for me to accept less than perfect specimens.

The blood rushed to her face in embarrassment as she answered with the affirmative. Slowly I nodded my consent.

That was the last I'd seen of the girl. She was taken by my valets through the winding corridors of the mansion to be prepared.

Once a vampire she would never age, her skin would never change and her hair would never grow. The first step of preparation for the transformation was to groom each girl so that beauty would be retained forever.

Many girls screamed when the wax was applied however it was the best method to remove any stray hair and paled in comparison with what was to come. My valets knew my tastes and they excelled at providing for them. One specialised in the preparation of the the body, the other the mind. Once each girl was appropriately groomed the transformation could take place. They would take it in turns to change each girl, the process could take days. Each cell in the girl's body was transformed by the vampire venom, subtle differences would manifest each idiosyncrasy of the subject in question. Those who were cruel would often appear so, those who were pure would retain that image for ever.

Once the girls were immortal the real work could begin. This is where the mind had to be conditioned for my tastes. I like my girls subservient and to relish being in bondage. The only way to ensure that was to condition them.

The preparation of the materials would start at the same time as the girl was being readied. During the long days of her transformation leather straps were left to soak in buckets of water. The valets were masters of bondage and BDSM however even their ties could be enhanced and soaking the bindings was a tried and tested technique. While it was being prepared the leather would expand, once the bondage was complete and the subject entombed the leather would slowly dry and return to it's original length. Bindings which had been tight before would become immeasurable more restrictive.

No human could survive this technique, blood flow would become restricted and limbs would be starved of oxygen. However a vampire has no blood flow and their bodies do not require oxygen. Instead the subject would be able to feel every inch of the bondage and for a long time their only companion would be their feeling of helplessness against it.

The young girl had been taken into the preparation room, I'd heard from my valets that she had turned out very well, the transformation had been kind and she'd been left with a stunning, graceful and somewhat innocent appearance. I was glad, I'd have hated to have been forced to dispose of her after what she'd endured and the years she would have waited.

The valets would have got to work, each girl was bound in the same way with only minor changes to the process as the centuries passed. First her wrists were bound behind her back, with her hands placed palm to palm the leather straps were wrapped firmly around her arms before being cinched tightly.

Next a long length of cord would be tied around the subject's elbows. Pressure would be applied until the two limbs touched. Only a handful of humans were flexible to have their arms bound in this way however almost all vampires can do it. However that didn't make the position any more comfortable. Once the girl's elbows were cinched together the ends of the leather cord were passed up under her arm, across the back of her neck and back down under her other arm. The final few metres of cord would then be used to wrap tightly between the wraps at the elbows and the cord behind the neck to ensure there was no give in the bondage. Once the leather dried this would all tighten pulling the bound elbows further into position.

Once her arms were bound in place it was time to tie the victim's chest. Without exception my tastes are for bustier girls which allows for some extreme breast bondage. First horizontal wraps are applied above and below the breasts, these sit underneath the arms at the back and pull the chest into the body. Next a long narrow strip of leather is anchored around these upper and lower bindings, each end of this cord is then wrapped tightly around the base of each breast. You may have seen similar breast bondage on various internet sites, you may have even tried it yourself. Let me assure you this is tame compared with the tightness which is applied in this case. The erogenous zones of a vampire are very similar to those of a human however they are far more intense. With no fear of nerve damage or loss of circulation my valets bind their subjects breasts incredibly tightly. This can often cause pain initially but in the long dark months this subsides and they learn to love sensations.

With her torso tied the next task is to bind the girl's legs. The subject is laid on her stomach on a specially prepared slab of concrete which weighs in excess of a tonne. Cords are wrapped around each knee and pulled tightly out to eyelets at each corner with roots deep in the cold block. Each ankle is bound tightly to it's corresponding thigh. Small loops of leather cord are tied around each of the big toes of the girl, we use a special type of super absorbent leather for these to ensure maximum shrinkage as they dry. Each toe is pulled forcefully up into the cords wrapped around the subject's elbows. With the strength of my two retainers behind them these can be drawn increasingly tightly pulling the girl's feet up and arching her back into a delicious arch. As these chords tighten this bow shape becomes more and more severe until in some cases her feet are actually touching her bound elbows. I shouldn't have to point out that again this is near impossible for human physiology to achieve.

A thin piece of fishing line is tied around each of the nipples of our girls. These are pulled tight and anchor the subject's chest to the block she's resting on. A length of the more permeable leather is used in a hair tie. Often tied in pigtails for convenience the leather is weaved into the full length. A vampire's hair is far more resilient so when these cords are tied to the same eyelets as our subject's knees there's no risk of it breaking. As the leather shrinks the head is pulled back even further, the body is arched even more and the strain against the nipples increases ten fold.

Our final work is to place a loop around the vampire's lower jaw. This is not leather as such a flimsy material would be of little use against the teeth of such a predator. Instead we use a specially weaved cord which is designed to withstand the bite of even the most powerful of our kind. Once anchored to the concrete this ensures the subjects mouth will remain open.

At this stage perfect measurements are taken and a small drip is added, to deprive a newly born vampire of sustenance would be immeasurable cruelty so food is provided intravenously as required.

With the final preparations ready the remaining components to the cage are assembled. When complete the outward appearance is that of a simple box however inside the prison is far more complex. The mosaic floor of my hall is lifted with infinite care and and a hole of twenty meters dug beneath the foundations. Into this pit the prison is lowered, there it will wait until my companion is ready.

The physical preparations are complete but the mental changes I require take much more time. Entombed beneath my mansion my new concubine is trained in many more ways. The first year is the worst, after the initial pain of the tightening bondage has subsided there is a complete lack of stimulation. Even to our advanced senses there is no sound, no light nothing to occupy the mind. After a period of time specified by my valets the next phase begins, each girl receives slightly different timings based on her own temperament and my requirements.

The first the subject is aware of the change is with a contact to her exposed clitoris, after over a year alone in the dark the sudden contact must be such a shock to the poor creature however I image it's dwarfed by the feelings when it's activated. We keep the setting on low, for months and months the sensation sweeps across her body until one day it's finally allowed to build.

Our subject has been under constant stimulation for as long as she can remember so when the power of the vibrator is increased the change is seismic. A new period of torment continues the with device increasing and decreasing in power, bringing her to the edge then backing off. This process takes years and by the time we enter the next phase she has been reduced so far that all she can think of, all she can dream of is for the torment to end and for her orgasm to be granted.

Which of course it is, although no training can be without it's punishments. When the appropriate time is reached not only the vibrator but a mechanical dildo built into the side of the prison begin their work. Our subject often comes within minutes of the additional stimulation however then her torture truly begins. She needs to learn that orgasms are only good when they are earned.

Although no one can hear our trainees entombed deep beneath my mansion when one of them reaches this phase I'm often sure I catch the occasional scream. However it's a necessary lessons, you have to earn the right to orgasm and their own selfishness brought this torture upon them. This phase can last for years depending on the state of the woman when she comes to us, after being pounded my the mechanical dildo and stimulated by the vibrator for as long as she can remember she wishes it could stop. But there is no way out, their bondage is inescapable and even if it wasn't she's trapped metres down in a concrete box. The only way out is through my valets and they do not accept defeat. Once a girl has dedicated herself to joining my coven there is no turning back.

Then, suddenly after an eternity of torment the stimulation stops.

It remains absent.

In fact it vanishes all together until all she can remember is the feeling of the early days, the sensational orgasms before the stimulation becomes too much.

That's then the most important phase of the training begins. Depending on the girl this can take anywhere from five to ten years. A small light switches on in her prison, no human could detect it but for a vampire it may as well be blinding. It is at that point she notices the phallus directly in front of her open mouth.

Her mouth may have been bound for a decade by this point and for the first time she understands why. Slowly the phallus is inserted, deep into the back of the throat. Girls often gag around the shape for the first few months until they realise they no longer have any need of air. Eventually they learn to suppress their gag reflex as the phallus becomes their near constant companion.

Randomly over the next decade the phallus will appear in front of them, each time they must work to please it. Every time following the phallus' arrival a reward is given, the vibrator goes to work and the dildo resumes it's old function.

As time passes the girl's mind is changed, all that matters is the shape in front of her. When it appears she must please it and in turn she is rewarded. All that matters is the demands of that shape and when presented with it she must do whatever is required. Compliance leads to pleasure beyond compare, failure results in abandonment.

Fifteen years have now passed and my valets are once again removing the mosaic piece by piece. I insist on being present when my new concubine emerges into the world. The transition is incredibly disorientating and that transition can be eased by being presented with something familiar.

Often before the concrete cage is fully dissembled the screaming begins and after fifteen years of conditioning there is only one way to comfort my new wife.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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