From Grad School to Slave School
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Author's Note: We were asked by several to write a new story and we are back now. This one explores even deeper fantasies of my beautiful Asian co-author, whose character is again the victim. Though the premise and title may be similar, we think you will find this story is more intriguing in its twists and turns. My character is again the dominant figure. Also as before the first of each chapter is from the dominant's perspective, the last of each from the victim's. We appreciate your votes and comments and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it. I admit there were times it seemed the story was controlling the authors instead of the other way around.

Update (2014/08/26): To all our wonderful readers. We think this a good place to end Kelli's story, but then again, it is only the beginning of her adventures. How will she handle her cruise with Ashley? What will happen when she gets back to LA? Perhaps we will visit her again in the future. What do the readers think she will do?

Meanwhile we are wrapping up something new and exciting. Stay tuned for... "From Fantasy to Reality... A Model in Chains"

From Grad School to Slave School: A Vacation in Chains

Chapter 1

"Now, you prissy Bitch. Welcome back to school. This is your personal Hell week."

Of course she couldn't hear me. She was still drugged. She wouldn't wake up until tomorrow morning, and would remember little. I had some time yet to gloat and revel in the anticipation of what was to come. My revenge, yes, but more than that. I looked down at the naked body of my teacher's assistant. She had been making my life miserable for several months. But the grade she gave me was the last straw. I begged her to change my grade just from a C+ to a B-. One lousy point was the difference in making the 3.5 GPA to qualify for a status grad school but she wouldn't budge. I tried going over her head to the Prof but he said it was her call. I was screwed... maybe.

Her name was Kelli Hu, like the actress but her students just called her Miss Kelli. It was almost like she had a split personality. To the Dean and anyone in power she was professional, polite and a hard worker. She was also drop dead gorgeous and she knew it. Yes I lusted after her. Lots of men and women did. Though she dressed much more conservatively than me and most of her other female students, it just made men and women drool to see more. She was a half Thai and half Chinese mix with the exotic beauty of both. She was what many men and women fantasize about until they saw her dark side or rather her mean streak. To people that she had power over, she could be pure evil. Well, maybe not evil but a royal pain in the ass.


My reverie was interrupted when I heard her moan in her sedated sleep. I had stripped her naked after tossing her on the cot. She had a delicious looking body for sure and a beautiful face but this was the first time I had seen her like this. I felt I was just as pretty, but she was more petite and to some perhaps more feminine. And her pussy was as hairless as the day she was born. I knew it, she was a slut at heart. Shaved her pretty cunt daily.

I am taller and more athletic, which intimidated some men, but that didn't matter to me. Their loss. Many women appreciated my looks and my dominant streak. Miss Kelli, soon to be slut Kelli, was in for quite a ride. Besides being alone and naked, I wanted her to wake up with a hint of what was in store for her. A shiny steel collar that she could not remove would catch her attention. It actually looked very hot against her slender throat, and a stark contrast to her nakedness. She also wore a sirik made of elegant yet unbreakable silver chain. The perfect ensemble for a slave in training.

I couldn't resist running my hand over the smoothness of her perfect breast, then digging my thumbnail hard into her nipple. The pain must have penetrated her subconscious because she moaned audibly. I wondered if I had provoked or altered an erotic dream. I raked my nails down her stomach while thinking to myself, why not give her a good dream. What a shock it would be to wake from a wet dream to a real nightmare. I could see her erect clit now and pinched it hard. She moaned louder. A trickle of fluid escaped her juicing fuck hole. I also realized the situation was giving me wicked ideas for the week ahead. I thought to myself, if only she hadn't been such a bitch. I would have enjoyed seducing her though I had no idea if she was bi at all. It didn't matter now though, because my goal was far different. I would not only have my revenge and my grade change, I would break her of that attitude and have my own little slut.

I rubbed my fingers up her slit, and found it completely soaked with her juices. I raised my hand to savor her scent and taste. She was probably having a slutty dream. I had seen her out alone trolling the bars where she thought that no one she knew would recognize her. Far from the sexy, chic, but somewhat conservative, clothes she wore for her job, she dressed almost whorish. But after watching her accept drinks from several men, and dancing to attract attention and hard-ons, she would go home alone leaving them all with blue balls. I realized then that she was worse than a whore, she was a tease. She got off on the power. It was only a matter of time till someone forcibly changed that behavior. I had enough psych courses and been around the D/s scene long enough to know that subconsciously, that is exactly what she wanted and needed. Well, her time was about up and I would see to it she learned exactly what she was. Just a little slut with three holes to fuck. Nothing more.

I began to slide two fingers into her. I might even give her an orgasm in her sleep, I thought. It would be the last purely pleasant one she would get for a while. When my fingers hit resistance, I was shocked at first but a smile crossed my face (read that as a very evil grin). That explained a lot and probably why her boyfriend dumped her. He was tired of waiting for her to put out. But I was thinking that she was probably just as frustrated with him and that's why she was always a bitch to everyone. It was all becoming clear to me now. I had learned a lot about submissive women when I made friends with the couple that owned a fetish club. The same club I was sitting in right now and where Kelli would spend the whole week. They told me that some women were truly submissive and didn't know it. They teased and pushed men until they finally found one that would see through the façade and take what they wanted. It's a dangerous game. Finding a dominant that would understand her needs would be ideal. The chances of her being brutally raped or worse were more likely. She was probably frustrated with her boyfriend because he was waiting and not bending her over a desk and fucking her brains out. Most men are clueless about these types of women, who are driven to find a master or mistress even when they don't know what they are seeking or why.

I thought to myself that I might, in some perverse way, be doing her a favor. By week's end she would know. In this case she would learn to be a slut for several men and women and perhaps a total slave to me. Mistress Cynthia does have a nice ring to it.

I rolled her clit around with my fingers. Even in her sleep I could tell she was close to orgasm. I brought her to the brink twice but stopped. I decided to put her own hand on her dripping cunt. Maybe she would masturbate in her sleep and cum. Maybe not and she would be left unsatisfied. I didn't care which.

It was time for me to go. As I grabbed her pile of clothes and was about to step through the door I could hear her moans and whimpers. "Slut" I thought to myself and I bolted the door behind me.

As I walked down a long corridor to check out the dungeon, I thought about how doubly lucky I had been. My first break was to overhear her talking to her friend about meeting in Miami to take a Caribbean cruise. My second stroke of luck was when I was in her office pleading about my grade. I saw her ticket on her desk and seeing it was for two weeks, not one. I saw she was going to Miami a week early and I immediately thought I knew the reason. Being that far from home where no one would know her, she would no doubt go to South Beach where she could go wild. Then I remembered her usual game. Drink, tease, and leave a wake of horny, unsatisfied men. As I left her office, I was furious about my grade and barely under my breath I said to myself, "I hope you get raped in Miami". That's when the idea hit me, and I had plenty of time to plan a week for her she would never forget.

I got to Miami ahead of her, taking the Friday night redeye, while she was booked on an early Saturday flight, and staked out her hotel. She was oblivious to everything as she headed for her first night club, so it was easy to follow her unnoticed. It was also easy to send her an anonymous drug laced drink. As soon as I could tell she was out of it, I swooped in, talking to her like a friend so everyone could hear as I half carried her out of the club. Dumping her in the car and then bringing her to this place was a cinch.

Sometimes it does pay to be an athletic woman. I had no trouble carrying her limp form. My family was from the Philippines. We were strong stock and I kept in shape with sports. Academics was a bit more challenging but I did ok, except for this one crucial fucking class that I let slide. If my plan went well though, that would be taken care of and a lot more.

SUNDAY 9 a.m.

I blinked my eyes, awaking from a deep sleep. The sleep had snippets of memory, of discomfort and sexual bliss, of fright and delight. It made no sense.

'Where am I?' was my first thought. I turned my head to the side and looked around the room. I recognized nothing. Spartan. Tiled floor without rugs. Basic furniture, built in cupboards, a toilet area. A single door. One by one, still in a fog, I took inventory of the surroundings.

I tried to stretch, but was unable to fully do so. I heard the rattle of, of metal on metal. Nothing was making sense. When I moved my arm, there was some restriction, and I felt a tug all the way down my leg, to my ankle. My head was quickly clearing, mystified by the messages my brain was getting.

I held up my wrist and a leather bracelet with rings was revealed! A light chain was connected to a ring on the bracelet, and when I raised my wrist higher, I realized the chain was linked to my other wrist restraint, and also to leather ankle cuffs, and to something around my neck! The chain was just long enough for me to finger a metal collar.

And then I realized I was naked! And there were no sheets to cover myself. I was naked, alone, chained, and I had no idea what had happened. I tried to rise from the bed, but the chain arrangement made it difficult. I immediately felt dizzy. I fell back. I needed to pee, so I managed to stagger to the toilet to relieve myself, taking short choppy steps. The chain arrangement made it impossible to walk normally.

Everything was blurry. Someone must have removed my contact lenses.

There was no seat on the toilet, just the porcelain bowl. The rim of the toilet was chilled, and I began to shiver. A feeling of fear washed over me, and my stomach began to churn. The silver chains were so delicate, so light in weight, but they were certainly strong, and my attempts to tug and break them were totally unsuccessful.

There was no toilet paper, so I rose, shuffled unsteadily to the sink, and looked in the mirror. A steel collar locked around my throat. I tried to reach it, to release my chains of bondage, to no avail. I twisted my head, trying to see how it was locked on my neck. In desperation, I tried to use both hands, struggling and fighting my bondage. I jerked and pulled at the chains, fear overwhelming me, frantic, and turning back to the toilet, stumbling, falling to my knees, I stretched out and vomited violently into the bowl.

As I worshipped the porcelain god, I wracked my brain for more snippets of memory. I had flown to Miami for a week of fun in the sun. Right. A week no one knew about. I planned to meet Ashley, a girlfriend from high school, at the end of that week, for a cruise around the Caribbean. Yes, that was correct. I blinked my eyes, staring into the puke-filled bowl. Why oh why did I come a week early? Just to indulge my fantasies? How long have I been asleep? Has a week already passed? No one knows I am here. No one.

My attempt to piece together this puzzle was interrupted. "I see you are awake, slave. Stay on your knees and move away from the toilet." The voice reverberated from the walls, apparently coming from a small speaker somewhere in the corner. I turned from my kneeling position and tried to make out the source of the sound, but my vision was not good without my contacts. Male. No one I recognized.

"Who are you and why am I here?" I responded with an air of confidence that I certainly did not feel.

"One more time and then you will be punished for disobedience. Crawl, slave, and move away from the toilet."

"No, I..." The pain that throttled my neck was worse than anything I had ever felt. The collar sent a spear of electrical current that threw me to the floor, writhing, thrashing in my chains. It only lasted for a second or two, but it was enough for me to know that I had to obey. I lay stunned.

"You were warned, slave. Crawl to the center of the room."

I managed to get on all fours, and shuffled to the center of the room.

"Face away from the door and go to a kneeling position, back straight, knees spread. When I enter the room, if you attempt to turn and see my face, if you say one word, I will double your punishment."

I maneuvered away from the door, and obeyed his command to kneel smartly. What choice did I have?

I heard the lock click and the door open, and heavy footsteps approached. I began to tremble, unable to control the fear and shock. My lower lip quivered and my eyes started to tear. I was a girl who was always in control, controlled my environment and my attitude, but for the first time, I was at the mercy of some force that I could not defeat. At least, not yet. I took a deep breath, sucked in the snot that started to drip from my nose, and decided that I would obey for the moment, but be alert for any chance to defeat my foe.

"I am going to put a blindfold over your eyes, so you cannot see me. Don't move, don't speak."

I felt the elastic bands as the blindfold shut out all light. The temptation to fight back was overwhelming. I tried to remain calm in the darkness of the blindfold, silenced by the shock collar.

"Spread your knees wider apart, as far apart as the chains will allow, slave." I obeyed, feeling more vulnerable. "Back straighter. Thrust out your pitiful breasts. Lower your gaze. You may not look up without permission."

'Pitiful breasts!' I thought. So not true!

"This is the position you will take when you hear the word 'nadu'."

'Nadu?' What kind of word was that?

"Do not forget this slave," and suddenly my world went black, as the collar sparked to life, knocking me unconscious.

Chapter 2 (added: 2013/06/29)

Karl and Lena, the couple that owned this place, were deep into the BDSM lifestyle. Their club was by invitation only and catered to a very select clientele. That meant, only people they completely trusted, which was necessary for special projects like this one where the "entertainment" was less than willing. They were also what you might call extreme role players, highly influenced by a series of science fiction books which espoused the philosophy of complete male dominance over women.

When she woke up this time we were all there. Karl was attired in his finest Master's apparel. Lots of black leather. When he wanted, he could really look the part. Lena and I both had steel collars locked on our necks, matching Kelli. All part of the plan. We were both dressed the part of a highly ranked slave. Dressed is the point, in comparison to Kelli. Since she had never seen me with boots, crotchless hotpants, bikini bra, and collar, I was confident she would not recognize one more masked antagonist. Besides, the way she was squinting, I doubt she could have read the top line on an eye chart.

Karl spoke in a tone that commanded attention. "Nadu." She remembered the position but she was slow to respond. "Faster next time or face the pain. Do you want that?" She shook her head no. The collar had made her a believer. She was very afraid of it now.

"Let me tell you a few things about your situation and why you are here now. Later I will give you a chance to ask questions but until then you do not have permission to speak. Do you understand?" She nodded, then again lowered her head.

"First, I am going to remove your mask." She may have experienced a brief burst of excitement thinking that at last she would see her tormenter. Her hopes would be short lived though because now there were three of us and we were all masked. The masks were minimal, but with her blurred vision they would suffice. Before her eyes even adjusted to the light, I had taken a picture of her with her own cell phone camera. Since it was silent and I was far enough away I doubt if she even noticed. Even if she did catch on, her vision was bad enough to not realize it was her own phone till the time was right.

Karl spoke again. "The reason you are here is that we have learned you are a cock tease. That transgression against men itself deserves punishment. We suspect you are a virgin as well." I could tell she wanted to protest, as she slightly shook her head back and forth

He looked at Lena and said, "Check her." Before Kelli could react, even if she wanted to, Lena grasped her hair and jerked her head backward with one hand to show control and with the other reached between her legs and inserted two fingers. Kelli offered only a slight protest, knowing the power of the collar. Lena smiled as she looked up at Karl. "You were right. She is a virgin, but she is more."

Lena straightened and turned to him running her glistening fingers across his lips. Kelli's mouth was agape as her juices were licked away with a smacking sound by her tormentor. I could see a tear run down the face of the soon-to-be, willing slave.

"What this means little slut is that we know what you are better than your know yourself. The way you treat men is all part of a sham. The fact that you are still a virgin just proves that you have not yet found the man, the Master, that will see through your games and rip away your façade along with your clothes and your precious cherry, which by the way will soon be shredded. And you will beg for this to happen." Again she moved her head left and right in disbelief, offering the only protest she could.

"Now, slave, the sooner you understand and admit to yourself what you really are, the easier your time with us will be. Also important is how fast you can learn to please men, your Masters, or please women at your Master's bidding. Do you understand?"

She first shook her head yes, then no, then burst into tears.

Karl said to her. "I can see you are confused. I will let you ask a few questions." Her voice faltered at first, then she asked, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"That, I thought, I had made clear. To prove to you that you are nothing but a total slave who only wants to serve, and is only good for, serving men in whatever way they desire. Your mind may scream, 'NO', but the proof is right there between your legs and that widening puddle beneath your juicing cunt."

She could not deny that. Her body was betraying her. I could almost see her mind trying to come up with more questions. "What are you going to do to me? How long will I be here?" she stammered.

"Actually, that is at least partially up to you. You might be trained to be a proper slave. You would receive attitude adjustment if or when necessary. Punishment as you already know can be quick and severe. That is one option. As to how long you are here, that depends on several factors that you will learn shortly. Learning to please, serve and obey will make your life better."

Karl grabbed Lena by the ring on her collar and pulled her roughly to him. "This slave was once much like you and when she was asked if she wanted to leave, she begged to stay. Isn't that right slut?" he said to Lena. She melted into him like a second skin and practically purred the words, "Yes, Master."

"No more questions for now. I will set the collar to emit a partial charge as a reminder that you do not have permission to speak. It will automatically increase intensity with each failure to comply."

"We have guests arriving shortly, but first I need to do an assessment of your basic skills. First question is, have you ever sucked a cock before?" I could see her face redden as she shook her head yes.

"Have you had a man cum in your mouth?" Redder still as she shook her head no.

"Why am I not surprised? You will probably need a lot of training and practice. Have you ever given another woman an orgasm with your mouth, tongue, lips, or even your fingers?" Again she indicated that she had not. Karl sighed. "Have you ever even kissed another woman?" Another no. "Then it's time for your training to begin."

Karl nodded to me this time and said, "Remove the sirik for now. I want her to have free use of her hands." In reality his reason was that he didn't want it to show for these pictures.

I removed the silver chain from her ankle and wrist cuffs and from her collar. Then I released her wrists and ankles from the cuffs. I pushed her head all the way to the floor. Karl barked and ordered, "Reach back and spread your ass. We are going to give you some inspiration." She hesitated a split second too long for him and he commanded, "NOW SLUT!" She knew what would happen next and moved quickly to comply.

"Ass higher. Good. Now lift your head so I can see your face and smile, smile like this is your first trip to the ice cream parlor. Fine. Wider smile, yes, the joys of slavery."


This was probably the most humiliating of all positions. I made sure I got a good picture. A few in fact to make sure I got every angle. When her smile waned, Karl reminded her harshly.

We rewrapped her ankles and wrists with the leather cuffs.

Lena handed me a silver vibrator type butt plug. I could see it was slightly lubricated. She clenched when she felt it against her tightest hole, but I clicked it on and pushed. Slowly but surely it finally popped in where it would stay and play with her sensitive nerve endings. A whole new experience for her I was sure. I pulled her by the hair back up to the kneeling position as Karl walked up to her.

"Take out my cock and hold it in your hands while I tell you a few rules and remember the pain from the collar." She brought his cock into view. It was impressive. The slut just stared at it with a look I could not interpret.

"First, when you are in this position and a man lifts your chin either by hand or command, you will immediately tilt your head back and open your mouth, offering it for his use. If he tells you to suck, you give him as much pleasure as you know how. If he grabs your hair and just wants to fuck your throat, you will let him. Breathing may be difficult at times but you will soon learn the art. Very important rules to avoid severe punishment are as follows. Never turn your face away to try to avoid his cock. If he cums in your mouth, you will swallow greedily, unless he orders you to hold it in your mouth. Spitting it out would be an insult and a grave error. If he pulls out of your mouth and cums on your face, keep your mouth open still. Do you understand?"

Without taking her gaze from Karl's cock which had been steadily growing in her hand while he spoke, she nodded yes. "Now show me what you can do".

For about five minutes I watched her bob her head up and down making no use of her hands other than to hold his cock in position. I thought to myself. "Teach, I might give you a D for effort but an F for technique". Karl looked bored. Finally he grabbed a fist full of her hair and slammed his cock down her throat full length. No doubt she could not breathe but she had to swallow or drown when Karl unloaded. She collapsed on the floor as he pulled away, re-sheathing his meaty sword. Lena was laughing, calling the used girl a pathetic and worthless bitch. I was smiling because I captured it all on video.

At that moment Karl's phone rang and he spoke briefly. "You need a lot of practice and the timing is perfect. Remember your rules slave." As he went toward the door, he turned and said, "All of you, follow me. First Slave, lead the newbie on leash".

Lena clipped a leash to her collar, calmly reminded her to stay on all fours, and then sharply, "Do NOT lose your ass plug, you fucking little cunt," as she led her through the door.

We entered a room that looked like it could entertain dignitaries, in sharp contrast to the room in which I had awakened. There were plush, purple chairs, lovely wooden desks and tables, and I was being led in on a leash. There were at least three other men in the room, watching our procession. They were all masked. I was the only one without a mask, the only one that could be identified.

"Nadu," he commanded. He. The man in leather. The leader it seemed.

I reacted quickly, and was surprised when the other two females also assumed the position in the middle of the floor.

He commanded, "Second Slave, you know your task." She jumped up and moved out of sight. "First Slave, prepare the new slave, known as Kelli in her previous life. These fine gentlemen wish to examine the merchandise."

"Yes, Master."

She rose and tugged on my leash. I was trying to put this all together. The words were strange to me; I was simply obeying, not active in making any decision. I had to obey. 'Previous life.' 'Examine the merchandise.' These must refer to me!

"Up, slave!" she who led me commanded. "Hands to your side. Make no attempt to cover your assets." I rose, hoping I had understood her correctly, and she led me directly past three men sitting in the chairs, and over to an alcove to the side of the room. I tried to check out the men from the corner of my eyes. I was paraded naked and leashed only a few feet from their chairs. I noticed their shoes.

When we arrived at the alcove, she unhooked the leash. For a brief moment, I considered making a run for it. The chains connecting the bondage rings had been removed. I was in good shape. This might be my only chance.

And instantly decided that was senseless. How could I get past everyone? I had no idea where I was. I was naked, and that damn collar could be activated in a moment. "Raise your hands above your head, slave." I obeyed. I was hating that word, 'slave.' I was no one's slave. I was a UCLA grad student, who made a mistake.

I heard clicks and, looking up, realized that my wrists had been clipped to chains that had been lowered from the wooden rafters. "Spread your legs. Wider," she said sharply, and my ankles were clipped to rings that had been lifted from recessed positions in the floor. I made some groaning noises, which caused the collar to send a vibrating, not entirely pleasant, reminder through my neck.

The chains attached to my wrists began to rise, higher and higher. I looked frantically, left and right. My lips made the word, NO, and again I tried to protest without earning a shock. I made a gurgling sound that made First Slave laugh, unpleasantly. Soon I was standing on my toes, stretched tight.

From behind, "Open your mouth." It was the voice of Second Slave, and one look at First Slave before me told me to obey. When I did, a metal contraption, which I later learned was called a spider gag, was inserted and my jaws were painfully spread. I gave a guttural sound, and again the collar reminded me to be still. Each time the shock was a little more powerful. It was a smart collar, increasing in strength every time I made a sound.

"Gentlemen, please." He stood just to the side of my taut body. I could twist my head slightly, but could only slightly wriggle other parts of my stressed body.

I heard the men rise from the chairs and they moved before me. I stared and hoped one would have compassion, but I could see nothing in their masked faces.

Their stark contrast to each other was remarkable. A medium height, but stocky Hispanic, a rather tall and slimmer Arab in a kaftan, and a huge black man, probably African rather than American, judging by his clothes of many colors.

FLASH. A camera flash went off and to the side, I saw Second Slave take a picture of me. 'No,' I shook my head! I did not want anyone to ever see this.


"May I," offered the Hispanic with a thick accent, breaking the spell of the camera flashes.

"Of course," he who ruled the room responded.

My eyes darted back and forth, as the Hispanic entered my personal space. He captured my gaze; I could not break his stare. And then suddenly I screeched, "noooooooooooo," through my gag, immediately triggering the collar to respond, a silent scream of anguish rushing past my gagged mouth. He had grasped my crotch, gripping it tightly in his fist, a smile on his lips, his nostrils flaring. "Muy bueno," he smiled, with tobacco stained teeth. He sunk his fingers into my pussy!

He held his dripping fingers before my face. "Stick out your tongue, slave," he demanded. I just stared. "Stick out your tongue or I will reach in and rip it out," he hissed. I obeyed and he wiped his fingers with my juices on my tongue, lips, and the metal of the gag. I just hung there, tongue extending from my mouth, humiliated, looking like a mindless fool. He laughed unpleasantly.

He ran his hands down my flank. He reached to my face, brushing my hair to the side. "Her ears are not pierced," he observed. "Hnghh," he was not pleased.

He let my hair go, and stepped back. "Just typical slave meat," he commented, as he stepped to the side. The Arab approached.

"I think you underestimate, my friend. Hardly typical." He smiled pleasantly at me, not yet in my personal space. As quietly as possible, I intoned, "eeeezeee," begging for mercy. He would show me none. He reached out with both hands, pinched both nipples harshly, and pulled them away from my body. It caused my back to sway in the bondage, and I earned another higher-level shock from the collar when I cried in pain. He twisted my poor nipples. He would not show mercy. I was as helpless as a rag doll in his hands.

"Nice curves," he said, "but these nipples need a lot of work. If I win her, I will stretch these little nubbins immediately. As an infidel, she will get what she deserves."

'Win her?' What?!

He stepped back, no longer smiling, just a glare of power. I was being inspected, intimately, like an animal. Naked, defenseless. Horrified.

Many times I saw the FLASH of the camera, as she documented my humiliation.

In moments, the huge black man entered my field of vision. The Hispanic repulsed me, the Arab at first entranced me. The black man frightened me. He was huge, like a football player. He had an unpleasant smile, showing a lot of gums. He spoke, not like a black American, but as I suspected, an African.

"This slave would make a nice addition to my slave ring. My wives are always complaining that there are not enough whites and yellows to do all the work around the village."

Wives? Village! Slave ring! Please noooooooooooooo.

"Juan, hot cunt, right?"

"Si," replied the swarthy Hispanic.

"We can see her mouth hole is adequate, though whether she could take my pistol is another matter. Let's see about the third hole." He walked behind me and the next thing I felt was his meaty hand tugging on the butt plug. When he pulled it out, he laughed loudly. "What is this little toy?" he roared. "Surely you have something more challenging for this tight assed slave. If I win her, we carve plugs of wood, strap them in with leather leashes, and keep the slave plugged until she can take a real man."

"Of course, Sir, we have a variety of sizes," spoke he who seemed to rule this house.

"First Slave, bring our favored guest several sizes from which to choose."

I was losing it. I was helpless, in deep despair. Thoughts of home and friends and school and even of escape were far away. I was indeed, slave meat, and they could do what they wished with me.

"Master, will any of these do?"

"Yes, yes," I heard from behind. "Much better. Here, this one."

I heard rattling on the tray, then silence, then the sound of a tube of gel making a squirting noise. I prepared myself, as best I could. "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," no longer caring about my collar, my rectum reamed by what seemed like a baseball bat. I threw back my head, and collapsed in my chains, the flash of the camera the last thing I noticed.

Chapter 3 (added: 2013/08/05)

Everyone was laughing at the slut looking like a Christmas tree ornament dangling from her hands and on her tiptoes. With her mouth held wide by the gag, she was drooling. So undignified for a prim and proper grad student, not to mention the huge ass plug stretching her for further use when she was ready. Tears were streaming down her face and I wondered if the humiliation or the pain was worse for her.

The Hispanic spoke to Karl first. "What else will you permit before the bidding? I think a small sample is only fair." Karl seemed pensive only for a moment. Probably just for affect.

"Fair enough. Her cunt is off-limits until after the bids, and I also think we will leave in her plug to continue stretching. As for her mouth, she really does need to improve her technique in giving proper service to her new Master, so it would be good practice. "

"Second Slave, release her from her chains and remove the gag. She must learn better how to use that mouth.

I did as Karl "commanded" me and he told her to crawl back to her position. Her ass plug I am sure made the short distance very painful.

On agreement from Karl, the Hispanic walked up to her first, pulling out his cock as he approached.

As she had been told before, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth in offering. He laughed and said with a heavy accent, "Suck my cock you little whore." Everyone laughed loudly. Like his stature, his cock was medium length but thick. She had trouble getting her mouth around it. Like Karl, he also soon tired of her weak efforts and began thrusting into her mouth. He pulled out to cum and she remembered, head back, mouth open. His cum coated her face and hair, and some went into her mouth. She knew she had to swallow, though I could see she didn't like it. Everyone clapped. Not for her performance but for the man.

The Arab was next. Same routine and like his build, his cock was longer and thinner than the Hispanic. He could fuck her throat and she could still breathe, though barely. He also pulled out and sprayed her face and mouth. Again she swallowed as she had to. More applause as well.

Next the black man followed the pattern. A huge man with a huge cock. I wonder how many women he had made bleed with that. He didn't waste much time with her mouth and she gagged as he tried to shove it down her throat. Karl spoke as he saw she would soon suffocate long before the African was done. "Just fuck her tits for now".

As the black pushed her shoulders back nearly to the floor, he straddled her, laying his cock between her tits. Karl commanded again. "Use your hands slut. Push your tits together around his cock." I could see the tears of shame as she obediently pushed her tits tight around his pistoning cock. He slid it frantically between them while sometimes even penetrating her mouth on the up stroke.

Karl said to her, "Smile bitch, at least show him how much you love his cock and that you are grateful he didn't suffocate you." She did her best to smile as he ravaged her tits while twisting and pulling her nipples which had to cause her a lot of pain.

FLASH. I was getting quite a collection on her cell.

It wasn't long till he blasted stream after stream of thick white fluid over her tits and face. She was covered and I had just gotten another great video.

As the man backed away, Karl commanded her again. "Close your mouth now and open your eyes and look forward." When she did I was right in front of her with the camera. This time I was close enough that she recognized her own cell phone. A look of sheer terror filled her eyes as her life probably flashed before her. Her contact list, parents, the dean, her prof, all her friends were in it and only a click away.

Karl walked up to her and said, "Filthy whore, you look disgusting. " I showed her the picture I had just taken. "We may need to give you one of our special showers later. In the meantime, while I talk to these men, I want you to wipe every bit of cum from your face and body and lick it from your fingers. Enjoy it. It will be the only thing you get to eat today." She was stunned, but obeyed, and I got another video while Karl had his talk. This time she knew I was catching everything on her camera.

The men retreated to the other side of the room, and huddled as though in conference. There was considerable discussion, sounding more like a debate, but all in a hushed volume. All part of the show.

Meanwhile, the slut obeyed and preened like a feline, a cat covered in tomcat cum. Her eyes darted around the room, as she tried to pick up snippets of the discussion. Karl was back shortly, and the climax of the performance was about to occur.

"Slut, I am reactivating your collar to full power. You have been warned. Follow on all fours, slave. Your future is about to be decided.

She looked up briefly, but knew there was nothing to do but obey. She went to her hands and knees, and followed Karl. Lena and I followed behind, taking a moment to flash a huge smile to each other.

The three men had taken their original seats and Kelli was put in a nadu position in front of them. Lena and I were ordered to nadu also, to the side of the room.

"By mutual agreement, the disposition of the slave known as Kelli will be by hidden bid. There will be no counter bids allowed. As owner of the slave, I will decide if the bid is acceptable. If so, the highest bid will be allowed to take the slave immediately, once transfer of funds is guaranteed. If I am not satisfied with the highest bid, then the slave will remain with me for further training and a future auction. Any questions?"

Her eyes were wild with fright and shock. Only her strong will kept her from yelling aloud and shocking herself into unconsciousness. As far as she knew, this could easily be her last night in America.

He who controlled my future and my life, walked to a desk, picked up some pens and cards, like 3 by 5 cards, and gave one of each to the men. "As part of the slave's learning process, each of you will comment about the slave as you hand me your folded bid. By previous agreement, Master Ahmed will go first. Slave, lift your head and direct your gaze to each man's crotch as he speaks."

I heard, as though down a long tunnel, not making full connections. My neck buzzed and I reacted, staring into the crotch of the Arab, his robes parted for a better view. "Lick your lips, slave. Your future Master may be addressing you." I obeyed.

The Arab began to speak. "She is not without potential, but her lack of training is a detriment. I am not used to untrained slaves, and it will cost me extra money to send her for additional schooling in the arts. Like all Asian sluts, her breasts lack the fullness I most appreciate. She is unmarked, that is a plus, because it would be my pleasure to pierce, tat, and brand her as my slave. Here is my bid."

He who was in charge took the folded paper. "Slave, direct your gaze to the crotch on the left. Lick your lips. Master Juan, whenever you are ready."

His pants were tented with the bulge of his cock. It was apparent even without my contacts.

"I agree, not without potential. My limited experience with Asian whores in the brothels of Bogotá tells me her pussy will remain tight far longer than the pussies of putas of other nationalities. After I tire of her, I will get my money's worth by selling her out to one of these high end establishments. As for her untrained state, yes, that is an issue. On the other hand, I agree, her flawless skin, not a piercing, not a tattoo, and her tight holes are a plus. Here is my bid."

He, the man in leather, took the card. "Slave, to your far right, the crotch of Master Sadan is your focus." As I turned, I was already licking my lips. I was so humiliated, and so horrified that I was making a contribution to this mockery of the 21st century.

His deep voice intoned, sending shivers through my body. Please, no, please not him. "I am less concerned about her lack of training. A few days with my African wives and she would be no more than three holes aching to be used. I am more concerned about the typical Asian docility. She seems to have no fight. Instead of a tiger, she is a, uh, pussy cat." The others laughed around the room. He was so wrong; I was a fighter. Just take off this damned collar and watch me.

"Here is my bid," and handed the card to the man, who immediately began to unfold it. Everyone watched, including me, hoping that I no longer had to stare at the crotch of the African. My lips were parched; the anticipation was horrible.

"To keep the proceedings on the up and up, I have also placed on a card the minimum bid that I will accept. I believe I can train her into an exquisite Gorean slave. I am not sure I want to take the time, but the minimum I will accept for this slut is," and he lifted a folded card from the table, opened it, and showed it to the men. "$45,000."

The men were silent, but I heard a gasp from the side, where First and Second Slaves were still kneeling. It must mean that the man had placed his bid higher than expected. I was still trembling with fear inside, but the thought of being worth no more than a mid-class BMW, was both humiliating and deeply embarrassing.

He shuffled the cards and opened them one by one. "$35,000." The next, "$40,000." The last. The silence was stifling. My life was written in numbers on that card. "$35,000." I let out an audible sigh of relief. I know, it is absurd, relief that I would be trained as a Gorean slave, whatever that meant. But as long as I remained in this country, there was a chance to escape.

"Perhaps I overvalued this slut," he said, my heart suddenly beating like a war drum. After all, what is the difference between 45 and 40. Pocket change." Nooooooooo, please no!

"Master Sadan, your bid of 40,000 appears to be most generous." All eyes, mine included, were on the man in leather. "I think I will do something unprecedented in dealing with worthless slaves. Since I consider it a toss-up, we will let the slut decide. She has two options for her immediate future. Master Sadan or me. The way she licked her lips at the sight of his crotch and the way she enjoyed her tit fucking, I may not have a chance." The men snickered.

"Slut, I have turned off the current to your collar. You may address the gathering and make your wishes enthusiastically clear. A chance to go abroad and be trained on the African continent, or to be trained here as a Gorean slavegirl. If you choose the latter, I expect several immediate responses. I want the passwords to your email and to your ATM account. I want it made completely clear that you are making this decision of your own accord, without coercion. Second Slave, video record this."

I was churning inside with fear. How could this be happening? Two days ago, I was a free, secure, and relatively happy UCLA grad student, preparing for a two week vacation of fun in the sun. Now I am given a choice of slavery or slavery.

I saw no choice. If I wanted to retain any hope of escape, I had to convince my captors that I would willingly train to be their slave here. At least I would be in America. If I were sold to the African, I would never be found, never escape. I would die in chains far from home and my family and friends would never know what happened.

This was the easiest decision of my life. But then what? If I played the compliant, easily controlled slave, I was sure they would let down their guard at some point. I had to be prepared for that moment. I might get only one chance. Yes, I suddenly felt back in control. I could make this work. It would take time. My family and friends would not be worried for at least one week. It was not until Friday that Ashley would sound an alarm if I was not to be found at the hotel. Who knows when, before any action would be taken.

The Miami police would surely scout the night clubs near the hotel. That is where I must have been drugged. Did these drags have security cameras? Did the security loop last for longer than a week? Would they find me on the tape? Would they be able to follow any leads and intensify their search? I had to buy time. I had to endure at least a week of hell for a lifetime of freedom. I would agree.

"Speak, slave," he commanded.

I lifted my gaze to him, looking not into his eyes, but his crotch. What a sham this was. How could I choose anything otherwise? "Yes, I will obey you." There, said it, but they were words without conviction, words meant to buy time.

"Unacceptable, slave! I want you to look directly into the camera and declare in complete sentences that you willingly desire to be our slave, that this has been a fantasy of yours for many years, and you have decided to live out this fantasy. I want both passwords."

This video would never stand up in court. Do they think I am an idiot? Fine. "I willingly submit to live out my fantasy and to be trained as your slave. Master." There, give him a little boost to his puny ego. "My email password is bruingyrl. My ATM password is the same."

"Can't you see it, Master?" the woman spoke from behind the camera. "She thinks this is all a game, and that we are fools. She's not worth it, I tell you, just an average piece of slave meat. We can get $40,000 from Master Sadan. Let's take it and move on."

My mouth fell open, my heart began to race. Slave meat. Sadan. $40,000. No! "No, please, I mean it, really, please, I beg you to help me fulfill my fantasy, to be your slave, please don't sell me to anyone!" I begged, my voice nearly screeching.

"We shall see, slave. We shall see. First Slave, take her to the mod room. From grad school to slave school, eh slave Kelli?"

Chapter 4 (added: 2013/09/01)

It was pathetic as well as laughable to see our victim beg to be kept and pledging her obedience and service. What a crock. People will say anything in a moment of desperation. Self preservation is instinct. Whether or not she would actually come to believe and admit to herself that she truly was just a slut and slave during her week was anyone's guess at this point.

We led our trainee by the leash to another room. Over the door were just two words. 'Mod Room.' In the center of the room was what appeared to be a large wooden block. On it were clamps in various places. At Karl's command, the slut rose to her feet and he placed her on the block. The size of it was just long enough for her ass to be at the edge of one end and for her head to dangle over the other. I saw that under her head was a metal plate on hinges that could be positioned to raise her head. She struggled with the huge plug in her ass, but Karl said nothing about it, and I certainly was not going to say anything.

First he clamped her arms to the block along the sides of her body. The clamps were shiny steel and obviously very strong. Next her hair was clamped so her head was nearly upside down over the end of the block. She offered some resistance at this point, but a sharp word from Karl silenced the slave.

Last, each leg was raised high and wide and clamped just above the knee. She was completely helpless and nearly immobile. A beautiful picture to be sure, with her smooth cunt open and on display, and of course I took plenty of pictures. She cringed each time she saw the flash. Karl had deactivated her shock collar, and allowed some erotic moaning, but warned her against being too vocal.

Once she was prepared, Karl spoke. "This morning, we learned a few things. First, of course, you need much practice at using your mouth hole to please your Master. Fortunately, we have a couple parties planned where you will be providing service and entertainment. I am sure your skills will improve there. We also learned from our foreign guests that each was disappointed about something different about you. Your ears are not pierced. Nearly every woman in America has at least one piercing in each ear, but they are a true sign of a lowly slave in other places around the world and universe, for that matter. Your nipples were not stretched, which is also important to some Masters. And your ass was not ready for use by that big black cock. Those three things we can address today or at least begin. We also learned, by your own admission, that you have never had sexual interaction with a woman, which is also somewhat odd in this day and age, though not unheard of. So, let's have a little fun, shall we?"

I could not even imagine what she was thinking right then. I wondered which was worse for her, the assaults on her body or the ones on her mind, which would be far more devastating in the long run.

"Please, no," she whispered. "Please just let me go. I won't tell anyone."

"Not 30 minutes ago, you said you would do anything to avoid being taken away by Master Sadan. Have you changed your mind, slave?" Karl asked.

She whimpered, "No."

"Slave, let's get something straight now. I am your Master, and you will address me as such. These two slaves of mine are your mistresses, and you shall address them appropriately. You are a slave, three holes in need of training, no more. Is that clear?"

"Yes," she sniffled, and I could see it coming. Karl sizzled her ass with a leather tawse he kept on the counter. She screamed aloud in pain.

"Are you stupid or what, slave? I told you how to address me correctly. Let's try again. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master," she coughed, clearing her nose and throat of snot and phlegm.

Karl opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a set of nipple clamps. As he squeezed them, I could tell they were strong and had small teeth to grip the nipple. There were rings at the other ends where weights could be attached. Those would come later. She stifled a scream as he applied them. I was sure that this was yet another type of pain she had never before experienced.

Karl motioned Lena and me into position. Lena was at the slut's head and I was between her legs. Her mouth, though inverted, was right at the level of Lena's crotch, and her pussy was spread right in front of me. "Now" Karl said, "You have one goal slave. No matter what else is happening, use your tongue on Lena and make her cum. If you do you will be rewarded. If you do not, then you will be punished. Obey her commands, all of them. If she tells you to use your tongue faster or slower, you will. I suggest you be enthusiastic."

Spreading her legs in her crotchless hotpants, Lena pushed her hairless cunt against the untrained mouth, I snapped another picture for the family album. "Lick it bitch," yelled Lena. She had no patience.

Karl motioned me to give inspiration at the other end. If she was smart, she would take cues from what I was doing to her own clit. Then again maybe I was just distracting her. She was dripping though. She was so damn wet and delicious. She was about to get another distraction, but this time from Karl. While Lena was bellowing out orders and riding the dangling face in front of her, I was ravaging the drenched pussy, that was open and inviting, with my lips and tongue. Then Karl got into the action. He simply began to cruelly twist her nipples, already in pain from the toothy clamps.

This triple attack was perfectly orchestrated to mess with her head, especially when she played it all back in her mind later. Having a woman at her mouth and another between her legs for the first time was one thing. Juicing profusely and building to orgasm was another. Then there was the terrible pain in her nipples. How could her body possibly acknowledge pleasure much less have a monster orgasm in spite of all this, or even worse, because of it, unless, she really was a slut and nothing more than slave meat. I pictured all this running through her mind until it was reeling with the implications. All that would come later, of course, when she had time to think.

But right now, I wanted to force her into a massive cum, but the timing had to be just right. Pain and pleasure had to be indistinguishable. I guessed the time partly by the slut's asshole and cunt beginning to spasm. Then I heard Lena say to her, "Open your mouth wider, bitch" as she reached between her own legs and furiously rubbed her clit. That was the signal for both Karl and I. We knew Lena was a squirter and was about to fill the unsuspecting mouth with girl cum. Karl viciously twisted the clamped nipples, as I sucked hard on the swollen clit in front of me. She and Lena both exploded almost simultaneously. To my surprise, this cunt also sprayed my face. Mmmmmm, Delicious. That was my reward, just as the copious fluid from Lena had been the slut's reward that Karl had told her about. I had to laugh at that.

As the other two girls were still shaking from their orgasms, I waited for Karl to speak. I was pretty fucking horny by this time, but I knew I would get my chance. Karl first raised up the slut's head level and locked the support into place. The clamp where her hair was attached was part of it so her head was still secure.

Then Karl finally spoke, "I will address the piercing issue right now or rather start the process." He went back to the drawer and brought back a large needle and a handful of gold rings of different sizes. He handed the rings to Lena but held the needle where the helpless girl could see it. "It's surprising that you have no tattoos or piercings at all. Sluts like you usually use them for subliminal advertising to men, to tell them what they are or show them that they want fucked, hard and often. Hoop earrings just represent a hole. That idea gets to a man's subconscious. Tattoos are frequently pretty little works of art in strategic places where they will draw attention. Over the ass, or above the pussy just high enough to show above a bikini. Sometimes on the tits as well. But the fact that you have none must mean that you simply are not willing to admit what you are. A female. A slave. Which you will learn is one and the same. Then again, you could be terrified of needles as well."

The terror in her eyes as she watched Karl toy with the needle in his hands was all the proof he needed. "I am sure in the next few days you will have enough new holes and artwork that you will be used to it, and have a beautifully adorned body that will make you an even more valuable slave." Her tears were streaming again. Her lips were syncing, 'no. no.' Then she became louder, "No, please," she wailed.

"Second Slave, if you have had the fill of her juices, gag the slut. Sluts are made to be fucked, not heard." He handed me a dental gag, a truly evil and painful device. I showed it to her, as I spread the metal hinges. Her eyes were wide with fear and dread. Perfect.

"Much better. Let's get back to work," Karl announced.

Karl wiped the needle with alcohol then took a small block of some material that looked like rubber and placed it behind her earlobe. As he pushed the needle through, I could faintly hear the crunch of cartilage from where I stood. I am sure that sound in her ear would terrify her forever. She screamed into the gag. Her muted pleas were like music to our ears. Her 'high and mightiness' was being brought down another peg.

My own ears had been pierced with a surgical hole punch. Quick, easy and less painful, but that was not the desired affect here. Karl took a large hoop and put it in the hole as he removed the needle, then turned it and squeezed more alcohol on to the fresh wound. 'Ouch', I thought to myself. It is a good thing I did not completely fill her mouth with used panties. She was breathing so raggedly, that she would no doubt hyperventilate if her primary air passage was blocked.

He moved to her other side and repeated the process exactly with the other ear. Kelli's eyes followed the needle, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop it. Once the second ear was pierced, she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking it was over. Not even close.

Karl continued the process on the second ear with four more holes and four more rings going up from the first. Kelli screamed into her gag for the first two of the four, then just lay there moaning, resigned to her new jewelry.

Each of the four rings was slightly smaller than the last. Each time the crunch was louder. More alcohol. More pain. Karl stepped back to look at his work. There was only the one large loop in the one ear and five in the other. "I like the asymmetrical look. Perhaps like a gypsy or a goth. Definitely a good look for the new you, slave." Kelli continued to whimper, her eyes barely blinking, shocked beyond belief. I actually thought they looked quite fashionable, hardly worth having a breakdown.

Lena spoke up. "Beautiful work Master, but we do have more gold rings." If looks could truly kill, I am sure Lena would have been reduced to a cinder by the slave at that remark. Kelli's nostrils flared with anger and hatred.

Karl thought a second before speaking. "Well, the clamps are on her nipples for a purpose so those can wait. She will be back in this room more than once, but I will give her one more ring that can be useful as well as ornamental." He wiped the needle one more time where she could see, then walked out of her field of view. He kept talking to her though; then she could see him again between her legs. "With one small ring in the right place, the smallest of chains can be locked and hold a captive in place for fear of damaging something important.

Whether she understood that immediately or not, she was probably distracted by Karl's fingers, squeezing her clit and rubbing it with his thumb. As it swelled at his touch, he laughed. "Once again we see the proof what a slut you are. Getting aroused again? Wanting the fuck that I have denied you so far?"

She did not respond, so he pinched her clit, causing her to yelp. "I said, do you want the fuck I have denied you so far?"

"ngggggggggg,' she tried to scream, slightly moving her head left to right.

Perhaps she thought this was the moment her cherry would be picked, but Karl had other plans. Kelli continued to move her head as much as possible, emphasizing her horror at what seemed to be happening.

"Too bad. Soon you will beg me to take your virginity. Very soon."

As her engorged clit extended prominently from its hood, Karl squeezed underneath it and quickly pierced it with the sharp needle. Lena was waiting with the gold ring and the alcohol. It was over in seconds. One yelp, and Kelli passed out from the pain.

Karl removed the hideous dental gag and said to us, "I want her ass and nipples stretched. It doesn't matter how you do it. Might as well leave in that ass plug overnight and we'll replace it with a larger one tomorrow. Do whatever you want with her except don't break her cherry and no permanent marks. Chain her as you wish, but don't leave her gagged overnight. Too dangerous."

We agreed and he left her to us. We removed her from the remaining restraints and decided against the sirik at this point. Of course, we left on her leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

When she awoke, we made her stand. She was wobbly at first. I stood behind her, pulling her head slightly back by her hair. I was bigger and stronger than she was, so controlling her was easy. She moaned a bit, but that was to be expected.

Lena finally spoke to her venomously. "Now cunt, we have been given instructions on what to do with you, but how we do it, is our choice."

First Lena took what looked to be lead fishing weights from a box. Each one had a clip at the top. These attached and secured nicely to the nipple clamps. First one, then the other. You could see the pain on her face as the weights pulled on their metal teeth. Lena was not satisfied though. She added another and bigger weight to each. This time the slave couldn't help but rebel, twisting and turning, screaming, "Fuck, fuck, please stop!".

I yanked her hair as Lena yelled at her. "Shut the fuck up, bitch. I don't care if you scream. I kind of like to hear it, but no talking. If you disobey me I might convince Master to give you your second taste of his slave whip. Now, as much as I would love to tear up that juicy cunt of yours, it is off limits for now, but," she continued, "Master does want your tight asshole stretched as well as your nipples."

"Second Slave, on your back and spread. This little whore needs more muff diving practice."

I ripped off my clothes, as I grabbed a mat rolled up in the corner, laid down on it and raised my knees and spread. I had been horny as hell all day and I needed a good cum even if it was by an inexperienced tongue. It was sweet revenge though, that it was from my good old teach. Lena forced her to her knees, then her head to my juicing cunt. "Face down, ass up, bitch. Lick it good."

Her tongue was tentative at first, but I grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her in tight and masturbated with her face till she got the idea. Lena lightly warmed her elevated ass with a wooden paddle, each swat slightly stronger than the previous one.

As I began to huff and puff, a consuming fire building within my loins, Lena increased the speed of the swats. Kelli was gasping, in pain and in need of oxygen. The weights were swinging wildly and painfully, doing their job as well.

I quickly had a hard orgasm, but that did not extinguish the fire. As one orgasm waned, another built. My TA, a bitch on one end of the continent, was now slave on the other end, and she was enthusiastically fueling my oven. That's a beautiful thing about women. Multiple, even dozens of orgasms are possible, especially with the right tongue or strap-on, no down time like a man.

After my second orgasm, Lena pulled the panting Kelli from my gaping pussy. I lifted my head; my new slave's face was covered in my love nectar. She was licking her face as far as her tongue could stretch. It was such a cute sight to behold, my little kitty. All she needed was some whiskers.

"My turn," Lena stated, her eyes ablaze with lust. "Cyn...," realizing her error, hopefully not too late. "Second Slave, get the bell, while I get down on our little bitch. "Slut, turn over on your back." When Kelli obeyed, Lena knelt over her head and let herself down onto Kelli's face. As I wobbly got to my feet, and left the room, Lena was riding Kelli's face like a bareback rider.

I returned with a little bell. We had talked about it during our planning session. While Kelli was focused on satisfying Lena, I inspected my slave's ringed clit. It was completely engorged, ready for action. This slut's virginity was going to be short lived I knew but for now.... I pulled on the clit ring, twisting and turning. Kelli moaned loudly under Lena's cunt. I attached the bell to her clit ring, flicking it, making sure the sound was loud and true. I could not resist, and took her belled clit into my mouth, biting down until Kelli began to scream and cum, her face still smothered by Lena.

Suddenly, Lena screamed in ecstasy, as an intense orgasm washed over her. It was glorious.

Still panting, Lena said to me, "Help me chain her to that wall."

It took both of us to lift a thoroughly spent Kelli, frog marching her away. We bound her legs and arms, with her back to the wall. She hung from her bound wrists, barely aware of her surroundings, lost in a sexual fog.

Lena left for a moment, and returned with a small bottle of liquid. She spoke to me as she used a cotton ball to apply it liberally to the hapless girl's nipples, clit and pussy lips. "Among other things, this contains the chemical from hot peppers. It's what gives them their zing. These chemicals in just the right proportions will produce the ideal amount of heat and irritation in all those wonderful places, where in her current position, she can't scratch. Kind of like the affect that Spanish Fly is supposed to have. It only takes a few minutes to work, but lasts for hours."

We moved over to a couch to watch the liquid take effect. Before I knew it, Lena and I were wrapped in each other's arms, our lips and tongue conjoined in lust and lost in bliss. And all the while to the sweet music of the whimpers and moans of our desperate and frustrated wall hanging.

When we were nearly asleep, despite the moans and tears of our captive, Lena said, "We need to put her to bed. Let's put her in a belly chain and connect her wrists to the chain. Chain her ankles, also. We are going to leave her there with the lights on and camera rolling. I am betting the slut tries to play with her juicy cunt all night. She won't be able to reach it, but such is life. It will make a great video and I bet it will even go viral."

Nothing fit. I was usually so coherent, so logical. Now I was beyond any limits I could have imagined.

The bright lights in the room made it impossible to sleep, though I am not sure I could have slept if it was pitch dark.

My ears throbbed. Yes, I had been tempted many times to have them pierced, but never got around to it, I guess. My parents prohibited it while I was in high school, but I had ample opportunities in college. I cannot really explain why I didn't have them ringed.

But the throbbing in my ears was nothing compared to what he did to my clit, my poor clitty. He pierced my clit! And they hung a bell from it! This cannot be happening to me.

I turned slightly, and the discomfort in my ass reminded me of the plug they had inserted, for the purpose of stretching that hole, and the swats I had been given. What right did they have to do this!

And my poor nipples. Thank god they removed the horrid clamps before leaving me to sleep. The moment the blood rushed back into my abused nips was the most agonizing of my life. I screamed in pain and they just smiled at me. Now they just ached. I tried to massage them with my chained hands, but my wrists were linked to a chain around my waist, so I could not reach either my nipples or belled clit. I rolled onto my stomach to rub my nipples against the mattress, and tried to slide my legs up and down like a cricket to get some friction to my labia lips. I felt myself getting aroused, so I stopped. They were filming me, they said. I would not give them the pleasure.

And yet deep inside I admit, I was feeling things that I had never felt before. When those three men bid for me, I wanted to hear compliments. Their willingness to pay money, big money, for me was horrifying and, ok, fine, flattering. When she was attaching the bell on my clitty, and then when she bit down, I was not in pain. In fact, I wanted her to bite harder. I wanted it to be a never ending moment.

No! This is insane. I have to get away, I have to escape. But how? Either I am surrounded by one or more of my tormentors, or I am in chains. I cannot reach my collar, I cannot reach my aching pussy.

Somehow, I fell asleep.

And seconds later, it seemed, she was screaming at me, "Nadu!" I wasn't sure where I was; I reacted slowly, and my thigh was suddenly aflame with pain. "Nadu, slave!" she who was First Slave screamed. I scrambled off my bed, fell to the floor, and struggled to this demeaning position. She had removed the chains connecting my ankles and I never noticed; my wrists were linked by a foot of chain but they were no longer locked to my belly chain. I hadn't even noticed that either, so deep in sleep.

I saw she was still masked. She had a small whip, looped around her wrist. "Faster next time, slave, or your thighs will look like the stripes on a barber's pole! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I whispered.

"Do you need to pee?"

"Yes, Mistress." The words seemed natural to say.

She frightened me so. What had I ever done to her? How did they know I was a bit of a cock tease back home? My thoughts were interrupted as she hooked the leash to my collar and tugged me towards the toilet. Every movement caused the plug in my ass to put pressure on my already full bladder.

"Make sure I hear your clit bell tinkle as we walk."

I followed like a puppy into the toilet area, shaking my upper legs and ass to make the humiliating bell ring. When we arrived at the toilet, I began to rise, planning to sit on the toilet. "What do you think you're doing, slave!" she screamed at me, punctuating her anger while using her little whip to swipe my ass. I noticed her tongue was pierced.

"I was ..." Two words, the only two words I got out before she went nuts, whipping me from all angles, jerking my head left and right with a fist full of my hair. Chained as I was, I could not protect myself.

"You do not initiate, you do not speak, you do not act without specific directions. You are not an 'I' any longer. You are an 'it', no more than a worthless piece of meat. You are three holes, nothing more." She ranted and raved against me, as I begged her to stop, that I would obey, that I was sorry.

Dragging me by the hair, she pulled me into the open shower. The tile was slanted toward an open drain. The floor was filthy. When we got to the center, she ordered, "Piss."

I looked up at her with my mouth open. Here? In the shower? "Shut your fucking mouth before I fill it with a foot long dildo. Spread your legs and piss, now, or you won't get another chance until tonight!"

I needed to go, but not like a dog. Yet, I could not hold it much longer, so I did as she ordered. I just spread my legs as far as possible, and felt some relief as the pee dribbled down my thighs, splattering my legs, and winding down the drain. My head was bowed in submission and embarrassment.

"Enough," as she pulled me up by the leash. "Stand up, slave. Stand straight, hands to your side." I was thoroughly intimidated, not wanting to face her wrath again. She took the leash and linked it to a hook about the shower head. My head was jerked upward, tilting to the side, as my neck was stretched to its limit.

She walked away. I dared not move. When she returned, the one called Second Slave was with her. She was also masked. "Good morning, pet. I hear you have been a bad bitch this morning," Second said to me. I did not respond. At the same time, she had pulled my wrists behind my back and chained them even tighter.

"Spread your legs, slave," ordered First Slave. She kicked my ankles even further apart and locked them to a pole or pipe that she placed between my feet. I felt precariously balanced, with my legs much wider than was normal.

"That should suffice. Ok, time for a thorough cleaning, inside and out. You smell like a whore in some third world country, slave."

I watched as First took a rubber hose and attached it to the shower head.

Meanwhile, I gasped as Second unceremoniously pulled the plug from my ass. It felt empty, like a wind tunnel into my bowels. But only for a moment. Suddenly another plug was shoved into my vacant opening, and I could tell it was somehow connected to the rubber hose. I then realized what they were going to do. "No, please," I spoke quietly, so as not to arouse their anger.

"One more word, and we gag you, slave," Second responded. "Ok, ready back here," and with that cold water began to surge into my bowels. They were giving me an enema with cold water. I could not control myself and began to twist and shout, "No, please stop, no, please!!!!!"

"I warned her, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did," and as the water continued to fill my belly, Second reach around my head and pulled a ball gag into my mouth, forcing it deeply, as she tightened the leather straps behind my head.

I moaned in pain, as the cold water began to inflate me. I felt cramping, like the worst case of diarrhea you can imagine. I cried in shame, begging them through my gag to stop. Finally, when I thought I could take no more, the water stopped. Second patted my water-filled tummy, and said, "Five minutes, plenty of time to play."

First reached around from the back and began to tease my nipples, her fingers rolling them into hard nubs. "Mmmmm, feel good?" she cooed. "Can hardly wait until we pierce and stretch these little tablets," she continued. Suddenly, her nails bit into my aroused nippies and I screamed into the gag. "Pain and pleasure, slave. One and the same," she hissed.

She teased my nipples the full five minutes and she was correct-at some point in that short period of time, I could not distinguish pain and pleasure.

"I hate this part," Second said to First, "but what the fuck, it has to be done. Stand aside."

To me she announced, "I am going to release the poop plug, so let it go and we will do it again. With your regular cum diet, we won't usually need to do two cleanings, but today we will." She pulled the plug from my ass and the ugly liquid spewed. I was so horrified as it splattered all around. The two tormentors had stood to the side, and using another hose had sprayed me with cold water until I was drenched and the floor mess had been washed down the drain. I was shivering inside and out, and not just from the cold water.

They gave a second enema. This time they played with my clit, pinching and squeezing and flicking the bell as they giggled. They were bullies playing with a defenseless victim.

And again they washed away the filth with cold water and left me shivering with fear and pain. Second washed my hair, which was caked with cum, and made special efforts to pull and twist my new hoop earrings. Finally, they released my ankles from the spreader bar and reattached a short hobble chain to the ankle cuffs. My neck was freed and I went to all fours. I was pitiful, like a cat dragged through the water.

"Breakfast time, slave," First declared, and I followed her, totally defeated, not one thought of escape. I was their docile pet.

Chapter 5 (added: 2013/10/04)

As we left the room, the smell of coffee and breakfast filled the air. "I hope everyone is hungry," Lena said as she winked at me. The slut, however, was no doubt starving after having only a little cum all day yesterday. Again she would have high hopes for only seconds.

Her hair was still wet, drops of water here and there dotting her path. Lena reminded her to make her clit bell tinkle, so that forced her to twitch her hot caboose. Her slut earrings occasionally poked out from behind her bedraggled hair. Yes, what a sight. FLASH!

In the next room the table was set for only three, though in the strictest sense, it should have been set for just the Master and him throwing scraps to all slaves. This charade, of course, was different. Karl was waiting and he and Lena sat down first while I prepared the meal for my teach (although right now thinking of her in that role almost made me laugh out loud). There was already a bowl of cooked oatmeal on the table. I picked up what was obviously a dog bowl from the floor. Across it was the word "Slave" in large letters. I made sure she could see that. I dumped the oatmeal from one bowl to the other. Then I took 6 condoms from the refrigerator and with great ceremony squeezed them over the oatmeal now in the slave's bowl. I tied her hair back in a pony tail.

As I placed it on the floor in front of her, Karl spoke. "Eat every bit. Lick the bowl clean. No hands." Her degradation was continuing. I could see that her mind was in nearly as much shock as her neck had been yesterday. However, she did lick the bowl clean.

After an enjoyable meal, at least for the three of us, once again Karl sent us to the mod room, saying he would join us in a few minutes. By the time he got there, we had her in place on the block with her head hanging and her legs spread as before. I was surprised she was offering very little resistance. Of course, with little sleep and food, and the shock of her predicament, that was probably not surprising.

Karl said he had made a call to an artist friend of his who would join us a bit later. As he looked down at our captive, he rubbed his chin in thought.

"You will get used to this room. I think a little time here each day for a while and we will create a masterpiece of golden ornaments and beautiful art on a canvas of flesh. This is just another of your Master's uses for your Asian slut body."

She whimpered in despair.

I couldn't help but chuckle to myself, at his choice or words as a thought flashed into my mind. Masterpiece, or Master's piece?

"Second Slave, get her a new plug for the day. One size larger."

Good, I thought. Now this part I loved. She may have thought the last one felt like a ball bat but this one was probably an inch longer and an inch thicker. As I was about to do the insertion, I noticed Lena pushing her bare cunt to the slut's mouth. Lena was having too much damn fun. As I pushed and twisted the large metal probe slowly into her ass, I could hear her scream and moan though muted by Lena's pussy. I was horny and dripping myself.

Karl saw my need and nodded his head. That was to let me know that my part was done for now and I could do what I wanted. I thought about fingering myself to orgasm while watching the show. Instead I walked around the block and behind Lena. I started rubbing my horny cunt against her ass. I reached around her, took her nipples and twisted them until she moaned with pain and pleasure while she was still humping the slut's face. We could see what Karl was about to do. I had handed him the needle and rings when I had gotten the ass plug.

He spoke, but whether the helpless girl even heard made no difference. "This will be better than the clamps. I have just the right weights to lock to these new rings that will stretch your nipples nicely and won't need to be removed at night."

I was watching over Lena's shoulder while rubbing my own nipples as hard as possible against Lena's back. Karl pulled hard on the nipple of the captured slave; I saw him slowly, torturously, push the needle through. I could hear her scream again even from her muffled mouth. At the same time I twisted Lena's left nipple hard and felt her cum. I knew she was washing the slut's face with her gushing pussy. What I didn't know right then was that the little slut had opened her mouth wide and was drinking every drop.

I intently watched Karl's hands, toying, pulling, then stabbing the remaining nipple. Watching the steel needle slowly penetrate the soft flesh pushed me over the edge. Somehow my brain read what I was seeing, as something long and hard penetrating me as well. I was still cumming when I finally opened my eyes. Karl was just attaching the ring to her second nipple. As I left my position I glanced at Lena and noticed the passion mark on her neck I had unknowingly given her in the heat of the moment.

I walked back to my place between the slut's legs. I hesitated before speaking but twice already I had slipped and spoke but she had given no signs of recognition then. It really didn't matter much anymore.

"Master, look at this. The slut's juices are flowing so much. Look at this wet spot soaking into the wood. She didn't get to cum though. I bet she is ready to beg for Master's cock now to make her a real woman, a real slave." I took a picture of her sloppy cunt and the wet spot. As Karl raised her head back level, I made sure I took another so her face could be seen between her spread legs.

Once we were certain we had her attention, Karl spoke. I thought this might be the moment, so I kept the camera going. "Is Second Slave right? Are you now ready for me to shred that tiny piece of flesh? Do you wish to beg me to turn you from white silk to red silk right now? Consider wisely, for in the future, you may not only desire it, you may plead for me to do so. But then I may be no longer interested. Speak now slave."

I saw her hesitate. I knew she wanted it bad right at that moment but she wasn't quite ready yet to surrender to him, to us, or to her own urges. With every bit of will power she still had, she whispered a very unconvincing "No". She probably thought she had won a major victory. Maybe, in her own mind, but the faintest glimmer of a smile on Karl's face was enough to tell me that this was not only the answer he expected, but the one he had hoped for.

"Then, so be it," he said with a finality that she could not help but feel in his voice. After a few moments of deafening silence he continued.

"Second Slave, we still have a couple of bells, right?"

"Yes, Master," and I went to the counter to get them.

"I will add heavier weights once I am sure there is no infection, but for now, these will do nicely," and he belled her two nipples. Kelli just stared in fascination. Once completed, he ordered her to smile for another set of pictures.


"Of course you have seen Second Slave taking many pictures of you in the most humiliating situations and positions, and with your own cell phone. Let me assure you that all of them have been copied to several places on our computers and in cyber space. Some have even been edited to show you at your best and slutty self. You know that one click of your own cell phone and those would be sent to your parents, co-workers and friends. What's more is that if necessary they will be sent automatically."

"The bottom line is that, even though you may think escape or defiance, it would not only result in physical punishment, but once that button is clicked and all this incriminating evidence is sent to everyone you know, there is no going back.... ever. Think about that."

"And now think about this. Once you accept what you are, what your status is. Once you embrace you inner slut, you will be truly free. Getting fucked hard and often, by men and women and all the toys you can possibly imagine is your dream. Do you really want to go back to your old life? Teasing men in hopes that one will dominate you and fuck you the way you need? Why not yield right here and now? It is what all slaves strive for. This is what a Master wants and he will discard any slave who is not a true slut."

Karl was so eloquent, so sincere, I could not help but be shaken by his words myself. Odd I thought. This was all just play, a scenario I had worked out for my revenge. Wasn't it?

"Do you understand what I am saying?" His tone brought me back from my crazy thoughts just as it did for his new slave. I think she was beginning to realize that she really did have no choice but to totally obey, that her future could easily prove that she was nothing more than a cunt wanting to be used and abused by men and women. I think the wetness between her legs was overcoming any and all doubts she had.

He had given her a lot to think about but I knew he still wanted her to beg to be fucked. That would be the point that she was broken. It would come, of course, but she had set her fate in motion by her own denial of what her body was telling her. She would soon learn for sure.

"I am going to turn off the power to your collar. I see no need for it at this point. Soon you will learn that wanting to be fucked is not a bad thing; in fact it is a basic need just like eating and should be satisfied whenever the urge is there. It is only society's stupidity that has made it something to be frowned upon. When you shed that inhibition you will understand and a whole new world will open up for you. And you, my perpetually juicing slut, are exactly the type that will make the most of your new life."

I was thinking that we might try to put her in a state of constant arousal without enough stimuli to make her cum. This might be the worst punishment of them all. Kind of like brain washing the pussy. Works for me.

A man entered the door. He seemed very relaxed and nonchalant as he greeted us. He had obviously been here before. Nearly all of his skin was covered with tattoos. He had an overwhelming number of piercings as well. Fascinating, as well as a bit scary.

We released her from the block. Karl told us to reposition her on her stomach with her legs over one end, spread. He ordered that she was to be completely immobile except for her head. At first I thought he wanted her to be able to see the man or perhaps look in the mirror to watch what was being done to her. Seeing her body violated with the needle would be an added touch.

During this process she could see the man and no doubt knew what was coming next. She squirmed and started to babble in protest at first, but in vain of course. Karl warned her and reached for a new gag. Kind of looked like a horse bridle with a bit to put in her mouth. It was perfect for this position and would keep her reasonably quiet. I found her begging and pleading a turn on, to be honest.

When we were done she couldn't even twitch. Wouldn't want to spoil the artwork, I thought. All she could do was moan her discomfort and protest.

Karl gave instructions to the heavily painted man what to do to initiate this virgin canvas. "Right here above her crack, where most little sluts like to draw attention. Make it beautiful, eye catching, colorful. How about the word "Slut". Can't miss it there. Perhaps something over and around it to embellish it. Chain, whips, hand cuffs. I will let you be a little creative. You understand the theme I want, of course." We all laughed. Great idea.

We all knew this would take some time. The pain of tattoos is no small thing. I wouldn't be surprised if she passed out periodically only wake again still in the middle of her nightmare. As the man began the work, he positioned himself between her legs. Close work and his already tented pants showed me it would be rubbing her dripping cunt from time to time. Even with all this pain together with the genital stimulation, she was getting more of a total mind fuck than anything else. How would she process all this information that was saturating her brain, I wondered.

We carried on casual conversation while the artist worked. Sometimes talking about nothing in particular. Sometimes commenting on how the work was going and how beautiful. I stood near Kelli's head, fiddling with her earrings, enjoying the moans the little ponygirl was making.

Karl talked about my scrapbook of pictures and asked how the videos were turning out. I assured him that they were amazing and we would have to have a little showing soon. We also talked and laughed about what it would be like to see the faces of the slut's friends and family if they got a chance to see them. I was pretty sure that the point had been driven home that escape was no longer an option. Kelli heard everything, and pleaded through her bridle quite often.

Karl mentioned going out to dinner tonight and maybe to a book or toy store. We knew of course that meant adult. I was wondering what Karl had in mind. I had another idea I would share with him when the time was right.

As we passed the time, I noticed that each time the man reached for more paint, I could see his pants were soaked from rubbing against all that juice. Who knows though, he may have cum in his pants as well. If so, I was sure he held it tight against her so she could feel it pulsing. I pointed it out to Karl and Lena so they could share the humor.

As the man finished we all gathered around praising his work. It was very beautifully done and the message was clear. Karl spoke up and said, "Well, Slut, it seems that you have been well branded and everyone will know what you are. Remember, in our circle you can not only be proud of that fact, you can be proud to show your new tattoo." He motioned for me to take a close up picture of her new ink. I did and also took a picture of her wet and obviously dripping pussy. Then I showed both to her. She just moaned a little. To me both pictures were beautiful. How could she possibly deny that?

As Karl walked the man to the door he said for all to hear. "I can see you enjoyed your close encounter with my newest slave. We are having a party later in the week. Perhaps you can join us and then you can explore her a little more deeply." We all laughed and he said he would definitely attend.

Karl turned to us and asked, "Is it time?" I felt there was no reason to maintain the ruse. I nodded. "You first, Cyn."

I squatted in front of Kelli. "Look at me, slave." When she raised her head, I removed the mask.

She wailed into her gag, eyes wide open with surprise and shock. I smiled.

"Nooooooooooooooo," I screamed into the hideous horse gag. It was Cynthia, that fucking, whining undergrad who wanted me to change her grade! Is that what this is all about?

"Why?" I tried to ask. The gag muddled sounds, but I think most words were understandable. "You kidnapped me for a grade? Fuckkkkkkkkk," I wailed. "What have you done to me!"

All three were laughing at my expense. With an ugly smile on her face, looking deep into my eyes, Cynthia continued. "At first, yes, it was about the grade. You potentially ruined my grad school plans over a trivial plus/minus. Had you shown a little compassion, this would never have happened."

Her pierced tongue spewed venom.

"But after our time together so far, it really is not about the grade anymore. Oh, you will change it, that you can believe. But I have become quite attracted to you, slut, and I always wanted my own slave."

"You are insane," I screeched into the gag. I would claw her eyes out the first chance I got.

"Haha, hardly, slave. I strongly suggest you stop speaking, before you upset us. We have given you your chance to vent. That now ends. NOW." I was not in a position to argue the point, but this changed everything, and I was now motivated to resist, to escape, to report these criminals to the first authorities I could find.

"You have had a very successful start to your modeling career, slave." Cynthia was busy at work on her i-pad. She turned it towards me and the slideshow started.

My emotions were ravaged. Fury was quickly replaced by shock. And her devilish smile was omnipresent, as I watched myself perform in their sexual circus.

She had cut and pasted damning evidence of my enslavement. I saw myself say, "Please, I beg you to help me fulfill my fantasy, to be your slave."

First Slave arrived in my field of vision. She handed my phone to Cynthia. My eyes darted between the damning slide show and Cynthia. I felt sick in my stomach.

"Mom," is all she said, lifting her eyes from the phone to my face. I stopped breathing. I couldn't let her call. My mouth was bridled. And I know she had many porn pictures of me on the phone. Shock was quickly replaced by defeat.

"Please, no," I begged.

Her sadistic smile never left her face.

"I think she's got the message, Cyn." It was he. Master.

"OK, let's get her up and get going. Unless you've changed the plans, that is?" Master said.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you about an idea that just occurred to me," Cynthia replied.

"Really? Let's talk."

They left me strapped to the table, helpless, feeling hopeless. They returned a few minutes later.

I was released from the table. My wrists and ankles were unchained. The chain around my waist remained. My ass remained plugged. My mouth was unbridled. I licked my lips, they were so dry. The corners of my mouth were sore from the gag. I knelt in the nadu position.

"I think it is time for our slave to connect with her mom, Master," Cynthia began. "Her mom has left three messages for our slave. We don't want her to get worried, do we?" she smiled sarcastically.

"Let's listen to those messages," he said. Cynthia put my phone on speaker. The message was sent yesterday afternoon. I could tell from mom's voice that she was upset. She scolded me about not calling on Saturday and told me to call back immediately.

The next message was from last night. A little more worry in her voice, but the same theme.

The final message had been sent this morning, about the time I was being tatted. This time mom was sweetly begging me to call. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying. My poor mom was worried sick.

"So, this is how we are going to proceed. You need to assure your mom that everything is ok. Tell her you met me at the hotel and we were busy seeing the sights of Miami. You stayed out late Saturday and were busy all day Sunday, and just woke up today. Of course, we already know you are a thoughtless and inconsiderate person. Needless to say, slave, any hint of your actual circumstances and we cut the connection, and your pictures go viral. Understood?"

I nodded.

Cynthia slapped me across the face. "Understood, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," I whimpered

She hit the speed dial for my mom and kept it on speaker.

"Kelli, finally! Where have you been? Your dad and I are worried sick!"

"Hi Mom. No worries, just been busy and the jet lag, you know."

"It only takes a second to call home and save us from more grey hair. What have you been doing?"

"Mom, it's only been a couple of days. And besides, I ran into a student from the class that I T.A., and ..."

At this point, I began to lose it. Cynthia turned away from the phone and called out, "Let's go, Kell. Time's a wasting." Then she turned back to me and used a slashing finger across her throat to tell me to cut the conversation.

I managed to get out, "I have to go, mom, love you" and Cynthia immediately hit END. Mom would not be satisfied and would think I was the worst daughter on earth.

Ordered to all fours, and leashed, I followed Cynthia back to my room, my prison cell. I was ordered to sway and jiggle. My bells rang.

She unhooked the leash and surprisingly the steel ankle cuffs. "Your clothes are on your bed. When I return in 30 minutes, I want you dressed in exactly what you see. I have set a brush, comb, scrunchy, cosmetics on the table, along with a mirror. Make yourself alluring, slave. Heavy on the eye shadow and lipstick. Hair in a ponytail. And no cumming. If you do, your punishment will be swift and painful, slave. Remember, 30 minutes. Be in your nadu position by the bed." She left me there on the floor, stunned, and locked the door as she departed.

Suddenly alone unchained for the first time, I looked around, too stunned to react. In a daze, I rose to my feet and went to the toilet. I almost laughed aloud, thinking that peeing alone was a privilege.

As I sat, I examined my new jewelry. My nippies were hard and sensitive. I gasped aloud when I lightly tugged on the bells.

There was no clock, but 30 minutes left me little time to day dream. I went to the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. 'I don't know you,' I thought. Collared. Hoop earrings. Nipple rings and bells. I couldn't help but to reach for my pussy. I realized how badly I wanted to cum, but Cynthia made it clear that was not an option. I assumed they were watching me.

My hair was a mess. I brushed and combed it the best I could, trying to remove the dried flecks of pussy juice. My eyes watered, but I forced myself not to cry by biting on my lower lip.

Then I suddenly realized I was naked. Here I was, standing within my prison, naked, and I had not noticed. What was becoming of me?

I walked to the bed and checked out my clothes. Black hotpants, with the crotch cut open! I held it up and just stared. I looked back to the bed. High heeled black shoes. Very stylish, but at least 5 inch heels. Then I realized the black leather bikini bra had been altered, and holes had been strategically cut out of the middle of each breast to highlight my newly pierced nipples. I wanted to rebel, to throw them against the wall, but I had experienced their punishments and decided it was best to obey.

I dressed as Cynthia had ordered. I realized that being naked was actually preferable. All skin. Instead, I wore a minimum of clothes and my belled clit and nipples were now highlighted. I shuddered. And I knew my pussy was wet.

The only advantage of the crotchless pants was it helped keep that horrid ass plug from sliding in and out.

I went to the table and put my hair into a ponytail. My pierced ears and collar were now blatantly on display. My wrists were encircled by black leather cuffs. I held the mirror behind me, trying to make out the tat. Without my contacts, it was a blur, but I could make out my inked skin. No signs of my enslavement were hidden.

I used the cosmetics as ordered, enhancing the look of a slave, of a whore, of a slut.

I knew my time was about up, so I went swiftly to that humiliating nadu position next to my bed. I admit it, after a second, I moved my knees even wider apart. Why did I do that? I did not want to admit anything to myself. But I took pride in how I was now displayed.

I thought back to stories I had read about captives. Something about the Stockholm Syndrome. Not me. I was too strong for that, and it had only been a couple of days. Then why did I spread my knees as wide as possible, and it felt right doing so? I scolded myself, and slightly closed the angle between my legs. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Just a few minutes later, Cynthia returned. When she saw me obediently spread, she gave a slight smile. She walked up to me, and leashed my collar. Then she added locks to my heels, making it impossible to kick them off until she released me. "Let's go."

'Go?' I wondered.

I followed after her on all fours. Halfway down the hall she spoke. "More bell ringing, slave." I jiggled my ass and breasts.

We made our way towards a part of the house, or prison, that I had not previously seen. No one else was around, it seemed. I wondered where the master and his First Slave were?

We stopped. "I am going to mask you, slave." And she did, a mask blocking out all sight. "Stand." Happily, I did, and followed her out of the air-conditioned room into a stuffy location. It smelled like automobiles. She took my wrists and connected the cuffs behind my back. The leash hung from my collar and fell between my naked nipples. She opened a car door and guided me into the seat. The pressure on the ass plug when I plopped onto the seat caused me to make a gasping sound. I heard a garage door open.

Cynthia slid into the driver's seat and the car started up. It felt heavy, so I assumed it was an SUV. The A/C droned as we pulled out of the garage, and I felt the sun beating through the window. I had only been in Miami a short time before my kidnapping, but it was long enough to know I could never live here. West L.A. was always pleasant, a cool ocean breeze to stir up the air.

We hit a small bump in the road and it served to jolt me from my silly wanderings. Who cared about the weather at this point? I was all but naked, being driven to who knows where. "Mistress, may I speak?" I dared to ask, trying to show utmost reverence to this horrid girl.

"What do you want, slave?"

"Where are we going, Mistress?"

"Here, lean over," she ordered. I leaned towards her waiting right hand, and she removed the mask. The sun made me squint, but without my contacts I could not make out any signs. "I doubt you could find your way back here. As for where we are going, that is a surprise."

Surprise? I doubted it, at least not in the positive sense. We seemed to be in a sparsely populated area, but as the minutes passed, we were clearly in mid-city. I was relieved the windows were tinted, because with my hands cuffed behind my back, my breasts were thrust out, and my nipples were hard as a rock. The A/C, or the piercings, or just this entire embarrassing affair had caused my nippies to appear to be highly aroused.

We pulled into a small lot next to a building all in pink. I squinted, and the flashing neon sign said 'Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill'. Numerous cars were parked in the lot. My first thought was how hungry I was. More than a day with nothing to eat but a little oatmeal and loads of cum. Then I caught myself. This was not an outing with two girlfriends. This was part of my kidnapping, and the way I was dressed, I would be arrested on the spot for indecent exposure!

Without a word, Cynthia got out of the car and came around to my side. "Hungry, slave?" My mouth fell open. Surely not!

She grabbed the leash and started to pull me from the vehicle. "Mistress..." I began to protest. Her reaction was swift and sure, as though she expected me to rebel. She wound the leash around her fist until only a few inches remained. She got in my face. "Listen, slave. Master may have the collar activation control, but I have your phone and if you do not obey, if you embarrass me in any way, if you do not accept your status as my slave, then I will leave you here in the parking lot, send your damning photos to everyone on the list, and take my chances. Am I clear?"

I nodded in despair.

"Are you going to cause me any problems, slave?"


"No, what, slave?" Her jaws were clenched in anger, as she gave the leash a sharp jerk, causing my head to rattle.

"No, Mistress."

"Then get your worthless ass out of the car and follow me and speak only when spoken to. We are going to get something to eat." She uncuffed my hands. I considered grabbing for her purse and my phone and running for help. But she had other recordings and besides, who would believe me dressed like this. And how could I run with these heels locked on my feet.

My stomach was sick with fear and shame. I followed her, leashed and collared like an animal. The entrance was on the side of the building, so fortunately we did not have to walk around the front where street traffic would have ground to a halt at the sight.

The entrance was quite dark. Not dark in the romantic sense, but in the sleezy sense. Two women had their backs to us, talking with another woman. All were nicely dressed, dresses and heels. A lunchtime meeting, perhaps. Maybe they took a clue from the one who was staring directly at us, maybe they just turned in curiosity to see who was coming in from the warm and bright outside.

I blinked once, then again and again. My poor eyesight in combination with coming from a bright exterior to a dark interior made things hard to see. But yes, they all looked at us, and one was leashed like me! And a ball gag was in her mouth! What the fuck was this place?

The shorter of the two held the leash. She smiled and said, "Hello, Mistress," to Cynthia. Cynthia returned her greeting in an identical manner.

"I don't recognize you," the woman with the leash said. "And I would certainly not forget if I had seen your slave before." I dropped my gaze in embarrassment.

"We are both new in town, Mistress," Cynthia responded. "I am Mistress Cynthia and this is my slave," as she jerked on my leash.

"Welcome, hope to see you again when we have more time to talk. I am Mistress Caroline. Unfortunately, we have to get back to the office now." She turned and said to the other woman who first noticed us. "Thanks, Mistress Amy. See you next week."

"Hope so, Mistress Caroline. Remember what I suggested about your slave."

"I will think about it, thanks," and the two women walked towards the exit. The one named Caroline took my right nipple ring and gave it a twist. I gasped. "A hot one, it would seem," she said to no one. They walked around us and out the door, the leashed woman following behind. I so wished I could see clearly. What kind of place was this?

"Hi, I am Mistress Amy. Welcome to the Pink Flamingo," she spoke directly to Cynthia. "I like what you have done with your slave. I noticed the bell ringing as you entered. Please allow me to show you around and offer you a welcoming drink."

"Thank you very much. Let's go, slave," and I followed meekly behind.

Chapter 6 (added: 2013/10/11)

Now you know. Yes, I wanted revenge for Kelli's refusal to raise my grade. But I also wanted her.

We would meet up with Karl and Lena later today, but that gave me a couple of hours to solidify our relationship. When we returned back to So Cal, nothing would change. She was going to be my slave, my lesbian slave.

I whispered to Kelli to be sure her bells were ringing while we followed our hostess. This had to be totally degrading to her. It made me smile inside.

Mistress Amy led us through a hot pink curtain to a panoramic view of the Pink Flamingo. My heartbeat rose instantly; my pussy lips began to swell, my clit began to engorge. A sign posted prior to the curtain stated: Slaves Must Be Collared-Leashes Recommended.

There was a bar area to the right, and business was good. For this time of day on a Monday afternoon, I was actually surprised. There was clearly no standard of dress, or undress. Except for the waitresses. They were all collared, their long hair scrunchied at the top like an erupting volcano. They were naked except for thigh-high black, high heeled boots. Many were tattooed, and most of their bodies were pierced in some way. A good number of them walked around with strap-ons. Fuck, this was Fantasyland a few miles from Orlando Disneyworld.

And then there were the Mistresses and their slaves. There were many exec types like Mistress Caroline, but there were plenty of women who could have just as easily been slaves, except they were not collared. The slaves were often on their knees, either at the side of their Mistress or fetching a drink or snack. But others were under the table servicing their Mistresses, who were dining and deep in conversation as though nothing unusual was happening.

But it was the other side of the room that got Kelli's attention, causing her to audibly gasp. I looked where she was staring and there was a stage, dimly lit, with several gyrating slave bodies, in all form of sexual bliss, mouth to mouth, mouth to pussy, mouth to ass. And there were slaves dancing alone, making love to poles rising from the stage.

I reached one hand between Kelli's legs, exploring, worming my way past her labia lips until I could grab her clit bell. She resisted, of course, trying to keep my hand away, but a stern rebuke and reminder of the power I held, and she moved her legs far enough apart for me to get a good grip. Of course, she was dripping wet. I took a sopping finger to Kelli's mouth and whispered, "Take it in your mouth."

Mistress Amy chuckled and praised me for the way I treated my slave. She seemed to enjoy our fascination and interaction, allowing us several minutes to take in the spectacle and make a spectacle. "If you are ready, why don't we find a table and I'll get you that drink that I promised." I nodded and we followed her into the bar area, taking an empty booth. I had to remind Kelli to jiggle her bells along the way. I considered putting her on all fours, but I did not want to delay Mistress Amy, especially since I had an idea or two.

"May I ask you a favor, Mistress," I addressed Amy, as I pulled out Kelli's cell. "I notice that most if not all of the slaves are kneeling next to their mistress, but is it acceptable for my slave to sit next to me for just a moment so you could take a picture of us together?"

"Of course," and she took the phone from me.

"Slave," I said to Kelli, "sit next to me." I patted the cushion, motioning her to sit. Kelli could see where this was headed, at least she thought she could, and balked. "Slave, would you like me to spank you in front of everyone, or would you like me to hit Send for a picture or two from your cell?" She feebly shook her head side to side and slid onto the cushion next to me.

"Let's take a couple, please. Slave, arms around each other's shoulders, and a big smile for Mistress Amy. Mistress, let me know if her smile does not match mine. You do have some paddles around in case she needs encouragement, right?" I adjusted her leash so it hung between her breasts, her nipples at their usual peak.

"Of course, Mistress Cynthia. Ok, big smile you two, perfect." FLASH

"Now, one with us sucking mouth." I leaned into Kelli, and pulling her nipple ring, turned her body towards mine. "Make it good, slave, or I will blister your ass." She stared at me for second, pulling back, trying to think her way out of the situation, and then opened her mouth to welcome my tongue. I noticed a few flashes from the camera, but to be honest, I was far more interested in exploring her mouth. And to be honest again, she seemed to relax and enjoy the moment after some initial resistance.

I broke the embrace, both of us panting. I ordered Kelli to nadu on the floor next to the table. "Just one more, Mistress Amy, please." I grabbed a handful of ponytail, and pulled back, exposing Kelli's neck, her steel collar and accentuating her belled nipples. She resisted slightly, but my grip was too strong and FLASH.

"Thank you so much, Mistress," and I took the phone from her. I repositioned Kelli at the front of the table. It was a half circle booth, so she was at the center, facing towards the table. At the same time, I connected the wrist cuffs behind her back. My confidence in her was not great.

"Not a problem, Mistress. What would you like to drink? I assume your slave will have her water in a bowl?"

"Yes, thank you. I was told your Sex on the Beach is not to be missed."

"Haha, yes, it is. Back in a few."

"Slave, spread your legs wider. What are you thinking, slave? You may speak."

She looked up at me, but I could not read her expression. It was not anger. Maybe amazement? "Please."

"Please? Please, what?"

"Please, let me go. I will change your grade. I will never tell anyone about this."

I couldn't help but laugh aloud. She just didn't get it. "Let you go? Why would I do that? You are my pet for as long as I desire or until I get tired of you. If you want to go back on your vow, I am sure Master can reconnect with one of the Masters who bid on you. Do you prefer that to being my slave?"

She just bit her lip, and quietly said, "No."

"I think you are showing a complete lack of appreciation. Maybe we need to encourage you to be more cooperative." It was time to crank up the consequences. I set the phone to her mom's email. I attached the picture of Kelli and me with our arms around each other like best of friends. It was not the Kelli her mom knew last week. This one showed many ear piercings and a collar with part of the leash. Though it did not show her pierced nipples, it was clear she was wearing a bikini top. Yes, this would do nicely.

I turned the phone to show Kelli. She did not yell, she did not scream, but she did raise her voice to plead. "Too late, slave." And I hit SEND. She rocked back on her heels, her eyes to the heavens, gasping in despair.

Mistress Amy returned with a tray on which sat two drinks, a dog bowl, and a plate of snacks. "May I join you? Your slave looks a bit shaken."

"Of course, Mistress. We are impressed by your facilities and more importantly, your hospitality. Yes, she is learning that disobedience leads to severe consequences." She put the drink in front of me, set the water bowl between Kelli's splayed knees, set her drink on the table, and put the tray on another table. She slid onto the cushion at the other end of the half circle.

"Cheers, Mistress."

"Cheers back at you, Mistress," I smiled, feeling quite important.

"May I feed your slave with a few nibbles?"

"Well, she hasn't had much to eat except cum the past 36 hours, so that would be fine." She took a carrot stick, and with a look of glee, put it under her skirt, clearly dipping it in her pussy. She pulled it out and stuck it in front of Kelli's face. Kellie had watched the progress of her snack and just stared. Just stared!

Amy looked at me and I felt totally embarrassed. Her look said, 'What kind of an amateur are you?" I had to respond.

I moved quickly. "Forgive me, Mistress, but some things cannot go unpunished."

Amy responded, "I understand," as I pulled Kelli, her leash in my right hand, gripped tightly under her throat, and her ponytail with my left. I literally hoisted her off the ground and pulled her over my knees. Of course, she did not go quietly. She kept yelping in pain, saying she was sorry, and other worthless pleas for help.

We suddenly were the center of attention. With one hand, I pulled her cuffed wrists high towards her shoulders. With the other I struggled to pull down her hotpants. Amy helped me with that. I spanked her no less than ten times. I had to be careful. It would look like I had lost my mind if I kept it up too long. I alternated right ass cheek, left ass cheek, and then butt plug.

Kelli was slobbering in pain and humiliation when I finished her punishment. "Mistress Amy, I see no reason she needs the shorts. Just pull them off, please and toss them on the cushion. We may need to administer another reminder of correct slave behavior." After Amy pulled Kelli's shorts free, I dumped her to the floor and ordered her to nadu, facing away from the table. The room broke into applause, with cheers from both the mistresses, slaves, and bar girls. I couldn't help but smile slightly. Kelli continued to sniffle and inhale/exhale deeply, her head bowed in shame.

"Mistress Amy, I hope we can continue where we left off."

"Of course, Mistress." She redipped the carrot stick into her pussy and offered it to Kelli, who immediately opened her mouth to take the tasty treat.

I was in shock. If embarrassment could kill, I would be dead a hundred times over.

How could she send that picture to my mom. When mom opened the email, she would die!

How could she spank me like a spoiled child in front of all those people? Bare assed, no less. And all because I didn't want to eat a carrot dipped in some strange woman's pussy juice. I had hesitated because my mind said, "Gross!" After thinking about it though, I realized how stupid that seemed after having my face buried in the sloshing pussies of two different women in as many days, plus having my face washed down with cum by one of them. I should have just eaten the damn carrot and saved a sore ass. My face was, no doubt, as red as my ass from the sheer humiliation.

The really terrible part of it all though, was that the worse she treated me, the more she used and abused me, the more my pussy dripped like a broken faucet. I had never been so turned on or needed to cum so badly in my life, but I knew I had to fight it. I could not give up. I didn't want to give my tormentors the satisfaction of me begging to be fucked like they wanted me to. But more than that I didn't want to admit to myself that they might be right about me.

Their assault on my body was painful. Their tactics with my mind were far worse. I could not let them break me. But I also realized I was trying to convince myself I could control both my mind and body. But ever so slowly, my trepidation of what they would do to me next, was giving way to anticipation. That was what frightened me the most.

No, there was one more thing that had messed with my mind even more. That kiss. It had shaken me to the core. Her pierced tongue awakened my mouth to new sensations. Maybe not the kiss itself but the way my body reacted. Of course, I tried to avoid it, then deny what was happening. I tried to fight the feelings as best I could and I hoped she couldn't tell. The fact is, that kiss stirred emotions I had never felt before, ever. Not to mention what it did to my body. That might have even been why I had hesitated about eating the carrot. My mind was still numb and very, very confused at that moment.

Was I a lesbian as well as a slut? I had never even thought about another woman that way before. And what about Mistress Cynthia? I admonished myself for addressing her that way in my own thoughts though that last idea was fleeting. Was Cynthia a lesbian? Though it would seem likely from what she had done with me and First Slave, I would never have expected it by her looks. Yes, she was tall and athletic, an Asian Olympian, and she was very beautiful. Then again, so were the women around me here in what had to be some sort of lesbian bar.

I remembered something right then that Master had told me before. That I was a cock tease because I wanted someone that was dominant enough to see through my ruse and just fuck me. But could it be a woman instead of a man? Cyn was definitely dominant enough.

All these thoughts were flashing through my mind as my mistress talked to the other. I was given a couple more very wet carrots and ate them without thinking. I knew many eyes were on me, watching my every humiliation. Mistresses and slaves and bar girls, all seemed to be looking at me.

I could not help but stare at the writhing bodies on stage. There were moans, gasps and sighs. If I were disgusted when I came in, I was now fascinated and getting more turned on. The air smelled of perfume, sweat and sex. I knew I was getting wet.

I heard Mistress Amy say to Mistress Cynthia, "Why don't you take your slave up on stage and display her for everyone. Introduce her to the rest of our guests." I felt my leather bra unclasped from the back. I heard my captor say, "You won't be needing that," as she pulled me by the leash toward the stage.

So, there I was. On a stage dressed in nothing but a pair of five inch heels and collar and leash. I was led around the stage, forced to ring my bells. I had been put into embarrassing positions before, but this time on display for a crowd of mistresses and slaves. Mistress Cynthia led me through my paces, like a trained pet. I dared not disappoint her. She had shown she was willing to send my mom the pictures.

And yet...Why did I thrust out my breasts? To show off my hard and belled nipples? Why did I spread my knees wide? To show off my belled clit? I don't know. Maybe something or some part of me was being awakened. Whether I had the strength to fight it, I was no longer sure, but I knew I had to.

I saw Cyn hand my phone to a waitress as she gave her instructions, then she addressed her audience. "This is my new slave. Until I decide whether to give her a new name, she will be only addressed as slave, slut, cunt, or whore, to remind her of what she is."

That got murmurs of praise from the crowd and tears of shame from me. She began to show me off like a prize pony. But then I thought, no, more like a slave on the auction block, thinking back to how I was almost sold. I shuddered.

She continued. "As you can see, her ornamentation has just begun." She flicked the bells on my nipples which made the tender flesh even harder and stand at attention. Actually attention was just what they needed. They ached to be touched, sucked, played with. But a voice inside my head was saying, 'NO', they need to be pulled, twisted, bitten. What! Was I really thinking that?

She reached down and tinkled the little bell on my clit which got a laugh from the audience. But then she spread my cunt lips with her fingers sliding two of them down just an inch into my needy slit. She brought them up to show everyone how wet I was. I gasped out loud at her touch. The feeling was so intense. What was I becoming?

"Tell us, slave. Beg me, slave. Tell me what you really want, that you want to be fucked. It would only take a minute. One of these bar hostesses would love to make your wish come true. Tell us, slave!"

I shook my head 'No.' I would not yield, I could not yield.

Mistress grabbed my clit bell, pulling my clitty and twisting. "Beg me, slave," she screeched. Twisting and pulling, I was screaming and gyrating, trying to free myself.

The crowd was in a frenzy, screaming obscenities, urging Mistress to drive me over the edge. Even with my poor vision, I could see their rabid looks, Mistresses and slaves and bargirls, all united in wanting me to yield, to submit, to beg.

Mistress had me by the clit bell. I could not shake her, I could not hold out much longer. I let out a violent hiss. Was it a hiss? Was it one last attempt to avoid saying 'Yes.'

'Yes, yes, please, I will beg you,' my mind screamed.

Mistress seemed to sense the moment, knew I was about to cry out in agreement to her demands, because suddenly she released my clit. She did not even give me a chance to speak. She spun me around so everyone could see my lower back. I heard the oo's and ah's. Maybe it didn't look so bad, but I knew what it said. Then she pushed my head down. I thought immediately about the horrid ass plug in plain view. I looked up at her and said. "Please, no," but she just laughed.

"Head down. Reach back and spread your ass cheeks slave" I started to cry and didn't respond to her command. I felt her hand connect with my ass so hard I saw stars. She landed a second blow before I could move. My ass was on fire. I had no choice but to reach back and spread my cheeks for all to see. But the ordeal got worse.

"As you can see she is being stretched so all her holes will be ready for use. Let's see what progress has been made." She pulled out the huge rod all at once. The release of pressure was almost a shock. Suddenly I felt so empty. My mind was so conflicted. I saw several flashes of someone taking pictures, then she slid it back in. It went easily.

"I will have to find a larger plug for her when we get home."

I heard the voice of Mistress Amy say, "Wait, take it out again and see if this will fit." For a moment I didn't know what was about to happen. Then Mistress showed me the bottle. I am sure my eyes went wide with shock and fear as she said, "Look slut, a new toy."

I felt the plug again removed and the brief feeling of emptiness. Then the pressure of her trying to force what felt like a fire hydrant up my already abused rectum. I screamed from the pain but she didn't stop. I remember seeing several more flashes before I passed out.

I must have been out for only a minute and awoke to clapping and cheering. I also felt immense pressure but no more pain. She ordered me back to my previous position then slowly pulled the bottle out. More flashes. She waited a few moments before re-inserting my ass plug. It almost felt good. Oh my God. What was I thinking?

I was led back to the table where I was ordered to my knees and told to service my Mistress, but to do Mistress Amy first. Why not, I thought. The same was happening all around me. I was also warned not to touch my pussy or I would receive more punishment. Not being able to touch myself right now was torture. I had never been so wet or so horny in my life. What was wrong with me?!!!

The two had been talking the whole time, but I didn't catch everything they said. When I had finished, I saw Cyn give the other woman a card. "This is the time and address for the party. I am afraid we must go now to meet friends for dinner."

Then she turned to me. "Stand up and tell our host how much you enjoyed her club and how much fun you had."

How ludicrous I thought as I heard different words leave my mouth. "Thank you Mistress Amy. I had a great time."

"Hmmmm, since we are going to a nice restaurant slave, your assets will have to be covered up somewhat so you don't get arrested."

My first thought was, thank God, clothes. My second thought was, maybe I should get arrested and maybe get out of this mess. Both thoughts were short lived though as I thought about all the pics and videos. Then she showed me my outfit for the night. She had it in a little box in her bag so when she opened it I knew it couldn't cover much. I could see the outfit was made of some sort of very thin satiny, material and it was black. There seemed to be a lot of very thin strips of cloth, almost like strings.

Mistress released my wrists and helped me pull it up over my hips and get my arms through it. She adjusted all the thin pieces of material and looked at me with approval. She told me to turn around and said, "Perfect. You will definitely be a hit tonight".

I looked down at the front and saw nothing but those tiny strips across my body and nearly bare breasts all the way down to about three or more inches below my navel. Only the sides of my breasts and barely the nipples were covered. Even then the material was so thin that my jutting nippies and even the rings and bells were clearly visible. The rest of the dress just barely covered my crotch and that was standing up. I couldn't even think about sitting down. As I was making that assessment, I felt her hand on the bare skin of my lower back. Down, down and on my ass. Oh my god. It must have been cut so low in back it would not only show all of the tattoo but some of my ass cleavage as well. Legal? Probably only in Miami.

She said her goodbyes and reminded Mistress Amy again about the party, then took my leash and led me back to the car. She hadn't said anything, but as she opened the car door she grabbed me by the hair and kissed me hard. My heart instantly started to race. She reached under my skirt and pressed her thumb against my swollen clit. It felt like a lightning bolt. But it was all too brief. She broke the kiss with a laugh and pushed me into the car. I sat there in stunned silence, simmering in my juices.

Chapter 7 (added: 2013/11/29)

As I drove away from the Pink Flamingo, I had a lot to think about. I had seen subtle changes in Kelli. Her constant immersion in the world of the submissive was taking its toll. She was beginning to believe. Her body was forcing her to believe just as we thought it would. But I noticed something more. She was reacting to my advances. I could feel it in her. Not just that she was so wet, but a woman just knows. She was reacting to my kiss and touch. I had to be careful of my own feelings, though. Her mind was still warring with itself. It was a fine line as to whether she would teeter into total submission or just rebel. No feelings from me could be involved right now. We had to stay the course. Humiliation, pain, and withheld orgasms till the right moment. She had to be totally convinced.

All that was ok with me. I have a sadistic streak. We drove for a while in silence. I told her to pull her tits out of the dress so people could see. I also put my hand on her upper thigh during the trip. Occasionally I would rest my hand against her still dripping cunt. I was loving this. She was hot in that next to nothing dress. I could imagine dressing her in other equally revealing outfits and showing her off. So much fun. She would come to crave the attention she was getting from strangers and from me.

She didn't say anything during the trip or even ask to speak. I knew there was as much, or more, going on in her mind as in mine. It wasn't long until we pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. It was kind of a dive with the name "Big Mike's Place" emblazoned in lights over the door. I told her she could put her tits back in the dress and to wait till I opened her door before getting out. I wanted to make sure that she did not try to hide her charms when she exited the car. I told her to make it slow and spread her legs wide, and to remember this at all times. A good slut never keeps her legs closed. I enjoyed the view. A shame there was no one else around at that moment to enjoy it as well.

As we went inside, people stared unabashed. It certainly was not a class restaurant and Kelli's dress was bound to attract attention anywhere but South Beach. It was a bit early, but there was already a pretty good crowd. Karl and Lena were already there so we were escorted to their table by the hostess. I saw one woman poke her nearly slobbering husband because he was staring. There were some whistles and cat calls as well from the low life, of which there are always a few. Misery showed on Kelli's face.

Karl greeted us. "Hello. I hope you two had a great time together today. My, my, what a sexy outfit you have on, slut. I see that you are already the center of attention here."

Perfect. He told us to sit down. That seemed to surprise Kelli, since she probably was afraid she would be kneeling next to the table. We continued casual conversation. I could see Kelli was antsy, probably wondering what was going to happen next. And I knew she was still in deep need of an orgasm. I handed Karl Kelli's phone and he quickly scanned the new pictures and videos. I saw his grin and also saw him send them to someone. I also pointed out the one I had already sent to Kelli's mom. She sat stoically, eyes lowered.

I examined the place. Working class. A few stains on the drab table cloth and a menu of the usual fare. Burgers, fries, chicken wings etc. I had seen sports bars that were nicer.

Karl was dressed casually and fit in with the rest of the diners, though many of them were in shorts and flip flops, which seemed to be the norm in Miami. Lena was dressed in a halter and very short denim skirt. Nothing fancy but still sexy. I was still wearing my short skirt and tight bandeau top. She was as bare underneath as I was, I would bet.

Karl ordered all of us a beer. I was a little surprised that he was going to allow Kelli any. Alcohol does weaken the mind and perhaps that was part of his overall plan. I soon found out.

When it arrived, he raised his bottle. "A toast," he said, "to my newest slave." He apparently did not care who heard him. It just caused more people to look our way.

I saw the method in his madness, so to speak. Kelli drank without hesitation. I knew that it wouldn't take much alcohol to get to her with hardly any food in a couple days. This part was Karl's idea though, so I would just watch. A second beer for each of us made Kelli's eyes start to glaze.

The food arrived, but only for three. It was obvious Karl had ordered and given instructions to the waitress before we arrived. He looked at Kelli and said, "You will be fed like a true slave until you have earned the status enjoyed by First and Second Slave. That should be a goal for you."

As we ate and talked, both Lena and I dipped pieces of bread and other food in our juicing pussies and fed Kelli, hand to mouth. People stared from time to time, wondering what the fuck was going on. No one seemed to care though in this kind of place. Kelli was more than happy to eat the bread, probably just from hunger. But that was ok. Every deviant thing she did was just more for her to think about later. Karl asked about our day. I gave him all the spicy details and watched Kelli try not to listen. Not that she could shut us out. She did make a vain attempt, however.

The dessert arrived for the four of us (apple pie and ice cream), except there was no ice cream on one piece of pie. The waitress sat that one down in front of Kelli. I knew something was up and so did she. Lena produced from her hand bag a small insulated container. She poured the contents all over Kelli's piece of pie. It was obvious what it was though, to me and to Kelli. I wondered how many men contributed to this dessert recipe and how many times considering how much there was of it.

Then Karl spoke to Kelli. "Your Mistress has gone to a lot of trouble to bring you that special dessert topping. Thank her." Kelli stared at the pie completely covered in the white sauce and quietly said. "Thank you Mistress." He continued, saying, "Enjoy your dessert everyone."

Kelli picked up her spoon. What else could she do? Sending that one photo today made a believer of her. I watched her look around at the other people. No one really noticed or could know what she was eating, but she knew. That's all that mattered. The cum was thick and white over her apple pie.

I have to admit that I had not had this much fun in a very long time. All day I had enjoyed seeing her squirm. I loved having her under my control. She was definitely going through a major attitude adjustment. At the end I would have my grade and a 24/7 slut for as long as I wanted her. What could be better?

We finished eating and Karl paid the bill. As we walked out Kelli was again attracting stares and whistles. I loved it. That dress did show a LOT of skin. As we walked out, the owner, Big Mike, thanked us for our business and told us to come back again real soon. Then he leaned toward Kelli and I heard him say. "See you at the party, slut." The look on her face was priceless. Everyone she was meeting was being told or shown what a slut she was and it seems they were all looking forward to seeing more of her at this party. She had no idea what was in store for her the rest of the week.

As we all got to the SUV, I made sure Kelli showed what she had learned for Karl's approval. It was a nice little show especially because the SUV sat high and not easy to get into. As we drove off, Karl announced the next stop for our evening was a movie theater owned by a friend of his. We were going to see a new movie release for a select audience. I had a feeling what was coming and grinned. It was a fun ride to the theater.

Yes, I attacked Kelli as soon as we started moving. I grabbed her by the hair and devoured her mouth. I didn't even give her a chance to breathe. I wanted to overwhelm her senses with the passion of a woman. She may have hesitated at first, but soon she was into it more than even I had expected. Her cunt was already exposed by the short dress and I grabbed it hard. Then I found her clit and squeezed. It was so swollen and her pussy so incredibly sopping and slippery. Her lips were at my ear. "Do it. Fuck me. I am yours. Take my damn cherry. I need it so bad." I was tempted and more than a little taken aback by her words. But it wasn't quite time. Soon I thought, soon. This was just too easy. And I knew that given time to think she would have regretted it and again tried to ignore her own body and its needs. But the time was near I knew.

We stopped at the movie theater. It was a sleazy dump. The pink and purple flashing sign of XXX was prominent and lighting up the block. The marquis announced the movie. "The Total Slut." Hmmm, sounded interesting.

We entered the theater and easily found seats. There were some other patrons, all men and they were mostly slovenly. Not a very nice place or clientele. Kelli sat between Lena and me. We took her legs and spread them widely, as though making a wish. She struggled briefly in protest, but I twisted her trapped leg and that ended that.

The place was pretty gross but soon the lights dimmed and the "movie" started. We clapped as the movie began. All of us, except Kelli. I watched her face more than the screen. I saw horror and disbelief. Lena and I began to play with our spread toy.

On the twenty-foot tall screen was Kelli. The movie was actually just a compilation of all the short videos and stills that I had taken over the last two days. I figured that's where Karl had texted the pics and vids I took today at the lesbian bar. Someone did the editing for today's feature that we were watching now. For the next hour or so we saw her in all her glory, in every imaginable pose and every possible degradation. The video editing was superb. Nothing indicated that she was anything but totally willing and enjoying herself. Wouldn't her mom love this? I had no doubt that this was the Pièce de Résistance or perhaps the straw that would break her.

Our ministrations and the action-packed movie were having their effect. Our slave was moaning and gyrating in her seat, but every time we sensed an impending orgasm, we released her clitty and nipples and made sure there was nothing she could do to rub herself over the cliff. Three times denied, she slumped back in her seat, frustration mounting. She kept begging the single word "Please," over and over again. We just laughed.

Lena rose, allowing Kelli to put one foot on the ground. Lena walked in front of Karl, sitting next to him, leaving a seat empty between Kelli and Karl. Moments later, a man came and sat next to her. It wasn't long until he had his cock out and masturbating. Karl told her to help the man, to take her own hand and jack him off, but to keep her eyes on the screen. It didn't take long for him to cum all over her hand, and of course she was told to lick her hand clean after as the guy quickly disappeared. Lena returned and we quickly turned up the heat.

And just in time for the most damning part of the movie. She saw her own ass wide open and empty and then the bottle pushed in and sticking out of it. And when the bottle was removed the even bigger hole it left. More important though was the look of contentment on her face as the huge plug went back in so easily and again filled the void. She was doomed at that point. No return and she knew it. She started to cry, but she was also squirming in need. We released her legs, again making sure she was unable to get herself off.

We all clapped again at her expense along with everyone else in the theater and then exited through the back. It was in a dirty alley that smelled awful. Karl turned to us and said in a voice I hadn't heard from him before, "Ok, slut. Do you know yet what your place is? Are you ready to beg to be fucked?" Her fear made her hesitate just a second too long. Karl spoke again, this time with a piercing finality. "So be it then,"

In the alley there was a dumpster and a lot of trash around it and lots of roaches. Yuck. There was also an old bike rack. After I saw what was happening, I wondered if it was just junk or Karl had put it there earlier.

He grabbed Kelli roughly and said, "Too late slut, your fate is sealed." I watched him bend her over the rack cuffing her arms to one side and her spread legs to the other. Her ass was totally exposed now because of the super short dress. I saw him whip out a marker and write on it. "Fuck this whore."

He told her what it said and then told her we would be back in an hour and he had no doubt her virginity would be gone by then to some street bum or gang of thugs. He also told her that if she wasn't on birth control that whoever fucked her might just be her future baby's daddy. We all laughed at that. Then the last thing he did was nod to Lena who brought a ball gag out of her purse and put it in her mouth. When it was strapped in she couldn't beg and plead any more. Even if she wanted to, it was too late now.

We left her there hearing her muffled begging and pleading as we laughed and disappeared into the darkness. Of course, only far enough that she couldn't see or hear us. Lena then pulled out of her purse a compact video camera and handed it to me. I looked through the view finder and everything appeared as bright as day. I zoomed in so I could capture everything that would happen. I could see her face clearly.

This evening was all Karl's ideas and all the surprises so far had been perfect. I had no idea what exactly would happen. I also had no clue if we were waiting for more of Karl's actor friends or for the real thing in whoever just happened along. In either case it really didn't matter. She would never know the difference and for that matter I didn't want to know either. Sometimes not knowing made it even more fun.

We didn't have to wait long. A drunk came staggering down the alley. He had a bottle in one hand and was mumbling to himself. From the look of his clothes he was a homeless person, bum, hobo or whatever they called them here. His foul odor reached us long before he passed where we stood, never even noticing us. He probably wouldn't have notice Kelli either except he staggered and nearly fell, throwing out a hand to steady himself. What he got was a hand full of Kelli's bare ass. Her squeals and groans became more desperate.

The bum looked at her in drunken disbelief as he noticed the writing on her ass. He squinted to read it, so close she could probably feel (and maybe smell) his breath. Then after carefully setting down his bottle and without even looking or perhaps not caring, he began to unbuckle his pants. Kelli's squeals now were nonstop but all in vain. The man's primal need for sex apparently was stronger than his alcohol clouded senses and he actually showed an impressive hard-on. Who knows how long since he had any sex at all. This was his lucky night. I caught every detail of all the action on video for posterity of course. Meaning we would make her watch it as many times as we wanted.

The foreplay was a few seconds of fumbling with his cock trying to find the entrance to her fuck hole. When he finally did, he rammed it all the way home. That was it. Cherry gone. Now out of the way in the most degrading way possible. Not with any of those handsome colleges boys and not with any of those young execs she used to tease so mercilessly, not with any of the bar girls at the Pink Flamingo, and not with Karl because she hadn't begged him to. He had warned her that there could be consequences.

But there was one more thing that needed to happen to make her humiliation complete. Fortunately the bum was drunk enough or numb enough from drinking that he didn't cum immediately. He kept pumping. Kelly was so primed from her treatment and withheld orgasms that she was just a fuse waiting to be ignited. She was also half convinced of her true slut status, being drenched and in heat from all that had been done to her. She was a hair trigger and erupted like a volcano in what was no doubt the biggest orgasm of her life. Cumming in a filthy alley being raped by a filthier person, would be the ultimate betrayal by anyone's body. Worse yet, her face showed she had a second huge cum before the man was finished with her. He finally pulled out, pulled up his pants, picked up his precious bottle, took a long drink, belched loudly, then continued on his way still mumbling to himself.

The mission was definitely accomplished. No more virginity and under the most horrible circumstances. Karl said to me, "It needs to be you and only you now, Cynthia. It is an 'imprint' moment and if you handle it just right, with just the right amount of compassion, she will be yours forever."

I nodded in understanding, and walked over to my weeping slave. I did get a couple of good stills with her camera phone of the cum dripping out of her freshly fucked, red and swollen cunt. There was a tinge of red mixed with the cum. Now we could give that cunt a proper workout anytime we wanted.

I saw her shudder one last time from the massive orgasms and grinned as all three of her bells jingled.

I set the camera on the ground. As I began to uncuff her from her rape rack, I spoke to her quietly and with as much compassion as I could manage. "It's ok, slave, I'm here. Everything is ok, your Mistress will protect you."

In freeing her from her torment and to further make me seem like her savior, I pulled the ass plug from her. The emptiness she no doubt felt would also be a huge symbolic release from her abuse of the last two days. It had served its purpose for the moment, but the subtle hollow feeling would stay with her.

I released her right hand last, and helped her stand, all the while cooing my sympathy. "I'm here, I know. I know you can't help being a slut. I'll take care of you, here, let me get that." I released the ball gag, tossing it to the side, and immediately enveloped her naked body in a tender embrace. "It's ok. It's ok," my mouth moving closer to hers until our lips met. My tongue forced her lips open, our teeth clinked, her sobbing stopped.

Our tongues entwined, I took my right hand and reached between her parted legs. With my fuck finger, I wiped along her pussy lips, coming away with a mixture of blood and his cum. I broke our kiss, and brought my finger between our lips. "It's ok, slave. I understand. You must remember this moment forever," and I wiped the goo across her upper lip, ensuring she would lock away that smell, that moment, for all time.

She didn't react, just stared at me, and I did my best to give my most innocent smile. "Let's go home."

I had signaled with my now free hand for Karl and Lena to enter the scene.

"How is your slave, Mistress Cynthia?" Karl asked, with just the right amount of concern in his voice.

"We're fine, thank you, Master."

"Can I help with anything?" Lena joined in.

"Yes, would you grab that coat out of the back seat. My slave is shivering and can you give us a ride back to her hotel?"

"Of course."

The three of us grinned at each other. My slave, her head bowed, hung onto me, as we moved towards the car. Her three bells jingled. The gaudy neon signs reflected off the wet pavement. I could not have been happier.

It was the night I turned 16. Sweet 16. I remember mom had been tense all evening. She and dad let me invite a total of 16 friends, and the ratio of 14 to 2, girls to guys, seemed safe to them.

When everyone had left, and I had showered and was getting ready to go to sleep (it was a school night), mom came in and after a little small talk said, "Honey, you are now a woman in my eyes. You are beautiful and smart and ...," she paused.

"Yes, mom?"

"...and vulnerable."


"Honey, what I am trying to say is that you have something that is very precious and guys will want to take it away. Your dad and I cannot always be with you, to protect you, so you have to protect it yourself. My mom told it to me in a riddle. What does a girl have, that once given away, is never retrievable?"

"Mommy, it's late. Can you please tell me what you are trying to say?"

"You are a virgin. It is your most valuable possession, your virginity. Please protect it like the most expensive gem in the world. OK?"

"Of course, mom."

That memory flashed through my mind in a second, and I began to sob uncontrollably. I was horrified to think that I actually orgasmed while he raped me.

"It's ok, slave, I'm here." Mom?

"Everything is ok, your Mistress will protect you." I continued to weep, now even more intensely. I was safe. Mistress was there to protect me.

"Oh, Mistress," I whined through the gag, "thank you for being here."

And now, as we sat in the backseat of the car driven by Master, the horror of the moment began to fade. I was safe, in the arms of my Mistress.

My phone rang. I knew it was the ring for my mom. I looked at Mistress, my eyes pleading. She hugged me close, "Later," she whispered, and as the phone ran to message, our lips locked once again.

Master and First Slave dropped us off at the front of the hotel. Mistress and I got out of the back seat. She made sure the coat was buttoned up, and did her best with my bedraggled hair. I smelled the humidity in the night air. I smelled my blood and his cum on my upper lip.

Mistress took my shoulder bag from First Slave and said goodbye to Master. They spoke of getting together soon. We walked hand in hand towards the entrance.

"You need to clarify with the desk clerk that I will be staying with you, slave. Just tell him to put it on your bill and that you will take care of it at the end of the week. Understood?

"Yes, Mistress." It came out so easy now. I didn't want to be alone and she had saved me.

After clearing the front desk, we went up to my room. Mistress helped me out of the coat and flimsy dress. She bent down, her tongue licking my stomach all the way from my breasts to below my navel, and unlocked the heels on my aching feet. She tossed them aside.

"Your turn," she said to me and I understood I was to strip her. I realized I was barely breathing. I removed all of Mistress's clothes. Her body was so taut, so beautiful. I could smell her musk and I knew my pussy was once again oozing nectar.

I went to my knees to remove Mistress's boots. I would have stayed at her feet, but as I finished, her hand appeared. I took it and she helped me rise and hand in hand, we moved to the bathroom. I just stood there, collared in steel and cuffed in leather, as Mistress set the shower water to the right temperature. As the water warmed, she looked me in the eye and began to remove first my wrist cuffs, then the ankle cuffs. It felt strange without them.

She rose to her feet and our eyes locked, and then our lips again. We could not get enough of each other's tongue. We chewed tenderly on each other's lips. I sought to capture her elusive pierced tongue, biting lightly with my teeth.

"Slave," she whispered.

"Hmmmmmmmm," our lips were suctioned together.

"Slave," she repeated.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, mumbled through nearly sealed lips.

"Your tongue, I want to pierce it, to feel the metal when we kiss."

"Hmmmmmm," I answered, unable to break the seal. I wanted to say 'no', but she had pressed our lips more tightly and I could not speak.

"Hm, yes, and pierce your lip so I can show you to all my friends, hmmm," she continued to whisper her erotic thoughts. "I want to mark your body, which belongs to me, in every way possible, so everyone knows." She had shifted and was biting down on my lower lip. I was sure I could taste blood. I did not respond. They were just words spoken in lust.

She broke our lip lock and with a finger through the ring on my collar, she led me, her panting slave, into the shower.

We luxuriated for an hour it seemed, exploring, cleaning, tenderly entwining, washing each other, sucking each other's breasts, our bodies never out of contact. The rape in the alley, the auction, the memories of the past two days washed down the drain with the warm water.

We dropped to the floor of the shower, which doubled as a tub. Mistress locked the drain and the water began to rise. She began to tease my pussy, pulling on my labia lips. At first, I offered a mild resistance, but she was too strong and I owed her too much. Her fingers probed my pussy, now underwater. Deeper and deeper she plunged, and I could not help panting.

She pressed me against the back of the tub, again our lips locked, but she continued to stoke my furnace. I could feel my fires burning, unquenched by the rising water. With her knees, she pressed my legs to the side of the tub. "Lock your hands behind your neck, slave, and do not release them no matter what. Mesmerized, I obeyed.

"Do not cum, slave," she ordered, hissed into by mouth. "Your body belongs to me. You are my slave. You may not cum without permission or I will have to punish you." Oh fuck, I had to cum, she was twisting my clitty and at the same time raping my mouth.

"Please," I begged.

"Only when I say you can, slave. Resist. Your body belongs to me." She looked me directly in the eyes, her power overwhelming. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I managed to hiss. "Please, Mistress, pleaseeeeeee."

I had slumped down deeper into the water, which now covered my shoulders. Her hand still played with my clitty. Suddenly, while her eyes still bound mine, she slipped under the water and bit down on my right nipple. My body jerked in the tub and I cried out in pleasure, my hands clenched behind my neck. My legs were spasming, my pussy ready to explode. Her fingers were embedded deep in my love canal. I could not hold out much longer.

Suddenly, she exploded up from beneath the water and ordered, "Cum, slave! Now!"

I screamed in release, my head thrown back, my mouth agape with an animalistic cry that I cannot describe. Mistress fell back from my body, and from her knees she watched me gyrate, my hands never leaving the back of my neck, where I had hooked several fingers to the collar.

When my eruption was complete, I opened my eyes, to see Mistress with a huge grin on her face. "You should have seen the water, slave. When you orgasmed, it was like a mini tsunami in the tub. I am sure you squirted violently. If my slave's cunt had not been underwater, it would have blasted me out of the tub," she laughed with glee.

I merely smiled, exhausted, spent, but so happy. Never so satisfied in all my life.

"Up, slave," she ordered, as she also rose from the tub, releasing the plug at the same time. We stood under the shower spray and thoroughly shaved each other's pussies. At any moment, I thought Mistress would bring me to another orgasm, but she did not.

We stepped out and dried each other, no words passing between us. We took turns drying each other's hair, using the wall blow dryer. Except for the collar locked on my neck, and the three bells, and tat, we were equals.

But not equals. We both knew this.

As we were walking out of the bathroom, my cell phone rang. I looked at Mistress, who said, "Your mom."


"Answer it, slave. Be careful what you reveal, needless to say. Just sit on the bed, slave."

I opened the phone and taking the initiative spoke first, "Hi, Mom!"

I knew this was not going to go well. "Kelli, what have you done and who is that girl in the picture you emailed us?"

"Oh, that is Cynthia, a student I know at UCLA." I looked at Mistress, who was paying little attention, rummaging through her gym bag. As I watched, she was pulling metal cuffs from her bag. They were steel, rounded, not wide like my collar. "It was so unexpected to run into her at the same hotel."

"But what do I see? You have pierced your ears and it looks like you are wearing some sort of silver collar and a chain is dangling from it!" Mom's voice was clearly agitated.

"Oh, that is just for fun, mom. She is from this area and we went to a Spring Fling costume party, so I went as," I paused, trying to think this through, and watching as Mistress approached me. "Um, a slave girl in old Rome."

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, Kelli. Your dad and I are not pleased with those earrings. You look like, like some floozy!"

Mistress knelt at the bed and attached the metal cuffs to my ankle, a small key locking them tight. My heart was racing.

"Oh mom, you know I have always wanted to get my ears pierced. Everyone my age has pierced ears. And besides, I like the look. How are you and dad?"

And now Mistress placed the cuff and locked it to my right wrist.

"We're fine, but you are upsetting us immensely. I want you to call every day, at least while you are in Miami. And please, Kelli, don't do something crazy that you will regret." This conversation triggered memories of a conversation we had long ago, the day I turned 16. Mistress locked the final cuff on my left wrist and mouthed, 'Stand up and bend over.'

Bent over at the waist, trying to respond, I felt Mistress wipe some lubricant into my ass hole. I knew what was going to happen next, and began to rise in protest.

SLAP. "Aghh," I gasped.

"Kelli? What's happening? What is that noise?"

"Stay bent over, slave," and I felt Mistress press the horrid butt plug against my pucker hole. "Nothing, aghh, mom...trying to lift this heavy suitcase, aghh," the plug finally settling into its cozy home.

"Stand up, slave," Mistress ordered, as she reached for the chain leash. "And hang up."

"Mom, it has been a long day. I need to go to sleep. Remember, we are 3 hours ahead of you." Mistress leashed me and pulled me from the bed towards the bathroom.

"Just promise me you are being careful, Kelli."

Mistress showed me the small key she had used to lock the metal to my ankles and wrists. I did not know what she was implying, but her face was in a wide smile. Suddenly she dropped the key in the toilet, and as I stared in amazement, flushed the toilet, the key gone forever. I gasped, forgetting all about mom.

"Kelli, what was that sound? Are you ok."

I was stunned, it took a moment to respond. "I was just yawning," I said in a shaky voice. "Good night, mom." I stared at Mistress, my mouth agape.

"Let's go to bed, slave."

I just stared at her empty hand that had just dropped the key to my steel bondage cuffs in the toilet. Stunned, I followed Mistress as she led me by the leash to the queen bed.

"I'm exhausted, slave. It is tiring watching over you and protecting you from yourself. Lay down on your stomach, slave."

I still had not uttered a word of protest. I am not sure why. It just seemed like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I obeyed. She immediately linked my wrist cuffs behind my back as well as my ankle cuffs.

"Lift your head, slave," and when I obeyed, she strapped a ball gag into my gaping mouth. "Now I won't have to listen to you playing with yourself."

How could I sleep like this?

Mistress lay down next to me, and gave me one more peck on the gag. "Good night, slave," and as she turned away, her hand snaked its way into my pussy, playing with my clit bell. I moaned into the gag, a mix of protest and need.

Chapter 8 (added: 2014/01/15)

I awoke before she did but just lay there thinking about the day, weeks and who knows how long to come. I also was staring at her body.

I knew that my compassion toward her was disingenuous. Well mostly. I did have feelings for her. At the same time I knew I was a bitch. A sadistic bitch no less. Right now she felt sheltered by me after her ordeal in the alley. The place she lost her virginity which obviously meant so much to her. That feeling would wane, of course. The combination of loving compassion and evil bitchery from me would have her as confused as ever about where she felt safe. It wasn't much different than many abusive relationships that women were in with men. But there was one big difference. I may use and abuse her to a point, but she wouldn't end up severely beaten or dead as with so many women with their abusive husbands. I preferred the mind games over physical abuse. Not to say there wouldn't be some pain. There is a fine line. Other than tattoos and piercings, why would anyone want to beat and mark up such a beautiful creature. I liked her beauty and showing her off. That was half the fun.

When she stirred, I woke her with a kiss. She returned it instantly. Did she know it was me? I knew those feelings for me would deepen and that was well and good, but at the same time she needed to completely understand and accept my dominance. I straddled her face and looked down into her eyes and said, "Lick me, slut. It's time for my morning cum." There was only a slight hesitation before she tenderly licked my clit and pussy lips. There was no doubt she knew who I was this time and what she was.

She seemed to enjoy the taste now and was very enthusiastic. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face into my sloppy cunt. After riding her face for several minutes I came hard. Panting slightly but still in control of my voice, I released her from her bonds. I am sure she expected a reciprocating cum but it was not to be.

"We are going to spend a day together here in Miami. Just you and me. I have several ideas of things to do. Shopping, beach, etc, etc. But first breakfast. I know I don't have to warn you about disobedience. Always remember the movie theater last night. All that is just a click away from the people in your old world." She acknowledged that she understood with a "Yes, Mistress."

"Good" I replied. Her sassy mouth and superior attitude were gone. She had learned to speak very little, but to make it count when she did.

"Bend over slave." She hesitated only slightly. Maybe she was expecting another spanking. But I pulled the plug from her ass instead. It was stretching quite nicely. I ran my finger around the rim of the opening and felt her shake. "Since we have a lot to do today, I am removing this. Don't think it is gone forever. But maybe until later tonight." I laid it on the dresser. I am sure the maid would get a kick out of seeing it. Or be horrified.

"Down, slave," I ordered, "and let's get ready." I walked my leashed pet to the bathroom, a very luxurious bathroom compared to the one Karl had in his dungeon.

I sat on the toilet first and ordered Kelli to nadu. She could not hold my stare, as I admired my pet. She was indeed lovely. The steel that encircled her tanned body was stunning. I held her by the leash.

When I finished peeing, I gently jerked the leash to get her attention. "My slit needs cleaning, slave." She looked up at me with an expression of disbelief. "Come, come, we need to get moving," and I tightened my grip on the leash. "Your tongue is plenty long, slave. No need to waste paper. You have tasted my nectar, so I am sure you will like my piss."

My voice had taken on an authoritative tone, and I forced her face directly into my opened crotch, grasping her hair and pushing the back of her head. "Now, slave, or face the consequences," I said. I felt her tongue glide along my slit. I felt like moaning in pleasure, but stifled my emotions. Better to let her think this was just part of a daily routine, yet to be fully established.

After a moment, I allowed her to pull back from my crotch. "Next time if you hesitate, there will be an unpleasant consequence. Do you understand, slave?

"Yes, Mistress," she whispered, her head down in submission.

"Did you like my piss, slave."

Hesitation. "Yes, Mistress." I laughed at her response, not really caring one way or the other.

We showered together, with not quite the passion of last night, but still very pleasurable. I played with her bells and rings, and could see she was reaching the edge of control. At that moment, I turned off the shower. From the expression on her face it was clear she wanted to ask permission to cum, but she refrained. I have to admit, she did have a strong will.

After drying each other, and blow drying our hair, I thought now was a perfect time for another picture. She was aglow with lust. I got her phone and we stood before the large mirror, two lovers, and I said, "Cheese." FLASH. Gorgeous. She didn't exactly smile, but it was a very sexy expression, her mouth slightly open. We took a few more, while I held the phone at arm's length, our faces cheek to cheek. One was especially hot, with our tongues out, hers stretching left, mine right, barely touching.

I set the phone aside and reached into my gym bag. An outfit for her and one for me. Our skimpy tops were similar, but I wanted access to her juicy pussy at any time, so she had a very short white skirt that screamed slut, while I had super tight short shorts. Mine seemed to be the casual uniform of all women in Miami; hers the standard attire of whore anywhere. Besides, I wanted her clit bell tinkling non-stop. We both had strappy heels. I put a few other things in her handbag from my gym bag. It was easier to carry. I had a lot of ideas for the day and we could come back here to change for a night of clubbing.

I threw the skirt and top to her as I put my own on. She seemed a little shocked that there were no panties at all, and the top was as revealing as any bra. I looked at both of us in the mirror. "See, slut. We are much the same. The only difference is that I am the Mistress and you are my slave. So let's have a fun day. Stay close slave. You know I need to protect you from yourself." I paused and added with a grin, "Oh, yes, the other difference is that your tat announces your sluttiness and the collar and cuffs confirm it."

I handed Kelli her bag, with selected items inside, and I tossed one over my shoulder. "Now, breakfast."

We left the room and walked down the hallway to the elevator. Her clit bell tinkled and she looked at me with urgency in her expression. I just smiled. In the elevator we were alone and both looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her pierced and belled nipples were clearly outlined. I reached to her breasts and traced my fingertips around her highly aroused nipples. Her mouth was slightly open, she was clearly hot and horny.

We went down to the hotel restaurant and their breakfast buffet. She was clearly comforted by the lack of people in the dining room. She was not shy at the buffet. By the look of her plate, I could tell how starved she was, and that she was relaxed and comfortable with our arrangement. That was ok, for now. She did need nourishment, and with me giving her this freedom it would make her even more dependent on me. My niceness wouldn't last, of course, but one step at a time.

We sat down and as she reached for a fork, I put my hand over hers and said, "Remember, food is something you earn by your obedience. The same for orgasms. Obey fully with no hesitation or question and you will eat and cum as I allow it. Disobedience means not only loss of privilege, of course, but also the punishment of my choosing. The movies and pictures are always ready to be sent. I think you understand that you are mine now and will do whatever I want. Once you see how much fun it can be when you realize and accept what a slut you are, you might like your new life even more than you realize."

"Yes, Mistress," she said demurely, then looked around to see if anyone had heard her.

"Stop worrying about what other people think. You only have to please me and anyone else I give authority over you. Reach down and wipe two fingers over your slit. Then put your fingers to my lips. I want to see if you are wet from hearing what I just told you."

She started to look around again, then remembered what I had said. Her hand disappeared for a moment and then she brought her fingers to my lips. She probably thought I would just smell them or lick them but I took her hand and sucked her fingers into my mouth. Slowly enough to make her squirm. "Just as I thought. The whole idea of learning your true nature and now being owned has again made you wet and wanting. Face it, slut. You are having the most fun of your life right now."

She ate like a starving child with about the same manners. If her mom could only see her now. Collared and obedient, belled and cuffed.

It was obvious she was from a strict family. The whole thing about losing her virginity seemed to have really affected her, even though she was at the age when most women have long forgotten about it. I wondered what the story was behind that. Other than what I now knew about her need for dominance.

After the meal, we left the hotel and grabbed a cab outside. I told the driver, South Beach.

I started making out with her as soon as the cab started moving. Tongue kissing her until she was breathless, making sure my tongue stud played a tune on her teeth. Baring her breasts and biting her nipples. Playing with her clit. I saw the driver adjust his mirror to get a good view, though I had no doubt this wasn't a new thing to him. Probably more at night though with people leaving the clubs and drunk. Let him look, I thought. I was going to put on a show for anyone who would watch. Maybe it was one of my own fetishes. I enjoyed grabbing people's attention when I had a beautiful woman on my arm. I loved to watch them point and talk and I usually gave them plenty to talk about. Jealous people usually. I bet I frequently left lifelong images in their minds.

And my slave Kelli was an active participant. Soon we were both panting, oblivious to the world flying by outside the cab window.

I had so many things I wanted to do, so I had to prioritize. South Beach had about everything you could think of to see, do or buy. When the cab dropped us off, I knew our first stop was a tattoo and piercing parlor. Karl had made the arrangements.

I held her hand as we walked. The sun was hot, but here near the ocean was a decent breeze and it was still early. I pointed out to her that most of the women were wearing bikinis with just sheer wraps around the bottoms. A lot of skin on display. The beach area here and almost every beach around Miami allowed women to go topless. There was also a nude beach not far up the main drag, Collins Avenue.

When I spotted the shop I was looking for, I yanked her inside before she had even seen it. It was easy to tell what it was as soon as we entered. The artwork on the walls was a start. The woman at the desk and all the customers were tatted and pierced to the extreme. I saw the look in her eyes as she looked around and back to me. Before she could protest I gave her a stern look. "Don't you remember what I told you last night?" I stuck out my tongue so she could see the stud in it. Realization suddenly flashed through her eyes. I know she had felt it before with the dancing our tongues had already enjoyed. I was tired of tongue dancing alone. She began to protest when she realized what was in store for her.

I grabbed her arm hard. "Do you really want to displease your mistress so soon?" She said nothing. She just dropped her head in subjugation.

I announced my name to the girl at the front desk, and soon we were met by Brandi. She sizzled, with tats and piercings in all the right places.

Brandi directed us to her station along the far wall. I never let go of Kelli's hand, until she sat in the chair designated by Brandi. I told Brandi to start with her tongue. We discussed options-a steel stud to match mine, a colorful stud, a ring, and the possibility of multiple piercings. I enjoyed taking a peek at Kelli's eyes as we spoke. She was the passive slave, with no say in the matter. Her eyes were wide and darting back and forth between the attendant and me. In the end I decided a nice pink stud placed in the same position as mine would be perfect. We could always replace it with a ring later.

I told Kelli that she had better remain still to avoid undue damage. She had no choice. Her tongue was clamped so she could not move it and then the needle pierced it, top to bottom. Not fun for sure. She made a gurgle sound of pain, and she had a death grip on the arm of the chair. I watched her legs, noting she was rubbing them together, building friction. What a slut!

The stud was inserted. Her tongue would swell and she wouldn't be able to talk much the rest of the day. Probably no pussy licking today.

I leaned over and locked lips with my slave. I murmured, "I can hardly wait to tongue wrestle with you, slut." She purred in reply.

I broke the lip lock and asked Brandi to take our picture with Kelli's phone. I squeezed into the chair with Kelli, arms around each other. "Tongue out, slave, and smile." FLASH.

Since her mouth would be out of commission anyway, I told the woman to go ahead and pierce her lip as well.

"Eeze, no," she whispered, with a tone of urgency in her voice. I saw the pleading look in her eyes and gave her a moment of hope.

I had seen them on the way in, the cutest pair of nipple jewelry. I told the girl to wait a sec as I went and grabbed them. Little hearts with an arrow through them. The arrow would go through the nipple. I pushed up Kelli's top and replaced her bells with these new adornments. Her nipples were hard as rocks when I was done. They looked terrific. Cupid would be proud of them.

Brandi complimented my slave's new adornments and then I directed her to do Kelli's lip. I had pushed Kelli hard, so it was not surprising that she rebelled.

"No, no more," she sputtered, her speech slurred. She tried to get up from the chair, but I was ready for her. I stood to the side of the chair, scanning through her phone. I set it up quickly, showed Kelli the picture we had taken this morning, our tongues stretching to reach each other and SEND.

"Nooooo," she wailed, trying to grab the camera from my hand. That would not do. I had learned that the way she acted was a reflection on my abilities as a Mistress. I handed the camera to Brandi and swiftly took Kelli's right wrist, twisting it behind her back. I forced her back into the chair, where Brandi velcroed her left wrist to the chair, and as I held her right, did the same to strap her right wrist. We tightened a strap around her waist, as Kelli continued to struggle and beg. But her heart was not really in it, and she knew it was a losing battle.

Kelli finally slumped into the chair, knowing she had lost, knowing her mom would soon open a picture that screamed 'lesbian.' She was breathing rapidly and her eyes were glazed over.

"If she does that when I am doing her lip, it could get messy. I think she needs a forehead strap," Brandi suggested.

"Agreed." In moments, Kelli could move nothing except her fingers.

"What were you thinking," Brandi asked me.

"I was actually thinking of a Monroe. Sexy and fashionable. But I am not pleased with her lack of obedience. Let's make it a lip ring, right side."

"Sure. While I do it, why not look through our notebook on possible rings and other options." She pointed out the notebook on the counter. I took it, and sat down next to my slave. I thought I would try the same 'compassion' that worked last time.

"Slave, you are going to be a good slut, aren't you?" She was whimpering. "Don't worry, I'm here." I leaned into Kelli, my lips brushing her cheeks. She moved her eyes towards mine, tears streaking down her cheek. Fear or humiliation? I didn't really care. I focused my attention on the notebook.

Peripherally, I saw Brandi mark Kelli's lip with some ink, inside and out. The first page of the binder had the expected steel and gold rings. The second page had more colorful rings. Pink to match her tongue?

"Before we go any further, you need to decide, Mistress." I looked up at Brandi, who looked serious. Was she sending me a message or just going with the flow? I was quickly scanning the pages. Studs, spikes. What the fuck! A chain. A lip chain, wrapped around her lip, fine links, steel. And more chains! Double wraps. My pussy began to juice.

I turned the page so Brandi could see it, but not Kelli. I pointed at the chain. A big smile came to Brandi's lips. "Nice. It will go perfectly with her collar. Won't leave any doubts about her status."

Brandi left us to get the chain. It gave me a few moments to soothe my slave's fears. "Slave, your Mistress will take care of you. She knows you cannot control your sexual desires, so Mistress will help you. She loves to make her slave more beautiful and sexy. These piercings will please your Mistress very much. You want to please your Mistress, right?" She did blink, but no discernible agreement.

With my left hand, I reached under her tiny white skirt and began to play with her pussy lips, pulling and tugging and tickling her belled clitty. Her eyes were huge. With my right hand, I flipped through the pictures on her phone until I found the one where we stood naked before the bathroom mirror. Naked except for her steel bondage. I turned it towards her. "You want to please your Mistress, right, slave?"

"esss, just eeeze don't send another picture," she nodded. She was twitching, her pussy sopping wet. This was going to be perfect.

Brandi had returned with a little plastic bag. She set it on the table and said, "Ready?"

"Yes, my slave is ready to please her Mistress, right slave?" Kelli jerked her head slightly up and down. "Do you want to cum, slave? Do you want to please your Mistress and cum?" Again she slightly nodded up and down and hissed "essss, essss!"

Brandi reached for the forceps and pulled Kelli's lip away from her mouth. Even my heart was fluttering and when I saw the size of the needle, my mouth went dry. I smacked my lips and said, "Keep your eyes open, slave? This will please your Mistress." I focused on her clitty and tried to time it just right. "Hold it, slave. Not yet, not yet." She watched with utter fear as the needle plunged towards her lip. I rang her clit bell, scratching her engorged clit with my fingernail. At the moment Brandi touched her lip with the needle, I ordered, "Now, slave, cum NOW!" And Brandi plunged the needle through her lip.

Kelli let out a pitiful wail, pain and pleasure, an animal screaming its primeval needs. Her body was spasming, though it could barely budge in the bondage. "Quiet, slave, quiet. Now." I showed her the phone, my finger on the SEND button. Her breathing was ragged, as Brandi pulled the chain through the piercing as the needle exited the hole. Of course, there was some blood, but minimal considering the wound. Brandi used some powder to quell the bleeding, and pulled the chain so that she could lock it behind the lip.

"Did you know that horses are often given this piercing, as a way to better control them?" Brandi stated matter-of-factly as she finished prepping Kelli's lip, making sure the chain was just right.

"Really? No, I never heard of this, but I saw one girl on campus back home and she attracted a lot of attention." In the back of my mind, I thought 'ponygirl.'

I knew I wanted at least a few additional piercings and tats as well but we had all week. Hmmm. That reminded me. I still hadn't decided how the week would end. She was supposed to meet her friend on Saturday for the cruise. I had a few days yet to think about that. It was a good time to do a little shopping now, since it would be too painful for her to protest. I said goodbye to Brandi, and paid her with Kelli's credit card, adding a nice tip.

Stunned. Unable to focus. Hearing words but not understanding. Mistress and Brandi helped me stand, after releasing my forehead and strapped arms and legs.

I looked at Mistress. She must have been pleased, because she was smiling. I guess I had done well.

They walked me over to a mirror. Was that me? I began to cry. That couldn't be me. I opened my mouth. A pink stud floated on the surface of my tender tongue. It felt so thick and damaged. My lip! It also throbbed. A fine chain was wrapped around my lower lip. The swelling already enveloped much of the ring. What had she done to me, this Brandi?

My nipples! The bells were gone, and that was a relief. A heart surrounded my nippies that were speared by an arrow.

Mistress put her arm around me and pulled me close, forcing me to face her. "It's ok my little slave. Your Mistress is here to protect you. Everything is going to be ok." I felt safe in her arms. My breasts sparked with electricity, as they touched her bikini top. Her lips brushed my damaged lips and relieved the pain.

"You trust your Mistress, slave?" she whispered.

"Yes, Mistress," I whispered back, our lips never losing contact. I needed Mistress to protect me.

"Let's go shopping, slave. You deserve some presents. OK?"

"Yes, please." I love presents and I had pleased my Mistress.

Our next taxi stop was a shop that had some beach wear in the window. There were many of them on Collins Ave since it ran miles along Miami Beach. Mistress protected my lip and tongue, but our hands were all over each other and she had me panting and begging with my eyes to cum. I didn't really care what the taxi driver was thinking. After all, we were never likely to cross paths again. In fact, I was thinking how fun it would be to give him a real show of lust.

But Mistress shushed me, and whispered "Later." I looked in her eyes and knew she was right and I was not thinking straight. I needed Mistress to keep my desires under control.

Mistress told the driver to pull over along a certain stretch of many boutiques. We had just exited the cab, and she was paying the driver, when I recognized my mom's ring on my cell phone. It was in Mistress' bag.

Mistress backed away from the cab and reached for the phone, turning to me. "Please, just let it ring," I begged.

"That is no way to treat your mom, slave." She took my arm, leading me into the doorway of a shop and handed it to me with a smile on her face.

"Hi, mom!" I exclaimed, my tongue and lip clearly hampering my speech. I had to do my best to relieve mom.

"Kelli! What is going on! What is that picture you sent me this morning? I just opened it. It looks like you are about to kiss that girl, what's her name?"

"Oh, mom, don't be silly. We are just having fun. Her name is Cynthia, mom. I told you we knew each other from school. I have been hanging out with her and her family the past few days."

"And that metal is still around your neck. I thought you said it was just for a party the other night?"

"Oh, yes, well, that is a funny story." I was lying on the fly, my heart beating like a drum. "I'll tell you about it when I get home end of next week. Relax mom, I wouldn't send you those pictures, but I thought you would like to see me. You don't want me to send you any pictures?" Good, put her on the defense.

"Of course, I do, but...and why do you sound funny. Are you drunk?"

"No, mom," I pretended to laugh. I looked at Mistress and she had a mild expression of delight. "I have an ice cube in my mouth, from a soft drink I just tossed. It is so warm and humid here, mom."

"Honey, please behave yourself. You are not acting normal and it makes me worried."

"Don't worry, mom. It is so hard to hear you on the phone. We are walking along a major street and the cars and busses are making a lot of noise. Let's talk later, k, when it is quiet."

Mistress held out her hand and lipped that she wanted to talk. I shook my head NO, but when I saw her expression, I knew I had to yield. "Mom, here is Cynthia. She wants to say Hi." I handed her the phone and whispered, "Please."

"Hello Mrs. Hu. I am Cynthia." Pause. "Same here. I just wanted to tell you what fun we are having. Who would have thought that Kelli and I would have run into each other on the other side of the country." Pause. "Yes, my parents moved here several years ago for business." Pause. "Same here. Don't worry, I am taking good care of your daughter. She can be a little wild, but I have it under control. Yeah, so, bye," and she hit END.

"You have a sweet mom, slave. I think we should keep her happy with more pictures, don't you." I just stared, hoping she was teasing me. She broke the tension with a happy laugh. "Let's go."

Hand in hand, we walked into the first shop. We looked around, Mistress guiding me from rack to rack. She seemed to be focusing on the tiniest, stretchiest bikinis. I was ok with that, but she did not seem satsified. Then she noticed bikinis of three tiny triangles which I thought were barely legal. She tossed me a black one.

Once she had collected the three most revealing bikinis, she seemed satisfied. At that moment, a sales girl wandered over. "Can I help you," she asked.

"My slave is looking for the most revealing beachwear and I think we may have found them." I cringed at her comment, and lowered my gaze. But she would not let me shrink from my new existence. "Isn't that right, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," I mumbled.

"Slave, that is no way to respond in the presence of this young woman. Answer correctly."

I lifted my head and looked her directly in the eye. "Yes, Mistress," I declared more boldly. Mistress smiled and turned her gaze to the sales girl.

Her name tag said Kayla. Her eyes scanned my body, top to bottom. Her mouth was slightly opened. Clearly this was not an everyday occurrence.

"However, Kayla," Mistress continued, "we are new to Florida, just here for spring break. We are from Southern California. I would value your opinion. Slave, go try on the black one first and come find us. Leave your heels on."

"Um, sure. The dressing room is in the back right of the store," Kayla said. As I left them, I heard Kayla ask, "Is she really your slave?" I could not hear Mistress' reply. But my neck burned with embarrassment.

I removed the top and skirt, which took all of 15 seconds. I smiled inwardly. I was feeling more and more comfortable with Mistress and trusted her to keep me safe. Yes, it was humiliating, but less and less so.

Three triangles and some string and the triangles weren't even solid. There was a triangle within a triangle, where the center one didn't do much more than cover my nipple and the outer one somewhat disguised the outline of my areola. But the bottom, well the triangle wasn't designed to cover much either. There was a very small triangle over my clit then a double row of beads that rode right between my pussy lips, enhancing them on each side. The string coming out of the bottom went up my ass crack.

I had to tug and shift the material to hide my nipple hearts and clit bell. But the moment I moved, both played peek-a-boo. And I knew my SLUT tat would be fully on display. I was trying to figure out how to solve this problem, when Mistress called quite loudly, "What's taking you so long, slave?" Fuck! Everyone in the shop would hear her! I did the best I could and walked from the changing room.

It was not a large shop and I expected to see just Mistress and Kayla, but two customers had apparently heard her calling me slave, and they had joined the review committee. A guy and his girl, it appeared. I stopped momentarily.

"Walk closer, slave. Lock your hands behind your neck. Thrust out your breasts, spread your legs. Good. What do you think, Kayla?"

"Um, hot. Very," said the salesgirl, looking me up and down. I was getting overheated again, displayed in this manner. Kayla was licking her lips.

"Turn around, slave, walk back away from us, wriggle your ass. Good. Any comments?" Apparently she was also asking the customers to rate me. I knew Mistress was proud of me, but this was really too much.

"Is she really your slave?" the girl spoke.

"Of course," Mistress replied. "She needs someone to protect her from herself to be honest. See her tat? Her steel cuffs? She just got her lip pierced this morning. Do you like the chain wrap?"

I cringed. She was telling them all about me and making it seem like all these body mods were my idea!

"Totally," said the guy. His girl did not seem too pleased.

"Ok, slave. Go try on the next. I want to see how the monokini suits you."

I knew I could not challenge Mistress in public, so I walked quickly. It was a relief to be hidden from their ogling eyes.

I removed the triangles and picked up the strings of the monokini. I had been to Vegas once, and I had seen strippers wearing them on stage. I think one of the girls I was with teasingly called them slingshots. Two strings over the shoulders that widened to maybe an inch at most to cover my nipples. The two strings did not come together until they went around my pussy completely, leaving me completely exposed There was only string between my ass cheeks and up my back. I could not imagine anywhere I could wear this! But I could not disappoint Mistress.

When I returned, the guy and girl had left, much to my relief. I modeled the other another barely legal bikini, just a few wisps of material. Mistress ordered me to show my new tongue stud and nipple hearts. Kayla examined my lip chain. All this attention had its effect.

"What's this I see?" Mistress announced, having run her finger down my inner thigh. I was horrified. I could not control my body and my love juices were snaking down my thigh. "You see what I mean, Kayla. She just cannot control herself." I wanted to curl up in a ball and die.

I returned to the dressing room and redressed with "my street clothes." When I returned, Mistress and Kayla seemed to be enjoying their new friendship.

Mistress told me to pay Kayla and I gave her a questioning look. "You don't think I am going to pay for your slavish desires, do you? Just look in your bag," she said, handing me my shoulder bag. I got out my credit card and charged the three items.

"Thank Kayla for her time, slave."

I felt like a child. "Thank you, Kayla, for your suggestions and time."

"You're welcome, slave. Hope to see you both later in the week."

"We have one more stop to make before we head to the beach. I want to get a couple things for later." We walked a block down the street, hand in hand, and made a right for two more blocks. I so needed my contacts or glasses. Everything was a blur. My tongue and lip had stopped throbbing. I ran my tongue over my lower lip, feeling the chain that wrapped around it.

We stood in front of an adult video and toy store. Such shops were all over Hollywood, but I had never stepped inside one. The shop was quite large, and not dark and dingy like I imagined all such shops would be. It was brightly lit, with mannequins dressed in latex and rubber, gagged in similar ways that I had experience in recent days.

Mistress scanned the shop and headed towards the left. There were glass cases or jewelry and gold. High class adult boutique. The cliental was varied. Men and women, singles and couples, all about our age, it seemed. An attractive blonde offered to help us. She was dressed in a short leather skirt and matching black bra.

"I am looking for several items for my slave. She needs a belly chain and a variety of hoop earrings." I blushed again. I would never get used to her telling everyone that I was her slave. And I knew who would be paying for this. Me. All my hard earned vacation money was going to be spent on things that pleased Mistress. I had no say in the matter.

"Sure, right over here." We moved along the cases. "See if any of these earrings will do. Then I will show you the belly chains." Mistress spun the rack. I scanned the choices. Most had symbols or words hanging from the earrings, but hoops and chains. By squinting, I could make out the words. FUCK ME. SLUT. SLAVE. PET. I wanted to rebel, to race from the store, but I was trapped by the pictures and videos they had made. I had to stick it out.

Mistress took one pair off the rack. Large silver hoops, and the word SLUT within the hoop. "Please, no," I hissed.

"Don't be silly, slave." They are perfect. Hold your hair back." I hesitated. "Are you disobeying me, slave?"

"No, Mistress," and I held back my hair. She removed the larger hoops from my ears and replaced them with the SLUT hoops. My God, how much worse could this get.

"Perfect, if I say so myself." The salesgirl smiled in agreement. "And you have belly chains."

"Sure, not a great variety, but over here." Mistress and I followed her around the corner of the glass cases. The salesgirl pointed into the case. Gold or silver?"

"She is new to the collar," Mistress stated. "Nothing in basic steel?"

"I am sorry, no."

"Let's see the silver one, with little handcuffs." Like charms on a bracelet, the chain had little handcuffs hanging every few inches. Horrifying. Mistress reached around me to connect the chain.

"Nice tat," the salesgirl stated. Mistress reached under my skirt and I felt her run her fingers along my slit and tickle my bell.

"It is true, you know. Look at this," and she showed the salesgirl her glistening finger. The girl smiled. Mistress stuck the finger in front of my mouth, the expectation clear. I took her finger in my mouth and sucked it clean of my juices. I was burning with shame once again.

"That will do for the jewelry, though we might come back later in the week. I guess the last thing I need is a strap on."

"Sure, this way." We followed her across the store. Of course, we drew attention, dressed the way I was. Collared and cuffed, wrists and ankles. My bell tinkled. Large hoops that blared SLUT. Hard nipples and piercings evident under my top. A lip chain and now a belly chain. My shoulders seemed to slump from the weight of my enslavement.

There was a whole section of strap-ons. Mistress picked up first a harness that would fit her, then went about selecting the right fake cock to attach to it. There were many shapes and sizes. She picked up one that was light flesh colored, about seven inches long and average girth. Then she said loud enough for other customers to hear, "What do you think of this one, slave? Is it big enough?" I couldn't speak. I shook my head, my lip quivering.

"No? I guess you are right. Much too small." I groaned in disbelief at once again being tormented in this way. But as before, I felt my pussy reacting. Mistress made her nose crinkle. "Is that you, slave? My little slave is hotter than a firecracker." She pretended to whisper a secret, but instead her tongue darted around my pierced ears. I felt goose bumps all over my body.

Chapter 9 (added: 2014/03/19)

I held up several more dildos since we had caught some people's attention. Then tiring of this game, I selected the one I was after all along. It was very thick, black, and about ten inches long. "Doesn't this remind you of the African man? Master Sadan? This is perfect." This time I wasn't sure if she groaned or moaned. I handed her the items and searched for one more thing.

It was a remote controlled vibrator ingeniously designed. It was very smooth and light. Half of it was made to be inserted and just the right size to be easily retained and comfortable. That part rode nicely inside against the g-spot. The outer piece was narrower and would rest between her cunt lips and touch against her clit even when the vibrator wasn't turned on. I would control it and torture her any time I wanted. I had plans for all our purchases later. I gave her the vibe also and we went to the check out where she sheepishly laid our toys on the counter. The clerk asked us if we found everything we needed.

"Oh yes. Thank you. We are going to have so much fun tonight," I said enthusiastically, mainly for affect. Well mostly.

Kelli looked at me. I looked back. "Pay the girl, slave."

She shaped her chained lips, about to say the "B" word, but I would have no 'Buts' at this point. "Pay her, slave, NOW." Kelli used her credit card and finalized the purchase. I hoped she had a high spending limit.

As we left the store, I said, "beach time." Actually we were only a block from the beach, but not the one I wanted. I decided we would take the bus this time since it was a straight shot up to Haulover Beach from here. As we headed for the bus stop though, I saw up ahead two very flamboyant and obviously gay men with a little dog on a leash which was heisting his leg on everything in reach while they talked. I almost laughed out loud as a terribly wicked idea crossed my mind. I grabbed the short leash still dangling from Kelli's collar and went up to them. "Hi, looks like everyone is walking their pet today."

They laughed and greeted us. I asked them which bus to take to Haulover, but that wasn't really why I stopped to chat. I watched the dog sniff the air at first then almost immediately attach himself to Kelli's leg and start humping. I said, "Guys, looks like your dog prefers females and he knows a bitch in heat when he finds one."

We all laughed, including a couple of passers by. Except Kelli, of course. She couldn't shake him off. Finally we stopped laughing and detached him. I waved good-bye, but Kelli, completely mortified, hung her head. I had gotten a great viral video.

I told her, "Listen, the sooner you learn that other people just don't matter, the better. And that your Mistress matters first, then the juices flowing between your legs matter. Who the fuck cares who else sees or whispers about what you do? If it feels good, do it."

I could see her thinking about what I said. Good. About fucking time.

It was a short walk to the bus stop. Two different buses could take us, but we passed up the "S" line and took the one marked "Haulover Beach, Limited Stops". It was not crowded, so we sat in front on the side seats facing the center aisle. I reminded Kelli to keep her legs apart and I laid my hand high on her inner thigh. She was nervous, I could tell.

The bus made a stop at 69 Street. That's what the sign said. Not 69th. I chuckled. 69 was definitely my favorite number. An older man got on the bus and I watched his eyes flash around and seeing us quickly, sat down directly across from Kelli. She started to close her legs, but pressure from my hand reminded her that his was not permitted. The man openly looked at her nearly exposed crotch, then to her collar and leash, and finally to me. He smiled at me and winked, completely understanding the scenario. That was something that I had learned about older men. Their experience had made them both knowledgeable and bold. There was a reason why the acronym for "Dirty Old Man" was "DOM." Frequently, that's exactly what they were.

He continued to stare at her almost bare slit. Since I was wearing shorts, she got most of the attention. I think his mouth was watering as much as her pussy was dripping. I occasionally slid my hand up high enough to feel her wetness and to turn her on even more. Kelli was holding the vertical poll for stability as the bus lurched along. As the bus filled, the man gave his seat to a woman, then grabbed the overhead rail, standing directly in front of Kelli. His crotch at eye level to her. He had put his cooler and towel on the floor between her feet. It wasn't long before he had shifted a few inches and the tent in his pants touched her hand. I expected her to immediately remove her hand which I would not have allowed, of course. I was surprised when she didn't and watched him repeatedly, (accidentally? NOT) bump her hand with his hard-on the rest of the trip. I was proud of her for not moving her hand. Frottage was the name for this in France. A national past time I think or at least it should be. He looked at me and smiled again. The old perv. I could relate to him though. I smiled back.

When we arrived at our stop, most of the passengers on the bus exited with us. This beach was very popular and if it were the weekend it would have been packed. We walked down a bike path till we got to a wooden walkway that led between the dunes to the beach. There were restrooms just before the walkway. We stopped there and I made her put on the mono since it covered the least. Since we were only steps from the beach now, not even a wrap would be needed. Her eyes were wide and she was shaking a little when I whispered again to her.

"Remember, no one else matters." I didn't really give her time to think about it more but grabbed her hand and pulled her with me the twenty steps or so before the warning sign stating that nude bathers could be encountered.

It looked like any other Atlantic beach. Volleyball court, hot dog stand, lifeguard posts. Like any other beach except 95% of the few hundred people there were all naked. As we looked around deciding on a good spot, I pushed the part of Kelli's tini-kini to the side of her boobs. The iridescent color and cut of her suit drew more attention than if she were completely naked like most everyone else there. Of course her collar and cuffs, leash, belly chain and earrings all made people double take as we got closer to everyone we passed. I shed my shorts and top and threw them into the beach tote then led her down to the water's edge. I walked her south to the end of the nudist area, then back up to the north end, ostensibly to find a good place to lay our towels. Of course, I was only wanting to show her off and attract attention. I also wanted to see who was where. The north end was mostly gay men and some unaccompanied females who just came for the all over tan and got hit on less in this area because the straight men stayed away.

The rest of the beach was a wide variety of people, old, young, fat, skinny, couples, singles, even families. There was much ink on display. Slave Kelli was drinking it all in. I decided we would park our towels midway between the volleyball net and the ocean where there were the most people, but before settling in we went to the nearby food stand for cold drinks and an extra cup of ice for Kelli's swollen tongue. Knowing she couldn't really eat well, I let her get some ice cream while I got a hot dog and chips. Not much of a lunch, but that was no big deal. We had had a big breakfast.

As we went back to our towels I motioned for a vendor to set us up with a large beach umbrella and two lounges. The Florida sun will turn you crispy in no time if you are not used to it. Just walking to the water and back a few times made sunscreen necessary. I was already feeling the heat on my shoulders. As we sat down, I reminded her once again of a slut's first rule. Never close your legs. I was just pulling out the sunscreen when, as if on cue, here comes Harry.

Ok, let me explain Harry. He is the self-proclaimed, though unofficial greeter of Haulover beach, who does his best to give massages or apply sunscreen to any attractive woman that he can talk into it. Of course, there is no lack of men on this beach trying to do the same. Some even had business cards made up to show they were "professional masseurs" (yeah, right). But Harry was relatively harmless. He is also about 85 years old and his skin has been seared a permanent dark brown by the sun. He wears a funny hat and beads and has scraggly hair on his head and most of the rest of his body, including his extended paunch. Also remember that Harry is otherwise totally naked. I never really knew if Harry was his real name or just a nickname because he was furry just about all over.

I stood up, gave him a hug, and said, "Harry, you are just in time. I was just about to lather up my girlfriend with oil. It's her first time in Miami." I handed him the bottle and said, "Why don't you do that for me. And don't miss anywhere. His eyes lit up. You don't mind if I take a couple pictures of you while you do that, do you, Harry?" He just smiled. She mumbled a short protest, but knew there was no point.

He worked on her back first and did a good job and with no rush especially on her ass and legs, applying extra on her inner thighs as high as he could. He told her how lovely her tat was. She was squirming and I was loving it. It appeared that Harry was enjoying it a LOT, too. I told her to turn over and saw her eyes begging, which I ignored. I touched her ankle with light pressure to remind her to spread again. He took his time coating her tits and commenting on her cupid hearts. I explained to him why she couldn't talk. I watched his old wrinkly hands journey down over her sensitive tummy, then skipping down to each foot in turn and up her legs and thighs. Then he looked at me and I said, "You missed a spot," and I touched my finger to her skin about two inches above her clit. He poured more lotion on the spot and rubbed it in.

I could see and hear her breath getting ragged from the touching and the situation. That's when I thanked Harry and said maybe we would see him next time. He offered to "do me" too, but I declined saying my girlfriend would take care of that. As he left, I leaned over her to whisper in her ear. As I did, I quickly ran a finger in and out of her juicy little hole, then rubbed in on her lips.

"See, who else but a real slut would get this turned on by that nasty old man. It's a good thing I was here to protect you, or you would have let him fuck you and make you cum right here in front of everyone. Am I right, slave?" She shook her head no, and I just smiled at her. How could she think she was anything but a slut with this kind of treatment and results.

I did have her apply the oil to me as well. I loved the feel of her hands. Soft like velvet, but slightly shaking. All this was very new to her. We spent a couple hours more just laying in and out of the sun and making trips to the water to cool off. While we were on the lounge chairs there was a steady stream of men either putting down towels close by or at the right angles to try to get good views of our cunts on display. Some men tried to talk to us in hopes of more. On big black guy came over and tried to pick us up. He stood with his huge cock nearly dangling in Kelli's face. He probably was used to married women coming to find him for his services.

I took her back out into the ocean one last time before heading back to the hotel. Instead of playing in the shallows, I pulled her out to just over waist deep water. Not that far really. There were other people relatively close by. This time I started kissing her and ran my hand between her legs under the water. She moaned probably in both pain and pleasure as I touched her tongue with mine. She didn't even look around this time to see if anyone was watching. She slid her fingers into me as well. If people were watching, even if they could tell what we were doing, they didn't really know for sure. I had once watched a man and woman fuck standing up right about where we were now. If you were watching them you could tell. I didn't care then and I didn't care now.

We were getting each other very worked up but I broke the kiss and the embrace and said, "Let's get back to the hotel. Remember our new toy? I am going to fuck you till you scream."

I barely remember getting dressed and calling the taxi. At that point I think we were both so wanting to get back to the hotel that the cab ride was a blur. We were all over each other. When we finally got to the room I tried to compose myself, to regain control. Not of her but of myself and my own lust and desires. As we entered her room I locked lips with her again, not caring what pain I caused her from her newest piercings. I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard. I felt between her legs and almost lost it at the slippery wet juiciness I found there. I flipped the clasp on her top with one hand and threw it aside. The tiny little skirt was no hindrance so I left it. Then I literally picked her up and threw her on the bed.

I grabbed a ball gag from my gym bag. I knew I was going to make her scream and didn't want any interruptions if someone heard. I also grabbed a few pieces of rope (always prepared) and tied her hands to the bed frame Though it took a huge amount of restraint on my part I also took the time to tie her legs spread as far as possible.

So beautiful, so helpless. There is nothing more arousing than a woman tied or chained and completely vulnerable to assault. I could get to all her holes but right now her cunt was what I wanted. She was no longer a virgin and I had bought just the right tool for the occasion.

When she was secure and totally helpless, I stripped out of the little I wore and let her watch me slowly strap on the harness and huge phallus. Her eyes were wide with lust and I enjoyed every minute of it. Her heart was beating rapidly, but so was mine. I crawled up between her legs, first devouring her juices, lips and clit with my tongue. She was delicious. I loved her sounds, quivers, every movement she made. I took just a second to remind her. "No cumming until I allow it."

I continued to dine on her deliciousness, but backed off several times so she did not go over the edge until I was ready for it. Then I made my way to her breasts and sucked on them, tracing the ornaments there with my tongue. Letting her feel my teeth on her rigid nipples. I heard her gasp and enjoyed the way she reacted to everything I did to her. I moved my lips to hers again and kissed her first tenderly, then more demanding.

Then we both felt the huge cock touch her drenched cunt. There was no stopping now even if we wanted. It found its way to her nether opening and with one plunge I was inside her deep. It took her breath away and mine, too. But I didn't start pounding her like man would. I pushed it all the way inside her and held it there. Then I told her, "Squeeze it. Contract your pussy around it and squeeze. Feel it. Hold it tight."

I pulled out slowly and felt the resistance she was creating. I over came it, then pushed it back in. All the while I was looking deep into her eyes and watching her reactions. I increased my stroke. Only slightly faster, but trying to push deeper into her then slowly out. Long strokes. Then I would stop and bend down and take her adorned nipples in my teeth. Her moans drove me crazy. I began to increase the pace.

I grabbed her tits for support and began pounding her in earnest. She met every thrust as best she could while held by the ropes. I heard her then plead with me, beg me as best she could around the gag.

"eassse ,istress. eed cum. uck me, easessssssssssse."

I continued to rape her hot hole for a few seconds longer till she begged again.


As she whimpered in need, I withdrew nearly all the way out and almost saw terror in her eyes as she must have thought I would stop. But I said, "Now, slave, cum all you want."

I rammed the fake cock back into her all the way. Hard and deep. She was cumming before I could plunge it in a second time. We both exploded in the first of many orgasms. I did not stop. I continued to make love to her at times, fucking her at times. Slow, fast, gently, rough. My only thought was lust and orgasms for us both. It was working.

I lost track of time. We were both spent, exhausted. I did manage to remove her gag and removed her bonds before we both fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms. I have to admit, it felt good. All of it.

It was a little late when we woke up, but the night life here didn't start till after midnight. I let her awake slowly so she could remember and savor what had happened. Then I got up and removed the boxes from our tote and showed her our outfits for the night's clubbing, then we took a quick shower before we dressed.

The outfits were both black leather. Both were thin and tight on top. Hers completely showed her little hearts and would be a huge turn on to anyone and everyone that got close enough to her to see them. Other totally hot aspects of her outfit were that the skirt was tied at the side and so, split up the leg to the knot. It was obvious that there was nothing underneath. The best part though, was that I attached two chains from her collar to each wrist. They would not hinder her movements but would literally scream, slave and submissive, even across a crowded and noisy room. She would draw men and women like a sex magnet. I wore a halter, a super short skirt and a pair of leggings that accentuated by bare thighs between them and the skirt which didn't hide much. Matching leather cuffs gave me a slightly domme appearance while the entire package was still very femme. Nothing underneath of course for me either. Fuck that. Even in Miami we were dressed to kill.

I had her apply way too red lipstick. Everything she wore, belly chain, earrings, tat, collar, cuffs. Everything advertised her status as a total slut, whore, and slave. I had to admit. She was HOT, and more important, she was mine.

This time we went to another club district called Coconut Grove. The cab ride again was another grope fest, but just a tease. I wanted her to be juicing all night. The clubs were crowded even on a week night. This was really a party town. I gave her a new rule, besides keeping her legs parted while sitting. Any drinks we ordered would be finished before we went to the dance floor. I was not about to get us drugged like I had done to her to start all this. I didn't care who she danced with as long as she was not out of my sight, at least not without permission. We ordered a drink and downed it quickly. Then we hit the dance floor.

Geezzz, she had moves. I bet her other students would be shocked. Maybe the term 'dirty dancing' was archaic, but we ground together happily heating us both up. I think she was subconsciously letting out her inner slut on the dance floor. The pain from her tongue and lip seemed to be forgotten. She was laughing and smiling and uttering short phrases in deep guttural tones. "Yessssss." "Fuck me!" "Oh, yeah, get me down."

It was soon time for another drink to cool off.

Men were sending us drinks, but there was no way I would trust them unless it was an unopened beer. I am sure it pissed some of them off when we didn't drink what they sent. But when some of them came and asked us to dance, I let Kelli go and dance if she wanted. I danced with others only if she was also on the dance floor. Actually, I preferred to watch from our table. There were a couple men that came back more than once to dance with her. I watched as they did their best to touch and seduce her. I saw them whisper in her ear and no doubt wanted to get her alone. I was not surprised at all and was enjoying it. But how she handled the advances was the important thing. I knew she needed fucking. That juicing little cunt was realizing she needed it more and more and why not. Her precious virginity was gone now. But, I was still her Mistress. She had to understand and accept that I was in control. Anything less just would not work.

I was expecting exactly what happened. When she got off the dance floor with one guy, she asked me to order her a drink because she was so thirsty. I agreed and ordered one for each of us. But as soon as they arrived she said she had to go pee and could not wait. Since she knew about my rule of leaving drinks unattended, I knew she obviously wanted to go to the ladies room alone. I think she was a little surprised when I said ok. "Be back here right after though."

She must have thought the alcohol was making me careless. I saw the guy start to move as soon as soon as she left. I followed so I could tell where they went and I was right. They slipped into a room together. I gave them just a couple minutes, before I very quietly slipped through the door. They never noticed as I used my phone to video them as he bent her over a desk and fucked her from behind. He didn't last long and I doubted she had time to cum. Typical of what happens at these clubs. But I did see and record the look on her face when he pulled out and left abruptly. I think there were tears in her eyes.

I left my hiding place before she regained her composure and was sitting calmly at our table when she came back. I asked her what took her so long and she made up a story about there being a long line at the ladies room. Wrong answer!!!

I brought the phone to her face and told her to watch the video till the end. Then she really began to cry, apologizing for what she had done. Saying she was sorry that she needed to cum so bad that she had let him fuck her.

"Slut, you still do not understand. I have no problem at all with you wanting to fuck any man, woman or whatever because you are a total slut. That is only what I wanted you to learn. But where you did screw up was that you did not ask for my permission. Even more important is that you lied to me about it. That is completely unacceptable. Do you think I am stupid? You disgrace me when you lie to me. Don't you understand yet? Of course you are a slut. Of course you can't help that. I want you to be that and really don't care how many men or women you fuck, but only if you can totally understand and appreciate that you are MY slut.

Her tears were rivers now, as they should be. "Slave, you know this calls for severe punishment. Do you understand that? Do you want that? Or should I just consider you a lost cause and dump you on the street and leave you there, then make all your pictures and videos available to the world. Then I would have to go find myself another slut that would understand that I am her Mistress. What should I do slut? Are you even worth keeping?

I think it was that moment that turned her. The moment that made her understand that she was addicted to sex, to cumming, to any depraved thing that I would put her through and more important, to me. She truly begged right then for me to punish her in any way I wanted. She said she had been so horny she couldn't resist when the guy wanted to fuck her, and she admitted that when he was done it wasn't near enough. Nothing like she had experienced back in the hotel.

"Please, please Mistress. Keep me. I will do anything you want. Fuck me in anyway you want. Let men fuck me. Anything, anyway, anywhere you want. Please keep me. You were right mistress. I can't control myself. I need you."

Her words seemed sincere. I had her now. When someone promises they will do anything, everything, they have sold their soul.

"I am no longer sure you are worth my trouble, but I may give you one more chance. You will be punished severely. It is now obvious I cannot trust you. Trust is everything. Nothing is off limits with my permission but lying to me is the worst offence a slave can commit. Do you understand that?"

She whimpered and cried a hundred times yes. Of course what I was saying was mostly rhetoric but it was working.But I had to follow through. We left the club right then and it was a solemn cab ride back to the hotel. She laid her head on my shoulder which I allowed but nothing more. I could hear her sobs.

I was sickened by my actions. What had come over me? I had lost all self-control. Without Mistress, I would be a total whore! I was humiliated and shocked, but somehow, my pussy had taken control. I rested my head on Mistress's shoulder, feeling safe and vowing to never yield my body to a stranger in lust again.

When we got to the room, Mistress was strict with her worthless slave. She ordered me to strip and instead of an intimate shower, she simply chained my wrists together, and lifted them over the shower head. No words passed between us, as she first scrubbed my slutty body, roughly washed my dirty hair, and then washed herself as I stood facing the shower wall. I wanted to speak, to say how sorry I was, but I didn't want to make things worse. The way she was treating me made me feel even worse. She was shunning me, it seemed.

She shaved both my pussy and hers. It was electric, but except for any occasional moan I could not suppress, no words were shared.

Once dry, she commanded me to lay face down on the bed. I obeyed instantly; I deserved to be punished. She gagged me with a ball gag and fastened it securely. I felt safe when gagged. She then clipped my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs. I moaned, not in pain, but somehow feeling wanted again. Mistress pulled out a small flogger from her gym bag. She made sure I saw it before it ever touched me. I closed my eyes, wanting the pain to assuage my conscience. I moaned into the gag, telling Mistress to punish her slave for her lack of self-discipline.

Mistress whipped me again and again. The pain was cleansing, somehow. It was right. I began to sob, feeling purified by the whip. I am sure Mistress, in her loving way, thought I was in pain. She removed the gag and the ropes, lay down naked beside me and pulled me close. I immediately melted into her arms.

"I don't enjoy punishing you, but you must understand. I am your owner, your Mistress. You will do what I say. When that is understood, I will allow you to explore your needs, fantasies, and desires, no matter how wild. You need only ask permission and if they are reasonable, I will grant them. Never, ever lie to me again."

Her words soothed my inner turmoil. She understood me and cared for me. I sobbed and nodded my head in agreement.

Mistress continued her words so calming. "Oh, my slave, your punishment is over for now. But I can see that you need further help to control your own basic and sexual desires, so that you will be able to resist and not yield to your lust without my knowledge and approval. But we will take care of that tomorrow. Tonight is for us, Mistress and slave."

I continued to whimper, her words soothing, but also an indictment of my failure to please her, my failure to follow her direction. She just held me closer, naked body to naked body. In my mind, I committed myself to be obedient, to be honest and to trust Mistress to know what was best for me.

As my emotions came under control, my needs began to grow. I thought of the strap-on that Mistress had used on me. My moans took on a different tone. I wanted my hands free, my legs spread. Mistress seemed to sense this, but rather than assist me to relieve my needs, instead she pushed the ass plug deep into my bowels. I grunted in pain and pleasure. This is not what I wanted, but Mistress knew what I needed.

I fell asleep in her arms. I slept peacefully.

I felt her. Within me. Her fingers twirling my clitty and bell. I opened my eyes to her smiling face, and our mouths were suddenly conjoined, our tongues swirling in desire. I moaned, wanting to reciprocate, but instead being the docile slave.

"Slave?" she whispered out of the corner of our locked mouths.

"Yes, Mistress."

"I love your tongue stud and the feel of your lip chain as I run my tongue over it."

"Yes, Mistress." I was reaching a boiling point. "Please," I whined."

"Please what, slave?"

"Please, I need to cum." All words spoken in ragged breaths, our mouths and tongues in almost constant contact.

"No, slave, you do not have permission," and she broke our mouth lock, and began to unwind our bodies. I was limp, eyes wide, wanting more, needing more. I started to say something, to beg, but one look from Mistress told me to be quiet.

"Back to basics, slave," she said, clipping the leash to my collar and ordering me to all fours. I followed her to the bathroom, kneeling before her as she peed. "I'd like your tongue to wipe me clean, but maybe we should wait a few days until your piercings are healed," she sighed. I just stared at her lovely cunt.

We had another loveless shower, her words only commands that I instantly obeyed. As I was finishing drying, she went to the bedroom and returned with my phone. My heart fluttered. She took more pictures, our heads touching, two pierced tongues stretched to the limit, my lip chain prominent. She left me alone and returned to the bedroom.

I examined the chain. Yes, my lip was slightly swollen, but the pain was gone. I tugged down on my lip, seeing how it was attached. I ran my tongue around the inside of my lip, feeling the links. My pussy began to juice.

I touched my earrings. SLUT, they announced. It was true. I fiddled with the handcuffs on my belly chain. My mind was 1000 miles away.

"Come on, slave. We have things to do."

I hurried from the bathroom. Mistress was almost dressed. She released my leash. I licked my lips. Tight jeans with a bikini top. The top consisted of many silvery chains holding the bra in place. I just stared in awe at her beauty.

"Your clothes are on the bed." I looked to the right and saw a small pile of black material. A lot of strings and thin strands of cloth. I held up the first piece. They were shorts, I thought, no, more like a tube skirt. I pulled them up, feeling the stretchy material against my sensitive skin. It felt electric. There were no panties, of course. I eventually figured out the top, strings of material crisscrossing my breasts, with a cloth collar. At first I thought I had put it on backwards. Surely she would not wish to hide my slave collar. High heeled sandals. A sexi Mistress and her whorish slave.

We were about to leave the hotel room, when Mistress said, "Oh, put in your contacts, slave. No sense to keep walking around half blind."

"Thank you, Mistress." It took me a few minutes to insert the lenses and the world was suddenly brighter and more cheerful. I had gotten used to wandering around in a state of blurriness.

We went downstairs. "Remember," she said in the elevator, "it does not matter what others think. Your desire is to please your Mistress. Nothing else matters. Is that clear, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress." I stood proudly, my posture flawless. I would do anything to please Mistress Cynthia.

As we walked across the lobby, I knew we were the center of the known universe. It didn't matter. I felt comfortable, and proud to be her slave. I thought briefly of home, school, how amazing it was that we had come together. I thought of mom. I pushed those thoughts of mom out of my mind.

We enjoyed our buffet breakfast, chatting like two normal friends. We talked about people we both knew, about classes, about Miami. Not a word that caused my belly to heat nor my pussy to juice. Two normal Cali girls having fun miles from home.

It was strange eating food with my new tongue stud and lip chain. Several times, my teeth hit against one or the other. I had to be careful. It seemed like it would be easy to chip a tooth.

We went back upstairs to brush our teeth, finish our toilet, and gather our bags. Not a hint of Mistress/slave, not a flicker of heat. Just a normal morning, wearing less than normal clothes.

"Let's get a move on, slave. Miles to go, you know."

"Yes, Mistress," but I didn't know. I had no idea what the day would hold.

Chapter 10 (added: 2014/03/27)

We took a cab back to South Beach. She was pressed against me the whole trip, thigh to thigh. I could feel her heat through my jeans. I also felt the side of her breast against mine. Things were coming along nicely. We talked.

"Let's say you are still on probation after your behavior at the club last night. I do enjoy having you as my slave and I realize it is not your fault that you are a slut. That part is not a problem. I want you to be. What you must learn is that you can only let that part of you out to be wild when you have my permission and I am around to keep you safe. There will be no more lies, ever. And there will be no more hesitation to my commands, no disobedience. I know you want to please your Mistress now and this is all new to you. But you do have to learn a few things. Punishment can be severe whether it is physical or emotional. You are a true slut and it seems for now that only I can help you keep that under control. Remember there will be times when I allow you to be the little whore that you are. Remember too that these names are compliments. Slave, slut, whore are all things you should strive to be, both for yourself and for me, but only under my control. In fact I want you to be really good at the things that make a slut. I want to show you off as well as show people how well you obey, so I can be proud of my new pet. Do you understand all that?

"Yes, oh yes, Mistress. I will do anything and everything you say. I will make you so proud of your new pet. I promise." It was clear she was mine here in Miami. But I needed to be sure that after a week's cruise and return to L.A., that she would still be mine. Yes, I had the videos and pictures, but it was not in my plans to destroy her.

"Good, because as I said before, you are still on probation and today will be a test of your obedience, though I am going to do one thing to help you control those urges, if or when you are out of my sight. If all goes well today, then tomorrow you will be rewarded. Don't disappoint me. That would not go well for you." Once again, I was thinking of her departure on the cruise in 48 hours.

She agreed enthusiastically.

"Good, then the test of your obedience begins now." I had timed it perfectly as the cab pulled up to the same tattoo and piercing parlor we were at yesterday. The one place she no doubt feared the most. I watched the look in her eyes. I knew she wished she could run away, but that was a smaller part of her now. Now she knew what she was and ironically trusted me to protect her from herself. So much had changed for her since only last week I thought.

I noticed this time the name on the place as we went in. "Rico and Brandi's Body Art" I thought to myself. They were good at it and I am glad Karl let me know about it.

Since it was early, the place was empty. Both Brandi and Rico greeted us warmly. It was only then that I realized that Rico was the same artist that did Kelli's first tat back at Karl's place. "Back so soon?" Brandi asked. "I hope there is nothing wrong with your piercings from yesterday. But it is good to see you gain." I gave her a hug and told her that nothing was wrong.

"I am thinking of a couple new things for today. It seems my slave is even more of a slut that I had anticipated. She simply cannot control herself." I winked at Brandi and she instantly knew what I wanted. "I also want a bit more flash on her flesh when I show her off.

Brandi said, "Let's go ahead and strap her into position, then you can find what you want and talk to Rico about the artwork."

"Wait, why Mistress?" Kelli suddenly blurted out. "What are you going to do to me?"

Frankly, I was a little surprised by her outburst. I thought she had been tamed.

"Slave, sit in that chair, NOW!" I was in my Mistress mode.

Kelli fell to her knees, wrapping her arms around my legs. "Please, no more Mistress. I thought you cared about me and wanted to protect me!"

"Brandi, help me with this ungrateful slave," I requested. Brandi came in from the back and tried to lift Kelli by her armpits. Kelli would not let go of my legs.

"Please, no more. You have already marked me as your slave. Look at me! Please, no more!"

I almost fell over as a tug-of-war ensued between Brandi and Kelli. This was ridiculous. I reached into my bag for the phone, but Kelli saw what I was about to do. She unwrapped one arm and grabbed for the phone. "No! No more!"

I should have planned for this, but I had not. I was able to step out of her grasp and skip to the side, all the while fending off her attack for the phone. Brandi had stepped back from the struggle and Rico had appeared, no doubt a response to the high-pitched pleas of Kelli.

"What the fuck is going on in here," he demanded.

"Slave is not cooperating. She needs additional work and obviously additional punishment." I was livid to be embarrassed once again by my so-called trained slave.

He bear-hugged Kelli, and lifted her into the air. She was kicking and screeching, but trapped by Rico, she was no match. I quickly scanned the pictures. I had three choices running through my mind. Yes, this picture of us touching tongue tips, her pink tongue stud and her lip chain.

I showed Kelli the picture. She knew what I could do, but I was thinking fast. If I sent it, her mom would go nuts. Pros and cons. If I pretended to send it, Kelli would believe it, based on my previous sends, and that might make for an interesting, though unpredictable reaction. Or I could...

"Slave, listen to me. Stop struggling," I said calmly and kindly. She calmed down, but her breathing was rasping and her adrenalin rush was fading.

"Remember, everything I do is for you. You are my slave and I love you. I do not want to send this picture, even though you deserve it. If you let us proceed, I will just close the phone and all our secrets will remain secret." I stopped, holding her gaze.

All the fight went out of her and she slumped into Rico's arms. He merely guided her to the chair and she dropped like dead weight. Like a fighter who took a heavy blow, she looked up at me and asked, "Promise?"

"Yes, slave." Looking at Brandi, I continued. "Let's proceed."

Kelli did not resist, as we strapped her to the table with her knees up and spread. The short skirt rode up over her hips and out of the way exposing her constantly glistening charms. While Brandi was adjusting all the straps, I couldn't resist standing between her splayed legs and strumming her clit like a banjo, almost playing a tune with her bell. Kelli moaned in resignation and need.

"I think we should gag her," I suggested. "I think it would be best for her."

"Ok, but we have to be a little careful with the lip chain. I suggest a bit gag," Brandi advised.

"Sure. Do you agree, slave?" I wanted her cooperation, even if it was coerced. She nodded. Brandi walked away and returned with the bit. With little difficulty, we strapped it around her head. Delicious.

We left her like that in the booth without closing the curtain and walked back out into the shop. I selected four gold rings of just the right size. I told Brandi I would need a padlock to pull her lips together with the rings. She brought me a box with a small, elegant lock, obviously made of something that wouldn't rust or corrode. The hasp was long enough to go through both rings on each side. It was also just weighty enough to pull and stretch her lips while she was wearing it. The size and placement of the rings was also important. There could be no way for cock, dildo or fingers to get into her fuck hole. However, the rings were just big enough to allow enough room for a French fry or carrot stick to be slid under them from the top to the bottom of her lips. I was already thinking about lunch. Then Brandi showed me the keys. There were two of them, identical, but one was on a chain like a necklace.

We went back into the booth and Rico joined us. I could tell him about the ink I wanted on her while we watched the show. We left the curtain open halfway.

I spoke to her in a soothing tone this time. "Pet, since I can't keep you in my sight 24/7, until I can totally trust you, I am going to help you prevent another episode like last night."

I held the rings and lock where she could see them. Before she could protest and sputter through her gag, I put my finger to her lips. That slight tender touch relaxed her immediately, much better than any stern admonishment. That is the difference between a true Mistress (or Master) and the thousands of wannabes out there. The knowing of exactly what is needed and when.

When I removed my finger she tried to speak, clearly not agreeing with my choice of preventative measures. One more shush and she shut her eyes in resignation.

Rico and I watched Brandi do her work. Her fingers brushed frequently over all of Kelli's pussy. I even heard her bell ring more than once. Brandi stretched her lips with a special pair of forceps. For each ring, I watched the sharp needle pierce her soft flesh, then the ring inserted. I saw tears escape Kelli's eyes, but more fluid was leaking below. More and more with each golden adornment. When Brandi was finished, I ran my fingers over her slit from top to bottom and told her how beautiful her new rings were. Kelli merely moaned, all the fight gone.

I slipped the necklace with the spare key over her head. "This key is not to be used except by me, slave."

She blinked back the tears, but did not protest.

Rico asked me then if I had decided about her new tat. Her tears were streaming again, but she did not protest. I said she should have a simple Kef symbol in the traditional location and size of the Gorean slave brand. He said he could brand her correctly if I wanted. I declined the offer and saw her release her breath she had held since she had heard the word "brand."

While he prepared the ink and needles, I took the lock from its box and ran the hasp up and down her slippery slit. Then I pulled the rings from each side together with the lock. There was an audible click as I snapped it together. The next click was with her phone as I took a close up. I held up a mirror so she could see her new rings and lock. She stared for a moment, moaned in despair and let her head fall back onto the table.

As I pressed my consoling face against her, Brandi unstrapped one leg and moved it over to strap it against the other. I explained to her that the Kef is a most beautiful symbol. A flowing, cursive "K". The first letter in the Gorean word kajira, meaning slave. Few people would know what it meant. Only those in the right circles would instantly recognize it and appreciate its meaning and beauty.

It didn't take a long time since it was just one color. A bright red. And the work was just using a stencil and filling it in. But tats of any kind are painful.

When he was finished I took another picture and again removed her gag, while Brandi unstrapped her. As I stood her up I first pointed out the large wet spot on the table that she had made with her dripping cunt.

"See, once again pain and pleasure are one. I am glad all these things make you so wet." I showed her the picture of her new tat. I thought it was important to keep the phone and its implied threat in her mind. Her eyes widened, but no words.

I kissed her then. Long and hard. I didn't care who else was there.

As we left the parlor, I thought to myself: she had caught me off guard. I knew she wanted to please me but the fear of the tats and piercings had overridden all of that. I was sure it was her fear of what mom would say. I could understand that. Twenty four years of conditioning to be a "good girl" could not be completely negated in a few days. Still, she had to come to the conclusion that being abandoned by me now was the absolute worst thing that could happen to her. Due to her outburst, I had to reinforce that.

I took the leash and held it over my shoulder forcing her to walk behind me. I kept her that way and led her down the street for a while to draw attention. People stared and pointed. When I glanced back I saw her looking down and trying not to notice them. Then I spotted a Miami Subs restaurant and we went inside, where more people talked about us. I kept hold of her leash while I ordered a basket of fish and chips. Double the chips (French fries) and extra salty, plus two bottles of water. We waited there for the order to be ready then took a corner booth. I motioned her to sit across from me.

I put a bottle of water in front of each of us, but the food in front of me. I saw her look at it hungrily. First we had to talk, but I kept my voice calm and in complete control.

"Slut, you have earned a huge demerit. First you promise me your total allegiance, then throw a fit at getting a pretty tat and a few gold rings to help keep you from letting yourself get fucked by every stranger you meet. Is this about your mom again and what she will think of her little baby looking like a slut or a lesbian from the picture she saw?" I struck a nerve with that one and she began to sob. She could only nod in agreement. I knew the type of culture she was from and the upbringing about dishonoring the family so I tread lightly. I made my voice more soothing.

"Listen to me. It seems to me that all your life there has been a woman in total control of you, forcing you to be the image she wanted. But you were a child then and her values are of a different generation. You are an adult now and with so many pent up desires from that upbringing, that can no longer be ignored. You can't remain a child under her control forever. Now you have someone new to please, who will take care of you and knows exactly what you need to be happy. You must trust me on that. There are two things I want you to seriously think about, but I do not want answers right now."

"First, you know your mom loves you and although it may take her some time to adjust to the new you, do you really think she won't still love you because of your looks or your partner? Second, after all you have been through in the last few days and all you have learned about yourself, do you really want to go back to your goody, goody former life? Back to secretly cruising the bars, again searching for the very thing you have already found with me?"

She looked like she was about to respond, but before she could I said, "No, I don't want you to speak. I want you to think. We will continue this conversation at another time, when you have had more time to digest what I have said. Right now, remember you are still on probation to prove yourself worth keeping as an obedient pet. You have not done well so far. Even Karl will not be pleased when Rico tells him what happened and we will be seeing Karl and Lena again at the party. For tonight I have an idea that I really think you will enjoy, so behave your hot little honey hole until then." I laughed a little to break the tension.

"Let's eat, though you really don't deserve it. I can sometimes be a loving and forgiving Mistress, but in my own way. I don't want you to obey me only because of fear though that can have its place at times. Now, I want you to take a French fry and slide it down between your pussy lips behind your lock. Turn it to be sure it is well coated with your juices and then feed it to me." A covert operation for sure but she did well. The best part was watching her face as the extra salty fry touched her freshly pierced labia. A real pain in the pussy you might say. And the fry was delicious.

I made her do the same with every fry. The situation and the pain just made her juice even more. I knew she would leave a puddle on the cheap vinyl seat. I ate the fries from her fingers as well as randomly letting her eat some of them too. I broke off pieces of fish and fed them to both of us with my fingers, occasionally letting her lick the grease from them. At the end there were two hush puppies left. Deep fried little balls of corn meal. I held each one between my lips and made her bite it in half allowing her lips to touch mine. When her lips lingered I knew that the people watching were forgotten.

I let her lick the remaining grease from my fingers and then I licked her juices from hers. We walked out to the street again to a sunny Miami day, but this time holding hands. The tension was gone for now and there was much fun ahead.

I was so fortunate to have a forgiving and caring Mistress. She knew me when I was her T.A., but she saw through my façade and understood my needs. I still had a lot to learn about myself and my relationships, but with Mistress as my guide, I felt confident.

Mistress loved me. Those words echoed in my mind. And she loved my pussy-dipped fries. I smiled.

"You know, slave, in addition to your obvious assets, you need a new skill set." Mistress broke my reverie. "I saw you dance and you have the moves, no doubt about that. But there are talents and skills a slut and slave must develop, and these need training and practice. You have had a taste of those with Master Karl, and he has more training planned for you to pleasure men, but this afternoon, we will enhance your dance skills to pleasure both men and women."

"Yes, Mistress." I loved to dance and the hotter the better.

"I made an appointment with Mistress Amy. Let's hit the road, then, slave."

Mistress Amy! The Pink Flamingo. I gaped at Mistress, who simply told me to flag down a cab. That proved quite easy.

We got in the backseat and Mistress told the driver, "Pink Flamingo."

"Mistress?" I asked

"No worries, slave. Remember, I will be there to take care of you. It is all part of your training regimen."

We played "explore" all the way in the cab. My heart was not really in it, recalling the unpleasant memories last time we visited the Pink Flamingo, but Mistress had a way of biting my lip chain with her teeth that got me very excited.

The cab pulled up to the Pink Flamingo several minutes later. I figured the driver already had seen enough to qualify as a generous tip, but Mistress gave him an extra $5 with a cheerful "Thank you."

We stood outside in the shade for a moment, as Mistress examined me. I knew she wanted to make a good impression. She reminded me to stand straight and thrust out my breasts; no slumping. I was her slave, and my actions reflected back onto her. I did not want to displease...

My phone rang, mom's ring. I looked at Mistress for direction. She frowned for a moment, but flipped open my cell and handed it to me.

"Hi, mom!" I greeted her cheerfully.

"Hello, honey. Is everything ok?"

My pussy is now padlocked, my tongue and lip are pierced, I am wearing hoop earrings that declare me a SLUT, a belly chain encircles my waist, with little handcuffs dangling, and I am dressed in an outfit that would give you a mild heart attack. Oh, and I am about to enter a lesbian bar that caters to Mistresses and their slaves. "Of course, mom, I told you not to worry."

"I'm sorry I was so upset yesterday, it's just that your dad and I worry about you and the pictures you sent have not exactly been reassuring."

"I'm good, mom, just relax. Mis, um, Cynthia is taking good care of me and I will be with Ashley on the cruise in a couple of days." I looked to Mistress, who first smiled when I nearly called her Mistress to my mom, and then became serious when I mentioned Ashley. "I need to go now, mom."

"What are you going to be doing?"

"Learning a new dance, mom," I said with little enthusiasm. But my comment brought a smile to Mistress once again.

"OK, call me later, will you?"

"I'll try mom, bye!"

Mistress held out her hand and I gave her my phone. She took the phone, put it in her bag, and then grasped my hand. We walked towards the same entrance of the Pink Flamingo that we had entered two days earlier. That was familiar, but I was totally different.

As Mistress reached to open the door, she stopped. "Fuck, almost forgot. Local leash laws." She reached in her bag and pulled out the leash. CLICK. I followed her in.

The same dark interior, but now that Mistress had allowed me to wear my contacts, I was able to see details previously blurred. The foyer was empty, but as we moved towards the curtain, one of the slave employees appeared. As before, she was naked except for the black, thigh-high boots. Her hair was erupting from the top of her head. She had a septum ring, from which I could not look away. I felt my pussy begin to juice. It was so primeval, so magnetic. I blinked to break the trance.

She was not wearing a strap-on, but was collared, a lock hanging from the front. Her body was tattooed, a snake coiled around her waist, with the head of the snake disappearing into her crotch.

"Welcome, Mistress, how may this slave serve you?" she said to Mistress.

"Thank you, slave. Mistress Amy is expecting me. Please inform her that Mistress Cynthia is here with her slave."

So formal. I thought for a moment how such a brief conversation would have been so alien to me only a few days earlier.

"Certainly, Mistress." She spoke into a throat microphone which hung from her collar. She relayed the information.

"Mistress Amy will be here in a moment. Would you like to relax in the bar area?"

"Thank you, we will."

The slave held back the curtain, and Mistress pulled me along as we entered the now familiar interior. But with my contacts, the colors and events taking place within came to life. This was the room where I suffered such great humiliation, spanked before a cheering crowd. I shuddered at the thought and vowed to totally obey Mistress this time.

We were only halfway across the large room when I recognized Mistress Amy making her way towards us, a huge smile on her face. Following her was a slave, one that I recognized from our previous visit. She was so sculpted, so sexy, and she literally oozed sexuality when she moved. She was naked, but did not have a strap-on.

The two mistresses hugged like old friends. Mistress Amy took a step back to look at me. I bowed my head, but made sure my back was straight and my breasts were thrust out.

"I very much approve the enhancements you have made to your slave, Mistress," Amy said to Cynthia. "Am I missing anything other than what I can see?"

"Yes," Mistress replied. Looking at me, she said, "Slave, lift your skirt, push out your cunt, and show Mistress Amy your new pussy jewelry." I wanted to obey, I wanted to please Mistress, who cared so much for me. But my modesty and embarrassment were deeply engrained. I paused, looked at Mistress, whose face suddenly darkened. I remembered her words, that it did not matter what others thought. I obeyed.

Mistress Amy fingered my new rings and tugged on the lock. She looked first at my crestfallen face, then smiled brightly to Mistress. "Oh, what a wonderful modification, Mistress! Is there a reason for closing her fuck hole?"

I shuddered in humiliation. I took a brief glance at the slave that had accompanied Mistress Amy. She was looking right at me, with her pierced tongue licking her lips. Her undisguised desire caused me to tremble, not in fear, but in lust.

"That is an understatement, Mistress. She simply cannot control herself, so I have to assist her. Slave, show Mistress your tongue, also." After having revealed my privates, to show my tongue was nothing. Mistress Amy reached up and held her fingers, slick from playing with my pussy rings, before my mouth. It was clear what she wanted, and I sucked her fingers clean.

"Mmmmm," Mistress Amy cooed. "Her tongue stud and that lip chain sizzle."

"Thank you, Mistress," my Mistress replied. "Slave?" she asked, looking at me.

"Thank you, Mistress," I said to Mistress Amy, thanking her for appraising me like a farm animal.

"Anyway, your call this morning, yes." Mistress Amy continued, looking at Mistress. "My slave here," she indicated the sexy brunette that stood at her side, not having said a word, just devouring me with her look. "She is our best instructor in the fine arts you mentioned. If you will allow, she will take your slave and work with her for an hour, on the house, and perhaps you will bring her to perform here one night before you return to California."

"Oh, absolutely," Mistress responded, handing my leash to the house slave.

For the first time, the slave spoke. "This way, slave," and with a pull on my leash, I followed. I glanced back at Mistress for a moment, but she had turned away and was talking with Mistress Amy.

Once out of earshot, the slave pulled me closer. "You are a tasty looking treat, slut. It will be a pleasure to teach you and be pleasured by you." My heartbeat increased dramatically.

She led me around the bar area, to the dimly lit stage that I had noticed the first time we visited. The last time my vision was blurred, but even then I could make out bodies entwined and lost in lust. We passed the stage without stopping, and headed for a darker part of the room, with a sign Dressing Room.

We were steps away from the door, when suddenly the slave pulled me into a booth in deep shadows. She was on me in a second, using the leash to control me with one hand, and grabbing my pussy lock with the other. I could barely gasp a note of surprise, when her lips locked onto mine, her teeth biting down on my chained lip. I could not pull out without risking severe damage to my lip. And to be honest, I am not sure I wanted to pull away.

For several minutes we were one, our hands flailing in desire. She was naked except for the boots and collar. Within a few seconds, I was naked, my black skirt and skimpy top tossed away. Looking back, I am not sure how this all happened. We were both slaves, but she was the alpha slave at that moment. She had all the experience; I was simply taking cues from her actions, lost in pleasure.

After several minutes, she pulled back. Our bodies were moist with sweat and the smell of musk was strong. She had tried her best to penetrate my pussy with her fingers, and had been successful with a finger. I know I howled in one powerful orgasm, but she sealed my lips to keep our affair secret. The deeply throbbing music would probably have hidden my outburst, but she did not want to take any chances.

"Nice," she said huskily. I could not speak, just pant. She pulled me up by the leash, and we walked to the stage, up steps to the side, and walked over to an empty pole.

"I was told by my Mistress to teach you about pole dancing. I do not want to be punished for your failure, so pay attention, slut. You obviously have the body to excite men or women," she smiled with perfect teeth. I smiled inwardly at her compliment. "Think of the pole and your leash and collar as tools, things you can use to enhance your sexuality. I think you are simmering right now, so let's see what you can do. Think of the pole as a man or woman, whichever makes you burn the most, and let your body react freely and openly. Forget I am here. Do it, slut." She dropped the leash, which now hung between my breasts.

I walked to the pole, the music in the background vibrating through my body. I have always been someone who wanted to please those in authority over me. My teachers, my parents, my mentors, and now a slave whose task was to help me be a provocative pole dancer.

I began by wrapping my leg around the pole, imagining a body. It was the body of Mistress. I imagined being drawn into her loving arms, and then with the leash in my free hand, I pulled my neck away from the pole. I was torn, deep within my soul. Mistress and my sexual desires, mom and her expectations of me. The pole's tug was great. I twirled, pressing my locked pussy into the cold metal. My legs swung wildly, never more than a few inches from the pole.

I pushed my breasts against the pole, staring at the nipple rings. The pole split my breasts down the middle and I tried to push by breasts so the nipple rings would touch. I imagined them being locked around the pole and that thought sent me whirling again.

And then suddenly I whipped the leash around the pole. When it had wrapped itself completely around, only the hand loop was left, and I took it in my teeth. I don't know why, I just did. It wasn't me anymore. I was writhing along the pole, not dancing. My teeth were showing, my eyes were wild, my nostrils were flaring. I would have given myself to anyone at that moment. The music dictated every move, the crescendo matching the heat in my groin, exploding in total submission, my legs now wide, the pussy rings and lock aglow.

I was on the ground, never out of touch with the pole, my arms above my head, encircling my lover, a metal cylinder rising from my ashes. And then she was there. The slave, and she handed me a glass dildo. Her tongue stud was ablaze and her eyes were on fire. "Use it," she nearly yelled, and I did, prepared to jam it into my inflamed pussy. But my pussy was locked, of course it was locked, but I wanted to get in, I had to get in!

I remembered the key around my neck, so I pushed the dildo into my mouth to free my hands, and tried to get the necklace over my head. I had to push the dildo into my mouth further. It reached the back of my throat and I felt a gag reflex approach, but I had to have the key and finally I freed the necklace. I took the key and with my legs spread...

Suddenly the slave was kneeling next to me, telling me to stop. "No, you cannot unlock your pussy without permission. Stop, or we will both get in trouble!"

But I couldn't stop, I had to shove the dildo into my needy pussy, so I fought her for the key. The necklace broke in our struggle, the key flying across the stage floor. I was wild with need, and I tried to scream in frustration, but the dildo was buried in my mouth and I needed it there also.

The music stopped. Someone slapped my face. The trance was broken. Before me stood Mistress and Mistress Amy and another Mistress I vaguely remembered and slaves, I was surrounded by many. Some were clapping, some just staring. Mistress was smiling. I felt warm inside.

I heard the slave tell Mistress, "I do not think there is much I can teach your slave."

I smiled.

Chapter 11 (added: 2014/04/12)

After just a few minutes of small talk, Mistress Amy suggested we go observe the training session, but not close enough to distract. I agreed and was anxious to watch. We quietly went to the room but stayed a bit back in the shadows behind the stage lights. We got there just in time to hear the instructor tell her about using her leash as a tool and to pretend the pole was a man or woman. This should be interesting, I thought.

But I was in no way prepared for what I saw. She started slowly, using the leash as told. At first seducing the pole, then making love to it. Not fucking it, she would end up trying to fuck herself. I wondered who she imagined the pole to be. Something fluttered in my stomach as I thought (yes, hoped) that maybe it was me. The music brought her alive in a way I had never seen. Each beat seemed to heighten her need and her passion and in turn mine.

I didn't notice she had caught the attention of others who were now watching. She was soon totally lost in her own desires. Her blood must have been pumping to the beat of the music. It seemed to control her. I had never seen anything like this before. I could feel her heat even from where I stood. No. I knew it was my own heat that was rising slowly to a burning lust and more. I couldn't take my eyes away. I felt a rush of emotion, like an orgasm but not quite. But I felt it through my body none the less. Not in my clit, but in my chest and in my heart. My breath caught. Held in her spell, I almost didn't realize what she was about to do with the key. A nudge or accidental bump from someone next to me brought me to my senses. I went quickly to the stage and slapped her. Not in anger. It would have been great to see her fuck herself right then. But I had to snap her out of it and back to the real world before she could attempt to use the key. I needed to control my own breath at that point to hide my true emotions. Geez.

I smiled at her as others clapped at her dance. She seemed relieved and smiled back, though it was the smile of a mischievous child that had just been caught doing something naughty. I had to shelve my own feelings for now and sort them out later. The good thing though is that she again lost control of herself. Though it would seem no different than at the club last night, I would handle this much differently. No punishment this time. It was just another lesson and more proof that what I had been telling her was true. She needed my control to keep her safe. Of course, I knew she was safe in this environment. It felt so comfortable here to me, and so much different than a normal nightclub where danger from strangers was all too real, especially for someone like her. She really did need someone to protect her now that her needs were known.

But for now, I had to chuckle at the other girl's comment about not being able to teach her anything. Well, not on stage and at the pole, I had to agree.

"Mistress Amy, I agree she has the moves and seduction at the pole down well, and now you have seen for yourself why I had to add the lock for an extra measure of protection. But I do want her to learn the techniques of lap dancing for women and men. She has the assets, so let's make a profit," I smiled.

"If it is going to be done right, then you need to release the lock."

"Agreed," I admitted. I called Kelli over and ordered her to arch her back and to thrust out her pussy. She was still panting from the pole experience. Surrounded by slaves and mistresses, I removed the lock, sloppy with her juice and made her lick it dry. Looking up at her, her mouth was open and her eyes glazed. She was obeying, but she was miles away in her fantasy.

"This will be easy enough," Amy said. She motioned to one of the waitresses. She was wearing a strap-on and Amy told her to get an apron and tie it around her waist, then sit in a chair that the "instructor" had placed on the stage. Again Kelli was given verbal instructions. "When dancing for a man, his main focus is mostly on his cock. As you can see, our lovely slave here looks like she has a hard-on in her pants just like a man. "

Then she proceeded to perform each move as she spoke. She took her time both speaking and acting the part. She had the moves for sure. I think the waitress was getting super heated. "Your space to dance will be limited, so the way to give him the most pleasure is by pushing his knees apart and dancing right between them. You can back away a little if you have and need space to do a provocative move. No touching yet. Dance as close as you want facing him, but just to get him horny.

"As the dance goes on you can put your hands on his legs, and his chest. Let him feel your breath on his face. You can also bend forward and rub your tits against his face. Tease him. Seduce him. You can even rub your chest and pussy against his crotch. You can do that for half the song. Then turn around and put your ass in his lap. Squirm around, but your goal is to get his hard cock between your ass cheeks.

"Then, masturbate him with an up and down motion of your ass. This will either make him cum or want another dance. If he buys a second dance then skip most of the seduction. When you are using your ass to jack him off, he can put his hands anywhere on you except right between your legs. He will be no doubt be squeezing your tits mostly, but all men are different. This is what will please most of them. If he doesn't cum, he might want another dance. You can try different things to please him. Like more front to front contact or most anything you want except actually fucking him or bringing out his cock. Those things can be done in the private Champagne rooms though, depending on the club.

"The difference in lap dancing for another woman is simple. The woman will spread her knees wide of course, but you would face her pretty much the entire time and grind your pussy and tits against hers, front to front. Though don't hesitate to seduce her as well, perhaps by bending over away from her and showing her your pretty ass. She will, no doubt, take your ass cheeks in her hands and squeeze them. Another move to make when between her legs is to put your thigh against her pussy and grind it against her. Bend over her or lay on her body if she is slouched. Lick her ears. Rub your face on hers. Anything to get her hot. By the way, it's not uncommon for a horny dancer to cum while rubbing her pussy on a man or woman. Perks of the job."

Her voice was beginning to quiver a bit. It hadn't taken much rubbing of the apron covered dildo between the two naked pussies to get them both to a fever pitch. She looked at Mistress Amy who nodded her permission. Both girls let go and rewarded all of us with a beautiful and loud orgasm. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that compares to watching and listening to a woman in the throes of an intense orgasm. Not even having one myself. Strange as that may seem, perhaps that is why I enjoy giving them even more than getting them. Well, mostly.

"Now, slave," she spoke to Kelli, "pretend this slut is really a man with a huge hard on for you. Show us what you learned. Your goal is to make him cum so he wants you the next time. Or better yet, for him to almost cum and want a second dance from you. Dances are $20, so that is your incentive to learn how to time everything to the length of the song and his reactions and signs that he might cum and when. All this is more important if you are going to be a regular stripper, more than just a one night contestant. But money is still money."

Again the music brought her alive, but I could see she was getting into dancing for the girl. I could also see she wanted to rub her pussy against that fake cock. She held eye contact with the girl without being told. That was good. I would have to tell her about doing that when she was on stage, too. She seemed to reluctantly turn around and use her ass against the covered strap-on. She knew it would be necessary, but I could see it just frustrated her and she really wanted more contact with the girl. I also knew she wanted that cock in her pussy right then and there no matter who was watching. Such a slut she was, bless her heart.

I told her to dance one more song that was the girl/girl type, with more enthusiasm, but this time with her instructor since she wasn't wearing a strap-on.

This dance got her almost as heated as the pole dance. She was like a second skin to her teacher who was squeezing her ass tightly pulling her as close as possible. The heat in her clit was no doubt burning, the pain in her newly pierced cunt lips just fueling the fire. I saw her staring into the eyes of the seated girl. I could see those eyes smoldering as well. Smoky from the flames below. The rubbing became more frantic as I realized my own fingers had found my crotch. I quickly looked at Mistress Amy but she was doing the same while she stared at the show. Both of the girls were now panting and I watched her instructor push her shoulders back so she could reach Kelli's tits with her teeth. When she bit down on a nipple, Kelli screamed. Pain? Pleasure? Orgasm? Yes, yes yesssssss.

I quickly looked around and saw a lot of smiling faces and sheepish grins. But nothing was out of the ordinary, I thought, for this place. Gotta love it.

While Kelli was recovering, I asked Mistress Amy if she was coming to the party tomorrow. She said, "Oh, most definitely and with one slave, as will Mistress Caroline. When you left me that card the last time you were here, I looked at it as soon as you left and had a good laugh. Master Karl is a good friend of mine so I called him. His parties are always so much fun. I understand there will be a BBQ in the late afternoon that will extend to whatever time as usual?"

"Yes. That is what I was going to tell you. I hope you can make it earlier than planned."

"Of course," she said, with a smile.

Kelli had come back to me and we all sat for a bit with Kelli at my feet. She was given water to cool off out of a dog bowl on the floor as was the custom here for slaves. While she lapped up her water, I relocked her pussy rings. She looked over her shoulder at me, like a curious bitch, but then returned to her water as I snapped the lock shut.

We bid our farewells and said we must be off to the strip club for the evening. The crowd started to grow at these places as soon as the work day ended. Men seemed to need the excitement before going home to wifey.

I thanked Mistress Amy for her hospitality and turned to Kelli. This time she seemed very appreciative and gave a sincere, "Thank you, Mistress Amy for everything." Progress, I thought but it had been a good time for all and I had things to think about.

Kelli got dressed in her sexy, strappy outfit, her breasts crisscrossed, and we left the club. As we waited for the cab, I called Karl. He said there was a slight change of plans. He explained that his ranch was actually a training facility and a significant money maker. Clients who wanted their slaves trained as ponygirls would contract with him for a particular period of time.

As part of that process, he had already scheduled a ranch tour and lunch for the morning. He did not think it would interfere with our planned party, since the perspective clients would depart soon after lunch.

He wanted Kelli to be displayed as part of the training process, along with the slaves of Mistresses Caroline and Amy. Sounded like a plan to me!

Since it was late afternoon now and the club I had selected was across town, I decided to just go straight there and eat appetizers for our dinner. I was glad I put our bikinis into our bag, so we were all set to go. After we got into the cab I told her, "Overall, I was pleased with you today. But again you lost control, but it was where I was not far and you were in a safe environment. Do you understand now that everything I have said is true? That you really do need me to protect you from your own desires?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. There are also lessons to be learned tonight. Do everything well and obediently and tomorrow I will give you your opportunity to go a little wild, or a lot. Remember, pleasing me is the only important thing now."

I knew, of course, there was one still major obstacle to that. Her mom. One thing at a time though.

I let her rest during the cab ride and thought about things. First and most important was the affect that dance had on me. It shook me up a bit, as I am always used to being in control of everything, especially myself and my own emotions. This had stirred up more feelings than I was used to. Of course, I have told many people that a true D/s relationship could and should be the most loving of all. Every relationship SHOULD be based on absolute honesty and trust. In a D/s or M/s one, it was absolutely imperative. Why would anyone allow themselves to be tied up and helpless for someone they didn't trust one hundred percent?

But even though I believe that's how it should be, I had yet to see it as I wanted it to be. Can a person truly be a Mistress (or Master), able to keep strict control and not blur the lines if they fall in love with their sub or slave? Or does one preclude the other. But then I remembered the Gorean novels I had read. The Gorean warriors were true masters. Very unlike most men, here and now. They were confident in their control of women and their place in their society, as were their slaves. The slave reveled in their place as a slave. They loved and needed it and even at times given the chance to be free, they chose to remain as a slave to their Master. But even then and even though a Gorean Master could rightly have several slaves, he frequently would fall in love with one and have no more need of others. A Mistress could only aspire to be such. These thoughts would pervade my mind frequently, but I shook them off for now.

I rested against Mistress, tired in body, but my mind was working overtime. I was relieved that Mistress seemed deep in thought, so I could think about my own situation.

I knew that Mistress was right, that my burning sexual desires had been ignited and that I needed her to help me control them. On the other hand, she had just told me that she would unlock my pussy and that I should use what I had learned at the Pink Flamingo to please both men and women at some other location tonight. I was getting mixed messages, yet I knew that I could trust Mistress and that I wanted to please her.

Temporarily sated, I was able to think more clearly. Images flashed through my memories of the past few days. Some felt right, some felt very wrong.

I drifted off to a shallow sleep. "We're here, slave," Mistress said and jostled me awake. I looked out the window to see the neon lights flash "The Twisted Tit."

We strolled towards the door, hand in hand. The man at the door asked for ID's and I produced mine from my handbag. While he looked at Mistress's ID, I noticed the nicely printed announcement behind glass, declaring that tonight was Amateur night and that there were cash prizes to be won.

We sat down and ordered a drink. Mistress caught the manager's attention and asked him the rules for the competition. His answer was a cliché right out of the movies. "The rules are, there ain't no rules." He laughed, then said the winner was a combination vote by the judges who viewed the audience reaction to the dancer, along with their own opinion of how well she danced and her potential as a money maker. The winner would also be allowed to dance for money the rest of the night and be welcomed back as a regular.

I knew Mistress expected me to dance and win. I was a little nervous. Actually, more than a little nervous.

Mistress broke into my thoughts. "Listen to me. Remember how you danced at the club last night and how hot you were earlier with the pole? This is no different. You want to enjoy yourself and get men's attention."

Again, the contrast and the challenge. I know I reddened, and felt the heat on my cheeks, thinking of the shame I felt after disappointing Mistress last night and yet she was going to trust me again and unlock my pussy rings.

"You did well at the Flamingo and you will do better here. But here is one more tip. Make use of the whole stage, not just the pole. Make them want to fuck you. Show off your pussy lock and then make them notice the key around your neck."

She wasn't going to unlock my pussy, at least not yet. She wanted me to use the key as an enticement.

Mistress was still speaking. "...but most important is the eye contact. Make and keep eye contact with a man till you either know he is going to put money in your garter or not. Then move on to the next man or woman. You seduce them as much with your eyes as your body. Make them want you. Make promises with your eyes and moves, not your words."

I nodded and understood. I wanted to make Mistress proud. I knew my eyes were one of my best features. My lashes were longer than most Asian girls that I knew.

We had approached the dressing room area. I had this feeling in my stomach like when I played sports in high school. Pre-game jitters. I wanted to win so bad. CONTESTANTS ONLY IN THE DRESSING ROOM.

I don't know precisely what I expected when I walked into the dressing room, but certainly not the undisguised hostility that greeted me. I smiled and received glares in return. They must be regulars and immediately disliked any newcomer who might steal their winnings.

Most of the other girls were Hispanic, it seemed to me. I was never comfortable around Hispanic girls. They intimidated me, their full lips and sharply defined hips. And they always seemed to gather in groups of three or more. I hate to use the term "gang-like," but it is what it is. They stared at me and whispered and giggled among themselves. And as usual, they spoke Spanish to each other, even if they knew English.

I began to undress, realizing there would be no private stall available. I faced the locker, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I glanced to my left as I lowered my shorts. There were two white girls, but they were not built like any girls I knew from California. They looked strong, like body-builders. Intimidating as hell. One spoke to the other and her accent was new to me. She had a harsh look. Eastern European was my first thought.

I saw one other Asian girl. She seemed much older than me. As I removed my top, I looked at her and tried my winning smile again. Just a stare echoed back, not the hint of a smile. She had very large breasts. They must have been enhanced. Suddenly I was embarrassed by my small breasts. What was I doing here?!

As I reached for my bag and monokini, the Asian girl walked by. She raked her nails across my lower back. "Slut, eh?" she said. "You look more like a slave to me," and she walked by, her ass swaying left and right in her bikini.

And then it hit me. I was the only one collared and cuffed, the only slave apparently. At the Pink Flamingo, I was one of many slaves. Collars and chains and piercings were all around. But not here. Here I was alone in my steel bands and chained lip. My tat and earrings screamed SLUT. My belly chain and pussy and nipple piercings left no doubts. I couldn't go through with this!

I wanted to disappear. This was my chance. I could put on my clothes, probably find a back door, and be gone in minutes. I was the last one in the dressing room, and my mind was racing as I put on the black outfit that helped hide some of my signs of enslavement.

Should I just disappear without my phone, and hope Mistress would have mercy on me? No, if she really cared for me, she would understand my feelings and take me away from this place. She loved me.

I grabbed my bag and left the room. Mistress was waiting for me outside the door. No one else was around. The show had already begun and apparently everyone had moved to that area.

"What the fuck is going on, slave?" she asked, not kindly.

"Mistress, please," I begged. "I can't go through with this! Everyone looked at me like I was a total whore. None of them were collared or pierced and they knew right away I was a slave, your slave, Mistress," I implored, my eyes tearing up.

I know what I hoped would happen, but instead Mistress reached out and grabbed the ring at my collar and forcefully pulled me back into the dressing room. I kept sputtering, "Please, Mistress, please," to no avail.

Once inside, she sat on a chair and pulled me over her lap. The flimsy outfit offered no protection and she began to spank me with terrible force. I was helpless against her onslaught. "You," SLAP, "will," SLAP, "not," SLAP, "disobey! You have forgotten what I told you," SLAP SLAP. "It never matters what other people think. Your only desire is to please your Mistress. I own you, body and mind. I have never," SLAP SLAP, "failed to protect you and do what is best for you."

She lifted me by my hair as she rose from the chair, and continued to pull me backwards until my back was arched and she was looking directly in my face. "If I have to, I will strip you, and lead you on all fours by a leash to the staging area. Your only desire in life, your one and only desire is to serve me and please me. Do you understand?"

"Yyyesss, please, I'm sorry," I whimpered.

Mistress propelled me forward with a push and I was stripping even as I staggered. Mistress was pulling a black, latex bikini from my bag as I finished and stood totally naked. She tossed me the bikini without a word and when I looked up for her approval, FLASH, she took a picture with my phone.

My first thought as I shimmied into the bottoms was that there was no bottom! It was a skirt of sorts, but hid nothing. And the bra was again cut to reveal my nipple piercings! This was no bikini. It was a pornographic ensemble.

She snapped my phone shut and pulled out the leash, clipping it to my collar. "If you are the only slave out there to perform, then we might as well take advantage of it. Use it, flaunt it, believe you are the best because only a true slave knows how to use her body. Now get out there and make me proud."

I half expected her to lead me to the stage, but she slipped to the side and joined the crowd as I took my place behind the older Asian girl at the end of the line.

I watched the other contestants in awe. I felt so inadequate. Suddenly Mistress was behind me. "Do you see what I see, slave? They know the moves, but they know nothing of emotion. You will be the fresh face and fresh ass of the show." As she spoke, she diddled my clitty from behind. I was quickly under her spell.

I noticed her put a fifty dollar bill in my skirt. I wasn't sure what that meant, but maybe it was like seeding a tip jar.

I knew I was next, but did not hear my name, focusing only on Mistress's teasing touch. "Your turn, slave!" she shouted, and she pushed me from behind and I hustled up onto the stage. I took a deep breath when suddenly the song we selected, "I'm Too Sexy," began to play. I closed my mind and was suddenly alone in my bedroom.

Alone. Blackness, alone. "Too sexy for my love. Love's going to leave me." No! Don't leave, you can't leave, and I wrapped one arm around the pole, pressing my chained lip against the metal and sticking my pierced tongue into the darkness beyond the lights, using the leash to keep him from leaving. Keep him? The words were flying by, not in complete sync with the music.

"Too sexy for my shirt!" NO! I have no shirt, as I pressed my pierced breasts around his metal cock. Keep her! Her! "Too sexy for my skirt?" My skirt? What skirt? This was no skirt and it flew off my feet into the darkness. I have no skirt, as I pressed my locked pussy into her metal pussy.

The beat of the music is all I could hear, the words washing through my soul. "I'm too sexy for your party! No way I'm only disco dancing!" as I left the pole and writhed towards the darkness, thrusting my locked pussy into the night, pulling the leash between my legs, taking the key on the necklace into my teeth.

I exposed my teeth like a growling animal, the key exposed, "and I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk," I sway my back, like a tiger stretching, stretching on the cat walk.

"I shake my little tush on the catwalk," I hear my clit bell but there is no one else to hear.

"Poor pussy poor pussy cat!" I fall to the ground, now on all fours, "I'm too sexy for my cat, too sexy for my love," and I am crawling to the edge of the blackness. I see faces, eyes. Remember their eyes echoed from the past. I held their eyes and I held the key in my teeth, my head never stopping, my eyes never closing, enticingly, erotically.

Had the music stopped? There was cheering, but I still heard the music, open for my love, too open for my love, too sexy for my love!"

I am not sure what happened after that. A man, perhaps the announcer was helping me to my feet. I heard screams of approval. Around my feet were wads of money. Lots of money.

And then Mistress was at my side. She was smiling and she was reaching for my necklace. She held it up to the chanting crowd which chanted "Sexy! Sexy!!" And then I felt her at my pussy, and moments later she held the opened lock to the screaming crowd. We looked at each other, both of us filled with joy, our smiles a mile wide.

Chapter 12 (added: 2014/05/07)

She had danced to the song that I had picked out for her. "I'm Too Sexy" Just like at her training pole dance, she seemed to go into a trance. I watched as she lost herself in the music. Every move she made was erotic. The audience was used to seeing either bored professional strippers or inexperienced amateurs. Even though she indeed was inexperienced, her newly awakened desires and her love of dancing were a killer combination. I wandered how many hard-ons she was erecting. I could feel the moisture building between my legs. Damn she was hot to watch and I knew she would be mine later.

At the end of her dance I went to her and helped her collect all the bills that had been thrown at her feet and with great fanfare, I removed her lock while the crowd yelled their appreciation. Then while twirling her lock on my little finger, I led her off the stage by her leash.

Before she had gone on stage, I had seeded her garter with a fifty dollar bill. That let the high rollers know they could beat that with a C-note for her favors. But it was also not so big a bill to intimidate the rest of the patrons with their tens and twenties, who were in hopes of getting a lap dance from her later if she won. When we came back from the stage, we watched the rest of the dancers and awaited the results. We counted her money for the fun of it. In seven minutes she had made over $300. She was in shock and I commented that she did well. "Your love of all things sex is a huge part of who you are. It shows, and men and women appreciate that. It's a great thing and I am proud of you."

The master of ceremonies called all contestants back up on the stage for the announcement of the winner. I was not surprised in the least that she had won. But this was just the beginning of the evening. I had a lot more planned for her.

She came back to our table showing me the one hundred dollar bill she had won. She was proud and wanted me to be proud of her. I was, and I let her know with a searing kiss. Now I told her that since she had won the contest, she was a full fledged, exotic dancer, at least for the rest of the night.

"New instructions, slave. You did well at winning the contest. Now here is what will happen. Your name will be called in rotation with the other dancers. You will go to the stage for two songs and dance your sexiest. Follow the instructions that I gave you earlier and you will make some money on stage. But the real money is to be made doing lap dances and private Champagne room dances.

"Here are my rules. You can give as many lap dances as you like. Rub their cocks with your ass through their pants like you were taught. Rub your tits in their faces. The places for lap dances are where I can see you. Later I will give you permission to go to a private room for a dance or two. When that happens, I want to see just how good my little slut is at being whored out. Your pussy is open now. Let's see how well you can use your money maker. I want you to do whatever it takes to make the guy happy. I will judge that by how big a tip he gives you. A complaint will earn you punishment. Make him happy and you make your mistress happy. Got it?"

She nodded. Since by now I figured she wanted more than anything to have her hot little hole stuffed, this should be a breeze for her.

"Don't be afraid. The rooms are monitored and there is a panic button under the seat if a guy gets too rough or demanding. You know the drill. If you are good and follow instructions there are rewards, if not there are punishments. Understood?"

"Mistress, may I ask a question?"

"Speak, slave."

"Mistress, if I displease you, Mistress, will you whip me like you did before at the hotel?"

There was something in her voice that made me wonder if she was hoping for that, but I was pleased that she asked. "When you are dancing for the men, they may well cum in their pants, for sure. I doubt you will because I know you now. If you dance for women then you might not be able to control yourself. If I whip you for it or for anything or nothing it is entirely up to me. But since you did ask, if there is any punishment it will not be nearly as severe. And my sweet slut, perhaps even my kind of punishment will make you cum too. Pain and pleasure, remember?"

I neither gave nor denied her permission to cum. I had only told her what could happen.

She was called up on stage along with the rest of the lineup of strippers. Her exotic Asian beauty was in sharp contrast to all the other women. Not that the others weren't beautiful. I noticed they didn't like the new competition. Strippers could be vicious about their territory, and especially their regular customers. It was all about the money. I would make sure she didn't get cornered in the ladies room alone. I would kick ass if I had to.

All the dancers were re-introduced by name and sent down into the customers to ask who wanted lap dances, except for three that did their first set on the stage. She would be the last group on stage so her lap dances would start right away. She was already popular because of winning the contest. She spent much more time dancing than sitting as well as making her regular trips to the stage. She made less money on stage now because the men wanted to get more up close and personal with a lap dance. (i.e. grind, bump and grope).

For the next two hours she got to sit only briefly and catch her breath. I kept water on the table for her and appetizers. I didn't want her to pass out from exhaustion or dehydration. Occasionally I would check how turned on she was getting. It was easy to distract all the people from seeing me do that by giving her a lip lock while my fingers quickly surveyed her situation. Subtle actions on my part, like sometimes grabbing a fistful of hair or giving a nipple a quick twist, also showed the crowd that she was mine and if they wanted anything more than a lap dance, they would have to ask me. Her usual drip was turning into a stream.

Of course, the first couple times she was asked to go to a champagne room, she dutifully responded as I had instructed her with "No, sir, not without the permission of my Mistress. You must ask her first." The word got around. Though a few walked away, it intrigued more than it chased.

To the ones that did ask permission, I said, "The feature dance goes on about midnight. When it is over I will let her do private dances for two different men. I will decide before then who has more to offer." Of course that was only a very thinly veiled way of saying, "If you've got the money, honey, she's got the time." Most got the hint.

If I remembered right, the private champagne rooms cost a hundred for the girl for thirty minutes and another hundred for a bottle of cheap champagne so the club could make their money. The price also weeded out some of the seedier individuals that came in to nurse a drink for an hour just to ogle the girls. It was easy to drop a lot of money in these places if you didn't care or weren't careful. What went on in that private room was almost anything the girl would allow as long as it wasn't a cop that hadn't been bribed enough by management.

As it got closer to the witching hour and she was busy on the stage, I made eye contact with one of the men that I was hoping would give us an offer for thirty minutes alone with my precious little slut. My judge of character was good. He came over and sat down next to me. He was an older man but well dressed. He asked. "What will it take to get that breathtaking young lady alone?"

I said to him. "I am not here for a bidding war, so just make me an offer. No guarantees what you get from her but I am sure you will be blown away." He laughed along with me.

He offered $500. Damn good money. I was right so far about him. I was bold though and said that I could probably get a grand but I didn't want to waste my time talking to more than I had to. He said, "Tell you what. If I like what she does or lets me do, I will give her a nice tip as well."

"Deal," I replied. Actually this wasn't really about money at all. Just a part of my plan.

As soon as Kelli came off the stage, she had barely enough time to drink some water and munch down a few bites from the plate. I told her that I had picked out the first of two men for private dances later. She was then whisked away for another lap dance. But first I had her put nearly all her money in our bag with just a few bills in her garter. She was making quite a haul.

I caught the eye of the next man I had hopes for, but he shook his head no. Oh well, loser, I chuckled to myself. But the next guy came over immediately. He was fairly good looking and young. Probably a business man or some such thing, but who knew, much less cared what he was. I could tell though as soon as he made an offer and how he made it that he liked to make deals. Perfect.

He said with confidence, "The champagne and room would be $200. How about another $200."

I let out a small laugh but started to talk. "First, that is only a fraction of what the last man offered, but in your case I want to make you a deal." I had his attention immediately. "Tell you what. Make it a hundred and if you like what she does, you can tip her the other hundred or more. If you don't like her, I want to know about it."

He agreed with a smirk on his face. I really wouldn't believe a word this cheapskate said. But this wasn't about the money. It was about control and her doing as told. I had selected two men that were polar opposites. The older guy was a gentleman and I could almost imagine how the dance would go. This guy was an asshole. It would be interesting to see how she handled him and I would know from her reactions just what happened. Definitely not from what he told me.

I had told both men to come back after the feature entertainment. It didn't really matter who came first. The other would have to wait.

The feature entertainer was usually a paid celebrity dancer, sometimes two, that put on a wild show. I remember watching one girl once stuffing one end of a long double headed dildo into her cunt, but when she tried to put the other end into her ass they cut the show a bit short. I guess even this place had its limits. Too bad.

As the lights went down I pulled Kelli next to me to watch the show. Everyone clapped as two girls came out on stage. I had seen them before. They could almost be twins (many men's fantasy). Actually they looked like clones, sort of. But unlike many pro strippers that were blond, big fake tits and too pale skin, all of which most men seemed to love and that I hated, these girls were very pretty and brunette. Though their boobs were probably fake, they were not overdone. I really hated fake boobs and anything larger than a C cup didn't much interest me either. Then again, I am definitely not a guy with a little dick head doing my thinking.

These girls were hot and they put on a great girl on girl show including some almost real 69. I saw Kelli watching intently. The high point of the show for me was when one coated the others nipples completely with hot wax. Then she blew on it while the girl moaned. She ripped the wax off abruptly and then applied ice to each over sensitive nipple. The girl writhed in ecstasy. Real or feigned? No one cared. Then more hot wax was dribbled directly on to her clit. She screamed out loud in pain or pleasure. It was the climax to the show and maybe hers as well. Everyone applauded. Kelli and I, for sure.

Now it was almost time for Kelli's finale of the evening. Her private dances. It didn't surprise me that the younger man was already on his way to our table. Just as the guy approached, Kelli's phone rang. I reached for it and showed her it was her mother. I thought mom must be getting desperate again to call at this hour. I saw the usual panic in Kelli's eyes. She wouldn't want mom to hear the raucous music in the background or the lewd and profane words of the announcer. I held out the phone to her though, more for affect and knew she would shake her head no. Then I ignored the call.

"You can call her tomorrow and tell her you were already asleep. Now focus. Here comes your first 'fuck for money' job."

The call had come at the worse time for her. I knew she wanted to please me. She also wanted a big cock to ride, but the combination of me telling her she was about to sell her body for money and the call from mom at that moment; well we would see what would happen. The guy practically dragged her off to the champagne room.

I had thirty minutes to wait. I tried to relax and watch the display of flesh on the stage, but the butterflies I had felt earlier since watching her dance were niggling again. I tried to ignore them for now.

When they came back she was crying and I could see the guy was pissed. He pushed her down in the chair and looked down at me. I had Kelli's phone in my hand as he leaned close and put his face in mine. His first mistake.

"Your little bitch is an ice queen. She wouldn't do anything on her own. I had to force fuck her throat just to get off. And your little sham of unlocking her pussy was just all part of your little con game. She wouldn't let me anywhere near that. You're as much of a bitch as she is."

I stood up then. In my heels I towered over him. I put a sharp finger nail under his chin and forced his eyes up to mine. Then I held the cell phone where he could see.

"Well, since you just admitted to raping my girlfriend, I am sure the police would love to hear the recording. Now I would say we have three choices. I can call the police, I can beat the shit out of you myself, or you can walk away and save yourself some embarrassment."

Men like him were easy to intimidate. More important to me though was this incident gave Kelli a whole new perspective of me and my power, especially when the jerk turned and slunk off into the shadows. I sat back down and turned my attention back to her. "Now, what the fuck happened?"

She was still sobbing. "It was the phone call mistress. All I could think about was that I was just a whore getting paid for pussy by some man I didn't even know. Then picturing my mom and hearing her in my head calling me a dirty little whore. Maybe if he had been nice to me I could have gotten through it but he was awful. He started immediately touching me roughly. Wanting to kiss me and touch me all over which would have been ok, but he wanted my pussy and all I could think of was mom and if I let him have that then I was just a whore like mom says. This made him really mad and it was a battle for the whole half hour. Finally he pulled my mouth to his cock and fucked my face till he squirted in my mouth and down my throat."

I asked her couple more questions. "Did the way he treated you turn you on at all?"

"No, Mistress."

"Master Karl was harsh with you, but you became very wet with him and under his tutelage. What was the difference?"

She had to think about that a moment. Probably searching for the right words.

"It's hard to understand or explain Mistress. Master Karl understood me and my needs even though I didn't then. He seemed confident about teaching me and wanting me to understand and revel in my slut nature. This man did not care about anything but himself and getting what he wanted."

"Very good assessment. This is true of many men. Not all of course. There are other types, as you will learn." I saw her digesting my words and her experience.

I hardened my voice somewhat again. "I will tell you one last time. Your mom has controlled you all your life. I know she has the best intentions. She loves you and wants to keep you safe. But look at where you were only last week. Trolling the bars, being a cock tease and risking your life. It was only a matter of time till someone else drugged you just like I did. Only it could have been someone that might have left you raped and beaten in an alley, or dead. Who was protecting you from that? No one. You are not the average woman. More and more it should be evident that you do need protecting and you need me. I understand you more than your mom does now. You need only to please me. You will have time to decide how and when to seek your independence from her. She may even be glad that someone else is relieving her of the responsibility, but she will always love you. Deal with her and all that later. Not here. Not now. You have disappointed me. Time to make amends. Wipe your tears and smile."

I looked for the other man and saw him approaching. I had a feeling this experience would be quite different for her. He gallantly bowed to her and reached out his hand to escort her away. Again I was left with my own thoughts. I still didn't know about letting her free for the cruise and out of my sight. Yes, I knew she had to come back to me because of the pics and videos, but now I knew I wanted her to come back to me for another reason. For me. I was surprised at my own feelings now. Even a bit confused. Very new for me.

The thirty minutes were up quickly as I must have been lost in thought. The older man held her hand as he brought her back to the table and pulled out her chair for her. Chivalry in a strip club? Who would have thought.

I saw she was flushed and I asked her the same question as before. "What happened? Tell me everything."

She breathed a heavy sigh and took a long drink first. "Mistress, he spent the first fifteen minutes talking to me and telling me how beautiful and sexy I was. We drank half the bottle of champagne. Then I expected him to want to fuck one of my holes, but he didn't. Instead he gently pushed me back on the chair and had me spread my legs wide as he knelt between them. Then he poured champagne first over my nipples and licked it off. Then he poured more over my clit and licked it off. Several times."

"Did it feel good?"

"Yes, Mistress. It felt so good."

"Did you cum?"

She hesitated only slightly.

"Yes Mistress, but not until he put his finger in my ass as far as he could, then two fingers. He pushed them in and out. That made me cum so hard."

"How many times?"

Sheepishly she said, "Three, maybe four, I lost count."

I loved her candor about what happened.

"Now, one last question. How did you feel after? Were you completely satisfied?"

She thought a moment then said, "No Mistress. Something was missing."


"I am not sure I can explain or even understand. Cumming felt so good from all that happened to me and he was very good with his tongue, but there was just something missing. He was so nice and wanted to please me more than himself. He didn't even have me make him cum in some way. Isn't that a good thing that he was nice to me?"

I smiled. "Yes and No. Here is my assessment. This man is the polar opposite of the first. Much better, but in your case not quite fulfilling, not complete. He was too nice. A slut like you needs more than just physical touch, no matter how intimate and experienced he was. You need the things that turn you on so much more. Humiliation, pain, and it also seems that from what I have seen now, a woman may be more what you need. That still remains to be seen. A fake cock feels good in your pussy even if it is just attached to a chair. A real one is the same. It will make you cum. But you would still feel unsatisfied. You need to be treated like a slut, a whore and a slave to really release that volcano that builds inside you."

"That is not a bad thing at all. I love you for that. Refusing to acknowledge or believe what you are and need, is bad. At least that is what I believe. Why you finally did cum hard though was because that no matter how good his tongue felt, it was his fingers up your ass that made you feel degraded and ashamed. That is what really made you cum. I am betting that if that pretty waitress at the other club had ripped off her apron and stuck her strap-on up that pretty little ass of yours while rubbing your clit, you would have cum much harder and longer than you did just now. Even with everyone watching you and probably cheering you on."

Again I was only speaking what I firmly believed and it made her think, and I had no doubt I was right. I could tell she was now believing.

"Mistress. I agree with everything you said about what I need. There was one more thing missing though.'

"Speak slave."

"Slave still needs her pussy fucked."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It took the edge off the whole bad experience she had had less than an hour before.

I was thinking it was time to leave. It had been a very long day, but when I looked at the time and she realized we were about to leave she leaned over and looked deep into my eyes and spoke.

"Mistress, I know I have not pleased you with everything tonight and have no right to ask for anything but I must. Will you forgive your slave for asking for one thing?"

She had my attention and I was curious now.


"May slave give her mistress a lap dance?"

Maybe it was the thought, or just the sincerity of her tone. I don't know but it hit me harder than it should have. I felt a rush of emotion. Very un-mistresslike, I thought. But I quickly agreed. But first she ran to the DJ and I guessed asked for a specific song to be played.

I pulled back my chair from the table just as the music started. She pushed my knees wide apart, exposing my own bare cunt, then she came in close. I recognized the song. "Play With Me." The title was the only lyrics in the whole song, repeated in an otherwise instrumental. She began to move and got closer and closer. I could feel her hot breath against my neck and face. Each time the words came into the song she mouthed them to me. "Play with me." Then I felt her whole body mold against mine. So tight that I could feel every ring and adornment that I had given her, against me, grinding into me. She pulled my tits out of my top and put her nipples against mine. I swore there were sparks. Flesh to flesh. My nipples were hyper sensitive. I felt the intense heat of her pussy against my own. I knew everyone in the club was probably watching us right then but who cared. I only felt her body.

I grabbed her hair and tongue kissed her long and hard, feeling the stud in her mouth. Playing with it. Sucking on her tongue. The music was like a vibrator, making us both shake and quiver. The kiss went on and I could feel her drenched pussy on mine. I was just as much a river as she was. The music got more intense and so did her movements. He pussy was pushing hard into mine and faster, harder. We were both losing control. I felt her start to convulse and grabbed her ass and pulled her in even tighter feeling the heat of her clit and hardness of her bell against my own naked clit. We stiffened at the same time. Gutteral noises and moans. I felt my whole body rush, then a blazing white light and then black.

It was only a few seconds till the applause of the audience brought me back to reality. She was lying against me. Both of us satiated, for now. Oh geez... what an experience. New even for me.

After regaining some semblance of composure, we left and once in the cab she fell asleep almost immediately with her head on my shoulder during the ride back to the hotel. All in all, it had been a good day. Tomorrow was the BBQ and the party. I thought we would just lounge by the hotel pool in the morning, unless we slept in from a long night. That reminded me of the other toy I had bought but not yet used.

When we got to the room she said, "Mistress, I have to pee really bad."

I told her that I did too. We stripped on the way to the bathroom and I pushed her down on the toilet and told her to hold it till I said to let go. I knew she couldn't wait long. But I straddled her legs and sat on her lap facing her. Then I leaned over her and whispered in her ear. "Now, my love."

As soon as I heard her let loose, so did I, but I knew that by my position, my piss would hit her clit with all its heat and force. She whimpered first then let out the most erotic scream I had ever heard from a woman.


We fell asleep locked in each other's arms. Thoughts of my mom and all that had happened that day drifted into the abyss.

"Slave?" Mistress whispered as she nibbled my ear and tongued my hoop

"Yes, Mistress. Good morning, Mistress," as I turned my face to meet hers. What a lovely way to make the sun rise.

"Our last day together, slave." For a moment I had to process her statement.


"Did you forget, slave? You have a cruise ship to catch tomorrow."

Of course. How could I have forgotten. Ashley would be arriving tomorrow. I liked Ashley. But I loved Mistress. A wave of sadness washed over me and perceptively, Mistress noticed.

"You are looking forward to it, aren't you, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress." I paused. "And no, Mistress."

Mistress laughed so beautifully, and glowed in the morning light. Like silly school girls, she flopped on me and we play-wrestled for several moments. She was clearly stronger than me and before I knew it, somehow she had clipped my wrist cuffs behind my back.

"Well, you can't not go, so let's make the most of the day. Agreed?"

"Yes, Mistress!" The cuffs and wrestling had warmed my blood. I wanted Mistress sexually; wanted her very much. She smiled and I was sure she knew what I was thinking.

"There will be plenty of time for that, slave," she laughingly said.

We showered together, our bodies always in constant contact. She left my wrists cuffed, so I was unable to pleasure her the way I wanted. In just a few moments, under the spray of the shower, I was panting and in heat. "Please, Mistress, may your slave cum?"

"Absolutely NOT, slave! We need you at your peak of sexual need for the going-away barbeque party!"

I recalled that Mistress and Master had mentioned this party earlier in the week. I knew nothing of the details.

Once out of the shower, Mistress released my cuffs and we dried each other's body, with nothing overtly sexual taking place.

She ordered me to wait while she got our clothes. A box had been waiting outside our door when we got back last night. In black marker a note had been written on the top. To: Mistress Cynthia. From: Master Karl. Mistress had brought the box in and set it by the door.

A few minutes alone allowed me to look at my newest modifications. The cursive K on my thigh was still a bit sore to the touch, but it was lovely in its flowing lines. I leaned back to check the new rings in my pussy lips. My clit ring and bell were now free to dangle and I shook my bottom to confirm that the bell would still tinkle. It did.

I lightly tugged on the rings, and my heart fluttered. My fingers lingered, and I knew that I was becoming aroused. I did not want to displease Mistress and I certainly did not want that horrible lock to be used, so I let go with a deep sigh.

I glanced at the belly chain and heart nipple piercings, brushing the hearts on the way by. My lip chain felt normal, and my tongue's pink stud actually made me smile.

But always the steel collar was the focus of my attention, as I tried to slip the towel between the collar and my neck to be sure my skin was dry.

"We're going to be twinsies, slave," Mistress was all smiles as she returned. In keeping with the theme of the party, we dressed in western style outfits. Mistress wore very short jean shorts and a man's long sleeve shirt that she rolled to the elbows and tied off above her navel. Her gorgeous ass was nicely displayed.

I matched her, except instead of shorts, I had a very short miniskirt of denim. We both had high heel ankle boots, very chic.

"Oh, don't you love it, slave?" cooed Mistress as we examined each other and ourselves in the mirror. "Wait here, picture time!" Of course, I wanted to protest, knowing that every picture just added to the collection of damning photos that she used to control my every move.

When she returned, she insisted that we each put one foot on the sink and splay our legs slightly. With arms over each other's shoulders, we were able to balance on one leg. One look and I knew that while her pose was sexy as hell, my position was pornographically revealing. My pierced pussy and dangling clit bell were visible. I reached down with my free hand to try to tug the tight skirt lower, but Mistress stopped me with a frowning look.

"Now, smile, slave," and she took the picture into the mirror, the flash nearly blinding us.

"Damn, that flash ruined the picture," and turning off the flash, we retook the photo. Why couldn't I protest? I just obeyed her every command.

It seemed that time stopped as we made our way to the breakfast buffet. To be honest, I am amazed that hotel security did not escort us back to our rooms. But I had seen Mistress's fury, and I hoped no one would attempt to confront us.

"Tell me about Ashley," Mistress asked, as we ate our fruit and yogurt.

"She is a friend from high school, Mistress. We took a trip to Europe after high school, along with two other friends. That's all, just good friends. She went to USC, which made for fun teasing between us, but we always got together on major holidays."

"Did you ever play fucky-fucky with her?"

"No, Mistress! Never!"

"Let me rephrase that, slave. Did you every look at her in a sexually provocative manner?"

I hesitated. Ashley was a So Cal blonde hottie. There was no doubt about that. And together we did a lot of flirting and teasing. But I never thought of her as a sexual partner, the way I now considered Mistress. "No, Mistress. We teased guys and both of us were very popular, but I never thought of her in the way you mean."

"I see." Mistress paused. Was she jealous?

"Mistress, I never thought of doing things with her like you and I have done. Never." I know my face was flushed, thinking of our days together. I smiled. And Mistress smiled back.

We ate in silence for a few minutes, when my phone rang. Mom. Mistress pulled the phone from her bag and handed it to me, raising her eyebrows in an inquisitive way.

"Hi, Mom!" I elated cheerfully.

"Hi, Honey. You didn't call me last night."

"Oh, Mom. I'm not in high school any more! We were out with Cynthia's friends, a whole bunch of us, so don't worry."

"Well, at least you haven't sent me any more photos of what you seem to call fun."

"Oh, Mom. This is my last day in Miami. Tomorrow I meet Ashley and we will be on the cruise. I am not even sure you can call land to ship. But I can always send you email, I guess."

"What do you have planned for today?"

"Um, Cynthia mentioned a BBQ, so that should be fun."

"Ok, Honey, be safe and call me so I don't have to call you.

"Ok, Mom. Bye."

I handed the phone back to Mistress. That was the easiest conversation, the words gliding off my tongue. At least from afar, I knew I could handle mom, as long as Mistress did not send another revealing photo.

We were nearing the end of our breakfast when Mistress's phone rang. "Hi. Yes, we are almost finished. OK. Right. Oh," Mistress smiled. "OK, see you then. Bye." Without a word, she snapped her phone shut and put it away. When she looked up, she had a satisfied grin on her face.

In response to my inquisitive look, she merely said, "Just a few details about the party. Are you finished?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then let's be off." We made our exit from the dining area, no doubt much to the delight of the hotel staff, but certainly to the hushed whispers and snickers of the dining guests. And it didn't bother me at all; in fact, I loved it. In fact, I made sure my clit bell tinkled enticingly as we sashayed out the door.

We left the hotel and Mistress declined the concierge's offer to get a cab. With our heels clicking on the sidewalk, we walked side by side down the block and made a right. I was certainly curious about our destination, but said nothing.

Another block and a left brought us to a less-than thriving street of small shops and grimy dives. There seemed to be no business at all. Up ahead on our side of the street, a truck towing a trailer was parked. Actually, it was the type of trailer that I had seen transport horses. The back of the trailer had been lowered. That was odd, I thought. The chances of seeing a horse in this part of the city was about the same as seeing a Martian.

Up to this point, Mistress had been on the outside, nearest the curb as we walked. She suddenly stopped as though she had stepped in something, holding onto my left shoulder as she lifted one foot to examine the heel. Satisfied, she subtly guided me to the outside and we continued along the sidewalk.

Our pace had slowed and still no sign of a horse. A man dressed in boots and jeans leaned against the trailer, not a care in the world.

We had taken just a few steps past the opened trailer when suddenly an arm snaked around my neck and before I could scream, a wad of cloth was shoved into my mouth. I tried to twist and escape the attack, but he was too strong. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Mistress, unharmed, and looking up and down the street. I screamed through the gag, the sound barely audible, but Mistress just ignored my pleas!

In seconds, I had been hauled into the trailer, my cuffs linked behind my back. Tossed to the floor, my ankles were then attached. I turned my head to look back, and saw Mistress at the opening to the trailer, looking in, hands on her hips, and smiling. As a bag or hood was pulled over my head I heard her say, "See you at the ranch, slave!"

Chapter 13 (added: 2014/06/16)

After I told her I would see her at the ranch, I jumped in the passenger seat of the truck. Let her think for a while that she was on her own with no protection from me. In a way though, she was out of my hands now. The trainers would have control over her until the party and they were employed by Karl. Then at the party she would again be under Karl's control. I would be mostly a spectator and just another party guest until I took her back to the hotel later. I knew some of Karl's plans for the day, but I am sure I was in for some surprises as well.

We made a stop at the Pink Flamingo to find Mistresses Amy and Caroline waiting outside. With them were two slaves hooded just like Kelli. I didn't know then if they were long time slaves used to this type of thing or newbies that would be as equally in the dark (pun intended) as Kelli. They were also tossed roughly in the horse trailer while their mistresses got into the truck with me. It was one of those huge trucks with both front and back seats.

The cab of the truck smelled like a farm. Horse farm in this case. Well, actually that was one of Karl's loves that spilled over to his fetish world. He did have real horses, but pony girl training was a business that he relished. He had some related, but far kinkier fetishes as well, but that's another story.

When we got to Karl's, the driver pulled the truck and trailer to the side and back of Karl's sprawling ranch house. We were in front of a large barn and beside a fenced paddock. I could see sulkies in a line by the fence. There was a track around the area, also inside the fence.

Three apparent trainers came out of the fenced area as we stopped. There were two men and a woman. All were very lean and muscular, perhaps from working on this farm and with real horses. The woman was the strongest looking of all of them. The driver opened the trailer door and each trainer leaned in and grabbed a girl by their cuffed wrists. This made it random which trainer got which girl. Each was then dragged from the trailer and through the gate. The girls struggled a bit, but they were no match for the trainers. I pulled it shut after everyone had entered. The girls were still hooded and no doubt confused. Not for long.

I was told I could take pictures to document the training session, but otherwise not interfere. Pictures of the slaves were allowed, but for reasons of privacy, no pictures of the trainers or visiting clients or guests were permitted. The mistresses were merely the audience here. We were on Karl's turf now and here he was the Master. The trainers lifted the hoods of their charges. Kelli had not drawn the woman trainer, but one of the men. However, the woman did seem to be the overall spokesperson of the three. She addressed the three girls as we all listened.

"Master Karl has ordered a crash course in ponygirl training for you. Normally this training is very intense and takes weeks. Furthermore there are normally no spoken commands. This will be an exception this time because of time constraints. But you will not be permitted to speak at all. Ponies do not speak, ever. You will be trained just to show as there is no time to teach you to pull a sulky, much less race. This will be part of your role in the entertainment for Master Karl's party this evening, and as a demonstration to visitors that will soon be arriving. As in anything a slave does, there can be punishments or rewards, depending on your obedience and how fast you learn."

Kelli was caught looking around, probably for me in hopes I was somewhere around. It earned her a swipe on her upper thighs with a small whip. "Your Mistresses cannot help you now. Control has been given to your trainers."

I watched as the trainers unlocked each girl's wrists and ankles, then immediately stripped them. Kelli did not take this well. She resisted, while the other two slaves seemed to accept their situation. She grunted into her gag and tried to kick. Kelli's reaction earned her a swipe on her ass with the whip... and another red stripe.

Once all three slaves were naked, except of course for their collars and permanent cuffs, they were dressed in the pony gear. The trainers pulled everything out of a very large trunk. As the ponies were being dressed in a body harness of leather straps and metal rings, the barn door opened and in walked Karl and seven visitors. There were five men and two women. One of the men and one of the women were Asian. They did not seem to be walking together, so I assumed that each was here on their own. One of the men was black and the rest of the people in the group were white.

The ponies and trainers noted their arrival and the ponies were clearly agitated to be seen like this by strangers. Kelli seemed to handle it better than the other two, which made me pleased. After all, I had emphasized to Kelli that it did not matter what others thought.

The black harness fit tightly as each strap encircled the body, both between and around the breasts, crossing down and over the stomach. The straps stopped at the waist.

I focused on Kelli, though she had not yet noticed me. Her breasts were accentuated by the harness. The black leather molded itself to every curve. Very hot.

Next was a bridle. A rubber bit was put in her mouth and fastened to two of the rings on her bridle. I think the timing of everything was designed so she could not protest much at the next items. I could see this was a much larger and more ornate bridle than the one she had worn when she first got to Karl's. There was more leather on each side of her head, including a band that went completely around it. There were blinders on each side so she could only see the direction her face was pointed. No peripheral. There were rings on each side of the bridle.

Kelli's fancy nipple hearts were removed and the trainer walked over and tossed them to me. For the first time, Kelli noticed me. I had stood in the background up to that point. Kelli immediately began to speak. I knew she was pleading for help. I held my hands up, as if to say, 'I can't help you, slave.' Then I threw her a kiss.

Her pleas were actually quite pitiful. "eeese, istress." Once again, her ass was whipped until she stopped speaking.

In place of the heart piercings, fairly large rings were inserted. A bell was hung from each by a clamp. They were also fairly large and weighty. I could see they were stretching her nipples. Next were additional bells clipped to each labia ring. Not as big as the nipple bells, but they still pulled on her lips and stretched them just like her nipples. They looked tasty and I don't mean the bells. Her hair was pulled up into a very high pony tail and held tightly with a scrunchie. My slave was moaning throughout. Several times she snorted, almost like a horse. The bit was clearly uncomfortable, but she could not shake it. My pussy was secreting at a high level.

Arm binders were removed from the case. I am sure Kelli had no idea what they were. One leather sleeve for both arms. Her arms were straightened behind her and pulled through the sleeve until her cuffs popped out at the bottom. It extended from her upper arms to her wrists and looked very uncomfortable. Laces down the whole sleeve were tightened to make it even more restrictive. It would be hard to get off even by the trainer, but since it was laced it could be loosened to make that easier. However there was no way the wearer could move her arms at all, much less get it off. Her arms were now completely useless.

She tried to protest at this point, but with the bit in her mouth, her words were unintelligible. Like an animal rather than human. But they already had told her that ponies did not speak.

Next was a pair of thigh high boots. Black leather of course. I could see they had a about a four inch wedge heel. More important was the horseshoe attached to the sole of the boot. Pretty awesome, I thought. Next a wide leather belt with a large ring on each side. No doubt this would normally to attach her to a sulky. Then reins attached to the rings on the ends of her bit. And last but not least, each girl was bent over to have an ass plug inserted, but no ordinary plug. The other end was a long tail of real horse hair. The perfect thing to complete the ensemble. I had not neglected my duties of documenting all this. I wanted her to see what she looked like at this defining moment of her life.

The final touch was so volcanic, I found myself gripping and releasing my own cunt through the denim material. Each pony had two straps locked high on their thighs, very near their own crotch. Small chains hung from the straps and one by one connected to their pussy rings. The chains were of minimal length, so the effect was to pull their pussies wide open, a gaping and inviting hole.

Kelli had two chains from each strap. As first one, then another of her pussy rings was linked to a chain, she became aroused, trying to twist and avoid this humiliation. It simply earned her several swipes with the whip.

I could see the fire had gone out of her eyes. Degraded. Reduced to animal status for the entertainment of others. Not able to speak her misery and no use of her arms. I wondered what she must think of me right now for letting this happen. Why didn't I protect her? I could see tears of misery starting to trickle down her face.

Right then we were called over. "Mistresses, you may inspect your slaves before their training begins."

I walked over to Kelli and spoke to her as I looked her over. "I know everything you are thinking now, but all I need do to answer all your questions is this." I reached between her legs and roughly inserted two fingers deep. She was sopping wet. I rubbed her juices over her dry lips and inside her mouth alongside her bit. I nibbled her lip chain, tugging on it. Kelli groaned.

"Thank me later," was all I said as I walked away.

Taking the reins that dangled from the bridle, the trainers led the ponies from the barn area to an outside corral. The guests and mistresses followed behind, a buzz of conversation. Karl was answering questions from all sides.

The trainers held the reins in one hand and a riding crop in the other. For this training they had to be at the side of the pony instead of behind as in a race or the show later.

The girls were then led around the corral by their trainers. After a few times around for them to get used to the boots, the new ponies were told to "prance" as they walked. This meant raising each knee high with each step. If they did not raise it high enough, the crop met the back of their thighs. If too high then the crop hit just above the knee. There was no verbal instruction in this part of the training. They learned the lesson quickly. The prancing most certainly put some strain on her chained pussy.

As they became more and more accustomed to the boots and gait, the speed was increased slightly, so the prancing was more showy. It also made the bells ring much more noticeably. I wondered if the weight and all that bouncing and pulling of all her erogenous zones were arousing her. I was betting they were. The new ponies were all getting pretty good at the movements now.

I did see her look at me several times. At first her eyes were pleading with me to rescue her, but after a while, as she got used to it, the look in her eyes changed. I think she wanted me to be proud of her. She never ceased to amaze me.

The slaves were given a short break. Their reins were tied to a post and they were told to remain standing. The visitors, trainers, and mistresses walked to the shade and enjoyed a cold soft drink. We intentionally ignored our slaves.

Suddenly one of the trainers whispered for us to turn. Our pony slaves were rubbing against each other. On further examination, it appeared that Amy's and Caroline's slaves were nuzzling each other and trying to include Kelli.

Looking at Amy and Caroline, I asked, "Do your slaves know each other from the Pink Flamingo?" Both Mistresses were all smiles and nodded that this was true.

For the next 30 minutes, the trainers worked with the ponies, practicing gait and posture. Our slaves were panting and a sheen of sweat covered their sexy bodies.

Karl signaled for the trainers to lead the ponygirls away, and he continued to field questions. After about 15 more minutes, he announced it was time for lunch, so we headed around the corner of the barn to a covered picnic area. What I saw caused me to stop in my tracks.

The trainers had arranged the ponies in various poses around the picnic area. Caroline's slave was leashed by the neck with her anal tail prominent. Amy's slut was put in a symmetric position. Her lower body was on a one foot platform, on her knees, head up, mouth bit on display. Her hands were on the ground. Incredible.

But Kelli was displayed in the most erotic way. She was hoisted by her head harness, one leg chained in the air, straps, chains and piercings very evident. Kelli was balanced on one leg in the most uncomfortable position I could imagine.

A buffet wound around the ponies. The visitors were encouraged to speak openly about the slaves and to touch them in any manner. I wanted to hear what the visitors were saying about Kelli, so I moved over to her, standing behind her back so she was not immediately aware that I was there.

The Asian man sacrificed his place in line for food and walked over to Kelli. He reached between her parted legs, causing Kelli to gasp and breathe rapidly. "Shhhh, little pony," he said, as though soothing a true horse. His words were accented, but certainly understandable. He looked at me with a smile on his face.

After a few moments, he walked over to me. "Is she for sale?"

I pondered playing along, but decided to decline. I spoke loudly, so Kelli would surely know I was there. "No, thank you. She is my slave and not for sale." Kelli looked over her shoulder and whinnied, just like a horse.

The other guests alternated between eating and observing the ponies.

It was nearly one when we finished our lunch. Karl clearly had impressed his guests and they moved to the ranch house to finalize the details.

By the time the visitors left the lunch area, I was in total agony. I actually allowed the head harness to support as much of my weight as possible. My hoisted leg had started cramping long ago, and my moaning was a mix of pain and pleasure as I was fondled and assaulted time and again.

Mistress was always nearby and that gave me some solace. I knew she would not let them harm me. As she followed Master out of the covered picnic area, she blew me a kiss and I whinnied back. I think she knew what I meant.

Once everyone was gone, the trainers arrived to release us. My stomach was growling and my lips were so dry. I could only hope we would be fed. Watching the guests eat was torture!

We were led back to the barn area and tied by the reins to a wooden post. Our bridles, harnesses, and gags were removed and our arms were released from the arm binder, then cuffed behind our backs. We were warned to keep quiet and then we were sponged down with warm soapy water. It felt heavenly and when my trainer took liberties with my openly chained pussy, I moaned in encouragement. He smiled up at me and ran the sponge back and forth until I thought I might orgasm! Until he took a harsh brush and began to brush my pussy back and forth. I squealed in discomfort and with a smile, he stopped.

Sopping wet, we were marched into individual stalls. I earned another swipe on my ass for not lifting my legs high enough. Along the back wall of the stall were two protrusions. The trainers explained to all of us that if we sucked on the one that was shaped like a woman's breast, we would get oatmeal. And if we sucked on the one shaped like a man's penis, we would get liquid.

My trainer slapped me sharply on the ass and with a laugh told the three of us that we had two hours to eat and rest and that they would return to prepare us for the party.

We ponies waited until they had left before moving.

"Are you ok, Sarah?" The slave from the Pink Flamingo was speaking to Mistress Caroline's slave.

"Yes, I guess. How about you, Karen?"

"I guess, yeah. What's your name, hon?" Karen spoke to me.

"Hi, I'm Kelli. Yeah, but sore. Have you been here before?"

"Never and I hope never again," said Sarah.

I knew them both from my visits to the Flamingo. I had seen the slave Sarah the first time, leashed by Mistress Caroline. I saw the one named Karen at my last visit. She was so sexy, with the snake tat and septum ring.

We had moved towards the back of the stall, looking over the food and water options.

"I thought we were going to a barbeque. I figured there would be some humiliation, but I had no idea it would be like this. They are awful, whipping us for every little infraction," I continued.

The other two slaves did not immediately reply. I noticed Karen wrap her lips around the food breast. After a moment, she looked at Sarah and I with a huge smile. "Works just like real life," she laughed and we followed her lead. It was amazing. The softness of the material and the hard nipple were very realistic. We were all rewarded with a milky oatmeal.

I was so thirsty and my lips so parched, so I took the initiative to try the cock. It was quite hard, not unlike Master's cock, but no matter how I sucked and pressured it, nothing seemed to work. "My cock is not working," I said, then we all giggled in response of my silly comment.

Sarah gave it a try, basically following my strategy. "What the fuck. Are they broken or what?"

It was Karen that solved the mystery. She deep throated the cock, until her lips touched the metal plate at the base of it. Suddenly, she shot backward, liquid pouring from her lips. She was choking from the sudden flow. "What the fuck is right," she managed. "This cock has a pressure plate at the back. If you can get it down your throat far enough, and your lips press against the metal, it will work," she coughed again. "But it's not water! It is, it is male cum I think, or something that tastes like it!"

"You gotta be kidding," Sarah responded. But she followed Karen advice and in seconds she was also choking down the white goo, half of it spilling from her mouth.

I didn't think there was any chance I could get the cock that far down my throat and I wasn't thrilled about male cum as an alternative to water, so I simply said, "I'll pass for now. I am so tired I want to rest."

The straw was prickly and itchy on my skin, but it felt heavenly to rest my very weary body. To be honest, I was in a fairly good mood, except for the chains that held my pussy wide open. Laying in the straw, I imagined little creatures crawling into my gaping hole. Ewwwww!

With my wrists trapped behind my back, it was not comfortable, but I closed my eyes and tried to drift away.

The other two slaves talked a bit more, but I was quickly asleep.

"Up, ponygirls!" The shout startled me from my personal oblivion.

Chapter 14 (added: 2014/08/26)

I went with Amy and Caroline to help get things ready for the party. The roles for us Mistresses would now change somewhat. Karl, of course, was lord and master over his domain. As on Gor, women were slaves and even the so-called free women wished they were slaves. This protocol was followed to one degree or another depending on the theme of the party. Since this party was casual without cosplay, strict Gorean protocol was not important. I had to admit though, that there were times when I was unsure what was reality or role play when I was here. The lines blurred. I had never seen anyone challenge Karl here.

Even getting the food ready had its perks. I saw Lena copping feels from any woman within reach. In the kitchen I felt women's hands groping me at every opportunity. When we were out in the yard the men did the same. Time seemed to fly.

I had seen Karl busy with some equipment, but now I looked around and saw that quite a few people were in attendance and the party was going full swing with good food and lots of booze. Then Karl came back to the group and I had a feeling that things were going to heat up pretty fast.

When everyone had arrived, Karl would begin the festivities. The pony girls would become sex toys and entertainment for the rest of the group. I would continue to help with the food and drinks if needed and participate in some of the revelry at Karl's direction. Other than that, I was just another guest and could and would do whatever turned me on. I didn't know everything that was going to happen, but I was in on part of the finale. There were a few planned events at the pony girl's expense. Other than that the party would be sex, sex, sex in pairs, threesomes, foursomes or moresomes.

I was glad I didn't eat much at the buffet since the sweet smell of grilled burgers and other goodies filled the air and I was hungry for food and horny for sex by then. Where was my slut anyway?

Soon it looked like everyone had arrived and were chowing down on the food as well as imbibing their favorite drinks. It was a warm day and dress was casual. That meant as casually undressed as they wanted. I could also see people were already getting randy and it was early.

I continued to mingle and socialize while the alcohol flowed and the crowd got hornier. There was already a little sucking and fucking going on here and there. No one bothered to hide anything. I totally loved this kind of party. Zero inhibitions. Open sex. The whole world should be like this. No time for war. Too much fun to be had. My personal philosophy anyway.

I had a feeling it was time for Karl to ratchet up the party as I saw the ponies brought in by their trainers and followed by the grooms. Each was being led by a gold chain attached to their clit rings. All as it should be. The ornate bridles were gone as well as the arm binder. But their bit was still in their mouths and shorter reins attached. Their pussy bells had been removed but the larger ones attached to their nipples rings were still in place. They would be making more music soon I was sure. I was glad they still wore the boots and the thigh bands with the chains holding their pussy lips wide. Those were way too sexy to remove yet. Karl told the trainers and grooms to feel free to join the party. He motioned for me, Amy and Caroline to follow him. He took all three gold chains and led the three ponies by their clits over to the large patio. Then he turned to the three of us mistresses.

Everyone else had turned their attention our way and were getting closer for a better view. He pulled back a tarp and revealed a row of three sybians. Now people were starting to get even more interested.

"Place your ponies in the proper position. It's time all of you have a little fun and reward for your pony's participation so far."

Everyone watched intently as the ponies were led to their machines. The bit gag was not enough to inhibit Kelli and she immediately tried to talk. "...istress, why is ...his appening? ...eeease, ...elp"

"Shhh, slave, don't be a party pooper. By tomorrow this will just be a fun memory. Let's just go with the flow." Kelli responded by scrunching her eyes and nose to show her lack of agreement.

I removed Kelli's lead and pushed her down into position straddling the sybian and impaling her with the attached vibrator. Her stretched pussy lips snuggled down over the base of the vibrator allowing it contact with her clit. Her belled tits were prominent and would create quite a show with the heavy bells stretching the nipples as they swung.

Karl spoke again to us. "Turn on the machines and then set the controls to random movement and vibration."

It took hardly any time at all till the ponies were enjoying their own ride a lot, but I didn't know just then that this was only half the show. It is fun to watch a woman writhe and cum over and over on one of these pleasure machines. Every woman should have one.

Then Karl took three harnesses from a rack and tossed them to me, Amy and Caroline. Each harness had a fair size dildo attached. Not huge but sufficient. The best part though is that they were double ended and I slid my end of the dildo into my already hot and ready pussy, then I fastened the harness to my waist and thighs. Damn, I was ready to fuck.

"Now Mistresses, if you have prepped your ride the last few nights, it's time you each got a piece of tail." The audience laughed loudly at that. "And I see it has taken you about nothing flat to ready yourselves." Another laugh. Then he said, "Ladies, mount your ponies."

Each of us took their reins in one hand and straddled the sybian behind our ponies, but just before settling in the saddle, we pulled out the tail plugs. Before the hole could close it was quickly replaced by the strap-on dildo. Now they were doubly impaled. Then the ride really began. I saw Lena with the video cam. I intended to put on quite a show. I rode my pony hard, occasionally smacking her ass with the flat of my hand and hollering "Yee hah, Giddyup ponyslut."

The rough double penetration and vibration was no doubt driving her wild. Groans, moans, whimpers from the ponies and shrieks of encouragement from their riders, filled the air. Nearly as loud was the ringing of all six bells. Karl put a cowboy hat on each rider's head for affect and for the video. The ride must have lasted at least twenty minutes or more. I know I had two hard orgasms. I wondered how many my ride had with the vibe gyrating inside her always hot cunt and me pounding her ass. We were all exhausted for now. The applause was enormous. Nice start, I thought. I wondered what more kinky revelry Karl had planned.

I got up and slipped out of her as I did. Then I turned off the sybian and took off the strap on. I had to help her up. She seemed spent for the moment, but the look in her eyes told me she was already feeling empty. I flashed her a knowing smile and she smiled back. I took her to a couch where we could watch the craziness unfolding around us. I removed her bit and reins and laid it next to me in case there was further need of it.

There was a bowl nearby for slaves to drink from which was part of the protocol, even at this party. She could only eat from a bowl as well or from the fingers of Mistresses or Masters. I was having fun so I told her to wait and got the bowl and a huge grilled burger. I picked up a bottle of champagne and one glass as well. When I returned, I poured some champagne in her bowl and some into my glass. "Cheers, my hot little slut."

She looked up and smiled as she slurped from her bowl. I fed her some of my burger as well and made her lick my fingers when needed. I could tell she was delighted and thankful even after all she had been through today.

As we ate and drank, we watched the guests eat and get drunker as the afternoon rolled on. There was also a lot more going on. A lot more skin showing, a lot more open fucking. Whips, chains, dildos, you name it. Everything was available and being used. I was also sure some of the guests were using Karl's private dungeon for more serious fun. Karl had long ago removed the sybians and was putting other equipment in their place. Getting ready for the next round of entertainment no doubt.

It was turning dark and Karl turned on his party lights. The huge back yard lit up in amazing colors. The patio, which was the center of entertainment, was brightly lit so everyone could see and enjoy what went on. The pool and Jacuzzi on the far side of the yard lit up and I could see a lot of naked people making use of the water for a lot more than swimming. Good music was playing from several speakers.

I had seen Karl and a couple other men putting three benches in a row where the sybians had been. They were maybe three feet long and perhaps only a foot wide. Similar to weight benches, but no uprights. At the bottom of each end and in the middle were outriggers for stability, with rings on each end. There were also shiny steel bands fastened to the bench. Now what's up, I thought. Kelli was watching that area as well, with trepidation in her eyes. We didn't have long to wait. Karl announced in his booming voice. "Bring the new pony girls to the stage".

I knew that was my cue. I took Kelli by the ponytail and ushered her to a bench. Amy and Caroline were right behind me and went to the other benches. At Karl's direction, we forced each girl to lie down on a bench. Of course, Kelli had to say something. "What is happening, Mistress?"

"More fun, of course, slave."

Their heads were completely on the bench, but their asses hung over the other end by a few inches. One steel band was locked around their neck and a wider one, around their waist. Their ankles were then attached to the rings on the outriggers at that end and their wrists to the one in the middle. They were helpless. I saw again the pleading in her eyes, but only for a moment. I think it was quickly replaced by the thought that she would be fucked again. The horny little slut was insatiable. Gotta love it.

Karl was not yet finished. Next he handed us a set of steel clamps. I knew what they were for. I took one at a time and placed it over a breast. I then tightened the clamps. They closed slowly but surely around the base of her tits. They were tight. Her breasts protruded and became very red. She began to cry, but one look from me and from Karl and she knew there was no point. I knew Karl could have gagged her, but I think sounds and even screams would further excite the crowd.

Then two more much smaller clamps to be applied and tightened on her nipples in the space between her breast and the rings. I removed the bells first. No point since they couldn't dangle in her current position. And last but not least, I saw Karl put one of the water bowls on the floor directly under her pussy. I knew what that was for, too.

All three girls were now ready for whatever would happen, since they were completely helpless. Karl addressed the party again.

"For all you horny ladies and gentlemen, especially those that haven't already gotten lucky. No one goes home tonight without a good cum. Or many. Ladies... I purposely left these sluts without gags so you can straddle and ride their tongues as much as you want. Of course, don't be greedy if there is a line waiting. And men, cum all you want in those pony pussies. The bowls below will catch the overflow. Go for it everyone. Enjoy yourselves."

Everyone clapped and several already were on their way for a free fuck. I knew this combination of pain, humiliation, and non-stop fucking would be all any woman like Kelli could handle, and I couldn't wait to watch. All the pussy and cock she wanted. She glanced my way, but her eyes were glazed in anticipation. She didn't have long to wait. The first man and woman took their places almost immediately. I noticed that Kayla from the boutique was the first woman in the line of women and Big Mike from the restaurant was first for the men. Right behind them were Brandi and Rico. I had seen that Kayla had the hots for her back in the store so I was not surprised. What did surprise me though was seeing the older guy from the bus ride also in line. I should have known, by the way he had immediately sized up our situation, he was definitely into the lifestyle. Seems like Karl's network of friends was as widespread as a slut's legs here in Miami.

Kelli was doing a good job of pussy licking and the men were pumping her full of cum in seconds. As soon as one man pulled out another replaced him. She would get all sizes and shapes. Quick fucks and long. There were less women, but they lasted longer and some had more than one orgasm. But there were several men. I was watching the action pretty closely. Cum was running out of her wide open cunt and into the bowl. Lots of it. A couple men even fucked her ass and finished in her cunt.

It seemed to go on for an hour before Karl and Lena came over and fucked her too. When they were finished, he announced the pussies were closed. Everyone clapped for all the wonderful entertainment. I thought he would ask us to free the girls, but he had something else in mind first. He handed me and the other two mistresses a small bottle of champagne and told us to "wash out the used pussies."

I laughed to myself, but had no problem with that. We all uncorked the champagne, but held our thumbs over it long enough to push the open bottle into our slaves open cunts. I can only imagine how that felt. The champagne fountained back out and sprayed us when we removed the bottles, with some going into each bowl along with the copious amount of cum already there. I know I saw Kelli cum from the champagne going in and out of her. I was sure of it.

Now we were given the sign to release the girls. The removal of the tit and nipple clamps was painful. I could tell as the blood rushed back into them, I saw tears in her eyes. But when I removed the rest of the restraints and stood her up she looked into my eyes and said to me, "Did I do well, Mistress?" I had to hug her then, perhaps un-mistresslike, but I told her I was proud of her. I swear she glowed all over.

But even then, Karl was not quite done with this round of entertainment. Lena brought us each a champagne glass and filled them all. The others at the party were also filling their glasses. Karl sat his down first and said, "I want to propose a toast to the pony girls, but they need to drink as well. Lena brought three more glasses, but Karl filled each from the bowls which now contained a cocktail of the cum of several men and some champagne from their own pussies. He handed one to each girl. "Now, everyone drink up, in fact drink plenty. We will let them rest a while before the next show."

We all drank and the girls of course had no choice. No doubt they were thirsty from all they had just done and were either used to drinking cum or needed to be.

I took Kelli back to where we had sat before. We relaxed and watched the people. I kept giving her more champagne and she was getting tipsy. That's ok. She had earned it and I knew the night wasn't over.

I watched the free live porn going on all around me as well as Karl mingling with the crowd. He seemed to talk to everyone, but I had a sense of something covert going on. I wondered what was going to happen next. During all this I had caught Lena giving me the eye several times. Come hither glances which I have to admit were tempting, but for some reason not tempting enough tonight.

The benches had been removed and a large rubber covering of some kind had been placed over the patio floor. I was beginning to get the idea. It wasn't long until Karl again went to the patio and called for attention.

"Men out there. Who needs to cum right now?" More than a dozen men held up their hands. "Don't worry ladies. I will have something kinky for you to do very soon." Everyone laughed. "Pony girls to the stage please."

I had to help her. Maybe a little too much champagne already. This time I merely said "Nadu." I was pleased that she remembered her training. The other slaves had to be positioned to mimic her. She thrust out her breasts and spread her knees perfectly. I put my finger under her chin and said, "Keep your pose just like this. Head up this time. Remember your lesson, when a man approaches you, head back mouth open." I went back to my seat to relax and watch.

Lines of men formed in front of each girl. One by one each man grabbed them by the hair or face and fucked their mouths. Some quickly, some deep in their throats. None were gentle. But each man just before cumming, pulled out and splattered their face with cum. More men got in line. After their face was covered, some shot on their tits. There was so much cum it ran down between their splayed legs and spread pussy. I saw Lena getting it all on video. When the cum barrage was over, Karl spoke again. "Now ladies, and any men that need to piss, will you please help out and wash these sluts off."

I wondered what she was thinking now, but I couldn't read her since she couldn't open her eyes at all. They were completely cum-covered. This time I thought there were more women than men, but there were plenty of both. The women pulled a girl's face close to their pussy as they let out a stream of hot pee. The men seemed to enjoy pissing on their tits and clit. It didn't take much of this abuse and degradation until I saw her shutter in orgasm. That's my girl, I thought to myself.

As the lines ended and the girls were now really a mess of remaining cum and urine, Karl ordered one girl on her back. "You other two, lick her clean from face to pussy, don't miss a spot."

The remaining two girls just looked at each other at first, but then got down on either side of the prone girl and began their work. I saw them both pay special attention to her mouth, nipples, belly and pussy. The act they were doing quickly gave way to sensual play. Each girl had her turn at being cleaned up and loved every minute of it.

While all this was going on, Lena came to me and sat on my lap. She was totally drunk and practically cooing in my ear. She wanted to get me alone somewhere. She made that blatantly clear. I was laughingly fending off her advances when she caught me off guard and kissed me on the mouth just as I saw Kelli approaching, coming back from her bukakke and golden shower ordeal. She was indeed a mess with her hair still full of drying cum. But what caught my attention was the flash of fire in her eyes.

I hate drama and didn't want the party disrupted, so I would handle this quickly. I pushed Lena back, breaking her lip lock and spoke directly to Kelli.

"Great, your timing is perfect. Lena was just telling me how horny she is."

Lena was a little too drunk to react as I stood up and dumped her where I had been sitting. Then before she really knew what was happening, I pushed her knees apart with my hands.

"Slave, lick this pussy until it gushes and be enthusiastic about it." She very quickly replied, "Of course, Mistress."

There was something in her tone or her instant willingness that should have warned me. I watched Kelli bury her face and tongue in Lena's pussy for a couple minutes, but then Lena let out a howl of pain and stood straight up.

"The fucking little bitch bit my clit!"

It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. "Lena, I have bitten your clit more than once and you have mine as well. What's the problem?" I said trying to sound concerned.

"I wasn't near ready for that and she bit me hard."

"She is very inexperienced. I guess I should not have told her to be so enthusiastic. She licked her first pussy only a few days ago. Slave, apologize to Mistress Lena."

"I am sorry Mistress," she said rather unconvincingly.

Lena was definitely out of the mood now and stormed off. Kelli was still on her knees with her head down as I sat down again. I lifted her head to see her eyes.

"Slave, was that an accident?"

"No, Mistress."


"She was kissing you!" Her eyes started to tear.

"But you have been getting fucked over and over again. Why did this make you so upset?"

"I don't know Mistress. Maybe if she was just fucking you, it might have been different, but she was KISSING you. It's not the same thing."

As I expected. A little jealousy. I changed the subject.

"Slut, you are indeed a mess. Come with me." I took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. She followed me over to the pool area where I made her strip off her boots and remaining pony wear. I helped her undo the chains that held her pussy lips open and removed the bands on her thighs. She was now completely naked. Then I pushed her under the shower. There were shelves nearby with towels, shampoo, etc. I handed her some shampoo. While she was cleaning up, I slithered out of my daisy dukes and top so I was naked as well. When she was finished I made a quick pass through the shower also, then grabbed my clothes and a few of the big fluffy towels. I took her hand again and led her to the Jacuzzi.

I let the hot steamy water relax us both for a few minutes, then I moved in on her, trapping her body with mine against the wall of the Jacuzzi with a jet of water and bubbles that had to be hitting her ass and pussy from behind. I kissed her deep and passionately. Then I worked two fingers into her, curling them up to find and slowly rub her g-spot while I ground my palm against her clit.

She wasn't being passive. She was mimicking my moves and doing it well. Soon we were both panting with need. Then I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed it first slow then faster while shoving my fingers hard, in and out of her at the same pace as my thumb, each time rubbing her g-spot hard and fast. I could feel it swell with her juices. I felt her spasms begin as her pussy clenched around my fingers. I knew I was just as close. Then those wonderful sounds of hers. "Uhhhh, Ungghhh." And that beautiful shriek I was beginning to really love. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeee." Our orgasms were in total sync.

She collapsed against me, trembling. Right then she seemed like a child or a kitten, perhaps. Completely trusting, completely dependent on me for her safety, for my protection.

As we got out of the bubbling water and were drying off, I heard Karl again call for the pony girls. I yanked on my own clothes, grabbed a dry towel as well, and we headed back to the patio.

The other two pony girls were already there and each were struggling against two men that were attempting to cuff them over the railing of the patio. Behind them was the reason for their struggle. A brazier of hot coals with three branding irons getting red hot and ready. Two more men grabbed Kelli and she screamed. She had seen the branding irons, too. She fought and pleaded for me.

It was then that I stepped in front of Karl and with his face inches from mine. I said calmly, "No. She will not be branded."

He looked at me as though in complete surprise.

"It is customary. A small 'K' on the pony's rump to show she was trained at my stable."

"No," I repeated. For only a couple hours training, let the Kef on her thigh be your 'K' mark if you want, but she will not be branded. She is mine."

All of the partiers were suddenly silent. In shock even. I was sure that no woman had ever said no to Karl, at least here on his turf. Even Kelli and the men holding her had stopped to watch and listen. We still stood nose to nose, eye to eye for several seconds which seemed like an eternity, before Karl broke the silence.

"I think it's wise for you and your slut to leave now."

I nodded in agreement as the men released Kelli's arms. I wrapped her in the towel as she sobbed uncontrollably, but repeating over and over. "Thank you, Mistress, thank you"

The crowd parted for us, still silent. But I knew as soon as we were out of earshot, Karl would burst out laughing at his stunned guests. I had seen the clock on the patio sweep past midnight. It was now April 1st. He had caught all of his guests in our ruse and pulled his biggest joke ever on all of them. Kelli would never know that, though. The ploy had worked perfectly, for me and for Karl.

He had also slipped me the keys for the SUV earlier. As I helped her inside, I realized I had no idea what happened to the clothes she started out with this morning, but the towel would suffice to get her into the hotel.

She passed out or fell asleep almost immediately. Once in her sleep, I heard her murmur softly. "I love you, Mistress."

I was left alone with my thoughts for the long ride home. The first thing that flashed through my mind was, 'What if what had just happened, hadn't been staged? What would I have done?'

That thought opened a Pandora's Box of all the other crazy and new for me, emotions that I had been trying to ignore all week. But unlike Scarlett O'hara. I couldn't 'think about it tomorrow.' She was going on her cruise in the morning.

That thought awoke a couple large butterflies in my stomach. "Oh, geez, Cynthia. You can't be missing her yet. Get a grip," I thought to myself. But I was the one confused now. It would be a long sleepless night for this mistress.

Darkness. Deep darkness. A little light at the far end of my vision. Knocking. Go away.

The light is brighter. Oh, so sore. I don't want to arise. I want to be a caterpillar, wrapped in my blanket. Ring. Ring. Hit the alarm. It doesn't stop. Ring. Ring. Where is my cell phone. Ring, ring. I fight my way out of my sheets and reach for the damn phone. "Hello."

"Kelli! It's Ashley! I have been trying to wake you up for an hour. Do you know what time it is?"

"Ashley!" suddenly more alert. "No, I ..."

"It's like 10, girl! We have to be at the ship in an hour and a half. I got in 3 hours ago and have been trying to get your attention for the past 30 minutes. I am in the lobby. I'm coming up, open up!"

And she hung up and suddenly reality came to life. I threw back the sheets, and called for Mistress at the same time. No response. Ashley! I needed to put some clothes on. Something was wrong. There was a stiffness... oh my God! There was a lock connecting my pussy rings. I tugged frantically, but it was not going to open.

I looked to my left, where Mistress should have been. There was a note. Time was ticking, but I had to read it. Ashley would be here soon.

"Dear slave,

You have earned your 5-days cruise with Ashley. I will see you in LA upon your return. I am sure you agree that without me to protect you, the lock is a necessity. For the sake of your comfort, I have temporarily removed or replaced some of your symbols of enslavement.

Your suitcase is in the hallway.

Love, Mistress"

I stared at the note, unbelieving. I had to get dressed. I had to pee. I scampered to the bathroom, first things first.

The pee cascaded over the rings and lock. What the fuck was I going to do?

I was waking up. My steel cuffs were gone and in their place my wrist and ankles were circled with thin, black bands. I tugged at them, but there was a metal connection that would not yield.

I felt my lip. The chain was gone! Hurriedly, I finished peeing and tried to wipe the residue. I needed a shower, but there was no time. I stood before the mirror for a quick inventory. Ashley!

My throat. The steel collar was gone, and in its place was a much thinner circle of silver or steel. There was a small ring and from it hung a small key. Of course! I saw no way to unhook the key from the ring, nor the ring from the collar. It would pass for unusual jewelry.

The SLUT hoops were gone and replaced with typical large, silver hoops. I tried to unlatch them and remove them, but the latch was somehow sealed with a hard resin.

The lip chain was indeed gone. My lip felt odd. Naked.

My tongue. The pink stud was still there. Fuck.

The heart nipple piercings were still there. The handcuff belly chain was gone. My heart was beating a mile a minute.

I raced from the bathroom and was halfway across the bedroom when I heard Ashley knock at the door. "Just a sec!" I screamed

My clothes! All the clothes I brought from home! Where were they? I pulled open the closet door and the hangers were empty. Noooooooooooo, I screamed silently.

My suitcase. In the hallway! I fled in panic towards the door. "Open up, Kelli!" Nooooo!

Please, please, I begged, don't be locked. "Just a second, Ashley!"

I opened the case and grabbed a handful of items. Matching colors did not matter at this point. A bra! Black. What the...! A circular hole had been neatly cut in the middle of each cup. I grabbed for another. White. Same hole! Noooo!

I put on the white bra, my pierced nipples poking through the circle and partially buttoned my flowered, Caribbean -style blouse. "Almost dressed!"

"Forget dressing, just let me in, slut!" she laughed beyond the locked door.

"Slut?!" My heart filled my throat. Surely not.

Not a panty nor thong to be seen. I grabbed and shimmied into black shorts. This would have to do. I unlocked the door and there stood Ashley, half smile, half frown. "It's about time," she said and without another word, walked into the room.

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