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Author's Note: This is the result of my first attempt at writing something like this, and was mostly written on a tablet, so there might be the odd mistake here and there, for which I am sorry. It is not based on a true story, but on a true fantasy. I hope you enjoy it.

I had been waiting for this for a long time.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely," he said, in that cheeky way of his that could so easily turn me to jelly. "Just be sure to start slow. And remember, you are in complete control."

Well, that was easy for him to say, but I knew he was only trying to calm me. Of course I was going to be nervous my first time, and him being so accomplished. Oh, I'd had sex, of course, plenty of times, but only ever with my wife. I had been nineteen when we had met, and she had been my first, and, to date, only. I had loved her from the start, and for a long time we were happy together. She was bi as well, but, being a few years older than me, had at least had a chance to sample both sides of the coin.

I had not even realised that I had an issue, until one night at a summer party.

It was a large party, and the drink was flowing free. The night was warm, and inhibitions loose. It felt like the last chance we would all have to be young and drunk together, before adulthood took hold, and we all moved away, and moved on with our lives, and loves. I had been with Amy for two years by this point, long enough for her to be comfortable with my drunken flirting. I'd song anyone who'd have me, and many would, but Tom seemed to be the only one who was enjoying it as much as me. Others would kiss back because they were drunk, but with Tom, well, it felt like there was more to it.

As the night went on, I spent as much time with Tom as I could. I was not worried about Amy, she was busy flirting as well, and I knew our relationship was strong enough to take it. We might both have been having lusty thoughts of others, but we had love between us. She could flirt with anyone, but it would always be only me that she could love.

"So, Tom, how about we go behind the shed and..."

"I'd love to, but this is not the right time. We're both very drunk, and i think you need to go save Amy before she chokes on Molly's tonsils."

I looked over at Amy. Tom was right, Molly looked like she was having the time of her life, but she needed some air.

I shouted over. "Oi! Get a room!" That got their attention. Molly looked over to me, a look of pleading on her face.

"Can we? Oh, Amy, I'd like that..."

By this time Tom and I had moved over to them.

"Only if I can have a go on Tom" I said. "You know how I hate to be left out of all the fun."

Amy looked at me, then over at Tom. "Fine by me," she shrugged. "Come on Molls." With that she leaped right back into Molly's embrace.

"Well Tom, what do you think?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested, but as I said before, we're both drunk."

"Well, so are they." I motioned over to Amy, who had moved on from kissing. She broke away from Molly, and then bent down, grabbing her by the legs. With one smooth motion, she had Molly over her shoulders, and was carrying her away and up the stairs, Molly laughing all the time.

"But they know what their doing, and as you said earlier, you wanted your first time to be special."

God, Tom was right, I must have been drunk if I was telling him things like that.

"If you really want to do this, and I know I do, then let's do it properly. Let's meet up in a few days, talk over our options, and' most importantly, take our time. I really want to do this, but I am not prepared to hurt you."

And so, a few weeks later, I found myself in bed with Tom. So far it had been a wonderful evening. We had enjoyed a lovely home cooked dinner before cuddling up on the sofa to watch a film. As the film went on, and the couple on the screen negotiated the pitfalls of falling in love, Tom and I got closer and closer together. By the end we were huddled up tightly.

As the end credits started to roll, Tom moved his hand from my knee, and up towards my manhood. Slowly, he started rubbing through my trousers, until I began to grow. With a flick of his wrist, he undid my fly, and pulled out my cock. Still holding on to it, he stood up, pulling me up with him. Slowly at first, but soon with greater speed and urgency, he began to unbutton my shirt. I lent in towards him, kissing him quickly on the lips, before helping him loose of his own shirt.

Soon, our clothes lay in a mess on the floor. Still grasping my swollen cock in hand, Tom lead me out of the living room, and up the stairs. I had no choice but to follow, all the time giggling like a schoolgirl. As we went, the rhythm of the stairs caused his hand to slide about on me, and before I knew it my arousal peaked, and I could hold it no more.

"Hey, slow down!" Tom said, dropping my cock. "Save something for later."

"Sorry,' I said. "Let me help you clean it up"

"It's okay, I was going to have a shower anyway. And this way, you'll last longer for the main event"

"Well, if you,re sure..."

He gave me some more of the smile he could melt ice with, and turned to scamper on up the stairs. I made my way on into the bedroom, and slid in between the crisp, cool sheets as the sound of flowing water came through from the next room. After only a few minutes, Tom came in, naked except for a short towel wrapped around, hiding from view only those parts of him that I was most interested in. I moved over towards him, and reached out to take the towel.

"Ah ah, not just yet." he said, playfully swiping my hand away. "I've got a surprise for you. Move over."

I scooted over the the side of the bed as Tom pulled the sheets back. He then lay down on his front, his legs bent slightly at the knee, pushing his bum up into the air. I knelt on the bed behind him, resting my chest on his back, savouring the scent of his hair, and the warmth of his body next to mine.

I whispered into his ear. "Are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely. Just be sure to start slow. And remember, you are in complete control."

"Tom? Thank you for this. You have no idea what this means to me."

I sat up again, and pulled the towel out from around his waist. I could see now what he had meant about a surprise. There, poking out from between his bum cheeks, was a single, leather rose. " Just a little something to remind you of this night" he said, as I gently removed it.

By now I was more than ready for the main event. I reached over for the condom and then got it on. I knew that both Tom and I were clean, but it always pays to be careful. I'd never be able to forgive myself if something were to happen to Amy.

Slowly, careful not to hurt him, I entered Tom. I'd had sex before, of course, even anal, Amy was nothing if not adventurous, but I was in no hurry. I wanted to savour every moment of this, every new sensation. It was like nothing I had ever done before. Tom was tight, but he knew how to play his part as well, rocking back and forth in time with me, clearly enjoying the evening as much as I was.

I could feel that the end was near, and I was suddenly aware that I could satisfy Tom as well. Carefully, so as not to loose balance and topple over, I reached around with one hand and found Tom, throbbing in the palm of my hand. As I rocked in and out, I slid my hand up and down, hoping that we could both arrive at the same time.

And suddenly, there it was. It was the most perfect moment that it could have been. As the orgasm exploded through every part of my body, my mind was completely empty. Like reaching enlightenment, my soul was clear.

Slowly, as my mind and body returned to me, I rolled over. Tom turned to look at me, and in his eyes I saw the satisfaction and reassurance that told me I had done the right thing.

" That was..." I really was lost for words.

"Take your time, just let it all sink in"

"That was, well, fantastic! What happens next?"

"Well, if you want, you could let me have a go. That's the traditional thing to do next. If you're ready, that is"

I was not sure what to think at this. I would be lying if I said I had not thought abut it, but it was a big step. I had always known that I was somewhat bi, but I had cal so always thought of myself as a top, not a bottom. On the other hand, Tom was the expert here, and hr had just helped me achieve one of my life's ambitions.

Tom could see the doubt and confusion in me.

"Look, if you want to leave it for a while, we can always see how you feel in the morning."

"Uh yes, I think I'd like that Tom."

"Okay then, let's get some sleep."

We straightened out the sheets, and pulled the quilt up over our still naked bodies. Tom reached over me to turn the lights off, and then let his arm linger over my chest. After a few moments, he started to pull his arm away again. I reached up and pulled his arm back. "No, please, hold me."

Slowly, I began to fall asleep.

I dreamt, that night, as I rested in his arms. I could not tell you of what, but it was as happy, bright and colourful dream. The dream of a man who has seen a new life, and that life was good. I was more sure than I had ever been that I loved Amy with all my heart, for being the women she was, and for allowing me to be the man I needed to be, for one night at least.

But eventually, like everything must, the dream came to an end, and I woke up to find myself alone. I rolled over to where Tom had been, and found the bed still warm, full of his sent. I stretched out, and waited in the dark for his return. After a while, I had no easy of knowing how long, alone in the dark, the door opened, allowing a narrow slither of light in from the hallway. Tom entered, still naked, holding two glasses of water.

I sat up, and looked at him. It was hard to see detail in the gloom, but I could see his manhood stir slightly as he noticed I was awake.

"I couldn't sleep, and I thought you might like a drink"

"Thanks," I said, smiling up at him, " I'm parched."

Tom placed one glass on the table on his side of the bed, and passed the other to me. I put it down, and then slid back to my side of the bed, before drinking deeply. Tom got back into bed beside me, and this time I held him as we drifted back towards a new dawn. I was not to dream again.

Again, I woke up, but this time it was different. There was light in the room, but not the light of day, it was a flickering candlelight. I tried to roll over and stretch out, I felt tight and slightly cramped. But I could not move. I tried again, but could move no part of my body. I thought at first I might be paralysed, it was not unknown for people to take care while to start moving when theft first wake up, but I could feel pressure all over my body. And I was on my belly, which was odd, as I always slept on my back or side. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I realised that I was looking at the floor. I cried out, or at least I tried to. All that came out was a moan. I suddenly realised that there was an ache in my jaw. I tried to close my mouth, and to work out the kink, but there was something in my mouth, holding it open. I couldn't even move my tongue to push it out. My skin felt strange, as if I was wearing really tight clothes, all over.

From behind me, I now heard a voice.

"Ah, you're awake, at last. I was starting to think that I may have overdone it."

It was Tom, well, who else could it be? I attempted again to move.

"No, don't try to get up. Not that you can."

Tom walked round in from of me, and what I saw would have made me cry out, if only I had been able. He was clothed in a skin tight full bodysuit, which squeaked slightly as he moved. The rubber was a perfect fit for him, from the sleeves that ended in tight gloves, to the feet, which even had toes. His mouth and nose were covered with a solid plastic mask, like those I'd seen fighter pilots use. Only has eyes could be seen.

He stood in front of me, and knelt down, before taking my heard in his hands, and looking deep into my eyes. I tried to turn my head away, but he held it so tight that I was completely unable to move. I tried then to shut my eyes, or even to blink, anything to stop me from looking back into his eyes. But his gaze held me so completely, I could no more have looked away than jumped over the moon.

After what could have been five seconds, or what might have been five hours, he let go of my head, and stood up.

"A relationship," he said, as he walked over to a wall, " any relationship, is about trust."

He flicked a switch, and the room was instantly glossed with brilliant white light. I could now see that the walls were glossy, and there was no doubt in my mind that they had been coated in white rubber, as had the floor. The floor even seemed to bounce slightly under his feet.

He walked over to another section of wall, and opened up a door. Behind it was a wardrobe, with many more rubber garments hanging inside. As he started to rifle through and pull thing out, he began to talk a again.

"You trust your wife. You trust her to be able to go off and have sweaty, messy sex with another woman, and yet not to fall in love with her, but to come back to you. She trusts you, so much so that she is willing to let you go out and sodomise another man. She knows full well that you will always return to her. Because you love her. And what is love if not unconditional trust?

"And last night, you trusted me. You trusted me not to harm you, but to satisfy you, and to guide you through a very new experience."

Tom now moved away from the wardrobe, and shut the door. If I bad not just seen him open it, I would never had known that it was there, so seamlessly did it fit into the wall. Tom now started to dress himself on what he had just selected.

Over the top of his bodysuit he donned surgical scrubs, long boots and gloves that came up past his elbows, all made from the same white rubber as the walls and floor.

"But there is more to trust than love." he continued. " If you are able to trust someone completely, then you are able to be free. If you trust them to make decisions for you, to look after you, to keep you safe, then these are all things that you no longer need to worry about yourself. But there is as price. If you trust that person to make decisions for you, then you must do whatever they tell you, without question. If you trust them to keep you safe, them you must allow them to hurt you. And in turn, they can take you to paradise. If you disobey that person, then you must trust them to punish you. I want to take you to a place you want to go. You will not enjoy the journey, but I need you to trust me that you will get there. Not that you have much choice."

Tom was now fully dressed, and he moved over to another section of wall, which opened too reveal another cupboard. I was unable to see what was in this one, as the door blocked my sight.

"I trust you." Said Tom, his back turned to me. He had wheeled out a small cart out of the bottom of the cupboard, and was now placing items onto it.

"I trust you." Tom continued. "I trusted not you last night not to hurt me, and you did not, so I know that I can trust you now. I trust you not to run away, because I have strapped you down. I trust you not to shout at me, because I have gagged you. I trust you not to make a mess, because I have locked your cock out of the way. I trust your anus to take me, because I am going to stretch it. And I trust you to enjoy the destination, because, deep down, you know that it is what you want. Even if you need a little encouragement. But I also know that you must have some questions, and you need to trust that I have the answers."

Tom was right, I had lots of questions. But the one I most wanted an answer to was the one he seemed least likely to answer. And I couldn't talk, so I just had to wait, and hope.

Tom wheeled a small stool over, and sat down in front of me. Again he looked into my eyes, and again I was unable to look away.

"The water you drank last night was drugged." He was so matter of fact about it that it took me by surprise. "I drugged you, brought you down here, got you dressed and strapped you down. How are your fingers? I'm not keen on blood pooling in your hands or feet. It's more of a problem because your rubber bodysuit is very tight, but I do so love rubber. Hopefully this might help."

Well, that at least explained the tight feeling, although I had no idea how he might have gotten me into the suit.

He reached forward, and flicked a switch. As he did so, the bench I was on started to vibrate. "I'm quite proud of that." He said.

"You are resting on your belly on a device known as a spanking bench, although with a few of my own modifications. With your arms and legs strapped down the sides, your anus is nice and accessible to me. There is even a little compartment at the back to hold your genitalia, so even without all the straps, you'd not want to go anywhere. And there are a lot of straps. You'll find even your fingers and toes are strapped down."

He was right. There was no possibility of escape.

"The only issue is that, with all those straps pressing you holding you down onto the bench, I'm worried that you might stop breathing. Which means that I need to change your gag. And that means that you might try to shout, or bite me. I need you to know that disobedience is not an option. If you so, then I shall be forced to show you another feature of my custom bench. In fact, I'll show you now, just so you know what to expect."

With that, he lent forward again, and flicked another switch. The straps holding me down began to tighten, squeezing all the air out of my lungs, and at the same time the cuffs holding my wrists and ankles began to lower. Just when I thought that my shoulders where going to pop, Tom reached forward again and flicked the switch. The tightening and pulling stopped, but there was not the slacking off that I was expecting. I was still being crushed.

"Now," said Tom "if you behave, and stay quiet whilst I change the gag, then I'll loosen the straps and let you breath again. I may even give you some slack in your arms and legs. If you make a noise, then you can trust me to punish you. See? It's all about trust."

Without getting up from the stool, he reached over to his cart, which was still out off sight, just behind me. What I saw in his hand when it came back into view looked like a thick black rubber hood. He held it up to my face. "A little tight, but better than being too loose."

Holding the open end of the hood, he started to roll it up. Before long it looked like some sort of huge black condom.

"We need to make sure that we get a good seal with the bodysuit. This glue might feel hot for a while, but that will pass, and soon you'll have other things to worry about."

Tom placed the hood back on the trolley, and moved behind me. Before I knew what was going on, I felt his hands rubbing my neck, followed by a hot feeling all the way around from my throat to the back of my neck.

"Now, remember, I trust that you are going to behave, and in return, you can trust me that if you don't, you will be punished. And we don't want that again, do we?"

Tom then moved back onto his stool, and, after turning off the vibrations of the bench, spread more of the glue around my lips. As he lifted his hands to my eyes, I instinctively closed them, and felt the heat surround them.

Slowly, Tom reached toward my mouth, and began to remove the gag. As it came out, it stretched my jaw even further, and I was sure that it was going to pop. As soon as it was fully out, I could see what it was. It looked like one of those balls that cats sometimes plays with, hollow, and covered in little holes. I could see now how I was still able to breath. I stretched my jaw as much as I could, and let out a small sigh of relief.

That was a bad idea. The moment the sound left my lips Tom reached forward and hit the switch. Instantly, the cuffs at my wrists and ankles jolted down. It wasn't far, but it was enough to make me think my joints might pop again.

"I told you, you can trust me to punish you if you misbehave."

Tom picked up the hood again. Placing it on the top of my head, he began to slowly roll it down over my face. Somehow, it was aligned perfectly with my eyes and mouth, although there was nothing for my nose. He smoothed it over the glue on my lips and around my eyes, and then rolled it down over my neck, before smoothing that down as well.

The hood was tight. I could feel it squeezing my head, and even without the gag I doubt I would have been able to talk, as every time I tried to open my mouth the rubber held my jaw in place. I wondered that if the rest of the bodysuit was as tight as this. If it was then Tom must have drugged me up well, otherwise I would surely have woken up. Perhaps it was made of separate sections that had then been glued together. Without being able to move, it was impossible to look for seams. I'm fact, it was impossible for me to tell between the pressure on my body from the suit, and the pressure from the straps.

"There, that's not so bad, is it?" Tom reached around to the trolley again, and came back with what must have been the gag. It was similar to his own mask, a part of cone that was shaped at the open end to fit over my mouth and nose. But there was something odd about it. Protruding from the open end was a wide tube, a few inches long. From the sides of it came many thick straps, with heavy duty buckles on the ends.

"Open up!" Said Tom. I opened my mouth as wide as I could.

Suddenly, Tom lent forward and flicked a switch. Instantly I felt the straps binding me to the bench jerk as they became even tighter. I felt as if they might cut right through me. Evidently Tom was not happy with me.

"I said open up." I strained as hard as I could to open my mouth wider, but it was made more difficult by the tightness of the hood. Tom held the mask to my face, and forced the tube between my teeth. It was pressing against the back of my throat, and I was sure that I would gag, but suddenly, I felt my jaw snap shut a short distance. It seemed like there was some sort of cutout in the tube for my teeth to rest in, which also stopped the gag from slipping out.

Tom now reached out for the straps on the mask. The first went around the back of my head, and Tom pulled it as tight as he could. The next strap went up between my eyes, over the top of my head and attached to the first. Another ran down from the first strap, under my jaw and then back up. A final ran again from the first, but this time up my head just in front of my ears, through a loop on the top strap and back down the other side. Once all the straps were in place, Tom went over them again, making sure that they were as tight as he could get them.

"There," he said, as he admired his handy work, "that ought to do the job." He lent forward and flicked a switch. Instantly the tension in my arms and legs eased as the cuffs at my wrists and ankles were given some slack, and the straps holding me to the bench loosened slightly. At the same time the bench started to vibrate again. I was still held fast, but at least I could breath with relative ease, and I no longer had to worry about my arms coming out of my shoulders.

Tom reached over to his trolley and took a pair of rubber gloves from a large box of them. These were just ordinary gloves of the sort used by doctors. Slowly, so as not to cause them to tear, he worked them over his hands, adding another layer of protection, on top of the thick gloves that went up past his elbows, and the gloves built into the bodysuit.

Tom stood up again, and moved around behind me, wheeling his cart with him. I could no longer see him, and I had no idea what might happen next. For what seemed an age, nothing did happen. But then, suddenly, I felt something cold and wet on my arse, and suddenly I felt something slide into my anus. It wiggled about a bit, and I guessed that it must have been Tom's finger. Thankfully, it seemed he had used plenty of lube, but it was still uncomfortable. Tom wiggled about for a few more moments, and then, as quickly as he had gone in, I felt him slide out again.

"My my, what a mess." Tom walked back round to face me, snapping off first one, and then the other, of his rubber gloves. He hung one of the gloves a few inches from my face, and I was glad for a moment that neither my hood or gag had holes for my nose, as the index finger of the glove was smeared in shit. At least the glove was inside out.

"Let me ask you this," said Tom, sitting down again, before rolling the gloves up into a ball and tossing them out of my view, presumably into a bin. "When we had sex last night, did you end up with shit on your cock? No. Because I look after myself. And if you think I'm putting anything in there whilst it's in that state, you are sorely mistaken. Soon, however, you will just be sore."

Tom picked up another pair of rubber gloves, and snapped them on as he walked round behind me again. I could hear him wheeling his trolley, and then something else was moved round, a wheel squeaking as it went. Soon, I felt something else pass into my anus. Not as wide as Tom's finger, but more solid. This I could deal with. I felt a gentle tug on the intruder, and the, suddenly, a cold feeling spreading through my colon. The bastard was giving me an enema!

I felt it pressing my insides, but there was no room for the water to go anywhere, the stamps holding me to the bench saw to that. After a short while Tom removed the hose, and replaced it with what must have been a but plug. A wave of cramp spread through me, and the pain was unimaginable. Just as the cramps started to pass, another wave of pain spread through me. I tried to scream through the gag, but even if Tom heard me, he did nothing to ease my discomfort.

But the cramps did pass, and Tom walked back to face me.

"Right, let's get that out of you."

He reached down and pressed another button on the bench. There was a slight grinding sound, and the bench began to tilt. After a few moments I was upright, my arms and legs held out in front of me, as if I was giving the bench a great going hug. Tom reached down, and removed the plug. Almost instantly I felt my body expel the water. I guessed that Tom must have placed a bucket down, as I could hear it sploshing about. The stamps holding me to the bench began to tighten and then loosen, tighten and loosen, to make sure that I was empty.

The bench returned to horizontal, and I felt Tom slide a finger into me again. He gave it a wiggle, and withdrew. I hoped he was happy with what he found, as that enema was not something I wanted to try again. He walked round in front of me, removing the gloves as he did so. "Better, but still not clean enough. Looks like we'll have to try again."

Again I felt the hose enter me, and again, I felt the water. But this time, there was more of it. The feeling of being full came, and the cramps started, but still the water came. Tom even slackened the straps slightly to allow more room. I could feel my belly growing, and I was sure that, had I been able to open my mouth, water would have flowed out.

Just when I thought it could get no worse, the hose was removed. But before my body had a chance for react, the plug was inserted again. This time though, it was different.

" There is a chance, " said Tom, from behind me, "that all that pressure could force out your but plug. However, this one is special. When I squeeze this bulb, it will expand inside you. If it is forced out whilst expanded, then you will spend the rest of your life shitting through a hole in your stomach. So I'd be careful, if I were you."

Tom walked round to face me. "You know, I'm a bit peckish. What say you to stopping for lunch?"

He began to undress, first the rubber gloves, then he rolled down the thicker gloves off. He stepped out of the boots, and then removed the scrubs, folding them neatly on the stool. Lastly, he reached behind his head and removed his mask. Soon he was naked, except for the skin tight black rubber bodysuit that covered everything but his eyes.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" With that, he flicked a switch on the bench, and again it began to tilt. This time, however, it was tilting forwards, and soon I was upside down, my head a few feet off the ground. As it tipped, I felt the water inside me resettle. He twisted a dial, and the vibration changed from a gentle hum to a violent shake. It was like trying to hug a pneumatic drill. As I shook, I could feel the water sloshing around inside me.

"I shan't be long!" And with that, Tom left the room. I heard the door click shut, and then a key in the lock. Then, the lights went out, leaving me in the pitch black, with nothing but the cramps and my thoughts.

It could have been twenty minutes, or it could have been twenty hours. Alone in the pitch darkness, with no stimulation save for the sloshing and the cramps, it was impossible to gauge the time. I thought back to how this had all started. I had always had a feeling that my life could be so more exciting if only I would allow myself to take more risks. Was I bi, or was I just trying to seem more interesting. It was true that I had never had a gay experience before, and it had always been something that I had wanted to try, but not like this. Tom was right, in a way. I had used him the night before, and he could hardly be blamed for feeling pissed at me.

But at the same time, there was a part of me that was starting to, well, not quite enjoy it so much, but appreciate it. Tom was right when he said that it was freeing. I didn't have to worry about what to do, I had no control over what was going on. All I had to do was experience it. I was able to do something completely mk we to me without any fear of getting it wrong. All I had to do was let Tom get on with it.

Out of the darkness, I heard the door being opened, and suddenly all I could see was pain. Tom had turned the lights on again, but having been in the dark for so long, even with my eyes tight shut they hurt. I heard Tom move across the room, and the squeak of the rubber as he dressed again, but from my upside down position I could not see much, even if I hadn't been blinded by the light.

"Well," said Tom, "that was a lovely lunch. I feel much better now, don't you?" The bench stopped vibrating, and then slowly tipped back to horizontal, then continued until it was vertical again. At least this time I was the right way up. "Oh," he continued, reaching up to squeeze my arse, "Amy called. I told her that you were still asleep, but that you had a great time, and that she could expect you back later today. Right, are you ready?'"

Tom released a valve on the hose from the butt plug, and I felt the plug start to slide out. To, reached down and removed it fully, and I felt the sudden release as the water shot out of my arse. Immediately I felt the cramps ease up. It was such a relief to be empty again. Tom slowly slid a finger up into my rectum, and I felt him wriggle it round. It was uncomfortable, but still a lot better than the water had been. After a few moments, he removed the finger, and, with his other hand, returned the bench to horizontal again.

As he walked round to sit in front of me again he snapped off the gloves, and held them out for inspection. This time there was no nasty brown smear. It was a relief, at least I would not not have to suffer another enema, but I would have to deal with what I knew was to come next.

"Very good!" Said Tom. "I'm glad you're starting to learn! Now, as keen as I am to have my way with you, your darling wife will never let me play with you again if I give you back broken, so I'm going to have to make sure that you are ready for this. Well, that your arse is ready, at least."

I was a able to see him wheel his little trolley over to the cupboard again. He opened it up, and started to rummage around inside. From my position on the bench, I was unable see what was going on, but I was worried nonetheless.

"The human anus," said Tom, "is a remarkable thing, but it is there to keep things on the inside, and to push them out, not to let them in. If I just go right in, you will close up and hurt me, and I don't. Want that any more than you, so we are going to take this easy. But remember, the sooner this is over the sooner you can go, so really it's all down to you."

I still could not see the cart, Tom was carefully to hide it from my view as he walked back behind me. But I did hear the snapping of a fresh pair of rubber gloves, and then the wet squelch of lube being squeezed out the bottle. Suddenly I felt the cold lube smother my backside. It seemed that Tom was taking no chances, it felt like he had used gallons of the stuff. I felt him gently run the pad of his finger around my anus, not trying to get inside, but just rubbing the outside. After a while, he slid the finger in, and began to wiggle it around some more. I was surprised by how nice it was feeling. Here I was, being held against my will, unable to move, unable to speak, effectively being raped, and I was almost starting to enjoy it. Perhaps Tom had been right. For the first time in a long time I had nothing to worry about. All I had to do was experience the sensations I was feeling.

By the time he slid a second finger in, and started to spread them out, I started to feel a stirring in my own cock. It began to rise with anticipation , but there was a sudden pain. I thought back to what Tom had said earlier, about locking it out of harms was . What had he done?

My thoughts turned back from my own pleasure to pain as Tom slid in yet another finger, although from the way he was more in them in and out, whilst also the time slowly pulling them apart and then back together, it was more likely to be his thumb. As he continued to train my body towards his own ends, I found myself beginning to work with him. Rather than try to fight the intruder, I would relax to allow it in, and then tighten to hold it in place.

After a few more minutes of this, I felt Tom slide his fingers out fully, but before I had a chance to react he was filling me again. This time it was wider than his fingers had been, and more solid, there was no way I would be able to fight against this. But the main difference was that while Tom's fingers had only made it a few inches, this kept on coming. It must have been a dildo, because there was absolutely no give in it at all. I found that I could feel the ridges and bumps as it slid in, and they were far too regular to be natural. Slowly, Tom slid it in further and further, adding another dollop of lube as he went. I soon felt full. It was uncomfortable to say the least, I was sure that if he went in any further then something would give, and it would not be nice.

Tom started to pull it out slowly, and I could feel my body relax as things returned to normal. But when there could only have been an inch or so left, I felt Tom reverse, and he started to slide it back in.

He started to ram it in and out, building up speed and adding lube as he went. I felt myself stiffen in its restraint. The bench and the straps I could just about handle. They were uncomfortable, but I'd got used to them. Whatever it was holding my cock was the real problem.

It changed. I felt the dildo slide right out. It was an odd feeling. I thought that I would be pleased to be rid of it, but I felt empty, hollow even. Tom walked around to face me, and sat down on the stool. He held me in his gaze. "It is time." He reached down to the control panel, flicked a switch, and suddenly the vibrations of the bench stopped. Another switch caused the bench to tilt up to about forty five degrees.

Tom walked slowly back around behind me. I felt him start to grope and fondle my buttocks, clearly enjoying himself. It seemed that even after all this build up he was in no hurry, and he was going to take things at his own pace. Once again I was reminded of how little I could do. I could resist, or I could relax. Whatever I did, it was going to happen. I heard the clicking of a lighter, and then the lights went out, the candlelight now all we needed, flickering against the white rubber walls.

As he slowly entered me, I realised that he had been right all along. This was why I wanted, I just hadn't known it. He had said that he would give me what he knew I wanted, not what I thought I wanted. But he was wrong, I did want this. I wanted him inside me more than I had ever wanted anything before. I wanted to thank him for last night, for allowing me to be myself, and I wanted to thank him for fucking me. I would thank him for fucking me by letting him fucking me. He did not know it but at that moment Tom could have released the straps, taken out the gag and allowed me to leave, and I would have gladly remained to allow him to take me. Or perhaps he did know.

As he built up speed, I once again felt myself attempting to rise with the joy of the moment. But the pain was too much. Whatever was holding my cock down was doing the job too well for me. Perhaps it was this that was the true punishment. I tried to relax, and just allow it to happen, but as Tom continued I felt more and more aroused. I tried to push back into Tom, to have some input, but the straps were just too tight. As my prostate was stimulated my arousal peaked, and I felt the myself unload. I had known it was possible to ejaculate like this, but I would never have thought that it would happen to me.

Tom had no idea what I was up to, and just kept pounding away. I wanted to do everything I could to help him, but he had complete control. After a short while I felt his hands increase their grip on my buttocks, to the point where it started to hurt. I felt his body tense up, and then be pushed himself as deep as he could into me. I felt his seed shoot into me, and only then did he seem to relax. He flopped forward onto me, laying along my back. And then, nothing.

Still inside me, he rested, gathering his breath and his thoughts. I felt him start to relax, but still he did not withdraw. He just waited, allowing time for the moment to sink in for both of us. After what might have been two minutes or two hours, he slid out, and stood up. Without saying a word to me, he went around the room pinching out the candles. I lay there, still unable to move, but also unwilling, as the light faded. When the last candle had gone out, and there was nothing in the darkness, I heard the door slowly open, and then click shut, before the lock was turned.

When I woke, I found myself back in Tom's bedroom. It felt like a lifetime had passed since I had first been in this room. I had no idea how long ago that had been, there had been no way of telling. I was pleased to finally be free of the bench, but it was odd. As the hours had passed I had come to enjoy the experience, to revel in the true freedom that only comes through having no control. I found that I now understood what Tom had been saying about trust. I had to trust Tom, I had had no choice. And I had been right to, as through that trust he had shown me something I had never seen before, but something that I very much hoped to see again.

As I thought of all that I had been through I felt a stirring in my cock. I reached down under the sheets to take care of myself, but found that this was not possible. It seemed that I had been locked into some sort of tube, held firmly in place with a ring behind my testicles. So that was why I'd had that pain on the bench. Well, he had said the he'd locked me away for safe keeping. It would have been nice to have the key though.

I pulled myself up on the bed, and leant back against the headboard. Looking round I could see that my clothes had been folded neatly on a chair to one side, and on top of them was the mask that I had been wearing through my ordeal. I looked over to the clock on the bedside table, and saw the Tom had left me a note. Unfolding it, I began to read.

"I thought it best if I allowed you to wake up at your own pace today. The experiences you have been through with me are enough to take it out of anyone, and it is important that your you recover fully. When you head downstairs you will find food in the fridge, please feel free to help yourself. When you are ready to leave, you will find a taxi outside to take you home. Do not worry about the fare, I have already taken care of it.

"You are sure to have noticed the chastity cage that I have fitted to you. If I did everything correctly yesterday, then you should be eager to help yourself, but I think that as you seem to have taken to bondage like a duck to water, a little more will not hurt. And I am sure that Amy will unlock you, when the time is right.

"Now, I know what you are thinking. You are wondering how on earth you are going to tell Amy what has happened. But this was her idea. Well, it was your idea that we hold have sex of course, at that party, but it was Amy who helped me decide what I should do with you next. She knows exactly what happened, I sat and explained the footage to her myself. And I have no doubt that she sat and watched it again whilst strumming herself off. After all, what self respecting girl is not made all hot and bothered by the sight of her man, tightly bound, taking one for the team?

"I have given you something that you have always wanted, although it took the events of yesterday for you to realise that you wanted them. I hope that you want to play with me again one day, there is so much more that I could teach both you and your wife. Perhaps a session with both of you, one day. It is clear to me from her reaction to watching what you have been through that there is more to your wife than you realise. As I said, she has the key to your chastity cage, and she will decide when you are free. And as you found last night, there is a lot you can do without your cock.

"There is more I could say, but I think that will do for now. You need time to adjust, and I have more to do with my time than just educate you. When the time is right you will hear from me, and we will see what happens after that. Until then, farewell, and thank you for a wonderful time.

"Tom. "

When I stepped out of the house after a lengthy lunch from Tom's well stocked fridge, I was surprised to see a taxi come around the corner. I was too eager to see Amy again to question it though. When I eventually stepped through my front door, there was no sign of her, except for a pair of tights on the stairs. I walked up them, and found a lacy bra having from the handle of the bedroom door. I opened the door to find a matching pair of panties on the bed. As I walked over to the bed, I sensed a movement behind me, but I was too late to react. From behind the door burst Amy. She jumped up onto my back, wrapped her legs around my waist, and knocked me onto the bed. Laughing, her naked breasts bounced up and down as she sat up, kneeling on my stomach.

" Did you have fun with Tom?" she asked, as she began to pull my clothes off me.

"I think you know I did, " I replied. "do you have the key?"

"I do, but before I let you have it, I want to see what you've learnt"

With that, she dived forward, grabbing my wrists. She wiggled up until she was sitting astride my chest, and then letting go of my left wrist she changed the hand holding my right, and used her free hand to buckle up a wide leather cuff attached to a chain. She moved over and did the same to my other wrist, and then both my ankles. Once she was happy that the cuffs were not going anywhere, she moved down to the bottom of the bed, and began to wind a handle, pulling the chains, and therefore me, into a tight spread eagle. I began to wonder how i had managed not to notice the chains before, but, once again, there was nothing that I could do about it now.

Amy moved over to her dresser, and began to rummage around in a draw. "Tom came over this morning, and helped me set all this up. Impressive, no?"

I had to agree, what was even more impressive were the sight of her supple breasts saying as she walked back over to me. In her hand she had a large head harness, much like the one that Tom had used, except that this was made of leather, and had a blindfold attached. She placed the gag put into my mouth with ease, I had no intention of resisting. It was formed of a thick metal ring that st just behind my teeth. All I could do was grunt, and poke my tongue out. She then positioned the blindfold, and tightened all the straps. Once she was happy, she moved down the bed and started to gently fondle my balls. I was getting aroused, and I could feel myself trying to get hard, although the chastity cage prevented anything from happening.

"Do you want the key?" She asked.

I nodded violently, and grunted my agreement.

"Really? Well I want something first."

I felt her crawl slowly up the bed, over the top of me, until her breasts where smothering my face. "Before I even think of giving you the key, I want an orgasm."

With that, she sat up, and I felt her reposition herself until she was squatting over my face. I could smell her now, her scent filled my nostrils as she lowered herself onto my face. Soon, she was smothering me completely.

"Well, do you want the key or not?"

I began to lick.

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