Sexolympics 2012
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Author's Note: This following is an Olympic parody that tries to re-imagine how things might play out if various fetishes and sexual acts were converted into Olympic-style sports. I have written this in the form of a newsbroadcast with a bit of overarching plotlines but the various events themselves vary greatly in their sexual content so take advantage of the section index below to pick out (or avoid) whatever takes your fancy. I hope people enjoy this, it was fun to write and try to come up with things that would be sexy, vaguely plausible, and in some cases be direct parodies of existing Olympic events themselves.

If anyone is interested in/inspired by this concept feel free to either write additional events yourselves, or make suggestions - structurally the story is somewhat modular and if something catches my imagination I'm open to expanding things in the future.

For ease of navigation you can use the following chapter guide to check for content and jump accordingly:

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Interlude 1 - Gina Interview: F-f, f-self, gag
Advertisement 1 - Eros Glory: M-f, f-self, ponyplay, bondage, chastity, analplay, DP
Event 1 - Day 1: Womens Blowjob: M-f, bondage, gags, oral, latex
Advertisement 2 - Smith Chemical: F-f, toys
Advertisement 3 - Cock-A-Cola: M-f, oral
Event 2 - Day 1: Synchronized Orgasm (quads): MM-f, MF-f, oral, orgy, gag, analplay
Advertisement 4 - Dileade: FFMM
Advertisement 5 - Tasty-O's: M
Interlude 2 - Deepthroat interview: F-f, F-self, oral
Event 3 - Day 2: Women's deepthroat: F-self, oral
Advertisement 6 - Octopus Sports: f-self, bondage, toys, machine
Advertisement 7 - Univeral Engines: latex
Interlude 3 - Allison Young Interview
Event 4 - Day 2: Synchronous orgasm (Pairs and fives): MM-f, MF-f, oral, orgy, gag, analplay
*Advertisement 8 - Epona Fine Ponygear: F-self, M-self, ponyplay
Interlude 4 - Ponies: A Special SBN Report with Tom and Joan: M-f, F-m, F-f, ponyplay, toys, bondage, anal, chastity belt
Event 5 - Day 3: Pony Races: F-f, ponyplay, bondage, toys,
Interlude 5 - Fuckathon + Fuckcycling: F-f, other-mf, toys, anal,
Event 6 - Day 3: Dressage: F-f, F-m, ponyplay
Advertisement 9 - Eros Footware
Event 7 - Day 3: Women's Bondage Medly: f-self, bondage, extreme, armbinder, gag, chastity belt, anal, toys
Interlude 6 - Orgasm Control Explination: M-f, bondage, extreme, sensory deprivation, gag, toys, anal, electricity, breath control
Event 8 - Day 3: Orgasm Control: other-f, bondage, extreme, gag, toys, anal, electricity, breath control, suspension
Interlude 7 - Day 4 Opening + Bukkake Explination: M-f, latex
Event 9 - Day 4: Team Bukkake: M-f, M-m, latex, anal, oral
Advertisement 10 - Paper Towels: f-self, m-self, M-f, F-f, oral, anal
Advertisement 11 - Hercedes
Event 10 - Day 4: Artistic Underwater Coupling: M-m
Interlude 8 - Shibari Interview: F-f, bondage
Event 11 - Day 4: Pentathalon: F-f, M-f, f-self, m-self, bondage, oral, anal,
Interlude 9 - Sexual Duel Explination
Event 12 - Day 5: Women's Sexual Duel: F-f
Event 13 - Day 5: Men's Cum for Distance
Interlude 10 - Men's Cum for Accuracy Explination: M-f, latex, bondage
Event 14 - Day 5: Men's Cum for Accuracy: M-f. oral
Event 15 - Day 5: Men's Sexual Duel: M-m
Advertisement 12 - Grease Oil Lube: M-m
Advertisement 13 - Sexolympics 2012 Commemoritive DVD
Event 16 - Day 5: Gangbang: M-f, oral, anal, bondage, suspension
Interlude 11 - Closing Ceremonies: latex, bondage, ponyplay, loving
Interlude 12 - Afterparty: F-m, F-f, M-f, latex, bondage, oral, anal, toys


Their bold font floating across the screen "Sexolympics, 2012" passes out of view to reveal a newsdesk with two anchors, one male and one female, smiling at the camera.

S: "Welcome!" The male leads off, "I'm Steve here with my co-host Martha for the first day of competition for this, the thirteenth Sexolympics."

M: "That's right, and let me start off by saying that this could be the most exciting Sexolympics to date. As always we'll be bringing you full coverage of all the events with the best sexatheletes in the world as well as informative, penetrative interviews and behind-the-scene's information so don't even think of touching that dial because all your Sexolympic information is going to be right here."

S: "I'm sure you all tuned in last night for the opening ceremonies - it was quite an event but while we're waiting for todays first event - women's blowjobs - to commence."

M: "That's right, the Sexolympics mark the true pinacle of achievement for any aspiring sexathelete. Of course for the most likely victors - many of whom we've seen take medals at the worlds competition as well as a few Sexolympic returnee's from four years ago - well, let me just say that while all of the fucking that we're likely to see is going to be truely world class some of these men and women are really in a league of their own."

S: "That description fits nobody better than the US's own, Gina." As he talks a pop-in box expands to fill the screen displaying to show a girl in her late twenties walking at the head of a procession. Clad in a patriotic red, white and blue latex catsuit her arms are bound behind her back wrist to wrist and elbow to elbow around the pole of a US flag. Wearing towering ballet-heeled boots she nonetheless strides with confidence, bringing her knees almost as high as her large breasts with each stride. Her lips spread wide around a red ball-gag her face is the only flesh visible as the catsuit continues up to cover the rest of her head, her hair sticking out through two holes in twin pigtails. Her expression proud she beams as the US national anthem plays. A collar around her neck is attached to a leash that disappears off camera in front of her, pulling her along as she leads the rest of the American team in the procession.

S: "New viewers may be wondering about Gina, the american contestent and country flag bearer's, gag. Well expect to see alot of it these next few days both on her and on her numberous fans. For more details we give you a previously recorded interview with our very own Joan!"

Interlude 1 - Gina Interview

Joan sits in an elegant latex dress across from Gina who is dressed in a pair of thigh-high rubber heels and a tight red thong. An almost exploding rubber bra barely contains her large breasts. Long latex opera gloves extend up to her armpits, her only other attire a 2" collar encircling her neck.

J: "So, Gina, your second Sexolympics but you're poised to make it a truely stunning one."

G: "Yes," Gina replies with a smile "the last games I had such a difficult time chosing my event but this year... everything just seemd to cum together and I'm going to be competing in so much, it's truely an honor."

J: "Indeed, womens blowjobs, womens deepthroat, orgasm control, synchronized orgasm, bukkake, pairs submission, the bondage medly, head to head womens oral, the pentathalon, and of course your signature event and the highlight of the last games - the gang-bang, more events than any single competitor has entered in and you're actually favored to win many of them."

G: "I know, I'm so excited, I just hope I have the energy for everything."

J: "After seeing your performance at the worlds I'd say you have the energy for anything. Now the question every new viewer asks..."

G: "What's up with the gag?" Gina interrupts smiling as she laughs lightly. "I'm used to the curiosity, though I'm still surprised they're such an object of fascination for the fans."

Raising her hands from her lap Gina holds up a large red ball gag. "This is the one everyone seems to copy, and it certainly is one of my favorites."

J: "One of?" Joan leads on.

G: "Yes, as you know the full ball-gag isn't really approrpriate for most events, so while I still wear it for public apperances and the like I'll be wearing a newly-designed ring and penis gag combination for competition."

J; "I believe you brought it to show our viewers, right? A world exclisive first-look only here on the SBN."

G: "Yes." Gina replies as an assistant appears with a tray bearing two items.

Taking one of them Gina spreads the straps to show it off - it is a full head harness style with straps going around the back of the head, under the chin and straps on either side of the large ring connecting over the bridge of the nose to go over the top of the head.

J: "This is the gag I'll be wearing for this years games, I've had it custom-designed for the most secure fit possible, the really cool feature though is this." Turning back to the tray she picks up a short cylinder of the same red material as the ball-gag. Holding it up for the camera one end is shown to be rounded into a dome while the other end extends back to form a squat penis.

G: "This is designed to seat securely into the ring gag -" as she speaks she demonstrates sliding it phallic-end first through the ring, it locks leaving just the rounded base appearing from the front almost identical to the ball-gag. "This way I can keep the ring gag on for the entire games and merely remove the dildo insert when it's time for an oral event."

J: "I can see how that would be more convenient than switching gags like you were doing at the worlds."

G: "Much, and I'll tell you a secret - while the ballgag was certainly my first love I started using penis gags for training and I simply adore the deep-filling sensation they provide."

J: "Still not as good as the real thing though, right?" Joan jokes.

G: Gina laughs "nope, a nice hard cock is still the best thing to feel at the back of my throat but this is nice too - plus as you can see " once more she holds the gag up for the camera, displaying a small hole at the tip of the cock-end of the plug "it has a nice breathing hole for long-term comfort, I can even sleep with it in."

J: "So the rumors that you'll actually be gagged for the entire five days of events are true then?"

G: "Yes, from the opening ceremony tomorrow all the way through the closing nights orgy this mouth will remain open and filled."

J: "Amazing, and why is that? Certainly there have been other competitors known for their affinity for gags during the events, but you're the first to take it to such extremes outside of competition."

G: "Yes, I started my career quite vocal back when I was only practicing for the more vanilla sports; I actually made it to the state championships in talking dirty my first year of college but I think it distracted me. I was so focused on my ability to turn my parner on with my words that it was limiting my technique. One day I was chattering so much during deepthroat training that the cock was spending more time out of my mouth than in it! I remember my coach yelling 'shut up and train!' and marching over to the fetish gear side of the gym to grab a ring gag. Once I had it on... I don't know how to describe it but it just felt right. Suddenly all that mental energy was free'd up and I was sucking like I never had before. After making three training partners plus my coach cum in sucession I finally removed the gag but it was clear that it was going to be part of my routine from there on out."

J: "That's when you began branching out to more events, right?"

G: "Exactly, the idea of not being able to talk to my partner had kept me from trying out any bondage events but the way actually being gagged affected me... Well you know how exciting it can be to be restrained and that was pretty much my first experience. When I went to the next tournament I used a gag during the events but I seemed to keep losing headspace when I'd remove it. Between the semi-finals and the finals of the womens duel I decided not to remove it and everything just clicked. I overwhelmed my oponent and was on such a sexual high through the medal ceremony that I knew this was how I would be competing from there out."

J: "Interesting, but isn't it uncomfortable being gagged that long?"

G: "It can be," Gina says with a nod. "Although over time my jaw has gotten accustomed to it. Either way I feel it makes such a difference in my game to be more than worth it. I know for a fact that the moment I lock the gag harness on at the start of the games I'm going to feel a sense of calm excitement go through me and even when I'm between competitions its presence will be a constant joy."

Gina seems to get misty-eyed for a moment, her fingers tracing over the gag harness in her hands.

J: Joan breaks the silence after a moment, herself seemingly distracted by Gina's passion. "Well with all that said, how about a demonstration of your new gag?"

G: Gina smiles deviously "certainly, but I only have one mouth and I seem to have two gags here." She innocently twirls the original ballgag in one hand eyeing the woman across from her. "Why don't you join me and try it on?"

Joan blushes but is unable to hide the excitement in her eyes as Gina rises to approach brandishing the large ballgag.

J: "I don't know, I mean that looks a lot larger than my normal size or what I've used bef-" her words are cut off as Gina presses the ball against her hosts lips with one rubber-gloved hand while her other hand cradles the back of Joan's skull.

Ignoring feined protest Gina expertly presses the large ball deep into Joan's mouth before tightly buckling the strap closed.

G: "See? That wasn't so hard, now my turn!"

While Joan watches Gina opens her mouth wide and slides the ring gag in place, in mere moments the network of straps are connected fixing it in place. Turning her profile towards the camera Gina makes a small show of sliding the phalic gag into her forced-open mouth, its thick shaft dissappearing inside until only the dome ball-gag looking base is visible.

Turning to face the camera she smiles around the large gag before facing back to her host and pulling Joan in for a titilating gagkiss.

The video fades out on the two women embraced to return to the studio where Steve re-addresses the camera.

S: "What a competitor, and what an interview."

M: "That's right Steve, I wish I'd gotten that assignment!, But viewers should know that's just a taste of what's to come, we'll have even more exclusive interviews and coverage here on SBN - the Sex Broadcasting Network."

"Stay tuned for the most in-depth, penetrating coverage of this, the 13th Sexolympics!"

Advertisement 1 - Eros Glory

A woman kneels in her kitchen, carefully trying to work a small cucumber into her throat, obviously straining as she holds off nausea.

Cut. The same woman, kneeling on a performance stage, easily deepthroating a full foot-long dildo.

Cut to a single word on the screen. Dedication.

A woman lies on her back in the center of a bed wearing nothing but a bra and panties, looking lustily at her partner as he approaches into frame.

The view cuts to the same woman, this time laying on her back in the middle of a stage, her partner joined now by two other men fucking her as crowds in the background cheer.

Cut to a single word. Passion.

A woman is shown pulling the front strap of a leather chastity belt tight, just as it closes a pair of dongs can be seen being forced into her ass and cunt by the belt. She slips a gag into her mouth and pulls on a pair of tight running pants before steping out her door to begin jogging up the street. Now visible her feet are shod in steep but heelless shoes, making a clip-clop sound on the pavement.

Cut to the same woman wearing now in a full leather harness, a bit gag in her mouth as she is attached to a chariot behind. Her shoes now are knee-high ponyboots, bells dangling from her pierced nipples. In full spring she breaks the tape to cross a finish line ahead of several similarly attired and harnessed ladies.

Cut to a single word. Devotion.

The cuts coming fast and furious a dizzying sequence of clips flashes by showing sexalthetic triumph after triumph.

Suddenly the screen returns to black, a single word appearing once more. Glory.

The word fades out to be replaced by another: Eros a subtitle in smaller font below. "Just do it." Across the bottom of the screen the final words "your official sponsor of the 2012 Sexolympic games."

Event 1 - Womens Blowjob

S: "Welcome back I'm Steve and this is my partner Martha and we're coming to you with live coverage just minutes away from the first event of the thirteenth Sexolympics."

M: "Yes, and what a way to start off - women's blowjobs."

S: "One of the oldest competitions and a real favorite of the fans and the athelets, although not without a few controversies."

M: "That's right Steve, there's been increased demand to fold the divisions together to allow co-ed competition, plus we're still feeling the shakeout caused by the split eight years ago between the pure blowjob competition and the deepthroat event that we'll be seeing later this afternoon."

S: "That's true, but I think people have to understand that despite the numberous crossover competitors they really are two different sports. While the deepthroat sexatheletes are impressive in their own rights it's a bit of a setpiece while the blowjob event is a more real-world competition that requires those skills and so much more."

M: "Speaking of, lets go to Tom on the floor for the rules."

The view switches to another reporter standing in front of a series of small pedastals. As he talks a series of naked women ascend the pedastals and kneel down. Their hands cuffed behind their backs and their ankles chained to the pedastals."

T: "Thanks Martha, as you can see behind me the competitors are taking their positions. They are bound in place for both traditional reasons and to prevent any possible cheating with hands as this is a mouth-only event and nobody wants a disqualification caused by someone getting too caught up in the moment."

As he continues to narrate the camera pans over the competitors. With a closer view it becomes apparent that some competitors, including of course Gina, are sporting ring gags while a few, Gina among them once more, are wearing blindfolds as well.

T: "This is a simple event in concept." Tom explains. "Each women will be required to blow five men in sucession to climax. The first to finish her fifth partner will be declared the winner. The women are free to use any techinques they want. Expect a little ball-licking but mostly we'll be seeing the worlds top cocksuckers really going to town."

M: "What about the blindfolds and gags Tom?" Martha asks from the studio.

T: "A good question, while this event is relativly minimalist from the equipment side whats there is important to note. The wrist and ankle restraints for the competitors we already covered, and once the event starts you'll note that the male recievers of their attention will also be restrained - you'll be seeing them cycle through on supportive platforms that allow them to be quickly rotated in while keeping their members perfectly positioned for the athlete's attention. To keep the men from possibly interfering with anything their feet are bound at regulation distance apart, their hands cuffed behind their back and their mouths gagged."

T: "As to the competitors themselves, there are two schools of thought as to gags - some claim they restrict possible lip and teeth action while their proponents tend to credit the gags with allowing them to relax their jaws and focus on in the mental game. Note that the current world number one ranked and expected gold medalist Gina is of course a strong gag proponent, as well as being an old-school blindfold user."

S: "Old-school, you're refering to the traditional gamerules from earlier competitions?"

T: "Precisly, as historians of the sport will be well aware the early games required all competitors to be blindfolded as it was believed that an unfair advantage might be gained by a contestant identifying their man. The modern games have shown this to be an unnecessary precaution for several reasons. First the pool of blowjob recipients is sufficiently large and randomized so as to minimize the utility of scouting and it's been found that competitors at this level are capable of almost instanly identifying their partners just by mouthfeel. In todays games blindfolds tend to be fairly randomly adopted. Some claim a slight advantage in focus while others wear them out of respect for tradition." A buzzer goes off and he looks behind to note the last competitor has been cuffed in place.

T: "And it's almost time, we are literally seconds away from the opening bell!"

As he finishes talking a second buzzer echoes through the arena. Trapdoors in front of each competition pedastal slide open and the first batch of male subjects - each clad in full-body white latex catsuits rise up into view, their cocks the only flesh protruding from their gleaming latex forms.

Once at the proper height they slide forward into range of the sexatheletes and the bound women eagerly dive onto the cocks before them, quickly licking and sucking them to tumescence.

M: "And we are off!" Martha calls as the girls go to work. "Most sexatheletes go for a quick open out the gate, aiming to rapidly get their first subject off and then use the switch period to catch their breath."

S: "And we have first cum!" Steve shouts excitedly, a ring of light around one of the competitors columns glows as she leans back to let the cock withdraw, her throat visibly closing as it pulls out.

M: "An early lead for Denise st Germaine of France. You can really tell that she comes from a deepthroat background the way her neck pulses around that cock." Martha explains as the male is lowered out of site and a second man takes his place.

S: "A superb technician and a fast starter lets see if she has the endurance to keep that up for the rest of the competition, that has proved her achilles heel in the past since losing track of your breathing technique can really cost you at this level." Steve adds

Moments later two more lights go off, including Gina's. As she waits for a new cock to appear she leans her head back and gargles the mouthful of cum, the audience roaring in approval.

S: "What a woman." Steve notes, "you can just tell she's having fun with this event."

With perfect timing Gina leans forward to deep-throat her second cock. This time she bobs her head quickly. In moments she pulls ahead of the compeition, her head pulling back so the stream of cum is visible as it shoots through her gag to the back of her throat.

M: "And Gina reclaims the lead, what a shot!"

Gina recievs her third cock just as Denise and Carli, the competitor from Austria, finish their second.

Steve and Martha excitedly call the action as a seemingly constant stream of men cum. Gina continues to pull away from the rest of the girls with the two girls from France and Austria essentially neck and neck with one another.

A particularly large load from her fourth man dribbles out from Gina's gag to drip down her bare breasts and she starts sucking her fifth cock seconds after Denise and Carli begin their fourth. Going full deepthroat Gina begins backing up the cock as the crowd cheers in excitement.

S: "She's doing it!, viewers should recognize this from her previous competitions, you can't see it but she has formed an almost vacumelike seal while her tongue works its way up the shaft. If history is any indication once she reaches the tip.." Steve pauses as the fifth light on Ginas platform lights up, Gina's depressed cheeks swelling as she catches the full load deposited in her mouth. "And she's done it!, absolutely perfect techinque earning her the first gold of this years games!"

M: "An amazing performance, Steve, but there's still a tight battle for silver going on - Denise and Carli have really been giving it their all, pretty much even since the second cock."

S: "They've really separated themselves from the pack, I think Denise may have it though, it looks like Carli didn't quite time her breathing properly after that fourth cock."

M: "I think you're right Steve, she seems to be breathing awefully heavy right now. Just a slight mistake but so significant at this level of competition."

Denise's light goes off, followed five seconds later by Carli's.

S: "What a competition, and I'm hearing that yes, Gina has set a new world record, beating her previous record set at the worlds two years ago by a full fifteen seconds."

S: "She has to be excited about that, and that could be some great momentum to carry forward into the rest of the games."

M: "And it looks like the last of the competitors are finishing up, we'll be back with the medal ceremony after these messages from your Sexolympic sponsors."

Advertisement 2 - Smith Chemical

A middle-aged man in a labcoat stands on a catwalk over a large vat, carefully monitoring the mixture of chemicals below.

A calm female voiceover narrates. "At Smith Chemical our employees strive to bring the most cutting edge research..."

The view zooms in on the vat, speeding up as the chemicals combine to form a thick goo, the material flowing through a tube into another assembly.

"The best manufacturing processes."

A nozzle injects some of the goo into a hollow tube, a the nozzle pulls back for the next tube to slide into place on the long assembly lines.

"And the most ethical business practices."

The assembly line continuing through a quick bake before being packaged and shipped, the video clips to show the box being opened, the camera continuing to follow a single package as it is hand-carried down a hallway and handed off to another person.

"To bring you the products you need..."

The camera pulls back to show the package being opened by an almost naked woman. A molded dildo falling out of the box she attaches it to the front of her crotch harness, the long artificial member sticking out before her as she walks out of the room and onto the competition floor below a roaring crowd.

"Exactly when you need them."

Another woman lying on her back atop a small bench the first woman waves to the crowd before mounting her partner, the artificial cock gliding into the other womans cunt causing her eyes to roll back in pleasure.

"Smith Chemica; proud sponsors of the Sexolympic games.

The broadcast resumes with the three medalists standing on the victory podium. Still with wrists cuffed but with their blindfolds removed and Gina's gag having been re-augmented with its mouth-filling ball facade. Wearing 2" high collars with a multitude of rings the medals are clipped to their collars, the gleaming discs resting above their breasts, the crowd cheering as they curtsey.

S: "That new gag of hers is really stunning, the way she looks on the podium... well it's just inspiring" Steve notes of Gina.

M: "Well we could be seeing a lot more of it. For now lets go back to Tom with interviews with the medalists."

Tom stands next to Carli and Denis, both standing naked save for their collars and medals. Their restraints have been removed and they are carefully are wiping the last bits of cum off the faces and chests, licking their fingers clean.

T: "Gina is off to prepare for her next event - womens cunnilingus but I'm here with our other two medalists Carli and Denise, how are you ladies feeling?"

"Great." Denis leads off, "it's really an honor to go up against such excellent opponents, although I plan to get revenge in the deepthroat competition tomorrow."

T: "Such competitive fire, I'm sure all our viewers wish you luck. How about you Carli, you seemed to have some trouble in the final transition, what happened?"

"I just got a bit excited, this is my first Sexolympics and I just wasn't ready for the pressure that comes with competing on this stage. I'm feeling great now and I'll be back strong for next time."

T: "Well there you have it, two lovely ladies who just gave it their all on the field of competition, back to the studio with your hosts - Steve and Martha."

M: "Thanks Tom, after these messages we'll be back with the mens blowjob division."

Advertisement 3 - Cock-A-Cola

A view from the ribs down of a man. A female figure kneels in front of him, her head bobbing on his cock.

The man's hips twitch slightly and moments later he cums with a final thrust. Turning towards the camera and rising to her feet the woman is revealed to be Denis. Licking her lips of the last of his cum she smiles at the camera.

"Blowjobs - even with the rewarding shot at the end - can be thirsty work. When I start feeling parched I reach for a fresh bottle of Cock-a-Cola." She shoves a bottle towards the camera, made of glass the words Cock-A-Cola are printed on it in a flowing script. The bottle itself shaped like a penis she pops the seal on the top and takes a deep gulp.

"Aaah, that tastes great!" She smiles again, holding the bottle next to her face photogenically. "Remember, when you feel thirsty, reach for Cock-A-Cola, now in a series of special Sexolympic-commemoritive realistic penis shapes - collect copies of all your favorite Sexatheletes and swallow deeply for a refreshing drink - every time!"

S: "What a morning its been the women's blowjobs started it off and the men just ran with it."

M: "Yes, it was pretty much anyones game down to the final cock but Bran Norwich from the UK managed to eek his way into gold in a really impressive clutch performance."

S: "Coming in only three seconds behind the record Gina set earlier you have to wonder how those two would look going head to head."

M: "It's true, and I really hope the commision considers merging the divisions; we've seen how well it can work with the oral combined."

S: "Definitly, and continuing what looks to be the start of a record-shattering storyline Gina narrowly cinched gold in womens cunnilingus making her only the second dual-oral champion in history."

M: "That's right, not since Estefan Silva from Brazil twenty years ago has someone managed a cross-gender oral performance like that, and both divisions are just so much more competitive nowadays."

S: "I know, and really this has to position her to be a strong favorite in womens sixty-nine, to say nothing of the oral combineds tomorrow."

M: "Yes, I think that's really going to be a fight for silver, Gina seems absolutly unstoppable."

S: "I think it comes down to versatility of technique, you have someone like Denis with a strong deepthroat background, or a tongue expert like the great Alex Mendez who took silver in the men's division but Gina seems to be able to do it all."

M: "Speaking of doing it all it's time for our first multi-orifice event with synchorized orgasm triples division."

S: "Once more we take you to Joan to explain the rules of this first synchorized event."

Event 2 - Synchronized Orgasm

Behind Joan one can see a packed arena looking down at a large padded square with several wedges and other foam shapes.

J: "Thanks Steve. The synchronized events are some of the most precise of the games, teams of two to five competitors have sex with the goal of all attaining orgasm as close to simultaneous as possible."

M: "Difficult stuff, and one that can lead to some exciting combinations as there are no gender restrictions on teams other than for pairs."

J: "That's right Steve, it's also fascinating how the strategies can change at different team sizes. I personally love the five-way absolute division but the fractional-second precision that separates the top five in the pairs division is simply breathtaking."

T: "I can see things getting setup behind you, any forecasts as to who we're going to see on the podium later?"

J: "Even though her real strength comes in the four-way division so-called "Airtight" Amanda from Canada is probably the favorite; although the name everyone is talking about in this as in so many other events is Gina. She put on a stunning performance at the qualifiers last week, really raising her stature. She competed last Sexolympics in both womens and mixed pairs but she managed to qualify this year for all five of the American teams setting up what could be the most amazing sweep of all time. If she managed to pull it off it would easily eclipse out Airtight's silver, gold, bronze sweep of the three four and five man divisions four years ago or the double gold three and four man record from the Russian polygamist Vladimirovic collective."

"Exciting stuff, and it's all here, on SBN!, stick around!"

Back in the studio Steve turns to his broadcast partner.

S: "How does it feel to watch history happen Martha?"

M: "I am still just stunned, a point zero three with point zero five deviation in triples competition followed up by a point zero one second separation in orgasms in pairs with Mitch Couture we have never seen an sexathelete like Gina, and all while wearing her signature double gag."

S: "Well now the gag comes out now because next up we have the four-way although given her dominant performance in all three legs of the oral competition I don't see that does anything but cement her advantage."

M: "True, but I don't think you can ever count out Amanda, she earned that nickname for a reason. She was barely shutout for the silver in triples and we've seen before how she steps things up to the next level once she has that final third cock filling her."

S: "Quite true. Speaking of there are reports taht she has apparently taken a page from Gina's playbook and 'Airtight' has spent the entire day with a plug or gag in every hole that isn't cock-occupied."

M: "Given her style and how she earned that nickname I can't say I'm surprised. I am very much looking forward to seeing how it plays out for her in what up until a few hours ago would have been considered her event to lose."

The broadcast moves back to the arena, it is down to the final two teams in the fourway, Amanda and the Canadian placed highest in the qualifiers so they are scheduled last, which leaves Gina and the Americans set to make history.

Lining up above one of her partners Gina lowers herself ass-first onto his lube-coated cock, her legs spread to accomodate her second partner sliding into her front hole.

Turning to the side she faces the final member of the team. The woman caresses Gina's cheek gently before removing the red penis gag to expose Gina's ring-gag spread mouth. Grabbing a fistful of Gina's hair the woman presses the other lady's face into her cunt as their two male partners begin thrusting.

With sexual contact made between all four teammembers the competition clock starts. They have to continue fucking for at least three minutes without orgasm before they can register a legal climax.

Grinding her hips and cupping her female partners ass with one hand Gina seems almost not to care about the competion, merely enjoying the sex. Her partners faces focused in concentration the seconds tick by until finally the buzzer signals the warmup is over and it is time for a legal finish.

With a seemingly superhuman burst of energy Gina's hips buck and she spanks her female partners ass. In just seconds a cascade of orgasms explode across the four competitors.

All eyes go to the monitor for the results as a diagram showing a female profile surrounded by two male figures and a woman. With a blink the woman's ass lights up signifying it recieved the first blast of cum. Numbers begin appearing over other orifices - her rear hole was followed two hundredths of a second later by her cunt. Despite the gag Gina screamed her own orgasm into her partners simultaneously ejaculating cunt resulting in a final score of a five hundreths spread with a deviation of point zero two five - a hundreth of a second improvement from Amanda's world record performance earlier in the year and enough to secure at least a silver contingent on Amanda's followup performance.

The arena explodes in cheers as Gina and her team take their bows and head backstage, an immediate silence falling over the crowd as Amanda and her partners take their positions.

One man lying on the floor and Amanda stradles him as he reaches down to remove her vaginal plug, immediatly replacing it with his rigid cock. His partner repeats the performance to enter her ass from behind. The final man takes ahold of Amanda's ponytail with one hand and unbuckles her gag with the other. Eagerly she dives onto his firm member and the event is begun.

Three minutes pass in tense silence the trio of cocks rythmically pounding into the woman known as Airtight, her eyes squeezed shut in ecstatic concentration, a mix of drool and precum escaping past the cock in her mouth.

With fifteen seconds left to go before the orgasm window one of Amanda's hands sneaks between her partners legs to finger his ass. Her other hand cupping his balls leaves the weight of her upper body supported by his hand in her hair and the cock impaling her mouth.

The three minute mark ticks past and the crowd holds its breath. Amanda's hips bucking all three cocks pound her at a frenetic pace as she rapidly works her entire narrow fist inside her partners ass.

Twenty seconds pass before a flurry of orgasm alerts go off. Eyes turn to the screen for the scores - Amanda and her oral teammate came simultaneously, followed point three seconds later by anal, then point two after that by the man in her cunt.

S: Back in the studio Steve and Martha explode in excitement "A dead tie!, I have NEVER seen anything like this, the crowd is still stunned and Amanda and her team are still going at it!"

M: "Yes, the officials are stepping in now and Amanda just looks stunned."

S: "Yes, her mouth open like that... oh, what a teammate, he has just shoved her gag back in place and that seems to have broken her out of that moment of shock."

M: "Yes it's hard to tell what thoughts are going through her head now, although it looks like she's... yes, she has both plugs back in and she is bowing to the audience."

S: "What an sexathelete, and I just got this in. It looks like she popped a second orgasm two tenths of a second after her first, of course it doesn't matter for scoring purposes but wow! What a woman."

M: "A performance for the ages indeed. We'll be back with the medal ceremony after these messages."

Advertisement 4 - Dileade

A view of two women and two men locked in an orgy. As they suck and thrust their sweat and other fluids drip down. The various intermingled fluids are highlighted by appearing in bright neon colors.

Narrator: "Sexathelete's work hard, and working hard means losing precious fluids."

The four people fucking cum together in triumph, each reaching down to grab bottles of colored liquid. The large word "Dileade" visible on each bottle as the camera zooms in on each sexathelete in sequence as they drink.

Narrator: "When it comes time to rehydrate reach for the scientifically-tested mix of water, nutrients and electrolytes - trust what the pro's drink - reach for Dileade!"

Crowded atop the podium Gina and Amanda stand gag to gag squashed against eachother with their respective teams arrayed behind, the crowd cheers as the gold medals are clipped to their collars. Glancing at eachother for a moment they wordlessly communicate and the two women pull the final inch closer for a gagkiss the crowd booming even louder in appreciation.

Returning to the studio Steve and Martha still appear somewhat frazzled by the high energy event.

M: "Gina keeps throwing up surprises Steve, one has to wonder where this wonderwoman stops?"

S: "It truely is awe-inspiring, although you have to feel for some of the other sexatheletes, we've seen what could otherwise be gold-medal performances being absolutly overshadowed by this multi-talented phenom."

M: "Yes, although her display of sportswomanship is second to none, the sight of her and Airtight kissing... that's going to go down as an all-time Sexolympic moment."

S: "The question is what's the podium going to look like tomorrow for the fiveway? One girl can't manage the same sole control as the smaller events so I am very interested to see how Gina adapts."

M: "We all are, but Gina better not being looking that far out just yet. Continuing her apparent effort to medal in every event she's eligible for we'll be seeing more of her in the deepthroat right after these messages."

Advertisement 5 - Tasty-O's

Viewed from the bare chest up an athletic man holds a bowl of cereal in one hand and a spoon in the other.

"I'm World Champion Underwater Coupler Ryan Phelps and I always start my day with a big bowl of Tasty-O's wheat cereal. In a bowl of milk it has all the protien, carbs and fiber I need to be in tip-top shape for competition."

The bowl drops out of frame and the camera pulls back to show Ryan, completly naked, standing on a diving board.

"Of course, some days, one bowl just isn't enuf!"

With a quick jump he springs off the diving board, making a flip in the air before plumetting into the pool below. The camera follows him down to reveal that the pool is not water, but milk, large foot-wide O's made to look like the small rings that make up Tasty-O's floating in the liquid.

Sliding into the water with nary a splash he dissappears. Moments later, the camera looking directly down at one of the Tasty-O's, his erect cock breaks the surface, perfectly threaded through the center of the O.

The words "Tasty-O's - Dive Into a Complete Breakfast" shimmer onto the screen.

Interlude 2 - Deepthroat interview

The broadcast returns to Steve and Martha in the studio as Martha addresses the camera.

M: "Welcome to the second day of competition here at the 2012 sex Sexolympics. The sexatheletes are warming up backstage and we'll be taking you live to the floor once the competition begins."

S: "Live and right on top of the action. Like all the Sexolympic coverage here on Sex Broadcast Network. Now for a special previously-filmed report with your favorite and mine, Joan and an exclusive interview."

Joan sits across from a woman in her late thirties,

J: "I'm here with Deborah 'Deepthroad Deb' Sherman, two time Gold medalist in deepthroat and one of the coaches for the overall US team. First off; huge fan. I remember watching you win your first medal back when I was in college and let me tell; you no cucumber was safe from me or my girlfriends for several weeks!"

D: "Thanks Joan. I really think inspiring and meeting fans is the best part of competition. Did you ever try to compete yourself?"

J: "No, just a hobby, nothing like what you or the other professionals are capable of. Anyway, I'm sure you're excited for this years competition. Could you explain this event for some of our newer viewers?"

D: "Certainly, there are three parts of the competition with the highest combined score crowning the winner. First up there's the rigid dildo deepthroat. This was always my strongest event and it is where you will be seeing most girls post their largest numbers. Using a ž" regulation rigid cock facsimile the competitor swallows as deeply as possible. The technique for a real world-class swallow here is very precise as you have to not only have a fully suppressed gag reflex but you must also guide the dildo down the esophagus and into the stomach. To register their score the peak depth must be held for at least two seconds followed by a clean removal without vomiting."

J: "And that's followed by the flexible leg, right?"

D: "Correct, much to many novices surprise the flexible dildo is a significantly more difficult swallow, not the least because of it's wider regulation girth of a full inch. Also differing from the rigid competion and contributing to the difficulty the competitor is limited in the degree to which they can raise their chin thus requiring them to guide the dildo to curve its way down the throat. The final portion of competition will be the active deepthroat or as it is more commonly known - the face fuck. For this a one and a half inch wide by eight inch long semi-flexible dildo is mounted on a verticle surface and the competitor must repeatedly take its full length as many times as they can in a minute."

J: "From what I understand this is where the American star Gina is going to have the best chance of securing a place on the podium."

D: "That's right, although she's a real natural competitor she's only five-six and that shorter stature really limits her, particularly in the rigid depth competition. That said she's been training very hard in the gym and could well surprise people."

J: "It certainly wouldn't be the first time. Now, I know you aren't an active competitor, but how about a demonstration for our viewers at home?" As she talks Joan pulls into view an eighteen-inch flexible, double-ended dildo.

D: Deborah smiles, her eyes immediatly tracing over the length of the dong as she involuntarily licks her top lip. "Ok, but I think you need to be on the other end, I want to see what exactly I inspired all those years ago."

J: Joan blushes, "it would be an honor, but really it was just a little bit in college and I haven't practiced in years..."

D: "Psh posh," Deborah admonishes taking the dildo in one hand and facing Joan, the other end flopping in the newswomans direction. "Meet you in the middle!" Deb says with a grin and opens her mouth wide for the dildo.

Joan slides forward and takes hold of the free bobbing end of the dildo, carefully cradling it as she slides her mouth forward onto it.

Deborah has smoothly devoured over ten inches of the dildo to Joan's eight when the newswoman tops out. With a smile and a final burst Deborah absorbs the final gap between them to french kiss the other woman around the large cock. The image freeze-frames on the embrace for several seconds before fading out to Steve and Martha back in the studio.

S: "Joan really knows how to make an interview."

M: "That's right Steve, and now its time for the competition. It should be interesting to see if Denis can make up for yesterdays loss in the blowjob classic in this, her primary event."

S: "She looked to be pacing herself in the qualifiers last week, sucking down two inches less than her personal best but I expect we'll see her make the podium again today."

Event 3 - Women's deepthroat

Woman after woman takes their turn at center stage to swallow a regulation-diameter rigid dildo. The audience and hosts ooh and ahh as the most advanced competitors show off by literally dropping the cocks several inches at a time down their throats.

At the end of the round Denis is in the lead with a 72.8cm swallow, with the rest of the top five less than three centimeters behind. For her part Gina barely edges into the top ten with a 69.8cm result.

S: "Tough break for Gina's chance at the podium. At this point it it looks like Denis is going to easily avenge her loss from yesterday." Tom notes as they wait for the next leg of the competition.

M: "She definitely has an uphill battle ahead of her but it was expected that this would be her weakest leg. She just doesn't have the height or neck-length to fit that much rigid simulated cock but if she manages to post good numbers in the next portion and really put it together in the face-fuck a medal is still within reach."

S: "And they're starting the flexible portion of the leg, looks like Denis has drawn to go first."

M: "This has historically proven to be a very mercurial event for her - lets hope the stress doesn't get to her today."

Denis kneels at the center of the stage and brings the 61cm long dildo up to her face. With a look of concentration her lips part and she begins feeding it into her mouth.

The first six inches pass rapidly followed by a brief pause as the flexible dong turns the corner down her throat. As the twelfth inch disappears past her lips the audience starts chanting "suck!, suck!" in support.

Eighteen inches of cock have slid into her mouth and the audience falls silent in anticipation as she pauses for a moment and grimaces. Her eyes squeezed shut in determination she resumes feeding inch after inch of the flexible dong down her throat, the audience holding their breaths along with her until suddenly her mouth closes around the end of the dildo, the full two feet having disappeared inside her.

Her throat swelled by the occupying presence of the one inch thick cock she opens her eyes and gives a brief smile before pitching forward and letting the dildo explode out of her. Landing on the ground the saliva-soaked dong flops around like a snake.

The audience cheers as the announcers breathlessly recall the achievement.

S: "What a performance!, I remember just eight years ago when the commission instituted the new twenty-four inch Sexolympic standard for women. I don't think anyone expected a girl to take it all the way but here, in a record-shattering performance of a lifetime, Denis has made it look almost easy!"

M; "The other girls have to be concerned about how they're going to compete with that. With a combined score of 132.8 it is going to be almost impossible for anyone to catch her."

S: "That's right Steve, even if another competitor manages to match the feat of swallowing the whole dildo they'll still be trailing behind Denis' early lead from the rigid portion of the event."

M: "However you slice it you're looking at a large pill to swallow for anyone thinking of knocking Denis off the top of the mountain today."

The other competitors begin to cycle through, none coming within three cm of taking the full dildo. The South African competitor comes closest but a loss of concentration and an inadvertent twitch causes her to vomit, coughing desperately as she is disqualified.

In a twist of fate Gina is the final girl to make her attempt at the flexible dildo.

Kneeling down in the center of the competition mat she removes her ball-gag/dildo and sets it to one side as she grasps the competition dong in both hands and places the tip just inside her ring gag. Breathing softly around the tip of the dong she calmly closes her eyes. The crowd is drawn to the edge of their seats, somehow sensing something special is about to happen.

Long seconds pass when suddenly her eyes snap open. With a burst a speed Gina begins to pass the dildo through her gag. Hand over hand it smoothly disappears between her spread teeth, barely pausing as it turns the corner to begin the journey down her throat.

Almost before the crowd can realize what's happening the last few inches are in her hands and then, her pace slowed slightly but still steady, the tip is sliding through the gag into her mouth. With a final flourish she pushes the tip of the dildo past her gag with a single fingertip. Time seems to stand still at that moment, her eyes fluttering as she lets out a full body shudder and then the moment ends.

Like Denis before her the dildo zips out of her mouth, flying through the gag. As the floppy cylinder clears her lips she catches it with one hand. In a single smooth motion her other hand thrusts the penis ball-gag back into place.

With the floppy, dripping dildo in one hand she bows her head, her heavy breasts rising and falling as she breaths heavily, the air making a slight whistling sound as it passes through her gag.

M: "Unbelievable!, Gina just made what was thought impossible before today look easy!"

S:: "I know Deb was hinting at Gina pulling something off, but nobody could have expected this!, Gina and Denis both raising the bar for what it means to be a womens deep-throat champion!"

An intern darts onto the screen to hand Martha a sheet of paper. she skims it as Steve talks, then addresses the camera.

M: "As if this event wasn't record-setting enough I've just received word that the Sexolympic commission has made an emergency ruling to have a tiebreaker round using the men's size seventy-six centimeter regulation dong!"

The camera returns to the competition floor to show Denis being brought back on stage.

S: "You have to wonder if this surprise is going to throw her off her game. The last thing anyone wants would be a stunted showing from either of these two women now."

M: "Well there's no hesitation in her eyes, they've given her the new dildo and she is off!"

Sucking the tip for a moment to dampen it Denis begins feeding the lengthy cock into her mouth. Steadily the floppy dong disappears inside her, its steady passage visible in the flexing of her throat. As she approaches the sixty-one centimeter mark once more the crowd begins chanting in excitement "suck!, suck!"

The sixty second centimeter slides past her lips and she pause. The entire audience lets out a startled gasp as a slight cough escapes around the cock filling her throat. The moment of panic passes as she slowly begins feeding herself more of the dildo, her face beginning to turn red from lack of oxygen. Seventy centimeters slide past her lips when she shudders and strains once more. This time the effort is too much and her throat pushes the dildo back out.

Fainting from the exertion she falls to the side as the soggy dong flops before her like a snake, the crowd cheering as officials rush to her aid.

Staggering back to her feet she raises a single hand in triumph. The final score seventy point six centimeters, a scant two tenths of a centimeter shy of the men's world record. Still unsteady she is helped off the stage by officials as a cleanup crew quickly wipes down the competition platform and removes the disturbingly long dildo.

M: "That was truly amazing Steve, a real herculean effort that firmly establishes her as one of the greatest to ever compete in this event."

S: "Certainly, and the excitement still isn't over! I can't see Gina matching that showing but I think everyone here as well as fans around the world are waiting with bated breath for her to try."

M: "Right you are Steve, and it looks like now is the time, Gina is taking her place."

S: "You have to wonder what's going through her head right now. Gina is currently sitting poised for a silver medal but she's going to have to close off part of Denis' twelve point three point lead if she's going to have any chance of overtaking her in the face-fuck."

M: "She's only wearing the ring gag right now and looking as serious as we've ever seen her. I doubt we'll be having a repeat of the showboating we witnessed earlier."

S: "We'll know soon, and she's off!, practically devouring those first fifteen centimeters you can tell this girl is hungry to break new ground."

M: "She hasn't had much of a rest after her earlier performance, a fact that could impact what we see here. For now though she does appear to be slowing down a little now but still pushing the pace and the crowd is just eating it up."

S: "Coming up on fifty-five centimeters now and she's really easing off. She has closed her eyes and you have to imagine her entire world has narrowed down to the cock burrowing its way down into her."

A low moan emanates from Gina's filled throat as she full-body shudders.

S: "I don't believe it! I think she just came!"

M: "I think you're right Steve, and there goes another centimeter past her gag!, this woman is incredible!"

S: "However much this is turning her on physically there just can't be much space left. It looks like she's grinding this out through sheer force of will, sixty seven centimeters now, she's been racing the clock against a closed off windpipe for almost a minute now and you can really see it on her face."

M: "Sixty-nine centimeters now and it looks like she's hit her limit."

Gina strains for two long seconds before yanking the dildo out of her mouth, one fist wrapped triumphantly to mark its peak depth, a bare centimeter base of the dildo protruding past her fingers.

All eyes go to the scoreboard for the final tally, a trail of drool leaking past Gina's gag to trickle down onto her heaving breasts. She seems almost dazed as the number is posted - sixty-nine point three, half a centimeter shy of her rigid dildo effort, her total of 139.1 surging past the rest of the field to within four points of Denis' leading score.

M: "What a performance, she's on her feet now but looking a bit unsteady. Still clutching that dildo in one hand you have to wonder how well her and Denis are going to be able recover by the time they're up for the face-fuck."

S: "Don't touch that dial anyone, we'll be right back with the finals of this already record-setting event, after this!"

Advertisement 6 - Octopus Sports

Gina - her trademark gag out of her mouth and hanging around her neck is framed by the camera. In addition to the gag she wears a skintight latex catsuit in red, white and blue national colors.

Smiling at the camera she begins walking, the view following her and pulling back to show her weave her way between several dozen men and women in various states of copulation.

"People always ask me what it takes to be a Sexolympic Sexathelete and while the cliche's of dedication, talent and love for the sport are all true it is also true that for many events you will be hard-pressed to reach your full potential without the proper equipment."

Pausing she stands over another woman - the red-haired girl dressed in a similar skintight latex outfit to Gina's own. The camera pans down slightly to show a pair of dildos attached to rods pumping in and out of the girl's cunt and ass; at the other end her eyes are closed in concentration as she appears to be practicing performing a blow-job on a large silicone cock.

"Whether it be a Fuckomatic 460DP like my friend here Allison is using, or just a sturdy, comfortable swing like Kim Grevers and Vincent Schmitt here are using." As she talks she turns, the camera following her to show a woman suspended on a leather swing, her legs wrapped around her standing partner as the fit, muscular man fucks her with long, hard strokes that have her swaying in her suspension.

"...the best equipment will help bring out the best in you, on or off the field."

She continues to walk through the gym, the camera lingering to show other men and women either fucking or being fucked by a variety of machines or bound in various ways. "The best equipment of course comes from Octopus Sports; it's the only supplier endorsed by the US Sexolympic team and whether you're looking for a pair of cuffs to spice things up in the bedroom or a fully functional gang-bang trainer like the ejaculation-enabled GB4000 here." As she talks she sits down on a chair in the middle of a metal frame, shifting slightly she lines herself up with a pair of dongs below her crotch, automatic cuffs snapping closed around her legs as she maneuvers an arm with an attached dildo in front of her face. "Whatever it is you need - Octopus Sports has it at the best quality, and the best price." With a final smile she pulls the cock in front of her face into her mouth, quickly placing her hands behind her into waiting cuffs. All three dildos immediately beginning to thrust into her three holes, a low moan of pleasure escaping her throat as the view fades out to show the corporate logo for Octopus Sports.

S: "Well it looks like baring a total flop from one of our leading pair Mercy Yego from Kenya is going to end up with bronze while Denis and Gina face-fuck it out for gold."

M: "You have to wonder how those two have recovered only forty minutes after their stunning second-attempt at the flexible cock. Gina will be going last at what has historically been her strongest leg of the event and I think Denis is really going to want to cement her lead if she wants to cinch her position atop the podium."

S: "Well here comes Denis now, if she's worried she isn't showing it, almost jogging her way to take her position."

Kneeling down Denis waits as the pillar before her is adjusted so that the protruding cock sways inches in front of her face. Licking her lips she wraps her hands around the hand-holds at the base of the shaft, her mouth open and ready to take the tip.

After a few moments of waiting the buzzer goes off signaling the start of the event. Immediately she slams her face forward, taking the cock deep enough to register before jerking back. A counter clicks up to one as the timer counts down from sixty seconds.

Her pace steady she continues to bob away, perfect technique ensuring each thrust follows a precise regulation path. After the first few strokes saliva builds up on the cock, causing it to glide easily back and forth across her tongue. Putting on a last burst of speed during the last fifteen seconds she finishes up with a score of fifty-seven.

The buzzer sounds once again and she pulls back. Her jaw still hanging open in exhaustion she smiles wearily at the crowd before being escorted off stage.

M: "Not quite a record-setting pace in the face-fuck there Steve but enough to set a record in the combined total with an almost-round two hundred point one."

S: "Gina is going to have to maintain a record-setting pace if she's going to pull ahead for the gold here."

M: "A tall order for sure. She is coming out now."

The crowd cheers as Gina makes her way to the stage, her trademark red ball-gag once more in place. She smiles at the crowd and waves before removing the plug and kneeling down. A trail of drool leaks past her gag to trail down to her breasts as the dildo is adjusted to her height.

Ignoring everything else she stares at the cock before her with what can only be called ravenous hunger.

S: "If there was any worry about Gina coming on strong for this finale I think it's dashed now, she really has the eye of the tiger going; like she just can't wait to slam something phallic past that ring gag."

M: "Right you are, it is exactly that kind of passion that has won her so many medals already. I'd say she a lock for at least silver but is she going to be able to manage the push for gold?"

S: "We'll know soon enough, looks like everything's in place and she. Is. off!"

The buzzer sounds and Gina dives onto the cock, her gag slamming into her hands clenched around its base before she pulls back. Immediately after the dong clears her gag she lunges forward again, her head a blur as she jackhammers the dildo into the back of her throat. Her counter ticking up faster than the seconds of the clock melt away it looks like victory might be within her grasp.

Coming into the final ten seconds the crowd begins to shout the countdown as her score continues to climb.

"Ten!" the crowd shouts as the counter ticks to 58... "Nine!"... 59... 60 "Eight!"... 61 "Seven" 62 "Six!" 63... "Five!" 64.. 65 "Four!" 66 "Three!" 67 "Two!" 68, "One!" 69...

Time ticks away and the buzzer sounds just as Gina starts to pull back for her seventieth stroke. Time expired she stops. Her hands still death-gripping the cock as if it were the only thing holding her up she gasps for air, the dong bobbing around in front of her.

M: "A razor finish, they are going to the replay for that final stroke."

S: "If she made it in time she'll have just edged out Denis for the gold, a real nail-biter finish."

The broadcast switches to a zoomed in view of Gina's final stroke. Frame by frame her head swings forward and then back, the video halting with just the tip of the cock still past the ring of her gag. S: "There, that's when the buzzer sounded, so by normal scoring that should only count for half a point. Her ring gag really makes this an easy call in my opinion but lets see what the judges think."

Tensely the hosts, audience and competitors wait, staring at the official score, the broadcast splitting to show views of both Gina and Denis looking up as they wait in anticipation of the score. Finally the decision is reached. A half-point is added to Gina's face-fuck total, bringing her total to 200.3, one tenth of a point behind Denis' sum.

Still kneeling on the platform Gina looks hardly affected by the news while Denis visibly sighs in relief.

S: "What a finish ladies and gentlemen, I don't think we've ever seen a match this closely contested."

M: "I don't remember one either Steve, just a hairsbreadth, a mere millimeter actually, separating these two amazingly talented women who managed to really bring the best out of each other in a record-shattering display."

S: "This is the type of triumph the Sexolympics are all about; Denis sets a new record for the flexible deep-throat and the combined, while Gina managed to break not just the woman's, but also the men's face-fuck record by one and a half strokes."

M: "An amazing feat by both ladies and what's this... Denis is coming back on stage!"

The crowd cheers for the champion as Denis walks to the center where Gina remains kneeling in a daze.

Bending over Denis hooks her arm around the other woman and hoists her to her feet. Having picked up Gina's red penis gag in her other hand Denis slides the cock end fully into her mouth before pulling it back out and guiding it back into position filling Gina's ring gag. Leaning down Denis kisses Gina's gag, the other woman finally rising to action. Gina's hand almost reflexively snaps around to cup the back of Denis' head; holding the kiss between them as the crowd roars.

S: "Such sportsmanship! These two women have given it their all, trading positions in two events and I think showing that they are the greatest pair of female cocksuckers we've ever seen."

Officials and handlers ascend the stage as the two women slide to the floor. The crowd boos as their trainers separate the two women who had begun to fondle and grope each other. Led off away from each other the stage goes dark and the broadcast returns to the studio.

M: "Such a pity the officials had to step in on such a heartwarming shared congratulations."

S: "As a fan it is disappointing but you have to remember that they are just doing their jobs. They need to make room for the medal award ceremony plus Gina is going to need to get prepared for her next event."

M: "That's right. The oral combined is coming up in just two hours, after the men's deep-throat is concluded. Plus she has synchronized woman's pairs and synchronized fives to deal with this evening."

S: "Gina truly is a special athlete but I really wonder if just this record event load is going to slow her down."

M: "It certainly hasn't so far, but it has to be a concern. We'll be back with more coverage, after this."

Advertisement 7 - Universal Engines

Two figures - a man and a woman - stand dressed in full zentai white latex catsuits. The outfits a shiny and skin-tight save for gaps at the crotch exposing the man's cock and the woman's cunt. Reaching one gloved hand up to his neck the male figure peels back the white, featureless hood to reveal a Hispanic face.

"Hola, my name is Emilio."

Next to him the woman repeats the same motion revealing an Asian face. "And I'm Vanida."

The man smiles at the camera as he continues. "The Sexolympic's are about the sexatheletes but the greats can't do their work without partners. I am what is known as a Pole."

Vanida continues "and I'm a hole."

They continue together; "And together along with others of our kind we'll be here throughout the Sexolympics - anonymous but vital, there to provide the field for your favorite Sexathelete's to perform."

The two smile at the camera for a moment before sliding their hoods back on and bowing, the view fading into a corporate logo.

"This behind the scenes look at the Sexolympics has been brought to you by Universal Engines - driving life and sport the whole world over."

Interlude 3 - Allison Young Interview

S: "Welcome back viewers, for those of you just joining us today has been a whirlwind of excitement."

M: "We're barely into day two and this year has just been filled with can't miss events. The woman's blow-job competition saw a head to head showdown by Denis and Gina that shattered records and ended amazingly."

S: "Those of you who missed it earlier really need to go back and watch it. We'll be talking about that contest for years, from the heat coming into it after Gina's win yesterday over Denis in the blow-job all the way through to the judges decision and the touching medal ceremony."

M: "That shot of Denis wearing a matching red ball-gag and raising Gina's arm up together really was an inspiring sight. Pure class on the part of both competitors."

S: "It was a tough act to follow but the men's deep-throat was almost as exciting, with the top five swapping around seemingly at every turn in a real nail-biting contest that came down to a two-way concluding with a tie for bronze."

M: "Real nail-biting stuff, unlike the oral combined where Gina once again just crushed her competition."

S: "You know you say that but I think there is something to appreciate about watching a totally dominant sexathelete, at the top of their game just going out there and putting on a show. Watching that woman in action is a joy every time. She looks just light-years ahead of the rest of the field at sucking and licking, truly an artist at work."

M: "The officials are preparing things for woman's pairs synchronous orgasms, while we wait for that to get done we take you to an interview recorded earlier today with the youngest member of the American team by your favorite reporter and mine - Joan."

Onto the screen appears Joan sitting across from a young, cute redhead who smiles cheerfully at the camera.

J: Joan leads off introducing her guest "Welcome, I'm here with Allison Young, the coincidentally named youngest star of this years American team. So Allison, you've already earned a gold yesterday in synchronized orgasm quads. How do you think that experience is going to carry forward today for the woman's pairs and the absolute division?"

A: "Well we've been practicing hard together all year and yesterday it paid off with everything just cumming together perfectly. I think our team has a really tight connection and, knock on wood, I think we're going to make history with a clean sweep of the event."

J: "Strong words, but its hard to argue with the chemistry your team has been showing so far, tell me, what's it like working with Gina?"

A: "In a word, breathtaking I've never met anyone with half her energy and passion. We can be in the gym all day, working hard, everyone exhausted, just feeling totally spent and she'll walk into the room, groping people and teasing and before you know it there's practically an orgy breaking out."

J: "That must be something," Joan says with a laugh. "She has certainly proven nigh unstoppable at the games."

A: "Yes, even if you put aside how enjoyable it is to work I'm so proud and honored to be her teammate. I wasn't on the team after last Sexolympics but I've heard how dejected she was. She'd just won gold in the gang-bang and was apparently feeling a bit worn out. She had already begun experimenting a little with some of the other events after discovering her fascination with gags and someone suggested she try to relax by going to some team practices for some of the other events, just to have fun and well... she just couldn't seem to get enough. By the time I joined the team she was spending sixteen hours a day in the gym, six days a week. Going home to sleep bound and airtight and all it did was energize her more. She started entering other events in nationals and it just seemed like she could do everything."

J: "It's just incredible, although I've heard you're quite the workhorse yourself."

A: "I try, I mean ever since coming onto the team she's become my mentor and my idol but I don't think anyone can keep up with her. I'll come into the gym first thing in the morning and she'll be in most of a fifth stage bondage medley outfit finishing up a 10k warmup ride on a fuckcycle - which isn't even one of her events! Once people start showing up she'll start fucking anyone and everyone that isn't scheduled for a specific practice. Then when it's time to close up the last person out has to LITERALLY tie her up and drag her out. Even then it's a tough maneuver not to end up spending the night with her. I mean, the number of cocks she sucks every day alone... I think half the reason she's so good at the deep-throat is that she was burning through too many training partners and they insisted she get her fix some other way."

J: "Speaking of training partners, what's it like to have sex with her?"

A: "Mind-blowing. You'd think with her pace she'd be very mechanical, or that it would get routine training together every day but every single time is amazing. She has an almost psychic ability to read her partner and know exactly what to do and when to do it to either maximize your pleasure or keep you right on the edge of orgasm, and then when you actually cum... it's like a chorus of angels descending from heaven to give you a taste of pure pleasure."

J: "Wow," Joan states in response to the imagery. "lets talk about you though. You have a pretty unique story yourself in how you became a sex athlete?"

A: "Yea, it was really just one of those things where doors just kept getting opened and I kept going through them and suddenly I was on the national team."

J: "Quite a whirlwind experience I hear, it started your first year in college, right?"

A: "Yup, in my youth I had always identified as a lesbian but I was drinking with some friends one night and one thing led to another and someone dared me to suck a cock."

J: "And how did that turn out?"

A: "At first I was a bit put off I mean penises are kind of a bit weird, you know? But I was young and brassy and the guy was a bit of a hair trigger and before I knew it I had a mouth full of cum."

J: "I remember a quote going viral after you were on the team where you claimed that semen 'tasted better than chocolate'"

A: "It does, I swear if you could buy it in the grocery store next to the milk I'd be fat. I've tried some substitutes, but nothing quite matches drinking it from the source, it's like ambrosia mixed with sex, and then you add in that little burst of submission as they push against the back of your throat as you swallow it down..." She shudders in pleasure at the memory. "Anyway I sucked my friend off and I was like 'whoa I want more of this.' I still thought of myself as a lesbian but it was seriously the most delicious thing I ever tasted. Well one thing led to another as word of a cock-hungry slut started getting out around campus and someone suggested that I try out for the Sexolympic blow-job team since they were holding try-outs the following week."

J: "That didn't go too well though from what I understand?"

A: "No, it didn't. It turned out that while I was good at giving head I just couldn't quite handle doing it in a competition environment in sequence. I could make a guy cum quick but I always wanted to suck every drop of semen out of one cock before I moved onto the next one and it just murdered my times. So despite the delicious semeny aftertaste in my mouth after the trials I was feeling a bit depressed and let down. To make it worse when my girlfriend found out where I'd been she dumped me! Apparently she just couldn't tolerate my new hunger for semen, said the thought of me blowing a guy in front of the whole world embarrassed her."

J: "Which is when you met Gina, right?"

A: "Yea, I was wandering around near the trial pavilion feeling sorry for myself when I ran into Gina and she just started talking to me. I was so distracted by my own issues that I didn't recognize who she was. Before I realized what was happening she was unbuttoning my pants and starting to lick my clit. Twenty minutes later and we're back at my dorm and I'm having more orgasms than I thought were possible. I still don't know when but eventually I must have passed out because the next thing I remember is waking up the following morning."

J: "And you still didn't know who you'd just slept with, right?"

A: "Yup, remember this was only a year after the last Sexolympics so she wasn't anywhere near as famous as she is now. Anyway, I wake up alone, naked, tangled in sheets with a butt plug having somehow appeared in my ass and a note on the nightstand. I read the note and it just thanks me for the evening and says if I want to meet to come down to the quad at eleven. Well I look at the clock and it's ten-thirty so I rush to throw on a shirt and some jeans. It isn't until I get to the elevator that I realize the plug is still inside of me! By the time I get to the quad I'm a bit flush from it stirring around."

A: "To my surprise I see Gina standing chatting with a somewhat older guy. He looks a little familiar for some reason and I go over to talk to them and she introduces him as one of the head coaches for the Sexolympic team! I'm still confused and then she starts talking about my failed blow-job try-out and then turns around and offers me a spot on the team anyway, talking about how great our chemistry was together."

J: "And you accept the offer right there?"

A: "Yea, looking back I think my judgment was a bit clouded by the plug in my ass and my teenage lusts wanting to do anything to get back in bed with Gina but yea, I got a trial spot on the team and everything just came together. I was having the best sex of my life and rapidly picking up skills at orgasm control. Plus Gina, seriously the greatest friend ever, was constantly coming by to snowball me or 'force' me to suck cum out of her cunt or ass whenever she had a break in practice!"

J: "Speaking of, any truth to the rumors that you two are more than just partners for the woman's synchronous orgasm event?"

A: "No comment." She replies, blushing slightly as she turns away.

J: "Alright, well moving on you'll actually be going head to head with Gina tomorrow in orgasm control, what are you thinking about with that?"

A: "Right now I'm focused on finishing out our sweep of the synchronous events but I'm definitely looking forward to suiting up and going out there. If I go against Gina well... I can guarantee it'll be a helluva contest!"

J: "Well I for one would certainly look forward to the brackets working out that way. It has been great talking to you and good luck in the rest of the games."

A: "Thanks Joan." Allison says shaking the other woman's hand with a smile.

Back in the studio Steve and Martha talk about the interview.

S: "I really think that girl is going to be worth keeping an eye on, she's come out strong these games but she could be the future of the US team as she continues to mature and learn under Gina."

M: "Right you are Steve, she really stands poised to inherit Gina's crown in several events going forward, that same passionate love for the sport combined with world-class skills."

S: "Speaking of sport it's time now for the woman's pairs. Lets see how that vaunted chemistry works out with just the two of them together."


S: "Well the US team has sure done it, Gina has managed a clean sweep getting gold in every variation of synchronous orgasm she qualified for while on the men's side George and Mario pulled off a narrow upset for gold of their own."

M: "Really the story has to be Gina and Allison, we saw hints of it yesterday in the fours but the way they came out today in pairs and fives... simply amazing."

S: "There really isn't any other word. Putting a stamp on their vaunted chemistry they managed an actual simultaneous orgasm for an easy win in the pairs followed up by one of the most erotic and exciting performances in fives we've ever seen."

Highlights roll as Steve and Martha continue summarizing the event.

M: "Words just don't do it justice, the way Allison had her fist in Gina's ass during the pairs event was just astonishing, and then the way the two of them not only orgasmed, but squirted all over each-other! Just a legendary performance."

S: "Right you are but I think their effort in fives was even more impressive," the video switches from Gina and Allison in sixty-nine to a view of them belly to belly with Gina on top. A cock in each of their mouths a third man stands between their legs fucking Allison in the ass. "You can't tell from the video but the two of them are sharing an eighteen inch double-ended dildo in there."

M: "I don't know how they made it through the three minutes of regulation the way they were bumping and grinding but it just all came together when at the three minute mark the cock switched it up, ramming into Gina's ass and then boom, orgasm explosion."

S: "A real masterful performance to take gold, and the way Allison licked all three cocks clean of all cum... well her smile said it all."

M: "Well that's all for today viewers, we'll be showing highlights of today's events throughout the evening and we'll be back live tomorrow morning for the endurance day, leading off with the first round of pony-races"

S: "For those of you new to the sport, at the top of the hour we'll be showing a special report from our own Tom and Joan where they visited the premier British pony ranch for a special in-depth report."

Advertisement 8 - Epona Fine Ponygear

The following special program has been brought to you by - Epona Fine Ponygear.

A young man in running shorts and a t-shirt stands unsteadily on a pair of worn ponyboots. A voice narrates as he tries to take a few unsteady steps. "Great ponies aren't born."

The view changes to the same man looking a little older and walking proudly on a pristine pair of ponyboots, his street-clothes exchanged for a harness made of leather straps. The smile on his face is split by a bit-gag, part of his face-wrapping bridle. The narration continues "they are made."

The view changes again to a woman naked from the waist down, trepidatiously pushing a butt-plug attached to a flowing pony-tail into her ass. Her face twisted in concentration the plug pops into place and she twitches her butt, causing it to swish. "And while nobody can sell you the drive to become a champion Pony."

The same girl, now in full pony getup, dancing and twisting, the long tail flowing from her butt swishing behind her. "We can help you live your dreams with the finest equipment on the market."

The view shifts to a montage of human ponies in a variety of arrangements, prancing in circles, pulling chariots, harnessed as teams. "Whatever your need, whatever your budget from beginners to world champions, Epona Fine Ponygear has everything necessary to bring out the best in a Pony."

Interlude 4 - Ponies: A Special SBN Report with Tom and Joan

The camera opens on a sunny day on a farm as Tom and Joan walk slowly along a road next to each-other, narrating into their microphones.

T: "We're here in the English countryside to visit Harrisburg Ranch, the pre-eminent trainer of ponygirls in the UK, and arguably the world."

J: "We have been granted almost complete access to this normally secretive local to bring you the full story on how all the participants in the human equestrian events live and train."

As they walk along the dirt road the camera pans to show them approaching a woman dressed in full English riding attire standing in front of a cart.

T: "Guiding us through this intriguing world will be the Ranch's owner and head trainer, the eight time Sexolympic medalist and number one ranked in the world charioteer and dressage Mistress - Dame Alexandra Harrisburg."

The woman nods her head politely and shakes hands with the two reporters.

A: "Welcome to the ranch, if you would board the coach we will head to the stables to begin showing you what it means to build a world-class pony."

As the three of them lift themselves into the cart the camera pans out to show six almost naked women harnessed to the front of the cart. Leather straps cover their bodies including between their thighs, complete with fake tails flowing down behind them. Their legs, perched on steep hooved platform boots, appear elongated while their arms are restrained in a position with their hands forward, their elbows bent at their sides. Completing the setup they wear posture collars connected to full harness and bridles complete with blinkers and attached reins.

Various bells adorn the harnesses including a small bell hanging from each pierced nipple.

With a flick of a whip the ponies begin cantering forward, their bells jingling softly in the background as Alexandra talks.

A: "Here at the ranch we believe that champion ponies are built in three parts; the perfection of mentality, perfection of physical form and finally perfection of the connection between pony and handler."

As the cart rounds a corner an open track is visible to one side of the road where several teams of ponies can be seen racing full speed harnessed to chariots. The camera panning to get a better view of the racing pony's Tom questions their host.

T: "Why use ponies for the cart when chariot racing is the only full harness event."

A: "We actually use human pony's for all transportation here at the ranch, outside of emergencies cars are completely banned. As to why, it's simple when you consider the core principles our work is based off of. By immersing themselves fully in their role the pony gains a relaxed comfort and naturalness to everything from how they handle wearing tack to perfecting their obedient reaction to instructions."

M: "So all of the pony's live like that 24/7? Isn't that psychologically stressful?"

A: "Our Sexolympic hopefuls will typically train for a month at a time, followed by a one week vacation for rest. For our other ponies it varies; remember we do accept paying students. In those cases a pony's stay may last anywhere from a few hours to up to a week or so. We pay strict attention to all our charges for any signs of health issues but to date we have had no problems. Our core team of competitors heading to his years games are the most devoted yet. At their insistence they have been fully immersed in training for going on two months now and will remain that way until the end of the games in five weeks."

With a delicate hand on the reigns and whip Alexandra guides the team into the stables. Rolling to a stop the three disembark while a pair of stable-hands begins to unhitch the team of ponies from the cart.

Detaching one of the lead ponies from the cart Alexandra takes hold of the girls reins and leads her off to one of the stalls with the newscasters trailing. Her head held high the girl lifts her knees almost to her chest with each exaggerated step.

A: "This is Sapphire, one of our dressage horses. She took gold at worlds and we're hoping to see her repeat at the Sexolympics."

J: "She is very beautiful." Joan notes the pony blushing slightly.

A: "As part of the physical portion of training all our ponies work with an expert nutritionist, as well as following strict exercise routines that include a minimum of a 10k run every day. The race horses obviously do much more while the show ponies spend additional time on floor routines as well as working their upper bodies to ensure that they maintain a perfect profile of lean, symmetrical muscles."

Walking into the stall labeled "Sapphire" they look around. Other than one wall filled with various tack the camera takes in what is more of a small apartment than a dirty stable.

A: "Each of our ponies has their own private stall. As you can see they have a bed, a private toilet and a small television or books to keep entertaining outside of training."

M: "What about washing? I don't notice a shower or anything."

A: "Yes, owing to their restraints the pony is obviously unable to wash themselves. There is thus no need to provide private bathing facilities. Normally a Pony will be given a quick rinse-down after a run and before being taken back to their stall but I am sure Sapphire here would appreciate a nice shower to show you how everything works." She turns to Sapphire who nods in agreement, her harness tinkling as she moves her head.

As they walk up the aisle together Joan continues the interview.

J: "I noticed the bed was a double while the stall appears otherwise designed for a single occupant. Are the ponies allowed guests?"

A: "Some of the non-competition ponies entertain guests, yes. For the rest however the added space is to aid in the handler/pony relationship by allowing the trainer and pony to sleep together on occasion."

Turning a corner they enter a medium sized room with concrete floor and tile walls. Hand-held shower attachments line the walls and hang from various points on the ceiling.

A: "This is one of our shower areas. We can review the various pieces of her tack as we help Sapphire strip down for her wash."

Working on the buckles of the leather straps covering the girls body Alexandra beings to explain.

A: "First we have the main harness. Properly fitted it provides secure, stable attachment points for harnessing or restraining the pony as well as highlighting their natural beauty."

The harness goes from the front of Sapphire's collar down between her breasts and legs. Tracing her spine it sprouts a full horse-hair tail before continuing up to reconnect with the collar at the base of her neck. Additional straps buckle above and below her breasts, around her waist and midway down her thighs. The black leather with its silver buckles and numerous attachment points contrast sharply with the girls creamy-white skin. Removal of the harness fully reveals a steel chastity belt protectively locked around the girls nether regions.

A: "I consider tan lines to be a mark of ugliness" Alexandra explains as she gestures to Sapphire's perfectly white flesh. "Part of caring for our Pony's is keeping them well-applied with sunscreen at all times, especially in the case of a beautiful show white like Sapphire here is."

The girl full body-blushes at the compliment, her nipple-bells tinkling as she crosses her feet and shifts bashfully.

Hanging the leather harness to the side Alexandra taps one of Sapphire's legs with her crop and the girl dutifully lifts it in the air to balance seemingly effortlessly on the other foot.

A: "Our ponies wear regulation shoes at all times so as to practice balance and movement as well as keep them in the proper headspace."

It takes several minutes work to unlace the knee-high boots one after the other but throughout Sapphire stands almost rigid, perfectly balanced on first her remaining boot, then on the balls of her naked feet - her heels never touching the ground. Noticing the position Tom remarks on her tip-toe position.

T: "I notice she isn't relaxing. Is this part of the training?"

A: "Not intentionally. Just as with a woman who wears steep stiletto's every day this type of intense training can lead to a slight shortening of the ligaments such that after awhile it becomes uncomfortable to stand flat. Of course given how important feeling natural in their ponyboots is we encourage holding the same position whilst barefoot as well."

Continuing her work wrist and bicep cuffs are removed leaving just Sapphire's bridle, chastity belt and collar.

A: "The bicep cuffs are mostly for show while the wrist cuffs can be used for restraint or for attaching to a sulky." Alexandra explains in passing.

Turning towards the bridle Alexandra works several buckles before partially removing it. With practiced ease the collar and head encasing straps are taken off leaving just a simple single-strap bit gag.

A: "Unlike the leather used in most her other restraints our pony's gags are made of heavy-duty neoprene to allow them to remain in place during cleaning. Baring an emergency the bit gag is the first thing to go into a pony's mouth after morning feeding and it will remain there until lights out."

J: "Doesn't this hamper communication and training?" Joan asks., Sapphire shakes her head quickly in response before Alexandra can begin to speak.

A: "As Sapphire here has so eloquently stated, no, it actually aids training. Remember that all competitions take place with the pony gagged and silent. Therefore it is in the best interest of both pony and trainer to master nonverbal communication. Enforced silence throughout training also has a way of focusing the attention and avoiding distractions such as gossip or team drama."

J: "I see" Joan replies, Sapphire's strong response seeming to have convinced her more than Alexandra's longer explanation.

A: "Now normally I would proceed to wash and clean Sapphire now, but for informative purposes we will be removing her chastity belt so as to complete the explanation of the fully Pony tack.

Pulling forth a key Alexandra leans down and slides it into a previously hidden hole in the smooth steel chastity belt. With a quick twist the crotch piece pops free of the slightly bent, hip-following waist harness.

Carefully Alexandra pulls the crotch strap away. As it separates a pair of ribbed plugs come into view. Coated in a mix of lube and her juices they easily slide out of Sapphire's ass and cunt.

Sapphire moans slightly as the twin dongs slide out of her, a followup trickle of feminine juices dripping down one leg a testament to the belts effects.

A: "All our pony's are kept filled with competition-style plugs in both orifices almost 24/7. To aid in training each plug has been augmented to allow for remote-controlled vibration or disciplinary shocks." Demonstrating the former half of her statement Alexandra draws a small remote and with a few button strokes the two plugs begin throbbing strongly, not only wiggling but slowly pulsing in size and length.

After giving the camera and the two reporters a good look at the plugs Alexandra disables the vibrations, applies a few squirts of lube and re-inserts them into Sapphire. The return of her plugs and the click of her chastity belt locking shut once more elicits a smile of contentment from the ponygirl.

A: "The augmented plugs have proven very useful in our pursuit of world-champion ponies." States as she gently runs her fingers through Sapphire's hair. "First they allow for increased training intensity; one of the biggest challenges in the pony race is of course overcoming the distracting stimulation that each stride will bring. Once accustomed to the combination of shifting and vibrations it becomes much easier for the Pony to resist the distraction of the comparatively less intense non-vibrating plugs during competition. Making the entire system wirelessly controlled; combined with the electric shocks I mentioned earlier, allows for instant administration of rewards or punishments to reinforce proper behavior. This technique drastically increases the efficacy of all training."

J: "How do you handle um... evacuation of waste?" Joan asks delicately.

A: "Ah, yes, part of it is addressed by keeping our ponies on high-nutrition, easily-digestible diets, the rest is handled by twice-daily nutritive enema's."

T: "Isn't that uncomfortable, and hard on the digestive tract?" Tom asks.

"It can be for some ponies at first, but after a few days many come to actually enjoy the experience and how clean they feel afterward. For health purposes the enema's are designed to nurture good bacteria in the intestines. Now, if the two of you could attend to washing Sapphire I will go fetch her dress tack so she can put on a demonstration."

Alexandra disappearing out of the washroom it takes a moments hesitation before the reporters follow Sapphire over to a showerhead and aide in cleaning her. The Pony's nipple bells chime merrily as she makes sure they scrub every inch of her creamy flesh. Playfully mischievous as she smiles around her gag both reporters end up quite wet in the process of washing and rinsing the girl.

Alexandra returns to find Joan brushing out Sapphire's long chestnut hair while Tom attempts to dry off his damp clothes. He is moderately successful although Joan clearly got the worst of it, her entire top is soaked through while her dripping skirt clings to her legs.

Setting aside the ornate harness in brilliant British red, white and blue complete with a large plume of feathers dyed to match Alexandra tsks while shaking her head.

A: "It looks like someone was not very well behaved for their shower" pulling out her remote she presses a few buttons causing Sapphire to wince in pain.

Alarmed by the punishment Joan quickly speaks up.

J: "No, no it's alright, I was just a little clumsy, you shouldn't hold her responsible."

Sapphire nods innocently as Alexandra glances back suspiciously.

A: "Very well, the fact remains that I don't think you can continue the tour with your clothes so ruined. How about this - you and Sapphire are about the same size so I am going to grab a few more things and you can borrow one of her spare harnesses. That way you will not have to walk around in those soggy clothes and we can do a little demonstration of some of our basic training techniques."

Joan looks a bit uncertain about the idea before glancing towards Sapphire. Despite her responsibility for the predicament the ponygirl who smiles and nods cheerfully at the suggestion. Last she turns to Tom who shrugs.

T: "You always say you'll do anything for the story, and you have to admit it would be a great way to get a real first-hand account."

J: "Okay, I'll give it a shot." Joan says with a nod as she begins to strip off her wet clothes, the camera fading to black.

The broadcast resumes outdoors some time later, the view focused on Sapphire and Joan standing next to each other, both in full Ponygirl regalia.

Sapphire stands outfitted in her full show outfit, the powerful colors of the British empire adorning her harness and towering plum. Joan on the other hand is wearing a simpler harness of black leather, bells hanging from nipple clamps in lieu of Sapphire's permanent piercings, while her small 6" head-plume is dwarfed by Sapphire's stylish monstrosity. Standing somewhat unsteady on the tall ponyboots Joan tries to match Sapphire's elegant show position - hooves together, head held high, breasts thrust out and arms at her side bent ninety degrees at the elbow with her wrists bent and palms down.

A: "A stunning pair if I do say so myself." Alexandra says as the camera pulling back to show her and Tom standing admiring the two bound girls.

T: "Yes, Joan looks like a real natural, I don't suppose you have any openings for her to stay for a week or two?"

Joan glares daggers at Tom as Alexandra and Tom chuckle.

A: "We will see. First, a lesson in dressage." Alexandra takes hold of a leash attached to Joan's collar, in her other hand wielding a longe whip.

Walking out into the middle of a dirt arena with Tom keeping pace next to her Alexandra gives a gentle tug to encourage Joan to follow, wobbling slightly on the steep boots Joan follows after, stopping half a dozen feet behind the other woman after feeling a gentle tap from the whip.

A: "As you can see she is already learning to obey the touch of the whip. This is important as it is the primary method by which a trainer will control their pony. Note that I merely tap the pony - it is a common misconception that the whip is used to lash or strike the pony and this is wrong. It is only used to gently indicate the requested action, the pony's training allowing her to translate its subtle touch into proper action." Despite the comment Joan continues to eye the whip nervously.

A: "Now, lets begin with the first lesson any aspiring Pony must learn - how to walk with a proper gait."

With a tug on her leash combined with a guide from the whip Alexandra soon has Joan walking in a large, slow circle around her and Tom. Becoming somewhat more comfortable on the tall boots Joan still takes small steps, her head craned forward against the posture collar in attempt to watch the ground in front of her.

A: "As you can see this pony has much to work on. First; posture." With an expert hand Alexandra taps Joan on the chin with the whip, the helpless reporter reflexively turning her face upwards. "Much better. While the posture collar helps it is still common for new ponies to insist on looking down. In a normal situation I might remedy this by applying a blindfold so as to reinforce the trust between Pony and trainer and hasten the elimination of bad habits but for now we will skip ahead to gait training."

T: "Aren't Ponies blindfolded during competition as well?" Tom asks.

A: "Yes, at the higher levels which of course includes Sexolympics dressage ponies perform blind. It is also an option for race ponies that I for one insist on for all competitors from my stable."

T: "Why is that?" Tom enquirers in response.

A: "For dressage it ensures that no communication can inadvertently pass to the Pony except through regulation means. In a race I insist on it for the pony's own safety. Harnessed and blinkered on a fast-paced race course the pony has a very limited ability to track the action. It is the driver's duty to keep aware of the action and guide their ponies accordingly. If allowed their their limited view a pony might reflexively react to something in a way that actually brings them into danger. Therefore rather than rely on willpower to overcome instinct in those split-second moments I prefer to keep all of my race ponies blind during practice and competition competition so they are not distracted and can focus entirely on running and following the instructions of their trainer."

Returning her attention to Joan Alexandra begins tapping the backs of the reporter's thighs; steadily encouraging her to step higher. "The first gait we teach to a show pony is a proper high-step. This most basic gait involves the Pony bringing their stepping knee up as high as their waist with each step while their hoof remains pointed downward."

Attempting to follow the instructions Joan slows her pace and brings her knees higher, leaning back in the process for balance.

After a few more taps of the whip to keep Joan consistent and encourage her to take longer steps Alexandra seems satisfied. Reaching a hand into her pocket she pulls out her remote and gives it a quick tap. Joan visually shudders, her eyes fluttering as the vibrations flow through her.

A: "Here you can see the benefits of immediately reinforcing proper behavior with a reward, notice how much better Joan is looking - chin high, breasts out, a proper gait, these are the first steps to creating a crowd-pleasing ponygirl."

Putting the remote away Alexandra guides Joan through two more loops, the laps punctuated by frequent rewards and occasional corrective taps with the whip.

By the time Joan is guided inward to stand between Tom and Alexandra she is flush with sexual excitement, her nipple bells chiming against each breast with the rise and fall of her chest.

Waiting for her to stand at attention Alexandra releases a buckle from her bridle and removes the bit from Joan's mouth.

A: "So, what do you think?"

After working the kinks out of her jaw for a second Joan replies, her chin still high.

J: "It was much more intense than I was expecting. I was definitely a bit scared at first, just keeping my balance with the constant distraction of the chastity plugs is a challenge but once I let those concerns go and focused on following directions... It became actually quite calming and very enjoyable. Plus, walking like that you just can't help but feel beautiful and sexy."

Alexandra nods sagely in agreement.

A: "These are all things I hear time and time again. I know many people will watch the ponies perform at the Sexolympics and think 'oh, I could never do a thing like that' but I feel, as with practically all the events; even the rank beginner should at least try and they could be amazed at what happens."

A: "Definitely, I also think it is also important to stress the skill and athleticism required. I've heard many people deride dressage as not being either physical enough or sexual enough to warrant inclusion in the Sexolympics but once you start walking in that outfit... I'm in pretty good shape but my thighs are burning from a fairly short, basic move. To say nothing of how moist just the unpowered plugs made me. Thank you again for the experience." Joan replies with a slight bow.

J: "It was a pleasure," Alexandra says with a beaming smile. "I would say you have a bit of a knack for it actually and extend an invitation to spend a week or two here sometime if you would like. Now, Sapphire and I promised you a demonstration so why don't the two of you step back a bit and we will see what this show pony can do."

The two reporters move out of the way - Joan reflexively high-stepping her way along as Alexandra unclasps the leash from Joan and attaches it to Sapphire. Pulling a blindfold over the other woman's eyes she guides her to her starting position. Holding motionless in the center of the area for a moment a gentle tap of the whip sets the ponygirl in motion.

Tom and Joan watch in awe as Sapphire dances about. Her head held proudly despite the heavy plumage she runs and jumps, turning and twirling in response to the slightest touch of the whip. Each step tall and long she seems to almost float across the ground, finally coming to a rest after a dizzying display to stand at stock attention next to Alexandra. One leg raised as if to step, she balances perfectly on her other foot, the barest shiver of enjoyment shaking her body as Alexandra treats her to an extended vibration.

Joan and Tom clap enthusiastically in congratulations as Alexandra bows with a flourish and a smile.

"Thank you, now let us drop Sapphire back off at the stables and I will show you some racing ponies."

Sapphire and Joan share a congratulatory hug as best they can with their upper arms bound to their side. Joan gasps as the embrace is enhanced a dual stimulation as the screen fades to black.

The show resumes with Joan, no longer in pony regalia but rather in a classic English riding outfit of her own to match her host. Standing next to her in front of a racing chariot is Alexandra.

J: "Welcome back, I am here with Dame Alexandra Harrisburgon at her ranch, home to the British Sexolympic Pony team; some of which are behind us I believe?"

Joan turns slightly, the camera zooming out and following her gaze to show three pairs of muscular men in Pony harness standing at attention hitched to the chariot. Their bodies glisten in the sun with sweat, their thick, powerful legs ready to leap into action.

A: "Yes, this is our men's six-horse team. They have been training hard most of the morning but should be up for taking us on a nice run."

J: "That sounds great, first though I would like you to talk about their equipment. It is a bit different from what you showed us earlier with the dressage ponies, right?"

A: "Yes, for a show pony the harness is primarily about aesthetics. Certainly it provides attachment points for training and attaching restraints, but much of it is about accentuating the natural beauty of the pony." Walking over to one of the men she gestures instructively as she continues to talk. "A work harness on the other hand is heavier built. You will also notice the lack of plumage or other ostentatious decoration compared to a show outfit, on the race course such accoutrements would only act as drag and get dirty. There are a few other minor changes, a shorter, flatter tail, a less severe posture collar to ease breathing and the alternate arm position but those are relatively minor and not necessarily present in all but the more high-end harnesses." The camera pans over the equipment showing a basic harness setup in heavier-duty leather, the biggest functional difference from the dressage harness the man's arms being bound together in the small of his back.

J: "I notice the boots and bridle seem similar, what about the chastity belt?" Joan, asks, the camera zooming in to show the shiny chrome belt peeking out from beneath the man's harness, his erect cock extending out before him.

A: "Yes, the boots are basically the same although somewhat sturdier to handle heavier wear, the gag is augmented with a small water spout to keep the pony hydrated but is otherwise identical. As to the chastity belt what you see here is a standard competition male model - the anal portion is shared across genders while the front pieces obviously differ."

J; "Do they stay hard all the time like this?" Joan asks, eying the six large, rigid cocks displayed by the men.

A: "During competition, yes, the base of the cock is kept constrained and mildly stimulated to present the obelisks of masculinity you see before you. Of course remaining hard all day is not physically possible so while not training a protective shield can be attached to the front of their belts to keep them isolated. A similar device is also used on our ranch for training, this device consisting of a lined tube that fully envelops the mans penis. Through a combination of vibrations, vacuum pressure and electrical shocks a utility similar to our patented female belt may be obtained."

Returning to the chariot Alexandra motions for Joan to step aboard.

A: "I will show it to you in action later. For now I thought your viewers might prefer to see the full competition display."

J: "It is quite impressive." Joan agrees as she takes position next to Alexandra in the chariot.

A: "Yes, now, let us see what these boys can do." Alexandra says. With a quick snap of the reins they burst into motion. Perfectly co-ordinated the six men quickly accelerate to a full gallop, rapidly making their way up the track.

Joan watches in awe as the powerful creatures rapidly cover the long leg of the track before turning precisely around the curve in response to Alexandra's gentle hand on the reins. Their strong legs and backs strain as they lean into their harnesses, shod feet pounding the ground as they run in perfect sync. Straitening them out for the next straightaway Alexandra continues talking.

A: "The real challenge in training race ponies is getting them to work as a single, perfectly synchronized unit. This team has been training together for the last two years and has really come together as a group." Rounding the second curve she cracks the whip and the ponies let out a final burst of speed, their tightly muscled asses flexing in time to each powerful stride. Approaching where they started Alexandra pulls back gently on the reins. The team slows its pace, switching to a proud high-step for the final few yards before finally coming to a stop.

J: "Wow," Joan says, her eyes still fixated on the sweat-glistening flesh of the pony team; their strong chests rising and falling with each breath.

A: "Yes, a good ride can be quite exhilarating." Pulling out her remote once more she hands it to Joan "would you like to reward them in thanks?"

Joan nods and Alexandra guides her through the button combination. With the final press she looks up to watch a shiver of pleasure goes through each of the stallions.

A: "Now, I believe you wished to try your hand at racing?"

Joan pulls back from staring at the stallions to nod.

J: "Yes, I can see what you meant about a full team requiring a lot of practice to manage, you mentioned that training normally starts with a single-pony chariot?"

A; "Yes, that's correct, while not a competition division at the Sexolympic level single-pony cart racing provides a good base for building trust between pony and trainer. In addition it allows both to learn the various signals and commands without the distraction of synchronizing with a second horse."

J: "That makes sense." Joan says with a nod as two stable hands appear to guide the competition team off the racetrack.

A: "In light of your earlier efforts we have a special surprise for you to learn a bit more about the basics of race training." With a flourish Alexandra gestures behind. The camera pans and Joan turns around to reveal Tom in full race pony tack harnessed to a small chariot.

Joan smiles in surprise, her grin widening as she eyes up her co-anchor.

J: "I guess I'm not the only one willing to do anything for the story, hmm."

The bit gag keeping him silent Tom looks back somewhat nervously; although a gleam of excitement is visible in his eyes.

A: "For more authentic training purposes his chastity belt has been fitted with the fully-functioning cock stimulation system I mentioned earlier." Alexandra explains with a motion towards the thick metal cylinder sprouting from the front of his crotch.

The two women step onto the chariot and Alexandra shows Joan how to hold the reigns in one hand and the short buggy whip in the other. After getting her situated Alexandra points out two small buttons on the handle of the whip.

A: "These two switches can be used to remotely reward or punish the pony via their chastity belt, the button closest to your thumb is for reward, the one higher up is for punishment."

Grinning mischievously Joan taps the punishment button causing Tom to jump in shock, landing a bit wobbly on his boots. Joan lets out a quick yelp of surprise as well hopping in place.

Alexandra smiles and shakes her head.

A: "As you've just learned any punishments or rewards will be shared between horse and driver - don't think we didn't notice you left the chastity belt on after getting changed." Joan blushes in embarrassment, turning away from the camera momentarily. "The shared experience is also good for beginning drivers to connect with their ponies. It fosters camaraderie while reinforcing that triumph and failure lies in the hands of both participants equally. Now, let us take this fresh colt out for a short ride. just give the reigns a light flick."

Joan complies and Tom begins pulling the chariot slowly forward; his gait a bit unsteady and weaving.

A: "You are off to a good start." Alexandra says encouragingly. "Now since we are sticking to a slow, parade pace see if you can get him to walk more properly. Gently tap his thighs with the whip to encourage him to raise his legs higher with each step." Carefully Joan complies and after a short while Tom has begun to make a somewhat acceptable high-step.

A: "Excellent." Alexandra notes. "Now would be a good time to reward your pony for his efforts."

Carefully checking that she is going to press the correct button Joan taps it for a few seconds and lets out a purr as the waves of pleasure pass through her - Tom too wavers slightly in distraction.

A: "Very well done, you two are working very well together. Now let us try going a bit faster."

A flick of the reigns causes Tom to break into a slow jog. Unprompted Joan uses the whip once more to correct and even his stride before slowly guiding him around the bend in the track.

Administering another burst of pleasure before speeding up yet again Joan turns to the camera and smiles gleefully.

J: "This has been an SBN special report. We would like to once again thank our wonderful host Alexandra and all of the stunning Sexolympic hopefuls that have worked with us. We hope you've gained a new appreciation of this exciting and beautiful sport - I know Tom and I have!, Good night and we'll see you at the games!"

Alexandra and Joan wave at the camera as the chariot pulls away, Joan's knees buckling slightly from another reward burst before the credits begin to roll. The chariot disappearing into the distance the broadcast switching to a blooper reel of her and Tom's efforts to dress and perform in pony gear.

Event 5 - Day 3: Pony Races

S: "Good morning viewers and welcome to the third day of the Sex Sexolympics with the best in live coverage here on SBN - the Sexual Broadcast Network! I'm Steve and this is my partner Martha and once more we will be bringing you all the events, all day, with the penetrating coverage you expect and demand."

M: "That's right. Speaking of coverage; I hope none of our viewers missed last nights report on ponies presented by SBN's very own Tom and Joan."

S: "Anyone who didn't watch that special really missed out. I don't think I've ever seen such a complete report on what really goes into making a Sexolympic-level pony."

M: "Well a reminder to any of you unfortunates that did miss it, you can always go online to re-watch that as well as all the rest of our Sexolympic coverage. Relive all the excitement so far and check the schedule for what events are yet to come."

S: "Good advice there Martha, and do make sure you check out that Pony Ranch special if you haven't already. Joan and Tom really gave it their all to bring YOU the best coverage in the world."

M: "Speaking of those two. We now send you live to the racetrack with Tom and Joan for live, in-person coverage of all of today's Pony events."

Standing in front of a large racetrack the crowd can be seen filing into the stands nearby. Tom and Joan are both dressed in formal riding outfits and smiling at the camera.

J: "Welcome viewers we are minutes away from the first of today's races, and what a beautiful day it is." Joan greets with a smile.

T: "That's right; I was talking to some of the trainers earlier and they say you really could not ask for better conditions. Clear skies, a slight breeze and from what I understand excellent ground conditions on the track."

J: "Well it looks like the first race is starting, male short-track pairs." The camera pans to show half a dozen carts pulled by two male ponies each lining up at the starting blocks.

T: "A great way to start things off, expect some real powerful displays in this race. The pairs chariots are the most nimble, combined with the sprint-focus of the short track and this should be a very exciting contest."

J: "Speaking of exciting," Joan adds glancing back as the ponies finish lining up, a dozen rigid cocks jutting across the starting line. "It looks like the ponies are definitely itching to go - you feeling jealous that you aren't down there Tom?"

T: Tom laughs lightly "it was fun to try but I don't think I'm cut out for the sport, although speaking of I thought you were going to dress up for the broadcast?"

J: "Well I won't say I'm not wearing any of it..." Joan replies coyly, Tom's eyes darting towards her crotch searching for signs of something lurking beneath the tight riding pants. Ignoring Tom's attention Joan looks back towards the track. "It looks like the racers are all in position" the crack of a gun sounds followed by the thundering of the ponyboy's hooves. "And they are off!"

A series of races continue on through the morning, the British team putting on the strongest showing able to medal in most of the events amongst the many countries to make appearances on the podium.

Just past noon a cheer goes up from the crowd. Tom and Joan smile at the camera as they quickly explain.

T: "Well that was a great morning of races but now it's time for the finale, the reason for the excitement behind us, and everyone's favorite - woman's six's long-track."

J: "We have seen great displays by all the competitors today but this is the classic and what everyone looks forward to. I remember earlier this year at the worlds when it came down to a photo finish between the French and British teams the entire arena was on their feet in excitement."

T: "Those girls really gave it their all, I think it was almost half a minute before they stopped orgasming after crossing the finish line."

J: "Yes, it almost looked like victory was an incidental bonus the way they were enjoying themselves."

T: "Still, when it went to the camera's to confirm the French team losing by less than half a length, less than a tenth of a second behind on the clock; they have to be looking for a comeback performance."

J: "They were definitely eying each other up in the stables when I was in there earlier. We won't be seeing any of that on the track though as both teams are firm believers in racing blind."

T: "Yes, both teams are so similar overall and of course there is the long-standing cross-channel rivalry in this event that extends to back even before the first Sexolympics.... Although both teams are known for a classic European style I will point out that the French driver has a reputation for being a bit strong with the whip."

J: "We'll see how that plays out. I know some dislike the use of the whip but even though she definitely marked up her ponies at the last Sexolympics it really didn't do anything but fire her ponies up more."

With a sideways glance towards his partner Tom gets a little gleam in his eye.

T: "Say, how about making this last race a little more exciting with a wager?"

J: "What did you have in mind Tom?" Joan replies as the final chariot parade-struts its way into position at the starting line.

T: "Lets say if the British team wins I get the remote for that belt of yours for the duration of the dressage event."

J: "Hmm, well they are the slight favorite so how about if the French upset you do the dressage broadcast in your full pony outfit, and I get YOUR remote."

There's a glimmer of fear in Tom's eye but it is obvious that he can't back down now.

T: "You drive a hard bargain, but okay - and it looks like all the teams are in position, just waiting for the signal."

*Crack* goes a gunshot and they teams burst out of the gate, nipple-bells chiming as the woman's breasts surge forwards.

J: "And they are off!, the French and British teams already pulling ahead, with South Africa just a few paces behind."

T: "You'd almost think this was short track the speed they are putting on, lets hope they don't burn themselves out for later in the race."

J: "Coming up on the first turn now, this is the most technical part of the race, the chariots haven't had time to spread out much so the drivers really have to have perfect control over their ponies to retain speed while avoiding collisions."

T: "Yes, nobody wants to see a crash mar such a beautiful sport - and they are through the first turn!, The French team has taken a very aggressive line here forcing the British chariot to back off or risk a collision."

J: "Just look at them move opening it up for the next straightaway. Those nipple bells are really chiming sharply and I can't even imagine what those ladies are feeling from their plugs moving around."

T: "A truly impressive effort so far. All of the ponies look in perfect form as they come into the second turn, the French once more taking the inside, the British ladies are dropping back behind them... and wait!, coming out of the turn the British team cuts it tight and with a sudden burst of speed they are in the lead, forcing the French team up against the wall as they barrel towards the next turn."

J: "For now perhaps, but that can change in an instant. Both trainers are playing very aggressively for every length really depending on perfect maneuvering to really push their girls to the absolute limit."

Several more laps proceed as the British and French teams extend their lead over the rest of the field. Neither team getting ahead of the other by more than a a length they aggressively jockey for position at every step.

T: "We are now on the final lap here. It looks like however it plays out we'll be seeing a new course record but I still can't say who's going to claim it. The current British and French really seem perfectly matched in this event."

J: "Having such close competitors of such quality has really pushed both teams to the absolute pinnacle of technique and skill. It has been precise, cutthroat riding every inch of this race, you can see the fatigue and excitement starting to wear on the ponies but they are still giving it everything, not slowing down at all, pushing it all the way down to the line."

T: "They are through another turn, it looks like the British may be in a slightly better line going into that final curve. Not to call it early but it looks like I'll be winning our little bet shortly."

J: Caught up in the race Joan ignores his jab, continuing the play-by-play in excitement. "That may be Tom, coming into the last corner it looks like they may have it locked up... and MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT! The French team just did what was almost a mini-bootlegger, the chariot skidding around the corner, I don't know how those girls held it together through that momentum. Such a risky move but it looks like it may pay off for them as they are just perfectly lined up for that final sprint to the finish line."

T: "We'll have to hit the instant replay for that. I don't think we have ever seen that maneuver in six's but it looks like it is going to pay off. The French are ahead by a length and it doesn't look like the British will be able to close the gap."

J: "And it is over!, French gold and a new world record. What a race!"

T: "An amazing showing from both teams, either of whom's performance would have been enough to set a new record. Turning back towards the track now lets watch as it looks like they are coming around for another lap in full show mode!"

J: "Side by side now both teams look exhausted but elated. They are really putting it out there for fans. High-stepping in perfect formation this is just simply beautiful."

T: "Just a wonderful ending to a wonderful day, and a real testament to the dedication these girls have. Giving a perfect parade performance right after such a grueling is just stunning."

J: "I will add from experience that taking strides like that you cannot ignore the plugs. I daresay if it wasn't for those bitgags we'd be hearing quite a few women shouting in orgasm right now and yet they remain in perfect sync, truly world-class training on display here today."

T: "Speaking of orgasms it looks like I sadly won't be able to help you out with that during the dressage event in that regard."

J: "I'll be looking forward to the event anyway. You are going to look real stunning standing next to me."

T: "Well you'll have to wait a bit. We'll be back to the field later for the rest of the pony events, for now we take you back to the studio for an update on some of the other endurance events!"

Tom and Joan back at the two teams finishing their "victory lap" around the track, the feed fades out to return to Steve and Martha in the studio.

S: "What a pair those two are, and what an event!"

M: "Truly one of the best days for pony racing in recent memory, and it looks like filming that documentary really made an impact on Tom and Joan."

S: "Whatever it did they're still the best on the scene reporters in the business. Now we go to the arena for the second hour of the fuckathon."

Interlude 5 - Fuckathon + Fuckcycling

The broadcast switches to a view looking down over multiple couples going at it in various positions on each of several dozen performance platforms. Steve and Martha's voice overs continue over the sounds of orgasms and flesh against flesh.

S: "We've seen a fairly typical start to this years event, Gina came out strong, she and Allison are quite a pair switching back and forth on who's using the double strap-on on who."

M: "They do look fated to win if they can maintain their pace, although I question their entry in entering this event."

S: "Yes, both of them will be back again this evening for the orgasm control event, plus Gina is slated for competition in today's final event, the bondage medley. I just don't see how they're going to have energy for any of that after almost three hours of pounding each others brains out."

M: "It's a valid concern, and they have been going at it hard - they're currently sporting a 5 orgasm lead, 44 orgasm's complete out of the requisite 100."

S: "I will say that they have been doing a good job taking advantage of switching. After all orgasms on the part of the lower partner are the only ones that count. Nevertheless those strap-ons are double-ended and we've definitely seen quite a few orgasms from the top girl during this first hour."

M: "However it affects them later today they have managed to build an impressive display however you slice it. Still they are yet to hit the half-way mark and if they slip up there are a few other pairs poised to claim the lead."

S: "That's right, the biggest threat in my opinion is the German team - former world champions Hanz and Sofia Gruber are in rare form, tied at 39 with the Indian pair of Saina and Deepika who have been holding pretty much a single position with Deepika receiving the entire contest thus far and only using a single pronged strap-on."

M: "And there goes another orgasm from the leaders, that's forty-five now, almost halfway to the finish here at the hour and five minutes mark."

S: "Check out our online broadcast for complete coverage of this and every other event; we'll be back with updates and highlights but for now we send you back to Tom and Joan for a look at sexcycling which will be starting shortly."

The broadcast fades out, returning to show Joan and Tom from the front. Hunched over handlebars they are wearing racing helmets and skintight biking tops. The steep angle gives a clear view down Joan's cleavage as her breasts jiggle, the large mammaries constantly threatening to spill out of her skintight top.

J: "Hello viewers, Tom and I are here on practice stationary bikes to explain to you a little bit about the upcoming sexcycling event."

As she talks she sits up fully, stopping her pedaling while Tom continues on, a look of determination on his face. The camera refocuses on Joan alone as she unbuckles a waist strap that kept her bound tightly in the seat.

J: "Fuckcycling is one of my favorite Sexolympic events as it is perhaps the most egalitarian - no matter who you are you can practice this fine sport without even needing a partner, just a little specialized equipment that one can easily find at any sporting goods store." Carefully standing Joan lifts herself off the bike. The motion reveals a pair of lube-slick dildos that slide out of her ass and cunt, wobbling slightly as they pop out of her. Stepping off the bike she kneels next to the seat allowing the camera to zoom in on the still-swaying dongs.

J: "Here you see a standard female 'fore and aft' arrangement, as you can see with each stroke of the pedal - " she demonstrates by using her hand to push through one slow rotation "each dong will make a full circuit. As you can tell from this configuration I prefer an alternating cadence with a slightly deeper stroke anally. Other cyclists may find better results with a synchronized double pounding or even a gear-switch so that they fuck faster or slower than once per revolution. Regulations require that part of each dong must remain inside you at all times, thus the tight waist-strap and importance of proper calibration. Dong selection is another important thing that a racer must consider. You have to consider your experience and the length of the race to select something that will be sufficiently stimulating but not exhausting. As you can tell I'm something of a size queen here, currently using an eleven inch long, two inch wide dong that is an exact replica of the great Olympian Mitch Fellbrook. Behind you'll see a less realistic choice as I've been experimenting with a seven inch bead-style, the constant flexing causing my sphincter to swell and contract has proven very interesting."

Standing up she walks around to where Tom is continuing to pedal. Approaching from slightly behind the camera shows the smooth cylinder of rubber pistoning in and out of his ass. On the other side a semi-transparent canister pumps back and forth around his cock.

J: "Tom over here is more of a deep stimulation guy, you'll see he's using a more flexible rear penetrator, that's I believe an inch and a half wide and 14 long?"

T: "That's right Joan, 14 inches max depth, self-lubrication and adjusted for a ten inch stroke length."

J: "Quite an advanced piece, new practitioners are advised to start slow and stay in your comfort level. He mentioned self-lubricating and I really must stress its importance. It may cost a bit more for a regulation device but it isn't worth skimping. You will definitely start to feel it if you get a cheaper model and however much you may think you drip you really need some assistance for those longer rides."

T: "Sound advice Joan."

J: "Moving forward we see the difference between male and female designs. Where I had that nice thick cock pounding into me, Tom here has his cock engulfed in a top of the line RX-4000 artificial cunt with heavy ribbing and the optional ticklers."

Tom begins to shake slightly, moments later cumming with a grunt, his seed splashing across the inside of the artificial cunt.

J: "As you can see Tom here has just cum." there's a slight ker-thunk sound and his pedaling speed momentarily slows. "When the rider cums the front gear of the bike will automatically change, this has two effects - first the direct benefits of more speed due to a more favorable gear ratio, but also allowing for more focus on pedaling as the fucking devices will temporarily disengage."

As she talks the camera shows the higher gear, as well as the stillness of the plug and artificial pussy. "Of course this isn't a total relief since everything remains in place throughout the 'rest' period - how's that dong feeling up there?" She jokes, the rear plug having disengaged at almost full depth in Tom's ass.

T: "Filling!" he replies with a grin.

J: "Of course this rest period is brief, after a configurable period of time - in Sexolympic competition a minute for females, three for males - the bonus gear will disengage and it's back to being fucked with every stroke. After devices re-engage the rider must endure another two minutes of stimulation before they can return to the higher gear."

The camera pans around to Tom as Joan carefully re-mounts her bike in the background.

T: "As you can imagine a competitor will aim to spend as great a portion of time as possible in higher gear."

The twin plugs back inside Joan she resumes pedaling, the two dongs pistoning quickly into her.

J: "Obviously, but at the higher levels there is also a strategic element to timing."

T: "Right you are Joan; the increased speed is the most useful on straightaways so racers have to think really strategically."

J: "Which is definitely complicated by distractions!" She pipes in and they both laugh.

T: "Well we hope this was an informative intro to sexcycling, and we'll see you later today on the dressage field!"

J: "I know I'm looking forward to it" Joan says with a sly glance at Tom.

They laugh once more as the broadcast fades out, returning to Steve and Martha in the studio.

S: "Another great report from Tom and Joan, we take you now to the track where sexcycling is about to begin!"

Event 6 - Day 3: Dressage

M: "What a day at the races - the pony events this morning were some of the best we've ever seen, and that sexcycling!"

S: "Don't forget the fuckathon! Gina and Allison looked like they were just cruising for those last few orgasms as they took a new record of two hours and eleven minutes in their gold medal performance."

M: "In what has become the theme of this years games it was yet another stunning effort by Gina aided here by her American teammate, but now it's time to move away from wanton fucking to elegant grace as we return to the ponies! It is dressage time, with your favorite on-the-spot reporters and mine - Tom and Joan!"

Back outside the race pavilion has been re-arranged for dressage, the crowd having moved onto the racetrack and field to surround a circular performance area in the center. Tom and Joan face the camera with smiles. Joan is back in her riding outfit while Tom is wearing a full dressage outfit of his own including a cock stimulator, minus the bit gag.

J: "Welcome back viewers, I'm Joan and this is my partner Tom, really showing how it's worn for this event."

T: "For those of you who missed this mornings pony races..."

J: "And shame on you!, they were fantastic." Joan interjects.

T: "One of the best series' we've seen in years for sure. Anyway for those confused as to my attire, Joan and I had a little gamble going for one of the races and... I lost."

Brandishing a remote control Joan taps one of the two buttons quickly causing Tom to wince in pain.

J: "I told you no complaining, unless you want me to do that again?"

T: "No!" Tom quickly replies.

J; "Good," Joan presses the other button for a few seconds causing Tom to hum in pleasure. "Now lets head down to the field for the first competitor in men's dressage..."

The dressage event proceeds orderly, Joan and Tom calling the action with Joan occasionally using the remote to tease her partner between performances. By the time the winner is crowned - Butts Louvo with his trainer Dirk Jung from Germany, with the teams of Vallegro trained by Carl Wilson and Lionheart trained by Kristina Hester from Britain taking silver and bronze respectively. In contrast to his cheery, alert partner Tom is beginning to look quite flush.

J: "Some great displays on the field today, right Tom?" Joan ask, a quick bust of pleasure distracting him from answering.

J: "It looks like my co-host is a little flustered! Tell you what Tom, if you can survive until we get back from commercials I'll let you borrow my remote." Looking back towards the camera she holds down the pleasure button down causing Tom to writhe in distraction. "Enjoy these messages from our sponsors and we'll be back soon with woman's dressage!"

Advertisement 9 - Eros Footwear

A view of bare female feet from the shin down. The feet turn and begin walking to one side, the camera tracking them.

"Whoever you are."

Continuing to walk seamlessly the feet suddenly are clad in 2" patent pumps.

"Whatever your style."

The pumps turn into 4" stilettos.

"From the board-room."

The camera pulls back slightly to show the 1" heeled knee-high leather boots.

"To the bed-room."

The camera pulls back slightly once more to show off the 4" spike heel thigh-high hooker boots.

"On the track."

8" ballet boots.

"Or on the farm."

Heel-less ponyboots.

"We're there under your feet."

The feet stop walking, turning to face the camera once more as a row of heels and boots of every style appear in a row to either side.

Above the row of footwear the "Eros Sexathletics" logo shimmers into view, below it the words "proud sponsor of the Sexolympic games."

The broadcast resumes with Tom looking flustered but with an expression of triumph on his face as he fingers a remote.

T: "Welcome back viewers. We are here live on the field for woman's dressage. We've seen some beautiful displays of strength and agility from the men so far and now it's the woman's turn to take the field."

J: "That's right Tom, and remember that in addition to the normal bronze silver and gold for winning their division there will be a special commissioners trophy given to the highest scoring pony across the two divisions."

T: "And the first Pony is taking the field, Huang "Ethon" Linlin with her trainer Deng Kexin representing China."

The sun slowly descends in the sky as the ponygirls make their displays. Teasing back and forth the hosts are looking are both a bit hot and flustered by the time for the final pony to take the field.

J: "Now the moment I for one have been looking forward to this all day, the defending champion - Sapphire and her trainer Mistress Alexandra Harrisburg."

T: "Sapphire is really on top of the world heading into these Sexolympics, taking it to the next level after her gold four years ago with clean sweep of the Euro's and the world-championships every year since. We saw her put forth a near-perfect display during qualifiers and that's likely to repeat today, the real question is what we're going to see in the freestyle portion."

Turning to watch the entrance area the camera zooms in to show Sapphire, followed by her trainer, walk out towards the center of the arena.

The crowd cheers in awe at this first glimpse of the champion ponygirl - her harness gleams with numerous decorative stones of her namesake, their facets glittering in the last rays of the days sun. Walking proudly her steps are high and controlled, her knees almost rising as high as the gently chiming bells on her nipple bells as she makes her way to the center of the field. Coming to a sharp stop she turns precisely to face the crowd. Bowing along with her trainer the reigns twitch and she begins the routine.

The crowd is on the edge of their seats as Sapphire begins to move, the slightest touch of the whip or tug of the reigns causing her to turn and wheel, leap and cantor, every step and movement completed with perfection. Executing the final high-stepping circle to conclude the routine she stops next to her trainer, her chin high and her gaze forward in a presentation stance - all other eyes are on the scoreboards awaiting the judges decision.

J: "That has to be a near-perfect score, she seemed light as a feather out there, every motion perfectly executed, controlled and precise but full of passion and not mechanical in any way."

T: "There can really be no question she is the most skilled ponygirl of this generation and yes it's looking like... ten's across the board, a perfect score for what is only the second time in Sexolympic history!"

J; "She has to be excited by that, but you couldn't tell by looking. She is keeping perfect control and posture, looking almost statuesque out there."

T: "Now it's time for the freestyle portion, she really has nothing to prove at this point, even a basic routine would be enough to maintain her position atop the podium but I have a feeling we may be about to see something special."

J: "Her style has always been one of exuberant energy tempered by pristine perfection, I just can't see her playing it safe now."

T: "We'll know soon enough. There is Alexandra detaching the reigns and whispering her some final instructions. The crowd is on their feet now as Alexandra removes the blindfold and steps over to the sidelines."

J: "Sapphire is all alone out there, just waiting for the signal to begin. And there she goes!"

The buzzer sounds and Sapphire begins walking in the most extreme of high-steps, her legs almost forming the splits with each pace. Walking towards the crowd she suddenly plants her lead foot and vaults into a half-spiral, landing effortlessly before galloping a quick figure eight, her tail swishing in time to her gait. Continuing to string together high-difficulty moves including flips and twirls worthy of a gymnast she finishes the routine right back where she started - standing precisely in the middle of the field, one knee raised as if to step, the only movement the slight rise and fall of her chest as she breaths, perfectly balanced on the other leg. The closing buzzer sounds and the crowd roars in approval, the scores a foregone conclusion at this point they cheer for the pony girl as Alexandra returns to lead her off-stage.

J: "A performance for the ages, the scores are coming in now, unsurprisingly a perfect ten for execution but also and a record-setting sixteen point three for difficulty. Gina may be getting the attention for the medal counts but I don't think we've ever seen a more perfect atheletic effort than Sapphire just gave us."

T: "She is simply beautiful, the perfect pony that I hope continues to dazzle us with performances for years to come. Now we send you back to the studio where Steve and Martha inform us the womens Bondage Medly is about to begin."

Event 7 - Day 3: Women's Bondage Medly

M: "Welcome back viewers, as always I'm Martha here with my partner Steve bringing you complete coverage of the 2012 Sexolympics!"

S: "We've had a great day so far with beautiful equine displays and some record-setting fucking and now we're back to the racetrack for the women's bondage medly."

M: "This is a really interesting event Tom, especially for those who's favorite part of the pony events is the suspense of watching knowing the constant stimulation the sexatheletes are contending with."

S: "Yes, the combination of skills required to compete in this event really requires a special kind of sexathelete - there's a reason that medleyists are known to have something of a reputation post-competition debautchery."

M: "Well one of the girls out there today won't have to worry about that side of things. Yes in what was quite a surprise to everyone really Gina managed to barely make it through the national qualifiers for this event so we will be seeing here once again in what is probably her longest shot competition."

S: "Yes, she's definitly the wildcard coming into this race, especially when you add in questions about how her record-breaking performance in the fuckathon earlier today will be affecting her."

M: "So far her heavy event-load has seemed to only further invigorate her performances but today is definitly going to push her to the limit. Given her lack of experience in the medly, and the fact that she still has the orgasm control event coming up later I am really very surprised she decided to compete in this event."

S: "Yes, just her performance at the overall US Sexolympic qualifiers was stunning in a lot of ways - she actually could have made the cut for fuckcycling as well but was forced to forgo that opportunity since it overlaps with the fuckathon where she is an eminently stronger competitor. From what I understand she was on the bubble for the medley as well until a slight change in event times meant that she'd be able to make both this and the orgasm control event this evening."

M: "Still, she will have been going pretty much straight from event to event all day. If she pulls things off today it will truely be, at least in my eyes, the most impressive display of sexual endurance in the history of the games."

S: "I don't see how anyone could disagree with that assesement. Well all that is yet to come; for now we take you down to the floor where the girls are lining up to start the first lap of this event."

The camera changes to show an indoor track with a row of women in full-body oevert catsuits with waist-constricting corsets lined up ready to go. Gina is immediatly distinctive for her trademark red gag - the other women's mouths being empty, their jaws set in concentration. Around each girls throat is a 2" collar displaying their name and country of origin, their race number emblazoned on the backs of their catsuits.

S: "Gina actually had to get special authorization to wear her gag for the first lap of this event. It was approved due to providing no expected advantage over the other competitors but I say it was a strange decision on her part."

M: "Well you look at it and the gag is really part of her at this point, there could very well have been a psychological cost in removing it for the event, plus the first lap is the fastest and least significant after which the rest of the field will be gagged as well. I don't see it really affecting her placement in an event but it certainly doesn't improve her standing as being a far long-shot to win."

S: "A long-shot but with how she's been performing at these games one that you can't count out, and they are off!"

The starting pistol cracks and the women burst out of the gate, sprinting around the 400m track. As expected Gina is quickly left behind by the main pack, coming into the bondage station at a minute ten, over fifteen seconds behind the leader.

M: "A quick start for this event with no real surprises so far. It looks like Irinia Martynova from Russia, and Li Shiwen and Jiao Yi from China are the top three heading into the second lap."

S: "Yes, they are all known for being very quick starters, the real meat of this race however comes in the later, slower laps. A ten second lead here can easily dissolve during the more intense mid-to-late portions of the race."

M: "And the first girl is gagged and chastitied. A quick turnaround by the russian pit crew there and she is off, looking like she may well put in a time close to her first lap effort despite any distractions from the twin plugs that are now shifting inside of her with each step."

S: "Yes, the other girls are starting to move out now with determination, right on the heels of the leader. Gina looks like she gained a second or two with a quick pit turn-around there, maybe a slight bonus from already being gagged. She is back on the track with her chastity belt in place and racing hard, perhapse a third of a lap back from the leader."

M: "Li Shiwen from China is pulling ahead now, nothing too surprising there as she always turns in very strong performances in the second lap has had problems in the past once the vibrations start."

S: "She's a 24/7 chastity wearer so that makes sense that she's used to dealing with the unactivated plugs shifting about. I heard from one of her coaches that they have been really pounding away at her vibration training leading up to this Sexolympic cycle so we should expect a good showing here today."

M: "Well we'll know soon, Li is now back into the bondage station with her countrymate, Jiao Yi and Mimi Jamal from Bahrain right on her heels."

S: "Gina is almost half a lap back right now. You really have to question how she can make up that time."

M: "Well at the qualifiers she came back from a similar deficit to secure a position in the games but it's a different game here on the highest stage of the sport."

S: "This second trip to the pit always takes a little longer but it looks like the front pack has their new shoes on, blinkers in place and their arms cuffed to their waist, and they are back on the track. The belts have been activated now so they will be feeling low stimulations throughout this lap, harbingers of things to come."

M: "Yes, the race dynamic really changes from here on out, starting with those 2" racing heels obviously. I would like to make a special call-out however for the blinkers as well; for those who haven't tried this event you would probably be surprised just how much that vision constriction impact performance. Combine it with the slight hearing distortion of the hood you can barely even tell when another girl is abreast passing."

S: "Speaking of restricted vision, it looks like a slight error on the part of the leader related to just that thing, looks like she started her turn a few steps too late and Mimi Jamal from Bahrain is coming through on the inside and now taking the top spot."

M: "Still in last place Gina is back on the track, looking like she hasn't lost any ground since before, her pit team has to deserve credit for really shaving every second possible to keep her in the race."

S: "Yes, we're coming up on lap three now with things really just too close to call amongst the top few racers."

M: "The pressure is really on the pit crews now as more bondage comes into play. Gina is still trailing still coming down the stretch while all the other girls are being re-outfitted."

S: "Yes, the armbinder is a definite challenge, and of course those clover nipple clamps each girl is getting are going to do nothing but tighten as they run the rest of this race; but I think it is properly lacing the now 4" heels these girls will be running in that's the biggest hurdle. Everything needs to be tight if they are going to be running in such steep footware and that takes time to get right."

M: "Yup, when you're that high ankle support is absolutle critical. It looks now like it's coming together though with our leaders back on the track now. Heads held high by those posture collars it is the thigh chains that really changes dynamics on the track."

S: "Yes, combined with those steep heels your gait has to completly change. Gina is definitly gaining ground mincing along and you can see several girls really having to fight off orgasms from the increased stimulation."

M: "Speaking of rounding the corner and it looks like number eight just came! She is wobbling a bit, that orgasm definitly costing her time and yes, Gina is passing her!"

S: "It is hard to tell if Gina was even able to see the other girl past her blinders but if she has that could well be a real mental boost."

M: "Absolutly Steve, and she'll need every boost she can get because from here on out is really where the race gets interesting. Every step matters and 400m starts to feel like an awful long distance when you have two plugs constantly churning inside of you and those clamps pinching and tugging with every step."

S: "The voice of personal experience there it sound like, well rounding the last curve the two ladies from China are barely holding onto the lead and Gina is actually closing in on fifth with just one lap left!"

M: "One lap but what a lap it is - you can see the girls in the pit already being laced into their ballet boots and the ankle hobbles. That will force them to take the smallest mincing steps, combined with the maximal stimulation they're now recieving between their legs... well I can defintly speak from experience when I say that just keeping ballanced in that state is a challenge!"

S: "Yes, it's not called the longest lap in sport for nothing! All the girls are back on the track now with a vengeance. You can see the focus in their eyes, really setting their jaws and clamping down on those gags as they mince forward."

M: "It may be a bit deceptive for a new viewer to the sport but closing even a few feet of a gap can be almost impossible at this stage, especially with the risk of a fall."

S: "Speaking of, it looks like number seven is teetering on her heels.... and she is down! This could totally change the race as it looks like number four behind her can't see where to step and has tripped down to the ground herself!"

M: "From how she's bucking her hips and writhing on the ground there I'd say number seven is now fully consumed in orgasmic ecstacy and out of this race."

S: "Number four is getting back to her feet and continuing on but unless there's another pileup I don't see any path for her to reach the podium. Astoundinlgy it appears to be down to Gina, Mimi and the two ladies from China now as they hobble their way around the track."

M: "They've rounded the final corner now, just another 10 meters to go, Gina's been pouring it on, just totally going for broke in her attempts to close the distance but I don't think she's going to make it onto the podium."

S: "I think you're right, they're almost to the finish line now, just not enough track left for her to pass anyone else... but oh my! Mimi, who was barely in first has stepped wrong on that precipice heel of hers and tumbles down!, It is turning into a total pileup as the other girls just don't have any room to maneuver. Like domino's they are just falling into a tangled mess to roll over the finish line."

M: "We'll have to goto the cameras for results. The way they're entwined it may take a bit of study to figure out the final order and our winner."

The crowd cheers as the pit crews help to untangle the four women and help them to their feet. As the last of the remaining competitors cross the finish line everyone waits impatiently for the winner to be determined.

Finally an official steps onto the field, walking up to the group of finalist contendors he indicates Jiao Yi, Gina and Mimi Jamal for gold, silver and bronze respectively.

S: "What a finish!, Gina showed real heart there to get the upset even if that isn't how she would have wanted to win."

M: "Yes, but you have to remember these things happen in this sport and it is part of the excitement. Look down at the women embracing as best they can with that stringent bondage and you can tell there aren't any recriminations."

S: "Yes, and it looks like several of the women are falling to the ground and rolling around togetther, the race is over, their vibrators are still going and they don't care about anything else other than finally cumming."

M: "From the way she's glancing over I'd say Gina would like to join them but her pit crew is already there ushering her off for the next event."

S: "It looks like they've just strapped her to a dolly and are wheeling her away - that's one way to save time although you hope for her sake someone remembered to disable those vibrators first!"

M: "Yes, she needs all the time to relax that she can get as she'll be getting plenty of stimulation in the next event. We'll be there live but while we wait for womens orgasm control to commence lets go back to Tom and Joan for some explination of what exactly will be going on under the suits the orgasm control sexatheletes will be wearing."

Interlude 6 - Orgasm Control Explination

The broadcast switches to Tom and Joan standing together next to a cart piled with shiny black rubber and leather. In addition to the stack of restraints several chains descend from the ceiling between the two reporters. Tom is wearing his normal reporters outfit while Joan stands completely naked save for a smile and the microphone in her hand.

J: "Thanks Martha!, the orgasm control event can seem simple to a new viewer but what's going on in and around the sexatheletes is a truely intense, high-tech experience that really demonstrates their mettle. Without any futher ado lets get to it."

Joan turns her back towards Tom as he grabs several wires attached to small pads. Affixing the electrodes to Joan's buttocks and inner thighs he explains.

T: "These will be used to apply pulsing electric shocks for a bit of painful stimulation. They have to go against the skin of course so they go on first, before the catsuit."

J: "That's right," Joan continues as Tom hands her a pre-lubricated catsuit that she slips on "when you see a girl twiching and jumping inside her binds, chances are electrics are the cause."

With a little help Joan slides the shiny black catsuit over her body. In just a few moments it is covering her from the neck down save for round holes exposing her breasts and a slit opening between her legs. Working her fingers into the tips of the gloves she continues narrating as Tom picks up a gleaming steel chastity belt from the table.

T: "No flesh can be exposed during the orgasm control event, so catsuits are practically required, a few contestants will use leather but most prefer ones made of latex such as the Eros full-body one that Joan here is modeling."

Joan steps into the belt and Tom makes sure it is nestled in past the rubber as Joan explains.

J: "You'll notice this chastity belt is of a different design than many others at the games - instead of the typical one or two attached dongs this one has a pair of access holes that will be filled later - note also how Tom is connecting the electrodes the belt for centralized control and power supply."

Grabbing a network of leather straps off the cart Tom helps Joan into it before tightening all the buckles in place.

T: "Another major portion of the rules specify that a competitor be fully suspended off the ground and their movement greatly constricted. You'll see a variety of positions taken by different competitors but Joan here has selected a basic tight vertical frogtie position." The hanging chains are attached to several points on the harness and Joan is soon lifted off the ground, her legs dangling uselessly.

Grabbing one foot at a time Tom quickly zips heel-less ballet boots onto Joan before tightly cinching her feet to the back of her thighs and adding a spreader bar between her knees.

J: "Note how the basic frogtie meets the lower-body restraint requirements while keeping me open and availible for easy access to the chastity belt later."

Following up Tom feeds each of Joans hands into round mitts before pulling them tight to additional chains above her head.

J: "Now you can see Tom finishing up restraining my remaining limbs. Again note that while this is a common position you will see many different variations on this concept taking by the different competitors."

Returning to the steadily emptying cart Tom returns with two hemispheres and begins attaching them to the harness to tightly press them around Joan's breasts. As Tom attaches several tubes and wires to the cups and her chastity belt Joan continues.

J: "These cups can supply suction, nipple stimulation and electronics to the breasts which can get quite intense."

T: "Speaking of intense." Tom says as he holds up a dildo and a butt plug. Stepping below Joan he slides the devices through the twin holes on the bottom of her chastity belt, once fully seated they lock into the chastity itself, sealing in place; Joan lets out a slight moan as the plugs slid into her.

J: "Normally these would be put in by officials immediatly prior to event starting but in this case we are doing a demonstration and I need to keep narrating for a little while longer."

T: "Note that both plugs are capable of vibrations, electrics and swelling slightly." Tom states as he pauses for a moment to stand next to his helplessly suspended partner. "We forgot to mention it earlier but the chastity belt also includes a clit stimulator with similar vibration and electic capabilities to the rest - this event is thoroughly designed to hit all of the major erogenous zones."

The cart almost empty Tom grabs a heavy-looking leather hood and begins sliding it over Joan's head, she continues to talk as he pulls it into place and laces it down.

J: "The hood acts to cut off my sight and sound, this sensory deprivation serves to make everything else feel even more intense leaving the sexathelete nothing to focus on save themselves."

With a final click Tom finishes applying the hood. Fully buckled tight it covers all but Joans nose and mouth. An integrated posture collar removes one of her last degrees of freedom forcing her neck rigid as it keeps her chin high.

Grabbing the final item off the cart Tom slides the gag into Joan's mouth before attaching a compact gasmask over the bottom front of the hood.

T: "Completing their bondage all contestents must be of course gagged. In addition to completing the covering of her body this mask will serve to control Joan's airflow. This serves two purposes. First it filters what she breaths which effectivly cuts of her sense of smell and thus even further isolates her within her body. Secondly for certain later rounds her flow of air will be slightly restricted, further enhancing her sensitivity to other sensations."

Stepping back Tom allows the camera to pan around Joan's constrained form, her body swaying slightly on the supporting chains.

T: "As you can see Joan here is pretty much helpless and setup to recieve a whole lot of stimulation. Given that she's gone through all this work we should oblige her don't you think?" With a flick of a switch buzzing begins to eminate from Joan's bound form as her breasts are sucked futher into their globes. Seemingly surprised Joan jerks around but is able to move little as she dances in the air in tight bondage.

Standing cheerfully next to Joan's bound, swaying form Tom signs off.

J: "She's had a long day so I think we'll leave her to relax in there for a bit. We hope you found this report informative and now back to Steve and Martha for the women's orgasm control event!"

Event 8 - Day 3: Orgasm Control

S: "What a pair those two are." Steve says with a chuckle as he shakes his head. "Well despite her attempt at an early entry the orgasm control event is only just about to start, we take you now live to the competition floor!"

The camera switches to a panning view of several rows of suspended women, many are in similar predicaments to Joan but some are even more intense - several are in hanging hog-ties while one is held in a full side-splits with her arms bound tightly to her stomach. Scanning the full field the camera finally comes to a stop on a pair of women, their catsuits and restraints in the US team colors. One hangs with her legs spread, her arms held behind her in an elbows-touching armbinder while her encased head is held aloft by the combination of a posture collar and a chain leading up to the ceiling. Through the clear mouthplate of her hood a familar red gag can be seens. The second girl is positioned almost as if lying on her back, her entire body encased in a somewhat bulbous inflated bag. Only part of her hood-enclosed face and a narrow access to her chastity belt is visible amidst the taught rubber.

M: "As you can see Gina appears to have kept much of her gear from the previous event - you'll note the same catsuit complete with corset as well as the ballet heels, armbinder and posture collar. She's finished it off with an enclosure hood, regulation breast cups and chastity belt and of course several additional cuffs and a harness for suspension."

S: "Next to her we have her teammate and friend, Allison who has really gone all-out with a full body enclosure, inflatable sleepsack that has to have her pretty much completely inable to move."

M: "Yes, she certainly made a statement coming in in that thing going beyond even the fairly strict requirements of the event. I think the real question when it comes to victory is her teammate. On any other day Gina and Allison would be favored to claim silver and gold in this event but after the two competitions she's already been through, plus the somewhat puzzling decision to retain the corset you have to ask - what does Gina have left in her?"

S: "If we've seen anything so far the answer to that question is going to be a lust for more sex. Whether she'll be able to exercise the control necissary for this event however remains to be seen."

M: "Speaking of control, lets do a quick run-down of the rules of this event for those who haven't watched before."

S: "Good idea Martha, at the simplest level you're looking at alternating three-minute rounds. During even numbered rounds each orgasm scores a point while during odd numbered rounds each orgasm accrues a negative two point penalty. At the end of ten rounds of regulation the winner is the one with the most net points. In the case of a tie a sudden death period goes into effect where the first to orgasm loses."

M: "Of course things aren't quite as easy as that seems. While they will be starting pretty much as you see them now every period will bring with it an additional level of stimulation will be applied for a steadily intensifying experience. For safety each girl also has an emergency switch that they can use to trigger an early release - which stops their point accrual and gets them out of bondage."

S: "Don't expect to see any of that here, these are the best in the world at this event."

M: "Right Steve, the other option they can use is to trigger a thirty-second rest period. During this time all stimulative effects - vibrations, electronics, etc. But any orgasms accrue zero points. Of course there's a price in that triggering a rest period during an odd numbered round is a five point penalty, triggering one during an even numbered round is considered its own downside."

S: "Remember of course that all these women are basically deaf and blind so they have to keep track of the current round merely by mental counting and monitoring the stimulation pouring into them."

M: "Yes, some advanced competitors will attempt to time a rest period at the very end of an even round to maximise positive scoring potential while getting some relief during the control round; of course properly timing this is easier said than done even before considering all the distractions going on inside those suits."

S: "Right you are! Well looking down at the floor it appears that the officials have finished confirming everyone's bondage and filling everyone's holes and we are ready to begin!"

A buzzer sounds followed by a female voice announcing through the arena - "Round One."

Immediately some of the suspended women begin twitching in stimulation, suspended above each girl is a score counter, all currently set to zero.

S: "And they are off. The first round is refered to as the 'vanilla' round as the only stimulation will be moderate vaginal and clitoral vibrations, every round thereafter will see an additional random portion of their suits activated."

Thirty seconds into the round a buzzer goes off, one of the scores ticking down to -2.

M: "Oh, a bit of a surprise at this level of competition but it looks like one of the girls psyched herself up a little too much and has accrued the first penalty."

S: "Looks like Lisa Ostholt from Sweden, currently ranked 14th in the world, a mistake like this is definitly a surprise and does not bode well for her chances at a medal."

The remainder of the first three minutes proceed without any additional penalties. Before the announcers voice even finishes the words "Round Two - breast suction" a cacophany of chims tick off as scores begin to increase.

M: "And there they go. Checking the scoreboard Allison has clocked a triple orgasm to lead us off and take the pole position although we're seeing several doubles as the orgasms are coming fast and furious."

S: "This is looking like a fairly standard competition so far save that early error from the Swede. Round two tends to be a sensation dump of the initial psyche-up and stimulation. Also note that it is a bit of luck for our competitors that they aren't eating any painful electrics early."

M: "Definitely a lucky roll for the purposes of high scoring if you aren't a real pain-slut level masochist. Gina, so far not showing any adverse effects from the days earlier activities, is displaying her typical efficiency, staying right on Allisons heels with a steady sequence of orgasms."

As the round nears an end several scores begin to blink

S: "And there's girls trying to time the end of the round, a couple early triggers there but nothing too far off."

The round closes out with Allison in the lead with 20, Gina in second with 17 with the rest of the women clustering around 15 mark. One girl mis-times hitting relief just as the round closes and eats a 5 point penalty, her stimulation stopped she hangs still and silent in her bonds.

"Round Three - Anal vibration" the announcer calls.

M: "Bit of a wash there, definitly an increase in stimulation which will increase the challenge of holding through this round but there's a lot worse options to come early on."

S: "Yes, so far it looks like everyone's staying under control now.. and oh, and there's a penalty. Dionisios Vougiouka from Greece, not too surprising there, she has a very well-known anal fetish so a bit of a bad luck for her to start getting that stimulation during a control round."

The rest of the round continues without any more penalties, "Round Four - Clitoral electrics" the annoncer calls. Only two girls, Gina included, manage to cum at the round start although Allison clicks one off a few seconds later.

M: "Oooh, bad luck there. Nur Bulut from Turkey is a noted painslut so she's definitly happy to start getting the electrics but hitting in a scoring round will definitly depress things for some of the other ladies - electricity flowing through your clit is definitly painful although there should be enough other stimulation rolling around now to ballance it out."

S: "We're seeing some spreading out of scores now. Allison is holding ongto a slight lead and it so far looks like any concerns about Gina's fatigue were unwarranted."

M: "Well we haven't quite hit the halfway point; but thus far it definitly looks like those two will be topping the podium as usual."

The scores pick up about thirty seconds into the round. Steadily climbing two girls trigger relief in the second half of the round, only one other risking penalty to catch relief ten seconds off the end of the round.

"Round Five - Anal pulsation"

S: "Oooh, another tough break for Dionisios Vougiouka getting both the anal pleasure rounds during control periods."

M: "Definitly an early anal blitz overall, and the way it swells inside you really makes everything down there feel tighter and more intense."

Several penalties happen through the course of the round, including two for Dionisios causing her to fall further back.

"Round Six - flesh electrics"

S: "Another pain-adding scoring round, this time moving outward to hit those thigh and butt electrodes."

M: "Yup, under all that bondage it is going to feel very much like they're being spanked for the rest of this contest. Of course this far in for the real top dogs here any stimulation is good stimulation."

Gina and Allison continue to pull away through the course of the round, the scores ending with Allison retaining a single point lead with thirty-one points, neither having recieved any penalties thus far in the contest.

"Round Seven - Breath Control"

S: "And this is where it gets serious. All the contestants will be breathing even deeper now which just makes everything more intense and you have to wonder once more about Gina's corset and how that's going to affect her stamina in these late rounds."

M: "On the plus side this isn't likely to encourage any extra penalties, although the intensity going through these women at that point makes those almost garanteed anyway."

The round continues with a few penalties that only serve to extend Gina and Allison's lead.

"Round Eight - breast electrics." Notes the speaker. Allison and Nur Bulut manage to pop round-opening orgasms although Gina follows up seconds later to close the gap once more, continuing to lag a single point off from first place at the end of the round.

"Round Nine - lightning round."

M: "Well that could only be expected. For those new to the sport this means all electric stimulation is now active, clittoral, external on the buttocks and inner thighs, breasts and finally coursing between the plugs working away fore and aft."

S: "And that means all that's left for next round will be for all the vibrations to kick up to truely bone-jarring power."

M: "Something of good luck for it to hit in the final round as those vibrations going back and forth between pussy and ass combined with all that electrics is really irresistible, a sort of sensation overload that makes those control rounds very, very difficult."

S: "Yes, I remember twelve years ago when that hit in round three and we saw a record shattering number of penalties."

M: "Speaking of penalty records it looks like Gina and Allison will be joining that august group of women who have gone the distance without accruing any."

"Round Ten - High powered vibrations, Final Round."

S: "And we're in the homestretch now. Gina, showing no signs of fatigue lags a mere single point behind Allison who has been holding onto the top psoition from the start of the second round, amazing performances by both women especially when you remember that neither has recieved any penalties or taken relief at any time."

M: "Looking at the rest of the field now that we're in the home stretch it looks like Nur Bulut will be cruising to bronze thanks to some lucky electric rounds for the world-class pain-slut."

S: "We're down to the final seconds here, Allison holding onto that razor thin lead, it looks like it's all but over..."

A split second before the round ending chime an orgasm chime goes off. A second passes and then the announcer comes back "Bonus round - sudden death."

S: "Amazing!, another stunning move by Gina to tie things up with Allison literally a second before the end of regulation."

M: "It comes down to the two of them now fighting for gold. Officials are working on releasing the rest of the competitors but all eyes are going to be on the two Americans."

S: "You have to wonder if they suspect who they're engaged in this final battle of wills with. Either way I expect both of them to hold out as long as they can."

M: "That said, holding off for long after this much stimulation is going to be a herculean task."

S: "True, but these two ladies are proving to be the proverbial demi-gods of sex."

The seconds tick past, as their helmets are removed the other competitors join the crowd in fascinatingly watching the two Americans. Even through the heavy inflated sleep-sack Allison can be seen to be writhing slightly while Gina gyrates wildly against her bonds.

The three minute mark passes with both women still holding out.

M: "Holding out impressivly so far we have to be expecting an end to cum soon. Given the rarity of these sudden-death showdowns there isn't really much focus on training at holding off from orgasm for longer than three minutes."

The seconds continue to tick past, finally, just past 5 minutes a pair of alarms sound in short succession - Allison having orgasmed at 5:07, Gina at 5:10.

S: "And Gina pulls it out again, narrowly defeating her teammate to claim the gold in what I think is the longest sudden death showdown we've seen at the Sexolympic level."

M: "That's right Tom, the Sexolympic record previously stood at four minutes and thirty-seven seconds, although there was a six and a half minute showdown at the world championships back in '97.

S: "Bit of a controversy with that one though I remember and that was before the redesign of the breast cups to allow for an increase to the focused nipple stimulation."

M: "However you slice it this continues Gina's streak and acts as an amazing capstone to a stunning day."

The view returning to the studio to show Steve and Martha sitting aside one another on one side of the newdesk facing the camera.

S: "Yes, we'll be showing highlights from all of todays events and we'll see you tomorrow morning live for the men's Orgasm Control competition- better known as the Milking event."

The camera pulls back to show Tom and Joan - her hair a bit unkept and looking overall somewhat flustered - sitting across from Martha and Steve as the four launch into the days summary.

Interlude 7 - Day 4 Opening + Bukkake Explination

The SBN logo fades out to show Steve and Joan sitting once more at the studio desk ready to start the day.

S: "Good morning again and welcome back once more for the last full day of sex Sexolympic competition."

M: "Yesterday was certainly an action-filled one and I'm sure today will be no different. First up we have the Milking competition, or more formally the men's division of orgasm control."

S: "This is one of the more interesting gender splits within the same sport due to the differences in rules owing to refractory periods."

M: "That's right Steve. Some observers have compared the scoring dichotomy to the difference between basketball and soccer. The women's event is filled with high-scoring action where orgasms come fast and frequent with doubles and triples not uncommon. The men's event on the otherhand is more methodical and tactical where every orgasms count and a single mis-timed ejaculation can tumble you out of medal contention."

S: "I'm sure we all remember Tom and Joan's enlightening demonstration yesterday of what all goes on inside all the bondage."

M: "I know Joan won't be forgetting it anytime soon!"

S: "Thats for sure! Well the men's event will go down similarly with the only major alteration being that instead of clitoral or vaginal stimulation their cocks will be contained within electric-enabled milking devices, while their balls are also equipped for mild suction and punishing shocks."

M: "The difference in format also results in a slightly shorter event - the men will contend over eight rounds with a possible sudden death finale compared to the womens ten plus one."

S: "Note that the briefer regulation is ballanced out a bit in that the sudden death round is much more common here in the mens division."

M: "And what showdowns we've seen in the past! Well we are now just seconds away from starting so lets head down to the floor to watch all the action live."

S: "Welcome back viewers. I'm Steve, joined as always by my partner Martha with continuing live coverage of the 2012 Sexolympics!"

M: "That's right and the next event is a proven crowd favorite, team bukkake."

S: "Right you are Martha. Now for an introduction to the intricacies of this titilating event we go to our favorite field reporting reporter and yours - Joan!"

The broadcast switches to an apparently naked Joan. A closer look reveals that she is actually wearing a transparent skintight latex outfit from the neck down, the rubber slightly cloudy except for her breasts. A mic held in one rubber hand she addresses the camera.

J: "Thanks Steve, this is one of the more intriguing events for several reasons."

J: "For those new to the sport the event consists of a thirteeen member team. Twelve men with the final participant - a position known as the canvas - being of either gender."

S: "A change that only came in a few years back, isn't that right?" Steve interjects.

J: "That's right, after much lobying and enthusiastic action at many local tornaments men were allowed to serve as the canvas starting at last Sexolympics. Enough with the history lesson however, lets look at the rules of this event."

The camera pulls back to show Joan is standing on a raised platform. Roughly five feet to the side it is surrouned by three levels of steps to form a squat pyramid.

J: "I'm standing here on a regulation competition area known coloquially as 'the pyramid.' The canvas is allowed to assume any position atop the pyramid, whilst their teammates - 'the painters' shower them with cum."

J: "Up to six painters are allowed atop the dias at once while the remaining teammates wait on the steps below until the final thirty second 'power play' period at the end of regulation when this restriction is lifted."

J: "Within those rules however pretty much anything goes. The winning team is the one that deposits the most semen on their canvas in the time alloted."

M: "Well it isn't quite as simple as that, is it?" Martha adds from the studio.

J: "Correct, not all cumshots are created equal - cum deposited above the neck or on either breast target - signified by being covered in a different shade of latex like the transparent sections of my current outfit - counts for fifty percent more than anywhere else. In addition the canvas is required to make what is called 'enclosing contact' with every teammates cock between when the painter ascends to the top of the platform and when they deposit their load on the canvas. While this generally is fulfilled by stroking with a rounded hand or less commonly two feet pressed together. It can also be obtained as well with any normal orifice - anal, oral or vaginal. Catching a load from an 'unactivated' cock results in a 15 mL penalty to final scoring. Note that all deposits must be made direct, rubbing or moving cum with hands or anything else is not allowed under any circumstances and will result in immediate disqualification."

J: "For scoring purposes each canvas wears an outfit similar to the one I'm wearing now with of course the addition of a hood." Joan holds up a rubber hood with her free hand. Transparent like the breast sections she shows off the integrated eye-protecting lenses, the oral condom and the twin nostril tubes that snake around behind to allow breathing.

J: "As you can see this basic hood, combined with the full body lower outfit, keeps the canvas completly encased and ready for cum. This years outfits are the thinnest ever, I was talking to sexatheletes earlier and they say the canvas can actually feel the warmth of the cum as it drips down their bodies."

S: "Amazing." Steve replies, "I remember the complaints the first year that suits were required that it was too drastic a change from the old 'naked canvases.'"

J: "It was a change that needed to be made however." Joan replies "it makes scoring so much more accurate, I'm sure we all remember the scandal in '76 where the gold medal team was stripped after it was found the canvas had trained to sweat excessivly to inflate their teams numbers when it came time to harvest."

S: "A dark day for the sport that was" Steve responds, "The real inducement for change though was '84 when an at-the-buzzer face-shot went into the American canvases enthusiastically open mouth resulted in their team missing the gold medal by just over a mL since the saliva-tainted cum would go uncounted."

J: "Yes, and of course there were numberous other difficult calls and controversies all through from amateur tournaments through to world competion. Now though with the latest technology I think even the most old-school fans have to admit that the sport has become more exciting and competivive than ever."

As Steve and Martha talk Joan slips the hood onto her head, gently smoothing the seal between it and the neck of the catsuit.

S: "See, look at that." Steve remarks as Joan twirls to show off the entire outfit. "Doesn't she just look ready for a nice cum shower?"

M: "She does at that." Martha replies "and to really show off the functionality of these new suits she'll get the opportunity." Mute now thanks to the mouth condom Joan feigns a look of surprise as the camera pans to the side to show four men with their cocks out already masturbating.

S: "As you can now see we've brought in four of the 'Poles' from the cocksucking competition to show off for us."

The men step onto the top of the pyramid and move towards Joan who drops to her knees, her hands cupping her breasts in presentation.

Moments later the men cum. Two splash across her face while one hits her shoulder and the last sprays into her breasts, the beads of cum quivering on the latex.

The feed of Joan's smiling, cum-splattered face fades out returning the viewer to the studio.

S: "Another great report from Joan, I for one am looking forward to seeing those new suits utilized in competition."

M: "Well I've heard the canvases themselves are quite excited by them so I expect we'll be seeing some really good performances from these world-class teams."

S: "Speaking of the best in the world, what teams should our viewers be on the lookout for?"

M: "The Japanese team is of course always expected to have a strong showing in this, probably their signature event. That said they've had a tough road the last few years having coming in fourth at worlds after a pre-orgasmic twitch resulted in a seemingly large glob of cum going wide and missing the canvas completly."

S: "A crushing loss that was, but I'm told they've been really drilling their aim since then."

M: "Thats true, they actually replaced one of their painters with Takaharu Ishizu, their entrant in tomorrows cum for accuracy competition."

S: "It should be interesting to see how that plays out for them. The all-male Swedish team has been very strong coming into this Sexolympics as well, viewers should expect to hear shouts of their catchphrase 'gör det snö' - Swedish for 'let it snow' from fans in attendance."

M: "Of course the American team bears mention for its record-setting potential."

S: "Yes, fans of the gag as it were will be treated to yet another event featuring the seeminly limitlessly talented Gina who could clinch a career eleventh gold and an overall fourteenth medal for herself, a total that would leave her tying Larisa Phelps' twelve year old record."

M: "All the more impressive when you consider this is her second games and Larisa established that total across three games. The way she's been absolutly dominating events really lends support to that 'shut up and train' manifesto."

S: "Yes, the silence of the increasing numbers of her gagged fans has become a surreal hallmark of this years games."

M: "And finally we have to mention the defending champions - the germans and their seemingly preternaturally talented 'Black Canvas.'"

S: "A story really brought about by equipment changes, viewers will immediatly recognize this team by their uniform of black latex with face-obscuring ovoid helmets."

M: "Yes, the corset and dehumanizing appearance of their canvas makes the whole thing look almost surrealy alien but they have been absolutly crushing all contenders and are the obvious favorite today."

S: "And now we take you live to Tom and Joan coming to us from the arena floor as the contestents are taking their positions."

Event 9 - Day 4: Team Bukkake

T: "Thanks, and we are just minutes away from the event start." Tom turns to his partner - no longer wearing the tight catsuit Joan has returned to her normal black rubber dress. "You sure you don't want to change back and enter the competition?"

J: "You know I've never competed above the local level. Tonight I'm just another fan looking forward to a great event and giving all the respect to the canvases out there today. Many newcomers to the sport really underappreciate the importance of a strong canvas to anchor the team but these are dedicated, hard-working professionals who are doing so much more than just standing there in a suit."

T: "Right you are, the canvas is really the captain and heart of the team, making sure her teammates cycle efficiently and needing to expertly ballance 'priming' the painters' cocks with positioning her- or him-self to maximum scoring opportunties."

J: "All the more amazing how some of the best in the world are able to make it seem so natural and effortless.""

T: "Absolutly, and looking down on the field it appears that the teams are in position and the event is about to start."

The canvases in position atop their respective diases most of the painters are already hard and stroking, poised ready for the opening signal.

With a sharp crack the event begins, six men rushing onto each platform, their canvases darting between the cocks timing each climax to blast them square in the face.

Shouts of "gör det snö" echo through the arena as the Swedish canvas kneels before a firing line of teammates that he strokes to spray across his forehead in sucession.

On the Japanese platform the painters are working in efficient pairs. The canvas holds a cock in each hand until they cum while Takaharu Ishizu darts in and out, quickly primed with a short thrust into her ass before backing off to place perfectly aimed shots into the back of her head.

For her part Gina displays her trademark enthusiasm, eagerly diving her ring-gagged mouth onto cock after cock while her hands flail eagerly to grab an additional penis in each fist. The claps of her gagged fans crechendo as she times a perfect triple-release resulting in a heavy load creeping out around the cock in her mouth as the two other globs of cum impact the eye protectors of her mask.

Through it all the german team is practically a blur of motion - the Black Canvas seems almost psychic in her timing, even her feet darting out to cup and gently prime some painters as her expert fingers coax a seemingly limitless steam of cum to spray onto her ovoid-encased helmet.

The action is frentic up to the final seconds but as the last painter steps off the platform precisly at the bell it's clear to all in observance that the only competition is going to be for silver.

Standing straight upright like a status every inch of the Black Canvas' helm is covered in cum, milky lines forming a spiderweb of criss-crossing streams across the shiny material. Her nipples form the center of a star-shaped patterns, the result of repeat "bullseye" impacts while her mouth is agape to display the large pool of additional cum filling the oral condom.

Breathing hard through their noses as they wait for the judges to collect the cum every contestants eyes dart towards the Black Canvas in awe.

Advertisement 10 - Plenty Paper Towels

A close-up view of a section of hardwood floor, the sound of labored breathing in the background.

The breaths coming more erratic there is a slight grunt and a wad of cum splats across the floor before the camera. A moment later a hand appears clutching a paper towel and wiping clean the mess.

Cut, cum splashing across a wall, again wiped clean with a paper towel.

Cut, this time the "target" is more formal, a pen-drawn set of consentric circles, the cum splatting into the lower left quadrant before being wiped away.

A series of increasingly quick cuts, the shots slowly becoming more accurate, the target changing from hand-drawn on the wall to a laminated plastic sheet, with each wipe and shoot the accuracy increases until with a final cut things downshift into slow-motion, the trail of cum arcing perfectly past the camera to fly into the ring-gag opened mouth of a woman.

The video pauses for a moment then accelerates past normal speed, the camera pulling back and the roar of the crowd kicking in. The view pulls back to show a man standing several yards from his "target" one hand on his still-firm cock, the other raised in triumph, his mouth open wide in a cheer.

The view fading to black a stylized logo of the word Plenty appearing across a multicolored target fills the screen as a calm voiceover narrates.

"Plenty paper towels - whatever your mess, no matter if it's an accident or the perfect shot; Plenty is there to clean it up."

Just before the commercial fades out the words "proud sponsor of the 2012 Sexolympic Games" appear across the bottom of the screen.

T: "What an event!" Tom remarks as the judges complete their duties.

J; "I don't think there's ever been a performance that impressive. The Black Canvas, true to her name is like an artist at work." Joan states.

T: "And here come the scores!" As the judges finish their measuring the numbers come up - several scores are clustered around 300 mL when the medal-favorites totals start coming in.

J: "A disappointing 342 mL for Japan; they can't be happy with that and I have to assume this new team layout won't be returning after today." Joan notes as the numbers come up, the Japanese team and fans visibly dejected at the low total.

T: "A strong showing from the swedes, we could be seeing our first all-male medalists." Tom narrates as their sum of 413mL is posted.

J: "They'd be even higher if they counted the inside of the canvas' suit." Joan notes - Björn Hellner of Sweden's still-rigid cock pressed against his stomach by the latex outfit is practically swimming in a sea of its own ejaculate.

Stripping off her hood after it has been harvested Gina grabs the pitcher of cum as soon as it has been measured, eagerly gulping it down through her ring gag as the scores are posted to rauccous applause.

J: "Wow." Joan notes in shock, momentarily distracted from the scores, "I don't think we've ever seen an sexathelete as horny and eager as that girl, truely the ultimate slut next door."

T: "You said it." Tom agrees, "although you have to figure her teammate Allison is backstage somewhere feeling jealous of Gina's drink. That enthuseasm must have rubbed off on her team as we have a new Sexolympic record of 423mL adjusted - 2mL above the record-setting gold medalist performance of the German team four years ago although still 20 mL shy of their current world record."

J: "I don't think either of those record are going to hold for long." Joan replies, all eyes now on the black canvas as the judges finish their collection.

The arena explodes as the score is announced - 517mL, the inhuman looking german painters bowing in mechanical unison towards the Black Canvas who provacativly runs her fingers down the front of her shiny hood and across her breasts.

T: "Amazing!" Tom near shouts with excitement. "This has to be one of the most impressive performances we've ever seen, a seemingly untouchable german gold with Sexolympic firsts going to the silver-medal american team for Gina's thirteenth medal in the Sexolympic games and the first all-male medal in the form of Swedish bronze. The crowds here are on their feet, totally elated and we send our viewers back to Steve and Martha in the studio."

S: "What a show," Steve notes excitedly. "That's the sort of excellence these games are all about celebrating."

M: "Right you are, all the sexatheletes who make it this far are impressive but I don't see how anyone can fail to be a fan of the Black Canvas after that jaw-dropping performance."

S: "Truely astounding, but lets not forget Gina - the enthusiasm with which she guzzled down that cum, you can't train that. You just know that she is here for a pure love of sport. Even if somehow there were no Sexolympics she'd be out there doing the exact same thing. I think it's just great when that sort of dedication leads to such recognition and accomplishments."

M: "Me too, and to think she's entered in another four events! I think she's going to go down as perhapse the greatest female competitor we've ever seen."

S: "No doubt, now for a word from our sponsors before our next event - artistic underwater coupling."

Advertisement 11 - Hercedes

The view from above of a large SUV driving up a hill, sweeping around curves as a voiceover narration talks.

"The new 2013 Hercedes - the power of German engineering, recipient of the top SUV five years running. The safety you need, the power you desire..."

The vehicle pulls into a parking log, a series of well-dressed German men filing out of the passenger doors.

"... and plenty of room to bring the whole team."

The narration concludes as the drivers side door opens, the Black Canvas stepping out in full ebon-latex glory. Striking a pose for a moment to show the full length of her figure to the camera her male teammates file around her, forming a semi-circle facing the camera as she kneels and they as one begin beating off, the camera pulling back as her hands and mouth become a blur of service and the first shots of cum begin splashing against her.

Event 10 - Day 4: Artistic Underwater Coupling

Tom and Joan stand in front of an above-ground plexiglass-walled watertank.

J: "We're here live poolside where the first pair is getting ready to dive in and astound us with their underwater sexcrobatics."

T: "That's right Joan, next to dressage this is definitly one of the more beautiful events. Each pair will have five minutes in the water to show off their moves which means we can expect some real hot action for the next few hours."

J: "Personally I'm most looking forward to the American men's pair of Ryan Phelps and David McCrory, they move like they were born in water and seeing their long, hard bodies wrap around eachother and then later when you see one of their massive cocks smoothly dissapear inside their partner... well it is just stunning. Based on their current #1 in the world ranking I'd say it's exactly what the judges are looking for as well."

Over an hour passes as successive pairs of toned men put on artistic displays of fucking above and below the water before the final pair of Ryan and David step to the edge of the paired diving boards two meters above the pool.

Each standing over six foot tall the two Americans are like a pair of Adoni. Their muscles perfectly symetrical, bodies toned and glimmering in the sunlight. Both naked their legendarily large erections point out towards the audience as they share a final nod and await the signal to start.

J: "As expected they'll be starting from a high-dive entry. A more difficult lead-in than starting from pools edge but one the two of them have quite mastered."

With a final quick glance at eachother the pair bounce twice and bound into the air. Somersaulting twice each they move practically as one as they straighten out to slide arms-first into the pool. Twisting underwater they turn towards eachother. Surfacing together and breaching outwards their twin cocks slice up into the air like twin shark-fins as they roll backwards.

T: "Perfect technique through those first two maneuvers. Both men immediatly showing off their spectacular endowments. Hard like they are now each of those cocks is just over thirteen inches long and four centimeters wide at the base."

J: "Truely spectacular specimins, I have a pair of licensed silicone clones of them and I can tell you they feel as good as they look. What is truely amazing given their size is that we'll soon be seeing them effortlessly take those cocks into ass or mouth."

As she narrates Ryan inverts and David re-surfaces. Their open mouths precisly deepthroat one anothers cocks as their fluttering legs cause them to spiral around on the surface at the center of the pool.

After two smooth rotations David slides forward. Gliding between his partners legs only to twist and come up behind. His cock slides into Ryan's ass as the two float chestup together. A bare few strokes later and Ryan cums, his monstrous cock spraying a fountain of cum straight into the air without loosing any of its size or firmness.

J: "What a beautiful orgasm, these two are definitly on form today."

T: "Just perfect timing and control. Almost a telepathic connection between the two of them as they continue on effortlessly from that first release."

J: "It makes you wonder how these two would perform in pairs orgasm control. At the same time though I just can't picture them competing out of the water."

Sitting up Ryan spreads his legs into a full splits as he goes face-down in the water. David still inside of him he stands with his arms outspread in display. With a twist Ryan spins on the cock impaling him. Making a full one-eighty with his outstretched leg passing in front of his partner he ends up floating on his back as David grabs Ryan's cock like a gearshift to halt stop the spin.

With a squeeze of his ripped thighs Ryan pulls away and the two men turn in the water to take positions side by side. Beating eachother off with one hand they backstroking in formation in a slow circle. In moments streams of cum cross to land on the opposite partner's chest.

Diving underwater they come up and it is now David's turn to get it in the ass. Ryan's cock slides inside easily from an angle. Standing on one leg as he fucks his partner Ryan turns in a slow circle, David's arms outstretched towards the crowd.

With seconds to go in regulation Ryan pulls out, his cock bursting with cum showering over his partner as the two men take a final bow to the rauchous cheers of the crowd.

Both breathing heavy, their cocks still rigid before them the two men look up, axiously awaiting the judges scores.

T: "An expert performance put in by the defending champions, and the scores are coming int and... yes!, they have earned gold once again!"

With a whoop of joy the two men hug and kiss eachother in celebration before making their way out of the pool.

J: "A great capstone to a great competition, we go now back to the indoor arena for the shibari finals."

Interlude 8 - Shibari Interview

Joan sits across from Veronica. The woman is dressed in a full Mistress outfit, a gold medal hanging from her elegant chevron collar.

J: "I am here with Veronica, fresh off her gold-medal winning performance in pairs shibari. You really put on a stunning show earlier with some of the most intricate knotwork I think we've ever seen at the games. Where do you draw your inspiration from?"

Verinica smiles humbly before responding.

V: "Well I think my unothrodox style really comes from the fact that I really just accidental stumbling into this event. I started out in art and my chosen medium being macrame. Of course I knew there was some overlap but it wasn't until college that anyone suggested I try doing shibari at the competitive level."

J: "That would have been your roommate at the time; the one and only Gina, correct?"

V: "Yes, she was there studying biology on a full-ride gang-bang scholarship. It was during our second year rooming together. Right after that first Sexolympics where she just dominated her way to gold in the gang-bang and really started getting people's attention. Between the post-Sexolympic crash and stress over her coursework she was feeling a bit frustrated and when one of her coaches suggested she try experimenting more with other events well... she approached me one night and asked if I would be willing to try tying her up."

J: "So you really had no intentions to go into the sport even then?"

V: "No, I was just helping out a friend but after two weeks, after my tying her up had turned practically a nightly occurence, well we knew there was something there."

J: "And now here you are, with an Sexolympic gold, one of the many partners who have worked with Gina through her historic multi-event run."

V: "Yes, I never would have thought things would turn out like this but once I started adapting my ideas to the medium I just saw so many possibilities. Sure, at first the rigid time-limits of the event seemed practically anathema to true artistic expression but since then I've learned to really focus things, concentrate on the essence of the tie as it were and it has given me a far deeper understanding of my art as a whole."

J: "Well you've certainly set a new standard for the use of pre-knotted patches and overal level of complexity. Are you planning on continuing on for another Sexolympic cycle?"

V: "Definitly, I feel like I've only really started to understand the full breadth of the medium in the last year and I plan to push myself and my partner even further in the next event I enter."

J: "Amazing, are you planning to continue partnering with Gina?"

V: "Most likely. We work well together and while I can see some advantages to working with a less busy ropegirl who could really dedicate their time fully to a single event I think the rapport and trust we have with eachother has made for a really perfect partnership."

J: "Speaking of Gina, you probably know her better than anyone having lived together for so many years in college, what is she like outside of competition?"

V: "Maybe it is a cliche but the same as she is in it. None of it is an act, she is the most enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate person I have ever known and what you see out there on the field is how she is every single day of her life."

J: "So... living together for so long, and of course putting her in so many vulnerable positions in practice, any action between the two of you?"

V: Veronica laughs. "Of course, I doubt there's a single person unrelated to her who's been around Gina for any extended period of time that HASN'T shared a sexual encounter with her. She is absolutely insatiable and just exudes an aura of lust that can have you naked and rolling around together almost before you know what's happening."

J: "Wow, an amazing lady."

V: "She is, although I'd like to take this moment to make another point. Everyone see's Gina as this kind of sex-goddess, and sure, absolutely she is that, but she is also a brilliant mind. Even at the height of training she kept up with her studies, often listening to audiobooks of lectures while bound and training all three holes at once. She graduated with honors and is actually working on a doctoral thesis focused on the organo-chemical basis of arousal."

Joan shakes her head in amazement.

J: "Astounding, getting back to yourself though, would you mind telling us a bit more of this new style of shibari you're pioneering?"

V: "Certainly, it all goes back to the time limits. Back when Gina and I were first experimenting, not thinking about the sport or anything, just doing bondage I became used to doing intricate macrame-inspired ties and that just wouldn't normally be possible in a competition environement."

J: "That's when you took the common practice of pre-tying some simple patterns and really ran with it."

V: "Exactly, if you don't mind I brought a demonstration." Veronica leans over to pickup a web of rope from next to her chair, gesturing for Joan to stand as well.

Turning Joan so her back is angled towards herself and the camera Veronica narrates as she starts slinging rope ends around the other girl.

V: "Normally to do a full arm-tie would take quite some time since you're looking at dozens of loops around the limbs. Now there are of course shortcuts in terms of reducing the amount of rope or pre-tying loops but they just don't give the same appearance and even the best existing techniques could result in inconsistent tension if you pushed things too far in the way of complexity."

Sliding each of Joan's arms into separate coils of ropes Veronica gives a quick tug on two ends and suddenly the full network pulls in. In seconds Joan's arms are each contained in tight loops of rope, a column of interweaving knots between them holding her like a comfortable armbinder.

J: "Wow!" Joan says, struggling futily against the bonds.

Veronica smiles, helping Joan to step into another woven network of rope.

V: "And here we have what I call my instant-harness." With another sharp tug followed by a quick knot on each shoulder a turtleshell pattern of ropes appears across Joan's torso, the tight fibers pressing into her clothes. "And of course no outfit is complete without attending to the breasts. Another bundle of rope and another pair of tugs and tight coils are wrapped around each of Joan's large breasts and back around her back to form a strapless bra, constricting them and pressing them out provocativly through her rubber dress.

J: "Wow!" Joan says, having gone from normal to covered in rope and pretty much helplessly bound in under a minute. Pausing for a moment to examine her predicament she looks back at Veronica "Um... so... could you let me out now?"

V: Verinica smiles "unfortunately while I've managed to figure out ways to quickly apply rope bondage it comes at the price of duration of removal. Don't you worry though; I should have you out in forty minutes, an hour tops!"

Joan looks at the camera with a a lopsided smile and shrugs inside her bonds as the video dissolves.

Event 11 - Day 4: Pentathalon

The broadcast returns to Steve and Martha in the studio.

S: "Welcome back viewers, just one event left for today but it is a real classic - the pentathalon!"

M: "Right you are. Now first off we should mention a bit of contraversy here. With todays more focused sexatheletes, Gina aside, some consider this event redundant and archaic due to the variety of acts required."

S: "That's right it was of course originally inspired by a profile of what an expert prostitute should be capable of doing - suck a cock, beat off a cock, fuck a cunt, recieve a fucking and tie yourself up. A arguably somewhat archaic and definitly phallic-focused event but still an interesting athletic challenge that can be quite challenging and exciting in its variety."

M: "Well we're heading down to the field where the competitors are getting ready to start things off with the blowjob portion. After excelling in most of these events individually don't think anyone would argue when I say Gina is the favorite to win this thing. At this point only the spectre of exhaustion for a seemingly indefatigable sexathelete appears the only remaining hurdle in her run of dominance."

The feed switching to the arena it shows a row of competitors standing at the starting line. The competitors are naked save for strap-on harnesses buckled around each feminine pair of hips; large realistic-shaped cocks matching the erect members of their male compatriots.

Both male and female competing in this egalitarian event are resoutly focused on the first stage of competition - two yards in front of each competitor is a small padded square in front of a thin wall. A single hole in the wall is placed roughly three feet off the ground, the height varying slightly according to each competitor.

While not the only competitor sporting a ring gag Gina still manages to stand out. The look of determination in her eyes contrasts with her mouths gag-forced expression of surprise.

The starting gun goes off and the competitors rush the short distance to kneel on small cushions afront the wall. The weight of the competitor sends a signal to their subject on the opposite side of the wall and moments later a flacid cock slides out from each hole.

S: "And here we go!" Steve exclaims, "Gina and the men's blowjob silver medalist Apti Ivanov have to be the favorites for this leg although the possible use of hands and the flacid initial position of their subject does make for a slightly different event than the ones they won earlier this week."

M: "That's right Steve, although given Gina's expertise at the gangbang I can't see any of that being an issue for her."

S: "A safe call and a correct one I'd say as it looks like she has her subject already hard and is sucking away. Her tongue is just a blur working the head and now she has proceeded fluidly into a demonstration of those amazing deep-throat skills."

M: "I don't see how that Pole can hold out much longer... and there it is!" Gina's stall lights up and a bell sounds as the cock sprays a quick load into her mouth, Gina quickly sucks it clean before standing and rushing back towards the starting line where a second man is now sitting.

S: "Perfect form there by the favorite, she won't be getting any penalties for not swallowing and excellent use of suction to clean every drop of cum off that cock."

Gina returns to the starting line. Whilst the competitors have been performing fellatio it has been remade, now composed of a line of seated men. Naked from the waist down the Poles are blindfolded with their legs and hands bound to their chairs giving unfettered access to their cocks. Gina has just knelt down and wrapped a hand around her assigned cock when the bell goes off signaling the second completion of the first stage.

Gina begins beating off her target, her eyes fixated on his unseeing face to monitor his arousal as her expert fingers dance along his shaft.

M: "Gina has established an early, albeit expected, lead. We are starting to see others finish up their first cock, lets see if she can maintain or extend her advantage in this second leg."

As the announcers call the action the remaining competitors finish sucking and cleaning their their way through the first station and move on to the handjob portion.

Shortly after the final sexathelete finishes the first stage Gina enters a flurry of motion, her right hand pumping the full length of the shaft before her as her left gently kneeds the balls. Her efforts pay off and a moment later the cock fountains with cum, a large load spraying across her face.

Confirming that none of the semen has landed on her subject she immediately stands, turning once more to return to the first station where a blindfolded and gagged woman lies on her back. The Hole bound to a table with her legs held open on stirrups Gina's fingers dance on the woman's clit, having her dripping and ready in moments.

Grasping the shaft of her strap-on with one hand Gina guides it into the woman whose only response is a muffled moan. Holding the woman's hips Gina begins pounding into her, oscilating her rythm in response to the woman's reactions as the thick artificial phallus deeply penetrates the bound girl. Pushing her torso out allows the front of the strapon harness to rubbing the girl's clit with each strong thrust.

Falling further behind despite their best efforts two more competitors - one man and one woman - finally finish beating off their subject and rush to begin the third leg. The gaged moans of the three women being serviced intermingle as the two artificial and one authentic cock piston into them.

S: "Looks like this years batch of female subjects are a bit louder than usual despite their gags."

M: "An interesting wrinkle, and something that could definitlely help close the gap on the leaders as those moans will definitly serve to turn on and raise the anticipation level of some of the later girls to be fucked."

S: "It doesn't look like that'll be enough to push Gina out of first as it looks like..." a bell goes off, the light over Gina and her partner flashing."Yes, she has made her partner cum and now it is time for the fucker to become the fuckee."

Immediately pulling out Gina unbuckles the harness letting the strap-on fall to the floor as she runs back towards the starting line.

Back at the starting block she flops down on her back on a raised cushion, another blindfolded man appearing between her legs she uses all four limbs to quickly guide him into her dripping pussy.

Wrapping her legs around the man she writhes on his cock. Bucking her hips as her eyes roll back in a mix of concentration and ecstacy.

S: "What enthusiasm, it looks like Gina may cum before her partner does!"

M: "It certainly looks like a possibility. While not part of the competition requirements it is always great to see a sexathelete enjoying themselves down there."

S: "It looks like Gina will be enjoying yet another gold soon. She is really getting into it and we are only seeing part of the story. You just know that tight cunt of hers is rippling and milking that mans cock like you wouldn't believe."

M: "You sound a little jealous there." Martha says with a smile.

S: Steve raises his hands in mock surrender, responding with a grin of his own. "I don't think any straight man alive could watch this amazing woman going at it and not be a little jealous of her partner."

M: "Well speaking of men it looks like David is on to the getting fucked portion. Probably his strongest segment with that tight warm ass of his; he has been right behind Gina the whole event thus far and there is still a chance of him closing in during this last two segments."

S: "We'll soon see but I think smart money has to still be on Gina, and look, there goes her partner, I think that's a new record for the first four legs of this event."

M: "Yes, Gina has been pushing world-record times at every step has managed to shave almost ten seconds off the previous total. It's time now for the self-bondage portion though and that has dashed many a leaders hopes before."

S: "That is a fact. It can be a tough transition to pull back from the pleasures of the last two legs and focus on getting everything on quickly and in the right order."

M: "Well her fourth partner is out of the way leaving it all on her now to get changed and helpless."

Rolling to her knees Gina begins snatching items from drawers beneath her platform. First a pair of knee-high patent leather boots are zipped on, followed next by a pair of matching black latex opera gloves. Next comes a leather torso harness that frames her breasts and wraps her torso. With sharp tugs she pulls the buckles to their tightest hole causing the leather straps digging into her bare flesh.

As she guides a large butt-plug into her ass David finishes getting his partner off and begins dressing in kind. Knee-high police boots start him off followed by gloves and a harness of his own.

Gina locks a leather belt around her waist, a wide band pulled tight to keep the plug in place behind while an intimate device up front holds her pussy lips open and her cunt availible while pressing a small vibe into her clit. A 2" leather collar is next, sturdy rings at each of the cardinal points providing attachment points. A leash is attached below her chin, the narrow strip of leather dangling down between her breasts.

Gina begins cuffing her legs to a spreader bar as David finishes filling his ass and slipping his genitals into the cockring and ballstretcher attached to his waist-harness.

Applying nipple clamps connected by a short chain Gina shoves a custom ball/penis gag into her mouth. Fitting into her ever-present ring gag this slight modification of her normal insertable is strapped behind her head, an accomodation to keep her from having an advantage over the other competitors. Almost helpless she locks a manacle around one wrist before putting her arms behinde her back, moments later the second manacle clicks shut locking her hands behind. The final lock closed she stands proud, her breasts thrust forward as the bell chimes and the lights in her lane flash for a fifth and final time.

S: "And there's our winner!, an expert demonstration of her skills and now restrained and on display as the proud champion she is!"

M: "A perfectly run event, and there's David finishing cuffing his wrists to take silver. A great end to a great day of competition. Join us tomorrow for the last few events tomorrow before this historic thirteenth Sexolympics draws to a conclusion."

S: "Well we'll be there to cover all of it just like we've brought you every lick suck and fuck so far, stay tuned for highlights from todays event and we'll see you again tomorrow morning for more live action HERE on the Sexual Broadcast Network - SBN!"

Interlude 9 - Sexual Duel Explination

M: "Good morning and welcome back to sex Sexolympics 2012 coverage here, on the Sexual Broadcast Network. I'm Martha and this is my partner Steve and we're here for the final day of this years competition."

S: "And a great day it looks to be. We have been seeing stunning displays all week in practically every event and while of course the event on everyone's lips is the always classic traditional finale - the gangbang where we expect the defending champion and whirlwind force that is Gina to put a final stamp on this years games."

M: "She really has been on fire, literally since the first even on day one demonstrating seemingly limitless talent and insatiable desire but before she can show off in the event that first brought her to the games she will be competing in this mornings first event - the sexual duel. For more information about this head to head competitive battle we take you once again to our stellar reporters on the scene - Tom and Joan!"

The camera switches to Joan and Tom standing together against a screen.

T: "Thank you Martha, this is one of the more interesting events as it's the only one where competing sexatheletes will actually be engaging in sex with eachother. Yes, we've seen teammates demonstrate their prowess throughout the week as well as coupling between sexatheletes and Sexolympic partners but today we'll finally see sexatheletes from different countries giving it their all as they go head to head in an effort to make their oponents cum."

J: "That's right, it's a great event that will see sixteen competitors go at it in a double elimination tournament."

T: "We can expect real fireworks throughout pretty much every match, but lets go over the rules for those viewers new to this dynamic sport."

The camera pulls back as Tom and Joan step apart to reveal a narrow curved bench standing between them.

J: "What you see here is the standard competition stage for this event. One competitor will lie beneath -" as she explains Tom lies on his back and slides under the bench until it stands above his chest. "- whilst their opponent lies atop." So explaining she demonstrates by laying atop the bench facing opposite her broadcast partner.

T: "As you can see, once in position both participants are well positioned for oral sex with the furniture acting to fully support the top partner to prevent injury and allowing both competitors full use of their hands as well as their mouths."

Standing back up Joan continues on to explain scoring as Tom gets out from under the bench.

J: "Scoring happens in one of two ways. First; every orgasm you manage to induce in your opponent scores a Yuko. More exciting, and desireable is when you bring your oponent to orgasm immediately prior to orgasming yourself, this act is known as a waza-ari."

T: "If a both competitors first orgasms are waza-ari it is instead counted as an ippon and will be an immediate win for that round for the scorer which you will remember would be the second to orgasm. Otherwise two waza-ari add up to an ippon and thus victory, if regulation time expires the round goes to the greatest scorer of waza-ari followed by Yuko totals."

M: "If competitors are tied after two rounds - either splitting the rounds or scoring an equal sum in each round then there is a third so-called golden score round. This round is sudden death with the victor the first to score in any manner. Under modern rules the stakes are raised even higher by both competitors being butt-plugged at the start of the golden round with the plugs swelling and their rate of vibration increasing as time elapses."

T: "Now that you have an understanding of how this high-energy event is scored, lets take a look at todays tournament brackets." Behind the two standing reporters a chart appears showing the current matchups and the bracket structure all the way to the finale. "Note that seeding is done based on ranking coming into the games with the first seed fighting the last in the first round and so forth."

M: "On the left side of the bracket we have the current world champion Rhonda Harrison going up against sexual phenom Gina."

T: "At any other time I'd call Rhonda the strong favorite but with how Gina has been performing in the games thus far nobody should count her out."

J: "With the run she's on if I heard that she was entered in the men's cum for distance event later today not only would I believe it, I would be tempted to bet on her to win."

The two reporters laugh before continuing to discuss matchups.

T: "Here on the right side of the bracket we have an interesting matchup between a second american - the first time the US has qualified two competitors for this event, both really coming in under the wire and perhapse under-seeded due to a lack of international competition experience. Regardless of how it happened I think we're all looking forward to seeing Allison Young compete again, here going up against another Sexolympic first - Wojdan Shahrkhani from Saudi Arabia, the first female from her country to compete in sexual dueling here at the Sexolympic level."

J: "It is worth mentioning there was something of a contreversy a few days ago as her government mandated that she cover her neck and hair whilst at the games in accordance with religious tradition - an obvious difficulty in what is by rules a nude event."

T: "Yes, a bit of an international flare-up there but eventually a rules modification was worked out allowing her to wear an open-faced latex hood that will allow her to follow her government's rules while not aiding or hindering her ability to perform in the event."

J: "A nice compromise all around, really emblematic of the spirit of international brotherhood that the Sexolympics is built around. Turning back to the matchups the potential of an all-American finals - while a long-shot - is definitly an exciting possibility. We've seen these two ladies compete before in the orgasm control event where Gina narrowly edged out her teammate but what really makes this match interesting is knowing how well these girls performed in the synchronized orgasm events."

T: "Yes, it would be fascinating to see how two women that are obviously so intimately familar with eachother perform competitively."

The two reporters finish running down the matchups before tossing things back to their compatriots in the studio.

Event 12 - Day 5: Women's Sexual Duel

M: "A great overview from the always informative Tom and Joan! Now lets head down to the arena where the first match. The number one ranked Rhonda Harrison and the seemingly unstoppable Gina are just finishing taking their positions."

The broadcast changes to show the two women positioned above and below the competition bench. Moist cunts inches from their opponents, hands at their sides both look determined as they await the round-opening bell.

Ding! The bell chimes and the two women spring into action. On the bottom Gina snaps her head upwards, her face instantly burried in the other womans vagina. Moments later Gina's hands join the action quickly sliding two fingers into the other woman's ass while Gina's other hand slips past her cunt-lips to probe for her g-spot.

Rhonda wastes no time herself as she immediatly slides a full four fingers into Gina's dripping cunt while lapping at the engorged clit below.

Despite her aggressive start it becomes apparent that Rhonda is almost immediately distracted by Gina's expert ministrations. Even Rhonda's entire fist sliding into her vagina fails to slow Gina's frenetic pace and it's barely thirty seconds into the round when the defending champion moans in orgasm.

Instantly recognizing the other woman's reaction Gina cums herself immediately after scoring an Ippon. Ignoring the victory Gina guides her opponent to two more rapid orgasms before the referee's manage to step in to separate the two women.

Standing the two women up the round victor is announced. "Round one by Ippon - Gina."

T: "What a performance, and something of an inditement of the Sexolympic seed-ranking system."

M: "Yes, Gina has only competed at the national level in this event and while she won handily it takes significantly more activity to climb those rankings."

T: "We'll see how Rhonda comes back in this second round but it does not look at all good for the champion."

As he talks the two women are allowed to catch their breath before being guided back to the ground. Their juices flowing freely down their legs the women's expressions differ greatly. Gone is Rhonda's earlier confidence as she still appears somewhat out of breath from the first round. Gina on the other hand looks hungry, her gag-spread lips glistening with moisture as she stares sultrily at her opponent.

Short-lived the second round turns out even more dominant than the first. Gina grinds her hips into her opponents face as she vigorously thrusts three fingers into Rhonda's cunt - victory by ippon at fourty seconds.

Standing up once more Gina embraces her opponent tenderly. A gentle gag-kiss and tender caress of the other womans breasts eliciting a slight moan before the officials separate them.

M: "What a first round. The rest of the competitors have to be on notice now after watching the defending champion handled with absolute ease."

T: "Yes, you have to feel a bit sorry for Rhonda. She is still likely the second best in the world but she is going to have to fight her way through the repechange bracket just to make bronze."

M: "Lets hope she is able to recover before her next match as she wass definitly still looking a little flush heading back to the locker rooms while Gina appears eager for her next opponent."

T: "She'll have a bit of a wait there as we now proceed to the second of the first-round matches."

Lacking the stunning finishes of Gina's bout the next several matches are longer and more closely contested. Two women wins by waza-ari, one by yoko with the final match of the left bracket taking seventy-three seconds of the golden point period to finally resolve.

M: "Heading into the final match of the first round now it is time for Allison's first bout. She has had some decent showings at some smaller international competitions but is still considered more of a prospect for the 2016 games than a serious threat today. That said who knows how the success of her teammate is going to motivate her today."

T: "Right you are, this should be a fairly even match against Wojdan Shahrkhani but anything can happen in this event."

Winning the coin-toss Allison selects to start round one on top, her knees resting on either side of her opponent's rubber-hooded head.

The opening bell goes off and Allison and her opponent go to work. The squeak of rubber punctuating the grunts and moans of the two women.

Slowly grinding her opponent down Allison scores two Yuko before managing her first waza-ari halfway through the round. Her opponent rallies with a pair of Yuko of her own but the round closes with Allison's single waza-ari winning it.

After a short break the second round commences with Allison coming on strong to score a Yuko that turns into a double orgasm chained into a waza-ari - her timing barely missing making a winning ippon. Trading yuko's Wojdan continues to fade as the round continues, culminating in Allison scoring a second waza-ari ending the round and the match with a technical ippon with just twenty seconds remaining.

The matches continue on into the quarter-finals as Gina puts on another crushing performance, scoring two ippons in less than a minute of total time to advance to the semi-finals.

On the right side Allison continues her established grinding pace, claiming victory via 5 to two yuko in the first round followed by a come-from behind waza-ari lead in the second after being down zero yuko to six.

With the possibility of a dual-american final looking more and more likely the announcers and fans become excited. Cheers for the two women mixed with the now common sight of Gina's fans sporting bright red gags punctuate Gina notching two more Ippon victories to cruise her way through the semi's.

The repechange continues as the announcers are distracted looking forward to Allison's third match.

M: "This is certainly shaping up to be a record-setting event, Gina has been efficiently ippon'ing her way to the finals in record time while Allison has been steadily pushing her way through the brackets with really grueling, gutsy performances."

T: "She'll be facing her sternest test yet in this next round against Audrey Pavia of France. It seems like the fans are really rooting for the story-book finale but Audrey is not a woman to overlook, her long tongue and nimble fingers have proven irresistible in the past and she actually holds a win over Allison from six months back."

M: "That's right Tom, a really tough back and forth battle that was that ended up being decided only after almost three minutes into the golden point period. You have to guess neither woman wants to go through such a gruely match here today though, especially with the almost fresh and seemingly indefatigable Gina yet to come."

T: "It's true. While I certainly I love the fast-paced excitement of these same-day tournaments you have to figure that Gina's quick dispatching of her opponents thus far is going to give her a large advantage in the finals."

M: "And the two women are making their way to the ring now. It looks like echoing her teammate Allison is wearing a ballgag of her own, some sort of intimidation attempt you think?"

T: "It's possible, though I doubt Audrey is going to be affected by it. I think more likely it is just a focusing technique, Allison is known to enjoy gags and training so closely with Gina has adopted the same 'shut up and train' mantra so this is probably just to help her focus going into this crucial match."

M: "Well whatever it's for the gag iss off now and the two women are getting into place. Allison once more winning the coing toss and choosing to start on top in what has proven to be her stronger position."

T: "Both women look determined and refreshed, probably remembering their prior bout lets see who comes out on top this time."

The bell sounds and the two women go at it. Several yoko's are traded back and forth before Allison manages to get a waza-ari just over a minute into the round. Thirty seconds later Audrey fires back with a waza-ari of her own but after pummeling her opponent with a sequence of three yoko's in quick succession Allison manages to cum herself turning the last yoko into a waza-ari and sealing the round.

M: "A hard-nosed, competitive round put in by both women, very reminiscent of their previous match the question is will Audrey be able to take advantage of the slightly stronger position to tie things up and force the golden point once more?"

T: "We'll soon see, it looks like both women are still energetic and ready to go so we should hopefully see another competitive back-and-forth round."

Bucking Tom's prediction the round is anything but competitive, playing things safe Allison demonstrates conservative control, refusing to give up a single Yoko to go for a potentially round-ending score she energentically licks, sucks and fingers her opponent while beating back her own lusts. At the end of the round the score is 7 Yoko to zero, giving Allison the victory and setting off cheers through the crowd for the teammate versus teammate finale to come.

A tired but happy looking Allison heading backstage to rest the the repechange commences, concluding with Rhonda redeeming herself to battle her way into bronze via two strong Ippons, the second bronze claimed by Gemma Bryant from Great Britain in a tight, low-scoring match decided by a difference of just a single yoko.

The time for the finale having arrived both women walk to the ring sporting matching bright red gags. Shaking hands they exchange a crowd-pleasing gag kiss before getting into position, Ginas winning the coin toss but surprisingly relinquishes top position to Allison. Quickly getting into position a drop from Allison's sopping pussy plops through Gina's ubiquitous ring gag as the two women await the bell.

*ding* sounds the bell and the round commences.

Rather than the facefirst lunge of her previous bouts Gina moves methodically, carefully spreading Allison's labia to expose the blood-engorged clit within. Her manner calm she appears heedless of the other woman frantically licking and fingering below.

Her nimble tongue stroking gently Gina builds the other woman slowly to climax, cumming twice herself in the process. Holding back just enough to glide past the Yuko to waza-ari cutoff Gina finally allows her opponent to go over the edge, two powerful orgasms back to back causing Allison to shudder as the score is tied.

The round continues swinging back and forth, both girls avoiding the waza-ari as their count of Yuko's slowly climb. Allison appearing on the defensive she continues to desperatly lick and suck her opponent while her fingers probe both the woman's holes. Almost nonchalant Gina continues a leisurly pace of precision, her nimble tongue seeming to home in on the most sensitive spots while her hands switch from probing holes to fondling, squeezing and even spanking the other woman's ass. The bell sounds to end the round leaves with the two women once again tied, this time at twelve Yuko each.

Stood up and lead to opposite corners for the betwee-round break Allison is breathing heavy, her grueling path to the finals looking to be catching up to her while Gina stares across with a look that can only be described as primal lust. After a short rest and reposition the bell chimes for the second round.

Pointing her fingers Gina starts the round with a surprise. With practiced ease she slides her entire fist into Allison's cunt before resuming her methodical licking of the other woman's clit. Allison audibly groans at the stretching intruder, her own offense delayed slightly before she returns the favor, her hand sliding through Gina's moist outer lips before sliding wrist-deep into the other woman's ass.

The intruding fists rocking gently the women continue to lick, their free hands snaking down to grope and tweak nipples as the orgasms slowly accrue. Halfway into the round Gina appears to make her first mistake of the evening as Allison manages to score a waza-ari with an orgasm so strong Gina squirts all over her opponents face. The lead is short-lived however as Gina manages to splice an orgasm of her own in the midst of a knee-weakening triple-orgasm of her opponent less than thirty seconds later.

The seconds of the round ticking down Gina closes the Yuko gap to tie things up once more with an at-the-bell orgasm from Allison that turns double after regulation leaving the score at one waza-ari and nine yuko each.

Springing up feet Gina returns to her corner, not even bothering to wipe her drool and pussy-juice coated, gag-spread lips. Allison on the other hand almost has to be helped to her feet, her eyes glassy as she staggers to her corner to attempt to recover.

S: "A real back and forth contest here, miraculously just about everything we could have hoped for from the finale. Going into the golden point tiebreaker round now though you have to wonder how much Allison has left."

M: "She's shown some great heart although I'm begining to wonder if Gina isn't stringing her along a bit. Especially when you consider their known chemistry she has been playing a completly unexpected game, totally different than what she used to blitz her way to the finals."

S: "Yes, these two women are obviously intimately familiar with eachother, and just days ago demonstrated before the world their expertise at staying in sync. Gina does have the reputation for having a bit of fun during the competition though so we'll have to see if she goes for a quick decisive finish or drags it out in this final round."

M: "Looks like it's time for the final round, Gina once more giving up the top position to her opponent - a show of sportsmanship or a taunt, it is really hard to guess."

Lying in position still looking dazed Allison is barely able to keep her face from falling into Gina's cunt as the two women wait for the bell.

With an echo'ing chime the final round commences, Allison somehow finding the the strength to dive into Gina's sopping pussy. Seemingly unconcerned with the woman between her legs Gina slowly leans forward to tenderly lick and tease around the outside of her oponents private parts. Bucking her hips slowly as if egging her opponent on Gina's hands rake and squeeze Allison's firm ass like claws, the other woman shuddering and letting out a low moan as she resists the urge to orgasm.

One minute turns into two as Allison slowly loses steam; gasping for air and slowly fingering her opponent as she fights off the seemingly inevitable orgasm.

Finally, five minutes and thirteen seconds into the penalty round Allison has night stopped moving, every remenant of her concentration focused on holding off the oncoming orgasm. Quivering, reduced to almost to a puddle the orgasm breaks through. As soon as the chink appears in her armor the pleasure slams into with the force of a tsumani, the first waves breaking and causing her tired body to surrenders. Contorting and clenching she writhes and wimpers as the waves of pleasure course through her.

Below Gina releases an orgasm of her own, turning the victory into an Ippon as the two women clutch eachother close, moaning their respective orgasms between eachothers legs.

Rising to their feet for the victor announcement an assistant approaches Gina with the red ball/phallic insert for her gag. Before it can be inserted Allison exerts a burst of speed, energy summoned from unknown reserves. Plucking the gag away she slides it penis-end first into her moist cunt. Rotating it slightly for a good coating she pulls it out and shoves it through Gina's ring-gag. One hand on the back of her opponents head Allison locks the gag in place before officials can separate the two women. Gina smiles around the mouth-filling device, her eyes lustily looking back at the other woman as her victory is announced.

S: "What a display between two teammates, friends; you can really tell the comraderie and connection they share while at the same time that they gave it their all as sexatheletes."

M: "It really is a beautiful thing to see. Now however it is off to the shooting range where we have the men's cum competition. First up - the distance event with our reporters on the scene - Tom and Joan!"

Event 13 - Day 5: Men's Cum for Distance

The broadcast returns to Tom and Joan in their normal dress-latex garb standing with their backs to the competition floor of a crowd-filled arena.

J: "The crowd is ready and the competitors are finishing up their final prep so we should be have the first shot shortly. How about telling our viewers a little more about this event Tom?"

T: "One of the original events, and one of the few remaining gender-specific events left in the games - for obvious reasons this is the first of the two Men's cum events. Each man will take two orgasms from a standing position. The futhest of the two distances counts for score."

J: "Behind us it looks like Andriy Semonov from the Ukraine is getting into position for the first shot of the day."

T: "A strong presence in this event while he faltered a bit in the qualifiers he could definitly be one to set the score to beat for this first round."

The camera switches to view a tall muscle-bound slavic man toeing the competition line. Wearing a singlet with a hole for his large cock and balls he strokes his thick member rythmically. Not looking down his eyes remain focused on the field as he works his way the final few strokes to orgasm.

With a final outward stroke combined with a hip thrust he cums. The glob of semen flies through the air in a gentle arc, finally splattering slightly past the 5 meter line.

J: "It looks like he's solved whatever issues were facing him earlier. Turning to the official measurement and we have our first shot at 5.07m. A solid number to start things off although unlikely to be good enough to medal. He will definitly be looking to improve later for his second attempt."

T: "Well up next we have Fetra Ramanantoa from Madagascar. He is notable for being the tallest competitor this year - 7'1" a full five inches taller than the average in an event that definitely preferences height."

J: "Yes, he is certaily blessed with the perfect build for this event; tall and well hung with long legs even for his height. That said he hasn't quite been able to put everything together into a championship performance on the world stage. Watching tape I think his issue comes from pulling his launch angle just a little high which is putting him behind the more technical competitors."

T: "A common problem among less experienced competitors and at only 23 years of age he certainly has time left in his career to address these technical issues. I personally feel like he was holding back during qualifiers so we'll ahve to see what he has to offer today. He's stepping up to the firing line now, lets see how it goes..."

Back in the studio with Steve and Martha:

S: "Some good shots seen today, and a new world record for the gold medalist Krisztián Pars from Hungary"

M: "Something of a change of pace from frenetic fucking as always it was a measured event, but an entertaining one. Next up we have what is consider its sister event - the men's precision ejaculation."

S: "While they ready the arena we take you to Tom and Joan with everything a new fan needs to know to enjoy this event."

Interlude 10 - Men's Cum for Accuracy Explination

Smiling at the camera Joan stands next to her partner wearing a latex catsuit. Her chin held high by a stringent posture collar a ring gag hangs around her collared neck. Her head is mostly covered in latex, the facepiece of the hood pulled up to expose her face.

J: "Thanks Steve and welcome viewers. I'm Joan, here as always with my partner Tom and we are going to show you a bit about the fun event of men's cum for accuracy."

Joan pulls her hood down over her face. Tom takes over talking as she smooths out the rubber to leave her face almost completly covered in tight latex.

T: "The key to this event is remembering the three scoring zones. First, the breasts." As Joan gets the mask in place he gestures at her chest, the area around her rubber-encased breasts a bright red to contrast the black of the rest of the outfit. "It does not score as well as the other zones so you are unlikely to see much action here today; it primarily comes up at lower level competition as it is considered the easiest scoring target. Next we have the face area." Here he gestures at his partners now hooded face. Only her mouth and lips are left uncovered, tinted lenses to match the shiny black rubber cover her eyes.

T: "At this level you can expect all shots to at least hit somewhere on the face. As you can see the equipment protects Joan's entire face in a layer of latex. This not only keeps her safe from injury but also provides a uniform surface for judging the point of initial impact and thus the score."

The hood in place Joan pulls the gag over her chin and slides it past her teeth. After a quick strap tightening the gag is firmly in place the firm ring forcing her mouth open wide.

T: "Here you can see the final scoring area, her regulation-gagged mouth. The smallest target it is also the highest scoring and thus the one competitors will be striving to hit. With these three areas in mind it then becomes simple to understand the hierarchy of score - a shot that lands fully in the mouth is first, followed by one in which part of it either enters or drips into the mouth with the remainder impacting the face. A straight face-shot in which none of the payload enters the mouth is next, followed by a full breast hit, then a partial breast hit. Semen landing anywhere else does not count for anything."

Tom continues to talk as Joan moves several feet away to kneel in front of a short post. Once in position she uses attached straps to hold her to the post at the waist, above and below the breastsm around her collared neck and across her forhead.

T: "As you can see now Joan is assuming the standard regulation target position. It is important that she is kept immobile as any flinch could result in a drastic change in score for the shooter. You will note her steep posture collar acts to not only prevent her from inadvertently turning her head downwars, it also is stiffened to protect her neck from the tight strap binding her in place. As a side note in a change from previous games where the target roles were fulfilled by teammates or the occasional coach or celebrity, after the enormous positive feedback following the last two world competitions this Sexolympics will be the first where fans - selected by lottery - will be used as targets making this event unique in its direct participation by what would normally be audience members."

Joan has finished tightening her straps and completes her bondage by sliding her wrists into auto-locking cuffs at the base of the post - between the post and the posture collar she is now held motionless in a kneeling position looking straight ahead; her mouth open and inviting.

The camera pulls back from its examination of Joan's predicament to bring Tom back into frame. His lower body now visible he is seen to have his cock sticking out from his pants. Casually he strokes the rigid member as he toes up to a line a little over a yard in front of Joan.

T: "As long-time viewers may remember I used to compete in this event. I made it as far as worlds once but failed to medal - lets see how much I remember."

Turning towards Joan he concentrates, stroking a few more times before cumming with a slight jerk. His spunk impacts Joan in the left cheekbone with a tendril of a tail landing across her open mouth.

T: "Ah, a partial mouth hit, and that barely! I think I can do a bit better, unless Joan objects I think I'll stick around and try a few more times - Joan?"

Gagged as she is Joan is unable to respond, her posture collar and restraints preventing even the option of shaking her head in dissent. Tom waits a few moments before shrugging and smiling back at the camera.

T: "It looks like she's on board!, I hope you all enjoy watching the event and remember - like all Sexolympic sports the best way to understand them is to go out and try them yourselves! Even if you don't have a full set of equipment you can begin to practice in the comfort of your own home, all you need is a cock and a target!"

Tom turns back to stroking his stiffening cock as the camera fades out returning to Steve and Martha in studio.

M: "What a pair, I hope Tom makes that next shot for Joan's sake, the combination of that large regulation gag and the posture collar can get a bit uncomfortable!"

S: "I'm sure he'll pull it off and give them both a taste of sucess. Now it is time to watch the professionals go at it as we go live to Dai Xiaoxiang from China getting ready to take his first shot."

Event 14 - Day 5: Men's Cum for Accuracy

M: "Welcome back viewers, we've had a competitive first round here with Takaharu Ishizu from Japan, Michele Nespoli from Italy and Kim Dong-Hyun from South Korea the top three. The competitors have had some time to refresh and it is now time for Takaharu Ishizu to take his second shot. Looking down on the field where he is coming into position you have to figure the pressure on him right now is just immense."

S: "That's right, he was after all part of their dissapointing performance yesterday in the bukkake competition and whilst I don't think any honest observer could hold him responsible for the loss the pressure to come through for his country now has to be weighing heavy."

M: "He did had a very clean first round, perfectly placing his full load in the targets mouth displaying that trademark Japanese precision and it looks like he is about to unload for a second time here."

With a look of concentration and a final stroke Takaharu lets fly, his load arching across the distance heading straight for the open mouth of the bound target.

S: "Oh, what a shot, looking at the replays and yes, he perfectly threaded the needle once again, giving that lucky fan the full load right in the throat, not even touching tongue."

M: "An excellent shot that will keep him on the leaderboards for the final round. His expression is stoic as always but he has to be pleased with that performance."

S: "And now Michele Nespoli from Italy is stepping up to the line. Not taking much time here, he's really shooting from the hip and there it goes!"

Moments after getting in position he ejaculates, the large glob arching through the air to impact right in the eye-covering of the target.

M: "Ooooh, and that's why the targets wear protection folks, a clean headshot but that in the mouth and that just isn't good enough for this level of competition."

S: "He really looked to be rushing things there, and that lack of patience is definitly going to put him out of medal contention."

The other competitors taking their turn load after load is blasted onto the face and into the mouths of the targets. By the end of the second round Takaharu Ishizu from Japan sits strong in first with Michele Nespoli of Italy and Brady Kaminski of the US tied for second.

M: "And now we come to the final round. Shooting from six feet this time really stresses the accuracy of our competitors but if Takaharu can maintain the perfect accuracy we've seen so far he'll be able to lock things away with a perfect score and a gold medal as well as being only the fourth man to shoot a perfect game on the Sexolympic stage."

S: "They're switching targets for the final round down there and... correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that look like Allison from the American team getting bound to the post?"

M: "There's certainly a resemblance and...." Martha pauses momentarily to listen to her earbud. "Yes, I am getting confirmation that that in a throwback to how it has been done in previous games that is indeed the American multi-medalist Allison Young stepping in as the target for this final round. Given her tastes I am certain she is hoping for it to be very high-scoring. We will have to see if the shooters can rise to the occasion."

Her tongue wavering provacatively and eagerly licking any excess cum that splatters onto her lips Allison seems to spur the men to new heights of accuracy despite the increased range.

The round comes to a close with Takaharu taking his final shot. Turning away while it is still airborne he lands yet another cleanly threaded hit, it clears Allison's gag gracefully to impact the back of her throat. The crowd cheers as he bows formally, gold medal secured with a perfect performance.

Event 15 - Day 5: Men's Sexual Duel

Back in the studio Steve and Martha address the camera.

S: "We're nearing the end of this years competition with only two events remaining, but what a pair of events they are!"

M: "That's right Steve. Continuing a string of male events we are about to go live to the men's sexual duel."

S: "Viewers are probably already remembering this morning in the women's event where we saw quite an interesting tournament culminating in an all-american finals where the incomprable Gina pulled out yet another gold. While the men's event can be just as exciting as its distaff counterpart it has historically been plagued by controversy."

M: "That's right Steve. Owing to the different refractory periods and the somewhat fuzzy line between pre- and cum the rules are a little different for our penis-having competitors. First Sexolympic rules require condoms be worn by both competitors. As well the three-tiered scoring of the womens competition is discarded in favor of one point being awarded to the giver by ringside judges for each 'technical orgasm.' Each full orgasm as determined by the in-ring referee will result in awarding 5 technical orgasm points to the giver as well as a temporary separation of the two competitors and a switch in their position top and bottom. While most offense will be made with the tongue hands may come into play, the only restriction is no non-incidental cupping, compression or holding of the balls, penalties will see up to a three point deduction in score for the offender. The men will go for three rounds with full five minute breaks between rounds, the first to win two rounds wins the match. In the case of a tie after three rounds the fight will goto a panel of three judges who will determine the winner based on creativity of offense and effective control. Note that in a final difference from the women's event that this is a single elimination tournament with no repechange which means there will be two bronze medals awarded."

S: "To call all the action we now head back to the arena floor with the best on-the-spot reporters in the business - Tom and Joan!"

T: "Welcome everyone, the first pair of competitors have entered the ring and are getting into position for the first match of this 16-man tournament."

J: "This first match will see Luke Evans of the UK going up against Clemente Cammarelle of Italy."

T: "They're getting in position now, Luke will be starting on bottom for the first round. Lets see what these two have in them."

The referee standing over the two men the bell sounds and they goto work, heads bobbing up and down on firm cocks.

The tournament continues through several compeitive bouts before the third round of the last first-round match of the tournament. Tied one round each Magomed Majidov of Azerbaijan is pitted against Satoshi Murata of Japan.

The round opens with Satoshi on bottom. The bell sounds and the two men begin sucking away. Magomed having faded somewhat towards the end of the previous round it looks like Satoshi is about to extend the dominance when his opponents cock twitches and he pulls back to show the referee the cum pooling in the tip of the condom.

Much to the surprise of Satoshi the referee waves it off as a technical orgasm and the two continue going at it. Redoubling his efforts the display repeats at the halfway point of the round. This time Satoshi's confused distraction at the call causes his concentration to slip and he cums moments later.

Standing up the two men return to their corners for a 8-count rest before switching positions.

T: "This is some very questionable refereeing we are seeing. You look at how full his condom is and it is clear that Magomed has gotten off at least once; he's carrying much more cum than his opponent but the ref just isn't calling it."

J: "I definitely agree there should have been a stand-up, Satoshi looks upset but he's getting back into position. Lets hope he is able to recover his composure for the rest of the round."

Satoshi on top this time he immediately begins bobbing his head, his tongue lapping quickly around the cock in his mouth.

With thirty seconds left in the round with the score 4 to 7 with Magomed leading Satoshi pulls back once more to show off the condom almost bursting with cum. His jaw falls open in shock when the referee once more calls technical orgasm leaving them to continue.

T: "I don't believe it - the ref is blatantly protecting that competitor, he is clearly being dominated and it just isn't being called."

J: "You can accept the occasional mistake in this fast-paced event but this is two very, very questionable in a single round."

T: "And there's the round, 5 to 7 for Magomed in what to my eye should have been 18 to 7 dominance the other direction. Utterly despicable and the crowd is booing loudly."

J: "A very sour note to end the first round of the tournament on. We will just have to hope things come back together for the quarterfinal bouts - we'll be back with those and more after these words from our sponsors."

Advertisement 12 - Grease Oil Lube

A swimming pool, two naked men hoist themselves up out of the water and face the camera. Their bodies wet and glistening their twin massive cocks flacidly dangle halfway down to their knees.

"I'm Ryan here with my partner David, we trained hard for this years games and when you're in the pool as much as we are there's one thing you learn - it may be wet in the water, but if you really want to glide through your routine, sometimes you need a little help."

David smiles at his partner and takes over. "Absolutly, and when you're looking for some assistance pounding out a few extra reps, there's only one brand to trust."

Reaching behind their backs they each whip out a large bottle with a flourish, brandishing them at the camera. "Grease Oil." They speak in unison, the camera zoomes in tight to show the same name printed in large font on the bottles.

"Thick enough to last..." starts out Ryan, the camera focusing on his face.

The camera cuts to David. "...and slick enough to glide." Finishes David. "No other lube comes close, so whether you're a professional, a hobbiest,"

And the camera is back to Ryan. "...or just a lone guy trying to pass the weekend." Interjects Ryan.

The camera showing both of them from the chest up as the finish in unison. "Reach for the Grease, and Oil up for the smooth ride possible."

The camera pulls back to show their twin members, now hard, pointing at the camera, framed just below the still-brandished bottles.

T: "Welcome back to the men's sexual duel. The first round is in the books and the first quarterfinal bout is about to be contested with Luke Evans of the UK facing off against Simon Clayton of Canada."

J: "They both had strong showings in their first bouts and it is an interesting stylistic matchup given that Luke is known for his strong top-game while Simon is better off his back. They'll be starting the first round in prefered positions and I'm quite looking forward to seeing how their strengths match up."

The match begins with both competitors coming out strong. Hips buck and tongues race as they each struggle to assert control with the first round ending 3 point to 2 in favor of the Canadian. The second sees a strong Brittish comeback with Simon scoring the first full orgasm of the match.

With their positions now reversed the pace shifts as they try to angle for the best time to regain their prefered orientation. A minute into the second round it appears that both contestents are close to full orgasm, just as it looks like Luke is about to cum Simon squeezes his opponent's testicles, the flash of pain visibly affecting his opponent and delaying his orgasm a few seconds causing them to cum together. The ref stands them up with the score tied between them as the announcers discuss the decision.

T: "I'm surprised a holding call wasn't made there. Simon's contact with his opponents testicles looked much more than incidental."

J: "Nonetheless no penalty was called so there are no point deductions as we continue the round."

The second round continues on with Luke ending up 6 to 5 to push things into the third round.

The final round opens with the two competitors still in their prefered positions both coming on strong. As the round wears on Simon makes another un-penalized nutt squeeze closing the round with a score of 4 to 4.

T: "A real nail-biter of a match there and we will be going to judges decision now to determin the winner... and it looks like... they've given the match to the Canadian; Simon Clayton will be moving on to the semi-finals."

J: "Luke is looking very upset at that decision and I can't say that I blame him. Those uncalled penalties definitly could have swung the match in his favor but it's time to continue on with the next match..."

Two more matches proceed before the last quarter-final match is up - Magomed of Azerbaijan against Sumit Sangaw of India.

Sumit makes his way to the ring first only for there to be a short pause without his opponent appearing.

J: "This just in viewers it appears that the commission has overturned the earlier robbery and Satoshi Murata of Japan has been awarded the victory and thus will be competing in this quarter-finals match."

As they discuss this change Satoshi makes his way to the ring bowing to his somewhat suprised opponent.

T: "A great call overturning that referee robery of earlier. Lets just hope Satoshi's mental confidence isn't shaken by that travesty of a match and he can put in his best performance."

Satoshi eeks out a three-round judges split decision to advance to the semi-finals. After several rest breaks and more matches it finally comes down to the final match-up pitting Roniel Ramirez of Cuba against Satoshi Murata of Japan.

J: "Once more the mens sexual dual has sparked controversy but as we head now into the final match of this years Sexolympics we can only hope for a clean, decisive contest to close things out."

T: "Every year we seem to see controversy in this event, from complaints about the 'protective' condoms only impeding the athelets to questionable judging and of course referee issues as was so clearly on display - and fortunatly addressed proptly - in Satoshi's first match. One has to wonder how long the sport can survive at the Sexolympic level without some manner of reform."

J: "It would be a shame to lose such a storied and potentially exciting event but I would have to agree with you. Our two finalists are now getting into position; lets see how this unfolds."

Having come through strong with quick 2-round fights in his prior matchups of the day Roniel appears significantly fresher as he drives his opponent to three technical and one full orgasm to close the first round up 7 to 3.

Despite the setback Satoshi comes back strong in the second, his dark hair bouncing as he bobs up and down on his opponents cock. Their sweaty toned bodies rub against eachother provocativly as the crowd looks on; the only sound in the arena the fwap-fwap of lips on cock.

Pushing it to a third round with his score of 5 to 4 Satoshi appears to gas out shortly into the third, almost chocking as he mistimes his deepthroat rythm leading to a 3 to 1 score giving the Gold medal to the Cuban.

T: "A strong and surprisingly uncontroversial showing in that final bout; although one has to wonder if the confusion with Satoshi's first match affected him mentally, as well as how things might have been different with more time between matches."

J: "That's right Tom. It has been recomended that the tournament be spread over more than one day and seeing a match like that really drives home how much difference struggling in the early rounds can make."

T: "Nonetheless it's time to continue on towards the closing event of the games. Stay tuned for highlights and be back at 5 Sexolympic time for the traditional closing event - the Sexolympic gangbang!"

Advertisement 13 - Sexolympics 2012 Commemoritive DVD

A montage of highlights from the games stream by clips of winners, losers, cumshots and orgasms. Over it Steve's voice. "The 2012 Sexolympic games are almost over, take this chance to own a piece of history with the Sexual Broadcast Network exclusive 20-DVD set covering the entire games."

Several different video's pass back and forth across the screen as the narration continues. "Re-live all the events, all the highlights with DVD-exclusive features including alternate angles, complete event coverage of every Sexathelete and even more in-depth commentary including never-before-aired interviews with competitors and coaches, only from SBN!"

"Act now and we'll throw in a bonus 3-DVD's of the 2012 Sexolympics qualifiers highlights, even more action with your favorite Sexathelete's."

The screen switches to a slide of phone numbers and prices with a picture of the DVD's in one quadrant.

"Don't delay, call or go online now to own the Sexolympics today!"

Event 14 - Day 5: Gangbang

In the studio once more all four reporters - Steve, Tom, Martha and Joan - sit along the announcing table smiling at the camera.

S: "We'd like to thank all our viewers for tuning in to all the amazing events so far in the 2012 Sexolympics, but now it's time for that pinacle of an event; the always anticipated finale - the gangbang!"

T: "That's right Steve, and of course this will be the final opportunity for the phenom and star of these games - Gina to put a definitive stamp on this years competition by coming full circle to this: her original event."

J: "I don't think anyone can possibly be doubting that she'll be coming away with the gold. At this point I think everyone is just looking forward to sitting back to watch a master, or would that be mistress? at work."

M: "For those viewers new to this event though lets run down the rules. The competitors will have twenty minutes attempting to bring their partners - a series of 'poles' to orgasm. Each orgasm on the part of a partner or the competitor scores a point, with stacking bonuses accruing for simultenaeity."

S: "Note that while many of our competitors - including of course Gina - have competed in so-called RAW or unequipped gangbang, at the Sexolympic level this event is contested equipped. That means instead of the competitors being naked and free to move about the competition cushion you should expect to see most of these sexatheletes in some manner of suspension or support frame, as well as clothed in outfits to better titilate their partners and the crowd."

J: "I know some viewers prefer the so-called more 'natural' RAW gangbang, some making the point that it requires more skill to correctly position for maximising scoring opportunities but I think the higher-scoring, more intense options availible in equipped competition makes for more exciting viewing, more varied strategies and of course letting the competitors really demonstrate their maximum potential."

T: "Speaking of outfits it looks like our first competitor is making his way to the competition stage. Lets head down to the arena to take a look at what he's wearing and what position he'll be using today."

J: "An interesting unique aspect of this event is that while there will be separate medals for male and female competition the performances themselves will alternate boy girl boy girl with Gina, as the number one ranked in the world as well as the defending Sexolympic and world-champion going last."

Marcel Hambüchen of Germany makes his way to the center of the competition platform. Dressed in a tight outfit in his national colors two of his countrymates place a heavy bench in the center of the platform and help him onto it.

Laying back on the bench; his cock rises straight up like an obelisk of masculinity while his exposed ass hangs off the edge. Placing several markers onto the ground the two other men leave the platform and Marcel signals his readiness to the officials. In response a line of Poles form at the edge of the platform. With a loud chime the starting bell sounds and the first group rushes onto the platform. Each taking position atop one of the indicated markers one slides into Marcel's waiting ass, one straddles his cock and third positioned next to his head, Marcel pulls the Pole close to suck and fondle.

Wasting no time Marcel rolls his hips as he sucks off his first guy. The Pole at his head is almost instantly being replaced by another of his kind as the score increments and Marcel bucks and grinds with the other two. Moments later, a trickle of cum leaking out of his ass there is another switch and the next Pole gets into position.

The round grinds on, Marcel cumming twice while bringing off eightteen different Poles. Counting synchronization bonuses his score comes to 23.

Regulation ends and the final Pole steps away, Marcel lying exhausted, breathing hard as assistants return to help him to his feet and guide him offstage.

T: "A decent showing to start us off. Solid but overall basic technique displayed, as Marcel was servicing only four men at once in a very traditional position."

J: "Yes, a very classic display but probably not one that will make the podium when you look ahead to what some of the other competitors are capable of. Still the crowd seems to have enjoyed it and he has nothing to be ashamed of."

M: "Up next we have our first female contestent Larisa Bulimar from Romania. She's had some difficulty adapting after several years at the upper levels of RAW competition but I think it's finally coming together for her so I expect good things from her today. As she makes her way in it looks like all she'll be using a modified chair to facilitate double penetration below rather than resorting to any of the more advanced suspension favored by the more gear-focused competitors."

S: "This is probably a good, safe choice on her part as she is used to working on a stable surface."

T: "I would agree, this setup is going to let her relax and let the equipment carry her weight while deviating as little as possible from the habits and techniques she has perfected in years of RAW competition."

Completely naked Larisa braces herself on the chair. As soon as the buzzer sounds one Pole shuffles beneath her to take her ass while a second glides into her cunt. Turning her face to suck a third she braces herself with one arm while her other hand strokes a fourth Pole.

Using her hand to prep and increase the rate of Poles cycling through her mouth she manages to time most of her orgasms to sync with at least one of the men using her; finishing off with twelve personal orgasms, 22 Poles serviced and a total score of 48.

S: "A solid performance by our first female competitor of the day, very consistent technique, nothing flashy but a respectible score that sets a good baseline for the following contestents to shoot for."

M: "Back to the males now with Louis Whitlock from Great Britain. He is known to be most skilled with his ass so expect his position to focus on maximizing Pole turnover efficiency from behind as he makes good on a reputation for being a really tight, milking fuck."

Back and forth the competitors go, male and female servicing a seemingly endless series of Poles. With only three sexatheletes left the leaderboard has Chen Kai from China leading the men with an adjusted score of 35 while Maryna Leshchyk from Belarus is atop of the women at an adjusted 62.

J: "We're down to the last few, highest seeded competitors now so expect real fireworks to close this thing out. Coming up next is Aliya Paseka from Russia, she had a very strong showing two years ago at the world competitions, barely being edged out by Gina for the gold, in fact the closest Gina has come to losing a gang-bang since before the last Sexolympics."

S: "That's right, at only 5' she's the shortest competitor in this event and in addition to her sexatheltic skills is actually a classically trained ballet dancer which definitly comes through in her style. She missed last years worlds due to a broken ankle sustained during training but she has spoken in interviews of having a new level of competitive fire - if anyone has a chance of edging out Gina I think it would be be her and as the last girl left before our expected champion takes the stage she is perhapse the only thing standing between Gina and gold."

M: "She is making her way down now. Looking like she's wearing ballet boots instead of the pointe shoes we normally see her in, perhapse out of concern for her ankle?"

Almost springing down the aisle Aliya leaps gracefully to land at the center of the competition platform. Dressed in ballet tights of shiny latex a tutu encircles her waist, ephermally boncing above her exposed cunt and asshole.

Her assistants race to the platform a small set of steps is placed just to one side of her with a trapeeze-like bar dangling just within reach of her arms. Finally they place five Pole markers down before departing, leaving her alone on the platform. Still standing in the center of the platform she signals her readiness and the first five Poles take their indicated positions.

With a quick hop aided by a hand holding the trapeze she lifts herself to be impaled fore and aft by the first pair of Poles. Ballenced atop her towering heels she is sandwiched between the two men, hopping and grinding between them. Turning to her side she accepts the cock of the Pole ascending the short platform into her mouth, her arms reaching out to the sides to beat off the final two men.

Despite her slight frame she easily takes every cock to the hilt, her delicate fingers dancing on cocks to add the occasional (frequently synchronized) fountaining cross-spray to the mix. By the end of regulation she has been splatterd numberous times with cum, the thin streams trickling down her smiling face to collect in a tutu now drooping heavy with sweat and semen. Giving a final pirouette and bow she steps gracefully off the platform. The leaderboard updating her adjusted score of 68 is enough to push her into the lead.

J: "A great performance by the Russian, it's good to see that she hasn't lost a step during her long layoff."

S: "Expertly done all around, if it were almost any other year I'd say that's a shoe-in for gold but with Gina yet to perform..."

T: "We'll have to wait on that as on the mens side things are still open. Our final competitor Dmitry Kanayeva's from Russia has put in several solid performances at both national and international competitions since the last games; including a silver and gold at the last two worlds. He definitly has a shot at edging past the leader to claim the top position here."

His heavy boots impacting hard as he makes his way to the platform Dmitry's body is covered with a network of heavy-duty straps. With the aid of assistants chains are lowered from the ceiling and cliped to several attachment points leaving him in a supported bridge position, his arms free and his back arched with his legs spread as he keeps his feet on the ground. A support platform is moved into place above his elevated hips and rigid cock and the Pole markers go down before his team quickly vacates the platform.

The signal is given and the next batch of Poles moves into position. Stepping between his spread knees the first Pole slides into Dmitry's ass. His open mouth accepts the next subject who burries his cock deep in the sexathelete's throat. Due to his inverted position the Pole's testicles slam into the man's nose.

Dmitry's outstretched hands quickly grab hold of a pair of Poles, his long fingers wrapping around their hard rods and stroking furiosly. As soon as the final Pole slides into position atop his cock Dmitry begins bouncing up onto his toes and bucking his hips slowly, accentuating the sensations for the Pole in his ass as Dmitry fucks the man crouched above him.

Despite the seemingly awkward position Dmitry soon gets his first subject off, the spray of cum from the Pole to his left hitting his compatriot to Dmitry's right in the chest. The throat-fuck paying off next. A quick series of explosions fire off below, getting off not only himself but both of his lower partners as well in a quick, score-multiplying flurry.

Time finally running out Dmitry allows the Poles to clear away before executing a suspension-aided flip. His face stoic he raises his fists in victory as the crowd cheers for the final announced score - three orgasms of his own and an astounding 25 Poles serviced bringing his adjusted score to 39 and with it gold in the men's division.

As he and his assistants clear out an anticipatory hush falls over the crowd.

S: "And now the moment we've been looking forward to - Gina will make the final performance of this Sexolympics in what could well be a sport-defining moment."

M: "There's some motion now and yes, she is making her way down and wow, her outfit is simply amazing, the crowd seems speechless."

Striding her way towards the center of the arena Gina looks almost alien in a mix of leather, steel and rubber.

Starting from the bottom she wears steep stilletto boots, their slick patent shafts going all the way up to mid inner thighs, coming to a point several inches higher on the outside as they tightly hug her legs. Beneath the boots she wears a see-through latex outfit that continues on up to disappear beneath her corset.

Made of black leather with bright red laces the corset is laced tight to give her a stunning figure, straps and attachment points make it suspension ready while currently a triangular crotch pieces is attached to the lower part with locks to act like a chastity belt.

The corset itself covers her entire torso save for twin circular openings through which her latex-encased breasts burst forth; the tight rubber causing the large orbs to almost hover in front of her chest, her rigidly erect nipples pointing before her.

Black rubber gloves encasing her hands almost to the wrist the rest of her arms are concealed by the same transparent catsuit as the rest of her. Leather cuffs at wrist, upper arm, thigh and ankle are locked in place, the locks and a series of O-rings chiming gently with each step she takes.

Matching perfectly with the corset and its shoulder straps a neck corset wraps her throat before disappearing beneath her helmet. Finishing the outfit, and the piece drawing astonished looks from the crowd, the helmet isreminiscent of the black canvas' dehumanizing egg. Covering her entire head the helmet completly obscures her features behind a red tinted face-mask, the remainder of the helmet smooth black to match the rest of her outfit. Where her mouth would be pokes out her distinctive red ballgag. As she ascends the platform and prepares for competition the ballgag is removed exposing a hole leading through the helmet to her ring-gag opened mouth.

Chains quickly attached to her corset and cuffs Gina is soon suspended floating on her back just above a bench, her legs forced wide and her arms cuffed but with enough slack still have some mobility. Fully restrained one of the assistants goes between her legs to release a strap; carefully withdrawing twin thick dildoes from her lower holes. The foot markers placed by the other assistant they abandon her alone on the platform and Gina assertivly signals her readiness.

With a loud ding it begins. Five Poles rush into position; one on the bench beneath her, one standing between her legs, one to the side of her head and two more standing on either side of her corset-encased torso. The cock next to her face sliding past her gag she begins bucking her hips as soon as the two lower Poles are in position, her nimble fingers fluttering over the twin cocks to either side of her as she eagerly sucks and squeezes with all three of her holes.

Mere moments after begining she has her first orgasm, quickly followed by the Pole in her cunt exploding thanks to her expert ripple-gripping technique. As the ejaculating men are replaced by new Poles she expertly coasts on a sea of orgasms, timing one of her own to synchronize with each time she brings off a partner - or more frequently two or more partners at once.

Her score rocketing up she coasts into gold position hitting a score of 69 after only fifteen minutes. Continuing her relentless pace she only starts to ease off as the final sixty seconds tick down. After sucking down a thick wad of cum and having her oral occupant replace she pauses, seeming to modulate attention between her five partners.

Thirty seconds go by with no orgasms from any of her partners the crowd on the edge of their seats as they watch the record-setting display in astonishment. Then, with just fifteen seconds on the clock she goes into a frenzy, with three seconds to go she cums, setting off a domino effect as all five of the Poles using her cum as well, twin streams of semen arching above her chest as all three of her orifices are flooded. Bookending the display she orgasms a second time right at the buzzer, a roar of approval going up through the crowd at her astounding performance.

Back in the booth the announcers go wild.

S: "I don't believe it!, a six-way nigh-simultaneous orgasm. The first we've ever seen in Sexolympic gang-bang competition, and occuring right at the buzzer to close out the first triple-digit score in this event, Gina has set every record concievable in this event!"

M: "Utterly amazing, with that massive multiplier she's reache a final total of 152 - almost double the second place finish. Overall she came a whopping 53 times and got off all 42 of her serviced partners. This is truly the greatest gangbang performance the world has ever seen, all to top off the greatest Sexolympic run any sexathlete has ever made."

Back in the arena the crowd continues to go wild. Hundreds of red-ball-gagged fans cheer for Gina as she is released from suspension and regains her feet. Replacing her own gag and personally locking the twin dildoes back inside her after pulling their restraining strap as tight as it will go between her legs.

Making her way out of the still cheering arena the announcers resume their broadcast.

T: "And that brings us to an end of this years Sexolympics competition. Enjoyable as always this was truly one for the history books."

M: "And every amazing moment is viewable on our site! Relive the triumphs or witness for the first time any event you missed."

J: "We'll be back later with the closing ceremonies. From all of us here at SBN, thanks for joining us for this amazing Sexolympics!"

S: "I can't say much beyond the words of my colleagues so I'll just close it off by saying good night, and good fuck.

The four reporters smile and wave as the broadcast ends.

Interlude 11 - Closing Ceremonies

The loud cheers of the crowd and booming sounds of national anthems form a backdrop as Steve and Martha smile at the camera.

S: "Welcome back viewers, we're here along the route of the traditional closing ceremony parade, just moments away from the first competitors coming into view."

M: "Such wonderful weather for a parade; record crowds turning out to line the streets in celebration of this years sexatheletes."

S: "It looks like the front of the parade is coming into view now. As is tradition the lead display is the elected 'sexathelete of the games' in a chariot drawn by the gold medalist's from the opposite gender's team 6's pony races."

M: "The sexathelete of the games is voted on by competitors as the most impressive performer of the year, some years have seen fierce competition for this honor but this year I don't think anyone could have voted other than for Gina."

S: "The ballots are secret but I would be surprised if the results were not near one hundred percent. Coming into view now, she just looks beatiful. Wearing a skintight catsuit styled after the American flag with the British pony team before her and overall stunning display of pride for the anglosphere."

Standing alone on the small chariot Gina waves to the cheering crowd. The stars and stripes of her latex outfit cling tightly to her skin; her collar heavy with her fifteen shining medals. The six ponyboys step high and slowly, in full parade dress their bells jingling, taut muscles gleaming in the sun.

M: "A beautiful start and a well-deserved honor for such an amazing sexathelete. Next up we have the so-called golden float; all the gold medalists from the various events standing shoulder to shoulder before the crowd."

S: "A much smaller crowd this year than normal what with Gina's amazing sweep of the podiums."

M: "Yes, we haven't seen a float this small in several decades, you have to go all the way back to the earliest days when the games were contested across much fewer events."

Dressed in their national colors the gold medalists wave to the crowd, the ponies on the float raising their heads high, their their decorative head harnesses swaying cheerfully.

Following the gold float are similar floats filled with the silver, and then bronze medalists; their more numberous passengerloads driving home the abnormal portion of gold medals swept by Gina.

After the floats come the remaining competitors. Organized by country they still get their share of cheers from the adoring crowd, the long rows of marching sexatheletes wending their way down the parade route before filing into seats on the floor of a large stadium packed with even more fans.

The last of the sexatheletes take to their seats as Gina minces her way on steep heels to a lecturn on a small stage at the center of the arena.

S: "Here's a moment we've been waiting for; the sexathelete of the games will now give a speech to commemorate the years competition. With Gina having been gagged and silent since the start of competition... well it just adds that extra layer of interest to an already exciting day."

M: "We'll have to see - she is about to take the podium but appears to still be wearing her gags."

Gina takes the podium to cheers from the crowd and her fellow sexatheletes. Cameras pan over the assembled masses as she smiles around her gag and waits for the noise to die down.

It takes over two minutes before the raccous cheers finally start to quiet and Gina reaches behind her head to unbuckled straps. A few moments fiddling and she peels the ring gag harness off her head, the red penis gag sliding out of her mouth as she removes the whole contraption.

Working her jaw loose for a few seconds she smiles and addresses the microphone.

"Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this years games." Her voice cracks slightly from disuse but her words are greeted with more cheers from the crowd forcing her to pause frequently throughout her speech.

Looking out across the seated sexatheletes she smiles. "Just being allowed to compete with so many of you was an honor. To be voted the sexathelete of the games... I am humbled and overjoyed."

"I truely do not have the words to fully express my feelings on this occasion so I will try to make this speech short; after all I am looking forward to tonights victory ball and the opportunity to thank all of you in person. Before that I just want to say three things."

"First, thank you again, fans and fellow sexatheletes. Without such wonderful competitors and teammates I could never have achieved what I have, and throughout all of it the support and appreciation of fans around the world is such a blessing and an honor, I only hope my actions can entertain and inspire the way the sexatheletes that came before me have influenced my own life."

"Second, I want to highlight the games themselves. This arena where the whole world is brought together in a spirit of love and friendly competition is such a great thing. Also I want to stress the importance of sport for everyone; I know it can be intimidating watching the best in the world compete but I sincerly believe that everyone can add a little joy to their lives and the lives of their friends and partners by finding an event and practicing it, even just at home."

"And finally, speaking of partners I have a selfish request that would make these games even more glorious and wonderful for me than they have already been." She pauses a moment, looking up from the podium out at one of the gold medal sexatheletes in the first row.

"Allison Young - will you marry me?"

All eyes follow Gina's gaze to her young teammate sitting in the audience; the collected masses holding their breath in silent anticipation as the girl quickly walks up onto the stage.

Allison reaches the podium and practically leaps into Gina's arms, the two women kissing passionatly for several moments to the audiences cheers before Allison breaks away and leans over to the mic to speak the words that her actions have already shouted loudly.

"Yes, of course I'll marry you!"

On their feet the audience cheers the two lovebirds as they make their way offstage hand in hand, the closing ceremonies moving forward as the Sexolympic commisioner takes the podium.

Interlude 12 - Afterparty

The broadcast opens to the familiar studio with Martha and Joan sitting behind the desk. Both smile at the camera; their makup not quite sufficient to hide the shadows under their slightly bloodshot eyes.

J: "Good morning viewers, last night hosted the traditional end-of-Sexolympics ball which was quite an affair."

M: "You could say that again!, I'm still tired and I know our friends Steve and Tom are also dealing with the aftereffects of a crazy night."

Martha and Joan smile knowningly as if at a joke.

J: "I'm sure we'll see them later but for now though lets look at some highlights. It was an exciting evening start to finish and, as always, we at the Sexual Broadcast Network were there to capture all the action!"

M: "That's right, first off lets check out some interviews. We caught up with a few of our favorite sexatheletes to talk about the games as well as check out the wild styles they wore to the gala."

The view changes to show Martha; mic in hand standing next to a towering female competitor wearing a dress so massive as to make Scarlet O'hara's look small.

Patterned after the American flag the multi-yard wide skirt is made of alternating red and white panels while the tightly corseted top is in star-spangled blue

Martha addresses the camera briefly before turning to interview the woman.

M:"I'm here with Ms. Kristin Stevens, the American fuckcyclist who will definitly be forced to navigate carefully as she turns heads with this ostentatious dress."

Her expertly made up face slightly flush Kristin smiles, her voice a smooth southern drawl as she replies. "Thanks love."

M: "So, in a night that's likely to feature lots of skin, leather and latex tell us about your choice of this very antebellum outfit."

"Well I'm from the South and proud of it of course. This is such a special night of celebration I wanted to show off and well... it's not quite as innocent as it looks."

Martha cocks an eyebrow.

M: "Oh? And how is that?"

Kristen grins mischiviously. "Well with all the space I have under here, can't let that goto waste." Grabbing the front of her skirt she lifts it to reveal a restrained man kneeling on a platform. Encased in latex his arms are bound at his back, his wrists and ankles chained to the platform. A hood encasing his head save for his mouth he is mindless of anything else save his face burried in her exposed crotch; her ballet-heel adorned legs kept apart by a foot-long spreader bar. A steel rod rises up to support her weight leaving her feet hoving over controls for the motorized platform. "You may not recognize him but this is my good friend and fellow olympian Todd Schultz, we had a little gamble on who would place higher in the race and well..." She smiles slyly as she drops her skirts back down to once more conceal her partner.

Martha nods, impressed.

M: "Well that is certainly quite an outfit and I hope the two of you have a good evening together."

"Oh, I'm sure we will." Kristen replies with a smile as she slowly spins in place and slides off, the silent motors of her platform causing her to glide across the floor.

The clip fading spirals out returning to the studio.

J: "Of coures the biggest story of the post-game celebration has to be Gina's proposal to her teammate Allison. We caught up to the newly engaged couple last night and well... you just have to see it for yourself."

Tom stands next to Allison and Gina - Gina is dressed in a similar outfit to what she wore to win the gangbang complete with gag and plugs in both lower holes. Perfectly matching her outfit a small backpack in shiny black rubber follows the contours of her back, several hoses connecting up to her helmet. A leash attached to her medal-adorned collar drapes down into Allison's hand, the younger woman standing beside her.

For her part Allison sports a polished black formal catsuit. The seamless, skintight latex showcases a tight-laced integrated corset with silver hardware and a cleavage-exposing cutout over her chest before curving together to cover her shoulders and form a collar decorated with her medals. Completing the outfit is a pair of black patent platform heels and a gleaming chrome chastity belt. Where Gina's head is shrouded in her tinted helmet Allison's head is uncovered, her dark hair spilling down her back and a bright smile on her conservativly made-up face.

T: "This has been such an amazing week for the both of you, I had hoped to get the first post-games interview with Gina here but it looks like she is already back to her silent ways."

Allison pets the mute woman gently as she smiles back at Tom. "Well I couldn't have my fiance sitting around unfulfilled, and beside, she has other things to be doing with that mouth tonight." Turning to Gina she gives a slight downward tug on the leash. "Why don't you goto work while I talk with our friend here?"

Wordlessly Gina slides to her knees and Allison removes the red ball/penis gag to reveal Gina's ring-gag opened mouth. Rather than seeing her pink tongue sticking out through the ring her mouth is a dark pit, occupied with a black bukkake-event style mouthcondom integrated with her helmet.

Gina begins undoing Tom's fly. He starts to protest but his objections are quickly silenced by Allison.

"Tsk, tsk, just let her goto work. Although as punishment for trying to decline this favor... Gina don't let him cum until I tell you."

Tom's rapidly-stiffening member dissapears into Gina as her rubber coated mouth makes quiet noises on his cock.

Looking back up at Tom ignoring the action below his belt Allison smiles. "Now, lets have that interview?"

His face flush and looking a bit flustered Tom pulls his words together and continues.

T: "Yes, well I guess after of course extending congratulations to the both of you I have to ask - is there any tension or jealousy between the two of you over performance. Especially after your narrow losses in the finals of the 69 tournament and the forced orgasm competition?"

Allison laughs. "Why would I be jealous? I get to sleep with the worlds best lay every night and Gina here has to settle for fucking at best the number two! More seriously, we train because we love the sports and we love competition. We knew going in that facing eachother was a possibility and really I'm just glad it was in the finals and we were able to put on such great shows for the fans.

Tom seems quite aware of the 'worlds best lay' qualifications of Gina - he appears just on the edge of cumming but despite her restricted senses her expert control keeps him just shy.

T: "Well when you put it that way... I don't want to keep you two from the festivities so how about telling our viewers about your outfit choices? Competition clothing and chastity belts aren't usually all that common in the post-Sexolympic celebrations."

"Yes, well we're having a little celebration of our own. Gina wants a few days to ourselves to celebrate our engagement just the two of us so to keep me out of trouble tonight and focused on our coming time together I'm belted and off limits. As for her... well I couldn't stand the idea of completly missing out on tonights festivities, plus I'm a bit jealous of that post-event drink she had in the bukkake competition so for tonight she's my personal cum collector. She is completely sealed including matching sheathes for her lower holes like the one in her mouth so I can collect whatever she gathers. I have her keys making all three of her holes are mine to use and fill as I desire.

That backpack she's wearing is filled with our favorite dongs and plugs, any of which can be strapped into her, most of them quite a bit larger than the pair I slid into her and left at a nice low hum before we came here.

As to her mouth, well everyone knows how she is about gags and as her fiance I'll be making sure she spends hardly a moment without something cock-shaped tickling her throat. Speaking of..." Allison glances down at Gina who is holding a deepthroat position on Tom's cock, her tongue silently keeping him on edge. "you can finish him off now."

With a surprised gasp Tom cums. Gina hardly moves as she finishes milking him, his load landing deep in her throat she cleans and removes herself from his cock with a wet slurping sound. An excited pull on her leash jerks her to her feet as Allison hungrily french kisses her. Allison's tongue eagerly probes her lovers rubber-protected mouth to clean it of the precious manjuice.

Stepping back from the embracing women Tom re-addresses the camera, seemingly having forgotten that his cock is still hanging out.

T: "Well there you have it, quite the happy couple celebrating in their own unique way."

The clip fades out to return to Joan and Martha in the studio.

J: "What a pair, and an authentic demonstration of the sort of crazy things that can happen being a reporter around such sexually excited sexatheletes."

M: "Yup, and that wasn't the only time those two made a splash last night. We'll be back with more highlights from last nights celebration after these messages from our sponsors - don't go away."

J: "Welcome back! People always ask, considering all the sex happening during training and competition what do these sexatheletes do to celebrate? Well the answer seems to be... more sex!, Our cameras were there to capture exciting couplings that really show off international cooperation!"

A series of clips is shown in sequence; anywhere from two to two dozen olympians fucking seemingly heedless of gender or nationality. Gina pops up frequently with Allison constantly at her side as well as a few more appearances by reporters.

M: "Perhapse the biggest highlight of sex last night was a stunning exhibition display of bukkake that saw silver medalist Gina and her gold medal rival - in full black canvas attire - taking shots from what had to have been at least fifty men. You have to see it and fortunatly for our viewres we were there to film this hot impromtu show!"

Kneeling together - Gina in her red and black outfit with hood; the black canvas in her trademark shiny black alien ensemble, are viewed from a slight downward angle. Kneeling next to eachother the two women are surrounded by over a dozen men with cocks out. The two women's hands are a blur as they stroke as many as they can but the men blast away happily each spent cock seeminly instantly replaced by a new man hard and ready to explode over one or both of the rubber-encased women.

Their rubber, cum-coated bodies rubbing against eachother the two women appear to be playing a game of twister as they contort about, load after load splattering across their shiny black rubber-encased flesh. Sharing a gag-kiss their egg-shaped heads press together as the final few of what must have been at least fifty men blows their load over the two ladies. A round of applause goes up from the crowd; while the cum pattern is no where near the precision the two women demonstrated in competition none can deny how erotic the two ladies look in their dehumanizing outfits glistening with cum.

Stepping into frame to pick up Gina's dangling leash Allison smiles almost proudly at the two girls before starting to lick her fiance clean of ejaculate. The black canvas helpfully offers her body as well and the three women cuddle and stroke eachother as Allison licks clean every drop of accrued sperm to leave the two rubberladies glistening with saliva.

J: "What a display, and what a reward for Allison I'm sure. It might not be a gallon jug at the grocery store but that had to have been a satisfying taste."

M: "I bet it was and really just a part of Gina's role as cum-catcher. All night she was diving on cocks with her new fiance always ready to lick her clean or suck semen out of whichever of her three holes contained it. Of course the post-games celebration isn't just about sex, there was also the traditional pony beach volleyball tournament."

M: "Always a fun occurance the top eight 6-pony teams of each gender compete in a friendly volleyball tournament. It's great fun to watch these phenomenal sexatheletes try their hands at an amateur sport."

J: "That's right, plus you have to add in that for many of these competitors this is perhpse the first time in a month or more that they are completely free of pony tack. With competition over the friendly game seems to give them a great opportunity to relax and just have fun."

M: "Lets take a look at some highlights from the winner versus winner male/female finale game. You can head to our website for full coverage of this as well as all fourteen gendered tournament games."

On a sandy court the two teams face off - the female team from Brazil against the Men's team from Latvia. All still accustomed to the punitive competition ponyboots they perch light on the balls of their feet still expertly leaping and diving for the ball. By the end of the match as the men win 21 to 16 all dozen competitors' naked bodies are glistening with sweat and sand.

Ducking under the net to greet the opposing team after their victory the women drop to their knees to give their male rivals congratulatory blowjobs. Showing off their strength the men return the favor by spinning and hoisting their partners in the air, holding the inverted ladies tight to their chests as they reciprocate oral attention.

J: "Of course the other big celebratory tradition is the reversal bet. This is where the sexatheletes chose an event and we journalists are forced to compete against eachother for their entertainment. This year Martha and I were pit against Steve and Tom in pairs simultaneous orgasm."

The broadcast changes to the two pairs of reporters several feet apart getting into sixty-nine position while a crowd of sexatheletes looks on and cheers. The men in their formal latex-wear reporting outfits the two women have accessorized with matching ring gags, their mouths gaping open in preparation to start.

A female sexathelete in a tight rubber cocktail dress stands between the couples as referee. Waiting for everyone to be in position she shouts "Go!" in enthusiastic, accented English.

Lips wrapping around cock and tongues spearing cunts the four go at it with aplom as the sexatheletes cheer them on and playfully coach them through the initial three minute period. The crowd joins in with the referee's shout of "you may now cum!" to signal the start of the scoring period and about twenty seconds later Martha explodes in orgasm, followed another ten seconds after by Joan.

Despite losing the competition continues as attention turns to the men. Seeming to be struggling a bit more Tom finally cums almost a minute later, his cum bubbling around Steve's lips as it takes another fourty seconds for the second man to get off.

The crowd cheers regardless as the four reporters take a bow. Joan and Martha smile cheerfully around matching ring-gags as two sexatheletes buckle matching golden collars around the reportresses necks.

Back in the studio the two women push out their necks a bit to show off the shiny collars still in place as they smile at the camera.

M: "We really pulled it off against the men this year and I think the gags really helped - I see why Gina and some of the other competitors like them so much."

J: "Yup, and I think the guys have learned their utility too since losing."

The two women laugh.

M: "Right you are! We are nearing the end of our broadcast so lets have a look at our entrepid male co-hosts as we all wish you happy competition and look forward to next season!"

The camera pulls back to show Tom and Steve bound kneeling below the newsdesk, their faces between the legs of the two female anchors. Grabbing hold of the mens collars they are pulled to their feet, drool and feminine juices leaking around their spider-gagged mouths as the four reporters wave goodbye to the camera and credits roll.

The End
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