Here I Am
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Author's Note: All comments and suggestions welcome. Hope you enjoy, I know I did.

Here I am, tied spread eagle to my own bed wondering what is going to happen next. I have been in this position for over five hours and have just had the biggest mind blowing orgasm of my life. She had started very slowly, lightly playfully fingering my nipples, my balls, the bottom of my shaft, then a couple of deep passionate kisses. I did not want her lips to move from mine, she is an awesome kisser.

She was taking her time as her hand was magical as she ever so softly toyed with the head of my rock hard dick. She had waited until the pre-come showed up and now, after twenty minutes or so, for the first time her fingers were slick and just fingering one side of my head while her other hand had a firm grip on the base of my shaft and balls. I have never experienced anything like this before. She just keeps moving one finger on the side of my head working the same spot over and over.

This is amazing. I am in a state of suspense and euphoria. I am on the verge and she stops. I am almost dizzy and as I start to come out of it she is right back on it. She is just fingering the side of my head, sometimes very firmly and then lightly, over and over and over again. I get so close, time after time.

She takes the head of my cock into her mouth and works me into that same state of utter desire to explode. I am now in a world of my own. My body is in a state of total euphoria, tense, struggling what little I could against the bondage but loving the fact that there is nothing I can do to control any of this. It is like the feeling you have just before orgasm, just at the point of no return, that (impossible to explain) place you go to, that out of body experience... I don't know a feeling of physical and mental intensity that is not stopping or waning, almost continuous, for the last forty five minutes? I Think. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is now standing beside the bed, looking down at me with such a beautiful smile. It took me a minute to come to my senses; I did not even know she got up off of the bed. My cock is pounding and aches it wants to come so bad.

"Are you ok, did you like that?" she asks. I told her I was in heaven and had never experienced anything so intense sexually in all of my life.

I am still seriously in a daze, my body tugs a little against the bonds but I have next to no wiggle room. She bends over, gives me a short little kiss and tells me "Don't go anywhere big boy, I will be right back."

I watch her put her bra on and get a look and a little sly grin as she turns and leaves the room. She has got the finest body I have ever seen, an ass like BLAM!

I hear her in the kitchen, pots and pans, refer. Is she cooking? What, she is cooking? I hear her on the phone talking to someone while she is still the kitchen? What?

I look down at my member and can see my heart beat, looks like eighty two. I look at the clock and realize I have been here an hour. I rested my head back and just took it in. I feel high, holy cow. Why is she cooking?

This is our third sexual encounter, it just keeps getting better. We met on one of those kinky websites. I smiled at her and she winked. It took three days for me to respond I was so nervous. She is five years my senior in age and experience in the lifestyle. She is a bodybuilder, not big and bulky but just a perfect hard-body and a sub into major pain or as she refers to herself, a pain-slut. I did not stand a chance; I always seem to strike out. Or so I thought.

She rocked my world on that first date. Dinner, dancing, honest wide open conversations that got deep, subjects that sometimes made me blush. I did not expect it but we had what she called vanilla sex at her place and I stayed the night. We cooked breakfast the next morning, cleaned up and on the 100 mile drive back to my place she was all I could think about.

Our second meeting she told me I rocked her world. She would not give up the info I was tasked with getting so I suspended her in a rope harness and continued the interrogation. I was so unsure how far to push, scared to death. She told me she was on an endorphin high for a week. That was at her place.

Now we are at mine for the third meeting. I think there may be more that kink involved and I am not looking but... The bondage; this girl can tie a knot. Even thought she has tied knots that are not tightening against my body it is getting a little uncomfortable. My body is starting to get a little stiff and there is no way to shift, move or adjust my position as everything is very tight. What was once very stimulating and erotic is fast becoming, simply real tight bondage.

Something is starting to smell very good and she is still on the phone. Not able to reach any knots or wiggle out of anything, tugging gets me no where except more pressure and soreness. Sinking and trying to relax into the mattress I find I am still buzzing. My member has calmed down a little but is still erect, not quite aching at the moment. Beginning to wonder when she will return.

Drifting back to think about how she was able to keep me on edge for so long, how just one spot on the side of my head became so crazy, put me in a state of ecstasy, (that word does not even do it justice.) and yet no climaxing through it all. Just the thought has my member starting to ache again. My eyes are closed and I think about sleep but that is not happening. The only thing running through my mind is the pounding in my member and the desire in my whole being right now to gain release, in more ways than one.

Hearing footsteps entering the room we make eye contact. OMG, she is decked out in a hot ass outfit of lingerie and a crazy set of high heels. At the vanity she gets water and one hand under my head she gives me a drink and then another. My eyes never leave her. She asks if there is anything she can get me. I just look down at my member and back at her. She has a look like she does not understand and asks me to explain.

I am dumbfounded. My member is practically screaming, take me, take me, I'm yours! It is the elephant in the room.

She still has the, what do you need look, totally ignoring my pounding cock. She comes closer and comes right to my face and then quietly whispers in my ear. "What can I do for you" She puts her ear right up to my mouth and waits.

"Can you finish what you started?"

Finish what she said, still, with that look of cluelessness, honest cluelessness on her face as she places her hand on my chest moving between my nipples and she asked again. Finish what? Dinner? Oh, that is still on the stove as she stands up acting like she knew now what I am talking about.

No, No I say." Finish me!"

"I still do not understand, finish you?"

"Yes please!"

"That is not very clear, that could mean a lot of different things you know"

"Could you give me release?"

"No, I cannot untie you yet, we are not done. You need to be clearer"

"Would you finish your hand, uh, blow job"

"You must learn to be more clear and polite" as she climbed on top of the bed and straddled my mid section.

"Please, would you continue to play with my cock until I climax" I am not looking into her eyes as I say it. She puts a little weight on my stomach, reaches out and toys with the bondage on my wrists and tells me to repeat what I just asked while looking her in the eyes.

I look her in the eyes, she seems different from the woman I had dinner and danced with and had great vanilla sex with. She has a look of seriousness in her eyes, almost scorn.

With total eye contact, honest, caring eye contact, with all the honesty I can muster. "Yes, please would you continue to artfully, crazily, masterfully, continue to work my cock anyway you want until I climax." I did not blink or look away, but I did beg with my eyes and facial expression.

"Oh that, I am sorry. I did not understand quite what you were asking. You want me to jerk you off?" Now a more playful look on her face.

I relax a little and say, "Yes please"

"Oh, I thought you were done, I thought you might like to stay like this for a few more hours, or days, or months." she said. I might consider it if you ask really nice.

I know, or at least I think I know this is part of the scene but she seems dead serious. So, I look her in the eyes and give her a loving smile, raising my head to try and get her to kiss me and she stays just out of my reach. I keep eye contact and say; would you be so kind and continue the job you started on my cock until I reach climax? I would be so very grateful to you and would be in your debt.

"That is not very clear, could you tell me exactly what it is you want in a polite manner" And then she added, "You may not want to be in my debt".

I am starting to get a little freaked out. Her I have the sexiest woman I have ever seen, straddling my stomach, putting a little weight on and off for emphasis, playing with the bondage on my wrists, just out of my reach looking into my eyes with a look of...dominance, that might turn either way. I can feel her wetness and warmth as she works her sex into my stomach. But that intense look is still on her face.

"Yes ma'am, if it would please you, would you continue to stroke my cock like you did before, and in any manner that you would desire whether sucking of fucking, would you continue to work my cock until I reach climax".

"Such dirty and vulgar language you use, you cannot ask me any nicer than that?" as she puts all of her weight on my stomach stretching me out even tighter in this bondage that she is still toying with. I wither in pain and try to wipe the pained look off of my face. She just looks down and smiles.

Maybe you need to earn your keep. With that she rose up and straddled my face with her sex just inches away. Her I am, looking up into her sex, just out of reach, waiting and wanting her to come just a little closer. Her smell is driving me wild, I forget all the mind games and am ready to please with all I have and she just sits there, out of reach.

Now, both of her hands are stroking and fingering her pussy, just out of my reach as she continues to play with herself. I beg her to allow me but she just keeps going all by herself toying and playing with her sex. Her breathing begins to become heavier and heavier and continues to stroke and play and slowly but surely she brings herself to orgasm after orgasm, one after another, sometimes cooling with no contact, then light touches and then all out stroking, over and over and over, just out of the reach of my face. Please!!!!!

I am lifting my head as high up as I can but the pressure of her legs on my arms is just killing me. I drop my head and beg, "Please lower down". She sat back a little and put a soaked finger to my lips with a (I dare you look), raised back up and continued to work herself into another orgasm.

She is so hot she is dripping onto my face, the heat, the smell, the flavor, the motion, the noise, this real life image that has me tied to my own bed, In my own house, just out of reach, this beautiful woman is just kicking my ass. I have a view that I cannot believe but my arms are stretched painfully against the bondage and my whole being, (especially my member) is dying for release.

In a weak and stupid moment I eke out a "Please" and she stops, backs off of my face and positions herself on top of me but her sex has pushed my dick back and she starts to glid her pussy on the top of my member and slowly has another orgasm. I am trying to move just enough to allow penetration but she is not allowing it at all and she falls with her full weight on top of me pinning my cock somewhat painfully pushed toward my feel with her warm juices slowly flowing all over me.

She lays there for quite some time, all of her weight on top of me, the ropes creaking slightly and me painfully pinned under her, she then whispers in my ear; it is not wise to try and top from the bottom. She worked her way slowly up until my member was just under her sex and then lowered down until my head was just barley starting to enter. She reached down and fingered herself into another orgasm, her warmth and wetness draining down my cock. She worked just my head for a few strokes and then got up off of the bed.

I am dying, and not the feeling I had before. She goes to the vanity and is getting something out of her bag of toys. As she comes to the side of the bed she had a very big bright red ball gag dangling off of one very sexy finger and straddles me again. I start to beg her, pleading with her as she again puts her finger to my lips with a look on her face that shut me right up.

"You have to learn who is in control and I hope you are taking notes" I am trying to get away from the bright red monster but she just hops on my chest gripping my head with her thighs. I am keeping my mouth shut tight. She stops all movement and says that it is "kind of late for that." She bounced on me a couple of times and I just cracked my mouth for a little air and the ball is wedged between my teeth. She instructs me to open and with each move the ball is forced deeper and deeper into my mouth until it finds its way home. She is now strapping this thing in...tightly.

I am freaking out, have never had one of these in my mouth. She finishes securing it and is very close, watching me, telling me to relax, calm down, focus. I am fighting drool and learning how to breathe with this monster in my mouth when she gets up, bends over and gives me a very wet kiss on the forehead. She reaches down and gives my cocks a couple of squeezes and strokes working slimy pre-come all over my shaft and then licks her index finger and says, ummm, you taste so good. You will just have to stay her a while longer and learn you lesson.

She then straddled me again, took her weight off and slowly, caressingly took her bra off. She played with her nipples until they were erect, looking like she really enjoyed it and came right to my face, her boobs against my chest. Her hand was toying with my ear and she said; when you top, you top. I will expect the same from you in the future, when you top. I expect you to be strict with me and not let me get away with anything, because I will try.

"You do not think I knew what you wanted when you asked me to finish you?" Her fingers came up and pinched my nostrils shut just as I had exhaled. She held it, saw the panic in my face, held it a little longer and then let go. As I recovered she said I needed to be careful with my words as people could misunderstand my intentions. She asked if I understood. I shook my head yes. She said no, tell me. I ummmmpppphhhheeeeddd into the gag. She said no, hum you answer. Huh? I hummed a yes, "clearer" again, I hummed a yes. That's better she said and sat up and gave me a smile that melted away the anxiety that I was feeling.

She grabbed a cloth from the headboard and wiped away the droll that was forming. She bent over and gave me a big wet kiss on my forehead and then started kissing and licking my ear as she whispered, "Good, now rest here for a little bit, do not masturbate anymore, do not go anywhere and I will be right back" She sat up, grabbed something off of the headboard and clamped two wooden close pins to each nipple.

OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Or more like, UUUUUUUUmmmmmmmmmPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!!! This is also new for me and they hurt like hell. She just remained on top of me, looking into my eyes. I am startled, shocked and a little afraid. These things are killing me.

She climbed off of me, making all kinds of contact with my throbbing member, bent over and took my cock into her moist, warm mouth and again slowly, teaseling, worked me right to the edge and stopped. She went to her toy bag and put a baby monitor on the headboard, put her bra back on, studied me for a minute and said "See, I know what you need" and left the room.

She is back in the kitchen, another pot, more prep. The aroma in the air smells very good, Italian? Yes, I think. Her aroma, on me. Heavenly. I am so fricking horny; my whole being seems to be centered on my throbbing dick and nipples. My body is screaming, the bondage painful, minor cramps in my arms, legs and shoulders, a little tug to try and reposition, trying to reduce the strain. Any little movement makes these close pins move a little as they are standing straight up and that hurts even more. Damn, that little vixen. We never discussed this.

The pain is fueling something else in me, somehow competing with my throbbing dick. This ball gag, causing my jaw to ache, the controlled breathing and the constant droll streaming down the side of my face and onto the sheets, my thoughts of her, playing me like a well tuned piano, scaring and then thrilling and then pushing me outside what is normal.

Remembering her now, suspended from a rope harness taking all I was willing to give. I would have been crying like a baby throwing out the safe word within the first hour. She just took it. No, she wanted it, grew on it? Urged more and more, WAIT! She topped from the bottom.

Well, that makes since! I am a rookie and new to the lifestyle but, I spent months hanging with a Male Dom who, after I explained my plight and challenge with a "pain slut" took me under his wing and taught me tons.

Oh Shit! She totally topped at our last meeting, which I guess was kind of good because I am so green. DAMN! I was not trying to top here, I just wanted release. But we almost have it backwards here. When she is Dom I am getting what I want and when I am Dom she is getting what she wants. Man, This BDSM shit is getting confusing. But thinking about it more I think that is right.

OK,OK, I am going to play the role to the tee when she comes back, when she comes back. While I wait, not gonna look at the stupid clock, ok I looked, how long? Oh, did she change it? No she did not, I watched her the whole time, that long?

My body is screaming in pain, my dick even hurts, in a different way. I am looking at it, it looks a little bigger and I could take my pulse just by looking at it, ok now just sixty five, just like seventh grade. Did she slip something in the water or is it just this situation? I am really starting to drift; everything is starting to jell, the pain, the horny, the mental, the beauty, the naked beauty, and the bondage... the helplessness? The surrender? NO not surrender, I still have a safe word, I think. The submission, hah, that word I see all the time that has meant nothing until this moment.

Submit to all of this? I told her I wanted to; be bound, helpless under her control, teased, humiliated, and then release, with no permanent physical injury. (She was very clear on her scene, and I thought I was right on until I just realized...) I think she may be adding a little of what she likes in here. No way to relax, to forget the pain, almost all over my body now and even though the close pins are not hurting as much this is almost too intense. I hear the TV turn on, Oprah??? NO, this cannot be. Please come rescue me.

Ouch, but Ouch. Her bondage is so solid, not pinching or cutting off circulation. I can move my fingers and toes, nothing blue but, I feel something more on top of all of this. I just try to relax and go with it, I have a tune in my head and almost start to hum it...NO, NO. No Humming. I drift off, not to sleep but to the sound of Do you feel like we do by Peter F. Wondering when she will walk back through that door.

Quite a few songs later... Pour some sugar on me, You shook me all night long, Thunderstruck along with some I could not remember I was startled as I felt her touch, did not hear her, but felt her touch checking all the bondage, slowly circling the bed, tracing my limbs with her light touch and brush as she arrived above me. She bent over and whispered into my ear; "What can I do for you". I was just looking at her; I gave her a look of total submission.

"Anything you want, Mistress" I hummed.

She just beamed and told me I would have to repeat that in a minute, because she did not understand the words, but liked the look. She mounted me again making sure to put her weight down, grabbing my arms and putting more down pressure. I just waited as something washed over me, some kind of numbness but then my mind is racing.

She just sits there watching me, working against me, more pressure, more weight. She sprawled out on top of me, Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!, these fucking close pins are yanking my nipples off!!! Her limbs outside of mine forcing more pressure on the bondage, more pain, more pressure, my cock straight up being teasing by her warm sex.

She kept moving, shifting her weight, more pressure, her sex really starting to work against my dick. She is so warm. She is now working her weight against my breathing, I am doing all I can to control it, her limbs are pulling the bondage so tight, her sex working my member and then she just lays right on top of me, matching everything, toying with the bondage with her hands and feet and just barley moving her sex, zeroing in, back a little and she is again working her clit, slowly, barley touching my sex, working, working, working.

She is getting close and then clamps her legs around my cock and my world lights up like a Christmas tree. She flexes herself up to in front of me putting all of her weight on my stomach and yanking my dick up between her legs and tells me not to move. Ha, Ha. Good one.

The straps are released from the gag and she just looks at me, I try to push it out of my mouth but I cannot open my mouth any wider. She shifts her weight and I just moan and drop my head onto the bed. She just clamps her legs tighter around my dick with no other motion. I am already in a fog, now jr. is getting close and is letting my brain know and I am moaning and trying to push the jawbreaker out of my mouth with no luck.

She moved back up to straddle my chest pushing her knees under my arms and shoulders tightening her grip and the bondage upon me. I shuttered as she adjusted again to tighten everything up. Reaching down she began to pry the small Kia out of my mouth, it hurt like hell to open any further and with a pile of droll and a sideways pull it finally popped out. She wiped my face and chin and neck off as I tried to work some life back into my aching mouth and jaws.

She scooted up even closer to the headboard grabbing it and drawing this tight, painful bondage even tighter locking her legs under my back. She is brushing these close pins all over the place and pain is shooting into my body from my nipples. I want to cry out in pain but am able to suppress that impulse. As her legs and body continued a slow sway, touching each pin, prying me higher off of the bed, stretching me out further she finally stopped and held what she had and just looked me in the eyes.

My brain is not working. I am looking up at a beautiful sight as I feel something come over me. Very hard to explain, I feel a little buzz, a little out of body experience? I think I am in shock. This pain is starting to dull a little but is still very real, and very there. Still screaming, just not as loud. I know I am being stretched painfully, I know my nipples are still on fire. I am waiting for what is next. My neck is suddenly starting to burn and then that dulls. I suddenly relax just a little and adjust my eyes and focus on her. She is looking directly into my eyes, studying me. Waiting, waiting. I have a word in my head and almost say it but stop. I want this to end now but do not want it to end. WTF!

She looked down and asked "What can I do for you"

"Anything I need, Mistress"


"If that pleases you "

"It does"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Anything you need?"

"Anything you desire of me, Mistress"

She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and slowly, very slowly, started backing out from under me until I was again on the bed. As she straddled me she quickly pulled both close pins off at the same time.

It was all I could do not to scream, a new level of pain and then a slow recovery of feeling, and another rush. She very lightly circled my aching, throbbing nipples with her fingernails and then paused and just sat there looking at me.

She pulled herself up and into my face relieving some of the tension; I rose just off of the mattress and finally, slowly, gently kissed her bulging clit. (Finally! Finally, Finally, Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! I have arrived at the station, I am the man, and this is awesome!!!!!!!! I got you now and then I think, calm down! Do your job and be good. You are still very tightly tied to the bed. )

I started softly lapping from the bottom up, just brushing and teasing her clit every other or third time. I am taking my time and see she is supporting herself on the headboard, head back, making her sex available but not pushing. I keep working back slowly and she follows me down. I suck her clit between my teeth and gently trap it as I continue to tongue whip and tease it. I am flirting with her, on, off, on, off until she finally guides herself into my tongue and I just go for it, sucking and doing the s.o.s on her clit and she explodes. I back off a little, a few long laps from the bottom up and start to lightly tease her again. I don't know how she does it but I sure do like it.

I am in a very intense state, kind of a daze but very intense, focused.

After a marathon she finally laid down beside me, cuddling me in my still very strict bound state, her leg just touching my begging, aching penis. As she reached up and kissed my ear, I turned and got a very long, slow, wet, her sex on my mouth kiss and she withdrew a little and laid her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

I laid my head over toward her, my flagpole at 12:00, now starting to hurt, my body singing out, my face covered with her sex, my mind screaming, my desire to ask her to please finish it. What was that tune?

Finally, my mind still racing she begins to stir. She looks up from my now asleep shoulder and gives me a small kiss that leads to another, that leads to a very deep, long, slow, like having intercourse kiss. She rolls off of the bed over toward the vanity and is running water, washing and wiping up. She gets water for both of us, drops her bra, comes over to the foot of the bed and starts caressing my feet, what? Next thing I know I am laughing uncontrolably, trying to escape her touch, and now my gut is also killing me.

She stops and allows me to clear my eyes and catch my breath. She climbs up on the bed and says, "Some other time". She proceeded to continue just where she left off. Slowly, toying with my chest and balls and everything in between. Again slowly working just one side of the head of my dick. The urge is slower; the intensity is driving me out of my mine. My member is at full attention. She brings me to the top and just keeps me there for what seemed like forever, ok maybe forty five minutes.

But to the same continued constant state of climax, but just there, driving me wild. I am still on an (I Think) endorphin high, really on a sex high with this awesome (crazy?) girl, working my member like a rock star. I am tugging and moaning and breathing and just when I think this is it, she just keeps on going. One side of my dick. I return to left field, body and mind in a tizzy when all of a sudden she takes both hands and starts stroking the full length of my cock. She is slowly pumping and within ten strokes it is over and she is fully pumping my shaft, until I finally, here it comes, look out, BOOM, over and over and over again.

I am no longer on the planet, not sure where, but HOLY COW!

What the hell, I have splotches of come all over my face, one over my eye, my chin, my chest, the headboard, is that bitch aiming. I look down and she is, laughing, aiming, and jacking and now sucking the head of my cock after I have come and it is way too sensitive. I am moaning and groaning and now laughing because my body does not know what to do. I am going into sensory overload as she continues, (against my pleading and begging to stop) to lick, suck, and tongue fuck the very top of my dick. I am pulling for all I am worth but you know the story. My legs are pinned by the weight of her arms and bondage and she just would not stop, her laughing and tugging and tongue right on top.

A bright smiling face pops up in front of me, French kisses the come off of my face and then comes in for a kiss, I am like no way but she has that look so we kiss, Gross! We continue to kiss deeply and I am now all in, (I guess it is not that bad but really?) One good deep, long, sperm laden kiss and she is gone, in the shower. Here I am, starting to pass out, sore, in pain....PAIN... is screaming from my body but something else also, a very deep satisfaction in more ways that I can count. This is gonna take some time to sort out. I really feel happy or high or something. All I know is the next session, she is gonna get it good, and not from the bottom. I sure hope she unties me after her shower, the food smells very good. Meanwhile, Here I am, Tied to my bed.

Hoping and praying she does not come out of the shower and ask, "What can I do for you?"

The End
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