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Author's Note: The complete dehumanization of an unknown 'woman'.

I was in a bad mood, so I decided to go downstairs into the basement and watch Thingy. I had grown more and more bored of Thingy with time, Thingy turned out to be not much fun at all! I resented having to tend to it all the time, and it cost me a lot of money. I had neglected it more and more often, staying in my living room watching porn instead when I wasn't at work.

This wasn't always the case. When I had first got Thingy, all I could do at work was wait to dream of going home and playing with Thingy. It kept me up at night, and I would sneak down to the basement to pester it, or occasionally just watch it.

Everyone at work had joked about my secret girlfriend - the one that kept me smiling. I dearly loved how little they knew me. If only they could see Thingy. But they couldn't, that was the fix. That was the true joy. It was my guiltiest of pleasures and I carried it with me everywhere. It made me feel superior over other people knowing that I had Thingy all to myself.

To call Thingy a girlfriend would be an over exaggeration in any case. With 'her' bodily modifications and lifestyle, I thought of Thingy as an 'it'. A woman does things, whereas Thingy is merely in a passive state of existing.

I searched around for the door keys. Finally I found them, and unlocked the basement door. I turned on the light and came downstairs. I opened looked around to the corner where Thingy was sleeping.

Its full body sleep-sack concealed all of Thingy's body except for its head, which was covered in a tight leather mask. The mask had three tubes leading out of it, one tube for air, one tube for food and one tube that slunk out the bottom into the wall for Thingy's faecal matter.

The little red ball I installed in the see-through plastic breathing tube bobbed up and down gently, so Thingy was probably asleep. I couldn't decide whether to wake Thingy first or try and surprise it. Thingy was probably too sensitive to its body to sleep through me unzipping it (the sensory deprivation increasing all of its sensitivity), so I decided to play with Thingy while it was asleep a little.

I went over to the laptop that led from the wired control box, that in turn connected to the sleep sack. Opening up the sleep-sack control program, and being in a gentle mood, I decided Thingy should have a nice wet dream. I went to its IVF levels and started pumping Viagra and MDMA in Thingy's bloodstream. I also played on the sounds of (Thingy's own previously recorded) orgasms.

I put on the Pavlovian conditioning beat track, a system of barely audible beats that I played whenever Thingy was having an orgasm. Thingy now associated subconsciously the beats with the possibility of arousal. Slowly the little bauble showing Thingy's breathing levels increased in pace.

After speeding it up, I gently applied the electric current to the electrodes that passed in slowly increasing and decreasing waves over Thingy's nipples, buttocks, vagina and neck (mimicking the sensation of being bitten on the neck).

Thingy's sleep-sack was tied down tightly but, I still saw a little tremor of movement. I decided to mix in its previously recorded orgasms soundtrack with Beethoven's 5th Symphony. I then changed the electrode pattern from simple rising and falling waves to ones mimicking the complicated patterns of the music.

For Thingy it would be like having a symphony orchestra connected directly to her most sensitive areas, and every crescendo would physically be felt as a sensation that rose up through her body and ended in her breasts and vagina. Thingy was being played like an instrument.

I had the mad vision of several hundred Thingy's bound in their sleep-sacks, placed across a concert hall in rows whilst I, the conductor, directed the whimpered orgasms and body shakes in time to the music. I would point at the violins and a hundred delicate Thingy's in petite sleep-sacks would tremor, then at the double bass section, and a row of huge mountainous sleep-sacks would let out deep rumbles.

Over the next 30 minutes I watched Thingy's rising and falling breath in response to the electrodes. Finally for the encore I decided I should turn Thingy's arousal up to 11. I finally set the anal dildo to fully inflate as fast as possible, hold for 10 seconds and then deflate. The anal dildo would continue to do this three times a minute.

I actually heard the whimper through the cock gag - even with the feeding tube still attached!

The feeding tube would be used too I decided. I started pumping in a drip feed of semen to Thingy's mouth. I had long since given up collecting my own and simply bought giant bags of bull semen used in industrial cattle ranching.

Thingy seemed to be trying to block the tip of plastic cock gag with its tongue so I turned the breathing tube on and off in 30 second bursts. This forced Thingy to gobble down the bull semen so it could try to breathe through the feeding tube.

To reward its valiant attempts to finish the bull semen, I increased the flow. Thingy was now drinking a half litre of bull semen ever minute. I had placed a little sugar, chilli powder and additives in the bull semen, to make it more enjoyable for Thingy. I assumed the mix of sweet sugar, sour semen and spicy chilli powder would really set Thingy's taste buds racing.

Finally as the crashing end of the 5th symphony reached its climax, I turned on all of the on Thingy's body massagers and started the automated dildo.

No time for subtlety! The automated dildo chugged in and out of Thingy's vagina twice a second. Thingy's slick vagina at this point was more than prepared. I turned on the multicoloured lights that covered Thingy's eyes. They flashed red, green and blue at astonishing speed.

Even if Thingy scrunched up its eyes, the primary colours would burn onto its retina. Soon I would update them to full-screen HD quality 3D monitors - I planned to show porn movies all day, every day to Thingy, perhaps changing occasionally to a feed of Thingy itself lying quietly in a sleep-sack in my basement! But for now the intensity and simplicity of the coloured screens would be fine.

Thingy must have been having fun. The entire sleep-sack started the shake and Thingy reared against its restraints to little avail. Once the song ended I turned everything off at once, leaving Thingy still bucking against the bag for several seconds after. I unplugged Thingy's cock gag, and saw a messy pool of bull semen. Thingy's tongue writing in ecstasy, and I decided Thingy needed a little something extra. I could see Thingy was trying to speak by swallowing the semen as quickly as possible.

Quickly I turned to the laptop soundtrack over to Thingy's 'self-realisation' track. "I'm a whore. Puta. Slut. Cum biscuit. My job is to swallow cum." It was a mixture of dubbed audio recordings from films and porn videos I had splice together into one long soundtrack of degradation.

I'd often here Thingy mumbling these phrases in its sleep if I decided to leave its cock gag out. Often several or dozens of voices played at the same time, something that when I tried listening to with my eyes closed sounded like being inside a football stadium of people yelling abuse at you! I can only assume the effect on Thingy laying in strict bondage after several shattering orgasms must have been a hundred times more intense.

"I love it up the ass! Take me big boy! Strip me! I'm a disgrace! You're a little whore!"

The track continued on and on, Thingy's mind must be mush by now. I'd had Thingy for nearly a year now. I wondered if it would ever get to see my face or hear my voice. It was only Thingy though, so it mattered little.

Thingy's life would only ever consist of living in this room, resting in the sleep-slack, or having one of its daily 'exercise sessions' - strapped into a gimp suit from the ceiling whilst being made to run for hours on a treadmill with powerful electric prods keeping it motivated.

Or Thingy being taken drugged and asleep, and put in the bath once a month. I administer a vigorous scrubbing of Thingy's skin, then remove all of Thingy's unwanted growth - nails, eye lashes and all of its hair. A year long schedule of regularly applying hair removal cream means Thingy is naturally completely bald, and looks a little like a space alien when I take it out for its monthly bath.

That bath is the only time in Thingy's life, where Thingy escapes 24/7 total sensory deprivation and head to toe coverage in latex or leather, and Thingy never even knows!

After the bathing schedule is over I put Thingy's breathing tubes back in both nostrils, and reattach its mask, and hang Thingy too dry upside down from the ceiling.

Sometime I would whip or touch Thingy when she was hanging from the ceiling, but mostly I've overcome the urge. It seemed so barbaric compared to my high-tech training methods. It would also give Thingy the impression of having a relationship with another human being, which was a foolish assumption from Thingy. Thingy is no longer a human being. To Thingy, I am only the omnipresent God that controlled Thingy's every sense, every movement and soon every thought. Familiarity only breeds contempt.

I was thinking these thoughts when suddenly Thingy whispered.

"I love you. Fuck me. I'm a fuck toy."

I couldn't help but be moved, a single tear rolling down my cheek. I stroked Thingy's cheek through the mask and replied even though it couldn't hear me. "I know. I love Thingy too". Its head moved sideways a little and I saw its mouth smile.

Standing up quickly, I did a first with Thingy! On the spur of the moment. I got up on the table, knelt with my knees by either side of Thingy's mask and sat down with my weight on the sleep sack. Presumably I was crushing Thingy's breasts, so Thingy knew I was there.

I got my dick out, and ever so carefully pissed in Thingy's mouth. Thingy rapidly started to swallow the urine down, but I took my time, pissing in fits and starts to make sure nothing was wasted.

After I was done, I got up and undid one of the sleepsack's nipple zip, giving Thingy's breast a quick squeeze. Thingy sighed contentedly, and I stuck Thingy's penis gag quickly back in its mouth. There was "hmmph" of protest, but soon I heard it desperately sucking again at the plastic cock.

Thingy was still trying writhe a little even without any stimulus. Thingy must really be excited today! Zipping back up the nipple slip (Thingy's erect nipple got stuck in the zip for a second, which judging from Thingy's shake must have been quite painful) I couldn't help but feel amazing. After several months of very little amusement, me and Thingy had never been this intimate.

As I got up to leave, I decided on reflection that it was best not to spoil Thingy, so I set a random series of painful electric shocks all over Thingy's body mixed with a soundtrack of occasional screaming and death metal music.

I wanted to drift of to sleep soundly in my cosy bed, knowing that Thingy wouldn't be sleeping, but instead suffering an unimaginable terror.

Thingy wouldn't understand my decision but it would accept it. Thingys don't have a say. I turned off the light and locked the door behind me, feeling a great sense of peace.

The End
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