Gentleman's Special Facial
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  • Post Date - 8/6/2013

Author's Note: This was inspired by a recent spa visit. I was fantasizing on the table and worried that the woman giving me an actual facial would notice! Then I thought about Google glass and the story "came" together.

Part I - The Introduction to a New Life

Recently, my job had been very stressful. I don't really like what I do and I don't like where I work. I found myself becoming more moody and not wanting to be intimate with my wife. And when we were intimate, I was often the dominant and aggressive one. We are both switches, though we try to keep a balance. I know my wife likes it rough, and I know she also likes to top me and fuck me in the bottom with her strap-on. She often jokes that if I am not careful, she will make me her house slave. All of this was far from my mind as I fucked her hard from behind one night, pulled out, rolled her over, then came all over her face, something that I know she merely tolerates for my sake. She scooted back up the bed wiping the spooge from her face and said, "What the FUCK! That is the third time this month that you have come on my face and you pulled out right before I was about to orgasm! You should feel what it is like to be frustrated then have someone shoot all over your face!" I gave her a half-hearted apology, though I admitted to myself that I sometimes enjoyed pissing her off as it make me aroused. She appeared to accept it, though I learned later how wrong I had been.

Fast forward a few weeks. My wife asked me if I had any vacation and I said, "Two weeks that I have to use by the end of the year." She said, "OK, put in for these dates. I will take care of the arrangements. I found this really nice getaway, off the beaten track, called Boulder Dam Summer Meadows. It's a spa with an excellent reputation in some circles. Do you want to see the web site?" I said "Sure" though she knew that I would probably forget. This was my next mistake. I was able to get the time off, and though my boss bitched about it, he did not really have any choice. On that last Friday of work, I was relieved to set my "Out of Office" message and leave work behind. I got home and I was exhausted. Entering the house, I saw my wife with the suitcases all ready to go and she saw the questioning look in my eyes. "Oh honey," she answered, "I figured that you would want to get out of dodge right away. I packed for you and I can drive. You can sleep in the car." I nodded, already smiling inside that I would get out of driving. We stopped for a quick dinner at a fast food place and then took off. I was quickly asleep and I woke up 6 hours later in the wee hours as we pulled into the space in front of our cabin. My wife had the key--she must have stopped by an office or something--and she let us in. She walked me to bed and I fell back asleep instantly.

I awoke to a knock on the door. My wife was in the shower so I pulled on a robe and answered, "Yes?" "I have your breakfast, sir," said a well-built man in his late twenties, muscles rippling on his body, short buzz cut blond hair. "Oh, come on in," I answered. He set down the breakfast on the small dining table in the room, placed two chairs by it, and said, "Is there anything else?" I shook my head and said, "Oh, hey, I don't have anything for a tip, man." He smiled and answered, "No worries "man", everything was taken care of by Madame. And, speaking of, your appointments are set for 11 am and it is 9 am now. We ask that you please be prompt" "Appointments?" I asked. "Yes, the first of your spa treatments. I believe you will start with a facial and your wife with a massage. Have a good day, sir." And he left.

My wife emerged from the shower in her robe and sat down for breakfast, which looked tasty. She said, "Did the gentleman say anything about appointments?" I nodded as I ate and mumbled, "E-leb-ben" with a full mouth of food, something I knew she hated though I only realized that I had done it after it happened. She frowned though did not make anything of it. We finished breakfast and looked out the window over the meadow, which was indeed sunny. Looking back into the room, I saw a rectangle sunken into the floor about an inch at the foot of the bed, about three by four feet and wondered aloud, "What's that?" My wife answered, "Oh, probably for a hope chest or something." I grunted and smiled at her, cocking an eyebrow, my signal for "Let's get busy!" She shook her heard, "Not a full stomach, dear. Perhaps later . . . Anyway, it's a "special" facial. She winked then sat down and opened her novel and I grabbed the newspaper while we waited for 11 am to arrive.

We walked over to the spa in our robes and slippers, and we were checked in by a smiling young woman wearing a tight lab coat. A woman appeared to take my wife to the ladies lounge and another well built man, this one with dark blue-black skin, a shaved head, and a booming voice said to me, "Follow me, I will get you settled." He led me to a locker room, showing me the shower, hot tub, steam and sauna, dressing area, the men's lounge and the unisex lounge. Everything was lavishly appointed. Seeing my rumpled appearance, he said, "Maria will be a-wanting you to have a shower before you' treatment." I nodded, looking up at this dark-skinned Adonis, then averting my gaze as it rested on his crotch, barely contained by his tight shorts. He noticed and laughed with a shake of his head, saying, "When you are showered, go to the unisex lounge and Maria will come to get you." He left and I disrobed, shaved, had some time in the sauna, and then took a shower. Putting my robe and sandals on, I went to the unisex lounge, sitting down to read a men's style magazine.

Soon after, a woman entered the room. She was of medium height, about 5'5", and well built--her full bosom strained against her lab coat and the bottom of the coat flared over her full hips. The lap coat was tight and translucent enough that I could see the outline of her black bra against her pale skin and I then noticed that she was wearing black hose and stiletto heels. She must have seen me look her up and down with my mouth agape, though she merely smiled and said, "Are you ready?" I looked up and nodded, noticing for the first time that she was wearing curious eyewear, almost like goggles or fancy sunglasses though they were transparent. Come to think of it, the girl at the desk and the two men I had met were wearing them, too. She smiling and turned, opening the door for me and letting me pass. Closing the door, she led me to a treatment room while I admired the seams of her stockings and my heart thumped with the clack of the heels on the floor.

Entering the room, it was like other spa treatment rooms that I had seen--massage bed in the middle covered with blankets and a towel, cabinets, sink, pitcher of water with cucumber slices floating in it. Maria--though she had not said her name, that was the name the gentleman used--said, "OK, I am going to leave the room for a few minutes. Please remove your robe and slippers and place them on the chair by the door. Then slip under these covers with your head on the pillow with the towel and your the bolster under your knees. Please have your arms on top of the blanket." She turned and left before I could say anything more so I complied with what she said and waited for her return. She knocked twice and said, "Are you ready?" And I said, "Yes." She entered and I saw that the topmost button had come undone or been undone. Perhaps this was the "special" of the special facial that I noticed on the ledger. Understandably, my cock stirred slightly.

"I understand from your wife that you have had a facial before," Maria began, "so you know that there is some massage involved. In order for you to be the most relaxed, I am going to put one of our virtual monitors on your head." She held a pair of glasses much like hers though the one she held had a strap that went all the way around the back of the head where it was joined with a round clasp. Hers were more like conventional glasses, the arms going over the ears. I nodded my head and then lifted it for her to place the band around my head, my face nearly in her cleavage as she secured it with the clasp. The band seemed to tighten slightly and grip my newly buzzed scalp, a haircut my wife had suggested the week before--buzzed tight on the sides fading up to the top that was slightly longer. I lay my head back down as Maria stood up with a smile, saying, "Very good." She touched her bracelet and all of a sudden there was the sound of the seashore and a visual of crashing waves before my eyes, very soothing. As I lay quietly, Maria prepared some lotion and took a warm cloth from a heater. She wrapped the cloth around my face, leaving space at my nose to breathe.

As I listened and watched the seashore, it seemed like there were faint voices in the background saying, "Relax" and "That's Right" and other hard-to-hear things. I figured that it was part of the program and I did my best to settle in to the bed though I was disappointed that I could not see Maria's rack anymore. I heard in my head, via the earphones, "Now, we begin by taking five deep breaths together." The view changed to me seeing myself from Maria's point of view, and it dawned on me that her glasses had a video camera that was being fed to my screen. She took a cloth and dipped it in scented water and held it near my nose as we breathed those five breaths together, her lab coat straining all the more at each breath. When we were done, the video feed returned to the seashore and I felt Maria begin to massage my arms using warm lotion, working shoulder to wrist, slowly working out any knots, leaving no spot untouched. Next, she did the same on my legs, flipping the blanket up on one side leaving my now excited manhood covered while she massaged me from thigh to toes and back, again leaving no part untouched before moving on to the other leg. Finally, the moment I had awaited came and she uncovered my now throbbing cock and gently massaged all around it and down toward my crack. Then she gently massaged my scrotum and finally massaged my cock for a short period of time, bringing me close to release, then stopping and stepping away. I turned my head toward her though all I saw was the ocean scene. Then I felt warm wet towels on me, going up and down my arms, even to my underarms, up and down my legs, front and back, then all over my groin, cleaning off any of the remaining lotion.

I was beginning to feel a little fuzzy when Maria's voice broke in to the sound of the waves, saying, "Now that your massage is done, I am going to add some bands that will help you feel more . . . secure . . . during your treatment." My cock swelled at the word "treatment" and I must have smiled. I felt rubbery bands like the one holding the glasses on to my head applied to various parts of my body--wrists and ankles, above the knee and elbow, around my waist and around my neck. I was happy to have Maria do this and her touch was soothing. I did not notice the coolness of the air at first then figured that the blanket must now be gone. I felt Maria remove the warm cloth from my face as she massaged my face slowly and deftly, finishing by manipulating my jaw so that it fell open wide. Quite unexpectedly, she slipped something hard into my mouth that fit perfectly against my teeth and made it impossible to close my mouth though left my tongue free. This, too, seemed to be secured by one of the rubbery bands. At once, all of the bands got a little tighter--not unpleasurable, though very secure.

Suddenly, the ocean and waves disappeared and I saw an overhead shot of the room--Maria standing back and observing me on the table. It was only then that I realized two things--my arms, legs, and groin were completely hairless and the bands were now adhering to be bed, seemingly at the clasp points, perhaps with strong magnets. I tried to raise my head and say something though my head was firmly held and my mouth useless . . . for speaking. Maria must have sensed my eyes opening wide under the glasses as she said, "Now it becomes clear, does it?" I shook my head to the extent that I could and she chuckled, "This is a special spa, a training institute for recalcitrant and untrained pets, and your wife has booked a special month that will be the beginning of your new life with her as her pet." I struggled in the bonds, mind racing, thinking, "What about work? What the fuck! How did this happen to me?"

The feed in my glasses changed to a scene of a man and a woman on a massage table fucking. They both glowed with massage oil and she was on her back with her head tossed back, also wearing glasses, though the type like Maria's. It was my wife and the gentleman who delivered our breakfast! I heard the crescendo of her orgasm and she said, breathlessly, "Oh, Lars, you are wonderful though remember to save your spunk for later." The scene changed back to my room and I could see that Maria had removed her lab coat and was now clad only in her bra and panties plus the suspender stockings, heels, and a large and shapely strap-on cock between her legs. Much like my wife tolerated me coming on her face, I tolerated her fucking me in the arse and I never dreamed of letting someone else do it.

The table began to tilt with a touch of a button, lowering my head a few inches. The next view was my view, of Maria's strap-on at my face. I struggled to clamp down but the firm plastic held my mouth open. My head tilted back further against my will, creating a straighter line from mouth to throat and Maria slowly inserted the strap-on into me, though not in a sensual way, she was testing me, seeing how far she could put it into me before I gagged. Which I did after not too long and I heard her tsk tsk. The feed now switched to her point of view and I could see her filling my mouth with her fake cock until I gagged again. I tried to close my eyes and received a sharp shock on my neck band--my collar, as it turned out to be--that had me open my eyes wide. I tested by blinking, which seemed OK, though I got shocked more intensely each time I tried to close my eyes. I was forced to watch Maria taking my mouth. She chuckled, "Yes, if you disobey you will either get shocked, choked, or have your carotid arteries pressed. All seem to be very effective motivators for obedience."

The view shifted to the room and I saw Lars and my wife enter, both flushed from their session and glistening with oil and sweat. Lars was still mostly erect and he came to stand at my head while the table lowered further. I was now at easy fucking height from both ends and I was scared. I saw Maria get another cloth and I felt the shock of cold on my mostly flaccid cock that shrank further with the cold. Then Maria fastened something behind my scrotum and over my cock that closed much like the bands. She also rolled something rubbery over the metal and rubber cage. Stepping away, I saw that she had rolled a modest sized rubber cock over the cage. By way of explanation, she said, "You are now caged and your wife is the only one who can release you. And the rubber penis covering the cage has a few useful attributes: It is bigger than your puny pathetic peter, it never goes soft, and it transmits no . . . pleasurable . . . feelings to you." With that, a shock of electricity rippled down my confined cock and I bucked in the restraints--so minimal yet so firm.

The view stayed on the room and I saw Lars approach my head, Maria move to my feet and my wife climb on to the table and sit on my belly. Both Maria and my wife watched as Lars cock entered my unwilling mouth, me trying to use my tongue to push it away. This only served to make Lars harder and everyone had a good laugh. Lars entered my mouth and pushed slowly, deeply toward my throat until I gagged some, at which point he pulled almost all of the way out and re-entered me, slowly, relentlessly. I felt my wife settled onto my confined cock and also saw it on the video feed that I was forced to watch though I could feel only her weight, not the silken caress of her tight pussy. Lastly, I felt Maria pressing her strap-on at my back door. Had I not had Lars's cock in my mouth, I might have shouted, though my efforts mainly seemed to please Lars--the wet vibrations making him harder. I saw Maria wrap her arms around my wife's body to toy with her clit as my wife rode me. Maria, at the same time, was slowly pressing the strap-on against my arse. At this point, I knew that resistance was impossible and I relaxed my bottom, feeling Maria's strap-on *pop* past my sphincter and fill me up, scraping across my prostate uncomfortably. Lars fucked my mouth, Maria my arse, and my wife my unfeeling cock until my wife came hard. It was only then that I realize the taste I had in my mouth was not only Lars's prescum but also my wife's pussy cream.

Only then did I notice two more men in the room--the gentleman who brought me to the locker room and another olive skinned gentleman, both naked and semi-erect, enjoying the show before them and my misery. My wife dismounted and Maria pulled out of my arse. Maria mounted the table and my cock while my wife watched. Lars moved to my rear and pressed his cock against my gaping arse and I began to buck in protest that Maria seemed to enjoy from her vantage point on my cock. The olive skinned man took Lars's place and his even larger cock pushed toward my throat. I gave into the submission and gave up any shred of dignity and freedom I thought that I had possessed. "Olive Skin" fucked my mouth while "Dark Skin" fucked my wife from behind. Then Olive skin fucked my arse while Dark Skin fucked my mouth, his cock monumentally huge and threatening to choke me. I had to watch all of this lest I get more and more powerful shocks.

My wife knelt by my face while Dark Skin held his cock deep inside of my mouth. Olive Skin finished with my arse and joined the other two men and my wife, my owner now, it seems, at my head. Maria, not satisfied, jumped back onto my cock and started riding me again though I was frustrated with the lack of pleasure. My wife spoke, "Now do you get it? That last coming on my face was too much. I don't care if you are stressed about work, taking it out on me is unacceptable and it will never happen again. Don't think I don't notice you smile and get erect when I am mad at you. And you won't have to worry about your job. I sent a "Fuck You" message to your boss from you before we left and I figure you will be terminated. And you are now my property. I've been making some changes to our accounts in the last few weeks with the help of these fine people and I now own you, lock, stock, and barrel." As she spoke, Lars and Olive Skin were stroking their cocks and Dark Skin started fucking my mouth again. "And that rectangle in the bedroom? That is where your cage will go. You will be confined to 4 x 3 x 2 feet for the next month unless you are getting treatment or training." Both words sent a surge of pleasure through my confused and wracked body.

She stepped back and all three men and Maria picked up their pace. My wife put on a glove and walked behind Maria, shoving her three fingers into my arse and sawing at my now gaping hole. She roughly fucked my arse while the gentlemen increased their stroking and fucking. Soon, my wife's whole fist was in my arse and she was fucking me deeply, Dark Skin's pulsing cock was in my throat, and Maria was bucking on my cock. My wife then screamed, "NOW!" and with that, Maria began to orgasm on my cock while hot splashes of spooge from Lars and Olive Skin covered my face and Dark Skin seemed to swell to twice is already enormous size as he unloaded his hot cum into my throat. Overwhelmed by all of this, I passed out hearing my wife say, "I bet this was not the facial you expected!"

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