You Deserve Every Stroke!
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  • Post Date - 8/19/2013

Author's Note: The intense head space of a young man visiting his favorite porn-star-turned-dominatrix for a day of fun.

The First Day

"You deserve every stroke, you disgusting maggot!"

Mistress Jezebel slashed him cruelly across the buttocks with a whip.


"You are a horrible, disgusting piece of work!"

Mark felt a sharp pain across his lower leg, the searing line of the whip almost breaking his skin. Mark's penis tingled with excitement and humiliation.

Ow! This hurts so much more than I thought it would!

Mistress Jezebel was behind him, out of his line of sight. Mark could only look at the myriad of dildos, whips, hooks and vibrators hanging from the wall in horror. His eyes scanned up and down them endlessly, fuelling his fevered thoughts.

The sound of stilettos quietly drew nearer and Mark sensed Mistress Jezebel slowly walk up close behind him. His heat skipped a beat as he felt her sweetly scented breath whistle down the back of his neck.

Mark felt a tender hand cusp his buttock softly, before it traced a path up the side of his body.

Dear god, please touch me more mistress!

She gently placed her hand under one of his armpits. Suddenly Mistress tickled sharply, and Mark's body convulsed uncontrollably. Jezebel laughed out loud for a long time, waiting for Mark to stand back up on his feet.


Mark let out a shriek as Mistress Jezebel grasped a clump of his hair and yanked his head back - hard! A small grunt escaped his throat but he shut up quickly.

No talking!

Her voice repeated in his head.

Why doesn't she want me to talk? Is that normal? I should have done more research before my first time...

Jezebel still had his head pulled back, and leaned into his ear to whisper.

"I wonder how many times you've jerked off to me on your disgusting, filthy, porn sessions?" She said the world filthy with a little hiss.

Hundreds of times! Ever since I was a teenager!

Mark felt like crying it out! His secret shame revealed at last!

But Mark remembered the rules and kept quiet.

She probably knows anyway. Or doesn't care.

"How many times you've fantasised of dominating me, as I lie helpless in strict latex bondage?"

Jezebel spat out the words slowly, a tone of indignation rising when she said 'me'.

Mark felt a small tremor of fear run down his neck. He was too terrified to turn around, she genuinely seemed angry.

What if she's really going to hurt me?

A single strand of Mistress Jezebel's long, dark hair touched his back as she leaned into him. Mark felt an almost electric surge of arousal run through his body. He took tiny panting little breathes, trying to calm himself.

It's just a game, it's just a game, it's just a game!

"Huh, pet?"

Mistress Jezebel gently ran the back of her hand down his side, and for a split second he felt the latex sleeve of her catsuit run across one of his many bruises. The mixture and pain and ecstasy were too much! He let out a little sigh, his penis throbbing fully erect.

You've done it this time, idiot! Now you're going to get it!

"My, my little Markie, you are excited today!"

She flicked his penis and laughed to herself.

The urge to beg her too touch him came again, but the words caught in his throat and became desperate pants.

Mark's arms were locked high above his head in leather wrist-cuffs attached to the ceiling; he stood on tippy-toes, trying desperately to relieve the ache in his shoulders that came when he stood with his heels flat to the ground. Completely naked - his scrawny body marked pink and brown with the many punishments he had received since arriving in Mistress Jezebel's dungeon.

The room was fairly generic for a dungeon, painted a deep red. Black leather bondage furniture lay strewn across the room.

The wall behind Mark was simply a large mirror, presumably for Mistress Jezebel to admire her captives. Or possibly for the same slaves to watch the horrors unfolding on their own captive bodies.

The wall in-front of Mark was covered in spiked PVC-jelly dildos, bright red ball gags, metal nipple clamps, torturous male and female chastity belts, latex gimp masks with zippers for mouths, inflatable butt plugs, gigantic strings anal beads, and a myriad of others toys for pain and pleasure. More terrifying than all was a black box in the corner, with a string of electric cords leading out of it.

Just looking at Mistress's Jezebel's collection gave Mark a sense of exhilaration and terror. He had booked a session for 2 continuous days, and told her she could do with him whatever pleased her. He could never have imagined what a foolish request that would be. Mistress Jezebel may have the charming voice of a mid-west sweetheart, but her whims and desires were devilishly cruel and capricious.

I wonder how ridiculous I must look? To be stripped, hung up, beaten and humiliated by a beautiful petite woman. And me asking for more!

It was his first time with a dominatrix and he had always wanted to visit his teenage idol if he had the opportunity. The beautiful bondage porn star had grown older, and circumstances had made her take up the whip to make ends-meat.

Maybe she had come to truly hate the men that she beat for money, voyeurs who once sat at their computer in darkened rooms lusting after the pixelated fantasy, watching her torment. Men like me...

Mark's brain raced with thoughts; waves of fear, dread, lust and excitement ran into each other tumultuously. It felt so wrong to be humiliated and teased by the women he had dreamed of humiliating and teasing so many times, but yet...

But I've never felt so alive!

Mistress Jezebel's gorgeous body was the first thing he saw as she circled around him, with a slow confident strut. Mark had kept his head faced downwards in shame whilst she had administered the whipping. A pair of blue stilettos led up to delicate legs covered in shiny black latex, ending in the most beautiful curvy ass he had ever seen.

What I'd give to-

Jezebel grabbed Mark's nose with her fingers and pulled it upwards, so it faced a pair of shapely breasts, hugged tight by her one-piece catsuit.

Owww!!! Oh God! Please-

"No, not there either Mark!"

Mistress Jezebel pulled him by his nose upwards again. He found himself looking into her beautiful almond eyes.


"There you go Mark, there's my face!" She taunted sarcastically, her eyes gleaming.

Jezebel pinched his nose hard, causing him to choke and little and move back, but she held on and pulled him forwards a little. She stroked his cheek with her other hand, brushing against his 5 o'clock stubble.

Jezebel announced in tone mock surprise: "You really are a disgusting little pervert Mark!"

Mark desperately tried not to look into her accusing eyes.

She knows, God she knows!

"Well don't worry - today, we're going to make it all equal. You're going to be Mama's little whore today, performing for the camera, dressed in all your sexy little costumes!"

Her voice was playful, amused.

Camera? I never agreed to a camera?

She stopped pinching his nose and ran a single finger down the tip of it.

"You're going to be on hell of a slut for Mama!"

Mark felt her hand grasp his balls and squeeze hard.

Oh god!

He gasped, and Mistress Jezebel laughed shrilly. She tugged harshly, and Mark whimpered loudly, as he felt tears forming in the corners of his eyes.


Mark thought of her beautiful breasts again.

Not Mistress Jezebel but - Mama Jezebel.

At the last second Jezebel turned back, and leant forward into his face. Before Mark could work out what was happening, she gave him a big slobbery lick up his face and then slapped him - hard.

She giggled to herself again and rubbed her hand idly down her breasts.

Mark scrunched up his eyes, expecting another slap.

Please, do it again!

Instead he felt her hand ruffle his hair.

"Mama Jezebel's gonna teach Markie how to behave!"

When Mark opened his eyes a few seconds later the last thing he saw was Mistress Jezebel buttocks sashay sexily out of the door, before it slammed close behind her.

What now?

He was left alone - arms still painfully suspended above him - to ponder his fate.

Mama Jezebel's gonna teach me how to behave...

Mark couldn't see anything! He tried to open his eyes but all he saw was black. He was bent slightly forwards, his arms out forwards and his legs crouched slightly but both pulled out sideways - with the end result that his ass waved in the air out behind him, whilst his penis dangled out exposed beneath him.

What the-?

He breathed in, the smell of latex covering his nostrils over-powered him and he instinctively tried to pull his head back. But all he felt was a strong weight pulling him down on his neck, exerting a force that grew stronger as he tried to pull back.

Plastic! Can't breathe! Air! Need air!

Panic overcame him as Mark gasped for air but instead re-inhaled his own hot sweaty breath. The latex pulled tight in around his face, and he felt only a tiny pull of cold air through his mouth.

Jesus Christ! What's happening?

Mark kicked hard with his legs, but found with every attempted movement an instant pull began in the opposite direction, pulling him back into position. He felt the same terrifying blank pull of nothingness with his next breath.

Fuck! I need air! I need to get out!

Mark felt like he was drowning underwater! Desperately he tried to pull in a gasp of air, but received only more suffocating hot re-inhaled air! Patches of vivid red and green swam through the blackness of his vision.

I can't breathe!

He bucked wildly now with all his body, but neither his legs or arms would move more than a couple of inches before the pressure became overwhelming and pulled him back to the same ridiculous squatting position.

Where am I?!?

Mark became dimly aware that he was hanging somehow, his feet dangling off the ground and his entire body swaying slightly with his efforts to move.


Another panic breath - Mark felt his own tears damp against the latex every time he tried to breathe in. The mask pulled tight against his face once more.


His tongue touched wafer-thin latex as he exhaled. He felt his hair pressed in by more sweaty latex.


Moving his hands he got them no further to his face, trying desperately to rip off the gimp mask.

Gimp mask?

Something clicked, and Mark calmed a little.

I'm at Mistress Jezebel's.

He suddenly felt every little finger was encased in hardened latex. Even curling his fingers was a near-impossible task.

I'm in bondage.

I paid for this.

Mark calmed slightly, and took a slower breath. He felt a bigger pull of cold air pass through the latex skin of the mask, cooling his burning lungs.

Don't panic.

He breathed in again, and the sensation of lightness in his head dissipated with the cool air.

Mistress Jezebel has tied me up. She's in the room making sure I'm ok.

Mark sensed a flash of pain from one of the cane marks on his back, and felt relief.

I got that cane mark earlier today. I'm still at Mistress Jezebel's. This is a game, it will end soon.

A mental image of Mistress Jezebel formed sharply before him. She was facing away from him, her long, luscious black hair cascading down her the back of her latex catsuit; posed in a stylish strut with her left arm stroking her hair behind her ear, and her left arm out sideways holding a riding crop pointing back to her hip.

Ahhhh yessssss.

Jezebel swung around with a start, her face a blur. "You are a little whore aren't you?"


She struck his stomach sharply with the riding crop. Mark felt an explosion of pain even through the latex.

Can't breathe!

He's started panicking again, tiny hurried breathes that made his head spin.

Are my eyes even open or closed?

Mistress Jezebel had faded away from his vision.

Mark calmed and saw only black again. The stinging pain remained however.

Did that really happen?

Maybe she's still waiting, to torture me again.

A panicked thought crossed his mind. Mark felt cold air on the only part of his body not trapped beneath a layer of latex.

Please not my balls!

A second later he felt a searing pain all over his balls.

FUCK! Please God no!

Soon his entire shaft felt like it was on fire. A second later it felt like the pain was coming from the inside too, starting at the tip of his bellend.


The pain continued onwards until it felt like he was pissing fire. The maddening image of Mistress Jezebel slathering his penis with Deep Heat filled his mind.

He heard her gleeful voicing mocking him: "Hey Little Markie! - you really are excited today!"

Please no Mistress!

Her hand pulled back his foreskin and slathered even more Deep heat into the tip of his bellend.

No you bitch!

Mark kicked and fought with every inch of his body to no avail! He was trapped, almost paralysed. Almost mocking him, his penis grew fully erect, raging blood-red like it was going to burst.


Each effort to move resulted in only momentary success. Soon every one of the muscles in his arms and legs were on fire; as the inevitable resistance of the springs combined with the frantic nature of his movements - pulled and pushed every muscle in his body till complete exhaustion. Mark couldn't have had a better work-out if he'd been to the gym every day for a week.

Ahhhh! Aaaahhhh!

Mark bucked and jerked like a wild bronco for some time, transformed into a wailing beast, more animal than man.


After a while the pain started to plateau and then recede.

His movements grew weaker. His muted cries became feeble grunts and moans.

Ghhhhhhh! Mmrrrrrrrrr! Rrrrrrr!

Eventually Mark stopped fighting and his body hung completely limp, man and beast alike in him crushed and defeated.

He stayed like that for a long time - dead to the world, the slow tingle of pain still remaining in his penis meriting no response - his slow pendulum swing back and forth the only reward for his struggles.

Mark became aware the pressure of the springs spread over his knees, ankles, thighs and torso as he slowly stopped swinging.

No wonder I couldn't move.

How long have I been here?

An eternity seemed to pass in answer to the questions in Mark's head. There was a pause, and for a split-second Mark heard only pure silence in his head.

God, what kind of idiot would pay to have this done to them.

I'm a disgusting pervert. This is what I deserve!

He started to sob uncontrollably. A familiar voice rang out in response:

"You certainly are a disgusting pervert, little Mark, that's why you came to me."

Oh God! I must be in hell!

"You certainly are in hell, Markie Boy"

The slow stiletto clap-clap-clap neared Mark, and he felt a fresh wave of dread hit him in stomach.

The clap-clap stopped a few inches short of him, and Mark could only wait.

Mistress Jezebel punched him hard in the cheek and he felt the bruise form instantly.


Mark screamed shortly, before falling silent again.

Please let me go! It was a mistake!

He saw her now standing before him, completely naked, her big breasts pert and perfect, her skin aglow with a light Mediterranean tan, a neatly shaved triangle of dark pubic hair hiding her modesty, a perfect hourglass figure. Confident, calm, totally self-assured.

The perfect woman.

She held a long silver dagger in her hand.

My perfect woman.

Mark looked up into Jezebel's eyes, looking past her dark, fluttering eyelashes. Mark stared transfixed right into the impossibly big and bottomless pupils of her beautiful brown eyes.

Mark seemed to fall further and further into them.

He saw with suddenly clarity a bright green flame dancing inside them.

God help me!

She's not actually there. I'm blindfolded. I can't see her. I'm just making this worse. There's no green fire and there's no dagger. She can't actually harm me.

As if in response to his thoughts, he saw her hold up the intricately made dagger in front of him and laugh.

No! Please! No!

"You don't deserve your manhood, boy. I'm going to correct that. And then you will be mine to torment forever, fuck toy!"

She leant down and gave his penis, from balls to tip, one slow lick.

Ahhhh yes!

Mark sighed, and the sudden pleasure made the ache of every bruise and mark on his body stand up in contrast.

She's just playing with me. This is what I paid for. I'm just panicking, that's all.

"If that's true, Markie! Then why don't you remember how you got here?" Jezebel said - a low, raspy voice bubbling up from her throat.

How can she hear my thoughts then!

"You will be punished for your perversions, Markie boy, forever!"

Jezebel ran the length of the blade down the side of his penis. Mark felt the coldness of the blade, and his penis shriveled up in fear.

God no! Please don't, I'll do anything!

"Too late" she smiled. Mistress Jezebel took the knife and sliced his penis of from the stem to his balls, in one clean movement.


As Mark screamed, he felt his entire body wrapped in tight latex. The latex grew invading his asshole and the insides of his nostrils and mouth.


The pressure built and built and built on Mark, till he thought it would fuse with his skin.

"You are mine now!" was the last thing Mark heard before he passed out.

Mark woke up and saw black again. He felt calm when he woke up - as though a good deal of time had passed.

His mind's eye was filled with the image of him in a latex gimp suit, suspended by springs from the ceiling of Mistress Jezebel's dungeon. Mark breathed in, and felt cool air flow through his nostrils and into his lungs.

I was having a panic attack, that's all. I'm fine, I can feel my penis, it's still attached.

I'm hallucinating because of the sensory deprivation.

His penis didn't even hurt. Nothing in his body did.

Mmm, I feel...

The cool grip of the latex held him, like another layer of skin.

I feel good. I feel...amazing.

Mark shifted a little and felt a warm feeling in his ass.

How long have I been here?

Maybe a few minutes, maybe a few hours...

Pointless to wonder...

I'll be free only when Mistress Jezebel lets me down...

Mark felt a little butterfly in his stomach.

If I was having a panic attack, why didn't Mistress notice?

Funny how I call her Mistress - even in my own head...

Maybe this is what they mean by subspace.

No point worrying.

Can't do anything.

No power. No responsibility.

Just this.

Just being...

Completely free.

Mark wiggled his body as much as he could, maybe a few inches backwards and forwards.

Mmm... completely free.

"Hello Markie, are you enjoying your new friend?" Jezebel whispered in his ear.

Mark felt the pressure of her hand on the side of his head. He was sure this was her, and not another hallucination.


Mark tried to reply but only made a low moaning sound. Something cool and sweet was in his mouth. There was a pleasant tactile hardness to it. He thought it could be a cock-gag - but it felt different. Less invasive. Less humiliating.

Impulsively he sucked on it, and found the back of his mouth filled with an almost indescribable sweetness.

It must be the sensory deprivation increasing my other senses, this tastes incredible.

Mark started sucking greedily.

More, need more!

Mark couldn't glug it down as quickly as his mouth filled with the wondrous liquid. He felt the muscles in his neck rushing to swallow it as quickly as he could.


Mark heard a good natured chuckle next to him, and suddenly he realised what the shape of the gag was.

it's a woman teat...

"Drink from Mama Jezebel, big boy" she whispered. "Drink it all up."

drink it all up...

An overwhelming sense of satisfaction pooled in his stomach, a naked ache at the bottom of his soul being filled.

all full...

Mark felt a curious twinge, as he continued suckling at a slower pace.

anus, mmmmm feels warm...

Mark dimly realised he was being given an enema.

warm and full, warm and full...

His anus swelled to its full extent and stopped after a while too. Mark had the curious sensation of being held all over his body.

filled with warmth.... never felt so good....

Waves of pleasure rippled up and down Marks body, travelling from the bottom of his feet up to his head.


The waves grew more and more frequent, travelling in all directions at once, crashing into each other and heading in different directions. His penis grew rock hard as wave after wave reached down to the tip of his penis.


"Drink it all up, big boy, Mama Jezebel is here for you".

drink it all up, drink it all up...

"Keep drinking it up, keep drinking it up"

Mark started sucking greedily again.


Mark felt his bowels loosen.


A second later a massive cum of wad shot from his penis.


The orgasm thundered through his body, and he bit down on the teat in his mouth as hard as he could.


Mark no longer saw blackness or lines of colour in his vision, only an all-overpowering whiteness that expanded in every direction.


And for the second time he nodded off into sleep in a split-second, the feeling of absolute fulfilment and joy hugging every fibre of his being.


Mark's eyes were closed, and he didn't dare open them. But he knew he was out of the latex suit, cradled naked in Mama Jezebel's arms. Drool gently leaked over Jezebel's chest, whilst jizz drooled gently out of his penis, sticking to Mama's leg, but she didn't mind. She would wipe him down thoroughly before putting him to bed and locking him up for the night, but for now Mama Jezebel simply rocked him backwards and forwards.

Mark's head nuzzled in the big friendly breasts in front of him and Mama gently patted him on the back. Mama Jezebel tried to be strictly professional with her clients, but she knew from years of experience that they needed a bit of tender, loving care after a long session. Besides this one was a real cutie, these silly men always pretended they wanted pain and punishment when they wanted something much more basic.

"Good boy, Good boy." She whispered reassuringly.

Mark moaned softly to himself. Well Mama Jezebel thought to herself:

They might really want one, but they pay me to give them the other. And I'm certainly going to give it to them!

A smile crossed Jezebel's face, and she cradled Markie tighter, looking over to the wall of toys.

And who's to say I can't enjoy it!

"Rest now Markie. You're going to have a long day ahead of you tomorrow."

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