Making of a Bitch
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Author's Note: Katie moves in with her dad after mom passes away form cancer, Once there she realizes her new family does not like her and when dad leaves she finds herself in deep trouble with her step sisters and their boyfriends

Chapter 1

Katie hated that she had to leave all her friends in the city and move half way across the country. After her mother passed away from cancer there was no one to care for her in the city. The divorce had taken its toll on both her mom and dad. He moved to Kansas and she stayed in Washington D.C. He started a dog breeding farm and was doing quite well, not to mention he had remarried and had two step-daughters from it while her mom was living on welfare dying from cancer. Her mom had stayed single not wanting to place Katie in any awkward situations. Well THAT was over now.

Katie did not like her step sisters and it was obvious that she was not liked by anyone in her new family except her dad. He was constantly overruled by his controlling new wife on many things. Katie was made to live in the basement on a cot instead of the extra bedroom on the 2nd floor. That was where the step sisters' boyfriends would stay if they came out for the night or weekend. Katie had a lot of chores to do while the sisters had next to nothing. They spent the day lying by the pool getting darker tans.

Janet, Jan to the family, was the oldest was in college already. She was 22 and was a tom boy through and through. She was big, strong and had a mean streak in her the size of the empire state building. She also loved to show off her body walking around the house either naked or wearing nothing but a tiny thong bikini. Her body was very athletic but her breasts were only B cup.

Corinne, Cory as she was called mostly, was almost as big but younger still. She was a spoiled child being the second oldest. She was mean like her sister but was much more sadistic in her tortures, however she was not as creative. She was just starting college at the age of 19 and was dating two boys at the same time.

Katie was only 18 and small for her age which gave her a distinct disadvantage with her sisters. If she refused to do what she was told, they would just force her to do it anyway. Katie hated her new life. The one bright spot was her Dad. He doted on Katie when he could but that was few and far between as the other women in his life seemed to run it.

Katie's big disappointment was when her Dad told her that he was taking a few of the dogs on a month long tour of the country and she had to stay home with the step family. Katie's anger was over shadowed only by her fear. The two step sisters would surely make her life intolerable. She started saving as much food and drinks as she could because she was well aware of what was coming. She was intending to hide from Jan, Cory and her step mother as much as possible. She hid her skateboard and pads so she would have them to get away from the upcoming abuse.

To make matters worse, Cory had invited her boyfriend, George, over the night Dad was leaving. Katie had wanted to spent time with her Dad and savor the last few moments she would get for about a month. Instead she was made to go down to the basement and had to spend the entire night there. George was a hound dog and Cory did not like the way he looked at her younger step sister. His face held a look of lust each time Katie was in the room with him. Cory kept him as far away from Katie as she could. He was her man not a family share toy.

In the middle of the night Katie woke up to a hand rubbing her breast and another hand rubbing inside her panties. She slept in her undies so there was not much protection. Katie immediately pushed the hands away and opened her eyes to see George sitting on the edge of her cot. "What the hell are you doing George?" Katie asked him.

An evil grin crept across his lips as he told her "I was just horny and wanted to test out the new sister. What, you don't like it?" If possible the smile got bigger as he said it.

For some reason Katie stopped herself before she shot back a sarcastic answer. She had to think about this one a second. It had felt really good. Katie had never been with a boy before but knew that women liked being rubbed and caressed in just these spots. She suddenly realized why; it felt great. She could feel the wetness between her legs and her massive breasts were capped by nubs of steel from all his attention

Katie's next question was then about a more fearsome problem. "What about Cory George?" Katie knew if Cory found out about George's loss of interest in her womanly charm, then it would be her who paid a harsher price than George.

"She's sleeping off a good hard fucking. She'll be out for a good couple hours yet. So what about it? You in or should I say, you want me in you?" George responded and then laughed. "Here's an incentive to be brave." With that comment he reached out and grabbed Katie's hair and pulled her lips up to his and rammed his tongue past them to what felt like half way to her stomach.

Katie launched into a fight to get this invader out of her mouth. She tried to push him back but he was way too stronger for her. Then she tried to use her tongue to push his out and found this merely turned George's lust on full throttle. She was having a hard time breathing with this large piece of flesh blocking her mouth. She was forced to breathe through her nose but it was not enough due to her panic. She was starting to get light headed before he stopped and stood up.

"You fucking bitch, you lead me on and then act like that? Fuck you. I'm going to tell Cory."

"No!!" Katie yelled back. She didn't care at this point if anyone heard. In fact she hoped someone would; anyone but Cory that is.

Her skin went cold and clammy as she heard the voice from the doorway. "Bitch are you stealing my George?" Katie whipped her head around and saw Cory watching with a huge grin on her face. Katie also noted the evil glint in Cory's eyes.

"Cory, he came down here and did all this this. I never agreed to anything nor did I encourage him. In fact, I tried to stop him but he was too strong." Katie told her step sister in a panicked voice

"Face it Katie you are nothing more than a teasing little slut." That was all Cory said to Katie before turning to George she said "Flip her over and tie her arms behind her back."

Now George had that evil little glint in his eyes too. He pounced on Katie and had her flipped onto her stomach faster than she was possible. Katie opened her mouth to scream and instead felt a piece of cloth stuffed deep in her mouth. It was Cory. She kept shoving it in until Katie could feel her cheeks bulging out and her tongue being pinned to the bottom of her mouth. She felt another piece being tied over that to keep it seated in her mouth. Katie tried to scream but now all that came out was a very soft moan.

Katie felt George slid off her hips and someone else plop on them. It must have been Cory since she was the only other person there. Katie's elbows were pulled together by some kind of strap or belt until they touched. This move rolled her shoulders backward and made it feel like her double D breasts were being pressed into the cot hard enough to pop them like balloons.

"There, that is how you restrain a girl's arms you dumbass. If you tie the wrist only they can possibly untie them and get out. You tie the elbows and they are stuck until someone else undoes the knot. A human cannot reach their own elbows, now tie her ankles to her thighs. That will keep her down here while we get everything else set up in the barn." It was Cory's voice and that tone she used scared Katie. It was cold and strangely happy sounding like she was pleased about having a new toy to play with.

George followed Cory's instruction to the letter. While Cory held her hips down by sitting on her, Katie's legs were tied into folded over halves. The wraps around the ankle and thigh were cinched tighter by a rope being wound around between them. There was no movement other than her hips and some ankle movement. Cory finally got off Katie's hips and slapped her very hard on the ass cheek. Katie screamed into the gag as a red hand print started to form on it.

"Go get Jan. Tell I need her down here NOW!!" Cory told George. He dutifully rushed out the door and Cory then rolled Katie over onto her back. "I just did that so I can have some alone time with my little slut step sister." Katie shuddered at that evil glint in Cory's eyes again.

Cory reached over and picked up a small coil of rope and moved down to Katie's legs. Cory was very quick about tying one knee to the steel frame of the cot. Katie began to struggle until Cory reached up and grabbed a nipple twisting it savagely. Katie's whole body went stiff with pain. After loosening her grip a little Cory told her "You either stop fighting or I will get a vise grip and use it on both nipples one at a time. You got that bitch?"

Katie did not even hesitate before she shook her head yes. She came the grand conclusion that Cory was holding all the cards right now and she should just obey and survive this ordeal. Cory quickly finished the second leg pulling Katie's legs wide open. Katie's history in gymnastics allowed for her legs to spread nearly flat. Katie was thankful that her bra and panties were still on since this position was pulling her tight pussy open as well. Cory couldn't see the bulls eye under the cloth panties.

Cory cut Katie's bra off leaving her breasts unprotected rolling around on her chest. Cory then began to wrap a coil of rope around Katie's right breast. It was tight and within seconds it began to swell and look like a reddish purple balloon waiting to pop. Once the coil was knotted, Cory used her finger to snap the now rock hard distended nipple standing like an angry steel spire on top of a mountain of tit flesh. Katie felt the breast being pulled sideways toward the edge of the bed as the other end of the rope was tied to the cot frame.

Katie now saw what Cory was doing. By splaying her legs out and then tying her breast down like this, she was pinning Katie to the cot so she would not be able to move at all. Katie did not like this adventure so far but she was too helpless now to stop it or even make much of a fight to stop it. She knew that struggling would only piss Cory off and she had already had a taste of Cory's sadistic nature with her nipples.

"What the fuck are you doing?!!" Katie heard the yell from the doorway and looked to see Jan, her boyfriend Dave, and of course there was George standing behind them with his eyes nearly popped out of his head. The girl he had tried to have his time with was now splayed out ready for his personal use.

Cory spent a few minutes explaining to Jan what she had seen and how she had tied the younger girl down to have some fun with and teach her a lesson or two. Jan just kept looking at Katie's helpless body with a smirk and slowly it turned into a smile.

Jan walked over to a shelf on the far wall and came back with a set of scissors. "Well, we'll have to lose all of the clothes." With that she sliced both hip straps and yanked the remnants of Katie's panties up through her slit making sure to have the girl moaning in pain and trying to wiggle into a less painful position. It did not work. It was like Jan was cutting her pussy in half with the thin panties. She noticed that Katie was very wet at this point with moisture glistening off the mass of hair around the labia. "That is the next thing we need to fix. A proper slut does have any hair there so you need to lose it now." She slapped Katie's pussy hard making her wince and her body spasm against the ropes holding it open for business.

Jan sent Cory upstairs for shaving cream and a razor while she looked her younger step sister over from head to foot. Katie could see the gears turning in that cruel head of Jan's and was sure she was not going to like the outcome of any of those ideas. She seemed to really spend a lot of time on Katie's now swollen purple/red breasts. In a lightning fast move, Jan reached out and slapped Katie's left tit and sent Katie into a semi-conscious convulsion. It hurt worse than the pussy slap. Her breasts had now become very, very sensitive and the slap, although not too hard, made it seem like Jan had used a bat to smack it. The metal frame groaned just as Katie did when her legs tried to pull together and lift her upper body off the cot. All sitting up seemed to do was pull the ropes on her breasts even tighter.

Katie's breasts looked ready to pop. Cory went to shelf and picked up the tackle box. She brought it over to Katie's cot and opened lid to expose all the hooks, lures, weights, and tiny bells for alerting the fisherman that the bait had been taken. It was these that caught Cory's eyes. She pulled out some hooks and bells and fashioned them into sets of two bells on each hook.

She whirled around to face Katie who had been watching with a morbid curiosity on what this sadist had in store for her. "Now I'd tell you not to scream but I know you will anyway and it would take all the fun out of this." Cory told her as she flicked a nipple with her finger.

Katie's only thought was "Honestly like that is necessary. It can't get any harder." The thought was short lived as Cory pushed the point of the hook through the soft flesh just under the teat itself going through the meat of the breast. Katie did scream. She screamed as loud as the gag let her while the veins in her neck started to pop out like steel bars under the skin. Katie struggled as much as she could which was not much. She was quickly sweating buckets since Cory was taking her sweet time slowly pushing the hook point through Katie's nipple. Blood slowly wept out of the entrance hole around the hook shaft and began to trickle down the mass of flesh it had just come from. It was only seconds but seemed more like hours before Cory finally pushed the tip through the other side and Katie was now the proud owner of a set of bells.

The purpose of these bells became obvious as she stated working on the other breast and nipple. The hook and bells already in place began to ring as Katie continued to struggle which shook her breasts around making a sound much like the bell on a cat's collar.

"We'll hear you coming from quite a ways now honey." Cory told her as she laughed. It took just as long to get second hook in as the first. Katie was completely spent now. Soaked in sweat and sore from being forced into such an uncomfortable position, Katie was ready to fall asleep. She wanted so much for this incident to end and get back to a normal life. In the back of her mind though was the thought that since her dad was gone for an entire month, these people could possibly keep her bound that long.

Katie hadn't been paying any attention as the two sisters and their boyfriends moved over the doorway and began to discuss their plans for the young girl. "She wants to be a bitch; I say we make her a real bitch. Dad has some scent powder that drives the male dogs crazy and if we tie her wrists to her upper arms and keep her legs bent like they are, she would be the perfect height for a female in heat." Cory interjected.

Jan couldn't let her younger sister out do her so she chimed in her idea. "We can tie her tits to one of the rings in the dog yard to keep her from going anywhere. Just leave them enough room to let the bells ring." She laughed after looking over at the target lying on the cot.

Dave added his idea next. "If you get her wet the dogs will go wild over it and make for a really show."

Katie was trying to listen but could not hear the quiet conversation. She was a little apprehensive as the group approached her. Her breasts were released from the cot frame but her legs were kept tied. She felt the rope loosen on her arms and then each arm was bent so her hands were up by her shoulders and each sister tied an arm while the boyfriend held Katie firmly. It would have made little difference as her arms were numb from being tied for so long already. After the arms were secured they group fitted Katie's elbows and knees with her skateboard pads to keep them from getting torn up.

Katie was unceremoniously flipped over onto the floor. The group was pleased with the result. Katie was able to move around but was very limited to where she could go since she had limited use of both legs and hands. The coup de craw was that her ass was stuck up in the air. Katie heard a swoosh of air and then a stripe of fire across her ass. She whipped her head around just in time to see the second strike of the belt on her perfectly positioned ass. This time it was even harder and Katie squirmed as fast as she could to stop the assault on her tender ass.

"Holy shit! Look at the welt forming on her ass. Let me try that?!" It was George's voice and Katie knew he would be more likely to swing with all his strength since she had just rejected him less than an hour ago. He did. It felt as if a red hot poker had been laid across her ass. Katie moaned in pain as full effect of the strike reached her muddled brain. Her legs began to shake as did her breasts dangling just inches off the floor since she was limited to using her elbows to support her upper body. She felt the room beginning to spin as the pain became too much for her and soon blackness overcame her mind to end her suffering.

Chapter 2

Katie came to and noted she was no longer in the house since she was lying on grass. Katie snapped back to the real world as she realized they had taken her outside. She could feel the warm sun on her skin. She had to struggle to get to her, well, legs all four of them. Her legs and arms were still bent in half tied wrist to upper arms and ankle to upper thigh and she still had the pads on to protect her knees and elbows.

Once upright, Katie felt the grass blades tickling her nipples as her breasts were now hanging low enough to be scraping the tall grass. Her nipples immediately responded by puffing up and getting rock hard. She was embarrassed to have her body reveal how turned on she was in her new state of undress and bondage.

Another new development was the collar. Katie could feel the dog collar around her neck and the leash rings on all four sides. She couldn't feel anything on them but she overwhelmed by all the new sensations. The sunshine warming her flesh, the breeze blowing across her ass, the grass rubbing her nipples was all a bit much for a hormonal teen age girl to take in at once.

Katie moved to walk or crawl forward would be a better term. She right away noticed her tits being yanked backward. The ropes were still around her breasts. The ropes had evidentially been run through a ring or something on the ground to keep her from moving to far. She grunted her disgust at being pinned down like she was. It was degrading. She was a human not a damn dog to be controlled.

It was at this point she realized she was not alone. "Well welcome back to the land of the living princess." It was George. She managed to scoot her ass sideways enough to see him butt naked behind her. He was squatting by a ring in a concrete block with three sets of ropes running through it. "Let's get you ready sweetie. You owe me a fuck girl. Cory said I can use you as long as remember who my true woman is. You are from now on just a dog around here. You don't have any human rights."

Katie watched as he grabbed a rope and pulled it tight. She felt her knees being pulled up toward her neck. He stopped when her ass was very high in the air. She could feel the wind on her now exposed pussy lips. George was not done yet, he next grabbed the other set of ropes and Katie's breasts were pulled down until she was basically in a u shape with her arms out to the side and her neck on the ground just in front of her knees. Katie tried to struggle but found it a futile attempt and gave up readying herself for his attack.

She was surprised at his first touch being so gentle. He reached under her and messaged her breasts getting her nipples even harder. His other hand was rubbing her slit and he was good about it. He soon had her moaning with pleasure and her pussy was wet. It was very wet. Katie was ashamed to let her body betray her like this but George was way too good at revving up a teenage pussy.

It came as a complete surprise when rammed his hard cock in her sopping wet pussy. Now Katie had never had sex with a male but she had played with her mom's vibrator before and liked it. She was not technically a virgin anymore but she was a virgin as far as sex with a man.

Katie's senses were in overload right now. She couldn't think about anything but George's slow rhythmic cock siding in and out of her love nest. It felt so good. It was much better than the cold hard vibrator had ever been. She could feel her juices literally running down the inside of her thighs like small rivers. It was impossible but her nipples seemed to be getting harder yet.

Then it happened. Katie's body could take no more. She was surprised by an uncontrolled cramping motion of her pussy and stomach. George seemed to like it though. Katie had never before experienced an orgasm, the warm feeling washing over her body from head to foot right now. She thoroughly enjoyed the rhythmic pulsing of her body around George's cock seeking to milk every drop of cum out of it. It seemed to last forever.

Katie was actually disappointed when the rape was over. She had never been so turned on by any man before. When George pulled his cock out she just fell limp. Fell limp is really a poor choice of words. She was stuck in that position. Her body just relaxed completely and Katie's mind was still in the afterglow of her first orgasm.

Katie was brought back to reality by jolt of electricity right on her pussy. She bucked and struggled but could do nothing to get away from this new assault. Katie was screaming into her gag but little was getting out. Her breaths were coming quick and shallow plus her lower body was not relaxing. From her waist down Katie's body was tensed and knotted up. She felt her bowels let loose and urine flowing out of her bladder but there was nothing she could do to stop it.

It was over as fast as it started. Katie's body went limp again but this time because she was exhausted. Her mind was still reeling from the shock when she saw a woman bare foot in front of her eyes. She looked up to see Cory standing over her with a cattle prod. The ropes suddenly went slack and Katie fell over sideways.

Cory bent down and whispered in Katie's ear. "Yes I told him he could use your body but you aren't going to get to enjoy any of it bitch." This time Cory stuck the prod on the side of Katie's massive breast and pulled the trigger again. Katie felt the fire running through her breast. She thought for sure it was being cooked from the inside out. Her chest contracted making it impossible for her to breathe. It was not long before Katie simply passed out from lack of air.

Chapter 3

Katie came to slowly. She could tell she was standing upright this time. Her arms were being pulled up and out as her legs were pulled out giving her body and X look. She opened her eyes to see she was in one of the barns in a huge open room. A quick look at her arms and legs told her they had placed leather cuffs which had small locks preventing their removal. There were sets at Katie's wrists, elbows, knees, and again on her ankles.

The cuffs on her wrists and ankles were now clipped to ropes that were run to pulleys and winches on the walls forcing her into this position. A couple of yanks on the ropes told her that there was no getting out of whatever was coming next. The ropes were solid hemp rope and all the pulleys and winches looked very strong.

"Well look who finally woke up." Katie's head shot around to try and see where Jan's voice had come from but her current position kept her from being able to see behind her. It wasn't until Jan was right behind her she could see Jan was dressed in a skimpy leather bikini. It barely covered enough to be considered legal for a non-nudist beach. Katie could see Jan's nipples were trying to poke holes in the fabric.

"It's my turn to get some revenge on you, stepsister. My ways are a little more, well, painful. We decided to treat like a dog and came up with the idea that we wanted you trained like Pavlov's dog. When we are done you will follow any order given by Cory or I without hesitation. You will follow only our orders though. Are you ready to get started? I am." There was pure pleasure in Jan's voice as she said the last part of that. Katie was feeling very scared now. "Oh you can scream as loud as you want dear. We are now on the far side of the farm in the old milk house, no one around for many miles."

Katie jumped when she felt a hand reach up between her legs and begin to rub her very exposed pussy. A finger was quickly slid inside her and Katie wasn't the only one surprised by the ease of entry. "Wow Cory wasn't wrong. That cream she rubbed into your crotch is keeping you wet for hours."

The finger and the hand it was attached to left Katie and she was desperately trying to see where Jan had gone to. Katie's eyes bugled out when the whip cracked over her head. "Time for some welts bitch. These will show people how bad you really are." Jan gave a merciless laugh.

Katie was trying to see were Jan had gone to but couldn't see behind her at all due to the ropes keeping her faced straight forward. They were very tight but not quite lifting her off the floor. The first crack of the whip landing was a new experience for Katie. Never had she felt such pain. Jan must have practiced for weeks to get this good. The leather strap on the end wrapped around Katie's hips and the tip ended right across her right ass cheek.

It was like being branded without fire. Katie howled in pain even as the second strip landed right below it. Katie had now lost all composure. She started begging to do anything just to get this to stop. The only response Jan gave her was that evil laugh coming from behind her.

After several lashes across her buttocks, Jan moved up to Katie's back and across her breasts. Up here it was just as painful in the front as in the back. The tip was leaving massive welts but the thicker shaft was also was damaging Katie's sensitive nipples and breasts. There were no intelligible words coming out of Katie anymore. She was babbling and struggling at the ropes on both legs and wrists but without any success.

Katie hadn't even noted it has all ended until she felt the hand return to its previous position between her legs. She was still very wet. Jan's voice entered her ear "Honey just remember this when you decide to refuse an order. We can do this all day if that is what you want." Jan reached around front and slapped Katie's DD melon sending it bouncing back and forth on her chest.

At this point Katie was exhausted again. Taking the abuse was so tiring she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. She was barely aware of Jan and Dave, who had just joined her, loosening the ropes and using double headed dog leash clips to clip her knees and elbows together. Katie was then led out into another room where she was placed on a bed. Katie was out cold before Jan could lock the chain link steel door.

When she woke up Katie had no idea how much time had gone since she had been kidnapped. Well she really had been, they had taken her against her will and moved her to a remote section of the ranch. No one knows where she is except the two sibling and their boyfriends. In the back of Katie's mind she feared what would come after they were done punishing her since she knew who they are and could get them into a massive amount of trouble. Were they going to kill? Well more than likely yes but how. Would they starve her by just leaving her locked in this cell? Would they come up with some devious plan to torture her to death?

All this was running through Katie's mind when she heard the door unlock and turned to see George standing in the open doorway. Katie could see a lustful look in his eyes as they took in her curves. She was still had her elbows and knees clipped together which made getting out of the bed a slow process. She could only make little baby steps so running from George was out of the question.

George's lips spread out in a smile like the cat who had just ate the canary. "I see you are eager to another taste of my cock. Well this time you'll have to earn it bitch." George pulled his pants down to reveal an already stiff cock. This was the first time Katie had actually seen it since the last time he used it on her she was face down on the floor. It was huge, maybe 10-12 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter. Katie was very surprised he had been able to get it in her.

George unclipped her elbow but left the knees clipped so she could not run. He quickly added more double clips between each elbow and the knee on the same side. She wouldn't be able to move much but this time she would be able at least spread her arms and legs to give him better access and maybe improve this experience.

Katie felt the rough finger probe her love canal to make sure it was properly lubed and ready for use. Katie already knew the answer to that question and George's answer confirmed it. "Damn your wet girl!" That was all he said before she felt his cock slide between her moist pussy lips and began hammering her repeatedly.

This time was different than the last in that Katie was more attentive to George's movements. He would switch from short and fast to slow and deep, very deep. Katie could feel the head of his cock stroking her cervix when he pushed hard. It was like hitting a switch that caused her whole vagina to tense up and squeeze his cock. In between, Katie was trying to make herself squeeze because George seemed to really like that. It was like she was milking his cock as he fucked her.

Katie was starting to breathe faster and heavier now as she got close to cumming herself. He also could feel George's cock beginning to spasm like he was cumming also. Katie willed herself to hold off and wait for George to cum so they could do it together. Her thought was that if she could time it with him that she could start winning him over and maybe work out a deal with him.

Suddenly Katie was caught off guard as George's cock pumped load after load of semen into Katie's sopping wet pussy. It was so fast that Katie had no time to make herself cum with him. Her master plan had just backfired. George pulled out his softening cock leaving Katie just short of climax which was very frustrating. There was nothing she could do get herself over the edge bound like this and she so much wanted to cum.

"All wound up with no place to go bitch?" Katie's head whipped around to see Cory standing in the doorway watching the whole thing. Cory walked over and gently rubbed Katie's crotch which sent her right back to the edge she come off of. A second hand reached under her and rubbed a nipple that was already stiff and tender. Cory's hand left the dripping wet pussy and went to the other nipple which was in the same shape as the first. With both nipples getting stimulated Katie had control over her groaning. She sounded like an animal in heat under Cory's experienced fingers and then it happened.

Katie's nipples were painfully crushed between Cory's fingers. The pain was so intense that Katie was bucking and struggling to get those fleshy clamps off her nipples. This was not the position she wanted to be in. She rolled onto her side but the fingers never left her nipples, in fact now the nipples were twisted as well. Katie felt like her nipples were being ripped off. If it were possible it felt like the pain was getting more intense. It was only seconds before Katie's body went limp.

Cory released the poor girl's nipples and turned to George and told him "Now that you and I have had our fun with the new bitch we need to get her moved to the next round of training." They unclipped Katie's arms and legs and drug her out of room and outside into a pen. The pen was well built to hold a human whether bound or not. There was no hole bigger than a dog dish. It had a fence top and concrete floor so Katie would be stuck in it. Before they left Cory placed Katie's new toy on her neck. She wrapped a dog shock collar around the young neck. Normally the electric prongs go in the front but Cory's brainstorm was to turn it around so they were I the back on Katie's spine. She sent the sensitivity to max for the sound level and low for the voltage. She grabbed the remote out of her pocket and pressed the button. She was pleased to see Katie's unconscious body spasm uncontrollably on the ground. An unexpected surprise was the loss of bladder and bowel control, piss and shit went everywhere. Cory let go of the button and laughed before using her foot to roil Katie over into the mix of excrement. "Happy dreams bitch."

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