Scene Play Continues
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Author's Note: Continuation of a switch relationship during scene play. Sorry this is longer than I normally like but could not leave anything else out. Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy. I currently have no desire for further scene play but I think that will pass in time. I read all comments.

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Codes: F-m, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Bondage, Extreme, Suspension, Analplay, Violent, Tricked, Crossdressing.

“You have fifteen minutes for an attempted escape if you want breakfast, otherwise it will be a very long day for you” she said half scornfully, half playfully. How the hell did she hogtie me so quickly, in my sleep? Coming out of my daze I see her watching me, sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying watching me struggle and squirm as I try to find a way out of the bind she has put me in. Rolling over onto my side revels morning wood that was just too tempting for her to resist and now she is slowly squeezing and stroking and toying with my very aroused member until my hands and body have no desire to escape this situation. She is again standing over me just watching, waiting.

“Nine minutes left” she smiles.

Finding that she has had some mercy on me, I have worked the synch rope over and am now prying the coil of rope off of one ankle and then the other as I stand up and make my way to the full length mirror. She is now on her knees and has my cock in her mouth and it is all I can do to concentrate on my bound hands. She backs off and takes a very deep breath and is now deep throating me and I am right on the edge as I loosen a square knot, (moaning deeply and out of breath) loosen the synch and release my hands allowing the rope to drop to the floor. (I know she gave that one to me, if this woman wanted me tied up it would all be over.)

She has pushed me back to the bed and we are now a tangle of limbs and lips and my blocked attempts at intercourse have shown she is quite flexible and agile as my cock had been within contact with her sex but as of yet, not touched down. After a very slow deep kiss she is now straddling me with both of her hands resting on my chest with a look on her face that is just melting me. With that big beautiful smile she asks if I am ready for what the day will bring.

“I guess we will soon find out” I responded; quite lamely. Reaching up and pulling her into me our nipples are now being teased by each others as we linger there just a little longer, another deep kiss and she raises up off of me. We showered together, got dressed and ate a good breakfast. At the table she asks me if I am sure that it is ok that she will direct today as things will be very tough. You will be pushed very hard.

“What do you mean, very hard?”

“So far you have had the choice of scene play and yes I have pushed you a little further than you expected but this is different. I plan to totally dominate you in all areas today and would hate to hear a safe word during our play. Your enjoyment is my utmost concern but you may not realize just how far I am able to go. Do you trust me?

I had to think about the question for a minute as I looked into her deep blue and clear eyes and responded, “Yes, of course.”

“I will be testing that trust today so you better make sure that is true or you will never make it.” She is giving me a very serious look as she said that and then added; “So you are sure?”

“I am.” I responded.

I shook my head yes as I got up and cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen.

She approaches me and we hug as she whispers into my ear, “Thanks for last night, it was fun”. We embrace and just stay there. I have totally fallen head over heels and I think she has too, but a relationship? I am thinking, why ruin a perfectly good friendship with a relationship? I don’t get it? I think to myself, I Love you and the energy between us seems to grow. Yea, last night… a great meal, great communication and comrade, a couple of glasses of wine and a vanilla sex marathon with this beautiful hard body woman that just still blows my mind.

“Let’s take an hour for personal care and then I want you naked, hands handcuffed in front of you and on your knees beside the sofa”. “Get in character and be ready for anything” giving me a very off look, as I watch her beautiful firm and toned body leave the room. Her ass is unbelievable!

I have butterflies in my stomach anticipating what is to come and hope that I can handle what she has in mind. Bathroom stop, a tall glass of water, I wait in the living room and the time is here. Getting undressed and folding my clothes neatly they are placed on the floor beside the fireplace. Kneeling down I place the handcuffs on and lock them leaving the key on the end table.

While I wait, trying to calm down and define the feeling that is coming over me and why I have it I realize; this is the first time the scene was not defined ahead of time and that I do not know what is coming. This woman has blown me away during every encounter and even though this is only the third with her being Dom, we seem to be well advanced in our scene play, she has always met all of my needs and then pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but I loved it. Hearing movement in her bedroom I get an instant rush and just remind myself to stay calm, be cool and continue to wait, bound and on my knees.

Hearing her enter the room my eyes go to the floor as a bare foot is placed just under my face as she tells me to take the cuffs off as she hands me the key. I struggle getting them off in front of me and have to use my teeth to get the key in and am barley able to turn the key against the lock, (ouch),(Just locking them on the way she showed me) I know I would not be able to unlock this set of cuffs behind my back.

She instructs me to stand in the middle of the room on my tip toes. Complying she makes a couple of circles around me, tells me to stand higher and stops just in front and tells me to get hard as her eyes gaze at my cock. DONE! She is butt naked and looks so hot. Her beautiful long hair is perfectly straight, her amazing body, perky and firm boobs and the intent look on her face just pushes my desire for her deeper into my being. The butterflies are back and in full force.

Show me you safe signs and word and I do confirming I have the ability to stop at any time. Instructing me to stay there she leaves the room returning like ten minutes later with coils of rope. My legs are on fire as she tells me to do ten pushups and hold the last one halfway and again she leaves the room, returning about ten minutes later carrying a duffle bag in one hand and a ball gag in the other as I struggle to maintain my current position. She is now dressed in a sports bra, yoga shorts with her hair in a tight ponytail. She tells me I need to be a little more diligent with my workouts with a little bit of a chuckle. I am instructed to do ten deep knee bends and hold the last one halfway.

This time she stays in the room and starts laying things out on the couch, I can see a riding crop, flogger, a small whip, a bunch of toys and a lot of rope. She is now back in front of me just watching my struggle against this position. I drop down on all fours as instructed and she moves into the position for the beginning of a wrestling match. She bends down and ask; “Are you ready to start big boy” and then gets back into position. I was a little on the slow side of starting as I said yes and now I am face down on the carpet fighting to keep my arm in front of me while trying to roll her over and off of me but this little bodybuilder is quick and quite strong.

This was quite fun until she took full advantage of my back and I am now fighting off a choke hold as she has rolled me over and locked her legs tightly around my midsection and continues to try and get the choke hold she seems to desire very much. I have my chin locked against my chest as she slowly forces my very fatigued arm in front of my face while my other arm is grabbed and pulled the opposite direction as she forcefully arches her back stretching me out like a guitar string. Ouch! DAMN this girl has some moves.

I am almost stuck but find I am using my legs to work her toward the loveseat but as I get there she has turned me into it, tightly pinning me against it. I get my midsection partially turned in toward her and finally get one arm free twist and end up on top of her only to find she had risen up and again has me in a headlock burying my head into the carpet with me on top.

We are both trying to improve our positions as she scoots out from under me and lands all of her weight on top sprawling out and has a very solid choke hold as I fight to keep her free hand from reaching under and connecting. Reaching up and getting between her legs I was able to lift her up and into the loveseat but as we are going down she releases her grip, spins me in midair with a grip on my arm and shoulder and lands right on my chest with her shins pinning my arms under her as she grabs the back of the seat for leverage and just drives me further into the chair.

All of my efforts to try and buck her off have only driven me deep into this cushy loveseat as she reaches back and locks her arm under my right leg pulling it up and driving me deeper in and under the cushion as she improves her position on top of me, her legs tightly gripping me as I reach up and am able to push myself partially out of the chair only to be pulled right back into it with her forcefully settling her crotch almost into my face. My arms are now killing me and I am already out of breath. One quick push and twist I halfway escape the chair but find she is again on my back as we tumble to the floor with her landing on top once again working for the choke hold.

This feels like MMA except for the lack of striking as she slams me from an all four raising position to a flat out sprawled position as her legs are wrapped under and inside and around mine and flexing outward she now has one arm behind my back and her other around my neck and is painfully working my pinned arm toward the back of my neck. Tapping out I find she only backs off a little and directs me to work my way toward the couch, riding me all the way, her taunt ass body all over me. I think I am in heaven but realize she is not playing. If she had a dick I am sure it would already be inserted deeply as she is using her arms, body, legs and groin to direct my every move.

As we are in reach of the couch she requests my other arm and I have no choice. This woman has just kicked my ass in an honest wrestling match, except for the warm up I had to do, it was pretty honest. She won. She held both of my arms painfully way up the middle of my back as she grabbed a coil of rope off of the couch and moved up, turned around and straddled my back and shoulders and had my wrist tied quickly behind my back. She did not meet much resistance as I was already in a state of bliss and shock.

She rolls me over on top of her and she again locks her legs around my midsection and asserts a very strict grip around my neck. Arching her back she stretches me out again and tightens her legs and now I can barley breath as she continues working me towards total submission, releasing just a little here and there to allow me just a little breathing room. She has now moved into a full nelson under and around the bondage while keeping her legs tightly wrapped around me and is exerting great pressure as she asks me; “Do you want more” and flexes even harder and then holds it.

“I am at your mercy Mistress” I say in a very strained and submissive voice.

She releases her hold and rolls me unto my back and straddled my legs and bound my ankles tightly and then above and below my knees working her way over my very aroused member and then straddled my stomach. Brushing her hair out of her face she begins pinching and twisting my nipples playfully and then very hard as I let out a little yelp and then a very long ouch that quickly became a painful moan and low scream as I am certain my nipples are going to be pulled off of my body. She rolls me over onto my stomach and proceeds to tie my elbows together, slowly but surely she got them to touch and then completed her tie and rolled me back over.

She begins poking and pinching and slapping me all over waiting just long enough between assaults for a reaction and sometimes not waiting at all and this is really starting to hurt everywhere she touches until I am a solid mass terrified of her every painful touch. I want to wiggle away and hide but there is no hope in that as her assault intensified until I am now emitting a constant hum of pain and affliction. I receive a solid slap across my face and as I calm down she gets up and takes off her yoga shorts, straddles my face and says she wants to be screaming from an orgasm within two minutes or else.

Going right to work all around her clit trying to keep track of a very short two minutes she is already dripping wet as I am very lightly working her sex slowly increasing speed and pressure and I can feel her building as she bent down and took my flaccid member into her mouth, pushed it to one side of her mouth and clamped down as I freak out and loose a little time and rhythm as she adjust a little bit and then holds her firm sharp grip on the length of my penis, my head back between her molars and my flaccid length following her row of teeth out of her mouth.

I am now going full speed and she is close but she calls time, (kind of) as she rose up off of my face and pulls and tugs even more on my now throbbing and very painful cock. She took another couple of painful chomps as she moved off of and around me waiting for my cries of pain to subside before moving into another position until one last bite now has me crying out in pain as I beg and plead for mercy, PLEASE MERCY, MERCY, MEEEERRRRRCCCCCCCCYYYYY,

My breathing is ragged, my mind wondering just what I got myself into, tightly bound and unable to offer any defense at all as I begin to recover and the pain is slowly abating, I am rolled over and she completes a very tight hog tie and just when I think she is done she ratchets the tie just a little tighter almost yanking me off of the floor as I wither in pain and realize just how fast this is all moving. She steps back and checks out her handiwork and leaves the room. Pulling and tugging at the bondage it is very clear that there is no escape and I endure numerous cramps as I try to find any knots within reach and have nothing, no real great surprise there, OUCH!

Dropping a small duffle bag beside my head she takes a seat in front of my face and leans back against a couple of large throw pillows and scoots her sex to just in front of me and then says; “I hope for your sake you can do better this time” She pulls the pillows up and puts her sex in perfect position for me to go to work, and I do, very well I thought, but apparently she does not agree as I receive the sharp sting of her crop as she directs me to go faster, sting, slower, sting, clit, sting, pussy, sting, “You can’t eat pussy any better than that? Sting, sting, etc, etc. My ass cheeks, neck and tongue are on fire and she has had at least five orgasms and backs off and just soaks it all in.

Totally dazed, helplessly tied and just got spanked with a riding crop, what was that? Forty minus one? My whole body feels like one giant cramp, she places something very tight and elacistic at the base of my cock and ties something to the base of my head pushing my cock between my bound legs and attaches that to the hog tie so now my dick is being pulled up tightly between my legs and stimulated by any movement that is made. I know I am in shock and just wait as she reaches over and is attaching a moderate size g-spot massager onto my chin strapping it securely to my head and as I stick out my tongue she places a tongue vibe to it and tells me to get back to work, break time is over.

Almost instantly she is banging my face, pushing her sex into the little vibe on my tongue and angling a little bit to land the g-spot machine in place and now she is intently directing my head with both of her hands, her gyrating hips and ass working in unison she is now coming over and over until she is squirting all over the place, all over me, banging the shit out of my face over and over and over again until she is on a nonstop deep intense moan that builds into quite screams of climax, on top of orgasms on top of climaxes on top of her shuttering and convulsions and explosions all the while seeming to barley keep up with her breathing, that seems to match her bucking and continuing to face fuck me for all I am worth, or in this case, what I am worth, which appears to be a chin and a tongue vibrator.

She is now resting about three inches away from me, has been for quite some time, me bound tighter than a snare drum, painfully tied, suffering in agony, trying to be quiet but not having much luck with that, she seems to like it because if I get too quiet she will come over and tighten something up, as if that is possible or lash me a couple of times with her riding crop.

“Have you been faithful to me in regards to sex and masturbation my little toy?” she barely whispered still recovering from the multiple orgasms and climaxes.

“Yes Mistress, you are the only woman I think of and I save myself for you”

I could hear the air being cut as her crop landed a scary sounding and painful lash against my tied and very exposed, stripped ass. “GIVE ME THE TRUTH” she demanded as she lined up for another shot.

“Mercy Mistress, Please, I have not jerked off nor had sex with anyone or anything since you told me not to masturbate anymore!”

“So you have gone four months and have only had six or eight climaxes?”

“I am not sure but I know for sure they were all with you, Mistress! You are all I think about and I get instant wood when you are on my mind.”

“You have not been tempted?”

“Of course, I have had nights with next to no sleep and have had to sleep without covers because I have gotten so horny even the sheets on my bed are working me over.”

“Good, that is the way I like it, I must say, you have been able to somewhat keep up with me.”

SHIT! Somewhat? I think.

See looks down at my tied member which is still at full bound attention, caresses it a couple of times with her crop and gives me a look and says that she has; “had enough of sex for the moment but not enough torment and proceeds to untie my legs and then rebinds them in a crisscross in front of me and then locks a pair of handcuffs around the base of my balls and shaft. Tightly, being careful not to catch any hair she tells me the next time we meet there better not be hair anywhere, and with that she plucked out five chest hairs one by one to drive the point home, ouch!…BITCH!

She unties my feet and has me stand and we make our way to the play room with these handcuffs locked tightly around my sex and clanking a little as we do and making me walk funny because she has the larger end facing behind me. With a very firm and directing grip upon my very bound tricept, she unlocks a door I have never been through before she turns and ask me; “Are you ready to play bitch?”

Entering the room I get a rush as my eyes scan over all types of bondage and medieval torture devises as I am led to the center of the room, my wrist are untied and then bound in what appear to be medical grade restraints that are attached to pulleys in the ceiling. Releasing the tight ropes securing my elbows she moves to the wall and pulls all of the slack out and tightens the restraints pulling me off of the floor I am now hanging with my arms spread apart and my feet unable to touch the floor as she ties off the ropes to the wall returning to inspect her bound and suspended victim.

Having my arms stretched out is a real relief from the elbow tie and almost feels good but I am already starting to feel the strain of suspension. As she leaves the room I examine the cuffs that are secured tightly around my wrist and see they have small padlocks attached so even if I could lift myself up and bring my hands together there would be no way to unlock the cuffs.

Even though I am helplessly bound and suspended I have a feeling stirring inside of me that is building, hard to explain; Anticipation? My total helplessness just continues to fuel it and I feel high as I pull myself up slightly side to side trying to change positions and relieve the tension that is building in my shoulders and arms. Yes, very helpless at the moment…and loving it, a helpless state of bliss and anticipation and hornyness.

Looking down at my junk my cock is rock hard thanks to whatever it was she placed around the base of my shaft but is a little painful due to the handcuffs that are locked around my sex. I try to relax my body and mind as I wait for what is next and with this woman, there is no telling what is coming.

As she enters the room and walks in front of me I am floored by her outfit as she is setting something down on the table and turning to face me. She is decked out in a tight fitting black latex body suite that is hugging her every curve, it completely covers her neck reaching high up and almost looks like a posture collar and the suite continues all the way down to her ankles just above her black six inch heels.

As she turns there is not a wrinkle anywhere to be seen and her perkiness is evident as she bends over adjusting a strap on her heel giving me an unimpeded view of her beautiful legs and ass as she glances over and gives me a smile and a little shy, (right) giggle. This girl should be an actress! Her hair is up in a tight ponytail and she has a small black mask covering her eyes. HOLY COW! My horniess has just reached a new level.

She approaches me and removes the handcuffs and elastic bands and now my cock and balls are free and throbbing along with my heartbeat. Letting out a deep moan I am being sent into ecstasy as she toys and plays with my balls and cock, even though her teeth marks are a little painful the feeling of horneyness and anticipation is starting to drive me wild. As she continues to softly and slowly work me into a state of utter desire she begins to speak;

“You have some information that I need and I need to know if you want to go the easy route of the hard route”

“Mistress, what do you need to know?” I stammer as I am already out in left field; my cock is the center of the universe and seems to be doing all of the thinking at the moment.

“I want all of your personal information for all of your bank and retirement accounts including e-mail and face book accounts, birthplace and mother’s maiden name”

“Mistress, please, why would you need all of that?”

“It is not your place to ask questions, just know that I will get the information prior to your release and will confirm that it is all correct, so easy or hard?”

I close my eyes as she continues to work me into a sexual state of bliss. I am trying to figure what she is doing and consider using my safe word but then remember our conversation on trust and I am now very conflicted and not sure what to do. I do believe that she would be able to get what she wanted without too much effort whether she beat it out of me or teased me until I relented. Holy cow!!! As she continues to work my throbbing and rock hard member.

“I would like you to make the decision on how to proceed slave”

“Slave? I asked”

“That is correct, slave, which should be very clear to you now given the position you are in.”

She knelt down taking my member into her mouth and within seconds my breathing is shallow and quick as my moaning continues to build and I am being held on edge as she continues to work and tease me I am now just a ball of desire, waiting, wanting, held in anticipation my whole body is tense and shuttering when she stops and moves to the table and is now standing directly in front of me.

“Slave, what is your answer?”

“It is up to you Mistress but please understand I cannot just give that information freely.”

She had a little look of disappointment on her face as she toyed and played with her riding crop. “You do understand there is no way you will be able to endure what I can do.” She paused as she slowly walked around behind me and explained that she already had most of the information she needed as she told me what hospital I was born in, my mother’s maiden name, my social security number, all of this off the top of her head. Oh, crap! Deep conversations are coming back to bite me. She has obviously been in my wallet.

“Here are you choices slave; we can use electricity; or whips, crops and floggers. Or I can torture your cock and balls until you relent. Or I could tease you into insanity and then lock you in chastity until you are on your knees in front of me begging for release, which you would not get, I could keep you on edge for days, or weeks, or months, or years, how would you like that? As she continues to slowly toy with my rock hard and aching member just staring into my eyes.

“No thank you Mistress, Please, not that.” I say with a slow and deep moan.

“You do know my weapon of choice is the thing you dread the most, I know I have a chastity devise around here somewhere with your name written all over it”

“Do what you must mistress, I will submit” Sadly and between very short breaths I am able to say with my eyes closed and my body just taunt wrapped in total desire to gain sexual release.

“No, I like your cock too much to lock it away, maybe another time” I just cringe but try to hide it as I continue to moan and push my sex into her what little I could as she continues to squeeze and toy with my very excited and begging member which is right on edge, maybe a couple of full strokes away from release.

“I could drug you but that is not much of a challenge for me. I could suspend you and then anal rape and abuse your body, so many choices you see and I fully expect you to make just one for today. Or your other option would be to just give it to me now. I will give you some time to consider your options but know that when I return you better have an answer, or it will not go well for you”

One last little squeeze and tug she releases my member and moves away. I am in a sexually induced coma as her continued slow work on my member during her conversation has left me so close and as I begin to come down my breathing starts to normalize but the desire in my loins is left in frustration as my bound form slowly sways slightly as my member is left pounding with desire.

She rolls a portable table behind me instructing me to sit on it and she is now tying my legs in that yoga type position that I could never get comfortable with. Lowering another rope with a clevis hook she ties that off and is now attaching the four leg ropes to it. Lifting myself off of the table she rolls that out from under me as I slowly sway and settle into a tightly bound and suspended state. She is now wrapping my balls with coil after coil of a small diameter rope and is now tying the base of my cock and then just under my head and she attaches that to the clevis hook quite snugly.

I am swinging slightly and very tightly bound and any little movement causes my cock and balls to be pulled tautly, it almost feels good at times but I know that will pass and I have a rock hard erection. Rolling a wheeled stand with a portable cock that looks to be about the size of mine toward me I begin to beg her to please not use that. She stopped in her tracks, retrieved a moderate size penis gag and yup, through all of my begging and pleading I now have a mouth full of a latex cock that is being strapped to my head.

She rolls the portable dildo directly under me and lubes it up and places it right under my ass. I hear the buzz of some kind of motor as the latex cock makes its entry and it stops after about two inches and I think thank Goodness. Wrong! The intruder resumes its entry until its rigid balls are firmly contacting mine.

She makes a few more adjustments and settings and moving out from under me switching a remote control devise and now this remote control cock is slowly and firmly making full strokes in and out of my ass, and not only that, it randomly vibrates and swells and feels like it is having an orgasm inside of me. She hits another button and it stops. She adds a waist rope with a few wraps and then ties the machine off to me telling me if this machine is not in the right place when she returns she will replace it with her own and that hers is much bigger and has no mercy whatsoever.

Making a couple of entries into the remote she turned it back on, whispered into my ear, “enjoy yourself slave.” Removing her mask and giving me a look that chills me to the bone she turns and leaves the room saying; “There is only so much pain a body can take before breaking, please do not make me do that.” I just watched her fine ass in those hot ass heels strut out of the room and now it is just me and this very random auto cock that appears to be waiting to begin its torment.

I wish I knew her intentions and why she would want such personal and important information, is she setting me up? A feeling of fear and despair is now washing over me as I consider what very poor options I currently have and am trying to weigh out the consequences that the choice I make will bring.

Suddenly the anal intruder starts slowly working it’s almost full length in and out of my very lubed up ass as the speed and hardness seem to be increasing, its firm balls contacting and pushing mine up on every stroke which is causing me to swing and move slightly, which in turn is teasing and tugging on my cock and balls as the speed continues to increase until I can feel it start to come as it expands and contracts and is buried deeper and continues its spasms until it remains fully buried and starts to vibrate and swell and is in definite contact with my prostrate, and is starting to drive me crazy as I am on the edge but not enough to fall over as I am moving as much as possible until the closeness of my climax has passed and now, I am just hanging here in my suspended and horny state, fully penetrated, minor intermittent vibrations and ejaculations leaving me to again think about my predicament.

Looking up at these cuffs I notice the small padlocks loop through a small d-ring that a smaller leather strap is retained by. I am trying to think of a way out but know with these medical grade cuffs locked tightly around my wrist and the rest of the bondage I am truly stuck.

All of this bondage upon my body seems to be getting tighter and I am now very stiff and sore. Using the legs ropes I attempt to raise myself up to reach the cuffs but as I try that the CBT is pulled tightly and that is allowing next to no ability to reach these cuffs, all of my effort has only succeeded in making me more sore and my frustration and helplessness are at a peak when the anal devise begins another slow and methodical assault that quickly turns into all out full strokes as it is now slapping my balls firmly with every up stroke as it finally remains all the way inserted and is spazing and is forcefully ejaculating its load inside of me. I am pulling slightly up with my arms as the vibrations begin and there is no hope of any of this ending any time soon as the spasms and vibrations continue to work my prostrate over.

I have never liked the idea of anything up my ass and this has taken that to a whole new level as this thing just continues to buzz and spasm against my prostrate, between that and the CBT I am now being held on the edge of climax but no matter what I do there is no way to bring about release. As I am trying to find a balance between my arm and leg tie I hear Mistress enter the room and take a seat at the table.

“I love to watch men struggle for escape against my bondage and torment, it really gets me hot. You still have ten minutes if you would like to continue to try. As a matter of fact if you can escape I will take your place there and you can have your way with me” as she relaxes back into her chair still decked out in that hot ass latex body suite and lightly fingering herself through it. I can clearly see her lips being spread apart by the tight latex as she puts her head back and continues in earnest.

If it gives you pleasure Mistress I think to myself but know it is almost pointless.

I am looking up at the cuffs and the small lock attached to the d-ring that is securing a small leather strap and it looks like the strap could be pulled over the very small padlock. I painfully raise up what little I could on the leg bondage and am now balancing on the painful leg bondage trying to keep from pulling my dick and balls any tighter and am able to get just high enough to bring my arms together above me reaching and unthreading the small leather strap from its loop I sit back down and am pulling for all I am worth expecting to see the leather strap pull through and over the small lock, all of my struggle and bouncing is now driving the anal devise deeply inside of me, the CBT tightly continues its work upon me as I realize the leather strap is not going anywhere.

With a frustrating moan of defeat I release the strap and am again left to accept my position without the hope of escape when the electric cock starts another routine and as it completes another cycle and begins to slow its thrusting it is again left buried deeply as it spasms and is now vibrating against my prostrate and balls as I am left moaning in desire and frustration.

Mistress spoke up and said; “Those type of cuffs use to have a steel plate riveted to the outside of the leather strap but since someone had been scratched by the steel plate they now incorporate it into the leather strap so although you cannot see the metal, it is there, inside the strap.” Getting up from the table and approaching me she says; “If you want out of this so bad why don’t you just speak up?” as she removes the gag from my head wiping me up and serving me a tall glass of water.

I thought about that for a minute and wonder if she is just bluffing, why I don’t just use the safe word if I doubt her intentions? She has done this to me before, totally scarring the hell out of me only to finish the scene with some crazy and unexpected act to seal the deal and blow me away. Her talk about trust earlier now seems to make sense unless she is really trying to screw me. I would gain nothing if she really is going to screw me and I used the safe word because she would just continue, but if scene play the safe word would totally blow it.

“Mistress, I am scared” I say in a frustrated and begging voice as the electric cock continues to wind down its pulsing and vibrations inside of me and is pushed just a little deeper pinning my balls tightly against my body, as I adjust a little against it cringing slightly.

“You would not be normal if you were not scared, slave.” “You know that is part of the deal, right?” “To not be in control includes sometimes being scarred, I mean, this would all get very boring if every time we played the same thing happened? Right?”

“I only did anal because I know you do not desire it, to push you, now tell me what you think of anal?” “Do you like it?”

“I am not sure Mistress, I have found it very stimulating but it feels so intrusive and big, why?”

“Ha, that is not big! You have no idea.”

“All you need to know is I get turned on when I dominate someone and push them to their limits and beyond, it is hard work to stay on top of all of this as you know. I love and desire to be dominated better because it is a different realm and feeling and an escape that I need but that has rarely ever happened before I met you. I love and desire it especially when someone is good at it, like you have been, so keep taking notes because it is not all physical. Brain play can be just as fun.”

“I understand Mistress” Which, in my current state I can see it crystal clear.

“All of that changes nothing in our current situation and I believe you have a choice to make and time is up” The look of intensity and distain is now staring directly at me.

“Easy or hard”

“Mistress, it is your choice”

“Easy or hard” as she quickly slaps me in the face shocking the shit out of me.

“Hard Mistress, I just cannot give that up”

“What is it going to be slave, what form of punishment do you desire?”

“Whatever pleases you Mistress”

She does not seem angry but she sure looks pissed as she jumps in my face looking up at me as she lightly tugs and shakes the CBT tie and tells me I have to chose, NOW!

“Mistress please, I do not want to top from the bottom and I only know part of what you do.”

The intent look on her face has me very frightened as I try as hard as I can not to show it. I am completely at her mercy here, suspended, naked, exposed, helpless, IN SHOCK. She just cracked a sly smile as her hand reached up and caressed the side of my face.

“I think a slave should be broken in by being whipped and spanked into submission? Is that what you want slave?

My face must have looked liked I was standing in front of a firing squad as I stammered;

“Do what you please Mistress.”

“No, I am not doing it to you; you are doing this to yourself. You can still avoid all of this by just telling me what I need to know, and we can move on. But know this, every stripe you get is on you and you will talk, so why not just tell me right now and get it over with, you untrusting little bitch.” Damn she looks pissed!

“No thank you mamm.”

She was right, of course. I gave her all of the information; she took her time, and got a little training in for me at the same time, knowing her she had probably planned this all out already. Removing the wheeled anal toy and cleaning me and it up, she put on a cock and ball protector gadget, lowered me down to a standing position, gave me a drink of water and went to the table behind me. Her heels and walk have changed a little bit as she arrives in front of me holding a large loosely braided leather whip, kissed it gently and then brushed the side of my face and placed it to my lips, it seemed odd to be tasting the thing I feared the most at this moment.

She warmed up on, (still sporting that latex body suite and high heels) a dummy that was in the same position I am in as she explained and demonstrated the accuracy of this whip I realized that I was done. No one could endure that for long, I just went into a daze, a giant lump in the pit of my stomach and throat dreading what was coming but at the same time knowing I had to face it. The dread completely overtook my body and I almost gave up right there but did not. I have a feeling, and it is fear.

She seemed to be delivering blows about every minute or so with a few random strikes to keep me guessing but one thing is for sure, she had my attention from the start. That first lash of her whip upon my bare back instantly caused me to cry out in pain and shock and as she waited for my body and mind to absorb it, the intense pain that was just remaining on that one stripe as I pulled and tugged against the bonds as the next blow landed and my world went blank. The only thing on my mind was keeping my breath between blows and my sobbing, helpless begging cries, the intense pain and the fact that this was just the beginning. There was nothing else, except that whip and every fiber of my being knowing that another blow would soon follow.

It was all so surreal, it had to be the shock of the moment, and I felt like two different people. One is experiencing intense pain, helpless to stop it, (ok, I could stop it but decided from that first shocking strip that I would not relent) or steer its direction and am at the mercy of another person who he HAS to trust to even begin to be in this situation and who, (she) seems to be working very hard to maintain that trust. The other part of me has the whip and is trying to gauge just how far to go. I had to stop trying to be logical because logic cannot apply here at this very moment.

She has been non-stop questions between every crack allowing my body to absorb the pain and my mind to understand the questions and attempt an answer that might slow that next crack of her whip. She would tarry behind me, insulting me, telling me how stupid my behavior was, “it’s not fucking logical,” as her whip would crack the air behind or beside me causing me to jump and almost feel the nonexistent lash that did not strike as she continued her calm vocal assault and methodical timed and getting firmer stripes upon my exposed backside, all of it, shoulders down.

I find it hard to believe I have lasted this long. The intense pain that is ripping through my back, ass and legs is screaming at me to just end this now, but part of me wants to know what she feels as I flog and whip her and why she gets off on this. I am bound helplessly and am being assaulted, quite violently and have the ability to stop it, but do not. I know I am being beaten but continue to be able to endure it, crying out in pain, seeing myself here from above, being dominated by this beautiful, and latex clad vixen. I am now totally lost in a world of my own, I hear words but do not understand them as I try and focus on what is being said. She is now standing directly in front of me, waiting for me to come back to planet earth.

She is saying how she has to wind this up; that I cannot take any more and asked if I was ready to talk walking in front of me with her weapon of choice. The look on her face, I could see it, she had been here in this position so many times, was concerned for me as she said, I need the information now.

I am thinking to myself, did I pass out? I realize I did not but I must have been close, which must be why she stopped. She moved behind me and is touching a spot on my back and looking very close as she comes back around in front of me.

“No more games slave, Information now!”

I barely got it out and was almost sorry as the words left my lips; “No thank you mamm.”

With that she walks back to the table, exchanges toys and is back in front of me with a Cain and ask me if I happen to know what this is?

“My new worst nightmare?”

She lashed out at me asking me if I thought this was just a game, how far do you think your rookie ass is going to go and let me tell you this will all end very quickly you little hardheaded, untrusting bitch.

“Good grief, I sure can be stupid sometimes, Mistress, I am sorry ma'mm.”

She reached in and gave my naked, sweaty, battered body a hug with her hand around the back of my neck. It felt like I was a little kid, back when I would get hurt and that hug and embrace from my Mom would make it all ok and I would go right back to play, that kind of feeling washed over me and inside of me, a feeling inside that everything was alright. Weird! She got me a drink of water and rubbed something very slick onto my aching and throbbing back, her every light touch bringing the full force of every stripe back to life.

Moving a spanking bench very close she lowered the bondage, gave me the key and made me release myself instructing me to rest over the bench. OMG the pain in my body is from head to toe as I move two steps and nearly collapse over the bench relishing the freedom my arms and shoulders finally have.

Rolling a cart over next to the stand she takes the Cain, lines up a shot and delivers a quick firm blow to my right ass cheek; I cried out in searing pain as two quick firm blows were directed across both cheeks and as I stopped crying and withering in pain she asked for my passwords. Give them to me, two more solid quick successive blows followed by three more and I gave up yelling MERCY, MERCYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Before I could get another word out three more hard strikes landed on both ass cheeks as I was repeating the safe word over and over as fast as I could collapsing onto this bench and hearing her voice close to my ear, “ready to play big boy!”

If the whipping was a bb gun, her Cain is a cannon, it was over that quick, just as she had promised.

I think to myself now, after the fact, that she could have gone to the Cain first and got what she wanted, so I am taking notes.

After a short interview in which she got all she wanted there was a short cool bath as she carefully and totally took care of all my immediate needs. I was staring into the mirror, could hardly recognize my own image, even after the bath and care the look upon my face could not yet be understood. Looking at my stripped back and ass as she approached and asked what I thought, did I like looking at those and was I proud? I really did not know what to think and told her I needed some time to sort through it. She gave me a big wet kiss with her hand again around the back of my neck and told me I did well and that when I got it sorted out she wanted to know what I thought.

I gave her a hug and thanked her as she softly brushed her fingernail across my back and that just brought back the intensity of that whipping as she backed off and looked me in the eyes and smiled. We had a nice early dinner and I have been out of it the whole night, a little shaky, frazzled, confused, fulfilled, triumphant, and (kind of)still buzzing like I just smoked a joint, but very clear headed in a dazed sort of way still trying to understand why I feel this way.

Dream time, I slept on my stomach for the first time in years, with no covers, because any little touch, brought back the whole feel and intensity of that whipping. I am still not sure why every time that thought arises I relive every intense stripe and it just sends me away into another place, No, I still do not know or understand it, it is like a high, or a different plain, I feel like a totally different person.

I had a great night sleep and awoke to find myself firmly bound hand and foot, spread eagle to the bed with her standing over me, sipping a cup of coffee much like yesterday morning except there was no challenge to attempt an escape from the bondage that she had so artfully and quickly applied, who knows how quick, after yesterday I could sleep through just about anything, as long as I was not on my back, and that is just where I am now, causing all of those feelings to again wash and flood over me instantly causing a major buzz deep within my being.

Studying the knots I knew there was no way I would be able to untie anything, ever. She just stood there, sipping her coffee and now is typing on the computer, smoking a cigar? A cigar?

“Good Morning, Mistress,”

“I am not you Mistress this morning, Thank you.”

“OK then, good morning,”

“Not for you my dear, I am afraid that I have some bad news for you. There will be some associates shortly, they are just doing their job so please, do not take it personally. You have been sold on the sex slave market and will fly out at four o’clock this afternoon, out of the country and branded as a sex slave. We are graciously sending $ 40.00 for soap, toiletries and condoms until you are able to afford it yourself. All of your e-mail and face book accounts have indicated that you can no longer live a lie and have decided to finally have the sex change operation that you have been saving up for and wish the best for everyone.

All of you financial accounts have been liquidated and appear to be out of tax guidelines so you will have the IRS climbing up your ass for the rest of your life, which will not be long as your new name will be Sheila Johnson, a proud new family member of a brothel in the Philippines’. Your new master has very little patience with slaves that do not follow orders so I suggest no back talk or complaints if you want to continue to live. You will be prepared today by my associates so take note; they are here to help you survive your new role in life.

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it, this bitch has worked me to the tee and I try to talk her out of it and come up with something that might make her change her mind. Her response was to just gag me after she firmly slapped me in the face. The bondage upon me now is painful as she has tied knots that tighten upon my limbs with any movement. As she answers the door and introduces her associates to me I can see both examining my body smiling slightly. As they place a collar around my neck and secure it with a lock I feel a mild shock as the remote is tested. My feet and hands are untied and then my hands secured in front of me.

Bound in the shower with my hands extended above my head and my feet hobbled the two set about removing all of my body hair with a chemical and after three applications, they both did a thorough inspection and seem satisfied. Now seated in a chair and secured to it, these men are working on my face, applying makeup, plucking my eyebrows, (ouch) and fitting a wig to my head that is then secured with some kind of glue. Most of the makeup states permanent on the containers. Then my ears are pierced and silver loops installed.

The collar is now attached to a rope and I am standing at full attention as a firm and tight fitting pair of what feel like padded latex underwear is placed on me, my dick is forced back between my legs and is inserted into a tight fitting sleeve incorporated in the lining of the underwear so it looks like I will have to squat to take a leak. This is followed by pantyhose and then a small pink g-string. I am now fitted with a very tight bra that has built in boobs that seem quite large.

A garter is being tightly applied to my mid-section that has shortened my breaths by at least half. Now being placed into a very tight fitting black latex full body suite I almost think I have a chance as the collar is removed and then replaced over the high neckline of this full body suite but the other assistant was holding a stun gun just under my chin and then I hear the distinct sound of a lock being clicked shut. Very high heels are placed on my feet and also locked on and the collar is released from its rope and a lead leash is attached and I am now being led back into the main room of the house as I stumble and trip trying to walk in these unstable high heels.

My ass and back are solidly locked under layers of torment with every move I make, I cannot sit down without excruciating pain, every movement I make causes the skin tight latex suit and garter to assault my very sensitive and burning back and I am in a constant state of pain that is somehow competing with the reality that is quickly closing in on me. Instead of attempting escape, (which looks quite impossible) I am dealing with major pain and mental and physical rushes at every turn while still very deep in a mental haze. I cannot come to grips that this is really current reality.

My hands and elbows are now bound behind my back and I am being coached on how to walk and carry myself correctly, (learning how to walk and shake my ass, how to keep good posture keeping my boobs up, how to stand with my legs facing certain directions while strutting my ass out, etc, etc.) Once they seem sastified I am told to stay where I am and one of the two goes out and calls Mistress indicating that they are all done. I see money being exchanged as Mistress lights up when she enters the room and walks around examining their handiwork. Her hands tracing the outline of my squishy bust and ass she comments that I now have a nicer ass than she does. What?

“Thank you guys you have again outdone yourselves as she hands over a very generous tip seeing them to the door. She returns and guides me into her bedroom in front of the full length mirror and just stands there with no expression. My expression was one of shock that caused me to start crying slightly as I eyed a very hot looking bound female, from the camel toe and curves to an ass to die for all the way up to the blond wig my eyes can discern nothing to indicate I am anything but a bound female.

Mistress instructs me not to cry and to take it like a man. You simply made it all too easy for me. Did you really think we had something going other than kink?” You silly little man.” “You played right into my hand and practically just gave it all to me.

Looking at her watch she leads me to the computer attaching my collar to the chair she pops in a DVD and I am now watching a series of cuts that are showing things like, the correct way to give hand and blow jobs, on actual people, how to take anal, ect.ect. I am in shock and have never felt lower in my life; I see no way of escape and now do not even have my own life. I really start to break down and just lose it, crying and weeping like a little baby unable to take my eyes off of the sickening scenes on the screen.

Mistress enters the room and says it is time to go. I am led to the garage, belted into the front seat and driven to a small regional airport where a small jet is waiting. I am ushered into the plane and strapped in. I am now receiving a shot in the arm and everything is going black. The last thing I remember seeing was the bright beautiful smile of Mistress as she says goodbye.

Coming out of a drug induced haze I find I am tightly bound in an upright position to what I think is a pole. My arms are tightly secured by an elbow and wrist tie and what must be a posture collar that is somehow securely fastened to the same pole my arms are tied around. My legs are lashed tightly and I cannot move anything. I hear a lot of bustle and noise outside of this room or area around me but it is pitch black in this damp and moist room. I tried to speak and was able to eke out a hello before I started couching as my throat and mouth are very parched and dry. Feeling very hungover I am trying to piece it all together and am remembering all that had happened so very quickly and now just want to get my hands on that bitch and rip her fucking heart out.

I can feel my blood pressure at an instant boil and just as quickly realize it is all my fault, just having too much fun with that hot ass woman, all of the romps that felt so right, only to find she was working me the whole time. She had said I just made it too easy. I can still feels the stripes that she laid upon my back and now the red hot feeling is intensified. This latex body suit gripping me tightly is soaking wet and quite uncomfortable, my life savings and my life gone. I fight not to sink into despair and finally have a little saliva to moisten my desert dry mouth and throat.

There is so much noise coming from outside of this room and I sense that I am all alone but am not sure as I hear the sounds of a latch or hasp being jarred loudly out of place, and the sound of a heavy metal door being opened and I am blinded by the light that enters the room and then even worse as the light in the room is switched on. Tightly closing my eyes to the painful and searing white light realizing the noise has intensified into a minor roar of voices that I cannot discern and a lot of people moving past that door, I am slowly trying to open my eyes when I hear a foreign language being harshly directed my way I am shaking my head what little I could “No” as I have a very loud voice in my face in very poor English asking what my name is, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Or more like, Ya mane, Yo mane???

As my eyes are trying to open, watering over and not being able to focus on anything I am able to make out three people in the room but there is one right in front of me continuing to loudly ask me my name. Another one in the room is giving me a small sip of water and the one if front of me knocks it away and to the floor and is now yelling in a foreign language right in my face spraying in anger, Namm, Namm!

I am able to dryly speak my last name and now all three are going ape shit right in front of me. A confused rant from all three that are loudly debating and arguing with each other, they are now all together saying Johnson. Or more like jnson, jnson, as I remember that cunt telling me my new name. I am just shaking my head and gravel out my last name again, and the crowd goes wild! And as they do I am receiving another drink of water which my greedy parched lips and mouth are sucking in and wanting all of it I find the cup is no longer being smacked away.

This cannot really be happening, can it? I am so fucked. Fucked, Fucked, And Fucked. Fucking horny perverted asshole! I feel like breaking down and crying but just repeat my last name over and over again until I am now yelling it.

The big heavy steel door is closed and two of the three people in the room are now behind me and now only one is left in front of me, pacing back and forth as my eyes begin to clear and I can see a young Asian (gay) male left standing in front of me, looking me up and down asking my sex. Really?

“Male, and my last name; as loud as I can!

Now this little prick is right in my face with his hand on my crotch shaking his head no, telling me joson and she male as his hand is now firmly feeling my crotch through the taunt latex suit. You mi fuk, you mi fuk he is now yelling in my face repeating it over and over, joson, joson, you mi fuk, you mi fuk pointing at himself like he is claiming ownership. I can still hear the bustle and noise outside and do not know what to think.

What a nightmare! If it is the last thing I ever do in my life it will be to track that bitch down and rip her beating heart out and stuffing it down her throat! Yea, right.

This guy is now booting up a laptop while angrily repeating jobson, jobson, she male, she male now heatedly and again all three are almost yelling back and forth almost arguing intently. These two are all over me now attempting to figure out my sex with their hands feeling my squishy boobs and running their hands over the camel toe and are now again sharply telling the gay one, femal, femal! And then loud objection from the gay one as they are ready to cut the latex away and shooing them away he is waiting for the computer to boot up.

He approaches with the laptop and shows me my current picture and the name Sheila Johnson and a price of $ 5,000.00 listed. 5K to make me go away? FUCK!!! In very poor English he is telling me that I am his property, to do with as he wishes and that I will mostly service men and that my training will start today. Once I have earned him $ 1,000,000.00 US dollars I will be free to go, which should take no longer than ten years if I become good at my trade. I hear giggles and low laughter behind me.

I started to struggle what little I could for escape and they all just watched, smiling slightly. A parade of bound men were brought in for my “wellbeing” as the gay one displayed different punishments for non compliance. More than one were now TVs that have had sex change operations. I was advised if I wanted to keep my junk I had better pay attention and learn quickly. He explained in my current state I would be utilized for blow jobs, hand jobs, anal and all types of fetishes that his large customer base loved and expected.

They all three leave the room advising me that my “Master” and his assistances would be here shortly. As the gay one walks right in front of me he smiles and tells me that; “we will make a lot of money together, a pretty little American slut like you will be in instant demand.”

I am again left in total darkness as the door is closed and latched. It took all of thirty seconds to totally lose it, I am now sobbing and crying like a little baby, cursing myself and promising myself on one hand there has to be a means of escape, and then the next thought of how I will be punished when I bit some little oriental dick off, maybe I will be lucky and just be killed. Somehow, that seemed a better option than being a male whore.

I am not sure how long I hung there, crying, sobbing, weeping in anguish, helpless. The tight bondage now just turning into torture as I seem to fade in and out of despair.

The door is jarred open and I am again blinded by the light and my ears hear the low roar of bustle and noise that is dimmed as the door is closed and latched from the outside. I now have five men surround me and this mean looking Asian in front of me, all of these guys look really aggressive and I just went into a daze. One of them began to explain how these men were my escorts and trainers and I would not earn any privileges until I was working alone. We can do this easy or hard so if I want to eat or sleep or have clean water I would have to follow the rules.

The first order of business was for me to give blow jobs to all five of them and then receive anal and have a convincing orgasm. Now all five of them are on me and I am bound over a bench with my ass in the air and a metal devise being placed in my mouth preventing me from biting down. As the finishing touches are put on this tight, stringent and painful bondage and my head pulled back the Master is dropping his pants and all I can see is his dick in my face. He reaches down and removes the steel gag forcing my mouth open and instructs me to make it good and if I think about biting he will personally see the sex change is the first thing to occur and a life of pain and misery will ensue.

Suddenly the door is opened and a foreign language being urgently spoken and everyone leaves the room quickly as the door is closed and I am again left in total darkness, bound tightly and painfully stretched and unable to move anything. My desire to remain a man is now totally fucking with my ability to think clearly. I am not sure what I will do but I do not want to be a cock sucking man whore. I am fucking finished!

My body is totally racked in stress and pain as the door is opened and The “Gay one” that claimed ownership has entered the room and caresses my ass and back as he stands in front of me. I can see his excitement through his pants as his erection continues to grow. He sits down in front of me and is again booting up his laptop. He takes a minute working on the keyboard and now has the screen in my face and as I finally begin to focus and see clearly, I see; what the fuck! It is a wells Fargo bank account, my wells Fargo bank account and he is showing me the current activity, what? I focus in on a withdrawal for $ 1.00 and see my balance and other accounts are normal. Looking him directly in the eyes he cracks a smile and says in a clear English voice, “Mind fuck!

Shaking my head and trying to figure out what he just said he repeated, “Mind fuck” and just stared at me with the laptop still in front of me. As he turned and logged off placing the laptop on the table he opened the door and walked out, leaving the door open. I hear someone enter the room slowly but cannot turn to see.

I hear a very familiar voice whisper into my ear, “What can I do for you?” I am startled and shocked and not quite able to believe my eyes as mistress steps in front of me and just smiles and waits. My mouth is just hanging open; my brain seems as if it is trying to make connections. Just seconds ago I was wanting nothing more than to rip this person to pieces and now I am realizing slowly that this is the person I really want to see.

“Mind fuck?” I stuttered.

She just smiles slightly as her hand is on the side of my face kind of cupping and slightly caressing as she asks; “Are you alright, are you OK?”

I really did not know quite yet if I was all right and I ask, “Am I?” She just smiled, reached up and gave me a little kiss that led to another and then to a very deep passionate kiss.

Feeling a rush and wave of relieve wash over me I relaxed into the bondage and teared up but did not cry as I smiled at her and asked her what had happened. She explained that three hours ago we had gotten on the plane and as I was sedated was taken off of the plane and brought here, a BDSM convention now in full swing and she asked me where I thought I was when I came to?

“With everything that happened and having no memory after the plane I really believed I was in a brothel in the Philippines and about to die because I was not going to be sucking any dicks if I could help it!”

She smiled stating; “I only had one shot at pulling this off with you, are you mad?”

I had to think a minute and did not share what I wanted to do until I just realized that she did this all for me. “You got me good, I was scared shitless and am still not sure what to make of the last two days, and you have totally blown me away, I am still not sure what to believe”

“If I might be so bold, would you like to hang out here with me for awhile and have some fun being a beautiful woman for the evening?”


“We can get you cleaned up, get some food and a fresh set of latex and just hang out, there are only three people here that know who and what you are and there are two others that I would like you to meet and one other person I want you to meet on your own and then introduce me to him, Would you like to do that, are you up for it?”

I explained how tired, frazzled, with my back on fire wrapped tightly in this latex and totally out of it, but as I thought about it I told her I would like to see how I feel after a little TLC.

She turned for the door and knocked and in come the two guys that fixed me up the first time and they are undoing all of the bondage. Over the next hour or so these guys which are gay, (that did not matter to me at all now) Attended to my every need, a short quick meal was first, including advice on how lucky I was to be chosen by Mistress. They gave me a gentle shower taking special care of my back and backside, cleaned my face and reapplied all of the makeup which I got to watch this time, HOLY COW!
I got to use the bathroom prior to being redressed, and I am just blown away as I stand in front of the mirror looking at the blond bombshell staring back at me.

Both of these guys admire their work taking care of very small details making sure I have everything I need. They are both again showing me, (themselves actually showing me in the mirror) how to stand and walk and carry myself with the air that I am the hottest thing in the room. Thanking them for all of their help I think I have two new friends and I am escorted to Mistress and we are off.

I could not believe some of the lame pick up lines guys were trying to use on me the whole evening, all of the looks and stares, eyefucks, gaping mouths and the compliments It all started to actually turn me on and lightened my mood, almost… making me forget how I got here. I was glued to Mistress all night; actually she insisted I call her by name as she was not my Mistress tonight but her date.

The looks we got when she reached in and kissed me and lightly caressed my hot ass, (the padded in all the right places tight latex underwear) and now I was really hot and bothered, my member straining in the confinement and finding nowhere to go and driving me nuts. I wonder what all of the guys would think if they found out that I was just another swinging dick, well not actually swinging at the moment.

I was able to meet the guy she wanted as a new customer and made the introduction and as we conversed at length, my gender was reveled and that sealed the deal for a very high paying customer. My first sell.

As the night was winding down I really began to relax and was able to sort some things out as my date was totally toying with me in regard to sex telling me I had it coming when we got home, which was very late.

After stripping off all of the latex, padding and makeup but not the lingering pain that was still coursing through my body we had some of the most calm and fulfilling wonderful vanilla sex, she was intermittently slowly and lightly brushing a finger nail across my back that totally turned me on and brought the prior day back into full experience causing that rush to course throughout my body and mind.

I do not understand how or why this keeps happening, which was a major turn on for reasons yet unknown. As we cuddled and she drifted off to sleep I had no idea how long this feeling was going to take to figure out. As I was finally starting to drift off, reflecting back on the last two days, very thankful to be in a nice cozy bed, cuddling the hard body sleeping next to me I was wondering if I will wake up bound again and decided not to worry about it. I think I can trust her.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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