Running Free
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  • Post Date - 9/16/2013

Author's Note: Just a little fantasy of my own...

Part 1 - Running Free

My morning chore today was to clean the bathroom, which I don't think has ever been cleaned before today. It was taking me forever to finish scrubbing the stains off the floor. Yet, I managed to turn the toilet white again, scrubbed the soap residue from the tub walls, and removed the hair out of the sink. That's when it happened. While standing at the sink, I saw my face in the mirror. I have not seen my reflection in so long, and I was in shock of how sickly I looked. My hair was so thin, probably from all the pulling and yanking. I must have lost over 40 pounds, and my skin was so pale and flushed. I was in shock because this is not the face that I remember.

"What do you think you are doing!?!" Shit, my Master caught me slacking in my chores, and he came after me with a flailing crop. I ran to the back wall. SMACK! SMACK! He was hitting me anywhere we could, beating me to no avail. I was caught off guard and so scared. I was cornered against the wall, hysterical in a little ball, trying to hide from the crop.

"Slacking on my time, when you should be cleaning, huh!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I didn't even get a chance to respond, He was coming at me with full force. There was nothing I could do or say. My hands were covering my face, and I saw through my fingers, an escape. Right through his legs, the bathroom door was wide open, and I went for it. It was a natural response, but looking back now, I know that was the worst mistake I could have made.

I didn't get too far scrambling on my hands and knees. I just got out of the door frame when he kicked me down on my side, and knocked the wind out of me. He grabbed my hair, and dragged me to the hitching post. There He bent me over a round table top, chained my wrists and ankles to the side so that my feet were no longer touching the ground. All of my weight was balancing on my stomach over the table top. He shoves an inflatable gag in my mouth, and pumped it up till I was gagging on it. As I was crying, I knew this was going to be bad. I made a terrible mistake, but what could I do? What was a girl to do in that situation?

I felt the first few slaps with the single tail which caused me to scream and cry louder than I thought was possible. It literally felt like my skin was being ripped off my body. After that point I was in and out of consciousness from the beating. I could not even tell you how long it lasted. It was an on going cycle of waking from the sting of the whip, screaming, and blacking out from the pain, and waking from the next sting again. I felt him inside me a few times in-between beatings. I lost my voice from screaming, and there was a puddle of tears and drool on the floor. I could not imagine what the back of my body must have looked like, but I did not what to know either. When my Master was done, he went upstairs, and left me alone and bound, crying in my position.

I awoke by hearing Him come back down to the basement. He did not say a word, and I did not look up. I was beaten to the point that my spirit was broken. He removed the gag and untied me from the table top. I was too weak to hold my self up, so He left me lying on the floor.

"Your not done little girl." Those words made me start crying again. You could hear the horse sobs as I cried on the concrete floor. My Master lifts me up to feet. He was in no way gentle because he was still very angry with my escape attempt, but He let me take my time regaining my own balance. That's when I saw the new contraption in front of me. A treadmill. My Master led me onto the treadmill and I felt the sandpapered floor on my bare feet. As I stand trying to comprehend my situation, He is tieing my arms to the side of the bars of the treadmill. He puts a metal horse gag in my mouth that has an extension out in front that can be tied down. He attached the front of the gag to the front of the treadmill so I am forced in a bent position, consequently with my ass sticking out. I started to cry from my predicament.

"Since your so eager to run out on me, I hope your ready to run now little girl." With that, He turned on the treadmill and my legs automatically start to move to keep up. Falling down would not turn out good with my arms and face tied down. After a minute of walking, He then turns the speed up, and I am forced to run on the scratchy pad of the treadmill. It takes me a while to get coordinated, and I trip a few times. So to help me out a little bit He starts to whip the back of my legs with the single tail to co worse me to run. But now I was concentrating too much on the sting, and not running. I was crying and tripping and falling on the machine and causing scrapes on my feet. I was struggling and breathing so heavy, that I could barely hold myself up.

He slows the machine down a bit, and gives me a little relief, which helps relieve the cramps from my sides. "Your wiggling around too much." He said and inserted an ass hook in my ass hole. He then attached the hook to the back of my collar, which caused an arch in my back and my ass to stick out even more. He turned the machine on again. MMMH! I screamed and cried as I tried to run with the ass hook wiggling around in my ass. I really had to concentrate on maintaining my upper body still to avoid the pressure in my ass, and I had to let my legs do the running. But before long, I could feel the fatigue settling in. I have been locked up and chained down for days, and I am in no shape to run. I did not know how much longer I could handle this.

I was still crying and He said, "You better stop crying, or I am going to make this a lot worse for you. You wanted to run before, so now RUN!" I hear him walking around behind me. "Hum" He says. I then feel him insert two fingers inside my pussy. "Oh yea." He says. The next thing I know, he is inserting himself inside me, while I am running on the treadmill with my ass out. He does not have to do any work. Running on the treadmill is causing my pussy muscles to contract around his cock, and He is loving it. I can't focus on his cock, or I am going to fall. I have to maintain my balance, and stop tripping and crying. But my toes are getting cut up and bleeding from the rough floor of the treadmill and I cannot stop crying. My Master is able to cum just from me running and contracting my pussy muscles.

My Master pulls out and stops the machine. "Compose yourself, Sasha! Deal with your punishment." He removes the ass hook and unties my gag from the front of the machine, so I am able to stand straight again, but my hands are still bound. My back is aching from running bent over, and my feet are bleeding from the floor. He then attached two nipple clamps onto my nipples and I screamed from the pain. He then tied the clamps up to my gag. He then inserts an ass plug, and I start crying hard again. The plug is so much bigger, and I am trying to figure out how I am supposed to run with it in. Just when I thought it could not get any worse, He inserts an inflatable dildo in my pussy and pumps it up a few times, and the tears fall again.

He turns on the machine, and I begin to run again. There was too much to concentrate on. I had to keep my head steady because lifting my head too high would cause me to pull on the clamps. But putting my head down to relive the pressure would cause them to bounce from running. Every time my Master pumped up the dildo I had to find my balance again. And my feet were bleeding and sore. There was so much of my body in pain, I don't know how I kept moving.

After what felt like hours, He finally turned off the machine. I was panting uncontrollably, drooling from the gag, and still crying. My Master slowly unties my arms and nipple clamps, and lets me regain myself. But he leaves the gag, plug, and dildo. I can tell His level of anger is decreased by the level of firmness he is using on me. So I am a little pleased at myself knowing that I have pleased him.

My master walks away and says, "Sasha, I know you want a shower and a drink, so come here." I attempt to stand, but my body is too sore, and my feet are too scrapped to hold me up. "Its ok, crawl." He says. I could hear the sound of the hose filling a bucket. So I crawled as fast as I could (which was probably very slow) over to the bucket that was full of water. I still had the gag in, which made it impossible to drink, but I never dare drink without permission. So I crawled to his feet and sat down, with my head down in defeat. He puts the bucket of water in front of me and says to drink. I had to turn my head to the side and slurp the water from the side of my mouth to get any water. I barely had any breath to slurp up a descent amount of water. When He thought that I had enough water, He removed the bucket, and had me kneel on all fours parallel to the brick wall. He chained my collar and ankles to the top of the wall, which caused my head and ankles to be raised up while still on all fours. My Master then proceeded to hose me down with water. The water would have been too cold on any other day, but I was so tired and out of breath and defeated that nothing could have stimulated me.

Once my shower was over, my Master untied the chains, but did not remove the gag, plug or dildo; which hinted that I was not yet done receiving my punishment. My Master walks away to another part of the basement, and calls me over to him. "Sasha, come!" Like an obedient little puppy, I crawled over to his feet and sat down.

"Sasha, did you like running on the treadmill?" NO! Please no, Sir. I am sorry, I am so sorry, I--. I almost started to cry again. "Good! Then you will know better than to run from me again, right?" Yes Sir, please no more running, Ill never run again. And the tears began to fall again. "Suh suh, ok no more running, but you are still not done with your punishment yet. But first lets fix up those feet." Yes, Sir.

After my Master cared for my scraped feet and wrapped them up, it was time for the next part of my punishment, which included pleasuring my Master in a new way than I have ever done before. He sat on a chair that had no middle, so He sat over a whole in the chair.

" Stick your head through this whole." I crawled under the chair and raised my head through the seat of the chair. My Master then pulled out an interesting gag from his pocket. It was the ultimate ball gag, literally. He fastened the piece of leather around his balls, and then around my head. So my mouth was literally tied to his balls. I was not sure who had the upper hand in this predicament, but I was not about to tempt it either.

After sucking and massaging my Master's balls for a while, I was put into the small cage for bed. Which I hoped was the last part of my punishment, but I will have to wait till morning to find out.

Part 2 (added: 2014/04/17)

I did not get any sleep in the cage that night. My body kept cramping up from the previous days workout, and I could not get comfortable to shut my eyes. I could not wait to get out of the cage, but I was extremely exhausted. My Master finally came down in the morning to rescue me from my predicament. Without words, my Master opened the door to the cage and walked away. Something in my stomach felt weird, and I didn't move a single muscle.

"Good girl Sasha! Very good. You make me proud when I see that you learn something." I felt a sigh of relief and the weird feeling in my stomach went away. It makes me so happy to hear satisfaction in my Master's voice.

"You may get out of the cage, Sasha." I slowly and cautiously crawled out, stretching, and waking my muscles that have been cramped up all night. Stretching out on the cold floor never felt to comforting.

"Go to the bathroom and clean up now." "Yes, Sir." I replied.

As I exited the bathroom my Master was standing over by the door with some new device in his hand, but I knew that it was time to start doing chores.

"I have something special for you today, I think you will like it." I was so tired and sore, that nothing could have surprised me. My exhaustion surpassed my desire to have emotion. My Master had a new ball gag that had a metal extension out in front that a "tool " can be inserted into.

"You are going to finish cleaning the toilet today, since you never did finish yesterday." With that He inserted the gag into my mouth, and attached the toilet brush extension at the other end. He also inserted the butt plug from yesterday back into my ass too. He started to finger and play with my empty pussy.

"Humm, you know I hate having empty holes, so I am going to have to fill it up." Again, my exhaustion prevented me from having any sort of reaction or emotion. My mind was gone, and my body was just following the motions. And in went a dildo, and I was instructed to start.

My body hurt so bad that I didn't even feel the toys in my ass and pussy. The pain of my body was so much worse. As I was cleaning He came over and removed the dildo from my pussy, and started fingering me again. I just kept cleaning because I wanted to finish it already and be done with this punishment. I could tell just by His breathing and His touch that he was getting excited. Before I knew it, with my head still in the toilet, He grabs and lifts up my ass and starts to pound out my pussy, shoving my gag deeper into the toilet.

"I want to make sure that it is VERY clean. Is it clean yet slut?"

"Mmhumm." I said through the gag.

"Good! Keep cleaning, I did not say to stop." He was getting very hot and excited. I guess this position was really turning him on. After a while, He pulled my hair back, and removed the toilet extension from the gag, but left the gag in my mouth. He was dragging me by my hair up the stairs and into his bedroom. He threw me on the bed on my stomach, and fucked me till I blacked out. I don't know how long I was out for, but I woke up from Him unbuckling the gag on the back of my head.

"Oh mmmyy, I am so s-soor."

He delicately puts a finger over my mouth and says to shush and that its ok. He did not give me permission to fall asleep on his bed, but he understood my predicament. With the previous days punishment, sleeping in the cramped cage, I accidentally fell asleep on his bed. I felt a little awkward, I think because I was not in my place. I was not in a cage, or in my cell, or in the basement, and I was not getting punished for something that I did wrong. I was bit uneasy because I have never been in this predicament and I didn't know how to handle it. I was stuck in a limbo, in a "should I be doing something right now" type of limbo. And I also felt weird because I was sitting on his bed. It was such a nice big comfortable bed, and I was dirty and probably smelly too. I was staring at the floor about to jump off the bed, and sit where I feel more comfortable being, but I think my Master noticed my uneasiness, and sat next to me on the bed.

"You must be starving." "Yes Sir. Very much." I had not eaten since yesterday morning, since my punishment took the remainder of the day and I went to bed without dinner.

"Ok, good. I will get food and you will go take a bath, take out the plug and clean up for me."

After my nice long hot shower that was much needed, I walked into the kitchen and there were two chairs set up at the table. I have never seen two chairs, since it is only my Master; I usually sit on the floor. I started to get scared thinking that there was company. However, when I got closer to the chairs I noticed the greatly modified one that was obviously for me. It was a chair with to dildos sticking up from the seat.

"SIT." He demanded. I squatted over the dildos and very slowly sat down since I had to insert them both in at the same time. Doing them at the same time made me feel fuller than ever. Once I sat fully down in the chair my Master brought out a variety of sandwiches to eat. He gave me the notion to begin eating. Despite how hungry I was, and how I just wanted to indulge in the entire plate; I ate very slow by taking small bites. My Master then pulls out the remote that I anticipated would come out sooner or later. He turns the dial about a half an inch and the dildo in my pussy instantly starts thrusting up and down. The first few thrusts almost lifted me off the chair. With both ass and pussy filled, my stomach already felt full. My Master starts eating and he turns the dial up half way and my hormones fly through the roof. He turned it up so suddenly that I could not hold my moans and breath in. The dildo in my ass was motionless but taking up space so the dildo thrusting in my pussy felt even bigger.

"I did not tell you to stop eating Sasha."

My attempt to eat while getting fucked was quiet pathetic. I probably looked like I had down syndrome. Trying to sit comfortably and eat was very difficult to do when a dildo is down there violating my lower half. And just to make it even more difficult, my Master attached a vibrator to my clit, turns the dial all the way up to 100%, and sits back down to continue eating. Everything in my body tensed up, and I literally squeezed my sandwich flat. There was nothing I could do to avoid the rape. My body was practically having epileptic seizures and convulsing on the chair.

He was enjoying his dinner and show.

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