Prisoners of the Empire
  • Author - Granitethunder
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  • Post Date - 10/12/2013

Author's Note: Soldiers of an army defeated by the Empire are taken to the Capital City, stripped, paraded for public display and taken to the Royal dungeons and torture chambers to receive the torments of the Empire.

The battle was over. The empire had won a decisive victory. The defeated army had surrendered. Several thousand prisoners had been taken. Most would be auctioned off as slaves in the empires markets. They were the lucky ones. Three hundred of the strongest, fittest, most handsome were transported to the capital. There awaited them a truly frightening fate. The captives, 300 men were gathered outside the city gates. They were met there by the queens imperial guards. A group of women known for their cruelty and sadism, especially for prisoners of the empire. The captives were to be paraded through the streets of the capital, to show the people another victory for their empire while the people cheered and mocked captive army. The queen would lead the procession at its head, behind her, in chains would walk the dejected terrified humiliated prisoners to their fate and beside them marched the imperial guards, enjoying and reveling in the spectacle and adding to the prisoners sufferings along the way. Each man in the group had been taken and was forcibly stripped bare and naked by female guards until not a captive wore a stitch of clothing. The men had their genitals fully exposed and then pawed, groped, slapped, spanked and humiliatingly played and toyed with by their female guards. Some were ordered to play with themselves off, others to jerk each other off. Some captives were forced to fuck one another's asses, or suck another man's cock, all for the sexual appetite of the imperial guards. It was terrifying. Men wept and sobbed. Others shook with fear and still others peed where they stood. It was only a taste of what would follow for these unfortunates.

The naked exposed prisoners were forced into groups. Each had his hands tied securely behind his back. Each man then had his testicles shackled and manacled to every man in the group. The chains led between each mans legs which led to the balls of the man behind him. The chains were heavy and pulled every captives aching suffering balls downward. They were to be paraded naked in the hot sun shackled by the testicles and occasionally whipped by guards through the main street of the capital to the cheers, jeers and mocking of the crowd lines streets until they reached the palace. There, each man would be evaluated and selected. Each captive would have his genitals shaven bare in public and have his cock measured for length, thickness and appeal. These men would be given to the palace. Those who were found less desirable were given to the crowd. Still naked and shackled by their testicles, they were walked to the city square put on a platform for all to see and tortured in public for the peoples amusement, sometimes days at a time. When an individual was finished being tortured, they were tied in the square to be used as sexual toys for men and women of the city. The groups were sheltered naked in a public dungeon at night and the public torture would begin again the next day. The prisoners were tortured for the peoples amusements. It kept them both loyal to the queen, and terrified that it could be their fate if they rebelled.

The captives taken to the chambers and dungeons beneath the palace where they could be tortured day and night and the wealthy and royals could watch, enjoy and participate. As groups of prisoners were led naked into a chamber, those who had just suffered were led out to be fed and imprisoned until it all began again. The torturers in the palace, men and women alike, used all the traditional methods used in public, but also very specific, and ingenious genital torments on captives. The royal torturers and torturesses were renowned for their skills and ability to torture a man's naked penis for hours, to have him writhing, screaming, and wailing for mercy while his cock was worked over and tormented in detail, or his testicles punished in creative ways and his rectum made to suffer unbearably. The palace specialty was specifically cock, ball, and anal tortures and for women in the chambers, pussy and tit torture as well. For traitors and spies it was worse. For these unfortunates, it was non-stop genital tortures with hot irons, oils, nails, cock and pussy whips and canes, testicle and tit hangings until whatever information needed was gotten and guilt their confessed. Followed by the traitor being forced to watch as each of his balls was removed and his cock sliced off slowly or a woman's pussy sewn shut and her nipples removed followed by execution. There were very few spies and traitors.

And so began the ordeal, as the captives were led bare through the city gates and onto the crowd lined main thoroughfare, groaning and moaning. Chained and manacled by their hanging, swaying balls, they plodded on slowly onward in the hot morning sun. Their guards sadistically watching their tormented movements with lust and delight. Once they were all within the gates, the whips began to crack as leather struck with frequency. All at once, strong men began to cry out and wail in pitched tones begging and pleading for mercy, which only caused the imperial guards to raise the whip even more and made the jeering crowd dizzy with sexual pleasure. Here and there a prisoner stumbled on the brick streets causing those chained with him to scream out in agony as their each prisoners testicles and genitals were stretched and pulled. Whips struck men's backs, bottoms, thighs and even cocks causing screams and wails of sorrow and still they walked on. Citizens thronged to watch the unfolding spectacle before them. Another defeated army brought to the capital to feel the empires wrath. People cheered the empire, spat insults and threw whatever they could at the marching prisoners. Others, even imperial guards, sexually aroused, men and women alike openly played with themselves and even fucked each other in front of the assembled captives, knowing the show that would be put on for their debauchery and sexual pleasures in the city squares over the coming days. Some men, chained together in terror and fear peed openly on the road as they walked along the trek for they knew there would be no mercy. Large portions of the route would remain pee soaked long after the tortured procession passed. A very large number of captives found even themselves aroused at their plights. Dozens of nude, chained, whipped, sweating soaked, whimpering and crying captive men moved down the bricked street amidst a crowd of frenzied spectators, with swollen, hard, erect penises. Rigid shafts bobbing with each step, some oozing and dripping with their own cum, weeping and crying with humiliation. Citizens even ran into the lines of captives, pulling and jerking at the chains binding their balls or slapping and spanking the bobbing cocks and some were even mockingly jerked off as they walked suffering, wailing babbling, and crying like girls. The march went on for hours, the whippings continued, the captives suffered unbearable public agony and humiliation at the hands of the imperial guard and citizens until the palace was finally reached. There they had their testicles unshackled and the genital shaving and prisoner sorting process took place. There among the guards, captives were forced into sexual bondage with each other and their imperial guards. Men were again forced to jerk off, fuck each other, and fuck their guards and even their female guards among themselves. Men fell to their knees and kissed and licked their captors feet begging and pleading for mercy, which only caused an increase in the sexual frenzy around them. The captives to be tortured for the public, were re-chained by their balls and led off, but not before a dozen unfortunate prisoners were pulled by their penises out of the group and placed into stocks. These men were to fucked up their asses in public, humiliated, whipped, cock tormented, then finally have their balls cut off, all by the sexually sadistic women of the imperial guard whom they would then serve as eunuchs.

The remaining captive men were led into the palace basements where they were to be kept naked. All of the empires prisoners remained naked until they were eventually executed after months or even years of being tortured until replaced by new captives. They were taken to their cells in the palace dungeons which were large iron slatted cages holding more then 50 men each. The dungeons were maintained by a group of sadistic, sexually depraved women, who loved nothing more than to torment the caged captives. Wealthy men and women and royals often walked the dungeons selecting men with who they themselves would torment at random. After several hours more torment at the hands of the women of the imperial guard and dungeon keepers, no time was wasted in taking the first groups of men into the palace torture chambers. The chambers were below the dungeons so that the sounds of agonized prisoners could be heard in the dungeons above. The palace torture chambers were very, very well equipped with tools ranging from the most basic primitive whips and shackles to the most modern restraints, furniture, devices and electric items to make a man want to castrate himself. The chambers could hold more than 100 unfortunates at a time and even had a small amphitheater for wealthy and royal spectators to view special prisoners being tortured to death. Those awaiting their turn to suffer were kept chained naked and spread eagled to a wall of the torture chamber, often tied by their testicles to the floor and stretched. When it became their turn, a prisoner, was unshackled and pulled by the rope around his balls to whatever device awaited him.

In groups of 3 and 4, nude captives were led to be tortured. Their tortures were carried out by the queen's own torturesses. 25 beautiful women, sexually cruel and perverse and all who had a hatred of men, selected personally by the queen herself for their skills at torturing and tormenting what hangs between a man's legs. They wore what suited them, from leather and lace to sometimes nothing at all, as naked as the men they were torturing. Always, they took sexual excesses on the genitals they were torturing. The torturesses were assisted by a staff of equally perverse homosexual men who ensured that the captives were securely tied to whatever device was selected, and they too often participated and took their own sexual depravities. The sounds of whips splitting the air, striking backs, penises, testicles, canes meeting bare bottoms, howls, cries of mercy, men blubbering and wailing, pee splashing onto the floors and into drains brought sounds of terror in the dungeons above.

A man lie tied tight to a flat wooden table, a woman knelt and straddled his face forcing him to lick her pussy and asshole while she came over and over and a torturess worked on his shaft, made rock hard by a shot of aphrodisiac, and his tight balls with a pinwheel digging it into his cock while he thrashed and screamed muffled cries with his tongue buried in his tormentors pussy. A torturess had her captive seated and tied atop a bucket of ice water. His balls were tied and stretched so that they were immersed in the ice water to see how long he would last until her passed out, to be revived again and repeated. At one device, a nude man groaned and whimpered, he'd been made to sit bare assed on a chair whose seat was composed of dull wooden stakes. His weight made the stakes nearly protrude into his naked bottom. Two torturesses then periodically pulled him up, held him and spanked his tormented ass before pushing him back down onto the chair to start it all over again. In a separate section a woman, naked had her captive tied kneeling, face down, ass up on a table. His bottom striped dozens of times by whip marks where she'd whipped his bare ass. She had one hand well above the wrist buried up the prisoners rectum where she'd inserted fingers individually until she fit her hand into his anus fisting him and fucking his ass with her arm, with the other hand she milked the mans hanging cock while his cum poured into a bowl just below his penis while the prisoner wailed, in great sobs drooling and babbling.

Several prisoners sat atop wooden pyramid shaped devices. They'd been shackled by the wrists and lowered at the point of the pyramid to where the point entered each mans rectum and their body weight held them in place. More than one had their scrotums nailed to the wooden pyramid. Their genitals hung in front of them and were whipped with laces by a topless torturess while another using a thin whip, whipped each mans bare bottom to the strains of men screaming, wailing for mercy and peeing themselves. A woman whipped a naked, crying prisoner, suspended from the ceiling by wrist and ankle chains, spread wide apart, while a brazier of hot smoldering coals stood between his legs, a foot from his limp hanging cock and testicles causing him great discomfort, but far enough away not to cause damage. All throughout the torture chamber were scenes like this. A woman had a man strapped securely to a table, his hard cock encased in 2 hollow scrub brushes while she fucked his pee hole with a metal device dipped in hot sauce to a chorus of the captives cries and pleas. Three women worked a prisoner who was strapped to a seatless chair, his cock and testicles were encased in metal mesh, a wire ran down the length of his shaft through his peehole and an electric dildo was buried up his ass. The women laughed and howled with delight as they electrically tortured the unfortunate prisoners genitals while he bucked and screamed and sobbed. Another had her man seated legs spread wide and fastened behind a tall 4 inch wide wooden stake, his penis and testicles protruding through a hole in the wood. She cruelly whipped his hanging dick while he begged her for mercy.

Again and again prisoners were taken out and new victims brought into the torture chamber keeping the torturesses busy with their tasks. A woman, had a captive tied to a chair. She played with his cock until hard, then in mock love, she placed herself atop his hard shaft and began to fuck him running her pussy up and down the mans cock. While they both came, her several times, in hatred, she released and peed on the prisoner's crotch as she fucked him. Another, her prisoner kneeling and tied to a beam while she inserted small pins into the tip of his cock causing him to howl in pain, cry and pee while she jerked him off, playing with herself

A naked captive lay on the floor. While held down by 4 assistants, a torturess tied a rope to the top of the captives testicles, the assistants tied the mans wrists, knees and ankles. The rope attached to the prisoners balls was connected to a pulley attached to the ceiling. Laughing in evil delight the torturess signaled to the assistants who at once began to heave on the rope. The rope started to tighten, then pull. The prisoner was being hoisted upward being hung by his testicles. Releasing any inhibitions, the man, now a foot from the floor, dangling upside down by his balls, howling and wailing in huge sobs began letting a steady stream of pee burst from his cock, now hanging also upside down, peeing on his chest and face and floor, while the woman and 4 assistants happily played with themselves at the captives sufferings until each came. The man hung for 20 minutes before passing out and was cut down, dragged out and taken back to the dungeons to begging again the next day

A prisoner stood, arms over his head roped to the ceiling, ankles roped to the floor, while another knelt in front of the hapless victim, mouth wide open as a cruel torturess held his hair. The nude man helplessly roped, had a woman 2 fingers deep in his rectum while massaging his prostate while her other hand ran up and down his engorged shaft. The prisoner let out deep guttural moans and groans of pleasure while he pumped his hot load of cum into the kneeling captives face and mouth, milked until he was spent. Once his testicles were fully drained, the kneeling captive was dragged away, thrown to the floor and whipped. The roped captive then had his balls chained, and weighted, the metal weights were placed into a brazier and allowed to heat until the heat traveled up the metal ball, chain and onto his bare testicles getting hotter and hotter and hotter until the hapless naked, ball weighted prisoner begged and pleaded for his female tormentor to cut off his balls and end the agony. She waited 5 more minutes and showed him mercy by removing them in one swipe. He was taken and executed within minutes.

Another captive, also strapped tightly in a seatless chair had each of his balls separated and tied off. Twine was placed at the top of his scrotum and tied tight. He was given an aphrodisiac shot and his cock stroked by a torturess until raging hard and pulsing. She then with the assistance of another woman began to insert metal sounding rods into his pee slit until six had been fully inserted their length. All the while the prisoner thrashed, screamed, wailed, sobbed and begged. The two women now darkly horny and more than satisfied with their work each jerked the agonized man off until his cum began to drip out between the sounding rods. Again, all he could do was thrash and babble like a girl while they continued their work.

Still 5 other naked men, straddled metal triangular shaped poles their bare feet a foot off the floor, their arms tied above them. The apex of the poles dug into the crack of their asses and their body weight rested on their tormented balls. The poles were electrified and a naked torturess controlled how often and how much current flowed making the nude captives buck and writhe as current flowed over their balls and into the cracks of their bare asses. At the same time, each prisoner was whipped across the bare back and naked bottom.

A crowed gathered in the amphitheater. One of the captives, for the entertainment of the wealthy and royals was going to be executed by being tortured to death slowly. 3 women, all naked for the crowds pleasures would perform the tortures. The captive was led by his tied cock to the arena. He was tied in stocks on his knees, sideways to the gathering, so they could all see his plight. Once secured, each woman put on a strapped on 10 inch rubber cock. One by one, each nude beautiful woman fucked the prisoners ass, pounding him without let up, while reaching under his torso, between his legs and masturbated him, causing him to groan, grunt and buck in pleasure as his shaft was squeezed, groped and milked. After being fucked for 30 minutes, he was taken out of the stocks and thrown to the floor, the women then all peed on the prisoner until they were emptied. Before he could recover, he was lifted, and tied spread eagle standing. His torturers each began to spank his cock and balls, slapping and slapping while he screamed for relief. A telescoping dildo was placed at the captives anus. A woman pressed a button and it began to enter his rectum, while the other two now began to whip the prisoners penis and testicles as the dildo slowly penetrated his rectum and kept moving father up inside. When the dildo was now up the captives asshole, the torturesses wired his cock, balls and inserted a probe into his pee slit down the length of the mans shaft and began electrocuting his tortured genitals with more and more current. During this, the third women began earnestly horse whipping the prisoners naked bottom. The captives cries, sobs, peeing, screaming drooling, sweating began to subside until all was quiet except for the hum of the electric devices in his genitals, and they knew it was over. The now dead, naked prisoner was hauled out of the chamber, to be replaced by another unfortunate captive

By now almost half of the men who'd been paraded humiliatingly naked through the capital city had adorned the queens torture chamber. More would follow. A naked captive stood atop an T shaped device. He was selected because his cock measured ten inches while soft, and because he had been one of the many who had carried a massive bobbing erection during the days march through the streets. A collar device had been placed behind his shaft and below his enormous testicles. Several of the torturesses had decided that these genitals were worth preserving for awhile, at least until they all had experienced their hot soaked pussies sliding down his huge hard shaft and jerking him off, or forcing him to play with himself so they could watch him empty the cum from his overly large testicles into a bowl quite a few times. They all wanted to experience his genitals and secretly each wanted the sole honor of torturing his huge shaft and balls if only to watch and experience this powerful naked mans agonies, cries, pleas, sobs, tears and wails at their hands as they relentlessly tortured the captives cock and testicles. The device had the effect causing his enormous genitals to protrude out and upward so that his cock hung like half a heart shape.

A topless torturess holding a long circular 3/8 inch thick smooth circular stick approached the bare, naked man standing fastened to the T and trembling with fear. I'm gonna have fun with you baby she said as she cupped his balls and held them. She bent forward, opened her mouth and took each of his balls separately into her mouth and sucked them while stroking his hanging meat. She took his cock into her mouth and began long strides up and down his penis with her mouth while she again cupped and caressed his heavy hanging cum filled testicles. wha, wha what are you going to do to me he asked terrified. She suddenly let his cock pop out of her mouth and in a flash grabbed and squeezed his now hard penis, smiled evilly and in a wicked voice hissed I'm gonna fuck your cock with my stick pig!!! In that instant, she pulled open his pee slit with her fingers and started to forcibly slide the smooth circular stick down his hole forcing it in and out and farther down while he screamed loud, bellowed, wailed in shock and pain, and blubbered like a bitch. She continued for 10 minutes to fuck his cock with the stick until, when finished, looked at his tear strewn face and chest, squeezed his massive balls and walked away leaving the stick protruding from his hanging tortured cock. This prisoner would provide days of pleasure for all of the torturers.

Other prisoners were more fortunate this first day. Rich and powerful women of the empire paid handsomely for cum extracted by hand from a prisoners balls through his penis. 50 captives were chained to the torture chamber wall, while the orgy of tortures continued in front of them. A dungeon keeper, torturess, or wealthy woman from the community each went forth to a naked, chained prisoner and began jerking each man off, pumping his meat hard and fast until each mans cock hardened and stood straight up erect. Continuing this torturous pleasure and placing the tip of each penis into a wide mouthed bottle the cruel women jerked them off until they each began pumping hot cum in jets and waves into the bottle filling it. Captives who failed to fill the bottle were immediately taken and cock tortured. Those who filled the bottles were taken back naked to their dungeon cages. Those few men who had filled the bottle and continued to cum afterward had their penises tied off at the base, and were taken to be used as sexual playthings for the day until their turn came in the torture chambers. This process would be repeated each day until enough prisoner cum had been extracted to be sold to the empires rich women.

And so the orgy of torture continued. All manner of sexual torments and tortures were carried out on the men of the defeated army. Others would certainly follow and the queen would visit her dungeons and torture chambers and marvel at what she had accomplished while her naked and tortured captives cowered and kissed her feet, begging and pleading for mercy, offering lifelong servitude in exchange for release. None would get it and that's the way the empire liked it!!

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