Halloween Pony
  • Author - I. Binder
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  • Post Date - 11/28/2013

Author's Note: A great Halloween costume is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it is better to pick your own and not trust someone else.

"One game of backgammon, if you win I will give you $10,000. If I win you will come to the Halloween party dressed as a pony, but in a costume that I will provide." Sounds simple, sounds none threatening. For David $10,000 was nothing. For her it was huge, with the costs of school she was really struggling. Was this just his way of helping her out? And so what if she lost. She had been worried sick about how she was going to put together a costume that would match the people she expected to be at David's party.

Mary had been so impressed when she met David. He was a just over ten years older than her, 30 to her 19. He was so smooth, so sophisticated, and he gave all the appearance of great wealth without being too flashy about it. Mary wasn't actually husband hunting, but if she had been she would have considered David not just a great catch, but the catch of the century.

It had only been a month since she had met him, and there was certainly nothing in the relationship that had demonstrated any commitment. But, she was having fun. He had a convertible - not just a convertible but one with a name that she could hardly pronounce. He had taken her clubbing a couple of times. There was no waiting in line for David. They would walk to the front of the line and be waved right in. She enjoyed strutting along on his arm in front of the other who had to wait. She could feel their eyes following her. She decided that she liked being the center of attention. Inside they went right to the VIP section where David bought only the best.

David's house was the size of a small hotel. It sat on a large plot of land with a tree lined drive that ran for about a quarter of a mile from the large iron gates to the front of the house. The house sat on ground slightly elevated from the rest of the property giving it even a larger and more commanding appearance. Mary could not even comprehend this as a single residence. The ballroom was large enough to accommodate at least a hundred people.

Mary had not hesitated to take the challenge, and the third glass of wine she had just finished, probably did not help her decision making. It certainly did not help her game. She lost. She lost badly. She did the thing she does where she pouted out her lower lip, dropped her chin and looked very sad.

David smiled at her. She loved that smile. "Ok, double or nothing. If you win you get the $10,000. If I win you not only wear the pony outfit but you will be topless."

Mary had great breasts. She was a good 34D and she liked displaying her well formed cleavage. So far though, it had only been her cleavage, perhaps a lot of it, but only cleavage that she allowed to be seen in public. Alone with David she could not wait to get her blouse off. She knew how much he liked her breasts. She loved the feel of his hands on her breasts.

Mary took a healthy sip of her fourth glass of wine and said. "Get your checkbook out."

She lost, of course. Only then did she think about what she had just gotten herself into. She had not met most of David's friends. She knew he knew many very wealthy, important, and sophisticated people. What sort of impression would she make topless?

"David." She cooed. "I don't really have to be completely topless do I? What would people think?"

"Want to go again for full nude?" She gasped and shook her head, but nothing came out. She was a little drunk, but not drunk enough to take the last plunge.

David smiled at her. "Don't worry; the costume has a top. Your breasts, however, will be exposed."

"But what will your friends think? I've never met them before. I don't want people to think I am cheap."

"You're not trying to Welch on our agreement are you?" His brow hardened.

"No, certainly not. When I agree to something I do it." She was stuck. She was completely stuck.

"I'll tell you what. I will make sure the costume has something for your nipples, but the rest of your breasts will be completely bare. After all, a bet is a bet."

Mary nodded. The concession made her feel a lot better. She pictured a belly dancer she had seen with small brass cups over just her nipples. It had been attractive and very sexy.

In the week leading up to the party Mary only saw David once. Mary tried to think of some way to bring up the subject of the costume she had agreed to wear but could never quite get there. Knowing David, she was sure it would be spectacular. What was she worried about? David would not want to be embarrassed by having her in a bad costume. David kept telling her how great the party was going to be. He told her she might even find it life changing. David was so excited; she did not want to dampen his enthusiasm.

David told Mary to be at his house at 4 pm on the day of the party. She knew that the guests were not to arrive until 7. That seemed a good thing. She would have some alone time with David. She could model the costume topless for David, and then make sure that her nipples were completely covered. She wanted to be sexy, but also maintain some class. That was a plan. That might actually work.

She was sure her costume would be spectacular. She certainly would never have considered dressing as a pony, but David had been willing to risk $10,000 to get her to agree to wear it. She kept trying to visualize what a pony costume would look like, especially one sporting bare female breasts. She was actually getting a little excited about wearing it. Whatever it looked like she was sure it would be exotic. That was good. She would stand out. She expected that there would be many elegant and fantastic costumes. People would look like they just left the make-up trailer at a movie set. She envisioned something out of Great Gatsby. This was going to be the most amazing night. She knew it would be unlike anything she had experience.

Mary arrived right on time. The parking service was already there and in the process of setting up. The cars were to be parked just outside the main gate, a quarter of a mile from the house. Mary did not see any means of transporting guests from the parking to the house, and the attendant would not let her drive up to the house. He was under strict orders to keep all of the motorized transport outside the gate.

As Mary walked up to the house she thought that this was not the elegant beginning of the evening she had envisioned. She thought of asking David if he intended to make all the guests walk all the way, but as soon as she saw him she forgot her irritation and the question.

David smiled and took Mary's hand. He led her up the wide staircase in the entry hall to where she knew the master bedroom was located. She had only seen David once during the week before the party and she was feeling very horny, that was one thing she needed to get fixed. She was hoping they would get in a little play before the party and a lot after. She reached out and stroked David's arm as they went upstairs. She was also very excited, and more than a little nervous, to see her costume.

The bedroom was huge. Some people's houses were smaller than this bedroom. Mary had always had mixed feelings about this room. It was elegant, but it certainly did not feel intimate.

She could see something laid out on the bed. Her attention was instantly drawn to the white latex body suit. There were also a lot of leather items laid out nearby, but the latex was clearly the show stopper. Mary walked over and picked it up. It felt like butter in her hand. The latex felt so thin she was afraid she would tear it trying to put it on.

David said: "Let's try it on and see how it works." Mary liked that idea.

David handed her a container of baby powder and offered to help. Mary quickly undressed to her bra and panties. She picked up the latex again and held it up to her body. Just the feel of the latex against her skin made her shudder.

"I think everything needs to go." David ran his hand over Mary's hip down to her panties. Clearly what he was saying was true. This garment was so thin that anything she wore below would be clearly visible. Talk about bad panty line.

Mary removed her panties and her bra. She was not self conscious in front of David. He had seen her naked on a number of occasions. She started to shake powder onto her body, and then she grimaced when some of it fell to the floor leaving white spots on the burgundy colored rug.

"Don't worry about that. It will vacuum up." David was smiling. Mary felt better. She finished powdering her legs and then slipped them down into the latex suit. The suit felt small, but it stretched to cover her body. David helped her work the latex up her legs so that it fit firmly with no wrinkles.

Mary was afraid that the material felt so thin that it would tear just pulling it up.

"Don't worry." David must have seen the concern on her face. "It is very thin, but extremely strong. It is a new blend that is almost indestructible. It will fit and bonds almost like a new skin. "

It certainly did that. For all practical purposes she might as well be nude.

"In addition, it breathes so that it can be worn for long periods of time without endangering the skin underneath. My company has developed it so that it can be worn in space environments, at least months, maybe years, at a time."

Mary did not want to go to space. And as spectacular as it was she did not want to wear this suit for a long time, and as she pulled it up over her sex she was appalled that she could see every hair of her bush pressed into the soft material.

"This won't do." David walked into the bathroom. He returned with a bowl of warm water a can of shaving cream and a razor.

"What?" Mary started to say.

"Do you really want to go out with that showing through?" She didn't. She nodded. The latex was rolled back down to expose her crotch and before Mary could think again David went to work with the cream and razor. In just minutes she was as clear as when she was a small child.

As David helped curl the suit back up over her hips and to her waist Mary looked down. She thought she had felt naked when her bush was showing, this was worse. The latex had molded around her crotch capturing every contour of her beauty lips. David followed her eyes with his and then reached between her legs and began to stroke her. It felt as if she were wearing nothing. No - she felt even more exposed than nothing. The material caressed her body with every movement.

Then she felt his fingers slip past the latex and actually into her body. The latex material molded to every part of her body actually curling over her lips and up inside her; and there was an opening, a slit right down her entrance. The suit would not prevent David from entering her. They would be able to make love without having to remove the suit.

This was great for David, even magnificent for the two of them, but she decided that this was not going to work for being in public. She had not seen the rest of the costume. There must be something that would cover her. If it did not she would have to think of something she could put down under the latex to cover her sex. But then she turned her attention back to rest of the suit. David rolled it up over her stomach to her breasts. Mary could see that there were holes in the latex suit where her breasts were, but they were much too small for her D cup breasts. Maybe only the tips of her breasts would show through, then with a covering on her nipples she would not feel exposed at all. Well, at least after she made sure her crotch was covered.

But, before they could deal with her breasts she had to get her arms into the suit. David held it out so that she could slip first one hand and then arm in, then the other. David told her to make a fist, she did, then he pulled the end of the sleeve over her hand and then worked it back up her arm. He repeated the process on the other arm.

David smoothed the latex up her arms and then pulled the body of the suit fully up and around her body and over her shoulders. The opening was in the back. Mary looked down at her hands and tried to get them out through the end of the sleeve. Nothing. She lifted her arm and looked at the end of the sleeve. There was not an opening for her hand to emerge. Instead there was a ball of material quite a bit heavier than the rest of the suit and a strap that wrapped around the wrist holding her hands in tight fists. David quickly closed the strap at each wrist, then without saying anything stepped behind her and zipped the back of the suit up to her neck. The neck had a belt similar to the ones at the wrists and David quickly closed it around her neck.

"David, my hands are covered. How am I supposed to do anything without hands?" Mary spoke as she studied the latex ball that was now her hand.

"Ponies don't have hands. Don't worry. You won't need them. Let's just get you in the rest of the costume and you will see how it all works."

Mary was starting to think that she wanted out of this. David walked back over to the bed and Mary reached up for the collar around her neck. She could feel with her knuckles where David had closed and fastened the collar, but she could not maneuver it in any way. A twinge of fear raced through her body as she realized that she could not get herself out of the suit.

The suit's fit was skin tight. At least skin tight everywhere except her breasts. The top third of her breasts stuck through the hole in the latex suit but that created a tent over the rest of each breast. Mary was not very happy with that look. It certainly was not very sexy. She pawed at her breasts with the latex balls that used to be her hands.

David sat her down on the bed. He then took one nipple, and then the other and started to work them through the holes in the latex suit. Soon he had enough flesh through each hole to be able to use full hands of breast as he worked her breasts through and the holes back against the root of her breasts. After some work David had managed to pull Mary's breasts completely out through the holes. The suit lay against her body and constricted her breasts so tightly that they began to engorge with blood. Mary felt her nipples harden and become very sensitive. She had been horny when she got here, now she was really feeling it. Her breasts were so sensitive now. She decided that before she took this suit off she needed to get David to pay some attention to her breasts. That was usually not a problem.

David moved away from her breasts and gathered her hair into a ponytail behind her. She could feel him feeding it through a ring. Then she felt a latex hood slipping down over her head. She was surprised. He had not said anything about a mask. She usually avoided masks for Halloween. They were too hot and got in the way of seeing, and more importantly, drinking. David quickly pulled the hood down over her face. It was cut away around her mouth, fit tightly over her nose with holes under each nostril, and it covered her eyes with only a vertical slit less than half an inch wide and about an inch high in front of each eye.

Her vision was very much restricted. She could only see what was directly in front of her face. The effect was claustrophobic. She didn't like it at all.

"David. Do I have to wear a mask? I don't like it."

"Shhh. Let's see how everything looks then we can make adjustments if necessary."

That was exactly what she wanted to hear. "Ok, as long as we have a little time before the party." Her breasts were so sensitive now. She slowly rubbed them back and forth on his arm.

"You are a hot little filly, aren't you?" David opened the collar and top of the suit and smoothed the hood down around her neck under material of the suit. Mary could not see them, but raised rectangles on the hood fit into recesses in the neck portion of the suit. When they were all matched up David again tightened the collar holding the hood in place as if it were a part of the suit.

Suddenly Mary found it was very hard to turn her head.

"That is not fair." She brought her latex enclosed fists up to her neck and tried to loosen the now tight collar. Her efforts were completely ineffective. She felt herself starting to panic.

David shushed her again, it was gentle and soothing. She relaxed a little. Ok, she said to herself she would finish putting on the costume. That would let her make a full list of things that needed to be fixed before she would wear it to the party. Right now that was the hood and the covering over her crotch. The lack of hands bothered her too, but she could not see any easy way to fix that. She could probably live with that. They would have sex and she would let David know what needed to be fixed. She knew her breasts were going to be mostly bare - with something covering her nipples, but she had not known how her sex would be displayed in this suit. That was the top of her list right now. She would need something to cover that.

As she was thinking David had brought over something that appeared to be a web of leather. Mary really hated the restricted vision from the hood. It was big reason she did not usually wear Halloween masks. Could she talk David out of the hood? She was certainly going to try. This was going to have to be some very good sex activity. She was going to have a lot to sell.

David wrapped a thick heavy belt around her waist. It was at least six inches wide and made of sturdy material. Mary could not look down because of the restrictions of the collar and limitations on her sight. She watched what was happening in the mirror. The leather looked to be finely tooled and, no surprise, expensive. She could see that there were rings at the front and metal studs of some kind on the sides. She had no idea what they were for.

A small strap from the waist belt led up to the next strap, this one circled her body just below her breasts. It was about an inch wide but had flanges that created quarter cups to provide support under each breast. This strap was connected in front with a very thin strap between her breasts to the next strap that circled her body just above her breasts. Mary's breasts were so sensitive from being held by the tight collar of latex that she gasped at every touch. David smiled each time. As David tightened the belts above and below her breasts it increased the constriction and made them even more sensitive.

All Mary could think was "he needs to get this on and fuck me." She tried to find his crotch with her hand, but

When the straps above and below her breasts were in place and tightened adjusting straps between and at the outside of each breast were tightened. The straps now fit snug around her body and molded up around the root of each breast where they were already confined by the tight molding of the latex.

From the strap above her breasts two straps, one from just in front of each arm pit, continued up making an A line to the center of a thick leather collar. This collar was at least three inches wide and further secured her neck holding it tightly in place and making it almost impossible to lower her chin.

Great for posture training, she thought, but she was already finding this whole suit to be very confining and uncomfortable. She knew she had agreed to wear it. She knew she needed to keep to her promise, but she needed to think of ways to mitigate its impact on her. She did have to admit that she was getting very turned on. She really needed David to finish this so they could fuck. Yes. She didn't want to make love right now. She just wanted to fuck. She needed to fuck. She needed it right now.

She felt David fasten a strap from the strap above her breasts around her upper arms, first one side, and then the other. It was not terribly restrictive, but she could now not raise her arms.

Then he was behind her. She could not make out from her view in the mirror what he was doing. She felt something fasten around her upper right arm just above the elbow. There was something connected to it and she felt her right arm moved back as he fastened something similar around the same place on her left arm. It felt like there was a bar now strapped to both upper arms just above the elbow. It ran across her back forcing her arms slightly back and tight to her sides.

"David. What are you doing to my arms? I don't think I like this." She twisted her body slightly, but offered no meaningful resistance.

"Almost there, hold on." As he spoke in a very smoothing voice he folded her forearms up parallel to the bar between her elbows and quickly fastened a wide strap around her now parallel wrists.

David stepped back, seeming to know how she would react. There was a moment of panic as she realized that her arms were bound behind her back. She pulled and twisted at the straps. She could not even open her hands inside the balls of latex at the end of the sleeves. She was really stuck now.

"David, please, let me go. I don't like this." She stopped struggling and tried to give him her best pleading sexy look. But with her head held in the damn hood it was impossible.

He stepped back to her and began with one hand to stroke her nipples. Her breasts were so very sensitive her body shivered with sensation. The other hand moved between her legs and found the opening in the latex. With the expertise that she had come to expect from him his hand found her clitoris and began to work it slowly. Her resistance melted away. She wanted to put her arms around him, but of course, she could not. She leaned into him instead.

"Oh." She sighed. She tried to maneuver toward the bed.

"Not yet." He continued to tease her body. "We need to get you finished."

"But the party is not for hours. We have plenty of time." Her voice was pleading.

"But we need to see the whole thing first. Don't we!" It was more a command than a question.

She sighed knowing that her need would have to wait, at least wait for a little while.

As if her arms were not sufficiently secure David pulled a small leather sheath up over her folded arms. It reached up to just above the elbows but closed across the top of her joined lower arms with laces that he quickly tightened. Mary had never in her entire life felt so helpless. There was no way she could ever get her arms out of this thing.

Bands were fastened around her upper thighs. A strap down the hip from the waist belt attached to each of these bands. Two very thin straps were pulled from the front of the waist belt down between Mary's legs. One passed on each side of her sex then David pulled them between her buttocks and up to where they fastened to the waist belt at the back. Mary had hoped that there would be a strap or something that would cover her crotch, but these straps would provide no help to her concerns about her modesty. If anything when tightened they seemed to accent her sex puffing out her beauty lips. In back they pulled her buttocks apart because the straps were tightly held between them then spread to about four inches apart at the waist. She blushed deeply under her hood. There was no way she was going to be seen like this in public. David would just have to come up with a solution for this. This was a big issue for her and now number one on her list. Bet or no bet she was not going to the party this way. She even felt embarrassed for David to see her like this. She wanted to cover herself and instinctively tried to move a hand between her legs. This only underscored the helplessness of her situation. David needed to get this done and let her out so they could have a serious conversation about this costume. She was glad there was still a long time before the party. She would really have to work on this costume.

David moved her back to the bed and had her sit. She was hoping that was the start of something more intimate, but he only wanted to put on her boots. The boots were exquisite black leather. They came up to just below the knee. Even through the latex she could feel how soft the leather was as her foot was slipped down. David pulled both boots up onto her feet and legs and then had her stand.

Mary almost lost her balance at the steep angle. These were the equivalent of at least five inch heels, maybe more. Except that there were not any heels. Mary had to keep her weight forward on the balls of her feet. As she stood and tried to take in the look David knelt down and tightened the laces on the boots. As the laces were tightened Mary was surprised at the amount of ankle support the boots provided. Still, she did not know how she was going to walk in these things.

When David had finished lacing the boots he stood up and stepped back. "Very beautiful." His smile was huge and that made Mary feel much better. She looked at herself in the mirror and had to admit that the vision was stunning. She was tall and athletic, regularly participating in soccer and lacrosse, and had recently been training to run the marathon. She knew that her body was strong and well sculptured, but the effect of the latex and the harness accented the form and strength of her body. With the added height of the boots she appeared very tall. She turned to one side and then the other admiring herself in the mirror.

The boots looked heavy, but they were surprisingly light. She lifted a foot and was shocked to see that under the ball of her foot the boot flared to a small rounded platform shaped like a hoof, complete with a horse shoe. This added another two to three inches to her height. David did not mess around with costumes. She almost felt like a horse. David stood about six feet, but Mary was now several inches above him.

Mary turned to David and was about to say "ok, I tried it on. Let my arms go and let's fuck." She was stopped by the fact that David was holding another grouping of straps in his hand. "What is that?" She asked instead, taking a step backwards.

"The last of the costume. Can't be a pony without a bridle."

"Please David, the hood is bad enough. I don't want anything else on my head. Or at least take off the hood and use that instead. Please!" She took another step back but hit the bed and sat down involuntarily.

David didn't respond. With his left hand he grabbed the harness between the upper breast strap and her collar. With the right hand he slipped the bridle over her face.

Mary tried to shake her head, but the hood made her effort ineffectual. She sighed and quieted down while David finished fitting the straps. Just get this over with she thought.

A single strap ran around her head at the forehead level. Another strap connected it front to back over the top of her head. A metal ring in this vertical strap allowed her hair, pulled through the hood in a pony tail, to be fed through the bridle lining it up with the hood. From the front of the strap at her forehead a strap descended between her eyes then splitting to a Y down each side of her nose each ending at a ring at the side of her mouth. From these rings a strap circled behind her head passing through a holder in the strap coming down the side of her head. The straps from the mouth rings were then loosely buckled behind her head. From the rings at the mouth straps also passed down around her chin. These straps crossed below her chin in front of her neck and where then drawn back and buckled into the collar at the sides of her neck. When tightened these straps further restricted her ability to move her head. They kept her chin down and checked its movement from side to side, thus their name - check reins.

The bridle felt constricting. She didn't like it. She didn't like the way it pulled up on her chin and mouth. Mary opened her mouth to test the limit on its movement. She was about to protest, but before she could David pushed something into her mouth. Because of her limited vision she had not seen it coming and was completely surprised. She felt something metallic slide across the top of her tongue. It curved down on the sides making it impossible for her to get her tongue out from under this invader. She felt a bar pushed into the sides of her mouth and heard two metal clicks.

David's hands moved away from her face but the thing that invaded her mouth did not move. She had been bitted. "Ooh, . . .aa . . . iii . . .oo." She tried to voice her protest at this latest part of the costume. "Fuck." She thought. "I can't even tell him to take it out." She tried to shake her head back and forth, but the check reins allowed almost no horizontal motion.

"Now we have you looking like a proper pony." David's voice displayed a glee that Mary did not share. "Let's get you downstairs so you can get properly into your new role." As he spoke David fastened reins to levers that protruded from either side of the bit. Each lever curved back from the end of the bit along Mary's cheeks.

David pulled on the reins and the device in Mary's mouth separated into two parts. The part over her tongue pushed down and a second joined piece on top swung up against the roof of her mouth. This was not just uncomfortable. It hurt. She leaned forward to ease the pain in her mouth. As David held the reins close to her face and pulled up she stood up. This was not fun. She didn't want to do this.

Mary gasped and tried to protest but the sounds were completely unintelligible. She was shocked at how completely he was able to control her with these two simple straps connected to the awful device in her mouth. She needed the bit out. She needed it out now. She tried to bite down on the bar part that passed between her teeth. She hoped that would make it more difficult to pull the piece up into the roof of her mouth. But the part of the bit where her teeth met it was not moving. It was only a hard plastic core that surrounded the bar and let the bar move in response to the reins, thus removing any ability for the wearer to impact its use.

Mary needed to stop this, but she did not know how. She pulled and jerked at her arms, but they were held helplessly behind her. She tried to twist her head but the check reins and the neck of the hood prevented all but the smallest movement. She tried to pull back against the reins, but the pain was just too much. In the end the only thing she could do was to follow. Her whole world suddenly became shortening the distance between David's hand and her mouth. It was suddenly so important to maintain slack in the reins.

Why was David doing this? Where was he taking her? Didn't he know how awful this thing was? The thoughts tumbled through her mind as she stumbled along behind him - out the door of the bedroom - down the stairs to the entry way - out the front door of the house. She was outside the house. She felt completely naked. She needed to tell him that the covering of her sex was insufficient and needed to be fixed. She needed to tell him that the hood was making her claustrophobic. She needed to tell him that she did not want her arms bound behind her back and her shoulders were already starting to hurt. She needed to tell him all these things, but she could not tell him anything.

He led her down to the bottom of the stairs at the front of the house. The stairs lead to the edge of the driveway that circled around in front of the house and then back toward the gate a quarter mile away. At the bottom of the stairs and to one side there was an iron statue of a boy in a jockey outfit. The right arm of the lawn jockey extended forward and ended clasped about a metal ring. David tied Mary's reins to the iron ring held in the hand of the statue.

"Now you be patient my little pony. The others should be here any minute." He patted her on the buttocks and stroked her shoulder.

What others? This was completely wrong. It was not supposed to be like this. She was going to try the costume on and then they would have sex and then she would get him to change some of the more restrictive parts. She couldn't shake her head so she shook her entire upper body.

"Oh, that's right. I agreed to cover your nipples." He smiled largely, reached into his pocket and produced something. He began stroking her nipples. For a moment Mary forgot about her need to escape from this costume. Her mind went back to just how horny she was and how much she needed David to fuck her. Then she felt something bite down on her nipple. This sensation was quickly followed by the same feeling on the other nipple. She could not see what he had done, but she could tell that he had fastened a clamp of some sort over each nipple. She shook her body again. This time she was rewarded with the sound of bells. He had fastened bells to her nipples. She was not having this. She wildly shook her body intending to dislodge the source of this new torment. Her efforts were rewarded with the load ringing of the bells, but they stayed in place. She could feel the clamps digging deeply into the flesh around her nipples. They were not coming off, and she was sure they would begin to hurt.

Mary was standing harnessed and restrained in a form fitting latex outfit that showed every part of her body with her breasts fully exposed and now belled. She was hooded and reined to a hitching post in front of the house. Under her hood she turned bright red. She had never felt so humiliated in her entire life. Did he intent to leave her here, tethered by the door, for all of the party guests to see? That was completely unacceptable. She needed to let him know that he could not do that. She needed to make this stop. She looked at the reins wrapped through the ring in the hand of the stupid statue as it grinned up at her. The reins were tied with only a simple tension knot. The simplicity and closeness of the knot increased her frustration. She tried to pull away from the stupid statue. Maybe the knot would slip loose; she would go back inside and make David understand that she did not want this. Maybe the statue would fall over and David would get the idea.

Neither happened. The statue was firmly rooted to the ground and the knot was not going to loosen. She was stuck. She was completely and utterly stuck. She stamped her hoof. David laughed and stroked her head and shoulder again. She didn't even know he was still there. "I knew you would be a spirited little filly." His hand found her nipple again. Electricity surged through her body as she heard the bells jingle. In spite of herself she tried to push her breast into his hand. "But I have things I have to do to get ready for the party. You are just going to have to be a good pony." Another pat to her head and he was gone. She turned in the reins and watched as he disappeared up the stairs and into the house.

She tried to yell after him but was shocked at the sound that emerged from her throat and mouth. It sounded animalistic. It was not unlike the sound of a horse whinnying.

Now she was essentially naked, helplessly restrained, and alone. She looked around, twisting her body from side to side because of her restricted vision. There was no sign of any other person. She really did not want to be seen by anyone else, but maybe if someone came along they would help her. Someone needed to help her. She could not help herself. She knew she could not get out of this costume without help.

Mary was not sure how long she stood in the driveway alone. It seemed like forever, but time moves very slowly when your freedom of movement and action are removed. Finally after a very long time there was a sound. It was a motor. Not a car, something larger. Mary turned toward the gate area and saw a truck moving up the driveway. Standing tied to the statue at the entrance way there was no question that the occupants of the truck would be able to see Mary clearly. They would see a lot more of Mary than she would have liked. She was so tired of standing alone that on the one hand she welcomed the arrival of someone else. On the other, she really did not want to be seen this way. She really wanted David to come back and make some adjustments to her costume before people came. That had not happened and did not look likely to occur. She did not understand why he had abandoned her here.

As the truck got closer Mary could see that it was pulling a trailer. It was a standard looking double horse box trailer. "Great." She thought. Here she was dressed as a horse and they were about to bring in some real horses. Just the presence of the horse trailer made her feel completely humiliated at her current circumstances. David was going to so pay for this.

The truck and trailer pulled past her to the end of the circle. The driver and the passenger in the truck had seemed to pay no attention to Mary as they drove by. After they stopped they got out and walked back to the back of the trailer. Mary was shocked that they were paying no attention to her. How could they ignore a naked restrained girl standing by the side of the driveway? Mary felt a little frightened. She was very vulnerable, but more than that she just felt completely humiliated.

The back gate of the trailer was dropped and one of the men walked inside. Mary watched with fascination and then horror as he returned leading a female human pony harnessed in almost the exact same style as Mary. The girl looked fit and athletic and did not seem at all concerned by her circumstances. She followed the reins with no sign of resistance. Once outside the trailer her reins were hitched to a ring at the back of the trailer. The man then returned emerging with a second, and finally a third pony. With Mary there were now four ponies standing in front of the house.

Mary thought she should have drawn some solace from having others sharing her fate, but it did not help her. It especially did not help that each of these ponygirls seemed perfectly happy, at least accepting, with being essentially naked and completely and fully restrained in their restrictive tack. Mary could now see the armbinder laced tightly over the backcrossed arms of each girl. No wonder it felt so secure. That thing was not coming off until someone, someone with fingers, removed it. Mary felt completely helpless.

After the three ponies were withdrawn from the trailer the men removed a number of metal parts and started to assemble something. When done, it looked like a small cart. It had large bicycle style wheels on the sides with shafts that extended forward. There were two bench seats just in front and behind the axle holding the wheels.

The cart was turned around facing down the driveway. Then two of the three girls were moved from the back of the trailer to positions between the forward shafts of the cart. Mary watched as the shafts were lifted and fastened into the brackets on sides of the waist belts of each pony. Mary realized that her tack had the very same type of connecting bracket.

After the first cart was hitched with its two ponies the men returned to the trailer and emerged with the parts for a second cart. It was pretty clear to Mary what was going to happen. She was not wrong. Finally her reins were untied from the statue and she and the remaining ponygirl were positioned between the shafts of this second, now assembled, cart.

Mary felt the brackets on the cart shafts lock into place with the receiving brackets on the straps on her waist belt. Once they clicked into place she found herself tightly fastened to the cart. She could not turn from side to side. She could not even see the ponygirl to her left because of the restrictive vision allowed by the hood combined with the fact she could not turn her head. She did not think she was going to like this.

She felt the shift of weight behind her and assumed that one of the men had climbed into the cart. Her reins were pulled back and she could feel a slight tension on them. The man in the cart was holding her reins. He was going to make her pull the cart. That might make a fine spectacle, but she had no intention of playing. She had had enough of this entire game. She wanted out. She wanted out of this costume. She wanted her arms back. She wanted to be free of this stupid cart. She wanted it now.

She felt the reins slap against her back and heard the command "Giddy up."

"Really?" They really thought that would work? Not a fucking chance. She felt the pressure as the girl on her left tried to move forward but Mary planted her feet intractably in place. She was not going to be a part of this.

There was a cracking sound and a horrible pain across her buttocks. She gasped and tried to figure out what was going on. There was another slap of the reins and then another crack and a line of fire across her other buttocks. She jumped forward to escape the pain in her bottom. It hurt terribly. She needed to rub it but her hands were bound uselessly behind her. She cried in frustration. The girl next to her matched her movement and the cart started to move forward. There was not another crack.

The son-of-a-bitch had a whip. He had actually whipped her. He hadn't even threatened to do it. He had just whipped her with no warning at all. And, it was clear, he was going to whip her into performance. Instinctively she was running forward to get away from the whip, but intellectually she knew he was sitting on the cart behind her and that she was carrying her abuser forward with her. She could not escape the whip. But so long as she performed he was not whipping her. That had hurt. She had never been whipped before and it had hurt like hell. She did not want to be whipped any more. She did not want to pull this damn cart, but she knew she could not refuse it would only lead to her being whipped. This was terrible. What would David say when he learned that she had been whipped?

She had gotten use to the feel of the boots from standing in them all this time, but she now had to adjust to walking and then trotting in them. It came to her more easily than she expected.

The driver pulled on the right reins. The pressure in her mouth hurt. She turned to the right to avoid the pain. "Fuck!" She was being guided by and responding to the reins. It was natural and the only thing she could do. She hated the idea, but she had no other good choice. It hurt too much to not follow the reins.

She had been tired of standing in one spot, but this is not what she had had in mind for an alternative. She wanted someone to come along and let her go. Not hitch her to a damn cart and whip her bottom.

The driver guided her down the driveway to the area of the gate. Mary knew this was the place where the guests were going to park their cars. Both of the pony carts made a turn and positioned themselves facing back toward the house. "Oh Shit." They were going to provide transportation to the guests from the parking area back to the party. She was going to be a beast of burden.

Mary tried to come up with a plan. She twisted and pulled at her arms. That was going nowhere. She tried to twist her body away from the cart. No luck there either. That left comply or resist. Comply was humiliating, but resist would only cause the driver to whip her until she complied. And, eventually she would comply. That was even more humiliating. There was no plan. There was no choice. There was nothing for her to do except try to please the driver and avoid the whip.

Mary did not have long to think about it before the first of the guests arrived. The parking service directed the guests to park and then to the waiting pony carts. Each cart carried a driver and one couple. The cart was well balanced but the weight of a full cart was noticeable. And the grade to the house was slightly uphill. After the first couple climbed into Mary's cart and the driver signaled for the ponies to start, Mary pushed forward only to find the load very heavy. The other pony was pushing a lot harder and Mary could feel the weight being picked up on that side. Well, she thought, this is ok; if the other pony carried the majority of the weight it would help her conserve her energy. But the driver was more observant than Mary expected. Mary heard the cracking sound just as she felt the burning stripe across her buttocks. Not only was resistance not allowed neither was malingering. She leaned forward and put her back into the job.

It was not a great distance from the parking area to the house, only about fifteen hundred feet, but pulling the weight of the cart, it seemed much further. Mary was in good shape, she was training to run the marathon after all, but this was hard. She not only had to pull the weight of the cart with three people, she did not have the use of her arms and she was forced to run only on the balls of her feet by these pony boots.

About halfway to the house Mary was breathing hard and started to slow her pace. She quickly learned that this was not allowed. The whip bit into her bottom once again. The latex suit seemed to provide no protection at all. She might as well have been naked. But the encouragement worked. She picked up the pace. All she could think about was trying to avoid being whipped.

When the cart stopped in front of the house and the passengers got out the driver waited only a few seconds before slapping the reins to signal the pony team to start up again. People were beginning to arrive and were queuing up for the pony cart ride to the house. Mary wanted to shout at them. It was only a short walk to the house. How could they all be so lazy to want to wait instead for the cart? But, she realized, it was not the walk, it was the novelty of being pulled by two almost naked ponygirls. Mary wondered how she herself would have responded. Sadly she realized that she would not have wanted to miss the chance to ride in the pony cart. She saw nobody walk.

After the fourth trip back to the front of the house Mary found that she was panting. She was pleased when the driver did not immediately start the ponies for the trip back to the parking area. Her bottom burned for the application of the whip. It seemed that no matter what she and her cart mate did the driver found the opportunity for application of the whip at least a couple of times on the trip up to the house. How much of this was really to spur the ponies on and how much was for the benefit of the guests? It didn't really matter, it hurt the same either way, and it did have the desired effect - she did not slow down, she did not stop, she had learned to follow the instructions of her driver. She would like to do something about the pain on her bottom, but there was nothing she could do. She twisted and pulled at her arms trying to reach for her sore bottom even though she knew she could not accomplish even this simple task.

Then she realized why they had waited. Someone had climbed into the cart. She was now going to take a passenger back to the parking area. She was really tired of being transportation. She had wanted to go to the fancy party. She had wanted to meet rich and important people. She had wanted to show off what she expected to be a very expensive and elegant costume. This was supposed to be a fairy tale. Instead it was a nightmare from the Brothers Grimm. Mary had had enough of this. She had not signed on for this. She thought David loved her. How could he do this to her? It was humiliating. She had never been so completely humiliated in her entire life. How would she ever be able to meet and talk to any of these people? "Oh, weren't you the pony who gave us a ride to the house?" That would be wonderful cocktail conversation. She was surprised the hood didn't melt from the heat of her blush.

When they got to the parking area she felt the movement behind her as the passenger got out. It infuriated her that she could not even look back to see who as there. But that was quickly solved. David walked up and stopped by her side.

"I hope you are enjoying your costume." He smiled and stroked her breasts. "You look absolutely fantastic." His hand moved to her buttocks and started to stroke over the painful flesh. She jumped in response to his touch. "I see you have had some correction."

He knew she had been whipped. She had even been whipped on the ride down from the house. Only once, but she had been whipped in front of David. She was not enjoying herself and she wanted him to know it. She shook her head back and forth. Well, she shook it as far as her hood and check reins would allow - which wasn't much. She shook her upper body and stomped her hoof. The bells on her nipple clamps jingled. She tried to tell him to let her go, but the sound was more animalistic than human.

"Fantastic. What a great horse imitation. I knew you would be a natural at this."

As he finished speaking he turned and stepped away. Mary's eyes followed him. She recognized the car that pulled up and stopped. More importantly, she recognized the person emerging from the car. It was Mary's roommate Amber. What was Amber doing here? Mary had talked to Amber about David, but she did not think they had ever met. "Oh my God. I can't let Amber see me like this. What was Amber doing here?" The thoughts were crashing in on Mary.

Amber was dressed completely in black. The primary garment was a form fitting Lycra body suit. A very wide leather belt, 8-10 inches wide, tightened to accentuate her very narrow waist. It looked like the belt had reduced her waist by another two inches. Another belt, only about an inch wide, descended from the front of the waist cinch disappearing between Amber's legs. It displayed more than covered Amber's beauty lips. She looked statuesque in black stiletto pumps with heels that had to be at least five inches. The entire outfit was wonderfully made and looked expensive. Amber had blacked the tip of her nose and had drawn whiskers onto her cheeks. It gave her a coy and inviting look. There were cat ears sticking up from her short cut reddish-brown hair. She even had a long tail, seemingly sewn into the back of the suit. It held above the ground and followed her swinging delightfully from side to side. Amber had a wonderful figure and well formed breasts, all of which were well showcased by the suit she wore.

Mary was instantly jealous. She liked Amber's costume. Why hadn't David let her come as a cat instead of a stupid pony? She stomped her hoof again. Amber and Mary, even though the best of friends, they were a real Mutt and Jeff combination. Mary was athletic and tall at almost six feet. Amber was petite at 5'2". Mary had well defined muscle tone, Amber was soft, not flabby, but she would have to watch herself when she aged.

David walked forward and gave Amber a hug. He gave her a hug. Mary wanted to rush forward and kick them. But most of all she didn't want Amber so see her naked and hitched to the stupid cart. She was going to die of embarrassment.

"David, this is so unusual." Amber was looking right at Mary. Mary wanted a hole to open in the ground and swallow her. She tried to turn away, but she was held tight to the cart. She tried to shift away, but the cart was not moving. There was no place for her to go.

Amber was approaching with David. Amber was looking Mary up and down. She did not look like she had recognized Mary. Amber had seen Mary's body before, they were roommates for God's sake, but still Amber did not seem to be making the connection. Maybe they would just pass her by and get into the stupid cart. Was she really going to have to pull her boyfriend and her roommate up to the house while the stupid driver whipped her ass? Mary was starting to cry.

But Amber did not go past. She stopped by the side of Mary. "She is tied up."

"Of course she it. Ponies don't have hands so we have to remove the temptation."

"I'm sorry, but it doesn't look fun to me. How on earth do you get girls that agree to do this?" Mary tried to shake her body and head. She did not agree to this. She did not want to be bound to this damn cart. She certainly did not want to be whipped. She wanted to be let go. She tried to whine and call out. The noises she made were not helpful.

"The world is a strange place. There are girls who really get off on this. They love the control and the discipline. Watch." And, with that David reached down between Mary's thighs and probed his fingers through the opening at her crotch. Mary snorted in response, but David's fingers had found her clitoris. He started to work it. She could feel it hardening. She knew if she could look down she might even see it starting to poke out from its hood. She could feel her nipples also growing hard. She tried to pull away from his hand, but she had no ability to do so. She pushed forward against his hand. She was restrained, whipped, and humiliated, how could she be so horny? But she was.

"She does seem to like that." Amber's voice sounded hesitant.

"Here, touch her breasts. Ponies all love to have their breasts stroked." Mary did not want her roommate stroking her breasts. Mary had thought about what it would be like to be with Amber. The two of them had held hands and Mary had put her arm around Amber on occasions when they had gone places, but that was all. They had absolutely not engaged in any sexual activity.

"Her nipples are really hard. Those clips look like they really hurt."

"Not too bad, but you can take them off for better access." Mary did not like that idea. She hated the stupid clips on her nipples. She really hated the bells, but she did not want her roommate being the one to take them off. If they were going to take something off they should take off the binder over her arms. Her arms ached. When Amber released one of the clips Mary was shocked at the sudden pain as the blood rushed back into the nipple. But then she felt Amber's soft hand massaging the flesh. David's hand had not left her clitoris. The combined assault was now becoming the center of her world. She was moaning and squirming as best she could in her confined condition.

"Wow, she is really excited. This is so much fun."

"Yes, these ponies are regular sluts, but she needs her energy to pull the cart." David's hand had been removed. He was no longer working her clitoris. Amber stroked the breast a few more times. Then she withdrew her touch as well.

"What? No! Don't stop. You can't stop now!" That is what Mary actually said. It sounded more like "Hhhh. Ooo oa. Oo a aa ooo!" Then to 'add insult to injury' as the saying goes, Amber clipped the bells back onto Mary's now fully engorged and very sensitive nipples. She had been so close, so very close to orgasm. Damn. She had been horny from the time she had arrived at David's house and she had to admit that even though she wanted out of this costume there was something very sexy about this whole thing. But this was just so unfair. She didn't know exactly how, but she was going to get even for this teasing. It was one more thing on a growing list. But what was Amber doing here? Why was Amber with her David? This was very worrisome. When was David going to let Mary go from this damn cart? The party had been going on for about half an hour and she was still transportation. That was completely unfair.

"Let's not keep the guests waiting. And, I have some wonderful accessories for that costume of yours." Both David and Amber disappeared from Mary's restricted sight and Amber felt the weight shift of the cart as they climbed aboard. Her boyfriend and her roommate together? This was just too fucking much. She was not going to pull her boyfriend and her roommate as a stupid pony. They could go fuck themselves. The reins flicked signaling that they should move forward. Mary stomped her hoof but did not move.

There was another flick of the reins. Mary still refused to move. She could feel the pressure as the other pony tried to start. "Fuck them." She wasn't going to play. She felt the fire of the strike of the whip on her bottom. She had known that she would be whipped. In her mind it wouldn't matter. She was not going to move. But she had been up and down to the house enough times and felt the whip enough times that her body had conditioned to it. Her feet moved as soon as the whip bit. She had not even thought about it. It was if they had a mind of their own and just knew to respond to the whip. The thought that she had been conditioned to the whip horrified her.

Mary thought about stopping, but they were already underway. The best thing she could do is get them to their destination and have this horrible experience over. At least Amber had not recognized her. She hoped Amber had not recognized her. If she had she had not shown any sign of it. Under her hood Mary blushed. Is there anything more shameful than this?

"Can you get them to go faster? I love to see their butts wiggle." The comment was followed by a giggle. It was Amber's voice - the bitch. Ok, so she was now on Mary's list. There would need to be a lot of pay-back for this evening.

Mary knew what the comment would bring. It did. The slap of the reins, but more significantly the crack of the whip and the awful pain on her buttocks. She could not even call out in protest. All she could do was gasp and moan, and, of course, run harder. She did not want to risk a further strike for failure to obey the command.

Mary wasn't sure how many times she had been whipped that evening, but she was sure her buttocks and her back were going to be well striped. She even had a few painful lines on her breasts. The first time the driver had curled his whip around her arm so that the tip found her breast she thought she was going to lose her mind. Part of it had been her surprise and shock at his ability to do that, but the other part was the pain. As much as the strokes to her back and buttocks hurt the ones to her breasts were almost beyond her ability to endure. She did not want him to hit her there again.

When they reached the house and stopped the cart Mary felt David and Amber get out of the cart. She hoped that David would now come around, release her, and take her to the party, but he did not come back to her. In fact, Mary could not even see David leave. She had no idea what he was doing. Whatever time he had decided she would be in harness had not yet ended. She was just a pony and it was none of her concern. She stomped her hoof in frustration and rage.

The driver did not waste any time flicking the reins and signaling for the ponies to return to the parking area. Their job transporting guests was not done. Mary was furious. She was humiliated. After all the guests had been transported she assumed that David would then come back for her and take her into the party. But how could she face those people when she had just acted as their pony? In addition, this had been hard work and her suit was hot. Her skin was wet with sweat from her labor. What she would really need before going to the party was a shower. That would be her first order of business when he released her. Right now she thought she would shower and then just hide out in David's bedroom. She really did not want to face her former passengers. She did not want Amber to know that the pony she had caused to be whipped was her own roommate - or did she?

This was a big party. There were a lot of guests. Mary lost track of the number of trips she made from the parking area to the house. She must have gone at least twelve miles. She was exhausted. That settled it. It would be a shower and then David's bed. He would have to do without her at the party. Of course, he did have Amber. That did not make her feel better, but right now the last thing she wanted to do was be further humiliated by going to the party. This was especially true if she had to go in this costume. And because she had known she was going to be in costume the clothes she had worn up to David's were not suitable for the party.

Right now she needed to get this bit out of her mouth. Her mouth was very sore from the pressure and manipulation. She needed something for that. About a fifth of tequila should be about right. She would have to say that of this entire outfit she hated the bit the most.

But, she needed to get this damn binder off her arms. She had tried everything she could think of to free her arms. She could not believe how securely she was held by something so simple. Nothing she tried had worked. She had tried a little bondage with a few partners before, but it had only been scarves or ties. She never felt like she could not get out any time she wanted to. Not this. She wanted out. She wanted out right now but she could not. And from what she had seen on the other ponies until she was released she would stay helplessly bound.

She didn't want to pull this damn cart anymore. She was tired. The people were heavy and this was so demeaning. She wanted to tell a few of them that they really needed a serious diet. And, nobody seemed to care whether she was doing this willingly or not. Was it the hood? Was it the outfit? Why were all these people so willing to treat her as an animal and not a person? She was not an animal. She was a person and having her hitched to a damn pony cart was embarrassing and wrong. They needed to let her go. They needed to let her go right now. She was not sure she could forgive David for this.

And most of all, she did not want to be whipped any more. She had never been beaten before. She knew some people got off on it. And, to her surprise by the end of each run she was feeling horny, she didn't know if the whipping played a role in that. But that was not how she wanted to get there. It hurt, it hurt a lot. And, it was humiliating, and it made her feel helpless and controlled. So long as the driver sat there with his whip in hand he could make her do anything he wanted. And, she would do it. She would do whatever was necessary to avoid being whipped. After all, that was the real purpose of the whip. She was not being beaten just for his pleasure. She was being controlled and conditioned by the whip. She hated the knowledge of how easy she had been to control. But it wasn't just her. There were three other ponygirls and they were all completely controlled.

The cars stopped coming. How long had it been? Two hours? More? Mary had been able to catch her breath because both carts had stood at the parking area for about fifteen or twenty minutes.

She heard the driver talking to the parking service guy. She could not make out what they were saying, but she assumed that their transportation duties were finally over because the driver hopped into the cart and signaled for her to start up. With only the driver the cart was quite light and the ponies easily pulled it up to the house. They didn't pull up right in front, but stopped a bit short. From this angle Mary could see in the open door of the house. She could see the lights and the movement of the party goers just a short distance away. Mary could not tell for sure but she thought the other cart had stayed down below for any late comers. That was fine with Mary.

When the driver got out of the cart Mary expected that he would release her from the cart and hopefully, oh so hopefully, release her arms. She could tell he was standing next to her. She hated the check reins and the damn collar. She could not turn her head to see him. Was he releasing the attachments to the cart?

She felt something at her left foot. It was the foot farthest from the driver. She heard a click. Then she felt a slight tug at the back of her left ankle. She shifted her ankle in the direction of the tug. Then there was another click and she felt something at the back of her right ankle. She tried to move her left foot back but it jerked to a stop and also jerked at the back of her right ankle. He hadn't released her. He had hobbled her.

Mary could not believe what he had just done. She screamed. She twisted and pulled at her well secured arms. She shook her upper body. She kicked her feet - very ineffective that. Her ankles were now separated by about ten inches of chain, clips on each end fastened to rings that protruded from the back of the ankle strap of each hoof boot. Rings on the inside of the ankles posed a danger of hitting each other and making the pony trip. Rings at the back of the ankle were just as secure and posed no interference with the pony's gait.

The driver walked around in front of her at this point and he smiled. "Easy girl. Just need to keep you out of mischief." And with that he reached out and stroked her breast. Then he continued on to the other pony and, kneeling at the side where Mary could not see, but could hear him as he hobbled that pony as well. One always tried to stand to the side of a pony. Standing in front or even in back can get you kicked. Standing or kneeling to the side made it very difficult for the pony to perform this action. The drivers were very experienced with ponygirls and knew that these moody creatures could be very unpredictable.

The driver left. She could see him walk up the stairs into the house. He was going to go to the party. She and the other ponies were to be left standing outside bound and hobbled. She had been sure that as soon as they got to the house they would be released and could then join the party, although she had developed other plans. She was very unhappy about what had been done to her up until then, but now, she was not unhappy, now she was furious. She was not going to stand here like some dumb beast.

She tried to take a step forward - short as it might be - but there was resistance from the cart. The bastard had also set a brake. If she and her cart mate were going to try to go anywhere they were going to have to do it with hobbled steps dragging the damn cart. And then, where would they go? It would take forever to drag this thing away from the house. And then what? The driver would come and find her and then he would use his whip on her. He would not just whip her bottom. He would whip her breasts. She couldn't have that. If there was a chance for escape she might risk it. But the most she could achieve is a demonstration of resistance. That would not produce escape but it certainly would bring punishment. Angry as she was, there was nothing she could do but stand where she was.

Time can move very slowly when you are restrained and removed from any real frame of reference. She listened to the music and the sounds of people laughing and partying. She was sure a great deal of alcohol was being consumed. She could use a little herself, no, make that a lot. But there was nothing for the ponies. The drivers had watered them from a squirt bottle several times earlier, but now they could only stand and watch. For the most part there was nothing but shadows and shifting lights to look at. One of her favorite songs came on. She actually felt herself moving with the music. Everyone inside - including Amber - was having a great time while she was stuck out here. She was overwhelmed with self pity.

Then she saw a couple come out the front door. He was dressed as a pirate and she as a Victorian lady. The costumes were not cheap. Mary assumed they were heading off for some privacy, but they walked right toward her.

"They are just so sexy I can't believe it." The woman stopped about three feet in front of Mary.

"The best ponygirls in the west." Said the man as he reached out and stroked Mary's flank. She flinched and shook, but could do nothing to make his hand leave her body. "They are kept on a perfect diet and regime of conditioning. Look at her shape." Of course Mary was in prime conditioning. She had been working herself up to run a marathon, but she had never seen this man before and how would he know that. Also, what was this "they" business?

"I don't know. She acts like she is not very happy." The girl reached her hand out but stopped short of actually touching Mary.

"It is part of the wild pony mystique. They have only the most spirited ponies. You want a pony that must be kept bound and controlled. It is the idea of a strong independent pony kept under control by strong discipline that makes these ponies so very good. See how she pulls at her restraints. Even though she loves every minute of this if you let her go she would run away, or even worse attack you. If her ankles were not hobbled she might kick you. And, without the bit she will bite. These are proud wild animals."

"What the fuck?" Thought Mary. She looked around for the white rabbit. Somebody had been sold a complete ration of shit. She was no damn pony and she certainly did not love every minute of this. Ok, she had gotten pretty horny a few times, but she was tired of this now. She wanted to be released - and he was right about one thing, she would run like hell, if she didn't beat the shit out of him.

"How long do you think she has been a pony?" The girls hand moved a little closer, but she still acted like the surface of Mary's skin would burn her hand.

"She is in pretty good shape. And you saw how well she pulled us up from the car park. From what I have heard it takes about six months before they even let a pony go out in public. But they usually sell them by the end of the first year. So she has probably been a pony between six months and a year." He turned to Mary and bounced the bell on her right nipple. "Is that about right baby?" He had moved his head closer as if he could see into her hood that way.

Mary had had enough of this nonsense. She snorted as best she could through the awful restrictions of the bit, shook her head to the limits of her check reins, and twisted her upper body back and forth. She even tried to kick him, but the action was stopped by the hobble. She was furious before, now it was a boiling rage. She wanted nothing more than to get her hands onto this awful man. She would tear his eyes from their sockets. That would stop his looking at her like some piece of meat. She would tear his tongue from his throat. That would stop his demeaning diatribe. But she could do none of these things. She was fully restrained and locked within the traces of the cart. She could not even twist sufficiently to pull her naked breast from his hand.

The man laughed. "I am not sure what the answer was, but I love this pony."

"I don't know." The girl had pulled her hand back now. "I really don't think she wants to be here. Can we release her bit and ask her?"

"Never mess with another person's pony. Besides, do you want to get bit?"

"No. I just don't feel good about this."

"Yes", thought Mary. This girl was going to help her. This girl would let her go. She tried to look into the eyes of the girl. Damn. If she wasn't hooded she was sure she could have conveyed the need to be released, but the hood robbed her of that important means of communications.

"Believe me she is a pony, she knows she is a pony, and that is all she will ever be. Part of the thrill for a pony is fighting against her bondage. At times she probably does want to be set free. Right now might be one of those times. But she knows she will not be set free. She knows she will be kept restrained 24/7. She knows she will always be a pony and she is happy with that."

The girl stepped back. "I guess. I can see the excitement, but it also gives me the creeps."

"Maybe we should send you out for a weekend of pony training. Think about how much fun that would be."

"Dream on. If you got me tied up in one of those outfits I think I would be in real trouble." She paused and looked back at Mary. "Well, if she was stupid enough to let someone restrain and control her like that maybe she deserves to be a pony. I guess after six months of this she has come to accept it." The girl turned and headed back to the house pulling the man along by the hand.

"No, don't leave." Mary tried to say. "Oooo uuu eee." Is all that came out. She had never felt so helpless in her entire life.

Mary could not process what had just happened. She was in a pony costume for the party. She wasn't a ponygirl. David had told her it was a costume for the party. But why was she completely helpless standing with these ponygirls out in front of the house instead of inside at the party? The carts and the other three ponygirls had arrived in that horse trailer. Had they been trained as ponies? It seemed likely. Had they been like this for six months or more? The thought of being kept a pony made Mary's knees weaken. David wouldn't do that to her. Would he?

She had never even heard of ponygirls before. But wait a minute. The man had said that they don't let ponygirls go out until they have had at least six months of training. She had not had any ponygirl training. So she was not a real ponygirl. These others might be, but not her. David was pranking her. And he had done a very good job of that. It was going to be very hard to think of something that would top this stunt. But she was very imaginative. Just wait David. You just wait. Payback is a bitch.

The party must have started to break up because people were coming out of the house. The driver returned and the hobble was finally removed from Mary's ankles. The second cart came up from the parking area. There was a couple standing there watching as the driver removed the hobble and held a water bottle up to Mary's mouth so he could spray in some water. She wished she were not being watched. It seemed so humiliating. He was exerting his control over her. But she responded. She wanted the water. She also did not want to make him unhappy. She knew he would soon be sitting on the cart with the whip in his hand. She did not want to feel the whip. She knew she would, but she did not want to feel it any more than necessary.

Had she thought that? "Necessary." How could her being whipped be "necessary"? It was inevitable, but it was not "necessary". Was it inevitable? Could she avoid it all together? She knew what to do. She knew to run. She knew to keep the pace up. She could tell when she lagged from the pressure on her left side as the other pony took up more of the strain. That almost always meant the whip. All she had to do was stay at least even with if not ahead of the other pony. No, ahead would be better. Let that beast be whipped, not her. But the other pony was very well conditioned. She had had at least six months of training. Mary had had none. How could she hope to stay ahead of her?

Her 'wool gathering' cost her. The reins snapped against her back and she only started to come out of her fog. She felt the strain as the other pony started to move and then she felt the whip. They had stood for hours in front of the house. During that period she had not been whipped. It is surprising how quickly the brain masks the memory of pain. She remembered that it hurt, but either it now hurt more than she remembered or her bottom had become tender from the earlier beating. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. Instead she moaned and sobbed. This was not fair. This was not fair at all.

On the good side the outflow of guests was not as rapid as the inflow. This meant at least short rests at the front of the house in between trips. The trip with passengers was now also on the downward grade. That helped. On the bad side Mary quickly learned that she was not able to keep ahead of the other pony. It was as if that pony figured out what Mary was up to and made a point of showing Mary that she was not a pony to be trifled with. It was as if she would purposely surge forward at times Mary was not expecting it. The result was that Mary's plan to avoid the whip backfired. She felt it at least twice as much as earlier. She had learned an important pony lesson. There was a pecking order among ponies. She wanted to let the other pony know that she understood. She wanted to let the other pony know that she was sorry. But she could not talk because of the bit in her mouth and with her restricted vision through the slits in the hood she could not even see that pony.

At least now there was an end in sight. Each time they brought guests to the parking area they could see the number of cars dwindling. Finally, other than Mary's car, there was only one car left. Mary recognized it as Amber's little Spider. Amber was still here. Everyone else appeared to be gone, but Amber was still here she was up in the house with David. How had that happened? Had Amber knowingly moved in on Mary's territory? The thought tormented her more than her restraints and the residual pain on her back, buttocks and breasts from the driver's whip. But, why did she care? Did she still want to be with David after what he had done to her? Why was she feeling jealous?

The driver was flicking the reins. Mary had learned to jump immediately. Sometimes that saved her from a snap of the whip. This time it did. He legs were beginning to feel like lead weights, but that did not matter. The driver would accept nothing more than full performance and that meant they would run the quarter mile distance to the house. They did. It was likely the last trip, but Mary did not avoid the whip. She hated the whip. She hated the driver who whipped her. She would be very happy to be rid of both.

When they pulled up at the house there was still no sign of David or Amber. Mary was delighted when the driver started to unhitch the carts. One by one he removed the other three ponies and returned them to the horse box on the trailer. Finally he unhitched Mary from the cart. She turned to offer her arms so he could release them, but he did not. Instead he took her reins and led her over to the lawn jockey were she had been hitched when he first arrived. He quickly tied her reins to the ring. Then he went back to the work with the other driver of disassembling and putting away the carts.

Mary guessed that since David had been the one that restrained her it would be David who would release her. But where was David? She hated standing there like that. She was being completely ignored. She pulled back to the length of the reins but the pain in her mouth prevented her from exerting much pressure. Her mouth had become very tender over the nights abuse. She looked at the simple knot the driver had tied. It would take about ten seconds to untie it, if she had hands. The fact that it was such a simple easy knot, yet held her so securely, was frustrating beyond belief.

Ok, she was going nowhere. That had been the message of the entire night. From the time David had put her arms in this stupid armbinder she was done. From that moment she had lost all control and these people had all made sure that she clearly understood that simple devastating fact.

She could only wait. She used the time thinking about what she was going to say to David when he let her go. She figured she had three options.

Option number one was to storm off, maybe even call the police. Certainly what they did to her was illegal. Although, she had consented to be put in this costume, hadn't she? David was rich and powerful. She didn't think that would end well. And, would the humiliation of that be worth it?

Option two, maintain her dignity, but tell David off. Let him know in no uncertain terms how awful he had been. Make him explain himself. See where that led. She would probably leave, but she needed him to understand and feel guilty for what he had done to her. She was not sure she could hold it together and do this. It was more likely that - it would be the last option.

Option three was to weep and cry. Let her state of misery show him how badly he had hurt her. This would determine if he had a heart at all. But did she even want to be with David anymore? How could anyone who cared for her have done this? She had never in her entire life felt so shamed or humiliated. The only saving grace was that her anonymity had been preserved by the hood. She had never thought she would be happy about having worn this horrible depersonalizing implement.

But David was not here. David was somewhere inside with Amber. What were they doing? Is that why David had treated her this way? Why else would he so embarrass and humiliate her? Did Amber know? Had she known that the pony she was talking to was her roommate? Was she in on this horrible plot? Mary stood tethered to the lawn jockey watching the door of the house. She had lost all interest in the drivers as they packed up their gear. She would be perfectly happy when they got in their truck and drove away. She never wanted to see them or their awful ponygirls ever again. But for now, she could only stand and wait for David to come. Did he want Amber now and not her? She started to cry.

Then she saw someone coming. It was David. There was someone or something behind him. Mary gasped. Amber was following behind David. But she was not walking. She was crawling on her hands and knees. And there was a leash to her neck. David was leading her on a leash. David was careful to maneuver Amber around so that she was directly in front of Mary.

Amber's eyes looked red and puffy. She had clearly been crying. Her cat outfit had certainly been augmented. Around her neck was a large leather collar. The leash was connected into a loop in the back of the collar.

Amber's hands were on the ground, but they each were covered with a mitt. It was leather and shaped like a large paw. There were no fingers in the mitt. It appeared that when the wearer's hand was thrust into the mitt the fingers bent in at the second knuckle. It was too flat for her to ball her hands and too short for her to extend her fingers. The mitts were fastened around her wrist with a sturdy looking strap that also had rings which could be easily used to restrain her arms. For now they were not in use. They didn't need to be.

That was not all for her arms. A leather sheath covered both arms from halfway up the forearm to halfway above the elbow. It was laced tightly and clearly would restrict Amber's ability to bend her arms. Amber could only bend her arm about a third of its normal action.

Both of Amber's legs had been folded up at the knee so that each foot was pushed up against her buttocks. A leather sheath covered her leg from her knee to her ankle/thigh. A strap with what looked like a heavy spring in the middle attached top front of each leg sheath to the front side of the waist belt. Amber could only straighten her body by exerting pressure on the spring, and thus not hold the position for very long. Although the sheaths were only laced on, with Amber's hands locked into the fingerless mitts, there was nothing she could do to remove them. The sheaths completely prevented Amber from straightening her legs. Instead she had to walk on her knees. A pad on each knee anticipated this new means of locomotion.

"Isn't Kitty beautiful?" David stopped Amber right in front of Mary. Mary did not know how she should feel about what she was seeing. Normally she would have wanted to rush to the aid of her roommate. But she was so angry with Amber over her being with David all night. Maybe this was a fair payback for the betrayal Mary felt.

Mary, of course, could not answer David. She just stood and looked at him, squirming in her bonds. What she really wanted to say is please let me go. She looked down at Amber and thought for a minute that it would be fun to play with Kitty. Maybe David was going to let her go and she would then be allowed to torment her roommate in this cat bondage outfit. That sounded like fun.

"It has been a marvelous party. Hasn't it Kitty." He turned to Amber with the last sentence.

"Meow." Amber responded.

Mary was shocked. Was Amber actually into this? Why on earth had she just meowed? And, she had dutifully followed David from the house. Granted she was on a leash, but there had been no sign of resistance.

David smiled. "Our cute little Kitty has a training collar. You should have seen her face when I put in on and activated it. She cannot engage in any form of human speech. If she tries it shocks her vocal cords and interrupts the speech. Not to mention it is very painful. She can meow or even hiss, and moans and screams are allowed, but no speech. In addition, when set to required response if someone says something directly to her she must meow within three seconds or receive a very painful shock." David stroked Amber's head and scratched behind her ear. "Isn't that so Kitty?"

"Meow." Amber quickly responded, then she looked up briefly at Mary, then hung her head in shame. Mary wondered how many times Amber had been shocked before she had become compliant to this humiliation. Amber was a pretty strong self assertive girl. Mary had trouble believing that she would make cat sounds on cue, but here it was, right in front of her face. If Mary's mouth had not already been held open by the stupid bit her jaw would have dropped.

"And, just so you don't feel too badly, Kitty here has been in her full costume from just after she arrived at the party. The collar also allows a trainer to use it to encourage or discipline her." David held up a remote. One push of this button and she gets a shock. She never knows how strong the trainer will set it for." David held the remote in front of Amber.

Amber visibly shuddered and lowered her body closer to the ground. "Meow, meow, meow." There was a pleading tone to her meows. Now Mary did feel sorry for her. How had David so cowed Amber in such a short time? That collar must really hurt. What was she saying? She had felt the bite of the whip and she had learned to respond to that. She was terrified of the whip. Would she be acting any differently if the driver were holding up his whip in front of her?

David did not push the button. Instead he patted his Kitty on the head. She visibly relaxed a little.

"You should have seen her fetching a ball when I threw it down the ballroom. The guests loved it. She got a great round of applause. Such a clever Kitty." The last was again spoken to Amber.

"Meow." Amber's eyes were sad. She gave Mary a pleading look as if saying "please do something to help me." But, there was nothing Mary could do to help her.

"There is one more training appliance that she is wearing." David smiled as Amber looked up at him with a pleading look and shook her head back and forth. "Under her crotch belt she is wearing a special vaginal insert. It is really quite an amazing device. Part of it extends and fills her like a traditional dildo might. But the best part surrounds and isolates her clitoris. She is cathetered so it doesn't even have to be removed for body function. You should have seen the show she put on for the guests. She was a great hit. Let me show you a little trick she has learned." Amber was shaking her head back and forth vigorously.

David clicked a switch on his remote and pushed a button. Amber's body immediately stiffened. Her paws went to her crotch. Her hips started to move from side to side. She started to groan. "Right now she is being stimulated by the device. She can try to resist it, but that is useless. She learned that earlier in front of everyone in the ballroom. Once she is sufficiently turned on there are three different possible endings. The device can just be turned off. She will be deprived of satisfaction and thus frustrated. You remember how that feels." He smiled at Mary. She scowled, but he could not see her expression through the hood.

"The second possible outcome is full punishment mode. Just before she gets to orgasm she will receive a terrific shock instead of the stimulation. I don't think that is something she will enjoy very much, but it certainly works to end the experience. And, of course, finally she can be made to orgasm. Kitty knows, even with only one evening of training, that which result she gets depends on her and how hard she works for it. Don't you Kitty?" He turned back to the squirming girl cat.

"Meow, ohooo, meow, ahhh, meow." The cat that was once Amber moved forward and began to rub her body against David's legs. It was a perfect imitation of the same action Mary's real cat had often pursued when she was a girl living at home and the cat had wanted something.

Mary didn't know if she was more appalled or in awe. David had Amber performing as a cat. He had her meowing and rubbing against him. He had her completely responsive to his commands and suggestions. How had he done all this in only a few hours? Suddenly she was very happy that she was the pony and not the cat. What she had been made to do had been humiliating. She had been embarrassed to the core of her being, but what she was watching was somehow so much worse. That settled things. As soon as he let her go she was gone. She could not stick around. She could not be with David. Clearly his games went too far for her. She just could not risk it. But, first she needed him to let her go. She was suddenly very afraid. David had both roommates completely helpless. They were confined differently but they were both fully restrained and unable to help either themselves or each other. She realized that she was trembling.

"But enough about Kitty. I will have to say that I am exceptionally pleased with how well you did as a pony tonight. It seems that you have a natural talent for this. I can't imagine how good you are going to be after about six months of proper training. I know this will be a bit of an adjustment for you. But I am sure that you will do just fine. I am only sorry that I won't be there for most of it. But, I will bring Kitty and come out to see how you are doing in about a month. That is assuming she behaves and continues to learn her lessons." He addressed the last of this to the human cat that was vigorously rubbing against his legs.

"Meow." She gave the obligatory response and then started to use her head to rub up the inside of his leg toward his crotch.

"Aw, it looks like Kitty has an idea that might win her what she is looking for. We will see. I hope you learn to enjoy your new life pony." With that David turned and walked toward the house. Kitty scrambled to keep up with him using every opportunity to rub against any part of his body. Mary watched in horror as they disappeared inside.

Mary continued to stare after David for several minutes. Then she looked around. Her driver was walking toward her. Everything else had been loaded in the trucks. He was coming for her. He was going to take her someplace to be trained as a pony. She couldn't let that happen.

Mary tried to jump away. She tried to pull loose of the hitch that held her. There was a terrible pain in her mouth as the reins drew tight. But the reins were strong and the knot did not slip. She was held. She dropped to her knees and started to wail.

"Now, now pony, don't be alarmed. You saw how well the other ponies did. You will adjust and do just fine. Let's get you home to your nice new stall." He untied the reins and began to pull on them. Mary refused to get to her feet. She dropped her bottom down on her legs and tried to yell at him to let her go. The sounds were painful but indistinguishable. The pain in her mouth was severe. She had to lean her head forward to try to ease the pain. Then she was up on her feet. She really didn't have a choice. He had her reins and the bit in her mouth controlled her.

The man turned toward her. He pulled something from his pocket. Then he quickly pushed two small round circles of latex over the eye slots in Mary's hood. She did not even realize what he was doing until he had finished his action. Now, instead of her restricted view from the small slits, she could see nothing. Everything was completely black. She wailed again. She pulled back against her reins. There was no place for her to go, even if she could get free of his grip, but panic had seized her. She had to do something. She had to get away. Her mind was yelling run, get away. She was crying and screaming. But where could she go. Now she could not even see. Her breath was coming in gasps. She was hyperventilating. Her heart was beating so loud it almost drowned out all the sound around her.

"Shhh. Easy pony." She felt his arm around her. He was stroking her shoulder. His voice was soothing. Her breathing started to stabilize and slow down. She did not try to twist away from him. Just a soft human touch right now felt so good. She leaned in against him. She felt her head lowering onto his shoulder. He continued to stroke her neck, back, and head. He continued to talk to her in a soft soothing voice. "Everything will be ok. Relax. You are doing just fine."

Yes. She was going to be ok. She was calming down. "Come along now." The pull on her reins was gentle this time. The bit did not dig into her mouth. His other hand was still on her body. He was guiding her forward and supporting her at the same time. She heard the sound under her hooves change to a metallic sound. She could tell that the surface was sloping up. Then it leveled off.

She felt her body come into contact with what felt like webbing. Then she felt straps pulled around her body. As they were tightened she was pushed into the webbing. There were straps at her neck, shoulders, chest, waist, upper thighs, upper legs, below the knees and ankles. At first they were all loosely connected. Then she could feel him tightening each strap.

Mary realized that she had been taken into the horse trainer and she was being secured inside. Again the panic washed over her. She had to get out of here. She couldn't let them do this to her. She tried to pull away and run out, but she had already been strapped in. Even before they were tightened the straps kept her in place.

"It is way too late for that pony. Best you just relax and try to get some rest. It is a very long trip back to the ranch and you have some very busy days ahead of you."

He finished tightening all of the straps. Mary could not see because he left the eye covers on her hood. She could hear other movement in the trailer. She knew the other three ponies were in there somewhere. She wondered if they were as well restrained as she. It didn't really matter. She was pretty sure they were not in any position to help her. And, even if they were she doubted they would give her any help. She was caught. She had been fooled and trapped. She was completely helpless. She thought she had loved David, but he had captured her and turned her into a helpless pony. She didn't love him. She hated him. She hated him more than anyone else in the entire world. But there was nothing she could do about it. She was caught. She was helpless. They were going to train her to be a pony. She would have no choice but to comply. They had already taught her that. This could not be really happening. But it was.

The End
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