Interrogated by Torturess Angela
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  • Post Date - 4/10/2014

Author's Note: An interrogation performed by Torturess Angela and her lesbian assistant on a hapless man.

Chapter 1

He was led down several sets of stairs and down a long darkened corridor. Two men beside him each holding one of his shoulders and moving him along briskly. His mind raced. He had lost track of how long it had been since the secret police (SP) had burst into his small apartment and accused him of being an underground operative. Was it hours or days his dazed mind wondered. A lack of sleep and not being able to know the time of day can be a very discomforting thing to the human body. That these kinds of things happened routinely in his country was of no surprise. What was a surprise however, was that it had happened to him. After a firm but surprisingly brief interrogation by an officer of the SP, in which he denied any knowledge of unground resistance activities, he was taken to a brightly lit holding cell. He judged the cell to be 5 feet by 5 feet in length and width. More of a closet in its dimensions, and left there with only a cup of tepid water. The room size alone was sufficient to ensure that he could not lie down to rest, since he was well over 5 feet in stature. There was no chair or bench in the room, so he could only sit on the cold cement floor, leaning up against the wall, knees upward toward his chest. His bare feet resting on the concrete. He was certain that the room was bugged and under camera surveillance. That was standard procedure. Thirsting after a long while, he drank the water down in gulps. Its bitter aftertaste lingering in his throat. Afterward, to his immense inner anger he noticed that there was no waste bucket or floor drain should he need to relieve himself. He needed to think and keep his mind clear. No foolish mistakes. He knew this was a deadly dance, innocent or not, and it was his turn on the dance card.

After an uncomfortable and cold eternity in the cell, he heard footsteps walking down the corridor. The cell door opened briskly and two SP men stepped in reached down to grabbed him as he started to rise causing him to trip over their feet as he was led out the door. Thus began the long journey down the stairs and corridors, to where, he could only imagine.

More than a little frightened, he trembled, heart palpitating, sweat beginning to blossom over his body. The only sounds being those from the SP officers clicking boots and the bare soles of feet slapping the concrete corridor floor, echoing its long length as the three men methodically moved forward. Finally, they reached a large wooden door. The man on his left reached forward and twisted the heavy steel knob, pushing the door slowly open, but not entering. Once the doorway was fully clear, he was pushed forward violently, falling to the floor of a nearly black room. He heard the door slam shut behind him. His eyes tried desperately to adjust to the sudden darkness after being subjected to the brightness of the cell and corridor as he stood upright He shuddered at the thought of what lie within this room awaiting him.

His mind comprehended the click of a switch being turned. Instantly from across the room a bright light hit him squarely in the chest and face. Instinctively his eyes shut, blocking out the light as he stood raising his hands before him to shun the brightness of the bulb. From behind he was suddenly and firmly taken by the shoulder again and quickly walked forward deeper into the room. He had not seen anyone else in the behind him from his peripheral vision as he was shoved in the doorway, but then he had not time to gather his bearings anyway. Being moved forward, his ankle and lower leg grazed against what he thought to be a long piece of tall smooth wood set on its narrow side rather than wide side.

Once his eyes adjusted somewhat, he could make out a tall squared dark object just ahead of him. The light was moved upward toward the ceiling slightly, relieving his eyes of their burden. His pupils suddenly opening wide from their former constriction at the brightness. His shoulder was released and the person at his side, whom he still could not see from the darkness around him shuffled away. He stood captured in something of a spot light within this room of which size he couldn't even try to comprehend.

The square object began to move, turning to his left as it moved. It was a chair he realized and there was someone in it. As the chair stopped, a soft light above and behind him lit, illuminating the chair's occupant. In it sat a beautiful woman with long red hair, hazel eyes, full ruby lips and fair skin. She wore a red leather teddy like garment from what he could see. Its neckline plunging nearly to her navel, the cleavage of rich breasts starkly visible. Around her neck she wore thick gold choker studded with large shining diamonds and red ruby and a longer chain at the bottom of which rested a gold amulet. She wore elbow length leather gloves. Her hips were adorned with another wide gold chain studded with the same gemstones, only each was easily three times the size of those on the necklace. On her crossed legs, she wore tall thigh high red leather boots with what appeared to be tall spiked heels. A demonizing vision of beauty for sure. A sensual beauty which he knew she could have her way with any man at merely a glance. But with a wrath that could have even the strongest man pleading for death.

Her mouth curled upward in a wicked smile. He instinctively slid slight backward. She hissed "I'm Torturess Angela. Welcome to my playroom" pausing she hissed again this time in an inquisitive tone, " must be my project for the day. I certainly hope you enjoy your time here". Pausing again to let the words sink in she sensually hissed "I know that I will, but you, sad thing, you will not". Shaking her head slowly from side to side. "I haven't any time to waste with you" she said in a menacingly flat tone. Angela snarled loudly over her right shoulder "TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES. ALL OF THEM. NOW !! "I WANT HIM STRIPPED NAKED THIS INSTANT". "HOW DARE THEY BRING HIM TO ME CLOTHED."

With sudden and deliberate movement, a second woman, topless except for a gold chainmail vest covering only the upper half of her breasts stepped from his forward right side. Her, breasts moving and swaying with each step. Black leather thonged panties with thigh high spiked heel black boots adorning her legs. Around her hips was a curled bullwhip attached to a thick black belt. She stood in front of him. He now trembling and sweating. She smiled and snarled. "Torturess, I think he's frightened" smiling evilly she hissed "and he damn well ought to be" she grasped the collars of his cotton button down shirt and pulled him closer. She pulled the shirt out of his pants, letting it dangle loosely at his sides. Her hands gripped the buttons and she began to vigorously unbutton his shirt pressing each through the eyelet. The toned muscles of her tanned arms flexing and releasing as she opened the buttons. Those that would not unbutton easily, she tore open, the button popping to the floor. At half way down his shirt, she merely ripped it open. Once fully opened, she stepped behind him, reached to his shoulders and with two motions, pulled the shirt down to his elbows, then off completely, tossing the sweat dampened garment aside. His breathing quickened, he shook from top to bottom, his legs quivering. She swiftly reached around his hips. Her fingers opened his belt and fumbled for the button. Pulling both the belt and the button open, she grabbed at the zipper, pausing for a brief second to feel and squeeze his cock and balls lightly, then rode the zipper downward. He startled and let out a slight whimper at the squeeze to his penis and testicles. She let out a small evil laugh "Just wait". She snarled in a low voice, it gets much worse than that". She pulled apart his fly, wide open exposing white underpants and the bugle of his cock. With her two strong hands, she took the sides of his pants and in one long motion, pulled them violently down to his ankles. the movement of the pants taking the sides and a portion of the back of his underpants down exposing a quarter of his ass crack and the top sides of his legs, but leaving the front his underpants fully up at the waist. She paused again, stepped beside him and pulled the front of his underpants open, gazing inside and sliding a hand in to touch his meat. He shivered and was now shaking in uncontrolled spasms of fear. She released the outstretched waistband in the front, letting it snapback hard against the tip of his cock. Its strike cause him to momentarily rock on his feet and drop slightly at the knees. This motion was greeted with a hard crack across his partially exposed backside. "Stand Still !" the woman barked. She looked at Angela and said in a sensual tone..."We are going to have such fun with this ones meat. Its long and round, mmmmmm and cleanly shaved as are his balls Torturess". Torturess Angela responded in a cruel tone. "PULL THEM DOWN NICOLE. PULL DOWN HIS UNDERPANTS AND LET'S SEE WHAT HE HAS". Now knowing his tormenting stripper's name. With that, she stepped once again behind him and clutched the waistband of his underpants. She pulled them sharply upward, the crotch biting into his testicles and deep into his ass crack. Nicole maintained the upward pressure causing him to groan a long "arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh" as pain swept over his constricted testicles and asshole, again making him dip at the knees. The dip only increasing the pressure to his strained balls. He thought he could hear the material tearing as it was held there for what seemed like hours, but lasted in reality only seconds. Nicole violently pulled them down to his knees, and ankles in two separate motions then ordered him to step out of them as she kicked the no longer needed clothes aside. As the underpants passed his penis, it sprung upward from the opposite force, then limply dangled its full length and trembled along with his shaking, fear consumed body.

Angela let out a low "mmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss" and said "You were right Nicole, it is a pleasing sight indeed, his cock is nice and long and his balls are large and so very vulnerable, we will certainly have great fun torturing those". Angela ordered Nicole. "Prepare the room. I'm dying to see how long his lovely cock, balls and rectum can take my wrath and then bring him to me, I want to play with his "toys" before were torture them" she smiled wickedly. At that he was led to her and placed ass upward across her lap. His cock pressing against the soft leather of her boot, feeling slightly aroused at it pushed into the Italian leather. Embarrassed and humiliated at being laid naked and bare across a beautiful woman's lap, his ass to be her plaything. She pulled his hair and jerked his head backward up toward her as her hand smacked into his naked, exposed ass, landing dead center where the crack splits the cheeks, the fleshiest part, one that resonates the most sound. He instinctively bucked at the painful blow as tears of fear, humiliation and sexual arousal welled in his eyes. Again she slapped his bare ass and again he bucked against the strike. She grazed her long nails across his pinkening bottom and lowered her mouth to his ear and said in a whisper. "Now look around you pet, see the chamber that awaits you". She jerked his head to his right. He had not realized that the lights had fully come on. He gazed in terrified astonishment to see a full equipped torture chamber. Whips of various sizes and thicknesses hung from the walls along with paddles, crops, clamps, chains, ropes and testicle weights. There stood an "X" shaped device in one portion of the room. In the center was a square torture table with eyelets for binding its victims. Next to the table stood a metal cart, the top full of wires, boxes, various thicknesses of metal sounds and dildos to be forced into a man or woman's pee slit and rectum then wired as well as numerous sized electrically wired metal alligator clamps designed to be attached to a prisoners genitals. She pushed his head further where he could see the noosed ropes hanging from the ceiling to bind his wrists and the long thin rounded wooden device being raised from the floor, the one he had grazed his leg against when being pushed toward her. He knew that his testicles and asscrack would bear his own body weight as the wooden device was raised between his legs brushing his inner thighs and eventually biting into his vulnerable manhood, his feet to be tied to the shackles on the floor with sufficient slack to allow the pony to hoist him several inches off the floor as he screamed and begged for mercy. Torturess Angela hissed into his ear again "We'll get the names you carry. We always do, and believe me, we do so love our work". As she brought her hand down hard again across his nude bottom, he felt warm liquid surrounding his cock and tricking against her soft leather boot...he was peeing himself from terror and dread as he began to weep. "Nicole, this prisoner is already peeing. He'll do a lot more of that and other things before we're through here."

She was right he knew. They would get the names he possessed and a lot more information than they had bargained for. He knew he could not hold out long under such devices.

"MMMMMM pet. I'm already enjoying your sufferings and we have not even started the fun yet. Most prisoners pee and shit under torture and you sad one have peed rather early. You will NOT deprive me of the pleasure of seeing you pee and shit the floor under my torments will you? In a low shaking tone, the frightened naked man whimpered " ma'am I won't" as tears ran from his eyes. "Very good" she hissed. "Now. I am confident that you will empty your cock and asshole as we watch you writhe and cry out." she spoke sarcastically. The torturess went on further "You must understand pet, the information you possess is vital for us to have, and have it we will. Sorry for you that we will not have time to observe the traditional pleasantries of torture like suspending you from the ceiling to slowly whip and crop you for several hours, or strap you down and agonize you for days. No, Im afraid that we will have to proceed directly to torturing your beautiful cock and balls. We will concentrate our energies exclusively between your legs", ending her lecture with a long heartfelt "mmmmmmmmmmm".

His asshole involuntarily clenched several times causing his cock to expel a few more drops of liquid at those words and the thought of what awaited his naked vulnerable genitals. He began to beg in pathetic words and tones for her to set him free, promising all he could and all he had to spare him torment. The pathetic spectacle of a gorgeous man crying as he begged and pleaded for mercy only served to arouse the fires inside her even greater.

From nowhere, a strong female hand gripped his hair and yanked him upward off Angela's lap and to his feet. "WE BEGIN NOW!" Angela barked. As if on command, Nicole, who had lifted him up, kicked his feet apart thirty six inches. Angela quickly rose then knelt, next to the small puddle left by the prisoner on the floor. Reaching to her belt, she retrieved a studded leather device with three chains dangling below. The back of Angela's soft hand slid below his damp cock and lifted it out of the way, allowing it to drape over the back of her hand. Her other hand grasped the flesh between his balls and his cock. She twisted it and pulled down hard and long causing the captive to groan and dip at the knees. She was an expert at this. She could handle a man's or woman's genitals like a true professional, knowing exactly what to do and where to do it. Angela attached the studded leather strip around the fleshy spot, then released her grip letting his balls spring upward as Nicole stood behind him, holding him firmly by the hair and one shoulder. The three chains dangling beneath his testicles chimed a wicked tune against one another. Angela placed her hand around the three chains and holding them together, attached two lead weights weighing 5 pounds each to the grouped chains. As she did her work expertly, his long shaft continued to lay limply over the back of her soft hand, bobbing with her hand movements. She did this swiftly and artfully. Angela had clearly handled perhaps hundreds of men's and women's bare genitals. The weight caused gravity to stretch his testicles downward making the unfortunate man groan and whimper while the studded leather surrounded and bit into his balls. Finally a third weight was added and the captive spat out a long pained "gaaaahhhhhhh.....gaaaaaaaaahhhh...awwwwwwwwwrrrrrggghhhhh". The man's discomfort made the wicked women coo and laugh softly, as well as to moisten their pussys. These two were fully in their element. With male or females at their cruel mercies, they could dance a ballet of exquisite torture and extract anything they wished from their pleading captives, not to mention pleasure themselves and each other watching their naked tortured prisoners in the throes of torment.

"WALK BITCH !" Angela yelled at her prisoner. "Get to the cross. Don't keep us waiting" she spoke firmly as she gestured her head to the wooden table in the center of the room. Completely trembling, the prisoner stood there naked, frozen to the floor, weights hanging from his bare testicles pulling them agonizingly down. Nicole behind him squeezed his hair. Releasing his shoulder, she swung a long thin rigid crop that whipped through the air and cracked him sharply across his open backside. The force of the blow caused him to yelp and lurch forward and left a long think red line. The reverberations and sudden movement made the weights swing, carrying his stretched testicles back and forth in short swings, making him groan and raise onto his toes and squatting his ass downward slightly. "BITCH I SAID WALK" Torturess Angela yelled menacingly. The slave began to move slowly, ever cautious that his movements would make the weight swing and bring him instant genital agony. Torturess Angela's command "MOVE" was followed by another strike to his bare ass, making him wail out in pain. Nicole who still held his hair to guide him to the oak table. The slave whimpered and moaned as he began to take normal strides, as normal as one can take under such circumstances. The swinging weights soon displaced his strides now moving in long circular motions, hitting his inner thighs and then swinging wildly back and forth. The captive howled and cried out in torment. Each step of the twenty-five feet to the wicked table, the site of his next unknown torment was agony. Walking on his tip toes legs spreading ever wider so as not to allow the three pounds of dangling individual weights to hit his thighs causing more agony. All the while, his tormentresses laughed wickedly, obviously falling into an evil groove to expand their lusts ever farther at having such a handsome man completely at their desires.

It seemed to him an eternity before he stood before the heavy wooden cross. "Turn and face me pet" cooed Torturess Angela. The slave meekly complied, turning to face his female tormentor, the back of his thighs almost touching the cold oak table. "Bind him Nicole" Angela quickly said. Nicole reached and grasped his arm, pulling it outstretched, she bound his wrists and ankles to an eye-bolts of an X shaped cross. The prisoner now stood before Torturess Angela bound wrist and ankle to the X cross while Nicole then bound his thighs and then his hips making him nearly immobile. He stood there before the two beautiful women, open wide, bare naked, and utterly exposed at their mercy, his testicles still stretched painfully downward.

From the belt around Angela's delicious hips, she removed an eighteen inch black leather cat-o-nine tails. The torturess lazily curled the cat around her wrist sensually. She was clearly aroused. A small, but widening dark spot at her rich pussy where her clit stood hard and wet at the thought of her work. Nicole was no different. For she stood astride her Mistress and slowly stroking her clit, her finger slid deep inside her leather thong. Nicole drove her finger deep inside her pussy. Removing her finger she stepped up to the naked man. Nicole had watched him slowly become aroused and had decide to exploit her control. His cock jerking as it began to rise upward, even in his abject fear of what was to happen to him. "Open your mouth bitch" snipped Angela. "Open it and take my Nicole's finger, and suck it. Suck it like a cock my poor pet, suck it like you love to have cock in your mouth."" The captive took her finger deep into his mouth tasting her sharp but exquisite pussy scent and wetness. Both women let out sounds of cruel arousal as his cock began to reach its full length. Without warning, Angela brought the cat down onto his aching throbbing dick once hard, then twice, then a third time while Nicole kept her finger in his mouth and held the back of his head snarling. His stifled cries of pain and his inability to move sent his mind into confusion and panic snapping him back into stunning reality. The captives cock dropped instantly limp and in searing agony........."GET IT UP AND KEEP IT UP YOU FUCK!!" Angela screamed "WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU TO LET YOUR COCK GO SOFT BITCH!!!" as these words of fury echoed off the chamber walls. Torturess Angela grabbed his tormented penis, squeezing it tightly she began to fiercely jerk him off. The feel of the cruel bitches had on his vulnerable naked penis caused him to nearly instantly spring up to a throbbing erection. Torturess Angela retrieved a hypodermic needle filled with a liquid Viagra solution and plunged it into his left thigh. "This will keep you nice and erect for me for hours my dear pet."

Nicole cooed "MMMMMM...Keep sucking my finger fuck whore, maybe it'll cum in your mouth...mmmm yeahhhhh just like that mmmmmm you'd like cum in your mouth wouldn't you? Well I'm certain we can arrange for you suck a lot of cock" as she continued to hold his hair in a violent grip. He could only whimper in small bursts since she had her finger well into his mouth, his tongue darting around it, saliva strings hanging from his pursed lips, running down his quivering chin. Tears formed and ran down his cheeks. His chest heaved in suppressed sobs while Torturess Angela continued to split the cool air with her cat, striking his naked cock straight on, then off to the side, then in the V on the left of his penis. The tips of the whips tendrals struck four times in rapid succession squarely on the head of his rigidly standing penis. The Torturess knew exactly where to strike, for she wielded her instrument of agony thousands of times before upon the naked bodies of countless other prisoners, men and women alike. Adding to the horrific pain he suffered by having his most tender of places whipped mercilessly, was the fact that each strike caused the 5 pounds of weights stretching his testicles to swing haphazardly. This in and of itself was enough to cause him to nearly pass out. His balls were stretched to near their limit, now aching to the very core of his body with each strike of the cat, while his bared penis burned like the sun. Nicole pulled her finger from his mouth and shoved his head back. "You're done sucking me fuck toy" she spat at him. As instantly as her finger slid out of his saliva running mouth came a long surpassed scream of total animal agony. For the briefest of seconds his face froze, the corners of his mouth stretched downward, mouth half open, face soaked with tears


then again, another creshendo of hard crying,


reaching high pitch almost like a woman, as the whip continued to find its mark all over his suffering fiery red crotch. Twenty seven lashes in all to that point. Each lash making him squirm hard against his restraints, bobbing up and down on the balls of his bare feet, though strapped tight at the ankles, thighs and arms, standing with his naked backside against the cross. His thrashing to get away only caused him greater suffering. His standing cock almost comically danced and bucked wildly in multiple directions, but his balls, a deep, dark red in their weighted bindings took a huge brunt of pain, since they also moved as his entire body moved. Simple physics was an enemy unto itself, since his body thrashing made the bottom of the weights swing like an out of control pendulum. Something so simple causing a strong man to be reduced to jello in minutes. Saliva and tears soaked his chin and muscled chest, as he heaved in great crying sobs like a baby. At twenty five lashes, the Torturess spoke softly "I'll forgive you the crime of allowing your luscious cock to go soft my poor pet." "I, I, I, III I'll tell you everything. I will. I will. I will. Just stop, paleeeeese stop ok, it hurts, ok paleeeese?" he managed to pleadingly choke out through sobs. He began to tell them where the codes had been hidden and exactly where they could be found this took a full ten minutes, being spoken through periodic spasms of crying, panting and attempts to catch his lost breath. Angela smiled and spoke softly again "Thank you baby." Then, her face turned ominous and her smile vanished "But up to this moment, you've only had a small taste of torture, and I think that you'd tell us anything at all to make us stop. You'd even lie. Yes, you'd lie to Nicole and I. Nooo Nooo" she shook her head "We MUST continue for quite awhile to come. Theres sooo many more luscious tortures that await you baby" "Nooooo...Nooooo I swear I told you all that I know" He screamed. "Well baby I think you have more secrets in you that we can get out, and if not, well then Nicole and I will simply enjoy the pleasant experience of torturing you."

He stood frozen in abject terror as Nicole walked to the cart and began to retrieve the electric torture devices. "I think you know where these are going pet." Torturess Angela said sympathetically. "Nicole is going to wire your weighted testicles with the alligator clamps, your rectum, and your shaft also my pet. Then the rod is going to fuck your pee slit ok? Then we're going to have a few hours of fun electo-torturing your beautiful genitals. His sweat soaked asshole clenched involuntarily numerous times. "No No No PALEEEEESE...NOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he screamed out, his body shaking, muscles flexed tighter than ever. The sound filling the chamber. With that, the whip struck his cock and crotch five additional times and Torturess Angela received her reward for her efforts. She received the visual pleasure he had promised her as he lay bare and naked across her lap an hour ago. For as she was curling the wicked cat to strike again, and not even realizing it, his rigid cock bucked slightly, red and burning as it was and loosed a long fountain of hot pee, rising two feet and spattering on the cold stone floor. Angela's eyes shut half way instantly and a wave of orgasm swept her as it always did when she caused a prisoner under torture to pee on the floor. Her whip hand still held at the ready, as the tentacles of the evil device hung limp below the handle, fashioned specially for her as a man's rigid cock, having the secondary purpose of a dildo to fuck a prisoner's asshole or pussy. The Torturesses other hand slide into her thong to pinch her clit as she was rewarded with an even better treat. Her crying, mercy pleading captive, allowed himself to drop two long objects from his asshole onto the floor. Her orgasm this time loud as she watched him shit the floor in terror, pain, and torment while still begging for mercy. "stop stop stop stop" he hissed in hushed tones "ok, ok, ok" "No more no more" Nicole moved to her side and slid her own hand into Angela's thong. Sliding it down to reveal a shaved mound and soaked clit. She kissed Angela with intense wet lust and fury as she masturbated her Torturess to another thunderous orgasm." After 5 minutes, Nicole stepped gracefully aside having serviced her Mistress well. Angela's legs shook and she could barely stand without assistance. She panted "Nicole wire his meat." Take him, and fasten him to the table while I look over what you selected for him." Torturess Angela trembled with animal lust. "My beautiful Torturess...mmmmmmm said Nicole. He's saved us a great deal of time peeing and shitting himself hasn't he." "How utterly delightful that was to watch" "Oh yes he has Nicole" I like this one a lot, he's a great deal of fun." "The fucking pussy broke in under an hour" Angela spoke evilly. Nicole walked to him, reached between his legs and stroked his red fiery pain laced erect shaft mockingly causing him to wince in pain. With her other hand, she unsnapped the weighted parachute harness from his testicles. He groaned hard and choked another sob as it hit the floor with a dull thud. In his pure pain and suffering, he comprehended nothing they had done with each other or spoken of. He was even unaware of what he'd just done" Nicole walked him by his cock, searing with pain to the large wooden torture table. Through the tortured walk, he half consciously mumbled name after name, and what his role in the conspiracy was. Sensitive microphones picked up every muted syllable he spoke. Closed circuit cameras throughout the chamber recorded his torture from six angles and delicate audio devices picked up all he spoke, right down to the air splitting from the leather cat and its sound as it struck his naked cock. Even now, a team had received the information as to where he had hidden the communication codes and would shortly be dispatched to search for them. Each name he unconsciously spoke was being listed and would also be passed along within the hour to round up each suspect. He had assured that than fifteen other unfortunate men and women, and likely more would spend time with Torturess Angela and Nicole in that same chamber. Business was going to be very, very good.

The prisoner complied totally. He was far too weak to resist. He laid bare assed atop the oak table and Nicole spread his legs as wide and strapped each to the table corners and the same with his wrists. She also strapped each calf, thigh, and finally his torso so he could barely move. This would keep him completely restrained as his body attempted to thrash when the electricity was applied to his rectum, testicles shaft and pee slit. She marveled at how docile and easy he was to handle. His body was soaked in sweat. Shining like a freshly waxed car in the sun as he laid naked and strapped atop the oversized solid oak table, cock whipped, his hard penis rested on the small of his stomach, with crimson stripes at odd angles and balls pulsing a deep ache. Between crying fits and infantile sounding pleadings for mercy and heartfelt apologies for his part in the conspiracy, he sold his associates into hours and days of long excruciating torture muttering their names. Each name being recorded and listed. His handsome face was tear stained and his chin lay limply on his broad chest nodding lolling from side to side.

Once secure in his bindings. Nicole and Angela walked to the cart and wheeled it beside the table. Nicole selected a long metal anal probe and with wires attached. "Prepare him Nicole" said Angela. He let out a long deep groan "uggghhhhhhh arrrggghhhhh" as Nicole forced the anal probe hard up into his rectum in 3 violent pushes until only the base and the wires remained visible. "You like being fucked up your ass don't you?" whispered into his ear. All he could respond with was a nod of yes. Grabbing a tuft of hair from the top of his head, she raised his head and slapped his face three times "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN YOU BITCH WHORE" Nicole reached out and grabbed his whipped meat and aching balls in her hand and squeezed them with moderate force, causing him at once to awaken from his stupor and scream out "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH GODDDDD AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH...LET GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" long strings of saliva again running from his wide open frowning mouth. Nicole laughed mercilessly, released her grip. "I ONCE HAD A MAN HANGING BY HIS BALLS WHILE I MILKED HIS COCK FOR AN HOUR UNTIL HE BEGGED FOR DEATH. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT??" THE TORTURESS SEEMS TO LIKE YOU" she snarled in a wickedly cruel female voice. She walked back to the cart to retrieve more items. While she did so, he began to again apologize and plead for forgiveness and pledging himself to their service for life if they'd release him.

Torturess Angela watched approvingly and cooed as Nicole wired the prisoner. "AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH" he screamed out as Nicole attached a large alligator clamp to his testicles. The teeth of the clamp bit into his scrotum and each testicle with a fire of pain and agony. She deftly slipped 2 brass hose clamps onto his hard cock and tightened each securely again causing him to scream out. "Now my pet we're going to fuck your pee slit and cock with the long metal rod." Said Angela. 'NO NO NOOOOOO NOOOOOOO PLEASE NO NO!!! Nicole grasped his flaming red penis and slid the rod into his pee hole and the length of his cock taping it in place "WAHHH AHHHH AHHHHHHHH GODDDDDD WAHHHHHHHHHH!" he howled in pain and agony. "He's ready Torturess Nicole said gently. "Isn't he a beautiful sight my love" Angela replied. "Indeed he is, now I'd like you to attach 4 clothes pins to the flared tip of his penis, that should do for now and then we can begin" Torturess Angela said in her sexiest voice. As Nicole attached each clothespin to his cock head his screams and wails of agony again caused Angela to cum.

"I'M THE CONSPIRACY LEADER...I SWEAR ITS ME....IM SOOOO SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, PALEEEEEESE PALEEEEEEESE NO MORE ON MY DICKKKKK....OH GODDDDDDDD NOT THE HEAD OF MY COCK....N, N, N, NOOOOOOO PALEEEESEEE OOOH NOOO OHOHOHOHOOOOO NOOOO..." he cried out bitter tears of genuine sorrow and begging. Pitiful begging between names of conspirators and other information he possessed. None of this deterred Nicole for an instant as she continued to attach clothespins.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH....HAHAHAHAHAHA.......AHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA...OH GODDDD......OH GODDDDD......OH GODDDDD".....he screamed into the torture chamber walls. He hated them all, ALL of the people head become involved with. Hated them for making him their leader and acting against the government. They ALL would pay...They all would meet this same fate, He would make certain of that. His body trembling and shaking with dark terror, clothespins all over his bag and up his entire cock length searing like a fire on already whipped flesh.

He was soaked in tears and sweat as his cock lashed out again with a long final stream of pee culminating with small drips onto his chest and face. Angela walked beside him and put a soft hand on his hip, gently rubbing the side of his left ass cheek and patting it. "We're almost there now baby." "You're almost ours now" "Just a little more to go and we'll be done." "Ok, Ok, Ok" he said whimpering and nodding his head yes "W, W, W Will your torture them too, will you torture the people I told you about, please will you...torture 'em alot, torture 'em everyday make 'em suffer pleaseeeeee" Angela smiled spoke reassuringly "MMMMMMMM yes we will baby, for hours and hours, days and days on end.". "See honey, your gonna tell us everything you know, every little detail and we'll break the conspiracy for good. You've helped us and you'll soon be ours completely and mine specifically. We are torturing you for a purpose. We're gonna torture them for punishment and the sheer pleasure of it since we'll already know everything thanks to you." whispering again and shaking like a leaf in a wind he said "Th, Than, Thank'll be all yours, I swear it, anything I'll do anything." Angela spoke sensually "MMMMMM Of course you will pet". The Torturess looked at Nicole and nodded. Dutifully Nicole attached the wires to the box on the metal cart and flipped the switches all at once. Immediately electric current shot up his rectum, in his testicles, cock and down the prisoners urethra. His body went tense and then began to thrash madly against his restraints. His mouth frozen in a mask of horror as his naked vulnerable gentials and anus lit up in a fireworks display of pain and agony. At that point he'd lost consciousness. The torture lasted on and off for an hour and when finally complete, he'd given his tormenters every detail he had. Within 2 days all of the conspirators 15 men and women in all were brought in and were undergoing their own torturous interrogations.

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