The Abduction of Amanda 2: Taken and Sold
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Author's Note: This my third posted story under my bondage modeling name this time as I model for bound Kathy and friends and on fetlife.

The way it is written may seem strange but please bear with me i have done it as i would replies to the online game i play from my perspective as the story is based on a game my hubby ran

Chapter One: The Abduction

Work at the hospital had been hectic lately but finally I was done taking my Nurse Amanda Noland badge off and sticking my work bit's in the locker with a smile upon my lips I headed home ready for my two week vacation.

once home I quickly prepared a quick dinner wanting to get changed and out before the shops shut hoping to pick up a few items for my vacation before I flew out tomorrow, I finished my dinner and headed into the bedroom.

Slipping my flats off and under the bed, I reach up and unzip my nurse's dress and wriggle out of it laying it upon the bed then unclip my white lace bra and drop it in the hamper.

I stare down for a few minutes cupping my 36D breasts in my hands admiring there firmness and my large nipples and areolas ,before sighing and pulling my white panties down and off dropping them in the hamper with the bra.

I put my left foot upon the bed and unclip my stocking from the garter straps and slowly peel it down my rounded thigh and off my foot placing it with my underwear and then follow with the right leg finally undoing the garter belt and having it join them.

Standing there naked I smile and stretch before turning and heading for the bathroom and shower, stepping in I turn the shower on and revel luxuriating in the water cascading over my body ,finally lathering my skin and washing the days dirt away with my moisturizing soap.

Then washed and conditioned my hair eventually stepping out the shower and grabbing a nearby couple of towels one for my body and one for my long tinted hair and toweled myself off.

I dried my hair as best i could and wrapped it in the other towel and headed to get dressed for the evening.

I had already laid out my clothes on my bed and proceeded to get dressed

Starting with my red lace Brazilian panties and matching bra soft and gentle to match my supple moisturized skin slipping them on and loving there feel upon me.

Then my black garter belt slipping the straps under my waistband of my panties and took out a pair of sheer white nylon stockings and rolled them up my smooth supple legs. Clipping them on the garter straps I admired myself in the mirror.

Large framed but not fat at all at 5 foot 8 inches not short either but tallish and curvy at 140 lbs (US), my tummy could be a little flatter but hey no one's perfect

a shapely luscious behind men drool over, toned legs and firm rounded 36D breasts gave me quite a curvaceous figure and my long mid back length red tinted hair a contrast to its natural brunette color, my skin light colored and slightly freckled.

I smiled as I looked myself over twisting from side to side to view myself in the mirror.

next I take my lace and latex black top with long lace sleeves and slip it over my body smoothing it around my hips and arms and the latex bra cups before adding my black soft leather Mini skirt wrapping it around my waist and zipping it up the side.

next i picked up my Red velvet steel bonded waist cincher corset and pulled it around my waist clipping it in front to give my figure that great hourglass look as it pulls my tummy in reducing it a few inches and my breasts in their bra are pushed up and out by top of the corset .

sitting upon the bed I lean over and pull from under the bed my black knee length leather boots I love so much smooth shiny soft leather zipped on the inside of the calves with small sharp 6 inch stiletto heels and knee guards .

yes this would drive any admirers wild as I party drink and dance tonight a cross between sexy and slutty look with that hint of fetish

i walk over and sit at my make up mirror and added mascara to accentuate my brown eyes and bright red lipstick on my full soft lips with a touch of foundation.

to finish i tie my hair into a loose ponytail with a hair tie just at nape of my skull and placed my thin red shiny leather collar with the BDSM keychain hanging from it around my neck and buckled it with a final smile into the mirror.

I stand up walking towards the front door grabbing my small shoulder purse with ID, wallet make up etc and head out to the mall a few blocks away hoping to head to the clubs after......

arriving at the mall in a taxi I head in there is a new boutique on the edge a friend said the window display was wonderful as I approach I see they cater to all taste elegant fetish the works I am sure I can find something here and smile.

heading in my eyes lit up this place was wonderful after a few minutes a beautiful lady with bright red hair like mine walks up her name tag says 'Maggie' .

she ask me if there was anything particular I was looking for I smile warmly and say I am heading on vacation for a few weeks and wanted to pick up a few items for the clubs etc.

she smiled and said she would happily show me around shop as it was quite as near end of the day, thanking her we wonder the isles chatting as we looked she seemed so friendly asking me about my lifestyle commenting on my collar I blush and say yes I am into bondage mainly self bondage.

She asked family and boyfriends saying it must be hard for a pretty girl like me having no one special in her life right now.

And asking if I have anyone waiting for me to finish shopping and should she hurry.

No I said I popped by on a whim on as i was flying on vacation tomorrow.

My coming in here was a spur of the moment thing.

She smiled and showed me some amazing dresses and said they were on sale.

a few caught my eye and she offered to take me to their VIP changing rooms and let me use them to try them on, great I thought wonderful service wonderful stock I really must come here again when I get back.

she lead me through a door marked private VIP guests only and directed me to a cubicle telling me to shout if I needed anything thanking her I headed in shutting the door.

turning I hung the dresses on the hook on the door hung looking around the spacious cubicle impressed at the large mirror covering the back wall turning to admire and grab the first dress to try on hoping it will really suit your curvaceous figure.

my eyes widen in alarm as seemingly out of nowhere a hand passes before my eyes and clamps tight over my mouth the assailants other arms goes around my waist and lifts me up and pulls me backwards as I give a muffled squeal of surprise and shock as I am yanked backwards.

I kick and struggle crying out through his hand gag as I am pulled through a doorway that once was the mirror now turned on its side and into a large room.

as my eyes try and scan as I struggle I see two more people in ski masks waiting in this new hidden room one large and heavy set the other lithe and obviously female dressed in black pants and tops with gloved hands.

I am carried over to a nearby table and thrown forward onto it forcing me to bend over the table at groin level my head laying on it the wind knocked out of me from the impact.

My assailants work quickly.

my head is tilted up and back a large red ball forced past my jaws and behind my teeth as my hair is lifted as straps on each side of it are taken around my head and buckled behind tightly causing me to wince and whimper at the roughness they show me having some knowledge on bondage and BDSM and knowing this a very large ball gag.

My mind still dazed from the rough impact upon the table my body sluggish desperately trying to suck in air through my nose as my breathing was already shallow from the waist corset now with my mouth blocked my air supply greatly lowered.

As I am being gagged the one who carried me through the mirror door grabs my wrists and pulls they sharply behind my back crossing them and then loops rope around them wrapping it in and out of each wrist figure eight style 3 or 4 times then cinching it by wrapping around middle and tying it off cinching it tight the knots out of reach of my grasping fingers.

Recovering more now I start to try struggling and kickin but all that get me is my ankle is grabbed and taped to one table leg then the other to the other leg again thwarting my resistance.

My beautiful long hair is gathered up and pushed through something leather then its pulled down towards my awaiting head as I moan and plead into the gag.

it goes over top of my head down over my eyes then nose aligned so two holes allow me to breathe through my nose then down over my mouth and under my chin at same time coming down behind my head.

its zipped down the side welding it to my face pushing ball in deeper into my mouth and muffling my hearing and blocking my sight completely.

a strap going around my neck holds it in place and blocks access to then zip then its buckled behind my neck and I faintly catch the snick of a padlock closing as my head now trapped in a leather or maybe latex bondage hood the sensory deprivation kind with padded eyes and ears and a padded mouth panel.

As I feel my ponytail coming down over it as it fully pulled through ponytail hole in top.

Deprived of sight my Resistance is weakened i still struggle but you know I am caught these people know what they're doing and I can see no way to escape my fate making me wail into the gag is despair.

still bent over table i feel rope going around just above my elbows and cry out as its pulled tight forcing my arms together at the elbow then tied like my wrists pushing my chest forward as my arms go tight in behind my back causing me great discomfort and pain as I am limber but didn't consider myself that limber.

as I try and recover from that shock a rope is wrapped around my waist it's been doubled and looped through.

The end of it passed down between my legs up under waist rope at the back then under my wrists and arms to my neck through a D ring at back of the hood and allowed to hang down the way its positioned I am guessing its some type of crotch rope.

My struggles are in vain my whimpers and moans ignored all I can do is flex my fingers wiggle my butt and writhe under the hands holding me down onto the table.

They finally cut the tape on my ankles holding me to the table and lift me face down onto the table as I try to kick and struggle whimpering and moaning into the gag.

My ankles are grabbed then crossed and tied like my wrists then the rope from my waist is brought down from the D ring at the hood to my ankles and threaded around them then pulled tight.

forcing my head back and my ankles to be pulled up to meet my wrists making my boot heels to dig into my butt cheeks as tears start under the hood while at same time pulling the crotch rope taunt into my panties and cleft between my legs pushing my skirt up then its tied off tight as I grunt and whine in pain.

as my body now arched backwards with my ankles almost touching my bound wrists my head pulled back making me stare ahead if I weren't blinded by the leather hood and that infernal rope sawing back and forth over my panties and into my slit every time I try and move causing friction and stimulation as its very tight in there.

I feel like a rodeo steer in a matter of minutes they have bound gagged blindfolded and hogtied me.

as I whimper and feebly struggle on the table top fearful of falling off I catch one of you captors saying

'nice a pretty sexy Redhead good figure nice big tits but boy those eyes and lips she's bound to be a real winner at auction with the customers once she's been properly trained I reckon she will make an amazing cocksucker dressed in a nice maids outfit.'

I try and struggle on the table making plaintive mewing noises my body writhing and wriggling suddenly I jerk and squeal as I feel a sharp slap to my ass cheek making it redden and warm with a burning sensation knowing someone spanked me hard.

'Calm down slave, stop struggling'.

As I whimper tears wetting the inside of the hood my body shaking like a newborn deer with fear and to my shame a little arousal at my predicament knowing I am being kidnapped and by sound of it sold into slavery and knowing these guys really know what they're doing and my chances of escape slim.

Then I am lifted up by the ropes securing me in the hogtie causing me to cry out in pain and making ropes go taunt especially the one in my pussy slit.

'Crate her and put her with the others think we have enough for today we'll load them and ship em to the training facility' those dreaded words filter through my muffled hearing

I feel yourself lowered into something and sounds of a lid going on it must be some form of box or trunk as I can't move much without feeling wooden edges.

Then I start moving whatever I am in must be on wheels.

I vaguely hear doors open and close amid the sounds of my crying and mewing into the gag than my crate is lifted and pushed forward, now very faintly I can also hear muffled cries and whimpers of my fellow sisters in torture and captivity as an engine starts and the truck carries me and them towards our fate...

As I wriggle writhe and moan feeling my body contained in some sort of box or container the ropes tight and constricting making my body and muscles ache the ball in my mouth large and tight muffling very effectively my moans and whimpers after what seems an eternity knowing I passed out at some point I sense the van stop doors open and close and feel the crate lifted and lowered onto something.

Then it starts to move I must be on some sort of trolley the muffled sound of doors opening and closing then sounds filter though my own pained and frightened whimpers of other women crying and moaning and pleading behind muffled mouths then a large door opens and thuds shut.

I feel the crate being opened cold air hitting my terrified body and feel myself lifted out of the crate the hogtie rope's are undone, followed by the ropes around my thighs and legs weak and numb from the prolonged tight bondage they flop down like a collapsing deckchair.

I try and struggle as my ankles ropes are finally undone feebly kicking and flailing my legs but strong hands grasp my legs before I can do much.

And I feel a leather cuff going around your left booted ankle then my legs are pulled wide and a leather cuff is wrapped and buckled around your right ankle as again I mutely hear the snick of padlocks closing.

I try to bring my legs back together to cover my modesty as my panties must be well exposed but there appears to be a metal bar between the cuffs keeping my legs wide apart desperate and terrified I whine and complain into the hood and gag.

hands grasp my arms and I am stood up then spun sideways as my elbow ropes removed finally relieving the pressure and bringing pins and needles to my arms they then turn me again and force me forward a few waddling steps before a hand on your neck forces me to bend at the waist downward.

again I am bent over a table my head placed upon it as a strong man is holding me there as I feel hands rub over my beautiful ass cheeks through my sexy red lacy panties making me moan in indignation as male voice laughs and my panties are lowered around my knee just above the top of my boots.

I feel a cold sensation around my sphincter it feels like cream around my bum crack and then something hard and rubbery starts pressing against my pucker.

I scream into the ball as something is forced into my ass pushing hard past my sphincter and hole it's big and round as it enters it feels like my bum is on fire that something is tearing the tissue until I realize what is happening and finally let my muscles relax slightly knowing I must to ease the pain.

Then my sphincter closes around the end sealing the butt plug inside of me making my ass hole feel filled and stuffed making me feel humiliated not a novice to butt plugs but the fact that my captors can see me humiliated like this at my bum treated this way.

They roll me over on table so my back is upon it my legs still firmly held wide by the spreader and it feels like they locked it to the table legs as I am held there I hear a buzzing sound and feel tingling over my snatch and realize there shaving my beautiful muff off from between my legs with an electric shaver I protest and whine but as usual I am ignored with my wrists wriggling behind me but still tightly bound and unable to see because of the hood.

Then again cream is applied this time to my pussy lips and slit blushing as they must have noticed it was already wet and engorged then a large dildo is inserted again its big filling me stuffing me making me feel so violated.

Then my panties are pulled up holding the monsters inside and my skirt pulled down.

with my legs still attached to the table I made to stand straight as one holds my arms the other guy undoes the rope hanging loose around my waist then undoes my wrists

Before I can react much my wrists sore hands grab my wrists and they are held tight together as feebly try and wriggle and struggle as something leather passes up over them, up my arms leather straps come up over my shoulders criss crossing my chest then moved back behind and buckled off then a strap goes around your elbows and another my wrists sealing them in and the sound of the buckles being padlocked finally my arms are pulled together as laces are pulled tight and cinched off.

Finally my legs are released from the table and they walk/waddle me forward a dozen paces.

A D ring at bottom of the arm binder near my fingers is attached to a chain from ceiling and is winched up making me bend over and lifting my bound arms up high into what I know as a strapedo position.

The spreader bar is then locked to D ring in the floor.

now trapped arms high bent over at waist so my breasts hang down in your bra and top and my bum on display tight against my skirt just below that I feel my suspender straps poking out under the tight skirt holding my soft supple nylon stocking clad legs spread wide still wearing my high heeled stiletto knee boots.

My body trembling in my bondage as I hang their writhing, causing the sounds of creaking leather and the rattle of chains and metal to mix with my plaintive moans and whimpers.

throughout this reasonable silence from my captors still not knowing there plans but suspecting much of what lies in store for me knowing that no one will know I am even missing for at least a few weeks by then I could be anywhere in the world a chained and collared bondage sex slave my life forever in bondage against my will my life no longer my own.

A sharp slap to my bum cheeks causing me to jump and mew in surprise and shock as I am torn from my thoughts and a voice says.

' Have a nice rest sweetie the master will be here to see you later enjoy'.

As the footsteps echo away a buzzing starts in my nether regions as the toys inside of me come to life a low vibration exciting me despite my fear and discomfort there insidious attentions making me start to juice up slowly building in intensity as I writhe grinding my hips and wiggling my bum to their vibrations.

They build in intensity building me towards an orgasm then just when I think I am ready my body shuddering looking for release.

They stop causing me to snort into my gag and moan at my denial feeling my body cooling and come down after a while then they start up again.

Prepared this time I work and wriggle harder trying to bring myself to climax before they stop but as again I get close they shut off causing me to wail into the gag and stomp a booted foot my chains rattling in my frustrated denial only to start again once I have cooled down again this goes on and on making me exhausted frustrated and very horny.

But no matter how hard I try they seem to stop just short of my release and whenever I try and rest they start and stimulate me up again.

they have left me alone in my darkened world of the hood still tightly gagged by the large ball, my mouth now very achy and my jaw sore bent over with the intruders in my holes feeling violated, scared and frustrated now.

One saving grace but I guess not for much longer still dressed in my clubbing outfit of black lace and latex top leather mini skirt and the red velvet waist corset now making my breathes very labored in the hood and my frustration still wearing my sexy red Brazilian satin and lace panties and bra and a pair of black sheer nylon stockings with the garter belt and regretting wearing my black 6 inch stiletto knee boots my feet aching in them , awaiting their return not knowing how long that will be or even how long I have been here now time lost to me in my sightless tormented world ....

Chapter Two: My Training

After what seems like forever I catch sound of the door opening and the toys inside of me finally turn off causing me to slump exhausted in my bonds...

I hear footsteps coming closer and a constant clicking sound.

My head twists tracking the sounds as my body swings in its bondage accompanied by the creak of leather and rattle of chains and the gentle murmurs and whines I make into my gag

I feel hands at my neck undoing the buckles of the hood, then its loosened from my neck unzipped and lifted off my sweat, tear and drool covered face, making me blink in the light my eyes accustomed so long to the darkness causing the light to feel harsh and glaring now as my eyes try to adjust finally adjusting I stare around the room.

I am in a room or more precisely a large dungeon cell.

A cage rests in corner next to it a toilet and shower with a large shower curtain to block it off which is open at moment.

A large metal chair is in center of the room bolted to the floor and there's a wooden St Andrews cross on wall with straps riveted upon it, and hanging around the room in various places are chains, O rings and cupboards and racks of leather and metal items .

A set of wooden stocks secured on a sturdy platform is near the metal chair and a single bed lies nearby with just a bare mattress upon it metal framed with easy places to be secured to .

Also a large wooden horse essentially a Triangular beam pointed at the top is against another wall and near that a gynecologist chair with straps on it all over.

I notice a wooden beam sticking out from wall at belly height with holes in the top it and it seems the be on a rail on the wall allowing it to move up and down and be locked in place with O rings bolted into the floor either side.

As my eyes scan the room a voice draws my attention back in front of me.

'hello slave my what a pretty face'

A man stands in front of me, I would guess about 5'11 and seems to be in his mid 30's with goatee beard slight athletic build and black/grey hair with dark brown piercing eyes,he is wearing a pinstripe suit trousers red shirt and black waist coat.

Flanking him is two very large over 6 foot heavy set bald headed tattooed biker types in denim and leather.

Then I notice a red headed woman athletic build about 5'8 with well toned curves holding a digital camera and taking photos of me the man speaks again.

'I guess you're wondering why your here well the answer is simple your now my slave until such time that I sell you.

You can either behave or resist but the more you resist the more pain you will endure.

I train and sell beautiful girls like you to wealthy clients and you my dear will make me lots of money.

my clients will pay handsomely for a bondage sex slave with your looks'

'now you WILL obey and do everything your told and when ungagged which won't be often unless we need that pretty mouth of yours will only answer questions put to you and always end with a yes or no Master or Mistress understand'.

he circles me taking in my body his hand running over my skirt and panty covered ass cheek his hand going under the skirt to stroke my bare thigh feeling my smooth supple skin thenhis hand goes under my top feeling my tummy just under the corset bottom his hand sliding across it and finally reaches up feeling and squeezing one of my breast's.

then holds my head under my chin tilting my head up so I am forced to look into his cold deep eye's as he stares into my beautiful Brown eyes and nods.

'Yes your quite a good acquisition.

oh yes my dear slave you will do nicely once properly trained and broken and learnt your place if that little collar of yours anything to go by it won't take much , if you're lucky a buyer may buy you for his or her bondage mistress, but if not maybe a brothel will take you or a Arab prince they really love to punish and abuse western girls.

You will learn your property now, you will do what your told when your told or suffer the consequences.

your MINE'

I think you need to know what to expect from your life now frog her and prepare her '

The big biker guys approach me from either side and

I am unclipped from the winch chain, my skirt is unzipped and torn away then a hand from one of them goes down my panties and slides the dildo out

smirking at how slick and wet it and my panties are.

My corset undone and removed allowing me to breath deep into my nose as my lungs can expand more now

As I am held by the two big burly bald headed bikers they push guide me to floor laying me on my stomach barely glancing at me obviously used to seeing half naked bound girls

still chained to floor by the spreader bar the arm binder is undone and worked off my arms my arms and shoulders ache and are a little numb as the cut and rip the top from my body then as my wrists are held together by one, the other undoes your spreader bar then they each grab an arm .

one takes my left arm and pulls it back then he grabs my left ankle and pulls it upwards bringing it to meet my left arm placing my ankle to shin against the outside of my elbow to wrist and ties it tightly in place.

The guard on the other side does same with your right, as the woman keeps moving around the room taking photos of me from all angles as the guys work.

I am now tied bowed my arms strapped tight to my legs my body bent backwards.

Uncomfortable they lift me so I am kneeling on my shins bent over backwards.

then one takes a knife and slices the straps of my Bra freeing my large breast's.

I moan into my gag in pain at the discomfort as they bind rope around my belly and chest above and below my breasts and over my shoulders forming a harness of ropes around my trembling body and meld this up around my bound arms and legs drawing them together forcing my knee's out wide and tie the ends together loosely behind my back.

they lift me by this harness causing me to cry in pain and carry me across the room they then attach me to chain hook from the ceiling and winch me up so I am a few feet of the ground.

I am now hanging there like a piņata swinging gently in my bonds the rope harness relieves some tension but its still tight and uncomfortable around me.

one reaches up lifts my hair and unbuckles the ball gag his hand reaching under to pry the ball past my sore aching lips as the ball gag is removed I lick my lips to draw moisture back and start to scream and plead telling them to release me, saying I will be good and won't tell anyone about this.

As I moan and plead one strokes my cheek on reflex I snap and try and bite him but he just yanks my hair and as I cry out he forces a new gag into my mouth a small metal tube /ring covered in rubber with a panel of leather around the front gag the tube/ring forming a hole that keeps my mouth wide open and Has a detachable plug that can be placed in the hole like a bath plug.

The lithe man looks at me shaking his head slowly as he speaks

'you must learn your place slave this is your life now you are property to be done with as your Master or Mistress pleases there is no choice there is only compliance.

Compliance may bring pleasure or may bring pain that is your Masters or Mistresses choice but disobedience will not be tolerated.

Your ours to use as we will show her men'.

The guard in front approaches me as he comes forward he unzips his fly and pulls his semi rigid member out.

he walks forward taking hold of my head one hand each side of my temple's moving my head as he aligns his penis with the hole in my gag and slides it in.

I feel his flaccid member slide past the tube into my throat sliding along my tongue and deep into my mouth as I cough and splutter a bit unable to control his decent and my breathing and gag reflex even though used to giving head not like this.

My eyes forced to stare at his belly as he slowly pushes me backwards with his hands on my head allowing his member to slide outward until the bell end just left in

then he pull's me towards him again till my nose presses against his belly and I smell his body odor.

He slowly builds a rhythm as I am rocked back and forth as he holds the side's of my head his hands in my beautiful hair my ponytail whipping round while he is rocking his hips at same time as he uses my mouth.

I gag a bit as I can't control his thrusts and depth feeling his member at back of my throat as I am more face fucked than made to give a blowjob.

As this is happening I feel my panties cut away from my hips and removed then a coldness around my clit the butt plug still poking out of my ass crack.

hands grasp my hips and waist and I feel pressure against my clit and hole as the other guard probes and finally enters me from between my legs his member hard and large sliding down into me, the torment of earlier with the dildo meaning I still slick and wet inside.

I feel my vaginal muscles pressing against his manhood as he slides full length inside of me then slowly withdraws only to grasp my hips and pull me onto him again building a rhythm of his own as I feel him swell as his excitement grows his rod pulsing within me as it engorges and fills .

Together they rock me back and forth in my sling as they fuck my mouth and body as I splutter, moan and sob as my body forcible taken in tow hole while the third plugged with a butt plug.

the guard in front finally cums emptying his load in my mouth and throat tasting its saltyness and strong taste he waits a few seconds then withdraws and pops the plug in sealing his seamen inside my mouth and throat forcing me to swallow it.

Shortly after I feel the guard behind shudder and expel his load inside of me deep in my cunt and finish pulling out.

He moves away and returns picking up my discarded panties he wipes himself and his member with them then wipes around and in my engorged slit cleaning me and him off with the panties.

then he ties a rope around my waist down between my dripping legs and up to another winch and pulls it taunt forcing me to dip forwards slightly as it goes taunt between my legs and into my sore slit.

They both pull on the winches and I raised like this to 5 foot in air.

'My poor slave'.

The man says as he comes up holding my cheek and tousling my beautiful hair releasing its ponytail bindings and allowing it to fall about me.

Looking into my tear stained frightened and humiliated eyes, then he lets go and circles me.

he circles my body like a snake striking out with a paddle striking my breasts then my ass cheeks and finally the soles of my feet my body turning red where he strikes the pain felt upon my tortured body as I jump and squeal in my bonds like a marionette with each strike crying out in pain and pleading for him to stop.

He finally stops wiping the tears from my eyes.

'now you understand the consequences of misbehavior I am sure my little slave you will be ready to obey me always and unconditionally pain will be part of your life but compliance will bring pleasure too if your Master or Mistress wills it'

he holds out his hand and the guard hands him my torn cum and juice stained panties he pops the plug on my gag and stuff's them deep in and pushes the plug back within.

'Something for you to chew on while you chew over what I have told you'.

his hand play's with my left nipple tweaking it and rubbing it between his fingers as I hang their trembling again my body betraying me and my nipple hardening and poking out, a sudden scream of pain shoots past my gag as something crushes my nipple it feels on fire the pain passing through my body the nipple suddenly very sensitive and pulled by the weight crying I look down to see a clamp upon it with a chain attached and a clamp on other end which he takes to my right nipple and starts to play with it.

I shake my head NO pleading and whimpering behind my gag but he ignores me and clamps the other one.

I scream it feels like lightning through my body lucky I am held up as my legs would have buckled with the pain but it soon dulls leaving my tits and nipples achy sore and very sensitive as the chain hangs down.

Throughout all of this the woman has been taking photo after photo of me,the man turns to her and says.

'put those photos in the file slave 1462 aged 25 her former n A reasonable beauty, long me according to her license is Amanda Noland she has bright red dyed hair 5 foot 7 tall toned luscious legs slightly chubby but perfect slave material perfect flawless supple skin ,sweet soulful brown eyes and sensual lips perfectly formed for cock sucking.

attractive class C with lovely 36D cup bust and nice rounded ass the customers will love her i think she rather cute and i am sure her Master or Mistress will too.

i can just see her prepared for the eastern market dressed as a schoolgirl in pigtail's or a nice maid or even a pony girl.

but business is business and i can't get sentimental over every slave now can i even though this one is exquisite '

'I will be back later slave and hopefully you will be ready to learn your place here if not well'.

He plucks the chain causing my nipples to inflame.

as they walk out the door slamming with resounding thud and a firm locking sound leaving me hanging there like meat with the gag with my dirty panties inside my mouth wearing only my nylon stockings and garter and my heeled boots still my luscious breasts hanging down my beautiful hair around my face and hanging below me as I sob and rock in my bonds awaiting their return ......

After an unknown time my mind lost in shame and despair I finally hear the men re enter my cell I hear the sound of their footfalls walking towards me as I hang there.

the voice of the lithe man the one who calls himself my master makes me look up as he says

'how's my beautiful little slave doing, are you ready to submit to be what you were always meant to be'.

I lift my head and stare at him giving little whimpers into my panty filled mouth my body aching and sore as I hang there defeated.

he steps up to me the guards flanking him behind and lifts my chin looking deep into my beautiful eyes.

as I hang there looking at him I fail to notice his other hand reach under me and depress the clamp on my left nipple as I suddenly cry out in shock pain and dismay as blood rushes back into my sore breast and nipple reigniting it with sensitivity and pain.

as I wail into my gag my chin held firm in his hand my cry's of anguish to my disgust turn to moans of pleasure as he caresses and massages my breast bringing life back to it and sending feelings deep into the core of my body of desire and passion with my nub so very sensitive.

he caresses it for a few minutes more before doing the other one letting the chain hit the floor as I cry out and a few tears drop to the floor below me before his fingers and hand does its work sending shock waves of passions into my center into my loins causing my hole to start juicing up

he lets go of my chin as the guards step forward and lower me to the floor and as I lay there t weak and tired allowing them to unbind me without much resistance.

Finally free of the bindings just my stockings. Boots and garter and the infernal gag I lay there a few minutes letting my pins and needles settle my blood flow return to normal, as the men seem patient.

Suddenly I try and leap up striking one guard in the groin with my sharp stiletto heel, I dodge the other ones grasp and make for the door passing the lithe man.

head towards the door my heart racing at the thought of escape the sound of my booted heels striking the floor my body suddenly spasms and jerks as the taser strength shock runs up my body knocking me back to the floor.

I mange to cry out into the gag still in my mouth as my body crumples to the floor flopping around like a landed fish.

The two guards rush up grabbing my shocked body and rolling me onto my stomach zip ties quickly fasten around my ankles and wrists re securing them in place before I have had a chance to recover.

the lithe man makes a 'tut tut tut' sound

' my dear did you think you weren't monitored did you think escape that easy i thought we were getting somewhere with you my sweet little slut'.

he bends down bending his knees as the guards sit me up holding my stunned body

'Guess well have to make sure you behave my sweet one'

he says as he rubs and caresses my left nipple again my kinky body betrays me .

he takes a collar from one of his guards and wraps it around my throat the outside is a band of leather but a metal band run's around the inside once its clicked into place I notice it has a D ring in front, I hear it lock shut with some form of locking mechanism and no sign of a padlock it must be an internal lock.

'Now my dear this collar has some wonderful features by remote I can activate it and it will give you a shock like you just had.

if you leave the parameters set into it of this place it will shock you much, much harder it also tells my people where you are at all times '

'so now I hope you will behave as I have work for you but first a little fun'

as my body regains function I am lifted and carried over to the nearby toilet and shower.

They lead me to the toilet remove the butt plug and give me douche and enema forcing me to sit there till your cleaned unable to do much with the zip ties on unable to complain beyond grunts and moans past the gag.

then one lifts me up like a doll over his shoulder and rests me on your feet under the shower they turn it on and set to work as I stand there while there soaping my body up and washing me down then the wash my matted messy hair and face removing all the ruined makeup.

I squirm in my zip-tied bonds and moan and whine into my gag to little effect as they towel me down and dry my beautiful long hair.

One cuts the zip tie on my ankles and together the work off and remove the last of my clothes my stocking boots and garters leaving me naked as the day I was born my skin flushing with embarrassment.

then again one hoists me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carries me to the bed setting me down next to it.

the other guard works a leather blindfold over my head and eyes plunging me into a sightless terror of what will happen to me next my body trembling at the thought.

then zip tie's at my wrists are cut off only to quickly be replaced with a metal handcuffs, I am turned my body forced to bend and guided to the bed my left handcuff unlocked, my arms pulled forward and then its re locked I tug at it realizing its now attached to wall.

'Lay down slave',

I shake my head No but the guard lifts me and lays me on bed with my arms above me up above my head.

I feel them at your feet he takes my left ankle and cuffs it to left side of bed frame then my right and does that to right side.

I am now laid out my arms stretched above my head, my legs spread wide laying on my back blindfolded and gagged my body open and exposed to what he wishes to do to me fear entering the pit of my stomach at their plans for me

as I tremble at what may come a hand caresses my left breast gently stroking the side and bottom of it then glides up to tease and play with the nipple.

The touch gentle simulating and erotic I feel lips upon my belly kissing me near my belly button warm gentle kisses again my body unable ot resist reacts stimulating me.

as he kisses me one hand still playing with my beautiful breast the other touches inside my right thigh gliding along my skin from knee to groin my body shudders in passion and arousal unable to help myself I left out a long moan of passion into the gag

the touches continue for a few mins his hands moving between thighs and breasts, caressing them teasing them exciting me his touch so smooth and gentle seeming to know every erotic spot upon my body

I start to moan into my gag in desire and passion

a hand moves to the side of my face stroking it gently.

his kisses over my body from neck to thighs a few times stopping to suckle my breasts to my shame my back arching to push the now erect nipple a little higher

as I moan more a finger touches my clit hood slipping under to find the button gently teasing it with tip of the finger my clit always one of my most sensitive areas reacts and my hips thrust and shudder.

I feel my juices build and my skin flush as the finger continues to play and his lips striking random locations upon my tummy thighs and breasts my mind lost in the throes of my arousal

a finger slips inside my slit stoking up and down my tunnel feeling the juices wet within it and lubricates it as it passes in and out of me unconsciously my hips rising slightly to meet it.

As the finger works a tongue hits my labia sending a shock of pleasure through me as it works licking and flicking at my button my moans and mews of passion echoing in my ears as I writhe under him

he works my body minutes pass his attention of me seeming to know every tender point every spot that sends shock waves of joy through me he seems to find.

I feel him climbing onto the bed above me and feel his manhood probing my outer walls searching his kisses upon my breasts as he does so.

then he finds his mark, his manhood firm slides down inside and I feel my muscles clench around it as his shaft descends sliding gently deep inside then he starts to withdraw I feel it pulsing inside me as it's pulled so only bell end remains before he descends again.

His teeth nibble and play with my nipples and neck and breasts playfully biting and nibbling them every so often yanking them in his mouth then licking my previously tortured breasts to calm and cool them.

He starts a rhythm slow and sure at first my hole accepting it as I feel his manhood grow within me big full and hard and throbbing.

My walls constrict around it as it rides inside of me my hips arch to meet it.

I feel his pressure build his manhood grow and feel my own passion raise my body quivering with anticipation.

His rhythm builds faster deeper stronger, my body reacting to his attention moans of pleasure hissing past my gag.

Unable to see what's happening just feeling his warmth above me as my body shudders and writhes beneath him.

I feel my body glowing as a light sheen of sweat covers me as my passion builds.

Every so often a random dip from him as a part of my body is caressed by his lips from neck to breast to tummy the rattle of the cuffs mixed with my moans and the creak of the bed as I feel him bending himself as he thrusts to give me attention.

I feel him hard within me feel him holding his explosion waiting as he thrusts for mine to build My body knowing its ready that it cannot take more.

He dives deep within and holds it there as I explode in orgasm feeling him explode with me his cum warming my belly making sure he holds it there till every last drop released.

As I ride the wave of my orgasm he waits then gently starts to slide out rocking back and forth a little to make sure my wave is finished slowly pulling out kissing my neck as he does do.

I lay there exhausted and momentarily spent hoping he will return my mind lost to that passion that desire even in my captivity.

after laying there in the glow hating myself for enjoying it so much they return and un cuff me and lift and carry me laying me in what I assume is the gynecologist chair from my memory of the layout of the room.

They take my arms and strap them to the armrests at wrists and just below elbows.

My legs placed in the stirrups strapped tight at ankles and thigh just above knee at the bend in stirrups and one across my belly just above my hips and one just above my gorgeous breasts.

I feel my hair lifted as final one goes across my forehead firmly strapping me to the chair unable to move confused after that wonderful fucking what will happen next

I hear a trolley being moved closer and dart my eyes sideways tracking the sound as the blindfold is removed and the lithe man stands over me he fondles my left nipple and breast.

As I look at him with a confused quizzical look in my eyes.

'so lovely, let's start with them shall we'.

as the nipple reacts and becomes hard he rubs it with a cotton swab then turns reaches onto tray and returns with a needle.

He grabs my nipple pulls it up and pushes needle through center of it wiping it again after their is very little pain as the swab must have had an anesthetic .

He puts needle down lifting a solid metal stainless steel ring and pulls open one of side ring and threads it through the hole he made.

Then as I cry struggle and whimper he does same with other one.

He takes solder and a mini blow torch and seals the rings clasps permanently sealing the nipple rings on me.

He rubs and massages around my breasts giving them some relief and easing them slightly.

'There isn't that beautiful'.

Unable to move he turns and I feel him between my legs his fingers playing with my hood.

Even gagged I scream and jerk straight upward in my bonds as the needle passes through my hood followed by a clit ring he turns wipes the tears from my eyes.

'don't worry my pet it's all over now your all done and ready just one more thing and you can earn you place here'

they unstrap me from chair starting with head chest and belly then my arms as they are freed they grab them and restrain them with handcuffs then job finished my legs restrained with leg irons.

They lead me to the shower again and hand wash my body down my collar chained to the wall finally I am un gagged and un cuffed but before I can say anything I told that if I speak if I fail to comply the collar will be activated they tell me to freshen up and dress in the clothes provided and to do it quickly.

fearing the shock of the collar I do as I am told and freshen up apply makeup as directed and I place my hair into to pigtails as I was told to do with pink scrunchies at top and pink bows at bottom then put on the clothes provided thin white cotton panties and bra, white thigh high cotton stockings with pink bows at top in front and back and a garter belt.

a white shirt bunched and tied below my breasts that allows my belly to show and a short tartan flared mini skirt

the black 4 inch high heeled Mary janes are added before my ankles are cuffed with a hobble chain my arms placed in the arm binder and my old cum stained panties replaced in my mouth and piece of wide clear tape place over my full painted lips so it shows through.

as I stare over at a nearby mirror I see myself dressed as a very slutty version of a catholic schoolgirl a leash is attached to my collar and the lithe man lead's me towards the door of my cell ..........

Chapter Three: The Preview Room

As I teeter along on the high heeled Mary Jane's dressed as a slutty schoolgirl with my lovely Red hair in pigtails wearing far to much makeup especially my lips a bright red.

My arms held behind in the arm binder forcing me to arch my back and stick my chest out ,shackles and hobble chains upon my ankles causing me to shuffle along and the cum stained panties taped my mouth with clear tape clearly showing the bright red lipstick as I am dragged forward by my collar with the leash.

Only now do I understand the enormity of this man's empire and evil as I pass rows of cells like mine with grilles in the doors.

Each cell containing a tightly restrained gagged girl in torment ranging in age from late teens to I would say mid thirties all the girls beautiful all held captive and being trained like me to live a life of sexual slavery.

As I slow to take in all of this to stare at my sisters in bondage some so tightly bound.

We pass a blonde tied into a tight ball suspended just off floor her gag locked to a ring on floor.

Another redhead hanging by her ankles rope criss crossing her body along with many small alligator clips attached around her tortured form.

All sporting the nipple rings all with there hood pierced and all crying for release from this cruel fate.

I am forced to start shuffling forward again as he tugs on my leash making me follow and into a big room or hall. like my cell devices placed all around some already occupied.

Two St Andrew crosses on the wall have a redhead and a blonde strapped upon them.

A padded vaulting horse has a brunette girl strapped over it on her back her legs and arms strapped to the bottom corners and one over her belly.

I am lead to a wooden beam sticking out of the wall upon it plugged into two holes in top are a large dildo very large and one behind that he points to the devices.

'see those my sweet slave soon they will be inside of you there a wonderful design not only do they vibrate but they expand and shrink too they should fill your holes nicely'

I moan and shake my head NO but the bikers take my arms undo my leg chains leaving me just in collar and arm binder and turn me facing away from them.

They lower two wooden bars from pulleys in ceiling one goes under my arms the other behind my knees then they pull hoisting me up pulling me upwards so I hang there in a seated position.

As I cry and whimper I am moved back aligned and lowered one guard pushes my panties sideways allowing the toys access entering my holes the guards waiting to assist parting my pussy lips already lubricated I slide onto them and them deep into me making me groan in discomfort.

My arm binder is attached to a D ring on back of board stretching my arms backwards and up and my collar is attached at the front to a D ring holding me upright then my legs are cuffed and attached to floor mounted D rings either side then to my horror the beam rises pulling my legs upward and onto tip toe even in my heels forcing the intruders deeper into me and straining my legs and hips.

And here I sit scared well more petrified as more girls are lead in to various devices after a short while I see the girl from the boutique enter the one who help abduct me who's name tag marked her as Maggie as she walks up to me

'hello slave my don't you look pretty the boss said I can have you later to start your Mistress training to teach you to lick me out and fulfill me won't that be nice and if you do a good enough job I may reward you'.

She smiles and fondles my breasts through my top and bra playing with my new nipple ring tugging it and laughing as I cry out behind my gag.

"See that over there" she points to a bench an L shaped bench with a girl kneeling on it her bum in air legs wide and strapped in place her head forced down towards a stool in front.

'Later you will be on the service bench so the clients can check all your holes out'.

'Got to go sweetie the clients are arriving and it will soon be time for your showing'.

she walks away as the intruders inside me start up first vibrating building in intensity then growing as they vibrate filling me try as I might I can't stop the orgasm building and Cumming but the intruders don't stop forcing me to cum over and over as there filling my holes to capacity pushing on my vaginal walls but still exciting and driving me on.....

Guests start arriving Arabs Europeans Africans South Americans Orientals men and women smartly dressed to see and sample the wares......

As the room fills with people I vaguely register them approach and grope my body hands on my breasts my belly my bum a few even playing with my beautiful hair all the time my lower regions vibrating inside of me as my ass cheeks are bouncing on the wood.

There voices a background noise to my orgasms and moans past the point of passion and into the region of pain as my body can't stop reacting to the insidious devices stimulating me my body lathered in light sheen of sweat.

Then I feel the intruders shrink and the beam lowery as my arm binder detached from the bar making me slump forward into waiting arms exhausted and spent

I lifted off the device weak as a newborn kitten from my orgasms and carried/dragged a person supporting each arm to a new device.

my arm binder unbuckled and removed too weak to resist as I am lifted up and sat on the service bench my wrists tied and cinched then tied to a ceiling chain and raised my legs tied to the Y shaped rear one leg on each Y strapped in at ankle and just below knee spreading me wide.

My collar attached at front forcing me to kneel there my head lowered and ass in the air my wrists pulled high up and behind all three holes now at right height and exposed for use.

As I moan and whimper and plead for rest and release a woman approaches wearing a huge 6 inch strap on big and wide my tiny skirt is flipped up upon my back and my panties cut away from me.

Cream is placed on my ass ring and pucker then she steps behind and pushes tip against my sphincter as I cry out as it pushes in my ass not a virgin there but still the thing is huge as she works her way in and down and brings it all the way inside of me feeling it filling my hole.

She withdraws slightly then pushes forward again no longer gentle she thrusts in and out of me and my sore ass all the while knowing there is a dildo inside of her end of the strap on.

She takes me in my ass each thrust deep hard and filling as she pumps me from behind not lovingly but forcefully bringing tears to my eyes and muffled whimpers and muted pleas from my gagged mouth as I am jerked back and forth in my bonds upon the bench by her thrusts.

the tape is peeled away from my lips and the sodden panties extracted as I dazedly stare up Maggie is before me wearing a bustier her sex exposed her mound hairy covered in red pubic hairs she sits on the benches front little captains chair adjusted to a height that her mound is just below my waiting head her legs spread and with her hands on the back of my head she brings my head to her sex.

'OK slave make me cum lick me out and do a good job or you'll suffer for it'.

My face is pushed against her sex making it hard to breath I know if I don't lick and suck she will suffocate me so I work my tongue upon her, as I start she lets my head rise slightly to breath but keeps her hands on back of my head guiding me and making me work her with my tongue and lips.

As the woman behind comes she pulls out of my ass only to be replaced by a man his rigid cock ready this time finding my pussy his hands on my back and hips as he pumps and grinds into me finally firing his load within me.

As one finishes another replaces some take my ass some my pussy while others use my mouth to clean lick and suck there pussy's and cocks time becomes a blur as my body my holes and mouth start getting sore as I am used as a living fucking machine.

Time loses all meaning I lose track and count of how many take me all I know is if I don't do as I am told I receive a shock to my collar and a slap to my body so I work my mouth and tongue as my body is bounced and pummeled upon the bench my holes dripping with cum m hair matted with sweat as is my body my mind zombified as I perform for them my body sore aching it seems unending....

Chapter Four: My Training Continues

After my exhausting night in the preview room at some point I am finally unbound from the service bench and carried back to my cell far to weak and abused to care or struggle or even cry out and resistance completely spent

I am taken to the cage and left untied and un gagged only my collar remains but to tired to care or react I drift into a tortured nightmare of sleep knowing this my life now.

I awake in morning sore and tired Maggie enters with food for me and tells me to eat well shower and wash as I have further training today.

She leaves the food to eat and stands guard while I shower and prepare she tells me what to do to apply makeup bright red lipstick and toe and fingernail polish blusher and red eyeliner.

Once applied my hands are cuffed behind my back and naked and collared I lead from my cell down the corridors of the training facility resistance not even a thought just complying knowing that avoiding punishment my best course of action far too afraid to resist there commands.

I am taken to a room that looks like a stable.

here I am put in a black leather bondage harness straps around my waist and above and below my firm breasts straps also run up my body either side of my pussy lips and up each ass cheek up over my tummy to encircle my breasts forming a bra and up over my shoulders.

My cuffs undone and re cuffed in front attached to a chain I am lifted off the ground so only balls of my feet remain Maggie approaches with a pair of black knee high en pointe 6 inch stiletto ballet boots laced up front

she rolls red silk stockings up my legs then places the boots upon me they are a little small and the heels high as she laces them tight up the front spending several minutes pulling the laces through a red garter belt is placed around your waist and clipped the stockings any mumbles or groans from me earning a swat to my ass and told to be quiet and behave .

She then retrieves a butt plug but this one has hair on the end same color as my hair and long like a ponies.

as I whimper and complain she slaps my ass and tells me to be quiet again as she lubes my sore bum and threads the hair through slit in the harness and pushes the plug home even though my hole has been opened more from night before its still large and fills me designed to be bigger than my open sphincter.

My arms are lowered and uncuffed and a new arm binder slipped back up my arms and secured very tight again with my elbows almost touching tired of my complaints she finally

retrieves a head harness with a large bit in it and blinkers and feathers out of the back tall feathers in red.

its placed upon me straps around the bit under the chin around the forehead and over the top buckled very tight my vision restricted by the blinkers two straps are run from the D ring at bottom of my arm binder between my legs through my clit ring and up to and through a D ring between my breasts and over my shoulders to D rings either side of my Bit gag.

As a final touch she attaches 2 little bells to my nipple rings.

'OK slave now your pony training begins'.

'I want to see good high steps and good posture'.

Holding a riding crop she flicks it mildly stinging my ass making me jerk the bells to tinkle and the straps to pull on my clit ring and she tugs the left strap/reign to indicate she wants me to turn left as she flicks the whip upon my butt again saying

'giddy up'

I am forced to walk out of the stables moving my legs high up and down into a training paddock teetering on the ballet boots desperately trying to learn quickly to walk in them

as she puts me through my paces circling the ring every time my feet don't rise high enough or I stumble or misstep a flick of the whip making me jerk and cry into the bit or I don't respond to reigns another flick and of course every time she tugs the reigns they dig into either left or right side of my pussy lips and pull on my clit ring sending pain shooting through my body

It takes time but I finally start to learn and I am made to prance to trot and maneuver around the ring like a pony for what seems like hours satisfied with my performance so far she says

' well lets get you hooked up to a sulky shall we'

I am lead to near a small cart and as I wait by the buggy ready to start the next bit of my training a guys walks up and whispers in into Maggie's ear she nods.

'Guess sulky training will have to wait the Master has had a request for you from a client who is interested in your at the auction soon and has paid for a pre private session with you I am to get you ready this way slave'.

She takes me into stables removes my reigns and my body harness then a groom comes up with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge a proceeds to give me a rub down/sponge bath

craftily slipping a finger or two into my hole as he cleans there.

Once I washed down my head harness is removed then arm binder removed and replaced with wrist cuffs behind my back thankfully my butt plug is removed

the boots follows but they leave my stockings and garter belt as my ankles are cuffed and connected to my wrist cuffs and a leash attached to my collar.

'This way slave we can't keep a client waiting'.

She tugs on my leash and has me follow her through the building past the preview room and through another heavy door shutting it tight behind us.

'Stand there slave'.

the room seems to be an ante room there a makeup table chest of drawers wardrobe on one wall another has restraints hanging from it and gags of all types as well as arm binders whips chains tape you name it they were there.

She walks over to the makeup table and picks up a piece of paper reads it then returns to retrieve me.

'ok slave the clients wants you to get ready ,redo your make up then you will be prepared'.

I do as she asks following her directions on how to do my makeup and hair and once makeup and hair all done.

she gives white satin stockings to put on followed by a shiny emerald green garter belt and matching thong panties and emerald green high heeled patent pumps to wear.

She directs me to turn and place my hands behind as my hands again cuffed behind but with police cuff this times followed by ankle cuffs and finally a large red ball gag is fitted very large like the one used to abducted me.

Then I am lead by the leash into another room a bedroom timidly looking around my eyes wide I see a wooden cross is on one wall directly across from me a large four poster bed is in middle of right side of room and again on left hang on wall is whips floggers rope chains and gags.

'Assume the slave position and wait the clients arrival slave'.

With fearful eyes I lower myself to floor ankles together knees spread wide my butt resting upon my ankles with my back ached to display my chest Maggie smiles down pleased I have done as she asked she tassels my hair and walks out.

I kneel there your legs spread back straight and head down butterflies in my stomach and a slight tremble in my body in dread at what comes next after a while the door opens and a man enters about 6'1' with dark hair and piercing grey eyes.

I quickly glance up and see he is wearing a white shirt with a black leather waistcoat, black leather trousers cowboy boots and a belt around his waist with a ball gag, cuffs ,tape and a paddle attached to it he strides up to me his stride strong confidant.

'Ah the slave I saw yesterday such a wonderful performance I just had to persuade your master to let me test drive you again."

I tremble as he unclips the paddle from his belt places handle end under my chin and pushes my head up so I am forced to stare into his eyes his eyes radiate power lust and control.

'Such a pretty face wrapped around that gag let's get you warmed up'.

As I stare up at him with doe like eyes my mind filled with a combination of fear and desire my conditioning and natural submissive nature under all this assimilation slowly warping me into what they desire me to be.

He pulls my leash making me rise and he takes me over to the cross and undoes my cuffs and directs me to mount the cross and helps me up onto the cross and straps my wrists to top then uncuffs my legs and does same with them.

As I hang their following his movements with my head making little murmurs into my gag wondering what he is planning he paces back and forth in front of me .his hand reaching out to caress my butt cheek or my thigh then my side feeling my warm trembling skin followed by my soft silky hair as he paces random touches all over my body as I stand there quivering like a doe upon the cross once or twice giving me a playful slap to my butt cheek or thigh.

After about 20 minutes of this he approaches and kisses a tender spot then licks one breast around the nipple ring then his fingers find my clit and play and tease it.

his fingers moving down pushing under my panties to slide inside.

As I start to moan with pleasure he steps away out of view as my body aches with passion and I whip my beautiful hair from side to side as I try and track him making little mummer's through my gag.

then he returns coming forward this time with a massage wand in his hand playing it over my skin slowly working his way over my beasts then down my back then my quivering butt cheeks then thighs and finally up to my clit area as I murmur my desire and need wanting him to play with me.

holding it there slowly turning it up as I moan and writhe he tells me not to cum otherwise he will punish me he holds it there as my panties front becoming soaked in juice the dark stain clearly visible on the emerald green panties I try and hold back feeling my orgasm building knowing he will be unhappy if I cum without permission my body reacting feeling the pressure build like a pot on the boil but trying ot hold myself from going over the edge.

'Good little slut, you may cum'.

As he speaks the words my eyes close and I moan deep into the ball gag feeling myself release drenching my panties, a long loud moan of pleasure echoing past my gag my body shuddering with release of all the built up tension as the wave of orgasm washes over my body.

He takes the wand away as I slump breathing hard my chest and breasts heaving as he gives me a few minutes to recover

As my body shudders and cools he reaches up undoing the wrists straps and leans me forward pulls my unresisting hands behind and cuffing them behind my back then does same with my ankles and leads me to the bed and makes me climb up on it kneeling down so my head is upon it.

As I kneel there waiting he returns his hand stroking my bare bottom because the panties are thong then he slaps each ass cheek as he climbs up behind and I feel the material parted from my bum crack his tongue licking and teasing at my slit from behind.

My bum wriggles and writhes as his attention ignites the fire within me again and whimpers and moans escape my gagged lip's my desire my passion making me this whore this willing sex slave

Then he sits up his rigid cock probing around my bum and labia feeling his bell end poking my flesh warm and ready my juices flowing my pussy lips engorging ready for him finally finding my wet hole he enters pushing down deep inside me, his cock big now swollen with excitement he thrusts inside his powerful muscled legs brushing mine his firm leather trousers brushing against my bum cheeks .

He grabs my hips and slowly withdraws then down again each time going that bit faster that bit harder pumping back and forth in my pussy our bodies bouncing on the bed drool dripping from my gag as he builds and builds then cums deep and hard inside of me.

He slowly pulls out kissing my back and leans over and unbuckles my gag, as he slowly withdraws and makes me turnaround he leans back on bed his arms behind supporting him

and tells me to lick and clean him.

The slut in me eager I go to work with my lips and tongue working his cock and balls

Lapping and sucking him my tongue teasing his bell end before I wrap my full lips around his shaft and draw him into my throat my tongue gliding over his shaft as it descends.

Bobbing my head and throat as I caress and suckle at his member making it hard again teasing his balls with my chin as I draw him deep into my throat before pulling up again till my tongue and lips can play with his pulsing bell end as I work and bob suckling him I feel him quiver and finally he cums again in my mouth and over my face.

'Good slave excellent need to go somewhere let's get you ready while I am away'.

He takes me off the bed my face wet and smeared with his cum he cleans my face and re ball gags me as I shyly my eyes lowered but directed to stare at him

He pulls my wet panties down and inserts a bullet vibrator in me and a stub vibrating butt plug then my damp panties are pulled back up.

My shoes removed and ankles cuffs taken off he helps me climb into a leotard looking outfit once up to my knees the shoes are put back on and locked the leotard is moved up over my quivering cooling sweat covered body my wrists uncuffed go in sleeves ending in nylon mitts the suit goes all the way up including a hood that goes over my head then Velcro seals it behind then zipped up back sealing me in the zentai body suit.

Then places the leather hood similar to the one I was captured in over that as he guides me blindly over and places me back on the cross face first.....

I faintly hear him move away and the door opening and closing leaving me there while he attends to business. in my darkened muffled encased world sealed in the suit gagged hooded pressed to the cross the feel of his sperm still upon my body and in my mouth as I await him. Time has no meaning as I hang there in my private darkened world the toys pushing my limits of orgasm and exhaustion.

In my previous life which seems so long ago now even though I haven't been here that long thing like this were just naughty fantasies that you never truly wanted but my mind my body has endured so much so quickly I still crave freedom and my old live but cannot never remember releasing so much feeling the intensity of release so strong my body is responding far beyond my wildest imagination of sexual release and I know I am submitting to this life.

A sound distracts me, yes its footsteps yes boots upon the floor a hand caresses my right side from hands work removing my bindings from my ankles then my wrists as I fall forward collapsing into someone's arms.

The hood is undone and removed a hazy shape of the Master through the gauzy material the toys shut off the buzzing silenced he kneels beside me as I lay on the floor unbound but weak too weak to move he holds my head upon his lap cradling it in his arms.

'Ah my pretty little slave I went to see your master asking if I could buy you directly and place my name on your right ass cheek marking you as mine my slut.

but he refused me I offered quite a sum for you, but he told me your far to special far too beautiful and far too popular with other clients to not allow you the opportunity of auction he even expressed his wish to maybe keep you for himself that your natural beauty your sensual submissiveness your perfection as a slave has tempted him.

So I guess should make the most of the time I purchased to be with you the auction is soon and then we will see'.

He kisses my cheek through the gauzy hood then lowers my head to floor he unzips the suit and pulls it off of me as I lay there like a rag doll removing my stocking garters panties naked apart from my piercings collar and ball gag.

as I lay there on my tummy he takes my wrists up behind my back folded back and up as though praying behind your back in a reverse prayer rope entwines my wrists and hands melding them together pressure on my shoulders as there forced back then more rope welds my forearms to my upper arms binding them tight together.

He sits me up and starts to wrap rope around my chest my shoulders criss crossing my breasts making a harness of rope around my sensual supple body from shoulders to hips intricately crossed and tied.

He takes my left ankle and bends it till it my toes are near my left butt cheek and wraps ropes around it from ankle to knee welding my shin to my thigh then does same with right one effectively frog tying me.

he brushes a strand of hair from my eyes then kisses my cheek he unbuckles the ball gag lets me work my jaw then gives me some water to drink which I readily accept after he puts glass aside he my lifts chin and tenderly but passionately kisses my sensual lips a long slow full kiss his tongue flickering inside my mouth brushing along my teeth.

then picks me up and places me upon the bed my head over the side, the sound of his fly unzipping his hands hold the side of my head tilting it upward and I see his semi rigid cock big and ready he aligns it with my full sensual lips and pushes his bell end against my lips understanding his meaning I part my lips and wrap them around his member.

As his shaft slides into my mouth my tongue works along him my lips apply suction along his pulsating skin he goes about 3/4 of way in then slowly withdraws my mouth my tongue working him as he withdraws lapping and licking at his bell end as it reaches my teeth.

he lets me lick and suckle then thrusts in again working his hip back and forth as my mouth works his member into a hard throbbing rod ready to explode his rhythm builds as he fucks my face my head bobbing to meet his thrusts snorting through my nose as I try and breath and draw sufficient air.

I feel his body quiver, feel him ready to explode and he thrust deep and hard as his salt cum sprays into the back of my throat and slides downward holding himself there making sure I swallow every last drop finally his shuddering stop and he slowly starts to withdraw.

'Clean me slut clean me good'.

As his cock withdraws I suckle and clean every drop of cum and pre cum off his shaft and bell end as he pops free with a subtle pop.

he squats in front of my face as I lay there telling me ot open my mouth as i open my jaws he stuffs my sopping panties within playing as his finger probes inside my mouth stuffing them deep behind my teeth.

'Pout for me baby '

As I close my mouth and form a pout he applies a strip of strong adhesive perfectly clear tape over my lips. My smeared and faded red lipstick my beautiful pout and lips clearly visible as though I weren't gagged.

his hands play over my body my thighs gently stoking down the insides reaching up to tease my clit then up over my bum cheeks his strong hands caressing them and gliding over them moving to stroke my hips.

'its time i returned you to your cell my sweet Slut my luscious little slave i hope i can place Max upon your right butt cheek making you mine forever but we'll see'.

He pulls a steamer trunk from the closet pulls it below me and opens lid and lowers me into it I just barely fit just tied as I am he leans in kisses the top of my head and closes the lid as I feel it rise and start to be wheeled away.......

Chapter Five: The Auction

Finally I am removed from the trunk back in my cell

the two big burly bikers are there they unbind me.

and help me to shower and toilet then feed me before

preparing me for sleep collared to the wall chained wrist and ankles and gagged with a muzzle.

The next few days I am put into a routine awaken wash fed and allowed to prepare my makeup then chained and gagged and taken for training.

I am taught positions to adopt as a slave crawling after my Master or Mistress on all fours like a dog.

Sometimes I have to kneel my bum on my ankles my hands behind my back or head my back arched to display my beautiful breasts and my legs spread wide or bent over my head on floor my bum in air and legs spread to give them access to my pussy and ass.

My pony training continues as does my training in your oral skills ready for my life of servitude as a sex object.

Less than one week after my capture I am told the day of my auction and sale has arrived I am to be prepared and sold and will be long out of country before anyone knows I am missing and my life of slavery complete.

they enter my cell and instructs me to eat and wash up as I have to redress and prepare for today fear knots my stomach as I know today I will be sold like cattle at the auction and that after today my chance of rescue and escape will be gone.

The guard stands and watches me as I eat and undress relieve myself and shower my mind in turmoil at what is to come fearful of who may buy me if lucky it will be that Master Max.

He instructs me to refresh your makeup and do a good job today as I want to sell well the makeup he tell me to use is bright red lipstick and work well on highlighting my eyes adding blusher on my cheeks and extra mascara a painted whore in my mind as I work hard to do my hair nice.

He then presents me with the outfit I am to wear ironic I think as I stare at it a small tear leaking from my eye as I tremble and start to dress.

first as usual the stockings black seamed one's with matching lace garter belt once clipped on I adjust the seams and smooth the stockings making sure they look right then a pair of bright red thong panties and a half cup bra making my nipples and the rings hang over it.

This is followed by a slutty red latex form fitting mini skirt that clings to my hips and thighs the stocking tops clearly showing at the bottom it is so short and a red halter top with very low plunging neckline so my breasts show clearly in it and no surprise to me the piece de resistance thigh high red latex fuck me boots with 6 inch stiletto heels.

I stare into the provided mirror at the slut the cheap whore standing before me holding back the tears welling in my eyes

The guard grasp my shoulder and turns me away from him as my hands are drawn up and cuffed to a chain threaded through the back of my collar at a D ring there forced into a reverse prayer position uncomfortable I tug at them causing them to rattle as the guard kneels and applies hobble chains with short middle chain around my booted ankles then turn s me to face him as he picks up a leather panel with a large penis shaped protrusion resting in the middle of the pad.

He instructs me to open wide as I plead with my eyes knowing it will do no good and with trembling lip I open my mouth as he inserts the large penis shaped panel gag as it slides deep into my throat till the panel is pressed to my lower face and he takes the straps and walk behind me securing it and buckling it tight.

Finally leashing me clipping it to my collar a quick tug and I hobble after him a slutty bondage pet as I am escorted out of my cell and through the insidious base passing others sisters in bondage all dressed in different outfits from slutty like mine to fetish like French maids, schoolgirls, cheerleaders, bunny girl's etc I assume in what the Master felt would show them off to their best all bound and well gagged like me as they are trained ready for sale.

My handler smiles

'Tonight is auction night and guess what you're up for sale you will be serving in the club first, giving some of our clients a last chance to sample you before your put up for auction'.

Already in this short time there indoctrination of me has lead to me accepting my fate memories of my old life still haunt me but seem so far away.

MY oral skill have become quite proficient the trainers say it's one of my specialties and there quite pleased with my progress in that area.

My pony skills are ok but I am much more of a fuck toy and pet than a pain slut my holes tight and good my mouth amazing at its work and my response to simulation quite high while I can handle a whipping or spanking my tolerance needs improvement.

They told me I have mastered most of the slave positions displaying my body showing off my amazing assets namely my luscious breasts 36D breast with those large areolas and nipples and my rounded shapely ass.

My beautiful expressive eyes and full lips which seems always an eager place for a Master or Mistress to experience and your lovely long brunette dyed that lovely shade of bright red hair always a draw with the Arab and Chinese market.

I am lead into a BDSM club room and bar walked over to a set of stocks my arms released held and lowered into the ridges as the handler forces my head down so my head bent into place as the upper part is lowered and locked around my neck and wrists.

Then my long boot clad legs unhooked and spread wide and cuffed to ring bolts in floor making me bend over and angled so my ass prominently on display noticing my head positioned at groin height.

I stand there looking down at the floor as I always do trembling with fear making little noises behind my gag as I hear other girls being prepared on the other implements and after a while the club starts to fill with clients my gag is removed and a leather blindfold applied.

Soon my mouth is taken by men and woman half a dozen times my skirt is worked over my hips and panties lowered around my boots above my knees and my ass and pussy taken as well at least one woman uses a strap on upon me I feel as I moan into the cock in my mouth and grunt as my body rocks in the stocks from the multiple hole pounding I receive .

I can feel cum and juices caking my lips and chin and leaking down my thighs and out of my bottom then after I seem to have a break I jerk in my bonds as I feel a prickling sensation and a buzzing on my right ass cheek this goes on for several minutes the cheek a little sore afterwards.

I have lost track of time but I am finally released from the stocks still blinded and my halter top and skirt removed as my hands are cuffed behind.

walked forward and told to kneel assuming the position I was taught legs wide bum resting on my heel's and chest thrust forward to display my ample assets.

A voice with a thick Arab accent as a man speaks enters my ears

' yes this is the one she would make a fine addition to my harem from what I hear her oral skills are exemplary let's see.

Pleasure me slut'.

'Yes Master' I obediently respond as I had been taught in what I hoped was a sultry voice

As I start to wriggle forward on my knees turning my head seeking his groin eventually my nose makes contact with his thigh and I shimmy sideways my mouth open as I seek his rod taking it between my full lips I suckle and lick at it tilting my head to work his shaft then slide it in deep to my throat and work my lips tongue and throat up and down his throbbing shaft.

As he gives a moan of delight his hand resting lightly on my head I bob and weave head so as I can service his manhood feeling it grow hard stiff and throbbing in my mouth by instinct alone with my hands cuffed behind me and my eyes covered by the blindfold I work him feeling him quiver and exploded his load deep into my throat as your gulp it down and clean him as he withdraws.

Once he is free I lick my lips and say.

'Thank you Master for allowing me to pleasure you and to taste your cum'.

'my your such a well trained slave that was best blowjob i have had in a while slut you will be worth your price at auction'

I shudder slightly at the thought of being taken abroad my last ray of hope of freedom stripped from me and my life of slavery assured after that I am used a few more times always compliments on my oral skills.

Then I am returned to the stocks the penis gag replaced standing there with my panties around my knees and my bra clearly showing my pierced nipples above it still blindfolded

Shortly I catch the sounds of the other girls being retrieved from the positions ready for the auction and awaiting my retrieval by the guards......

Finally it's my turn and I taken back to my cell and allowed to rest and clean myself up ready for auction time.

I change into the outfit I am to wear for the auction itself consisting of white silk stockings and garters silk white thong panties and a gauzy outfit consisting of leggings and halter top the epitome of a harem girl 's outfit with one addition a pair of fire engine red 6 inch heel stiletto pumps.

A few swats to my ass cheeks to hurry me along as time getting short once dressed I am turned around and my hands cuffed behind and the leg shackles placed back on.

He instructs me to open my mouth and pops some red silky material in then makes me pucker my lips as though kissing and smoothes a transparent piece of tape over my lips sealing the material in and leaving my red painted lips clearly showing through before placing a veil over my lower face again gauzy and see through.

The material in my mouth tastes funny I finally realize there someone's panties and I am tasting her juices soaked into the panties.

As a little harem slut I am leashed and lead down the corridors again passing my sisters in torment and training knowing their fate will soon be the same as mine and through a door into a large room a stage is at one end with a raised platform upon it and near that a podium.

The middle of the room holds tables with two comfy armchairs around each along each side of the room are 5 sets of stocks some already occupied by girls dressed like me but with different colored underwear visible their hands and heads locked into the stocks there feet spread wide by spreader bars attached to bolts in floor.

Bent over so there tits hang down and there bums stick out for easy inspection by those walking along the rows behind them.

I am lead to my stock and as I approach I see a sign on it which reads:

NO 4 slut Amanda age 25 Brunette hair dyed Red with brown eyes

Height: 5'7' weight 135 LBS.

Lovely well rounded 36D breasts.

Attributes: is a consummate sex slut, moderately pony trained and spectacular oral skills.

Has medical training as her former life was a ward nurse

has Moderate pain threshold with tight grade TWO ass and grade TWO pussy and firm gorgeous breasts a good pony stance but quite limber in bondage and a very sensitive clit and nipples.

Starting price $100,000...

My wrists are released and two large biker looking guys force my wrists and head into the stocks and lock them then my legs are spread and locked into the spreader bar and I am left to stand there on display.

As I stand waiting my whole body shaking with fright making the stocks shake and making little mewing whimpers into my gag just like the other girls another girl is lead in and locked into stocks next to me.

Other girls are lead in until all 10 stocks filled.

As time passes the room fills with the guests they walk the lines front and back reading my plaque and groping my body.

a Arab gentleman in his 50's approaches takes my tits in his hands and give them a good squeeze smiling as I moan and whine in my gag he walks around and does same with my butt cheeks then slips his finger into my slit rubbing it up and down laughing at your reaction then feels up my thighs and tells his servant to note my number.

After a short while a black woman approaches next tall and lithe dressed in leather she lifts my head and looks into my beautiful tear stained frightened eyes her finger tracing my sealed lips over the veil before moving to grope me from behind.

This continues for over an hour men and women poking prodding and abusing my luscious body I note 5 seem especially interested in me from the comments and actions the Arab, the black lady, Max of course a smelly grubby south American gentleman and a oriental lady I guess the last two are brothel owners from the way they talk about me.

The guests finally head to their seats as the auction begins the first girl a young redhead is released from her stocks and hands cuffed behind and she lifted and carried on stage.

She's made to stand on the raised dais her cuffs locked above her head and her ankles to a fixed spreader bar forcing her to stand there legs spread wide back arched and chest out.

As the lithe man the Master enters and stands at the stands the podium.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to tonight auction we have 10 lovely slaves tonight all having received base training and their spirits partly broken all with different attributes and assets all fresh off the streets and now ready for a life of servitude to the lucky purchaser."

"As usual money will be wired directly upon sale and the slut will be prepared and ready to ship shortly after auction."

' Without further a due ladies and gentleman I give you lot one in the catalogue.

Slut Rosie is 23 from Texas she's 5 foot 7 with green eyes and lovely natural red hair with 32C breasts.

A former air hostess she speaks English German and French.

Those lush lips help her be a class one cock sucker and pussy licker she has a marked grade three pussy and ass by the trainers.

We have classified her level three pain slut.

And level two bondage toy but a level 3 fuck toy

She's both puppy bitch and pony trained to class four.

And she can be yours for the starting price of $150,000.

So let's start the bidding'

A he says this the dais begins to rotate showing the poor girl off as she moans and whimpers into her gag and paddle's start rising from the crowd as he calls out the bids .

'$150,000 , $150,500 $160,000 $170,000 any more bids for this beauty'.

As she turns like a pig on a spit roast he grasps her nipple ring and yanks making her cry out through her gag.

"Come on ladies and gents this is prime Texas beef here"

As her slips his hand down her trousers and under her panties inserting his finger into her slit rubbing it in and out causing her to moan and wail into her gagged mouth.

'$180,000 ,$190,000 anymore ladies and gentleman for this sweet redheaded slut"

Grasping her breasts and rubbing his hands over her body swatting her ass as she turn on the dais her eyes wide with terror and her pleading sobbing moans as she rattles the chains overhead trying to break free but this seem to only encourage the bidders.

"I have $195,000, $200,000, $210,000

going once going twice SOLD to bidder no 21 for $210,000 next lot please'.

As I twist my head in the stock slightly to stare at the stage the girl is picked up and taken backstage and another undone. As I I watch in despair and dread of my turn the same happens with lot two a Chinese girl with long black hair aged 21 slut SUKI from LA SOLD to bidder 17 for $165,000.

Then lot three is taken up a Romanian girl with brunette hair aged 19 slut MADA from Bucharest SOLD to bidder 10 for $170,000.

As she is lead off they approach my stocks guess its my turn I tremble trying to pull my wrists free and plead into my gag my eyes wide and scared this can't be happening I don't want to go on the auction block ................

they approach me and release me from the stock as I struggle and try and resists the big strong bikers easy manhandle me and force my wrists into the cuffs and hoisted up on ones shoulder wriggling and struggling as I am carried up on stage my legs pumping making the bar rattle my moans echoing in my head as I plead for them not to do this.

they chain me to the turntable a chain at back of my collar to a post my cuffed wrists up high

and the spreader bar forcing me to be splayed wide and exposed for the sight as I am forced to arch my back and stick my chest out for display by the cuffs and bars positions.

As I try and stare out the spotlight's upon the stage glare making the audience obscured to my view a faceless crowd eager and ready to take possession of my life and body to break my spirit and end the life I have known forever.

The lithe man approaches.

'LOT 4 ladies and gentleman

Slave Amanda aged 25 she's a beautiful American Brunette but has dyed her hair the fashionable bright red.

Reasonably tall at 5'7" but needs a little toning but has lovely curvaceous assets with lovely 36D breasts and firm round butt.

A former Nurse she comes with medical training.

She has highly rated oral skills and is a natural bondage submissive a average pony girl and Her pain tolerance needs some work I am sure some out there will love punishing her luscious body to train her that way.

We have rated her grade Two pussy and ass but most certainly a grade one mouth'.

A level 3 pain slut, level two fuck toy but level one with her bondage pet as she has such sensitive clitoris and nipples."

As he describes me his hand glides over my trembling body feeling my breasts tummy hips then his finger plays over my panties working my clit making me blush and moan as I get wet and stain my panties.

' She has a lovely pussy and ass her Oral skills are top notch with both men and women.

But these breasts ladies and gentleman just gorgeous to be played with to be squeezed and used and abused and imagine these luscious lips wrapped around a cock or lapping at a pussy.

lets start the bidding at $100,000, $100,500,$110,000,$110,500,$120,000 look at her ladies and gentleman look at that face imagine her servicing you or those eyes pleading as you abuse her'.

He cups my chin in his hands and turns my head from side to side showing them my beautiful face under the veil.


His finger returns to my sex and fondles and plays as I moan into my gag the bidding goes higher.

'Imagine this little slut in your harem a beautiful Brunette American girl yours to fuck yours to torture your to take your revenge on the west upon or think how much money she will make you in a brothel all three holes earning you money all day every day."

'$150,000 any advance on $150,000 going once going twice SOLD to bidder 7 for $150,000'.

I notice them undoing the next girls bindings and preparing her for the stage my fate sealed I and brought out of my shocked dazed state as I feel them unclipping me from the Dias and hoisted over a guards shoulder and carried sobbing away as I am carried out.

I am carried over to a table and bent over it as the gauzy trousers and my panties lowered and a buzzing and pricking sensation on your right butt cheek like the one I felt earlier in the club.

in a nearby mirror I see what they have done I have been tattooed on my butt cheeks the words upon my ass cheeks say.

Hassan's on the left in bold letters and slut on the right which reading across right cheek to left says

HASSAN'S SLUT permanently marked as a slave chattel and object to be used as someone's property as I cry and whimper I scream loudly into my gag as a hot brand touches my thigh just below my ass cheek the brand of the organization that has taken me marking me forever as SOLD by them.

The panties and trouser raised as I am lifted up and carried to a preparation room as I struggle and moan something is injected into my arm my mind fogging quickly my eyelids growing heavy as I drift into the darkness of unconciseness..

I have no idea of how much time has passed how long I was asleep but I awake to find myself with

A large, thick, penis gag ensuring that my tongue is pressed in to the floor of my mouth. This is attached to a rubber head harness, with a thick, black, rubber cover that is pressed tightly over my lips and hug's the lower part of my face, from just under the nose, under my jaw, right up to my throat.

I am sitting in a large metal chair bolted to the floor of a large wooden shipping crate my legs firmly strapped to the metal chair legs at ankles and knees also thighs more strap hold me there at waist and above and below my breasts.

A strap around my forehead holds my head immobile and my arms are strapped to the armrests at wrists elbows and just below my shoulders.

the lithe man leans in and, grabbing my tits firmly in his palms, inspected the nipple rings , before running his fingers down my shapely waist and hips, whose curves have been emphasized and compacted down to a crippling sixteen inches, by a heavily boned, glossy, black waspie, that forces me to take shallow, panting breaths.

Following the line of the latex suspenders they have placed me in, his fingers find the top of my rubber stockings, before running down the length of my leg and idly stroking the straps of the shiny black, patent leather platform shoes, which force my feet in to a crippling en point, due to their seven inch stiletto heels. Having toyed with these, his fingers move upwards.

Tracing the curve of my legs until his delighted fingers find the soft flesh at the top of my thighs and then his fingers follow the line of the high cut, rubber, panties I am wearing, probing that the catheter is still in place and does not appear to be leaking.

I can feel large plugs filling my holes I struggle to no effect welded tight to the chair even my moans and pleading very effectively muffled by the tight mouth filling gag and rubber lower face mask

the guard approaches with the crates final side panel and I stare wildly at the label upon it.




Flicking a stray hair from my terrified wild eyed face, he grabs the two rubber hoses that protruded from a oxygen mask and feeds them in to pre drilled holes and clips around the crate edges As he pulls the hoses through the packaging and connects them to the tanks bolted to the floor under me and places the mask over my nose

the lithe man step's into my view and says

"Goodbye dear. It's been fun,"

As the guard places the final side of the shipping crate plunging me into darkness the sounds of drills and screws as its sealed shutting the light out completely I struggle with all my might and mew and cry and sob into the gag to no avail my movements almost nonexistent my sounds barely heard by me let alone anyone else I tire quickly compressed in the waspie corset.

And the distant sound of a forklift approaching and the feeling of my crate being lifted and carried to the truck that will take me to the airport and the waiting plane that will transport into my life of bondage and slavery the pain and torture and sex toy of some sheik part of his harem the word of the lithe man about how they love to abuse western women echoing in my petrified mind as I am transported.....

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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