Try Again
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Author's Note: Hello! I'm known for my illustrations in deviantArt and tumblr, but now I wanted to take a dive in the world of writing. I'm hoping it'll entertain you all and it is not full of mistakes and typos.


Tomas had started an e-mail relationship with a Ukranian girl. Lena had registered in to a fetish forum and Tomas saw her pictures in there. They shared their thoughts about bondage and life. She was submissive, he was dominant. Everything seemed to be in order. Tomas really liked her face and hair, but her body was a bondage enthusiasts dream. Light and flexible. "So much to do, hope she'll agree when..." Tomas thought. She was going to come to Belgium to meet him, perhaps start a life with him.

Tomas saw the problem as soon as he saw her. She wasn't like he had hoped her to be. Little on the chubby side, not bad but not the 50 kg she had told in her e-mails. Her face was pretty and she had long legs, like a model. Not a super model but like the ones in local papers modeling for little boutiques. He did realize that 50kg would be very low weight for a girl with 178cm frame but even then he did not believe her to look like a weight lifter. In his eyes, this was the case.


Lena had not been totally honest with him. She didn't look like her pictures, not anymore. Her face looked familiar but not the rest of her. Tomas was disappointed, but he thought that it will be only a matter of time Lena would gain her former fit again.

That was not the case. She was falling in love with Tomas, but Tomas was not getting what he had expected. Lena was lazy. In bed and in real life. She wanted to wear feminine clothes, pencil skirts, blouses, jackets all tailored and fine. 5" heels were a regular sight on her and in bedroom she wore even 7" platform stilettoes. Always classy and range from blood red to patent black and gold. Tomas loved it, he preferred to buy them a size too small and as expensive as they come. Lena did not have a problem with it, she was loving the attention she had from male and admiration and jealosy from other women. But the games in bedroom were mild and Lena was gaining more and more weight.

Tomas was not going to give up so easily. He liked to spoil her girlfriend well. They had been together for a 7 months for now. When asked about Lena to get a job, she said she was above working and giggled. Tomas' friends thought it was a joke. But Tomas knew she was just physically lazy. He had seen it in bedroom. Fetish stuff, beautiful lingerie and toys were her passion, but not bondage and fucking so hard that she would sweat was just too much work for her. Lena just lied on the bed and let Tomas do all the work. No crazy positions and none of the wild acts she had been promising during their emailing.

As months went by, Tomas was getting frustrated. She spent so much money, it was no problem for him as he was rich, but he gained so little for this arrangement.

Tomas had an idea, he wanted to destroy Lena's will. Make her more willing and perhaps totally obedient. He had been disappointed since the moment he saw her. He wasn't obviously able to use any of the bondage gear he had bought her as she was too large for most of them. Since she arrived she had gained more and more weight and the ideas of his fantasies fulfilled were slipping away.

There was going to be a vacation for Tomas. Two weeks to dedicate to his plan. Plan would be simple combination of bribes, suggestions, more bribes, wild sex, maybe some hypnotizing or mind control (he would have help for it) and bondage, sex & torture. Afterwards more gifts and bribes. He hoped with right amount he would make Lena more submissive. Total domination over her perhaps. Not a soul to interfere his plan. And if she would not obey, he would continue her vacation (no-one needed her anyways as she did not have a job) and try the total sensory deprivation helmet on her. It would be a shame to cover her beautiful eyes and hair but something had to be done. Or maybe break up and send her on her way. But she loved to show her around, even if she was getting fatter and fatter. She was ultra-feminine and Tomas loved it. The deprivation and capturing would be the last option, Tomas would like to continue showing off Lena to his friends and co-workers.


The vacation came and Tomas started with bribing Lena with beatiful underwear, corsets and stockings etc. She liked them, corset was a little startling for her but as she tried it, she was ok with it. Tomas got Lena a little drunk and they went to bed. She wearing her corset and stockings with 6" non-platform ankle strap stilettoes she was first a little wild but when she saw Tomas get excited, she went to the "auto-pilot". This was something what Tomas thought Lena did every now and then during sex. Drunk or sober. She just lied down and let little oh-s out of her mouth. Tomas thought she wasn't satisfied first, but after few first times he had noticed that Lena was a squirter. She produced a big pool of liquid after orgasm. This let out that she was enjoying the ride and climaxing. Tomas was beginning to think that Lena was just so submissive that she was inviting rough manners on her. And this Tomas was going to do.

First they started with regular making love, nothing special, Tomas on top and Lena lying on the bed, almost still. After Tomas got Lena very near orgasm, he told her to get in to doggy position. She complied, not resisting but Tomas saw that Lena was not on her comfort zone anymore. Maybe he was wrong about the ruff ride she was gonna get. But it was too late now.

"Tomas make love to me!" Lena said whispering

Tomas didn't say anything as he went to a toolcase he had in the corner of the bedroom. It had been locked, but Lena did not wonder what it was. She wasn't exactly even a cleaning type so she didn't mind Tomas leaving stuff around.

"Don't peek, wait a just a moment" Tomas said to Lena after he had retrieved the toolbox. Lena didn't. She actually faced the other wall and closed her eyes. "Ok dear" she said.

Tomas opened the toolbox and on top of the pile was a blindfold. Leather from the outside, cushioned with silk on the inside. Looks would be dominating but it would feel like a regular blindfold in kids games. "Oh Tomas, toys and kinky time, yes?" Lena asked.

"Yes my love. And not the kind of toys for yourself and me watching you play. Time for me to join in." Tomas said. This has been the case before. She enjoyed using vibrators and toys on herself, and Tomas was always watching her fulfill her fantasies. She loved voyerism, someone watching her getting intimate with herself. But Tomas loved hardcore & extreme bondage.

"No I'll add up more toys on you.. and in you, ready?"

"Okay, Tommie. Be good, I see no nothing now so it's hard expecting anything" Lena whispered.


Tomas took the next toy from the box. It was a butt-plug. Not the Ass-stuffer-3000, but smaller, made from rubber, with steel base and a ruby red stone embedded in steel. With lubricant he pushed it half way inside Lena's butt and let it come out with it's own tension.

"Oh! What you do? Be.. oh.. be gentle.. I.. can take it, but slower" Lena stammered.

Tomas took the plug and pushed it into Lena's ass. With one push, but also gently. It took several seconds but it was now lodged inside her anus. Base was tapered to about half an inch but the widest point was around 1,5". She gasped a little, but no pain? Not bad for first timer.. oh. "Little Lena has done this before, yes?" Tomas asked. Lena giggled. Okay. So maybe all this was gonna work after all. Then came the cuffs. Tomas took Lena's arms behind her and put leather cuffs on her. They were linked with a steel chain and padlocked shut. Lena started to act uneasy now: "Hey, Tommie. How much more, I need to come right now." Tomas was silent. It was time to cinch her corset tighter. It was somewhere around 26" now, her regular size was about 28". Not bad for the girl with her height, but not good for a so-called super model (she had been calling her self like that during their web chats). She gasped again, Tomas had cinched her waist to 24-25". A regular reduction for an untrained person. But Lena did not like it. She would learn in time and after a good diet and training she would be able to use the ones Tomas had ordered for "super-model-Lena". They were storaged in similar toolboxes in garage.

Lena panted a little, maybe a small panic attack, but it went away in a little while. "You okay?" Tomas asked. A nod. Yes. She was kneeling on the bed, face in the pillows and ass up in the air. Blindfolded, corsetted, arms cuffed behind her, wearing fuck me heels and ass plugged with beautifully decorated butt plug. Not a bad vision, Tomas thought.

Lena was having a struggle in her mind. She could not let this happen. She liked it, it was a little painful but it was nearly out of her comfort zone. She had actually tried similar things before on her own. But having someone dominating her... That was the problem. She was a very individual person, who liked kinky stuff and being admired but always wanted to be in charge.


"Hold on a moment" Lena said to Tomas. Tomas was stunned, what now? "Wait a minute, let me cool down, please take the cuffs of?" she asked. "Sure, you get a moment to adjust" he answered, but he had no intention of taking her cuffs of. He helped her up, kneeling on the bed, still cuffed and butt plug pressing harder into her bottom. She didn't mind the bonds but she was in a state of hesitation.

"Tomas, I'm not sure about this anymore.." she tried to say. Tomas was done with hesitations. "Shh, my love. I guarantee I'll compensate all this. I know how hard you've tried to find those Louis Vitton rain boots. I have a way to get them and next time we do this, you'll be wearing them." he persuaded her.

Oh my god, they're worth over 1000, Lena was thinking. Now she was in a bargaining position again. She went silent and smiled. But she was still dominated. " I'm not sure, they are lovely but be gentle?" she said. Tomas nodded, stroked her cheek and said: "Some more items, bear with me?". Lena smiles. Tomas got an idea. He skips the second items and takes the leathery thing next. Lena wonders what it is... Until she sees a red rubber ball behind largish panel of stiff leather.

"Oh Tommie, are you sure?" she asks. Tomas is confident now. He comes over with the harness gag and squeezes her nipple. A loud grunt, she opens her mouth and he pushes the extra large ball in her mouth, securely behind her teeth. She disagrees but not too much.. Not yet.

Tomas has the last item. He pushes Lena over to the bed. Her arms are pinned behind her and Tomas comes over her with silvery, cruel nipple clamps. With quick moves by Tomas and Lena is grunting hard behind her ball gag. Now, Tomas is ready for some hard fucking. Lena is also, wanted she or not.


They went to shopping few days later. Lena was smiling but had not said a single word of her night in bondage. All was well, not so much pain was involved so no time needed to relax or heal from her ordeal. Tomas really liked what had happened. So much that in their local fashion boutique he went to the manager, gave him a stack of money and received a paper bag. Lena was eager to see inside. Words on the box inside the bag said "Louis Vuitton". She was ecstatic. Tomas knew this was going well. He did receive some packages from the post office too. Lena was not interested in them, could be work stuff and she had the most beautiful boots in the world. 6 inches of heel with 2 inch platform and designed by Marc Jacobs. Made out of brown rubber/latex, but well crafted and all classy.

Week went well. They tried bondage again and Tomas gained an experience lacing her corset slightly tighter and Lena gained new Louboutins. Again with skyscraper heels. The shoe fetish he admired in her.

It was the fourth time when she got cold feet. He had showed the armbinder at third time but had not used it. It was a mistake. Lena had googled it from net it seemed to be very restrictive and making her truly submit. She regretted everything she had said in her emails during their web chats. She was not that interested in fetish stuff. She had her limits. She blocked the idea and when Tomas went to bribing mode, she stormed out of the bedroom, took only her coat and boots and drove away. Few hours later she returned but the matter was not discussed.

Tomas went to gym next day. He was fed up. Only few days left of the vacation, it would come down to harsher methods after all. Or just forget it. He felt like he was betrayed, maybe that cunt was just after his money or just having fun on his expense and was going to leave soon. He returned home and saw Lena sitting in the livingroom. "We have to go to airport later this evening." she said. Tomas was stunned, she was angry? She's leaving? "My sister is coming to visit me for few weeks" she continued.

Well this is just great. Now it's impossible to continue Lena's training. Maybe I just bury myself in work and try it out again in few months, Tomas thought.


Tomas had been thinking that Lena had called her sister for rescue. Perhaps, but it was more likely that she hadn't tell anything about their experimenting to her sister. Viktoria was the sisters name. Or Vikki, like Lena called her. Lena went to the terminal and Tomas waited in car. She called a bit later and instructed to drive his BMW to the edge of the parking lot. It was well lit place and as Tomas saw Lena and Vikki near him, his heart leapt. What on earth? They are... Twins? Tomas was stunned. Vikki was in great shape, not aged at all. The best thing in her was that she looked exactly like Lena had in her older pictures. The "super-model" version of her.

Tomas got up from his car to open the door for the girls. He was stunned, he did not know what to think of this turn of events. Maybe these two weeks won't be such a waste of time after all. He tried to look cool about it, Vikki greeted and talked and talked and Lena looked a little fed up with her sister already. Tomas was in his own world now, just nodding and smiling.

Night went on with introductions and recalling memories and the regular small-talk bullshit. Vikki took some drinks, she seemed like a wild cat, going parties and clubbing and other non-sense. Tomas liked her but there was something too over the top in her. He smiled to himself thinking HE would want to be in her, on top. Maybe with careful planning this would be a great opportunity.

Next day went by. Girls went shopping and Tomas met some friends at the pub. There were so many luxury items and so much money spent by girls, but Tomas was confident his plan would work. Next day went well too, it was saturday and Tomas would return to work on monday. No persuading Lena to kinky acts while Vikki was in house. But there was a possibility of things turning to right direction if he played the sister-envy-card right.

The time was around 2:30 on the morning when situation went from bad to worse. Vikki called to Lena and Lena woke up Tomas. A short ride to town central, picking up sobbing Vikki up and back to home. Back at home Lena asked questions from Vikki. Tomas did not hear the whole conversation, but some words were picked up by his ears. Vikki yelled at Lena and Lena threw shoes at Vikki. Vikki jumped on Lena and started to pull her hair and this was a cue for Tomas to step in and break the fight.

Lena shouted something in her native tongue and stormed upstairs to Tomas' bedroom. Vikki started the angry rant, mostly foreign but also in english. Tomas had to ask questions to clarify the situation for him self.

"I have a clue what's going on, but you have to explain it to me." Tomas said to Vikki. Vikki explained the whole case: "No ona can judge a victim of a rape, but Lena has no problem doing it. She has an easy life here with you, she knows nothing about what has happened in our home last year. I haven't meet her in few years and even as she gave me a good welcome, she treats me like shit. Now this asshole attacked me on the alley and raped me and she blames me. I know I'm drunk and dressed too daring, but still that son of a bitch had no right to do me so." Tomas looks horrified; "I.. Uh.. Police can.." he tries to say. "Police can do shit with this, I'm not going to tell them." Vikki snaps back at Tomas. "Whoa, you've got to, it's rapist were talking about. Did you see him?" he asks. "It was dark and he had some hoodie on, maybe a scarf over his face, I saw shit... And besides, they would run me an Lena out of the country immediately." Now Tomas was confused.. Shit.. "Yeah, we're in country with false papers, she's not even the person she has told you. This is what we fought about. You had to know, I think, Lena a.k.a. Tanya was trying to keep it a secret.". Tomas' brain was running with overdrive. What does this mean and what to do now... She's lied her name too. Oh hell, this can't go wrong, Tomas thinks and says: "Well that's just fucking my luck. Two illegals in my home and spending my money and avoiding taxes...". "Vikki" started to sob, Tomas said: "uh, sorry, you've had a horrible night.. I have no idea how are you coping now Vikki". "You don't have to call me Vikki.. I'm Jekaterina but my friends call me Kate." she said. Kate. It was the perfect name for a super model version of Lena.

"That's a lovely name, Kate. I.. I feel betrayed.. not so much by you, as you are the one who told me the truth. I know you may be scared and confused after your attack, but I hope I can make you feel better. In fact.. I hope we're on the same page, because I have a proposition for you.." he said.


Tanya/Lena was sitting in the kitchen and Tomas was pouring some morning tea for her. Kate comes downstairs after a poorly slept night. She sees Tomas and Tanya and comes to sit across her sister. Tomas starts: "After good conversation yesterday we have decided that your sister is staying with us a little longer. She was brutally raped, but we can't do anything about it as you girls are illegaly in country. It seems that no-one is looking for you either so it's a good thing." Tanya drinks her tea while asking: "It is a good thing, I would not want to leave this country, leave you. Can you ever forgive me lying to you?". Tomas looks Kate, looks Tanya and says: "I know you will. As soon as you rest for a while.". Tanya is puzzled, what rest he means as she just woke up. But then her eyes get heavy and groggy and she feels sleepy. "Shit, you bitch... you bastard, what you two.." and she's passed out.

Tanya wakes up. She's uncomfortably positioned, she's hurting and and very disoriented. She sees her sister first. But what the hell is happening, Tanya wonders. Tomas has found the box of gear he had bought for the "super-model-Lena" who he met in the web chats those many months ago. Kate has been more than willing for a good dress-up game. Her frustration of being mocked by her sister, always getting the short straw and now even being violently raped has turned her anger against Tanya, the one sister who had it all, not even deserving it.

Tomas' toybox included such wonderous things. They had been planned to be the introduction of fetish clothing and gear for "Lena" but now Kate, had put them on and she looked fabulous. These things would become the uniform for her domina persona. Kate's slim frame wore the accessories well. First she had a catsuit on, which looked like painted on her, reaching from neck to toe. It was black as the night and polished to perfection. It had small silvery dot pattern in select places which accentuated her curves more. Over the catsuit she wore 7" Louboutin Daffodile pumps. Made from matching black leather she wore a 20" waist cincher. It was not the easiest thing to wear but when her twin had been in trouble with 23", Kate was eager to tightlace herself more and more in future. But even more she looked to tightlace her bitch of a sister to ridiculous measures. Kate had a steel/leather collar on, it did look a little like a slave's attire, but her dominant persona gave it a stern look. What was originally design to be a slaving object, did quite the opposite on her. She loved every bit of gear on her. Tomas came to her side and started to talk.

"Hello Tanya. From now on, we have made some permanent changes. "Lena" will be gone from public for three weeks. Some changes will be made during that time.".

"Oh good, they're gonna release me after all, I was worried for a moment there" Tanya thinks. But why am I so bound up and have this gag in my mouth, she wonders.

"You look relieved, but don't be. YOU wont be coming back as Lena. Kate will. You see, very few of my friends, actually not one of them has seen you both and no-one will think that the lovely Jekaterina had actually replaced you as the Lena. Our friends have seen your old pictures. They don't know that you have a twin, I didn't. On your trip back home you visited a place that makes "cosmetic alterations". They will figure out the rest. Kate wears some baggy clothes for a while and out with the chubby-lazy-weight-lifter Tanya/Lena and in with the super-model-dominatrix- Kate/Lena."

Tanya is shocked. She cannot understand how could Tomas and her own twin sister do this to her? And what else do they have in their sick minds?

"So our love life is clear to you now. Lena will stay in my life, even though she never even existed. She will look hotter and be hornier than ever before. As it comes to you pet, we're gonna have so much fun with you. As our pet project we can test so many things on you. Some will be applied to Kate too.. uh, I mean "Lena".. and she has agreed to this, but some things I wanna do, will be permanent and cannot be a part of a public every day couple life. You do understand this, you lying lazy gold-digger bitch?" Tomas rants. "Those things will be like tattoos, piercings, waist training, other body modifications and such. We'll see it on a long run then. But now we must introduce you the mods we've done to you so far, pet. Lena, you have the honor." Tomas says to Kate.

Kate steps towards Tanya, swaying her ass side to side and licking her lips. Even Tanya likes the way she's dressed, she had never wanted to put so much effort to something so unimportant than pleasing her men, but Kate was always the one to make men feel like kings.

"I like that word, pet. I think I'll keep on using it, Pet. You see Pet, you are quite restricted there already but you are an on-going project. We have put you a corset, same as you have worn already. Now it has been cinched closed, it's 22". Not the goddess like features like you see on me, but I bet it's uncomfortable with that fatty belly of yours. We will change your corset to longer and tighter one, fat will not be a problem as you will be on strict diet from now on, more of that later. As a last reminder of human rights, we have dressed you with your Louis Vuitton boots, those will come off later as it seems you have already pissed on them and they will be stinking if not rescued from an animal like you. You see I want to hop in to your boots right away. Hah, pun intended." Kate, the new domina-super-model-version of Lena explained to Tanya-Pet.

"Then you have leather belts tightened around your fat tits. They will be tightened more and more, we are not sure what happens to the fat tissue on your breasts, when you start losing weight during cinched like this, but I guess we have a way to make them painfully bloated anyways. Then the collar and cuffs. You will be cuffed and collared all the time. Tomas had this 5" posture collar in his tool box. I wanted to try it but he said that I was above such things. I guess he's right. It looks severe and I guess it's quite hard to breath with it, yes? Well no matter, it ain't getting any easier from now on. Then your ankles are cuffed. With steel bands riveted on. Riveting will be another new fashion for you. You'll see it later, more and more often. The armbinder you hated so much? It's on you right now. It's a shame that your fat body could not flex enough to allow us close the gap between your elbows but were getting there." Kate stops and goes behind Pet and pulls the straps harder and harder. Pet is grunting behind her gag and trembling on strain the binder gives to her shoulders. "Yes, it's getting there, you'll see. Nice to hear those cries of pain. That ring gag let's us hear all, not any sensible word though, but more of the pet-like whines and grunts. And you are drooling like an animal too. Don't worry, even that discomfort won't go away in a while, the gag is expandable and we can enlarge the size of the ring when your jaw gets comfy with it."

Tanya sobs and howls through the gag. She hates every second of this, she cannot understand why and what and how.

"I leave you to adjust for few hours. Then were going to feed you with some mushy goo we make with blender and then I'm gonna piss into your mouth. Cause that's all we're going to serve to you for months and months.. and years now on. Oh and by the way, you have these on too." Kate walks on her high designer heels close to Tanya and reaches between her Pet's legs. Two squeezes to both pumps dangling from her ass and pussy and Tanya-Pet feels the effect inside of her. "They are gonna get.. huge. There's nothing we won't call extreme on and in you when we're finished with you. At this moment we have so many ideas that getting you finished seems highly unlikely in near future, but it's good to have long term projects. I don't think you would react so lightly on people getting raped anymore? After all this was "coming to you, being such a whore" like you said to me" Kate squeezes the ass pump one more time and leaves the room leaving Tanya to cry openly. Click of the heels fade away and Tomas laughs at Tanya. "If at first you don't succeed: Try, try, try again" he says and shuts off the light and closes the door.


Life was good for Kate and Tomas. As they had planned, she was accepted as Lena by her friends and better false papers were made and some bribing to the officials and Lena was now an official traveler in Belgium. One day she'd have a working permit. She had a full job making Tomas happy and satisfied and torturing her twin sister Pet in their secret sound-proofed training room.

Lena (these days Jekaterina is called Lena, even by Tomas) had applied few of the body mods on her like they had planned. She had small tits, like super models had and they made a small change for that. Tomas did not like too big tits, so they had them shaped more pointy and round and slightly bigger. Lena had a personal trainer and she was fit all the time. Using corset even during training she had gained an incredible waist of 19" even with sleep/training corset and she could be tightlaced to 17" and she had no problem with it. She was a vision of beauty and her mind was full of lust, servitude and love towards Tomas. Tomas felt the same, he had never thought to be so happy. He knew he could do anything to this girl, once called Kate and now the Lena he had met in fetish web chats. The one he always wanted, but was only delivered after few hiccups.

The fake-Lena, Tanya who was now called the Pet was captured in the Room. Her training had made dramatic difference on her. Tomas and Lena looked with lust and devotion on their project, but a normal person would look horrified and shocked to see the Pet.

For a female as tall as she was (178cm) she was shockingly light. She weighed little less than 100 pounds, just around 45kg. It was about 35 kilos less than she had weighed before her new diet. All this was required to fit her into her new uniform. The latest version had been installed on her just this morning after her captivity had endured five months. Many mods would be visible to see from far away. Some were internal and totally undetected before close inspection.

Pet wore a catsuit which was far from ordinary. It had parts made of heavy rubber, but mostly it had panels made of Kevlar and carbon fiber. There were grommets on the seams of panels and through them went very thin, but sturdy steel wire. With that wire the panels were almost like welded on Pet. They were cinched so hard together that blood barely ran through her veins. She was a vision of black and grey and her limbs so tightly corseted that they looked like sticks rather than arms and legs of a human being. They gave her a look of an insect or something similar to them. Steel wires had steel clamps in their ends, which were riveted tightly to ensure they would not open.

Her feet were fitted inside ballet boots which were at least three sizes smaller than she used to wear before captivity. This modification had been an easy task. Tomas had watched as Lena smashed Pet's toes and feet with rubber coated hammer. Dildo was stuffed through Pet's ring gag so her screams didn't bother too much during the procedure. Careful smashing had broken the bones in her feet beyond repairable, but not much blood had come out and only few cuts marked the brutality of the hammering. Then her feet had been inserted inside steel contraption which could be tightened further to make her feet pointy and slim. Much like Chinese footbinding but much more effective. After three weeks in this mold her feet had been taken out this morning and forced still into this one size too small ballet heel boot. Her regular 39-40 size shoes had been turned into a shoe which would be as wide as a regular 35 size, only slightly longer. She was standing permanently on the tip of her toes. That is if there would be something an observer could call as toes if one saw her feet, so badly were Pet's feet mutilated. There was a small platform under her toes and the boots were also made of carbon fibre and rubber and riveted closed. Her ankles were not able to bend at all. Only flexible joints on her legs were at knee and hips and they were not that giving either. Behind the narrow feet were pencil thin 11" heels which gave virtually no support to tortured Pet's toes.

As unforgiving as her boots, was her new corset. It gave Pet no mercy at all, it was a pinnacle of all corsets she had worn during last months. With careful tightlacing program Tomas and Lena had reduced Pet's waist weekly. They had argued a bit on forcing her into a stem pipe waist, which would make a tubular section on her waist. It was mostly Lena that was interested in it, she wanted to see Pet in a three to four inch long stem waist. It was told to be the most demanding type of tightlacing and Lena was sure that demanding meant obviously pain. But Tomas saw the bigger picture and he knew that regular wasp waist could be cinched tighter than stem waist. It would be hard to get smaller than 16-15" waist with 4" stem so they compromised with 1,5" stem and 13" target on size. The Kevlar-rubber-carbon fibre catsuit was measured to do this. Now on this morning Pet's waist size was 15" but it had screws in the back that would be tightened during the day and the goal would get closer and closer. There were several holes waiting in the cruel waist band that would accept riveting when closed to 13". Something all of them waited with excitement. This was much better result to an insect looking Pet now, she really looked like a bee or a bug or something totally non-human. Secretly Tomas had created a plan to introduce a 16" inch corset with 2 inch stem waist to Lena in. Lena would love it as she had loved all his ideas before.

Pet's posture collar was not even slightly flexible. 7" from the front and it was forcing Pet to look at the ceiling permanently. Collar was also made of rubber and carbon fibre and riveted on for good. It was tight and narrow but not that much air needed to be delivered to her lungs as their capacity had been reduced dramatically as a result of corseting and the hard outer shell of new catsuit. Her mouth was wide open because of the cruelly opened ring gag. 3,5" wide dildo could be passed through the hole in it, in few months they reach the target which is 4" gape. Tomas and Lena were not sure if they should widen it further from there. Pet would be in more agony for sure so it will most likely happen.

Pet has been treated to not ever again grow any hair. On her head or anywhere else. Her tits had withered away as she lost her weight. That did not prevent her sister and former love to torture her tits. The were size of big oranges and they were painfully pulled away her body through holes in the suit's Kevlar breast plate. Around their base was similar band like around her waist. This was designed different though, as it had a little servo motor which could let the band widen or tighten through a smartphone app. They could also be made to pump between 1-3 inches. Connected to this app was also pumps in her asshole and cunt. There was a plug in the middle of the ass and pussy pumps. One could take a plug out of it, insert a cock through and then plug them after a good fuck again. Outer ring was expandable and could produce great pain by expanding from the regular wide setting of 3,5" inches to super wide 6". They hadn't actually tried that setting yet as they were afraid of internal bleedings and maybe breaking her hips or pelvis.

Her arm bondage was truly art. Armbinder had proved to be an inefficient way to make Pet dehumanised and give her pain. After a month her arms were like welded inside the binder, elbows touching and shoulder blades forced to almost touch each other. Her tormentors decided to take another kind of approach to her arm bondage and introduced her the reverse prayer position. This proved to be challenging too, but in few months she was almost perfected in this practice. On the addition of the new suit her arms had been banded with carbon fibre cuffs. They'd been riveted on her wrists and then lifted high between her shoulder blades. Finally it was winched to the back of her collar with small electric tool and then bolted to a ring which was hanging there. Pet's palms touched the back of her own head.

They had screwed stainless steel fingernails into her finger bones. The fingernails looked like talons of a predator and they were from 2-6 inches long, depending the finger. Even they looked fierce, she could do absolutely no harm with them to anyone. These nails were curved to match her head and once Pet's wrist were secured to the back of the collar, the fingernails were bolted into her bald head with short surgical steel screws. She had virtually no movement available for her hands or arms. Her elbows were of course riveted tight against each other with standard issue bands. This removed the little play she could have had even with the harsh collar. Now she was effectively stuck, dehumanised and in severe pain. Antibiotics were given to her to heal the wounds from screws. They would not ease the pain, though. That was something that Tomas and her new Lena would get the most satisfaction.


Lena had received a gift this morning. It was the stem waisted corset which Tomas had planned to introduce to her. It was not comfortable, not a bit. But she was interested in it and wore it few inches loose measuring 18 inches. She went to talk to the Pet. "Wow, looks like you are swetting heavily in that suit. Is it the pain or the heat? Well, Tomas will be here in a minute with his friend and well try a very interesting four-some. They will remove your plugs and give you double penetration and I will open up your ring gag and you'll eat my ass. Maybe I give a surprise after you've finished the rimming."

Tomas walked to the room with his friend. Lena had never seen him before and without introductions Tomas inspected Pet and pushed her over the bed. Lots of fucking and slapping and weird acts took place and everyone took their turns playing with the phone's punish App and using Pet.

In the midst of fucking there were lots of noises, but Lena found something peculiar about Tomas' friend. He recognized his grunts and something else.. his scent of after-shave. Lena had a flashback from the time she used to be someone called Kate. A night, night before all this... SHIT! Kate's memories flashed over her and she realized in her thoughts: "That's the bastard that raped me? He's Tomas' friend? Oh.. FUCK. TOMAS ORGANIZED THIS ALL??!". Her head was spinning.

Lena/Kate orgasmed on the same moment of realizing all of this. It also helped having her freak of a twin sister's tongue inside her asshole. "Well, I won't be going to the police with this.. maybe I should just enjoy my life and keep my mouth shut... I'm on the top of the situation. Tomas is turning me into his pet too, but I may persuade him to kidnap another project girl.. Or I could take control and blackmail him.. or maybe having two pets would suit me? He wants to turn me into a thing. I wonder what this stem waist corset looks like on Tomas and how'd he react on this..." Lena started to dream as another orgasm was building inside her, while shit was oozing out from her anus and into her twin sister's mouth.

The End
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