Ansleigh Bound
  • Author - Ansleigh Kryst
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  • Post Date - 4/27/2014

Author's Note: Just a scene...a moment in time...from my darker fantasies. Or suppressed memories?

Ansleigh is looking between her legs at the man who's bound her in this position, aroused, fearful and not sure why she had thought this would be good.

She asked for this...even found a photo. So open. So helpless.

Ansleigh is bound against the pole...rather her chest is. Bent in two, her head wedged against the floor and the base of the pole, leather straps securing her body against the post. A wide band across her belly secures her lower back tight against the pole. Her legs are spread wide and tied to rings in the floor, stretched wide and bound securely.

In effect, Ansleigh is bent forward, folded in half, secured against the pole, her eyes seeing everything upside down, her tits sagging slightly toward the floor but their undersides facing him, her ass and cunt open and helplessly exposed to his touch.

She'd seen the picture...her stomach dropping to the floor with the heat of arousal at the possibilities it presented...and shared it with Him. He had simply said, it will happen, but she had no clue it would be today, or what he had planned. He hadn't spoken a word to her, simply pointed and moved her as he wished, and she had complied instantly, willingly, wanting this more than life.

He bends down and reaches into the leather bag beside his feet and pulls out two huge nipple clamps. He attaches them to her tits, causing them to hang even lower toward the floor, exposing the tender, almost untouched skin on the underside of her mounds.

He steps back and smiles, admiring the view and the look of growing need in Ansleigh's eyes. Bending again, hand in the bag, he pulls out two weights and quickly attaches them to the nipple clamps...stretching her tits further toward the floor, her white, tender skin completely exposed.

Admiring his handiwork, enjoying the shivers racing through her body - arousal, pain, fear, curiosity? - He reaches into his bag, drawing out a massive butt plug. Ansleigh gasps as he holds her nose, her eyes wide, taking in the entire length of the huge dildo, and the wide, wide base that he obviously plans to drive past her anal ring.

Frightened and uncertain she struggles against her bonds... only to shriek in agony as her clamped and weighted tits move about, sending jolts of sweet pain through her body.

He is delighted to hear her actually ask him to stop...a whispered voice, full of fear, yet tinged with the most erotic sound...a sound that told him her deepest soul craved what was happening, wanted to be used this way, bound helplessly before a man who would show her no mercy yet keep her safe, keep her aroused, who would make this the most intense sexual experience of her life.

He stood quickly, placed the blunt end of the plug against her asshole - Ansleigh had a second to realize he hadn't applied lubrication - before he rose on tiptoe and pressed downward against the base of the butt plug.

Ansleigh's mind quickly centered on the pressure against her asshole...

Then her body exploded....

With the most intense pain...

As her asshole gave way and the giant plug, all 12 inches long and 4 inches wide...was driven deep inside her bowels by His unrelenting strength and body weight. It took no more than two or three seconds to fill her, His hands slamming against her ass as the suddenness of the invasion took even Him by surprise. He stumbled against her, His balance momentarily off.

Ansleigh's scream was like no sound He had ever heard...primal, shrill, desperate, the air racing out of her lungs. Over and over she screamed as Hel leaned against her, his weight on the plug, holding it in place as he felt her body convulse with instinctive efforts to expel the torturous toy. He listened to the rope strain to contain her body, felt wave after wave of pain shake her body as it fought the intruder. He held on until finally her body quieted, the pulses diminished, until at last he stood, released the plug and watched with satisfaction as it remained in place.

Stepping back again he looked down at Ansleigh's sweat-drenched body, finally connecting with Ansleigh's eyes...they were glazed, almost sightless, her mind struggling to cope with her new reality. He waited patiently for some sense of focus to return, and when He at last saw some sense of processing taking place He reached into his bag yet again.

Even before He removed His hand he could hear Ansleigh's intake of breath. She went silent when His hand emerged holding His favorite device...His steel coated fiberglass cane.

Thin, flexible, and nearly unbreakable, the cane was wrapped with fine strands of steel and tipped with a sharp steel point. He knew from many uses how much pain it caused...He knew from many uses how a woman's body could be marked, strips of skin literally cut open by the steel, how it wrapped around and into the curves of a woman's body, and how a woman's body could be made to know pain and arousal unlike anything she had ever known by the careful, skillful use of His weapon.

He smiled. He was entering uncharted waters here. With Ansleigh, of course. His first time dominating her, controlling her. But His own as well...because He'd never placed a woman in this position, or filled her so. And He was curious, to see just how turned on He could make a pain-loving slut like Ansleigh get, and especially curious to see how a woman reacted to having the tender underside of her tits whipped, welted, bruised, cut until blood flowed.

He held the cane out for Ansleigh to see, watching her eyes follow it. He was surprised by the look of love He saw in her eyes for the if she had somehow entered a space, a place of such intense sensation that her body was finding pleasure in the pain.

Without warning He gripped the end of cane, turned His body and slashed the cane across her chest, marking her with line of fire right at the very base her tits. Ansleigh screamed in the second after the lash left her body, then screamed again as her body actually felt the pain sear into her brain. She jerked, causing the nipple clamps to send a different form of pain racing through her body.

Over and over He brought the cane down upon the base of her tits, moving His strokes steadily along the untested underside toward the nipple, then back down to the base. Over and over He struck...over and over He covered the same territory until her tits were raw, bruised and turning purple, red blood oozing from a thousand small points, pooling and trailing around the edges, down her chest and onto the floor.

Winded, aroused, He staggered to His feet and looked at Ansleigh's cunt. He laughed, a silly laugh, when He saw it glistening with moisture, and the trail of moisture flowing over her down her legs. He looked at her asshole and saw it clenching rhythmically around the base of the giant plug and He realized this slut was squeezing it with her intestines, held motionless, tits beaten raw, and yet she was all but fucking the huge dildo in her mindless arousal.

He shuddered His own arousal, then raised the cane again and swung with all His might. The cane hit its target, the tip touching the skin between her asshole and cunt right where the plug ended. The cane itself split her cunt, sending a line of fire from her ass, through and into her overheated slit, and across her cunt.

Ansleigh felt the stroke, screamed in pain, and came.

Not just came. She exploded into orgasm. Her clit throbbed a hundred beats a second as a wave of orgasm raced through her body and shook every fiber of her body.

He continued caning her cunt as Ansleigh's body left its bonds, floating, spasming, flying higher and higher in a release of every inhibition, every fear, and every ounce of energy she possessed. Over and over He struck...over and over Ansleigh a dance of pure power and lust, domination and submission, that both had hungered for years.

Ansleigh surrendered completely...mindless with the sensations, beyond animal in her arousal and need, as He drew more and more pleasure from her body by offering her the most intense pain she had ever known.

He pounded and pounded his cane against her cunt until it was as raw and bruised and bleeding as her tits. Until at last, energy sapped, He collapsed to his knees.

His cock burned and ached...never had He known such need, such hardness...and He would satisfy his needs by using the woman before him.

He reached for his pants and opened them, His steel-like cock springing free. Ansleigh's mouth hung open, still breathing, still moaning out the last twinges of her explosion, as He leaned forward and shoved His cock into her mouth.

Ansleigh's mouth and tongue closed around His cock like a velvet cunt, sweet, warm, completely relaxed and open. He thrust deep and hard, Ansleigh's head banging off the wooden post to which she was secured. He wasted little time, His cock aching, His balls so tight they all but disappeared into His body.

In only a few powerful strokes He exploded into Ansleigh's throat, the force of His orgasm drawing a scream of pain from Him as His balls throbbed and His semen raced to freedom. One ruthless, deep thrust after another filled Ansleigh's throat, His cum now leaking from the corners of her mouth. Thrusting until He was exhausted, His balls aching from the intensity of His orgasm, He left Ansleigh's mouth and sat back on the floor.

His eyes slowly focused on the sight before him His pain slut, His little whore, His Angel, His Ansleigh, His property, His possession, His chattel... gazed out Him with the most radiant, most completed look He'd ever seen in a slave. Blood and semen dripped down her body, from Her battered cunt and tits, from Her cum-filled mouth, and she glowed. She just glowed.

And He smiled, energized by what He saw in her eyes, realizing she had not yet been exhausted. His cock grew hard again as He reached for the cane, eager to continue, to find Ansleigh's breaking point...because He knew this effort had failed...

And as He raised His cane above his head...she smiled...a serene, peaceful smile. Knowing He would be the one to at last break her, humble her, truly possess her...claim her and use her as He she desired to be used.

The End
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