The Final Test
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Author's Note: Possibly not as brutal or non consensual as some previous feedback has suggested is preferred on this site but hopefully some of you will like it none-the-less. This story is all about consensual so if you are looking for rape/kidnapping/forced enslavement then don't waste your time on this. If you like tight bondage, consensual BDSM and realistic predicaments then please read on and enjoy...

As the loop tighten it was only the gag that stopped her fully voicing the sharp pain that shot through her trapped nipple. The gag in question was more demanding than any other Jenna had experienced - the larger than normal ring gag took effort to force behind her teeth, the leather strap around her head a formality as she would not be able to dislodge her oral intruder without her hands, and they were soon to be denied her. To make the gag more effective her tongue was pulled through the ring and held in place by a 6" stick top and bottom, joined each end by cable ties pulled tight enough to stop any chance of her escaping. Apart from drool, the only thing that was coming out of her mouth was unintelligible mumbles - nothing to disturb the neighbours.

The loop that had caused such distress was now making her nipple throb, the whole assembly consisted of two small ties looped together, the method of putting on her body had been very specific - one ring tight around her left nipple, the second loop trapped between ring and nipple, pointing straight up.

She had been allowed to practice up to this point before but everything now was new territory. She had already connected the tight loops around the base of her breasts, the instructions told her to bend forward with her head resting on the bed to leave both hands free to work. The large cable ties around the base of her breasts were already causing them to redden and swell, she had pulled the ends tight before standing up taking full advantage of the swinging orbs allowing extra tightness in the bindings - applified when she stood and gravity resumed it's normal pull.

There was a matching small loop on the top of the base tie that mirrored the nipple tie and it was through this that the next one was threaded, and then through the other loop on her nipple. As this latest tie closed back on itself and the slack taken up she gasped again - gravity fighting soft flesh as the hard plastic dug in and pulled on her sensitive nub. It was now that she realised the full impact of her domination, he had asked her many questions and knew that the nipple she had just so harshly trapped was her least sensitive, he had been specific about which to do first so now she knew what she was letting herself in for and not only had to do it again, but to a more sensitive nipple - fiendish.

She shuddered as she anticipated the rest of the day, his instructions were very specific and now she had no doubt she was going to be pushed to her limits, and possibly beyond - she could not resist a quick feel between her legs - soaking!

Jenna had met him online, the start had been pretty normal, light chat, a few probing questions but nothing to reveal the depth of their shared passion. As their conversations got deeper her fascination grew, he started setting her simple self bondage tasks, growing braver, and more intimate until she was regularly restraining herself naked for his pleasure over the webcam - this was always a one-way communication, 4 months and she still hadn't even seen him. This final test, as he called it, would be their last 'remote' meeting, the arrangement had been set, he knew where her spare key was hidden outside her door, and he knew he would find her self-bound and ready for a very long weekend of punishment and pleasure.

As she carried on with her preparations she fought the urge to touch her throbbing sex, feeling the blood pumping through her sensitive lips, she longed to feel the release of orgasm, but that was not allowed. As much as she would welcome punishment for misbehaving she somehow knew the intention was to tease her for sometime, and abstinence now would make that torment have all the more effect - and she was all for effective torment...

The next part she had practiced many times in the self-bondage webcasts - a frog tie, she knelt on the floor and looped the long cable tie under her ankle, up over her thigh and back round to the waiting socket. Pulling it tight she repeated the process trapping her other leg. She had already applied loops to her toes similar to those on her nipples, a tie round her big toe with a second looped inside and now acting as a handle that she now threaded a longer tie through, creating a small chain with two more long ties so that they could be joined across the top of her thighs. She did not pull this latest binding tight yet as she still needed to manoeuvre herself into position.

Slipping two ties over her wrists and taking the slack out, working the clasp as tight as she could without cutting off her circulation, she was ready for the next phase. Kneeling up awkwardly she carefully positioned herself over the custom built stand in the middle of the room. The base was wide, large enough that it could not be toppled over by her weight no matter how much she struggled. It was liberally sprinkled with dry, uncooked rice which was already digging into her knees where it got caught between them and the base - fiendish again!

This discomfort was only minor compared to what was to come, the up stand in the middle had a top bar with a ridged upper surface, the measurements had been painstakingly calculated so as she shuffled over it the 3 angular ridges rubbed against her sex. Picking up four clips and two shorter cable ties she set about fixing herself to the top bar, the little saw toothed clamps biting down onto the tender flesh of her pussy lips she tested each one to make sure it was fully secured before applying the next - making a small undecipherable sound as each one sent a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through her nether regions.

The instruction was to join these clamps together by the small rings attached to the opposite end to the teeth, but before this she picked up a shiny metal hook with a large ball at one end and a bend about half way along the shaft, she was glad it was shiny as she had not been allowed any lubricant as she pushed the ball end into her own rear entrance, working it in until the 90 degree elbow rested against her twitching anus. The chain of cable ties already attached to the handle end were long enough to easily reach to the strap holding her gag in place, although it was with some difficulty she reached behind her to work the link up her back and join it, loosely for now, to the tight leather strap - so the strap was useful for something after all she mused.

After the intense concentration of following his instructions she hadn't notice just how much her body was responding but as she fiddled with the clamps between her legs little sparks of excitement shot through her and she could not resist pulling the clips maybe a little tighter than she really should considering how little leeway they now gave her and that she had no idea how long he would leave her like this. With the clamps from each side tied under the bar, in front and behind the post holding the bar up she had no lateral movement at all and was completely stuck.

Leaning forward to pick up the last few items was harder and she felt the pull on pussy lips and anal bar further urge her on, the last two little saw tooth clips closed around her nipples, left one first of course, the weight already firmly attached to the loop at the end of the clip causing the teeth to dig in, and making Jenna gasp again. Only the fire between her legs let her carry on and repeat the operation on the other nipple. If it wasn't for the gag she would be gritting her teeth, the bondage was way more extreme than any of their earlier games, she had no escape and this thought, that she was completely giving herself to someone who was little more than a stranger, drove her closer to orgasm, and made her reckless.

Reckless was not a good combination with her next task as she worked around her body tightening everything. She had already built the loose chain to go between her wrists, not yet joined, and that would be the final thing to be done. She picked up the last item to be applied to her naked and helpless body - a stout pole, four feet long with a hole drilled through about a foot from each end. A loose cable tie went through each hole with a loop big enough for her arm to slip into. Before positioning the pole she reached behind her back and pulled what slack she could from the loops joining her anal invader to the gag strap - gradually she pulled her own head backwards until eventually all she could do was look at the ceiling. Relaxing her shoulders she gave one last tug to make sure it was as tight as she could get it - an experimental nod of her head was immediately transmitted to her stretched rear entrance and sent sensations, good and bad, racing through her dripping lower regions. Forcing her head back not only pulled the ring further into her mouth, it also accentuated the pull on her tongue, she could make even less noise now, just a funny gurgling sound.

Getting the pole behind her back was difficult but Jenna was flexible and fit, she managed to manoeuvre the pole behind her, looping her elbows over it so that her arms were through the ties - not too restrictive but enough to hold it all in place once her wrists were joined together. Looping both ends of the tie chain between wrists together across her belly strained her elbows against the ties, but now she was into the final phase.

Reaching up she used her thumb and finger to tighten the link between the base of her breast and her nipple, adding to the stress already building from the weighted clamp swinging from them. Getting both sides as even as possible, she then tightened the link in front of her that pulled her toes forward, this ensured her legs had no room for movement and put her slightly off balance. Next she went to work on the loops between her wrists, it was easy at first but she was determined to make herself completely immobile and eventually she had the unyielding plastic pressing hard against her belly as her wrists were pulled closer together. The tension was transmitted to her elbows as they now strained against the plastic ties holding them in place - finally satisfied that she was as helpless as she could be she rested and took stock of her situation.

The rice digging into her knees was a dull throb now, he had warned her that after a while she will be choosing between having her weight on her knees, or gaining some relief by pressing her, now dripping, pussy down harder onto the ridged bar - she could not imagine at the moment having her knees hurt enough for that to be a good idea but she was realising by now that he knew what he was doing so she probably had that to look forward to. As for the rest of her, a fine sheen of sweat betrayed the stress her body felt, head forced back, breasts and nipples red and squashed from unyielding clamps and ties, made worse by her elbows being forced backwards, balancing on knees and pussy - and her pussy, constantly pulled by the clamps and tormented by the ridges - a pure mix of pain and pleasure that still had her close to cumming despite her discomfort.

So now she waited, she tried to rub herself on the pussy bar, but soon gave that up - the tight clamps and hard ridges making it more pain than pleasure, moving her head tugged at her anal invader - nice but not enough to get her off, her mind drifted to the conversations they'd had planning today's events. He had explained by email the in-depth instructions of what she had to do to herself, giving precise measurements for various parts like the stand and the elbow pole. She had clarified some elements, eager to make sure she got everything right and had practised the bits that she was allowed to, showing him her efforts on the webcam.

She did think it strange that he had held back so much about himself, although it did add to the mystery and intrigue. He had emailed her a picture of himself, saying it was about 3 years old, he told her he was little greyer now but she had always been attracted to older men so this was fine by her. She did not recognise him but he'd mentioned before that he lived across town so it was perfectly feasible that she had never met him before. She knew a little about his interests and hobbies as their more vanilla chats had touched on those areas but as she knelt completely helpless and vulnerable she started to worry a little. What if he wasn't who he said he was, well being a rapist wouldn't really be an issue bearing in mind the things she'd already shown him he'd would be forgiven for thinking he could pretty much do whatever he wanted to her right now, and she already knew he was a sadist so how much worse could it be?

As her mind continued to wander as her body stayed exactly where it was she wondered about other motives for the secrecy? A few came to her, she had read about white slave traders in fiction, but surely that was only fiction, no one really did that, did they? And then another thought crossed her mind, what if he was someone she already knew, or what if HE was really SHE? Her thoughts tumbled one after another and she started to worry, god how could she have been so gullible, any moment now a familiar female white slave trader was going to walk through the door, package her up and send her to god knows where! Wow, she was fully dripping from the thought - little streams of her juices were flowing into the gaps between the ridges, she allowed herself a brief 'grind', reasoning that she should get herself used to harsh pain as soon as possible in her new life as a sex slave.

Very close to cumming now she tried to calm herself, if he is genuine she really didn't want to ruin the first game by giving herself release too soon - she must be a good little slave.

CLICK, the front door was opening, she strained against the anal hook but could not get the angle to look at who was entering the room, damn she still could not see him, if he was a 'him' at all.

Nothing happened, no one said anything or came close enough for her to see, so she just balanced there, completely helpless and on display - she realised how complete her domination had been - she'd put herself at the mercy of someone else without any safety nets, reckless but absolutely submissive. After a few more moments she realised she was holding her breath, she gulped in some air and tried to say something but it only came out as incoherent gurgles. She struggled a little bit, not sure if she was showing one last act of defiance before her life of slavery began, or just showing off how well she had bound herself, either way all that happened was that she pulled on all the sensitive parts that were so well clamped and impaled, and the weights on her nipples bounced, digging the teeth into her sensitive nipples a little more - she nearly came.

It had been a few months, she had been fantastic and so enthusiastic - he could not believe his luck when she agreed to try out his self-bondage ideas, and in front of the webcam no less. Recently widowed, he had felt awkward about looking for a new 'friend' so soon, he had been married for a long time and had loved his wife very much. When she was killed in a car accident he had been devastated, walking through his life as if it was a movie about someone else, robotically going about day to day tasks without really being part of them. Friends had tried to help, to get him to come out of the shell he had built to protect himself from his grief but no one really understood the bond between him and his wife and how much he felt alone, even in a room full of people.

So when he had been browsing the net looking for some form of distraction, some human contact that could fill the void in his life he hadn't really expected to find someone, and certainly not someone as perfect as Jenna. His webcam on the laptop was broken, and conscious of the age difference and how 'grey' he had been looking recently he had not been keen to go 'face to face' online, happier with text and the security of being able to hide his grief behind mindless chat, chat that fast became less mindless and more focussed on his favourite subject - BDSM.

As it became obvious how submissive Jenna really was and how suggestible, the opportunities were obvious but he held back. Despite her claims to prefer older men, at nearly 30 years her senior he had decided to send her an old photo, but he did say he was a little greyer now although she probably thought he meant his hair, rather than his whole outlook on life. When he suggested a position to tie herself she jumped at the chance - wow, that was a little unexpected so he pushed his luck and joked about leaving the webcam on while she tied herself - her simple 'ok' in response made him reel and he was really glad she could not see him at that moment literally hugging himself with glee.

It did not take long for them to progress to naked self bondage - so much more helpless he had argued - argued, he got the feeling he could simply have commanded her to strip and she would have - it made him wonder just how far this situation could be taken - just how trusting is she. He felt like they had built up a real rapport, obsessed with their daily web chats he also started to re-engage with life around him - she had fixed him and they hadn't even met. He decided to do something about that - even though she lived in a different country.

Telling his friends he was going on holiday he packed his bags and made the journey to her home town. He'd already done the ground work, telling her what to buy for their 'final test', agreeing a date, 2 days after he arrived, and making sure she knew he would confirm just before she started - he was painfully aware how dangerous transport could be and hated the thought of her bound and completely helpless with him unable to get there to free her. He'd waited until he was outside her door before sending her the final message to begin from his phone - he felt a little paranoid but it did allow him the additional bonus of watching her prepare herself through the window he'd ordered her not to close the blinds on.

Seeing her for the first time in the flesh he drank in the vision before him, at 26 she still had that blush of youth, firm skin and a very fit body that she worked hard at the gym several times a week - he'd have trouble keeping up with her if this relationship goes anywhere, but damn he'd try! She had a well rounded behind - lots of squats she had told him in one of their chats - he'd thought there must be a better exercise he could give her for that :-) Her breasts were full, especially now they were so securely banded in plastic cable ties, he knew her nipples were pert from previous experience but it was a little hard to tell at the moment. Brown hair that would normally have reached to her shoulders was tied in a pony tail as instructed, she had a pretty face, snub nose and an easy smile that was almost the first thing he had noticed about her - strange when the rest of her was so appealing and he could not help wonder why she was pandering to this web based stranger when she could probably have any man she wanted. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth he did not leave her for too long before making his way round to the door - he'd retrieved the key earlier in case anyone had questioned why he was peeping through the window - so much easier to explain if you could actually get into the house you appeared to be stalking.

He made sure he made enough noise with the lock that she would hear it, but then said nothing and kept out of her line of sight, which wasn't hard under the circumstances. He drank in her perfectly bound frame, he noted the extreme to which she had tightened everything - it looked like she was going to live up to expectations, and more. His raging hard on had started as he'd walked up to the house and nothing since had done anything to diminish it, he released it from it's captivity and gently stroked himself as he admired his captive beauty.

Keeping silent, he hoped he was leaving a little bit of doubt in her mind, just to enhance the tension - she must have wondered why he had not shown himself all this time, and to be honest after a while it was more out of curiosity for how far he could take her as a 'stranger'. He'd never imagined he would be stood before her as she was now, naked, bound, tormented and probably incredibly nervous of what was about to happen to her - and all before he'd even shown her his face, must have a word with her about trust levels when the weekend was over!

Moving forward, but still out of sight, his fingers gently caressed her exposed flesh. He worked his way down from the smooth skin just below her breast, working towards the gentle ridge where her abs started to dip towards her cleanly shaven pussy. Her muscle definition was good, she clearly looked after herself which highlighted the strain her position must be causing - a fine sheen of sweat made her skin shine, but despite this he raised goose bumps in the wake of his fingers. As he went lower a small groan escaped her lips, slightly gargled but still unmistakeably full of lust.

His plan had been to tease her with a vibrator until she was close and then deny her, letting her calm down and then doing it all over again - except that if the brush of his fingers were getting her close, the vibrator would finish her on contact. New plan, time to see how much she was into this - he spoke softly to her, telling her she'd done a good job and that she would be rewarded. Her reward? The whip, and as she had been good she could choose how hard - from 1 to 3. The only way she could effectively communicate was to hold up fingers, 1, 2 or 3, so that is what he told her to do, with 3 being the hardest - Jenna thought for the briefest of moments and then very deliberately held up all four fingers - he thought she was trying to hold up her thumb as well if it had not been squashed against her belly. Smiling to himself he picked up the whip...

When he finally spoke she felt a huge wave of relief, not only was it a male voice, but also completely unfamiliar, even foreign sounding. That would fit she thought, he'd mentioned things like pavement instead of sidewalk and references like that when they 'chatted' - she had shrugged it off at the time and now it did not matter, so what if he was originally from out of town, he was here and everything else about her expectations matched just fine. His soft spoken tones were completely in keeping with how she imagined him, she really wanted to see him now but the bondage prevented that - what was that he said, something about being whipped?

And then the choice - how hard?

Was he testing her or was this a real reward - he knew her pretty well by now despite there lack of real contact, and she was not surprised if he thought whipping her would be her idea of a reward - it was.

Now hard, it only took her a moment to decide. With no benchmark to go on and the severity of her current bondage suggested that hard would be really hard, but then in for a penny and all that. Her thumb would not co-operate, pinned as it was but she easily showed all four fingers - basically she was saying 'whip me as hard as you want', and she knew that he would. The man she had come to know, and trust so completely now had her final consent, the last thing she could have controlled, and she'd given it to him willingly.

She was not disappointed, as the whip started to fall he began gently, but soon increased the intensity, striking from various angles building up to stronger blows all the time.

She was getting too excited holding out against an inevitable orgasm as he repeatedly whipped across her belly, and lower, to catch her clamped pussy. She started to gurgle her request to be allowed to cum, he slowed his onslaught for a moment trying to make out what she was trying to say, she was not sure if he understood or not but he did switch his attack to her bound breasts.

That slowed her down a bit, as the thongs cut into the taut flesh and flicked the weighted clamps pain overtook pleasure for a while and her orgasm subsided as she struggled in her bonds to avoid the flailing leather.

And then he stopped, suddenly it was over, his hands were touching her - tracing the lines on her body and immediately she was close to boiling point again.

He was talking again, something about a vibrator - god no, she would not hold out for a second if he did that, then through the fog of her lust she understood, IF she came he was going to use the vibrator.

She'd forgotten for a moment how much he really knew her - she'd told him how unbearably sensitive her clitoris got just after she'd cum - he'd warned at the time that that was dangerous knowledge. How soon had that one come back to bite her, he was still stroking and teasing her flesh, running his fingers along the crease where her leg started, heading towards treacherous territory.

At fever pitch she knew she would explode if he touch her anywhere close to there and then she would be paying the price, she squirmed to try and pull away, transmitted waves of pain/pleasure through her anal hook and clamped pussy that almost put her over the edge - god this was going to be a long night!

As he watched her squirm he felt a surge of excitement, hand close to her pussy and no matter what she did she could not stop him. He drew it out, teasing her with the inevitable, he brought the whip across the top of her pussy, not soft, but not as hard as he had been - she groaned involuntarily, squirming more and visibly fighting with her own body trying to hold back the tidal wave that was waiting to drown her.

He lent forward and softly rubbed her clit, probing with his fingers as he did so - the dam burst and she writhed in her tight restraints as the orgasm washed over her, rocking her head to fuck her own arse with the hook and bouncing around as much as the clamps would let her to pound her pussy onto the ridges below, weighted nipple clamps waving about threatening to break loose at any moment - she was going to be sore tomorrow!

From her point of view he was giving her a moment to recover but in reality he was busy getting the vibrator out of the bag, the extension lead setup and everything plugged in. The bar under her pussy was long enough to fix the vibrator to and when he switched it on she jumped, well twitched really - 'jump' was not really one of the options open to her at the moment. It took seconds for her to be desperately trying to retreat along the bar, but the clamps held firm and as the ties went around both sides of the stand she had no where to go. He'd started fairly low, but soon notched it up a couple of settings. Leaning in he whispered in her ear 'mains power baby, you really shouldn't have cum yet'.

Seconds later she exploded in her second orgasm but still the vicious buzzing continued, relentlessly sending her onwards and upwards to her next one.

By the time he finally switched the vibe off she was exhausted. She still could not really slump, but if she could have she would of. Her pussy was sore from her repeatedly grinding it into ridges, and pulling on toothed clamps - partly to try and get away from, and partly to press against the vibrator as she came over and over again. Her breasts ached from their extended constriction and her knees where really starting to complain about the rice.

After he'd switched off the vibrator the room had gone quiet - she still could not see him and she could not hear anything either - she figured he must be somewhere off in front of her - far enough away that she could not hear his breathing in between the panting noise she was making trying to recover her own breath.

She stayed perfectly still, intently listening for any sign that he was still there, still watching her - nothing. After a while she wondered if he had gone out, she'd still been pretty loud when he first stopped the torment on her clit, he could easily have left then and she would not have heard.

She tried to shift her weight a little to ease the pain in her knees - it only served to dig the rice in harder, manoeuvring herself about did nothing and eventually she experimented with lifting her weight off her legs, immediately transmitting it to her tortured pussy. Pushing quickly up again she decided she wasn't quite at the point where that was better than the alternative, but as the pain in her knees grew she knew it would not be long.

Tired, sore but not yet broken she knelt there, motionless, breathing softly - completely calm now. She was orgasmed out and would pretty much be waiting for release now - how far should he take this, their first real encounter. She'd given herself completely to him so he mustn't abuse that trust but even so the sadist urges within tempted him to push her further, now while she is tired and less excited, when the endorphins would not be carrying her through it. He waited until she was regularly putting her whole weight on her pussy to save her knees before he spoke to her again.

His voice made her 'jump' as much as the vibrator had, his silent contemplation of her plight had been just that but now he realised that she'd thought he'd left the room - interesting, she had not tried to call out, just accepted her fate and waited until she had his attention again - he was almost hugging himself once more. He decided to give her the choice, but what?

The first one was obvious, she could spend the night as she was, securely bound and helpless in a now very uncomfortable position, but what could the counter offer be - what could he suggest that that would be worse, or at least make it a tough decision. He knew her fantasies so things like public bondage would be an easy choice for her, and most of things he'd really like to do to her he knew she felt the same way about so he was really struggling to come up with something.

As he'd explained the first choice he'd embellished it a little, saying he would pull all the ties tighter first, adding a hard caning for her tits, arse and cunt as he put it. She'd fidgeted slightly as he'd gone through this option - it clearly did not appeal to his tired little slave, but she made no protest, not even a gurgled one.

Now she was waiting patiently, he said she'd have a choice so now he had to come up with something.

She listened intently, she really did not feel she could manage all night as she was, her knees were really painful now, but she was able to spend less and less time on her pussy - it just hurt too much, those damn ridges were very effective. Her neck was very stiff, the rest of her body ached and above all, she really really wanted to see him now.

He paused before offering the choice - no doubt for dramatic effect she thought, she'd already decided that what-ever it was she would go for it just so she would get a short relief while he changed her position, but what he said next sent her mind reeling.

Oh god no, she had not expected that, not now, that was the last thing she wanted to do.

His choice to her was simple, suffer a severe caning then spend the night in what had become very uncomfortable bondage, or he would set her free and then leave - forever.

She'd only just found him, he was exactly how she'd hoped he'd be, tough enough to push her but not so sadistic for her to feel in danger, but now, this choice. She considered her options, and decided it wasn't really a choice after all. She felt a little sad as she carefully pushed out one finger, keeping the rest of her hand balled so tight that it made her knuckles white.

No mistaking that answer - it had been a hell of a gamble, a test to end all tests. He'd known that she was exhausted, completely drained and at the end of her considerable endurance.

She's spent several hours brutally bound, whipped and tormented beyond her tolerance, and then he'd given her the reckless choice of more of the same or nothing at all, for either of them.

A stupid risk to take and he'd regretted it even before he'd finished telling her, stupid stupid risk, but oh god, she'd gone for option one, a night in what would by now be abstract pain, over having to say goodbye - now he truly knew she was his, to do with as he pleased, and right now what pleased him...was to gently untie her.

How could he do this, their first time and he was pushing her way too far, but her choice had been so simple, she wanted him - needed this unknown stranger in her life so she had to accept his first option, no choice at all.

He was leaning into her, no doubt to tighten her bondage, she felt his hand on her forehead, she expected the pressure downwards as he took any slack that she'd gained from the hook pressuring her anus, but it didn't come, instead she heard a distinct 'CLIP' as the strain on her head relaxed.

His hand now supported her head as he gentle eased it forward to a more normal position, and as he did so she saw him for the first time. He was intent on supporting her head as he released the strap for the gag, didn't really notice her looking at him - his picture had not done him justice and he was hardly any greyer although there was definitely something sad about his eyes that the picture had not conveyed.

He brought up the clippers and released her tongue from the cruel grasp of the wooden sticks, she mouthed a slightly strange sounding 'thanks' as he gently prised the metal ring from her mouth, it would be a little while before she could speak normally but she was still very confused.

She'd accepted her fate for the night, she'd steeled herself for the impending caning, the cruel predicament where she got to choose whether her pussy or her knees got to suffer, accepted that her 'man' was willing to push her far harder than she would want to be pushed. But now he was letting her go - it slowly dawned on her - it wasn't about the bondage, or where her limits were - it was obvious that she had chosen to accept a punishment far beyond that to keep him - she was doomed, his for as long as he wanted her, and he wanted her - he'd let her go by now, most of her bondage had been removed and he was just holding her, carefully - her breasts were still bound, and she was holding him back, grasping onto him as tight as she could, she was never going to let him go.

The End
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