Bondage Boutique
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Chapter 1

The Shop... or as its owner, Glenda styled it, the Boutique... was an old detached cottage placed well back form the street. Nothing marked it out as unusual or unique from any other business in the quiet street. The windows were tinted making it impossible to see what or who was inside. The only thing that made the building standing out from the rest of the street was a pretty hand-made sign with "Rose Acre Boutique" painted on. What exactly the Boutiques business was a mystery to anybody who happened to notice it.

Two girls, one brunette and one blonde, walked uncertainly up to the entrance. Each was dressed in a fashionable tracksuit. A business man walked past quickly giving both girls admiring glances.

"Is this the place?" Roz asked giving the business man a cheeky smile.

"This was the address I was given. Doesn't look like a shop though." Nadia replied as she tried to peer through the tinted window.

Nadia had seen the classified ad online asking for girls willing to model underwear for a shop catalogue:

"Amateur models wanted. Between 20 to 25. If suitable long term contract may be available. Generous payment for right girls. Contact me at.............."

It wasn't something she had done before but she was short of money and the money the job was offering was quite very generous. For the past two years Nadia had lived off the generosity of her much older lover. Now that his wife had found out, she needed another source of income quickly. Nadia replied to the ad by email sending a holiday snap of herself and got a reply two days later. Being slightly nervous, Nadia had asked if she could bring a friend for moral support.

"Of course you can." the email had replied, "Please come tomorrow morning to the Rose Acre Boutique."

Nadia brought the only friend she knew, Roz. Nadia and Roz had only meet recently. The only thing in common they had was the fact they were new in the country and both had no family connections or friends. Loneliness and companionship had brought the two together: Nadia a pretty brunette, petite with a lingerie model's body, toned with a well proportioned bum and boobs; Roz, a blonde, was slightly taller with a similar toned body. Nadia thought secretly though she wore too much make-up. Roz had, in several wine filled discussions, revealed her plan to marry rich. Nadia's plan now was to model. Both were quite pretty and found that in life they could get almost everything they wanted through a smile, cleavage and a cute giggle. Working for money, they both agreed, was a fools lot.

The two girls walked uncertainly up to the door. On the right of the door frame was a buzzer just below shoulder height.

"Please ring for service" was printed over the button.

"Well, are you going to ring the bell?" Roz playfully asked.

Nadia hesitated, her finger hovering over the button. She finally made up her mind to ring when the door opened.

"Ah, you must be Nadia. Welcome to my boutique."

Standing in the doorway was a middle aged lady. She smiled warmly at Nadia gently placing her hand on Nadia's shoulder.

"And you must be Nadia's friend. Aren't you two girls pretty. My name is Glenda. Please come in."

Nadia and Roz giggled nervously and followed Glenda in. The door swung closed behind them.

The interior of the boutique was quite large. The hangers were well spaced and contained a small selection of lingerie, shoes and other items. The walls were decorated with black wallpaper with silver leaf patterns. A small chandelier illuminated the room. On either side of the room were two large photos of girls modelling lingerie. The overall effect was a comfortable boudoir. However the decoration had several items which seemed out of place. In one corner, Nadia noticed, was a high back, wooden chair with a series of leather straps on the arms and feet. Dangling on a chain from another side was what could only be described as a large, human-sized, bird cage. At the bottom of the cage was a heap of metal chains, leather straps and some kind of rubber mask. However the place looked warm and relaxing. Nadia smiled at Roz, Roz raised her eyebrows in reply.

"I know what you were thinking when you came here first. This Boutique is out of the way. But I have been running this business for twenty years. We have a very small customer list but they spend quite a lot of money. My customers value discretion and my products are of the highest standard."

In the corner of the room stood a middle-aged man holding a professional looking camera.

"Hi there Girls, I'm Glenda's husband, business partner and your photographer for the day, Jack." Jack smiled friendlily and raised the camera up as if to confirm his statement; he was a middle-aged, powerfully built man. Though short, he still stood over the petite Nadia and came eye to eye with Roz.

"Jack is my partner in crime, girls. He helps with any of the heavy lifting around here. He also an amateur photographer. Helps keeps cost down. "

Glenda opened a door to a separate, smaller room. The room had a large mirror, a single bed and a chest of drawers. A hanger on the side of the room hung various lingerie sets. Each set had a numbered dangle tags hanging from them.

"Just change in the changing room and my husband and I will prepare the set. You can help, Roz, if you wish. It'll be fun. Nadia the outfits are numbered. Just change into number one first, then two and so on. If you need help just ask."

At first Nadia was nervous, parading in smalls in front of two strangers was new to her. However, Glenda's easy charm and Jack's professional manner soon put Nadia at ease. Roz, after helping Jack move two chairs spent her time lounging on a couch at the back of the room.

"Nadia darling you are a natural. Roz dear you must be bored. Can I tempt you with Champagne?"

"It's a bit early for me, thanks."

"I insist. In fact I'll join you."

Glenda poured two generous glasses of sparkling Champagne and sat beside Roz. She clinked her glass with Roz's


Roz giggled and sipped the sparkling liquid.

The morning progressed with the sound of clicking cameras, Glenda's encouraging words and Roz's laughs.

"Wow Nadia, you look ravishing. You're a natural." she gushed.

"You seem to be having fun," Nadia replied.

Roz was relaxed on the couch, glass of champagne in her hand."I really could get used to this."

After two hours of changing in and out of underwear and posing for photos Nadia grew tired. She was relieved when Glenda suddenly declared, "OK everyone. After this outfit we take lunch. My treat."

Nadia stepped into the dressing room and slipped out of the underwear. She picked the next item on the rail which seemed to be a corset.

"The corset should be next Nadia. I'm sure you'll look great in it" Glenda called in.

Nadia squeezed with difficulty into the tight fitting corset. Its firm construction pinched her waist and pushed her boobs upwards. Roz volunteered to tie the laces on the back and pulled them taut. As Roz pulled the laces the air was forced out of Nadia's lungs.

"Not too tight Roz. I'll need to breathe you know." Nadia gasped.

The corset enhanced Nadia's tits and ass by reducing her waistline. The black matching knickers had a black ruffle on the bum that almost looked like a rabbits tail. The bust of the corset had black tassels all along the neckline. Nadia admired herself in the mirror before she stepped out.

"Wow Nad's you look fucking gorgeous" Roz slurred her speech slightly. Nadia glared at Roz. She'd had at least five glasses and was quite drunk.

"Roz was supposed to be here to look out for me. Great job she's doing." Nadia thought angrily.

Glenda smiled when Nadia stepped out in the corset. "I've got an idea, Nadia," Glenda took a wide leather belt off a table beside her and walked over to Nadia.

"Put your hands behind your back. Lets try something a bit bondage."

"OK, Glenda, but not too tight."

"No worries Nadia, you can trust me. The way you're going today I think I'll offer you a permanent modelling contract" Glenda smiled.

"Really Glenda, that's great," Nadia smiled.

"Lets see how you do with the corset. If you rock this outfit I think you'll fit right in."

Nadia put her hands behind her back and Glenda quickly secured them together at the wrist, palms facing out. Nadia winced slightly when Glenda secured the buckle.

"Oh kinky" Roz laughed.

"OK Nadia, just try and look mean and angry." Jack encouraged as the camera whirred.

Moving was a little awkward with her hands behind her back but she persevered.

"I don't know about 'angry', Jack. How about unable to breath or move?" laughed Nadia.

Suddenly Glenda walked over again smiling friendlily.

"Let's try some more, darling Nadia. We do sell a nice selection of bondage items." In her hand she held what seemed to be a variety of belts, a metal pole and a red rubber ball.

"'I'm not too sure to be honest Glenda."

"Ah go on Nadia, you're fine. You look really sexy." Roz encouraged.

"I realise this is a bit strange Nadia, I'll make sure you're fully compensated for the inconvenience."

Nadia smiled nervously; this could mean getting a permanent position.

"OK, just not too tight."

"Anything you say." Glenda smile "First your feet."

Nadia shuffled her feet together preparing for them to be bound.

"No, silly girl open your legs wide apart."

"Not the first time you heard that" Roz laughed.

Nadia obeyed without thinking. Quickly Glenda secured Nadia's ankles to leather cuffs which were attached to an adjustable metal pole. Once Nadia's ankles were secured she couldn't close her legs. Without saying a word Glenda gently tilted Nadia's head back and put on a wide leather collar quickly around her neck.

"Hey, I didn't say yes to a collar, I'm not a dog." Nadia complained.

"You are now." Roz laughed, slapping her thigh and slipping champagne.

"Oh please Roz don't tease dear Nadia. She looks divine." Glenda slowly looked Nadia up and down. "Just one more thing dear I think."

"You seem pretty good at this Glenda," Roz chirped "what do you and Jack do in the bedroom?"

"You might find out for yourself soon enough," Glenda replied.

Jack laughed as he took more photos, the camera resting on a tripod just to his chest level.

Nadia noticed Roz giving Jack a sly smile, licking her lips suggestively.

"Don't fuck this up for me." Nadia thought.

From behind her back Glenda revealed a leather padded blindfold.

"Just to complete the effect. It'll look great I promise."

"Oh OK." Nadia shrugged "But not too long I'm getting tired."

Nadia prepared herself for the blindfold. She noticed Jack was no longer by the camera.

He was now standing behind Roz.

"We should all just go for lunch and leave her like this. After whipping her of course." Roz teased, making a whiplash noise.

"She's really tipsy," Nadia thought to herself before Glenda put on the blindfold and her world went black. Nadia struggled to pose blindfolded, the movement of her head restricted by the wide leather collar and her wrists bound behind her back.

"I have an idea lets put some music on Jack, give some atmosphere." Glenda sang.

Suddenly the room was filled with loud, thumping music.

Nadia jumped startled at the sudden noise.

"Wow you really gave me a jump there. So what do you want me to do?"

Nadia shouted to be heard over the din.

"Just stay as you are Nadia, actually can you shuffle in a circle so we can take you from all angles?"

Nadia wasn't sure why but there seemed to be a bit of strain in Glendas voice, as if she was lifting something heavy and doing weights in the gym. She wasn't sure but she thought she could hear a strange grunting noise. Like somebody straining or fucking.

"I'll try but its hard with my legs wide apart."

"For me darling, try please"

Nadia slowly shuffled in a circle. She felt clumsy and wasn't sure how this could look sexy. The music was way too loud and Nadia thought she could hear what sounded like more grunts and something being knocked over.

"Is everything OK out there? Can we turn the music down please Glenda."

"Just a tick dear. Oh before I forget I need to do one last thing."

Nadia continued to struggle to turn in a circle. Unconsciously, Nadia began to bite her tongue in concentration as she gingerly turned around with her ankles bound in the metal leg-spreader. The music volume slowly reduced to a more bearable level. Nadia was grateful for the lower volume. Whatever what was causing the grunts was gone now. Probably part of the music Nadia mused.

"Thank yuuhmmmmmm"

Nadia tried to thank Glenda but her mouth was suddenly filled with the taste of rubber. She felt her jaw stretched wide while her tongue was trapped behind a ball. Straps dug into her cheek and a buckle painfully dug into the back of her neck and ripped a couple of hairs from the nape of her neck.

"Whuh ah ooooo uhhhhhhnng" Nadia asked, confused and a bit angry. She hadn't agreed to this.

"Don't worry Nadia the shoot is almost over. Just relax and it'll be over soon. The gag will look great in the pictures. You really are quite professional aren't you Nad's."

"Oooh aay, aannkh ou leendaa." Nadia tried to reply OK, but the rubber ball was turning her words into gibberish.

"Now lets finish you off shall we Nadia."

"Whuuuh ooooo ouuu," Nadia mumbled.

She realised that the ball was making her salivate. Pretty soon she would start to drool on her corset and ruin it. She was going to laugh to herself. That would teach Glenda for gagging her.

Suddenly Glenda lassoed Nadia's elbows with a wide leather belt and pulled them together, almost touching.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" Nadia grunted loudly with pain into her gag.

"Sorry did that hurt Nadia? Don't worry you'll get used to it" Glenda asked sweetly.

"UH UH, UH UH ouuu aaatch" Nadia shouted angrily, her head furiously nodding up and down. She felt like her shoulders were almost dislocated.

"Did you call me a bitch Nadia, I'm sorry I can't make out what you say when you're gagged. "

Nadia realised that she was blindfolded, gagged tied at the elbows and wrists. Her legs were bound wide apart in some kind of weird bondage device. Her jaw ached from the gag, her shoulders were already sore from being tied. Even moving her head was difficult with the wide, leather collar. But the strangest thing was Roz was making no stupid wisecracks. Was Roz even in the room anymore?

"OZ, OZ, OOOU ERE?" Nadia called to her friend quizzically.

"Roz? She's just helping Jack with the very last set in the next room. Here let me help you Nadia. Your day is almost over."

Glenda quickly removed the blindfold and Nadia blinked furiously at the light. She could see herself in the mirror and was shocked at how she looked. The tits stood out because of the way her arms were tied. Drool covered her lover chin and was slowly dribbling onto her chest. She looked around and could see no sign of Jack or Roz.

"Pluhhhhh aaakkk oooo aaaag" Nadia grunted.

"Take out your gag? Of course Nadia. You must be tired by now. I'm so sorry."

There was something in Glenda's tone that sounded insincere to Nadia's ears. Glenda unbuckled the gag, gripped a ring on Nadias collar and pulled the rubber ball from Nadia's mouth quickly. It came out with a popping sound and was followed by a stream of saliva. It flooded from Nadia's mouth down her chin and onto her tits.

"OHHHHH, thanks, uhhh. That was really, uh, horrible. Can you untie me now? Where's Roz?"

Nadia rolled her tongue and slowly worked her jaw up and down to relived the stillness. Even with the gag gone her mouth was still tainted with the taste of rubber. Even with the ball removed from her mouth Nadia found speech difficult, her jaw numbed by the stretching.

"Wow Nadia. You are full of questions, aren't you? Don't you worry I'll untie you in a tick but Jack and Roz have a surprise for you."

"OK. Just make it quick please. Ohhhh, mmm, I think my arms are going dead." Nadia shifted uncomfortable trying to ease the building pressure in her shoulders. The sight of the drool on the chest and lower chin unsettled her. She just notice that the gag had ruined her lipstick, smearing it over her lower lip.

"Just a few more pics Nadia, you look great. Let me untie your ankles though. Oh and that corset needs to be adjusted."

"What do you mean. I look a mess. There's spit all over my chest." Nadia continued to open and close her mouth, trying to relieve the cramp.

"No worries Nadia, we'll photo-shop that out. Don't forget you get final say in all the photos. I'll make sure I put some extra cash your way for this."

"Thanks Glenda. Sorry if I ruined the corset. I think I spit all over it."

"No worries Nads," Glenda replied cheerfully.

The thought of more money made-up Nadia's mind. However the bondage made her arms ache. Her jaw felt stretched from the rubber ballgag. Glenda walked over and released Nadias ankles from the metal bar. She quickly untied the laces on the back of the corset and Nadia felt relieved as it loosened.

"Ooooh, ahhhh, thanks Glenda. That feels....."

She was about to thank her again when Glenda suddenly yanked the laces and the corset became unbearably tight. The air in Nadia's lungs was forced through her lips in a slight whistling sound.

"Pheewwwfffpppp....Ahhh, too tight..uhh....too tight...uhhhhh."

"Nonsense, one more time, brace yourself dear."

Glenda tugged again further reducing Nadias waist. Nadia felt slightly faint, breathing became harder. Stars floated in front of her eyes.

"Can't breath..uh..please loosen..uh..." Nadia panted.

"Breathe from you tummy, Nadia. Don't worry, let's get this over with, honey."

Glenda half jogged back to the camera and raised her right hand to Nadia.

"OK Nads, final pics before lunch."

For the next twenty minutes Nadia posed in her uncomfortable corset. The discomfort made her forget about the disappearance of Jack and Roz. Her world now was Glenda's taking pictures and Nadia's struggle to breathe normally. After what seemed like hours but was really less than thirty minutes Glenda brought the shoot to a close.

"OK, I think Jack and Roz should be ready now, lets go."

Glenda strode over, her hands behind her back.

"Thank God...uh...that's over..mmmmm. I think my arms...mmm..are going to fall off. This bloody corset is, ugh, cutting me in two. Can we take, ahhh...break now?" Nadia was finding the whole experience tiring, painful and slightly humiliating.

Glenda grabbed the metal ring on Nadia's collar and attached what looked like a dog leash to it.

"We'll take a break real soon honey. Now come along."

Glenda tugged the leash roughly and Nadia stumbled forward, tottering in her heels. Glenda walked quickly forward while Nadia struggled to keep up.

"What are you doing. Not so fast. I nearly fell. Hey, ahhh!"

Glenda ignored her and opened the door.

"Oh here we go Nadia. We can have lunch in her. Ah Jack I see you and Roz are ready."

Glenda opened the door.

"Come on in girls." Jack cheerily replied.

"Glenda would you mind wiping the drool........." Nadia froze in shock, her mouth wide open.

Her brain froze as she struggled to digest the scene before her.

The fact that Roz was no longer dressed would be shocking enough normally. But she was also naked aside from the ropes that now crushed her body. Roz was kneeling on a small round wooden platform which spun slowly around displaying her at all angles. Her chest was surrounded by an intricate series of ropes which both enhanced and crushed her tits. Roz's arm were bound tightly at both the elbows and wrists forcing her shoulders back and her chest out. Her knees were secured to the platform by ropes as were her ankles and both her big toes. Thick ropes were tightly bound around her waist which were then pulled tightly between her legs, parting her lips. Her golden, blonde hair was dishevelled and hid the left side of her face. Indeed the hair was partially glued to her chin by spit. Beads of sweat on Roz's body bore testament to the physical strain which she was under. When Roz saw Nadia stumble in the room she gurgled and grunted into a thick leather gag that seemed to fill her mouth. Drool trickled from her lower lip, down her chin and had began to pool around her tits and belly. She tossed her head left and right trying to throw the hair from her face.

"What the fuuuuhhhhhmmmm uuh!"

Glenda stifled Nadia with the ballgag, still wet from Nadia's previous encounter.

"Now now Nadia. No bad language."

Nadia shook her head back and forth trying to evade the foul ball but Glenda quick stuffed it behind her lips and teeth. Nadia groaned in defeat when Glenda secured the buckle quickly. Her mouth was filled with the unwelcome taste of rubber.


Jack walked over and took Nadia by the leash. Nadia mumbled loudly into her gag, shaking her head from side to side. He gently tugged the leash and guided Nadia to the centre of the room in front of Roz's platform. When he had reached the centre of the room he quickly attached the leash to a ring fixed in the ceiling. Nadia was forced to raise herself by the tips of her toes to release the strain on her neck. Doing this exposed her ass which was enhanced by the bunny tail tassels on the back of her knickers.

"Hi Nadia, I think we can stop the photo shoot now. I was just showing Roz what me and Glenda do in the bedroom. We really hit the Jackpot this time honey: dumb and pretty," laughed Jack while he roughly squeezed Nadia's ass. Nadia's eyes widened in fright as he grabbed her and she let out a loud, muffled protest.


Glenda smiled sweetly to her husband while she casually walked up to Roz.

Roz grunted furiously and tried to shy away when Glenda stroked a finger over her nipple.

"Well Roz. You didn't a good job looking out for your friend. You should say sorry."


Roz closed her eyes in pain and bit down hard on the gag when Glenda roughly twisted both her nipples.

"Well Roz, say sorry." Glenda smiled and twisted both her nipples again.

"OOOORRRREEE OOORRREEE." Roz wailed into her gag, rocking back and forth her face creased in pain.

"That's much better," Glenda began to untie Roz's gag, roughly gathering Roz's long blond hair to gain access to the buckle "Let try that again without the gag."


Roz half screamed, half grunted as Glenda pulled the gag from her mouth.

Drool that had built up behind the gag came out like a waterfall and poured down her chin and tits. Roz tried to shake the spittle from her chin, but Glenda held her hair tightly in her hand, and forced her to look up and straight ahead. Roz slowly opened and closed her mouth her tongue licking the spit from her lips.

"Oh aren't you messy, Roz.," Glenda wiped part of the drool from Roz's chin and then wiped her hand in Roz's bunched hair, "Eeeeugh gross. Now, say 'sorry' to Nadia, please."

Glenda held the gag aloft for Nadia and Jack to see.

The gag was a round, fat leather pad, the shape of a very large cookie, almost three inches thick. It must have totally filled Roz's mouth. The gag was sodden with Roz's spit and the front of the gag had lipstick marks and indentations where Roz had bitten in. The buckle of the gag had several strands of Roz's hair which had been torn out when either the gag had been inserted or taken out.

Roz gritted her teeth in pain and sucked in air through her teeth. Saliva soaked her lower face and upper body.

"Sorry Nadia, please can uhhhhhhhhmmm."

Jack laughed as Glenda quickly re-gagged Roz. The girl wailed and gurgled as the gag filled her mouth and pinned her tongue. Roz's cheeks bulged out when the gag was fully inserted. This was remedied by Glenda when she tightly secured the straps of the gag.

Nadia could see Roz wince and bite down as the buckle tore at her hair and the straps dug into her cheeks. Seemingly from nowhere Glenda produced a leather blindfold and proceeded to use it on Roz. From the high pitched, pained, grunts and moans Nadia was sure that Roz had lost some more hair.

"I would never let Jack tie me up Roz. I think you know why now." Glenda laughed.

Roz nodded her head up and down slowly and miserably agreeing with Glenda's statement. She then hung her head in defeat which caused drool to flow from her gag. She then released a long, mournful groan.


Nadia temporarily forgot that she was chained to the ceiling and gagged with a rubber ball as she watched her friend rock to and from on the platform. She saw how the ropes dug into her skin. She realised the strain that she must be feeling on her knees and shoulders. She could relate to her struggle to breathe as her mouth was invaded by a leather pad.

Nadia shivered as Glenda walked over to her. Jack gently stroked her ass while she strained to escape his unwanted hand. He took one of the laces of the corset and began to playfully whip her right butt cheek with the end. She found it hard to look back as the collar was chained tightly to the ceiling and she feared she would choke if she slipped. Suddenly he grabbed her hips in both hands and forced her ass into his crotch. Nadia wailed miserably as she felt his erect cock through his trousers rub on her ass crack.

"Nuuuuhhhmmmmm! Oooop atttt!"

"Honey, stop that. Well Nadia. You should choose your friends more carefully. But at least she said sorry. Here let me help you."

Nadia was almost grateful when Glenda pushed her husband away and released the leash from the ceiling.

"Awww, honey," Jack complained.

"uhhh. Ank oouu." Nadia cursed herself for thanking Glenda.

"You're welcome." Glenda replied as she gathered Nadia's long, glossy dark hair into her fist.

"Come on Nadia, lets go for lunch. Jack you stay here and get Roz ready. Please be gentle....ish with her."

Glenda gently tugged Nadia's hair and lead her out of the room. On hearing Glenda's address Roz began to loudly grunt into her gag and struggle more. Her exertions seemed to make her drool even more. She shook her head slowly form side to side.

"Don't worry I'll take care of our friend. Now Roz, where shall we start?" Jack cheerily asked.

Nadia found it hard to keep up as Glenda lead her out of the room. When she tried to call back to Roz Glenda roughly pulled her hair.

"Now Now Nadia. You'll see Roz in a few days. Don't worry."


Glenda quickly lead Nadia to a black wooden box back in the other room. The box had a hinged door and a crude wooden block inside. Somehow Nadia never really noticed the ugly box during the photo shoot.

As Glenda led Nadia to it Nadia suddenly realised what it was for.

"Ooo, puhlee oooo"

"Come on Nadia, quickly. I have work to do. Let's get this over quickly."

Glenda stood Nadia beside the box which was a little over waist high to Nadia. Nadia nearly fell on her ass when Glenda kicked the back of her knees. Quickly Glenda grabbed her and shoved Nadia into the box. The wooden block serving as an uncomfortable seat.

"Come on dear. Shift up. Careful of the splinters."

Nadia found it impossible to fight back as Glenda pushed her fully in.

Glenda quickly bound Nadia's ankle to rings secured in the corners of the box.

Nadia found the box cramped. It was so low she couldn't raise her head and she had to bend to keep from banging her head. Her knees were almost to her face. Saliva began to drip from her gag on her knees. Glenda stooped down and looked in at Nadia, giving her a friendly smile.

"OK Nadia. I've have to do some chores. You relax there and you can come home later with me. Roz and Jack will spend the night in the boutique I think. The box is quite cosy isn't it."

Nadia struggled to look at Glenda. Movement of any kind was difficult in the small wooden box.

"UH UH. UH UH!" Nadia shook her head in disagreement. The box could never be described as cosy. It would be generous to call it cramped.

"OK Nadia I'll see you later."


Nadia groaned loudly when Glenda slammed the door. The box was plunged into darkness and sound was muffled from outside. She could dimly hear Glenda locking the door. Nadia rocked back and forth and side to side in a useless attempt to escape.

Finally she let out a long miserable groan and let her head nod forward, passing the hours by feeling her knees becoming wetter from the drool collecting on them. Breathing was hard enough with the tight corset. But with been gagged and forced in this stooping, sitting position Nadia was in hell.

She had drifted off into some kind of trance when finally the box started to tilt. From outside she could hear muffled voices and had a sudden sensation of being lifted. She banged her head when the box was suddenly dropped. A sudden slamming sound was followed shortly by a sensation of movement. She was going to her new home.


The phone alarm went off with an annoying Beep Beep Beep.

Glenda groaned as she groggily sat up in the bed and checked her phone.

"Ahhhh. Six thirty. Wow I feel exhausted. I got almost no sleep last night."

It was still dark outside and the phone only dimly lit the room. Glenda slept in an over-large king size bed. Beside her was a writhing form hidden by the duvet. Glenda smiled evilly and put her hands under the duvet. The shape grunted loudly and writhed violently. Glenda pulled the duvet back.

Glenda twisted Nadia's nipple in her finger. Her tired protests were subdued by a rubber panel gag that covered her lower face from nose to chin. Nadia's wrists were secured with leather cuffs with long chains. Her ankles were buckled to a metal leg spreader.

"Morning sleepy, how did you sleep last night? I couldn't sleep last night with your constant grunts Nads."

The black bags under Nadia's eyes revealed that Nadia had not slept at all. Glenda smiled and lowered her head to Nadia's breast.


Nadia grunted tiredly as Glenda began to suck on her left nipple and pinch her right. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Glenda raised her head and smiled at Nadia. She raised herself and straddled Nadia between her legs. Nadia's struggles, even though she was exhausted became more frantic. But after all her exertions this amounted to few pathetic jerks and kicks which Glenda barely noticed. Her legs weakly rose up and down trying to edge herself away from Glendas busy hands. Her hands, though not bound nearly as tightly as yesterday could not fend away the unwanted advances.

"Dear you really need to rest. You'll need to work soon. We can't let Jack and Roz do all the work can we? Would you like breakfast, you must be starving."

"UUUHH UHHHH UH UH." Nadia grunted and nodded her head up and down slowly. She was starving. Her last meal was breakfast yesterday. Thirst was the worst though. Nadia's last drink was a cappuccino almost twelve hours ago. She prayed for a glass of water to sate her thirst and clear the taste of the gag from her mouth.

"Wow you really aren't a morning person are you," Glenda laughed "OK I'll make you breakfast but first this."

Nadia closed her eyes tightly and bit down on her gag. Her back arched and she grunted loudly when Glenda gently bit her nipple and began to play between Nadia's lips.


"Well that woke you up. Time for my breakfast." Glenda quipped and sunk her teeth again into Nadia's nipple.


Nadia winced, grunted in pain, bit down on the gag and wished she never saw that ad.

Chapter 2 (added: 2014/08/22)

Nadia's normal morning routine was quite simple. Up at about 8.30, shower, dress and then a light breakfast. In the last 24 hours Nadia's routine had been far from routine. Nadia had a very disturbed sleep, in fact Nadia had not slept at all. Her ankles were bound wide apart to a metal bar making it impossible to roll into a comfortable position. Even though her arms were bound loosely it was still impossible even to scratch any part of the front of her body. The earlier ballgag was replaced with a slightly less invasive bitgag. However after an hour Nadia fought not to choke on the saliva and found herself chewing on the gag like a horse. The worst part of the night however was Glenda's unwelcome intrusions upon her prone body. She stroked, pinched, tickled, kissed or licked almost every part of her. Nadia wailed painfully into her gag whenever Glenda bit or pinched a sensitive part of her body. Glenda would then say sorry, kiss Nadia on her gagged lips and then just carry on.

After literally hours of torment Glenda finally turned over, chirped, "Goodnight," and fell fitfully asleep.

Nadia just lay there, the hours dragging by slowly, lying uncomfortably on the bed.

Her morning commenced with a thankfully short pawing from Glenda. Glenda then departed for her shower with a cheery.

"Don't go anywhere honey."

Nadia shifted uncomfortably as she heard the hum of the shower. She lay there as she heard Glenda dry herself off, walk down the stairs and the clatter pans as she prepared breakfast.

"Breakfast is almost ready honey, be patient." Glenda called up from the kitchen below.

"Grrrrrhhmmmmm" Nadia moaned to herself. The smell of the coffee and food from downstairs made her salivate even more into the gag. She would sell her soul for food and drink but dreaded been around that bitch again.

"Breakfast is ready. Coming darling Nads." Glenda sang as she bounded up the stairs.

"Lets get that blindfold up shall we Nads?"

Glenda quickly freed Nadia's eyes and the morning light pored in.

Nadia blinked rapidly to adjust to the light. She had been blindfolded all night. As Nadia adjusted to the light Glenda tied a leather collar and leash quickly to her neck and swiftly untied her legs from the metal bar.

"Come on lazy, up and at 'em. Time for your shower."

Nadia groaned as she struggled to her feet. She felt woozy from the lack of sleep and hunger. Resistance or escape didn't even enter her mind as Glenda led her to the bathroom.

"Come on, sexy, step in," Glenda coaxed Nadia into the shower.

The sudden jet of hot water startled her. It was almost pleasant as Glenda showered her. She paid too much time on her intimate areas for Nadia's comfort. After the shower Glenda almost tenderly dried Nadia's body off.

Nadia closed her eyes and groaned.

"OK dear, breakfast."

Nadia was lead down the stairs and sat down at the kitchen table. On the table was a jug of fresh coffee, a glass of orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit slices and dried nuts mixed through. Two chairs were placed on either end of the breakfast table. Glenda directed Nadia to sit down and fixed the chains, which bound her wrists, to the back of the chair.

"You sit yourself down Nadia and relax. You had a very long day yesterday."

Nadia groaned in agreement. The smell of the coffee and oatmeal made her stomach rumble in anticipation and saliva began to drip over her bit gag onto her naked breasts.

Glenda sat down, ignoring Nadia and began to devour the breakfast with relish while flicking through a magazine.

'What the hell is the bitch doing?' Nadia thought as her stomach grumbled loudly.

"Mmmphhh! MMMMMmmmpph!"

Glenda glanced up form her magazine smiling innocently.

"What's up Nads?"


Nadia widened her eyes and nodded her head towards the remains of the breakfast.

"Oh silly me," Nadia apologised falsely, "I forgot you haven't eaten in, what is it eight hours?"

"Nummmmmmppphhh." Nadia shook her head in disagreement.

"No silly me. You and Roz turned up for your audition at ten yesterday morning so its," Glenda glanced at the clock on the wall, "almost nine am now. Wow that's almost twenty four hours! You must be starving."

"Mmmmmmm MMMMMMM. Mmmmm MMMM." Nadia angrily nodded her head.

She hadn't realised how long she had last eaten.

"Lets remedy this,"

Glenda pushed the remains of the oatmeal before Nadia along with the orange juice she hadn't yet consumed.

"There you go. You can have mine. You can't say I give you nothing can you."

Nadia glared at Glenda and then stared longingly at the oatmeal. How the hell was she supposed to eat with this blood gag in her mouth.

"MMMmmmm, puuuhhleaahhsse, ehhhndaa. Aaahmm uungry. Aaahmm uungry." Nadia pleaded.

Glenda put her magazine down, "Oh very well I'll take the gag off but I swear one scream..."

"Nuh eeaamm, nuh eeeammm," Nadia promised.

Glenda unbuckled the bit gag and pulled it from Nadia's lips.

"Oooowwwww. Ohhh." Nadia groaned as finally her mouth was free.

Glenda gathered up Nadia's silky hair in her fist and looked her right in the eyes.

"Now, honey. I'm afraid I'm not going to untie your hands. Just use you tongue, Nads."


Nadia though better than complaining. The food in front of her just looked so inviting.

Nadia lowered her head and began to lick the remains of the oatmeal up. Glenda had left precious little oatmeal left and soon Nadia had licked the bowl clean.

"Your better than a dishwasher honey, I'm glad I hired you," Glenda chortled.

She pored the quarter glass of orange juice into the bowl.

"There's your vitamin C, darling, drink up."

Nadia slurped the last of the liquid. It was delicious and left her wanting more.

"Ahhhh, uh. Thank you. I'm hungry. May I have more, please." Nadia pleaded. Her lips smeared with the white milk.

"Oh OK. I just too good to you."

Glenda produced a box of cornflakes and a jug of milk. She pored a measure into the bowl.

"OK Nads, knock yourself out."

Nadia sank her head into the bowl and slurped and munched hungrily.

"Oh Nads," Glenda shook her head good naturedly, "I just gave you a shower, now your covered in milk."

The trip from the boutique to Glendas home hadn't taken too long. Nadia spent the short journey concentrating on breathing and trying to ignore the cramps in her shoulders, back, knees and jaw.

When the vehicle hit a pothole or rumble strip Nadia's head bumped painfully into the roof of the box. Finally the vehicle shuddered to a halt. Nadia strained to hear what was going on outside but the box seemed to make all sounds muffled and alien. The door of he box suddenly opened Jack and Glenda smiling in.

"Welcome home, honey." Glenda laughed.

"Here, Nadia, let me help you out." Jack pulled Nadia out.

Nadia's legs and ass had gone numb in the box and she would have stumbled over if Jack didn't grab her by the shoulder and ass.

"Grrrrmmmmmmpphhh." Nadia complained into her gag.

"Don't worry, I've got got you,"

Jack guided her through the garage door into the house proper, occasionally squeezing her ass when out of Glenda's view. Nadia's ass may have turned numb but she could easily feel Jack's unwanted hands.

"Looks like she fell for you, Jack." Glenda laughed at her terrible pun.

Jack quickly pushed Nadia through the garage, a laundry room, then a kitchen towards her destination.

Nadia found herself in a spacious living room with two long leather couches, a glass coffee table and a huge plasma TV set into the wall. Jack spun her around slowly.

"Welcome, Nadia. I can't stay, I'm afraid. I'd say Roz is starting to get bored on her own."


Nadia jumped when Jack grabbed her thigh and then threw her on a leather couch.

"Ummph." she grunted as she bounced on the soft leather.

Jack hugged and kissed his wife lovingly.

"Night honey. Make our guest comfy will you. See you in the morning."

"OK darling. Make sure you don't wear poor Roz out. Love you."

Jack laughed as he left.

Through the window Nadia watched the large van she arrived in leave.

Glenda stood in front of her, hands on her hips, smiling.

"Now, let's make you feel at home, shall we."

Nadia's eyes widened, she shook her head as Glenda approached.

"Nuh, Nuh, Nuhmmmmmm."

Nadia stood in front of a huge king size bed. Glenda had left her leashed to one of the bedposts. She struggled to look around, her head movement still restricted from the high leather collar. Pain racked through her shoulders and Nadia feared that her jaw would dislocate. Her corset was sodden from the river of drool that came from her gag. She bent her knees up and down trying to work out the cramps out from the long, cramped sojourn in the box. Nadia could hear a faint noise coming from a door in the corner of the room.

"Hey Nads," Glenda sang, "time for bed."

"Mmmmphhh." Nadia replied.

She did not like the sound of bed. She struggled to look around and caught a glimpse of Glenda. She stepped in in a mock, seductive walk, pointing her toes as she entered the room. She was dressed comfortably in loose, pink silk pyjamas. The comfortable loose pyjamas were in marked contrast to the organ, crushing corset Nadia was enduring.

Glenda walked quickly up and grabbed Nadia hips.

"I'm looking forward to this, I'm so tired," Glenda licked Nadia's ear lobe.

"MMMmmmphh." Nadia eyes widened in terror as she struggled to push Glenda away.

"You must be getting tired of that corset, let me help you."

Glenda untied the laces and corset sprung open. Nadia's tits split out while she left out a long groan of relief. She sucked a lung full of air as her lungs were finally unconstrained. A slurping noise came from the ballgag, like somebody drinking soup.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.."

Nadia's head arched backwards in relief. Her skin began to itch furiously as the blood returned. Nadia looked aghast at the indentations on her skin made from the tight corset. Forlornly she tried to rub her bound elbows and wrists to itch herself.

"Grrrrmmmpphhhhh uuummmmpppph."

"Look at you, Nads, you look silly writhing around,"

Glenda unleashed Nadia and pushed her on the bed.

"Now lets get those bottoms off, they're filthy."

"Nuh Nuh. Nuuuuh"

Nadia bicycle kicked her legs in defence as Glenda quickly overpowered her and pulled her panties off.

"Oh my, Nadia, you ruined these," Glenda held up the panties, the ass and tassels covered in dust and grit, "now how do you think you can repay me for these expensive panties?"

Glenda gripped the ring on Nadia's collar and smiled at her.

"I got an idea though, you lie there for a sec."

"Grmmmmpph?" Nadia made a quizzical grunt.

Glenda attached her ankles to the metal leg-spreader. Holding her collar Glenda pulled Nadia up to a sitting position.

"My, my, your arms must be tired. Forgive me."

Nadia moaned as her wrists were finally released from the leather strap. She wriggled her finger manically, encouraging the blood to return.

"Don't get too excited now Nadia, I can't leave you untied. Just.......looser tied."

Glenda produced a pair of leather, fur lined cuffs linked with a seven inch chain. Glenda tightly cuffed Nadia's wrist into the cuffs.

"Not as uncomfortable as the belt, huh Nads?"

"Grrrrrrrmmmmmmmm." Nadia shook her head as much as her collar would allow her.

"Now for those elbows, Nads. What do you say?"

"UH UH. UH UH." Nadia nodded her head.

Glenda released Nadia's elbows.


Nadia moaned in relief. Finally the pressure had been released from her elbows and shoulders.

"Annnnkh Ouuu. Uhhh."

"That gag looks too harsh. Lets get rid of it shall we."

Nadia's eyes widened in expectation. "Uh Uh."

She winced in pain as Glenda undid the gag and pulled it from her mouth. It came out with a 'Pop.' A stream of spit temporarily hung from Nadia's lips to the rubber ball. It then fell and swung back, settling on Nadia's chin, chest, tits and belly.

"Aaahhhhhh, oh. Thanks. Uh."

Nadia worked her jaw, licking the collected spit form her lips and chin, swallowing it with a slurp. But before she could utter another word or work out any more strain out from her jaw, Glenda produced a thick, rubber tube attached to leather straps. It looked quite like a small horse's bit. If Nadia had seen this twenty four hours ago it would have taken her forever to figure out what it was. Now, however she was more aware.

"Open wide, Nads." Glenda tunefully sang as she pinched Nadia's left nipple.

"No, please, Aaaghhhmmmmmmmmpppphhhh!"

Nadia's pained cry was cut short by the rubber bit gag. Nadia's faced contorted in discomfort and revulsion from the taste of the gag as Glenda tightly buckled it on.

"I think this can go on one more notch."

Glenda readjusted the gag, making it cut into Nadia jaws painfully.

"Uuurrrrghhhh. Guurgghh. Uuuh ight. UHHH IGHT!!!" Nadia complained.

She twisted her head in a forlorn attempt to loosen the bit gag. Her tongue pushed against the back of the gag in a vain attempt to dislodge it. She bit down on the black rubber with her pearl white teeth and gurgled in frustration. She bent her head back and let out a long, gurgling moan.

"Awwww. Poor you."

Glenda giggled, licked Nadia's nipple and pushed the poor, miserable girl back onto the bed.

Nadia squirmed on the bed, her legs trying to free themselves from the metal leg spreader, her hands trying to scratch her furious itching while she chewed and drooled over the rubber bit between her teeth.

"Now lay there and we'll say hello to one of your new colleagues."

"mmpph! Ooullleeeggghs?"

Nadia tried to respond while rubbing her back against the sheets to relives the itching. Nadia glimpsed at the marks the corset's ribbing had made on her body and wondered if they were permanent.

"Yes colleagues. Or as you cutely put it, ooullleeegghs."

Glenda mocked while she walked over to the door of the closet. She opened the door theatrically revealing a huge walk in wardrobe. Opening the door activated an automatic light which illuminated the interior of the wardrobe to reveal something grotesque among the rails of clothes.

"Voilą. Nadia meet Sonya. Sonya meet Nadia."

Nadia had to struggle to crane her neck up to see. Once she did she wished she hadn't. Standing in the center of the large, walk-in wardrobe was a young woman bound securely to a thick wooden post which stood in the center of the wardrobe. A series of ropes looped around her neck, shoulders, elbow, wrists, tits and crotch and seemed to all be tied to the wooden post. In front of her crotch, supported by a sturdy metal tripod was a large plastic object plugged into a nearby timer. The plastic object was about eight inches, the size of a very large torch.

This would normally be enough to freak out Nadia but it was Sonja's head which shocked Nadia the most. The poor woman's head seemed to be totally encased in a thick leather hood. Two holes where Sonya's nostrils were, allowed laboured breathing. A thick leather blindfold seemed to have been snapped on the eyes. Another large leather panel covered the entire lower face, large bumps showing where it had been snapped into place. A round bump where the mouth was hinted what Sonja had shoved into her jaw. Saliva tricked out from the bottom of the panel where it dampened the hood and collected on her bare tits. Sonja's hair was pulled out in a tight pony-tail from the top of the hood. Apart from fishnets, stilettos and a figure forming corset the poor girl was naked. When Glenda spoke Sonya began to grunt and whine furiously her head moving left and right blindly.

"Whuh de fuhhh." Nadia stared in horror.

"I'm home Sonja. Hope you weren't too bored on your own. We just hired new employee's. Nadia just on the bed. She can see you but you can't see her, can you?"

"Mmmmmm. Mmmpphh, mmmm." Sonja furiously jerked her head around.

Glenda began to drum her fingers on the top of Sonja's leather helmet while she absent mindedly played with her nipple. Sonja squirmed in her bondage, failing to escape Glenda's fingers.

"Sonja has been with me for. How long is it Sonja?"

Sonja's reply, such as it was, was a tortured series of gurgling grunts and groans.

"About nine months," Glenda cupped Sonja's breast and licked her nipple, "Sonja was having an affair with a good friend of mines husband. Can't blame him really, Sonja is beautiful."

Nadia couldn't tell if Sonja was beautiful or not. Her body was hot with her large, firm tits. But her features were totally masked by the leather helmet.

"So I did my friend a favour. Occasionally she come over and plays with Sonja. Most times Sonja works for me. Sorry to rude Sonja but I have to make our guest comfortable. I'll leave you with your buzzing friend for company."

Glenda held up a small remote control in her hand. Sonja's moans became more desperate and her struggles more frantic once she heard "Buzzing friend." Her head tossed from side to side.

"Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh!!!!" she chanted.

"Yes Yes Yes, Sonja," Glenda smiled and pressed a button on the control.

The plastic object at Sonja's crotch exploded into life. Sonja's body jumped visibly, despite the tight bondage, her head jerking back banging into the wooden post she was bound too.

'It's a sex toy.' Nadia realised.


Sonja's scream could be heard even over her gag. Whether it was pleasure or pain Nadia couldn't tell and Glenda probably didn't care. The toy between her legs produced a noise like a very angry, very large bee. Sonja squirmed in every angle she could manage in her present predicament, her head lolling around like a rag doll. If she was trying to squirm away from the toy or towards was not clear. Drool began to torrent from the gag panel.

"Night Sonja," Glenda sang as she closed the door to the wardrobe behind her, "not too loud now."

Glenda sat beside Nadia on the bed and held the control in her hand. She rested her free hand on Nadia's belly.

"I love technology, Nad's. Check this out."

Glenda pressed a button and a plasma TV on the wall switched on. A camera in the wall revealed Sonja's torment in the wardrobe. Sonja's body jerked and spasmed as the vibrator did it's work. Her cries grew louder and more frantic.

"The massager is on a timer. It should cut out soon, Nads. That'll spoil her fun."

Sure enough, a few seconds later the buzzing suddenly cut off and so did Sonja's twitching. Her screams lowered into laboured wheezing and grunts. Her head lolled forward while her chest heaved up and down in heavy breathing.

Nadia was transfixed on the image of Sonja. Trickles of sweat could be seen, through the camera, rolling down the unfortunate girl's body. Nadia craned her head to see. Glenda smiled at her.

"We'll give her, say five minutes of this every twenty minutes for..." she glanced at a clock, "it's nine pm now, so we'll say five hours. Hopefully she won't cum."

Glenda fiddled with the controls.

"Now the waiting game,"

Glenda lounged beside Nadia while she waited for the time to pass reading a book.

Nadia squirmed on the bed trying and failing to find a comfortable position. All the while Glenda drew small circles around Nadia's nipples with her free hand. At last twenty minutes passed. Glenda put her book down and raised Nadia's head so she could get a better look.

"OK Nad's. Lets see how Sonja is getting on."

Sonja hung limp from the post, her chest rising and falling slowly. Faint snoring could be heard coming from the hood. A thread of drool slowly swayed from her gag.

"Ah she's dead to the world. She must be exhausted to be able to sleep with all that rubber in her mouth," Glenda winked at Nadia, "I almost feel guilty over this next part."

As if from out of nowhere the toy came back with life with a loud, angry buzzing. The sound of it made Nadia jump slightly and instinctively close her legs. The best she could do with the leg spreader was bend her knees inwards.

Sonja's body, however, jumped violently. Again her head banged audibly against the post behind her head.

"Lucky she's wearing that leather hood." Glenda quipped.

Nadia found herself nodding in agreement, "Uh Uh. Uh Huh."

Sonja woke with a gargled, muffled scream. Her body twisted and squirmed in the bondage again. Glenda smiled and turned off the television. The image and sound faded immediately but Nadia could hear faint buzzing and grunts coming from the wardrobe.

"I'm bored of TV now, always the same thing on. Lets fool around, huh Nadia?"

Glenda quickly straddled Nadia, her head sinking down to devour and lick her nipple. Her hands wandered down lower. Nadia bit hard into her gag and tried to fumble away Glendas invading hands with her own bound ones.

"Nuh,mmmmmm, puhluuuhh, nuh, mmmppphh." Nadia complained.

Glenda ignored Nadia's whines as she got more and more aroused. Nadia squirmed in her bondage and noticed the noise from the wardrobe had ceased.

The minutes passed.

Nadia squirmed in the darkness. Glenda thought it would be fun to blindfold her. Fun for her not Nadia. Nadia bent her knees and then extended her legs trying to gain purchase, trying to ease herself away from the uninvited intrusion. She tried to use her hands but the cuffs restricted movement. She arched her back and lifted her ass in the air to escape but it was no use. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere a loud, buzzing noise cut in. This was followed by a faint wail from the wardrobe.

Glenda raised her head from between Nadia's thighs.

"Looks like Sonja is having fun. Are you Nadia?" Glenda smiled sweetly.

"Nuh uh. Nuh uh. NUH UH!" Nadia shook her head in the negative.

"Tough, I am." Glenda sunk her head down again while Nadia gripped the sheets in her fists.

Nadia sat in the breakfast chair. This was the most comfortable she had been in almost twenty four hours. After her small breakfast of Glenda's left over porridge and the pitifully small bowl of cereal Nadia found herself re-gagged with the rubber bit. Her arms were loosely cuffed together and attached to the chair. Compared with the box and the corset this was heaven. Glenda had gone off to do God knows what and had left Nadia on her own. Free from torment Nadia drifted off into a fitful sleep.

She was disturbed by gentle shaking.

"Wakey wakey Nads. Time for work."

Nadia opened her eyes slowly. Her head had lolled forward as she slept and drool had collected on her boobs and crotch.

"I was just preparing poor Sonja. My friend has a special surprise for her today."

"Mmmmmphh?" relied Nadia.

Glenda untied Nadia from the chair and brought her to the room that neighboured Glenda's bedroom. There, tied spread-eagled, face down on the bed was Sonja. Or at least Nadia had to assume it was Sonja as her head was still encased in the leather hood.

"Hey Sonja. Just wanted to formally introduce you to Nadia before we leave for the day."

Glenda sat Nadia down in a chair in front of Sonja. Sonja gazed quizzically around, her senses muffled by the thick, tight leather hood. Nadia noticed that the hood was laced on tightly at the back of the head. The bottom of the hood, under her lips and chin was sodden with spit. Glenda began to slowly, methodically untie the laces on the leather hood.

"Time to take that nasty hood off Sonja, you need to see your new friend."

Nadia noticed that Glenda had placed something black on Sonja's buttocks.

"Mmmph, mmmph."

Sonja struggled more as Glenda slowly loosened the hood. Nadia felt herself become nervous unsure what the removal of the hood would reveal. Sonja's hands waved in the thick leather cuffs that held her to the bed. Her legs kicked against the cuffs that restrained her ankles. Her buttocks raised up and down in her struggles giving Nadia a clearer glimpse at the black object resting on her ass. Glenda noticed Nadia's line of sight, glanced back at Sonja's ass and stuck a finger deep into her cavity, winking at Nadia.

"UUUUHHHHHHHHHH." Sonja grunted in pain.

"mmmmpppphhh." Nadia moaned.

Finally the last knot was untied and the hood fell forward from Sonja's face. The hood made a ripping noise as it came off her face, it was almost glued on with the dried sweat and saliva. Spit fell from the gag onto the ground. Sonja groaned as her face was finally freed.

"Uuuuuuuuh. Oh God. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uh."

Sonja was undoubtedly pretty, Nadia thought as she looked in horror, but her face was masked by sweat, saliva and ruined make-up. Mascara had run from her eyes in long veins to her lips. Her lipstick practically had smeared over her lower chin. Her eyes look exhausted and beaten. Glenda grabbed Sonja's hair and pulled her head back.

"Sonja meet Nadia. Nadia meet Nadia."

Sonja blinked at Nadia blankly. Her mouth hung open while she ran her tongue over her parched lips. The light seemed to hurt her eyes.

"Say hello Sonja, please."

Sonja winced and gritted her teeth.

"H-Hello, Nadia." Sonja moaned.

"Eellllooo, Unja." Nadia relied, stupidly.

Glenda took the black object from Sonja's bum and placed it gently under her nose. Nadia recognised it as a pair of man's boxers. Sonja groaned and tried to turn from the boxers held under her nose.

"Recognise these, Sonja? You should do. They're your boyfriend's. Open up, honey."

"No no, please noo urrrrrkkkkggghhhhhhkkkk."

In a blur she crammed the underwear into the woman's mouth. Sonja bucked and twisted in her bounds. A fearful choking sound came from her lips. The boxers weren't even quarter way in. Glenda firmly gripped Sonja's hair and pulled her head back as far it would humanly go. Her free hand slowly coaxed more of the boxer's into Sonja's aching mouth. Nadia could see Sonja's hands twist in the cuffs, occasionally thumping the bed. Her legs kicked against the chains.

"My friend took these from the laundry basket, Nad's," Glenda smiled as she pushed yet more of the material into Sonja's choking mouth.

"Uuughhhhh, Uuuuurkkkk, Uggghhh." Sonja half choked, half grunted.

"He likes to, I don't know, play football, run, something sporty." Glenda tugged Sonja's hair and coaxed yet more cloth in.

"UHHH UHHH UHHHHHHHHH!!!" Sonja gripped onto the bed, he knuckles turning white. Her legs continued to kick furiously, straining the chains attaching them to the bed. The bed shook and shuddered, as did Sonja. Her eyes looked down, wide in terror, at the large pair of her old lovers boxer's half in, half out of her mouth.

"Well my point is Nad's the boxers are really sweaty. I could hardly bare to handle them to be honest."

Glenda pushed more of the sweaty cloth into the poor girls mouth.

Nadia stared in terror, her mouth hung open.

"UUUURRRKKK. UUHHHHH. UUUURRRGGGGHHHH." Sonja half choked, half retched.

"Don't you puke now Sonja. Don't be coy now, you used to suck this guys cock."

Glenda shoved the last of the boxers into Sonja's mouth.


Sonja's struggles ceased when the last of the cloth was shoved into her mouth.

She looked miserably up at Nadia and Glenda. Her chest heaved up and down slowly.

Glenda held her finger to hold the sweaty boxers to hold them in Sonja's mouth. She produced a roll of medical tape and began to fix the boxers in. Poor Sonja's mouth was full to bursting point with her old lovers filthy boxers. Her teeth were visible trying to bite down on the sodden lump, trying to make it more manageable for her aching jaw. It gave Nadia the impression of a dog chewing a large bone. Her cute nose crunched up, her eyes staring down at Glenda's finger. Sonja's cheeks bulged out either side.

Glenda quickly fixed the sweat, sodden boxers into Sonja's mouth with half of the medical tape. Swiftly unrolling it around Sonja's mouth and lower jaw.

"You know what Sonja. I'll think I'll use the rest of the tape. Waste not want not."

Sonja gurgled and shook her head as Glenda slowly encased her eyes in the medical tape. Soon Sonja's features were hidden, yet again, from the world. Glenda fixed the tape with several safety clips and then a liberal amount of duct tape before standing back and admiring her work. Sonja let out soft moans and dropped her head onto the mattress in defeat. It bounced slightly on the spring mattress.

"Perfect. OK Nad's lets leave Sonja here to her breakfast of sweaty boxers. Personally I prefer porridge."

Glenda lifted Nadia from the chair and guided her from the room.

"OK Nadia say bye bye. Poor Sonja hasn't drank anything in ages. She must be parched. Maybe she can suck the sweat from those boxers." Glenda giggled as she helped Nadia down the stairs.

"Uhhh, Uhhhhmmmm, UhhhhMMMMM."

Sonja came slightly back to life.

Half-heartedly struggling against the cuffs. Her hips rose and fell slowly. Nadia could hear her cough, retch and grunt into her gag as she was dragged away by Glenda.

Poor Sonja, thought Nadia. She must be miserable like that. Bound all night, tormented with a vibrator. Now bound all day, starving, thirsty with a pair of sweaty boxers rammed in her mouth. At least she doesn't have the vibrator though.

Glenda stopped in her tracks. Stood silent for a second and then ran up the stairs.

"Christ Nad's. Forgot to set up the vibrator. Can't leave Sonja without her toys can we."

Glenda ran up the stairs back to the bed bound Sonja.

A loud, distressed moan came from the room Sonja was in.

God, is Glenda a mind reader, thought Nadia.

Chapter 3 (added: 2014/08/26)

One moment Roz was lounging on the couch watching Nadia parading around in lingerie, the next she was trying to fight off Jack and Glenda. The room had exploded in music at a deafening volume. Immediately Jack's thick arm wrapped around her neck in a tight grip. Roz opened her mouth to scream when Glenda shoved a wad of cloth quickly behind her teeth.

"Wow you really gave me a jump there. So what do you want me to do?" Nadia shouted to be heard over the din.

"Just stay as you are Nadia, actually can you shuffle in a circle so we can take you from all angles?" Glenda replied as she pushed the cloth into the back of Roz's mouth.

"Grmmmmm, akkkkh, nuuhhhmm." Roz twisted her body, her cries of help crushed by the gag. She kicked her legs blindly, waving her hands in the air bindly.

Nadia stood there dumb in her bondage. Her view of the drama hidden by the blindfold. The sound of Roz's struggles hidden by the loud music.

"I'll try but its hard with my legs wide apart." Nadia shouted over the music.

"For me darling, try please" Glenda replied as he dodged Roz's powerful kicks.

Jack pulled Roz over the back of the couch, Roz's arms waving, her legs kicking. Glenda delivered a savage punch into the struggling girl's solar plexus. The punch knocked the fight out of the desperate girl. Her body went limp and Jack quickly dragged her from to the next room. Glenda hurriedly gathered Roz's phone and handbag and threw them into the room, closing the door quickly behind them.

"Is everything OK out there? Can we turn the music down please Glenda." Nadia shouted. She slowly and awkwardly stumbled around with her legs wide apart.

Once in the other room Jack quickly pulled Roz's top off, unhooking her bra speedily. Roz groaned on the floor, a bit of cloth peeped out from between her teeth. Jack took lengths of rope, from a plastic bag he had stashed earlier in the corner. He secured the cloth gag in Roz's mouth tightly with the rope. Her lips were pulled back in a grin when he tightly knotted the rope. Jack took another length of rope, doubled it and quickly looped it around her elbows. With one quick pull Roz's elbows met. Her elbows been brought together swiftly brought Roz back to her senses. Roz's eyes widened in shock and pain, her cry muffled by the cloth stuffed deep in her mouth.


"Did that sting, sorry?" Jack chortled and quickly pulled off Roz's trainers.

She tried to kick him away but soon Jack had removed her bottoms and smalls. She swung her arms around her side furiously but her bound elbows made her efforts futile. Yet another length of rope was pulled from the bag, doubled, then looped around her knees. Roz had resorted to rolling on her tummy, bucking up and down like a wild horse. As Roz's toned ass bucked up and down Jack felt his cock growing hard. He savagely pulled the rope around Roz's knees. Roz's knees connected together sharply, Roz squealed in pain and tumbled onto her side.


"Jesus. You are a fighter."

With alarming alacrity Jack efficiently bound her calves to her thighs. Roz whimpered and mewled into the wad stuffed in her mouth as Jack wound ropes around her tits and shoulders. She miserably followed ropes as they criss crossed her body. Jack stood back and admired his handy work. Roz stared at the ropes that encased her body. The knots painfully pinched her skin. With frustration she swung her arms around trying to pull at her bounds as her wrists were still untied, but it was a lost cause.

"OK, OK. There's something missing." Jack stared at Roz, lost in thought.

"Uh. AAT AA OU OOING. UHH." Roz words were scrambled by the gag.

"Oh I know. Silly me." Jack smiled and pulled more rope from the bag.

"NAH UH. NAH UH." Roz shook her head as she saw more rope.

With her elbows tied Roz found it impossible to fight Jack off, though she made a noble effort. Soon her wrists were bound tightly also. The longest rope was looped around her slim waist several times. Roz temporarily stopped struggling as she tried to work out what was he doing. The struggles began again, though, once he threaded the remaining rope between her thighs, then her lips, then her ass cheeks then tightly looped around the waist and tied off at her tied wrists.


"Tight? You better get use to it babe." Jack laughed and pulled a small circular platform beside Roz.

The platform was raised on castors, metal looped eyes along the circumference.. Roz stared at it apprehensively.

"OK you. Let me help you up here?" Jack smiled evilly.

Grabbing her rope chest harness Jack lifted her up onto the platform. Roz grunted in pain as the ropes cut into her arms, crotch and breasts. The last remaining piece of clothing remaining on her body were the socks on her feet. Jack pulled them off, shoved them in his pocket and tied her big toes to metal eyes on the platform. Other ropes sbound her wrists and knees to the circular platform. Roz knelt there her body securely tied to the platform.

"Display is one of the main arts of retail. Now one small thing."

When Jack began to untie the rope that held her gag in Roz knew not to get her hopes up. Roz sighed as the rope loosened relieving the pressure on her cheeks and jaw. He tugged at the wad lodged in her mouth, Roz released a gasp as it was pulled free.


Roz had barely time to utter a word when Jack clamped his hand over his mouth. Jack dangled the balled up socks in his free hand and waved them in front of her.

"Time for a nice fresh gag."

Roz instinctively opened her mouth when he pinched her nose tight. She hadn't time to react when he shoved her used socks into the back of her mouth. Roz coughed and wretched on the socks while Jack secured them in her mouth with rope once more.

"EEEUUUUGGHHH." Roz wailed into her new gag.

"Don't get too fond of the taste of your socks. I'll need to change you soon."

Roz watched carefully as he gathered up her scattered clothes and lingerie. He carefully went through the pockets, he glanced over an old invoice that was still in the tracksuit tops pocket. Roz fumed as he fingered through her hand bag, rifling through her purse. He smiled over, waved the cash from her purse and put it in his pocket.

"SSSSSSSSOLE." Roz wailed, rocking on the platform.

"What? You won't be needing it?" Jack laughed.

He placed a small pile of papers he had gathered from her belongings into his wallet and then threw her items unceremoniously into a black, plastic bin bag. Throwing the bin bag into the corner he walked back to where he was storing the ropes and pulled out a new device. Roz stared at it with apprehension. It appeared to be a thick black disc attached to leather straps. She had no idea what it was but now had enough experience to know that it couldn't be good.

Jack again loosened the ropes around her head, pulled out her now sodden socks and clamped his hand over her mouth quickly.


"I think Glenda and your friend is almost finished. We need to be ready," he displayed the black disc just under Roz's nose, "this leather gag is going into your mouth. It'll be easier for both of us if you don't fight it."

"Please don't gag don't MMPPPHHHHH, UUHH!"

Roz shook her head as much as she could with Jack's hand restraining her lower face. The leather disc was thick, it's circumference was wider than Roz's mouth. It would not go in easy. Roz dreaded what would happen.

In a practiced motion Jack released her mouth, quickly pinched her nose and worked the wide leather plug into her gaping mouth. Gradually he worked the gag past her protesting lips, the plug stretching her lips sideways. Gathering her hair in his fist he pushed her head forward to meet the gag. With much effort, on Roz's part, the widest of the circular gag went past her lips. Roz kicked her feet as she strained to get her mouth around the gag. The rest of the gag went in slightly easier. Roz mewled as the gag seemed to dominate her mouth. The edges of the plug pushed her cheeks out. Her mouth was filled with it's strange, unwelcome taste. Even her dirty socks tasted better. Jack looked over her shoulder and smiled into her face.

"Now that's a gag. I bet you couldn't even spit it out even with the straps undone."

Roz tested that theory by pushing at the back of the plug with her tongue. He was right, it was going nowhere.

Jack grabbed the straps and tightly buckled it painfully to her head, playfully rubbing her head.

"Your friend Nadia is in for a shock, isn't she?"

"MMMMM HMMMMMM, MMMM HMMMMM." Roz agreed mournfully, nodding her head up and down slowly. Jack reached down and pushed a button on the bottom of the platform. It began vibrating softly and slowly spinning around.

"Just in time." Jack said as the door handle twisted open.


Roz watched as the swung door opened and Glenda walked in pulling Nadia in on a leash.

"Jesus, Nadia looks great in that corset, bitch." Roz thought.

"Glenda would you mind wiping the drool........." Nadia stared at Roz in shock.

'Why did I ever agree to go with that fool Nadia,' Roz thought angrily as the platform slowly spun around.

She groaned in agony as the ropes dug into her flesh. Her jaw ached from being forced open for so long. She had long ceased trying to push the leather plug from her mouth. Shifting her weight from one knee to the another only temporarily relieved the pressure. Once Glenda had dragged Nadia from the room Roz was alone again with Jack.

"Lets make sure you nice and snug," he laughed.

He tightened almost every knot that encircled her body. Roz involuntarily sucked air in through her gag as the knots pinched her skin, causing her to make a loud slurping noises. He even tightened the gag one more notch. She thought her jaw would dislocate from the pressure. She panicked for several seconds as she tried to overcome her gag reflex.

"Bluuuurrrhmmm. Gluuuurrhhggggmmm." Roz retched, her body shivering with effort.

"Oh before I forget, I need to ask you questions," Jack riffled through his wallet, "Now I'm not a patient man so please answer truthfully and quickly."

Jack produced sheets of papers and looked through them, "Your address is, 24 Hempdale Avenue, yes," he pinched Roz's nipple to encourage an answer.

"AAAHHH, ES, ES, EYE OME, EYE OME." Roz frantically answered, her head nodding up and down franticly.

"Do you live alone?"

"ES, AHONE, ES." Roz replied quickly before he could reach her nipple.

"Alarms, security?"

"NUH, NUHH." She shook her head left and right. Struggling to talk caused her to salivate even more.

"Now if this isn't true," Roz screamed into her gag as he cruelly pinched bother her nipples, twisting them left then right.


"I hope it is.."

Jack just strolled off whistling leaving her on the slowly, rotating platform. He returned promptly with a metal rod with a hook on the end. For one split second Roz thought he would use it on her in some fiendish was. She shook her head from left to right, pleading with her eyes.

"Nuuuhhmm. Nuhhmmm."

Jack laughed and put the hook on the metal bar through a ring on the side of the platform.

"Don't panic, babe, you're going to a room with a view."

The platform was on castors and Jack easily pulled it through the door into the room where Nadia had been posing. Roz glanced around hastily and saw some leather belts on the floor. She could see her champagne glass on the ground where she dropped it when Jack and Glenda over-whelmed her. In the corner she noticed a weird, wooden box, it's door padlocked shut. A long, silvery trail of saliva lead from the door to the box. Glenda was sitting on the couch drinking the last of Roz's unfinished champagne.

"Welcome new employees," Glenda laughed raising the glass mockingly.

"I found her address." Jack said as he pulled the platform across the room.

"That was quick honey, well done." Glenda congratulated

"I'll go over there as soon as I can."

"Good. Clear out her place if you can. Make it look like she's moved," Glenda smiled at Roz as passed by slowly on her platform. Roz mewled miserably.

"Don't worry. We'll take care of your stuff." Jack laughed.

Jack pulled the platform into the shop itself where Nadia and Roz had arrive this morning. Roz glanced towards the door praying for rescue.

"MMMmph, mmmmmPPPPHHHH."

"No worries babe, nobody comes here without an appointment. Like you and your friend."

"Ooooohhmmmmppphh." Roz hung her head in disappointment.

Jack had rearranged a shelf so he could gain access to the window display. A ramp was already set up from the shop floor to the window. Roz glanced quizzically at what Jack was doing and was excited that she could see the outside world. Her eyes widened as she saw a young couple walk just by the window. She realised she could see the whole street. If she could see them they could see her surely?

She'd be seen and rescued. She prayed that Jack wouldn't realise his mistake.

Jack smiled down at Roz on the platform.

"Brace yourself Roz." Jack said, smiling.

Roz returned the smile through her gag. It looked comical, white teeth over black leather with a strand of drool hanging from her red lower lip.

"Oooooh aaaay." Roz replied innocently, fluttering her eyelashes.

'Throw the idiot off guard Roz, don't let him see his mistake,' she though to herself.


Jack tugged the platform and brought it swiftly up to the window. The sudden jerk almost caused Roz to choke on some drool that had collected behind the gag. While she bent over coughing Jack pushed the platform to the window where it almost touched the glass. The sight of the outside world suddenly made Roz forget about choking.

"I have some chores. You be OK here on your lonesome?" Jack cupped Roz's chin in his hand and arched her face to look up at him. His other hand cupped her naked breast.

"Aahhllll eeeeee oooohhh aaayyy. AAAhhll eee OHHH AYYY." Roz tried to sound seductive talking through her thick leather gag.

Drool trickled from her lip onto Jack's hand. Her face betrayed a flash of disgust when he squeezed her tit. Her body glitened in the sunlight from the river of saliva that flowed over her tits and the beads of sweats from her efforts.

"Ok, be back later. Enjoy yourself." Jack bounded off leaving Roz alone.

Roz eyed Jack as he left the room. Once the door closed behind him she renewed her struggles furiously. She strained against the ropes that held her wrists and elbows together. The pervert had attached the ropes that bound her wrists to her crotch-rope. As she tugged it would rub against her sex causing an unwelcome tingle.

"OOOOHmmmmm, gugggh."

She strained against the ropes that bound her thighs and calves together, no give. Slowly the platform turned. She strained her head around onto the street. Even though the street had people walking up and down nobody noticed her naked, bound body. The platform slowly rotated. Roz screamed at passer bys who walked quickly by.


Finally an attractive woman stopped at the window and looked right at Roz.


Roz screamed into her gag, rocked back and forth on her knees. The veins in her arms, neck and forehead throbbed with the effort. Spittle flew from the gag and splattered the window.

'She must see me, she'll call the police.' Roz thought.

The pretty woman smiled, checked between her teeth, fixed her hair and them methodically put on lipstick. Roz slowly stopped rocking staring at the woman. What the hell was she doing?

The woman put her lipstick away and shielded her eyes with her hand peered right into the glass.

"GRRRRMMMMMM, MMMMMPPPHHH, GRRGGGHHH." Roz screamed into her gag.

The woman peered slowly up, down, left and right absently mindedly biting her lip as she did so. She shook her head, smiled and walked quickly away.

"WHUH UHHH EELLLL?" Roz questioned.

A familiar face suddenly appeared at the window. Staring in was her tormentor Jack. He stared right at her, fixed his hair and held up a piece of printer paper with crude, black marker writing.

"IT IS 1 WAY GLASS." it read.

"awn ayy asss? FUUHHHHHHHHKKKK!" Roz raged into her gag.

Shifting violently in her bounds the ropes dug into her skin. The tight leather straps of her gag cut into the sides of her mouth as she screamed. The crotch rope sawed between her thighs. Sweat and spittle rolled down her body.


The journey from the boutique to home was short only twenty minute. Jack drove well below the speed limit, carefully stopping at lights. Making sure to draw no attention at all. The police would get a surprise if they stopped the van. It would be had to explain why he and Glenda had a semi naked girl tied up in a cramped box. Glenda smiled as she fixed her hair in the passenger mirror.

"I like that new girl, Nadia, she's very sweet."

"Her friend is good too. She thinks she God's gift though." Jack replied, his eyes not leaving the road.

"She's pretty, in a common way. Lets see how they both do. If they learn that'll mean we have three girls for the party on Saturday."

"That is if Sonja doesn't keel over. I swear that friend of yours really hold a grudge."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure Sonja is rested properly. You make sure you leave no trace of our two new friends." Glenda smiled at the black, wooden box in the back of the van.

From their home to Roz's place had take Jack forty minutes. The traffic was heavy and it took ages to find the street.

'Perfect,' he thought when he finally pulled up at Roz's place.

It was the second last building down a road just off the street. The neighbourhood seemed quiet. Jack jumped out of the van and strode over to the door. He wore a blue overall and a baseball cap. To anybody he would look like a tradesman or courier. He looked left, then right, pulled Roz's key from his pocket.

'She left the door unlocked?' he though, 'Or she lied about living alone.'

"Hello, Carson Couriers. Got a package." he shouted "You need to sign for it."

The apartment was very small. The door lead into the hallway. He could see three doors in the hallway, all shut.

A noise from the closest room confirmed his worst fears. Something dropped and made a loud bumping noise as it fell on the floor.

"Ah. Just one minute." the voice sounded hesitant, almost scared. It belonged to a woman.

Jack placed his right hand in his pocket. Glenda had bought the tazer online six months ago. He always brought it on these kind of jobs, fully charged. He was glad to have it now. He opened the door to the room the voice originated.

"Oh, hi?" a small, pretty, black girl stood in the center of the room, guiltily.

The room around her was turned upside down. On the coffee table on the center was a back sports bag still open. Jack glanced at it and saw it was half full of jewellery, items of clothing and other belongings. It looked like she had searched the room from top to bottom. She smiled shyly and hunched her shoulders.

'She's robbing the place' Jack thought to himself.

He suddenly felt relieved and smiled warmly at the burglar.

"Hi there," Jack smiled as he walked towards her,"I have a delivery for Roz Kaplunsky."

He realised he didn't know Roz's last name. It wouldn't matter, he doubted the thief knew Roz's first or last name.

"I'm Roz," she lied, smiling attractively, "what is it AARRGGGGGHH!"

Jack shoved the tazer in the thief's chest and pulled the trigger. Her body stood to attention stiffly, her hands flapping like a bird at her sides. Her face grimaced in pain as electric volts jolted through her body. The she toppled over like a tree, still stiff and twitching.

"No you're not Roz. Roz is white for a start."

Jack smiled down at the burglar as she lay there.

Jack methodically went through the apartment. Thankfully it was quite small, one bedroom, one bathroom, one hardly used kitchen and a living room. He looked up and down the street as he took folded cardboard boxes out. Thankfully no one seemed to have heard the thief's scream. Room by room he unfolded the boxes, dumped Roz's belongings into them and carted them out into the van. Television, laptop, clothes, underwear, shoes, bags, perfumes, all trace of Roz's existence in this flat was slowly packed into boxes and loaded into the van. Tomorrow the same would be done in Nadia's apartment. Three hours of heavy lifting and finally he had finished, carefully settling the television in the van.

"Just one last thing,' Jack thought.

He rummaged through Roz's laundry basket, grabbed a handful of Roz's soiled smalls and stuffed them into his pockets. Whistling he waked back into the apartment.

Roz's old bedroom was now totally empty apart from the wardrobe, chest of drawers, the bed and an attractive black girl hogtied tightly on the bare mattress. Scarves and pantyhose tightly bound her wrists, knees, ankles and elbows. Her ankles were tightly linked by pantyhose to the scarf that bound her elbows. Her back arched painfully in the hogtie. An old stocking found in the laundry basket held a pair of soiled panties in her mouth. Her head encased in two pairs of dirty pantyhose, the legs tied tightly around her face to partially blindfold her and increase her misery. She had fought hard against the bounds for almost twenty minute calling for help through the dirty panty gag. Gradually the struggles grew weaker, the muffled cries further apart. For over two hours she lay on her side, an occasional laboured grunt or soft moan coming from her mouth.

She issued a series of pained grunts when Jack righted her on her belly and pulled the pantyhose hood back to over her nose. Sweat trickled from her forehead down to her chin.

"OK, thief. I'm finished here. I think I'll put you in for community service."

He pulled the pantyhose from her lips and pulled the sodden panties from her mouth. The captured thief groaned in defeat. Jack pulled out a used pair of pantyhose and pushed them into her tortured mouth before she could utter a sound. He tightly tied the legs of the patyhose that was on her head around her mouth, firmly gagging her. With a penknife he cut the pantyhose that attached her ankles to her elbows, releasing her from the hogtie.

"WHUUUUH, UUH," she moaned as she was made slightly more comfortable.

Jack had noticed the large rug hours ago and had the idea then. He tossed the thief on the mat onto the ground. She landed with an audible "Offfff," as she hid the mat. Quickly he rolled her up in the mat and heaved it up, balancing the package on his shoulder. He walked quickly out the door, straining with the weight and carelessly tossed the bundle into the van between the TV and boxes. When the rug hit the metal floor of the van a barely audible "Uh," could be heard. Roughly he threw boxes on the rug to further impede her from view. The thief issuing pained grunts as the boxes landed on her.

One last check of the apartment turned up a final sock. He closed the door as he left, locked the door and posted the key through the letter box. From his pocket he took his phone and quickly he SMS'ed

"Job done. Found new friend."

When Jack returned to the boutique almost five hours later Roz was quite exhausted. He watched for a while as she slowly rotated on the platform. She alternated hanging her head forward, then back, then left and then right. A long moan would accompany each movement of her head. If the ropes or knots pinched her skin she let out a loud hiss, like air escaping a tyre. He noticed that her hips would grind against the rope occasionally followed by a soft moan. After watching her for thirty minutes of so he broke his silence.

"Ok you, lets get you out of there, shall we?"

Roz spun her head around and pleaded into her gag.

"Uuuhhhh, eeaassee un-eye eeee, UUNNNN-EEYYYEE EEE, puhease, uuhhhh."

"What was that, sorry I forgot your name," Jack walked up to the window and stopped the rotation motor on the platform. "What was you name again?"

"OZ, eye ame eess OZ, OZ," she answered tiredly

"OZ? That's a weird name. You Australian?" Jack teased

"OOO, oot OZ. OZ. OZ. ARR. OOOO. ZUHD. OZ!" Roz insisted, spelling out her name. A saliva bubble formed and the popped when she uttered the letter "ZHUHD."

"Ahh Roz. R. O. Z. Roz. So what do you want R.O. Z?" Jack asked innocently.


"Aw, untie you," Jack bent over and began to untie Roz calves and thighs, "why didn't you ask?"

Roz rolled her head back and moaned as Jack untied the knots that bound her calves and thighs together. She jumped and twitched, biting into her gag in discomfort when the knot or Jack's fingers pinched her sensitive thighs.

"Uh, Uh oowwwwww. Aaaayyyy, atch it. UH." she whined.

Finally the ropes were released and Jack helped her to her feet unsteadily. She wobbled on her numb legs like a new born deer.

"OOOHHHHHHH." Roz let out a groan of relief as the blood rushed back into her legs.

"OK you. I going to get dinner and watch some television. I have to baby sit your ass."


Roz grunted as Jack threw her over his shoulder. She winced when he grabbed her ass. She swung her numb legs weakly in protest as he brought her out of the room. Her legs were marked where the ropes has dug in. He had almost left the room when he did a U turn and picked a sports bag up in the corner. Roz temporarily stopped struggling and looked at him questioningly.


"You'll find out, whatever you name is." Jack laughed and roughly squeezed her ass.


Jack slammed the door behind him as he left.

"Put these on quickly," Jack threw the sports bag on the bed. "You have ten minutes, please don't dawdle, Oz."

She was tempted to correct by calling back "My name is Roz,"but thought better of it. His manner so far was quite curt.

The room where he dumped her must of been an old storeroom she thought as she unzipped the bag. An old cardboard box of plastic hangers and old metal shelving confirmed her suspicions. She unzipped the bag and looked inside. It contained a black, nylon body stocking and what seemed like a leather jacket with straps and buckles. She rubbed the last of the saliva from her chin and rubbed it on her ass. The sides of her mouth was red from where the straps of the gag had dug in.

"The body-stocking first and hurry up." Jack smirked.


Roz found the normally easy task of putting on underwear taxing with her numb limbs. Finally she slipped it on. The rope marks were still visible through the sheer nylon. Roz rubbed her arms and thighs, working out the numbness.

"Jacket next." Jack ordered.

"But Jack, it ain't cold." Roz tried to strike a pose. However her limbs were still numb and it looked awkward.

"Now." he barked.

Roz pulled the heavy leather "jacket" over her head. Jack walked over and helped pull it over her body. Roz stood there staring at the jacket. The arms of the jacket had no openings, They ended instead with long, leather straps with strong buckles. Another long, thick, leather buckle hung from the front of the jacket between her legs. The most unusual thing about the jacket was it had no front. Roz's tits spilled out for Jack to see. Roz raised her arms staring at the long, leather straps at the end.

"What kind of jacket is this?" Roz asked innocently, smiling sweetly. The side of her mouth was still red from the gag.

"A straight jacket. Cross your arms, quickly."

Jack quickly pulled the leather straps through a loop just below her tits. He quickly brought the straps around her back and secured them tightly. Roz grunted as he secured the arms. Next he pulled the belt that hung from the front of her collar, looped around her crossed arms and looked up into Roz's face smiling.

"This is the best part."

Roz looked down, her lower lip stuck out in concentration.

"What do you...uhhhhhhhhhhh."

Roz grunted, gulped and swallowed as Jack tightly pass the leather band between her legs tightly and brought up her back. He tugged so hard he lifted her off the ground.

"Whooaah. Not so tight. Uhhh." she complained.

He looped the belt around the straps in the back and secured it very tightly.

"Jesus, jack. Uh. I like breathing, you know."

"Hmmm hmm," Jack replied, from his pocket he produced a leash and attached to the neck of the jacket's collar, "Whatever, come, I am starving." He tugged the leash and Roz stumbled behind.

Down the hall he lead her. She scanned around trying to take in her surroundings, looking for an escape route. Behind her lay the shop proper, just off that the large studio where Nadia had posed and off that a smaller room where Roz was stripped and bound. She passed another partially open door which seemed to contain a make-up studio of sorts. Jack looked back and smiled.

"These used to be houses proper. They were all converted into offices about twenty years ago. Me and Glenda bought this one years back and converted it for our needs." He opened the next door and a steep staircase was revealed.

"Be careful now these stairs are steep."

"Oh OK." Roz stared down at the dark basement.

She gulped in fear, where was he taking her? She gingerly stepped down the stairs and found herself in a large room. It seemed to be some kind of storeroom, bachelor pad and dungeon. One corner was stacked up with boxes, rails of clothes and lingerie was lined against the walls. On another end chains, hoods, rubber suits, boots with crazy heels and other strange bondage paraphernalia. Further down Jack seemed to have fashioned a living area. A curtain drew partially around to divide it from the rest of the basement. No windows, no unlocked doors. Roz looked at the assorted rubbish.

'Was that my laundry basket in the corner? I have pyjamas just like that,' she thought as she looked over the cornucopia of boxes.

"Is this your gahhhh, UHHHH, UH!" Roz's sentence was cut by her old friend, the leather gag.

Her face was contorted as the leather plug widened her lips.

"This is where I stay when I babysit new arrivals. Like you." he snapped the buckle tightly on.

"Urkkkk, uh, ou ont ave ooo aagg eee," Roz wailed as the gag was driven home just short of her throat.

"No I don't have to gag you, I enjoy it though." he pulled the distressed girl into his batchelor pad.

Chapter 4 (added: 2014/09/24)

Games console, Blu-ray player, plasma television, couch, fridge and bed. It seemed Jack had himself quite a man's den set up in a corner of the cellar of the boutique. The cellar itself was like a large cavern. Jack had segmented it off using drapes hung from the ceiling. In a small room on the side a very basic kitchen had been arranged. Hob, small portable oven and a microwave. A small kettle and toaster were squeezed into the corner. The room smelt of a single man's apartment, fried food, dirty underwear, stale beer, tobacco and farts. A small pile of used smalls were piled by the end of a single, unmade bed. Used, crushed tins of beer littered the side of the couch. Dust collected on the edge of the TV and game's console.

"Sorry about the mess. Hadn't time to clean." Jack called from the back of the basement..

"Oont oorry oot eeet, uhhh." Roz garbled.

She lay sideways on a imitation leather couch where Jack had literally dropped her earlier. The couch was set in front of the television. A low, wooden coffee table lay in front of the couch.

Trying to sit up was difficult with her arms secured in the heavy, leather straight jacket. Finally with much gargantuan effort she righted herself. She panted like a dog through the gag, partially from the effort and partially from the discomfort.. She slurped up the saliva that had built up behind the gag. The leather strap from the jacket rode irritatingly up her crotch, her skin still burned from the ropes and knots from the earlier bondage. The room smelt stale and unpleasant. Roz curled her nose up in distaste. A pair of dirty Y Fronts lay on the side of the couch. Roz edged herself away from the foul smalls. The cheap, synthetic material of the couch clung to her buttocks.

'What is he doing? Do I want to know?' Roz thought to herself. 'At least my arms aren't tied behind my back. The gag is killing me though.'

"Dinners here. Takeaway pizza."

Jack reappeared with a cardboard box containing pizza and a can of beer in his other hand. Laughing, he pushed Roz aside and she landed face down on the filthy smalls.

"Eeeeuuugh, uuf, ou assssoolle!" she fumed, struggling to right herself.

Falling on Jacks dirty underwear was bad enough. But as she fell she had instinctively tried to raise her bound hands to cushion her fall. Unfortunately this pulled the leather strap further up her crotch. Roz tugged at the strap, furiously trying to un-wedgie herself.

Jack relaxed back on the couch, switched on the TV and pulled a slice of pizza from the box. The sight of the pizza made Roz's stomach rumble. She stared longingly at the pizza her mouth producing saliva in anticapation. Jack finally realised she was staring at him and looked at her.

"Sorry about leaving you on your own. I had one last chore. What's up?"

"UUHHNGRY, AHM UUHHNNNGGRRYYY." Roz nodded her head at the pizza box.

Jack sighed, put the crust of the pizza back in the box and pulled Roz beside him. He roughly pushed Roz's head forward and began to unbuckle the gag with difficulty. It was tied on tight and it was hard to pull the pin out of the eye. He eased his fingers between the strap and Roz's neck to make it easier. Unfortunately, for Roz, this had the effect of driving the already unbearably tight gag further into her mouth. Roz gurgled and choked kicking her feet and stomping them onto the floor.


"Calm down. Its on very tight."

He finally managed to unbuckle the gag and the straps fell down by Roz's cheeks. Her frantic struggles ceased. She looked up at him forlornly, drool hanging from her cheeks.


"Do the rest yourself. My program is on soon."

He pushed her back over onto couch and Roz landed with a thud, face first on the dirty jocks. The boxers stuck to the saliva covered gag. While Roz fought to knock the pants from her gag, shaking her head like a dog drying itself, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. The TV came to life.

Once Roz managed to shake the pants from her chin she began straining her jaw as wide as she could while pushing the back of the gag with her tongue. Roz lightly stomped her feet on the ground in concentration. All the while her stomach rumbled furiously as her asshole captor ate the pizza while looking at some kind of weird program. Roz suddenly realised what was on the TV and ceased trying to push the gag out.

The picture on the TV was the interior of a bedroom. The lights were dim but you could still make out clearly what was going on. The camera was angled down on the bed. The picture showed Nadia tightly bound on the bed, a rubber bit strapped between her teeth. She seemed to be trying to edge herself away from Glenda who was at the moment busily licking the nipple of one breast with the other hand twisted and flicked the other nipple. Roz looked aghast at the image while the gag protruded from her mouth.

"Looks like the wife's having fun at the moment. Lets check on the house guest," Jack flicked the channel.

The picture changed and Roz saw the interior of a very small room. Bound to a pole was a woman, her head encased in a hood, some kind of device strapped to her crotch.

"Check this out, whatever your name is." Jack chortled as he chewed on his pizza.

As if out of nowhere the device between her legs sprang viciously to life. The poor girl jumped suddenly, arching her back, striking her head from the pole behind. The girls screams of ecstasy were muffled by God knows what in her mouth. Roz stared slightly aroused as the girl in the camera ground against the sex toy. She seemed to be coming to a climax when the toy died. A muffled scream of frustration, pain or humiliation came from the hooded woman.

"Wow, poor Sonja is really getting it. " Jack finished off the last of the pizza and turned the TV to satellite.

"UUUHHH, UUHH UUHH." Roz grunted to get Jack's attention.

The disturbing images on the tv had do little to make Roz forget about her hunger.

"Oh, all right," Jack moaned as he grabbed the straps of the gag and pulled it from her mouth.

It came out with a distinctive popping sound.

"AWWWHH, ah, thank you. Please can I have some food?" Roz pleaded.

Her lower chin was sodden with drool. The sides of her mouth and cheeks red from the straps from the gag.

"Here you go, knock yourself out," Jack said as he place the box with the leftover pizza on her lap, "eat like that. I'm not undoing that jacket for a while."

Roz carefully lowered her head down and managed to grip one of the crusts with her teeth, the one with the most topping still left on it. She sat back, put her head back, letting gravity do it's work and chewed carefully. After a lot of effort Roz finished off her meager meal as Jack watched some movie on TV, sipping beer.

"Ah, thank you. Can I have something to drink. I'm thirsty?" Roz said meekly.

"Oh, alright. Open your mouth" Jack snapped.

He gently pulled her head back and poured beer slowly from his tin into her mouth. It was barely enough to sate her thirst. Once she swallowed the beer Jack pushed her head forward and resumed watching his movie. For the next ten minutes or so Jack ignored Roz while she shifted uncomfortably in her bondage. The heavy leather straitjacket was becoming very warm. They sat in silence until Roz could stick it no longer.

"What are you going to do with me."

"Keep you." Jack answered not looking away from his movie.

"What for, I mean why?" Roz asked nervously.

"Well it's quite a long story," Jack stood up and walked behind the couch, "myself and Glenda run a lingerie boutique for rich clients. That much is true. We also use live models and fashion shows to promote the underwear. However, as you may have guessed the models aren't voluntary."

Jack bent over and swiftly place a leather panel over Roz's face, the panel had a large Red ball in front. The ball stifled Roz's complaints immediately. An intricate series of straps were attached to the panel. Roz stomped her feet in frustration as her mouth was yet again gagged.

"We started off with a voluntary model, but she complained and soon she became involuntary," he buckled the straps on the side of the panel to the back of her head tightly, "now all our models are like Nadia. We do live shows for customers."

Next he pulled the strap on the top of the panel which started like an inverted Y around her nose. He tightly buckled that also.

"We'll see how you get on, whatever your name is," the next two straps under the panel criss crossed under her chin and were finished off at the back.

Roz was totally gagged by the muzzle gag. Roz groaned mournfully as she tried to push the rubber ball out of her mouth. The taste of pizza and beer in her mouth was quickly replaced with the foul taste of the rubber ball.

"Oh yeah, I found something when I was clearing out your apartment." Jack half jogged out of the man den.

"UUUHHHH?" Roz puzzled what he meant by clearing out the apartment.

From the back Roz could hear muffled grunts and a loud thud. This was closely followed by the sound of footsteps. Jack's and somebody else's. The mystery was resolved when Jack walked in leading a black girl by a leash tied. This leash was attached to two metal nipple clamps which bit into her nipples. Her arms were bound tightly by leather belts at her elbows and wrists. Her curvy body was cover with a leather harness that criss crossed her body and ran between her legs tightly. Her shapely legs were covered with black fishnets. On her feet a pair of dizzyingly high stilettos. A leather belt, tied tightly around her lips, held in a huge wad of cloth. The girl grunted and stared in terror at her surroundings. When she glimpsed Roz she began to mumble something unintelligibly, her eyes pleading.


"Now, now, you. She can't help you," Jack laughed, "I caught this beauty robbing your place when I went over to clear it out."

"Ooou eetttch." Roz shouted through her gag.

How dare she try and rob her apartment. The idea of someone robbing her made Roz furious. Somehow she didn't realise that Jack had just ransacked her entire apartment and planned to sell everything of value in the very near future. Most of her clothes, apart from a few choice selections, were destined for charity shops. Roz glared at the thief, temporarily forgetting her discomfort and hunger.

"Don't you worry, she'll get punished." Jack called as he rolled in a platform almost identical to the one Roz had been tied to recently. On the platform was a metal framed, four legged stool with a hard, wooden, cushion-less seat. The legs of the stool were tied to the platform. Jack locked the wheels so it could no longer roll.

"OK over you come." Jack said as he picked up the thief's leash and pulled her over.

The ebony skinned thief tottered over in her heels as Jack slowly pulled the leash towards him.

"UUHH, UHHHHH, UHHH." the thief grunted in pain as the leash pulled painfully on her nipples.

Soon the burglar found herself standing on the platform facing the ugly metal framed stool. She stared dumbly at the stool unsure what was expected of her.

"OK, bend over quickly." Jack ordered, tersely.

"WHUUUUHHH?" the girl quizzically grunted.

"Not quick enough." Jack snapped.

Simultaneously Jacked tugged the leash with one hand and lifted her up by the body harness with the other.

"UUUURRRGGGHHMMMPPHH!!!" the nameless girl screamed as the leash tugged at her nipples and the leather strap from the body harness rode painfully up between her legs.

Roz was stunned at how quickly Jack tied the unfortunate burglar to the stool. Ropes looped around her lower thighs and were bound tightly to the stool's legs. Her ankles were then swiftly secured to metal eyes on the platform. The thief squealed through her gag when the ropes pinched her thighs. The leash that was attached to her nipple clamps was then fixed tautly to the platform also. The burglar was now resting all her weight on her tummy on the cushion-less, wooden seat of the stool. Her large tits hung over one side of the seat, the leashed nipples clamps tugging at her nipples. Her round ass and pussy totally exposed on the other side of the stool. She gingerly kicked and pumped her legs slowly trying to maintain her balance.

"Just two more things and then we can get down to business."

Jack gathered the thief's hair in a severe ponytail and tied it off with a long piece of rope. The remaining rope hung over the miserable girl's face. He the looped a similar length rope around her wrists. He then dragged over a step ladder and gather the lengths of rope in his hand. He climbed halfway and smiled over at Roz.

"Pay attention you. Any trouble and this'll happen to you."

"UH UHH. UH UHHH." Roz nodded furiously in agreement. She made a wet, slurping noise as she tried to speak.

"UMMPHH! MMMPPH!" the thief's struggles were weak and pathetic.

All her strength had been drained much earlier in her ordeal in the van. She lightly bicycle kicked her legs and strain her body forward to relieve the strain on her nipples. She angled her head back to see what Jack was up to. Her curiosity was answered when Jack finally ran the lengths of rope through a metal eye in the ceiling and quickly pulled them through in unison.

"UUURRKKKK! GAKKKKK! UUMMMMPPPHHH!!!" the burglar gurgled in pain.

Roz winced as the the ropes pulled the robber's head back and raised her arms up and back into a severe strappado.

'Better her than me' Roz though as she watched the luckless crook rest uncomfortably on a stool.

The robber moaned miserably trying unsuccessful to get into some kind of position that didn't cause pain. If she tried to relieve the pressure on her nipples this would in turn increase the tension in her shoulders and neck. While if she tried to ease the aches in her neck and shoulder the clamps would pull harder on her already tortured nipples. Pumping her legs and clenching, then un-clenching her buttocks she tried to force the leather strap out from between her legs. At the same time she chewed on her sodden gag, pushing at the back with her tongue trying to relive the cramps in her jaw. All in all she regretted ever breaking in to Roz's apartment.

Jack pulled the step ladder back and drank in the site of the girl's tortured body. Every muscle in her legs, back, buttocks and arms quivered under the strain of the bondage. Beads of sweat trickled down her ebony body. Even though she was under immense pressure the robber tried with great effort to glance back at Jack.

"Now you get comfortable there while I fish something out for you." Jack strolled out leaving the girls alone together.

The burglar strained and struggled as much as anybody could in her position when Jack walked back in. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw what was in his hands.

"This is for you." Jack sang as he swung the riding crop he held in his right hand through the air. It made an audible 'swishing' noise.

"NUHHH. NUUHH. UHHHLEAASSHE. UUHH," the robber thrashed in her bondage as much as she could as Jack slowly walked towards her, lightly tapping the whip against the palm of his other hand.

"Now now, you. I can't abide thieves. Now we really can't get the police involved so I'm afraid I have to question and punish you." Jack lightly tapped the tip of the whip on her ass cheeks. The poor girl flinched as she braced herself for the phantom impact and in turn pulled savagely on her nipple clamps.

"UUUUURRRRGGGHH." she gurgled in pain.

"Aw now dear. I barely touched you," Jack laughed, "now be ready. Try not to jump too much, you'll pull on those nipple clamps of yours. You might even pull your nipples off."

Roz stared in silence as Jack raised the whip and brought it down swiftly on the burglar's ass. The captive robbers body winced and recoiled as he repeatedly whipped her buttocks. Over and over again she wailed into her gag as the whip stung her ass. Roz thought it would never end until after a particular savage swish the poor robber jumped almost off the stool and the clamps flew off her nipples. The blood rushing back into her nipples caused the burglar to scream gutturally into her gag.


Jack lowered the whip and gently rubbed her reddened ass.

"Wow, your ass actually feels warm from that whipping," he laughed.

"UUUHHHH." the robber moaned into her gag miserably. Her nipples ached and her ass was on fire. She flinched slightly as Jack cupped one of her boobs in his hand.

"Now you. Do you want me to take that gag out of your mouth?"

"UH MMMM. UH UH." the burglar nodded as much as she could with her head tied back.

"No problem."

Roz watched as Jack unbuckled the belt that held the cloth in the coloured girl's mouth. Slowly he pulled what seemed to be a large ball of sodden socks from her mouth. Roz noticed that Jack had his right hand in the back pocket of his trousers as he did this. A trail of sticky saliva followed the gag from the robbers mouth and hung down from her lower chin.

"Whhahhhhhh, uhhh, oh, mmmmmm," the poor girl opened and closed her mouth and rolled her tongue as she tried to get feeling back into her mouth.

"Do you recognise the sock's?" Jack asked Roz, "I got them from your wash basket."

Without any warning Jack whipped out a black 'O' shaped object with leather straps from is back pocket. In a fluid, practiced movement he drove the black 'O' behind the girls teeth. The robber bucked and ground as she struggled in vain against the new gag.

"GUUKKKK, UUPMMMPPHH, GGRRAAAKKK!" the robber choked and gurgled as Jack tightly strapped the gag secure.

"It's called a ring gag," Jack said as he saw Roz's confused look. He placed two fingers inside the girls mouth. The thieves eyes widened and she shook her head in revulsion.

"Our new guest can't stop me putting anything in her mouth, can you." Jack asked.

"GURK, GAKKHH, UURRRHHHHH." the robber answered. Drool flowed past Jacks fingers and over her lips. Her legs kicked against the legs of the stool, her fingers fluttered.

"You are messy. Wait there. I'll be right back." Jack walked out again of the room.

He reentered pushing a large leather chair. Roz noticed a hole in the seat of the chair. Jack eased the chair right in front of the television. He then raised the seat of the chair to reveal a cramped box.

"I designed this chair myself." Jack chirped.

He walked over to the prone robber and swiftly untied her from the stool, platform and ceiling. Drool constantly flowed from her mouth on the floor. She groaned in relief as he lifted her off the stool. Jack then grabbed her under the arms and carried her to the chair and held her over the cavity where the seat was.

"Bend you knees," he ordered.

The robber obeyed immediately, bent her knees and Jack quickly lowered her into the cavity. Roz shifted in the couch to get a better view of what was happening. The bound burglar looked around uncertainly as she wondered what the hell was happening. As Jack had lowered her she could feel her crotch resting on something weird. Before she could react Jack strapped her calves and ankles to the floor of the chair.

"Make yourself comfy there now," Jack said as he picked up the chair's seat and placed it down over the robbers head. He pushed down until the girls head finally popped through the hole of the seat. He swiftly locked the seat down engaging a series of metal locks on the seat.

'Oh God' though Roz as she realised what the seat was for.

The burglar was wide eyed in terror . She turned her head left and right but her view was hindered by the back and arms of the strange leather armchair. Jack whistled as he pulled an electrical cable from the back of the chair and plugged it into a socket.

He winked at Roz and pulled his trousers off and then his boxers. Roz closed her eyes as his manhood flopped out.

"Don't be shy, it's nothing you haven't seen before," Jack laughed, "I'll tell you what I'll give you a show."

Jack twisted the seat around so Roz could get a full view of the 'show'. All Roz could see of the restrained burglar was the back of her head. She looked around nervously, unaware of her impending fate as the back of the chair hid Jack from her.

"Ready or not here I come." Jack sang and stepped out from behind the back of the chair. The burglar stared at Jacks family jewels in silent horror, her body frozen, then she struggled frantically. The chair shook with her struggles, the seat rose up and down as she tried to escape.

"Now now, it won't be too bad," Jack ruffled her hair with his hand, "there's something for you too."

With that Jack flicked a switch on the arm of the chair. A loud humm came from the cavity of the seat. The robber stopped moving or grunting for a second. Suddenly her head snapped back and she released a loud, gurgled moan. Roz felt herself flush at the sound.

"You like that?" laughed Jack.


Jack climbed onto the chair, swung a leg over the robber's head and plopped down onto the seat, his crotch right in her face.

The bound burglar's vision was now totally filled by Jack's crotch. His huge balls lay directly in front of the mouth, just below her nose. His semi flaccid cock lay on top of her nose. Her nostrils were full of his scent.

Roz's view of Jack's crotch was blocked, thankfully, by the back of the poor burglar head. The robbers head twisted and bobbed in the seat. Her moans and gurgling was now stifled by Jacks balls.

Jack smiled, closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head.

"Start licking,"

The burglar immediately obeyed.

Chapter 5 (added: 2014/10/17)

'The bitch is enjoying it,' Roz thought as she watched the spectacle.

The unfortunate crook that Jack had apprehended earlier had spent the last few hours licking and nuzzling his balls and cock. The nameless black girl was trapped in the seat of the chair with an invisible buzzing vibrator between her legs. Her mouth was forced open in an 'O' shape by the wide ring gag. It appeared to Roz that when the buzzing toy between her legs sprang to life the thief seemed to enjoy her predicament.

With gusto the captive girl licked, her head nodding up and down in a furious rhythm. She slurped and murmmered as she pleasured Jack. Her moans slowly grew in volume as time went on. Her head nodded faster as her licks and slurps increased tempo.

"Don't slow down, mmmmm," Jack groaned whle he slowly stroked the thief's head.

"Nuuuhh uuuhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, ssssslllllluuurrrrpppphh.." the thief replied.

The spectacle continued, Roz marveling at the girl's stamina. Finally with a roar the girl came and bent her head forward resting in Jacks crotch, panting heavily.

"You come?" Jack asked, he switched off the vibrator from the control panel on the arm of the chair.

"mmmmm, uh huh, uh huh," the thief tiredly answered.

"I didn't. Keep licking!" snapped Jack.

"Uuuuurrggggh, uuhhhh.. sllllllluuurrrrpphhh." the thief resumed her task, twisting and nodding her head as she licked Jack's family jewels. Her moans of pleasure now replaced by groans of discomfort and cramps. The thief continued on diligently until, much, much later Jack reached climax and came with a loud groan.

"Oooohhhh! Good girl," he smiled to himself, closed his eyes and dozed on the chair, his source of pleasure panting heavily, her head resting less than an inch from his balls. His warm, now flaccid cock resting against her face.

What seemed like hours passed until Jack suddenly sprang back into life.

"Jesus, is that the time," Jack struggled off the chair, the poor girl still locked in between his legs, "we have an early start tomorrow. Time for bed."

"UURGGH, EEHHDDD?" Roz's reply was stifled by the ball in her mouth and the thick leather panel buckled over her lips.

She shivered as Jack climbed off the chair. He was still totally naked from the waist down. His now flaccid manhood glistened with saliva and droll.

"Ehhhhddd?" Jack laughed, "you mean 'bed.' You can have the couch, our new friend can have the chair. I'll crash on the bed. Try and get some sleep. Don't make too much noise and don't stay up all night talking."

Jack climbed into the unmade bed that lay in the far corner of the room and pulled the duvet over him. Roz stared over at him, jealous of him in his comfortable bed. The poor thief was still tightly bound in the strange chair. Only her head was visible. She desperately looked left and right, uncertain what was going on. She strained her head back at Roz, her eyes wide and pleading.

"OK, good night girls, see you in the morning," Jack called as he switched off the lights with a remote he held in his hand.

The cellar was plunged into a darkness. Roz despaired as the light faded. All thoughts of escape left her head. The bound burglar wailed in her uncomfortable position. The thought of spending the night in the chair was nightmarish. Her limbs cramped awfully.

"AAAWWWHHHHHH OOOOOHHH!" the thief wailed.


"Girls. If you don't shut up I'll make you even more uncomfortable. GO TO SLEEP." Jack snapped.

The two captive moaned quietly and accepted their fate miserably. The hours passed by slowly. Roz lay uncomfortably listening to the bound burglars grunt and murmur to herself. Roz was thankful not to be restricted in that hellish chair.

A loud 'cock 'a'doodle doo from Jack's phone alarm woke Roz from her light sleep. Roz had shifted and rolled trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Instead of finding a comfortable position Roz tumbled from the couch onto the floor. She tried to struggle back onto the couch but after several failed attempts she groaned and slept on the floor. The hard floor of the cellar was far from ideal but it was a thousand times better than the burglars position. The thief's arms and legs cramped horribly in their tight bondage. Constant animalistic grunt and moans could be heard from her through the night and early morning.

"Up and at them girls," Jack climbed from his bed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stretching his arms. His manhood stood erect in a large 'morning glory.'

"uuuuuuhhhhhh, muuuuhhhhhhfff." Roz answered feebly. Drool had pooled below her mouth where she lay on the ground. She was too weak after all her ordeals even to move.

"rrrrrrrrgggghhhh, uuuuurrrrrrrr...." the thief mumbled in her predicament.

Jack walked into the kitchen and Roz could hear rummaging and the clink of plates and dishes. She razed her head up, her stomach felt sick from the lack of food and sleep. Her brain was fuzzy from the hours of discomfort.

"OK girls, first breakfast, then bathroom, shower then we have to get you ready for the day."

Jack reappeared from the kitchen with two metal bowls in his hand. Roz recognised them as dog dishes. The names '"Fido" and "Rex" was printed on the front of the bowls. One of them even had the faded cartoon image of a smiling dog. He walked towards the captives and placed the bowls on the coffee table.

"Hope you girls like cereal." Jack bent down beside Roz, "You slept on the floor? Couch not comfortable?"

"UUUHHHHHH." Roz answered.

"Now I'm going to take off your gag so you can eat. If you scream it goes straight back in and no food or drink till tomorrow, understand?" Jack asked, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back painfully.

"UUUURRRRKKK! UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH." Roz tried to nod but it was hard with Jack pulling her head back. The pain had woken her more than the alarm.

Jack slowly unbuckled the serious of straps that tightly held the panel gag in place. She moaned in relief as one by one they were released. Finally he undid the last strap and pulled the panel and red ball from her lips. A torrent of drool followed the gag onto the floor. Roz's lipstick was smeared awfully across her lips.

"MMMMMMWAAAHHHHHH." she moaned, her mouth finally released from it's torment. Her jaw was numb from it's many hours pried open by the red ball. Roz was uncertain if she could talk never mind scream her mouth was so numb. The gag left indentations on her face where it had dug in to her flesh.

Jack unceremoniously plonked the dog dish full of cereal and milk under her nose. Part of the drool hanging from her lips landed into the milk.

"Eat up Roz, quickly now. We need to hurry."

Roz bit her lower lip and nodded meekly. Slowly she lowered her head and lapped at the milk like a cat. Jack attended the thief while Roz slurped on her breakfast hungrily.

"OK you, same for you. No screaming or no food or drink for twenty four hours."

The thief nodded her head up and down slowly. A large pool of saliva had built up overnight under her chin. She squinted her eyes in discomfort as Jack roughly untied the ring gag and pulled it from her mouth.


Jack placed the bowl in front of her face and smiled.

"Eat up. I'm going to clean up. Once I'm finished I clean up the dishes if your finished or not."

The burglar gulped, nodded and then buried her head into the bowl, devouring the meal.

"You girls are hungry," Jack laughed as he left the two girls to their meager meal.

Roz never noticed him leaving. Her entire focus was lapping up the first meal she had in hours. She moaned as the cereal finally satisfied her hunger. In the background she could hear her companion slurp up her meal. Roz finally finished her breakfast and lay on the ground, her mouth, lips and chin covered in milk. After many minutes Roz struggled up, the strap of her straitjacket riding up her crotch and sat on her bum on the floor.

"Hey, you. You OK?" Roz called to her room mate. The thief had finished slurping her food minutes before and since then moaned softly to herself.

"Nooooo. Get me out of this thing." the thief complained. She turned her head around trying to glimpse at Roz.

Roz struggled to her feet and staggered over to the chair. Roz's muscles ached from the bondage and lack of sleep. Roz gazed down at the unfortunate black girl. She was very pretty, full lips, brown eyes. Her hair was tousled from her previous ordeals and her cheeks and lips were marked from her earlier gag. The seat of the chair and her lower chin was sodden with drool. She looked exhausted from her exertions and bondage.

"It's kind of difficult for me to help you," Roz shifted in the straitjacket to emphasize the point, " anyway I think that asshole wouldn't be very happy.

Roz also enjoyed seeing the thief in her predicament. She deserved this for trying to rob her. Roz was beautiful, ambitious and ruthless, she was not however, smart. It still hadn't occurred to her that Jack had just ransacked her apartment. Her belongings in temporary storage in the same cellar she was currently in.

"I'm Roz, who are you?"

"Laura," the thief panted, she gritted her teeth as her limbs spasmed in pain, "Christ I need to get out of her before my arms fall off. What's going..."

Laura was cut off in mid sentence by the reappearance of Jack, showered and dressed.

"You girls finished breakfast? Good. Now Roz I'm bringing you to shower and whatever else."

Jack grabbed Roz's butt and encouraged her forward. He pushed her out of the enclosed area leaving Laura alone.

"Don't worry, you. I'll be back very soon."

The thief gulped and closed her eye's at the news.

Out of the cellar and up the steps Jack pushed Roz. Finally they were back on the ground floor. He coaxed her to a door and then opened it. Inside the room was a black makeup table, spotlights arranged along the frame of the mirror. A soft, red leather chair was place in front of the makeup table. A huge variety of product lay carefully on the table. In a corner was an old, worn wardrobe. To the back of the makeup studio was a cramped, en-suite toilet and shower. The one obvious thing missing was windows.

"Now I'm going to release you. You have two hours to get ready for the day. Make the most of it."

Jack began to unstrap the heavy, black leather straitjacket from Roz's body. Roz moaned in relief as the strap that rode up her crotch was finally released.

"Ooohhh, thank God," she groaned.

Jack tugged the jacket off leaving Roz naked before him. The material of the Jacket clung to her skin where the sweat had acted almost like a glue. It came from her skin with a faint 'ripping' sound. Roz coyly crossed her arms over her tits and crossed her legs. Her torso was covered in stale, salty sweat from her struggles. Her bladder and bowels cried out to be released.

"OK, enjoy your shower," Jack pushed Roz into the room and locked the door.

"Oh Christ!" Roz groaned as she scampered to the toilet.

The hot shower was heaven. The water washed away the sweat, drool and aches from the previous hours of hell. She wrapped her wet body in the large towel that hung in the shower and walked into the makeup room. She walked to the red armchair and dropped into it's embrace.

"Oh God, that's better," she moaned.

Roz stared into the mirror and a tired face with smeared makeup glared back. Roz glanced across the table, found makeup remover and cotton pads and slowly began to remove her ruined makeup. She had finally finished removing her war paint when a voice cut it on a speaker high on the wall which Roz had not noticed till now.

"Welcome to your new home," Glenda's voice was recognizable, "I hope you enjoyed your shower. Please hurry and make yourself beautiful. You'll find everything you need. Clothes are in the wardrobe behind you. Put on the outfit. Failure to make yourself beautiful or not putting on the outfit......well you don't want to know."

Roz pushed herself from the chair and walked towards the wardrobe. She opened the doors and looked inside.

"THAT!" she exclaimed.

Laura shifted in the chair. The straps that held her limbs cuts into her skin painfully. The seat of the chair crushed her shoulders beneath its weight. She debated to herself whether or not to call for help. She had just decided to scream out when Jack walked back in.

"OK, you. I'm back."

Laura moaned miserably at the news, shaking her head.

"Don't be like that, I'm going to let you out."

"Oh God, please." Laura begged.

Jack unlocked the seat of the unique chair and pulled it off finally releasing her head. Next he unbuckled her legs from the base and lifted her from the chair entirely. The thief moaned softly as she tumbled onto the hard floor and stretched out her legs. She slowly arched, kicked and stretched her muscular legs trying to get feeling back into them.

While Laura lay prone on the ground Jack unbuckled the belt that bound her wrists. She sighed as the belts were finally released.

"Ahhhh. Thanks." she panted, twisting her hands and wriggling her fingers.

Jack remained silent, he unbuckled the final belt that bound her elbows, loosened it by four notches and then re-buckled it.

"Can't let you totally free, can I?" Jack picked Laura up and knelt her on the ground, she peered up at him with her wide, brown eyes, milk stains around her lips from her earlier breakfast. Her eyes were puffy and heavy from lack of sleep.

Jack sat on the couch and beckoned at Laura with his finger.

"Come over," he laconically ordered.

Laura now knew better than to hesitate. He shifted over on her knees towards Jack, her semi-numb arms flaying about from the elbows. Her large tits swayed as she struggled over. Laura bit her lower lip the normally easy challenge made harder by her bound elbows and numb limbs. Jack place his hand on her head and guided her towards his crotch. Quickly he undid his zip and fumbled out his cock and balls. Laura stared wide-eyed at his huge manhood.

"Quickly now, the wife will be here soon."

Jack pinched her nipples as Laura open her wide mouth, wrapped her luscious lips around the tip and gobbled his cock. She had just began to feel his cock to grow hard in her mouth when he gently tapped his finger on her forehead. She gazed up at him with her brown eyes.


"No biting now!" he warned.

"Uh huh." she nodded, his now fully grown shaft filling her mouth.

"Continue," he ordered.

Laura complied with a slurping, wet sound.

"Alice in fucking wonderland?" Roz said to herself.

She angled herself in front of the mirror to get a look at herself. She crinkled her nose in disgust at her outfit.

"I look stupid," she whined.

Roz wore a powder blue, mini-dress with a white, frilly apron like front. A black belt went around hr waist. Her legs were covered with thigh high, horizontal striped stockings. On her feet, sky high 'stripper' shoes.

The skirt was way too short, barely covering the cheeks of her ass, if she bent over the world would get a eye-full of the frilly, lace knickers that she was provided with in the wardrobe. The dress was too tight and way too low cut. The top of her tits spilled over the top of the outfit, giving more than a glimpse of the bra which matched her knickers. The dress was so tight that for a while Roz worried that it would rip while she put it on. The outfit was finished off with a black hairband with powder blue bow.

Before Roz had 'dressed' she had carefully applied the make-up supplied and styled her hair. She savoured the experience of not been bound and gagged.

"Well, at least I'm dressed." Roz mused.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the clicking of the lock. The door opened and Jack stood there with Laura before him. He held her, his arm linked through her elbows behind.

"You're dressed, good! Now come with me," Jack beckoned to Roz, "You, you get ready, I'll bring your outfit after you shower," Jack pushed Laura into the room.

Roz stood in the hall with Jack nervously as he locked the door on Laura. She gazed up and down the hall looking for an escape. Thoughts of escape were extinguished quickly when Jack roughly grabbed her arms behind her back, held them at the elbow and pushed hr forwards.

"OOWWWW, Careful," Roz cried.

"Quickly, no time to lose." Jack ignored her cry and pushed her quickly down the hall into the shop.

"Oh you look marvelous Roz," Glenda cried as she entered the shop, "And to think I was going to sell you."

"MMMMPPPHHH?" Roz tried to answer but the rubber ball in her mouth prevented her.

"Alice in Wonderland, you make a great Alice, Roz." Glenda sat at the desk in a plush leather chair.

Roz stood on her old friend, the rotating platform. Thick, wide leather cuffs on her ankles were chained to the edges, forcing her legs apart. Behind leather cuffs also bound her ankles and elbows. The chains were kept looser than before for which Roz was thankful. Roz spent over an hour rotating slowly in the room, shifting uncomfortably in her ridiculously high heels.

"So where's my darling husband?" Roz cooed as she inspected her nails.

"UUUHH, UUHHHH," Roz grunted, nodding her head towards the door.

As if in answer the door open and Jack entered pulling a leash behind him.

"I come bearing gifts!" Jack declared as he pulled his new captive behind him

Laura shuffled awkwardly behind him. Walking on the heels she was wearing would be awkward enough normally, the high stilettos forcing Laura to support her weight on her toes. Walking was made even more difficult with the short chains that were attached to the leather cuffs on her ankles. Her knees were bound tightly together with a thick leather belt. The captured burglars arm were wrapped in a pink leather mono-glove.

Her torso and crotch were confined with the straps of a pink, patent leather body harness, it straps snaking over her chocolate coloured body. Laura's waist was crushed into a matching pink leather corset which sculpted her frame into an almost cartoon like figure.

A wide slave collar curtailed her neck while a massive panel gag completely masked the lower part of Laura's face, just below her nose it then curved up over her cheeks. A series of straps, securing it to her head crossed over her face and over and behind her head. The gag was strapped on so tight Laura cheeks bulged over the leather panel. Laura's eyes darted left and right nervously as she struggled into the room.

"Oh Jack, she's lovely," Glenda cooed as Laura gingerly stepped behind Jack.

Glenda stood up, walked towards Jack and lovingly kissed him on the lips. She eyed him suspiciously.

"Did you fuck her?" she asked menacingly.

"No, honey, of course not. Did I?" Jack looked back at Laura.

Whether Laura said yes or no Roz could not make out. All she could hear was a series of tortured, gurgling grunts and mumbles.

'Whatever's stuck in her mouth must be massive.' Roz thought to herself

"OK, install out new friend in the cage. Did you happen to catch her name?" Glenda asked.

"No, didn't think to ask. Does it matter?" Jack replied, leading the bound girl to the cage in the corner of the room.

"AHH AAMME AAUUUURAAHH, AUURRAHH, UUMMPH." from Laura's grunts and attempts to talk Roz guessed her name was very important to her.

She stared nervously at the metal cage she was been lead to. She pleaded to both Jack and Glenda for mercy as the cage got closer.


Jack guided Laura into the cage, placed her in position and closed the door. He slid over the bold and lock it with a padlock. This seemed like overkill as the caged girl couldn't access the bolt with her gloved arms. The cage was cramped and Laura barely squeezed into the tight confines. The metal bars squeezed her tits, ass and arms. The cage rattles as Laura flexed against the bars of her cage.

"A bit tight in there, is it?" Jack asked as he attached a chain to the top of the panel gag.


Laura roll her eyes up struggling to see what Jack was trying to achieve. Her curiosity was answered when pulled the chain, tugging her head up. The poor girl found herself on her tippy-toes the chain pulling her from the floor of the cage. Laura ground her teeth into the rubber, penis shaped gag that violated her mouth, her face contorted in discomfort as the chain pulled on her head, the straps digging further into her face.


"OK, honey, Nadia is in the back of the van. Can you be a dear and get her ready. The customer will be hear in a little over an hour."

"No problem, honey," Jack pecked Glenda on the cheek and left the room, leaving Glenda with the two bound girls.

Glenda silently paced around Roz slowly, drinking in her body with evil eyes. Occasionally she glanced at Laura, dangling in her cage. Only the sound of the chains of Roz's cuffs jinglings and the grunts and moans of both girls broke the silence.

"So Roz," Glenda finally spoke, "did my husband fuck her?"

"NUUHHH, NUUHHH FUUHHHF." the words came from Roz's mouth wet and slurping.

"NUH UH! NUH UH!" the thief tried to shake her head, the cage rattled with her exertions.

Glenda walked towards the exit, she ran her hand across Roz's upper thigh as she walked past.

"OK, I believe you, for now. I'm making some tea, you girls want some?" Glenda's voice sounded doubtful

Roz caught Laura's eye as Glenda left them alone. The thief gazed back for a second before squeezing her eyes shut, her face bearing testament to the strain her body was under. Sweat was beginnig to collect on her forehead, drool tricked down from her chin to her round tits.

'Well I didn't really lie to Glenda,' Roz thought to herself as she observed the thief's agonies, 'they didn't fuck. She licked his balls and sucked his cock.'

Chapter 6 (added: 2015/03/26)

Friday mornings were Nadia's favourite. For the past two months she had built up a whole routine. She woke early, just past seven am. Lazily she would raise from her double bed. Nadia loved stretching across the expanse of the bed. Then she would prepare breakfast. Trying to maintain her trim figure she would prepare oatmeal with fruit and coffee to wash it down. Next a hot shower would help her wake up fully. Then she would hit the gym. After an hour of cardio and weights she would leave exhausted but content. Then she would religiously go to a cafe over looking a canal and sip a coffee. Watching the world pass by.

Nadia could almost taste the coffee when her daydream was rudely interrupted. Light flooded into the cramped, wooden box. The taste of morning coffee Nadia was imagining was replaced by the taste of several Glenda's worn panties. Her flavour dominating Nadia's taste buds. The aroma of coffee, pastries and the canal from Nadia's favourite cafe was replaced by the scent of Glenda sex. Before Glenda had shoved her into the wooden transportation box she had gagged Nadia with five pairs of her used knickers. Nadia cheeks had bulged when the third was shoved in. The fifth pair was slowly coaxed into Nadia's tortured mouth. To seal in the gag Glenda had hooded Nadia with the pantyhose Glenda had worn the day previously. She made sure the crotch was firmly placed under Nadia small nose. Around and around Glenda had pulled the legs of the pantyhose around Nadia's mouth, eyes, throat and nose. Jack then collected the wooden crate and transported Nadia to the boutique.

"Up and at them, lazy."

Jack cupped his right arm under Nadia and shoved her head towards her knees with his left hand, pulling her out like a ball. Nadia squirmed and wiggled her toes when she felt his hands on her naked body. Her low, grunts increasing in both tempo and volume.


Jack lowered her down, forcing Nadia to stand on her numb legs. Her legs were bandaged together from toe to lower thigh. Her arms were bound together similarly behind her back with black, elastic bandage. Her arms from fingers to upper arms encased in the medical wrap. The bandage was then further secured with duct tape making escape all but impossible. The rest of her toned body was naked. Jack turned her around, making sure her bonds were secure. His hands busily rubbing up and down her naked flesh. Roughly grabbing her butt, tits and thighs.

"Looks like you're still secure."

"EEPPPPHH! UMMMPPHH!" Nadia squealed and grunted as Jack roughly rubbed her tits and ass.

"Now stay here. I need to get your outfits ready. Back in a tick."

Jack left Nadia standing in the cellar. Her vision was dimmed by the layers of nylon over her eyes. With difficultly she balanced on her bandage bound feet. She glanced left and right trying to get an idea of her surroundings. The light seemed to be brighter from one corner of the cellar. A sound like rushing water, maybe traffic passing by could be heard. A cold draft also came from that direction. The cold air passed over her skin, goose-bumping her skin, hardening her nipples.

Nadia thought about it for a split second and then acted. She bent her knees and then gingerly bounced forward. She landed on the flat of her feet and was surprised not to fall on her face. Again she jumped, then again. Her tits bounced as she bounded towards her freedom. Each bounce was accompanied by a strained grunt.

After a herculean effort Nadia reached her destination. Jack had backed the van into the cellar. The van was a tight fit in the door but on the sides there was a tight gap. The gap was narrow, wide enough for Nadia to just about poke her head out but not enough for her to escape. Nadia could feel the cool concrete of the wall rasp against her skin. She squeezed her head through the gap. She cursed the pantyhose hood that prevented her from getting her first breath of fresh air in almost two days. All she could smell was Glenda's scent. She squeezed and squeezed but her ample tits prevented her from escaping. She found herself wedged between the van's chasis and the frame of the door.


Nadia screamed as loud as se could but Glenda's sodden knickers deadened her screams to a low grunt. Nadia's nylon hood masked her vision but she could clearly hear the traffic passing by outside. The faint murmurs of distant conversations could just be heard.

"Jesus! What are you doing!" Jack's stomach turned when he saw Nadia's attempt at escape.

He dashed across the cellar floor.


Nadia's muffled cries for help increased in volume, tempo and desperation when she heard Jack's exclamation. She wailed in despair as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back in.


Jack wrestled Nadia to the ground and sealed her mouth further with his hand.

"Nadia, I thought you wanted a job?" Glenda snapped. She had just entered the cellar and had witnessed the last few seconds of her doomed escape attempt.


"You get her ready Jack. Our client is here soon."

"Alright, darling," Jack replied, panting from his exertions.

Glenda turned to leave the cellar, paused mid-step and then turned glared back at Nadia.

"I'm very dissappointed in you Nadia. You will be punished for mis-behaving. Make sure you fully co-operate in the next few hours or I make sure you'll be in a far worse position than poor Sonja."

Nadia remembered the way Sonja had been left. Bound spread eagled on the bed, thoroughly gagged, vibrator on a timer between her legs and no sleep in almost twelve hours. Nadia gulped and nodded her head as much as she could.


"You better be bitch," Jack whispered into her ear.

"Ok Jack, get her ready. I'll check if anybody heard her."

"Michael, come on, you'll be late."

"One second mum," the little boy peered over the wall.

He saw something like a mummy's head for one second before it was dragged down. It was mumbling something weird. Michael began walk towards the van where the mummy had appeared behind.

"Michael, come back here. You're not allowed in there."

"But Mum, there's a mummy in there."

The mother picked her boy into her arms and walked away stroking his head.

"Where do you get this stuff from. Come on I'll buy you ice-cream."

The thoughts of the ice-cream made Michael forget about his mummy.

Rik loved coming here. Sure it was expensive but, hey it was worth it. He felt uneasy about his fetish. But lately it was the only thing keeping him sane. His work was highly pressurised but also highly paid. He could handle work. His wife was another matter. Over the past few months the possibility of a divorce had become a certainty. Rik had come to the sickening realisation that his wife had married him for a future, handsome divorce settlement.

A friend on a forum told him about a place. A lingerie shop with a huge difference. A shop that not only sold bondage gear and lingerie but girls modeled the goods while bound. He could hardly believe it. Unfortunately it was in a different city, in a different country even. Once business had taken him there he got the contact details from his online friend and arranged an appointment.

It blew his mind. After the two hour modelling show Rik maxxed out his credit card buying lingerie and gifts for his wife even though he knew his marriage was ending and the gifts never used. He also left a generous tip for the model. She deserved it. He remembered her beautiful body, criss crossed with rope. The way her eye's pleaded with him. The way spittle flowed from her gag. Her performance stunned him. It looked almost real. He had pleaded with Glenda to meet the model later but Glenda had flat out refused.

"We must respect the privacy of her models," she had gently chided him.

Rik agreed reluctantly but made it his mission to return to this unusual boutique next time he was in this part of the world. When he was sent there again he fired an email to Glenda.

Rik left his cab and walked onto the street. This part of the word was cold and damp. He shivered in his jacket. Rik marvelled at how the locals walked around in short sleeves while he wore a thick Jacket. He walked up the street, took out his phone and dialled.

"Hi, Glenda, Rik here. I just arrived. Be there in 5 minutes. OK. Bye."

Rik walked quickly towards the location of Glenda's business. His cock grew hard and warm with the memories of the last visit. He was dissappointed when he heard the last model no longer worked there but Glenda had assured him of a 'surprise.'

Rik walked to the door of the boutique and rang the bell. Glenda appeared almost immediately and ushered him in.

"Rik, welcome, it's been too long. How was your trip?"

"Glenda great to be here, It has been............ah, a great...........trip.....gulp."

Rik was stopped in his tracks by the scene in front of him. The main shop had been stripped bare. Almost all the stock it seemed had been removed. In its place, in the center of the floor was a gorgeous blonde, barely clothed, balancing on a rotating, round platform. Rik could not stop himself from staring at her.

To say she was dressed would be overstatemwent. The bottom of the dress barely cover the bottom of her buttocks. Her tits threatened to spill over the top of her dress. The blonde's bust seemed to glisten with the drool that had collected there. A thin thread of spittle connecting her lower lip to her tits.

Her red lips were parted by a large matching red ball bag, parting her mouth in a wide 'O.' The model's white teeth in sharp contrast with the red rubber ball. The girl's wrist's, elbows, knees and ankles were bound by leather cuffs fixed together by chains. Each cuff was further secured with tiny, brass padlocks. A chain was further attached from her wrist cuffs to an rotating eye link in the ceiling, forcing her into a mild stappado. The strappado forced her ass out and revealed her bust.

"Rik meet Alice. She just started working here so don't be too harsh if she makes a mistake."

Glenda pulled a chair behind Rik and gestured him to sit. He gladly accepted, hiding his erection discretely with his hand. Glenda handed him a catalogue and a glass of red wine.

"Alice?" he questioned.

"Alice, Alice in Wonderland. Or I suppose Alice in Bondage Land."

The model jumped when Glenda playfully patted her round ass. Rik marvelled at the genuine fear that the model seemed to emote. He slowly placed the catalogue on his crotch to hide his hard on and had a sip of the wine.

"So is 'Alice' one of your new models?"

Rik couldn't help but stare. As the buxom blonde rotated on the platform slowly he could see her at all angles without getting up from the chair. As her front slowly spun by she tried to make eye contact. Her pale blue eyes widdened as she mummbled through her gag. The drool around her lips began to form small bubbles as wet, slurping words tried to escape around the red ball. She shifted the weight on her feet as much as she could seeing her ankles were tide to the edge of the platform. Her knees bent inwards with the chains that attached the cuffs at her knees. The strappado forced her forward giving him full view of her drool, sodden bust. Rik noticed a small pool had begun to form on the floor of the platform at her feet.

As she spun around the model struggled to maintain eye contact, looking to her side while trying to maintain her balance. Rik gazed at her toned legs covered in thigh high white stockings. Soon he got a full view of her ass. Her dignity cover with frilled, french knickers. Her toned legs quivered with the strain. The model looked over her shoulder again trying desperately to make eye contact.

"UUHHVV EEHHNN EEHHDD NNAAPPPEDD!" she repeated. The words came out in a wet slurping noise. The vowels garbled like baby speak.

"Now Alice here has annoyed the Mad Hatter, Rik. She has to remain here until she learns some manners. Do you like Alice's outfit?"

"What? Oh yes. It's very cute." Rik stammered.

"We offer a discount if you buy the outfit with the matching underwear. More wine?"

Rik noticed his glass was empty. In the corner of his eye he saw something move. Was there something there. He could see a cage and a manequin inside. The manequin, however was moving. Glenda noticed Rik and walked towards the cage.

"Ah this is our other model. She annoyed the Mad Hatter even more than 'Alice'. Tried to rob his Hat."

"wow" Rik whispered to himself.

Glenda stood by the cage, her hand on the chain that ran from the top of the captive's panel gag to the ceiling. The girl in the cage wiggled left and right in the tiny confines of the metal cage.

"Seems the Mad Hatter doesn't like thieves. Don't be shy, honey. Have a closer look."

Glenda pretended not to notice as Rik fixed his erection before he stood up. The catalogue still hiding his crotch. 'Alice' grunted loudly at him as he passed by. But his attention was fixed upon the chocolate skin 'model' in the cage.

"Come on, take a good look. This girl has gone to a lot of trouble for you."

Rik circled around the cage. His eyes slowly gazing up and down her body. Drinking in every detail of the scene before him. The girl in the cage was naked, her only clothes was a pink corset which was impossibly tight. How she could breath in that he couldn't fathom. The corset seemed to be over a pink leather body harness which cut her pussy in two. Pink leather cuffs attached her knees and akles tightly together. Her arms were hidden and crushed by a tight leather armbinder. Pink leather belts were tied along the armbinder to complete her submission. The girl was squeezed by the confines of the cage. Her naked tits popped through the bars. Her brown nipples were hard from the slight chill in the room.

"Oh by the way the armbinder and gag are on special offer if bought together." Glenda smiled as she stroked the model's hair.

"mmmmm, I'll take them. And the Alice outfit. Put it on my Credit Card." Rik was almost annoyed to be interrupted.

The girls head movement was totally restricted by a long, thick, leather collar that ran from her shoulders to her lower chin. The panel gag almost totally masked her lower face. It's thick straps digging into the models face. The panel around her mouth was strapped in so tight that her cheeks bulged over the side of the panel. Rik noticed that the chain attached from the ceiling to the head harness forced the girl onto her toes in the cage. The models wide, brown eyes followed him and then glanced quickly at the chain above her head, then Glenda. The only sounds were the tinkle of the chains, rattle of the cages bars and a low series of muffled, wet grunts.

"Is she OK?" Rik asked. He noticed the sheen of sweat on her forehead and on her shoulders.

"She's fine," Glenda assured him rubbing the girl's hair, "she loves this.

"uuuhhhpppp, mmmm, uummpphh....." the 'model' shook her head in the confines of the leather collar. Too little for Rik to notice. Her eyes stung from the sweat that flowed from her forehead. Drool collected around the huge penis gag that stifled her mouth. She was forced to swallow it back to prevent choking. However the process of the drool building up begun again as soon as she swallowed. Her unintelligable mummbles were further silenced by the thick leather panel tightly strapped over her lips.

"This is the exact same gag, Nancy is wearing now," Glenda produced an identical gag for Rik to inspect.

She almost stumbled over the name. There was no need for Rik to know the girl's real name.

"Wow, she has this in her mouth?" Rik marvelled at the thick, black, veined, rubber penis that was fixed to the panel.

"...mmmphh uuummppp uufffhh mmm" the model mumbled at Rik, her brown eyes fixed on him desperately.

He imagined the rubber penis gag in the black girls mouth and felt himself get hard. The girls 'performance' was incredible he thought.

"She sure has. Good practice for her, don't you think Rik? If you buy the outfit, Gag, armbinder and straps you receive a 10% discount."

"I can't see my wife agreeing to this," Rik laughed somewhat bitterly.

"In that case, Rik, we offer a service for good customers like you. You can have private 'shows' with our models."

"What do you mean?"

"We do web-cam show for our best customers, like you. You decide on the girl, her oufit, the scenario."

"So I decide what happens?" Rik stared hungrily at the black girl.

The caged girl could feel his desire. Her struggles grew more frantic but her tight bondage kept her from moving too much. All she achieved was putting more strain on her already tortured body.

"Yes. You could be at home in your bedroom, glass of wine in hand watching, 'Nancy' here."

"Tied up?" Rik asked.

"Bound and gagged." Glenda smiled.

"What else," Rik stared at the caged girls tits.

"Spanking, whipping, hot wax, vibrators, Nancy is a very open minded girl."

Glenda took Riks hand and placed it on the caged girls breast.

"mmmmmm nuuuhhhpphh nuuuhhh ufffffpphh."

The model garbled words meant nothing to Rik. He slowly looked her up and down. The caged girl wiggled as much as she could but her struggles just further aroused Rik.

"She's quite an actress. I'll do it."

"Great. You won't regret it. I think 'Nancy' likes you."

Glenda grabbed the back of the girl's head and pushed her head forward and pulled it back out of Rik's line of sight. To Rik it looked like she was nodding a yes.

"uuuurrrrggggkkkhhhh....." the model rolled her eyes in misery. As Glenda pushed her head forward sweated dribbled onto her eyes, stinging them and when she brought her head back drool flowed back down her throat almost choking her.

Rik sat back on the chair. His imagination was running riot as he thought of possible positions. His attention was brought back towards the blonde in the center of the room. Her legs were amazing. She no longer tried to get his attention. All her focus was now on maintaining her balance on the rotating platform. The muscles on her thighs and buttocks quivered in effort. A trickle of drool swayed like a pendulum from her ball gag.

The black girl in the cage eyes were shut tight in discomfort and cocentration. A series of soft moans and grunts were the only sounds the two girls made.

"Make yourself comfy, Rik, I'll be back in a tick." Glenda chirped as she left the room.

She seemed happy, Rik mused. It was no wonder with how much money he had spent. Subscribing to the web camera show would cost even more but Rik knew it would be worth it.

"Nuuhmmm, nuummm mmmm ufffhhhh"

The blonde suddenly seemed to realise she was now alone (if you didn't count the girl in the cage) with Rik. She raised her head with much effort and gabbled through her gag. Rik was woke from his daydream of using the Black girl in the cage.

"Who me?" Rik pointed a himself.

"Nuhhhfffp mmmmmuhhhhh urrrgghhhh" the blond stared at him and nodded her head backwards.

Rik got up and walked towards her. The blonde panted through her nose.

"What do you want, gorgeous?"

"mmmmm uh. AAAKKKEE OOUUUFFF AAGGGGG," she nodded backwards again, her eyes wide and pleading.

"Take off the gag? You want me to ungag you?"


She nodded her head up and down quickly. The relief in her eyes was obvious. Rik began to unbuckle the ball gag. The straps dug into the side of the girl's face. He found unbuckling the ball difficult due to it's tightness. At last he untied it. The straps fell to the side of the girls face but the ball remained in her mouth.

"There you go," Rik could not resist placing his hand on her ass.

"UHHHLLLLL EEHH OOOOTTTTT. OOOHHH" the blonde pleaded, nodding and waving her head left and right. The sounds left her lips in a wet, slurping noise.

"Pull it out? OH, pull it out, OK." Rik gathered the straps in his hand and gently pulled the ball out.

The red, sodden ball left her mouth with a loud 'popping' sound followed by a trail of drool.

"Ooooohhhh, ahhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm," the blonde panted, working her jaw trying to relieve the numbness.

"Better?" Rik asked, stroking her thigh.

"Mmmmmmmmm, uh huh," the blonde nodded, drool still flowed from her mouth. Red marks were left on her cheeks where the straps had dug in. The model seemed to find talking difficult.

"ahhh, kid, uh, napped," she panted, her jaw seemed stiff and unwilling to move, "ahhh, kidnapped, please......"

Her sentence was cut short by the two swing doors suddenly opening. Rik and the blonde stared over. Glenda, Jack pushed the bound Nadia into the room on a waist high table on castors.

"Tah-Dahhhhh," Glenda chimed musically. She saw the ungagged Roz and walked straight over to her.

"Wow." Rik was tansfixed by the sight of the bound Nadia.

"Hi Rik. Wow is right," Jack replied, he too, was staring at the ungagged Roz.

Nadia wasn't staring at anyone. She was engrossed in her own private torment. Nadia had tried some light bondage before with previous boyfriends. Furry handcuffs and such. The past few days had been a brutal education. Her previous escape attempt brought her education to a painfully higher level. She had been quickly forced to change into lingerie after her ill fated escape attempt. Cream with black lace matching bra, knickers and suspender belt. The bra pushed up her ample boobs yet barely covered her nipples. Her look was completed with black stockings and shiney black stilleto's. Glenda then directed her to put on make-up. Lip gloss, mascara, eye-liner to enhance Nadia's beauty. Jack then bound Nadia tighly to a waist high wooden table with a thick 6 inch by 3 inch wooden beam on one end. The beam was raised off the table slightly by half and inch which allowed ropes through. Nadia was forced to do the splits on the table and put lying on her chest. Rope tighly bound her to the beam at the ankles, the upper thigh and just above her knees. With Glenda's help Jack tied Nadia's elbows together. Then he looped rope around her shoulder and wrist and pulled hard, bringing them together tightly. He repeated the ordeal on the other arm giving Nadia arms a similar angle to a chicken wing. While Jack was finishing tying her knots Glenda plaited her hair with a long lenght of rope. Nadia's hair was pulled back in a severe pony tail. When Glenda was finally satisfied with the plait she pulled the rope, first forcing her head back and then rasing her chest off the table, arching her backwards. Glenda then pulled the bra slightly down, exposing her nipples, attached clamps to each nipple and then tightly attached the clamps to either side of the table. This had the effect of pulling Nadia's tortured nipples in opposite directions. The table that Nadia was bound on had castor's on the legs so Jack could easily push her into the room where Rik was un-gagging Roz.

The blonde was temporarily silenced by the sight of Nadia. By the time she got her wits back but it was too late.

"please help, kidnamPPPPPPHHHHH! Mmmmmpphh!"

Glenda calmly walked over and sealed her lips with her right hand and gently relieved Rik of the gag with her free left. Rik was totally engorssed in the sight of the bound Nadia. Glenda subtly turned off the motor that rotated the platform Roz was on. She glared angrily at her while Rik was distracted.

"So what were you and 'Alice' discussing,"Glenda asked as she waved the gag in front of the blonde's eyes. Roz followed the wet rubber ball with her terrified eyes as it swung left then right.

"Who, oh, nothing." Rik muttered absent mindedly as he walked towards Nadia and Jack.

"Quite flexible isn't she?" Jack asked.

"I think she surprised herself at how flexible she is." Glenda said to Jack as she gripped Roz's nose tightly.

The strappadoed girl's mouth opened instictively with a 'mwaahhhhh' sound. She squinted her eyes shut in pain. Glenda roughly shoved the ball into the blonde's mouth, behind her teeth. Swiftly, tightly and painfully buckled the gag home.

"I'll deal with you later, bitch." Glenda whispered into Roz's ear.


While Rik inspected the incredibly uncomfortable Nadia Glenda pulled the chain that attached Roz's wrists to the ceiling. Roz arms were pulled painfully up, forcing her from the previous uncomfortable 45 degree angle to an agonising 90 degree.

"UUUUHHHHFFFFFFF." Roz grunted as she felt her shoulders groan under the strain. For a second she feared that they were dislocated.

Quicly Glenda shortened the lenght of chain that attached the cuffs on her elbows and knees. Her knees bent totally inwards, her elbows almost touching. Glenda ignored Roz's pained grunts and pulled her dress over her ass completely revealing her ass. She pulled the front down, with it the bra so Roz's breats spilled out for all to see.

"This will teach you," Glenda produced a pair of nipple clamps, a metal chain attaching both together.

"Nuh uh, nuh uh. Nuh oohhrrrr" Roz shook her head, pleading.

"UH HUH," Glenda nodded up and down and attached the clamps to her tender nipples.

"GRRAAmmmmmmpphh.." Glenda stifled Roz's scream by clamping her hand over the girls mouth.

Glenda then took a lenght of string from her breast pocket, tied one end to the chain on the nipple clamps. The secured the other end to the platform tautly. She then turned the platform on and whispered in Roz's ear.

"The more noise you make the longer you stay like this, be quiet."

"mmmmmpppphh uh uh" Roz closed her eyes and bit down on her gag.

Glenda walked beside Rik, put her hand on his shoulder and smiled.

"So, how do you like our other new model."

She looked down, Riks massive erection gave her hint as to his reply.

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