A Complete Surprise
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Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing...be patient...I look to trying to improve and give you want you want.


Victor was packing his bags for his final trip to his new home. Traveling across the globe to a place that was a bit different, is a change for anyone.


Looking up to his cell phone he saw that it was his ex-wife, he groaned. Reaching over his grabbed it and answer.

"Hey Angela."

"Hi Victor, I am glad I caught you before you finally left. I wanted to wish you a good trip to Detroit. No don't say anything, just wanted to say, even though things didn't end well between us, I still care, even though I have been a complete bitch to you. Take care, and I hope your new home works out for you."


Victor looked at his phone as he realized the call was already over, "That was a surprise." He put his phone town on the table and finished the last of his packing.

An hour later, as he was walking out of the house he had gotten in the divorce with Angela, he looked back into the house remembering the good times he did have with her. That is all over, time to move on, he thought.

**hours later**

The car pulled up to his new house....well...old house that is newly his.

He got out of the taxi and the driver immediately hopped out to get his luggage from the trunk. Victor looked up to his "fixer upper." This house must have been a gorgeous house in its time, but now it was showing significant age. The wear and tear on this 100 year old, 3 floor, 6 bedroom, 4 bath, 5,500 sq foot house was pretty extreme, but, he got it for a steal. Paying only $90,000 for it, in this downtrodden city and neighborhood, he thought it might be fun, to test his "handyman skills" to the max.

The driver dropped his bags off at the front door and smiled at him.

"Thanks" Victor said while handing the man a $100 bill for the ride and pleasant service.

"Your welcome, and I hope the new start here works out for you. I always hope the house doesn't fall down on top of you." the drive said while waving with a smile and a wink.

Chapter 1 - The Surprise

Victor was married to Angela for about 10 years. They were married very young, at the age of 21 for them both. They both had yet to mature and were still exploring themselves to understand who they were and who they wanted to be.

In the early years, Victor and Angela lived a meager financial life. After a few years, Victory became extremely successful by developing software, so money was no longer a problem. Angela did not work.

From his teens, Victor, was exposed to, thanks to the Internet, bondage and BDSM. He was very interested in the scene. He practiced self-bondage and had been interested in finding a partner. Angela became his partner. They traded off the dom/sub positions in a cooperative manner Angela after Victor introduced her to it.

Angela over time became more and more militant on not being the top and moved extremely to the Dominant side of the spectrum. Victor appeased her for time being on the bottom of the relationship. This play they had been performing sped out of control in the public life. Over time, the play at home diminished and the arguments began.

The last 2 years of the relationship became pretty much a living hell for Victor. Constant orders coming from his wife who thought her husband was nothing more than a maid/cook/bread winner, with no opinion from Victor. Victory tried to set the stage appropriately wanting to have the even relationship, but to no avail. At this time, their sex life didn't exist. Victor had finally had enough and filed for a divorce and Angela quickly accepted with no arguments, took her money and left. Within weeks, Victor had found out that she had three live-in full time slaves, while Victor was just trying to get on with his life.

Victor moved to Detroit to start a new job and a new life. After applying for numerous jobs he ended up picking up one in the Detroit area working for a small Software programming firm. Of course, with his talents, he was able to build in his offer package a good 3 month vacation before he actually started. He justified to his new employers he needed to iron out issues back in London, buy a house, move and get settled. Within days he was able to organize some online meeting with realtors and can to the decision of buying an older house, in a historic area, that needed to be fixed up. Victor was always pretty good with his hands and tools, but never took on anything like this before, so, he decided to take on the challenge, giving himself some time to be able to start and hopefully complete some of the work before he starts work.

Dust, dirt and everything else dirty is all Victor was into right now. After arriving into his new home, he immediately started gutting the kitchen with the help of some local unemployed immigrants who would work for meager amounts of money.

A few weeks into the houses remodel, there was a surprising find.

While reenforcing the broken down basement walls (by having to take some down first) Victor realized there was a steel door behind a wall that was to be replaced. Extremely surprised of this occurrence, Victor leaned into the door examining it closely, looking for ways to open it as well as anything on the door that might explain as to why it was there. While looking at the door he observes its very similar to that of one on a submarine, not that Victor was ever in the military, but he has seen plenty of movies with subs.

The door had no latches, knobs or mechanism to "unlock" or "open the door. This meant it locked from the inside. This could be a problem. Looking closely at the edges of the door, it looked like there might be a small gap between the door and the frame. So it looks like it might be open.

Turning around he grabbed the pry bar. Walking back to the door he slid the pry bar into the small gap and started pulling on the pry bar. In a moment, the door started opening up (toward him). Once the door started moving, it started moving quite a bit easier. Victor was able to put the pry bar down and open the door all the way open (in essence it was now 90 degrees to the door frame).

The inside of the door looks to have an extremely heavy latch that is in the up position, which is the only reason I was able to open the door. The door, now that he was looking at the inside, looks to be of a stainless steel or something similar.

Turning to the room beyond, Victor can see another door in the dark room. Not sure if there are working lights, he walked over to his tool bag on the floor, he grabbed a flashlight and ducked his head to enter the hallway.

The door was about 15 feet long, 7 feet tall and about 8 feet wide. There was nothing in this room at all other than dust, dead insects, and spider webs. The walls looks to be made of a serious sturdy brick. I don't know what is behind this tunnel wall but after knocking on it, it seems to be extremely strong. There was no sign of cracks or degradation of the structure.

At the back of the room was another door similar to the one I just came thru. This one, was barely open just like the first door. Reaching out, grabbing the door it opened fairly easy. Once he opened the door as far as it was physically possible, he started looking into the room beyond, it was huge....

Entering the room he could barely see the far wall with his small maglight, so it had to be something like 30 wide, 30 long, 9 feet high. Moving the flashlight from side to side he started taking an account of what he was seeing:

hanging beds, cabinets, blankets, toilet and sink and racks and racks of canned goods.

The realization hit him, that this room, was actually under the back yard, and looks to have been a fallout shelter that was built back in the 1950's. Amazing, he purchased a house, that had a fallout shelter and the realtor had no idea that it even existed. The fun he can have with this room started running thru his mind....in about 10 seconds, he realized what he would do, but that will take a lot of time and energy.

That day, he started packing up as much as he could and started preparing a run to the local dump. He wanted to dump this where noone would notice where it came from.

Chapter 2 - Jasmine

A few week had gone by since Victor had discovered his underground bunker. Since then, he had finishing the walls in the basement. Once that critical aspect of the house was fixed, Victor moved to his secret hole in the ground. Victor decided he needed to hide the entrance.

He wanted to keep this place hidden as long as possible for many reasons, the main, he simply didn't know what he was really doing here.

Over the next few days, he looked online different techniques on how to build a secret door that can be essentially locked, so it wont be accidentally opened as well as one that allows it to be opened fairly easily.

After making a trip to Home Depot and a few other woodworking places, Victor got all his supplies and set to work. After three tries of trying to design the bookshelf that hides the door, Victor finally got it right.

The new bookcase looks right at home in the basement. The bookcase was built out of a nice dark oak with five different shelves. For the most part it looked normal. Under the second shelf along top most edge on the side, I recessed an o-ring attached to a steel cable. The steel cable ran along the top of the second shelf behind the bookshelf. The cable behind the bookshelf was attached to the latch that held the bookshelf in place, the lock in essence. To open the bookshelf, all you need to do is reach under the shelf and pull the O ring about a quarter of an inch. Once that is done, pull the bookshelf by the second shelf. Attached to the back is a large spring that will pull the bookcase back into position. The steel door on the inside when pushed, pushes the same latch, that pushes the bookcase open.

"Well, now that is done, I can finish the other parts of the house." Victor said proudly while he packed up his tools and went back upstairs.

Victor by this time, was pretty comfortable in the house with no major projects being under way at the moment. He decided it was time to start getting himself out in the community.

On a Saturday night, he decided to venture on out into the community to see his new homes night life. He looked online and found a BDSM themed dance club in town that seemed to be a popular, but not too popular a place. Victor got ready, deciding to actually wear a pair of leather pants his ex-wife had picked up for him a few years ago, some black combat boots and a tight black cotton shirt.

He left the house as it was just getting dark to arrive at the club before the typical crowd. Entering the club he stopped and looked around, gazing into all the people and places that are to be seen.

First off, this club was huge in size, with a large dance floor in the center of the club surrounding a small stage for artists to play live. Hanging over the stage and the dance floor, are numerous large cages of different sizes. Each was different, some were birdcages (to have someone be able to only sit in it), and then some where 7-8 feet tall, but very thin, forcing a person to strange, with no ability to move inside. There was also two that were similar to the standing one, but they were laid horizontal.

On the outskirts, surrounding the central dance floor were tables, chairs, cubby holes and Victor was amazed to see, numerous bondage furniture devices all over the place. Victor was a bit on the excited side to see BDSM so prominently displayed all over the place.

Victor, intrigued, wandered over to the closest wall, and started looking over the first piece of bondage furniture, a spanking bench. This bench is in essence, a large sturdy sawhorse. On the top, is a large padded black leather covered top where typically a persons chest will lay. On each side of the bench, are two shelves, two for hands, and two for knees. One set, is a bit higher on the horse then the other. Each of the four shelves, are thickly padded as is the top, with a leather. Above each of the four shelves are think leather cuffs that when attached to a person, would tie them hands, and feet to the bench.

Victor walked over to it, running his fingers over it he looked carefully at its construction and design. "This might be a bit fun to use in the future."

Moving along the wall, he approached the next piece of furniture, a floor mounted steel stockade with fuck rod. Essentially, its a long steel "H" on the floor with two large steel rods coming out of the intersection of the middle bar. On the front side, are cuffs mounted to the floor of the "H" and on the back side are ankle cuffs for the kneeling person. At the top of the from pole, is a steel neck collar and on the back, is a mounting pole where a dildo or butt plug could be mounted, forcing it in one of the persons real holes. No leather on this device, all steel and forbidding.

Victor bent over, looking one again at its construction. Fascinated. He circled it looking at its construction, admiring its handiwork.

Across the room, Victor was being watched closely by someone that had arrived early to the club as well. Jasmine carefully watched Victor as he went from furniture piece to furniture piece while she was sipping on a Gin and Tonic from a table near the bar.

Again, Victor moved onto the next device, some kind of a version of a stockade, but vertical in nature. In essence, in a pillory, the head and arms are mounted on a pillory with the head and wrists horizontal to the floor. In this device, the pillory piece is vertical, perpendicular to the floor. The person has their head and wrists inserted into the horizontal holes, and then the other side of the wood pillory is closed on the neck and wrists. On the sides, of the wood, are latches can close the device to being opened by someone in it, as well as the ability to padlock the device closed. This was an interesting device, as it forces a person to stand with their head and wrists trapped in the top. On each of the corners, I now noticed the supports/legs. They extend out down straight from the pillory wood frame to give the device stability. It also allowed the device to be raised and lowered a bit depending on the person's height.

Victor liked it, but decided, something like this might be good for spanking and whipping, but the supports on the sides would mean the top touching the bottom would have to be close. It also seemed way to big for what it did.

The next device, was attached to a wall in a cubby hole, a Y frame. This frame had shelves where the feet would reside. The nice part about this, they were moveable, able to be raised and lowered depending on the sub's height. There were leather restraints where the ankles would be. At the waist, there was a large, heavy leather belt to cinch the sub directly to the Y frame. On each of the arms, were two leather restraints, on for the wrist and one for around the bicep. Around where the neck would be, was of course, a leather collar.

Victor approached the device and realized two things he did not notice while he was farther away. First, the bottom of the frame, where the legs would be, the bottom of the "Y" was able to be separated, to make it a "X" frame, or what others might call a St. Andrew Cross. Fantastic design... The second item, was not attached to the frame itself, was simply a pole that could be extended. On the end was a mounting point for a dildo or plug.

"This would definitely be in my bunker."

As he started to move to the next device, a bondage chair, he noticed he was being watched somewhat "covertly" by a women near the bar. As soon as he looked directly at her, she conveniently looked the other direction while sippling on her drink. Victor, amazed he already had attracted attention since there was almost no one here yet, nodded, and started walking to the lady.

As he approached, he got a better look at her. She was stunning. Long black hair, with a Persian facial structure. Wearing a short black leather "school girl skirt", a black leather under bust corset over a black tank top. On her long legs she was wearing very simple black hose with black "dance heels."

"Miss, may I join you for a bit?" he asked politely pointing to a bar stool opposite her of the small table.

"Um sure" she said almost quietly.

"Thanks," Victor said as he pulled the bar stool out and sat down looking at the woman.

"My name is Victor, and you are?"

"Jasmine." she replied to notice Victor had his hand out to shake it gently.

"So Jasmine, a patron of this fine establishment for the first time like myself, or do you come often?" said Victor.

"I have been here a few times, just looking..." she trailed off.

"May I ask what you were looking for?" Victor said thinking he had an idea already.

"Well...I don't know..." she shyly asked.

"Why don't you rise from the seat, and follow me, we are not leaving the building, so you will be safe, just to walk and talk." Victor said while getting of the bar stool smiling at her.

"Yes, of course." she said quickly.

Victor noticed the almost dripping submissive side to her response. He immediately approached her, and helped her off the bar stool and wrapped her arm around his as he started walking to the other side of the club.

"So, you are looking. My guess is, based off my read of you, you have been looking for a partner, am I wrong?" Victor said softly, gently and confidently.

"Well, yes, I mean, No, you are not wrong." she replied somewhat demurely.

Victor nodded. He was in a general new territory here. He didn't know the lay of the land, but had never had any other submissives but his ex-wife, so taking the gentle steps in the initial conversation were key here...so he attempted to tread lightly but confidently.

"Well Jasmine, I will start, to let you be a little bit more comfortable." he said as they were walking past a piece of furniture known as a "rack". He noticed she was looking at it a but too intensely.

"I am from London, and just moved here. I just purchased a house about 30-45 minutes from here west of town and am divorced. Tonight, is actually the very first time, I have been out of my house, that I am attempting to remodel myself, since I got here, about two months ago. Seeing how, I have met you in this fine establishment and I have seen you looking very closely at the "furniture", we will dispense with any comments about, are you into the bondage scene, as I can probably safely answer that for both of us, yes. Am I correct?" he said smiling at her sincerely.

"Um, yeah I guess." she replied smiling but almost trying to hide the hidden shame of being here at the same time.

He stopped, turned to look at her, holding her hands in his, in front of him.

"Jasmine, I do not know you, I do not know your history, your likes or dislikes, but, you came here, AS DID I. This means in some way, consciously or unconsciously, that you are interested in the scene that this place has to offer. If you wish, I can assist with that, just as, you can assist with me being in the treacherous country America." he said smiling with a smirk. "Let me clarify, if you are willing to spend some time with me, IN PUBLIC, we can talk, I can teach you, and you can teach me. We both have a great deal to learn from each other."

Jasmine stared at him, and the English accent he spoke with, along with his sincere words had he a bit uneasy and captivated at the same time. She responded, "I accept."

The rest of the night went splendidly. Victor sat her down on a couch and sat with her, not touching her in any way and calmly, quietly talked to her, as he almost would, a child, as they were just having their first real adult conversation.

He learned a number of things about Jasmine. She was indeed of Persian descent, her parents from Iran and Iraq. They had fled here in the 90's during the Gulf War. Her parents were well off, not rich as is Oil Tycoon rich, but they had numerous businesses that kept them not wanting much. She was born in Iraq, but came here with her parent when she was extremely young, so her accent was present, but the US public school system had beat the harshness of a completely foreign accent out of her.

She had no brothers or sisters, and all her other relatives were gone, killed in the fighting over the last 40 years of fighting in Iraq. She ended up growing up a fairly "American" lifestyle even with her parents being from another country. The parts that very much interested me, were her tidbits she let on about being a submissive and wanting to experience bondage. She had performed a few self-bondage exercises on herself, but it only left her wanting significantly more. This is why she was here. She wanted someone to teach her. Little did she really know, she wanted to serve a master, but that will come later.

The night ended and Jasmine and I had for most partly, been politely chatting ignoring the bondage scenes going on around us. I was attempting to form a rapport with Jasmine. Besides being beautiful and into bondage, she was extremely intelligent and I kid you not, into technology. A women after my own heart.

"Jasmine, I believe our night has ended, as I must get one the road, it takes a bit to get home." Victor said quietly.

"Victor, will you please call me. I have enjoyed our talks tonight and I am appreciative of your "tutelage" in the matter." Jasmine responded with an embarrassing smile.

"I guarantee it." Victor quickly said back.

Chapter 3 - Next

Victor drove home in a pretty good mood. While driving he thoughts fell on Victoria. She seemed eager to learn and eager to listen. He thought the entire way home on how he should approach her, and how he can bring her forward without scaring her away. As they say, she will need the slow play, but eventually she will need to have a bit of a push to get her past the fear factor, that is something Victor will have to mull over for the next few days.

While drinking his coffee the next morning, Victor was standing in his kitchen drinking his coffee thinking of what the day should call him to do. With the prospects of having a potential partner in the future, he decided to he needed to get his hidey hole ready for use.

Walking downstairs, he pulled the ring that hid the door, and opened the outer door. Entering he walked down to the inner door and opened it. Victor picked up a lantern he had left just inside the inner door. Turning on the lantern, he started wandering the room while drinking his coffee deciding on what to do next.

The club gave him many ideas of what he wanted to do in this room. He was glad he had actually cleaned the room out. Currently, the room was entirely empty and had been scrubbed down with bleach to make sure it was clean and there was no "funk" in the room.

Mentally he started taking notes on what needed to be done, electrical and lighting being top on the list.

Victor ran out to Home Depot to gather a significant amount of supplies to start his work in the bunker. Arriving back at the house, he unloaded the supplies and got the work. In a few hours Victor disconnected the existing junction box that lead into the bunker, in between the two doors and replaced it with a new one. The good thing, this bunker will not require a massive amount of electrical power, mainly lights, and then of course the occasional "outlet" for toys.

Once completed with the box, he went into the room with his lantern and an outlet tester to test each of the 12 electrical outlets. Walking back outside the bunker he next job was the lighting in the room. He pondered if he should throw some interesting floodlights or LED lights in the room, or just go with the standard lightbulbs to be a little more subtle. He decided some standard light bulbs would be what he needs. Grabbing a few, he walked back inside with his lantern and changed the bulbs that seem to have broken from age one by one. He flipped the switch and surprising, the lights came on in the room. Success, time to get into the real creative part of the job.

Victor when upstairs, grabbed pen, paper and a clipboard, and went back down into the bunker to start drawing ideas on paper.


Victor ran out of the bunker to grab his phone, "Hello?"

"Victor, I needed to call you..."

"Jasmine, its great to hear from you. I understand. We had a long conversation that walked you into a larger world that you only knew about from the shadows of your mind. You are wanting more, to understand and experience more. When and where would you like to meet?" Victor asked.

"Yes, I want to meet you...to not just talk. I want to learn more from you. I can't explain it but all that we talked about on Saturday night has had my head swimming since then. I cannot wait any longer." Jasmine said showing a bit of backbone.

"Jasmine my sweet, I am free tonight, where and when?" Victor responded softly.

"I am willing to come to your house, in private, if that is ok with you, and you can show me more...personally." Jasmine purred cautiously and quietly.

"Jasmine, I only wish you to come here, if you wish it. I want it to be very clear what will happen here, if you wish to do more than talk, then come here and listen and obey, otherwise I am happy to meet you in a coffee house or bar and talk there, in public." Victor explained in a clear tone.

"Victor, I a want to come to your house. I understand what that means." she said in an almost defiant tone.

"Very well, I will text you my address, be here at 5pm and dress appropriately. Now, my question is, are you able to stay the night or do you need to leave to get to a job the next morning? Do not answer. When you arrive I want the following on paper. I want your schedule, so I know when you need to leave, your dreams and fears you wish to learn from me. Your limits and wants. I will read it very carefully, and I will talk with you about it. Those things you may not know about, we will discuss. Do you understand what I am asking you for?" Victor asked coolly.

"I understand. I will arrive at 5pm."

"Good Jasmine, I will see you then, take your time on your paper to me, as it will be better for you the more you take your time on it. I will see you at 5pm, as I have some preparations for you."

"Thanks you Victor, see you then." Jasmine said eagerly.


"Well, this was expected and unexpected at the same time. Victor looks around at his basement then at the bunker...its not ready. He will have to have his session in the main house, the bunker will have to wait. Victor ran upstairs and saw the time was about 10am. He had about 7 hours to prepare. He quickly grabbed his wallet and ran to "Bondage Depot".

While in Home Depot, he grabbed a cart and started some shopping.

- numerous lengths of rope (as some of what I had previously had, did not come with me in my move)

- numerous lengths of small gauge chain

-numerous lengths of larger gauge chain

-numerous larger padlocks

-a large set of smaller brass padlocks all keyed the same

Pushing his cart over to the checkout and started to unload his wares. The female teller started ringing up his items one by one and winked at him while she was working. Victor smiled back and simply said, "I have a party tonight."

The female teller charged his credit card and responsed, "Come back to see us" with a wide grin.

"I am sure I will" responded as he left the store.

Arriving at home he started to setup one of the spare bedrooms. This room, had a large bed he purchased a few weeks back, that had a huge headboard/foot board. This allowed it to be anchor points for rope/chain. He also threw all the rope in the clothes dryer, to try to soften it up a bit. Luckily, he did not get rid of this leather items, that came over with him to the US. He still had all his toys, he only didn't bring the easily replaced stuff that had significant weight, like chains. He found his boxes that had all his bondage toys, and pulled those out and start checking them for damage, etc. After done, he hung some of them up in the closet in the spare bedroom, and the rest were put into a large wooden chest with the chains he just purchased.

30 minutes till 5pm, he had taken a shower and was now dressed in his pair of leather pants (he loves them, but they are extremely hot, so he had to turn the ac up a bit to compensate) and a white t-shirt. Moving to the living room, he sat and turned the TV on while waiting for Jasmine, excitement welling up in his crotch....waiting for this evenings festivities.

**ding dong**

Victor heard the door bell ring and saw thru the front window that Jasmine was here with 3 minutes early. She will have to be punished for being early, she was supposed to be here at 5pm, but alas, he will let this one drop as he did not yet want to do anything to scare her away, even though, tonight and tomorrow morning, will bring here COMPLETELY into the submissive camp, she just does not know it yet.

Opening the door Victor smiled to Jasmine who was dressed in a simple but elegant "little black dress". Her neck had a simple silver chain on it that hung down just above her perfect breasts (not too bit, not too small, just right). Her legs were clad in calf high leather stiletto boots with black thigh highs. He can only assume there is a garter belt underneath. Oh how Victor loved garter belts.

"Welcome Jasmine to my home, and to another experience that will open your eyes a bit more. Come in." he said while inviting her in gratiously.

She smiled and even was a bit blushed in the cheeks while entering the house. "Thank you Victor, I have been looking forward to this. Oh, and I believe you asked for this." she said as she handed him an orange envelope with the metal brad on the top, closed of course.

"Thank you my darling. Would you care for a drink, or something to eat before we begin? I ask because it may be some time before you can drink/eat again once we start. I have to take a few minutes to understand what you have written before we begin."

"Some water should suffice Victor, thank you." Jasmine responsed as she was lead to the living room to sit on the couch.

"Just a moment while I get you that water." Victor said as he left the room, and poured Jasmine a small glass of ice water. When he entered the room again, he handed it to her, and she smiled accepting it.

"Give me a few minutes to go over what you expressed to me in this" he said holding up the envelope.

Sitting down, Victor opened the envelope and pulled out several pages. He was amazed, she had found some sort of BDSM checklist online, that had, you name it, everything, that you could be into. Some had yes checked, some had no (like the bestiality, most people check the no on that sick shit) as well as some that had a little bit of both. There were numerous items, that she put qualifiers on. After that checklist, she had a schedule, which detailed to me, she was free, meaning no prior commitments, for the next 72 hours. Victor smiled at this. After that, was a hand written, document of a few pages. On it, Victor could see, she listed out dreams and desires, fears and phobias as well as places she would like to go, and things she would like to try.

It took 15 minutes for Victor to go thru the documents with any type of certainty, but he felt he was to the point he knew what she was scared of and what she was not. The entire time she sat quietly on the couch sipping her water.

"Jasmine, I have read this, well done by the way, it was very complete. I want to be very clear on what you are asking of me for the next 72 hours, or so. You will be submissive to me in every way. This means, according to your list here," he held up the envelope, "you have expressed certain desires and places you wish to go, and places you do not wish to go. I will ABSOLUTELY abide by those wishes. That being said, you need to understand, as my submissive to the next 72 hours, I will use you, within the limits of this list. That means sex/intercourse. I wanted you to be completely sure of this. You can walk out the door right now. I will be teaching you and testing your limits this entire time. Do you agree?" he said extremely seriously, looking straight into her eyes.

"I agree." she said confidently, wanting to get out of this foreplay condition that seems to have developed in the last 15 minutes.

"Very well, from now on, you will ONLY refer to me as Master or Sir. I do not have a first name to you for the next 72 hours."

Chapter 4 - Jasmine's Start

Thursday, 5pm

Jasmine looked directly at Victor after this last statement and nodded. "Yes Master."

Victor promptly stood up folding the envelope holding her desires and limits and placed it in his back pocket. "Stand Jasmine" he said softly but strongly.

Jasmine stood slowly staring at him.

"I wish you to follow me upstairs" Victor said and did not wait for a response, just turned and headed for the stairs. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jasmine hesitate for a moment, and then proceeded to follow him up the stairs. They reached the top of the stairwell and entered a room just to the right. Jasmine was right behind him.

"Jasmine, before we begin, these are the last two items. Should you at any point in time believe this is too much for you to handle, your safe-word is 'red light' (as in a stop light). Should you not be able to talk, humming the tune to Jeopardy will serve the same purpose. Upon using the safe-word, our experience will end. You will be released promptly and completely if you are in any restraints. Once freed, you will immediately pick your items from this safe here and leave the premises. There will be no words said by me from the moment the safe-word is used. This will also mean the end of our relationship. From this moment on, your safe-word is active and it can be used at any time. This safe, is only for you, I will not be able to get into it, once you close and lock it. Its similar to a hotel safe, and is programmed once its closed with the items in it. I want you to put all your personal belongings in this safe." Victor stated in the end.

Jasmine nodded, and bent over to put her purse in the safe and started to close it.

"Jasmine, I said all your belongings" he said softly and with authority.

"But that is all I have" she said with questioning confusion.

"No my sweet" Victor pointed at her necklace, dress and shoes. "Everything"

Jasmine looked directly into his eyes questioning his motives.

"Jasmine" Victor said slowly and held up her documented wishes, "you wrote this yourself. Not me, please, all items in the safe and then lock it. I will leave the room for 10 minutes. When I get back, I expect everything in the safe. If I come back, and the safe has not been closed with all items, that is the same as you saying the safe-word. See you in ten."

Jasmine was a little stunned by the finality of the statement he just laid on her and stood there staring at the door he walked out of. She suddenly came back to life and decided she wanted this, she cannot risk loosing someone like this just because she was nervous being nude.

She reached up and pulled her silver necklace off and put it in the safe. Slowly she sat on the side of the bed and removed both her boots and had to fold them to get them into the safe. Reaching up she pulled the shoulder straps off and slid the dress down to her feet, she picked it up, carefully folding it and placed it in the safe. Next she reached behind her back and started the unbuckle her lace bra. When done, her C cup breasts were released from their prison and fell free. Standing, she then unbuckled the four garters holding her thigh highs up and pulled the belt down from her waist. Shortly each thigh high followed one by one. She folded each of these and placed them in the safe. The last item was her panties. She stared at herself in the mirror, wondering if this was for real, had she gone to a strangers house and agreed to do all sorts of sexual acts, telling him, on paper, what she dreamed about? Unconsciously she pulled her panties down and placed them in the safe.

Closing it, she put in a code that she new she would remember, her social security # and it was locked. Looking around the room, she had no idea how long it had been and she realized she was already wet between her legs. Turning, she looked at the room, for the first time. It was decent size "bedroom" and was sparsely decorated. Having seen some of the house already, its evident that he is in the process of renovating the house, and this room is not yet completed.

The door opened and Jasmine jolted back to see Victor.

"Jasmine, I am happy to see you have decided to stay. Now we shall begin. First, kneel in front of me with your hands clasped to each other behind your back." Victor announced with authority.

Jasmine, still a little surprised she has taken these steps walked up to him, stared at him in the eyes intently for a moment and then got down on her knees and put her hands behind her back, staring at him.

"Very good Jasmine. Now, all submissive's are required to wear a collar." Victor smiled and walked over to a dresser, another one of his renovation projects that has yet to be completed or even started. Opening a drawer he reached in and pulled out a steel collar. Walking behind Jasmine, he reached out to place it around her neck. Carefully and softly, he gathered her long black hair and moved it out of the way of him placing the collar on her neck. The collar was a simple stainless steel collar that was most likely a bit large for her but it was all Victor had at the moment that was not leather. Moving in front of her, he stared at her and smiled. He held up a small brass padlock in front of her eyes. Reaching forward, he snapped it on the front of the collar with a click.

Jasmine almost jumped with fear and trepidation when she heard the click, still not believing what she had gotten herself into.

Victor touched her chin with his hand and raised hey face so her eyes were once again looking at his.

"Here are the rules you will always abide by:

1 - Since this experience for you is new, anytime you are wearing a collar, you are subject to all rules.

2 - You will listen and obey my wishes immediately and with no hesitation.

3 - I will always be addressed as Master, no other way of addressing me will be permitted.

4 - When waiting for an order or you are not otherwise occupied in another activity, you are to be on your knees, as you are now, with your hands behind your back.

5 - Violation or failure to adhere to these rules are subject to punishment.

Those are the basic rules that you must learn. Others will come in time. Do you understand them?" Victor asked clearly to Jasmine.

"Y..Yes" Jasmine slowly said looking in his eyes.

"Jasmine, you failed to address me properly. How do you address me?" Victor said slowly and confidently.

"Yes...Master" Jasmine said while almost not being able to say the second word.

"Very good Jasmine, I will forgive your disrespect." Victor said with a smile. "Now, let us engage you in your first lesson. As I have stated, as a submissive to your Master, you must always listen and act when instructed. I think its time for me to give you what you have wanted." Victor finished and walked over to the closet and grabbed something just inside the door and held it behind his back. Jasmine continued to kneel on the ground facing forward with her hands behind her back.

"Also, make sure, when your Master asks you a question, and you are able to speak, you must answer honestly and forthright. What are you thinking Jasmine? Please tell me." Victor said quietly to his submissive.

"Well, I am not sure, I am terrified and excited at the same time, I don't know what to tell you." she said while turning her head to look at Victor behind her.

"Well Jasmine, the reason you are terrified is because this is different. It violates the standard conventions of behavior. You are excited, because you are about to embrace your true nature. What you still do not understand, is that I am your guide. I am the one to show you what you have denied yourself. As your guide, I am in charge and I am responsible. This is great responsibility you have given to me, and I take this as serious as I would my vows in a marriage. So have no fear my darling, you are in good hands, you will learn who you are soon enough. Also, you will now be punished for not addressing me appropriately, with the respect I deserve." Victor said with an edge of finality on the last sentence.

Jasmine was becoming more comfortable when Victor mentioned punishment and she started to tremble when Victor's hand started to pet her on the top of her head softly, with compassion.

"Its ok my dear, let us begin. Please stand with your hands clasped to each other behind you, and face forward."

Jasmine slowly did and continued to face the door leading out of the room. As soon as she stood and stopped moving, Jasmine felt something leather being pulled up her arms. Victor kept tugging, step by step to get it where he deemed it needed to be. Soon, he stopped and Jasmine then saw Victor out of the corner of her eye as he started to wrap two leather straps from behind her, from under her arms, criss-crossing her breasts, and over her shoulders. In seconds, Jasmine felt a bit more tugging as whatever she put on her arms, was now attached the straps criss-crossing her front. Now, she felt her arms second by second, getting pulled closer and closer to each other as Victor was obviously lacing her up. Bit by bit, the tugging pulled her arms closer and closer to each other causing some serious pulling at her shoulders. Victor walked in front of her and admired her carefully

"My sweet, you are an extremely gorgeous women and its going to be my privilege to teach you who you truly are. What you are wearing is an armbinder. Its a lovely device meant to pin your arms behind you, and also to force your lovely breasts forward, as they are now. This is a device you will get infinitely used to, as its by far one of my favorite teaching tools."

Victor reached out, and started to caress one of her ample breasts with a light touch. As he did, Jasmine started to pull away, to take a step back.

"Jasmine, I wish to touch your breasts, and you step back, do you think that is acceptable behavior?" Victor asked quietly.

"No...Master" she meekly said while blushing intensely.

"What does this mean?"

"I...I will be punished...Master? She replied quietly, obviously not wanting to come to terms with punishment for her actions.

"Correct Jasmine. Now, let us continue. I wish you to now spread your legs farther apart." Victor said as walking back to the closet, not seeing Jasmine looking back at him questioning. In a moment she spread her legs as she was ordered.

Victor came back behind her and knelt to the ground. Jasmine did not look down too see what was going on. Mentally, she wanted to experience it without seeing it. Something, like a cuff, was buckled to her right ankle. She hear another distinct click as he obviously locked whatever it was to her ankle. A moment later she heard Victor ask, "Wider please." Jasmine slid her left leg/ankle out farther when she felt another cuff being attached to her left ankle.

"There, you are now almost prepared for your punishment" he said smiling to her, from behind her. Jasmine started to move her legs to reposition herself, and realized, she could not. She immediately looked down and saw a long steel rod was in between her ankles, not allowing her to effectively walk at all, let alone move her legs near each other, closing her legs and hiding her sex.

"Now now Jasmine, no peaking, this should help." Victor promptly pulled some sort of blindfold over her eyes, blocking any sight.

"One thing you will learn Jasmine, is Sensory Deprivation, will only heighten your other senses. For instance, you now have lost sight, so your hearing and touch will be heightened somewhat. This is something you will learn to embrace, as it will lead you to new heights in joy and pleasure. It will also lead you to new heights in pain as well." Without Jasmine knowing, had picked a ball gag trainer from the closet and stood in front of her. Jasmine started to say something after his comment of pain and told her to open her mouth. She reluctantly did and he deftly inserted the ball gag into her mouth and quickly wrapped the ends around her neck, and secured them together. The gag will not come out now. Jasmine started whining audibly in fear.

"Jasmine, you are mine for 72 hours unless you use your safe-word. At any time you can leave me, and that will be the end of it, and we will never see each other again. Do you want that?" Victor asked serenely.

"Nbooo..aster." she attempted to say, with a gag in her mouth.

"Good, let me finish then."

He pulled the harness up over her head, and tightened it above her head, effectively holding the blindfold now in place. A few other straps made the harness one with her head. She flinched once again, when she heard, locks being applied to each of the harness buckles. She didn't think even if she had use of her hands now should could not get it off without a knife.

"Now Jasmine, as I was saying, pleasure and pain often run together. I am going to teach you both, so you can truly appreciate them. Soon enough, you will not be able to distinguish them from each other. I have two other items I wish to add to you." Victor, walked to the corner of the room and grabbed a stool, and a length of rope. Setting the stool down behind Jasmine, he hopped up on the stool behind her. "Please, bend over at the waist, and lean forward. I am behind you and will not let you fall."

Jasmine, wearing the spreader bar, was not able to bend over very far, for fear of falling, but after she stopped bending over, she suddenly felt herself being forced to bend fmore, as the armbinder was being raised towards the ceiling. In a few moments, she was bent at about a 90 degree angle with her welded arms, pointed towards the ceiling in an extremely uncomfortable position. She was unable to move at all being at this angle with her legs in the spreader. She wiggled a little from side to side, the only movement she was able to perform, in protest.

"My dear, I will help you cure that protesting." Victor then sat on the ground under her bent over front and pulled a pair of clover nipple clamps from his pocket. "This is just another device you will grow to truly love Jasmine, please stay still."

He reached up, pinching her nipple a little on the tight side and proceeded to apply the clamp. When he let the clamp go, exerting its pressure on her nipple all he heard from Jasmine was a short violent moan. Smiling, he moved to the other and applied the second clamp. Once again, Jasmine moaned, but it was deeper and longer. Without telling her, he grabbed some twine and tied one end to the middle of the spreader bar (there was a handy dandy D ring there) and then pulled on the nipple chain a bit (causing another deeper groan). He tied the other end of the string to the nipple chain.

"Now darling, you are in a bit of the pickle. You are going to get a bit tired shortly, if you are not already there. If you pull up from your position, the clover clamps will pull tighter on your magnificent nipples. They will cause more pain. If you try to lean farther down, to release their pressure, you risk falling over and putting more strain on your arms and shoulders. This is punishment for not addressing me appropriately. I am not sure how long I will leave you here, but it wont be too long, maybe a few hours." Jasmine started to squirm violently then suddenly felt the bite of the clamps under pressure on her nipples. She quickly stopped moving knowing the penalty she will get from it.

"Before I go, something else for you to think on." Victor pulled out two squeezable earplugs, and inserted them into her ears. This will make things more interesting for her I figured.

Victor, quietly pulled his cell phone out, and started a timer, and laid the phone on the chest in the room. He also circled her, like a starving Hyena circling a wounded Gazelle, staring at her bound and beautiful form. Soon enough he will taste her, just not yet. He moved a chair next to her, and dropped her wish list on the chair, then walked over to the door, loudly, opened it, loudly, and closed it, loudly and turned to watch Jasmine's reaction to him "leaving the room."

Jasmine by this time, was drooling uncontrollably thru the ball gag but was still keeping extremely still to lessen the pressure on her nipples. Victor, tiptoed over to the chair and started reading her wishes and desires again, very carefully.. He needed to make sure to memorize this. Eventually he may inquire if she wants to go farther, but not on this 72 hours.

Chapter 5 - Jasmine's Growth

Thursday, 5:45pm

Fifteen minutes into her forced pose, Jasmine was evidently starting to falter a bit. Never having been exposed to this type of restraint and forced posture, Victor decided to start the pleasure part of the program.

Victor quietly, walked over to the closet and pulled out a small leather harness and a women's best friend, a Hitachi massager. He carefully threaded the massager into its spot as quietly as he could and then walked to the room door where he opened and closed it so he knew she heard it.

"Jasmine, I know you are in a bit of pain now. Its time to give you a little reward for your hard work." he said as he started wrapping the harness around her waist. He then moved in front of her to make sure it was buckled directly on her sex, in the process, he saw how extremely engorged and wet she was. She was loving this, at least unconsciously. As he made sure the legs straps were buckled he move his hand softly over her clitoris and heard a soft low moan from behind the ball gag.

"Now, here is your reward sweetheart." he said as he plugged in the massager and turned it on. The wand buzzed to life on a low setting, causing her to almost jump, which in turn, pulled on her screaming nipples. Within a minute, the complete statue of Jasmine actually stated to move, in a rhythm, regardless of the pain in her nipples. The low moaning started shortly after that, a low growl of a moan from behind the ball gag. When the timer hit three minutes, she was starting to move a bit more violently causing the string pulling on her nipples to yank back and forth, obviously causing significant pain, but not overriding her pleasure from the wand.

Somewhere around the fifth minute by Victor's cell phone timer, the moaning got extremely load and Jasmine started vibrating violently pulling at the armbinder and distending her nipples in what appeared to be pretty painful. In an instant, the overall movement stopped and the tone of her moan became extremely low and guttural as she climaxed to orgasm.

"You are welcome darling." I said quietly bending over to her to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Do you want another?" he asked smiling.

She immediately started nodding her head vigorously and mumbling regardless of the ball gag, "Uh huh...Uh huh."

"Don't ever say I never gave you anything sweetheart." he snickered as he turned the wand to high. When that happened, Jasmine started to pump her pelvis as though she was having her way with a man. It was amusing to see, since the pumping did nothing to help her situation, and even inflicted more torment on her from the nipple clamps. This time, in about seven minutes she was far more violent and vocal than before. So much, that when she orgasmed she started to fall forward as her legs could no longer support her. Luckily Victor happened to be standing right in front of her and grabbed her so she did not injure herself.

Victor held her up for about a minute waiting for her to get her legs under her. She did and Victor let go and untied the string tieing the nipple clamps to the spreader bar. Jasmine at this time, was barely standing, raining sweat and panting heavily thru the ballgag.

"Its time to get you down now. I don't thing you could handle another one." Victor proceeded to untie the armbinder from the ceiling allowing Jasmine for the first time in 30 minutes or so to stand up straight. Victor moved in front of her and removed the spreader bar as well, allowing her to now move her lefts and stretch her legs and hips.

Victor unlocked her ballgag harness at this time, took a step back, and asked his sightless submissive, "Jasmine, I want to know what you are thinking. Tell me" he said directly to her.

After the gag was removed and she started exercising her jaw and mouth, Victor asked the question. "I...I don't know. That was the most intense thing I have ever felt...ever."

"I could tell you enjoyed it...to bad you just earned another punishment for not addressing me properly again. You will learn" Victor snapped. "I am sure you wish the armbinder was to come off, but your punishment just kept it on for awhile longer."

"No! Master! Please remove the armbinder, it hurts so much" she begged to Victor.

Victor grabbed her by a D ring in her collar and pulled her to the bed, almost throwing her in it face down. "My dearest Jasmine, because of your outburst as well, I am now going to introduce you to a nice and stringent position, the hogtie."

Jasmine started to wiggle in the bed trying to roll away from Victor, but he had a hold of her by the armbinder. "You just earned another punishment darling. Its ok, its your nature to question me, but soon you will not."

For some reason, Jasmine stopped moving and let Victor start using some rope on her. First, he tied her ankles together in a criss-cross. It was tight and she was unable to really move her legs back and forth because of the strict tie her ankles were now in. Next, Victor softly asked her to open her mouth. Reluctantly she did. Once her mouth was open, Victor shoved a metal ring into her mouth, that held her mouth uncomfortably widely open. She did not like this gag at all, it left her....exposed. Victor proceeded to buckle the straps on the side and back of her head. She head locks click a few times, she presumably guessed on buckles keeping it from being removed, even if she had hands. From there, she felt Victor tieing a knot to the top of her O-ring gag harness. The next thing she felt was a rope being laced around her ankle tie. To top it off the same rope was starting to be pulled extremely tight, to the bottom ring of her armbinder. This caused her head to be pulled back, her ankles to be pulled forward and her armbinder to pull at her shoulder and back even more. It was excruciating, but yet...liberating.

"Jasmine, I will give you a chance to have some of your punishment worked off by learned in a lesson well."

She immediately felt a rubber or silicon phallus shoved into her mouth, and heard a click after it was pushed in. She tried to push it out, and could not, it must be attached by something to the gag itself!

"One of a submissive's primary jobs, is to serve her master. This means sucking his cock, on command, with efficiency. You now have a cock, suck it. If I think you have done well, I will forgo the other punishments. Begin." he said adamantly.

Jasmine continued to push it out, this was humiliating, sucking a rubber cock.


She almost jumped, if she could actually jump. Victor had smacked her with something on her legs, hard. The stinging sensation was insanely painful, but did not last.


Again, she was hit, this time on the upper back where it hurt far more. Jasmine started crying.


She screamed from her phallus gagged mouth as the painful stinging hit her left bare foot. Somehow she started sucking with a vengeance on the cock. She realized, no further pain can from whatever her Master was using.

This went on for 20 minutes in an extremely painful and long eternity according to Jasmine. Just as she was about to give up and collapse (as much as she could), she heard a snap and the phallus was pulled from her mouth.

"Very good my cock slut, you are most talented it seems. I have wiped the slate clean. No more punishments for you. I wanted to give you a treat for your really good behavior."

Tied in a stringent hogtie, Jasmine could only wonder that would be, as she was in pain in her current position. Just as she was trying for the hundredth time to try to move her arms in such a way to give her some release of the pressure, she felt something being slid into her open pussy, a vibrator.

"I am going to head downstairs to get dinner ready Jasmine. Enjoy your alone time." he said with a masochistic giggle and left the room.

At this time, Jasmine was really only able to wiggle here head from side to side by a few inches because it was lashed to her ankles and to the armbinder. Aside from flexing her legs back and forth like they were wings trying to fly, she had no ability to really move. She tried to relax and the vibrator buzzed away at her sex.

What seemed like a slow boil of a pot, she slowly started to perspire more as the vibrator teased and teased her to higher and higher levels of arousal. She could not understand it, how she could have been so aroused when this started and have it keep elevating her to even new heights. Once again, with no sense of time, she was just about to climax then the vibrator stopped. She screamed as best she could in frustration as her tormentor stopped pleasing her. She violently wiggled hoping maybe it would turn back on and it did not.

"Oh dear, it seems you wore the batteries out, let me get you some new ones" is all she heard as her boiling juices were already starting to cool down. A minute or two later, her buzzing tormenter was back and started to attack her will once again.

Jasmine had no idea how long it had been and how many orgasms she had had.

"I see you have been busy, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. Time to eat." he said as he stared at her. A vision of bondage beauty the Peresian woman was. She was obviously completely exhausted and covered on sweat from the forced orgasms over and over. He wondered how many had occurred. He figured it was time for her to have a break, and talk with him.

Chapter 6 - Dinner

Thursday, 7:00pm

Jasmine laid, as if she could do anything else, on the bed while Victor slowly removed the rope that put her in a hogtie. Immediately, her back was no longer curled and her head fell to the drool soaked bed beneath her. Moans of pleasure and release emanated from her spent body. Moving to her ankles he took the time the carefully untie them and slowly laid her ankles to bed like he would a piece of fine china.

"Jasmine, as you can see, there are advantages to actually being what you are. In this case, you had to do nothing but wait" he said with a smile. Moving to her head, he unlocked the ring gag harness and gently removed it from her mouth and head, then laying her head once again, on the bed carefully. "You must be tired, and you have only been here for 2 hours. You will need to eat, give me a few minutes to relax you so you can accompany me downstairs."

"Yes Master" she said in a soft almost absent tone.

Victor knew her arms and shoulders, not used to an armbinder, must be killing her. With care, he started to unbuckle the straps that locked the armbinder to the straps on her sholders, immediately reducing some of the pressure on her shoulders. Next, he carefully started to unlace the binder, slowly and inch by inch, not doing it too fast, giving her freedom in inches. Eventually he was able to pull her arms from the torturous leather restraint and lay them next to her, allowing her to move them independently now.

"Please stay still" he said with authority and walked over to the dresser and grabbed a bottle.

Getting back to Jasmines side, he poured some on his right hand, put the bottle down and started to lather it into his hands and fingers. Jasmine moaned deeply, and with no real restraints on (minus her ever present steel collar) as Victor kneeded the oil into her battered arms and shoulders. Ever push and movement of his strong hands on her skin was once again, sending her into exile in her own mind as she started to get excited once more. It was pure heaven as he moved from arm to shoulder to leg to calf and back and forth slowly, strongly working her oil into her skin. She was breathing hard, panting a bit, showing her excitement, just about on the edge when she heard.

"No, you are forbidden to come until I allow it. Hold it." he said firmly. Her eyes started to roll into the back of her head as the strained to not allow the pleasure to move entirely to her sex. She was not sure of how long it took, 2 minutes, or 2 hours, but after all that time of her Masters fingers she heard. "Now you may come."

"Arr...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" is all Victor heard coming from her mouth as she let the pleasure take her and overtake her sex entirely.

"Very good Jasmine, that was impressive. You held off your pleasure, did not bury it, but held it at arms length, till I deemed it come forth. That was beautiful to behold. Thank you." he said softly into her ear. "Now, are you hungry?"

Jasmine turned her head to him and said, "Yes Master." He nodded to her and picked up a small leather dog leash, and attached it to her collar. "Follow me." he said in a commanding yet soft tone. As Victor started to move, Jasmine luckilly did not fall from the bed, thanks to his massage. She regained her balance once on her feet, and followed just behind him out the door to the room that ushered her into the world she secretly had wanted to see for so long.

Down the stairs they went, a Master with his submissive trekking though the house that was being remodeled into the kitchen. As they entered the kitchen, Victor directed her to sit at a small table he had in the breakfast nook. She say quietly as he then walked behind her grabbing her wrists and handcuffing her to the chair.

"Now, that you cant get away," he said winking and smiling at her, "we shall eat and talk."

He turned and walked to the fridge, "Are you interested in sandwich? I frankly don't want to make pasta and I was not entirely expecting company. I was unable to goto the grocery store for us..."

"That is fine Master, whatever you want." she said quietly. By this time, the intense orgasms and numb feeling was leaving her and she was starting to get a normal color to her, no longer a reddish tinge to it.

"Very well, I think we should have something light, how about a Roast Beef sandwich." he said, not asking at all.

"Now Jasmine, while we I fix this all up, and we eat, I am going to ask some questions that I need to have entirely answered. First, I want to know about you, in more detail. I know you come from Iraq, or was born there, but came here around the time of the Persian Gulf War. How old were you got here?" he said as he was getting condiments and other things out of the fridge to start putting together the dinner spread.

"I was...I believe...two when I arrived in the US. Master." she said quietly.

"Um Jasmine, you believe, what do you mean you believe, are you not sure when you arrived?" he asked quizzically.

"Well...I...Can we talk about something else Master?" she said defiantly, but quietly. She obviously did not want to talk about this subject.

"No. We will continue this subject Jasmine. What you need to know from me, and I will give you my entire life history soon enough, is I NEED to know what makes you tick. I NEED to know, who you are and where you came from. That is WHY you came to me. I am not just some guy you saw in a club and picked up. I am far more than that. If you wish to continue our relationship, I must know these things, as I am your teacher, your mentor, your Master. That being said, I MUST know when you arrived." he said, having stopped doing anything productive in the kitchen while looking directly at her for effect.

She looked down into her lap for a long few seconds and breathed hard. "Well, I was born in Iraq. My parents had money. I mean to say, in Iraq they were EXTREMELY wealthy, but here in the states they would be considered well off. I needed to tell you that, so you understood something. They had money and they....." and she trailed off into an extremely quiet tone and stopped.

"Jasmine, nothing you can say to me will shock or stun me. I am here for you. Tell me, so I can hear please, The had money and they..."

"and they were killed for it." she said loudly and defiantly, to noone in particular.

"Dearest Jasmine, I am so sorry to hear that. Please tell me more. You have nothing to fear from me." he said in an honest and caring tone.

Jasmine at this point, suddenly became robotic in her description of her early life. "They were killed because of some dispute about money, both of them. I was taken to live with what can only suspect is my parents murderers to live with his family. During this time, I think my remaining family sided with the wrong side and were killed as well, so at this time, not known to me, I had no family." she stopped blinked a few times, breathed deeply, and continued. "While living in the household of the family that had my parents killed, I grew up...being tied down, beaten and raped on a daily basis, when I was somewhere around eight or so, I don't entirely remember. This happened for a few years, don't remember when it started, but I do remember when it ended, when I was 13."

As Jasmine told her story, angered flared up in Victor but subsided, as he knew this story was not over. The rape of a child....disgusting is all he was thinking about and then the scars, the deep seated scars in the women in front of him. He continued to listen, and took his sweet time making the sandwiches, not to disturb the confession coming from her.

"The bright point of my childhood came next. During the war, I don't know the exact circumstances as I had been ordered by my...parents murderer, to get something from the market. When I came back, I was standing in front of a bomb crater, that used to be my house. The horror I felt at 'my house and family being killed' was astounding. I stood there for an unknown amount of time. I was found, by some American troops. I soon was whisked away to a base of some sort with civilians or what not. I don't really remember all that happened, I talked to so many people. But I think I remember, I was given to someone and boarded a plane and flew to the US. I arrived here in Detroit, and was adopted by a kind family." she said with a hint of a smile on her face.

"I learned English and even learned what family was for a short time. When I turned 18, I had learned English and also had overcome some of the accent problems that people from the middle east tend to have with English, to better fit in. They were a loving couple, who I believe brought me to the US, as they could not have children. I became an American when I was 18, and shortly after that, they were killed in a freak car accident. I was alone again..."

she trailed off once more, the robotic tone seeming to disappear again.

Victor at this time, had finished the sandwiches and decided it was time to pause this for a moment. "Darling, here is your sandwich." he placed a plate with a sandwich in front of her and then reached down and unlocked on of her handcuffs. " I will grab us both some water as well."

"Thank you Master." she said meekly and she reached out to grab her sandwich and started to take a bite.

"You have had a somewhat tragic childhood Jasmine, but you are now safe. I see why you have come to seek me out now, but we can talk about this later. I want one other question, and this you should have no problem answering. Do you like your sandwich, because I cannot cook." he said with a smile.

Chapter 7 - Latex Doll

Thursday, 7:45pm

Jasmine giggled a bit and almost choked as she had a mouthful of it as the joke passed her lips. "Well, since you require me to be honest, its dry Master." she said with a smile a secret fear of what her honesty would get her.

Victor smiled and mock threw his sandwich onto his plate. "Well then my dear. You are cooking from now on, unless you are how should I say, incapable of it at the time and place."

"Yes, I can do that, I do enjoy cooking Master." she said smiling.

Victor silently was thinking about how the tortured childhood sent her to him and she needs his control, and compassion. "Good, I need some good home cooking" he said as they finished eating their sandwiches.

"Jasmine, its time that we continue your training. Knowing a bit more of your past, this gives me a little bit of an explanation why you have searched for me. I intend for you to get what you crave, discipline, security, and compassion, under the guise of my stern look. Now, lets continue your tutelage and training. Back upstairs." he said as he released her other handcuff and grabbed the leach and led her back upstairs to the same room.

"You will forgive me of course for not having a finished house, as I just moved here from London as you know. I intend to be much more prepared in the future. So I will not have to 'wing it' as you Americans say." he said smiling as they entered the room.

"You know, I had another thought. Do you like shopping?" he asked inquisitively.

"Well Master, I believe I do, who doesn't?" she retorted.

"Matter of fact doll, I don't, but when it comes to this, I change my mind. I want to reward you for your honesty. This is to teach you to tell me the truth, all the time. Now, open your safe, and get dressed. You have 10 minutes. When you are dressed, you will not need your phone or purse, just clothes, meet me downstairs. Its time to go shopping!" he responded with a bit of a fun-loving attitude she had never seen in his face before. She liked it.

Eleven minutes later she met Victor downstairs in her "little black dress".

"You are late, and you will be punished for that. You will find I am a stickler for time." Jasmine whimpered a bit at the thought of being punished again.

"Master, my collar?" she said pointing to her silver collar that was not hidden by anything.

"What about it Jasmine, its beautiful on you." he said knowing what she meant...

"I cant go out in public like this!" she exclaimed.

"Dearest Jasmine, you are mine and under my control. You WILL go out in public like that. The collar is there to remind you, that you are safe. Noone else matters but me. Do not worry about anyone else. If I hear a complaint again, there will be 'significant' punishment involved. Come now, we are leaving."

They walked out the front door and made it to his new vehicle, an old beat up Chevy pick up truck. Jasmine looked at it and giggled a bit.

"So you laugh at my truck do you!?" he said feigning being hurt. They got in the truck. "All in all, when I arrived in the US, and I saw the state of the house, I needed a truck to haul wood and other supplies. I found this one online, got it for a steal....and...I ALWAYS wanted to have a truck. I suppose I will buy a real 'car' in the future, but I currently don't need one. This bag of bolts will do just fine."

They drove into Detroit to goto a specialty shop for clothes, and other items. This took about 45 minutes and along the way they chit chatted about music, politics, pretty much anything other than the elephant in the room that was revealed in his kitchen.

When they arrived, they walked up to the front doors of a store, that did not look like much. A single window showing...well...nothing at all was in the front. The sign said, 'The Latex Doll'.

They entered and suddenly they were in another world. This shop evidentally was a clearing house for leather/latex/rubber/pvc/etc clothes and other merchandise for half the known world. Little did anyone else on the planet know, this was one of the reasons Victor chose the job near Detroit. Rack and rack of clothing items in all known fabrics and materials were located here as well as the low end and high end S&M stuff in the back.

"Now Jasmine, the purchases here are on me. You have a task tonight. You must do this on your own entirely. You must, how should I say it, wow me, with a full ensemble of clothes. This means, EVERYTHING worn, must be from here. Nothing you are wearing, baring the collar, will be on you when we leave. You will have two hours." he said very clearly.

Jasmine stared at him not entirely understanding what he just meant, as she had seen this place before, just never been able to afford it. They walked up to the check out counter and saw a short red headed woman.

"Vic! Welcome back! What can I do for you?" she said ecstatically.

Victor leaned down and took the lady by her wrist and kissed her hand. "Miss Annie, its a pleasure as always. May I introduce to you my new companion, Jasmine." he said introducing her in a formal fashion to the obvious owner of the establishment. They shook each others hands and said hello. Victor then told Jasmine to stay put for a second and pulled Annie to the side.

"Annie, I need your help here. My companion, is needing a COMPLETE makeover tonight. Its all on me. Shoes..stockings...garters...corset...you name it. Its a test of sorts, to her, to pick it all out, of course she might need a hand. Make it seem it more her idea. Her job is to 'wow me' in no longer then two hours. Can you help her with that?" Victor smiled asking the serious question.

"Of course I can for my favorite Brit!" Annie bellowed. "Honey" pointing at Jasmine "come with me." is all she said, and Jasmine was off to the Latex/Leather/Rubber races...

Victor simply went to the magazines and started browsing thru them acting as though he was interested, but really trying to pay attention to what Jasmine was doing in the back of the store. He could not really see....damn it.

Jasmine, was lead to a corner with the short stocky owner when Annie asked, "OK hun, what are you into? I can tell a submissive when I see it" as she points at the collar, which causes Jasmine to flinch. "Don't worry darlin, I have seen it all. So, what stuff you like and what does Vicky like? I unfortunately don't know him well as I would like to if you get my drift." she grunted with a pelvic thrust. Jasmine giggled a bit. "Its ok darlin, tell me. Latex? Leather? PVC? Rubber? I got it all....well how bout this, lets start with a few items, and we can go from there." Jasmine nodded vigorously as though she was a mute. Annie looked over Jasmine, whistled, "You got a gorgeous bod honey, even when I was a looker, it wasn't as nice as yours. I think I have some things that will wet his 'appetite' if you get my drift." she said with a wink.

In minutes, Annie had a huge handful of items as she led Jasmine to the dressing room. The first ensemble was a full latex catsuit with the hands, feet, head and both breasts open. The next item, was a latex corslette with the breasts cut out, attached by garters, to latex stockings. The third item was a latex black dress, similar to what she was wearing, but in latex and with built-in garters.

Jasmine picked the corslette. Annie responded "Absolutely....drives men wild...especially with your figure honey." Jasmine started to strip in the dressing room, getting a bit hot as she did. As she pulled the red corslette up after she stood in it, she could feel the tight cool feeling of it as it slid up her thighs and hips. In seconds, she had it on her shoulders and was pulling her breasts out the holes as were intended. Next, she started rolling on the red thigh highs and attached them to her legs. They felt incredible! She was wet at this time and needed attention, but didn't think she could do it here, maybe in the bathroom in a few minutes.

"Faaaaaabulous!" Annie shouted as she came back in with a few more things. "If you are to go outside wearing that, you need a little more, or you will be arrested. These should fit just fine." she said as she dropped a few items on the chair, picking up the other items and left the room.

Picking up the first item, Jasmine saw it was a black full latex corset. "I never knew they made corsets out of latex...amazing." she said out loud. She was about to put that on when she decided to look at the other items. With a corset on, she might have problems putting other articles of clothing on....might as well do that last. So she picked up two skirts, one short and one long. She saw the black latex skirt has a hole in the bottom for her ankles that was maybe 6 inches wide, and it looked TIGHT. The other skirt, was short, very short. Looked as with all latex items, pretty form fitted. She decided to go with the long skirt to cover her privates. This may take some time getting into also.

Again, Annie came in saying "The hobble skirt...LOOOOOOOVE IT. I can help you in that in a moment." as she dropped some latex gloves on the chair as well. Jasmine decided the gloves would be last, as they will limit her dexterity and she will probably need it to get these items on. The whole time, she was still stewing in her own juices.

After Annie left once again, Jasmine was so turned on, that she started to finger herself, flicking her clit back and forth. Moaning she started breathing hard and pushed it further and further in a matter of just moments while leaning up against the side of the dressing room for support. She quickly stopped when she saw Annie coming in again with something else as well.

"Darlin, I changed my mind, I have something else for you. I have one or two other items that will suit you...and your current situation better." as she gestured to Jasmine's wet clit. "Wait here and I will be back for the final items.

Jasmine was mortified, had Annie seen her playing with herself? What was she doing here?

Annie walked back in and said, "Now, we have all the items we need to drive Vicky mad. First, don't need the hobble skirt, but I have something else for you to replace it, after one other item is added. Please unfasten the garters, the will be put back on, just after something else. Jasmine started to do as she was told, and Annie pulled out a steel belt. Jasmine had no idea what this was and took a step back from Annie.

"Trust me darlin, Vicky will love it." she said as she approached Jasmine and folded the corslette up a bit on her torso to bet the steel belt around her waist. Bingo, a perfect fit on the waist. "Now, hold tight" as Annie squatted down and pulled a steel band from between her legs. "Look forward please" said Annie. Jasmine was not sure what was happening but Annie was busy down there. "This will be a bit cold, so bare with me" she said as Jasmine suddenly felt something like a dildo being shoved into her already wet pussy. Jasmine was about to protest when she head a click, like a lock. She looked down and suddenly realized she was locked into the device, that had a dildo impaled in her. She started to panic and started to grab at the belt.

"Darlin, I have the key, you are ok, I will be giving it to Vicky. I cannot have you playing with yourself in my dressing room, this will help. Now please connect your garters again." she said very directly. Jasmine recovered and nodded slowly, pulling the rolled up latex corslette down from her mid drift and started to attach the garters.

"Now Jasmine face the wall mirrors while I get you laced into your new dress." she said pointing to the mirrors. As Jasmine slowly turned and faced the mirror, she saw Annie, in the mirror with a large article of clothing that she could not exactly make out.

"To surprise you Jasmine, I want you to hold onto the pole in front of you tightly, so your arms are up and I want you to close your eyes. No alterior motive other than to surprise you."

Jasmine said, "Ok" and grabbed the pole on the mirror and closed her eyes. What happened next was strange, erotic, and exciting. She could feel Annie wrapping her arms around her body as she was wrapping her dress around her. By the feeling of it, it had to be something heavy, like a leather. She felt it get a little snug up to around her breasts, covering them, and slowly the same feeling moved down all the way to her mid thigh, she had to close her lets at Annie's urging. The sensations she was feeling at the moment we starting to excite her a bit again even though she had not entirely come down from her earlier teasing comepletely.

"Now Jasmin, keep your eyes closed, I am now going to lace you up, starting at the top, going to the bottom. Hold on the pole tightly as I will need a bit of leverage to get these tightened as they should."

Once again, with her eyes closed Jasmine nodded, and waited. Up top, behind her breasts, she felt the dress, pull after pull getting tighter and tighter. She realized without seeing it, this dress, had a built-in corset, and from the feeling of it, it was heavy duty steel bones. She surmised it was going to get tight. It did.

After about five minutes of pulling and cinching Annie said, "Open your eyes."

She did and was amazed. She was wearing, on top of the red latex corslette and thigh highs, a black leather corset dress that went from just above her breasts to just above her knees. It was beautiful, alluring and downright sexy. "What do you think?" Annie said smiling at her handiwork. "Darlin, I would kill to have your figure again, even in my rambunctious youth I didn't have your figure. I am jealous. I personally think Vicky will love it."

"I am speechless," she retorted, running her hands up and down her chest and legs, feeling the difference of the leather and latex. By this time she was almost dripping wet, of course, with the corset dress going down almost to her knees, and the stupid belt, there was no way in hell she could do much about it.

"Go ahead and put your gloves on."

The new goddess of leather and latex turned and took a few steps to get the gloves. She realized the corset dress kept her from taking steps very big at all. It felt amazing, every step seemed to pull a little bit on the corset, which in turn somewhat rubbed on her breasts. She realized this would be tough to bare for a long time if there was a lot of walking involved. She leaned over, as best she could in the corset and picked up the gloves. They were short enough to just end below the elbow, and of course in black latex. She struggled for a few minutes actually putting them on and Annie actually came back in with some boxes and helped her get them on.

"Now darlin, you ARE beautiful by the way...I have a few other things for you. You get to have fun now. Sit down." Jasmine looked at her questioning her about the 'sitting part'. "Yeah you can sit darlin, it will just be tight." Jasmine nodded and walked over to the chair and slowly squatted as best she could sitting. It was rough. First off, the corset was so tight already, sitting actually made it tighter. Then to add insult to injury, the dildo in her penetrated her farther.

"I have some shoes for you. Simple and elegant." she said as she pulled out some black strappy heels. Jasmine looked at the a little bit seeing that it was similar to most black heels, but the "top of the heel" had numerous interwoven straps over the top of the foot, and they all met at a single point to a small anklet. Annie put the first one on, weaving her foot around all the straps and snapping the anklet into place. She the adorned it with a small padlock, with jasmine suddenly realized, prevented the removal of the heel at all. The decorative straps on the shoe, actually served the purpose to tighten around the foot, and centered on the anklet. Once locked, no movement would be found to get the shoe off at all, short of cutting it off. Jasmine was terrified and excited once again, as Annie worked on the other foot. Jasmine noticed when Annie was done, she put the keys on a necklace she was wearing, that already had a few other keys on it.

"Stand" she said directly and quickly. Jasmine used the arms of the chair to help her stand. Luckily jasmine wore heels all the time, so these were not a challenge being only about 4 inches in height, just that she was never restricted to a step of less than a foot.

"Lovely!" Annie screamed and clapped. "Now what next....." Annie said pacing back and forth in the room quickly and excitedly. She clapped again and yelled, "Hold on!" then ran out of the room. Jasmine giggled a bit as Annie just about as excited as she was. Jasmine wandered over the mirrors and gazed at herself in the mirror admiring what Annie had done to her. She was there for a few minutes when Annie came running back into the room with some more boxes. The room was starting to get crowded with unused sizes of shoes, thigh highs, etc...

"Now, with permission of your Master, who gave me the key, I am going to replace your collar with one that fits a beautiful submissive like yourself." Jasmine was a bit confused as the one she was still wearing, she had completely forgotten about, was hers....

Annie reached up and unlocked the collar and removed it. She then put it in a plastic bag to give back to Victor when she opened a rectangular box and pulled out another collar. This silver collar was entirely seamless, there appeared to be no locking mechanism on it. Annie turned around working on the collar so Jasmine could not see it her opening it. Upon turning back around to Jasmine, the collar was in two halves. She had jasmine turn around again, and reached up and fit it around Jasmines neck, closing it in the back. With a click it was done. Jasmine looking in the mirror, reached up to touch it. It was of some metal like stainless steel, but looked like silver, it was about a half inch in size and was pretty much seamless. She pulled on it, and it gave no hint of letting go of her neck. She spun it on her neck and she finally saw the only two points on it that were different. A hinge, that sat in the front, that was so small, it was almost impossible to see, and a locking mechanism in the back. The part is, she could not see a hole for a key. Almost as though it was an internal lock meant to never come off.

Annie, seeing that Jasmine was a bit concerned, broke in and said, "Darlin, it can come off, there is a key, I just hid it from you to have a little fun." She then grabbed a device Jasmine had never seen before, and put it back into the box that the collar came out of. From the same box, she then pulled out a ring of some sort.

Annie held it in front of Jasmine and showed it to her. "This my dear, is a ring that attaches to the collar. The collar is to beautiful to have a ring permanently mounted on it, so this solves that." She reached up, and pulled the collar forward a bit, and then heard a click, a sound she was getting very familiar with. It locked on the collar. "Now there is a D ring attached to your collar." Jasmine stared in amazement, it was actually quite pretty and ingenious. Reaching back into the box, she pulled out two cuffs, that matched the collar.

"Your hands please." Jasmine reached out with both hands and Annie quickly snapped on a silver cuff to each wrist that gave no room for being removed without a key. She Then gabbed two smaller rings, that matched the one that was now mounted on the collar, onto each wrist manacle. Lastly, she reached into the box and pulled out a silver chain. She held it up in front of Jasmine who was staring at it a little nervous. Annie found the link that made up the midpoint and then reached over and attached it to the collar. She proceeded to then pull Jasmine's wrist manacles closer and attached each end of the chain to the manacles.

"There, Wonderful!!!!!!" Annie shouted. "Turn around"

Jasmine did as she was told, and looked into the mirror. The cuffs attached to her collar, would not allow her to drop her hands past her belly button. The chain/manacles/collar were gorgeous and were obviously hand made. Suddenly she got nervous and wondered the cost. The cost of all this must be in the thousands. She suddenly started to panic.

"I cannot, this is too much, I cannot afford this.." she said as she start to try to take the collar off to no avail.

Annie stepped in and turned her around to face her, looking directly in her eyes. "Darlin, you are not having to pay a cent for this. Yes its expensive. Vicky is picking up the tab. He likes you, or he obviously would not have brought you to me. Be happy in the fact you found someone willing to spend precious time energy and money on you in the fashion you wish to be spoiled in. Embrace it." she said calmly and energetically.

"Now, its time to show Vicky." she said loudly, once again performing her trademarked clap to get things moving..."oh wait, one more thing." Annie reached over and grabbed a handmade leather leash that looked to have been a number of small leather lines all woven into a single one. Annie snapped it on her collar D ring and started to walk out the room, pulling Jasmine uncomfortably with her.

Victor was starting to get impatient when he saw Annie coming form the back room holding a leash. He stood and put the bondage magazine that he was 'reading' back in its holder and turned to face what Annie brought him.

"Oh my lord" he said quietly...

Chapter 8 - Lessons

Thursday, 9:45pm

"Oh my lord" he said quietly...as he stared at his submissive being led out of the back of the store to him. Clad in latex leggings, a leather corset/skirt, new locked on heels and a fantastic silver collar and cuffs, she was a vision of erotic beauty. Victor was getting hard just looking at her.

"Here she is Vicky! Isn't she a vision?" asked Annie, handing the leash over to Victor.

"That she is Annie, you have outdone yourself." he said staring at Jasmine causing her to blush a deep red.

"Vicky, come with me a sec, need to talk to you while I ring you up." she said, "Darlin, stay here while I finish the financials here with Vicky." Jasmine nodded quickly.

"First, Victor, she is a beauty, still new, so be careful. Second, I added something under the latex and leather for you. As I caught her trying to masturbate in my dressing room. That deserves a little attention from you I believe" she said as she was handing him a bill, a very large bill. Victor signed it after she ran his card. "Also here are the keys to all the items, read the document on the collar, and read the document on the belt she is wearing, you might have ALOT of fun with that one, here is the remote." she said as she was handing him two bags.

"Annie, it was my pleasure, and frankly, I am in your debt. Thank you for being so kind to her and just assisting." he said honestly.

"Now need, any paying customer is my friend, but I always have a soft place in my heart for a new submissive on her first shopping run, even if its not being paid for by a handsome Brit." she said with a wink and a smile. "If you are looking for anything, or want anything custom made, call me, I can do rush jobs too."

"Thanks again" he said as he walked over to Jasmine. "Come Jasmine, its time to leave, but first, we are going to walk around the block." She obviously flinched at this. She had no will to want to be seen in public like this, even though it was amazing to look at. She pulled backwards on the leash.

"Did I ask Jasmine? No. I wish us to walk the block." he said with a bit of bite to it, pulling on the leash. When they got outside, the walked a few feet from the front door and stopped. Victor turned to Jasmine. "Annie says she caught you trying to masturbate in the dressing room. I know I explained, a sub will never, never come without explicit permission from her Master. You will have to be punished for that." Victor pulled the chastity belt out from his pocket, and saw the different buttons on it, and pressed one. Immediately the dildo/vibrator sprang to life, albeit not extremely strong. Jasmine almost jumped when it came to life in her.

Victor pulled the leash as he started walking down the block, obviously taking shorter steps as his pet simply did not have the ability to move that fast with her current limitations. The vaginal intruder was buzzing lowly, slowing increasing her sensitivity and getting her aroused.

For ten minutes, the took a slow stroll, around the block. Along the way, no less than 10 men whistled and petted her on some part of her body causing Jasmine's shame to increase even more. Once they arrived at the truck, Victor helped her in the vehicle then got in on his side.

As they drove home, the only thing that was able to be heard beside the engine and the road noise, was a dull sound of the vibrator chipping away at her will. When they arrived back at his house, he walked her upstairs to her room. Taking the stairs in her corset dress, was almost impossible. She had to take each step carefully and with a lot of purpose to be able to make each one.

When they entered the room he pushed Jasmine up against a wall and asked, "Jasmine now you will be punished for your trying to masturbate without my permission. I don't care if its in public, because at one point in time I WILL ask you to masturbate in public. You tried without my consent even after I spent all this money on you, my gift to you. I know you have not tamed your desires, this is why I am not mad in the least. You need to be taught, and tonight will be your first long term lesson." he said as he reached up and unlocked her wrist manacles from the chain that connected to her collar. Reaching into his magical dresser drawer, he pulled out two very sturdy black leather cuffs. He attached each to her wrists. He then pulled each wrist up, and attached it to a short chain, that was connected to a wall anchor that was obviously sunk deep into the skeleton of the house. He repeated this with the other wrist. Next he pulled out a simple nylon strap and wrapped it around her ankles and tightened it as far as he could, thus welding her legs together. She was now locked in a Y.

"Jasmine, prepare yourself. You will be like this for the next 6 hours, no reprieve. You will learn, that without my consent, you are not allowed to come." He pulled the remote from his pocket and turned it on high for a moment while he continued. The vibrator sprang into action and violently tormented her. She was obviously significantly aroused and he could not leave it like this for long. The last item he pulled from his drawer was a leather hood. This hood was large, heavy and complex. But it did its job. Victor grabbed two more disposable ear plugs and put them into her ears. Then he pulled the hood over her head, making sure the gag, a penis gag, was firmly in place, then positioned the rest of the hood. Because she was back against the wall, it made this a bit more challenging to tie it and buckle it closed but he was able to. He did, and was finished. Pressing the low button, he immediately turns the vibrator to low. Jasmine groaned in frustration from beneath the hood.

Victor stood back and stared at his prize, she was an angel of fetish. She was his, at least right now. He needed to be careful not to be to strict to begin with, but her offense to him was great, especially when he was letting her try to wow him. He decided he was done, and right there, stripped and hopped on the bed she was on earlier, moving the armbinder that was still there, he moved into the covers and few asleep after he set his cell phone alarm to wake him in a few hours.

Minutes/hours/days went by and Jasmine was in a complete hell of frustration and pain. The vibrator, which seemed to never have a battery that ended, slowly kept buzzing her, keeping her on edge. The restraints holding her arms up, were actually comfortable, but her arms were aching and tiring. Worst off, her feet. She has been standing completely still for who knows how long, in shoes that were built for function, then comfort. Lastly, the latex and leather was causing her to perspire. She did try to masturbate in the dressing room though even though she was told not to without permission. This was her fault, although the punishment is harsh, it was her fault for him having to do it. This is what was running thru her mind the entire time.

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