Bianca the Rubber Dolly
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  • Post Date - 7/10/2014

Author's Note: This is my first erotic story. Judging from the typical content on this website it will be rather extreme for most readers. The character of Bianca has obviously been inspired by the most beautiful fetish model of my lifetime. All the other events and details simply represent my ultimate fantasy if I was in fact so lucky to actually be Bianca, or her new Mistress. Please feel free to criticize my work, as I am certainly not the most skilled writer in the world. Enjoy!!

Update (2014/08/22): Chapter 2 gives some background on Mistress and recounts her capture of Dolly. Chapter 3 jumps back to the present where Chapter 1 left off, going into Mistress's detailed preparation of Dolly for her next training. Chapter 1 has also been updated to cleanup grammar, poor sentences, and eliminate redundant vocabulary. I also tried to better streamline the descriptions of Bianca's chastity piercings so they are easier to visualize. Lastly, I went into a slightly more depth concerning Bianca's reaction to the sex training gas and her overall predicament. Thanks again for reading!!

Chapter 1

Bianca awoke to the dull hissing sound of white noise in her ears. She was alone in a small 12' x 12' x 12' room. All four walls and the floor were completely padded with heavy white rubber. All the seams were fully stitched and reinforced. The outline of a single door to the room was barely discernible, but there was no handle inside the room. The locked door had a small observation window made of one-way mirror glass to the inside of the rubber room. The entire ceiling surface was also made of one-way mirror glass, allowing Bianca to be observed and recorded at all times from high above. Air ventilation, temperature, and light to the room were all regulated through tiny openings placed high up on the rubber walls, just under the mirrored ceiling. Bianca was indeed being carefully observed by her kidnapper as she slowly regained consciousness from a very long and unexpected nap.

In her old life Bianca was a famous fetish model from Montreal, Quebec. Her thick French Canadian accent was angelic and mesmerizing. She was the ultimate sexual fantasy for any man or woman who laid eyes on her. She had bright hazel eyes, and long flowing brown hair that came down to the small of her back. Bianca's hair was arguably her most valuable asset, as most women would kill to have hair so thick and beautiful. It was often styled and colored differently as needed for particular photo shoots. Likewise for her eyes, contact lenses were often worn to change them into different colors.

Bianca's face was so naturally gorgeous that she was easily transformed with just a little makeup into dozens of different exotic looks, each as equally stunning as he other. Her lush full lips were usually glistening with bright colorful lipstick to match her hair, makeup, and sexy fetish outfits. Bianca's favorite clothing was always made of shiny smooth latex. There was something about the look, texture and smell of the rubber that made her feel like the sexiest woman on Earth. Nobody who saw Bianca clad head-to-toe in skintight latex could honestly disagree.

Bianca was proud of her 5'-2" tall, 115 pound body, because she worked extremely hard to keep it in tremendous shape. She possessed an amazing hourglass figure shaped like Jessica Rabbit, with flawless delicate fair skin. Her tiny 25" waist and washboard abs accentuated her voluptuous 35" hips. With heavy corset training Bianca's waist could be reduced to an incredible 20"! Her sculpted ass cheeks had the perfect balance of firm muscle tone with just the slightest touch of jiggling baby fat. Her prized ass was an impossible heart-shaped trophy adorning the top of her long athletic legs and thick muscular thighs.

Bianca's enormous 32" FF breasts had a perky teardrop shape even when she was not wearing a bra. She had large puffy pink areolas that were over 3" wide, and thick pink nipples that stood over 1" long when aroused. Her breasts were extremely sensitive, so much so that her erect nipples were often clearly visible through multiple layers of clothing. Bianca's panties were just as often soaked with her pussy juice due to her highly sensitive gigantic tits.

Bianca's pussy was nearly virgin tight. By her current age of 36 she had only had sex or even masturbated less than a dozen times in her entire life. She had never even considered anal sex as she believed it was too dirty. Bianca learned at a very young age that her immense sexual energy was instrumental in enduring the harder and longer exercise workouts that kept her body in such impressive shape. Her continued abstinence also gave her boundless mental energy to deal with long grueling days of shooting, traveling around the world, and other people in general. Bianca was so strict in denying herself sexual gratification that she often fantasized about implementing long-term chastity to her starving vagina to simply make life easier.

This was a shame, because Bianca's pussy was truly a sight to behold. She had perfect thick pink lips and an amazingly sensitive clitoris that grew to nearly 2" long when erect, like a tiny female cock. Not only was her vagina a pristine work of art, but it also squirted loads of her sweet cum when it was finally allowed release. Bianca's pussy was usually dripping wet and just begging to be fucked long and hard.

Now trapped in the white rubber room, Bianca was completely naked except for her hands, feet, mouth and ears. She quickly realized that the constant white noise was coming from perfectly molded rubber ear pieces that were inserted and sealed with strong adhesive. Any noise from her environment that was already being reduced by the ear piece itself was completely drowned out by the white noise being transmitted to the device. The sound was not painfully loud, but it was certainly enough to train Bianca that she would now only hear what she was allowed to hear and nothing else.

Bianca instinctively reached up to remove the ear pieces, only to discover that both her hands had been bound into smooth shiny black rubber stumps. Numerous rolls of electrical tape had been tightly stretched and wrapped around each of Bianca's hands, binding them into useless fists. The black rubber tape continued wrapping up her delicate wrists and long slender forearms to just below her elbows. The wrapping was extremely tight, leaving no exposed skin, only perfectly smooth shiny black latex. She could feel a soft foam ball between her clenched fingers, allowing her to squeeze slightly and keep blood circulating to her tightly bound hands. When Bianca tried to remove the ear pieces all she could manage to do was tap herself on her ears with her rubber fist stumps. The white noise continued.


Bianca tried to speak but only a muffled sound escaped. A giant 2" red rubber ball gag was wedged deep between her teeth, forcing her jaw open wide. Her lush pouting pink lips wrapped about halfway around the ball, then were sealed directly to the front side surface of the ball with the same powerful adhesive that held her ear pieces in place. Her new ball gag was specially designed to train Bianca to savor the feeling and taste of thick rubber stuffing her mouth. It was made of medical grade silicone, which is very dense and cannot be easily bitten down on and compressed like cheaper soft foam rubber. A tiny 1/8" hole was drilled through the center of the gag to allow for controlled breathing and fluid intake, but could be plugged as desired for strict breath control.

From the back side of the ball gag extended a 3" long thick rubber cock. The giant penis head tickled the back of Bianca's slender throat. She stretched her tongue back as far as possible and licked the tip of the massive invader. She felt the 1/8" opening, perfectly positioned to squirt whatever fluids may be supplied down her throat. Bianca desperately tried to bite down on the red rubber cock and ball gag, but her teeth only barely squeezed the hard silicone material in the tiniest fraction. She jerked her head violently side-to-side attempting to expel the giant member from her mouth, but her lips were securely glued to the outside of the ball. Bianca angrily flailed her shiny rubber stumped fists around like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum.




Bianca screamed over and over into her new rubber gag, still in shock and disbelief of her predicament. She frantically tried to claw the monster from her mouth with her hands, but her useless bound fists only thumped herself in her pretty face. Even if her hands were free, the superglue holding Bianca's tender pink lips to the red rubber ball needed a special solvent to break the strong chemical bond.

Throwing her head back in frustration, Bianca suddenly noticed her reflection in the mirror ceiling above. To her utter horror she realized that she was completely bald! All her beautiful long flowing brown hair had been shaved perfectly clean with a razor. Along with this, her eyebrows, her pubic hair, and any other body hair no matter how fine was removed. Not only was all her hair removed, but a powerful salve was applied over her head, pussy and ass, and entire body to prevent any future hair growth for many months. Her already beautiful skin was now as smooth as the finest silk. The only hairs that were left on her entire body were her long thick sexy eyelashes. Bianca now batted these eyelashes as she frenetically blinked her wide eyes in a state of panic.

As the gravity of Bianca's hairless head and overall rubber bondage was starting to sink in, something even more startling caught her eye in the mirror. Both her breasts and pussy had shiny new piercings!!

Each of Bianca's breasts now had 6 thick platinum rods piercing the full 3" width of her pink areolas, crossing beneath her delicate skin. As a result of these piercings, 12 thick platinum bulbs now perfectly encircled each areola at 1:00 thru 12:00 respectively. Each of the 12 bulbs was then attached to another thin platinum rod that angled and extended away from her chest, forming a 4" long cone-shaped metal cage at the tip of each breast. Each of Bianca's nipples was pierced with a small platinum ring that was then locked to the inside tip of each cone cage, uncomfortably stretching her sensitive nipples away from her chest by more than 3".

An ultra-thin clear polycarbonate sheet was then wrapped tightly around the platinum rods that framed each nipple cone cage. This prevented any access to Bianca's straining nipples, although they were still clearly visible inside their metal cones. The bulletproof plastic sheet was heat-welded to itself all along the outside seams, creating an unbreakable smooth clear plastic shell around each nipple cage. Finally, the outside tip of each nipple cone was attached to a larger 2" platinum ring that would be used in the future for more heavy-duty breast bondage as required. The only thing currently locked to each ring was a small shiny jingle bell to decorate her expensive new jewelry. Although she could not hear them, Bianca's sexy nipple bells had been ringing quite rigorously during her recent rubber bondage awakening.

Unbeknownst to Bianca, and prior to receiving her new pussy piercings, 3 large 2" stainless steel Ben Wa balls were inserted in her tight vagina. A remote signal could be sent to the balls in order to make them intensely vibrate on command. To secure her pussy lips, a series of 10 small platinum rings pierced each side of her vaginal opening, for a total of 20 special rings. These were carefully measured and spaced at exactly 1/2" on center, running the full length of her outer labia. A narrow U-shaped thick platinum bar was then fed top-to-bottom through all 10 pussy rings on both sides, then locked at the bottom into a small heart-shaped platinum padlock that dangled between Bianca's thighs. Her pussy lips were now effectively sealed shut. Without the key she would never feel penetration again, nor would she be able to take out the metal balls from deep inside her.

Three new piercings now prevented Bianca from receiving any direct clitoral stimulation. A thick platinum rod pierced the base of her 2" hood, then another pierced halfway along her shaft, and finally a third rod pierced the head of her swollen clitoris. Three thick platinum bulbs were exposed along each side of her clit. The bulbs were locked into holes along the flanged edges of a solid platinum shield that covered her entire clitoris and hood. The metal shield did not stop at her clit, it widened dramatically at the bottom and extended down even farther to completely cover Bianca's trapped pussy! The shiny smooth platinum shield was curved to perfectly follow the beautiful contours of her pierced vagina. The flanged edges continued along the sides and bottom of the metal shield, with holes precisely aligning over her pussy rings underneath. Each of her 20 pussy rings had a tiny bulb that was meticulously fed through each respective hole and locked tight. There would be absolutely no relief for poor Bianca's filled vagina or her swollen clit until someone else decided that she deserved to cum.

In reality, one of Bianca's wildest fantasies had just come true. The beautiful woman was now trapped in total pussy chastity that was entirely out of her control. Her entire vagina was hidden and inaccessible behind a solid smooth platinum shield. The shiny heart-shaped lock was dangling from her crotch like an exquisite pussy earring. Her sensitive stretched nipples were now also in chastity via her new breast piercings. Even if her fingers were available, she could not reach through the plastic and platinum cone cage to rub her poor straining nipples. Bianca initially gasped at the sight and thought of her new breast and pussy chastity piercings. It also dawned on her that she must have been unconscious for many days, because all her new piercings were already healed. In the deepest corners of her sex-starved mind Bianca actually loved and needed this strict erotic discipline.

The temperature in the white rubber room was currently 80 degrees F, not unbearable, but hot enough that any physical exertion was making Bianca sweat profusely. She tried to stand, but discovered that her feet had been put in similar bondage as her hands. Each of Bianca's tiny delicate feet was bound into an extreme arched ballet en pointe position. A thin smooth curved piece of rigid molded rubber was placed along the bottom arched soles of her feet and heels. Much like her new ear pieces, these foot braces had been custom molded from Bianca for a perfect fit. They were sealed to her feet with the same powerful adhesive. Roll after roll of stretchy black bondage tape was then used to completely encase each foot in a tight rubber cocoon sock from the tip of her toes all the way up her firm shapely calves to just below her knees.

With her feet and hands in such tight bondage, Bianca found she could not easily get up from the floor. The en pointe position did not give enough surface area for her feet to stabilize on the thickly padded floor, which was effectively like walking on pillows. The only thing in the rubber room for her to hold onto and brace herself up to her feet were the walls. Bianca crawled over to a wall and using her arms and naked body weight was finally able to get on her feet. Immediately her legs strained for balance and her pointed toes screamed in pain from the extreme ballet position. After only a few wobbly baby steps her legs gave out and she tumbled to the floor with a quiet thud. Bianca's nipple bells jingled as her breasts heaved from her struggles. A few more futile attempts only made her feel all the more tired, helpless and defeated. Sweat was now steadily dripping from all over her glistening naked body as she lay on the floor. Bianca started crying, tears streaming down her face combined with the salty sweat on her flushed cheeks.

Suddenly a powerful mixture of sex pheromones, female Viagra, amphetamines, and mind control gas starting pumping into the rubber room. Bianca's panicked eyes darted around in frightened anticipation as she watched the ominous cloud quickly expand to every cubic inch of her cell. This training gas was carefully formulated for new rubber slaves, containing an incredibly intoxicating latex aroma. Bianca desperately tried to hold her breath and avoid inhaling, but after only a few minutes the gas started to impact the beautiful woman. Her mind shifted towards erotic and sexual thoughts.

Bianca slowly pulled herself up from a lying down position, carefully kneeling herself as an obedient slave on the padded floor. Something felt right about this position to her, as it was somehow more comfortable than simply lying there like a useless rag doll. Although tears still stained her pretty face, Bianca's sobbing had somewhat subsided. Her legs were now bent at her knees with her tiny bound pointed feet tucked neatly underneath her naked ass cheeks. Her rubber bound fists rested calmly at her sides. Her red rubber cock and ball gag was fully plugging her mouth. White noise filled her ears. Her nipples where fully pierced and stretched. Bianca's pussy and clit were fully pierced, locked shut and covered.

Beads of sweat ran along the perfect pink skin of Bianca's ass crack and dripped onto the latex floor. She felt more cool sweat running down the warmth of her massive breasts. Her nipples quickly became hard as erasers, straining against her shiny metal piercings. The bells dangling from her giant tits jingled, but of course she could not hear. Bianca's trapped pussy was starting to get wet. She could feel her new vaginal piercings strain against her rapidly engorging pussy lips and clitoris. She could feel something large inside her, but had no idea of the size and vibrating capability of the stainless steel balls that were stretching her cunt. Bianca's body was becoming highly aroused, whether she wanted to be or not.

Slowly Bianca started spreading her bound rubber feet farther and farther apart, shifting her body weight forward. Her movements were almost unconscious in nature, as her mind and body were now hypnotized by the training gas. Next she started spreading her knees wide apart to match her feet, still shifting her body forward in the process. She used her bound rubber fists as balancing points in front of her body as more and more of her weight came down towards the front of her shapely hips. Bianca was slowly spreading her body into a sexy full frontal split position on the padded floor. Soon her pointed feet and legs were perfectly split as far and wide as she could physically manage. She arched her slender back up using her elbows for support. Bianca's enormous pierced breasts hung towards the floor, her nipple bells ringing softly as they just barely grazed the smooth white latex material.

Bianca's pussy lips tried to open as she pressed her metal covered vagina firmly against the slippery wet rubber floor. She started to grind her hips slowly and methodically into the padding, trying to force her pussy and clitoris against the latex surface. She quickly discovered that it was absolutely no use. No matter how hard poor Bianca tried, her platinum chastity shield and piercings were just too incredibly restricting. The infernal devices did not allow nearly enough direct stimulation for her to climax. She reached back between her legs with one of her hands and frantically tried to rub her hungry pussy and clit, but her rubber bound fists were useless. Bianca moaned in frustration as she desperately thrust her pussy harder and harder into the padded floor like an animal in heat.

With the help of the training gas during the next few hours, the intoxicating smell of the latex in her rubber room completely possessed Bianca. Her skin tingled as she imagined more heavy latex tightly wrapping every square inch her naked body. Most of all she needed sexual release, but the padded floor was simply not enough. Bianca urgently needed someone to suck on her itchy swollen clit. She needed a thick hard rubber cock to fuck her wet pussy long and hard. Her vaginal muscles gripped the giant steel balls stretching her cunt. She flexed her ass cheeks as she fantasized about being ravaged in her asshole over and over. She tried to reach around and fuck her ass with a rubber bound fist, but her tight virgin hole was not yet properly trained to stretch. More tears streamed down her pretty face as the young woman continued her transformation into a filthy rubber slut.

High above the white rubber room Bianca's kidnapper was furiously rubbing her own swollen clit. Her long slender fingers slid in and out of her tight wet vagina. Nothing made Mistress more horny than a crying slave, unable to cum, mind and body under her complete control. Her sweet pussy juice started to slowly drip on the glass ceiling window. Mistress was in absolute bliss as she masturbated to her newest slave, who was sobbing and panting over her hopelessly trapped condition in the rubber room below.

Just as Mistress's pussy was cumming, she decided without question that Bianca would indeed make a fine rubber dolly. Her training was in fact already underway. With the push of a button Mistress made the large metal balls inside Bianca's pussy spring to life and vibrate. With the push of another button the white noise in Bianca's ears abruptly stopped.

"Hello Dolly." Mistress finally greeted her sexy new toy.

"That's right. Your name is no longer Bianca. Your old life is finished. Nobody knows you are here, I have carefully seen to that. You are now a rubber sex slave. More specifically, you are now a rubber dolly. Even more specifically, you are now MY rubber dolly. Your new name is now Dolly, and you will answer to this name. I am your Mistress for the rest of your life, so long as I allow you to live."

Mistress's pussy was already getting wet again as she continued explaining Dolly's new life.

"You will only see what I allow you to see. You will only hear what I allow you to hear. You will only touch, taste, or smell what I allow you to touch, taste, or smell. Your only purpose in life is to please me. If you fail to please me, you will be severely punished. If you please me, you may be rewarded. That reward may include allowing you to worship my body, to lick my pussy, or to suck on my clitoris. Perhaps someday if you consistently please me your own pussy may be allowed to cum. This is all you need to know for the rest of your life."

Before Dolly could attempt to respond, Mistress quickly pressed the buttons again. The drowning white noise immediately returned to Dolly's ears. The giant metal balls filling her pussy stopped their vibration. Before heading off to bed, Mistress increased the temperature set-point to 90 degrees F, increased the flow of the training gas, and shut of all light to the white rubber room.

Dolly screamed at the top of her lungs into her gag as the room was suddenly thrown into pitch black darkness. She flopped and stumbled blindly around the padded cell as the increasing level of training gas started to deeply penetrate her inner psyche. It would not take many nights in the rubber room to properly train Dolly to be an obedient sex toy.

A night vision camera silently recorded Dolly from above. A live feed was sent to Mistress's master bedroom upstairs in the mansion. Mistress masturbated all night while she watched her new Rubber Dolly being broken in.

Chapter 2 (added: 2014/08/22)

Mistress Claire was not always a sadistic Dominatrix. She grew up in a sheltered boring middle-class home in upstate New York, the only child of an Engineer father that worked and traveled too much, and a home-maker mother that drank and gossiped too much. Her parents were a tired Baby-Boomer cliché, never emotionally available to Claire when she needed them the most. As a child she had little hope or prospects for any sort of exciting or meaningful life. When her dad was gone and her mom passed-out or shopping, she would experiment with self-bondage. It started simply out of boredom for a new and interesting way to masturbate. Claire quickly became skilled with her rope work, implementation of device bondage, innovative release mechanisms, and flexibility to endure more and more severe positions.

Claire learned early on that the powerful look, feel and especially the intoxicating smell of rubber was something she truly loved. The young girl was almost always wearing tight latex under her regular clothing. At the end of another boring school day her favorite rubber panties would usually be dripping with her sweat and pussy juice. She loved to lick them clean while she rubbed her tight virgin pussy with busy fingers. Claire would often sleep in heavy latex masks or hoods as she found they helped her dream of more wild rubber bondage fantasies. She was also a skilled lucid dreamer, so sleeping was one of her favorite hobbies.

Claire was physically attracted to both men and women, but there was something about the delicate female body that made her gradually transition towards a lesbian lifestyle. She absolutely loved a thick hard cock, but she did not really admire the overall male form, finding most men's bodies to be rather crude, hulking and utilitarian. Since it was impossible to find any boys or girls to play bondage games with at school, Claire continued with her self-bondage whenever the opportunity presented itself. As a teenager she yearned for a bondage playmate so she could practice her growing skills. Any romantic relationship she pursued seemed to quickly deteriorate once Claire honestly explained the type of BDSM lifestyle she needed from her partner. Her lovers were also often intimidated by her brilliant mind and seemingly over-confident demeanor. She remained single, lonely and horny throughout most of her young adult life.

After the arbitrary four years of a college Claire found she was ill-prepared for the harsh reality of life. She was highly intelligent, studied hard at her Psychology curriculum, and maintained excellent grades. However it always seemed as if she was striving towards some sort of materialistic goal that she never quite understood or wanted. Regardless, making money is not very difficult when you have both book smarts and common sense. It's like Scrooge McDuck always said, "Work smarter, not harder."

Claire made wise investments throughout her 20's, amassing enough wealth that by her early 30's she could simply live off the interest. She did not have to work any dead-end job as a typical American debt slave. She no longer had her personal labor taxed without her consent by a Federal Government that has absolutely zero intention of protecting the life and liberty of its own loyal citizens. Claire was the truly rare individual who had finally broken free from the Demon Pigs that carefully control the monetary system, the war machine, the rigid social structures of this experience we call our 5-sense reality, and the lives of most human beings. But Claire was certainly no angel herself, a harsh fact that many poor souls would learn during her transformation into a Dominant Mistress.

Claire was by all accounts an attractive woman. She kept her 5'-7" tall, 130 pound body in great shape by working out every day. When you don't need a job it's amazing how much time you have to take care of your health! Claire's favorite type of workout was intense hot yoga training, especially while wearing tight latex outfits. She was naturally extremely flexible, and found that she could achieve and hold the most complex and difficult positions with minimal effort. She sometimes even fantasized about becoming a contortionist. These skills translated perfectly to BDSM.

Claire's frame was as powerful as a gymnast, highlighted by her thick muscular thighs, her tight athletic ass, curvacious 35" hips, slim 26" waist, and her buxom 36" B breasts. Her skin was silky smooth and pale white, perfectly accentuated by her bright red hair and dark brown eyes. Her beautiful face and penetrating eyes suggested that Claire was operating on another level compared with most other people. She had little patience for the minutia and petty problems of the typical mindless sheeple.

Claire's most amazing quality was her mesmerizing voice. She portrayed a sense of supreme confidence and power with every word she spoke. Combining this with her superior intelligence and understanding of the human mind and emotions, Claire had an unique ability to almost hypnotize other people with her words.

Claire was 23 years old when she first saw Bianca on the cover of a Marquis latex fetish magazine in 2004. She knew the instant she laid eyes on this beautiful vision of perfection that she simply had to have her. Nobody she had ever seen looked more amazing dressed head-to-toe in latex. Claire fantasized day and night what Bianca would look like under her control in heavy rubber bondage. She quickly became her ultimate obsession.

Claire practiced and honed her Dominatrix skills for nearly a decade in preparation for someday having an opportunity to capture Bianca. She owned and trained nearly two dozen different slaves, some male and some female. A few were consensual submissives, but most were non-consensual captives who had suddenly "disappeared" at some point from their normal everyday lives. Claire matured into a powerful Mistress during this period, perfecting her wide array of bondage techniques, rubber discipline, sensory deprivation, and most importantly her specially formulated mind control sex training gas. She continued to expand and develop the BDSM dungeon in her secluded mansion. At one point she actually owned four different slaves, but that proved to be too much of a workload for one lone Mistress. When her slaves were fully broken and converted to proper submissive sluts, she would sell them on the black market to other powerful owners whom they could better serve. None of her rubber slaves had yet to meet her lofty expectations, and none could compare to the impossible perfection of Bianca. Mistress Claire's obsession grew to the point where she was literally going insane with lust for the beautiful woman.

On her 32nd birthday Mistress decided it was time to execute a plan to finally capture her perfect little Bianca. When one has a constant supply of money it is amazing how easy such plans are put into action. She started by hiring a shady private investigator for $50,000 cash to meticulously track and monitor Bianca for nearly two months. Mistress had little to worry about concerning this disgusting pig P.I., because she had enough dirt on him to put him away for at least 20 years. All it would take is one anonymous phone call and package sent to the authorities. Mistress quickly learned everything there was to know about Bianca, from her daily schedule, her travel arrangements, her personal security, her workout routines, her sleep patterns, and even her diet.

Mistress Claire learned that Bianca would be making a surprise appearance in San Francisco for a fetish convention during the 4th of July holiday weekend. This was only a few hours away! Due to the secretive and last-minute booking, Bianca would be staying at a somewhat questionable hotel just a few blocks from the convention center. Her P.I. staked out both the venue and hotel to determine arrival points, traffic patterns, security camera locations, etc. It was determined that the best opportunity to kidnap the young fetish model would be during her early morning workout. As luck would have it the hotel's half-ass exercise room was located way down in the basement just one door from a dimly lit alley and side street. No security cameras covered this area. Bianca's dim-witted Canadian security man would almost certainly still be asleep, probably dreaming of hockey. She had no reason to believe that anyone even knew she was in town yet, much less that anyone intended to kidnap her. This was the perfect opportunity for Mistress to spring her trap!

Bianca was gleefully striding on an elliptical machine in her tight spandex clothes, listening to her music, when an odorless colorless gas started to silently permeate the small workout room from underneath the door. In just a couple minutes she slumped off the machine onto the floor. A shadowy figure dressed in black swiftly moved into the room like a ninja, quickly grabbing the unconscious Bianca by her shoulders and dragging her out through the door. The abduction took less than 60 seconds. There were no witnessed at that early hour of 5:45 AM, and it was raining heavily outside. A trunk slammed shut on a ordinary looking dark blue sedan just before it silently drove off from an ordinary looking side street next to an ordinary looking hotel in the middle of San Francisco.

Mistress Claire cruised east from the city limits during the early morning hours. Her heart and mind raced as she realized her wildest BDSM fantasy was actually coming true. Poor Bianca lay unconscious in her trunk, still in her sexy workout clothes, no idea of the new rubber bondage life that awaited her in the very near future. Mistress's secluded mansion in the remote hills of eastern California was not easy to find, just the way she intended. As she pulled into her hidden garage her thoughts were already on the multitude of latex garments, strict restraints, bondage devices, and especially the white rubber room she had already prepared for her new Dolly.

Chapter 3 (added: 2014/08/22)

Mistress Claire did not often take pity on her slaves, but she had very special plans for Dolly. She could not risk any permanent damage to her new rubber toy. After she had cum for the fourth time, Mistress remotely turned off the sex training gas to the rubber room, replacing it with a nitrous oxide gas containing a powerful sedative. Dolly passed out almost immediately as her mind was deliriously tired. Her sex-starved body relaxed, slumping peacefully on the padded floor. She would be unconscious for the entire morning, more than enough time for Mistress to prepare her for the next intensive training session.

Mistress walked down to the dungeon at about 8:00 AM. All she wore was a black rubber bra and pair of panties. The shiny latex bra was open at her nipples, and her rubber panties had an open crotch exposing her thick pink pussy lips. The light burst into the white rubber room as she opened the padded door. Although she saw no immediate danger signs of excessive dehydration, Mistress quickly administered multiple IVs containing all the water and nutrients her newest rubber slave would need for the day. She then gave Dolly a thorough sponge bath and enema to properly clean her virgin asshole for deep penetration and intense stretching.

Mistress next needed to dress Dolly in more heavy rubber before her anal training could begin. She carried a large armful of black garments and accessories into the rubber room and dumped them on the padded floor while she examined the gorgeous body of her unconscious new slave.

First up was Dolly's waistline, which although very slim and sexy was nowhere near the hourglass proportions that a proud rubber dolly needs to be. Mistress grabbed a 3" wide roll of stretchy black bondage tape and started tightly wrapping with vigor, round and round Dolly's waist. She started at the very top of her hips and ass cheeks, working all the way up to just below her massive breasts, then all the way back down again. After the first giant roll of tape was depleted, Mistress used another entire roll and duplicated the stringent wrapping process. Dolly's natural 25" waist was now slimmed by the shiny black rubber tape down to only 22". As she slept her peaceful breaths became slightly shorter and more labored. Her massive breasts now jutted out even more provocatively as her chest and abs strained against the heavy rubber.

Mistress Claire understood the importance of properly wrapping a rubber slave's legs and arms, so she next turned her attention to these areas. More rolls of bondage tape were used to tightly wrap each of Dolly's thick muscular thighs, starting at the very top of her thigh just below her ass, working all the way down to just above her knee. Likewise her athletic upper arms were tightly wrapped from just below her shoulders to just above her elbow in smooth shiny latex. When the wrapping was complete, the only remaining exposed skin on her legs and arms was at her knees and elbows. While she would still be able to flex these joints normally, any physical exertion would immediately make her thighs and arms strain against the tight rubber wrappings.

The rubber tape from the day before still encased Dolly's lower legs and forearms. Her tiny pointed feet were still trapped in a ballet bondage position, and her poor hands were still stuck as useless rubber fist stumps. Mistress did take the time to make sure her hands and feet were still receiving enough blood circulation. She took more pity on Dolly and carefully re-wrapped her hands and feet, taking just enough slack out of the new black rubber tape bindings so there would be no concern.

Once Mistress was satisfied with the wrappings it was finally time for Dolly's very first rubber suit! This black latex catsuit was very special indeed. Every square inch was of course custom measured from Dolly to ensure a perfect fit. All the seams and the zippers were triple-reinforced. The latex material itself appeared to be ordinary rubber, but it was in fact molded over a carbon-fiber mesh fabric that was virtually indestructible. Although she had not fully tested it, Mistress was told this ultra-thin flexible material could not be cut or penetrated by a blade, and could even stop a bullet. In other words, once Dolly was in her rubber suit it was not coming off until Mistress allowed.

Mistress started by working each of Dolly's pointed feet into her new rubber suit, which had booties that slid perfectly over her encased feet to match the ballet position. She continued pulling the shiny skin tight latex up her sexy legs, then swallowing her voluptuous ass in rubber. Mistress could not help herself as she gave each of Dolly's ass cheeks a few hard smacks. The extremely durable suit would allow for severe punishment without the risk of permanent damage to either the latex material or her slave. The crotch of the rubber suit had a small 3-way zipper allowing access as needed to Dolly's currently trapped pussy and more importantly her asshole.

Mistress Claire next worked each of Dolly's arms into the sleeves of her new rubber catsuit. Much like the legs, the suit had fist mitts that slid over her already bound fists. Her arms were fully encased in another layer of tight latex. Mistress pulled the suit over her shoulders, being careful to properly feed Dolly's giant tits into the special form-fitted breast cavities at the front. Each cavity had a thick rubber ring molded into the suit that slightly squeezed the base of each breast. The latex suit covered all of her tits, but it had a 3" opening at the very tip allowing Dolly's beautiful nipple cone cage piercings to be exposed. Her nipple bells jingled as Mistress squeezed her breasts into their new home.

Dolly's new catsuit had an attached rubber hood made of the same special latex and flexible carbon-fiber material. It had small openings for her eyes, nose, and mouth. It also had heavy padding at the sides to cover Dolly's plugged ears, further eliminating any chance of hearing. Before Mistress pulled the hood over her slave's head, she inserted long silicone plugs deep into each of Dolly's nostrils. Much like her red rubber cock and ball gag, these plugs each had a tiny 1/8" opening to allow for controlled breathing. Mistress carefully worked the tight rubber hood over Dolly's hairless head and gorgeous face. She made sure the holes were properly aligned with her beautiful bright hazel eyes, her plugged nose, and her gagged mouth.

Mistress slid the long zipper up Dolly's slender back and locked it together at the neck with the zipper from the hood, effectively securing her new rubber suit in place for the foreseeable future. Dolly looked so sexy clad head-to-toe in her black latex outfit that she instantly started rubbing her erect nipples and wet pussy. Mistress had to stop herself from masturbating as she remembered how much work still remained in preparing her new toy for anal training.

Dolly was now fully dressed in rubber and ready for some heavy restraints.

Mistress started by producing a thick black rubber corset. Dolly's waist was already dramatically reduced by the bondage tape underneath her latex suit. Mistress wrapped the corset around her tiny waist and pulled the laces as tight as possible. She even put on gloves to get a better grip on the strings, wrapping the laces around her hands to gain leverage as she pulled Dolly's waist tighter and tighter. After many minutes of struggling with the corset, Mistress finally closed and locked the rubber flap at the back to conceal the laces. She took a tape measure and proudly discovered that her beautiful Dolly's waist was now an incredible 20"!

Mistress next grabbed a black rubber posture collar for Dolly's neck. It had a heavy stiff plastic inner molding similar to a medical neck brace, but all coated in thick latex. The collar did not stop at the neck, it continued and flared down to completely cap and cover her shoulders, upper arms, chest, and back. As Mistress worked the laces down tighter and tighter, the collar forced Dolly's shoulder blades closer and closer together. The massive bust of her rubber covered tits jutted out even further from her chest. After locking the collar place, Mistress attached a series of 6 short black elastic garter belts from the bottom of the posture collar to the top of the waist corset. Her new toy would not be able to twist or turn her head or shoulders by more than the tiniest fraction of an inch. Good posture is very important for a rubber Dolly!

Next it was time for some proper fetish footwear. Mistress slowly slipped a pair of shiny black stretch PVC platform boots up Dolly's legs. These boots had no traditional heel or toe, but instead had a thick molded stump that looked just like a pony hoof! Inside the boots Dolly's poor tiny feet were still in a pointed ballet position. On the outside her new pony hooves would actually provide enough surface area and support to stand, walk and prance. Perhaps someday with lots of practice and training Dolly would even be able to pull heavy carts. The pony boots stretched up her legs and ran all the way to the top of her thighs. They were specially designed to allow a great deal of flex in the knees for leg movement and bondage positions. After lacing, strapping and locking the boots tight, 3 more short elastic garter belts were used to attach the top of each boot to the bottom of Dolly's waist corset. Mistress always thought there was nothing more sexy than a garter strap straining against a tight rubber ass cheek. She pulled on one of the elastic belts with her fingertips and let it snap hard against Dolly's jiggling ass.

Mistress Claire's pussy was now dripping wet and her swollen clit was just begging to be licked and sucked by her new rubber slave. She reminded herself that this would all happen in good time. Cunnilingus training must always follow anal training. A rubber slut's asshole must first be broken in, particularly an anal virgin like Dolly. Only after their ass is fully stretched and plugged may a slave be allowed to worship and taste Mistress's sweet pussy. Total chastity, humiliation, and helplessness would quickly turn Dolly into a filthy submissive bondage whore. In a very short period her new rubber slave would crave nothing more in the world than her Mistress's vagina, or possibly one of her many long thick rubber cocks. With proper training Dolly would become a master of cock sucking, ass fucking, and pussy worship. All were equally important skills for Rubber Dolly to serve her Mistress well.

Mistress had a very particular bondage position in mind for Dolly's first intense training session. She would be binding her new rubber slave's legs into a frog-tie split, and her arms into a classic box-tie. This bondage, while rigid and helpless in an overall sense, would still allow for the movements that would be necessary for Dolly's training. Mistress believed that it was important for new rubber slaves to be an active participant in their anal training.

She started with her right leg, pulling Dolly's new pony hoof back and tucking it against her thigh and ass. She produced a pair of thickly padded 3" wide rubber straps. The first strap secured Dolly's ankle to her upper thigh, and the second strap secured her calf to her lower thigh just above her bent knee. The second strap also had a heavy steel D-ring positioned at the inside of Dolly's knee. After Mistress was satisfied with the right leg she duplicated this bondage to her rubber slave's left leg. She then secured and locked a 3' long steel spreader bar between the D-rings on the straps. Dolly's legs were now bound in a perfect frog-tie, her knees spread far and wide as Mistress thought physically possible.

Dolly's upper body was already in strict bondage via her new neck and shoulder corset, so Mistress now simply needed to restrain her lower arms. She pulled her arms behind her back and made sure her forearms were running perfectly parallel and tight to each other. Dolly's rubber stump fists were positioned next to each elbow. Mistress grabbed 4 more thick rubber straps, securing and locking them in a row along her forearms, effectively fusing them together at the small of her back. She then wrapped another rubber strap around each of Dolly's arms just above her bent elbow. Mistress used a short steel chain to link the straps together via more D-rings positioned at the inside of each elbow. As the chain was pulled and locked tight, Dolly's elbows inched closer together, while her forearms and wrists remained rigidly bound. For one final adjustment, Mistress revisited the posture collar lacing at the back of her shoulders and took out any slack that resulted from the new bondage to Dolly's arms. She finally closed and locked the rubber flap at the back of the neck and shoulder corset to conceal the laces. Her beautiful young slave was now in a perfect rigid box-tie position.

Dolly was now properly dressed and bound for her anal training. Mistress reached down and delicately slid the zipper wide open between her slave's legs, exposing her perfect pink virgin asshole. The sudden new opening in the shiny black catsuit partially exposed Dolly's tight ass cheeks. Her smooth silky skin strained against the open zipper. Beads of sweat trickled along Dolly's exquisite ass crack. The moment Mistress had been waiting for her whole life had finally arrived.

Mistress could resist no longer, she just had to taste her new slave! She dropped to her stomach on the padded floor and grabbed Dolly's rubber bound legs in each hand, shoving her face deep between her ass cheeks. Mistress hungrily licked, tongued and sucked on her puckering asshole for nearly an hour. She then started fucking herself in her pussy with her favorite black rubber cock as she continued savoring Dolly's pristine ass. When she could finally cum no more, Mistress had squirted a large puddle of girly juice on the rubber floor. She ran her hands through her cum and gathered a generous amount on her fingertips. She slathered it all along Dolly's ass crack and then inserted her gooey wet fingers into her toy's new fuck hole to make it nice and slick for training. Mistress found that nothing made for a better anal lube than her own sweet slippery cum.

After composing herself, Mistress gave her new rubber toy a few more hard smacks on her ass and then left the white rubber room locking the door from the outside. She had seriously considered fucking Dolly's asshole for a while with her rubber cock, but she preferred her slaves to be awake when she fucked them in their ass. Besides, Dolly first needed to be properly trained love the feeling of her hole being stretched and plugged by thick rubber. Mistress went upstairs to again observe, record, and direct Dolly's training from high above the room.

Mistress Claire was now deftly adjusting controls and pressing buttons as her Dolly slowly started to regain consciousness. The sex training gas once again started to flow. Her hands were trembling as she thought of all her sadistic plans for her new rubber slave. As Mistress licked her lips she could still taste Dolly's salty sweat and skin on her tongue. She increased the level of amphetamines slightly to help her toy become alert more quickly. The rubber room was specially equipped for her anal training that was about to begin.

"Wake up Dolly!"

Chapter 4 (added: 2015/12/22)

The first thing that came across Dolly's mind as she awoke was that maybe this was all just some horrible dream. One moment she was a famous fetish model, traveling the world, exercising her gorgeous body one morning, and the next moment she was in a terrifying new world of rubber bondage. How could this be real? Where was she? Who was this insane woman that held her captive?


Dolly moaned into the giant red rubber cock and ball gag still wedged deep in her mouth, her full wet lips stuck directly to the gag. Tears of frustration streamed down the cheeks of her black latex mask and slowly dripped on the floor. The now familiar dull white noise still filled Dolly's ears. This was the only sound Mistress allowed her to hear when not being given directions.

Dolly's arms and legs were tightly wrapped in endless layers of stretchy latex tape under her shiny new black catsuit. She was helplessly bound in a perfect rigid frogtie position, face down on the floor in the middle of her white rubber room. Her arms were neatly folded and strapped together at the small of her back, her hands still trapped as useless rubber stumped fists. Dolly's legs were each bent at her knees, ankles pulled back and strapped to her thick muscular thighs. The spreader bar attached at each knee split them wide apart, driving her hips into the padded latex floor. She could feel her stuffed pussy and swollen clit being pressed against her new chastity piercings, hopelessly locked and shielded from any direct stimulation. Dolly's massive rubber-clad breasts were also being squeezed against the floor by her body weight. Her shiny nipple piercings and jingle bells were directly below her face, as her rigid posture collar forced her to look straight down. Dolly stared in disbelief at her elaborately pierced nipples, each stretched and trapped inside its chastity cone cage. If only somebody could caress and lick her poor straining nipples and give them some relief.

Dolly instinctively tried to find some kind of escape from her bonds, but she could only manage to squirm and wiggle a few inches in any direction. What was worse, the rubber tape and corset compressing her waist and abdomen meant that any rigorous attempts at movement left her quickly out of breath, gasping for air through the small hole in her gag and her plugged nostrils. The only air allowed in her lungs was heavily laced with the powerful latex training gas. As Dolly quickly tired from her useless struggles, her thoughts started to race again uncontrollably towards a lust for more rubber. What she needed most, of course, was sexual release for her poor trapped pussy and her itchy throbbing clit. Unfortunately for Dolly, new rubber slaves only receive rewards after they have pleased their Mistress through many months of intense training and discipline.

"This is your first anal training session Dolly. Listen carefully, because I am only going to say this once."

Mistress Claire's voice had suddenly replaced the white noise and rang in her slave's ears via the tiny transmitters in her molded ear plugs. She had been watching from above the white rubber room with amusement as her sexy new toy realized the strictness of its new bondage position.

"In addition to your new latex attire and restraints, while you were sleeping I inserted your very first anal training plug. I used my own slippery cum as lubricant. As my Rubber Dolly, you will learn to savor the feeling of my cum inside your ass. Don't bother trying to expel the plug, as the locked zipper to your new catsuit is wedged quite deeply between your lovely rubber ass cheeks, holding it in firmly in place."

Upon hearing this shocking news, Dolly squealed into her gag and started thrashing around wildly on the padded floor as much as her bondage allowed. She clenched her anus tightly and could feel something was indeed shoved deep inside her ass! Dolly frantically grunted and tried as hard as she could to push out the plug, but it was no use as her tight rubber suit was like a second skin against her ass crack.

"This rubber plug is very special Dolly." Mistress continued, after letting her slave spend some more energy struggling in vain.

"Right now your new anal plug is flaccid and rather small. However, during this training session, it will inflate to nearly 12 inches in length and 4 inches in girth. When fully inflated, it will have the rather bulbous shape of a large eggplant. I am afraid this will be quite uncomfortable for an anal virgin such as yourself. However, we must properly stretch your asshole so it may take all of my favorite giant toys. As my Rubber Dolly, you will learn to love the feeling of my thick hard rubber cock fucking your ass. You will be begging for it before your training is complete."

Mistress's voice was completely intoxicating, and this combined with the latex training gas had Dolly hypnotized. She could not help herself, her poor trapped pussy was getting wet again! Dolly started to flex her stuffed asshole over and over, gripping the soon-to-be gigantic rubber butt plug while she slowly pumped her hips into the padded floor. Her pierced pussy lips and clit swelled and strained against their shiny platinum chastity shield. If Dolly truly understood the size and magnitude of the rubber monster that was about to stretch her ass, perhaps she may not have been such a eager slut.

"Good Dolly, I see you are starting to accept things. You are now my filthy rubber whore. You only exist to please me." A wry smile came across Mistress's lips.

"Let me explain how your anal plug works. There is a transmitter in the plug controlling its auto-inflation. This transmitter receives a signal from light sensors in the special clear contact lenses that I have placed over your lovely hazel eyes. From the moment I active the transmitter, any time you close your eyes and shut out light to either of the sensors, the rubber plug will inflate by 1%. If you try to cheat and keep your eyes closed, the plug will inflate by 2% every second. In other words, you Dolly, will control how long it takes for your butt plug to inflate by simply blinking. Ready to begin?"

Dolly of course could not answer. She blinked rapidly, trying to feel and confirm that what Mistress said was true. Sure enough, Dolly could feel the slight sensation of contact lenses as she closed her eyelids.

Mistress continued, "The average person can only go about a minute or two without blinking. If your willpower is strong Dolly, you may be able to extend this training session for a couple hours. I would strongly advise that you do so, because it will make your anal stretching more gradual and slightly more comfortable. OK, let's get started!"

With the flick of a switch, Mistress activated both the transmitter in Dolly's butt plug and the light sensors in her contact lenses. The white noise also returned to her her rubber slave's ears. Mistress lit a cigarette and poured herself a glass of wine to relax and enjoy the show.

Almost immediately Dolly blinked by instinct. The rubber plug sprang to life and inflated by a fraction.


Shocked by the harsh reality of her first training session, Dolly made the mistake of blinking her eyes rapidly numerous times in a state of wild panic. Her butt plug responded accordingly.


The plug was already 10% capacity in the matter of only a few seconds. Dolly could now feel its more intimidating presence inside her ass. The idea of this rubber monster reaching full size was suddenly terrifying. Dolly tried to stay composed and keep her eyes open, but she could only manage for about a minute before the strain became too much. She blinked again, and her rubber plug inflated a bit more.


Dolly's anal training continued. Tried as she may, the poor rubber slave could not keep from blinking her beautiful eyes. With every passing minute, the devious rubber plug stuffing her ass grew larger and larger. After about 30 minutes it was inflated to 50%. It was now 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, the size of average cock. Dolly squirmed and wiggled in her rubber bondage as she felt her butt plug slowly grow inside her. She could feel it starting to press against the stainless steel balls that still stuffed her vagina.

Dolly then forgot her instructions, and simply shut her eyes tightly, trying to find some sort of brief escape from her tormented ass. Just as Mistress had warned, no relief could be found, as the rubber plug inflated even faster every second her eyes remained closed. Dolly popped her eyes wide open when she realized her mistake. The plug was now very uncomfortably stretching her anus wider than she could have ever imagined, and it was not even close to full.

During the next 30 minutes Dolly tried with all her strength to keep her pretty eyes from blinking, but it was futile. Sweat was pouring from her shaved head and hairless brow under her latex mask and dripping into her eyes. The immediate sting forced Dolly to blink uncontrollably. The rubber plug inflated yet some more. Dolly continued squirming and fighting against her restraints. Her entire body was exhausted from her struggles. The corset cinching her waist, combined with the giant gag sealed in her mouth made Dolly all the more out of breath and gasping for air. The latex training gas was really the only thing preventing her from passing out. With every blink, her butt plug inflated some more, causing Dolly to jerk back alertly against her bonds and shriek into her gag.


Finally, after well over an hour of relentless struggling, Dolly's rubber plug reached 100% capacity. The massive balloon stretched her anus to nearly the breaking point. Dolly had never had anal sex or even inserted anything into her ass, and now she had a gigantic inflatable monster nearly ripping her apart from the inside. The rubber slave was now ready for further instructions from her Mistress.

"Good Dolly, your anal plug is fully inflated!" Mistress Claire's voice again replaced the white noise in Dolly's ears.

"The first part of today's training session is complete. Your ass is now properly stuffed with rubber. You will learn to love this feeling Dolly. Your asshole is being stretched wide open for a reason. It is my new cum hole. Your pussy will never be fucked again unless you earn it and I allow it. You will soon beg for me to pump your ass with my favorite giant black rubber cock. You are my dirty anal whore. You are my filthy bondage slut. You are so sexy Dolly. You make my nipples hard just looking at you."

While Mistress spoke to her new fuck toy, she reached down and started caressing her own beautiful tits. She had incredibly sensitive breasts, and found that a nipple orgasm was the easiest way to make her pussy squirt cum. As she flicked her long erect nipples back and forth with her fingertips, Mistress imagined the countless hours that her Dolly would be learning to properly lick her dripping wet pussy and suck on her thick pink clit.

"OK Dolly, it's time for the next part of today's training. You are about to be supsended from the ceiling by your massive rubber breasts. Steel weights will then be hung from your nipple rings, starting with 5 pounds each. You will then feel the full blunt force of my heavy wooden paddle on your tight rubber ass cheeks. My intention is to break the paddle over your ass Dolly. After today you will find sitting to be quite uncomfortable. While I paddle your ass, your new anal plug will remain fully inflated."

Mistress was now fingering her pussy and rubbing her swollen clit as she continued, "Oh yes, I almost forgot, during this training you will also be receiving intense electro-shock stimulation to all your most sensitive areas. There are powerful transmitters attached to each of the piercings for your nipples, pussy and clit, to each of the balls stuffing your cunt, and of course to your new butt plug. These devices each receive signals from those same light sensors in your new contact lenses. One of these transmitters will randomly give you a painful shock every time you close your eyes. As with your anal training, I suggest you keep your blinking to a minimum. I can't wait to see the look in your lovely eyes. Are you ready Dolly?"

Unable to respond as usual, Dolly simply squirmed in her helpless rubber bondage and moaned into her gag. The upcoming training would be her first face-to-face interaction with her new Mistress. Dolly was about to be taught the importance of always focusing her full attention on Mistress.

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