Are You Game?
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  • Post Date - 9/2/2014

Kayla was such a nice simple gal, you would never imagine that she loved being tied up during sex and played with. Her recent boyfriend had introduced her to the powers of breath play and Kayla could not believe the intense orgasms that came from the different situations that Shane would come up with.

Shane loved Kayla he loved pushing her to the edge, and the more he pushed her it seemed the more she loved it. He had recently been acquiring some suits and equipment online for a play session he had in store for her keeping it to himself for a private play session behind closed doors. He really wanted to surprise Kayla and to lay all the items on the bed so her mind could contemplate what strict bondage situation she would be put into.

It had been a few weeks of waiting and making sure everything was in order before Kayla asked what was up. We haven't played in awhile what's going on Shane.

All Shane said was just wait I have something planned for you; Kayla smiled wondering what was in store for her. Her mind raced of the situations they had talked about since finding one another. What could he truly have in store me?

After another week Kayla's anticipation had grown to a peak she had to know what Shane had in store for her. Unknown to her that Shane had acquired the last few pieces thru the net and was waiting for her to return home.

As Kayla entered the house she called out to Shane, What's going on and where are you? Shane was waiting for her in the bedroom with all the items sprawled out over the bed.

When Kayla rounded the corner leading into the bedroom she wondered why the door was closed, she slowly opened the door and there are on the bed was all kinds of bondage equipment, a latex suit another full suit which looked to be made out of heavy rubber a gas mask was on the bed and fixed to it was a hose. A thick rubber hood also lie amongst the items, there was even some items that she knew nothing about.

Kayla reached out to the thick rubber suit and ran her hand over the material, it felt heavy and smooth all at the same time her fingers slid over the material thinking of what game Shane had planned for her.

Shane was sitting in the corner just being quiet as he watched Kayla look over the items. Kayla jumped a little; I didn't know you were there Shane. I didn't want to disturb your moment there looking over the items. He got up and walked to Kayla now so what do you think, it took sometime but I had to wait for a few items to show up. This is what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks and I had to wait for the last few items to show up.

Kayla bit her lip a little as she stood there looking over the items.

Shane asked her what she thought of all the items. Kayla for a moment didn't know what to say but her enthusiasm showed thru her with what was to come.

Kayla picked up the gasmask and held it in her hands, never had she worn one but the anticipation was growing from deep inside her for the play session that she most certainly desired.

Shane simply asked Are you Game?

HELL YES, Kayla exclaimed!

Shane leaned into Kayla and gave her a passionate embrace and a seductive kiss as they held one another. After a short make out session Kayla asked so what do I put on first? Shane picked up the black latex outfit from the bed go into the bathroom and put this on when you return I'll have all the items ready for you.

Kayla retired to the bathroom as Shane moved about the bed getting the items together.

Kayla took her time putting the latex outfit on but after a little struggle with the material and a little talcum powder she finally had the latex outfit on her. She ran her hands over the black milky outfit as it hugged every curve of her young body she could not believe how form fitting the suit was. She stared a herself in the mirror seeing how she looked in the black latex outfit, she brought her hands to her clitorious and ran her hands over the material, a quiver of excitement went thru her of what was to come.

Kayla emerged from the bathroom and walked to Shane, he could not believe how incredible she looked in the suit. He once again gave her a kiss.

So what do you want of me Shane? I am your puppet now manipulate me with my strings.

He gave a smile to Kayla as he picked up the heavy rubber suit lets put this on over the latex suit. Kayla didn't even care now she was his and she knew it she wanted the play more than she knew and the desire to be helpless for Shane was growing.

Once again talcum powder was used to pull the heavy rubber suit over the latex as more of Kayla's body became encapsulated from both of the outfits. The rubber suit was a complete suit that covered her feet so only her hands and head would not be covered by it. Kayla now ran her hands over both the suits it was incredible to think her body was underneath both the outfits. The thick rubber suit let off a scent that permeated her lungs the feeling was incredible.

Even with both outfits on Kayla could move quite easily. Shane now ran his hands over her body they both working themselves up to a heightened sexual arousal that they both desired.

How does that feel? Shane asked...

Incredible Kayla exclaimed it's a bit hot but I have a feeling I will be getting a lot hotter. Kayla smiled.

Shane picked up a swim cap and said pull your lovely hair into this and place it on you, while you do that I will finish with these shackles that will be holding you to the bed. Kayla didn't say a word she simply did as she was told. When she was done she said what's next, for Shane was finishing with the shackles. He picked up another item from the bed this will go around your waist it is a thick rubber corset that has belts on it to tighten your belly up. He moved to Kayla now as he kneeled down behind her and pulled it around her and proceeded to tighten the belts making it nice and snug over Kayla's belly. When he was happy he stepped back to admire Kayla once again.

Goddamn you look sexy like that with all the black latex and rubber suit on. I don't think Kayla minded it either.

He now reached for some bondage mitts that went over Kayla's hands so she could not use her fingers to grab at anything. Kayla's anticipation was growing now she still didn't know the end result of this bondage game but it excited her to not know the outcome.

The bondage mitts made her hands close as if a boxer unable to open them inside as each of her hands was taken from her. A small belt was secured around each wrist to make sure they would not be coming off.

Kayla's eyes grew wide when Shane reached for the next thing, this is a thick rubber hood it has no eye holes, you will be able to breathe still there are small holes for both your nose and mouth. Kayla seemed to not even care she was so ready to be bound and manipulated by Shane. He brought the hood over her head, it took a little and a little bit of breathless panic to pull the thick rubber hood over the swim cap into place so everything was lined up correctly.

Shane stood back when he was done for Kayla was now fully covered by latex and Rubber. Kayla didn't know it for Shane had set up a camera that was not known to Kayla so he could record there play session and play it back for her later so she could see what she was put thru.

Kayla's mind wandered in her all black prison her body was on overload and she had still not been truly been put thru anything at all.

Shane now moved her body and brought her to the bed laying her down. He took each of her legs and brought them to the shackles for her ankles to be secured, he made sure they were nice and tight; he did the same with each gloved mitted hand and secured them to the bedposts when he was done.

Kayla lay there in her bound form she remembered the gasmask from picking it up before. She took a deep breath as she could hear Shane pick up the gasmask and move it to her rubber face. He manipulated the gas mask into place as she took that first breath from the mask. She could feel each strap from the gas mask tighten over the rubber hood tighter and tighter he pulled till all Kayla was breathing was the limited air from the hose coming from the gas mask.

Kayla was truly his prisoner now in all her rubber and latex glory. For with her eyesight gone from the rubber hood she now wondered what else Shane might have in store for her?

The scent of rubber was overwhelming with every breath Kayla could feel the mask move off her rubber face as if it was alive, the corset she wore made it even more difficult for her to bring life sustaining air deep within her lungs.




Kayla could feel her rubber suit being zipped open at her crotch and ass, when it was open Shane used his fingers to find the zipper to the latex outfit underneath that and revealed Kayla's snatch. Kayla wondered, was he going to fuck her like this she thought. But what Shane didn't show to Kayla was he had bought two very deep and thick vibrators for they both had wires coming from each. They each connected to a box that went from a one to five setting.

As Kayla could feel the pressure from each vibrator being pushed into each of her holes her body shook in delight a deep breath from behind the gas mask as the intrusion into both her ass and cunt send waves of pleasure thru her. Kayla didn't even know of the wires that led from the vibrators. Kayla screamed in delight from behind the rubber and gas mask.


When Shane was happy he pulled the zippers closed as much as he could so the vibrators would stay in place.

As Kayla lay there in her darkness wiggling around in her bound state she thought she would cum right there and now. Shane moved to her are you enjoying yourself in there Kayla?

OH FUCK YES, she said under the gas mask and latex and rubber.

I have two more surprises for you before we get started. Kayla could not believe it how much else could she possibly endure.

With that Shane quickly disappeared before his blind sex puppet and picked up from behind a chair a large bottle that had some form of liquid in it. When he came back to the bed he grabbed the hose coming from the gas mask and secured it to the top of the bottle it was after all what they call a bubbler bottle.

As soon as the hose was connected Kayla's response was both of panic and pleasure. For each breath she took the water would bubble up close to the tiny air hose coming from the bubbler bottle. Kayla shook her head back and fourth trying to make sense of what was happening.

Shane quickly connected the bubble bottler to the frame of the bed so it would not fall over.

Kayla screamed from not being gagged behind the gas mask for she could actually form a word or two.

OOOOHHHHHH SSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT, she shook her head back and fourth again.

Shane quickly grabbed the control boxes going to the vibrators deep within her cunt and ass and switched them on to a setting of one. A jolt of electricity-coursed threw her body from her ass and cunt which made her almost jump from the bed, for if she were not bound she would have surely hit the ceiling.


Her entire rubberized body went crazy before Shane. Her arms struggled to break free of the shackles that held her. Her hips moved in convulsions as the first wave of orgasm's racked her body. Shane quickly reached over to the boxes and switched them up to level two even more electrical current went threw Kayla's body.


The gas mask moved off Kayla's rubber face as if alive the bubbler bottle with the liquid inside made a noise of bubbles hitting plastic, Shane looked on delight as he moved his hand now to the air intake to the bubbler bottle and placed his finger over Kayla's only air supply. Kayla's reaction was priceless her entire body went crazy as another wave of orgasms went threw her body. Her rubber body swayed back and fourth, her head in a frenzy as if to dislodge the gas mask in someway.


Her hips went crazy as the vibrators sent more and more electricity thru her cunt and ass. Shane held her only air supply with a simple finger watching Kayla suffer for him. Just when she thought she had enough he quickly removed his finger from the air inlet on the bubbler bottle. Kayla sucked invisible air thru the bottle and hose back within her oxygen starved body. Kayla's body even with the electricity going threw her went limp for a second as Shane reached over and switched the boxes up to setting three.

Another wave of electricity coursed threw her body Kayla could not believe it. Her body was on overload from the suffocation and intrusion from the vibrators that not only sent ripples of electricity threw her body but also seemed to fuck her mercifully.

Kayla screamed again from behind the gas mask.


Her entire body was on orgasmic overload how far could she go or how far would Shane take her.


Kayla struggled like mad against the shackles the bubbler bottle echoed thru the room as the bubbles inside of the bottle seemed to get quicker every time Kayla took a breath from it, to pull in as much as her oxygen starved body would accept. Wave after wave of electricity coursed threw her body, her mind was on overload and even with her vision taken away from her with the heavy rubber hood under the gas mask stars were beginning to appear before her.

Kayla's body pitched back and fourth about the bed struggling for some kind of escape. All Shane did was watch her torment, enjoying it as more then one orgasm was sent again threw Kayla's body.

She let out another scream,


But all Shane did was reach over again to the boxes and switch them now to level four. Kayla's head look liked it would pop off her shoulders the way her head went into panic mode. For it shook back and fourth with even more a frenzy then before the hose protruding from the gas mask flayed around like mad but still stayed attached to the bubbler bottle as Kayla struggled for air. The tightness from the heavy rubber corset around her belly did not help.

Kayla tried mercifully to pull her legs together as if it would help subside the vibrators that intruded into her cunt and ass, but with them also shackled she had no chance of escape from the torment she endured she screamed yet again from behind the gas mask and rubber.


Even more orgasms racked her body as finally Shane reached over and turned the boxes to the last setting level five.

With that a huge wave of electricity coursed threw her body which made her body flail around like mad as Shane reached over and placed his finger once again over her only air supply of the bubbler bottle.

Something then happened deep within Kayla's mind she had never felt before,


She screamed at the top of her lungs,




Orgasm after orgasm racked her body she came so many times she could not even count them. Kayla pulled with all her might at the Shackles; you would think the way her body pulled at them for they would break. Her hips grinded away making the rubber ripple and snap back as her movement increased. Gurgling sounds came from under the gas mask and moans of unrelenting pleasure. It's as if she accepted her fate as a suffocation slave. Shane took his right hand and ran it over the thick rubber suit as she struggled like mad as if to escape her punishment. But he continued holding his finger over Kayla's only air supply watching her torment from the vibrators sending wave after wave of electricity as her body pitched back and fourth in what seemed her final orgasmic state.

The stars that seemed to be before Kayla's eyes behind the rubber mask and gas mask seemed to fade to black as if her body was accepting her fate. But what was really happening was Shane had released his hold on the bubbler bottle and her body was taking in the limited air she could bring within her lungs, he moved quickly to the boxes and tuned them to off and reached for the gas mask. The bubbles hitting the sides of the plastic seemed to be the only noises in the room now as Kayla just lie there as if she was gone. But as Shane pulled the gasmask from her face all Kayla could say over and over again was,




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