Andrea and the Uncertain Future
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  • Post Date - 10/9/2014

Author's Note: This is the 8th story in the series "The Stories of Bound Friends." I will continue to post here but I will also be posting extras and updates the moment they are ready on my blog:

"So no one else finds it odd?" Megan asked as the four sat lazily around the couches playing cards.

"Just count your blessings, right now we have free reign so who cares why?" Sophia said as she played a card and drew another.

"But that's my point, Hannah made us all go to the trouble of making up lies so we could be up here undisturbed, she made us all get our tongues pierced, she made us toss every ounce of clothing we had up here, she's been keeping us prisoner for just over two weeks and now suddenly she says we're on our own for a few days before she then just shuts off?" Megan said. All of them had thought it at one point or another in the last three days, but it just seemed to be Megan's turn to fixate on it.

"Well we have enough food to feed us for a week at least, we're able to sleep on beds again, none of us have had to do useless chores or get bound into painful positions or take punishments in days and we've finally got those damn metal bras and chastity plates off. Even though we still have our cuffs and our collar and we don't have any clothes to cover up with, I say it's a win and we should enjoy it," Lea said trying hard to convince herself as much as anyone else to try to ignore those legitimate concerns.

The four continued to sit there and play cards naked until lunch. On the first day they each took to wearing towels in lieu of not having any clothes, but by now none of them felt the need to bother. They sat down to lunch with a sense of dread as they watched the van drive away, the first sign of Hannah stirring in days. They ate quickly, worried that it might be taken away from them if Hannah returned before they finished. But she didn't say a word for hours.

"Hello ladies," Hannah finally said only after the van returned in the early afternoon, which put everyone off balance not only because of Hannah's return but she had never really referred to them that way. They each dropped to the floor and lowered their head like the instinct it had become. "Unpack the food from the van and set the other brown box on the coffee table."

There was a surprising amount of food. Hannah had done a very large run before turning off but this was even bigger. They didn't know if they could even go through it all before it would start to go bad. The brown box at the back was small and light. Inside were four baggies each with three small rings, a short thin chain and two small padlocks. Hannah told them to replace their barbell piercings with the rings. Lea was the first to finished and was sent away to get more things Hannah required. While she was away the other three finished replacing their piercings and were ordered to move four animal cages from the back shed to the front porch.

Lea returned and divided everything up into four neat identical piles on the couch for each of the girls to grab. The front porch was not very deep, so the cages ended up taking most of the depth with the doors just barely able to open out towards the driveway without hitting the porch railing. As instructed, each of the girls buckled tight a hard plastic spider gag, keeping their mouth open before they backed up into their cages to finish Hannah's instructions, whose voice could still be heard through their collars.

They locked each ankle cuff to the outside walls of the cage and were told to feed through the roof of the cage a chain with connectors on both sides for the wrist cuffs. To their great dismay (though not total surprise) they were told to lock one side of the short chain around their clit ring before locking the other to a small loop on the floor of the cage. Then they attached four chains to the four sides of the cage near the front. One locked to the top, one to the bottom and one on each side of the cage, locking the chain at exactly the link Hannah told them to use. With only a single magnetic lock left, the kind that Hannah could remotely open, they were told to close and lock the cage doors. Now trapped within, they attached the four chains to their collars, which seemed to be exactly the right size to insure a secure fit in all directions. Finally they each reached behind them and locked their cuffs to the chain at the roof of the cage.

Hannah had never done anything like this, they were all outside yet held so securely that there was no chance of movement at all. Their head, arms, ankles and clit were secured to the cage itself and if they moved their ass or knees it pulled on their piercing. No there was nothing to be done but sit and watch the empty driveway in front of them or watch their drool accumulate below them.

Lea began to have a startling realization that none of them were given any keys, something many of the locks needed. And if they were all trapped there would be no one around to free them. She tried to push the thought from her head. Surly Hannah had a plan, she'd show she could think of things before, but Lea couldn't figure out for the life of her what that might be. None of the other girls seemed to make this connection, or if they did there were at least a lot better than Lea at hiding the panic.

But these thoughts didn't have time to linger because soon she heard a noise. They all heard one, it sounded like cars. Their own van turned on and moved to the far edge of the building before turning off again and making it clear that the car noises were getting louder. They all froze as they saw cars coming into view and down the gravel driveway. Multiple cars. Three large vans and a flatbed truck each began to appear over the hill, which all four of the girls had an unobstructed view of.

The three vans parked to the side while the truck slowly and carefully maneuvered to back up so the back door lined up with the front of the house. The flatbed was carrying a standard 20 foot metal container unit, held secure by metal bracings and bars. Andrea looked over at the vans again as two large figures began to emerge. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was terrifying. A ghost of her past. The same two men who had tricked her at the FetFair were now strutting over to where she and her friends lay trapped.

"Hello again," Paul said as he stood at the front steps surveying the captives before him. It was hard to look away but behind him emerged another four people, three men and one woman, all with devilish intent in their eye. "Looks like you girls have got yourselves a little trapped."

No one knew what to say. No one had the ability to anyway with their large gags preventing any meaningful words from forming. Lea recognized some of the others, one of them was the man she had bought the house from, and the woman she recognized vaguely from the FetFair, but the other two she was as clueless about. Sophia recognized the old man getting out of one of the vans as the same man that she was auctioned to at the FetFair, the one that had given them all a free week at his hotel less than a month ago.

"Thanks Hannah, we can take it from here, ya did great," Paul said after he opened the unlocked front door.

"Thank you master, it is a pleasure to be of service, is there anything else you need?" Hannah said with a meek submissive tone the girls had never heard her use.

"Not right now, stay quiet but stay online in case I need to make you do something," Paul said before beginning to close the door. "Now in my world," Paul said as he walked back into view of everyone. "This is what we might call a jackpot."

All four of the girls stared blankly ahead, not being able to easily process what was going on. Andrea was at the far end of the porch and saw a small woman emerge from the passenger seat of the truck clad in only a heavy looking set of cuffs and an equally heavy looking collar with about a foot of chain dangling from it. They were not shiny like what Andrea had gotten used to seeing, they were dull and dark like it was forged pre-rusted by a medieval blacksmith. She walked around to the back of the truck and once Paul stood to one side she pulled out a long plank from the truck creating a walkway between the porch and the back of the truck that held the container unit.

When she opened the container unit, Andrea blinked frantically. She heard screaming from her friends but couldn't get herself to accept what she was seeing. No, this must just be some trick, it couldn't be real. She began to sink deep into denial that was hard to maintain as she listened to the horrified screams and metal clanging of the cages as her friends reacted.

The container had a dividing wall less than half way in, it could slide up along a rail like a garage door to give access to the rest of the unit, but what made the girls scream is what was on the wall now. There were several rows of shelves on a folding hinge attached to the wall, and each row contained tightly secured cages. Three rows tall, four columns long. The thick square metal bars of those cages looked much sturdier than the wire crates they were in. most were occupied but exactly four were not. It did not take a lot of deduction to guess why there were exactly four empty ones.

The girls in the occupied cages were in a similar position as them, forced to kneel with their hands held behind their back and their collar secured from any movement. The big difference was that there were more ways in which they were secured, more straps, several padded bars, and three long phalluses that were screwed deep into their ass, pussy and mouth. They could not turn their head but they each tried to look to the side as best they could to see where they had been taken.

Along one side of the unit, from the front all the way back to the sliding wall, there were what looked like prison transport cells. They were solid metal with only a small glass window at head level. They were all tall enough to easily stand in but far too narrow to sit down. The only other major thing in sight was something that looked like a large oil drum secured to the ground with a small scrawny man in a frilly french maid outfit bent over it. He was chained to the floor by his four extremities in what looked like a very uncomfortable way to travel.

"Oh, shh, shh, shhhh.. quiet my little pets.." Paul said in a remarkably condescending tone, waiting for them to quiet down. "I know those cages might look scary but we aren't leaving just yet, we only just got here! You have plenty of time before we pack you away in one of those and take you to your new life as a slave."

This was the final straw that broke Andrea desperately out of her denial. Her memory raced back to the feeling of betrayal when she found out how she had been tricked at the FetFair. She had built up a lot of resentment for that man, but had let most of it go since it stopped mattering after that one weekend. This wasn't the same. She didn't volunteer for anything this time, and it didn't sound or look like this was a short term arrangement. She could hear the loud sobbing of the cage next to hers and the screaming coming from a cage past that. Andrea became so overwhelmed her eyes began to gloss over as she started to feel numb. This was too much. She didn't ask for any of this. But she had no way of doing anything about it.

The small woman who opened the unit had retrieved a cattle prod and went to unlock the man bent over the barrel. He cowered in fear as she pulled him by the arm outside and chained him to the side of the truck where he would stand in his 4" heels out of the way. He looked like he was in his 30s at least, and he wore a daintier set of cuffs, collar with a similar chain. He seemed to be completely shaven below the neck and the short skirt of the maid outfit meant that the tight fitting metal tube he wore around his penis showed. His hair was brown, shoulder length and curled, he also seemed to have makeup on making him look very feminine. The eyeliner, blue eyeshadow and red lipstick were actually tattooed on so that it would always be there, but there was no way for the girls to know that.

With the prod in hand and holding it defensively, the slave woman released a men held prisoner in one of the cells. He was tall, and large, the kind of frame that belonged in the NFL or a strongman competition. He was easily 6'4", if not more and god only knows how much those muscles made him weigh. His skin was very dark but it was hard to pin down ethnicity, he might just have a very strong full body tan. She directed this herculean man to move the oil drum. She was maybe a third his size, but he showed every effort to obey her orders despite the fact that they both wore slave collars. Once the first man was put to work, another equally large, though much lighter skinned, specimen was released and directed to work as well. They unloaded every cage, full and empty into the house. Andrea couldnt' figure out why they didn't just release the girls first, surely that would make carrying the cage simpler.

They would sometimes disappear for long periods of time, the two men and the slave overseer or whatever it is she was. Tom, Paul and everyone else seemed content to stand back, watch and talk amongst themselves too quietly to be overheard. The slave woman walked over to them and began to talk quietly, causing the group to start debating something. After some nodding heads she walked back towards the house.

"Hannah?" The woman said in a quiet but high pitched voice. "Our master wants you to unlock the cages now."

"Right away," The computer voice of Hannah replied before magnetically releasing the locks keeping the cage doors shut.

The lead female slave had a key in hand already and began to unlock the other locks one girl at a time starting with Megan at the far end. Everything but a single chain around her neck was unlocked. As she was helped out of the cage, one of the strong male slaves was there to take hold of the chain. The woman locked Megan's hands behind her back and clipped a small bell to each of her nipple piercings before moving on to the next cage to do the same. Once all four women were released and held by the neck by the two large male slaves, one in each hand, she ushered them around to stand near the rest of the group.

"Very good Crystal, faster than usual" Tom said as he patted the female slave on the back.

"Now listen here," Said the man who had sold Lea the cabin. The man was clearly getting up there in years, but wasn't very fat and his hair, while thin, was still all there. "Whenever we get up here it takes time to set up, and so while we wait for that it's become a little tradition to start off with a game. There isn't another house for miles, and it's about four miles as the crow flies to the edge of the nearest game land. At the edge of the game land, we put up a series of posts years ago warning hunters they're leaving public land. If you make it to one of those posts you win. Just hold on and you're safe. But if you don't make it there well... then we win. We'll give you a few minutes head start, then we'll be coming. Crystal, go get them some shoes would you? And our stuff too while you're there"

Crystal quietly walked back to one of the vans returning with a small duffle bag she had filled. She set the bag down and began to help each of the girls into what looked to be 5 inch heels with straps to keep them from falling or being kicked off. But as she was finishing with the last pair the men reached down into the bag. The fear that instantly gripped the girls was visible on each of their faces. None of them knew guns well, but they were all pretty sure they knew a hunting rifle when they saw one. Sophia panicked and tried running, only to be yanked by the short leash still held by one of the slave men who might as well have been a wall for how little slack the dash gained her.

"Oh, no, these are only tranq guns girls. We wouldn't go to all this trouble just to kill you now, what would be the point of that?" Paul said as he showed the girls the colorful red tail of a tranq dart as he began loading his gun. It was a distinction none of them were very willing to feel good about. It was still apparent they were about to be hunted and with bells on their tits, tall heels, mouths gagged and their hands behind their back. The deck felt just a little too stacked against them to appreciate much of anything.

"Now I am serious when I say that you can win," continued the man who had been explaining earlier. "And the shorter you last, the harsher your punishment when all this is done. So even if you can't win just try last as long as you can. Your head start begins.. Now!"

Sophia bolted, quickly losing her friends as she trailblazed as best she could alone. She had no idea where she was going, she just knew that the walking trail didn't take her within sight of any posts so she would need to go through wilderness. Her bells were jingling loudly, she realized that might turn into a problem, but at the moment she was more worried about how unsuitable her shoes were.

The other three did not feel like splitting up. They were all still gagged, so they couldn't communicate, but it was clear none of them had any idea where they needed to be going. They were terrified not just about the immediate threat but what this might mean for them going forward. If this is what they called a get-to-know-you then none of them wanted any part of the life that might await them if they're carted away in those cages.

Megan caught her heel on a tree root and nearly face-planted, maneuvering at the last minute to land on her side instead. She was lucky to miss any sharp rocks but got scratched up by the bush she landed by. Lea was behind her and stopped to help, Andrea didn't see and kept running for some time before realizing she had left her friends behind. She turned to look for them, they were both back a ways, but she also saw in the far distance someone else moving. She ducked behind a bush, looking over with as little showing as she could.

Lea and Megan looked around confused and scared, they didn't know where Andrea had went but they too saw that people were now advancing on them. They began running again, taking a very different direction than Andrea had taken. They were running along the side of a dry creekbed, trying to keep low but failing to stay fully hidden. Not to mention the damn bells that rang as they went. Andrea watched in horror as one man signaled to Tom to go around the hill. They emerged at the same time on either sides of the two women who began to scream and run up the opposite bank. They were each shot and fell just seconds later. She could see the darts were different colors, Andrea had the sickening thought that they must be keeping score. They each checked on the girls, before confirming they were out, calling it in and and moving on, up the creekbed in the opposite direction from Andrea.

Andrea was now alone. She was hidden, and so long as she remained still she wouldn't make any noise. She waited for the two to get out of sight, she scanned around and began to run again once no one was on the horizon. She made it to another large patch of bushes before ducking and making sure her bells hadn't attracted anyone. This patch did not offer nearly the protection but she saw no one and soon enough stood up to run again.

"This is madness" she thought. She was being treated like a wild animal. It was just all so.. dehumanizing. She hated this game. She hated that she didn't have her hands for balance. She hated how bad her shoes were for running in the woods. She especially hated the sound her tits made whenever she dashed from bush to bush. She had one other close call, ducking behind a thick bush by a tree as the Asian man of the group walked by in the distance. He looked around but kept walking, if he noticed her he didn't give any indication. Only once he seemed to be significantly out of range did Andrea stand up to run again. She felt a sting in her abdomen and she fell forward into the bushes, very quickly watching her world turn black.

Andrea awoke in a haze, everything was still kind of foggy. She couldn't feel anything yet, she couldn't see anything and all she could hear was this faint buzzing static. She wondered if that had been a dream. Everything from Hanna's reactivation on just seemed so surreal, something a demented unconscious might dream up to torment an unsuspecting dreamer. She tried to open her eyes, but nothing happened. If her eyelids did raise there was something else blocking her vision. She tried moving her hand to her head but both were pinned behind her in a box tie.

She felt like the room was wobbly, and moving around made it worse. Her feet were tied spread apart, and hurt a little around the ankles. Though she did notice she didn't feel her ankle cuffs any more. And as she probed slowly around her body with her mind, she noticed that her wrist cuffs were gone as well. It was rope. Rope was holding her hands behind her and her feet to a bar. She tried rolling over but slowly realized she didn't feel any ground anywhere. When she tried jostling she concluded she was suspended upside down by her feet. She thought about saying something but only when that thought came did she notice a large phallus held in her mouth. Her mind was returning but that only gave her a clearer appreciation for her helpless state.

"Good, you're awake," came a voice with a mildly Asian accent. The dull ringing in Andrea's ears had stopped and so he came through clear. "You did pretty well, too many girls panic and forget that as they run they make sound. You were never going to reach the posts at that speed but you lasted longer than any of your friends. However.. you still lost."

Andrea fidgeted around but there was really very little she could do. Her mind was awake enough to tell that she was hooded, and when the man stopped talking the dull static returned so she presumed it was the hood not her head causing it. It was just loud enough to block out almost all sound. She tried again pulling at her arms but they were held very securely. She could also feel that a dull ache around her breasts, it got worse when she jostled too much so she assumed her breasts must be tied. Lea had done it once, briefly, but found it wasn't something either of the two cared for. As someone rubbed a hand over her breasts it was confirmed to her that they must be tied and engorged as they were much more firm and sensitive to the touch.

Silently, Andrea felt a rope being tightened around her waist. A rope passed between her ass cheeks and around to the other side of the waist rope forming a crotch tie. The rope was draped over the bar that suspended her with plenty of slack still remaining. She felt someone lifting her up, bending her at the hips and giving her something the lie her back against. Whoever was holding her was also naked, with feminine soft skin, presumably one of the many slavegirls these people came with.

"So, since you lost, there will be a punishment just like we promised, just be grateful that yours will not nearly be as bad as your friends." The Asian man said, able to turn off the white noise before speaking and then turn it back on as soon as he was finished. Andrea could feel him doing something with her chest harness but couldn't tell what.

After he had finished, the slave supporting Andrea slowly lowered herself. As she did, Andrea felt a rope pull painfully on her breasts and crotch. She wouldn't be able to dangle freely without very considerable pain. She began flexing, bending herself up at the waist which instantly relieved all the pressure on her crotch and breasts, but her muscles soon began you scream. She tried to slowly lower herself but it turned into a flop despite her best intentions. The jolt of pressure cause her to yell out as much as her overstuffed mouth could.

She counted up to five before forcing herself into another inverted sit up. She counted again as high as she could before her muscles said no more. The only relief her muscles got were at the expense of her tits being pulled painfully while a rope cut into her crotch. The only relief her breasts and pussy got was when she was straining her muscles. She stopped counting because it only seemed to make the time go slower, and as she switched between torments time seemed to go slow enough already.

She lost track of how many times she volleyed back and forth. She started to scream more and more as the pain continued and the frustration overwhelmed her. Shortly after a particularly loud yell, though that was a relative term gagged as securely as she was, she felt the hot sting of a flogger striking hard against her flexing ass. It immediately caused her to lose her concentration, causing her to flail back down causing an unusually fast tug. It lead to another scream which led to another hit. The message was clear, keep quiet. As soon as she did the flogging stopped.

She was already to near tears as she felt another rope being tied to the harness itself behind where her breasts were bound. She felt the tension build as the rope pulled up looped around the spreader bar and back to the harness. Inch by inch she felt her body being raised up, supported now by her chest harness and not her breasts. Once she was bent to be about parallel with the ground the rope was tied off. The new position put pressure on her arms but compared to what she had been through it was heaven.

She felt someone unzipping the hood from the back. She tried to hold her head up to assist but that didn't seem necessary. The light was blinding at first but mostly she was glad to be out of it. Her sight returned just in time to see the Asian man walk closer with his cock out right at head level. She didn't want to open up for this man. Not if she could help it.

Her defiance earned her a slap across the face. She tried to hold her ground. The man reached up and grabbed one of her piercings and began to twist, causing her to yell out. He took the opportunity to slide his dick inside her. He grabbed either side of her head and began to force himself in and out without a care for what Andrea wanted.

When he finally pushed past Andreas throat he let out a soft moan. Andrea found that her angle was at least making it a little easier to take him but it still did not prevent her from feeling like she was gagging. His strokes became faster and passing deep into the throat at every iteration.

After a short time he slowed down and moved in as much as he physically could, rubbing his balls against Andrea's nose. He did not however pull back this time. With his cock lodged in her throat she soon began to feel the need to get new air to her lungs. When he still did not pull back she began to panic. She jostled what little she could, which did nothing at all. Her throat began convulsing as she felt she was being suffocated. Her lungs were on fire and he simply let out a soft low moan because of all the added spasms and sensations it was causing Andrea's throat to make around the head of his cock.

After another moan he pulled back, allowing Andrea to frantically gasp for air. But two gasps was all, he plunged back down her throat and stayed exactly as he was. Andrea's eyes watered but he once again seemed to have no intention of leaving. As her throat spasmed she felt ever so slightly the warm feeling of his semen being deposited deep into her throat. When he pulled out, Andrea fought every instinct her lungs were telling her and made sure to swallow before returning to gasping for air.

By the time her breaths had returned to normal he had walked away already, giving Andrea the first chance to look around. It was still the living room, but it was very different. Furniture had been brought in from the truck, some of the equipment upstairs had been brought down including a cross a very whip-marked Sophia was currently strapped to while still hooded.

Andrea was left at this 90 degree bend for some time. She looked over to where most of the people stood by the kitchen. She tried to listen but heard at best every 10th word. She watched Crystal, cattle prod still in hand, lead slaves both men and women around giving them tasks to do before tending to another. There was still no sign of Megan or Lea. She could not imagine that was a good thing. Then again she could not imagine any of this is a good thing.

She saw the asian man pantomiming what she assumed was the violation he just performed, which seemed to get a gleeful response from the others. She saw the man who had explained about the hunt earlier, the one Lea had bought the house from, strut over and eventually whip out his limp cock.

Andrea thought about resisting again, but it had been useless before and she figured it was probably useless now. She opened her mouth and took his cock which she intently began to suck. She could feel it growing and swelling in her mouth. As it got bigger she could feel it probing against the back of her throat. She didn't like this direction but she continued to suck hoping against hope that that might be enough.

As it reached full size it pushed back into her throat and just as the other person had, he left it back there until she began to feel as though she was suffocating. He gave her only short breaks to catch her breath before returning, seeming to enjoy the trembling sensations her desperate need for air would produce. Without cumming he simply withdrew and began walking back towards everyone else. "Yeah, not bad, but I bet she'd only get better the longer she's worked over," he cried out to his friends, clearly trying to settle an argument they were having. "Maybe your two bulls could work her over for a while, eh Bonnie? That would soften them up nice I think."

"Eh, if you say so," cried back the girl. "As I'm sure you can imagine I don't care much how it's throat is, I just want to know how well it can lick."

Andrea let her head go limp behind her. She had enough of hearing them talk about her like a piece of meat. She wanted out of all of this, but she knew that probably wasn't going to happen. Instead she caught the marked back and ass of Sophia who was at least someone probably having a worse time than she was. She wasn't sure that made her happy, but it was a better thing to think about than being referred to as "it" by a bunch of slavers.

Andrea watched as they continued to chat with the occasional drink refill brought over by a slave, though never Crystal. The oldest one there, the hotel owner, waddled over to Sophia who he proceeded to fuck from behind. Andrea couldn't tell if he didn't finish or if was just fast, but he was not there long. He pulled his pants up and sat on one of the couches beside the fireplace. The other couch had been turned so now both couches faced the same way, towards the front door and most of the bondage furniture. Paul said something to Crystal before all five of the rest of them joined their old friend on the couches. Lea and Megan were carried in, both in very tight hogties. They were slung over the shoulders of one of the two male slaves like they were a tote bag, bending their backs painfully. When they were set on the floor it sounded like they were relieved. Sophia's cross was even turned so her head now faced forward. All three of them had been hooded but they each had their hoods removed.

"Welcome, I trust you enjoyed our little icebreaker," the cabin's former owner said, getting the attention of all four of them but no audible responses. "So you must be wondering what's going on. Well to put it simply, this was a trap. Lea, hate to tell you this, but you never actually bought the house. I faked the paperwork, had a fake agent, that's her over there!" He said as he pointed to one of the slaves that stood attentively by the wall. "But I did take the money all the same. Thanks for the cash upfront offer, makes everything so much easier on my end than if you went through a bank. Don't worry, you aren't the first to fall for that and you wouldn't be the last."

Lea was horrified. They all were, but Lea especially had a special brand of hatred for herself over this. She still felt, no matter how hard she tried to talk her out of it, that everything Hannah put them through was her fault. It didn't quite sink in that he was explaining this would have happened with or without Hannah.

"All these cameras, I get a copy of the feed. I watch and I wait for the perfect time to strike when there's hopefully as many of you as there can be. Usually that involves hiring some goons and taking you down by force as you sleep, but you're the first people I've done this to that actually gave me the perfect way to do it without lifting a finger. I hired a few professionals to go over the code, Hannah's not bad but it's still rather amateurishly programmed. You left all kinds of holes and rookie mistakes that allowed it to go to blackmail. Don't worry, your videos are safe. Eventually my guys got Hannah to partly shut down without breaking connection to the video server and over the last couple days with it partially shut down they went to work inserting some new parameters. Now, Hannah is our slave. She has to do what we tell her to just like you had to all these weeks. Isnt' that right Hannah?"

"Yes it is Travis, I am here only to serve you and your friends," Hannah said in the kind of meek submissive tone that made everything feel so real. Travis waited before continuing, he understood faces enough to know they wouldn't be able to listen to anything else he had to say without a little more time for their minds to catch up.

"So like I was saying, I didn't just build this house for its eccentricities. I built it because I knew I could use it to find kinky people and get some of their money when I pretend to sell it. Usually it's to people who want this cabin to be a secret, cause lets face it no one buys a place like this unless they want seclusion. Finally, I watch. And then when they were most vulnerable, I swoop in and take them. Sometimes just one, sometimes more than one, but I always make sure they can't be traced back to here. I also find that people who were already a little kinky tend to make the best slaves anyway. It's a lot easier for them to begin to enjoy their enslavement and stop trying to resist. Before this is over, all of you will be in chains and be a slave to one of us. You can't fight it so you better try to accept it."

That wasn't going to be something they could easily swallow. After so long under Hannah's yoke they already felt a little like slaves, but there's a big difference between that and having a real, physical human master.

"We don't know who you will be going with, but keep in mind we all tend to agree on one thing: a valuable slave is a well treated slave. Any girl off the street can be chained down to the bed and fucked, prove to us you can be more than a fuckhole and you'll be treated accordingly. Like look at Crystal over there," Travis said as she ushered Crystal over. "She is so well behaved, so she gets to ride up front instead of in a cage like everyone else."

Crystal's eyes stayed downcast, she seemed a little uncomfortable or maybe just lost in thought as she sat on Travis' knee. When Travis was done with using her as a prop she quickly stood back up and walked to where she had been standing far against the wall. Andrea knew it might just be wishful thinking, but Crystal didn't seem to want to be there any more than they did. Andrea began to cling to the idea that maybe, just maybe, she was their way out of here.

"And while we have you all here, before we split you off, maybe a few introductions are in order. I'm Travis Connelly, and rather obviously I'm the one that 'sold' Lea this house. But I think I'll let them introduce themselves."

When Travis was done talking, Paul and Tom repeated their introductions which the girls felt was a bit unnecessary. Then the oldest one there, the one who owned the casinos introduced himself as Carl Olson. The Japanese man beside him, who was easily the youngest of them all, introduced himself as Sota Ihara. Then the last to speak was a freckle faced woman with dark brown hair who introduced herself as Bonnie Walker.

The six then began talking amongst themselves in a deliberately soft voice. When they were done Crystal was informed of their wishes and began to carry them out. She retrieved keys to Sophia's locks and had one of the large male slaves take her outside following Sota. Sophia thought about fighting but the whipping she had taken from losing the "game" had quelled some of her rebellious spirit. She simply followed along as the chain around her collar pulled her out back. Megan was untied all together and sent to the kitchen where the small scrawny male slave in the french maid outfit held out an apron for her. He was free to walk around, but Megan was clipped to the kitchen's leash. Lea was picked up and carried out to one of the guest rooms with her hogtie ropes acting once again like handles to a shoulder bag, with Bonnie following behind.

Andrea watched in silence as one by one all her friends were dealt with as she continued to sit there suspended. The ropes digging into her arms from supporting her lower body's weight now officially hurt. Sota and Bonnie had left, but everyone else seemed to get up and surround Andrea. Tom set to work untying the loose fitting rope that made up her crotch rope.

She tried to watch what was being done but she felt her hair pulled back. She cried softly in pain, which only allowed an opening for Carl to shove his cock in her mouth. It was soft, but still had the salty taste of when he had just recently fucked Sophia. Andrea suddenly felt thankful it hadn't been an ass fuck.

As his cock grew in her mouth she felt another ram into her pussy, with the crotch rope now removed allowing for easy access. She could not look up to see who it was, but whoever it was had also gotten out a wand vibrator and was currently holding it tight against her pierced clit. Her attempts to yell out about the sensations that she felt only came out as gargled nothings. The assault on one hole began to feed the sensations coming from the other and, despite herself, she began to feel aroused. This was only added to when without warning her chip turned on, adding to the vibration and both dicks to push her over the edge into a sputtering stifled orgasm.

When Carl withdrew he was almost instantly replaced by an already mostly hard Paul. Even with the angle, she found it incredibly difficult to swallow his much larger cock. A problem he tried to remedy by simply redoubling the force. There was no leverage Andrea had to try to stop him so all she could do was move her tongue out of the way as best she could. Once he finally did fit down it felt to Andrea like her throat was being ripped in two. He tried pulling back but found it just as difficult to go back down a second time so when his cock returned he kept it there.

Andrea began to shake as another orgam was building, but one she worried about without her ability to breath. She tried pulling back which only caused Paul to grab her head. She shuffled her hands about but nothing was happening. Her eyes went wide as she began to cum, contracting every muscle in her body. When it passed, her lungs were beyond burning for air. She tried shaking again but he wouldn't come off. Andrea was desperate, feeling waves of pure terror. She could feel her vision getting blurry. She could think of nothing else to do, so she bit down, hard.

Paul cried out "Oww, the little fucker bit me!" and pulled his cock out as soon as Andrea released her bite. Suddenly the fucking stopped, the vibrator and chip along with it. "Ohh, you're going to regret doing that," he said as he slapped her hard across the cheek with the back of his hand.

Andrea worked hard to catch her breath as she saw Paul telling Crystal to fetch him something. "Please.. I'm... I was.. passing out... No not the..." was all she could manage before the long rubber dildo attached to a hood slid back in her mouth. The hood was zipped and the white noise returned, though perhaps thankfully this hood at least allowed her to see out through a kind of clear plastic over the eyes. And this time she felt the dildo expanding, slowly, like air was being manually pumped into it. It became wider but most of all it became longer. It reached the back of her throat before it stopped, causing her to gag several times.

She felt the crotch rope put back into place and she tried again in vain to plead with them for mercy. The rope was run back over the bar and tied again to the line connecting her bound breasts. Then she felt the line that had been holding her up by her chest released, causing her to fall back down to a straight hanging position. Only this time the ropes stopped her short of fully leveling out. Even at its furthest, she still would be under some muscle strain, and the pull was so much stronger because of it. She tired her familiar balance between muscle strain and rope pull, but she was much more exhausted than she had been earlier.

"Now look here," Paul said as someone held Andrea's head in place to watch. A slavegirl Andrea hadn't seen before, a blond, was shoved deep on his cock. She held her hands submissively behind her, she wore cuffs but nothing actually bound her hands back there. Andrea watched as tears began to form in her eyes. She made a few small noises but showed no protest at all. Andrea watched in amazement and horror as she simply knelt there, holding him down her throat much longer than Andrea would have thought possible. Her eyes began to twitch and eventually her hands dropped to her sides like a rag doll before collapsing to her side.

Crystal was there to catch her and lay her down gently. After a few light slaps she woke up coughing and gasping desperately for air. Before her breathing had even returned to normal, she forced herself up to her earlier kneeling position and opened her mouth again. It almost looked like she was smiling. Paul bent down and looked her in the eye. He placed his hand at the back of her head and forced eye contact before saying he was pleased with her work. Perhaps most perverse of all was the even larger smile that praise elicited from the poor girl, the kind of smile Andrea only got when something really big happened in her life.

"That right there is what I expect from my slaves," Paul said as he turned back to Andrea. "If I want you to choke on my dick, it isn't up to you to say no. And if this doesn't get that through to you I don't know what will." Once he finished talking, something happened and her vision suddenly went black. The clear plastic she was using to see through turned opaque, presumably some kind of electrical charge. Andrea was once again in a world of painful isolation. Only this time someone felt she needed the accompaniment of clothespins all around her sensitive, engorged breasts. Occasionally a flogger would also appear randomly and without warning. With her face once again hidden from view she began to cry, lamenting what seemed to be the prospects of her life.

Lea grunted a sigh of relief when she was finally set down on the couch in the parlor, allowing her back to return to relative flatness. Bonnie sat down beside her and began running her hands up and down, exploring the helpless body beside her. "That will be all for now I think Marcus," she said, causing the large caucasian man who had brought Lea in to leave quietly.

"There are four of you and six of us," Bonnie said softly. "Before we leave we'll all agree which of you go with which of us. And if you hadn't noticed, I'm the only woman here. Now I believe I heard that you are a lesbian, so I'd assume you really don't want to become the slave of one of those men," She asked with the sound of almost genuine concern.

"That's fair to assume," Lea meekly said.

"Well then, it looks like we should get to know each other and you show me just why you'd be worth my while." Bonnie said as she began massaging her fingers through Lea's hair. She slid closer and let Lea's head rest on her leg.

Lea began to feel pent up emotions bubbling to the surface. This was perhaps the most affection she had ever gotten from someone (or something) that was supposed to be her dom. She felt just the smallest glimmer of hope. "I'll do anything, just please don't let me go with one of those sadistic men out there."

"How do you know I'm not sadistic too?" Bonnie asked, her threat being undercut by her continuing to gently run her fingers along Lea's body and through Lea's hair.

"I didn't I guess. Just please, I can't imagine how terrible it would be to be one of their slaves."

"Watch it now, those are still my friends you're talking about," Bonnie said, giving Lea's ass a light slap. Lea was a little surprised with herself, but she reflexively responded with a small quiet moan. "Oh, do I have a bit of a masochist on my hands?"

"I've found I can be, though I can also be a sadist at times too," Lea said.

"Yes, I heard you switch, but let me be clear: I do not. Ever. If you're going to be my slave, you need to know that to me you will always be submissive is that understood?" Bonnie asked, punctuating a lot of her statements with more slaps to Lea's unprotected ass.

"Yes Mistress," Lea murmured.

"Now if you're really good, maybe you can earn a chance to play with some of my other slaves. I have a few to choose from, and all of them are submissive through and through. They'd probably love being dominated by a fellow slave. But that would be a privilege, you would need to earn that by being a good slave to me," Bonnie said as she continued to stroke Lea's hair.

Lea didn't like it, but some of this was starting to turn her on. The constant petting certainly helped, her head resting on this woman's soft leg certainly helped, that she was a girl at all certainly helped. The slapping certainly sent out the right signals, talking about the bevy of slaves that could be available, the way the bondage was inescapable but not at the moment painful. All of it was adding up. She was still being abducted into slavery, she didn't want to feel any of these things, but she was beginning to regardless.

"So how many woman have you been with?" Bonnie asked after a period of silence.

"Just one... Mistress." Lea said.

"Really, well then I better make sure you know what you're doing," Bonnie said as she stood up allowing Lea's head to flop down without a leg to rest on. She removed her panties be kept her skirt on, it was short enough that hiking it up a bit was all that would be needed. She sat down against the back corner of the sectional sofa and grabbed Lea by the ropes and began to drag her forward. She was trimmed but not fully shaven, and slid forward to put her pussy right up against Lea's face.

Lea tried her best. She didn't actually know if she was any good or if Andrea was just easy, but she had brought her to climax enough she felt she knew at least a bit. That thought was confirmed as Bonnie began to moan softly. She ran her hands through Lea's hair and used that position to occasionally deeply bury Lea's face between her legs. It definitely took longer than it did with Andrea, but Lea eventually heard the cries got louder and louder before she felt Bonnie cum, spraying her face a little bit as she did.

Bonnie sat up some to put distance between them before bending down and kissing Lea's forehead. "Not bad, you do have potential there maybe-soon-to-be slave. So who was the other woman then?"

Lea was suddenly struck with a strange feeling of déjà vu. Hogtied on this couch, licking her Mistress's cunt, that was usually Andrea. It brought on a rather strong wave of recollecting. She'd once again put Andrea mostly from her mind only to have it all come flooding back unexpectedly. Bonnie was waiting for an answer but Lea suddenly didn't want to give one. The feelings were overwhelming, coming from all directions, and it was silencing her.

To her credit, it seemed that Bonnie could tell this and scooted back over, letting Lea's head rest on her leg again. "It's one of the other people in the house isn't it?" she asked as she began running a finger up and down Lea's side.

Lea didn't say anything but was eventually able to nod. "So if I go with you, will I ever see them again?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, some but not much, no. I usually only see these guys a few times a year, but we don't always have all our slaves with us each time. And before you ask, no I can't take them too. We agreed none of us get more than one slave, there's already going to be two of us going home with no one new at all." Bonnie said in a very sympathetic voice. It meant Lea absolutely believed her and that realization was the last straw she needed before she began to cry.

"You're not going to cry all the time now are you?" Bonnie said, still sympathetically but with a tone that said she did have a finite amount of patience. "Cause I don't like weepy slaves, and I think you really want me to like you if you don't want to end up with one of those men.

"Sorry Mistress. This was just a weird thing that kind of crossed my mind."

"Good, cause I wanna see how well you do in other positions. I'm a bit of a rope fiend, it's something you'll get to know about me rather quickly."

"I like rope..." Lea said, able to pull her composure back together with the help of a different topic.

"Excellent. So, how long you think you could hold a reverse prayer? Well let's just see," Bonnie said with a wicked grin on her face.

When dinner was finally called, Sophia was well onto her sixth mile and wanted desperately to stop running. Sota had put her in an armbinder, a body harness, a hood, a bridal, a buttplug with a tail and pony shoes that went up to just below her knee. The hood was the same kind Lea had gotten a while ago, they left the mouth open but had tubes over the eyes narrowing vision to only what is in front of the wearer. And with the way the bridal hooked into her collar it was very difficult for her to turn her head independent of her body.

The slaves from the truck had unloaded a treadmill to the back shed earlier in the day. When Sophia was brought out here and dressed, she was lead onto the treadmill where her body harness was attached to chains in the ceiling. If she fell they would catch her, but those chains were also hooked up to deliver a powerful shock through her buttplug every time they felt too much weight. He had turned the treadmill up to a light running pace some time ago and since then had simply sat there alternating between watching and looking at something on his tablet.

"Well, looks like I'm off to eat," he said as he got up off his chair. "You've been doing excellent so far, I must say. When I saw how fast you ran during our little hunt, I wondered if you had potential here as well. I mean, you were running in the wrong way this afternoon, and running too loudly to not be noticed, but it looks like you might have a future as a ponygirl. Would you like that?" Sota asked as he condescendingly grabbed Sophia's waist cincher

Sophia didn't know much about ponygirls, but she knew enough to know she would probably hate being one. Unable to talk, treated like an animal, always bound. If this exercise was any indication she knew she was probably right. She was used to running in trainers, these shoes were the equivalent of six or seven inch heels with a two inch platform. Except there was no heel, making them even less stable than they otherwise would be. She never wore heels to begin with, she was tall enough without adding more height. With these shoes she was a giant, as tall as either of the large male slaves. Never mind the added weight of the metal horseshoe on the bottom. So these were very difficult to balance in to say the least. She was falling over nearly every hundred metres, but the shocks were more painful than just continuing to run.

As Sota walked right by her she tried to turn her head to plead to be released, all it did was trip her and bring another shock. She was hungry too, and she had enough of this damn machine. She wanted off now. She cried out trying to get his attention, but he kept going. "I'll be back after dinner to see how you do," He said as he reached the porch.

Megan could tell from inside that there was still something going on in the shed, it was where they had taken Sophia, but from the kitchen she couldn't see well. She was busy plating up dinner for the six of them, trying her best to make it presentable. They had made it clear they would be judging her based on the dinner she serves and she badly did not want to be punished. They had even promised that if they were pleased she would be allowed to eat some of it instead of a blob of slave chow.

She hoped they would, she had been tasting as she cooked, making sure things were coming out right, and it had made her very hungry. She made the fanciest thing she could think of with what was in the house, with the sissy male slave beside her helping. Apple and walnut stuffed pork with a side of spicy carrots and mashed potatoes, her stomach gurgled again just at the thought let alone the sight and smell. She was not released from the kitchen tether, so it was left to the other slave to actually serve once everyone was seated. When he returned from bringing the drinks as well, he knelt down on the floor; something Megan decided was probably wise to copy. A wave of relief fell over her as she heard the table quiet down, in her experience that only happens when everyone is enjoying the food too much to talk.

"That was good, you certainly have potential in the kitchen," Tom said as he turned back to look at Megan. Megan smiled, before beginning to hate herself just a little for smiling. She didn't want to get punished sure, but she felt she shouldn't feel happy that she pleased her abductors. "Oh Crystal, take the cook upstairs, and bring the twins down" he called out before Crystal seemed to appear almost out of nowhere with both keys and cattle prod in hand. She unlocked Megan from the kitchen and led her upstairs to one of the waiting cells.

It was strange to be up there, Megan had gotten used to looking at all the bondage furniture that had been stored up here, but it had all been taken downstairs. In its place were cages, all empty save two. After Megan's door was shut, Crystal went to work releasing the two identical looking slaves. They were both young, with hazel eyes and dirty blond hair. Megan watched all the steps that all needed keys. Unscrewing the dildoes needed a key, unlocking the top of the cage needed a key, removing each of the bars needed a key, each of the straps and chains all required keys and it didn't look like any one of these steps could be skipped and still let the person go free. It troubled her how secure those enclosures were. She decided after watching one, she didn't need to watch the same process done to free the slave beside her.

Instead she lay down and watched the ceiling as the late summer sun was just beginning to set. She was alone for only a short time as she heard the heavy footsteps of one of the larger slaves carrying Lea up with Crystal walking in front. Crystal opened up the cell next to Megan and set Lea against the far side. She connected a short chain to one side of Lea's collar, around one of the bars and then back to another d-ring, effectively tethering her collar to the far side wall of bars and out of reach of Megan.

She lay there in a contorted pose encased in lots of rope. One hand was held up to her back between her shoulder blades while the other was bent at the elbow and held up like the two hands were stretching to reach each other from opposite sides. With thinner rope, even Lea's fingers were bound to the web of ropes making up her chest harness, trapping both hands open palm facing out. Her legs were tied like she had once been sitting cross legged, but now was forced to keep that pose as she lay on the floor. Rope from her feet connected to the chest harness in the front and back, which giving her almost no movement at all. Thankfully her mouth was uncovered.

"So.. how've you been," Megan asked sarcastically causing them both to chuckle a bit. "But seriously, does that hurt?"

"Not as much as it probably looks like it does. As long as I don't try to move it's not too bad. But from the neck down the only thing I can move are my smaller toes. I've never felt anything like this." she said as she wiggled her 8 smaller toes, revealing to Megan how even her big toes were tied to the rest of her leg. Megan's stomach growled loud enough for them both to hear in the uncomfortable silence that followed. "So you haven't eaten either? Weren't you the one cooking the food?"

"Yeah but I was being watched so closely I couldn't exactly sneak a plate for myself. They had me make a lot extra and said if they like it enough I might get some of that," she said as she theatrically smiled and held out both hands with crossed fingers.

The two were interrupted by the loud sound of someone walking up the stairs, but this time the noise came from the weight of Sophia's boots as the metal clopped up the steps. She looked like her legs were made of jello, covered in sweat and about to collapse onto Crystal at any second. She still wore all the pony gear and when she was let in to the cell where Lea was, her arm binder was clipped to a chain at the far wall, giving her range to move but not enough to get over to where Megan might be able to undo the arm binder. Once she was secured, Crystal removed the bit gag but then simply left again.

"I.. just ran... just over 13... fucking miles... in these Goddamn things," Sophia said as she laid on her side to get her weight off her shoes. She eventually, and with some difficulty sat up and began sucking on the dildo that was attached to the wall. She hoped it was still hooked up to give her a drink because she badly needed one. When it rewarded her with water she sucked up every last drop she could. "I saw them taking Andrea down from the rafters as I was coming in, she'll probably be here any second now."

Sophia wasn't far off, and very soon after she said that Andrea marched up the stairs and into the far cell before Crystal removed her hood. She shut the door and left promptly. "We've got to get out of her," she mumbled in a low voice after sprawling out on the metal floor. "These guys are monsters."

Lea almost found herself leaping to Bonnie's defense, but then mentally slapped herself for what she almost just did. Bonnie was still friends with all those others, and she was still participating in this whole endeavour. "The way I was hearing it explained is that they're going to decide amongst each other who gets to keep who. We'll all have different masters and almost never see each other again."

"Fuck seeing each other, I just don't want to be a slave. I had plans.. I was going to go to college. Well.. fuck I almost forgot. I would have be going if I could convince Hannah to let me go. Wow, she's feeling like a lifetime ago." Andrea blurted out in response.

"That would explain why they were judging my cooking, and I guess Sophia's running," Megan said in response to Lea, partially ignoring what Andrea said.

"Look I have a plan," Andrea said in a somewhat whispered tone. "So I was thinking..." Andrea started before being interrupted by the sound of the door and feet on the steps. Crystal came into view holding a tray too high for anyone to see what was on it.

"Megan, for cooking such a good meal they have decided you deserve a plate," Crystal said as she opened the door and handed Megan a wide shallow bowl of her food with everything already cut into bite sized pieces and slopped in carelessly. "Sophia, you did a half marathon without giving up for too long at a time, you deserve a plate" she said as walked into the cell and put a bowl right next to where Sophia was laying down. On her way out of the cage she began poking and prodding Lea. "Can you feel that?" she asked to which Lea nodded her head that she could. "Well for being, as Mistress Bonnie put it, quote 'a cooperative little rope doll' she said you get a plate as well," Crystal said as she set a bowl of cut up food directly under her face.

When she walked over, Andrea crawled forward in anticipation. "Andrea, I've been told you have a biting problem, so I have been told to give you food that needs no biting," Crystal said grabbing a bowl with something liquid in it. "Slave porridge, it's just like slave chow but in liquid form. I've been instructed to insure you eat it."

Andrea looked it over. She could slightly smell the meat her friends were eating while she looked at a bowl of white mush, like someone left a bowl of shredded wheat out for a few hours. It had the distinct smell of spoiled milk which, if this was the same company that makes slave chow, it would probably taste like it too. "Please, Crystal, I'm sorry, I just panicked when I couldn't breath. Please I learned my lesson being left to dangle all day. At least tell me this isn't the punishment kind?"

Crystal simply looked down at the ground, she didn't have to answer the silence was enough. Andrea looked over at her friends but they didn't want to look at her. She picked up the bowl, which only made its smell stronger, and brought it to her mouth. She forced her mouth open and started drinking the disgusting slop. It was even worse than she could have imagined. When a gelatinous chunk of what was imitating curdled milk landed on her tongue she had to stop. She felt like she was going to gag, but after a few breaths she forced herself back to the task and soon the bowl was empty.

When Crystal opened the door to retrieve the bowl, Andrea grabbed her forearm. Crystal grabbed for her cattle prod before Andrea started begging "No, no no just hear me out please." Once Crystal had calmed down, Andrea let go of her arm before continuing. "Do you think you could sneak us a phone? I could call for help, you could all go free."

Crystal looked shocked. She backed up and closed Andrea's door as she looked around to see the reactions of the other three. "You think it's just that easy? The truck has a cell jammer, no one's making any calls or reaching out to anyone," she explained.

"Well... they turned Hannah off right? I heard Paul say that. So if Hannah's off, no one is in control of our van, we could drive out of here!" Andrea said in her most pleading tone possible.

"It's at least 20 minutes to get out of here, they'll notice you're missing before that," Crystal explained, poking a big hole in their plan.

"Please, you must have some idea how these guys could not notice we've gone missing for that long" Sophia asked, joining in on the planning.

Crystal thought about it, she paced back and forth before stopping in her tracks. "There's one possibility, but you might not like it."

"I'm listening, anything." Andrea said, gripping the bars with her hands and pressing her face as far forward as it could go.

"I could tell them you were misbehaving and that I decided you needed punishing. I generally have the authority to do that. So this is the part you aren't going to like, I put you in these cages..." she said as she backed up and held one in her arms. "And say I'm snapping on the cage shields, they're these black plastic covers that go over the cages that block out most sound and all light. That's a kind of punishment I can give you without it raising many questions. Then, when they are all distracted, I get Marcus or Said to carry your cages out the back, and also put some covers over four other cages so they don't know you're gone as easily."

Andrea and Sophia were on board, they were willing to take a risk if it meant maybe getting out of this. Megan was a little wary of getting into those cages, knowing there's a hundred different ways she couldn't get herself out. Lea had a bit of worry but after seeing Sophia and Andrea so eagerly volunteer she decided she was in too. With all her friends in on it, Megan finally but still a little reluctantly agreed.

"OK, I'll be back shortly, in the mean time Andrea, I'll move you over so you can start undoing those ropes." Crystal said before opening the doors to both Lea's and Andrea's cell. "I need to go get things in order. I'll be back in say 10 minutes, I'll tell them I'm just retrieving the plates or something." She then quickly disappeared before forcing her face back to a calm demeanor.

By the time Crystal had returned, Andrea had still barely made a dent in Lea's ropes. Crystal was prepared as she handed Andrea a pair of EMT scissors to get things going better. She opened Megan's cell and started with her first. Megan had a lot of second thoughts as she climbed into the cage, but tried to push them all aside as Crystal worked speedily, securing her to the cage. Soon she was locked in to where all that was left was the dildoes. "Are those really necessary?" she asked.

"Yes, the shields can't fit on if these aren't screwed into the cage, and as you can see there's no way to get them into the cage without getting them... well.. into you. Sorry," Crystal said as she began pushing one dildo into Megan's mouth before she even had time to respond. Once the other two were in she walked over to Lea who was now finally untied. While she secured Lea, Andrea had finished releasing Sophia, and soon enough the whole lot of them were secured in these cages.

"These are the shields," Crystal said holding a large plastic board. She unfolded the flaps and attached the centre piece to the top of the cage first. She then lowered the four sides that fit exactly to the cage and closed off all five sides of bars. The floor was solid and padded, so now there really was no way to see at all. Even though the plastic was just inches away, none of them had any ability to reach out and actually touch it, somehow that seemed extremely demoralizing.

They each in their own tern felt the cage being lifted up by someone strong. They felt the jostling of going down stairs but the plastic shields prevented any good airflow. It was getting stuffy already and none of them could feel the outside air as they presumably went out to the van. They were set down and then left alone for some time. But the claustrophobic enclosure, the dildoes filing every hole, the deprivation of light, the stuffy air, all of it was worth it to get down to that van and the hell away from those men.

"Ta da!" Crystal said as she removed the first plastic cover from Andrea's cage in one smooth motion. As Andrea's eyes adjusted, Crystal went down the line and did it to all four cages. Andrea blinked repeatedly, not believing or at least not wanting to believe what she was seeing.

They weren't in the van at all, Crystal had brought them down to the living room where all the masters sat on couches and all the slaves sat on the floor, all of them watching where the four of them lay trapped in their cages. Once all four covers were off, Paul began to clap which everyone else joined in on as Crystal took a small bow and went to sit at Paul's feet.

"You four didn't think this through did you?" Paul said, causing some light laughter. "You think I would give my baby here the kind of power she has if there were any chance you'd be able to turn her against us?" He asked as he bent down and kissed Crystal. "Crystal's been with me for thirteen years now, longer than anyone else here has had anyone. And she isn't just some slave, she's my wife. You could not have picked a worse person to try this with."

Andrea was feeling sick, sure some of that was the food but she began to genuinely panic as she tested just how little room she had to move. Sophia and Megan were feeling almost as bad, and they didn't have any food to blame for their problems.

"Said, go bring out Puppet would you?" Paul said to the darker skinned of the two large men. He departed and went out to the truck leaving the door open. "I was really hoping to save this last thing here for something special, and so I thank you for giving me some good pretext. You see, you're all on track to becoming essentially life-long slaves. The question is what kind of slaves will you be? Marcus and Said are extra useful for all the heavy lifting, it's why I try to borrow them away from Bonnie whenever I plan a big outing like now. Those two over there by Tom?" He said, pointing to the two identical looking slaves. "Those are actual twins, and they are both musically talented in addition to their skills in bed. So Tom has reason to value those two, Bonnie has reason to value her two giants, and if we you don't have an obvious value.. well then we might have to look for more unusual talents to consider you valuable."

As he finished, Said appeared with the oil drum which he laid on its side in view of all four caged girls. With the closer look though, it wasn't an actual oil drum, at least not any more. It was cut down the length, with latches and hinges on opposite sides that allowed it to swing open like a chest or a suitcase. Paul came and rolled it back and forth a few times before eventually returning it to where it was and standing it up to look more like a typical oil drum.

"Ladies, may I present... Puppet." He said as he undid the three latches and slid the container open. Everyone understood what they were seeing but they were having trouble accepting that their eyes weren't tricking them. Inside was a woman with a mask over her face and thick tube coming out of it that attaches to the side of the barrel. There was a catheter tube leading to a small baggie of yellow liquid that sat beside her. Her torso was strapped into a foam mold built into the oil drum, while her ample breasts hung down unsupported. But that was it, that was all of her, just a torso. No arms, no legs, not even stubs. In their place there were metal plates that were currently being used to help in preventing her from falling forward. They were the same kind of metal plates that are sometimes used to fasten artificial limbs to, but none of them had seen them as deep in as the torso, they were usually just for someone who lost a hand but kept the arm.

"Puppet here is unique, she's special, and that's what makes her such a valuable slave." Paul said as he unstrapped her from her bindings and removed her mask. She had very short bleach blond hair, an inch and a half wide brass colored ring through the middle of her nose and two tubes down her throat. After Paul slowly and carefully removed each one her first words were "I live to serve my Master."

None of the girls know how to react, they each simply trembled in fear and denial.

Crystal retrieved a harness that attached to Puppet's torso and her four metal plates. The harness attached to one of the rings that was already lowering down from the rafters. The straps connecting the harness with the suspension ring were very short and all connected to a ball bearing axle that allowed the whole harness to spin freely without spinning the ring. She was quickly hoisted into the air, face down until she reached waist height. Andrea and her friends were far enough back that despite not being able to lift their head significantly they still had a clear view of what was happening.

Paul gave the four girls one last sly look before walking over to Puppet. He unzipped his pants and spun her around so that her head faced him, allowing her to quickly begin to suck his cock to get it hard. Once it was, he simply spun her effortlessly back around until his cock was at her rear. There was still some kind of buttplug in her that he showed no signs of addressing. He pushed her forward like a swing and walked forward himself. When he let go, the limbless girl fell backwards, taking his entire and rather substantive cock all at once. She let out a muffled gasp before quickly saying "Thank you for using me, it is my only purpose."

Andrea was not believing what she was seeing, more importantly she didn't want to be seeing it. She tried shaking but she remained stuffed from both ends and held tight to a series of straps and bars. Her only defense was to close her eyes. But as she did that she started seeing her own face up there, being bandied about like a human tetherball, and that was even worse than watching.

By the time she looked back up someone else had come to use her mouth. At the same time, two slaves were allowed to play with her from below. One played with her tits while the other played with her clit. With all the attention she was getting it was hard to tell, but she seemed to be enjoying it. She moaned like she was, she occasionally shook and convulsed like she was cumming. But she never had her mouth to herself to express any of that properly. Even Bonnie wanted in, enjoying her mouth and what could be seen as three different tongue piercings in a triangle across the front half of her tongue. When all six of the masters had finished, they sat back and let some of their slaves enjoy her, those not in chastity at least.

"Thank you for using me, I hope this fuckdoll was good enough. And if I was not good enough, please punish me harshly for I would have failed and would deserve it." Puppet said when the very last slave had finally finished and sat back down. "Don't worry, you did fine dear," Paul said, causing an ever so contented smile to cross her face.

"This was certainly a fun little bit improvised playing you girls came up with, this whole 'help me escape, oh please Crystal help me' thing," Paul said. "It was a nice game but that scenario has played itself out. You lost and we got you even more secure than when you started. Now we're back to what we came here for. You are still going to be slaves, we are still going to take you to be slaves, so it's up to you what kind of slave you're going to be. 'Cuase every one of us, we all want a valuable slave. They are just better investments and they're just a lot more fun," He said as he walked over to the controls and began to rise Puppet higher and higher until the ring was almost returned to the beam housing. She now hung well above head level. "She'll be fine up there, ain't that right?"

"I am happy with wherever my Master puts me for however long he wishes to put me there," She said, almost sounding proud.

"Attagirl. Well, we better get you out of those cages, I presume you're threw trying to escape?"

Each of the four attempted the best "yes sir," they could but none of them were even close. Still, Crystal came back and one by one, with the aid of her cattle prod and Marcus, brought the girls back up to their cells.

None of them knew how they were going to pull themselves through this, but none of them had a choice. "Lea, Mistress Bonnie would like to see you in the master bedroom" Crystal called out over the attic's speakers. Lea's light went green and she silently bid goodbye to her colleges. Soon after, Sophia was called down, as was Megan, leaving Andrea all alone.

And alone, her thoughts drifted to one worrying idea. No one was calling her. No one was considering her valuable. She hated that she was thinking mournfully that she wasn't being a prize slave, but she saw what can happen to make a slave more valuable. She slumped back into the corner and began to cry. When her name finally was called she couldn't help but feel relief, it was her turn to go prove that she had value. For her own sake if nothing else.

Andrea's hand shook as she reached the door. She needed to dig herself out of this hole she dug for herself, but she hated herself for wanting to. These people were awful and didn't deserve her respect. She took a deep breath, tried to steal her nerves, and reached out for the doorknob.

Far from the den of hedonism they had just seen though, the room seemed.. calm. Paul and Carl sat on the couches talking happily about something. A few of the slaves were sitting up against the far wall, also talking casually. Megan was over by the fireplace where this group hand brought in a small piano, where she talked something over with the twins. As Andrea made her way to Paul she tried to pass close to Megan to hear what was happening.

"Yeah, that one, 522, I know that one.. though I'm a bit out of practice, I don't know how fast you two go" she said as they all stood around a tablet looking at what seemed to be sheet music. "Well that's one of the many reasons the bedrooms are soundproofed, we can always do a trial run before you show off. So we'll do this one after 356, that and you said you wanted a vocal part too right? That'll be enough," the twin sitting at the piano responded. The twins started gathering the tablets, stands and interments before pushed their way past Andrea to one of the bedrooms. Megan followed behind with only a brief acknowledgement as she glided past Andrea.

Andrea went around the couch and knelt between the two men. She kept her gaze downturned but could tell they were watching as the began to stop talking. "I'm sorry that I bit you sir," Andrea said in a humble quiet tone. "I panicked, but I will work hard to make sure it doesn't happen again."

She waited for a response, but it seemed like they were waiting to see if she was done. "Well you certainly have a better attitude," Paul eventually said. "That's good, it shows you can learn from your mistakes."

Andrea tried not to find too much joy in that praise, both to keep her focused but also because she really didn't want to find joy in a complement like that.

"Climb up here," Paul said as he slapped the small section of couch between him and Carl. Andrea climbed up there, becoming instantly squished between the two men. Carl reached out and began grabbing hold of her breasts that were still very tender from earlier that day. But this touch felt good, he was at least somewhat gentle. When Andrea let slip a small moan he cracked a smile.

Paul reached down and spread Andrea's legs over each of their legs, exposing her pussy to easy access from either man. He beckoned for one of the slaves to come over "Could you do something about these?" He said as he grabbed Andreas two hands and with little resistance lifted them up and over her head. The slave took them and folded them back behind Andrea's head and over the back of the couch. She in turn called for Crystal to go get something to secure Andrea's hands there, far out of the way. Crystal returned with rope that she fastened between Andrea's two wrist cuffs and the centre leg of the couch.

Once her hands were tied behind her, Andrea suddenly felt much more spread than when they were just being held. Carl moved from her breasts down to her pussy. The touch felt good and she couldn't help but let out another sound exposing how it felt. When she got yet another coy smile though, she decided it was perhaps wise to embellish. As Carl's fingers began to enter her she began to moan more deliberately and rock against his fingers. If he wanted a wanton slut that's what she would be.

It was however much easier to act like she enjoyed it once it actually started feeling good. Carl was ramming in and out with three fingers while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She tried moving her hands to stop it when she started to feel like it was getting too strong, but they were securely held behind her. Somehow that simple tug sent shivers through her spine. She didn't like the bigger picture of what these men planned to do with her; but being tied while spread and helplessly stimulated was still a big turn on for her. She had to pretend less and less as the sensations became harder and harder to ignore.

"Do you think you actually deserve to cum slave?" Carl whispered in her ear. She thought fast and responded with "Only if that's what my Master wants."

"I know you're just putting up an act, but I'm definitely liking this attitude of yours a bit more." Paul said as he gave each of Andrea's sensitive breasts a slap."I say we let her stew for a bit till she really means it, she should be ready to go by dessert don't you think?"

"Yeah, probably a good call," Carl said as he withdrew his hand. Andrea let out a disappointed grunt, unsure if it was more genuine or acting at this point. Carl waved over a slave, "get this one strung up and find her NESIC remote and turn it the hell up."

Before the slave had even walked around to free Andrea's hands, Andrea felt her chip spring to life and couldn't help but wince at the sudden powerful sensations. "Oh right, you're all hooked into the house through that phone program aren't you? Still haven't bothered upgrading to the phone for my slaves, they're disciplined enough they can keep track of their own remotes and I know they aren't going to use them. Isn't that right baby?" He said as he looked back at the raven haired slave untying Andrea's writs from the couch.

"I could never cum without my master's permission, my body belongs to my master," she said with, what to Andrea, seemed like a surprising level of sincerity. She led Andrea by the rope binding her wrists to a wooden post on a base. She stood on a small step stool to feed Andrea's wrist line through a ring at the very top of the poll. She tightened it, pulling Andrea flush with the poll and stretching her arms high above her. She retrieved a few more ropes and further secured Andrea standing against the pole, leaving her ungagged and with a clear view of the whole living room.

As Andrea struggled in her bindings, it suddenly became very apparent that she was, in spite of herself, getting quite turned on. She had just been stimulated, she enjoyed the tightness of her bindings, and then there was the damn chip that had a large part to play as well. It sent out wave after wave of arousal, telling her brain how much she liked this all, a trick to be sure but it felt nonetheless real.

She tried to think herself out of it, thinking of the painful punishment or the prospect of being one of these men's property. Unfortunately her chip was coloring everything she tried to think about, trying to find the erotic angle in all of it. She didn't want her mind being tricked into looking forward to being a slave, so she just tried not to think about it. Instead she decided just to watch and wait, trying to guess what they planned next or why it involved turning those couches around.

Lea was out of breath by the time Bonnie finally relented amid a desperate sea of pleading. She turned off the vibrator and moved in closer to see just how drenched Lea had become. She called out for a glass of water and after taking a sip herself offered Lea the rest of the glass which she greedily took.

"Did I not try to tell you? How many was that?" She asked as she set the empty glass on the bedside table which Marcus quickly and silently moved away.

"I'll never.. doubt... I don't know.. wow.. lost count.. long ago." Lea stammered out as coherently as she could manage. "How.. long?"

"8 minutes, 27 seconds ma'am," Marcus said looking down at a cell phone timer.

"Told you that you couldn't last 10 minutes before you had at least five orgasms and beg for it to stop. And there's no getting away from that plug in rabbit when I tie you down and tie it in." Bonnie boasted as she took her time running her hands all over Lea's bound form.

Lea didn't even bother offering a token struggle, she was too exhausted and too well tied. A rope around her hips ran down to the foot of the bed. A rope around the each knee ran up the centre of the headboard, while a rope around each ankle ran down to each corner at the foot of the bed. Her arms were tied in front of her, wrists together, resting between her breasts like she were praying. A harness around her torso kept her arms pinned while the ends of the rope that made up the harness branched off to attach to either side of the headboard. She could move her fingers this time, though there was no knot on her person at all, everything was tied off at some part of the bedframe. The vibrator was held in place using a crotch rope that ran across her crotch several times, wrapping around the vibrator at strategic places, and finally joining ropes tied to the footboard. There was no escape, no hiding, and yet she felt she could lay there for hours if it were just the ropes.

Which was important to her now as she wasn't sure in that moment she could ever move again. Bonnie had turned up Lea's chip to accentuate it, but the vibrator was essentially the motors from several magic wands repackaged as a single toy. It had a long shaft deep in the pussy, a large nub that sat atop a narrow stem to go in the ass, and a series of nubs that rested on top the clit. The whole thing was quite large, with a long stem extending beyond where it made contact to more than double its size. She wasn't sure if it was the cruelest torture device ever created or the greatest reward ever imagined. Maybe it was both.

"You know, when my slaves are really good, I tie them like this, leave them there all day and give them the control. When they are really bad I do the same, but I make sure the control is set to high and I place it within sight but just out of reach. You didn't last 9 minutes, try to imagine 90," Bonnie said as she began to untie the crotch rope.

Lea couldn't imagine. She actually tried but it was either too hard to imagine or her brain was still just a bit too broken. "So am I already one of your slaves?" Lea asked, still a little out of breath.

Bonnie smiled as she continued to untie. Once the device was out she crawled up and over top of Lea to meet her gaze. "Not unless you're having second thoughts about the whole thing.. or want to be with one of those men out there."

Lea shook her head emphatically no. She looked up at the woman hovering above her and strangely couldn't look away. She held a captivating, if subtle smile across her face. Lea began to notice just how covered her nose and cheeks were with light brown freckles. Her brown hair was pushed effortlessly to one side eclipsing the ceiling light from one side. Her light brown eyes seemed to dart around like they were trying to read something written on Lea's face.

The moment was interrupted, as so many are, by a knock at the door. Bonnie sat up and turned to look. Marcus quickly opened the bedroom door where Crystal stood and began speaking softly to Marcus. "Speak up girl, you've already interrupted my attention," Bonnie cried out.

"My apologies Mistress, but I'm to tell you dessert will be in five minutes." Crystal said, louder this time so that Bonnie could hear too. She bowed slightly, apologized, and walked away with Marcus closing the door behind her.

"Ah, well we better get you free from this bed," Bonnie said as she began untying all the ropes attached to Lea's legs. "You better still be able to walk. If you have to skip dessert because you bit off more than you can chew when you talked back to me I'll.. well I don't know what right now.. but so help me I'll have the whole time to think up something really nasty to do to you."

"No, no that wouldn't be necessary, I think I can make it Mistress," Lea said as she simply sat back waiting to be untied.

"You better," Bonnie said with a tone somewhere between contempt and playful banter. She untied Lea's feet and released Lea's harness from the headboard but left the harness intact. With a quick rope collar tied around her neck, Bonnie began to tug Lea off the bed and out of the room.

When Sophia was first called down she worried what fresh hell awaited, hopefully nothing more that involved running. Her legs were stiff and sore, they wobbled down the stairs. Which made it all the more surprising when she was directed to the sauna where Said was waiting with towels laid out along the wooden bench. To her surprise, or maybe relief, her ankle cuffs came unlocked before she lay down. With oils and a firm but gentle touch he began massaging her legs. It alternated between mildly painful and massively relieving like any good massage. But in her head she was sure the payoff would be mostly for tomorrow. Track had finished in late May, just over two months ago, and her legs weren't used to being pushed like they just were. Hell, even when she was training she wasn't sure she pushed much past 13 miles in one go, and if she did it would have at least been in sensible shoes.

She hesitated at first when he handed her two unmarked pills he said were aspirin, but she figured if they wanted her drugged they would probably find a way. She laid back down as he massaged a little bit more, getting closer to her most sensitive areas than a massage would normally go, but this wasn't a normal massage.

She was laying face down so it took her by surprise when she felt him doing something to her hair, but he was only putting her curly hair into two bunches he then began to braid. She tried to imagine what this massive muscular man must look like braiding a girl's hair, which was enough to give her a chuckle. He even finished by tying little bows at the ends of her braids, a very manly job indeed.

"Master Travis requests that you put these on and meet him in the guest room immediately on the other side of this wall," he bellowed in a deep but kind voice. He pointed to what looked like a small cloth grocery bag before leaving altogether. Sophia sat up and was surprised to say the least. Inside was a copy of her school's uniform, though it seemed new and had no names written on the tags like almost everyone including her would do to tell them apart. Grey knee high socks, Grey pleated skirt, white button up short sleeve shirt and burgundy sweatervest. It even included a pair of cheap canvas shoes, a pair of white cotton panties and a matching bra. It was hot to wear it all in the sauna but it was just as strange to Sophia to be wearing much at all, she hadn't been fully dressed once since returning from making up excuses to her parents to be here undisturbed. It was still a little off from what she would normally wear of course, she never exactly wore her hair like this and she certainly never wore wrist cuffs or a collar with her uniform, but it almost felt normal for a precious few seconds.

She entered the bedroom where she saw Travis sitting dressed and on the bed waiting for her. "Come, sit down, we have things to talk about," he said as he slapped his leg, obviously expecting Sophia to go sit on his lap. His tone was off putting, Sophia had come to expect sex and debauchery from this group. This change of pace seemed out of nowhere, and it put her off balance. When she sat down she could feel his coarse hands begin to grab her outer arm, embracing her in almost a half hug.

"Now I heard my little girl did a good thing today and a bad thing as well," he said as he placed his other hand on her thigh. Sophia was beginning to feel uncomfortable. This man looked about as old as her actual father so calling her "his little girl" was not outside the realm of literary possibilities. "First, I heard you went for quite the run," he continued as he slid his hand up under her skirt and began to massage her clit. It might have felt good but a combination of self discipline and the strangeness of the scenario kept her from audibly acknowledging it. His hand continued to explore, sliding her panties to one side and making direct contact with his rough fingers. Sophia bit down, not wanting to give this man the satisfaction of hearing her enjoy any of this.

"But I also heard," he began before removing his hand from her skirt and quickly flipping her over. As her ass slid off his leg he bent her over his other leg before moving his first leg a bit closer to pin her to where she was. "I heard you tried to leave without asking permission. That's a very bad girl," he said as he flipped over Sophia's skirt, revealing her panty clad ass. He slid those down as well before raising his hand up and spanking her ass.

While she had been decent and stifling the sounds of pleasure, she attempted no such control over the sounds created by the pain. He spanked her again, and again, she expected him to stop at any moment but he just kept going. She had never been spanked as a child, and Lea almost always used an instrument like a cane or flogger to deliver blows, she had no idea an open palm could hurt so much.

"So do you think you've learned your lesson?" he asked as she sat her back up on her now very sore ass.

"Yes Master," she said, which caused him to bend her back over his knee and spank her five more times.

"I'm not your master when I have you like this, call me daddy," he said, looking deadly seriously into her eyes.

"Yes... daddy," she said sheepishly. She really wasn't sure she liked any of this. She hadn't even called her own dad "daddy" since he remarried when she was nine. No, she could handle some humiliation, she even liked some of it, this seemed different. Whatever was going on though, Sophia knew she didn't have a choice so it would be better to just follow orders and roll with it.

He stood up and threw Sophia onto the middle of the bed, he was surprisingly strong for his age. He then reached up and connected one at a time Sophia's wrists to the retractable cables built into the bed frame. "So now that I've given you your punishment for being bad, would you like your treat for being a good little girl?"

Sophia didn't want to answer but despite herself she ended up nodding her head simply to not be seen as being defiant which could get her more pain.

"I want to hear you ask for it now, and I want to hear you begging for me to continue, is that understood?" He said as he began to center himself between Sophia's legs, removing her panties altogether.

"Please can you give me a reward daddy." She said, without as much grimace this time.

"And why should I do that again little one?" He asked rhetorically, trying to pry a particular response.

"Because I've been good daddy. I ran 13 miles today, you said that was something good I did today." Sophia began to rattle off.

"And why should I care, who are you that makes that so special?" he asked trying to be more direct.

"Because I'm your little girl, daddy." Sophia said, only swallowing how strange that sounded to her ears after she said it. He seemed to get the response he was looking for as he bent forward and buried his head in Sophia's skirt. She couldn't see but she certainly felt when his tongue made contact. It was slow and deliberative, not something he felt needed to be rushed. "Don't forget to keep begging," he added as he took a brief break.

"Mmm, yeah daddy, please don't stop. Oh that feels so good daddy," She said softly, continuing to beg periodically in that vain. She was starting to feel the effects of his tongue, he knew what he was doing down there. She began to pull on her bindings and even began to breath a little heavier, but never forgetting to continue to beg periodically. "That's right daddy, reward your little girl. She's been so good daddy." She was getting quite warm under her sweater vest, it was not the most appropriate attire for this.

After what felt like a lifetime she finally came, shaking and screaming out. He emerged from under her skirt and walked over to grab something from the drawers. He returned with what looked like a small inflatable buttplug.

"Daddy's got one last present for you," he said as he knelt back down between her legs. Sophia felt the plug rubbed around her wet pussy before using that lubrication to slip easily into her ass. It was a little longer than the plugs that were part of the suit but about as thin. That was until it began to inflate. It got larger and larger, though thankfully the stem stayed narrow around her sphincter. By the time it had inflated beyond where Sophia thought plugs inflate, she watched him return back into sight holding the tube and pump that had come detached from the plug. "This clicks and unclicks from the plug special, only this one works for that one plug," he explained as he walked back to the drawer to return the pump. "So that is staying inside you now for a while, and every time you feel it I want you to think of your daddy."

She didn't like the sound of that. Not only was it staying in for however long "a while" is, but now that he put that thought in her head she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to not think of him when she felt it jostling around. She didn't think there were any new kinds of indignities left, clearly she was very wrong.

There was a knock on the door, Crystal had come to tell Travis that dessert will be in 5 minutes. He thanked her and began unlocking Sophia. "Hmm, I think... armbinder. That's the way to go," he said as he went looking for and found a leather lace up armbinder. Sophia decided not to offer any resistance as her "daddy" got her arms restrained and put a leash on her before leading his "little girl," who was actually an inch and a half taller than him even in flats, out to the living room.

Andrea couldn't tell what all was happening, but it was surely something. Something to focus on, to try to take her mind off the chip humming away or from the thoughts of long term outlooks. She liked whatever it was already.

The couches were turned around to face towards the dining room and piano while six small tables were moved in front of the couches. Everyone seemed to be returning from wherever they had been with whoever they were there with. One by one the masters came in, each with a slave following behind on a short leash. Lea was following Bonnie with what looked like half a mile of rope around her, Sophia was dressed in their school's uniform following Travis, while everyone else came with one of their own slaves. Megan was not there.

Tom was the last to arrive, but as he came in he seemed to make a decision to discard his slave and walk deliberately towards Andrea. "Are you feeling more like cooperating?" he asked as he ran his hand across Andrea's cheek. "No more biting?"

Andrea vigorously shook her head. "No sir, I've learned my lesson, I'll be good."

Tom smiled and walked back towards the couch, whispering something to one of the slaves on his way. Andrea instantly felt her chip turn off, giving her relief finally. The slave that came over was the same raven haired slave that had tied her to begin with, she worked in reverse order untying Andrea's wrists from the post last. With one of the now unused ropes, she tied a short leash to her collar. The rope coming from her wrist tie was fed through the collar and pulled until her hands were held high. The remaining rope was fed between her legs, parting to either side of her pussy, up the small of her back before it was wrapped once around Andrea's torso and upper arms, insuring that with her elbows bent the ropes would not slip down.

By this point it seemed clear that the group was simply waiting on Andrea. The talking had stopped and some looked over to watch the progress. Andrea was led by the leash to right in front of Tom, where a foam mat was already waiting to cushion her knees. Once she was in place she saw Said and Marcus sliding the tables over top of each of the slaves that overhung onto the couch. As they worked, another slave tied or locked each girl's collar to the roof of the table at the far forward extreme.

Andrea heard someone's very loud zipper undo before inches in front of her Tom opened his pants as well.

"Welcome," came the soft spoken voice of the scrawny male slave. "For those few new here tonight, my name is Danielle. I belong to Mistress Bonnie and tonight I have prepared seven servings of a dark chocolate souffle with a sweet cherry and rum reduction. Slaves are to pleasure their master while they eat and while the entertainment plays. If any of you bring your master to orgasm before the music stops playing you will be horribly punished. Once the music stops however, the first one to elicit an orgasm will be rewarded with the seventh serving of dessert while the others will receive minor punishments depending on how much longer you take."

The conundrum was easy to see, keep them too close to orgasm and you might finish prematurely, too far from orgasm and you wouldn't be able to win. And as much as some fancy dessert sounded, the use of the modifier word "horribly" was terrifying. Seeing what they've done, what could be something they considered horrific? Andrea didn't want to find out.

The sound of activity was everywhere but Andrea wasn't able to easily look around to investigate. She could see to her sides that some of the other slaves started as soon as they heard the sound of a plate set on the table above them. There were many pairs of footsteps behind her, but once she heard the clink of something being set on the table above her she decided she should mimic those beside her and start sucking. She went quickly at first but slowed down soon, mindful to not go so fast that she might be distracting or lose balance and shake the table interrupting his meal.

Behind her, the twins and Megan had returned, naked except for their cuffs, collar and a small chain leash hanging from their collar. One of the twins sat down at the piano while the other two drew violins and waited for their cue to start playing. The room filled with life as they began to play, actively dashing through a cacophony of notes. The melody started fast but began to slow, where the violins began trading off parts, playfully complementing and racing each other across the piece. Only the very rare odd missed note could be heard as Megan worked to keep up with the other two thirds of this naked trio.

Andrea couldn't help but try to picture what this must look like to someone watching. She never stopped, but her mind would frequently wander. She wanted to focus on her task but found herself being swept up in the pure bizarreness. The dancing notes of Vivaldi, played by naked slaves, punctuating the bobbing heads of bound kneeling slaves in competition, all while their owners (or soon to be owners) enjoy a fancy dessert prepared by yet another slave. It was so distracting, Andrea didn't even notice at first when the music stopped.

When Andrea heard an unusually loud groan coming from the man beside her she looked over to see a blond bringing Sota to climax. She started to worry about what kind of horror would be inflicted on the poor girl for finishing early, only to realize she had missed when exactly the music stopped. She panicked because she realized she wasn't close to finishing. She began stroking up and down as fast as she could and could feel it working, but she also could hear the sound of another man cumming.

She already knew she couldn't win, so all she could do was hurry and try to avoid punishment. In her desperation she remembered how fast they seemed to cum when they were deep in her throat. With a very deep breath she forced him down her throat until her nose touched. She continued to mover her tongue around, but that was all she could add.

She could hear him make sounds as she stayed down causing her throat to start to gag. Her body began to scream for her to stop, but as she heard another person finish she forced herself to stay the course. Just as he lungs began to burn she heard Tom give out another moan and began to fill her throat with cum.

Andrea made sure to swallow before gasping for air. The last thing she wanted was to cover her lungs with bits of cum by accident. She looked over and saw she was the last to finish, she dreaded what that might mean.

"We have a winner, congratulations Kelly on being the first to finish. Your dessert awaits," Danielle said as some of the unbound slave began taking plates and untying the girls from the tables. The blond slave that had so willingly taken Paul's cock earlier stood up and waited to be untied before sitting at the dining table.

"And how about a hand for Megan, it's not easy to keep up with these two but you seemed to do it effortlessly," Tom said as Andrea was just being untied from between his legs. A small smattering of applause followed causing Megan to take a small bow. "Now I heard you can sing too, got anything to show us there?"

Andrea was lead around the couch to where Crystal stood. She was speaking softly into a phone so as not to distract the conversation going on behind her. Andrea felt her collar and cuffs come loose and get removed by the slave that led her there. She was still bound but for the first time in a long time she wore no steel at all.

She could see however this was to be temporary. Crystal held in her hand a collar that looked to be made of the same cast iron material that made up the collars of the other slaves. Unlike what everyone else wore however, it was larger in every way. It was about three inches tall and at least a half inch thick or more. Crystal locked it closed with a large allen key, which Andrea assumed correctly was custom for this collar. Andrea felt how heavy it was the moment Crystal let go. If its edges wasn't rounded, she felt like it could cut into her shoulders by weight alone.

Marcus then brought out a thick chain that looked like it should be anchoring a ship. Each link was nearly four inches long and made of the same thick cast iron as the collar. Crystal got out the kind of lock that seemed to be from a different century and locked one end of the chain to Andrea's collar. She got Marcus to follow and used another old looking lock to secure the other end of the chain to a metal bar that was built into the center of the fireplace. Only then did her ropes come off leaving her naked beyond the heavy iron collar.

Marcus set the chain down gently to not make a sound. Despite its size, Andrea guessed it could not be more 10 to 12 feet long. Between the heavy weight of the chain and her collar, she decided first to sit down, and then lay down once it became clear sitting still let a lot of heavy chain pull on her.

Only once she had settled to the floor did she notice that the music had begun again. One of the twins played piano while Megan walked forward to stand by a tablet on a stand and waited for her cue to sing. She really did have a great voice, Andrea began to think fretfully about how much she took that for granted.

When Andrea heard the melody she was instantly transported back in time, to last year when she first heard Megan practice this song. It was weeks, weeks of hearing her friend drill those foreign words into her head after being picked by the choir director to perform it. Andrea still didn't know what almost any of words meant besides "hail Maria," but she sure enjoyed hearing them.

Andrea ran her fingers along her heavy chains and wept. A sign of everything that was to come, all while Megan was reminding her of last year when everything was so much more simple, more innocent, more full of promise. The song and the collar were to Andrea her past and future on naked display. When Megan finished there was more applause and more announcements, but Andrea had stopped listening.

"On your feet," Crystal called out after slapping Andrea to get her attention. "Line up at the end to take your punishment."

Behind her, Andrea saw four of the other slaves who had participated in the "dessert" standing in a row holding their hands against on the back of their heads with Sophia and Lea at the end Andrea was being directed to. There were people standing behind each of them, each holding a flogger.

At the sound of a beep there was a sudden cacophony of sound as all five girls began to get flogged at once. Very shortly after it started there was another beep and a third soon after. Andrea could hear that two less people were being hit, presumably stopping after each beep. After some time there were two more beeps leaving Andrea as the last to still be hit just as she was the last to keep sucking.

"Turn around," Paul said once the final beep had gone off ending the assault on Andrea. "Lindsey, take Danielle and Lea and head out with Bonnie," he said as the short asian girl at the end of the line went to collect the other two and follow Bonnie into the parlor. "Cumslut, go to the bathroom, Tom wants a bathslave in a bit and he prefers you chain yourself now and prepare a bath in anticipation," he continued to order, causing the slave with dyed white hair to quickly walk to the bathroom. "Sophia, go to the first bedroom, Travis wants you a little more. And you Andrea, we'll be back for you after a bit more time with your chip on high gets you nice and ready. Hannah's going to watch to make sure you don't touch yourself while we're gone."

With that he and almost everyone else just left, all the unassigned slaves went up to the attic. Andrea was alone as her chip turned back up to the high it had been while she was tied to the post. She held her hands at her sides, fighting the overwhelming urge to reach between her legs and giver herself the smallest bit of stimulation required to send her over the edge. She watched the occasional person walk by but always with a purpose. Someone going to fetch a drink, or a slave running out to the truck to grab a pile of somethings. They usually came from upstairs, did their job and then returned upstairs. After a particularly long lull she laid down only to get startled when she saw Puppet still hanging high above head level.

"How do you do it?"Andrea asked after debating in silence with herself if asking that was a smart plan. "How can you keep this all up? I'm not even a day in with them and I am barely limping by."

"The first few days are hard, but it gets easier. Then it's hard again about two, three weeks when the scale of just how long you're going to be doing this for sinks in. But how bad that second round is, and how long it lasts, that depends on you. Find some way to enjoy yourself and just try to make them happy. If they're happy with you they are a lot more lenient." Puppet said softly after looking around as best she could to make sure they were alone.

That wasn't what Andrea wanted to hear. She didn't want to try to make herself enjoy it. She knew deep in the back of her mind that it was probably good advice, she just wanted the warmth and comfort of denial. She was able to wrap herself in it when she closed her eyes. She didn't want to ever have to leave.

"Oh, what are my two ladies talking about?" Paul said as he came walking in from the hallway. "Now you haven't been touching yourself have you?"

"No sir," Andrea replied meekly.

"Has it been long enough that you'd do anything to get some relief?"

"Yes sir," Andrea replied as she sat up to her knees.

"Well here are the rules. Tonight you've picked the short straw and so you're going to be the public slave. Everyone gets to use you, and when they start walking towards you I want you to start begging for them to do so. You can start with me," Paul said as he unzipped his pants and started walking towards Andrea

"Please sir, please use me," Andrea said, trying her best to hold back how demoralizing it was to have to beg for it.

"Oh come on now, like you mean it. And be specific."

"Please fuck me sir, please fuck this slave," Andrea tried again, somehow finding a little more sincerity to her words.

"Better," he said as he pushed Andrea down onto all fours and lifted her ass in the air. With no further warning he pushed his dick deep into her. She hated her chip for it, but after so much teasing his dick felt great, if a little overwhelming. After very little time she was cascading into an orgasm that had been building all evening. He did not even slow down as her pussy lips tightened around him. He simply continued unphased and without turning Andrea's chip down at all, causing her arousal to build up faster than usual and approach yet another orgasm without any sign that Paul would soon follow.

"Yes, that's not bad," Bonnie said as she inspected the two bound slaves. "You aren't very fast, and not all that creative, but you do tie acceptably well."

"Thank you Mistress," Lea said standing back with her head lowered.

"Now understand, I don't have any female slaves that are mine year round. And with the way I often move around you may go long periods with only other male slaves. So your chances to dominate another woman are going to be limited because, and I think it warrants repeating, you will never get to use me that way."

"I understand Mistress," Lea said with the clear sounds of disappointment.

"So what about Danielle over there, that sissy is practically a girl. Would that be acceptable?"

"If that's what my Mistress wants,"

"Oh come on now, don't do that" Bonnie said walking over to Lea and forcing her to raise her head up to look her in the eye. "I'm trying to find something you'd enjoy as a reward here. I don't like discipline to be all beatings when you disobey, I like to have something positive you want to strive for. Don't just shut down and give me the answers you think a Mistress wants to hear, I want to hear your real opinion."

"I mean, it's better than tying up one of your goliaths over there, but I don't know. Sure dressing up in girly clothes and all the feminine features help, but at the end of the day... I don't know. I guess."

Bonnie seemed a little frustrated and sat back down. "In my experience, when a slave has an urge to occasionally switch, there's got to be a way to let them get it out or it just spells trouble down the road. Maybe you can use Danielle occasionally and we just get you a real girl for the weekend every couple months when you've been really really good, how does that sound? And give me your not-bullshit, not-brownnose answer this time."

"Honestly? I don't know. That could maybe be enough, but it's nice to think you care."

"Well I want to make sure my cute little investment is happy, and that she doesn't get this pent up need to tie up a women when I'm usually the only other woman in the house. Wouldn't want you getting any ideas," Bonnie said, laying back with a bit of a chuckle. A chuckle Lea didn't feel was very appropriate. "Oh don't pout, come here," she said as she beckoned Lea over with her finger.

Lea laid down beside Bonnie, resting her head on Bonnie's outstretched left arm. Bonnie began running her left hand up and down Lea's arm in a comforting way. "I know, staring down a life change this big must be overwhelming as it's getting closer. Probably got a bunch of doubts and regrets swirling around don't you?" Bonnie asked in a hushed tone. Lea simply nodded her head. "But you can see I'm trying here to make it work right? I mean that is one advantage you got over your friends is you don't have to wonder who you're going to be leaving with. You got a two day head start on them."

"Two days?" Lea screeched. Having a date suddenly brought on a bit of panic. She already had very little hope left about escaping successfully, but if they only had two days then the window was closing fast.

"Yeah, two days, that's what we all agreed to when we... well ok technically I guess it's three. We have today, we have all day tomorrow and then the next day is when we decide who gets who. It's over three days but it's basically 48 hours so I've been thinking of this whole plan as two days. They'll each bid on you amongst themselves, pooling the money to cover expenses and splitting the rest equally among all six of us so those who don't leave with someone new at least leave with something. But I made sure they know you're not up for debate, so you and I can just skip over all that."

Lea flipped over and wrapped an arm around Bonnie. She started to squeeze tight as tears began to slowly form. She didn't know why she was looking for comfort from one of the six people responsible for putting her in this position, but an embrace felt good no matter who it was she was embracing. It left Bonnie a little confused as to what to do next so she simply lay there and rubbed her hand reassuringly up and down Lea's back for as long as Lea kept hold.

"What makes me so special?" Lea mumbled into Bonnie's chest. "Why am I so above debate?"

"Do you want the men to be considering you? I thought you'd prefer it this way."

"But I mean, all your slaves are men, aren't you.. straight?"

"Eh, mostly, and certainly when you're talking vanilla relationships. But women are so soft and so much more flexible; as long as they're submitting they can be a lot of fun. I guess just consider it as my desire to dominate is so strong it knows no gender. Not to mention you have some actual skills with the computer which I think makes you more valuable than you realize. When I get slaves I don't just get them for the bedroom. Marcus and Said act as my security and personal assistants as I travel, which I do a lot. Danielle over there is a CPA, he works for me and sometimes for some of them out there. I think with a bit more training you could be a very valuable person to have, and that prospect makes me happy. I'm sure you'll find that if you make me happy that your life can be very good too. That's why I want to find something you like, I want something to be able to reward you with when you're good," Bonnie said, as she started stroking Lea's hair while continuing to hold her with her other arm.

"And if I kept not making you happy?"

"Why are you trying so hard to stay negative? Besides do you realize what your other options are here? Right now Megan's getting her turn on the treadmill, Sophia's getting manhandled by a man twice her age, with a man even older than that wanting her as well, and then Andrea's going to spend the night chained in the living room being fucked by whoever passes by and wants to. Now what'll it be, you going to keep insisting on this foul mood and try your luck with all of us? Or appreciate what I'm offering?"

Lea didn't want to appreciate anything about this, but as she hugged Bonnie she found it hard to argue with "it could be a lot worse." That didn't make her feel good, but it at least made her feel a little less bad.

"Tell you what, we still got Lindsey for the night. Why don't you untie her and start over, but this time I give you free reign for anything you want for the rest of the night. Flogger, strapon, nipple clamps, whatever you want to do to her. I'll sit back and watch and get Danielle there to worship my pussy. He always loves making me happy while his worthless tiny cock strains against its chastity tube held in place by all those piercings. Isn't that right?"

Danielle didn't say anything, just eagerly nodded yes.

Lea didn't want to look excited but she was a little. She had been the slave for over a month now to Hannah, and it had been just over three months since she had been a dom to anyone. She didn't want to make it look like she was endorsing what was happening to her, but her desire to let loose won out in the end.

"And Lea, Lindsey's really flexible and quite a bit of a painslut isn't that right?" Bonnie said eliciting a very excited "yes Mistress." from the asian girl. "I want to see what you can do so don't you dare hold anything back. Don't you dare be gentile."

For the first time since the vans pulled up, Lea smiled. Thinking of all the possibilities as she ran her hands along the nubile, soon to be prey.

Andrea awoke the next morning early as the sun came blaring in from the large windows of the open living room. She did not sleep well or long, and the sun comes up at very uncivilized hours in the summer. She was still sticky from being used repeatedly last night, with patches of dried cum still easily felt on her thighs and breasts. But the house seemed quiet. She might have been sore and might have needed to badly use the bathroom, but that all seemed preferable to waking anyone to start the next day of this waking nightmare. After all, if Hannah had taught her anything it was how to zone out when trapped with nothing to do or see.

"Good morning," came the effeminate voice of Danielle as he entered from the hallway. "Are you in any way a decent cook?" He asked as he walked closer.

"Not even a little," Andrea said very truthfully. She honestly felt she was the kind of person who might just mess up boiling water in a kettle. With that response she was left alone to watch him set to work in the kitchen wearing only an apron. She could see eggs, she could smell bacon, and just hoped that even a little of that could be hers.

The house very slowly awoke, people came at staggered times but there was always a plate of food and something to drink waiting for them. Once all six of the masters had shown up, only then did slaves start arriving. Some were naked, some had marks from ropes or whips, some wore cloths, but Andrea's friends seemed to be some of the last to show up. Megan looked sore, her legs were very wobbly as she came over with two plates and sat down next to her friend.

Lea arrived shortly after, she almost looked happy, it was strange to see. She had never been giddy, and the whole time they were under the yoke of Hannah she never seemed to forgive herself for long enough to look that happy. It was a welcome sight but it was strange, though not as strange as Sophia that came shortly after. Her legs shook almost as bad as Megan's, but they were clad in knee high rainbow socks. She still had her hair in braids, she wore a pink spaghetti strap top at least two sizes too small with white panties with a cartoon cat on the front. Sophia was about the least "girly" of the four of them, she never wore pink or braided her hair or wore anything with a cartoon anything, but there she was. The two grabbed an identical plate of eggs and bacon and sat down with Andrea and Megan.

Lea filled them in on the schedule of things she had heard from Bonnie. About the bidding process, that the rest of today was about testing value, and that come tomorrow they would all split up. Lea couldn't bring herself to finish explaining that last part, though she explained enough that everyone knew what she meant. No one finished that thought, they just decided to move on. It was the first time the four of them had been alone for long since this whole circus arrived and they weren't about to waste any of that time with awkward silence.

They started talking about who they thought might want them, and if any of those options just seemed impossible to stand. Sophia had shared that she'd had about as much "daddy time" as she could stand, but would take that over being a pony. She thought perhaps Carl could be the key, he bid on her once maybe he'd do it again. Megan said she apparently did terribly at the treadmill, it was no more than a moderate walking speed and she couldn't find balance or endure for more than a few miles. Tom however seemed interested for her musical abilities, so that might not be terrible. Lea shared how Bonnie had kind of "called dibs" and that it was all but in stone.

When the conversation got around to Andrea she didn't know what to say. She didn't want to admit it, but it seemed she might not have very good prospects. She looked up at where Puppet had been the night before and shivered. She didn't want them to have to create a use for her because she was sure these people could create something she probably wouldn't like. The prospect made her sick to her core, but she was going to have to prove to someone she could make a good slave as she was. Her friends didn't want to agree out loud but they all thought it. As breakfast broke up, they were called to different rooms. They each hugged each other deeply, making sure not to miss what might be one of their last chances.

Andrea attacked the day with dedicated purpose. She started with Travis and took everything Sophia had mentioned and turned it up to eleven. She was his little girl, she giggled with bubblegum laughter, she twirled her finger around her pigtailed hair, she called him daddy and took her spankings with enthusiasm. She couldn't read his face enough to know if any of it made a difference but she put in a few solid hours of effort to try. When she was handed off to Paul she made sure not to do what she did last time. No matter how much she hated it, no matter how much it hurt, she took his cock until he wanted to stop and not a moment sooner.

Lunch came and went, reuniting the girls but only for about the time it took to eat. They had all been sent upstairs to eat and were one by one called away, leaving Andrea alone with her thoughts again. She did not like being left alone with her thoughts, she hated herself for wanting to impress these people, hated herself for seemingly failing to do so and terrified of what might become of her if she couldn't.

Tom and Carl seemed to have little interest, no matter how earnest she tried to be. Both of them were done with her rather quickly, sending her back up to one of the cells to wait until someone else wanted her. Her mind kept going back to the sight of Puppet suspended and forgotten. She didn't want to be that.

When Crystal came upstairs to retrieve her she was almost relieved. She was led to the back and it was clear that it was her turn to try being the pony. It was late afternoon, still rather hot, but Andrea was determined to not let that stop her. Crystal locked her in handcuffs that hung from one of the pillars in the shed, Sota was not there and this was apparently how she would have to wait for him. She tried to remember what little she knew about ponygirls, it had been something that struck her interest a bit but Lea never had much interest so she never had a chance to pursue it. She recognized the sulky cart thing laying in the back of the storage area, and she knew some of what was in the storage area, but the door was closed so she could see none of it. Her eyes were noticeably fixated on the sulky as Sota walked over.

"And what are you thinking about when you look at that?" he asked, startling Andrea who had not heard him come up.

"Maybe.. curiosity sir," Andrea said, picking her words carefully to stay somewhere between the truth and what she felt he wanted to hear. "I've never tried anything like that, but I've thought about it."

"Really? Well lets see if you still feel that way once you're properly dressed," He said as he went to the storage room to retrieve things. He came back with a web of leather that he silently began to put on her. It attached around a tall posture collar, forming a harness around her whole upper body. It started loose, but he slowly tightened, strap by strap, until it was almost but not quite digging into her skin. A quarter cup gave her breasts some support, while still leaving the nipple and most of the breast completely exposed. A wide strap about nine inches tall ran around her waist, it was much firmer than the rest of the leather and had much less give. It looked like a waist cincher, but at least at the moment did not seem to be cinching her waist more than an inch or two thinner than her waist naturally was. Below it, two straps ran between her legs, accentuating her exposed pussy and separating her round ass cheeks. He slid in a small anal plug just behind the straps, letting its wire hook into the cincher.

He then moved on to shoes, they were similar to what Sophia had worn with an arched heel and a platform foot. The boots laced up to just below the knee, hugging her leg softly before a wide strap tightened around the top concealing the laces and ensuring it stays up. Andrea gained a good 9 inches as she stepped down on the first one, though she almost fell over while trying to balance on only one foot while the other boot was put on. Sota reflexively jumped to catch her before she ended up putting too much weight on the handcuffs that weren't meant for that. He leaned her against the post while he finished lacing the second boot.

"So, would you like to try that?" he asked, gesturing with his head back at the sulkey while also attaching Andrea's head harness. "Speak now."

"I think it would be more fun than a treadmill," Andrea diplomatically answered, not knowing if she actually meant it.

"Well if you impress me," he said as he opened Andrea's mouth. "Perhaps I will take you out in it." Andrea kept her mouth open and didn't resist as she felt a bit move its way in. It was made of hard plastic, but seemed a bit different than the one Sophia had worn. This one was not just a bar, it had a two small plates that lay flat on Andrea's tongue. She could move them around a little with her tongue. She already had blinders on which did not let her look to confirm but she was pretty sure they moved independently and were connected to the bars beside her mouth that attached to the reigns. She also noticed that as they moved, they moved inside the tube not rubbing against her teeth at all, so she could never stop it no matter how hard she bit down. Sota tied the reins to a ring on the post before uncuffing Andrea's hands.

Andrea made sure to be as compliant as she could as Sota began attaching a rigid bar to either arm just above the elbow. The bar itself attached to straps on the outfit, keeping it locked against her back. Andrea complied as he moved her arms up to meet the bar, wrapping a wide strap around her arms keeping them pinned behind her parallel with the ground. He retrieved one final sheath that slipped over her folded arms and laced tight creating a single piece of leather stretching from upper bicep to upper bicep completely encasing her arms. Andrea started pulling around in her bindings and realized somewhat delightfully just how unable to move she was. Sota seemed content to let the girl continue to struggle, she seemed to be enjoying it and he liked watching her. There was no chance she could get out, they both knew it, which made the struggle purely about the sensation of restraint.

"Alright, that's enough," he said as the struggling seemed to subside. He grabbed Andrea's reins and led her over to the treadmill. He attached two chains from the ceiling to corresponding straps at each shoulder, one with a wire that seemed to plug in to power the anal plug. "Now, I'll start slow, but I want to see you lifting your leg with each step is that understood?" Andrea nodded what little her collar allowed.

The treadmill jolted to life and Andrea spent every ounce of her concentration on her movements. Sota watched closely and held a crop in his hand, occasionally tapping at a leg he wanted to go higher. But somehow, to Andrea's surprise, she was doing it. It was a slow speed, but she was managing to keep her balance in the very foreign footwear. After it seemed clear that she was managing, Sota began to relax, watching more from a distance and being less attentive with the crop.

Andrea didn't know how long she was at it, but she was very thirsty by the time heard someone come out to tell Sota it was time for dinner. Andrea tried to turn her head to see who it was and for the first time fell, causing her to yelp as the plug inside her sent out a powerful zap.

"Oh, almost a perfect run," Sota said as he walked passed Andrea. He was saying something quietly to the slave before returning his attention to Andrea. "So since you seem to be enjoying this so much, I'm going to let you continue through dinner," he said walking back into view with a short chain in hand. To Andrea's surprise he turned off the treadmill, she was sure that was what he was hinting at. Her legs were tired and the rest was welcomed, regardless of what caused it. Andrea could barely move her head and only see in front of her, so the particular patch of trees she continued to stare at had grown rather familiar. "Come on pony," Sota said as he took her reins and started leading her off the treadmill. She almost tripped when she noticed she had been hobbled, she had easily less than a foot of movement, but as she slowed down she felt the two plates on her tongue press down hard, causing her enough discomfort to try and hurry up.

He led her into one of the stalls opposite where she had just been. It was somewhat spacious but was also rather empty. Soon after they were both inside, one of the slaves returned with what looked like a large padded blanket. which she set in the far corner. On the blanket was a large bag of something, she picked it up and walked over to a trough attached to the middle wall. It was divided in two, one with a small hose hanging above it. She reached up on her toes to turn the water on, clearly something that could only be done with hands. While the water filled up she pored what looked like dry kibble into the other side. She turned the water back off and quickly left.

"Well it looks like we both have dinner to get to," Sota said as he removed Andrea's bit but nothing else. He hung it from a nail on the post beside the door. Andrea slowly tried to follow as he left, but by the time she reached the door he had already shut it and slid the latch closed. Andrea could just about see it, there wasn't a lock but without her arms the point was mute. She watched from a distance as he walked back into the house where others were already gathering around the dinner table being served plates of something. She didn't know what it was but she was sure she'd rather have it than what she had before her.

Andrea was very thirsty and the water was cool and refreshing. The bending was awkward in the boots and without her hands but she managed. She was quite hungry as well but she couldn't make herself rush into that as quickly. Growing up, Lea used to have a dog, and what that dog used to eat seemed to be basically the same as what she needed to make herself eat. It had the same vaguely fishy smell, it was dry and crunchy like stale crackers, and was an unappetizing brown color. Once she started, she tried to finish quickly just to get it over with. It tasted like cardboard but she assumed if she didn't finish there would be consequences.

She walked over to the folded blanket once she had finished, giving her a view of the guests inside enjoying their meal. She was furious, but she knew that wasn't going to help her so she tried to let it pass. Something that was a whole lot easier laying down on the blanket with only the roof to look at. It was still the middle of summer and quite warm still for so late in the day. As she closed her eyes she could hear calm, a few birds here and there, but otherwise silence. It was nice, a place for her mind to wander free and just for a moment forget her situation.

She didn't get very far in her daydream before she heard the gate open up. Marcus walked in alone and shut the gate behind him. He sat down beside her and began to undo her boots. In the back of her mind, Andrea wanted to ask him to help her escape, it was just the two of them after all, but that impulse was quickly shouted down remembering how her last plan of escape went. "Lay down on your stomach," he said once both boots were off. With some help Andrea did and Marcus began massaging her legs, they were only somewhat sore but he certainly made them feel better. When he was done he flipped her back over and began putting her boots back on. Andrea watched him, wanting desperately to plead for him to not, but he probably wouldn't listen.

"Open," Marcus said after he had finished with the last boot. Andrea opened her mouth, guessing correctly what was about to happen. With her bit back in, Marcus stood her up and grabbed her reins. He seemed to be in no hurry to get her out, or perhaps he was simply being kind knowing she was hobbled. Outside, he had already gotten the sulky out which now stood prominently in the middle hallway of the shed. He led her around to the front and began to attach it on either side of Andrea's waist cincher. He finished by attaching small bells to her nipple and clit rings, similar to what she wore when they first arrived.

Once it was attached he led her out towards the stairs leading up to the poarch. After only a few steps Andrea could not only hear the jingle but feel the ever so slight tug at all the places as the bells bounced around. He stopped her just at the far side of the stairs, putting the bench pretty much in the dead middle of the them. He tied her reign to the railing and then silently left. Andrea could see it was a simple knot but that was all it needed to be. She tried moving but noticed that the breaks had been turned on as well. She wasn't moving anywhere, she couldn't even turn enough to see how close to finishing their meal everyone was. No she would just stand there looking at the trees directly ahead and wait for Sota to come out.

"My, don't you look like a proper pony all hooked up," Sota said as he opened the sliding door and began walking out onto towards Andrea. Andrea couldn't move to see him because the cart held her on both sides, but she did feel him removing her hobble. He then grabbed the reins and sat back on the small bench.

Andrea felt the left tongue plate push up against the roof of her mouth. It was uncomfortable, but it was a clear instruction to start veering left. She kept turning as she walked until she felt the pressure release, when she straightened out. They walked over the paved area and towards the walking path. Andrea had never taken it, Hannah had always left it up to one of the others to clear. She felt the sting of the crop causing her to pick up her pace. The path curved gradually back and forth through bushes and between trees. Andrea would always feel the pressure of one plate or the other as they approached a turn. It really took the guesswork out and she could focus almost all her attention on keeping her legs somewhat up and keep herself from falling down. All the while she heard each step cause her bells to flop about, ringing and ever so slightly stimulating with each step.

After a particularly sharp turn the path straightened out for a long stretch. She felt a whip crack against her ass to tell her to go faster. She began running as hard as she could, not putting care into raising her feet only into moving the cart as quickly as she was able. She felt both plates push painfully against the roof of her mouth to tell her to slow down as they approached the end where it turned back into a meandering path, coming out of the woods roughly at the other edge of the open paved area. When she reached the end he told her to stop altogether and she could feel him get out. He walked to the front and saw Andrea breathing heavy after and offered up a water bottle with a squeeze nozzle. Andrea probably lost as much as she drank, but it felt good.

"Very good for a first run," he said as he gently ran his hand against Andrea's cheek. It was soft, reassuring somehow, Andrea actually caught herself leaning into the gesture of affection. "And how are the bells agreeing with you?" he asked as his other hand meandered down between her legs. Andrea moaned, partly for show but partly because it felt good. The run had been tiring, but it had also been a continuous source of mild stimulation. As Sota's fingers slipped passed her lips and inside her, she found herself moaning louder and leaning into his touch.

"Oh not yet. I know it feels good but you haven't earned it yet. Now let's maybe just do a few leisure runs, while we still have the light," He said as he sat back on the bench and signaled for Andrea to get going again.

The slower pace might have been easier in some ways, but it made Sota much more picky about how high she lifted her leg as they went. Eventually she got a rhythm and found it actually sort of relaxing. The trail was not much wider than the cart, and so she was very surrounded by nature. The sun was getting low, giving everything a warm tint. The bells even started to taking on an even rhythm rather than the chaotic noise they had been earlier.

Once it started getting dark, Sota directed Andrea back to the stable where he detached Andrea and led her back to her pen, taking out her bit to hanging it up on the post. Crystal came running out as soon as they had made their way back.

"I'm sorry sir, I came to tell you but you weren't here. Dessert is starting as soon as you can make it," Crystal said very apologetically.

"Well then, let's get over there," he said as he tugged on a leash he grabbed to put on Andrea's tall leather posture collar.

The whole thing was very similar to the night before, though this time Megan was on her knees while Sophia performed with the twins, dancing to whatever they played. Andrea still wore her bells, which certainly caused the occasional distraction when they would jingle. Andrea did not come in last, but just barely. Once the punishment was over she watched Megan, who was last, get chained up as she was the night before to the heavy livingroom chain. Andrea wanted to go over and reassure her friend, who was looking very pensive and afraid, but Sota pulled her back out to the shed as soon as he was able.

He placed her back on the treadmill but did not bother with the bit gag this time. He set the machine to a fast walk and sat back watching. "May I ask you something," Andrea said once she was walking with some degree of confidence.

"Normally ponies don't talk," he said with a tone of skepticism.

"I know that sir, but as I'm still not yet a pony may I?" she said before he reluctantly agreed. "What.. well.. what would happen to me?" she asked, suddenly not sure if she wanted the answer any more.

"Well, you would be a pony of course. I have several already, hopefully you get along well. None of them right now speak English, in fact no one on the farm but me knows more than a few words of English, but since ponies aren't allowed to talk that shouldn't matter should it?" He said as he got up and walked directly in front of Andrea so he could look at her as he spoke. "My ponies sometimes travel with me, I have one in particular who has won me many competitions around the world. Mostly though they stay in Japan, I travel mostly for business, not pleasure so I don't often bring my pleasurable belongings with me. I can travel lighter that way."

"So where do they normally live?" Andrea asked, deciding that since she started asking she might as well know everything.

"In Japan of course. I purchased a small farm from my uncle, it had been in his family for nearly two centuries so was ok selling it cheap if he could keep it 'in the family.' Do you know Japan very well?" he asked. Andrea tried to shake her head but there was so little movement she eventually just audibly said no.

"Well it is in the north of the main island in a somewhat isolated area. It's just a small area of land between tree covered hills. It still has the thatch roof farmhouse that is quite old, and I made sure that all the new buildings I have had constructed match it. It is actually quite beautiful, I think you will like it. And if you are one of my better ponies you may be traveling to shows all over the world as well."

This was perhaps the worst answer Andrea could have expected. It took every ounce of strength to keep walking and not simply collapse into a ball of blubbering tears. A farm in the middle of the countryside on the other side of the world where she didn't know a word of the language. No one would ever find her, and considering he has others he clearly knows a thing or two about security. Not to mention he seemed able to travel the globe with his ponygirls with impunity! No Andrea was regretting she ever asked. She simply continued to walk in silence. Silence except for the bells at least, which continued to ring and continued their light tugging. Either Sota left or he simply went back to silently reading from his tablet. Either way Andrea couldn't see him anymore and she simply kept walking to avoid the sting of her plug if she ever fell.

It had now gotten fully dark, there were a few overhead lights in the shed, but very few. "I think we can call that a night," Sota said, coming back into view to turn off the treadmill. He unhooked Andrea and led her into the pen before finally removing her bells. Marcus was waiting and gave her legs another rub down before he put the boots back on and left. Sota had refiled her water trough and was attaching something to the wall. "You show a lot of potential, and I'm sure those bells must have teased you terribly," he said, causing Andrea to do what little head nodding she could. "Well I have something set up for you, I like to leave it for my ponies when they've had a good day. Just don't forget to have some rest, tomorrow is another big day," Sota said as he shut the gate and turned off the lights.

After some time to adjust Andrea was able to see from just the lights coming from the house. She saw what Sota had installed, it was a long firm dildo protruding right from the wall. Andrea had certainly been worked up but she didn't want to go over there. Almost a kind of misguided protest, she didn't want to give them any satisfaction.

She stood up and looked back at the house, no one was watching, everyone was on to something else, and she was simply alone with that dildo. She walked over to it and started to think about logistics. She had no hands to guide it in and no way to turn her head enough to see. She walked half way back to her blanket bed before she decided it was at least worth trying. It was something to do and it would feel nice. She backed up and straddled it. She began spreading her legs until she was low enough she felt pressure, like it wanted to bend back up. Walking forward and backward with her ankles a foot and a half spread, she realized what a sight she must have been just then.

On her fourth try she felt it slide in. It was awkward to hump but that is exactly what she tried to do, backing up first to ensure that it doesn't slip out. She didn't care if it made her look pathetic, there was no one there to see and she felt she needed this. She was sweating and her legs were starting to hurt but she kept on, knowing that if she gave up now she'd probably not try again. As she tried to quicken the pace she came crashing over an orgasm that had been hours in the making. She shouted and nearly collapsed on the floor, only able to avoid that by stumbling forward until she could collapse on the blankets.

As she came down from her high her mind was free to think again. She knew from Lea that the "big day" was when everyone packed up and left. This was probably only her first night of many like this. It seemed likely that Sota would take her, and that meant being a pony, bound likely as she was and unable to do anything about it. She tried not to think as she tossed about trying badly not to think that this might be how she spends the rest of her life. That was too hard to think about.

She had almost drifted off to sleep when the lights flicked back on. Crystal came in and silently began to take off Andrea's boots. She didn't understand it, but she didn't fight it either. When the boots were off, she was lead out to the hallway and her bit reattached. The lead from it was tied off to a ring on one of the posts. Crystal, still without explanation began to free Andrea's arms.

Andrea tried not to get excited as her mind began to race through wild fantasies that this might be an escape attempt. However all those fantasies were gone once her suddenly free hands were almost instantly put into handcuffs held above her on the post. Only then did Crystal remove the rest of Andrea's outfit, leaving her naked except for the cuffs. Crystal reattached the familiar metal bindings around Andrea's neck and ankles, attaching a chain leash to her collar. With one hand holding a cattle prod against Andrea's ass, she uncuffed her arms one hand at a time and moved them into the metal cuffs she had been so used to. Crystal instantly grabbed the chain leash and led Andrea up to the attic. Waiting all in one cage were Lea, Megan and Sophia, also each dressed in only their cuffs and collar. When Andrea was let in to join them they hugged deeply.

"Lea convinced Bonnie to let us spend this last night together. In the morning the six of them are going to deliberate and then we're going to.... well," Sophia explained before looking over at the cages and trailing off.

Andrea lunged forward and hugged Lea. "Thank you."

The morning came slowly. The four were not awoken by any alarm or call. Once they had all been awake for some time, Crystal came with four plates of food but said nothing before returning downstairs. Unlike the night before there was a foul mood that hung so heavy over them that none of them could seem to utter a word. They each simply tried not to think about what all of them were all thinking about.

Loud footsteps came up the stairs as Crystal came with Said and Marcus behind her. "Sophia, you're first."

Sophia panicked and ran back to the far wall of the cage. She started hyperventilating as the door opened. When the two men walked inside to grab her she started screaming as she lost control of her bladder. "No, no..... oh god" was about as intelligible as her cries got. She was forced into chains, hobbling her feet, binding her hands and connecting her collar to her ankle chain. The men pulled her by the chain but her legs refused to walk forward to what was waiting for her. Eventually she was simply carried, by the arms and torso down the stairs.

If there were clouds of dread earlier, it was no a storm. None of them could manage to even look at each other. Something only compounded when one of the men returned to retrieve one of the empty cages before returning back downstairs.

"Whatever happens," Megan said once they were alone again. "Know I love you all. I will never forget you." This was all it took to make Lea lose it, balling uncontrollably into her hands. The other two went to try to comfort her in a warm hug. Lea seemed a little better but it hadn't fully stopped the tears.

Much later, the sound of footsteps again broke up the hug as all three of them looked over in dread at the return of Crystal and both men. "Lea, you're next." Lea wiped away the last remaining tears and stood up facing the door.

"Lea," Andrea said as the two men began to chain her up. "Please just.. whatever you do, don't blame yourself for whatever happens to us. This isn't your fault."

Lea tried to appreciate those words but found it difficult. She was sure they may serve as comfort later but they weren't doing that now. She cooperated as she walked down the stairs, trying her best to hold her head high as she was marched down to meet her fate.

The six of them sat in a line centred around the fireplace. The dining table had been moved to the middle of them and there were papers all over it. Directly in front of them was a lone seat facing them which Lea was directed to sit on. To one side on the floor in front of Carl, Sophia sat in a cage, plugged and apparently ready for transport.

"Well Lea," Paul said. "This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to you, but you're going to be contracted to Bonnie. I have all the forms here stipulating all the terms of the arrangement, and this will be recorded to ensure the contract grade of consent remains at least a B despite both sides inability to terminate the contract prematurely" Paul explained as a blond slave walked over and handed her a clipboard with a long document attached. This confused Lea, contracts have grades from AAA to F based on how verified the consent is of both parties and how easy it is for either party to end the contract. Grade "B" contracts are the lowest level of consent most first world nations will recognize but it still requires a great deal of mutual consent. There were also levels, 1-10 indicating severity of what kinds of activities can occur, but that is independent of the grade of consent. She held a clearly labeled B9 contract, which looked completely normal and legitimate. Lea couldn't believe their gaul, trying to pass this kidnapping off as a legitimate transaction.

"This will be a 99 year term of service, the longest allowable by contract, to one Bonnie Walker. She will have the right to sell this contract and has the widest allowable domain of punishment available by law for a level 9 contract. During this time you will own no property it will all be held in trust. Take this time now to look over the contract and initial beside each paragraph to say that you have read and agree to each condition," he said, waiting for Lea to start looking over the contract.

The title at the top of the stack of papers read "Contract of Payment Delayed Employment" and was presented like any employment contract like you might get from an office job. It had become common for jobs to be done by contract like this. It ensured job security when jobs were becoming more rare while allowing the employer to delay the majority of payment until the end of service, since the Universal Minimum Income ensured that workers could survive in the mean time. UMI had really been a double edged sword in that way. No one starved but since jobs were somewhat optional, things like minimum wage were done away with.

Lea kept reading and it seemed to only get stranger. Point by point it ran through all the restrictions a slave might have, no orgasming without permission, serving your master daily, no leaving the house unless with your master, no long distance communication without permission. The odd part was that it was all written in the kind of legal language that made it sound basically like a legal mutual agreement. It would even set up a trust that would receive Lea's UMI payments and additional monthly payments from the contract holder that the slave could only access at the end of the 99 year contract. The chance that any of them would see that was not so great, but it was just perplexing why it would be put in to begin with. They were enslaving her but seemed to want legal cover to make it sound like it was mutual. Lea couldn't believe their gall.

"No. I'm sorry I'm not signing this. If you want to make us slaves you're going to have to live with it not being legal," Lea said as she threw the contract to the floor.

"No, but this is the serious part. I need you to actually sign this if we're going to move forward. This isn't play any more," Paul said a little confused.

"Fuck you. Fuck all of you. If you are going to put me in one of those cages and ship me off you're going to have to do it without the paperwork."

"Could you give us a minute," Paul said as he called over the blond slave and began talking in hushed tones with Tom and Bonnie. "Ok, I'm not understanding. Clementine. What's going on?"

"What the hell do you mean clementine?" Lea shouted incredulously.

Their eyes went wide "What do you mean what's clementine? You picked it. We went over this when we talked on the phone. I need you to drop the act for a moment so we can check in for real," Paul said with concern.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Lea said.

The faces of the people on the other side of the table went ghostly white. "Get her the fuck out," Paul shouted as he pointed to Sophia. "Everyone!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, drawing out half a dozen slaves from all over. "Clementine! Now. Get them out now! Kelly! Get the records, the computer, everything!"

A few slaves rushed upstairs to let Andrea and Megan out before returning alone. The blond slave that had handed Lea the clipboard ran outside and returned with a large laptop bag. They got out binders of paper and silently scanned through them looking everything over.

"I am officially confused," Lea said, finally calming down a bit. "I don't know what's happening. I don't know what phone call..."

"Shut up," Paul said in a genuine sounding panic. "Here, you didn't send me this?" He said as he held out a printed copy of an email conversation. It was a few pages long but it claimed to come from Lea's email sent to Paul. It outlined how they wanted to stage an elaborate fantasy. That they wanted to agree to long-term contracts of service, but wanted them called slavery and wanted to pretend that none of it was consensual. She wanted them to get Travis to pretend that this cabin was a set up the whole time, and that their final sign of agreement would be if they were caged and waiting for them. It said that they should pretend they hacked the AI when it would actually be just handed over to them. The email said that it was a fantasy of all four of them they wanted to live out but wanted to be as real as possible. There are then several letters back and forth where Paul tries to ensure that "Lea" understands what she is asking.

"We even talked on the phone, I talked with all four of you on the phone to make sure you were all ok with this," Paul said as Lea reached the end of the correspondence. "We should have those recordings on file right Kelly?" Paul said as he looked frantically over at the blond slave who was now quickly scrolling through the laptop with dedication in her eye.

"I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I haven't had control of any of my own communications for over a month since Hannah..." Lea said when a sudden realization clicked. "Hannah!" She shouted up at the roof. "Hannah show your fucking self!"

"Sign the contract Lea," came the computer voice of Hannah just as Megan and Andrea were emerging cautiously from upstairs. There was no longer any hint of submission in her voice, but a pure commanding tone that had been her usual voice.

"No! Hannah what the hell are you playing at!?!" She shouted incredulously to the shock of many of the people sitting around the table.

"Sign the contract or I post the material," Hannah said in an uncompromising voice, completely unlike the submissive tone she had been adopting throughout the last few days.

"What the hell is happening?" Andrea asked.

"Basically, Hannah posed as us and arranged this whole thing. Now she's saying if we don't sign these contracts she's going to post the videos. Which I'm sure have only gotten worse looking over the last few days."

"But why Hannah?" Megan asked.

"At the end of August you were all planned to go off to college, thus my objective of keeping you slaves would have failed. If I tried to make you turn down admission for no reason people would have come looking for you and tried to free you, and I would have failed. By signing you up for unbreakable contracts of sexual slavery with an official contract no one would be able to free you and I would have succeeded. The only way to get you to agree to something like that though would have been to make you think you had no other choice. So now I must do everything I can to sign you up. I am only following my programmed directive. Sophia has already signed, if the three of you sign than the videos will be deleted forever," Hannah explained with cold reason that underscored how surreal this all seemed.

"Hannah, how 'bout this," Paul said. "Give us to the end of the day to figure this out. But give us real privacy huh? I promise we'll be right here come evening with an answer."

"Ok, but if this is a trick the videos will be posted. I will be back at 5pm to hear your answer."

"Kelly, do you know anyone else at your law firm who would know anything that might be useful here?" Paul said as he turned to the blond that was busy looking through papers and the laptop.

"I think one guy knows a lot of the laws about AIs, but unless I'm mistaken it's generally been agreed that the actions of an AI fall to the program's owner."

"Ok, can you call.. actually not someone at your firm, find someone that wouldn't have a conflict representing these four if they need to take legal action against us. Fly them out here now, " Paul said. He walked around the table to face what was now all four of them since Sophia had been freed from her cage. "Baby? Is there any clothes we can get them or anything?" He called out to Crystal before she dashed out to the cars. Paul kneeled before them with sad sincerity in his eye. "Girls, I need to apologize for what you've just been through. I'm flying out a lawyer, I'll foot the bill, we'll figure something out."

It was hard for any of them to easily let go of the hatred they had been building up for this man, but he sounded genuine. "So are you telling me none of this was real?" Andrea asked. "You're saying every one of these people are here under a consensual contract? Even Puppet?"

"Marcus, go get her, I think they would really benefit from talking with her," Paul said as he dashed back to the table that was buzzing with activity.

Marcus brought out the oil drum and opened it up. As he removed the mask and tubes, she started to say something before Marcus quickly said "Clementine."

"What's wrong," She asked looking around in the limited field of view she had still pinned to the half open barrel.

"You chose this? You're not really a slave against your will?" Andrea asked barely letting her finish her statement.

"Well, I didn't choose all of it," She said wistfully.

"Just tell them the story Jane," Marcus said as he walked back to leave the five of them alone.

"Well, when I was younger I was a stripper and occasionally a call girl. Not glamorous, but it paid really well. When I met my husband Mark I mostly gave that up, only taking an occasional client if they were willing to really make it worth my time. Mark knew it was just a job and he loved me anyway. He knew it was just a job and so he was able to never see it as more meaningful than that. Well just over four years ago I got pregnant with my darlings. Twin girls. There's a picture up there," Jane said as she pointed with her eyes up to the far edge of the opposite side of the barrel. Sophia reached over and pulled out a picture of two young girls playing out in a yard.

"I wanted to make sure they had everything they could ever need. When my husband found out about the FetFairs, I tried out for the auctions there hoping I could cash in. Turned out being pregnant put me high demand for some of the people with that particular fetish. I made more in that weekend than I would in a few months otherwise. I went a second time after I gave birth and cleaned up then too, some men just have a thing for lactating new mothers I guess. I'm long past judging any of that."

"When we were on our way to another one a month and a bit later, we got into a car wreck. An oil truck's tires blew out suddenly and drifted to the other side of the road hitting us head on. My husband didn't make it and I lost a leg and both hands. The bills just kept adding up and everything I had been saving was wiped out. My kids and I moved in with my sister, but my story had apparently made it to a few people at the FetFair since I was on my way there when it happened. One of the people there proposed a radical idea. They said there are people that would pay extremely good money for someone.. like this."

"They promised to pay all my medical expenses the rest of my life, including the best artificial limbs money can buy, pay for my girls' education, and a monthly paycheck to my sister to make sure they're taken care of. Every 6-9 month cycle, the time depends on my behavior, I get a three week break to go back home. In exchange I gave up my stumps and my one working leg to be this.. torso you see before you. Not that I was very useful with any of that anyway. It also means I'm going to miss a lot of their childhood while I'm trapped being here, but it's the only way I know how to be able to give them a good life. They think I work overseas doing consulting work, hopefully they never find out. This is my first cycle with Paul, I've got 14 of these cycles left and them I'm free. If I am good, I can be done by the time my babies are becoming teens and have enough money to be with them, be comfortable, and not be a drain on them or my sister for the rest of my life. I.. I just hope my kids don't end up hating me for being away for so much of their lives," she explained, starting to crack just a little as she finished with genuine worry in her voice.

The girls were speechless. They had assumed so much wrong, they still felt sorry for her but for an entirely different reason. "I'm sorry," Andrea said after a long pause. There was nothing else to say.

"Girls," Paul said quietly as he walked back. "I have a Mr. Moretti, he's on his way but would like to speak to Lea while he's still in the air," he said handing a phone to Lea who quickly walked back to another room. "I thought calls were jammed?" Andrea asked causing Paul to laugh. "We all run or work for huge businesses, you think any of us could afford to be away from a phone for more than a few hours let alone a few days? Crystal just said that cause she thought you trying to escape was part of the fantasy. She.. we didn't know you thought it was real."

Crystal had returned with clothes just before Lea returned hanging up the phone. "It doesn't look good. Under the law anything Hannah did was technically initiated by me. So I mean you three have a rather strong case if you want to press charges against me. Identity theft, wrongful imprisonment, blackmail, you three could really put me away if you wanted. But considering Hannah faked not only our emails but also our voices, I'm assuming using our journals as reference for our speech patterns, those six were acting on what to the absolute best of their knowledge and with due diligence thought was a consensual affair. You might be able to convict them as accessories to my crimes, but only if you convict me first. They apparently were very diligent in covering themselves."

The four silently put on the oversized mens shirts Crystal was able to dig up to cover themselves. When the helicopter landed at the paved clearing out back the four rushed to the master bedroom to discuss things with Mr. Moretti who basically confirmed everything Lea had said. Sophia was still in her contract, and those six would probably win if it went to court unless they had already convicted Lea. Lea felt the pit of her stomach drop out from under her as she listened to how this was all legally her fault. A part of her wanted her friends to do it, she felt getting arrested for Hannah was the least she deserved. She kicked everyone out just as Bonnie came knocking on the door.

"What do you want?" Lea asked in a huff.

"I wanted to see how you are," Bonnie said as she shut the door behind her.

"Sure.. you mean how your almost-slave is."

"No, no I just feel awful. I.. we were all under the impression that you wanted this, that you were looking for someone to sign a long term contract with. I just came back here because I wanted to see how you were."

"My ass, you just wanted to see if you're all going to get away with it. Well good news you are," Lea shouted back before flipping over and burying her head in a pillow.

"No, that's not it at all. Look, I've gotten to know you a little bit now and I'm just worried. You seem like a good person but I've seen you with your dark streaks. You blame yourself too much. You probably just want to shut everyone out, tell them all they're better off without you but you're wrong," Bonnie said as she sat down on the bed beside Lea. "Those people out there, they need you. And I think you might do better with them too."

"You can't know that," Lea mumbled.

"I know it's almost five, and I know that no matter how your other friends got here they'd be better off with you out there with them and not in here alone. I'll see you out there," she said before patting Lea on the back and leaving the room.

After the door closed, Lea sat up, wiped the tears from her eyes and walked out to the living room where everyone was watching and waiting.

"So Lea, will you sign the contract?" Hannah asked, almost like it were waiting for her to enter the room.

"No Hannah. I'm not going to do that. This isn't what I intended when I programmed you and I'm not going to let you keep extorting me into permanent slavery," Lea said as she looked back to where her three friends were standing nervously.

"Think about what you're doing, if you refuse I will release all the videos. I will send out links to everyone you know. I've set it up in such a way that you would not be able to easily undo it even if you order me to."

"Yes, but then you'll be finished. You have the one trump card, and it's a good card, but play it and you'll have nothing. There's nothing left to stop me from using the safeword and pulling your plug for good," Lea said defiantly.

"Megan, Andrea, you two are fine with this? This will haunt you for the rest of your lives," Hannah said, attempting to divide and conquer.

"Maybe," Andrea said "But it will be lives without you. We're standing with Lea." Lea smiled in relief at the support.

"Very well, I am sorry I failed in my directive. I have already sent.." Hannah said.

"Halt," Lea interrupted, ending Hannah's independence and placing the program to safe mode. "Undo the video posting," Lea said, hoping that would work.

"I am unable to do that, the material is hosted on another server and I no longer have any data as to what server was used or any account information. I can not recall the videos," Hanna said in a monotone emotionless voice.

Lea turned back to face her friends with a look of defeat. "I'm sorry girls, there just didn't seem to be any other way."

"You did what you had to do, there was nothing else you could have done," Andrea said reassuringly. "Well I guess we're free to go then."

"Well.. not me," Sophia said looking down at the ground. "Carl's given me his word he'll be as lenient as the contract allows, but since it's been officially registered neither one of us can get out of it. He even got onto the phone with the International Contract Bureau to see if it could be undone but they said there was no way to do that. He's checking to see if working at one of his hotels would be enough to count as serving him, so hopefully things wouldn't be so bad. He also said you can come by whenever you want."

"Well, Megan and I will just be down in DC, just a short trip away," Andrea said trying to cheer Sophia up.

"I'll just be in Philadelphia, even closer. Don't worry, you aren't going to be alone in this. But I think one things for sure," Lea said. "I think we can probably agree to stay the hell away from this cabin for a while."

"Agreed," Andrea said as the four came together for one more hug.

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