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Author's Note: One of a series of stories written for a friend.

He waited in the room for what seemed like an hour or so. It was cold, and he could feel the slightest movement of the air on his naked skin. His well toned body ached all over as the ropes pulled at his limbs very tightly. His body was spread on the whipping cross which tilted to the front a little, exposing his back and ass to who ever stood in the room. He was left there alone to contemplate his transgressions, and await his due punishment.

After fifteen more minutes, and just when he couldn't take anymore strain on his muscles, he heard the bullet like sounds of heels approaching. As she came closer to him, he could hear the scrunching sound of leather as she moved, and the unmistakably sweet smell of her perfume. The sounds and smell increased gradually until she was standing right in front of him.

He knew from past experience how her punishment outfit looked like, but he would still unconsciously gasp every time he saw her wearing it. Her athletic body was tightly hugged by a black leather catsuit. Her arms were in matching leather gloves with red palms. Her feet were also in black leather boots with red soles. A black leather under bust corset hugged her belly and pushed her breasts up, enhancing her already gorgeous figure. Her beautiful face was covered by a white theatrical female mask. The mask's face was expressionless, and the mask acted as a barrier between the two, removing her humanity and compassion towards him, for he was about to be punished and no mercy was to be given to him.

But still, her fiery eyes peered through the mask's eye-holes and penetrated his soul, sending him a glimmer of hope, and a reminder that this harsh mistress still loved him. At that moment, he was lost in her.

His brown, doe eyed stare told her what his heavily gagged mouth could not; that he loved her to death. As soon as she saw that look she was satisfied, and moved behind him again, disappearing from his site. He felt the cold touch of her leather on his naked skin. The front of her body was against his body and ass, and her mouth was next to his ears. Her breath was brushing his neck, and she whispered in his ears words of both encouragement and promise of untold pain. "You are to be punished. No mercy will be given to you, for you are a slave and your transgressions cannot go unpunished". As she said that, her gloved fingers brushed his sides and armpits and, being very sensitive and ticklish, he had to brace and stop himself from loosing control. "I am only doing this for your own good. Because I love you." Now her hands were reaching over and rubbing his chest and well toned abdomen. "You will take it for me, won't you?" She pinched his nipples sharply with both hands. "You can handle everything I will give you. All the pain. Because you are a good slave. Aren't you?" She twisted his nipples further, almost tearing them off his chest. "I know you are" and with that, she let go of his nipples and moved away from him.

He gladly took this short break to catch his breath and clear the few tears that welled in his eyes from the pain. He heard her walk up to her table of instruments. On it was a plethora of torture implements, and she took her time selecting the one to start with. As she stared at each instrument for a few moments, she felt a dampness building up between her legs. There was something very erotic to her about inflicting pain on his lean, well toned body. She adored the way he takes her punishments, and emerge more in love with her. He would even die for her of she wanted it, and she knew that, and loved him dearly because of it.

"Mmmm...tenderize" she thought in her head. "I will tenderize his back side with this" she said as she was fingering a very large, perforated wooden paddle. She could feel the wetness between her legs as she went over the instruments, the idea of using them on him making her hot with lust. The inside of her catsuit was already a wet mess, and she hadn't even started. Right then, she decided to add some incentive. She opened the zipper between her legs, exposing her swollen lips, took a large, black and slick dildo from a nearby drawer, and pushed into her vagina with closed eyes, until it's whole length was buried inside her. She gave out a big sigh, and closed the zipper back trapping the sleek phallus inside of her. She would be feeling it inside of her with every move of her muscles.

Happy with the arrangement, she took the paddle and returned to him. She rubbed the paddle onto his ass, making him feel the cold surface of the perforated wood on his skin. She began lightly tapping on his ass cheeks with the paddle, which made him relax unconsciously, thinking this was the extent of it. He was shocked with the first real hit. She retracted her paddle and brought it down with great power, creating a large smack sound that reverberated around the chamber, and leaving an angry red print on his ass cheeks. The gag made a wonderful job of muffling the scream he tried to release. SMACK. Another one followed a few moments later. She would wait a few moments between smacks، giving him time to feel the heat that follows every hit. She smacked him for ten minutes straight, neither of them really counting how many times she actually hit him. By the end his ass was a dark red and full of bruises.

Once she decided she was done, she went back to the table and replaced the paddle on the table. This time the choice was easy, she picked up black colored cane with a silver tip. She flicked it a few times in the air as she approached him so he could hear the sound it made. He visibly tensed, a sign to her that he recognized what was coming to him. She unceremoniously slashed his bruised butt cheeks and printed a vicious line right across his cheeks. Many similar lines followed, some even had some blood trickling from them. As usual, she caned him at her own pace, waiting for a few minutes after every hit just to see and hear the effect on him. The muffled hiss that came out from him drove her insane with lust. She would sometimes reach down with her hands and, from outside of the catsuit, would push the dildo deeper inside of her, sending waves of deliciously frustrating pleasure through her spine. The lust made her momentarily forget about his suffering, and the more horny she became the harder her slashes became. She finally managed to control herself and stopped the caning, noticing the damage she had done to his backside. His ass cheeks had become a bruised canvas crisscrossed by angry red welts sprinkled with a few drops of blood. He was breathing heavily but amazingly enough had taken the beating like a champ, resisting the urge to scream and cry like a baby, instead.

She felt more attracted to him than ever before, and wanted more. She NEEDED more. She went back to the table and searched between the tools frantically, her eyes darting back and forth until she found the thing that would satiate sexually twisted desire. She picked up the menacing black bullwhip, her hands trembling with sadistic excitement. She looked at her prey, and moved towards him with a cat like walk, as the dildo moved deliciously inside of her. When she was at the appropriate distance, she swung the whip and brutally brought it down on his upper body. The whip coiled around his torso like a snake that encircles its pray, the head of the snake-whip biting right between his neck and right shoulder. She felt her her wet pussy oozing like a river now, walking around him like a cat that's ready to jump on the canary. A second lash followed after a while. Being the expert whip wielder that she is, she directed the third whip lash with amazing precision exactly between his shoulder blades. The fourth lash came onto his already abused ass, this time forcing a muffled scream from his gagged mouth. The fifth lash was horizontal, and again the whip circled his chest but this time the head of the snake bit one of his nipples that was facing away from her.

By that fifth hit she couldn't stand the fire between her legs anymore. Like a madwoman she swiftly took off the mask and threw it carelessly onto the floor. She walked quickly to the table, took what looked like a leather belt from off the table, approached her prey again, and wrapped each end of the long belt around each hand a few times. Then, Without any warning, she brought the belt around the front of his neck and let her full weight fall back, effectively hanging onto his neck and strangling him. He immediately started shaking and choking, and she started grinding her pelvis against his ass, rubbing her pussy inside the leather and moving the dildo inside her. She quickly felt her orgasm building, fueled by the sound of his struggling for dear life. As her orgasm started, she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing her full weight to hang from his neck without the support of her legs. She screamed a guttural scream, letting out all the lust inside of her and exploding in a mind blowing orgasm. As the first few orgasmic waves subsided, she let go of the belt and instead wrapped her leather covered arms around his shoulders and remained hanging onto his body, but not choking him, shaking from the leftover waves of the orgasm.

She remained clutched to his body until she calmed down, then she quietly and slowly climbed down. She took a few moments to regain her wits, and then a smile began forming on her ruby lips again. She came close to him again, her leather body against his bruised and naked body, and whispered into his ear with a husky, satisfied voice. "There you go sweetie. You took all I had to give you with no problems at all." She laughed slightly at that statement, then continued. "I'm very proud of you, my slave. I love you," and she planted a kiss onto his neck. "I know just the thing to make you forget about all this pain."

"How about some make-up sex, hmmm? I'm sure you want to have your release as well." She said that as she extended her hand and took hold of his hard penis in her right glove. He immediately nodded his head frantically, wanting to have soft, sensual sex with his Mistress more than anything in the world. She smiled wickedly and said "ok baby, get ready for the fucking of your life!"

Much to his chagrin, he felt the tip of a large strap-on dildo against his anus, ready to enter him.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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