Kate Gets Plastic Wrapped and Used
  • Author - WrappedBabe
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, breathplay, extreme, humiliation, latex, mummification, plasticwrap, sensorydep, slavery, torture, watersports
  • Post Date - 12/5/2014

Author's Note: Hope you enjoy!

When Kate woke up she realized she was on a leather bench about 6 ft long, and she could feel duct tape around her ankles, thighs, stomach, and shoulders, holding her to the bench. She was completely naked.

"Good you're finally awake" a voice said behind Kate. As the woman walked in front of brooke she set a large roll of plastic wrap on the floor next to the bench. She recognized the woman from one of her classes at the university. She was wearing a shiny, skin tight, pink latex halter top with a skin tight, shiny, black latex skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. She straddled Kate before sitting down on her hips. Kate stared up at her captor, as she ran her fingers over Kate's lips and down her cleavage, giggling as she caressed her stomach.

"My name's Nicole, but as far as you're concerned it's Mistress. I heard your little rant in class last week about how disgusting lesbians are, how it's wrong to love another woman, and how you find vagina to be repulsive."

"Everyone's entitled to their opinion, what's your fucking prob-" Nicole pinched Kate's lips closed and leaned in so they were face to face. "Watch your tone with me bitch!" Nicole said firmly. "I can do whatever I want with you. You're taped up and helpless. So if you speak to me like that again I will gag you. Understand bitch?"

As soon as Nicole let go of her lips, Kate shouted "Fuck off! Untape me and let me go or-" Kate felt a hard slap across her face before she saw Nicole pull out a ball gag from under the bench. "I warned you bitch. You're gonna learn real quick who's in charge."

Then Nicole shoved the ball gag into Kate's mouth. She tried to fight it but was only able to shake her head as Nicole tightened the leather strap and buckled it, securing the ball in her mouth. Nicole was laughing the whole time at her struggling. "Not saying much now are you slut?" she laughed as she stood up.

Kate watched as Nicole picked up the large roll of plastic wrap and unrolled it about a foot, holding it in front of her as she grinned. "This is extra strength wrap, so you won't be able to break free" she said as she started wrapping it around Kate's shoulders and the bench. Kate could feel the tightness of it pinning her down against the bench. Nicole continued wrapping, making a point to leave Kate's tits exposed.

"I'll leave your breasts and vagina open in case I decide to use them later." Nicole said, lightly pinching Kate's nipples as she giggled at her predicament. Kate hated that she chose the word 'use', as if she was nothing more than an object. Nicole continued to wrap her naked body tightly against the bench with the plastic wrap. Kate realized she wasn't kidding when she said it was extra strength. She could feel every inch of her body being pressed tight against the bench. As Nicole started wrapping her legs she could feel her thighs being squeezed together so tight they almost instantly started sweating, especially with the heat trapped inside the plastic wrap. Nicole finished by wrapping her ankles several times than tearing the plastic wrap and taping the edge.

"I love the sight of your naked body bound by clear plastic wrap. It's so tight, it really shows every curve of your body." Nicole said as she ran her fingers up Kate's legs.

Then she caressed Kate's vagina, lightly pinching her clit, giggling as Kate squirmed and muffled something through her gag. "So I'm deciding what to do with you next? Should I make you eat my pussy, or my ass? Or maybe I should just piss on you? Or I could call my other lesbian friends over and we could all use you as our little worthless fuck toy. Which do you want? And you better pick one, no wait, even better...you will beg for one of those options, or I'll choose for you." Nicole laughed as she started to undo the ball gag around Kate's mouth.

"So what's it gonna be slut?" she asked as she removed the ball gag. Kate reluctantly and quietly said "Eat your pussy". Nicole squeezed her cheeks and leaned in close to her face and said "No slut, I wanna hear you beg for it. Beg to eat my fucking pussy." Nicole leaned in close and licked Kate's lips then whispered "Beg, I want to hear you beg like the pathetic little bitch you are." Then she pinched Kate's nipple to reinforce the fact that she would suffer if she didn't do exactly as she was told.

"Please Mistress, please sit on my face so I can eat your pussy. I'll do anything just let me taste your delicious pussy." Kate was starting to tear up at the complete and total humiliation she was experiencing.

Nicole started laughing as she slid her latex skirt up, exposing her pussy. Then she straddled Kate's face and said "Try to get it slut, let's see how much you want it."

Kate stuck her tongue out and tried to lift up her head, struggling to lick Nicole's pussy. Nicole kept laughing, watching her slave struggle before suddenly sitting on Kate's face and grinding her pussy against Kate's mouth. Kate started sliding her tongue in and around Nicole's pussy, flicking her clit, lapping up the taste of her mistress's juices. The humiliation and thought of what she was doing to Nicole disgusted her completely but she knew she had no choice. Luckily after just a few minutes Nicole got off her.

":Not that I'm surprised, but you're terrible at eating pussy. That's ok, I'll make sure your tongue gets lots of work over the next few weeks." Kate's eyes widened when she heard a few weeks, and Nicole noticed because she said "That's right bitch I said weeks. And by the end of it you're gonna be such a submissive, pussy eating, lesbian slut that you'll be able to make women cum in no time."

Kate started to protest but Nicole twisted her nipples so the only sound that came out was a scream. "I see you haven't learned to be quiet yet, that's ok though. I have a remedy for your slutty little mouth." Then she tore a large piece of duct tape off the roll and firmly pressed it over Kate's lips.

"Of course there's still the issue of me not getting my orgasm." Nicole said as she applied a fresh coat of bright pink lipstick to her lips. "But lucky for me, I have this tube of special lube. It's very expensive, they use it in the porn industry for really kinky stuff. Think of it as a really strong hot sauce lube that's safe for your pussy." Nicole laughed at the look of confusion and horror on Kate's face. "And when I say it's safe, I don't mean it's comfortable. You will experience a very powerful burning sensation, but don't worry, it should only last an hour."

Nicole smiled as she leaned over her slave, placing a long kiss on Kate's mouth, leaving a lipstick imprint on the duct tape covering Kate's mouth. Then she slid on a pair of latex gloves while saying "I'd hate to get this stuff on my hands, that would burn so bad." Nicole let out a cruel and sadistic laugh as she squirted the lube onto her fingers. Then she stared into Kate's pleading eyes as she rubbed the lube over Kate's entire pussy, including her freshly shaved area just above her clit.

"It should take about 30 seconds to kick in" Nicole said as she squirted a few drops onto each of Kate's nipples. Then she carefully removed the gloves and slid her latex skirt off. "No need to worry slave, I'm not gonna make you eat my pussy again, at least not until your tongue gets more practice."

Nicole grabbed a vibrator and sat down on the leather couch that was about 3 feet away from the bench. As Kate started squirming and letting out muffled screams from under her gag, Nicole turned the vibrator on and started pleasuring herself as she watched her slave suffer.

Kate was screaming under her tape gag as she felt the lube burning her pussy and nipples. She started crying, but wasn't sure if it was from the pain or from watching Nicole masturbating to her torture. Nicole was moaning and playing with her nipples as the vibrator worked away on her pussy. The sight of Kate's naked body sweating and squirming beneath the plastic wrap was a huge turn on for her.

Kate felt herself sweating as the lube heated her body, and she struggled against the plastic wrap holding her down. Unfortunately for her the more her naked body squirmed and struggled, the more excited Nicole became. The fact that she couldn't even scream to relieve the pain made it so much worse. She was completely helpless and suffering.

"That's it slave, keep struggling for your mistress, it turns me on so much." Nicole didn't laugh when she said this because she was too close to an orgasm. It came out more in deep breaths and ooo's than actual speech. 10 minutes later Nicole let out a giant moan and Kate cried even harder when she saw cum pour out of Nicole's pussy, knowing that it was because of her suffering that her captor was able to achieve orgasm.

After Nicole's orgasm was over, she looked at Kate, who was still squirming and sweating, and said "This is why you should learn to eat pussy better. Otherwise we'll have to do this every time I want to cum. And I love to cum. I'm just gonna let you suffer and think about how you can better serve your mistress."

Kate let out a loud muffled scream after hearing that she would continue to suffer even after Nicole had already came. She couldn't understand why, but she came to the slow realization that there wasn't a point. Nicole was just sadistic and she was at her mercy. She let out another painful moan and suddenly felt a hard slap across her face. "Hush slave. I need to make a phone call."

A few minutes later Nicole hung up and said "Our guest should be here soon. Until then, just suffer in silence, I'm tired of your whining." With that she walked out of the room and left Kate to squirm and sweat under the plastic wrap bondage.


The doorbell rang and Nicole welcomed the guest. As they stood above the sweaty, naked, bound, tear streaked Kate, Nicole's guest let out a sadistic laugh and said "Oh this is going to be so much fun."

Kate stared up in horror, recognizing the guest as one of her employees at her old job as a night manager in a convenience store. Her name was Julia, and Kate had made her job a living hell before finding a bullshit reason to fire her. She hated Julia because she knew Julia was bisexual, and she found that disgusting. She was also pretty chubby, always sweating through her shirts and getting in the way. Kate didn't like chubby people, especially bi sexual, sweaty, chubby girls. As Julia stared down at her now, Kate suddenly regretted being so mean to Julia when they worked together.

Julia ripped the tape off Kate's mouth and smiled. "What are you going to do to me?" Kate whimpered. Julia bent down and kissed Kate, sliding her tongue around Kate's mouth, making out with her. As she pulled her tongue out she licked Kate's lips and let a glob of saliva slide out of her mouth onto Kate's lips. "Whatever I want to, bitch." Then she grabbed Kate's tit and squeezed it, before turning back to Nicole.

Nicole grinned and said "Well she's terrible at eating pussy, she needs more practice with her tongue if you ever expect to get an orgasm from the bitch." Julia laughed and said "I think we can arrange that".

Then Julia slid her shorts off and Kate saw her disgusting sweat covered panties. Julia took her panties off and carefully slid them over Kate's face, making sure to put the sweaty part that covered her pussy directly over Kate's nose. "Enjoy the smell of my sweaty, fat, pussy bitch."

Nicole and Julia laughed at Kate and then Nicole grabbed Julia's boobs and slid her hands to the sweat stains at Julia's armpits. "Yeah I'm really sweaty today hehe" said Julia. "Well I think our slave should be able to clean those up for you. Would you like that babe?" Nicole asked her. Julia grinned at Nicole then turned to Kate as she took her shirt and bra off.

Julia threw her clothes on the floor then used her hand to wipe the sweat out from under her breasts. Kate was disgusted to see her hand glistening from her fat tit sweat. Kate hated her so much. But then Julia wiped her hands all over Kate's face, laughing as Kate moaned and squirmed in disgust. Then, much to Kate's horror, Julia leaned over and pressed her fat, sweaty, disgusting armpit over Kate's mouth and said "Clean me up bitch."

Kate firmly kept her lips closed and squealed as she turned her head away from Julia's armpit. Julia stood up and yelled "You arrogant little bitch!" Nicole handed the lube to Julia then looked at Kate and said "If you don't do exactly as she says, I'm going to let her apply that lube wherever she wants, and as much as she wants."

Julia gave Kate a sadistic smile before putting her armpit over Kate's mouth again. Kate dreaded the lube more than anything right now so she reluctantly started licking Julia's armpit. She hated it immediately, all she could taste was fatty, salty, sweat running down her tongue. "That's it slut, clean it out" she heard Julia say. After about 10 minutes, which was way longer than it took to actually clean her armpits, Julia switched to her other armpit and made Kate repeat the process.

"All clean babe?" Nicole asked as Julia stood up. "Yes, but her tongue still needs a lot of work. Lucky for me, my ass is super sweaty, especially from the car ride over." Julia laughed as she straddled Kate's face. Kate stared up at Julia's huge, round, jiggly, sweaty ass cheeks that she despised so much. She watched as they got closer as Julia sat directly on her face, then wiggled around for a second in order to get her asshole directly on top of Kate's mouth.

Kate knew she had no choice, also not much time before the pressure and smell of Julia's fat, sweaty ass made her sick. She stuck her tongue out and swirled it all around Julia's asshole, making sure to lick as much as she could. She heard Julia moan and assumed she was doing a good job.

Nicole sat on Kate's hips and started making out with Julia, then playing with her boobs and sucking her nipples as Kate licked her asshole. Julia moaned in pleasure, then pushed back onto Kate's face, saying "Don't forget about inside too slut." Kate knew she had no choice and stuck her tongue inside Julia's asshole and swirled it around, sliding it in and out. Julia kept moaning and grinding against Kate for 30 minutes, before standing up and sighing.

"Still didn't cum babe?" Nicole asked. "No, it felt good for a while but I need something a little kinkier." Julia grinned at Kate as she said this. Nicole said "I think I can make that happen." and left the room. Then Julia knelt down and whispered in Kate's ear "I am going to get my revenge bitch. I'm going to make you suffer and squirm with no relief, and I'm going to masturbate to the sight of your pathetic body. Then when I finish, I'm gonna wipe my cum and pussy juices all over that pretty little face of yours."

Then she straddled Kate's face once again, and looked down to admire the look of horror on the slave's face. "Oh don't worry you're not gonna eat me out. It'd be a waste of my time. But while Nicole is gone, I'm gonna give you a little treat." she said sadistically. Then she let out a stream of hot, steamy urine onto Kate's face. Kate shook her head and closed her mouth to avoid the piss, but Julia grabbed her face and pinched her nose so Kate was forced to open her mouth to breathe. Julia let the rest of her piss pour into Kate's mouth before holding her hand over her mouth and saying "Swallow it bitch."

Kate knew she had no choice, and swallowed Julia's hot, steamy piss. Then Julia stood up and wiped the droplets onto Kate's face. Then Nicole walked back in the room with a latex blindfold and earplugs. "These should block her senses, making her sense of touch much stronger." Nicole said as she put the earplugs in and slid the blindfold over Kate's eyes. Kate begged "Please Mistress, what are you going to do?"

Nicole firmly pressed a piece of duct tape over Kate's mouth and whispered "I'm going to use you so the fat sweaty girl you despise so much can have an orgasm." Then Kate heard the vibrator turn on and Nicole say "Take this and go on the couch babe" and heard the sound of Julia start to masturbate.

As Kate lay there wondering what would happen next, she suddenly felt Nicole applying the lube again, to both her boobs and vagina. As the burning sensation kicked in and she started squirming in pain, Kate could hear Julia laughing at her predicament as she masturbated.

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