Brittany Gets Rented by a Sadist
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  • Post Date - 11/16/2014

Author's Note: This can be read by itself or as a sequel to Brittany Serves a Crowd

"When she gets here you're gong to act just like a dog and greet her properly." Theresa said as she tightened the black rubber muzzle around Brittany's head, forcing her jaw shut and covering her mouth. "Paws!" Theresa commanded and Brittany raised her fists up as her mistress placed leather bondage mittens over her hands and tightened them, rendering her hands useless. Then she placed leather ankle cuffs on her and a leather collar lined with O-rings. She was naked except for the leather bondage gear.

Brittany was told last night that a guest would be visiting today, and that the guest would be in charge the whole time. This worried Brittany a little but trusted her mistress to look out for her well being.

"Our guest is paying good money to use you, and she's coming a long way so no matter what she wants you're gonna do it. Understand slave?" Brittany nodded and wondered what this woman could do that would be worse than what she'd already been through. She would soon find out.

There was a ring at the door and Theresa greeted the guest. The woman immediately turned around and dropped her shorts, and Theresa signaled for Brittany to crawl over and greet her. Brittany had been forced to behave like a dog before and knew she had to sniff her ass. So as the woman spread her ass cheeks open Brittany stuck her nose directly in her asshole and inhaled deeply. Their guest stayed still and made Brittany continue the humiliating act for another few minutes before pulling her ass away. Then she turned around, smiled, and said "Good girl Brittany."

Brittany gasped under her muzzle and pulled back in shock. She hadn't heard her real name since she'd been kidnapped over 8 months ago, and how this woman knew it was even more of a mystery. Then she realized where she'd seen her before.

"That's right bitch, I'm the one who was flirting with your boyfriend at the bar the night you were kidnapped. You can call me Kelsey" the woman laughed. "I'm actually the one who kidnapped you and drove you 500 miles away to your new home. Don't worry about your boyfriend either, he's accepted the fact that you left him at the bar because you just weren't ready for a commitment. And he is so much happier with his new fiancÚ" Kelsey giggled as she showed Brittany her engagement ring.

Brittany couldn't believe what she was hearing. This woman was not only responsible for her current situation, but had also stolen her boyfriend, lied to him about what happened to her, and was about to marry him. The frustration and anger she felt was so overwhelming she couldn't contain it and let out an extremely loud MMMPPPPHHHH from underneath her muzzle. Then she swung and tried to punch Kelsey, even if she would only hit her with the bondage mittens.

Suddenly she felt a hard slap across her face as Theresa yelled "How dare you try to hit our guest you ungrateful little bitch!" Kelsey just smiled and said "That's ok, it's only natural for her to be angry. She just needs to be reminded of her place."

Kelsey grabbed Brittany's mittens and attached a hook to each one, then attached them to the D-rings on Brittany's nipple piercing. This restricted Brittany's arm movement severely, because she could not move her hands away from her body without tugging on her nipples. Then she yanked Brittany's hair and threw her to the ground. "Did you get everything prepared like I asked?" Kelsey asked Theresa.

Theresa nodded and snapped her fingers and Theresa's slave Alyssa, who had been standing in the corner of the room, walked away toward the garage. Then Kelsey said "I'm gonna go change into my outfit, get the slave ready, and arrange everything the way we discussed. By the way, did you get the package I mailed?" Theresa said "Yes I did, Alyssa is bringing everything out of the garage now. And this still has about 12 hours left of recording time." It was only then that Brittany noticed a video camera mounted on a tripod in the corner of the room. She couldn't believe they were filming this.

As Kelsey walked away Theresa grabbed Brittany and stood her up. "Kelsey wants to videotape everything so her and your ex can watch it and masturbate later. She is particularly sadistic but she's an old friend of mine and she is paying very well to have her way with you. Any outbursts like the one you had earlier will be met with severe punishment that will last much longer after she's gone. Understand?" Brittany stared at her mistress in disbelief for a few seconds before Theresa slapped her in the face and asked again "Understand slave?" Finally Brittany nodded and Theresa smiled and said "That's a good girl."

Alyssa walked into the room carrying a large foldout metal table and set it up, then went back to the garage. Brittany saw that the table had metal hooks along the edge, which she knew were going to be used for bondage. "Get on" Theresa commanded and Brittany climbed onto the table and laid on her back, whimpering in the process from the strain it caused on her nipples during the climbing. Theresa then attached the leather cuffs around Brittany's ankles to the corner hooks, leaving her legs spread wide open. Then she used a small but strong rubber strap to pin Brittany's waist to the table. Lastly, she looped a strap around each elbow, then pulled them down so they were touching the table, causing a sharp tug on Brittany's nipples since her mittens were still attached to her nipple rings. She hooked the straps to the edge of the table.

Then Alyssa walked in with a metal pan filled with hot coals and a cardboard mailing box that was still unopened. Kelsey walked into the room, only this time she was wearing a hot pink latex cat suit, and had applied bright pink lip gloss and pink eyeliner. "See the video camera bitch? Your ex and I are going to watch this when I get home, and I'm gonna watch him stroke his hard cock to your suffering. And the best part is your suffering will be caused by his fiancÚ, especially while I'm wearing this sexy pink latex. You know he was the one who picked it out for me?" Kelsey giggled as she ran her fingers across her latex clad nipple.

"Bring me the ice and open the package I sent" Kelsey told Theresa. Alyssa quickly went to the freezer and brought back a small cooler, then started to open the box. She pulled out a large piece of metal from the package. It had a handle on one end, then a 12 inch metal rod in the middle, and on the end was a large metal "K". Kelsey grinned and said "That's a branding rod, custom ordered of course. Put it over the coals so it heats up."

Brittany screamed through her gag and tried to fight against her bonds, which only made Kelsey laugh. "While that heats up, why don't we give you something else to scream about" Kelsey said as she reached into the cooler and pulled out a cylindrical 6 inch piece of ice. "This is my special dildo I use on bitches like you. It usually takes about 45 minutes to completely melt inside you."

Kelsey slid the ice dildo into Brittany's vagina, causing her to let out a muffled scream of pain as the cold shocked her most sensitive area. Kelsey laughed at her suffering and continued to push the dildo completely inside her. Then she ran her fingers up Brittany's body, grabbing and squeezing her tits. Brittany lay there squirming and whimpering, and watched in horror as Kelsey grabbed another dildo out of the cooler. "Don't worry bitch, this one is only 4 inches" Kelsey laughed as she slid it inside Brittany's ass.

All Brittany could hear was the sound of Kelsey's sadistic laughter as she felt her vagina and ass getting colder and colder, she couldn't even think from the pain. She was unable to release any of her anger, humiliation, frustration, or pain by screaming thanks to her gag. Within seconds she started tearing up and crying beneath her muzzle.

"That's a good little bitch, cry for us" Kelsey said as she watched her squirming and crying in pain. Brittany had never felt so humiliated in her life. Even after everything Theresa and Alyssa had put her through she had never felt this bad. It wasn't just the pain either, it was knowing that her boyfriend, whom she loved, had forgotten all about her. That is, of course, until he sees this video. And she knew Kelsey would make up some lie to cover up the fact that Brittany had been kidnapped.

She was brought back to reality when she saw Kelsey pick up the metal rod that said "K" on the end, which was red hot by now. Brittany was waiting for her mistress to step in and laugh at how scared she was, then make her lick ass or something. There's no way Theresa would actually let Kelsey brand her, or so she thought.

Her thoughts were shattered when Kelsey was holding the branding iron inches from her skin, and Theresa hadn't moved an inch. "No point in wasting time. This looks like a nice place." Kelsey said as she aimed the hot iron "K" at Brittany's torso, directly above her waist and halfway between her belly button and hips. Brittany let out a muffled whimper, a last pathetic attempt at begging for mercy. Kelsey ignored it and pressed the branding iron against her skin, holding it there for about 3 seconds, but to Brittany it felt like 3 days.

As Kelsey set the iron down she admired the 3 inch K on Brittany. Brittany was still screaming and squirming in pain, and cried even harder when she looked down and saw the mark Kelsey left on her. Kelsey, this sadistic bitch that would probably never see her again, has now left a permanent mark on her skin. At least the ice cubes were finally melted she thought as she was just now realizing the pain in her vagina and ass was gone.

About 15 minutes later, Alyssa had put away the coals and iron, and Kelsey had changed back into normal clothes. Brittany was still lying on the table, wondering what would come next. Then she heard Kelsey say "Would you ladies like to go out for dinner? My treat!"

A wave of relief swept over Brittany, finally everything was done and she would be able to eat. Now that all the pain was gone she realized she was getting pretty hungry. "We'd love to" Theresa responded. "Ok just leave the video camera on while we're gone." Kelsey said, then grabbed 2 more ice dildos from the cooler and grinned at Brittany. Brittany let out a whimper and pleaded with her eyes, and Kelsey ignored her and slid the ice inside her.

Then Theresa, Alyssa, and Kelsey locked the house up, leaving Brittany alone to whimper and suffer, completely alone and forgotten.

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